When do I start recruiting pokemon and how?

  1. I started playing this game, and I understand that you recruit pokemon for your party, but I dont understand when I can start doing this, or how I do it.

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    verystrait42 - 8 years ago

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  1. When your in a dungeon go to the menu then go to others then go to recruitment search if there is any pokemon that you can catch they'll show up on a potential recruits list then all you have to do is defeat a pokemon on that list and there is a chance that the pokemon will join you

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  1. u have 2 get 2 a point in the story where Chimecho talks 2 u sayung u can recruit. so just keep getting farther in the story

    User Info: Pr1nc3Gam3N3rd

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  2. To recruit Pokemon, you have to be past the stage where chimecho tell you s/he has opened up her assembly. In a dungeon, Go into your menu, then others, then recruitment search. It will list all the pokemon you can recruit. I emphasise this for a good reason: YOUR LEADER MUST BE THE ONE TO DEFEAT THE POKEMON. There is a 25(ish)% chance of recruiting the pokemon that you defeated, if its on the list. The bigger the difference between your levels, the grater the chance.
    Also, for some missions, the reward will say ???. This means you either get an egg, or your client will want to join your team.

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  3. when chatot tells you to investgate the waterfall,chimecho will open her assembly

    there is no "how"
    you just do it
    defeat the designated pokemon and they MIGHT ask to join you
    just keep on defeating pokemon

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  4. Once chimeco say you can, then you can
    if you want a better chance to recruit pokemon, that varies on:
    team level
    team rank
    special items (friend bow, golden mask, etc.)

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  5. when you are asked to investigate the waterfall, chimecho will open her assembly.

    To recruit you have to defeat the pokemon you want with your lead pokemon or a pokemon next to the lead. I don't know what chance you have of recruiting a pokemon buthaving the fast friend IQ skill or a special item helps.

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  6. Just how PokemonRanger14 said, You are most likely to recruit a pokemon if its your LEADER pokemon. Some items like the Golden mask or etc. can raise the chance of a pokemon wanting to join your team, Legendaries are already straight foward and join you once you beat em'. However, Some pokemon are tougher to recruit such as Mew.

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  7. The recruit mechanic is pretty simple. Once you clear Mt Bristle and beat Drowzee, I think Chimecho opens the assembly. From then on, you are now capable of recruiting Pokemon.
    Unlike in the old PMD games, you don't need friend areas to recruit certain Pokemon - every single Pokemon is up for recruitment at all times. Overall, only two conditions must be satisfied in order to have a chance of recruiting:
    Your leader must make the kill. If your partner or allies beat your potential recruit, say goodbye to any chance of recruiting them, no matter where they are.
    Your leader must be right next to the potential recruit. If you kill your victim with a line-range move, item or two-space move like Quick Attack, it's no go. I don't know if walls obstruct this condition when using corner-cutting moves.
    The recruit chance varies for every Pokemon but very few Pokemon have recruit rates of 20% or more, I think. I doubt that any Pokemon's recruit rate exceeds 25%. Some legends are automatic recruits - when you beat them, they'll ask to join. Others require a little sprinkling of luck. Some Pokemon even have negative recruit rates - they are impossible to recruit without increasing the rate. There are three ways to increase the recruit rate:
    Your leader's level. Depending on the level of your leader, you'll get a bonus of up to 24%. This is in no way relative to the target recruit's level.
    The items your leader is holding. Three items affect recruit rate: Friend Bow (I think it increases by 10%, but I do not know) and the Golden Mask, and Amber Tear, both of which raise the rate by 25%. These last two items can only be found without cheating in Zero Isle, a post-story dungeon that I have not yet reached.
    Fast Friend. This IQ skill is generally thought to raise recruit rate by 1%. Its exact value is currently unknown. For more information on how to get Fast Friend, see FatRatKnight's IQ skill guide.
    Rank, contrary to popular belief, does NOT affect your recruit rate, just like in the original PMD games. Neither do the levels of your team mates.
    There is only one Pokemon (Kecleon) that requires all three of these things to recruit (its recruit rate is generally believed to be about -49.5%).
    Once you've recruited a Pokemon, you can add it to your current team by going to Chimecho's desk on the upper floor of the guild. Scroll through your ally list and find the ones you want, then add them to your team. You can also speak to Chimecho through the Friendship Bell, at the crossroads. Ring it to summon Chimecho.

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