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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Lanzz

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    Tingle's Balloon Fight DS is a action-platform game for Nintendo DS. It was developed and published by nintendo, and is released only in Japan. Tingle's Balloon Fight is one of spin-off title for The Legend of Zelda series, and it featured Tingle main character. This game features the classic 'Balloon Fight' setting and was released exclusively to Platinum ranked members of Club Nintendo in Japan.

    Versions History

    • Version 1.0 = 09 February 2013

    The is a first version of this FAQ. It contains Plot, Menu Guides, Control, Gameplay, and Enemy Listing.

    The story of 35 year old Tingle challenges the Balloon Fighting Spirit of the bosom oak

    Menu Guides

    On the title-screen you can choose between:-

    • Upper NDS screen = You can choose between three different game modes.
      • 1 Player game (Balloon Fight mode).
      • 2-4 Players game (Balloon Fighting Spirit).
      • Balloon Trip.
    • Bottom NDS screen = You can click the icon at the bottom screen to open the Options menu.
      • Music = You can choose between default music, or the original game's music.
      • Select the number of lives Tingle has for single player mode. You can choose from 1 to 6 lives.
      • Gallery = To see the pictures that you unlocked during the game-play.


    Tingle's Balloon Fight DS has three different game modes that you can choose on the title-screen:-

    1) Mode A (Balloon Fight mode)

    Play levels 0-99 as Tingle, who has two balloons. Keep Tingle afloat as you collide with the enemies, pop their balloons, and hit the enemy's parachute on their way down. If they've fallen to the ground, you must knock them off the platform before they pump their balloons back up and return to flight. The fastest way to defeat them is to pop their balloon as it flies above water so that it drowns. When you defeat the enemies, a bubble will rise up the screen which can be hit for extra points.

    However, enemies also will try to pop Tingle's balloons. If one of your balloons is popped, your flotation is decreased, making it harder to rise. You lose a life if both of your balloons are popped by enemy Balloon Fighters, if you fall in the water, get eaten by the large fish near the surface of the water, or if you get hit by lightning. Tingle starts with three extra lives; and once these are lost, the game ends.

    After every three levels, you enter into a bonus level, where your goal is to knock down balloons that appear one after the other, and collecting rupees along the way. Hit all twenty balloons for an extra bonus score. If you only have one balloon when you reach the bonus stage, your second balloon will be replenished.

    2) Mode B (Balloon Fighting Spirit)

    Play mode A with 2-4 players (multi-player). Mode B game play is same as mode A. But, now you have human opponents to deal with. Player's 24 play as Tingle's brothers; Ankle, Knuckle, and David Jr.

    3) Mode C (Balloon Trip)

    A side-scrolling mini-game where you navigate Tingle through the courses attempting to collect rupees. The screen scrolls from right to left, and you only have one life. There is no ground in this mode aside the starting platform and islands with signs that says "save". These islands work as checkpoints.

    In this mode, you can find both stationary and moving lightning sparks. These lightning sparks can cause Tingle to fall if they make contact. You also can hit bubbles that flying up from the ocean to temporarily stop the stage from scrolling.


    Balloon FighterFlying bird enemy that will try to pop Tingle's balloons. Kill all of them to complete a level.
    Cheep-CheepA large fish that will eat Tingle if he fly too cloose near the surface of water.
    Lightning CloudShot lightning spark that can pop both Tingle's balloons in one hit.
    Bounce TrapA trap that will bounced Tingle if he touch it.


    • Nintendo - For developed and published this game.
    • Lanzz - Author of this walkthrough.
    • GameFAQs - For posting my walkthrough.


    This FAQ is Copyright 2012 by Lanzz. All rights reserved.

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    Final Words

    • The FAQ also available at - [http://www.zeldadungeon.net/wiki/Tingle's_Balloon_Fight_DS] (it writen by me).
    • I'm sorry if I misspelled words or make wrong sentences. English is not my native language.
    • Feel free to ask me any questions or give comment on this FAQ.
    • If I have forgotten something or you know any secret, then please contact me so that i can updating this FAQ. I will credit any help given to improve this FAQ.
    • If you could, rate this FAQ so I can get some feedback.
    • Thanks for reading. I hope you'll enjoy this game. Bye!

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