What is the best strategy for 2nd generation?

  1. Well, I'm only a newbie that just started in the 2nd generation. I need some opinions. Well, currently, my character's level is 8, I've a short sword and rusty equipments. Do you think it's enough to battle with the bosses? And one more thing. I'd love to know, can a short sword be upgraded through forging?

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  1. Well, first of all, i wouldn't recommend that you start off the 2nd generation with a lvl 8, maybe higher. This time, your main objective is going to be to find your father, to do that you have to solve all the riddles on the statues and defeat the boss monsters. the 1st boss monster is already a toughie. You have to be at least lvl 10 to defeat it.
    1st boss=lvl 10
    2nd boss=lvl 15
    3rd boss= lvl 22-25
    4rd boss= lvl 30 or more.
    I still haven't finish the game though, I still haven't defeated the 3rd boss, so there is no telling what will happen.

    What you can do in the meantime is to provide food for all of your captured monsters in the first generation and begin to get their trust again. remember, you are going to get 7-10 years in the future, you have to have enough food to feed them all. I didn't, and their trust to me is getting lower. But for the town, you just have to build them up again. (I don't know why but not even your mom likes you! Weird isn't it?)

    You have to try to save money after building the school in the first generation (and wood) because you are going to upgrade all the school's facilities, the dojo (outside school, near the watering spot on school campus), the library, and the workshop (you have to buy all the equipments from Yue after you build one, you have to choose 'i want to make a bargain' on the options when you talk to Yue, her store is always open everyday, anytime (if you could find her that is))

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  1. Talk to the mayor to expand the school for access to more spells (library) and skills (dojo). You will need a workshop to begin buying stuff from Yue to be able to make/upgrade weapons and accessories. You can also cook and make potions through workshop expansion.

    If you need money badly, you can do quests. Try to give gifts to increase Friendship levels to access more quests. By doing Tanya's quests you can get some cash when you have nothing else to do. If you want to farm, you should try to get upgrades to workshop and forge so that you can repair your tools.

    I believe the first boss is pretty easy, but it gets harder after that. Make sure you save before you explore because there are no boss warnings.

    Make sure to attend classes at the school at 9 am and 12 pm. They will teach you how to use skills.

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  2. Well I can't really help you, cause I saved up some extra 70k before I changed generation. BUT, if you keep talking to Jake, by completing his first quest you'll get a wind sword, which is better than your broadsword

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  3. If you have low defense try buying a small shield from tanya.Try buying a claymore its slow but the avg is 25.If u have expanded your school ALWAYS! upgrade your hammer first.When u need silver/platnium/or gold mine at Padova Mts but,watch out for strong monsters.

    For money u might wanna try growing crops.Get 4 seeds of strawberry and tilt the field in trieast forest and plant em.Multiple harvests are possible and it only takes 2 days.9 of them usually sells for 1980 gold.If u really need money try doing rich poeple quests like Rosalinds,Max,and Hermans.They give like 10k.

    Attend school at 9:00am-12:00am for cooking.12:00-6pm?is for forging and shields.

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  4. You should have saved some cash before going into the second generation (well I didn't so I can help!)
    The best way is to do Tanya's trials and farm.

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  5. Well, if you haven't started the 2nd generation yet, dont bother makeing a relationship with anyone exept the person you want to mary because when you enter the 2nd gen, all the love and freind levels will be 0.

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  6. Before starting second gen level your character to at least level 30 so your son/daughter
    will be able to handle a few of the monsters in the game also save up at least 200,000
    so they'll be able to buy what they need to expand the school i sugest getting a forge first from yue then you'll be able to use different weapons beside the broad sword then use the forge to
    upgrade your hammer for some ease cash thats another easy way you can make money for the second gen in the first gen but still i strongly recomend you buy the forge first

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