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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Big Bear

    Version: v0.20 | Updated: 06/27/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    A guide for
    a game for Nintendo's DS
    Copyright 2006 Berend Veuger
    - Version history
    - Background information
    - Menu's and options
    - Gameplay
    - Levels
    - Enemy types
    - Gallery
    - Copyright/Contact info
    Version history:
    v0.10 - 27-06-2007
    Started the FAQ.
    Written the sections: Background information, Menu's and options, Gameplay, 
                          Gallery, Copyright/Contact info.
    v0.20 - ##-##-2007
    First version submitted
    Added some more information to the Menu's and options section.
    Added some more pic descriptions in the Gallery section.
    Still to do: Levels and Enemy types sections. Six Gallery pics left to unlock.
    Wanted: Any information on unlocking Gallery pics is welcome.
    Background information:
    Balloon Fight is an older game, appearing on NES (and in the arcades). It
    featured a little guy with balloons strapped to his back, who had to makes his
    way along some hazardous courses. Watch out for lighting, enemies, anything in
    your path.
    In recent years, it has seen release for the GBA e-Reader (with which you read
    data from several dot-printed cards, the game is small enough for that) and it
    was one of many NES games which one can obtain in Animal Crossing for Gamecube.
    Also, it made appearances in several of the WarioWare titles, making it a
    recognizable game for current-day game players.
    Tingle is a character from the Legend of Zelda series of games, first appearing
    in Majora's Mask for Nintendo 64. He was a man who really wanted to be a fairy
    (hence the green leotards with pointy ears) and was enchanted when he met Link
    for the first time, a fellow fairy. The first time Link encountered Tingle in
    the game, Tingle was hanging in midair suspended by balloons, Link being tasked
    with shooting him down.
    Recently, someone inside Nintendo had the brilliant 1+1=2 idea of putting 
    Tingle in a Balloon Fight game; it makes sense, since he also has balloons
    attached to his back. Not only that, but Tingle is a decently loved character
    in Japan having had his own game on Nintendo DS in 2006. (Outside of Japan,
    there's a lot if misguided Tingle-hating).
    However, Balloon Fight isn't too big a concept, so even updating it with a
    popular character wouldn't be enough to warrant a full-priced purchase, so the
    game was released through Club Nintendo. This is a scheme, where loyal buyers 
    of Nintendo products are rewarded with items from their catalogue. It's 
    somewhat simliar to Nintendo Europe's VIP system (where one can trade in saved
    up stars for items and games), but the products in the Japanese catalogue are 
    far more interesting in classier. Like this special DS game not available in
    Menu's and options:
    Tingle's Balloon Fight is very import-friendly (it being such a simple, text-
    free game), but the menu's are in Japanese. This section is here to help you on
    your way.
    On the title-screen you can choose between:
    A - 1 Player game
    B - 2-4 Players game
    C - Balloon Trip
    and the icon at the bottom leads to the Options menu.
    Game mode A has Tingle fighting his way through a great number of levels, two 
    screens high, against opponents. If you've reached anything beyond the first
    level, the game will ask you if you want to start over from level 1 (top 
    option) or from the highest level reached (bottom option).
    Game mode B is a wi-fi download version of the game for up to four players.
    Choosing this option will immediately start the download to other ready DS
    systems. Have the other players boot up their DS and choose "DS Download Play".
    In a few moments, the Tingle's Balloon Fight option will show on their system,
    press A to start the download. When the download is finished, the player 1 DS
    will show the number of players connected and the middle button will become
    selectable, which will start the game. The bottom button cancels this screen
    and returns you to the title screen.
    Game mode C has Tingle flying along in a forced scrolling level. As with Game
    mode A, you can pause to quit and restart from furthest point reached.
    The Options menu has the following items:
    - Music (choose between default new music, or for the original game's music)
    - Select the number of lives Tingle has for game type A, from 1 to 6.
    - Gallery (here you will find your unlocked pictures, see the Gallery section.)
    Pressing start during a game opens the pause menu; the bottom option will
    continue the game, the top option lets you quit (it will ask you to confirm, 
    left is quit, right is cancel).
    When you lose, you will presented with the same type of menu; default option
    is to continue, the other option will let you quit (again, confirm this).
    In the various game modes, there is basically one thing to do: repeatedly press
    A to give Tingle lift to float about, and use the directional controls to move
    Tingle in the desired left/right direction.
    In the single player Game mode A, you go through levels defeating enemies; do
    this by flying Tingle into the enemies' balloons while making sure they don't
    hit your balloons (and be careful not to get hit by the obstacles).
    Multi-player Game mode B plays in much the same way, but now you have human 
    opponentes to deal with.
    Game mode C (Balloon Trip) has you guide Tingle right to left during a forced
    scrolling level. Try to survive as long as possible!
    *** coming next update ***
    Enemy types:
    *** coming next update ***
    The bottom choice in the options menu leads you to the Gallery. Move left/right
    to select a picture and press A to watch it on the top-screen. Unlock more
    pictures by reaching higher levels, surviving longer in the Balloon Trip mode
    and several other tasks. More detailed information on this subject is welcome!
    There's a total of 20 pictures to unlock, and they are the following:
    #01 - Tingle in a relaxed pose, with a pink rose in the background.
    #02 - Tingle diving down steaply in the air.
    #03 - Close-up of a pencil-drawn (colored) Tingle, yellow flowers in the back.
    #04 - Tingle standing arms wide, a field and a forest in the background.
    #05 - Tingle's face reflecting in a dew-drop on a leaf.
    #06 - ???
    #07 - Tingle has a butterfly on his nose, red flowers in the background.
    #08 - Tingle in a blue suit, looking startled. Pond in the background.
    #09 - Black and white drawing of Tingle wearing 10 balloons in front of a house
    #10 - Tingle standing on a plant, getting (un)dressed, no cap on his head!
    #11 - Close-up of Tingle greeting the player
    , a road in the background.
    #12 - ???
    #13 - Different style black and white drawing of Tingle sitting down.
    #14 - ???
    #15 - Crouching on a beach, Tingle looks like he has crashed or is really sad.
    #16 - ???
    #17 - Tingle in a Tingle-style space-suit, floating in front of the moon.
    #18 - A hot-air balloon in the shape of Tingle's hat, with our hero in it.
    #19 - ???
    #20 - ???
    Copyright/Contact info:
    Copyright 2007 Berend Veuger
    This work may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
    site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
    of copyright.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    Please don't ask me if you can use this work on your site; I really can't be
    bothered to check which are proper sites and which just rip everyone off, so I
    play it safe and simply don't allow any site other than GameFAQs to host it.
    My Contributor Page on GameFAQs contains my e-mail address, should you wish to
    contact me. You can always find me on board 319, too.

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