How do I solve althiometer?

  1. Please can someone help me to get through chapter 11 the third question is about a spirit and I need the items for the soul and journeys.
    I already know the moon is mystery but cant work out the other two.

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    jearthurs - 8 years ago

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  1. Nicole62 posted this message previously - helped me a lot!

    Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Symbol Meanings

    Hourglass - Time, Death, change
    Sun - Day, Authority, truth
    Alpha and Omega - Finality, Process, inevitability
    Marionette - Obedience, Submission, grace
    Serpent - Evil, Guile, natural wisdom
    Cauldron - Alchemy, Craft, achieved wisdom
    Anchor- Hope, Steadfastness, prevention
    Angel - Messenger, Hierarchy, disobedience
    Helmet - War, Protection, narrow vision
    Beehive - Productive work, Sweetness, light
    Moon - Chastity, Mystery, the uncanny
    Madonna - Motherhood, The feminine, worship
    Apple - Sin, knowledge, vanity
    Bird - The soul (the daemon), Spring, marriage
    Bread - Nourishment, Christ, sacrifice
    Ant - Mechanical work, Diligence, tedium
    Bull - Earth, Power, honesty
    Candle - Fire, Faith, learning
    Cornucopia - Wealth, Autumn, hospitality
    Chameleon - Air, Greed, patience
    Thunderbolt - Inspiration, Fate, chance
    Dolphin - Water, Resurrection, succor
    Walled Garden - Nature, Innocence, order
    Globe - Politics, Sovereignty, fame
    Sword - Justice, Fortitude, the Church
    Griffin - Treasure, Watchfulness, courage
    Horse - Europe, Journeys, fidelity
    Camel - Asia, Summer, perseverance
    Elephant - Africa, Charity, continence
    Crocodile (Caiman)- America, Rapacity, enterprise
    Baby - The future, Malleability, helplessness
    Compass - Measurement, Mathematics, science
    Lute - Poetry, Thetoric, philosophy
    Tree - Firmness, Shelter, fertility
    Wild Man - Wild man, The masculine, lust
    Owl - Night, Winter

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