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    FAQ by kyoboy

    Version: 1.45 | Updated: 07/03/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Black Cat Kuroneko no Concerto FAQ
    Written by: kyo-boy
    E-mail:     dani.villena1 [at] gmail.com
    Version:    1.45 (03-07-07)
    Table Of Contents:
    0. Disclaimer & Revision History
    1. Introduction
    2. Story Mode
    3. Battles
    4. Options
    5. Omake
    6. Credits
    |0. Disclaimer |
    Hi, and welcome to my Black Cat FAQ. You're free to use this guide
    for personal use, and if you feel like reproducing it elsewhere, ask for
    permission first (it's common courtesy) or else I'll drop by to deliver
    bad luck! I warned you.
    Revision History
    v1.45 - Added several scenes and more info
          - Completed the card effects
    v1.35 - Added various info, corrections, stuff overall
          - Fixed proper romanizations for some characters ^^U
          - Added more effects and scenes, completed Omake section
    v1.00 - Started the FAQ
    |1. Introduction |
    This game is based on the anime version of Black Cat, a manga series
    about a couple of sweepers (bounty-hunters), Train and Sven, that get
    involved with a couple of nasty organizations (the Chronos Numbers and
    the Apostles of the Stars, that is).
    About the game, it's a game about card battles (in a rock-paper-scissors
    way) with lots of pics from the series.
    Let's go!
    |2. Story Mode |
    First off, the game is played entirely with the stylus. If you press the
    Start button, you'll be asked whether to return to the Title menu or not.
    When you start the game, the first scene will introduce the characters
    and display some tutorials on the basics of the game.
    After the first scene ends, you'll find yourself into some kind of "daily
    In the first screen, which I'll call "Daily Menu", you can see your cards deck
    on the upper screen, and here you can save your game, look at your remaining
    cards (you have a "number" of cards that act as a counter and, depending on
    what you do, they'll eventually drop to zero. It doesn't affect your "real"
    card quantities, though) and start the day.
    Usually, when you start the day you'll go to the cafeteria, in order to recover
    Health (the red bar) and/or Energy (the yellow bar). In the Cafeteria Menu,
    you'll have to buy one out of three meals:
    -Bread Crusts: restores Health by 30% but lowers Energy by 10%, costs 500 coins
    -Lunch Set: restores Health by 50% and raises Energy by 5%, 6000 coins
    -Full Course (steak meal): restores Health by 80% and raises Energy by 20%,
     costs 20000 coins
    The cafeteria is the only way to raise your Energy (that greatly affects
    your attacking power, as stated below), and the most usual way to recover
    Health, so deciding what meal to buy requires some planning.
    *Apparently, you can still buy the meals even if you don't have enough money,
    but then you will be thrown into debt, and your money amount will become blue.
    While you're in debt, you can't buy cards, send a character to the market, or
    advance in the story.
    Then, you'll be taken to the "Action Menu". You can select one of the main
    characters and select three options there:
    -The first option will send the character you select to the market, to buy
     some present for Eve (it'll raise or lower her parameters, and give her some
     experience). The price you'll have to pay for these presents ranges from 1000
     to 100000 coins, so I don't especially recommend this option earlier in
     the game.
     *Each character has different buying habits:
     ->Train's buying habit is unusual. It ranges anywhere from high to low.
       Usually, he will buy items that are cheap, and raise Eve's parameters
       moderately. Of course, he sometimes spends it on USELESS stuff, meaning they
       cost a lot, and actually lower Eve's parameters. Sending Train out is pretty
       much a risk.
     ->Sven is a low spender. He usually spends from 1000 coins to 10000, and they
       moderately raise Eve's stats. Sometimes though, he buys low cost items that
       lower parameters by a little, and high cost items that raise and lower
       her parameters.
     ->Eve usually spends a lot, but not as unpredictable as Train. She usually
       spends 5000 to 15000, and they raise her parameters by a lot (compared to
       the other 2 anyways), but rarely, she spends 100000, so be sure to save your
       game before trying that!
    -The second option, if you chose Eve, will be to change her dress (you'll
     get a new dress for her after every scene, and Rins will sometimes buy her
     one). If you chose Train or Sven, you'll start the "Teaching Eve" minigame.
     In this minigame, you'll have to select one of your remaining cards to
     determine which of Eve's parameters will raise and which will lower. Then,
     a simple minigame will start: just touch the objects Eve is thinking six
     times and then you'll pass. If you fail them all, Eve won't gain anything
     and you'll lose 50% of your Energy. The more objects you succeed at pointing,
     the more experience Eve will gain and the more her parameters will go up or
     down, and the less Energy your main character will lose (if you get them all,
     the character you chose will gain a 5% increase in Energy).
     *Depending on the card you use for the minigame, the objects vary. In fact,
      using each one of the Chibi cards will reward you with a picture of several
      characters (it seems you can see them only once, though), and using some
      cards will unlock the "Flashback" scenes (maybe you have to wait until
      chapter 5 onwards for this).
    -The third option lets them go to the bounty cafe. There, you'll have to
     select one of the four criminals to hunt down. The ranks and bounties of
     these criminals will eventually go up as you succeed at catching them.
     After you select one of them, you'll find him and you'll be asked to select
     one character to fight him (though, Eve won't gain experience after the fight,
     so you might consider not using her). If you win the battle, you'll get the
     bounty prize (depending on how many turns and/or cards you use, a small "fee"
     may be deducted from it), Train and Sven will gain experience (the one who
     didn't battle will gain only half the amount) and you'll go back to the Daily
     Menu. If you lose the battle, you won't gain any prize and will stay with
     your Health depleted until you get to the Cafeteria Menu.
    After a certain amounts of days have passed by, you'll be taken to a
    "Preparation Menu" after the Daily Menu, instead of going directly to the
    Cafeteria. There, you'll be able to:
    -Buy card packs (3 cards for 20000 coins, 6 cards for 38000 coins and 9 cards
     for 56000 coins), choosing if you want them to be of the Rock, Paper or
     Scissors kind.
    -Edit your deck:
     -> Pushing the Cat icon will empty your current deck, for you to rearrange
        it again.
     -> Pushing the Arrows icon will sort the deck (if you push again, it'll return
        to how it was earlier).
     -> Pushing the Rock, Scissors or Paper icons will show every card of that kind.
        You can view them by pushing on their name, and add or substract them from
        your deck by pressing on the numbers in the first and second column.
     -> Pushing the Three-Kind icon will arrange a random deck according to the
        option you choose: mostly Rock cards, mostly Scissors cards, mostly Paper
        cards, equal number of the three kind of cards, or an arrangement depending
        on the parameter of Eve that they raise in the minigame (I don't know how
        these parameters are called).
     *Usually, every scene cleared allows you to insert an additional card into
      your deck. The minimum cards it can hold at any given time is 7 cards (they'll
      cycle over and over again in battle, and you won't run out of them).
    -After selecting the third button, you'll go to another subscreen (pressing the
     third button again will take you back). There, if you choose the first option,
     you'll go to the cafeteria and start an usual day, and if you choose the
     second option (it can only be selected at defined times), you'll start a new
     scene, where you'll fight some bosses and the story will develop.
    |3. Battles |
    In the battles, you have to use your cards against the enemy's, to bring his
    Health down to zero.
    To do this, you may select one to four cards of a kind (paper, scissors
    or rock), with your opponent doing the same, and the one who wins every turn
    will damage the other. If you and your opponent tie, both of you suffer damage
    proportional to your maximum Health (around 5%).
    Also, both of you start with 6 cards, and draw a new one every turn.
    The four options in the battle menu are:
    -Battle with cards (select 1 to 4 cards)
    -Use a card effect (select one card to use its effect, see the card list in
     the Options section; if the card you use has a "+", you can use another effect
     this turn)
    -Battle without cards (you lose the battle this turn and get damaged, but the
     next turn you draw two additional cards)
    -Flee (you can't against some bosses)
    *If you use a card for battle, it'll cycle over and over again during the battle
    if needed. If you use its effect, it won't appear again in that battle, so watch
    out for long battles and/or scenes with battles in a row.
    The damage you deal in each turn depends on the number of attacking cards of
    the winning kind, on your Energy (attacking with a full Energy bar deals a
    damage around 4 times greater than attacking with an empty one) and on the
    bonuses obtained by the card effects, if any.
    *In the damage dealt, there also contributes the "Attack" parameter, the left
    one below the Energy bar. And, the "Defense" parameter, the right one, helps
    you receive less damage.
    Actually, if you attack with multiple cards, each card will only add an
    additional percentage damage that may range between 25% to 50% (they don't
    double or triple the attack, as would be expected).
    Depending on the number of attacking cards of the winning kind, every character
    will perform a different action. Here are the actions of the main characters:
    Train Heartnet
    -1 card: Shoots the enemy
    -2 cards: Reflect Shot (fires a shot that ricochets)
    -3 cards: Sven Modification (fires with an improved gun)
    -4 cards: Rail Gun (charges a electromagnetic shot and fires)
    Sven Vollfied
    -1 card: Shoots the enemy
    -2 cards: Attach Case Punch (hits with a hammer from the suitcase)
    -3 cards: A. C. Shotgun (fires a shotgun from the suitcase)
    -4 cards: A. C. Machine Gun (fires a machine gun from the suitcase)
    -1 card: Attacks with a sword
    -2 cards: Trans Hammer (produces a hammer and hits)
    -3 cards: Hair Punch (turns hair into two punches and hits)
    -4 cards: Feather Slash (slashes with her "angel" feathers)
    |4. Options | (Under construction)
    The first option lets you watch the scenes you have already cleared.
    Here will be a list of the 26 scenes (spoilers ahead):
    -Scene 00: Train deflects from Cronos, and reluctantly joins Sven and
               Eve. Eve winds up fighting against Jenos (doesn't matter if
               you win or lose).
    -Scene 01: Eve leaves to capture Igor Planter. Eve and Train fight him.
    -Scene 02: Train protects Kyoko from some gangsters, and Eve and Train fight
    -Scene 03: The Apostles of the Stars attack three bodyguards. If you lose
               while you're controlling the bodyguards, your main characters will
               lose a certain amount of Energy per guard killed. Then, Train
               fights Creed.
    -Scene 04: Eve fights some gangsters, and Train fights Durham.
    -Scene 05: The Chronos Numbers fight the Apostles of the Stars (twice). Again,
               if you lose while controlling the Numbers, your main characters
               will lose Energy. Then, Train fights against Creed.
    -Scene 06: Train meets Kyoko once more, and she fights a gangster. Then, Eve
               meets Leon and fights him.
    -Scene 07: Train gets turned into a little boy and fights a gangster to protect
               a bunch of kids. Then, Eve and Train defend them again.
    -Scene 08: Train meets Sephiria, fights Charden and ends up fighting her. You
               DON'T recover Health between these fights, but you only need to
               bring Sephiria's Health down to 1/3 of the maximum.
    -Scene 09: Grin calls up a sweepers alliance. Train fights River, and Sven
               fights Silphy.
    -Scene 10: Train meets a woman called Saki, and fights four robots in a row.
    -Scene 11: Grin reveals himself as one of the Chrono Numbers, and he, Train,
               Sven, Eve, River and Silphy fight some monsters. After that, Grin
               (Shaolee) and Train fight the strongest monsters.
    -Scene 12a: The gang infiltrates Creed's base. Shaolee and Eve fight the
                armoured guards, Silphy and Train fight monsters, and River and
                Sven fight armoured guards and monsters. Then, David fights Maro,
                Eve fights Leon three times in a row, Sven fights Preta, Sephiria
                fights Echidna (bring her down to less than 1/3 of her maximum
                Health) and Train fights Creed twice.
                *Note: I guess I don't need to stress out how LONG and DIFFICULT
                this scene is, as you don't recover Health between fights. Level up
                and equip all your best cards for this one.
    -Flashback 01: Sven remembers how he met Train at the incident involving
                   Liv Tyrant.
                   * Unlocked by using Sven and a "Train" card at the Eve minigame.
    -Flashback 02: Train remembers how Zagine killed his parents, and how he
                   entered Cronos.
                   * Unlocked by using Train and a "Train (Cronos)" card at
                     the Eve minigame.
    -Flashback 05: The meeting between Sven and Rins, and the one between Sven and
                   Eve is shown.
    -Flashback 06: Eve turns into her dark form, and you play as Cronos Train
                   (Number XIII).
    The second option lets you look at the cards you have gotten. Here's a list of
    the cards and their effects usable in battle:
    -Train: Opponents discards all cards of that kind. Lowers your Energy by 5%.
    -Sven: Shows if the opponent has any card of that kind.
    -Eve: Raises the damage you inflict this turn by 1.8 times.
    -Rins: Lets you see the opponent's hand for 5 seconds.
    -Tanya: You draw three cards of the same kind.
    -Anette: You draw three cards.
    -Lloyd: Shows if the opponent has any card of that kind.
    -Woodney: Raises your Attack and Defense this turn by 1.3 times, but lowers
     them by 0.7 times afterwards.
    -Tearju: Discards your cards and draws several new ones.
    -Saya: Lowers opponent's Attack by 0.8 times and Defense to 0, if fighting
     Creed (you can use her only around 4 times in the whole game, exactly).
    -River: Forces a tie if you lose the battle this turn.
    -Silphy: Deals around half the amount of a normal attack to the enemy if
     you lose this turn.
    -Sephiria: Raises your Attack by 1.4 times, if fighting against some characters.
    -Belze: Raises the damage you inflict this turn by 2.5 times.
    -Kranz: Pings the card(s) that the enemy will use this turn, but doesn't reveal
     them (used best when in combination with Rins' effect).
    -Nizer: Opponent discards half the cards that aren't of that kind. Lowers your
     Energy by 5%.
    -Jenos: Opponent will have a higher chance of drawing cards of that kind.
    -David: Raises the damage you inflict this turn by 2.2 times.
    -Baldorias: Inflicts a 40% of a normal damage to the enemy if you lose
     this turn.
    -Ash: You draw two cards of the same kind.
    -Shaolee: Raises Attack and/or Defense (randomly) by 1 to 1.3 times.
    -Mason: Reduces the damage received to half and deals around half the amount of
     a normal attack to the enemy if you lose this turn.
    -Beluga: The next effect used against you gets reversed (if you're made to
     discard cards, you draw cards instead).
    -Anubis: During the next turns you draw an additional card.
    -Emilio: You draw one card of the same kind.
    -Creed: You damage the opponent by 30% of his maximum Health if you win
     this turn.
    -Shiki: Disables the next card effect your opponent uses.
    -Kyoko: Opponent discards up to 2 cards.
    -Charden: Drains opponent's Health if you win this turn.
    -Maro: Opponent doesn't draw a card next turn.
    -Echidna: Opponent discards 3 cards. Lowers your Energy by 20%.
    -Durham: Raises your Attack by 1.2 times.
    -Lion: Draw two cards.
    -Doctor: Opponent discards his cards and draws the same number of cards
     he had before.
    -Preta Ghoul: Inflicts on opponent a 5% damage per each of his attacking
     cards if you lose this turn.
    -Train (Cronos): Increases your Attack by 1.3. Lowers your Health by 10%.
    -Sven (Revealing eye): Reveals the card(s) that the enemy will use this turn.
     Lowers your Health by 20%.
    -Eve (Dark form): Discards your cards and draws 6 new ones. Lowers your
     Health by 5%.
    -Creed (Cronos): Raises your Energy by 100% and lowers your Health by 40%.
    -Creed (Narcissist): Nullifies damage if you lose this turn.
    -Chibi Train: Restores Health by 30%.
    -Chibi Sven: Restores Health by 30%.
    -Chibi Eve: Restores Health by 30%.
    -Chibi Saya: Restores Health between 10 to 40%.
    -Chibi Rins: Restores Health between 10 to 40%.
    -Chibi Sephiria: Restores Energy between 30 to 60%.
    -Chibi Jenos: Restores Energy between 10 to 80%.
    -Chibi Creed: Raises your Health by 100% or lowers it by 80%, randomly.
    -Chibi Kyoko: Raises your Health by 50% or lowers it by 30%, randomly.
    *Some effects depend on the kind of card you use. That is, if you use a "Train"
    card of the Rock kind, the opponent will discard all the cards of the Rock kind
    he has, and so on.
    **As mentioned above, a card with a "+" means that you can use another effect
    that turn.
    The third option lets you look at the endings you have unlocked. I won't be
    listing them, though, not only because I don't understand a word of it, but
    because to unlock them all you'd probably need to complete the game 19 times
    varying your way of playing, such as winning/losing at certain matches,
    levelling up Eve or whatever else is required.
    |5. Omake |
    The omake becomes unlocked after you beat the game for the first time, and
    consists on a clock with alarm. There are several options, like turning the
    landscape on and off, turning the alarm on and off, changing Eve's position,
    and so on.
    |6. Credits |
    -drunkenmetroid, for various info about the meals, the debt, and several
     card effects; also, for info about the characters in the market and flashbacks
     5 and 6
    -Yabuki Kentaro, the author of the series
    -Compile Heart, for making this game
    -me, for writing this
    Well, that should be it for now.
    As always, if you got any corrections or suggestions to make, send me a
    e-mail with a subject similar to: "Black Cat FAQ" to the address written
    at the top of this FAQ, and you'll be credited.
    Please don't ask me questions about the series (use Google).
    Thank you for reading (or simply scrolling) this far!! See ya!

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