How do I get the 7 treasure place thingies?

  1. I have no idea

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    moshi_yay - 8 years ago

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  1. Or you could save yourself some time and energy by NOT typing in the codes and getting these through NWFC on Darkness/Time/Sky, since they put the WMs up on the server finally.

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  1. They can only be unlocked through Wonder Mail. You can get the WM codes from the "Cheats" tab above, for this game or for Explorers of Time. They're the dungeons that list a musical object as a reward if you're not sure what they're called.

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  2. The 7 treasures of the world, is what you mean. They are special wonder mail that enable you to go to probably the hardest dungeons you would ever face. These 7 treasures make it easier to recruit certain pokemon. they each specialize is different types,meaning grass,fire ect. Each of the tressures are guarded by special legendary. These are Groundon, Mew, Kyogre, Rayquaza, Giratina, Heatran, and articuno. You can find the special wonder mails in the legedary recruitment FAQ with the star next to it in the faq section.

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  3. O.k. First go to the Cheats section of this thing and look down. Those are the codes for unlocking Mt. Avalanche (Articuno), Giant Volcano (Heatran), World Abyss (Giratina), Bottomless Sea (Kyogre), Shimmering Desert (Groundon), Sky Stairway, (Rayquaza) and Mysterious Jungle (Mew) . You need to pass through these (sometomes hard) dungeons. After you take the job, it will self-delete, so complete or delete jobs until you have one left ,then add them, then take them.
    Dungeon Floors:
    Mt. Avalnche= 19F+ Summit
    Giant Volcano= 19F+ Peak
    World Abyss or The Great Hole= 29F+ Pit
    Bottomless Sea= 49F+ Pit
    Shimmering Desert= 10F + Interior
    Sky Stairway= 49F+ Peak
    Mysterious Jungle= 29F+ Interior

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  4. Yeah, what he said!

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