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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Warfreak

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/18/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    | | | | '__/ _` \ \ /\ / / '_ \  | __/ _ \  | |   | | |_ / _ \
    | |_| | | | (_| |\ V  V /| | | | | || (_) | | |___| |  _|  __/
    |____/|_|  \__,_| \_/\_/ |_| |_|  \__\___/  |_____|_|_|  \___|
    Author: Warfreak
    Version: 1.0
    Date Started: 8/1/08
    Table of Contents
    [1] Introduction
        [1.01] Introduction
        [1.02] Version History
    [2] Walkthrough
        [2.01] Introduction
    World 1
        [2.02] Snow Fields
        [2.03] Mt Snowy
        [2.04] Rapaso Village
        [2.05] Snow Caves
        [2.06] Rapaso Village + Browns
        [2.07] Banya Fields
        [2.08] Rapaso Village + Chef Cookie
        [2.09] Icy Lake
        [2.10] Rapaso Village + Tubba
        [2.11] Frostwind
    World 2
        [2.12] Rapaso Village + Heather
        [2.13] Twilite Wood
        [2.14] Rapaso Village + Zsasha
        [2.15] Moon Grove
        [2.16] Rapaso Village + Cricket
        [2.17] Gearworks
        [2.18] Rapaso Village + Navyj
        [2.19] Star Forest
        [2.20] Rapaso Village + Galileo
        [2.21] Deadwood
        [2.22] Rapaso Village + Samuel
    World 3
        [2.23] Surf Beach
        [2.24] Rapaso Village + Crazy Bark
        [2.25] Kori Jungle
        [2.26] Rapaso Village + Bubba
        [2.27] Angler Isle
        [2.28] Rapaso Village + Indee
        [2.29] Conch Ruins
        [2.30] Rapaso Village + Pirates
        [2.31] Angler King
        [2.32] Rapaso Village + Choco
    World 4
        [2.33] Rapo City
        [2.34] Rapaso Village + Mike
        [2.35] Windy Hills
        [2.36] Rapaso Village + Unagi
        [2.37] Rapo Towers
        [2.38] Rapaso Village + Dr. Cure
        [2.39] Shadow Lair
        [2.40] Ending
    [3] Bestiary
    First Discovered in World 1
        [3.01] Shadow Walker
        [3.02] Baki
        [3.03] Shadow Fountain
        [3.04] Penguin
        [3.05] Shadow Bat
        [3.06] Snowslinger
        [3.07] Wavemaker
        [3.08] Biting Snowmen
        [3.09] Snowget
    First Discovered in World 2
        [3.10] Flying Bunny
        [3.11] Acorn Thrower
        [3.12] Starboy
        [3.13] Stump Rider
        [3.14] Shadow Ghoul
    First Discovered in World 3
        [3.15] Wader
        [3.16] Shadow Fish
        [3.17] Anchorpus
        [3.18] Whirlpool Sponge
        [3.19] Jellyfish
    First Discovered in World 4
        [3.20] Shadow Golem
        [3.21] Shadow Flyer
    [4] Your Village
        [4.01] Isaac's Store
        [4.02] Creation Hall
        [4.03] Wishing Well
    [5] Weaponry
    World 1 Weaponry
        [5.01] Snowshooter
    World 2 Weaponry
        [5.02] Acorn Thrower
    World 3 Weaponry
        [5.03] Starzooka
    World 4 Weaponry
        [5.04] Legendary Sword
    [A] Contact Information
    [B] Webmaster Information
    [C] Credits
    [D] Sites FAQ is on
    [E] Copyright
    [1.01] Introduction
    THQ has created a new game, Drawn to Life, where you play the role as a 
    Creator, lording over a land with your drawings. This game will force you to
    use the stylus a fair amount of time, so lets get ready to roll.
    [1.02] Version History
    Version 0.1 [8/1/08]
    Started this Guide because of this fun game. And it was on sale.
    Version 0.2 [9/1/08]
    Bestiary Added as well as more on Walkthrough.
    Version 0.3 [10/1/08]
    More on Walkthrough, also added more on Village
    Version 0.4 [11/1/08]
    More on Walkthrough, started Weaponry.
    Version 0.5 [12/1/08]
    More on Walkthrough.
    Version 0.6 [19/1/08]
    More on Walkthrough, World 2 is complete.
    Version 0.7 [12/2/08]
    More on Walkthrough and other general areas.
    Version 0.8 [13/2/08]
    More on Walkthrough, and a better layout for the Worlds and Bestiary.
    Version 0.9 [16/2/08]
    Another guide is finished, leaving 4 currently in progress at the moment.
    This one I will try to finish soon. 
    Version 1.0 [18/2/08]
    Another guide finished. This is now completed, so enjoy reading this, as I
    have enjoyed writing it.
    [2.01] Introduction
    Welcome to Drawn to Life. When you will first start, you will have to start a 
    new game obviously. Before you can actually start the game, you will have to
    draw the land that you, the Creator, has created. This is basically drawing a
    circle and colouring it in. Fun, isn't it? To draw, you will basically have to
    move your Stylus to draw the shape that you want. Pick a colour to draw a line
    in that colour, and use the eraser button to remove any unwanted scribbles.
    Tap Done when you are done with your lovely drawing of your planet.
    Select done when you are done. This is now proceeded by the fact that you also
    created the forests, which again, you will have to draw with your stylus. Draw
    it as best as you want, or can for that matter. Again, tap done when you are
    done. And finally, you will need to draw, with your stylus, an image of a 
    Raposa, the inhabitants of the land you are about to save. Now, let the 
    journey begin.
    You start as you listen from a prayer from Mari. Alas, in comes divine 
    intervention and you shall promise that you will help. That is nice of you and
    scares, or rather, shocks Mari, who promptly obeys your command to go to the
    creation hall and she goes to Jowee's house. Apparently, he is asleep and 
    needs some waking. Tap his house three times to wake him out of his slumber.
    After a nice chat, and later, a dramatic scene with the Mayor at the town's
    gate, we arrive at the Creation Hall. The door is still sealed, so tap the 
    door once to unseal it. Now, continue the conservation inside the hall and
    you shall create a hero, out of a wooden doll, to save the village. This is
    the crucial part.
    You now have to create your hero or heroine. This is basically you drawing 
    to create a hero or heroine, and you have a larger range of tools to use.
    You can use the R buttom to scroll through the guides that you can draw 
    from. B will allow you to zoom in and out to have a closer view, and more
    accurate draw of your guide, or your new hero, if you don't use a guide. If
    you are, you can also use the L button to swap body parts with other guides,
    so you can mix and match of sorts. X will allow you to use a guide and gives
    you a look. 
    There are still colours to choose from, but you cannot access some new 
    palettes until later in the game. There are also varying line strokes that you
    can use. There is also a fill option, which will fill a blank area with a 
    certain colour. There is an eraser as usual, to erase a certain area you 
    choose with your stylus. You can use the lock to lock a colour, which means
    that other colours cannot overlap the locked colour. There is also a stamp
    function, which you can stamp on your hero. There is undo, represented with
    the Arrow and Restart, which is represented in the X. You can also mix up with
    the guides as well. If you want to do so, find the guide you like the most and
    press X. Find another background guide and you can then press X when you want
    the leftover space filled with another guide. Try it out if you need be.
    This will take some time to get used to, so practice. When you are done, you 
    will select done and this will save your game. Then, name your creation. As
    you rush outside, you will need to start your first job, find the Mayor's
    daughter Cindi. You should be able to find her. Use B to dash there and press
    A to interact. After your interaction, you will need to head south to the
    Town Gate. 
    After more conservation, you will head south into the snow fields, where you
    are greeted with an ????, later revealed to be Wilfre. He is nice enough to
    tear apart the Book of Life, and seals the bridge. Ok, we are in some trouble
    now. After that exit is blocked, Mari suggests that you try the snow gate,
    which is to the North West, the North West of the Top Screen. Tap on the Snow
    Gate to open it. Welcome to the Snow Fields
    [2.02] Snow Fields
    First of all, A is to Jump and Y is to attack. Once you arrive on the Snow
    Fields, head to your left to grab some coins. Then, jump onto the roof to 
    collect those coins, and jump again to grab even more coins. Continue along
    the path to collect more coins. Tap the Green Door ahead for 5 Silver Coins.
    Head up the ramp and jump onto the roof to collect the silver coins and the
    lone gold coin there.
    Ahead is a house surrounded by goo. This is where your Stylus comes in. You
    need to scrape the house clean of goo, and this will net your some coins.
    Moving on and there will be some Shadow Walkers. This is where your Mario
    skills comes in. To defeat a Shadow Walker, jump on it three times to defeat
    it. Even better, if you land on his head in succession, where you don't land
    on the ground, stay airbourne, and kill him, you get a multiple bonus when
    you defeat him. Anyway, defeat the shadow walker and remove the Shadow Goo
    because the Walker will regenerate from the Goo. Remove the Goo here and the
    section will be clear.
    Now you need to learn about Ground Bounce. To do so, you have to tap A to
    jump into the air, then Control Pad Down and A at the same time to do a 
    Ground Bounce. Ahead was a Baki, which you need to skill with a Ground Bounce.
    Try it. Anyway, move on, collecting the coins along the way. Soon, you will
    reach a point where you cannot continue, to read the sign, and you will now
    get to draw a fluffy cloud. Before you continue, and backtrack. Move back 
    where you used to see a white box, but now, there is a fluffy cloud. Jump 
    along that path and you will gain an extra life. 
    Anyway, continue along the path, and you now learn to break jars. Anyway, 
    after some jar breaking, continue along the path, and you will see the Mayor
    locked up in a cage. Attack (Y) three times to break the cage, and free the
    Mayor. And back to the Village we go.
    Well, great, we rescue the Mayor, and Cindi runs off into the snow field. 
    Thats just great. Well, there is some good news, the Mayor has found a page
    from the Book of Life, the Snowshooter Page. You basically now start to get
    to design weapons. This is a snowshooter, your first weapon of mass
    destruction. Press B to fire your new weapon in the snow, with the Control
    Pad to aim.
    [2.03] Mt Snowy
    Tap the Snow Gate again to enter the Snow Fields again, this time, armed with
    a Snowshooter. Move along the field and you will see a Snow Pile on the 
    floor. You will need this to recharge your SnowShooter so do a Ground Bounce
    on the Snow Pile to recharge your Snowshooter. 
    Recharge and move forward, grabbing the coins along the way and defeating
    the Baki that lurk onwards. Ahead, use your stylus to create a dark and 
    stormy cloud, that will aid you on the level. Anyway, create the stormy cloud
    and backtrack. Use the newly created stormy clouds to jump on top of the 
    rooftops and collect the coins. There are a lot of coins here, so keep your
    eyes open. After you have finally reached the house after jump from cloud to
    cloud, head back to where you created the stormy clouds.
    Jump over the clouds and you will see an area infested with Shadow Goo. Clear
    it up and after cleaning it up, you will see a Shadow Fountain. This will
    keep spitting up shadow goo that will damage you. To destroy it, you will need
    to fire on it twice with your Snowshooter.
    Move on, and ahead will be another house surrounded by Shadow Goo. This is
    easily removed with your stylus, and be careful of the Shadow Walker that 
    lurks in this area. Clean the house, and break the cage ahead, freeing 
    After freeing Isaac, move along the clouds and go down. Get to the bottom and
    head to your left. You will now see 8 ice cubes in a 2 by 4 fashion. Use your
    Snowshooter to bash them. You will need to bash enough to that you can pass
    through. After you do so, collect the coins and you will find a secret song
    for yourself. There is also a snow pile for your Snowshooter here as well.
    Instead of going up the clouds, continue onwards. Now, you will meet a new
    enemy, the Penguin. These have a dash style attack, which you will need to 
    attack from range. Continue along this path, defeating another penguin as
    well as a Baki along the way. Move along this path, taking a cloud up and
    collecting a red coin, and an extra life. Backtrack all the way back to 
    where you dropped from, defeating 2 Baki and 2 Penguins, and then climb
    up the clouds.
    Move along the path, and you will see a page template from the Book of Life.
    Collect it, and you will need 3 more to exit this level. Move on and defeat
    a penguin. Again, ahead there will be a cloud going up. Continue along
    this path and you will encounter some hostile penguins. Defeat them, and 
    continue along the path until you see some houses. At the end, there is a
    house with an arrow on the door. Tap it, and instead of the coins like
    before, it reveals a hidden passage.
    Not much in this hidden passage, just a few Baki and some coins. When you are
    done, backtrack all the way back down, and head pass the clouds. Move on and
    move to the next section.
    Move ahead and you can now redraw the stormy cloud to whatever you want. 
    Before jumping across, jump down, defeat the Baki and grab the Snowballs. This
    might be handy later. Anyway, jump across and defeat the Shadow Walker and
    clean jump the dirty Shadow Goo infesting the house. Slide down the hill with
    the info provided from the sign. By sliding, you also kill a Shadow Walker.
    Jump above into the maze. If you move ahead, you will bump into a Shadow
    Bat. They fly, but are easy to kill. To successfully navigate the maze, jump
    onto the rooftop, and continue to jump to the left, then continue to jump to
    the right. Move up and jump left, defeating a Shadow Bat and Shadow Walker 
    along the way. And like before, jump to the right. Jump up, and ahead, you
    will get another page template. After that, draw a template for a platform
    oozing from shadow goo. 
    Move to the left, but be careful, the shadow platform will act like quicksand
    and you will sink to the bottom if you don't move off quick. Continue to the
    left and enter the house with a hidden passage, which contains more coins. 
    When you are done, backtrack to where you originally drew the Shadow Platform
    and move to the right this time. Move across the two shadow platforms and 
    move down, destroying the Shadow Bats. Head down and grab the page template.
    From where you grabbed the page template, move to your left, jumping across
    the shadow platform and stormy cloud, and collect the ability token. More on
    that later. When you are done, drop to the bottom and head to your left. 
    There will be Cindi, and free her. Move to the right and continue, sliding
    down a hill to defeat a Shadow Walker. Move to the right and onto the next
    Continue along the path, and read the sign, AVALANCHE AHEAD. This is 
    basically large snowball dropping, and you have to wait till it bounches and
    you run underneath it. Continue along the bath, and jump across the 
    stationary stormy clouds. Jump to the left and move along the path, which will
    net you a new pattern.
    When you are done, ahead back to the original path and move ahead, watching
    out for snowballs. Run into the alcove, destroy the ice blocks and grabbing
    the coins, be sure to break the box for a red coin. Anyway, continue along
    the path, jumping up the stormy clouds and continue up the mountain. Clear
    the Shadow Goo along the way, defeating the shadow walker and rescuing Isaac's
    Clear more Shadow Goo and collect the final page template of the level. 
    Continue and remove the shadow goo as well and move onto the next area. Now,
    you will have to design your own snow sled. When you are done, hop on and
    slide down, jumping to collect extra coins. Anyway, when you are done, move
    to the right and find the sealed door, and unseal it with your 4 page
    If you have followed me, you will have rescued all three villagers, gained
    all three secrets and cleared all the shadow goo. This will net you 100
    extra coins.
    [2.04] Rapaso Village
    Finishing the level, the villagers will have a conservation about the events
    that transpired and Wilfre. Then it will launch a story about Wilfre, about 
    how he was and his theft of the Book of Life. He created the Shadows and
    dumps the shredded pages of the Book of Life everywhere. This led to the
    sealing of the Creation Hall. These acts made the town as it is.
    You now need to help to restore the town, and you now need to design the
    holder for the eternal flame. Time to colour in. Press done when you are 
    happy with the eternal flame holder. When that is done, you get the choose
    the colour of the eternal flame as well. Neat huh?
    Anyway, we need to clear Isaac's store. To do so, tap on the eternal flame
    with the stylus to light up the village. This will whiten the black clouds
    around Isaac's shop. Move to his store and tap the grey clouds to remove 
    them. Tap them all to reopen his store.
    When you have finished that, you will have to talk to Mari, who will talk
    about the Wishing Well. You next task will be to head to the Creation Hall
    to talk to Mari, who will tell you about how you can edit all that you have
    done, your hero, the pedistal and the snowshooter.
    Anyway, when you are done, talk to the Mayor. He is happy Isaac is here to
    stay, bring your population to 6. He needs more villagers, and as such, you
    need a Sun. This requires you to go to the Snow Caves. Head to the Snow Gates
    and enter those dark doors.
    [2.05] Snow Caves
    Move along the path, and you will see a Stacked Baki, or a Jumper critter
    on top of another Baki. You will need to knock them down, then kill both of
    them. Not to hard. Anyway, kill the three Baki and move on. 
    There will be a large area of Shadow Goo and a Shadow Walker, but still will
    only comprise of 11% of the Goo for this level. Anyway, move up the ramp where
    there is a Shadow Fountain waiting for you. Destroy it with your snowshooter.
    Destroy it and move on, to find more Goo to clean up and one page template. 
    Head down, not jumping on the platforms, and move down the path, cleaning up
    all the Goo along the way. There will be a Shadow Walker and a Shadow Bat for
    you to remove. This might not be too hard for you now I hope.
    Anyway, head up onto the platform, up onto the stormy cloud, onto another 
    platform and finally, onto some terra firma. Move along the path to rescue
    Farmer Brown's Son. After your rescue, head left and up onto the Stormy
    Cloud, taking it to the top, defeating the Jumper and getting a New Song.
    Back down we go, head across a platform, defeat the Baki and get the 2 Red 
    coins. Head back to your platform, and fall down. This time, head to the
    right until you see the end, an arrow point up and one point to the right. 
    Ahead will be some hills for you to jump, so jump. Follow the path, collecting
    the coins and at the end of the line, an extra life.
    Back we go and head to the right, following the arrow. Ahead will be a passage
    but ignore it, and continue down the path, breaking the jar for more coins.
    Back we go again and take the mine shaft with the Control Pad. Into that we 
    Anyway, ahead you have to design your own spring. Bouncy, here we come. Design
    and take the ride up. Take the first spring up, and head onto the second 
    spring at the top. Your aim here is to spring onto the platform on the left.
    Bounce a few times and get the hand of it. Anyway, once on the platform, 
    collect the coins and bounce up the springs along the way. After about 3 
    springs, you will appear on what seems to be the top, you need to go right.
    You will reach a pit down, however, you may not realise that there is a little
    critter hiding there, a Snowslinger. These guys throw snowballs at you from a
    range, and close range combat will not work. So, stay a distance away, wait 
    for him to pop up, and fire snowballs back. Kill him, and move on. Jump
    across the ravine and up ther spring.
    Up the spring, and onto another one and you will have to fight a Wavemaker.
    To defeat it, jump onto the mushroom and bounce off the head of it. Move on
    and fight a shadow bat. Move across the platforms and up the spring, jumping
    your way to the top. Defeat the enemies there, head across the platforms, 
    paying attention to the Shadow Bats. Anyway, continue along the path and
    destroy the Wavemaker, proceeding to the next area of this level.
    Outside we are, and head right, ignoring the arrow. Move forwards and you will
    need to design another spring. Use the newly created spring for more coins, 
    jumping onto land, clouds and a platform for lots of coins. Backtrack and 
    move onwards, killing a Shadow Walker and removing the Shadow Goo. Once that
    house is cleared, move onto the next house, defeating a Walker and a Bat, 
    removing the toxic goo, and freeing another villager, Farmer Brown. 
    Move onwards, clearing out the last of the goo for this section. Move forwards
    and use the mega-spring, jumping into the left platform for another page
    template. Move towards the left for another Ability Token after you have the
    page template. Now, you can now move onto the right platform, and into the
    next area, which is a mine.
    Move forwards and design a melting ice cube to move across the water. When
    done, up onto your creation, and jump into the next area. Then, jump on three
    ice cubes, killing a Shadow Bat and a Snowslinger, and claim some more 
    snowballs. Anyway, continue down the path till you reach the end. Jump down,
    avoiding the Shadow Bats, and avoid the spring to claim another page
    Move along, heading down the ramp, and move across the platforms down
    there, finding a power-spring, jumping it to rescue the final villager, Farmer
    Brown's wife. After your heroic rescue, jump back onto the power-spring, and
    bounce onto a normal spring which will get you into a new area. Defeat the
    enemies here, and jump across the 4 ice cubes, across a river. Now, to design
    a Submarine.
    Design it and hop on. The sub will submerge and you will need to direct it
    with the Control Pad and pressing A to force the sub to rise. To your right,
    under the ice cubes lies some more coins for easy pickings. After that, follow
    the only path left. Head into the next area in your sub.
    Continue following the path until the end. Hop up and down the ramp. Take the
    spring up, down the path, and another spring. Follow the path, but avoid the
    sub and hop to the other side. Continue left and defeat your enemies here and
    you will get a new Stamp at the every end. Now, it is time to hop into your
    Follow the underwater path, collecting all the coins till you have to get out
    at the very end. Defeat the enemies here, including a Baki, Wavemaker and a 
    Penguin, and continue down the path for another sub. Continue down this path
    as well, you really can't get lost down here.
    After that, jump up and continue for another page template. Then, finish off
    and walk out of the cursed mine. Follow the path, and head into the sealed
    door. With all that done, another 100 coins. Back to the Village
    [2.06] Rapaso Village + Browns
    Back at the village, people celebrate the return of the Browns. Your first 
    task is to go to the Town Hall. The Mayor welcomes back the rescued Browns and
    you have a +3 to your population. With the page fragments, you now have to 
    draw a sun, or rather, colour in.
    Once you are done, in comes the light. With the light back in town, you need
    to speak with Mari and Isaac. Lets see Isaac first. Why? Because both Mari and
    Isaac are at Isaac's Store. Still, they have nothing in stock, and since they
    are low on Banya, the food crop of this town, you should see Farmer Brown.
    He is at the south west area of town. 
    Talk to the Farmer and he wants his clouds gone. Tap the Eternal Flame, and
    then tap the clouds, similar to what happened with Isaac's Store. Anyway, you
    will head inside the farmhouse, but guess what? No Banya seeds, and you need
    the page to find them. Another field trip for your hero. But first, you will
    need to head to the Village Entrance.
    Talk to Jowee and Mari, and you will now have to name your village. The name 
    will stick, to choose wisely. When you are done, you need to head to the
    Snow Gate, and head to the Banya Fields.
    [2.07] Banya Fields
    Head along the path, destroy the Baki along the way. Then, you will have to
    design your own crazy vine. Tap it when it is done to let it grow, hopping on
    its sides to get to the top. Once on the top, you will be attacked by 
    Biting Snowmen. You will then have a sign warning of a larger snowget. If
    you sneak past or attack, that is your choice. 
    Continue down the path, facing another Snowget and their offspring. Defeat
    them quickly and follow the path, encountering another crazy vine. Tap it and
    follow it directly to the top. Jump off and you will collect another page 
    fragment here. Backtrack to the vine and jump off at the middle, where you
    will find a lot of Shadow Goo to clean up.
    Clean up all the houses, being careful of the Shadow Walkers, and have this
    section cleared. Continue down this path, keeping at the same level and not
    falling down. Head to the end, avoiding a wave of Baki, and take the cloud to
    the top. Continue your way up and then, left. Follow the path and you will 
    eventually need to go down, where you can rescue a little child. Below will
    be a secret passage for more coins. 
    Backtrack all the way back to the cloud where you got up. Head left, killing
    the Baki, and take the first cloud down, where you will find a new sound.
    From there, jump onto a roof, and then a platform to your left to find 
    another page fragment. Back track and take the cloud back up. Follow to the
    end of the path, tap the crazy vine and follow the new path down into a new
    From your new section, head right, using the crazy vine and then, removing
    all the Shadow Goo in the area. Watch out for the Walkers and the Bats that
    lurk around here. Move on and into a new area. Up around till you are forced
    to design a new, smaller platform oozing with Shadow Goo. 
    Jump across the Platform to your right to find a house with a secret 
    passage, filled with coins. From these, go down and you will be able to get
    the page template you saw earlier. From there, head back up where you
    originally drew the smaller goo platforms, and jump left. Jump your way up
    the platforms until you reach some land. 
    From these, you will need to jump across two stormy clouds and there you
    will rescue Chef Cookie. Back across the clouds, or down the clouds, you
    will need to get back from where you recovered the page fragment. Move from
    the house with the secret passage and follow the ground path to the right.
    Tap the Crazy Vine and hop off on the left platform. Head left, jumping on
    the oozing platforms, but be careful of the bat that stalks there which 
    might knock you off. Anyway, continue on the way to the top, and rescue the
    Chef's Assistant. Continue along this path and you will eventually get the
    New Stamp from this level. Anyway, backtrack all the way back to the crazy
    vine. Take the path to the right, bouncing off the oozing platforms to the
    last page fragment. Continue down this path and eventually, you will reach a
    passage to another area.
    In this area, you need to draw your own hang-glider. As you land, you need
    to head left to grab the last secret, the new pattern from this level. Move
    to the right and take another hang-glider, and then, move to the right for
    another hang-glider. This should take you to the sealed door, and the end
    of the level.
    [2.08] Rapaso Village + Chef Cookie
    After Mari welcomes back Chef Cookie, you need to speak with the Mayor at
    the Village Hall. With +3 Population, the Chef will get right to work with
    all the "skeletons" walking around. The Mayor will place the Banya Stalk
    page in the Book of Life, and you get to colour in again. Head to the farm and
    draw in the new stalk.
    After you have designed it, you will have to drag 5 stalks onto the field, and
    Farmer Brown will praise the grandest crop of Banya. Brown will direct you to
    visit Chef Cookie, east of the Creation Hall, who wants his place removed of
    the lovely clouds. You know the drill, tap the Eternal Flame, and then tap the
    clouds. When they are removed, Chef wants you to design a sign for his 
    restaurant. Do so, and have fun. 
    After you have designed the sign, the Mayor will pop up and you will need to
    find Jowee. Head to his house. Mari and Jowee are play chase and you need to
    find them, outside the Town Hall. The Mayor has an idea, SNOWBALL FIGHT!
    You vs Everyone.
    After the fight, you can purchase the Snowball minigame from Isaac's store. 
    The store is open, but Isaac invites you first, after all, you did save him.
    Meanwhile, it is too hot, and guess what, you need the Raincloud page. This
    will save the town, and the banya crop, from the heatwave. You need to head to
    Icy Lake and get the page. If you want, you can pay a visit to Isaac after
    your cutscene is finished. When done, head to Icy Lake.
    [2.09] Icy Lake
    Move ahead, and start by collecting the coins, the snowballs and then defeat
    the Stacked Baki. Move forwards and paint the Whale that you will need for
    this level. Take the whale, making use of its blow-hole to collect more 
    coins. When the ride is over, move along the path and then, hope on the next
    Follow the ride on the whale, then when the ride is over, jump onto the cloud
    and travel pass the platforms and the other clouds. Continue the path until 
    you see the next whale and hop on. Avoid the Bat along the way, and hop onto
    dry land. Follow the path ahead, watching out for enemies, and jump ahead onto
    the next whale. 
    From the whale, follow the path until you encounter two clouds, one going up
    and one going down. Take the one going up to encounter a house with a some 
    coins. Head pass the house, down the little steps, and onto a cloud. Take the
    route to the right, and hope onto the whale. Collect the coins along the way
    if you wish, but continue, and this will take you into the next section.
    Continue along the set path and you will need to design a Ferris Wheel car for
    your character. Follow the Ferris Wheel onto a platform on the top, which
    leads to another Ferris Wheel, which in turns lead to another one. In the 
    centre of this Ferris Wheel is a page template, so grab it. Take the Ferris
    Wheel to the top where there will be a house with an extra life inside. From 
    the house, continue taking the Ferris Wheel to your right to a platform, and 
    keep on the top to obtain a new Song for you. 
    Backtrack to where you designed the Ferris Wheel, all the way back and take
    the route leading down. Defeat the Baki along the way, and continue until
    you reach a point where there is a Storm Cloud leading down, between two
    Platforms. Take it down to an area infested with Shadow Goo. Head left, 
    cleaning up all the Goo along the way, and rescue Tubba. Head right to 
    progress, cleaning more Goo along the way. 
    Backtrack all the way back to where you found the page fragment, and continue
    along the top path. Take a Ferris Wheel if necessary and continue until you
    reach a Stormy Cloud. Take it down to rescue Tubba's Mom. Continue the way
    down, jumping across a Storm Cloud to retrive a Page template. Continue the
    way down, riding the Storm Clouds and when at the very bottom, head right
    to next to the next section.
    Continue along this linear path until you have to colour in a sled to race in.
    Sled down the path, and you will get an agility token along the way. Head to
    the right to the next section.
    Here, create a melting ice cube to jump across. Take the ice cubes across
    and then hop on a Ferris Wheel, jumping off on the left. Take the cloud and
    jump off on the right, which will net you a page fragment. Head back to the
    left, jump across the ravine and head up. Moving along will lead you to a 
    house with a hidden passage.
    Head to the right when you are back outside, and take the Ferris Wheel
    across. Head along to the path, and continue it when it goes down. Rescue
    Tubba's Dad and continue on. Down the platforms and at the base, head left
    for the last page template. Continue to the left for the last secret, a 
    secret pattern. After all that is done, head all the way to the right, moving
    across two rivers with ice cubes and onto the Sealed Door. End of the level.
    [2.10] Rapaso Village + Tubba
    After the welcoming home, you need to talk to the Mayor at Village Hall. You
    may have noticed that the snow has melted more since you were last here. 
    After welcoming back Tubba, the Mayor will add the Raincloud page to the Book
    of Life. You can even choose the colour of the raindrops. You now need to
    find Mari in the Creation Hall. In comes the Mayor, who has unearthed the
    history books, and suggests that Mari takes training to become a Mayor.
    As she leaves, you need to find her again, outside Cookie's restaurant. Watch
    the conservation pass on, until Wilfre turns up and you will need to find the
    Mayor. He will inform you that Frostwind is awake, and you need to enter the
    Snow Gate to Snowy Snow Mountain and defeat it to save the village.
    [2.11] Frostwind
    This is a Boss Level, therefore, no need to collect random pieces of the Book
    of Ages, or secrets. Move ahead, and feel the wrath of Frostwind.
    First, fire a Snowball at him, and he will retreat, which in the meantime, you
    need to jump over the ravine. Falling down will make you lose a life. Move
    forwards, and he will creep up behind you. As he does, fire more snowballs 
    at him, which will slow him down, and gives you time to advance forwards. 
    You will move to another ravine, and he will jump from the back, into the 
    Jump over the ravine, collecting the snowballs along the way, and guess what,
    there is another ravine ahead, which Frostwind will appear from. Fire a few
    shots to force him down. Move forwards and jump over the next ravine, which
    he will promptly appear from. He is behind you again, so fire more shots on
    him. The same routine again as there is a ravine ahead, and he will jump in.
    Over the ravine, gather the snowballs and there is another ravine ahead. Shoot
    him, and over the ravine, and he will be behind you, again. Move forwards and
    this will push you into the next section.
    Above you in the next section is a Rapo. Don't worry about him, you need to
    get rid of Frostwind. To do so, you need to wait until his head pops up from
    the ravine. Once there, if he plans to attack you, use your Snowshooter to 
    shoot him. Once he is down, Ground Bounce on him. After three bounces on 
    him, he will get angry and will be harder to get down. When you get him for
    the last time, he is down for good, and the rapo will be free. Her name is ...
    [2.12] Rapaso Village + Heather
    After the warm welcome, you need to find Heather, who is hiding in the 
    village. Head to the Wishing Well, and talk to her. She has a strange 
    attraction to Jowee. Anyway, find the Mayor. He is in the eastern section of
    the village, in the centre. You need to now clear the darkness, to enter the
    eastern part of the village.
    You know the drill, tap the eternal flames, and then tap out the clouds. You
    need to now visit the village hall for a town meeting. Guess what the meeting
    is about. You getting the Night Sky Page from Twilite Wood. In the meantime,
    they have planned a festival, so you have to explore the Eastern part of the
    Village. Head to the Forest Gate, for the next session of Drawn to Life. And
    guess what Jowee beat you to it. Great... now we need to see the Mayor again.
    Instead of bringing darkness, we now have to be a saviour. First, we need
    some wings. Design them and them head to Isaac's store, since snowballs don't
    work well in a place without snowballs. We now use an Acorn Blaster. Design
    that as well. Mari will talk to you at the Forest Gate, and we now head into
    the next world.
    [2.13] Twilite Wood
    Get used to your wings, it is basically a triple jump move now. Also, get 
    used to your Acorn Shooter, it is a different sort of projectile as well.
    Anyway, lets start, shooting the Baki along the way. Climb up the first tree
    you see, and you will see a Spinning Bunny on the first patch of land when
    you have climbed the tree. Climb to the top for an extra life. Anyway, back
    down to the centre, where the path will continue.
    Defeat the Baki, and move past the tree. There will be a Baki here, so kill
    it. See the patch of acorns? Ground Bounce it to get more acorns. Move ahead
    and you will encounter an Acorn Thrower. These guys are airborne, so kill it
    Move onwards and design some debris. Fly up on the debris, it will push you
    up to the next level. Move along and climb down the trees. After a while down,
    on the left will be some flying debris. Jump past it, defeating the enemies
    and jump to the top for a new song. Back down, and fly across the mountains
    of moving debris, and up to the House, where we find Jowee.
    Inside the house we go and after that, move on. Instead of fighting the
    Shadow Goo, head up the tree to rescue an old rapo. Back down, fight the
    Shadow Goo and continue onwards, scaling up a tree. And back down one we 
    go. And then up another tree. Collect the acorns and the page template
    at the top. Next, hop into the next section.
    Follow the path, heading up the tree. When you see the house on your right,
    go past and collect the extra life. Then, fly up into the next section.
    Up the tree and collect the spare acorns lying on the ground. Move along and
    glide to the next section where you have to design a swing to move around
    the place. When you have finished swinging across the swing, fly up onto the
    earthen platform, and grab the page template. Jump down the bottom into the
    next area.
    Down we go, and clean up the Goo that is along the way. Rescue a villager 
    called Zsasha. After your rescue, you will encounter a Shadow Fountain. Ground
    Bounce on it to complete destroy it. Move on and clean up the final bit of
    Shadow Goo, and this will complete all the Goo cleaning on this level.
    Climb the tree to the top to receive the third piece of the Page Template.
    Back down, and continue the path forwards into the dark. Continue past the
    flying debris and climb the tree, to an Ability Token. Back down we go and 
    follow the path, taking a swing when need be. Move on and head to the next
    You now need to design some more debris, so do so. This debris goes down, so
    ride it to the end. Head to your right and follow 2 sets of debris down, and
    grab the page template. Follow the debris yet again to the end, where you 
    need to turn left and scale a tree to rescue a Rapogirl. Continue again and
    follow some more debris.
    This will lead you to the Sealed Door, but before that, turn left and follow
    another set of debris. This will lead you to the last secret, a secret 
    pattern. Follow the debris set back to the sealed gate area. Jowee will have a
    colourless flower, and you need to colour it in. Design it and enter the 
    sealed door.
    [2.14] Rapaso Village + Zsasha
    After the little welcome back chat, you need to find the mayor again. At the
    little meeting, Jowee's "hero" speech pisses Mari off and the Night Sky page
    is placed back into the Book. And of course, you need to draw the night sky
    for everyone to see, Draw it.
    Meanwhile, a thief lurks around the town. The Mayor wants this thief person
    caught, and you need to talk to others who have been robbed, mainly Cookie
    and Farmer Brown. Jowee is missing the flower, Cookie is missing cutlery and
    Brown is missing his Banya Seeds. You now need to go to the Moon Grove to 
    find the Moon Page. We all know who it is anyway. Head to the gate and enter
    the Moon Grove.
    [2.15] Moon Grove
    Straight ahead is a house, and from there, jump to the top with your wings.
    Up there is a page fragment, just for you. Back down, head along the path
    until you reach a tree you can climb. Climb to the top and head left. Continue
    the path to the left to save Cricket's Deputy. Once he is rescued, you need to
    head to the right, past the tree, and past the house for a new song.
    Back all the way to the base of the tree, and continue the linear path right.
    Ahead is a ravine, so do not fall when you are flying. Past that little
    obstacle, you need to design a rocket ship. Take the rocket ship into the 
    next section.
    You now pilot the rocket ship, using the B button to fire on the enemy 
    Starboys that are in your way. Follow the path. it doesn't curve at all, but
    do not run into the wall, it will be an automatic death. Follow the path and
    collect the extra life lurking near the entrance to the next section.
    In the next section, you need to draw a treadmill.  Next, run on the 
    treadmill, and then, run on the treadmill when it is running against you. 
    Fire on the Baki when you come towards you. Move ahead from here, cleaning
    up the Shadow Goo along the way. Head to the end of the path, jump on the
    platform, and jump to the right for a new stamp. Then, jump across the 
    platform, jump the path ahead for another piece of the page template. Then,
    run on the treadmill ahead, up the four platforms and then onto another 
    treadmill to rescue Cricket. Now backtrack to where you originally found the
    page template and jump across to the right. Keep going and then, hop into the
    rocket ship.
    The rocket will crash, and then you need to draw a flower bud. Jump on the
    flower buds, and head to the platform on the left. There will be a page 
    template there for you. Now, jump to the right instead. Follow the path, 
    jumping across more flower buds along the way. You cannot currently reach
    to top, so jump down the debris and head left to rescue Cricket Jr Deputy. 
    Now, head to the right and clean up the Shadow Goo before crossing another
    Flower Bud line.
    Jump past that and head up the Flower Bud line. Keep to the right because 
    after the third level of Flower Buds on the right is a new pattern. Once on
    the top, on the centre of the Flower Bud lines is the last page template.
    Now that you have everything, you can head to the sealed gate and finish
    the level.
    [2.16] Rapaso Village + Cricket
    Cricket, the town's police officer, starts the investigation of the stolen
    items. Your population will grow by three with the addition of Cricket and
    his Watchmen. The Mayor will also put the Moon page back in the Book of 
    Life. Now, you can draw the Moon to place in night sky.
    Now that you are at the disposal of Cricket, you need to pay him a visit to
    help with the investigation. You need to visit the Police Station outside
    the Forest Gate, well, directly east of it. Of course, the police station is
    covered in the dark clouds, you need to tap the Eternal Flame and clear them
    out for him. Clear them, and he will ask you to gather some evidence, by
    speaking with Cookie and Farmer Brown.
    First, speak with Farmer Brown and then Chef Cookie, who will notice that 
    something is not right. You now need to track down Zsasha, who wants to 
    become the best thief, and returns the Banya seeds to you. He is north of
    the Village Hall. After he escapes, gives the seeds back to Farmer Brown.
    You can find Zsasha again next to the building directly north of the Forest
    Gate. He gives you the cutlery back, and return them to Cookie.
    You now need to talk to the Mayor where the investigation continues and you
    need to change night into day, and vice versa. Therefore, you need to go to
    the Gearworks and gather the Village Clock page.
    [2.17] Gearworks
    Move ahead and you will encounter a Stump Rider. Just jump on him to remove
    him from the scene. Next, design a gear to ride on. Move ahead and use the
    gears to jump off to the top. On the left will be Navyj's Groupie. Rescue her
    and move to the right. Down the tree and collect the coins along the way.
    Head across the platform given and up the gears. After the gears, head up
    the tree, and onto the opening on the left. Head along this path and continue
    the way up, to collect a new song. Backtrack back down the tree, and take the
    path to the right, heading down a tree as you continue. This will lead you
    to a moving stream of debris. Take the path up and continue up by climbing
    the gears.
    The first exit on your left you will need to take as there will be a page
    template at the end of the path. Backtrack all the way back to the gears and
    continue the way to the top, where you can head to the next section. 
    A nice present when you arrive, with a Shadow Walker and Bat waiting for your
    arrival. Remove the goo, defeat the bat and the walker. Take the middle path
    and continue through the maze, defeat a new type of monster, the Shadow 
    Ghoul. Jump on it 4 times, due to close range and move on. Down the maze and
    continue along the path.
    Ahead is a split, so first travel the lower path. This path will net you more
    coins, as well as a Shadow Walker and Ghoul. The lowest will contain another
    soul to be rescued, Navyj. Above, to your left will be an extra life, be sure
    to get that. Move on, as the only remaining path is above you, to your right
    and continue the path up. As you reach the part where you have to go down,
    you will need to look for another page template. It is located at the bottom
    of your drop down, to your left.
    Continue along the path and clean a house with a large amount of Shadow Goo
    to give a section clear. Move ahead and take the path up when you come to a 
    Shadow Maze. This needs some clearing of Shadow Walkers and a Ghoul and this
    will net you an Ability Token. Move back down and head to the right, advancing
    to the next section.
    Move ahead and design a switch that will control the platforms. To use it,
    tap the stylus onto the switch to activate it. It will first activate the red
    platform, then the blue, and then the green. First, hop onto the red platform
    and tap the switch. This path will net you a page template. 
    Back down, take the blue platform this time and continue along the path.
    This will lead you to a switch, and you should take the red platform so you
    can get the New Pattern for the level. Bend down and wait till you can take
    the red platform back home and this time, take the blue platform up. This
    will take you to another switch and this time, it is only red. Take this 
    one up and this will lead you to a three way switch. 
    First, take the blue one to get an extra life. Next, take the green one to
    rescue another of Navyj's Groupies. Finally, take the Red platform, with a 
    bit of timing to follow the path to the next section.
    Move ahead and design yourself a basket. Be sure to claim the extra life 
    before you decide to hop on. Take another one, down the path, and take another
    basket as well. From this basket, head to your right and clean up the area
    of Shadow Goo. Be careful, there is a lot of goo to clean up. Continue along
    the path, taking the debris along the way. When the second wave ends, on your
    left is another life. On your right, head along the path and take the basket,
    which will lead your to the final page template and the Sealed Door. Take the
    way out and finish this. 
    [2.18] Rapaso Village + Navyj
    Off to see the Mayor now, with the +3 Population and all. Now that Navyj is 
    here, the festival for the village will be more fun to attend. The Mayor will
    place the Village Clock page in the Book of Life and you have to draw the 
    clock face.
    You need to find Navyj now to get ready for the festival. Head to the Stage
    to the east. The stage is covered in darkness so tap the Eternal Flame and
    clear out the clouds. Meanwhile, Cookie is being mobbed, so help him. He needs
    Tubba to help protect the food. He is at the village entrance. You now need to
    speak with the Mayor near the Stage. He needs you to find Farmer Brown, Isaac,
    Jowee, Heather, Mari and Cricket to start the festival.
    Farmer Brown is at his farm obviously so talk to him there. Isaac will be 
    outside his store. Jowee will be outside his house, directly north of the
    Brown's Farm. Jowee will have Heather follow him, so she is taken care of. 
    Mari will be outside the house, directly east of the Eternal Flame. Cricket
    is investigating in the area north of the Forest Gate.
    Back to the stage and visit the Mayor and the festival will begin, with your
    hero on stage. Listen to your new song and what your hero dance. When that is
    done, the Mayor has an announcement to make, and he calls for Mari, who has 
    disappeared. She is outside the Forest Gate, and Jowee comes along, who needs
    some serious pickup lines. Zsasha will return the flower to Jowee though and
    that will be given to Mari, and now, back to the stage.
    After the festival, you need to draw some hands for the village clock. This 
    will give the time of day. From now on, day will between 7am and 7pm while
    the night is between 7pm to 7am. The time will bed based off your DS clock.
    The Mayor will now want to get the Observatory page back and you need to go
    to the Star Forest to get it.
    [2.19] Star Forest
    First, start with collecting the coins and draw some meteors falling. Use the
    Meteors to cross the ravine and beware of the Earthshaker. These guys will 
    need some pounding to get rid of. Shoot them down or jump on their heads.
    Move along, down the tree, and move to the Meteor Stream. Climb the Meteors
    to the openion on the left and scale the tree for a Page Template. Head
    across the Meteors to the right and jump up the edges to the top. 
    Move along the path and clean the Shadow Goo, rescue Galileo's wife and 
    clean up more of the goo. There is even more at the base of the tree so 
    clean that up. Follow the path by climbing up the tree and moving along the
    path for the page template. Down the tree, and move along the path to where
    you scaled the tree originally. Head to the right, cross the meteor stream to
    the next section. Before you cross fully however, follow the stream down to
    the left where there will be a new song for you.
    Now, time to draw a star to wish upon. Use these as hopping platforms, but
    bear in mind that they will disappear quickly. Anyway, after the second
    star, the right platform will hold another extra life. Climb to the top and
    at the very right will be Galileo, for you to rescue. Scale to the top and
    on the left platform will be the third page template.
    Backtrack to the house and move to the right, taking the stars up. This will
    lead to an area infested with Shadow Goo to clean up. There will also be a
    Shadow Fountain here. On the platform at the top will be Galileo's daughter
    to rescue. From there, continue by hopping off the tree platforms and 
    collect the last page template.
    At the base, take the ground path and collect an Ability Token. Scale the
    stars to the top to advance to the next section. From there, head to the
    top and collect a new stamp. Now design a zip glide. From there, take 3
    glides to get to the next area. From the house, jump to the top and take
    some more zip glides. This will lead to the Sealed Door. Take it and end
    the level.
    [2.20] Rapaso Village + Galileo
    Time to see the Mayor again, with Galileo back and all. The page will be back
    in the Book of Life now, but you cannot create it until Galileo has found a
    place to place it. Find him in the east, directly north of the Forest Gate.
    Now, tap the Eternal Flame and clear the clouds. After it is cleared, time to
    colour in the Observatory. After your colour in, time to find Mari. She can 
    be found directly north of the Village Gate.
    Wilfre pops up and sets the great tree Deadwood against you. Great, time for
    another boss fight. Talk to the Mayor and you need to go to the Deep Dark 
    Forest to remove Deadwood.
    [2.21] Deadwood
    Another Boss Level so no need to collect any Rapos, Secrets or clear some 
    Shadow Slime.
    Straight away, you need to run away from his mouth. There is no need to 
    actually run and duck from him. His form of attack will be to send Shadow 
    Walkers to hunt you down. 
    To hurt the tree, you need to climb the platforms and eliminate the acorn
    nests that lie there. This is not an easy job given the number of Bats in the
    and the fact that the shaking will drop you down again. There are 4 acorns 
    that you need to shoot down, each requiring 3 shots to remove. 
    I can't tell you how hard this is, given the amount of Bats and Walkers that
    pop up, but a hint is to keep jumping. This eliminates you being dropped from
    a platform as a problem. The first acorn nest will require you to jump and
    shoot, with proper timing. The second is staying on the platform and breaking
    the nest. The Third is aiming up whilst the fourth involves a double jump to
    knock it down. 
    When you finish, you will get sucked inside Deadwood. Hope the breath doesn't
    smell that bad. This is the second boss battle, where you have to kill the
    Shadow Deadwood. This is harder since there are little feelers on the side 
    that will hurt you if you get too close, while Deadwood itself is like a 
    scaly lizard.
    Wait on the lower two platforms and wait till it sticks there, and there you
    will have the opportunity to shoot at it. It will take three shots to get rid
    of the scaly Shadow, but after the fight, the trapped Rapo, Samuel, drops 
    down, thanking you for saving the day.
    [2.22] Rapaso Village + Samuel
    The Mayor will now suggest to clear the Northern part of the village. So, talk
    to the Mayor, who is north of the Town Hall, and he will send you to tap the
    Eternal Flame to clear the darkness. This will lead to the Island Gate being
    available, near the North Beach. Head to the Island Gate and talk to Samuel.
    Samuel will give you some Flippers and a Helmet to survive underwater and you
    have to give the page back to the Mayor. Then you will have to design them to
    suit your likings. After your creative design, you need to find Mari.
    Mari is at the beach, talking to Jowee. It looks like they found a page from
    the Book of Life, so see the Mayor. The page is of the Starzooka, the weapon
    for the Island world.
    Anyway, you need to head to Star Beach to get some fun toys for the beach as
    it is too boring otherwise. Great, work for the fun of others. You need a 
    beach ball and parasol, but first, you need to visit Isaac who will configure
    your Starzooka to fire Starfish and not acorns. Talk about animal cruelty.
    Anyway, these starfish are homing into the enemy and explodes on impact. A
    homing missile as it were.
    [2.23] Surf Beach
    Anyway, move to the Island Gate and head into Surf Beach. You will notice the
    nice flippers on your leg. Anyway, move forwards and jump into the water. 
    Press A to gradually flap your way to the top. This is where you can get
    some practice with your flippers. In the end of your little underwater passage
    will be an extra life. Great start. Flap back to the entrance and draw a 
    hammock. This will be like a spring on this level, allowing you to jump up 
    onto higher levels. 
    Once you are on the level above the hammock, there will be an area infested
    with shadow goo, which you are required to clean up. There will be a Raposa
    to rescue, a member of Barks Crew. Anyway, move ahead and move forwards, above
    the water entrance, jumping on the hammock to reach a page fragment above. 
    You will encounter some Waders. These guys have to take a few hits to take
    down as well as being able to survive on water and land.
    Anyway, after the Page Fragment, head back to the water hole that you had
    to jump over earlier and head down. Head along the path and soon you will find
    an area that has some shadow fish in it. Above it will be an opening to the
    surface. Take that route and follow the path to a bonus door and a new pattern
    for yourself.
    Back down the path and head into the shadowy area infested with Shadow Fish
    and move along that path until you reach the surface. Follow the path into
    the next area.
    In this area, straight ahead is an underwater passage that will lead to a 
    fair amount of coins. Once you have gathered the coins, the hammock on the
    right will lead you onto some platforms, and using the left platform, jump
    on the hammock there and it will guide you to a new song. The platform on
    the right will guide you to another life. Back on terra firma, you need to
    design some seaweed to hide you from the shadow fish.
    Take the underwater route, and once you are in the seaweed, the Shadow Fish 
    will not seek you. Hide there till they move away, then you can come out and
    swim away. Move through several nests of seaweed until you find a way up to
    the surface, take it to clean up the shadow goo for the area. Use the hammock
    to rescue Crazy Barks from his cage. Back down into the water and head along
    the set path, finding a large opening and two paths. The first path up will
    lead you to another page fragment whilst the second path will lead you to the
    next area.
    In the next area, you need to design a coconut radio to distract the enemies
    at hand. To make it work, all you need to do is to tap it. This will make the
    enemies bop along to the music, allowing for easy kills. Move along the path
    and use the hammock ahead to grab the page fragment and the extra life that 
    is found up there.
    Anyway, move onwards and down the water path. You will soon reach a fork, 
    take the left for some goodies, and then head down the right path. This will 
    lead you to another fork, one leading up and one leading down. The one 
    heading down will give you an ability token so take it. Then, head up, using
    the radios to stop the Baki and save your ammo when you really need it. Down
    another water path, with more seaweed and enemies, you need to stay on your
    guard as you continue along the path. Ahead will be another fork up and down
    and the path up will be the last page template. Down the fork, and continue
    the path into the next section.
    Ahead is a place where you need to design a new watersky to ski across the
    water. Press A to jump and B to dip down. Finish the ride and you will get
    to the Sealed Gate.
    [2.24] Rapaso Village + Crazy Bark
    Heather will welcome you back and task you to speak with the mayor. With Crazy
    Bark back and you having to design a Beach Ball and Parasol, its all good. You
    need to find Mari as the Mayor has assigned her some chores. She is lurking at
    the beach area, search around there and talk to her. She says that the beach
    is too crowded and wants you to clear some extra land in the beach. You know
    the drill, tap the Eternal Flame and tap the clouds to clear the area.
    Clear the area and Mari will ask you to ask to bring her father, the Mayor to
    her secret beach. He will comment that they need some Kori trees, so you need
    to go to the Kori Jungle to get some Kori trees. Off we go.
    [2.25] Kori Jungle
    Move along the path, and it is straight down into the water. Move into the 
    seaweed and either clear out or kill the 3 shadow fish that lurk the area.
    Move up the path, with red coins on the left and a small heart and some
    coins on the right, and then move up and onto land.
    Move ahead hear and draw a Tiki head, which are unstable. Before going on
    the Tiki head, move forwards, down a path into the water, which leads to an
    extra life that is on the left just as you enter the water and an extra song
    at the very end of the trail.
    Back at the Tiki head, hop on it and it will take you to a cage with a Rapo
    in it. If the Tiki head isn't there, wait and it shall return. The Rapo, 
    Bubba's Caretaker will thank you for the rescue. Ahead is a hill that you
    need to climb, and there will be a platform with a Tiki head in front for
    you to take. Take that option and follow the path that it will lead you, as it
    will show you a Page Template for you to take. Backtrack to the place where 
    you took the Tiki head for the Page fragment and move to the right, and 
    continue into the water.
    The water will be crawling with Baki and 3 Shadow Fish. Follow the path that
    it leads and get out of the water, being careful of the wader above you.
    Follow along this path, removing of the Baki ahead of you and move onwards to
    the next section.
    Ahead is a place where you need to design a rip tide to pull you around. 
    Normally, rips are not good for you as they pull you out to sea, but whatever
    floats the game's boat I guess. Move ahead and ride the rip down the path, 
    pass the shadow fish and float to the bottom. Walk along the bottom because 
    at the end is an extra life for you. Ahead, when you sight land, head to your
    left and ride the Tiki stone, as an Ability token will be ahead past the
    Tiki stone when you arrive at the top.
    Backtrack to where you exited the water, and move to the right now. Be sure
    to enter the house because an extra life is there up for grabs. Anyway, move
    along the linear path and follow the water, down a few rips, until you are
    forced to make a decision at a fork in the path. On the left is an extra
    life and a whole lot of coins, but it is guarded by an Anchorpus. Fire 4 shots
    in rapid succession to remove it from sight, Take the coins and the extra life
    and move to the path on the right.
    Follow the rip and once you reach land again, there is another fork. If you 
    forgot something along the path, take the left road and ride the Tiki head
    in order to backtrack. Take the right path to continue forwards. On the
    right, past the Tiki stone are 25 coins, so nab them before continuing onwards
    by riding the Tiki head.
    This will lead you to a path with several Baki, which you need to avoid or
    kill and you need to rescue Bubba, who is stuck in a cage. He is the brother
    of Tubba, if you haven't realised. Anyway, move onwards, scaling the rock
    wall. At the end, there is a platform and a path down, take the platform so
    you can grab the page template and continue the path down. This will lead you
    to a underwater path, riding the rip for a whole heap of coins.
    Right in the middle is another Anchorpus, shoot it four times to remove it
    from sight. On the top, there is an extra life there, so nab that. Take the
    bottom path and ride the rip to continue. The path on the left is to backtrack
    and the path on the right is into the next section.
    In this section, it is the first section with the Shadow Goo in it. Anyway, 
    move onwards and draw a statue, that you can push around by pressing the Y
    button whilst near it. Anyway, push the statue towards the button and that
    should activate something, it always does. Anyway, move onwards from there
    to remove some Shadow Walkers and take out some of the Shadow Goo.
    Take the two Tiki heads up and you need to move to the left, and notice how
    the other Tiki heads are not moving. Moving past the inactive Tiki heads you
    will need to clean up another bit of Shadow Goo and move a statue onto a 
    button to activate those Tiki heads.
    Hop on the first head on the right, and this will take you to another Tiki
    head, that doesn't work. Head to the left, past the inactive head and push
    the statue onto the button and take the head to the third page fragment of the
    level. Backtrack to where you first boarded the head and take the second of
    the Tiki heads, one that you have not ridden on before. 
    Along this new path is some more Shadow Goo, and in the water, there is 
    another New Song for you to nab. Grab that and continue along the path on
    the land. Take the Tiki head up and move another statue onto a button, which
    allows you to take another Tiki head up, clearing out the last of the Shadow
    Goo along the way. This leads you to Bubba's Caretaker, another one.
    This allows you to move back down, and head into the next section. You need
    to parachute to the bottom, and this is a ride where you have to nab as many
    coins as you can, since you don't have any enemies to worry about. This
    allows you to boost your coin count, and collect the page fragment at the 
    bottom and proceed to the Sealed Door.
    [2.26] Rapaso Village + Bubba
    Your first business back in town is a task sent by Tubba, a visit to the 
    Mayor, and by now you know the drill, talk to the Mayor, get +3 population,
    do some housekeeping and into the next world.
    Anyway, talk to the Mayor and he will ask you to design a Kori tree, but you
    need to talk to him at the Secret Beach, the one you unlocked for Mari 
    earlier, to design it there and to plant them. You get to plant three of them
    and press OK.
    The Mayor wants you to unlock a house for Bubba to live in, so you know the
    drill again, tap the Eternal Flame and then clear out the clouds. First talk
    to Bubba, who is near the beach, tap the Flame, then the clouds. Save the
    house and then head back to the Mayor and talk to him. Mari wants you to find
    Jowee to invite him to the Secret Beach, he is at the North Beach. He will
    head to the beach, so you need to pay them a visit.
    Just when the two are getting close, Heather interrupts and they decide to
    design a statue in honour of you, the Creator. They need you to go to the 
    Angler Isle to find the Village Statue page. Off we go.
    [2.27] Angler Isle
    First off along your path, you need to design a clam for yourself. Move into
    the water and stay on the clam on the right, and this will lead you to an
    area with Shadow Goo that you need to clean up. In the centre of the Goo is
    Indee's Son, that you need to rescue. Past the cage is even more shadow goo
    for you to clean up.
    Move onwards and into the water you go. Move ahead and you will encounter a 
    Whirlpool Sponge. Basically, swim fast over it or it will suck you into it
    and damage you. Remove it and move on. Ahead is another of these suckers
    Move along and ride the clam to the top, and then head to the left and jumping
    on that clam, you can get a page template. Move back and over the water you
    shot up from and onto the right. This will lead you to an clam in the middle
    of the path. Take that way up and move onto on, taking the platform to rescue
    another Rapo, Indee. The path on the left leads to another clam, and this
    will lead you to a new pattern. Now, time to backtrack to where you first took
    the clam up.
    Take the path on the right and this, after leading you a foray of enemies,
    will lead you underwater and you need to start swimming, and be careful of
    the sponge. Move on and into the seaweed, taking care of the Shadow Fish.
    Before you fully reach the top, there is an inlet to your left and you need
    to take it, because after a series of clam trips to the top, you will get
    another page template to your Statue. On this note, head back and take the
    path up, which leads into the next section.
    In this next section, you have to design a trident, and this is a key to your
    progression somehow. This, by tapping it, will raise, and then lower the water
    level to a certain level. Anyway, progress, by tapping the trident to raise 
    the level so you can swim to the top. Anyway, move to the extremely right, 
    while still above water to collect a new song. You will pass an opening 
    along the way, and after you collect the song, head down.
    Along this path, use the trident to ensure the water level is up so you can
    get out, eventually. Ahead, when you get out of the water is more shadow goo,
    which is the end of the Goo for this level. Use the platform above the area
    where you have clear the shadow goo to collect the third page template for
    your statue.
    Continue and into another hole, this time it is empty. Jump down and find
    the trident, tapping it to raise the water to get out. From there, you need
    to head left, as this leads to the last Rapo on this level, Indee's dad. The
    path on the right leads to the next section.
    Right in front of you now is a new page template. Ahead will be a design for
    a Whaleecopter. While on the Copter, you will be able to net some more coins
    as well as an extra life and an Ability Token for yourself. At the end of the
    line is the Sealed Gate.
    [2.28] Rapaso Village + Indee
    Your first job, as usual, is to talk to the Mayor, who will do the added 
    population to Indee, the adventurer, who managed to get himself lost in a 
    beach. The Mayor has found a place for the Statue, a place north of the 
    Forest Gate, which we have finished with for the time being, and you need to
    head there with the Mayor.
    You now get a rectangular box to design a statue to your liking. Do what you
    want, a statue of yourself, if you can. Note that you can walk through it. 
    After some lively conservation, you need to find Jowee. He's at the beach so
    you can find him there with Indee. In order to find some treasure, you will
    need to clear some clouds for them, so do the usual Tap the Eternal Flame
    and clear the clouds, the usual.
    With the clouds removed, it unearths some interesting discoveries, a dock,
    and a pirate ship. You need to talk to the Mayor for more information, so do
    so. Of course, you don't get to design the Lighthouse for the boat straight
    away, you need the Lighthouse page, from the Conch Ruins. More work to do,
    so go do it.
    [2.29] Conch Ruins
    You start this level having to design a jewel to actiate some certain statues
    in this level. Once you designed it, you can jump across the water to access
    the house and gain some extra coins. Then, jump into the water and collect
    the coins. Soon, you will reach a cross junction. Ahead is a Jellyfish,
    that damages on close contact. Fire two accurate shots to remove it. At this
    junction, first take the upper path to collect some coins as well as an extra
    Next, take the lower path, and this will lead to more forks along the way. The
    first will be a fork showing the path down and one to the left. Taking the
    path to the left will be the jewel that will be need to place in a statue to
    activate it. The path down you will need to take as well as it contains some
    shadow fish, which aren't friendly, and more importantly, a page fragment.
    Now, next back to the cross junction earlier and take the last path, the one
    on the right.
    This will lead you to a statue, which you need to move on in order to place
    the jewel on. This will activate the Tiki Blocks that originally block the
    path on the right and out into the surface. Once on the surface, use the left
    Tiki block to your advantage to net you a new song. Back to the centre and
    use the right Tiki block to help you continue along your path.
    This path will lead you to the first Rapo that you save, a Pirate. I'm still
    not sure that saving a pirate is exactly a good thing, but lets not dwell
    on such trivial things. Move onwards and this will lead to another underwater
    Continue your descent down all the way to grab some more Starfish to fire
    on enemies. Move to your left and this will be an area infested with 3 Shadow
    Fish, which guard the Jewel for the statue. Backtrack to the path you will
    from and this will lead to an unexplored path to the right. This path, after
    you clear a further 3 Shadow Fish, will lead to a statue that activates some
    more Tiki Heads.
    First, take the one on the left. In contrast to the page template that is
    probably useless as it was underwater, this one is in a dry, pristine
    condition. You have to take the one on the right now, as this is a linear
    path. This leads to the next section.
    Straight away, you need to draw a conch. Easy enough. This conch acts as a 
    trigger for rocks to fall. First of all, don't use the conch and head under
    the rocks and collect the coins. Then, press Y to activate the conch to 
    move along your path. There are no forks along this path, just 2 Jellyfish
    to remove and you will eventually reach the surface. Again, take the path on
    your left.
    Straight away, you have a shadow goo mess to clean up. This will give a 
    section cleared when you clear all the mess up. Move along the surface path
    on the right and this will lead you to a Tiki head heading up. This you 
    should take in order to grab the new pattern that is lurking up there. Back
    down you go when you are done.
    Your only path right now is underwater, so down you do. This will lead you
    to a massive clearing, with Shadow Fish, and two paths. Clear the fish and
    take the left most path that leads to the surface. This in turn shows you
    to a Tiki head leading to a Rapo, Pirate Beard to be rescued. From the
    rescue of Pirate Beard, continue along the path to the right, using the
    conch when shown and continue this path. Soon, you have a sign with an
    arrow pointing up, so take it but it will lead you nowhere. Continue your
    Before using the conch, go underwater to claim another extra life along the
    way. Now, backtrack to the arrow going up and this will take you to a 
    page template, which you previously couldn't access use to the rock. Back
    down you go and continue your path, which goes underwater. This leads to 
    the surface and a tiki block. Take it on the way up, using the conch and
    at the end of the path, there is the final page template for this level.
    Again, ahead is something for you to draw, this time, some Flying Fish.
    Anyway, ahead are 3 flying fish that you need to use as platforms to 
    move ahead. I'm sure you can do that yourself. Continue your path and
    this leads to a pool of more flying fish. Go underwater initially and
    this will lead to a new stamp at the end of the pond. Now, ride the
    flying fish.
    This trip will take you to more Shadow Goo and the final Rapo, the
    Pirate. Move on, clearing the rest of the Shadow Goo for the level and
    ride some more Flying Fish. Fish that size should seriously be used for
    eating instead. Anyway, down the path, ride some more flying fish and
    this will lead to the Sealed Door, end of the level.
    [2.30] Rapaso Village + Pirates
    The pirates cause a bit of a ruckus when they arrive back as base, and as 
    usual, you need to see the Mayor to welcome back the new additions to the
    village. Now, you need to hand over the Lighthouse page, but you can draw it
    as long as you want to the Docks.
    Once you are there, you need to colour in your lighthouse to whatever you want
    it to look like. Colour and save. Anyway. the Pirates decide to enlist some
    new members, which fails. The boat is at dock, but it cannot get out, because
    there is a massive sea monster here, the Angler King. Looks like we have 
    another boss fight on our hands.
    [2.31] Angler King
    When you head to the Island Gate, you meet an old friend, who seems to be 
    plotting something or another before following you in. Once you head into the
    Angler King map, guess what, this fight is going to be an underwater battle,
    not nice to move around in.
    As a boss level, there is nothing to worry about except for the boss, no
    coins to collect, no page templates, no other enemies. Look at the ugly boss
    in all its glory before your first job. RUN!
    You need to swim to your right, and continue along the path without being 
    completely bitten into fish food. This is going to be hard, so what you
    should do is not press the A button, which makes you flap your arms because
    this will slow you down. The falls will help you since it will help you
    gain speed, but rises will seriously be a problem. After a while, and
    hopefully you being still alive, you head into the next section.
    In this next section, you need to hit the boss. But it isn't that easy
    because this boss can create reinforcements from the top of his head, with
    his little sponge spawning shadow fish. It summon three at a time, and 
    unlike the regular shadow fish, it can take a few hits to kill, not just
    You can predict where the Angler King will swim against when there are
    air bubbles along the screen. Now, how to damage the Angler King while 
    dealing with the troublesome Shadow Fish. Your first priority is to
    remove the Shadow Fish from play. Using your ammo might be hard since
    it will take some time to reach them. So what you should do is swim to
    the top, where there is some air. This allows you to jump on the Shadow
    Fish, which take two hits each before they die. With this out of the way,
    time to take down the boss itself.
    When there aren't any shadow fish swimming around, you can take the Angler
    King down. This is done when he is lurking around the screen, biting you.
    You can tell when he appear without having bubbles indicating his 
    presence. When he appears, he floats towards you, and you fire. However,
    this doesn't last forever and you need to make the most of this. It will
    take normally about 3 of his floats to knock him down. Too bad we don't
    have a rapid fire machine gun here, it would help. Anyway, practice, 
    practice and more practice will help here. Once he is dead, and the Rapo
    saved, lets blow this joint.
    [2.32] Rapaso Village + Choco
    The Mayor will welcome back the Rapo you saved, and it isn't Dracula, 
    although he doesn't look like him. Count Choco is back. Anyway, he does like
    scaring people and wants some juice so he goes to Isaac's Store, and the
    Mayor, scared that he may scare people, wants you to tail him.
    At the store, Choco will give Isaac something that he cannot use, a page in
    the book of life. Talk to Isaac and he will give it to you for free, since
    you have been a good customer, and you need to take it to the Mayor.
    After talking to the mayor, it will turn out to be the page for the Kaorin
    Berry Bush. They are dangerous and useful, so the Mayor will meet you north
    of the Snow Gate, to draw the bushes. Draw them and you get to plant three
    of them around the village. Well, not the village, but around the Snow Gate.
    The Mayor will need Samuel to teach how to use the berries properly. You
    can find him near the Forest Gate. After that, you need to talk to them at
    the Village Hall. Listening to the conservation, it appears that if you eat
    one of the berries, your hero will double in side, but this is only a 
    temporary effect. The Mayor says that you'll need it because you probably
    don't stand a chance in Rapoville. This is the time we clear the clouds for
    the last gate, the one that leads to Wilfre. Tap the eternal flame and meet
    the mayor at the Northeastern path.
    Clear the path and this leads to the Rapoville World Gate. Explore around
    and we meet our old friend once more, standing in front of a blank gate.
    You don't have the page yet, so you need to enter Rapo City and find the
    Secret Door Page. Off you go. 
    [2.33] Rapo City
    Straight into the level, you notice that you are extremely large. Guess
    the berry does its job. Anyway, stop admiring your figure and move along to
    design a boulder that will act as a switch, using Y as pushing it. Move along
    and you will have to rescue your First Rapo for this world, a friend of some
    Move ahead and you will encounter some Baki and some Shadow Bats. You now
    realise that you have no weapon. So what do you do? Jump on them, or press B
    to kick them. And since you are so high up, a kick does some damage.
    Move ahead and there will be a boulder that you will have to push down to
    activate the rock to move upwards. This allows you to move into an area with
    platforms above you, which will have a page template up there. Move on and 
    this will be an area with Shadow Goo. Note that the Shadow Walkers are a one
    hit kill, you can jump on them to die, rather than having to jump on them
    three times. Anyway, clean up the goo, laughing at how small the walkers are
    now. Move along and push several boulders into the switches to continue along
    your path.
    Soon, you will have to push a boulder down a path, so do so. This leads to
    another platformed area, which will house a New Song for you. Grab it and move
    to the next section.
    Straight away in this next section you need to design a blimp to move around
    with. Test it out by jumping on the blimp in front of you. Ahead is a series
    of blimps, with a Rapo, Mike, housed on the lower section of this area. Move
    along and take the path up and across, and encounter a Large Baki. These will
    take two hits to remove. Ahead is a blimp leading up, so take it. When you
    reach the top, the inlet on your right contains an ability token, and on your
    left, after moving past all the Baki and gathering all the coins, is a page
    template for yourself as a gift.
    Backtrack to where you took the blimp up and from there, continue right. This
    area contains a fair amount of Shadow Goo, with the normal assortment of 
    Walkers and Bats. Remove them as you normally would. Ahead is a ravine where
    you need to take 3 blimps in order to get to the other side. Note that was 
    not a "Why did the chicken cross the road?" Joke. Anyway, there are two 
    boulder switches here that you need to activate, remove the large amount of
    Baki, and move to the next section.
    Right here, you need to design a crumbling pillar, which is in essence a 
    see-saw which you need to use to get to the platform above. It is quite simple
    really. Ahead is another ravine, and there are two blimps, with a pillar
    in between as a platform. When you are on the second blimp, at the lowest 
    point where the blimp will go is another new song. This finishes all the 
    secret items for this level.
    Ride the blimp up and this will lead to two more boulders and a tricky 
    situation where there are two pillars, in a row, that you need to climb to 
    get to the top. The trick is to do it fast, so you don't get stick and slide
    to the bottom, like me ... several times. Ahead is the next new monster on
    this level, the Shadow Golem. Golem as in a rock monster and Shadow, well you
    can see the shadow on the side of him. Kick him in the nuts thrice to remove
    him from play. Guess Brock needs a new Pokemon. 
    From there, on your left is a blimp which leads to the top. You need to
    take this path, before here, after going through all the Baki and the Golems,
    will contain a page fragment. Again, backtrack to where you first saw the
    Shadow Golem, and move right from there. This area will contain the final
    amount of Shadow Goo in this Level, so clean it up, and that will be the Goo
    taken care of.
    Once the Goo is gone, you need to push the boulder down and hop around on
    the platforms here to move onto the next section.
    Here, you need to ride on the blimps ... again, to continue into the next
    section. You need to design a Giant Tree here in order to progress. All you
    need to do is to jump on to tree, and this will bounce you around, like a 
    spring. Anyway, move along and this will take you to a ravine, and below is 
    the final Rapo to rescue for this level. At the bottom of this drop, you
    should take the path on the left and this will contain the last item you need
    from this level, a page template.
    From there, keep going to your right, taking the trees as you go along, and
    this will, sooner or later, lead you to the Sealed Gate, and thus, the end
    of the level.
    [2.34] Rapaso Village + Mike
    You know the drill by now, you need to see the Mayor for the traditional +3
    Population ceremony. Well, you have the secret door page back in the Book of
    Life. Seriously, what type of page isn't in that stupid Book? Maybe I could
    get a Million Dollar Page or something. Anyway, meet the Mayor at the Secret
    Gate to do something.
    We have the extremely hard task of ... colouring the door! After the colour 
    in, you need to find Mari to get a village meeting going. She is in the Hidden
    Beach area, so find her there. When there, you see a nice conservation between
    Jowee and the Pirate Beard. After that little conservation, with Mari coming
    along, we need to speak with the Mayor. He says that we need to defeat Wilfre
    ..., well duh, and you need a legendary sword. We have to head to the Windy 
    Hills to get it. Off we go ... again.
    [2.35] Windy Hills
    We move ahead a little, sacking the interior decorator of this place, and
    design a pile of rubble. Move ahead, with the rubbles acting as temporary
    platforms, since they will fall down. This will lead you to a page template
    as well as encountering a Shadow Walker, too lazy to walk, riding on the 
    back of a Baki.
    From the place where you collected your page template, you can move onwards
    by jump on several pieces of rubble to help you advance. When you reach the
    other side, it will be an area infested with a mound of Shadow Goo that you
    need to clean up. Cleaner anyone? Anyway, clean up the mess, but not that it
    isn't done for the level.
    Anyway, move along and you need to head down, meeting a Stormy cloud, 
    something not seen for a while. You need to head all the way to the bottom,
    where you need to head to the left to meet one of Unagi's operatives that you
    need to rescue. 
    From there, backtrack and continue the path all the way to the right. The
    problem, once you reach the end, is climbing all the way to the top with all
    the rubble as the climbing blocks. This is hard, but not impossible. You need
    quick reflexes and some good timing. Try, it took me several minutes, mainly
    since I was concentrating on the coins.
    Anyway, once at the top, you meet a new monster, the Shadow Flyer. Kick it a 
    few times to remove it, and do that quickly, not slowly. Move along, and this
    will lead to a Stormy Cloud, near the end of the section. You can even see 
    the arrows. Anyway, take the Cloud up, and fight off more Shadow Walkers,
    Shadow Flyers and Baki to reach the new song at the end, and with that, head
    back and into the next section.
    In this next section, cross the rubble and this will place you in a fight with
    some Shadow Flyers. Remove them to move on. Ahead is a place where you need
    to colour in a house that is bouncy. Ok... colour it in and move on. You
    can jump on the houses as a spring to take you to the top. Take the first
    house, then the next one, across the platform, and cross a bit more. Take the
    house and this will take you to the top. On the left is the next Rapo you
    save, Unagi. Save him and move to the right now.
    This will lead you to crossing a ravine on platforms, jumping on a house
    to a higher level and crossing the same ravine on a different set of rubble.
    From here, move all the way to the left until you can go left no more. This
    will lead you to a house that you can bounce to collect another ability 
    token for yourself. Backtrack to a house you past on your way here and this
    will be the path you need to continue on.
    From here, use the two houses to carry on, and this will lead you to a
    page fragment at the bottom. To get there, take the two houses and move along
    the path, until you each a hole you can drop into. Take it, grab the page
    and use the house on the right to jump to the right, and the next section
    is just there.
    In this section, you need to design the blades of a windmill. This isn't
    too hard, I hope. Really, they are moving gears that will rotate anti-
    clockwise, so make good use of this knowledge. However, don't go one the
    blades yet cause at the base is a new song. Now, onwards and right ahead 
    of you is a nice page template, right in front of you. From here, you need 
    to move along the set path, and there will be more windmills and platforms 
    that you need to be using.
    Ahead, when can no longer head to your right, you need to climb some 
    windmills. To do so, you can jump to the one above you by staying on the
    right end of it. Anyway, you need some more practice here, and you need
    to take the left option. Follow the path, killing enemies, jumping on
    rubble and houses when need be. At the end, this will lead to the final
    Rapo for this level, another of Unagi's assistant.
    Anyway, head back to the 6 windmills area and you need to take the path
    on the right now to continue. From here, you need to head up a few houses
    and take the path on your left when you reach a fork for the last page
    template. From here, the path on your right will be the Sealed Gate for
    this level.
    [2.36] Rapaso Village + Unagi
    The usual drill, be welcomed, and see the Mayor. He will welcome back 
    Unagi and place the Legendary Sword page back in the Book of Life. Time to
    draw your Legendary Sword, so make it as what you want it to be.
    The Mayor, although ready to fight Wilfre, does not allow you to do so, but
    forces you to go to Rapo Towers to get a special page for Mari. Before that,
    you need to get Mari to break up a fight between Cricket and Unagi.
    Mari, who is at the Secret Beach, refuses to come defuse the situation. 
    Anyway, you need to head to the Rapo Towers, but as you tap the gate, the old
    friend returns and pays a visit to the Mayor. Watch and see the Book fall into
    the wrong hands.
    [2.37] Rapo Towers
    We start the new level with the legendary sword. It has a large swing and will
    kill anything. However, you are small again. Anyway, after admiring your nice
    shiny sword, move ahead and design some tumbling chairs to be crushed by.
    Anyway, from here, climb up the first level of chairs and jump to the platform
    on your left. From there, move across the two wheels of chairs on your left 
    and climb the one on the end. This will lead to a path that you should take,
    because it's the only one.
    Move down and you reach another stack of chairs. At the top, you need to
    rescue an Old Rapo. The path below you allows you to continue, and you will
    meet Shadow Walkers, Bats and the reappearance of the Ghoul. Ahead is a twin
    set of moving chairs, and don't fall to the bottom, because at the base is
    Shadow Lava and it will damage you if you land on it. Move past and continue
    along the path.
    Along this path will be several enemies until you reach a path down via the
    chairs. The first stop will be a page template, so make sure you get that.
    After that, go directly to the bottom to collect the new song, before heading
    up and taking the exit on your right to the next section.
    Straight ahead is that you need to design a chandelier to swing on. Practice
    with the set of lights in front of you. Ahead is another set of moving chairs
    to jump on. Just above you and directly opposite you is another Rapo you need
    to rescue, the Doctor aptly named Dr. Cure. Anyway, keep jumping up the chairs
    to the platform on your left, using the set of lights and jumping up some
    more chairs. I bet you can't get enough of them.
    Up the chairs, you can easily see another page template for you to grab. On
    your right, which is the only path you can take, is a fair amount of Shadow
    Goo to clean up. There is not a low to clean up, and you can take more than
    60% out right now. Ahead is some more Shadow Lava, and you have to swing 
    across them using the Chandeliers. With your first jump, you do not want to 
    get too much momentium. Why? Because there is another Shadow Lava Pit right
    in front of that. A big problem. After your second jump, you run directly
    into a Shadow Walker and Bat, making that a problem also.
    Anyway, you need to go down a set of chairs, and this will lead to another
    new stamp. Jump onto the floating platform and this will take you do the last
    section. Do not go all the way to the buttom because there is a whole mound of
    Shadow Lava there.
    Now, you have to draw a Stone Pillar, using the Stylus to drag it along to
    wherever you wish. Ahead is one such pillar, so use it and drag you down to
    the buttom, where the last "secret" is for the game, the final ability token.
    Back up, after draging the pillar up, use the chandeliar to get to the other
    side, and this leads to another stone pillar.
    Down the pillar, you need to jump up some chairs. I rather take the pillar
    instead of the chairs, but I didn't design this game. First stop, leave the
    chairs and this will show you a page template. The second stop, and the end
    of the line, is a whole area of Shadow Goo, and the last for the level. Ahead
    is another set of chairs, so go to the stop.
    Once you are at the top, turn left and take out the enemies here. Use the
    chandelier that you will encounter and use it to reach Dr. Cure's assistant.
    Now, backtrack all the way to the fork and turn right, since that is currently
    unexplored. Move along, killing the Walkers and Bats, and again, use the
    chandelier to your advantage and swing across to the stone pillar.
    Down the pillar you go, and of course, drag it down using the stylus. This
    shows you another chair lift, which you should jump to the stop because it
    has some more coins, and at the end of this chair lift, is another stone
    pillar... and down you go. 
    At the end of this wonder stone pillar ride, you need to get your Hero to
    mark their rear end on another chandelier and swing across to another chair
    lift that you need to climb up. Climb all the way to the top to grab the
    final part of the secret page.
    Back down and through the middle, you need to go up a stone pillar, and then
    go up another one if that wasn't enough for you. And if that wasn't enough,
    you can go up one final one. And this, will be the end of the level and
    the Sealed Gate.
    [2.38] Rapaso Village + Dr. Cure
    Time to see the mayor again, except we have a problem, the mayor is not at
    the city hall. Only the Creator knows where. And since you are the creator,
    we know he is at the Forest Gate, ambushed. After the mourning, Mari will 
    blame you because you are not everywhere at one. And then, a horrible sound
    is heard.
    Everything is fading away, the Banya crop disappears, the Lighthouse 
    disappears and the Sign of the Restaurant is gone. During your conservation
    between Mari and Jowee, the Kori trees go as well. Now, you better hurry, as
    your final hour draws near. Head to the secret gate, and off you go to face
    [2.39] Shadow Lair
    Welcome to the Shadow Lair. Well, I came prepared with some lives from the
    Wishing Well, I entered with 36 lives. I'm pretty sure I can't fail, are you
    prepared? Straight away, you go down a cliff and then, climb up a cliff using
    nothing but rubble. Also, there is Shadow Lava below, so be careful. 
    Move up the rubble, across some more rubble, and activate the trident. Down
    you go, using the platforms, and you need to cross some more Shadow Lava, 
    using the disappearing stars from World 2. There are two stars to start off,
    seperated by a piece of rubble, and two more stars, all above Shadow Lava.
    Across you go, down the platforms. Ahead along the lowering path and across
    the shadow lava with pieces of rubble. Its getting more tricky now.
    By heading across, you need to access the trident and lower the lava, so you
    can head further down. We're pretty far below ground anyway, but more can't
    hurt, can it? Down you go, and follow the path. Across you go, back down
    and across some more stars, all whilst above some more shadow lava. If I 
    were the hero, I'd be calling my safety officer.
    After that little stint, you are going across the path, and moving onto a
    platform, which leads to a star, which leads to another platform, then a
    star, and then the piece of land, not above shadow lava. Across your little
    path, and this sooner or later leads to the next section. And down you go.
    And you arrive, and down you go even more, before you need to hop over some
    shadow lava with stars as your saviours. Ahead of you is a drop, and you land
    on rubble, above shadow lava. Quickly hop off and move along. This will lead
    you to a trident, after you cross some shadow lava with platforms. And down
    you go again.
    Ahead are two large ravines, so you need to get your jumping right because
    there is nothing to save you this time. The next one is going to be tricky
    because you need to use the platform below, if need be, to land on the star
    and get to the other side. I wasted 3 lives down here, so be careful and I
    hope you have many lives.
    Across you go, battling the shadow monsters in your way and crossing a 
    deadly ravine with those pieces of rumbling rubble. And this leads us to 
    the next section, and face to face with Wilfre. And he brings out a little
    scorpion friend to play with you. Chicken Wilfre, but we have more pressing
    issues, mainly a pretty stinky scorpion.
    How to deal with the scorpion. Well first, it will come at you, and you need
    to pointlessly swipe at it with your legendary sword to make sure it stays
    away from you. After a while, it will retreat and blow shadow gas into the
    air. It will repeat this cycle, except that every two cycles, its shadow
    gas will form platforms, and this is the part we can damage the scorpion.
    When the platform goes up, jump up and attack Wilfre up there. He will
    naturally flee like a little girl, and the scorpion will be stunned. When
    he is, Ground Pound his sorry ass. You need to do this three times to remove
    him from play. Remember, fend, wait, fend, jump, swing, pound and repeat
    and this will, eventually, with a fair amount of practice, will end the
    life of the scorpion. And now, Wilfre comes along to deal with you, with
    no one else to hide behind.
    Wilfre is more than painful, he is a complete handful. He will fire tridents
    at you as well as dropping stars from the sky. The only way to damage him 
    early on is to swing at him whilst he is in the sky. The way to tell if he
    is firing stars or tridents is that if he is in the left, it is stars, the
    right are tridents. He has to fire three of each before he can move on, so
    you need to slide around to avoid being hit. Remember, if you lose here, you
    need to fight the scorpion all over again. At the halfway point, he gets a
    bit more aggressive against you, because he is losing.
    Make sure you save your health, because there aren't any powerups in this
    area that can save you this time. Now, you need to look at Wilfre to see
    what he is going to throw at you. If you see his entire face, its going
    to be raining stars and sideways will be tridents. Stars are predictable
    in the way they fall left, then right, then centre. Meanwhile, the tridents
    are thrown with the furthest, middle and closest to him. Keep that in mind or
    otherwise you are wasting pointless lives. To hit him, like I said before, you
    need to hit him while he is moving left to right.
    When you get the hang of it, you will be able to master Wilfre and return to
    the village.
    [2.40] Ending
    Upon your return to the village, you need to see Mari, since she has taken
    the role of her father. Mari wishes you sign your name into the book instead
    since you helped them so much. Sign your name and save it, and your new job
    is to speak with the villagers, and when you have finished, you can find 
    Jowee and Mari, after their secret chat, in the secret beach. After watching
    that heartwarming chat, you need to head to the docks. Listen to the nice
    duet at the end and watch the nice mini-movie. 
    And if that isn't enough, the save game will load just before the movie starts
    so you can watch it over and over again. And let the credits roll.
    [3.01] Shadow Walker
    Your generic Shadow Walker, a monster that is formed near areas of Shadow Goo.
    It will attack you by zombie touching you, but that will be a close range 
    attack, allowing you to attack from a distance. This will be useful if you
    use ranged weapons against it.
    The special ability of the shadow walker is that is will regenerate as long
    as there is shadow goo around it. This may be a problem as they will pop up
    while you are preoccupied with cleaning the goo.
    [3.02] Baki
    Baki are small little critters that are the most common monster found in the
    levels of the game. They attack you by walking into you, another close range 
    attack, but the difference is that they are faster at walking, and therefore,
    harder to avoid properly, or jump on. They have the ability several different
    On the Ice level, some Baki will hide behind bushes, on which they will spring
    onto you if you come into range. Likewise, on the Forest level, they will have
    the ability to glide instead of dropping while on the Gearworks level, they 
    have a clockwork look about them. Similarly, on the Island levels, they will
    be wearing a bucket on their head on land whilst they will have some scuba
    gear whilst underwater. On the Rapoville Levels, they will have a quad Baki,
    4 Bakis on one another, a variation of the stacked Baki below. Also, since on
    the Rapoville levels your character is large, you will encounter a Large Baki,
    a Baki which takes two hits to remove. Later levels will have Shadow Walkers 
    on top of the Large Baki as well. This however, will make it take 3 hits to
    During your travels, as well as seeing the variations of Baki due to the
    weather, you will see different types of Baki. Some will be stacked onto one
    another, and as such, when you first attack a stacked Baki, you will only
    seperate them, and you will need to destroy both of the individually. Another
    version will be the Ambush Baki, which tends to hide behind rocks in the hopes
    of ambushing your character. Once you get close, they will try to flatten
    you. If you avoid them, they will fall flat and you will have the chance to 
    finish them off as they struggle to get back up, which they will over time. 
    [3.03] Shadow Fountain
    The Shadow Fountain is basically a fountain spewing out Shadow Goo, that is
    used to attack you, not attach onto the landscape. These have to be attacked
    by range because unless you time when it spews the Goo, you will get hit by
    it. As mentioned, the Special Ability is to spew large amounts of Shadow Goo.
    Luckily, to make your ranged attacks easier, it is a stationary target and
    therefore, easier to shoot down.
    [3.04] Penguin
    The Penguin might look cute in that clothing, but is will hurt you if it comes
    up to you. Found in the icy levels, they attack you by touch, however, you 
    might think that may be easy. However, when they see you, they will dash
    towards you. In reaction, you may fire projectiles at it, however, that will
    fail as the dash will deflect your projectiles. Therefore, you will have to
    jump on them to defeat them. 
    Their special ability is their dash ability.
    They appear in World 1.
    [3.05] Shadow Bat
    The Shadow Bat is the Bat of the Shadows. It is basically a black bat, that 
    can use its special ability of flight. They will attack you by touch and will
    fly towards you when you are in sight. It will be hard for you to defeat the
    bat whilst it is in air, therefore, you are forced to use close combat or
    range projectiles to take them down, range projectiles being the choice of
    Their special ability is obviously, flying.
    [3.06] Jumper
    The Jumper is a Baki look-a-like that will attack you by jumping on your. You
    can recognise the Jumper because it is smaller and more cuter to use it in
    those terms. Because of their jumpy nature, it would not be wise for close 
    quarters combat, instead, try to use your projectile weapons, such as the
    snowshooter. This will be easier on your health.
    Their special ability, is jumping.
    [3.07] Snowslinger
    The Snowslinger is a little critter lurking in snow levels. These guys attack
    you from range, throwing snowballs at you to attack and damage you. However, 
    if you move closer for the kill, they will burrow themselves underground
    and you cannot damage them, Ground Bounce will not work. They will not appear
    above ground until you decide to move away so they can range attack you again.
    So, your only option is to attack them before they can attack back. 
    Their special ability is to burrow underground, and allow them to keep there
    until they sense they you are not near them.
    They appear in World 1.
    [3.08] Wavemaker
    A Wavemaker is a larger monster than those you have seen. These guys also 
    attack from range, however, they attack you by sending waves of water at you.
    When they attack, it is harder to counter-attack before their waves will 
    deflect any projectiles you have to counter it. Therefore, you will have to 
    kill them quickly in close quarters combat, most likely bouncing on and off
    their heads, and finishing them off.
    Their special ability is to make waves, which are however, easier to avoid.
    They appear in World 1.
    [3.08] Biting Snowmen
    These guys are vicious, they will jump and bite you. These are close range,
    but you can easily destroy them if you jump on them. They normally come in 
    pairs, but they can be easily dispatched. These critters are spawned from 
    larger snowmen, the Snowget.
    They have no special ability. 
    They appear in World 1.
    [3.09] Snowget
    The Snowget is the father snowman of all the smaller biting snowmen that will
    attack you. If have to sneak pass them, or lest you face a fight with them.
    If you do choose to fight, you will need to attack from range, since they are
    vicious whilst stationary. They will also spawn Biting Snowmen whilst they are
    awake, causing more trouble for you.
    Their special ability is to spawn smaller biting snowmen to attack you.
    They appear in World 1.
    [3.10] Flying Bunny
    These funny bunnies are not exactly as dangerous as they are cute, lets just
    leave it at that. These bunnies attack by touch and if you think that is easy
    enough to avoid, they will also fly, by whirling their floppy ears in the 
    air and hovering towards you. They actually fly pretty quickly, but that is 
    more than enough time for your to shoot them down with a few acorns.
    They have the special ability to hover in the air with their floppy ears.
    They appear in World 2.
    [3.11] Acorn Thrower
    These guys are little animals mounted on a flower, from which they will lob
    acorns at you. These guys are not too big a problem to take down, given that
    you have wings that wil boost you up to attack them. They don't have any
    aim, and will always fire in the same direction, making them easily avoidable.
    They have the special ability to fly around on their little flower.
    They appear in World 2.
    [3.12] Starboy
    These will only appear in the areas where you travel using a rocket ship. This
    is like your space shooters, you move up and down, left and right whilst 
    shooting these guys down. They attack when you run into them, so you need to
    use your rocket's weapon to shoot them down before they run into you.
    They have no special ability.
    They appear in World 2.
    [3.13] Stump Rider
    These enemies are just a larger biting machine and does not appear all that
    regularly. Their attack is close range, and they jump along and decide to
    bite you. Because of this, and their large size, it is easy to dispose of 
    them by shooting projectiles or jumping on the top of them. You need to do
    this quick before they hurt you.
    They have no special ability.
    They appear in World 2.
    [3.14] Shadow Ghoul
    The Shadow Ghoul is the fourth type of Shadow Monster you will encounter, 
    after the Walker, Bat and Fountain. These Ghouls are not particularly hard to
    kill, they do however have a longer range for their melee attack, and take 
    more hits to get rid of them. Because of their longer range, it is best to
    either jump on the Ghoul 4 times in quick succession, or nail the ghoul to
    death with projectiles. 
    They have the special ability to fly or glide through the air.
    [3.15] Earthshaker
    The Earthshaker is a large enemy, larger than the Stump Rider. I call it the
    Earthshaker because everytime they jump, they will shake the screen, or the
    Earth if you like. Because of this, their short ranged melee attack will be
    boosted with their jumps. Therefore, you should aim to get rid of it with the
    acorns given or jumping on it yourself. 
    They have the special ability to jump to get closer to you.
    They appear in World 2.
    [3.15] Wader
    Waders are the second enemy you will encounter in the Island worlds, after the
    default Baki. They damage you by walking into you, which makes them easy
    pickings for either your homing starfish missiles or just jumping on their
    heads. Of course, they have a little wader that allows them to be both on
    land and in the water,
    They have the special ability to be both on land and on water,
    They only appear in World 3.
    [3.16] Shadow Fish
    The next shadow variation on the level and is the fifth type of Shadow enemy
    that you will encounter, after the Walker, Bat, Fountain and Ghoul. They
    are harder to kill, well, not really because you need to fire starfish 
    projectiles at them to kill them. They don't take many hits to knock out and
    only appear in water, since they are not fish that dwell on land.
    They have the special ability to swim in the water.
    [3.17] Anchorpus
    The Anchorpus is basically an Octipus Pirate, who throws anchors at you, hence
    the name Anchorpus. Well, it sounded better than Octihor anyway. First of all,
    these take some time to take down, since they require about 4 shots from your
    Starzooka to take down. The second problem is the fact that they can throw
    anchors at you, which you really cannot block, but swin away from. The problem
    with jumping and avoiding is that you are underwater, and it is nigh 
    impossible to avoid because you cannot jump fast whilst in water, and the
    anchors are thrown at close range, therefore, you need to take it down fast.
    They have the special ability to throw unblockable anchors.
    They only appear in World 3.
    [2.18] Whirlpool Sponge
    The Whirlpool Sponge is a small critter that lurks on the seabed, that waits
    for your character to swim over, and by twirling the water, it creates a 
    small whirlpool that will suck you in and it will damage you on close range.
    To remove them, simply sttay near them, but not in the whirlpool and fire two
    starfish to remove it from the picture. 
    They have the special ability to suck you in if you are dragged in via the
    They only appear in World 3.
    [3.19] Jellyfish
    The Jellyfish is strange that when it sees you, it doesn't rush towards you
    to attack you. Given that it is in water, it doesn't really need to because
    you will probably tend to run into them anyway. They will damage you on
    extremely close contact, so if you can see them, first two shots and this will
    destroy them.
    They have no special ability.
    They only appear in World 3.
    [3.20] Shadow Golem
    The Shadow Golem is a massive block of rock, and found in World 4, and since
    in World 4 you are huge, it must be pretty big as well. Anyway, the attack
    of this monster is two-pronged. The first attack is to stun you, well, it must
    be stun since there are stars twirling above your head. The second is a 
    shoulder charge, which both damages you AND forces you to fly backwards. To 
    damage them, you need to either jump on them, or kick them three times to 
    grind them back to sandstone.
    They have the special ability to stun you.
    [3.21] Shadow Flyer
    The Shadow Flyer is basically a Shadow Walker mounted on to of a nice blue
    bird that will attack you. Instead of touching you, the bird is nasty and
    decides to blow a whirlwind at you, damaging you. This whirlwind can cover
    a fair distance on the screen and you don't want to be hit. It can fly, hence
    the name Shadow Flyer. In order to beat it, you need several quick hits in
    succession, before if you don't, it will blow you away.
    They have the special ability of flight.
    [4.01] Isaac's Store
    Isaac is the manager of the town's store, and he is rescued by you after your
    venture into Mt Snowy. When he returns to town, he needs time to clear out
    his store, only to open it after you clear the Banya Fields.
    When he does open, he sells a variety of goods, from new paints, stamps and
    games. However, they are only available for purchase after you have collected
    the new item from the level. That is why it is important for you to collect
    all the secrets on a level. 
    --==Colours and Patterns==--
    Type      : Palette
    Available : From Start
    Cost      : 1000
    Polka Dot
    Type      : Pattern
    Available : World 1 - 1 (Mt Snowy)
    Cost      : 1000
    Type      : Pattern
    Available : World 1 - 3 (Banya Fields)
    Cost      : 1000
    Type      : Pattern
    Available : World 1 - 4 (Icy Lake)
    Cost      : 1000
    Type      : Palette
    Available : From Start
    Cost      : 1000
    Type      : Pattern
    Available : World 2 - 1 (Twilite Wood)
    Cost      : 1000
    Type      : Pattern
    Available : World 2 - 2 (Moon Grove)
    Cost      : 1000
    Type      : Pattern
    Available : World 2 - 3 (Gearworks)
    Cost      : 1000
    Type      : Palette
    Available : World 3 - 1 (Surf Beach)
    Cost      : 1000
    Type      : Pattern
    Available : World 3 - 3 (Angler Isle)
    Cost      : 1000
    Type      : Pattern
    Available : World 3 - 4 (Conch Ruins)
    Cost      : 1000
    Type      : Pattern
    Available : Total Deposit of 2000 coins at Wishing Well
    Cost      : 1000
    Eye Set
    Type      : Stamp
    Available : From Start
    Cost      : 500
    Hair Set
    Type      : Stamp 
    Available : World 1 - 2 (Snow Caves)
    Cost      : 500
    Mouth Set
    Type      : Stamp
    Available : World 1 - 3 (Banya Fields)
    Cost      : 500
    Animal Set
    Type      : Stamp
    Available : World 2 - 2 (Moon Grove)
    Cost      : 500
    Number Set
    Type      : Stamp
    Available : World 2 - 4 (Star Forest)
    Cost      : 500
    Fruit Set
    Type      : Stamp
    Available : World 3 - 2 (Kori Jungle)
    Cost      : 500
    Shape 1 Set
    Type      : Stamp
    Available : World 3 - 4 (Conch Ruins)
    Cost      : 500
    Shape 2 Set
    Type      : Stamp
    Available : Total Deposit of 5000 coins at Wishing Well
    Cost      : 500
    --==Music and Games==--
    Snowy World
    Type      : Music 
    Available : From Start
    Cost      : 250
    Dark Cave
    Type      : Music
    Available : World 1 - 1 (Mt Snowy)
    Cost      : 250
    Forest 1
    Type      : Music
    Available : World 1 - 2 (Snow Caves)
    Cost      : 250
    Type      : Music
    Available : World 1 - 3 (Banya Fields)
    Cost      : 250
    Island 1
    Type      : Music
    Available : World 1 - 4 (Icy Lake)
    Cost      : 250
    City 2
    Type      : Music
    Available : World 2 - 1 (Twilite Wood)
    Cost      : 250
    Type      : Music
    Available : World 2 - 2 (Moon Grove)
    Cost      : 250
    A Rocket!
    Type      : Music
    Available : World 2 - 3 (Gearworks)
    Cost      : 250
    Mere Thief
    Type      : Music
    Available : World 2 - 4 (Star Forest)
    Cost      : 250
    Ooh Wilfre!
    Type      : Music
    Available : World 3 - 1 (Surf Beach)
    Cost      : 250
    False Hope
    Type      : Music
    Available : World 3 - 2 (Kopi Jungle)
    Cost      : 250
    Sad Village
    Type      : Music
    Available : World 3 - 3 (Angler Isle)
    Cost      : 250
    Snow Fight
    Type      : Music
    Available : World 3 - 4 (Conch Ruins)
    Cost      : 250
    Type      : Music
    Available : World 4 - 1 (Rapo City)
    Cost      : 250
    Mari + Jowee
    Type      : Music
    Available : World 4 - 2 (Windy Hills)
    Cost      : 250
    At Night
    Type      : Music
    Available : World 4 - 3 (Rapo Tower)
    Cost      : 250
    Type      : Music
    Available : World 3 - 2 (Kopi Jungle)
    Cost      : 250
    Type      : Music
    Available : World 4 - 1 (Rapo City)
    Cost      : 250
    Type      : Music
    Available : World 4 - 2 (Windy Hills)
    Cost      : 250
    Type      : Music
    Available : Total Deposit of 500 coins at Wishing Well
    Cost      : 250
    City Funk
    Type      : Music
    Available : Total Deposit of 2500 coins at Wishing Well
    Cost      : 250
    Type      : Music
    Available : Total Deposit of 6000 coins at Wishing Well
    Cost      : 250
    Snow Game
    Type      : Minigame
    Available : After Snowfight after finishing World 1 - 3 (Banya Fields)
    Cost      : 3000
    Type      : Ability
    Available : Ability Tokens from (Mt Snowy, Snow Caves, Icy Lake)
    Cost      : 2000
    Type      : Ability
    Available : Ability Tokens from (Twilite Forest, Gearworks, Star Forest)
    Cost      : 2000
    Type      : Ability
    Available : Ability Tokens from (Surf Beach, Kori Jungle, Angler Isle)
    Cost      : 2000
    Type      : Ability
    Available : Ability Tokens from (Rapo City, Windy Hills, Rapo Tower)
    Cost      : 2000
    [4.02] Creation Hall
    The Creation Hall is the where you are to create, and edit all the things that
    you have created in the game. The items that you can edit are listed into
    three sections, Heroes, Village and Specials.
    Under Heroes, you can edit your current hero to what you desire, or create
    two new heroes. With these heroes, you can interchange, therefore, you can
    change what hero you use for each stage.
    Under Village, you can edit all the items that you have created for your
    village. You can edit:
    * The Pedestal for the Eternal Flame
    * The Sun for the Village
    * The Banya Crop planted in Farmer Brown's Field
    * The Sign for Chef Cookie's Restaurant
    * The Rain Clouds providing rain for the village
    * The Flower that Jowee has picked for Mari
    * The Night Sky to provide night for the village
    * The Village Clock Face to display time
    * The Village Clock Face Hands to indicate the time
    * The Observatory where Galileo lurks to look at the skies
    * The Beach Toys for the Beach area
    * The Kori Trees for the Secret Beach
    * The Village Statue in honour of your Hero's service
    * The Lighthouse helping the Pirate Ship
    * The Kaorin Berry Bush around your village
    * The Secret Door for its secret purpose
    Under special; you can edit your weapons that you have attained, and
    created. Here, you can edit it.  You can edit:
    * The SnowShooter
    * The Acorn Launcher
    * The Starzooka
    * The Legendary Sword
    * The Wings of your Hero
    * The Flippers for your Hero
    [4.03] Wishing Well
    The Wishing Well is just outside Isaac's store, and there are actually uses
    for this well, not just a place of false hope. The amount you donate is 
    cumulative, so the amount you deposit in one go will count. The more you
    deposit, the more you will get from the wishing well. Once you reach 10000, 
    you get to unlock the Secret City. More on that later.
    For a deposit of 100 coins, you will get two extra lives.
    For a total deposit of 250 coins, you unlock a new song.
    For a total deposit of 750 coins, you get five extra lives. 
    For a total deposit of 1500 coins, you unlock a new palette.
    For a total deposit of 2500 coins, you unlock a new song.
    For a total deposit of 3500 coins, you get ten extra lives.
    For a total deposit of 5000 coins, you get a new stamp.
    For a total deposit of 6500 coins, you unlock a new song.
    For a total deposit of 8000 coins, you get twenty extra lives.
    For a total deposit of 10000 coins, you can access the Developers Grove.
    The Developers Grove is basically your village, with no other buildings 
    except for the well. All the Rapos are replaced with the developers of the
    game, who will say something that they probably wrote. I'm not going to write
    it down here, what they say, because that would ruin it for you. It will
    cost you 10000 coins and you access it via the Wishing Well. Tap it as if you
    are making a donation, but it will take you to the grove.
    [5.01] Snowshooter
    The Snowshooter is your basic weapon, available for service in World 1. This
    is the standard weapon, fire snowball at enemy and wait for them to hit the
    enemy. This is your default weapon, only to advance on level 2.
    [5.02] Acorn Thrower
    The Acorn Thrower is your second weapon, available for service in World 2. 
    This is different from the Snowshooter, the acorn here can bounce. Not only
    that, it is able to kill multiple enemies as well as the fact that it can 
    bounce off walls, unlike the snowball.
    [5.03] Starzooka
    The Starzooka is your third weapon, adjusted by Isaac for your personal use
    in World 3, the island worlds. What is different here from the other weapons
    is that the projectiles, whilst it can only take down one target at a time,
    is a homing projectile, therefore, it does not matter where you fire it, it
    will turn around and hit the closest enemy. However, the problem is that ammo
    is a problem as they are normally found in groups of 5 and there are not
    that many starfish to fire in comparsion to enemies to kill.
    [5.04] Legendary Sword
    The Legendary Sword is your final weapon, one borne from the secret page that
    you collected from World 4 - 2, Windy Hills. This is not a projectile based
    weapon, it is a close range weapon, however, and not a projectile based 
    weapon. It is your weapon for the end game areas and is a formidable weapon
    indeed. It will push your enemies back and this will make it totally
    legendary. Ok, that didn't make sense, but you get the point. 
    [A] Contact Information
    APPEARS IN g,a,m,e,f,a,q,s.c,o,m always. Remove the commas. 
    Hey, what do you know, it looks just like my previous legal things, cause I'm
    too lazy to make another one. That block button is mighty fun to use.
    Before you E-Mail me, read the guide first. If the answer is not in here, then
    E-Mail me. If it is, don't bother as I won't reply.
    To contact me, e-mail me at
    hillsdragon13 [at] hotmail [dot] com
    Replace at with @ and dot with .
    Don't add me to MSN Messenger List because if I don't know you, I won't accept
    you, simple as that. 
    E-Mail me (and anyone else you want to e-mail) with courtesy and respect as 
    we are living people like you. Have a title of what you are sending so I know
    what is going on. If you try to send attachments, I won't open them so stick
    the information in the E-Mail. 
    Please write in English or anything close to it. It can't understand foreign
    languages so please don't give me a page long quote in Mexican or Antarctic
    penguin language cause I don't understand.
    Don't write in sloppy English. I mean, who the hell would understand "Hwo Od 
    Yoi Di Tjih Ni Dwn 2 Lyf?" Don' be too formal, a question is not a freakin
    business agreement so don't say "Dear Sir, In accordance to your Walkthrough
    to the DS Game, DTL, ..." it makes me wonder if I'm talking to a freak,
    the President of the United States of America or Bill Gates or Donald Trump.
    I will credit you if you send me information about this game that is not in
    the FAQ. I will also be grateful if you see this FAQ somewhere else other than
    Gamefaqs or a site which has my permission. If you do, tell me so I can kick
    their ass to Pluto and make them bounce off to the other side of the Universe.
    I will not respond to:
    * Spam
    * Bill Gate's Spam (He gets spam of up to 4 million per day)
    * Something not related with the Drawn to Life
    * Something already covered
    * Illegal stuff, like Roms and R4
    * Technical Problems
    Technical Problems will not be answered as they should be sent to THQ not 
    I didn't design the game so I shouldn't know what's wrong with it, its your
    game not MINE.
    [B] Webmaster Information
    [C] Credits
    This section is where you see your name. It will be long. The names are either
    Board Names from the Boards or your e-mail so if your name is Bob Rob and 
    another Bob Rob posted the message, the First Bob Rob will not be credited so
    in short, someone around the world who shares the same name as you will not
    be credited for your work.
    CJayC, Thanks for the Memories
    SBAllen for the job of administration GameFAQs
    THQ for developing the game
    Me for making it
    Hotmail for giving me the e-mail account
    http://www.rootsecure.net/index.php?p=ascii_generator for the ascii art
    You for reading it
    [D] Sites FAQ is on
    Current FAQ is On
    www.gamefaqs.com will always have the latest versions
    May be outdated
    [E] Copyright
    This game is Copyright 2007 THQ. All Rights Reserved
    This document is copyrighted by US and Canadian and Australian Laws. This FAQ
    is for personal use only. This is not to be used for commercial or personal
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    This document is protected by the copyright laws that were founded in the
    Bernes Copyright Convention in 1968. It states that:
    The expression “literary and artistic works” shall include every production
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    If you fail to follow the law, you will be indited for fraud and is a criminal
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    Please abide with the terms. If not, you will be facing a lawsuit you cannot
    This document is copyright 2008. All Rights are Drawn straight to life.

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