Where and how do I fight palkia?

  1. How do I get there?

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    Whats the nightmare and how do u get there?

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  1. First graduate from the guild by deafeating the grandmaster of all things bad(wigglytuff) and his minios(the rest of the guild). After completing that do a few missions, then you go to sourounded sea and you find three boxes and an egg. The next day the egg hatches and conratz its a boy!. you and your partner have no idea what pokemon it is so you bring to chatot.Chatot tells you its a manaphy,a pokemon that should be hatched in the sea!.So your partner asked chatot if you could take care of it so chatot agrees.so you brought manaphy to the beach to play.
    when you wake up manaphy is crying so you bring it to chatot.Chatot says its hungry he says go to craggy coast and find a blue gummi.find to blue gummis cuz you are gonna nid 1 for now and a another for later.so you feed manaphy the gummi,manaphy is happy the next morning manaphy greets you by your name.it wants another gummi you give it a another gummi and it goes to sleep
    the net moning manaphy disapears so you go to the beach while going there chatot meets up with you.your partner tells him that manaphy went missing. Cotinue going to the beach.When you reach there chatot asked what happened to manphy then you say that it has a high fever.Chatot says get phione dew from the phione in miracle. when you reach the deepest part of miracle sea you find phione.Then a garydoas shows up thrash it and phione will give you phione dew as a thanks.After that report to chatot at the beach . The next morning chatot ask walrien to bring manaphy to the sea so do some misions you will have a dream about crecalia so do a few more missions you will have another dream. so go to the guild you will find out that azurrill has a nightmare find drowzee at mount traival and will send you into azurills dream complete there and palkia will apear at your door .
    to rigger th manaphy you have to save scizor by talking to mr.mime when mr.mime is next to the keleceon shop after tthat do a few missions then talk to sunflora . after manaphy complete team charm.

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  1. Conditions for Encountering Palkia, as written in the guide:

    Reach B17F of The Nightmare. Then go to the beach and talk to Lapras

    All of those events happen in the Post-Game Scenario, just in case you didn't know. You can't recruit Palkia on the first encounter, however obvious that fact is, but you will be able to travel freely to the Sky Rift after completing all major events in the Post-Game, which consists only of the fight with Darkrai after the Sky Rift encounter.

    Hope I helped.

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  2. The Nightmare is a dungeon that you face in the post-game storyline. If you haven't beaten the main storyline yet, then you'll have to wait until you can get there.

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  3. The nightmare is a one time only dungeon that you need a drowzee's help to get into.

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  4. Umm... You must have the scene where azurill has a nightmare after doing a couple of jobs. Then beat Mt.Travail to meet drownzee. go back and enter azurill's nightmare.
    Complete the nightmare. Do some jobs and a few nights after talking to Lapras Palkia should apear and take you to spacial rift. Beat that dungeon and fight Palkia.

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  5. You fight palkia in spacial rift where he kidnapps you to. cressilia(?) tells him you are extremly dangerous pokemon and need to be killed to save the world.so palkia tries to kill you but you escape. after you clear spacial rift you battle palkia and after you KO him, he will fall into this nightmare.

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