How do I evolve Riolu in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time?

  1. Lucario is my fave! I have a lvl. 45 Riolu that just wont evolve! Help.

    User Info: jdajmiller

    jdajmiller - 8 years ago

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  1. Once you get Riolu's IQ close to one and a half stars, go to Luminous Springs. A sun ribbon will be needed.

    User Info: Viro

    Viro (Expert) - 8 years ago 2 0


  1. For Riolu to evolve into Lucario,Riolu need to have 2 Full IQ Stars and need a Sun Ribon too

    User Info: ShinyStorm

    ShinyStorm - 8 years ago 1 0
  2. As the others have said, raise it until it gets to at least 1.5 stars of IQ. To get it to this much, try feeding it Orange Gummi's. If you have Time, you can find them here : Mt. Bristle/Waterfall Cave/Apple Woods/Craggy Coast/Mt. Horn/Foggy Forest/Steam Cave/Amp Plains/Marine Resort
    If you have Darkness, this could be a little harder : ZIN B31-74/Zero Isle East/SIW/Marine Resort Shop/ZIN B6-57 Shop
    Once you have raised its IQ, find a Sun Ribbon and take it to Luminous Springs. Then it can evolve.

    If you just want a Lucario, you can find one at Lost Wilderness B11F-B17F and teach it the moves you want. I hope this was the answer you were looking for

    User Info: P0k3m0nWaRR10R8

    P0k3m0nWaRR10R8 - 8 years ago 1 0

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