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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Deathborn 668

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    *       ***** *   * ***** *  *  *   *      *
    *       *   * *   * *     *   * *   *     * *
    *       *   * *   * *     *    **   *    *   *
    *       *   * ***** ***** *     * ***** *     *
    *    * *****   ***** ***** *   * *****     ***** ***** *****
    *    * *   *     *   *     *   *   *       *   * *     *
    *    * *****     *   *     *   *   *       *   * *     *
    *    * *   *     *   *  ** *****   *   --- ***** *     *****
    *    * *   *     *   *   * *   *   *       *   * *     *
    * ** * *    *    *   *   * *   *   *       *   * *     *
    **  ** *     * ***** ***** *   *   *       *   * ***** *****
    ***** ***** ***** ***** *****   *     * ***** *   *
    *   *   *     *   *   * *   *   **    * *      * *
    *   *   *     *   *   * *****   * *   * *       *
    *****   *     *   *   * *   *   *  *  * *****   * ~Trials and Tribulations~
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    *   *   *     *   ***** *     * *     * *****   *
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    Welcome readers! I'm Deathborn 668 on the message boards and this is
    a walkthrough for Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations for
    the Nintendo DS. Despite being a little late to this game, I'm still going
    to write a walkthrough for this fun game. Some Do's and Don'ts to keep in 
    -Use this walkthrough as a refrence tool
    -Tell people about it
    -Print it for personal use
    -Give to other people for no profit
    -Plagerize this walkthrough without any credit
    -Call this walkthrough "yours"
    -Sell this walkthrough for profit
    ONLY the following sites have permission to use this walkthrough without
    the need to contact me:
    Anybody else wishing to use this walkthrough will need to e-mail me at
    someguy668 (at) yahoo (dot) com
    Those wishing to leave me comments and corrections should also e-mail me.
    I generally won't respond to e-mails, and probably won't update if you send
    me a corrections unless it extremely important. Don't feel offended if I 
    don't respond or update with a change.
    Thanks for your concern.
    |           ~Table of Contents~          |
    |1.The Gyakuten Saiben Series            |
    |2.Controls                              |
    |3.Events In and Out of Court            |
    |4.Characters                            |
    |5.Episode 1-Turnabout Memories          |
    |  5A.Part 1-1 Trial                     |
    |  5B.Part 1-2 Trial                     |
    |6.Episode 2-The Stolen Turnabout        |
    |  6A.Part 1 Investigation               |
    |  6B.Part 2 Trial                       |
    |  6C.Part 3 Investigation               |
    |  6D.Part 4-1 Trial                     |
    |  6E.Part 4-2 Trial                     |
    |7.Episode 3-Recipe for Turnabout        |
    |  7A.Part 1 Investigation               |
    |  7B.Part 2 Trial                       |
    |  7C.Part 3 Investigation               |
    |  7D.Part 4-1 Trial                     |
    |  7E.Part 4-2 Trial                     |
    |8.Episode 4-Turnabout Beginnings        |
    |  8A.Part 1-1 Trial                     |
    |  8B.Part 1-2 Trial                     |
    |9.Episode 5-Bridge to the Turnabout     |
    |  9A.Part 1-1 Investigation             |
    |  9B.Part 1-2 Investigation             |
    |  9C.Part 2-1 Trial                     |
    |  9D.Part 2-2 Trial                     |
    |  9E.Part 3-1 Investigation             |
    |  9F.Part 3-2 Investigation             |
    |  9G.Part 4-1 Trial                     |
    |  9H.Part 4-2 Trial                     |
    |  9I.Part 4-3 Trial                     |
    |10.Credits                              |
    Just so you know, if you need to skip to a certain part of the walkthrough,
    just hit the Ctrl and F buttons at the same time and type in the name of
    the case you want to see. Stop bugging me that you can't find something
    in this walkthrough.
                        ~1.The Gyakuten Saiben Series~
    Phoenix Wright obviously didn't originate in America, nor did any other 
    video game you've probably played. In Japan, the Phoenix Wright series is
    known as Gyakuten Saiben. This roughly translates into "Turnabout Court".
    If you were curious why every case is named Turnabout ____ then that is 
    the answer.
    The GS series contains four games so far, with a fifth on the way. The 
    first three in the series were actually GBA games, and the fourth one is 
    for the DS. If you are curious why there is little touch screen interaction
    it is because Capcom decided to put the GBA Gyakuten Saiben series on the 
    DS in America. Not that it's a bad thing. The title was also changed 
    outside of Japan, from "Turnabout Court" to "Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney; 
    Trials and Tribulations". 
    Several minor things also changed during the translation from Japan to 
    States side. Gyakuten Saiben takes place in Tokyo while Phoenix Wright is
    speculated to take place in Los Angeles. Although it is not confirmed,
    several notions in the game make it apparent that Phoenix Wright takes 
    place in California. Also, some pictures within the game were switched from
    Japanese inscriptions into English. However, some Japanese writing can 
    still be found if you know where to look.
    Remember one last thing-Japanese law is different than America's law. Don't
    be confused under the "guilty until proven innocent" ordeal, it's not a big
    deal. Also, this game takes place in 2018. Hence, the possibility of these
    laws actually being true. 
    As a side note, I STILL have no idea why the hell every picture is in black
    and white. I guess everyone's color blind in the future or something. The
    fourth game has colored pictures, though. 
    The controls for Phoenix Wright are pretty simple. You'll get used to them
    quickly if you're new to the series. To veterans, they still haven't
    A button-Scroll through text that characters are saying, confirm option,
    look at details of evidence and profiles
    B button-Back out of a selection, hold to skip through text quickly
    X button-Push this when highlighting evidence to present it
    Y button-Hold this and yell into the microphone when presenting evidence
    (more fun than just pressing the X button)
    Control Pad-Scroll through all selections
    L button-Press statement (only in the courtroom), pan screen left/right
    (only during Investigation when an area has more than one screen. To see
    it you must scroll to see the rest by pressing L)
    R button-Brings up the court record
    Start-Brings up the menu to save your game
    Note:Some of these controls are only availble inside court, and others only
    outside of it. Most of them coincide, however.
                        ~3.Events In and Out of Court~
    Phoenix will have to do many things inside and outside of the courtroom in
    order to prove his clients are innocent. Through these events he will 
    uncover the truth, pick out who really did the crime, gather evidence, and
    meet many unusual characters. 
    Outside of Court
    INVESTIGATION-This is what the entire process outside of court is. Phoenix
    will stroll around different key areas in the city in his investigation. 
    Once you have learned all the necessary information and have retrieved all
    the evidence possible, the investigation will end and court will begin
    (after the chance to save your progress). There are several different 
    things you will be able to do on your investigations.
    MOVE-Pretty self explainatory. Phoenix will have to go to many different 
    locations on his investigations. Select move to bring up a list of places
    you can visit. Note that many areas branch off into different areas. For
    example, pressing move will bring up Area A and Area B. However, you can
    only visit Area C by moving in Area B. Don't overlook that detail.
    TALK-In many areas there will be a person you are able to talk to. Once you
    select this option, several boxes will appear with topics you can talk to
    the person about. Once you talk to them about said topic it will have a 
    red checkmark appear next to it so you don't confuse yourself. Many people,
    especially key witnesses and even the real killer, won't have every topic
    possible to talk to them about listed right away. You will need to pry the
    options out of them by either talking to them about previous topics, or
    get some dirt from other people in the overworld.
    Sometimes when you try talking about a subject Psyche Locks will appear.
    The subject will then have a lock symbol next to it. If you want to hear
    the subject, you must first use the Magatama to break the Psyche Locks.
    PRESENT-If you are infront of a person, you can choose this to examine the
    evidence you have collected so far. From there you can choose an item to
    show the person you are talking to. If the person tells you something along
    the lines of "What is that?", "I have no business with that item" and so on
    then the item in question isn't going to get you anywhere with that person.
    Some items, when presented, will make the person confess to secrets they 
    have been hiding. Other times they will hand you more evidence, or even 
    allow you to ask them about more topics. Don't freak out--there's no 
    penalty for wasting someone's time. Present things often if you are stuck,
    as it may unlock something new for you to continue.
    EXAMINE-In every area there is a scene. Obviously. Many of the areas you 
    visit will have something odd there. Sometimes its an item that just 
    doesn't fit in with the rest of the scenery, sometimes it isn't as obvious
    and you will need to look everything over. Once again, if you are ever out
    of options, return to areas you have visited and examine every detail you
    are capable of looking at. You may just find a vital piece of evidence or
    clue that can help you along your way.
    PSYCHE LOCKS-Partway through case 2 you will recieve the Magatama, a
    mystical item that will alert you when people are trying to hide secrets
    from you. You can easily tell this when you ask a witness about a subject,
    then the background grows black and a ton of chains and locks appear over
    the witness. This indicates a Psyche Lock sequence must take place before
    you learn anything else about the subject.
    To start the Magatama Secret sequence, present the Magatama when you see
    the person have Psyche Locks over them. The more Psyche Locks that appear
    on the subject, the harder it will be to make them reveal their secret.
    During the Magatama Secret sequence, the person will ask you questions
    such as "What connects me to this scene", "Who should you really be
    defending", like that. You'll need to present evidence to answer their
    questions. Do so correctly and you will move on to the next questions,
    possibly destroying one or more Psyche Locks along the way. When you've
    unlocked them all, half of your health bar will be restored and you can
    ask about the hidden secret topic now. Remember, if you present wrong
    evidence you will lose 1/10th of your health bar. Also, sometimes you will
    need to collect more evidence before you can complete a Magatama sequence.
    Don't always think you MUST beat it on the first go, because rarely that
    is ever true.
    Inside of Court
    TESTIMONY-Whenever a witness is called to the stand by the prosecution, the
    witness will recount the events specific to the case in a testimony. Your
    objective is to find parts of the testimony that contradict evidence you 
    have or statements already mentioned in the past. You won't be able to 
    object here, so just pay attention until the testimony is finished.
    CROSS EXAMINATION-Phoenix, as a defense attorney, will need to cross 
    examine the witnesses on their testimonies after they finish saying them.
    Your main objective here is, of course, to find the one mistake that the
    witness places in their testimony and expose their lies. You can scroll
    through any line of text said in the testimony, forwards or backwards. 
    Once you find the spot where there is a clear contradiction you will need
    to present evidence supporting your theory. 
    However, if you present the wrong evidence or present it at the wrong 
    statement in the testimony, the Judge will become angered at your attempt 
    to frame the witness and penalize you. On the top right corner of the DS 
    screen you should notice that you have a health bar. More on that in a 
    lower paragraph.
    PRESSING-On the top-left side of the touch screen you will see a "Press"
    button. During a testimony you can press any and all statements that the
    witness says. After Phoenix yells "Hold it!" he will question the witness
    further on what they just said. Sometimes you will find contradictions 
    right away from pressing statements. This will cause the witness to revise
    that statement of the testimony. Occasionally you will have to make choices
    when pressing. The available options appear on the bottom screen. Usually
    it is "Press further" and "Back off". 
    Pressing further can cause the witness to reveal something that will 
    seriously benefit your case, or completely shatter your hopes and open 
    mind the Judge into coming closer to calling the defendent Guilty. 
    Pressing statements will never deal you penalties, however in a few rare 
    circumstances they actually will. In these cases you will be warned 
    beforehand that you will get penalized. Don't play with fire if you can't 
    afford to be burned.
    PRESENTING-The most important part of your cross examination is presenting
    the right evidence to expose the lies thrown in the witness' testimonies.
    Push R or tap the Court Record button to bring up the Court Record. Here is
    where all the evidence and important info for the case is kept. Push the
    Profiles button to see a bio on everybody currently involved in the case.
    When you select a piece of evidence you wish to present, highlight it and
    press the Present button of push the X button. Phoenix will yell his famous
    "OBJECTION!" line, or in some cases "TAKE THAT!". During testimonies, you
    will know you presented the right evidence if the music stops playing. If
    it continues, expect to be penalized.
    Presenting wrong evidence is another story, though. During cross
    examinations, if you present wrong evidence, you will always lose 1/5th of
    your health bar. Sometimes after you object, or when you select certain
    options, the Judge or the Prosecutor will ask you to back up your bold
    claims with evidence. These sections will usually cost more of your health
    bar if incorrect, sometimes up to 1/2 of it, and in a few rare sections,
    the entire health bar itself. Instant game over if you fail. Try to avoid
    many mistakes!
    HEALTH BAR-Trials and Tribulations keeps the health bar that made its
    appearence in the previous game. The health bar is split into ten segments.
    If you lose all of your health, it's an instant game over when you are in
    court. You can lose health outside of court as well through Magatama
    sequences. If you lose all of your health outside of court, nothing major
    happens, but you will be forced to repeat the Magatama sequence you failed.
    You can lose health a variety of ways in court. If you present wrong
    evidence, you lose 2/10ths health. 
    Whenever you are asked to backup a statement, presenting wrong evidence 
    will take off health as well, usually between 1-3 pieces of it. Worst of 
    all, you can't refill the bar normally. You will restore five segments 
    when you complete a Magatama sequence. Basically, don't screw yourself 
    in court. You're not getting health back at any time you are in court.
    ~NOTE! This section contains some spoilers for the cases!~
    Trials and Tribulations has a wide variety of wierd and wacky characters, 
    along with a few (insane) killers. Several of these characters you should 
    already know from playing the previous Phoenix Wrights, and the rest you 
    will meet along the way in your cases. Most of them have an important 
    background that will usually get called to attention in court, so keep 
    them in mind!
    Phoenix Wright-The main character and Ace Attorney himself, Phoenix has 
    earned his status by clearing his clients from seemingly impossible cases,
    as well as defeating Edgeworth, Manfred von Karma, and his daughter
    Franziska, in previous court battles. He has won every case, except for
    the one case in Justice For All when he was defending Matt Engarde. Known
    best for his spiky hair, most of Phoenix's friends refer to him as "Nick",
    a play on the last few letters of his name.
    Maya Fey-Maya is Mia's little sister. She started to accompany Phoenix on
    his cases soon after Mia died in the first game. She continues to help out
    Phoenix by acting as his assistant manager of Wright & Co. Law Offices.
    Maya is also a spirit medium, capable of channeling the spirits of the dead
    into her own body. She does this often to channel Mia for her to talk to
    Pearl Fey-The cousin of Maya. She is a spirit medium as well, occasionally
    channeling Mia for Phoenix. She's very young, and hasn't had much public
    contact, so she often gets the wrong impression of many things, as well as
    her opinions being easily swayed.
    Mia Fey-Mia was Phoenix's mentor until she was brutally killed in the first
    game. Since then she has made appearences in Maya's body when the case is
    near impossible for Phoenix. She will appear again quite often in Trials
    and Tribulations, this time in Pearl's body more often then Maya's. She
    tends to be helpful on some testimonies, though, so it's not all bad.
    Miles Edgeworth-A veteran prosecutor. Him, Phoenix, and Larry were friends
    back in the fourth grade, but an indident forced Edgeworth to move away. 
    Determined to find him, Phoenix became a defense attorney to hopefully face
    off against him in court. Edgeworth hasn't been getting much action as of
    late, but you will see him in his first case in 3-4. 
    Franziska von Karma-This prosecutor had a perfect win record until she went
    against Phoenix in the previous game. She still has a taste for revenge,
    against both Phoenix and Edgeworth. Enjoys whipping people.
    Detective Dick Gumshoe-Making another return from the past games, Detective
    Gumshoe is back again. His main purpose on the police first is, naturally,
    to investigate the case. Gumshoe isn't the smartest brick on the block, 
    though, often making small errors in his work and leaving small details out
    of important descriptions. Despite this, he's an awesome character, and 
    usually is the first one to speak in court, by giving the brief overview
    of the case. You'll grow to love Gumshoe if you haven't already played the
    previous games.
    Godot-A mysterious prosecutor that seems to have appeared out of nowhere.
    Nothing is known about him or his background, except that he has a severe
    grudge against Phoenix and drinks coffee. Lots of coffee. He loves coffee
    more than just about anything.
    The Judge-The head of the courtroom. Despite his opinions being easily 
    swayed by the prosecution and cute witnesses, he always seems to pick the
    right verdict in the end.
    Marvin Grossberg-A defense attorney and Mia's mentor five years ago. Head
    of Grossberg Law Offices. He advises Mia on her second case.
    Winston Payne-Veteran prosecutor, known as the "Rookie Crusher" for all of
    the new defense attorneys that he has defeated. 
    Dahlia Hawthorne-Phoenix's girlfriend several years ago. Is quite charming,
    even when testifying.
    Doug Swallow-Fourth year Pharmacology student at Ivy University before
    being killed by electrocution.
    Luke Atmey-An Ace Detective, and has been trailing Mask DeMasque's identity
    for some time.
    Mask DeMasque-A mysterious robber who has yet to be caught. Sends a calling
    card, detailing the item has plans on stealing.
    Ron DeLite-A former security guard at KB Security. Seems to easily get
    Desiree DeLite-Ron DeLite's wife. Loves motorcycles and spending money that
    Ron makes above anything else.
    Larry Butz-Phoenix's grade school friend, and his very first client. 
    Becomes a security guard in case 2, and a painter in case 5.
    Kane Bullard-The CEO of KB Security, a business that manages security for
    many other companies that desire it.
    Maggey Byrde-Currently a waitress at Tres Bien. She was your client in
    case 2-1.
    Jean Armstrong-The man who runs the French restaurant Tres Bien. Keeps
    referring to himself as a woman.
    Victor Kudo-A grumpy old man who whacks birds with his seeds. Has a thing
    for waitress outfits.
    Glen Elg-An incredible programmer. He was killed by coffee poisoning.
    Lisa Basil-Head of Blue Screens, Inc., the company Glen worked for. 
    Furio Tigre-The manager of Tender Lender, a company that loans money to
    others with an absurd interest rate.
    Viola Cadaverini-The daughter of a mafia boss, also an employee of Tender
    Lender. Furio Tigre saved her life.
    Bruto Cadaverini-A mafia boss who cares deeply for his daughter, Viola.
    Diego Armando-A coffee loving defense attorney who works for Grossberg.
    Seems to like Mia and has an uncanny resemblence to Godot.
    Valerie Hawthorne-A detective who witnessed Terry Fawles kidnap her sister,
    and then kill her.
    Terry Fawles-A prisoner escapee who was sentenced to death five years ago.
    Convicted of killing Valerie Hawthorne.
    Melissa Foster-A sweet young girl who has a strikingly similar appearance
    to Dahlia.
    Bikini-The head nun at Hazakura Temple who looks over all the training of
    Iris-A nun at Hazakura Temple. She looks exactly like Dahlia.
    Elise Deauxnim-A children's book author who is visiting Hazakura Temple.
    Morgan Fey-A woman who has been put into solitary confinement for nearly
    killing Maya. 
                       ~5.Episode 1-Turnabout Memories~
    Turn on the game and begin the first episode of the game. In the intro
    sequence, a man will be found lying on the ground, and another is standing,
    questioning how he got here. As the screen shifts, the supposed killer is,
    uh, Phoenix Wright? 
    You'll be told that this event happened five years ago, and that this is
    Mia Fey's second trial.
                             ~5A.Part 1-1 Trial~
    Date-April 11, 9:40 AM
    Location-District Court; Defendent Lobby No. 3
    Marvin Grossberg will appear as Mia mentally preps herself. Mia still seems
    nervous about the trial ongoing today. Mia says she hasn't exactly been
    studying the facts of the case. Poor rookie. Your client, Phoenix Wright,
    will appear. He has a cold, so try to ignore the face mask he's wearing to
    prevent others from getting sick.
    Mia will comment about herself, mentioning that she was in court another
    time one year ago. She says that she lost her first case, and is 
    determined more than ever to win this one. 
    If you're new to the Phoenix Wright series, note the Court Record button.
    Press it, or tap the R button, to open up all of the evidence that you have
    collected. All that's here now is your Attorney's Badge and the Autopsy
    Report. Remember that the cause of death of Doug Swallows was that he was
    electricuted. Never let any piece of evidence go unnoticed! After Mia talks
    with Phoenix, you'll head to court.
    Date-April 11, 10:00 AM
    Location-District Court; Courtroom No. 2
    As the trial begins, you'll note you are up against the famed first-case
    prosecutor Payne. This time, sporting a green suit and hair. Or a toupee.
    After Mia hopelessly tries to explain why she's handling this case, and 
    Payne complains Mia is too inexperienced for this case. 
    The incident of the crime occurred on the campus of Ivy University. The
    murder victim was Doug Swallow, a fourth year student in Pharmacology.
    Next, there is a picture of the crime scene. It shows Swallow lying dead
    on the ground, several electric cable wires hanging above his head. The
    picture was taken when students discovered his body shortly after the
    murder. Phoenix Wright was seen fleeing the crime thereafter. CRIME PHOTO 1
    will be added to the Court Record.
    The Judge can't tell the cause of death from the photo. Payne will ask you
    to tell the court the cause of death. Choose "Electrocution" after 
    Grossberg explains how to open up the Court Record. Another problem of this
    case is motive. Doug Swallow and and Phoenix didn't quite get along well.
    The Judge will ask you for evidence supporting the hatred between Phoenix
    and Doug.
    Remember, if you didn't play Justice For All or you forgot, that people's
    profiles can be presented. Present Dahlia Hawthorne's profile. Dahlia is
    Phoenix's girlfriend, yet was Doug's girlfriend several months back. Payne
    will call Phoenix Wright as his first witness. You will now watch Phoenix
    testify. Oh, and Grossberg talks about hemorrhoids constantly. Most people
    also find that wierd.
    ~Phoenix Wright's Testimony-The Victim and I~
    -Um, I...I admit I was there.
    -But I'm not a killer! All I did was find his body!
    -I hardly knew they guy to begin with...
    -I never even talked to that stuck-up British wannabe!
    Grossberg explains to you that you must find contradictions in the 
    testimony and expose their lies. Remember, you can also Press statements
    for more information. To get on with the testimony, start by pressing
    Phoenix's last statement. His third statement contradicts his fourth
    statement right away. Phoenix stammers, then adds a fifth statement:
    -He was always walking around with a huge Union Jack on the back of his
    Press the new statement to learn that Phoenix saw the Union Jack at the
    crime scene, explaining how he knows Doug likes British stuff. Grossberg
    will agree with Mia in thinking that there is a contradiction here. Present
    Crime Photo 1 at this statement. If you looked at the picture in detail,
    there is no such picture on Doug's back.
    Phoenix says that the Union Jack was on his t-shirt, which his lether 
    jacket was covering. Well, this means that Doug has met Phoenix somewhere
    before the crime took place. Payne now comments what kind of medicine 
    Phoenix has been taking. He then goes on to ask if it was Coldkiller X,
    and Phoenix agrees that he has been using it. 
    Phoenix also notes that he lost his medicine somewhere. Looking back at the
    crime photo, the medicine was in the victim's hand. Phoenix's fingerprints
    were found all over this bottle as well. Doug probably grabbed the bottle
    to indicate that it was Phoenix who killed him. After these comments, CRIME
    PHOTO 2 and COLDKILLER X will be added to the Court Record.
    Doug's watch also stopped operating when a surge of electricity ran
    through it. Now Phoenix will testify again about what really happened that
    ~Phoenix Wright's Testimony-What Really Happened~
    -The truth is...I went because he called me.
    -He was in the Pharmacology Dept., so we agreed to meet at 2:45 behind that
    -We talked for a bit, and then at around 3:00, we split up.
    -Then later, when I went back, I found him lying there.
    -I'd been talking Coldkiller X for the last 2 or 3 days...
    -But I lost my bottle of it around lunchtime on the day of the accident.
    The main information you need right now is in the second statement. Press
    it to find out that Doug arranged the time they would meet. Doug was
    studying how to make medicine at that point. He was one of the brightest in
    his department. It also turns out that Doug has some sort of laboratory,
    which made Phoenix pretty suspicous of Doug's workings. When Mia asks 
    herself what to do, choose to ask "About Pharmacology Dept.". Phoenix
    admits he doesn't know much, but Mia says that he said a lot of these
    machines took a lot of electricity to run. 
    This means that electrical cables were hanging all around the building, and
    wasn't Doug's cause of death electricution? From a cable wire? Press the
    fifth statement to learn that most people were aware Phoenix was taking
    Coldkiller X. Now, press the final statement. Phoenix was eating with
    Dahlia that day at lunch. However, before you can squeeze more information
    out of Phoenix, the Judge calls an end to this boring testimony. 
    The Judge says that between him losing the medicine, meeting with Doug, 
    and then stumbling onto the crime scene, there is no way he can be trusted.
    There is one last problem the Judge has--how the murder was carried out.
    You will be asked if you can present how this murder was started. Choose
    "Establish murder method". The Judge will now demand some evidence that
    proves Doug Swallow was electrocuted.
    Like I said earlier, there were disconnected cable lines above Doug's head
    when he was lying on the ground. Present Crime Photo 1. The Judge still
    doesn't understand where you are going with this series of statements. Now
    you will need to point to the spark on the cable line above Doug. When you
    present that, Payne and the Judge agree that what you said is most 
    plausable, but...
    The only person who was able to use the cables as a murder weapon would be
    Phoenix. Now Payne has some proof that will pin the murder on Phoenix.
    His fingerprints were on the bottle of Coldkiller X, no? Doug was wearing
    a lether jacket in the crime photo, and Phoenix's hand was firmly found on
    the chest area of the jacket. The only reason that would be there is if
    Phoenix was intending to murder Doug.
    After some more hemorrhoid talk, the Judge is just about ready to hand down
    his verdict. Mia interrupts, demanding the truth from Phoenix. Phoenix
    admits that he did shove him, when Doug was bad mouthing Dahlia's
    relationship with Phoenix. Phoenix will testify one more time in an 
    attempt to prove his innocence. 
    ~Phoenix Wright's Testimony-When I Pushed The Victim~
    -That guy...He was talking bad about Dollie...
    -I lost my temper and gave him a shove!
    -At that moment, I heard some kind of loud noise...
    -A little while after I left, I started to get worried.
    -So I went back. But h-he was just lying there, d-dead!
    The Judge warns you not to screw this up, or Phoenix is guilty. Phoenix
    also says that when he shoved Doug that there were no electrical cables
    around. The only statement that will give you anything new is the third, so
    press it. Payne thinks that the loud noise Phoenix heard was Doug being
    electrocuted. Choose to "Ask for more details". Phoenix states that Doug
    was holding an umbrella, dropping it when shoved. Doug must have fallen
    on top of the umbrella, snapping it. The Judge will ask if any of this is
    relevent to the case. Choose "Of course it's important!". The following 
    statement is added to the testimony:
    -After I shoved him, he...He fell down on top of his cheap umbrella.
    Press this new statement. Phoenix says he planned on borrowing the umbrella
    if he didn't fall on top of it. However, there's something wrong with this
    statement. Look at Crime Photo 1 and you'll see the umbrella actually 
    landed further from his head, not under his body. Present Crime Photo 1 at
    this statement.
    This poses a problem. How did the umbrella actually land further away from
    Doug when Phoenix was sure it landed under him? Mia comes up with the
    possibility that Doug moved the umbrella from where he fell. This means 
    that he was alive shortly after being pushed by Phoenix. The Judge orders
    that the umbrella be used as evidence. UMBRELLA will be added to the Court
    Payne objects, saying the wind could have pushed it, but that's an 
    impossibility if the umbrella was under Doug to begin with. Well, some 
    doubt has been left in the air against Phoenix. PHOENIX'S TESTIMONY will
    be added to the Court Record. 
    Well, turns out Payne actually has a second witness. It's none other than
    Dahlia Hawthorne. Turns out she was at the scene of the crime when the 
    murder took place. The Judge will call a recess for the new witness to be
    brought in.
    Date-April 11, 11:42 AM
    Location-District Court; Defendent Lobby No. 3
    Phoenix meets up with you during the break. He thinks that Dahlia will be
    able to get Phoenix out of this hole, but Mia and Grossberg think 
    otherwise. As it turns out, Phoenix met Dahlia in this courthouse about
    eight months ago. Phoenix is also studying to be a lawyer, but you probably
    knew that. They ran into each other in the reading room, and have been
    together since.
    Dahlia also gave Phoenix a gift as a sign of their love. It's a small
    necklace with a heart at the bottom, and around the top of the heart is a
    small vial. DAHLIA'S PRESENT will be added to the Court Record. Phoenix
    then goes on to say that whenever they go on dates, Dahlia constantly 
    pesters Phoenix to give the necklace back to her. 
    Mia then asks if it was on August 27th that the two of them met. Mia shows
    a newspaper clipping of an event occurring on the same date. Turns out a
    murder occurred in this courthouse on the same day. Mia must have taken 
    this case due to the relationship between the events eight months ago and
    the ones going on right now. NEWSPAPER CLIPPING will be added to the Court
    If you check the article yourself, it says that a 19-year old college
    student was sitting with the victim. Huh, wonder who that might be? 
    Grossberg heads off to the reading room to find anything else out, and it
    appears that something else might be spreading. Just who is the girl in
    the article, and what relevence does it have to the case? 
    You don't have time to ponder such questions as court continues. Save the
    game when prompted.
                              ~5B.Part 1-2 Trial~
    Date-April 11, 12:13 PM
    Location-District Court; Courtroom No. 2
    Well, no Grossberg this time, so less talk of hemorrhoids. Dahlia
    Hawthorne will be called to the stand. She's an odd lady, as it appears.
    She seems sincere, but the Judge still has some doubts about her before
    judgement is passed. Ignoring the Judge and Payne acting up against
    Dahlia, and you'll probably get suspicious at her kindness act. 
    Then she says there's no way Phoenix could have done it. Well, enough of
    that. Time for testimony.
    ~Dahlia Hawthorne's Testimony-What I Witnessed~
    -I had been planning to go back to Feenie's place after class was over.
    -Feenie and Dougie...They were talking behind the building.
    -Then suddenly...Dougie got all wobbly and just collapsed.
    -That's when Feenie noticed that I was there.
    -I went to go and find some other students and they called the authorities.
    Before the cross examination, it turns out that Dahlia and Mia have met
    somewhere before. Hmm. Anyway, the contradiction should be fairly obvious,
    much like how Mia pointed out to herself. Press the third statement.
    Something isn't right about it. Dahlia says that Doug just fell on his own,
    nobody else touching him. Now you will need to choose "Show contradiction".
    After a little glaring at Payne, Mia will say that Phoenix's palm print was
    found on Doug's jacket. It has already been proven that Phoenix hit Doug
    at some point. Now Dahlia will add the following two statements to her
    -Um, actually, I didn't see the moment he pushed Dougie.
    -It didn't look like they were fighting, and I didn't hear any noise 
    At the second of the new statements, press. Dahlia says she didn't see or
    hear anything out of the ordinary. However, this is all incorrect. Present
    Phoenix's Testimony at this statement. Phoenix states earlier that there 
    was a loud noise after shoving Doug onto the ground. So, why didn't Dahlia
    hear the noise? 
    There isn't any logical reason as to why it wasn't heard. Dahlia, though,
    says she was wearing headphones and listening to music during the events.
    She's afraid of thunder, so she started listening to music to block it all
    out. Mia will now think that there could be something that she just said
    that changes this entire case. Choose "There was lightning.".
    Lightning, as you know, is pure electricity. Doug died from an electric
    shock. Thusly, it's entirely possible that Doug was hit by lightning, 
    making his death entirely accidental. If that were true, then he wouldn't
    have been necessarily murdered. Sadly, Payne has been doing his research
    as well. Turns out there weren't any lightning strikes at all on that day.
    What's worse, the fallen electrical cable is most certainly linked to this
    case. He now presents some evidence in the form of an affidavit. This
    affidavit is from the Pharmacology students who were conducting their
    experiments in their labs on the day of the murder. They had their own
    testimony of events. Turns out, all of the equipment in the lab lost power
    at about 3:00 PM that day. 
    Remember that everything in the lab runs on high-voltage. The broken high-
    voltage cable line is to blame for these events. The blackout and the time
    of death all coincide at the same time--3:00. Thusly, there is no other way
    that Doug could have been killed. It must have been from the electric
    shock. The cables are also revealed now to be very brittle and were keen to
    being broken at almost any time from a slight touch. STUDENTS' TESTIMONY
    will be added to the Court Record.
    The Judge will now ask for your thoughts about the severed cable. You will
    need to present something that caused the cable to break. Present, even 
    though it seems to hurt you, Phoenix's profile. Recall, during Phoenix's
    testimony, that he heard a sharp noise after pushing Doug. Facing this,
    Phoenix is the one who caused the lab to lose power, possibly killing
    Doug in the process.
    Mia now says that the umbrella landed near the electrical pole. The sharp
    noise was actually Doug crashing into the pole, causing it to break. 
    However, Doug still wasn't electrocuted after that. If he crashed into the
    pole in the back, there's no way that he was electrocuted from the cable
    far from the pole. Thusly, someone other than Phoenix must have 
    electrocuted Doug.
    Dahlia now realizes that she remembers things slightly differently than
    what we just tried to prove. Dahlia will now testify further on what is
    going on here.
    ~Dahlia Hawthorne's Testimony-What I Witnessed, Part 2~
    -The truth is...Feenie pushed him twice.
    -The first time was into the electrical pole. That's when the cable broke.
    -Then Dougie tried his best to run away from him...
    -But Feenie caught up and crashed into him from behind.
    -The cable snapping, and Dougie being electrocuted--it all occured in less
    than a minute.
    Press the final statement. Dahlia never actually saw the moment where Doug
    was electrocuted. In any case, this statement still has a contradiction in
    it. At this statement, present Crime Photo 2. If you ever turned your DS
    upsidedown to look at the time on the watch when it stopped working, you
    may have noticed that it was at about 3:05 PM. 
    Remember, it stopped when he was electrocuted. Thusly, there is a huge ten
    minute difference between when Doug was electrocuted and when the power
    went out in the science labs. Perhaps it was during this interval that the
    real murderer killed Doug. Payne and the Judge demand to know who could be
    the only other possible suspect for this murder.
    Present Dahlia Hawthorne's profile. There was a ten minute gap between the
    power outage and the murder, and Dahlia was there the entire time. She
    clearly had something to do with these events. After Phoenix pushed Doug
    onto the ground and left, it was Dahlia who pushed Doug to his own death.
    Dahlia continues to deny everything, and then Phoenix comes in. He says
    there is no way Dahlia could possibly kill someone. Ah well. Can't stop us
    now. Grossberg will return, after finding the police report on the murder
    incident in this courthouse. POLICE REPORT will be added to the Court
    I advise you read these papers for the upcoming testimonies. A man by the
    name of Diego Armando was poisoned to death due to some form of poison
    entering his coffee. The suspect, Dahlia Hawthorne, could not be convicted
    due to lack of evidence on her, or any form of poison near her. This seems
    quite suspicious, right? Grossberg also hints that Diego was Mia's
    At any rate, Dahlia still denies that she murdered Doug and pinned the 
    whole thing on Phoenix. Still, there would need to be some motive for her
    to kill Doug. It seems odd that on the day of the murder in the courthouse,
    Phoenix and Dahlia just happen to meet up. Mia demands testimony about that
    day her and Phoenix met each other. 
    ~Dahlia Hawthorne's Testimony-How I Met My Feenie~
    -I first met my darling Feenie eight months ago.
    -It's like we were destined to meet in this very courthouse's basement
    reading room.
    -The moment our eyes met, my heart skipped a beat!
    -We've been going out ever since that fateful day.
    The only way to win this case now is to expose her lies. Start off by 
    pressing the second statement. Phoenix was also planning on becoming a 
    lawyer, so it isn't at all odd that he would be in the reading room of a
    courthouse. However, what was Dahlia doing there? Payne asks if this has
    anything to do with the current case. Choose "Keep pressing". Dahlie will
    now add a new line of testimony:
    -I had come to this courthouse to do some research for a paper I was
    Press this new statement. Towards the end, Grossberg will remind you of the
    Police Report he handed you. Hopefully you ended up checking it. If you
    did, the answer should now be fairly obvious. Present the Police Report at
    this new statement. She didn't come here to do some research. Instead, she
    was here to meet up with Diego Armando. The suspect in that case was, 
    naturally, Dahlia. 
    What does this all mean? It means the the crime right now and the crime
    that occurred eight months ago have a connection--that being, Dahlia is a
    prime suspect. She will now give one last testimony about the events that
    occurred eight months ago.
    ~Dahlia Hawthorne's Testimony-The Poisoning~
    -I met the lawyer who was poisoned to discuss something in the cafeteria
    that day.
    -I left my seat for a moment, and that's when it happened!
    -From what I heard, it was a liquid poison that is lethal at just 2
    -Not only that, I heard it was a very special kind of poison.
    -So you see, I'm innocent! I wouldn't even know where to get a poison like
    The contradiction here is tough to find out. Press the final statement.
    Dahlia couldn't be arrested because nobody could prove how she could even
    get poison like that. Well, you might now some kind of idea. At the final
    statement, present Doug's profile. After all, Doug worked in a pharmacology
    lab, so he had access to all sorts of chemicals, including ones that could
    kill other people. Thusly, it is possible Dahlia could have obtained some
    poison one day.
    So, if she had poison, all she needed to do was slip it into Diego's 
    coffee, and he was as good as dead. Since she was the only one with him,
    only Dahlia could have done the poisoning. In order to carry 2 teaspoons of
    poison, some container would be needed. You will need to show something
    that she had prooving she had a container to use and one that was thrown
    away none less. Present Dahlia's Present.
    The small necklace has a bottle on it, after all, and it did belong to
    Dahlia. She had to get rid of it somehow, so she gave it to Phoenix Wright,
    a person who had no connection to that case. The poison was given to
    Phoenix, unknowingly to him, as a present. Dahlia gave Phoenix the
    necklace for the sole purpose of hiding the one piece of evidence that 
    would give her away. There isn't any poison in the bottle at the moment,
    but there could be a small amount left over.
    Phoenix appears again, objecting to this nonsense. He still won't let her
    go since he's in love with Dahlia. Now you must answer why Dahlia has been
    dating Phoenix for so long. Answer "because of the necklace.". She has been
    dating him only because she wants the necklace back so badly. Remember,
    Phoenix said himself that Dahlia keeps asking for it back. 
    The necklace proves her crime, explaining why she needed it back. What's
    worse, Phoenix showed it off everywhere she went. Well, Phoenix goes insane
    now, stealing the necklace and then running away from the courtroom. He
    doesn't get far before the bailiff brings him back in. Phoenix must have
    grabbed the necklace when he slammed into Mia. 
    When Phoenix returns to the witness stand, he says that he ate the 
    necklace. What? Damn that fool! He had to chew it up, but he was able to
    swallow the whole thing. Now Phoenix starts to feel bad, probably because
    the bottle still had some poison left in it. 
    Oh, false alarm. Turns out Phoenix is still alive. Payne agrues that there
    is still no way that there could have been poison in that bottle. Sadly,
    since you have no evidence to prove that there was poison in the bottle,
    then there is no way that the trial can continue like this. Phoenix goes
    on to stop the trial briefly, saying that when he met Doug, he told Phoenix
    that she had stolen poison from their lab. The exact same thing happened
    eight months ago. Dahlia also came to the lab that time. That is when
    Phoenix shoved Doug, out of anger at his accusations of Dahlia.
    Phoenix came back to Doug after he pushed him, finding Dahlia there when
    he did. Phoenix admits that Dahlia told him never to tell anybody about 
    that event. Now there is only one conclusion--Dahlia stole some poison the
    night before she killed Doug. Her motive for stealing it was to kill
    Now the Judge asks you who Dahlia was planning to kill with the poison.
    Present none other than Phoenix's profile. Yup, Phoenix was damn lucky 
    she did go after him right away. Phoenix was originally targetted to be
    poisoned. Dahlia never was in love with Phoenix. All she wanted to do was
    get back the necklace that she gave to him eight months ago. 
    At that time, all Dahlia wanted to do was get rid of the necklace. She had
    to pin it on some guy who wouldn't be suspicious. The only problem with
    this was that Phoenix refused to hand back the necklace. It was Phoenix's
    treasured possession, and would never give it back. Dahlia then tried to
    kill Phoenix recently to get the bottle back. 
    Dahlia then comes in, angry at Phoenix for being useless at everything. She
    then challenges you to present some evidence that she was planning to kill
    Phoenix. Present the Coldkiller X bottle. The contents of the bottle have
    been poisoned. Phoenix said earlier that his bottle was lost. Dahlia took
    his bottle at lunch, went to the pharacology lab, and inserted poison into
    the bottle, all knowing that Phoenix would use it. 
    Eight months ago she gave the poison to Phoenix Wright. She pulled the same
    thing today. When Phoenix left the crime scene, Dahlia appeared. She was
    hearing the conversation the two were having, and realized that since Doug
    knew she was stealing poison, Dahlia had to dispose of Doug. She used to
    severed cable lines to kill him. 
    But, Phoenix later came back to check up on Doug. Students also showed up
    to check out what was going on. Dahlia knew that if she was searched again,
    the poisoned bottle would link her to the crime from eight months ago. 
    Thusly, she made Doug hold the bottle. 
    Dahlia still denies your claims, and so when asked to take the medicine in
    the Coldkiller X bottle, Well, that was...boring. Dahlia gives up and 
    claims that you have won this battle. She is certain that the both of you
    will meet up again. 
    Sweet. Mia actually won this trial. Right before the verdict, Payne's hair
    flies off in complete disbelief. Not really sure how that logically works
    out, but it explains his baldness in the previous games. Phoenix Wright is
    proclaimed Not Guilty, and trial is over.
    Date-April 11, 3:16 PM
    Location-District Court; Defendent Lobby No. 3
    You will meet up with Phoenix after the trial, and he is pretty sure that
    the Dahlia who was testifying wasn't really her. He then states again that
    he's studying to become a defense lawyer. Phoenix hopes that they see
    each other in court again. How ironic that they do several years later. 
    Hell, they are even partners at that time.
    Then you get a little speech from Phoenix. Turns out he was just recalling
    all of these events. He became a lawyer and managed to save his friend
    (Larry I'm guessing?), yet Mia isn't here any longer. After some thoughts
    from Mia as well, the episode will finally come to an end.
                       ~6.Episode 2-The Stolen Turnabout~
    It's 1 in the morning. A safe can be seen, with a detective nearby, whose
    silhouette looks strikingly similar to Gumshoe's. The safe is then opened
    to ensure that a priceless jewel is still concealed in there, but once it
    has been opened, all that can be found is something that looks like a
    calling card, reading "Mask DeMasque". The criminal escapes into the sky,
    traveling towards the full moon. What the hell is going on?
                           ~6A.Part 1 Investigation~
    Date-October 11, 3:24 PM
    Location-Wright & Co. Law Offices
    Maya appears whilst Phoenix is busy...scrubbing the toilet. Maya says 
    something about hitting the big time, but instead of involving Phoenix, it
    involves Pearl, who I'm sure you remember from the last game. Pearl will
    hand you a promotional poster for a treasure exhibition, and this one is
    featuring artifacts from the Kurain Village, with the main item appearing
    to be the cracked vase from case 2-2 that Pearl broke. It still clearly
    looks broken, and nobody paid any notice to the fact it should read "AMI"
    and not "I AM".
    Pearl and Maya got some VIP passes to the exhibit for tonight, despite it
    being publically open next week. Looks like we're going to an art exhibit.
    For all of the new players, Maya and Pearl Fey's bio's will be explained by
    Phoenix. Maya has been assistant manager here for a while, while Pearl
    still remains the cute girl who get's herself unknowingly into trouble. But
    she's cute, so it's ignorable, right? Once you learn that both of them are
    still spirit mediums, the TREASURE EXHIBIT POSTER will be added to the 
    Court Record. You'll see the Magatama in here as well. That explains why we
    still have the crappy health bar system. 
    You'll now move to the exhibit location.
    Date-October 11, 7:18 PM
    Location-Lordly Tailor; Main Exhibit Hall
    This place is the city's greatest department store. Once you screen opens
    up, you'll note it sure looks like one. Pearl and Maya seem quite excited
    over the exhibit. Not sure why--it's just stuff from their hometown being
    displayed in cases. 
    Well, Maya comments that the person in charge of all this is waiting in the
    basement warehouse for you guys. Examine if you wish, but there's nothing
    important here. Move to the Basement Warehouse.
    Date-October 11
    Location-Lordly Tailor; Basement Warehouse
    This area sure looks dank and creepy. Before you can do anything, someone
    greets you. It's none other than Adrian Andrews from case 2-4 in the last
    game. How great to see her, I guess. She is in charge of the promotion and
    planning for the exhibit, as well as the security for it. She mentions that
    all of the valuable items are still stored in this warehouse.
    Talk to her about "Adrian Andrews". Andrews and Maya will recount their
    tales from the Nickel Samurai case, and you'll learn she quit her old job
    to take up this one. Now ask about "Lordly Tailor". She mentions that the
    warehouse is well protected.
    Switch to the right side of the screen first by pressing L or the arrow
    button at the bottom of the screen. Right away a large golden statue should
    stand out at you. Examine this to find it's a statue of Ami Fey. It just
    arrived this morning. AMI FEY'S GOLDEN STATUE will be added to the court
    The statue is also holding a Shichishito, a ceremonial sword. It isn't
    actually designed to be a weapon, so the end isn't very sharp. Before you
    can do anything else, Andrews escorts all of you to dinner. You'll wind up
    back at the office.
    Phoenix will comment that the dinner was nice, but that something terrible
    and unpredictible would happen the next day.
    Date-October 12, 10:09 AM
    Location-Wright & Co. Law Offices
    Maya and Pearl will arrive just as Phoenix is cleaning the toilet again.
    They hurredly turn on the TV to a news bulletin that renowned treasure
    thief, Mask DeMasque, who stole something from Lordly Tailor. Mask 
    Demaskque ended up stealing the sacred Kurain Urn. Talk to Maya about the
    "Sacred Urn". Maya will show you the promo poster again to remind you what
    the urn looks like. Maya will then comment that the urn no longer has "Ami"
    writted on it, but instead "I am".
    Best not to tell Maya that was Pearl's doing. The SACRED URN will be added
    to the Court Record. Now ask about "What to do". Pearl exclaims that you
    need to find the guy who stole the urn and bring him to justice. Not sure
    how we should get a start on it, but Pearl is all worked up on the idea.
    Now ask about "Last year's incident". You'll recount on the murder in 
    Kurain Village from last year, and how the vase ended up with "I AM" on it.
    Funny how nobody ever noticed it. With this info in hand, move to the Main
    Exhibition Hall.
    Date-October 12
    Location-Lordly Tailor; Main Exhibition Hall
    Well, the main hall looks exactly the same. You'd think Mask DeMasque would
    have stolen more than one thing. Crappy thief. Before you can start to
    examine the place, Detective Gumshoe arrives on the scene. After a little
    exchange of anger messages between Gumshoe and Phoenix, talk to him about
    "What happened". He recounts that the thief stole the Sacred Urn, and that
    the crime occurred last night at around 1:30 in the morning. The time was
    around that because a security guard called in and reported the urn was
    The urn was kept in the basement warehouse. He mentions someone who thinks
    they are an Ace Detective. Ask about "Mask DeMasque" now. It appears this
    thief is quite famous, known well for his many disguises. He only goes 
    after the rarest works of art, and the urn has been the fifth thing he has
    stolen. Sadly, since Lordly Tailor didn't cooperate, Gumshoe couldn't catch
    DeMasque this time. DeMasque sends out a calling card before each heist.
    As about "Ace Detective". This guy that Gumshoe refers to was able to get
    the fourth stolen object back in right possession, As it turns out, he is
    at the scene of the crime looking for clues. Perhaps we will see him later.
    Finally, ask about the "Calling card". It turns out to be a small green 
    card with his signiture emblem inscribed onto it. The only way the calling
    card can be determined as genuine is if it has that mark. CALLING CARD will
    be added to the Court Record. Like Gumshoe says, if you checked the Calling
    Card yourself, Mask DeMasque really does notify the people he's stealing
    from ahead of time. That's really weird. Head to the Basement Warehouse.
    Date-October 12
    Location-Lordly Tailor; Basement Warehouse
    As soon as you enter the warehouse again, a mysterious man will greet you.
    Turns out that this guy is quite good at figuring out complete obscure 
    things about people (and is good at insulting them to boot!). He is Luke
    Atmey. What a subtle pun. He also mentions that he is the ace detective
    that Gumshoe was referring to. 
    What a strange man. Talk to him about "Ace Detective". Yeah, he's really 
    the best of the best. He even goes as far as to call himself the arch-enemy
    of Mask DeMasque. He's been tailing DeMasque ever since his first crime, 
    returning the Portrait of Mejeena after one such heist. Though, by the way
    he speaks, he doesn't seem as great as his stories make him seem.
    Ask about "Mask DeMasque" now. Atmey and DeMasque has a battle in the
    warehouse yesterday, but allowed him to get away. Um, well, ask about "The
    night of the crime" now. Atmey was requested for his services by Lordly
    Tailor, and it was only ten days ago that DeMasque's calling card came. 
    Adrian, of course, hired him. Atmey tried setting a trap for when DeMasque
    was to arrive, and waited for him alone. Seems like Atmey enjoys waiting
    alone, out of sight from others. 
    Nobody came through the entrance of the warehouse, like he expected. But,
    the Sacred Urn still disappeared. So, despite nobody showing up, the urn is
    still missing. Like Pearl and Phoenix think, this is just a load of crap.
    Atmey is hiding something. You will need to examine a few things before 
    going on, but Atmey will stop you from examining. To gain access, present
    the Calling Card to him. Atmey says now that he will allow you access to
    examine the area as he investigates elsewhere (good thing--I was sick of 
    his theme song now).
    Hopefully we don't need to visit his office, either. Check the computer on
    the left side of the screen. This computer holds data from the security
    cameras. Whenever someone enters or exits the warehouse, a picture of the
    person is taken. You couldn't get a picture, but you were able to get the
    camera's data. The camera went off once last night. CAMERA DATA will be
    added to the Court Record.
    At the bottom of the screen is a pink box. This was the box that held the
    Sacred Urn in it. On the bottom of this wooden box that Maya made are some
    spots that look like blood. Or wet paint, or something else. Now you should
    examine the blue sword on the ground right next to the box. This was the
    ancient Shichishito sword that the golden Ami statue was holding. Wait,
    what was that? The statue was holding it last night, but now it's on the
    ground. The end of the sword has also been bent slightly. Phoenix thinks
    that someone used this sword yesterday. SHICHISHITO will be added to the
    Court Record.
    Change to the other side of the screen. Examine the pink paint near the
    golden Ami statue. This paint wasn't here last night, yet it is somehow dry
    right now. Phoenix then notices some sort of shape at the corner of the
    stain. Finally, examine the golden Ami statue. Pearl notices that the
    statue was moved slightly to the right from the location that it was at
    yesterday. What is the reasoning for this? Either way, AMI FEY'S GOLDEN
    STATUE will be updated in the Court Record.
    There's nothing else right now. Head back into the Main Exhibition Hall.
    Date-October 12
    Location-Lordly Tailor; Main Exhibit Hall
    Phoenix's cell phone goes off when you come back upstairs. Gumshoe will be
    on the other end of the line, laughing that he finally bested the Ace
    Detective at something. He goes on to say that he caught someone. Who? None
    other than Mask DeMasque himself. Actually, he ended up surrendering. Huh?
    That's not interesting! 
    Sadly, Gumshoe isn't yet ready to detail the whereabouts of the Sacred Urn
    at the time. He tells you to return to the Detention Center so he can tell
    you the news. Not only that, but DeMasque is there and wishes to speak to
    Phoenix. Move to the Wright & Co. Law Offices, and from there, move to the
    Detention Center.
    Date-October 12
    Location-Detention Center; Visitor's Room
    Gumshoe will greet you upon entering the Detention Center. He's still
    excited that he caught Mask DeMasque, but won't answer where the Sacred Urn
    is yet. Before you can discuss more about what is going on, the man in the
    detention area will ask to speak with you. He doesn't look all that bad.
    He calls himself Ron DeLite, otherwise known as the infamous Mask DeMasque.
    Ask about "Mask DeMasque". Ron seems confused as to whether or not he is
    Mask DeMasque. He won't exactly give you any more clues as to who he is, as
    all he does is complain that you can't spell his name right. He then asks
    if you would talk to someone named Dessie. Talk about "Sacred Urn".
    This guy just keeps spieling the same stuff over and over again, until Maya
    gets ticked off that he's avoiding the question. He then claims that he 
    lost the freaking urn. How in the hell did he lose the urn? If only we 
    could punch characters through our DS's. Well, talk about "Lost it?" now.
    He isn't sure on where he lost the urn, but since the Magatama isn't going
    off, it is a safe bet that he really did lose it somewhere.
    Now, finally speak about "Dessie". He calls Dessie his wife. Turns out that
    she has her own hideout. More like a mediocre apartment, actually. Well, I
    hate this guy. Don't know if you do yet, but, I'm sure you want to head off
    to DeMasque's Hideout. Move there.
    Date-October 12
    Location-Mask DeMasque's Hideout
    When you enter the hideout, you will find Desiree DeLite waiting, expecting
    Ron, though. She mentions something about you helping Ron. Why would we be
    helping the criminal?
    Talk to her about "Ron DeLite". After mentioning that the news broadcast
    mentioned Maya doing some shady business, Desiree says that she wanted to
    meet the lawyer that they mentioned on television, which happens to be you.
    She then says that Ron kept saying he wanted to turn himself into the
    police, claiming that he was the one who stole the urn. Desiree seems to
    think Ron didn't steal it. Is she not aware that he is Mask DeMasque or
    something? How confusing.
    Ask about "Desiree DeLite" next. She is the type of person who needs 
    excitement in their lives. She also comments that Ron is totally unlike her
    in the sense that he doesn't seek excitement as she does. But she does note
    that Ron makes up for it in money. Ron works as a security guard, and it
    appears that they get paid a lot. Lucky. I thought they were barely paid
    Now you can talk about "The night of the crime". She mentions that during
    the heist's time she was on her motorcycle getting caught speeding by a 
    police officer. She didn't get home until about three in the morning. Ron
    wasn't with her at all that night, though. When she got home, Ron was fast
    Now you should present Mask DeMasque's profile. Desiree says that Ron is 
    one of his biggest fans. Huh? Ron can be really delusional at times, so 
    much so that he actually thinks that he is Mask DeMasque. Talk about 
    "Delusions" now. It turns out that Ron just loves to dress up as Mask
    DeMasque and collect figurines of him. Of course, if Ron did steal the urn,
    then logically he would still have it. 
    Desiree is sure someone framed Ron. She hands you DESIREE'S LETTER, which
    is added to the Court Record. You can't read the letter yourself, so you
    will have to give it to Ron. Head back to the Detention Center.
    Date-October 12
    Location-Detention Center; Visitor's Room
    When you arrive back here, start by presenting Desiree's Letter to Ron. The
    letter will be taken away from the Court Record now. Once Ron has read the
    letter to himself, he will say that Desiree told Ron to let Phoenix defend
    him in court. Be sure to choose "Take his case". 
    Maya will get ticked off at your decision, and Pearl gets to mad that she
    runs away. Maya chases after her. When she returns, she says that Pearl
    ran back to the office. Well, we have work to do. Return back to the Law
    Date-October 12
    Location-Wright & Co. Law Offices
    Pearl will be waiting here for you. She seems to be in a better mood 
    despite what you did, going as far to make tea and cake. Hmm. Well, talk to
    Maya now about "Pearl". You'll learn that when Pearl talks about Phoenix
    being Maya's "special someone", it's actually a custom back where she lives
    in the village. Now ask about "Maya". That psycho Morgan is still in a jail
    cell where she belongs. 
    Talk about the "Kurain Village custom". Turns out that since the spiritual
    powers only run in the women of the family, the men just leave their
    marriages, especially if they've had a child. Now talk about "Maya's 
    mother". Maya is still sure her mother is alive somewhere, despite being
    missing for 17 years. 
    Now Maya says you should get going. Pearl then appears and tells you that
    she can find some evidence too, and leaves before you can stop her. Move
    back to the Main Exhibition Hall.
    Date-October 12
    Location-Lordly Tailor, Main Exhibition Hall
    You'll find Adrian waiting for you when you enter. She seems really upset
    that she let the urn get stolen. Start by talking to her about "DeMasque's
    calling card". The calling card arrived ten days ago. She was going to 
    show it to the police, but Luke Atmey stopped her. Adrian hired him twenty
    days ago. She figured he knew more about DeMasque than the police. Adrian
    even had a premonition something terrible would happen, and she was right.
    She even ordered all the security cameras in the warehouse. 
    Now talk about "The security". She says that she shouldn't have even
    bothered with such security. It seems the actual value of the urn was, 
    well, nothing. She then left the security to Atmey. Many objects arrived
    later that many people had to go into the warehouse. Adrian checked
    everyone, so nobody was DeMasque. 
    Well, that was fruitless. And as much as you may hate it, head to the Atmey
    Detective Agency.
    Date-October 12
    Location-Atmey Detective Agency
    Atmey will greet you upon entering, so take the chance to talk to him about
    "The night of the crime". In Mask DeMasque's very first robbery, he stole
    a jewel called the Tear of Emanon. So, even knowing how DeMasque attacks
    and being on watch himself, Luke Atmey still couldn't prevent the stealing
    of the urn. What was his modus operandi?
    Now ask about "Sacred Urn". Atmey replies with some irrelevent information,
    translating basically into that he doesn't know where the urn is. Now you
    can ask about "DeMasque's M.O.". Well, DeMasque has to have stolen the urn
    in some way. How did he do it? You won't get far before a Psyche-Lock
    appears over Luke Atmey. 
    Ask about "Psyche-Lock". Maya will talk to you. For some reason, she has no
    idea how the system works. Well, let's show her! Present the Magatama.
    ~Luke Atmey's Magatama Secret-Mask DeMasque's M.O.~
    Atmey was standing guard at the scene of the crime. Logically, it is
    impossible to have missed DeMasque when he stole the urn. Atmey still says
    that he didn't see anyone. You will need to present some form of proof that
    shows somebody went through the door that night. Present the Camera Data.
    Somebody went through the door, making the camera go off. Obviously, one
    person used the door. Atmey still is trying to hide the reason why he
    couldn't have seen anyone that night. Supposing that he didn't see Mask
    DeMasque that night, there was a reason he couldn't. Choose that he was
    "unconscious." Atmey says that this won't be enough. You need to present
    evidence that shows he was unconcious. Present the Shichishito when he
    demands you back up the statement.
    Well, the sword was in the statue's hand beforehand, and wasn't bent at 
    all. Thusly, the only thing that could have happened was that the robber
    grabbed the sword and knocked Atmey unconcious, bending the sword in the
    process. With that, the Psyche-Lock breaks.
    Now you can finally ask about "DeMasque's M.O.". Atmey no longer tries to
    hide the fact he was clobbered when looking at the computer. He couldn't
    have entered the room normally, so he must have come in another way. He
    was hit on the head by the sword soon after the arrival of DeMasque. 
    SHICHISHITO will be updated in the Court Record.
    Phoenix states that Atmey never saw DeMasque. Thusly, it may not even be
    him at all, but a different thief entirely! Atmey interrupts, saying he
    installed a security camera for just that reason. He presents a photo of
    the thief in action. Well, without a doubt that man in the photo sure is
    dressed up like Mask DeMasque. SECURITY CAMERA PHOTO will be added to the
    Court Record.
    Now you need to ask about "DeMasque's reason". Atmey says that there is a
    good reason DeLite dressed up as DeMasque. He urges you to check out the
    gree envelope in his room. Ignorig just how he happens to know such info,
    head over to the DeMasque's Hideout.
    Date-October 12
    Location-Mask DeMasque's Hideout
    Follow Atmey's instructions. Examine the green envelope sitting on the blue
    stool close to you. The letter inside the envelope tells Ron to go to KB
    Security at 1:00 AM on October 12, bringing with him $50,000 if he doesn't
    want his true identity revealed. Someone will also take a red diamond he 
    got, too. It's a blackmail letter. BLACKMAIL LETTER will be added into the
    Court Record now.
    The doorbell will ring, and Desiree will answer it. After a short
    conversation between the person and Desiree, and he'll appear. Oh snap, it
    is none other than Larry Butz! It's about time he makes another appearance.
    Oh, it's not that bad. When you get the chance (after Larry accused you of
    being married to Desiree), talk about "Larry Butz". Larry has been having
    trouble keeping a girlfriend the past two years. They keep on moving around
    the world, and he can't keep up with them. He has such terrible luck with
    them, it's kind of hard not to laugh at how pathetic it is.
    Now talk about "Why you came here". He's a security guard, and he found a
    wallet while working last night. RON'S WALLET will be added to the Court
    Record. Since Ron isn't here, we'll have to do something about the wallet
    later. He's working for a private security company as a guard, hence the
    odd uniform. 
    Talk about the "Wallet" next. He asks if he needs an alibi, since he 
    doesn't want it collapsing with an evidence product in the future. He says
    he found it around 1:00 AM on the first floor of the building. That may 
    seem wierd, but it turns out that Ron works at that building, too. He even
    shows a key card that Ron has for the company. KEY CARD will be added to 
    the Court Record as well. 
    Present the Key Card back to Larry. The serial number makes it belong to
    the CEO's office. Every time this card is used, a record is kept of it.
    The KEY CARD will be updated in the Court Record. Now, present the 
    Blackmail Letter.
    After Larry freaks out that he thinks you're blackmailing him, he sees that
    KB Security is writted on the note. That's the place Larry has his job. Now
    you can talk about "KB Security". The company's office is quite a distance
    away. The distance between Lordly Tailor and KB Security causes a problem.
    Due to it, there's no way Ron could have stolen the Sacred Urn in time.
    Phoenix's phone rings, this time it's Pearl. Pearl seems to have gotten
    lost while trying to help you. She ended up infront of the office of Luke
    Atmey. Let's head there. Go to the Atmey Detective Agency.
    Date-October 12
    Location-Atmey Detective Agency
    Pearl is here when you enter, and so is something "different", or so says
    Maya. Start by examining the obvious-the large dufflebag sitting on the
    clothed table infront of you. Before you get a chance to break into Atmey's
    personal belongings (good job, Phoenix), Atmey will return to his office.
    He says that you have other things to be worrying about, such as tomorrow's
    Talk about "Tomorrow's trial" now. He says that he will be testifying
    tomorrow. You will also be facing off against prosecutor Godot. Who? He
    doesn't sound scary...
    Talk about "DeMasque's identity" next. Seems like Atmey is sure that DeLite
    is actually DeMasque. Now ask who "Godot" is. He seems to be a legendary
    prosecutor that is going to tear Phoenix to shreds, more so than Manfred
    von Karma. Atmey also says that Miles Edgeworth is traveling abroad at the
    moment, but he did acknowledge that Godot was a skilled prosecutor.
    Well, that finally concludes the investigation for the day. Marks the first
    time you're going into court that has nothing to do with a murder. Save the
    game when prompted.
                               ~6B.Part 2 Trial~
    Date-October 13, 9:36 AM
    Location-District Court; Defendant Lobby No. 4
    You will meet up with Maya right before the trial. She hands you a picture
    of Mask DeMasque that she bought a little while ago. They way they promote
    the guy, he seems more like a hero than a robber. MASK DEMASQUE PUBLICY
    PHOTO will be added to the Court Record. 
    Ron appears soon after, screaming that he is the criminal. Ron still isn't
    making sense with his speeches. He thinks he did the crime, yet doesn't 
    have the urn or any recollection of it. Desiree appears with him, saying
    that Ron is innocent for sure. Uh, okay. Damn this case is making little
    Date-October 13, 10:00 AM
    Location-District Court, Courtroom No. 6
    Well, that is prosecutor Godot. He's never lost a case. Ever! The best part
    about Godot? He's never been in a case. Ever! Yeah, I thought we heard he
    was legendary. Everyone calls him that, yet he's a nobody. And I'll say it
    now--he is a nobody. Don't feel intimidated by that red visor. He's a real
    crappy prosecutor.
    Well, enough ranting about Godot. He seems to know Phoenix and has come to
    do battle with him, whatever that means. The first witness, naturally, is
    Gumshoe. He'll start with his testimony right away.
    ~Detective Gumshoe's Testimony-Mask DeMasque's Crimes~
    -Mask DeMasque is a master thief that first started his crime spree 6 
    months ago.
    -He's so confident that he sends his calling card before he even commits
    the crime!
    -This was his fifth heist, and as usual, he sent a card on to Lordly
    -His pattern is to always go after only the most precious art pieces.
    -That's why we're sure it was Mask DeMasque, sir. It fits his M. O. to a
    Start by pressing the fourth statement. You will learn of the priceless
    artifacts that DeMasque has stolen in previous outings. However, something
    isn't right. Present the Sacred Urn at that statement. Remember in your
    discussing with Adrian, she told you that when it was looked at, the urn
    had absolutely no value whatsoever. 
    Thusly, the urn isn't something that DeMasque would actually go after.
    This means that Mask DeMasque didn't steal the urn. Godot says that a fake
    must have stolen it. Godot and the Judge will demand some proof that the
    Mask DeMasque that stole the urn was actually a fake. Present the Security
    Camera Photo.
    If you ever compared the DeMasque in this photo to the one in the promo
    poster that Maya gave you, you may have noticed a glaring fault--DeMasque's
    broach is missing. When Godot asks to back this up, point to the spot where
    the broach would normally be--just below his neck. The DeMasque in the
    security photo is missing such a broach. It's even the emblem on the 
    calling card if you didn't notice. This means the one who broke into the
    Lordly Tailor must be a fake.
    Godot interrupts and presents the missing broach himself. He found the
    broach behind the statue of Ami. He then says that Ron's fingerprints could
    also be found on the broach. Well, this sucks. The broach has some cloth
    left on the back of it, as if it were torn off during a struggle. 
    DEMASQUE'S BROACH will be added to the Court Record.
    Godot calls forth his next witness, one you already knew was going to 
    appear. It's none other than Luke Atmey. Ignoring all the annoying talk 
    that Atmey spills out, time for a testimony.
    ~Luke Atmey's Testimony-What I Witnessed~
    -It was approximately 1 o'clock in the morning...just after the date
    -That's when my nemesis, the infamous Mask DeMasque, dancingly descended
    upon me!
    -Just as I began to turn, the coward struck a fierce blow upon my noble
    -Darkness swallowed me before I could land a single strike. When I awoke,
    he was gone.
    -Thirty minutes later, I used an emergency phone to notify the police.
    Press the fourth statement. Atmey says again that he was knocked 
    unconcious right away, but that can't possibly be true. Present the
    DeMasque's Broach at this statement. After all, this broach shows signs 
    that a struggle occurred before it was torn off. 
    There was only one person in the room DeMasque entered--Atmey. He had to
    have fought with DeMasque, even if just to pull off his broach. Atmey will
    testify again, this time about his fight with the thief.
    ~Luke Atmey's Testimony-Fight With The Thief~
    -Indeed, it's true that I looked away from the door for a brief moment.
    -However...Luke Atmey cannot be so easily discombobulated!
    -Unfortunately, the thief grabbed a weapon from the side and...rendered me
    -A true gentleman fights only with his own fists...But they were not
    -His first blow struck true! Bam! ...And that's all she wrote.
    Press the first statement to learn that Atmey looked from the door in order
    to check the computer, which has just recorded the alarm going off. Choose
    to ask "About the sensor". You'll learn that he placed detectors everywhere
    near every entrance. Now, press the final statement.
    Atmey will describe how he was trying to fight against the villian. When
    some choices come up, choose "Atmey Fighting Style?". All he says is to put
    your back against the wall during an attack. The Judge will ask if this was
    important. Choose "It was very important.". The following statement will be
    added to the testimony:
    -I put my back to the wall to fight, but the thief's blow landed upon my
    third eye.
    Press this new statement. He's actually referring to his forehead when he
    means third eye. At this statement, you need to present the Shichishito.
    Yeah, there's a problem. Atmey told you quite clearly yesterday, not to
    mention it's in the Court Record, that he was hit by the weapon at the back
    of his head and not the front. 
    This blatant contradiction isn't the only thing that stands out in his
    testimony. Atmey has also been hiding the calling card that was sent by
    Mask DeMasque from the police. It seems as though Atmey was afraid they
    would help with security. Godot objects (for the first time yet) saying 
    that Atmey has just made a simple mistake. However, Phoenix thinks 
    otherwise. When given the choice, choose that "Mr. Atmey is Mask DeMasque".
    It's the only logical answer. 
    That sure got a reaction out of Atmey. He was hiding at crime scenes, so
    nobody ever saw him. Not only that, but in a previous heist he just happens
    to recover the stolen object. Basically, Atmey is full of crap as he tries
    to worm his way out of this. All he did was dress as the thief and steal
    the urn. Right before you are able to prove that Atmey is the criminal,
    Godot objects, as well as flings a coffee cup at you.
    He says that this isn't true, and demands that you show some proof to back
    up your claim. Choose that the proof "has yet to be found!". Well, as much
    as you'd hate to admit it, no proof can actually be presented right now.
    Well, it looks like things are all over for you.
    But wait! Desiree appears just in the nick of time. She hands you the
    dufflebag that was in Atmey's office yesterday. But that's not the
    important part. She brought the contents of the bag--the Sacred Urn itself.
    SACRED URN will be updated in the Court Record.
    Atmey looks more flustered than ever. Godot objects, saying that since she
    is the wife of Ron, she is only trying to save him from conviction. Well,
    it is true she could have found it anywhere. You need to prove in some way
    that the urn was in the Atmey Detective Agency to begin with. Choose to 
    "Show fingerprints on the urn". Sadly, Atmey says that he is wearing gloves
    all of the time, so his fingerprints would never be on the urn.
    Phoenix will claim that he knows whose fingerprints should appear on the
    urn. Present Phoenix's profile. Yeah, seems suicidal, but after all, 
    Phoenix checked the bag yesterday and did end up touching the urn. So, if
    Phoenix's fingerprints end up being on the urn, then it proves that it 
    does belong to Atmey after all. 
    Godot objects, saying you could have touched it at any time. But Adrian
    said earlier that she polished the urn to make it nice and clean. Any
    previous fingerprints on it would have been washed away. Atmey goes quite
    insane after this, proclaiming that he actually is Mask DeMasque after all.
    Sweet. Looks like we won this trial without much of a fight. And now...
    Damnit, Ron! Stop screwing us over! He keeps on going on and on about how
    he is the real thief, not Atmey. Now Ron wants to testify about how he is
    the real Mask DeMasque, so you'll have to prove him incorrect, or he will
    be getting the guilty verdict he wants. Well, I'm confused. Why are we
    defending the insane people again?
    ~Ron DeLite's Testimony-Mask DeMasque's Identity~
    -The truth is, I've been Mask DeMasque all along!
    -I mean, you can't prove that I'm not actually Mask DeMasque, can you?
    -I don't have an alibi for the night the urn was stolen, after all!
    -I donned my costume that night and dancingly descended upon the scene of
    the crime!
    -Look! You can see right there in the photo! That's me!
    -As for my broach, I snagged it on the door handle and it got torn off,
    that's all!
    Press the third statement, as anything else just get's Phoenix to say he
    needs to find a way to prove it was impossible for Ron to be near the urn.
    Phoenix thinks that he may have some form of evidence that proves Ron had
    some form of alibi when the robbing took place. Choose "Yes, I have 
    evidence.". Present Ron's Wallet.
    After all, his wallet was found at the same time that the robbery took 
    place. It was found at KB Security headquarters. Thusly, he had to be there
    on that night, and not at the warehouse. And since there was a considerable
    distance between there and the warehouse, he couldn't have gone there in
    time even if he wanted to. Ron then refutes, saying that someone must have
    placed the wallet there to make it look like he was there and not doing
    something like pulling off a heist. 
    Phoenix presents the Key Card, and that Ron dropped his wallet when using
    the card. Godot says that Ron would need some form of motive to enter KB
    Security in the middle of the night. Now you need some evidence to back up
    a motive. Present the Blackmail Letter. At the time of the real theft, Ron
    was busy dealing with a blackmailer in the CEO's office. 
    Godot managed to object to your nonsense, asking if you even asked the CEO
    himself about it. Now you need to present something of someone that will
    backup the claim that Ron was inside the CEO's office that night. Now
    present Larry's profile. Larry was working as a security guard that nigh.
    Now it turns to the Key Card. Remember that Larry said these kinds of cards
    leave records when used. 
    All that's left to do now is analyze the contents of the Key Card. After
    a short intermission, the person who is the CEO is Kane Bullard. The Key
    Card in question was used at 1 AM on the day of the crime. KEY CARD is
    updated in the Court Record. 
    Furthermore, this means that the person in the security camera photo can't
    be Ron DeLite. Thusly, you have successfully proven that he had an alibi
    that night and couldn't be the real Mask DeMasque. Ron must have been in
    the CEO's office that night. 
    Well, that's it. Ron has earned himself a Not Guilty verdict for real this
    time, and nothing he says can get him out of it!
    Date-October 13, 2:24 PM
    Location-District Court; Defendant Lobby No. 4
    Well, this short and simple case wraps up quite nicely. You proved your
    (insane) defendant innocent, got the real criminal, and nothing went wrong.
    Mia didn't have to help at all, either! Woo! Pearl, Maya, and Desiree come
    and celebrate your victory. After Pearl slaps Phoenix several times, 
    thinking that he's cheating on Maya or something, but then Godot comes up
    to you.
    Sadly, he says that the body of the CEO, Kane Bullard, was found dead. He
    was found to be dead at around 1 AM, October 12. Aw crap, now that we have
    freed Ron from being a thief, we have yet to clear him of being a murderer.
    What, why would a CEO want to blackmail Ron, if he even is the blackmailer?
    Ron was in the CEO's office at 1 AM, the exact time and place of the 
    murder. Ron is looking a bit suspicious now. Ron was once a security 
    guard at KB, so it seems natural that he would have some connections to the
    place. Well, looks like Ron is heading right back off to the Detention
    Center. Sucks to be him. 
    Well, on a final note of battle, Godot wishes you goodbye. Now we get to
    try and prove Ron innocent for murder. When you get the chance, save the
    game. This case just got much longer and complicated.
                            ~6C.Part 3 Investigation~
    Date-October 13, 3:02 PM
    Location-Wright & Co. Law Offices
    Maya helps rub in the pain by saying you did too good of a job getting Ron
    off the hook, so much so that now he's convicted of murder. Pearl then 
    heads off to Kurain Village alone to take back the urn. She also wants you
    and Maya to have some alone time. The Sacred Urn will be handed to Pearl.
    Start off by talking to Maya about "What to do". Maya says that you should
    ask Desiree where KB Security is located. She also says you should stop by
    the Detention Center first to ask Ron several questions. Talk about the
    "Sacred Urn" now. Maya will say that something is wrong with the urn--it
    has I AM spelled in the exhibition photo, but it looks fixed with AMI
    written on it. There's also the matter of the pink splotches on it. Could
    the urn be a fake? 
    Talk about "Kurain Village" next. Maya will recount what happened during
    the murder in the village from last year. Head over to the Detention Center
    Date-October 13
    Location-Detention Center; Visitor's Room
    Ron is going under some interrigation right now, so you aren't able to talk
    to him. Now head over to DeMasque's Hideout.
    Date-October 13
    Location-Mask DeMasque's Hideout
    Desiree is still here, complaining that Ron wouldn't kill somebody. Once
    she has stopped complaining, talk to her about "Ron DeLite". She will say
    again that Ron would never kill somebody. Despite the fact that he probably
    isn't the killer, it still seems odd that he calls himself a thief even
    though we already found out just who to real thief was. Desiree says that
    she known everything about Ron, and fell in love with him at first sight.
    Now ask about "Detective Atmey". Desiree ended up getting nervous during 
    trial and left early, trying to find some info on the real criminal. Since
    she figured that Atmey knew a lot about DeMasque, she figured she would go
    ask him some questions herself. When she poked into his office, she found
    the dufflebag lying on the table. And that, you know, she brought to court.
    Now talk about "KB Security". Desiree still thinks that Ron is working 
    there. Desiree will tell you the location of KB Security, so you can go 
    there now. Finally, ask about "Love at first sight?". Ron ended up saving
    Desiree from two robbers one day. Well, enough love stories--head over to
    the CEO's Office.
    Date-October 13
    Location-KB Security; CEO's Office
    What a creepy room for an office. Look's more like a vault. Detective
    Gumshoe is here, as you may have thought, investigating the scene. Once 
    Maya stops insulting Gumshoe, you should first ask about "What happened".
    The victim of the murder was Kane Bullard, CEO of KB Security. He was found
    dead at 9:00 AM this morning, and thought to have been killed at 1:00 AM on
    October 12. Killed by a blunt force to the head. AUTOPSY REPORT will be
    added to the Court Record.
    Oddly enough, the body was found in the large safe to the left, explaining
    why it took so long to discover the missing body. Now ask about "Detective
    Atmey". Atmey is also at the Detention Center, laughing and screaming at
    the police. Good to know he's still insane. Gumshoe explains that it should
    have been obvious since Atmey always disappeared when the heists took
    place. Gumshoe says that there was a witness on DeMasque's first heist.
    NEWSPAPER CLIPPING will be added to the Court Record.
    Now you can ask about "Prosecutor Godot". Gumshoe says that Godot is
    completely shrouded in mystery. He just came to the prosecutor's office one
    day, and faced off in court for the first time today. Oddly, he seems to be
    an expert despite this being his first case. Everyone else thinks Godot is
    too strange to be talked about. Perhaps he is hiding some secret?
    Present the Newspaper Clipping to Gumshoe. Gumshoe lost the information on
    the only witness, but the guard in the picture ended up being the witness.
    Him and Atmey worked together to catch DeMasque. Gumshoe has the feeling 
    that he's seen the guard lately.
    Now you should start to examine the area. Check out the blue binder on the
    front table. For some reason, it is filled to the brim with information
    about Mask DeMasque, not something about security! Towards the end of the
    book is a piece of paper that lists the treasures DeMasque has stolen, and
    their values. KANE'S LIST will be added to the Court Record. If you check
    it, the treasures have been increasing in value. The $100,000 Tear of
    Emanon was first, and up to the $800,000 Portrait of Mejeena. So why, then,
    would he steal a worthless urn?
    Examine the large gold safe on the left. Gumshoe steps in, saying that
    there weren't any traces of fingerprints found on the safe. Gumshoe also
    says that opening the safe is insanely difficult, and that only a few 
    people actually know how to do it. Everyone that knows how to open the safe
    has an alibi, except for, naturally, Ron. Looks like Ron knew how to open
    the safe as well.
    Now, examine the red button just behind the CEO's desk. Maya presses the
    button in curiosity, making a loud and annoying alarm go off. After Gumshoe
    freaks out a bit, he explains that it's an emergency buzzer, as if you
    should have been able to read that from the label. The buzzer is connected
    to the basement's guard room. Sadly, the CEO never pressed the button on
    the night that he was attacked. No fingerprints were found on the buzzer,
    either. Kane Bullard wasn't wearing gloves at all, so it's impossible for
    him to have pushed the button. EMERGENCY BUZZER added to the Court Record.
    You can examine the picture or shelves if you want, but for now, head to
    the Security Room.
    Date-October 13
    Location-KB Security; Security Guard Office
    What a high-tech office. Larry, if you remember, works here. He greets you
    upon entering, and then says that he has some news about the murder. Talk
    to him about the "Good info". After Maya warms him up, Larry will say that
    Ron was an employee here a while ago. However, he was fired one year ago.
    There wasn't any warning to the firing, either. 
    Now talk about "Security guard". Larry talks about what he has to do as a
    security guard. It's the normal "watch the screens for hours" stuff. Now
    ask about "The night of the crime". Looks like Larry isn't ready to spill
    out what he saw this night, and a pair of Psyche-Locks appear over him.
    Well, with nowhere else to go, present the Magatama to get this rolling.
    ~Larry Butz's Magatama Secret-The Night of the Crime~
    Phoenix starts to accuse Larry of not being on the job through the entire
    night. You will then be demanded to present some evidence that shows Larry
    had to have left his position some time during the night. Present Ron's
    Wallet. After all, Larry practically gave that away for you. Larry had to
    visit Desiree yesterday in order to hand back the wallet. He found the
    wallet at around 1:00 AM in the morning, the same time as the murder. 
    Thusly, he wasn't in the security guard office at the time of the murder.
    There's still one lock to go. Larry now says that his shift didn't start
    until 10:00 PM. The murderer might have snuck in before that time. If that
    is true, than it's the fault of the previous guard and not Larry. Now you
    need to present evidence that completely shows the murderer must have snuck
    in well after 10:00 PM. Present the CEO Office Key Card. The card has some
    data of being used at 1:00 AM. So, Larry doesn't know about the card being
    used. Great. With that, the last lock breaks.
    Now you can ask about "The night of the crime". During the middle of his
    shift, Larry's girlfriend called and showed him that she had gotten another
    boyfriend. The guy then knocked out Larry, explaining now how he couldn't
    have been in the security office. Maya suggests you show him some evidence
    to make him feel better. Present the CEO Office Buzzer.
    Larry agrees to talk about the buzzer. Ask about "Emergency buzzer" next.
    Maya will ask if it is true that the buzzer never went off on the night of
    the murder. Larry heads off to check on the records of the buzzer uses, and
    comes back surprised. The buzzer was actually used once in the morning, 
    just after 1 AM, the time of the murder. BUZZER RECORD will be added to the
    Court Record. If you check it, the buzzer went off at 1:02 AM. Head back
    into the CEO's Office.
    Date-October 13
    Location-KB Security; CEO's Office
    Gumshoe is still here. Present Kane Bullard's profile to him. Although he
    doesn't know much, you can now ask about "The victim". This company 
    actually sends security teams to companies that request them. Bullard 
    probably learned many secrets while doing this work. Bullard also loved his
    money, and earned millions from his business. 
    Bullard also traded company secrets to some rival companies. KB Security
    also used to head security operations against Mask DeMasque. After many
    screw ups, the company started to falter. It can be easily told now that
    Bullard sent Ron the blackmail letter. Head to the Basement Warehouse now.
    Date-October 13
    Location-Lordly Tailor; Basement Warehouse
    You will find Adiran down here still, looking as messed up as ever. She'll
    be happy to hear that the urn was found. Now talk to her about "DeMasque's
    identity". She'll feel bad about herself about realizing that she was the
    person who hired DeMasque to be a security guard, which just ended up in
    the urn getting stolen even more easily. Remember, Atmey was hired 20 days
    ago, and the card came 10 days ago. Obviously, Atmey must have done it.
    Now ask about "The night of the crime". Atmey was hiding throughout the 
    night of the crime, so Adrian never got a good look at him on that night.
    He just operates that way to steal stuff more easily. Now ask about the
    "Sacred Urn". Phoenix notes that the urn looks different, and Maya asks if
    Adrian knows anything about it. Two Psyche-Locks will appear over her. We
    need a little more evidence, so for now, head back to the Detention Center.
    Date-October 13
    Location-Detention Center; Visitor's Room
    Ron will finally be done with the questioning, Phoenix accuses him of lying
    to them, and that he was answering a blackmail letter at KB Security. We
    need to get the truth out of him. Ask him about "Mask DeMasque". Ron 
    finally admits to being the one that didn't steal the urn. The person in
    the security photo must have been Atmey, then. 
    Now ask about "The night of the crime". Ron now admits he really did head
    over to KB Security at the time that the blackmail note said to do so. Ron
    worked there a while ago, so he was already aware of where the CEO's office
    was located. He knocked, and there was no answer. He then used his key card
    to unlock the door himself. This is also the point in time that he likely
    dropped his wallet, which Larry later found.
    Ron says that when he went into the CEO's office, someone was in there. He
    wasn't able to get a good look at them before the person hit Ron over the
    head, knocking him out. He doesn't know if the person was Kane Bullard or
    not, but the attacker did run away after hitting Ron. When Ron finally woke
    up, he found the dead body of CEO Kane Bullard lying infront of him. 
    Figuring that he had to do something with the body, he opened the safe and
    put him inside.
    Ron knew how to open up the safe, as you may recall. Ron then left quite
    carefully after that. Ron was the person who setup all of the security
    cameras in the building, so he was aware of where they all were and what
    areas they scanned. With that, he was able to safely avoid detection.
    Now ask about "Why you were fired". He demands to know if you have told 
    that to Desiree yet. He says that she can't know that he has been living a
    life of crime. Well, from the way it looks, Ron actually is Mask DeMasque.
    Desiree spends money like crazy, so he became a thief in order to get the
    money needed for his wife to spend.
    All you can do now is present the Newspaper Clipping. This is an article
    about his first heist. After stealing the expensive gem, Ron got an idea. 
    He hid the Mask DeMasque costume in a nearby bucket, then proceeded to 
    change into his security guard uniform. This means that the guard in the
    picture on the clipping is actually Ron himself. NEWSPAPER CLIPPING will
    be updated in the Court Record. However, Atmey actually managed to find the
    disguise. He even went on the bring it home with him. That's how Atmey
    managed to snag himself a broach. A few days after the incident, Ron got
    the first of many blackmail letters.
    Talk about "Blackmail letter" now. The letter you found wasn't the first,
    but it was the first that called him to a specific location. The first 
    letter had someone claim that they knew he did it. In the end, he had to
    give up the treasure that he worked so hard to steal. After he read the
    letter, he took the jewel and put it into a certain safety deposit. When
    he went to check on the jewel later, he found the person had taken it, and
    in its place, found $10,000. After that moment, he started to get plans in
    the mail.
    Talk about "Heist plans" next. In the mail, he would start recieving plans
    on how to steal valuable objects. All of the plans showed the blind spots
    in the security, escape routes, and even ways of training for the entire
    operation. So, in the end, Ron only planned his first crime. The rest of
    them were thought up by someone else. If Ron is really Mask DeMasque, 
    someone else is really behind the thefts. All he had to do is place the
    treasures in the mail, and he eventually got money back for them. As it
    turns out, Ron never even saw the urn. Did he even steal it? RON'S 
    TESTIMONY is added to the Court Record.
    Ron goes on to say that he didn't kill Kane Bullard. All he did was hide 
    his body in the safe. He was afraid that it would be discovered that he
    hid the body in the safe, so he turned himself in as the thief. If he was
    guilty of robbery, then he would have had an alibi. Pearl will finally
    return after all this. She ended up taking the Sacred Urn to Kurain Village
    to have it examined. She says that the people there who looked at it 
    confirmed it to be the real urn. 
    However, the pink splotches all over the urn is actually paint, and that
    they were put on it recently. You need to find how these splotches ended
    up on the urn. SACRED URN will be added back into the Court Record. Head 
    over to the Basement Warehouse now.
    Date-October 13
    Location-Lordly Tailor; Basement Warehouse
    Adrian is still here, and Phoenix comments that by examining the scene 
    here, as well as the urn, you can piece together what actually happened
    that night. Switch screens and examine the large area of paint splattered
    all over the back wall. The bottom left corner has an odd shape in the
    paint, and it happens to be the same color as the marks on the urn. What is
    the cause of the mark?
    Switch screens again and examine the wooden box lying on the floor. There
    is pink paint on this box as well, the same color as the one on the urn.
    Do you see how paint got on the box and urn yet? URN BOX will be added to
    the Court Record. Now, switch screens yet again and examine the paint on
    the wall one more time. You and Pearl agree that the odd shape at the
    corner of the dried paint was made by the box the urn was placed in. Now
    we are getting somewhere. PAINT MARKS will be added to the Court Record.
    All that is left to do is get the very last bit of information from 
    Adrian Andrews. Present the Magatama, and let's squeeze it out of her.
    ~Adrian Andrews's Magatama Secret-The Sacred Urn~
    Phoenix tells Adrain that the urn submitted in court as evidence is most
    certainly different than the one in the exhibit. Adrian says that it is
    possible the urn could be a fake, and asks for evidence that the urn 
    submitted in court was genuine. You just figured this out yourself--present
    the Sacred Urn.
    Pearl just went back and confirmed that it is the real thing. However,
    there is something different. This time, the urn was broken yet again.
    Adrian will ask for evidence on how you can tell the urn was broken yet
    again recently. Present the Treasure Exhibit Poster. You can tell from the
    photo alone that the urn should have red "I AM" and that there should be
    cracks all over it. The urn reads "AMI" again, though. The first lock will
    break once you have figured this out. 
    Adrian says that she wasn't present when the picture of the urn was taken.
    Even if the urn was broken, she had nothing to do with it. You will need to
    present proof that the urn was broken here at Lordly Tailor. Present the
    Paint Marks. There is pink paint over the urn, and pink paint all over the
    floors nearby. Adrian tries to get herself out of the situation, but you
    won't let her. She says there isn't any proof the paint on the urn and that
    on the floor are the same paint. 
    Now you need proof showing they are one and the same. Present the Urn Box.
    After all, the box fits the shape imprinted onto the shape of the paint on
    the floor. With that, the final lock breaks.
    Now you can ask about the "Sacred Urn". Adrian finally admits to being the
    one who broke the urn. Not only did she break it, but she tried to hide 
    what she did. This happened two weeks, just after the promo photo was taken
    and the day the urn arrived at the warehouse. She was carrying the box and
    taking it to the warehouse, until she tripped over a paint can, crashing 
    the box onto the ground. When she picked up the box, the broken pieces of
    the urn fell out and right into the wet paint. 
    Seeing as this was the most important article in the village, she had to
    try and reassemble the urn. She figured that the urn had to read "AMI"
    after all. She put the urn in the storeroom, and it hasn't been seen since.
    SACRED URN will be updated in the Court Record. Adrian was so embarassed 
    at her mistake that she had to use the golden Ami statue to cover up the
    paint. Now ask about the "Ami Fey statue".
    There weren't paint marks when you first came here. On the day you 
    arrived, the statue also happened to come. She decided to cover up the 
    paint with the statue. However, when you revisited this room, the statue
    had moved and the paint marks were revealed. This means that somebody else
    must have moved the statue as there is no reason Adrian would move it
    AMI FEY'S GOLDEN STATUE will be updated in the Court Record. There seems
    to be some connection between the urn and this murder. If the real Mask
    DeMasque, Ron DeLite, was at KB Security, then who was here stealing the
    urn? Save the game when prompted.
                               ~6D.Part 4-1 Trial~
    Date-October 14, 9:41 AM
    Location-District Court; Defendant Lobby No. 4
    Maya mentions that a ton of people are here for the trial next door, the
    one for Detective Atmey. Ron will burst in, demanding attention. If Ron
    was just following plans this whole time, it is possible the murder and the
    robberies have something in common. Phoenix also notes that you have little
    time in court.
    Date-October 14, 10:00 AM
    Location-District Court; Courtroom No. 6
    As Godot spills some more nonsensical words of wisdom, the Judge will
    summarize the details of the case thus far. Godot will demand that Ron
    testifies first.
    ~Ron DeLite's Testimony-My Visit to KB Security~
    -That evening, around 1 AM, I went to see Mr. Bullard in his office at KB
    -The blackmail letter I got...It ordered me to go there.
    -I'd been working for KB Security until a year ago, so I knew where his
    office was.
    Oh, that's it? Short testimony. Ironically, it will take a while before you
    can point out a contradiction. Start by pressing the second statement, 
    which seems to be missing some key information. The Judge will ask Ron if
    he's gotten other blackmail letters before, and will start to explain what
    they tell him to do, but Phoenix stops him. Choose to "Press harder". Ron
    says that he had no intention of paying the money, and had nothing to be
    afraid of. The following line will be added to his testimony:
    -The blackmail thread didn't scare me. It wasn't going to cause me trouble
    or anything.
    Press the final statement. Godot will say that because Ron was fired for
    little reason, that would be a perfect motive for murder. Phoenix will then
    think of another question to ask to change the subject. Choose "Why he was
    fired". Ron, sadly, replies that he needed money. Ron's salary wasn't
    enough, so he decided to steal data from the company. Ron was head of his
    security team, and he was easily able to obtain data of other security
    teams in other buildings, and then sold that information for cash. When
    Kane Bullard found out about this, Ron was promptly fired. Ron was able to
    make it appear to others that he only quit his job, and the following line
    is also added to the testimony:
    -He fired me for selling compant secrets...but Dessie doesn't know about
    Now that you have this statement, you can get somewhere by pressing the
    first statement that was added (The blackmail thread...). Ron says that he
    is sure that the blackmail letters were referring to him being Mask 
    DeMasque. Godot objects, saying that Kane Bullard had no way of proving
    that Ron was Mask DeMasque. Because he was stealing data, there may have
    been a problem that became public knowledge. Choose "Yes, he would.". 
    You will need to provide some evidence that shows why Ron would need to
    keep the news of him stealing data from going public. Present Desiree's
    profile. Ron, as he told you, was scared of Desiree finding out that he was
    a criminal. Godot now continues, saying that Ron truly was afraid of his
    wife finding out about the stealings. Kane Bullard then used blackmail to
    squeeze the money back out of Ron, explaining why Ron had to kill Bullard.
    Godot will now demand that Ron explains what happened at the crime scene
    early in the morning. 
    ~Ron DeLite's Testimony-At the CEO's Office~
    -When I entered the office, there was a suspicious shadow there...
    -Suddenly, I was hit on the forehead. After that, I remember being a bit
    -If I hadn't been wearing that, I would have been killed!
    -When I came to...Mr. Bullard was lying there...dead!
    Press the third statement for some important information. You need to know
    what "that" is. Ron is actually talking about his Mask DeMasque costume.
    The Judge will order this statement into his testimony:
    -I'd have been killed if I hadn't been wearing my Mask DeMasque costume!
    Press this new statement. Ron was dressed up as DeMasque because, mainly he
    is DeMasque, and because he thought that the blackmail was originally about
    the Mask DeMasque issue and not the data stealing one. He mentions that 
    with his cape on, the process of getting there took much longer.
    Choose to "Press harder". He then says that opening the safe actually took
    much longer. His cape kept getting caught on the safe door while he was
    trying to hide Bullard's body. The Judge gets furious at this, and orders
    Ron to add this next statement to his testimony:
    -I panicked and his the body in the safe. It took about 10 minutes.
    There's a problem with this statement, despite it not seeming that way.
    Present the Buzzer Record paper. The buzzer was pressed at 1:02 AM. If Ron
    actually was the murderer, he wouldn't have been stupid enough to stand
    around and wait for the security team to arrive. Godot says that Ron may
    not have known there was security in the building, but that's impossible.
    Ron was one of the security guards until a year ago.
    There's no way he wouldn't have known about them. Although, nobody ended up
    coming due to Larry being knocked out elsewhere at the time. Godot thinks
    that it may have been pressed without Ron knowing it, but remember that the
    buzzer is annoyingly loud. Ron didn't know the buzzer sounded because he
    was knocked out shortly after entering the room. That's why he assumed he
    had time to hide the body. Whoever knocked out Ron was also the person who
    pushed the buzzer.
    Godot keeps saying that is was Kane Bullard that pushed the buzzer, and
    you may want to prove it with evidence. Choose "I can prove it alrght.".
    You will need to now present some form of evidence that shows Kane couldn't
    have pushed the buzzer. Present the CEO Office Buzzer itself. Remember, no
    fingerprints were found on the buzzer, so there is no way he could have
    pushed it. 
    Godot will keep on objecting to this nonsense. He still thinks that Bullard
    did end up pushing the button. Mask DeMasque wears gloves, so there is no
    reason for him to wipe fingerprints off the button. Now the Judge will ask
    why would the real criminal, who is in the same room, want to push the
    emergency buzzer, thereby putting himself in danger? 
    The real criminal killed Bullard at 1 AM, and Ron was heading into the CEO
    office at the same moment. The criminal pushed the emergency buzzer soon
    after. Security was supposed to respond, but it never showed. You will now
    need to give a reason as to why the killer sounded the alarm. Choose "To
    call the security guard", the obvious answer. That is exactly what the 
    murderer wanted. Of course, this never happened, unbeknownst to the killer.
    There were three people in the office when the alarm went off. Bullard who
    was dead, Ron who was unconcious, and the real killer. If the killer made
    his escape, then the security guards who came would assume that Ron was the
    killer. Ron was actually being framed for murder.
    Now, you will need to present the person who is thought to be the one that
    killed Bullard and tried to frame Ron. Someone who knew his identity 
    already, as well as someone who knew that he was called to KB Security.
    Present Luke Atmey's profile.
    Atmey isn't Mask DeMasque. He's really the true murderer of Kane Bullard.
    Theft and murder are two totally different crimes, murder being the more
    serious one. Atmey's real objective yesterday was to be convicted of theft.
    He'd get off the hook more easily from that than murder. Being found guilty
    as being Mask DeMasque was Atmey's entire alibi the whole time.
    Oooh, that was smart of him. Godot says that if you want to stall this
    trial and stop Atmey's before he gets a verdict, now's the time to do it,
    assuming you have proof that he committed the murder. Mia will flash in
    Phoenix's thoughts (ah, can't go an entire trial without her helping us. 
    Stupid deus ex machina crap Capcom throws at us), and Phoenix will then
    boldly exclaim that there be a recess so that Atmey can be summoned to the
    courtroom and tried for murder.
    Date-October 14, 11:58 PM
    Location-District Court; Courtroom No. 5
    Oh. That's where Payne has gone to. And we get to see that there IS more 
    than one Judge. Cool. Well, right before the new Judge hands down the
    guilty verdict for Atmey like he wants, Phoenix bursts into the courtroom
    (and yes, this Judge is Canadian). Phoenix files an accusation for murder
    against Luke Atmey just in time. Save when prompted.
                              ~6E.Part 4-2 Trial~
    Date-October 14, 12:14 PM
    Location-District Court; Defendant Lobby No. 4
    Well, even though we accused Atmey of murder just well and fine, we still
    have yet to discover a motive for him. All that's left is to find that and
    get Ron off the hook. Somehow.
    Date-October 14, 12:21 PM
    Location-District Court; Courtroom No. 6
    Luke Atmey will take the stand once again. He will keep insisting that he
    is the real Mask DeMasque, and testify on what he was doing the night of
    the murder.
    ~Luke Atmey's Testimony-The Alibi~
    -I was stealing the urn as Mask DeMasque, just as I announced I would...
    -I had more than enough time to prepare. It was a pathetically easy job.
    -A photograph contains now words...But in this case, one turned out to be
    my witness.
    -The time at which the camera captured Mask DeMasque was the same time as
    the murder.
    One of two things can be fake. The Mask DeMasque himself, or the photo. 
    Now, which do you think is easier to prove? Press the first statement. 
    Godot will object when you claim that it may not be Atmey in the photo.
    Choose to "Give it up". He doesn't have an accomplice, at least we don't
    know for sure yet. Now press the second statement. You won't get anything
    out of it besides Atmey praising himself for being so clever in being a
    guard at the place he's stealing from.
    Press the third statement. Atmey will boldly claim this is the very thing
    that proves he committed the crime, as if he did it intentionally. Phoenix
    notes that something may be phony in the photo if he isn't the DeMasque in
    it. Press the final statement afterwards. The camera was setup by Lordly
    Tailor, and the picture printed by them. The timestamp on it couldn't be
    After being forced to press every statement, press the third one again.
    You will go through nearly the same text, and Atmey then says this proves
    he couldn't have killed Bullard that night. Phoenix thinks something is odd
    about the picture. Choose "You bet there is.". There is something in the
    photo that doesn't match the info you have been given about the heist
    earlier. You will need to point to the spot that isn't right. Point to the
    spilled paint.
    Considering the layout the warehouse has, something should have been in the
    picture that isn't even in it. Present the Ami Fey's Golden Statue. Adrian
    put the statue over the paint marks, remember? If the picture was really
    taken on that night, the spiller paint shouldn't even be visible. Godot
    will object, saying it could have been pushed. However, due to the weight
    of the statue, it would have to be completely forced over there. 
    Godot will demand a reason as to why and how the statue was pushed into the
    corner, and not kept on the paint like it was supposed to. When asked, 
    present Atmey's profile. Although Phoenix is called delusional for all of
    this, there is a simple reason. Atmey was the only person in the basement
    warehouse that night. Now for the motive--why would he need or want to move
    the golden statue in the first place? 
    The Judge will ask how the statue isn't over the paint in the picture. 
    Phoenix will explain that Atmey dressed as Mask DeMasque in order to create
    an alibi at Lordly Tailor that night. The photo, however, contains a large
    flaw. If the statue was there, this lie would have been caught more easily.
    Godot asks you to explain what in the picture is wrong. Point to timestamp
    in the top left corner and present it.
    During the night in question, Atmey went the KB Security and murdered 
    Bullard. It wouldn't have been possible to be in Lordly Tailor at the same
    time. The statue wasn't placed down in the room until the night of the
    crime, so the only way that this photo could have been taken without the
    statue there is if it were taken days before the murder and "actual" 
    robbery took place. Atmey must have been quite scared during the real
    heist because the statue was in the photo's view, but it isn't in the 
    photo that shows him committing the fake robbery. 
    This is why Atmey had to move the statue on the day of the murder. It was
    just to make the room look like it is in the photo. Atmey will then 
    present the data for the basement warehouse computer. The camera went off
    once on the night of the crime. Despite the camera's belonging to Lordly
    Tailor, the computer data was all Atmey's. That made it possible for him
    to tamper with the data. Godot says that this is still only a possibility.
    Since, through this logic, Atmey is still DeMasque, then he should have no
    problem talking about his strategy.
    ~Luke Atmey's Testimony-The Sacred Urn Heist~
    -I first recieved the request from Lordly Tailor about 20 days ago.
    -The urn was placed in a box, and Zvarri! It was sent to the warehouse.
    -Hence, I was actually unable to see the urn for myself until the day of
    the crime...
    -I knew it was an extremely valuable treasure, so I sent my card 10 days
    -I then handled security by myself to ensure that my crime would go
    -At last, I held the urn in my hands for the first time at 1 AM on October
    What you're trying to prove is that Atmey has taken the picture well before
    the actual crime took place. Press the last statement. Perhaps Atmey could
    have stolen, or at least seen, the urn before the photo was taken? With 
    this info in mind, present DeMasque's Calling Card at the final statement.
    Yeah, what a nonsensical objection. Doubt many figured that on their own.
    Well, if Atmey was really DeMasque, the calling card would be written by
    him. The card itself reads something about a "speckled urn". That must be
    referring to the pink paint all over the urn. However, there is no possible
    way that DeMasque would have known this ten days ago. The paint never
    appeared on the urn until well after it actually arrived at Lordly Tailor!
    The urn got paint on it when Adrian dropped it. The calling card clearly
    mentions that pink paint on it. This means Atmey must have seen the paint
    on the urn well before the crime took place. He saw it when the photo was
    taken. Because the photo has pretty much been proven fake now, Atmey's
    alibi is now thrown out the window. 
    Godot now asks you the one question you have yet to figure out--why would
    Atmey want to kill Kane Bullard? If he did all this to pin the crime on
    Ron, Atmey would need a damn good motive. Atmey will now testify about the
    motive for murder. Ron's motive, that is.
    ~Luke Atmey's Testimony-Motive for Murder~
    -I, Luke Atmey, had no points of contact with the victim whatsoever.
    -Kane Bullard decided to investigate Mask DeMasque and simply mistook who
    he was!
    -It was Mr. Bullard who wrote the blackmail letter and sent it to Ron
    -And it was again Mr. Bullard who harbored a grudge against Mr. DeLite
    for his betrayal.
    -Mr. Bullard's mistake is quite excusable. The defendant truly believes
    that he is Mask DeMasque!
    -That is why Mr. DeLite saw it fit to kill Kane Bullard. Truly a 
    Before you cross examine, the Judge questions if Ron really was blackmailed
    by Kane Bullard. Godot will say that a handwritten analysis proves this,
    and the BLACKMAIL LETTER will be updated in the Court Record to accomodate
    this information.
    You need to prove that Atmey and Bullard had some connections. Press the
    third statement. There is no addressee written on the letter. So, what if
    the letter wasn't actually intended for Ron? If you check the blackmail
    letter yourself, read it carefully. Something about it fits Atmey moreso
    than Ron. Present the Blackmail Letter at the third statement.
    Phoenix will say that the Blackmail Letter holds one very large 
    contradiction. After getting pestered by Godot, you will be asked to show
    the contradicting evidence in the letter. Present the Newspaper Clipping.
    The stolen jewel, the Tear of Emanon, is in this photo. The jewel's color
    is the main problem. The jewel is blue in the picture, and the letter is
    asking for a red jewel, something completely different. The jewel asked
    for in the letter isn't anything that Mask DeMasque stole at all.
    Quite clearly, as everyone says, you are saying the letter was intended for
    a different person. You'll need to present that person's profile. Present
    Luke Atmey's profile once again. Atmey has been following Mask DeMasque 
    after all of his heists, and recovered one of the objects in the fourth
    heist. Atmey then got a red jewel as his reward for doing so. I'm sure
    you have noticed him constantly flash it off as he's talking. 
    This has to have been the red diamon referred to in the letter, making the
    letter originally directed to Atmey and not Ron. Godot will object, saying
    that Bullard intended to reveal someone's "identity" to the world. Just 
    what identity could Atmey possibly have had? When asked what he needed to
    keep secret, choose "a blackmailer.". 
    If you think about it, this all makes sense. Kane Bullard is the one who
    was blackmailing Luke Atmey. However, Ron told you that he was recieving
    blackmail letters from an unknown source, someone telling him to commit all
    of these crimes and desposit them elsewhere. This would mean that Ron is
    actually Mask DeMasque. Someone else came up with the plans, and Ron 
    actually put them into motion. That someone must by Atmey.
    Atmey then goes on to say that he would have learned the identity of Mask
    DeMasque after his first crime. During the first crime, how did Atmey learn
    that DeMasque was actually Ron? Present the Newspaper Clipping again. The
    picture on the front has Atmey and Ron in his security guard uniform. All
    Ron did was take off the costume and put it into a nearby bucket. With such
    a crappy way of getting rid of the evidence, Atmey was easily able to find
    it and put the two together. Atmey is quite clearly now known as 
    blackmailing Ron.
    All Atmey is is a murderer and a blackmailer. Cool. After going a bit
    crazy, Godot will object and say that even though he has been blackmailing
    Ron, and that he has been proven to not be at the warehouse during the
    night of the crime, that it doesn't mean he was the one who killed Kane
    Bullard. If you can't prove he was at KB Security, none of the previous
    info will matter. That night, Luke Atmey was at KB Security, and the 
    defense "can't prove it.".
    Aw, crap. Well, we tried. Godot will interrupt when you ask for another
    testimony. We took Atmey from his own trial, so we may as well take him
    back since you can't prove he was the murderer. Maya thinks that you can
    just go out and investigate a little more, but Godot will then bring up the
    Double Jeopardy rule. If a client is found innocent of any crime, that
    person can't be tried again a second time. So, basically, if Atmey isn't
    found guilty right now, you can't try again. Unless something crazy and
    impossible in real life happens, you lose.
    Oh, look, it's Mia, here to bail you out of trouble yet again. When the
    Judge was in a child, this is what was on his report card every year (What?
    Mia said it--not me!). Mia thinks that the testimony isn't quite over yet,
    declaring that Atmey said numerous new remarks after you objected to his
    last testimony. She says that they will be proven useless in another
    cross examination. 
    Godot will have a change of heart all of a sudden, allowing one final
    ~Luke Atmey's Testimony-The Last Testimony~
    -Indeed, it is true that I was not at Lordly Tailor.
    -I had to leave to see about another vitally important job request.
    -I had known about the date beforehand, so I had this photograph readied.
    -My brilliant deduction was what informed me that the true culprit was Ron
    -And thanks to the Key Card and Wallet, it was abundantly clear that he
    was there.
    -I was also able to make a deduction from the buzzer, which only sounded
    -The button did not have any fingerprints on it...Why?
    -The victim would have left prints if he sounded it. Which means the killer
    sounded it.
    -Mr. DeLite was wearing his Mask DeMasque outfit, which is why he left no
    -And, the blackmail letter? The victim likely just mistook the color of
    the jewel.
    -Zvarri! Therefore, all the evidence points to that poor boy!
    The Judge is calling no shenanigans on this testimony. There isn't any
    evidence that contradicts the testimony, so you will have to press. The
    only problem is, you get only one chance. Press the wrong statement and
    you will lose the case. No pressure, right?
    10 statements kill you. The only one that yields any information--and a 
    case-breaking one at that--is statement 9 (Mr. DeLite was wearing...). 
    Godot will object right away, like he would if you pressed any other 
    statement, but Phoenix stops him. This statement is the one that reveals
    that he must have been in the CEO's office that night.
    The fact that Ron was wearing his costume has NEVER been brought up in this
    trial yet. However, it was brought up when Ron said it himself. Of course,
    Atmey was in the courtroom next door. He never could have learned this,
    unless, of course, he was in the CEO office. Godot keeps saying that there
    must be some way he figured it out himself, and that's because Atmey is the
    real killer.
    Atmey is also the one that knocked Ron unconcious. If Ron saw the real
    killer, then the real killer saw Ron. Atmey saw Ron after killing Kane
    Bullard, making it the only way he could have known what he was wearing.
    After laughing himself out of commission, it looks like this trial has
    finally come to an end. Atmey sure thought his plan through, even planning
    to use the Double Jeopardy rule when making his alibi. Ron still claims 
    that he's Mask DeMasque (which is actually true now). Aw, Ron finally
    claims something on his own. Due to Double Jeopardy, he can't be convicted
    of robbery now. He was declared innocent yesterday, remember? Yay.
    Date-October 14, 3:35 PM
    Location-District Court; Defendant Lobby No. 4
    Mia takes her leave during the ending. Ron is still sad, now that he's 
    sure that his wife hates him. Maya will ask you to present something that
    shows Ron's relationship is still steady. Present the Sacred Urn. Turns out
    the Desiree loves him more than ever for always declaring his crimes and
    not being so sneaky. 
    Pearl breaks in and scolds Phoenix, ending the case right after.
                       ~7.Episode 3-Recipe for Turnabout~
    The intro to this case starts right at trial. Well, the end of one, at 
    least. The Judge claims that there is no more need to prolong the trial and
    that the facts are clear. While this is happening, a man (probably the
    defendant), claims that he saw another person at a certain table. Another
    scene shows a person drinking something, while some other person across 
    from him slips in some powder to the drink. 
    Back to court, Payne is quite happy that he's won against Phoenix Wright.
    Wait, Phoenix!? What? That's impossible! He can't lose! Not to someone as
    crappy as Payne!
                           ~7A.Part 1 Investigation~
    Date-January 6, 10:03 AM
    Location-Wright & Co. Law Offices
    Maya and Phoenix are celebrating the new year, and they don't get far 
    before Gumshoe breaks in. He starts yelling at Phoenix, saying he's got
    something to talk about. He presents a magazine article reading "Deadly 
    Poisoning Brings Guilty Verdict. Defense Attorney Wright Trounced."
    Looks like Phoenix just got completely screwed in court, and Gumshoe isn't
    too happy about it. Phoenix never actually took on this case, let alone
    ever remembering that it even occurred. This must means that a fake Phoenix
    is running rampant, ruining his reputation. Well that's just great. 
    MAGAZINE CLIPPING will go into the Court Record.
    Gumshoe says you better sort this all out and get the case taken back to
    court. No idea how we are going to do that, but it's a start. It sure won't
    be easy getting a verdict like this overturned. Still, why would anyone 
    even want to impersonate Phoenix? Those silly cosplayers would easily be
    spotted before getting too close to the courthouse. Hmm.
    Now you'll be able to talk to Maya, so talk about "What to do" as usual.
    She says that you could go to the Detention Center, but it isn't likely
    that you will get much out of the person who is behind bars because of you.
    Eh. Ask about "Any ideas" next. Maya says that Gumshoe acted weirder than
    usual this morning. Seems like this event really hit a nerve. Perhaps it
    has something to do with the client? You better get yourself over to the
    Detention Center, then.
    Date-January 6
    Location-Detention Center; Visitor's Room
    When you enter, you will find that the client found guilty was none other
    than Maggey Byrde. She's the police officer you had to defend when Phoenix
    had amnesia in the first case of Justice For All. Good to see her again, I
    suppose. That uniform sure doesn't look very police officer-ish. Phoenix
    will explain his situation, you finally get the chance to talk to her.
    Ask about "Maggey Byrde". Maggey says that she was fired after the incident
    she was involved in last year. She now works as a waitress in the small
    French cafe Tres Bien. Now ask about "What happened". The incident occurred
    at Tres Bien on December 3rd. There were two men at the table, both of them
    drinking coffee. One of them, from the picture it looks like a guy with
    spiky hair, dropped some poison into the coffee.
    The victim took a sip and was soon killed from it. She doesn't know either
    of the people involved. Seems like Maggey has no motive to kill the victim.
    Even though she saw the killer, it does no good that the defense attorney
    that was defending her was a crappy rip-off of the real deal. Probably 
    would have been easy to get a Not Guilty verdict if you were there.
    Now ask about "Guilty verdict". Maggey was only convicted because nobody
    else saw these events. Nobody saw the person who put poison into the 
    coffee. Everyone who testified during the trial said that. They say that
    the victim was sitting alone at the table the entire time. Nobody believed
    Maggey, and then to make matters far worse then they already were, a small
    bottle of poison was found in the pocket of her apron. 
    Maggey passed out when she saw what happened, so the killer had time to 
    slip the poison into her pocket without her realizing it. Now you can talk
    about "The other guy". Maggey took the coffee to them, and assummed that
    both of them were from the music industry. One of them had an earpiece,
    another with the face of someone from the industry, and a sample CD was
    lying on the table. The CD read "MC", but Maggey isn't able to remember
    the rest. She also remembers that the killer was well built, much like the
    Present the Magazine Clipping to her. Maggey met Phoenix on the day after
    she was arrested, and there wasn't any fake Maya in sight. The fake Phoenix
    got all passionate about the case, sounding extremely overconfident about
    himself. The fake Phoenix was slightly taller and shady than normal. The
    voice was also really different. Everyone in the courtroom also seemed
    confused at the fake Phoenix, but nobody raised any objections over it.
    Phoenix says that since a verdict was given without a real defense 
    attorney, retrial may still be possible. Now you have to find the real
    murderer, and get a retrial for this case setup. Maggey will tell you where
    Tres Bien is, so head there right now.
    Date-January 6
    Location-Tres Bien
    It's quite the...uh, girlish store. Yeah. You can clearly see what table
    the murderer and victim were at, as it has been closed off from police 
    tape. There seems to be nobody here at the moment, probably since no one
    wants to risk getting killed by their waitresses. Since nobody is currently
    in the resturant, you can take the chance to examine the place and take
    anything worthwhile.
    Start by examining the large flowery walls between each table. Keep in mind
    that you can't see any tables infront or behind you--only places to the 
    left and right. That'll be important later. Now examine the rack of
    magazines kept close to the entrance. When you do, Phoenix will notice an
    out of place magazine stuffed behind the rack.
    It happens to be a rolled up sports paper, with some writing on one of the
    pages scribbled on. The words "MC Bomber" can be found, pointing at the
    number 100,000 which has a large X over it. A picture of a bomb can be
    found on the right page, and a doodle of Mask DeMasque can be seen laughing
    at the words. You will also note that the paper was from December 3rd,
    conveniently the day of the murder. SPORTS PAPER will be added to the Court
    With these important facts in hand, head straight back to the Detention
    Date-January 6
    Location-Detention Center; Visitor's Room
    Present the Sports Paper to Maggey. She says that Tres Bien doesn't recieve
    any newspapers. When shown the picture on one of the pages, she'll remember
    that MC Bomber were the words written on the CD. The $100,000 written on
    it was probably the down payment for the record deal. The newspaper likely
    belonged to the victim in this case. With this new information, return back
    to Tres Bien.
    Date-January 6
    Location-Tres Bien
    Maya appears on screen, shocked at whoever is about to--oh gosh. Who in the
    hell is that person? Is..is that a guy? This person says that he knows you,
    the person who flirted with him in court. Well, cool that we know he's gay
    or something. Too much information. This guy refers to himself as Jean
    Ask about "Tres Bien". Armstrong says the the name means "Very Good" when
    translated into English. You know, the language you wish he would speak?
    He also goes on to say that ever since Maggey got arrested, he has been
    forced to run the resturant on his own. Nobody has answered his wanted ads
    for new jobs. I can see why. Armstrong is also the chef, and an 
    aromoatherapist. That probably explains the abundant amount of flowers
    within the shop. 
    Ask about "What happened" afterwards. It was around 1 PM. A man who came in
    for some coffee suddenly became violently ill, clearly from the poison that
    was put into his coffee. It was Maggey who took the coffee to him, so he
    wouldn't know much else. Armstrong was in the kitchen when he heard the
    cries from the victim, and ran out to find the victim dead, as well as
    Maggey lying unconcious upon the floor. He also confirms that the man was
    alone when he was found dead. He was constantly asked by police if there
    was only one person, and the old man was asked the same question. 
    Ask about "Old man" for some more info. At the time of the murder, another
    person was here. He too was alone. The man also saw the murder occur. When
    asked, turns out Armstrong is pretty sure that it wasn't the real Phoenix
    who wasn't at the trial. Neat. 
    Present Maggey's profile after you've asked about all three topics. Seems
    that Armstrong knows all about Maggey and events about her in the past. 
    He says he isn't surprised about what happened after something like that
    happened before his eyes. Could Maggey have a motive, then? Now you can
    talk about "Maggey's motive". Armstrong won't come clear about what 
    Maggey's motive could have been, and soon enough you will find three 
    Psyche-Locks over him. 
    Phoenix also notices that the Magatama is missing. What the hell is going
    on here? Although, since Phoenix could see the Psyche-Locks, it means the
    Magatama must be somewhere closeby. He also says you should go ask the Old
    Man who spends his day in the nearby park. He's in Vitamin Square. Move
    there now.
    Date-January 6
    Location-Vitamin Square
    You will run into the grumpy Old Man soon after entering Vitamin Square,
    coupled with some catchy music. Talk about "What you saw". You'll just get
    nowhere. Ask about "Maggey Byrde" and "Tres Bien" after that, but the Old
    Man just keeps getting angry that you keep on pestering him. After you do
    that, finding out he hates how he hates the food and the way the waitresses
    dress, ask about "Tres Bien regular". For this one, the Old Man seems to
    completely avoid the question. If you had the Magatama, there probably 
    would be some Psyche-Locks on this one.
    Start examining the area. Aside from being a kids' playground, there is an
    orange slide on the bottom-right corner of the screen with a magazine 
    sitting on top of it. Examine it. The magazine contains a bunch of job
    listings. The Old Man exclaims that he threw it away, and seems quite 
    angry at you. JOB LISTINGS will be added to the Court Record, whether the
    Old Man likes it or not. Head back to Tres Bien again.
    Date-January 6
    Location-Tres Bien
    Present the Job Listings to Armstrong. He looks right at Maya and feels
    quite excited. Looks like she's being kidnapped...to be a waitress? Well,
    that sure didn't work in our favor. You'll need to go to the Criminal
    Affairs Department, but you're forced to stop at the Detention Center along
    the way.
    Date-January 6
    Location-Detention Center; Visitor's Room
    Maggey is back in questioning, apparently. She won't be back for a while,
    so mosey on over to the Criminal Affairs Department.
    Date-January 6
    Location-Police Station; Criminal Affairs Dept.
    You will meet up with Gumshoe right when you enter. He seems to be over-
    jubulent to give you any information that he knows for the case. Also
    helping you further, he managed to get a retrial scheduled for the standard
    10 AM tomorrow. Sadly, Godot's going to be the prosecutor for the trial
    this time. We just can't get off easy with Payne, can we? Gumshoe still
    seems to be angry, and tells you you better get Maggey innocent, or else.
    Ask about "Maggey Byrde". Turns out that Gumshoe was her mentor back when
    she was on the police force. Gumshoe sure gets nervous when you start to
    eye him in a suspicious sort of way, but yells that nothing special was
    going on. Right. Seems liek Gumshoe has a bit of a crush on Maggey, eh?
    Haha. Gumshoe also remarks that Phoenix's face makes it blatantly obvious
    what he's thinking. That explains why everyone seems to read his mind.
    Now talk about "The victim". Gumshoe reveals the victim to be Glen Elg, a
    computer programmer. Maggey has never had any contact with Glen before the
    day of the murder. Not to mention, all she did the day of the murder was
    take the coffee to him. Maggey also claimed to have never seen the guy
    before. Armstrong also said that this was Glen's first time to the
    restaurant, and even though it seems impossible for Maggey to have a 
    motive, one was still eastablished during the trial. Sadly, Gumshoe hasn't
    had the chance to find it, yet. You'll need to find out on your own.
    Talk about "The investigation" afterwards. Gumshoe says that no real
    investigation is going on, and he's by himself for this one. Poor Gumshoe.
    Gumshoe says that there were some fatal contradictions in Maggey's
    testimony. Now you need to talk about "Contradictions". The largest problem
    is the number of the people at the table. Maggey says there were two, while
    everyone else said there was only one. Then there's the matter of the CD.
    When the place was thoroughly examined, no CD was found. The earpiece that
    Glen was wearing was for the radio he was holding. Why was there a CD when
    Glen was using a radio? Armstrong never mentioned anything about the CD, so
    it seems that he is hiding something important.
    So, naturally, present Jean Armstrong's profile to Gumshoe. He says that
    he can't help but think that Armstrong has some vital role to play within
    this case. Talk about "The charming chef". Gumshoe doesn't feel too
    comfortable about explaining what he knows about Armstrong, and instead
    tells you to head back to Tres Bien and figure it out for yourself. 
    Now present the Magazine Clipping. As Gumshoe puts it, your phony blew
    chunks so hard it's as if you were deliberately trying to get a guilty
    verdict. Now how does that make sense? Present the Sports Paper after this.
    Gumshoe seems to have heard of the name MC Bomber somewhere. He takes the
    newspaper away from you for a handwriting analysis. You'll be getting it
    back later, no worries. 
    Before heading back to Tres Bien, you can examine the Blue Badger in the
    back of the office. Looks like it got married to the Pink Badger. Aww! Why
    am I caring about the police mascot? Because I can! Blue Badger rules!
    Date-January 6
    Location-Tres Bien
    A girl with a large bandage wrapped around her head will pop into the
    restaurant, then quickly leaves. Armstrong comes and greets you, yet 
    again. Oh, wait, that's Maya? Talk to her about "Waitress". Maya seems to
    be enjoying her new job. She'd probably enjoy it more if there were more
    Ask about the "Lunch special". Maya gets excited at your talk of the lunch
    special, and runs off to go get one. Phoenix hates the food, and so does
    Maya. TRES BIEN LUNCH SPECIAL is packed away into the Court Record. 
    Talk to Maya about "The Kitchen". After Maya runs around a bit, you will
    need to move to the Kitchen.
    Date-January 6
    Location-Tres Bien; Kitchen
    What an odd looking kitchen. Armstrong isn't in here at the moment, so you
    should take the time to snoop around a bit before leaving. First off, 
    examine the bottle chest at the bottom-right on the floor. It's a chest
    full of aromatherapy bottles, but one is significantly different than the
    others. It's contents are unknown, and there is no label. SMALL BOTTLE will
    be added to the Court Record.
    Now, examine the small green object on the counter, close by the stove.
    Hey, how'd the Magatama get over here? MAGATAMA will be added back into the
    Court Record. Head back to Vitamin Square. Hopefully we can see if the Old
    Man was lying to us or not.
    Date-January 6
    Location-Vitamin Square
    Sadly, the Old Man got tired of whacking the birds with seeds and took off.
    However, there's a hot pink motorcycle lying in the center of the park.
    Examine it. The wheels and lights have been destroyed, so it's pretty much
    worthless at this point.
    Suddenly, a crazy man appears out of nowhere, demanding what you're doing
    with his bike. He's got really orange skin, sharp spiky hair, and a tiger
    on his overcoat. This guy thinks you've totaled his bike, and yeah, he's
    quite scary over the matter. After Phoenix introduces himself, the crazy
    tiger guy calls himself the one and only Phoenix Wright, then quickly
    escapes. Looks like we found the dork who has been impersonating you. 
    Now really, how the hell was anyone fooled by that idiot? He's got orange
    SCOOTER data will be added to the Court Record. Luckily for you, though,
    the Old Man decides to return to Vitamin Park at this time. The Old Man saw
    your entire bout with the tiger guy. Now talk to him about "Tres Bien
    Regular". Note how the checkmark isn't there like before. Hmm. As you could
    have already guessed, three Psyche-Locks will quickly appear over the Old
    Man. Still seems to be an odd secret to hide. 
    Well, there's nothing we can do about it--at least, not yet. Head back to
    the Criminal Affairs Dept.
    Date-January 6
    Location-Police Station; Criminal Affairs Dept.
    Gumshoe will meet up with you when you arrive. He has the lab results from
    the handwriting analysis, and there is no question that Glen Elg was the 
    one who wrote the drawings and words upon the newspaper. SPORTS PAPER will
    be put back into the Court Record.
    Gumshoe still can't remember where he has heard the words "MC Bomber".
    Phoenix gets the idea there's something he needs to show Gumshoe from the
    restaurant. Present the Small Bottle to Gumshoe. Gumshoe will ask for the
    bottle for a little while, sending it to the lab for an analysis on the
    contents of it. These results could possibly be important to the case.
    Gumshoe now says that he's very suspicious of Armstrong, and that he knows
    a secret about him. Talk to Gumshoe about "Armstrong's secret". Gumshoe
    agrees that the food in that place is horrible, but the real secret is that
    Armstrong is up to his neck in debt. Gumshoe has a copy of Armstrong's loan
    contract, with a debt of nearly half a million dollars. JEAN'S LOAN
    CONTRACT will be added to the Court Record.
    If you check the contract, the owner of the loan is a place called Tender
    Lender. Fitting name. This is the key item you need, so head right back to
    Vitamin Square. Time to get some more vital information.
    Date-January 6
    Location-Vitamin Square
    Present the Magatama and get to the bottom of this clown-nosed man.
    ~Old Man's Magatama Secret-Tres Bien Regular~
    The Old Man keeps insisting that he goes to Tres Bien to eat. You will need
    to present some form of evidence that proves nobody in their right mind
    would want to eat there. It's fairly simple--present the Lunch Special.
    Yeah, the Old Man finds the food terrible too, but he thinks the prices are
    cheap. That's only because he's filthy rich from money he inherited as a
    child. He has never worked in his life. He's got lot's of money to spend.
    Now he says that he goes there daily because he has so much money to spend.
    You will need to present some evidence that proves the Old Man is actually
    quite poor. Present the Job Listings. You found this, and the Old Man
    protested to you taking it. If he were rich, and he hasn't worked in his
    entire life as he claims, there would be no reason that he's looking for a
    job. The first lock shatters.
    Now the Old Man changes the subject to there being some good newspapers to
    read at Tres Bien, saying that that is the main reason that he keeps on
    going there. You will need to present some evidence that shows newspapers
    can't be found at Tres Bien. Present the Sports Paper that you picked up.
    This was the only kind of newspaper in the restaurant, and it's over a 
    month old, none less. That newspaper was just left behind by a customer
    (a dead one, but...). The second lock is destroyed.
    Now for some serious business. You'll need to present the real reason that
    the Old Man goes to Tres Bien. You have nothing to go on, but think back.
    It's known for flowers, waitresses, and food. The food sucks and I doubt 
    the Old Man like flowers. So, it must be the attractive waitress, yes?
    Present Maggey Byrde's profile. The Old Man protests that he doesn't know
    the girl, and that's likely true. He just like the uniform they are 
    wearing. The Old Man goes crazy now that you've revealed his secret, and
    the final lock is crushed.
    Now you can ask about "Tres Bien regular". What a creepy guy. Looking at a
    girl just because of the outfit. I can imagine someone younger, but for an
    old man, that's just wrong. He finally says that his name is Victor Kudo.
    Well, he still won't say anything. Looks like that Psyche-Lock sequence was
    a waste of time. Ugh. Maybe if we had someone to coax it out of him? Head
    to Tres Bien.
    Date-January 6
    Location-Tres Bien
    Present Victor Kudo's profile. Maya agrees to come with Phoenix back to
    Vitamin Park in her waitress uniform.
    Date-January 6
    Location-Vitamin Square
    Victor doesn't seem to care for Maya in that waitress uniform. Looks like
    we will be needing someone older to get Victor to talk. Oh, Mia shows up
    to help us, and not in court even! Um. Yeah. Mia looks like...well, it's
    pretty self-explanatory. Those crazy Japanese people sure know how to put
    the most unexplainable stuff into their games.
    Now talk about "What you saw". He says that he saw the entire thing. Maggey
    took some coffee over to Glen, saying that he was alone for sure, and then
    after just one sip, Glen fell over dead. Seems like he didn't see the 
    second person at the table, truly.
    Now ask about "Tres Bien". Victor acts a bit childish as he blatantly lies
    to Mia. Now talk about "Tres Bien regular". Mia talks about the chef, but
    Victor interrupts, saying that he's an ex-con. 
    Now you should ask about "Armstrong's record". As it turns out, Armstrong
    steals things from his customers. They're just little things liek gloves,
    but it's still stealing. Armstrong was even arrested for his small thefts
    one time. Victor then decides to write a short haiku for you to take with.
    VICTOR'S NOTE will be added to the Court Record. Sadly, Mia will take her
    leave once you get the note. Although, with this, we can destroy the
    Psyche-Locks Armstrong has. Hopefully he's returned.
    Date-January 6
    Location-Tres Bien
    Present the Magatama, and let's get down to busniess.
    ~Jean Armstrong's Magatama Secret-Maggey's Motive~
    Obviously, Armstrong holds very important information you've been keeping
    on hold. Armstrong feels weird with the Magatama active, and says that this
    was over a lottery ticket. Glen had a lottery ticket when he died, for half
    a million dollars. However, after the incident, the ticket mysteriously
    disappeared. This was the motive that the prosecution gave for Maggey's
    need to kill. They said she poisoned the man to get the lottery ticket.
    However, Phoenix doubts this. You will need to present the person who 
    really stole the lottery ticket. Present Jean Armstrong's profile. 
    The first lock crushes right away. It makes sense, after all. He does owe
    a huge half million dollar debt, and the lottery ticket conveniently fits
    that amount. Now you will need to prove that Armstrong is a criminal and
    that he has stolen in the past. Present Victor's Note. If you read it, it
    is a haiku on someone stealing stuff multiple times, obviously referring to
    Armstrong will continue to deny that he has stolen from people in the past.
    Now you'll need proof that he has stolen from any of his customers. Present
    the Magatama itself. You found the Magatama in the kitchen, remember? The
    second lock breaks off. Normally, Armstrong steals little things (like the
    Magatama). But in question, we think he stole a lottery ticket worth
    $500,000. You'll need to present something that shows Armstrong is in some
    serious need of money. Present Jean's Loan Contract.
    The lottery ticket would have cleared up his debts, so it makes sense. With
    that, the final lock breaks, and you're done.
    Now ask about "Maggey's motive". Armstrong says that Glen was listening to
    something with an earpiece. He was listening to the lottery numbers on the
    news, and exploded when he heard that he won half a million dollars. All of
    his tickets were spread out on the table. Armstrong was in such a need of
    money that he merely took one of the tickets for himself. Was Maggey
    arrested because of Armstrong's actions?
    Ask about the "Winning ticket" now. Armstrong admits to taking the wrong
    ticket. Before you can learn anything else, Godot appears infront of you.
    Well, Godot actually says Armstrong has the wrong ticket. Godot doesn't
    know what happened to the real ticket. Victor's Note will be thrown away
    There's nothing left to do. Save the game and get ready for trial.
                                ~7B.Part 2 Trial~
    Date-January 7, 9:48 AM
    Location-District Court; Defendant Lobby No. 1
    Detective Gumshoe interrupts your conversation with Maggey, and mentions
    that he'll be the first to testify. It will be up to you to point out any
    facts that are completely incorrect with his testimony. Time for court.
    Date-January 7, 10:00 AM
    Location-District Court; Courtroom No. 4
    After comfirming that the real Phoenix is in court today, Gumshoe will
    appear at the witness stand like he told you. Gumshoe will outline the 
    basic facts of the case for everyone, most of which you already know well
    at this point. GLEN'S AUTOPSY REPORT will be added to the Court Record when
    he sends it. Glen died of cyanide poisoning sometime between 1:30 and 2:30
    Gumshoe will also present the floor plans to Tres Bien. Glen Elg was 
    sitting at the spot marked "V" for the victim. The red dot represent
    Maggey, who took the coffee over to Glen. The only other people in the
    restaurant at this time were Jean Armstrong and Victor Kudo, as you have
    already found out. TRES BIEN FLOOR PLANS will now be added to the Court
    Record once he has finished talking.
    Gumshoe's now ready to testify about the incident.
    ~Detective Gumshoe's Testimony-The Incident~
    -When the incident took place, the victim was alone at his table, sir.
    -We understand that the guy, Glen Elg, was listening to the radio at that
    -Traces of poison were found in his coffee cup.
    -And what we found was potassium cyanide. That stuff really packs a punch!
    -And, um...it looks like Ms. Byrde might've had, well...some kind of a 
    Press the first statement. Phoenix will try to make the point that Maggey
    saw another person at the table, but Godot says that everyone else who has
    testified has said otherwise. Be sure to "Press harder". Godot will stop
    Phoenix, presenting a new photo. This is a picture taken from near the
    entrance to the kitchen. Armstrong is the one that took the picture, and in
    it you can see Glen slumped over on the table. The chair opposite him
    clearly has nobody in it. 
    From such an obvious standpoint, how could anybody have missed the second 
    person? CRIME PHOTO will be added to the Court Record. Press the second
    statement. "Press harder" about the radio. You won't get anywhere new,
    however. Press the third statement after this. After a bit more talk about
    coffee, as well as what else could have been put into it (Glen put no other
    substances into his coffee, other than the staged powdery poison), "Press
    As it turns out, the poison was found on the coffee cup. Gumshoe says that
    Phoenix may be right when he says that Glen never even drank his coffee.
    Godot objects against Gumshoe, telling him to present some evidence that
    backs up his statements. After some confusing statements, Gumshoe presents
    the victim's coffee cup. A coffee stain is clearly visible on the edge of
    the cup, proving that he did indeed drink some of it. COFFEE CUP will be
    added to the Court Record.
    Press the fourth statement. You'll relearn that it took only a tiny bit of
    cyanide for it to be lethal to Glen. Now press the final statement. Gumshoe
    is forced to say, again, that Maggey's main motive was that she wanted to
    steal the winning lottery ticket. The winning ticket mysteriously 
    disappeared from the table when the crime scene was checked. Choose to 
    "Press harder" on this one. 
    Godot then presents the winning ticket himself. One of the officers found
    it when they were searching Maggey. VICTIM'S LOTTERY TICKET will be added
    to the Court Record. The Judge will now end the cross examination, seeing
    as how you are going nowhere with this trial. All of the evidence points
    towards Maggey being guilty of this crime. What's worse, Godot has even
    more incriminating evidence. 
    He presents Maggey's apron at the time she was found. Looks like she 
    spilled some coffee onto herself. Not only that, but a bottle of cyanide
    was found on the apron's pocket. Maggey's prints were the only ones on it.
    APRON will be added to the Court Record. POTASSIUM CYANIDE will be added to
    the Court Record. Also note that Godot never noticed the blood that was on
    the apron in plain sight. 
    Gumshoe confirms, though, that it's actually ketchup. Gumshoe will now get
    to testify again about the crime scene.
    ~Detective Gumshoe's Testimony-The Investigation~
    -The crime was reported at 2:25 PM by a kind of scary old man, sir.
    -Poor Maggey had passed out from the shock. It must've been real tough for
    -The victim didn't have any identification on him.
    -But we figured out who he was pretty quick, and then the investigation
    went smoothly.
    -When Maggey was searched, we found the lottery ticket and the bottle of
    -And that was it. There was nothing else missing from the crime scene.
    It's clear the contradiction is at the last statement. What isn't clear is
    the evidence you need to prove that the police missed something. To get it,
    press the fourth statement. If Glen had no form of identification, then how
    exactly did the police manage to find out who he was quickly? Gumshoe
    remarks that there was a prescription bag left on the table, along with a
    lottery ticket. Glen's name was written on the medical records on the bag.
    "Ask about the prescription bag" once you get the chance to.
    The bag was found empty when searched. VICTIM'S PRESCRIPTION BAG will be
    added to the Court Record. Godot thinks that you're desprate for evidence,
    and it is true. Because that is exactly what you needed. Present the
    Victim's Prescription Bag at the last statement. First of all, it wasn't
    until now that the prescription bag has been brought up. That's already a
    seemingly worth contradiction worth pointing out.
    What is even more questioning is why the bag was empty to begin with. None
    of the police investigators found the contents of the bag. The medicine 
    must have gone somewhere. The victim was killed by poison, and the bag with
    "medicine" just happens to vanish. Nothing is stopping the medicine from
    being the poison itself, right? Godot isn't going down without a fight,
    though. The bag reads "New Ear Otolaryngological Clinic". I love how 
    doctors make up the most strange and unpronouncable words.
    Glen isn't seriously ill that he'd buy poison. Instead, he was likely just
    buying something for his eardrum which was injured in a fight from not too
    long ago. The prescription in the bag was merely a cream used to be put on
    the ear to repair the eardrum, not something that was meant to be ingested.
    Godot mentions that this was in the autopsy report. Glen added some of the
    medical cream to his ear while he was at Tres Bien. It's absurd to even
    imagine that he ate the cream. You'll have to make a choice now on what to
    do with the subject. Choose to "Push the medication issue", despite part of
    your health bar flashing dangerously.
    Phoenix brings up a good point. If he applied the cream while at Tres Bien,
    it should have been found. Godot still points out that whether or not the
    tube of cream could be found is still relevant to the case, but then again,
    you normally wouldn't expect it to be (much like you wouldn't think your
    coffee is going to kill you). 
    Gumshoe will report that he has his own witness to call. It's none other
    than Victor Kudo, as you might have guessed. Well, you have managed to buy
    yourself some time from this issue. A short recess will be given to 
    accomodate for the new witness.
    Date-January 7, 11:03 AM
    Location-District Court; Defendant Lobby No. 1
    You, Maya, and Maggey will talk shortly about what is going to happen with
    Victor. Not much else will happen in the interim before you're forced right
    back into court.
    Date-January 7, 11:15 AM
    Location-District Court; Courtoom No. 4
    Victor Kudo will take the stand, looking as grouchy as ever. After a bit of
    talking about Japan and embrodery, Victor will finally shut up and get to
    his testimony.
    ~Victor Kudo's Testimony-What I Witnessed~
    -The young man was reading the sports paper.
    -The serving girl brought him a javaccino...But she put something in it!
    -The man took one sip of it, looked like he was in terrible pain, and then
    -That's the serving girl, right there in the defendant's chair. I remember
    her well!
    Phoenix will wonder at the end since that Victor like looking at the
    uniforms, perhaps it wasn't Maggey he really saw. All you can do it press
    the final statement. Victor pretty much admits that the only thing he
    noticed about Maggey was her outfit. Victor retaliates, saying that there
    are other features about her he remembers. "Press harder" when asked. 
    Victor will add the other features to his testimony:
    -There was a ribbon in her hair, and her apron's straps were loose.
    There's nothing contradictory yet. Press the new statement. Victor will
    prove that he did see Maggey's face quite well, so there goes the 
    possibility that he didn't see it. When Phoenix is able to ask another
    question, choose "Ask about the waitress's back". All of the feature's he's
    given are about the back of the uniform, making it possible he never saw it
    from the front. Another new statement about the front of Maggey is added:
    -There wasn't anything that caught my interest about her when I saw her
    from the front.
    Press this new statement. Victor continues to ramble on that he did see
    Maggey's face clearly. However, there's somthing else he should have
    noticed. Present the Apron at this new statement. Victor states that he has
    never seen this before. However, that would be impossible if he actually
    saw Maggey from the front. Now he's going to give a testimony on what he
    (poorly) remembers about the victim.
    ~Victor Kudo's Testimony-About the Victim~
    -He was another of those pesky young types, wearing a broken pair of
    -He had a newspaper in his right hand, and the noisy brat kept rusling its
    -The young man was listening to the wireless. I remember that well.
    -Then the serving girl in question brought over the javaccino.
    -The little fidget picked up the cup with his free hand and took a sip.
    Start off by pressing the final statement. Victor will continue to push
    that he was holding the newspaper with his right hand, confirming that he
    held the cup of coffee with his left hand. Therein lies the problem of this
    statement. Present the Coffee Cup at the final statement.
    Look at the coffee cup more closely when Phoenix examines it. Note the mark
    of coffee left by the victim. Now, this mark could only be left here if the
    cup was held like it is shown--by the right hand. However, Victor claims
    that Glen held the coffee cup with his left hand. If that were the case,
    then the coffee mark would be on the opposite side of the cup than it is
    Victor will continue to insist that Glen was holding the coffee cup with 
    his left hand. Godot will give Victor another chance at testifying, but it
    will have to be quick.
    ~Victor Kudo's Testimony-Left Hand or Right Hand~
    -The boy was wearing the earpiece on the same side as the green lens of
    his specs.
    -He kept fiddling with it all the time.
    -He was fiddling with it just before he picked up the cup, too.
    -And then he used the same hand to pick up the cup. His left hand!
    It turns out that, if you didn't already know since you haven't seen
    something of the sort on TV, the monacle over Glen's eye is actually a
    small computer screen. This'll be important information later. For now,
    press the first statement of the testimony. Looking at the floor plans,
    Victor would have easily noticed the earpiece in the left ear, the same as
    the specs being on the left eye.
    But, that's impossible. Present the Victim' Prescription Bag. Glen's 
    eardrum was ruptured in his left ear. It was impossible for him to hear
    anything. There's no way he would have an earpiece in that ear. After
    singing a short tune, Victor starts getting upset that he's becoming quite
    worthless, and damaging the prosecution's statements. 
    Godot tries saying that Glen switched hands after the first sip, but Victor
    has already said that he died after just one sip of his coffee. Looks like
    Victor's testimonies are worthless. Nice. But, Victor will stop the Judge
    before he ends the trial for the day. Seems that Victor has been 
    withholding some special information nobody else knows. 
    ~Victor Kudo's Testimony-The Final Showdown~
    -First of all, I want to stress that this might be nothing. I'm not too 
    sure of myself.
    -The young boy slumped over the table as soon as he took one sip of his
    -Well, the clumsy idiot upset the vase! He knocked it right over.
    -It broke, and the strip of cloth covering the table got completely
    -Well? How about that? Turned things upside-down, hmm?
    No, you didn't do anything but stall this trial longer then it should have
    gone, old man. Present the Crime Photo at the third statement. If you
    check the photo, you will notice that the vase is sitting upright just
    infront of Glen. 
    After all this pestering, he will remember that the broken vase he's
    referring to was actually on his own table. Well, that proved to be a total
    waste of time. You will be given another day to sort all of the facts out,
    but are you able to do it? Victor was so insistant that his testimony would
    be of use, you'll be given a summary. VICTOR'S TESTIMONY will be put into
    the Court Record.
                            ~7C.Part 3 Investigation~
    Date-January 7, 12:52 PM
    Location-Wright & Co. Law Offices
    You and Maya will talk about how horrible the trial went this morning. Talk
    about "What to do". Phoenix thinks that Victor's testimony might actually
    be of important use later. Maybe. Talk about "Any ideas" next. After re-
    collecting on the phony Phoenix Wright, there needs to be some reason that
    this guy wanted to impersonate him. 
    Start off the investigation by moving to the Detention Center.
    Date-January 7
    Location-Detention Center; Vistor's Room
    Maggey is back in questioning, and she probably won't be out for quite a
    while. For now, head back over to Tres Bien.
    Date-January 7
    Location-Tres Bien
    It will seem empty at first, but then you will hear Gumshoe yelling at the
    radio he is holding. Seems that he's trying to win something at the
    lottery, but ends up failing. He's also eating some awful lunch here. Talk
    to Gumshoe about "Today's trial".
    Gumshoe will feel all sad and upset that he let Maggey down in court by
    having decent testimonies. Then, in true Von Karma fashion, proceeds to
    bang his head against the wall. Once he returns, talk about the "Lunch
    special". Gumshoe will take a few seconds to describe the Twin-T set that
    he was eating earlier. He, too, thinks that it was real horrible. Now ask
    about "The radio" he was listening to.
    Well, a Psyche-Lock appears over Gumshoe. Not sure why--it was fairly 
    obvious he was listening to the lottery. Present the Magatama and let's 
    ~Detective Gumshoe's Magatama Secret-The Radio~
    Phoenix will need to present some evidence that makes it pretty clear what
    the program has was listening to is. Present the Victim's Lottery Ticket.
    The solitary lock breaks, and now you can continue on with business. That
    wasn't exciting!
    Now ask about "The radio". As you found out when you entered Tres Bien,
    Gumshoe won next to nothing. He bought the same kind of ticket as Glen Elg
    did. This is probably the same program Glen was listening to right before
    he died. It's 1:30 right now, and they are broadcasted at the same time
    each day. Gumshoe will present an advertisement for it. MILLIONAIRE RADIO
    FLYER will be added to the Court Record.
    Present Glen Elg's profile to Gumshoe next. Gumshoe won't say anything else
    that's new, but he does mention you should check out the place he worked.
    He worked at Blue Screens, Inc. You can now move there, so proceed to do
    just that.
    Date-January 7
    Location-Blue Screens, Inc.
    It's the Blue Screen Of Death!
    Nah, but it is a high-tech company. You will meet up with Lisa Basil, a
    woman with an interesting blue suit on. She says you can't thoroughly 
    examine the area due to the possibility of a company compromise. Note that
    she shares the same eyewear that Glen had. Now you can finally talk to her.
    Ask about "Blue Screens, Inc.". Their job here is a bit confusing to
    understand, but it basically is composed of them getting information from
    other companies and analyzing them, as well as writing important programs
    of their own. All of their programs are recorded onto CD's. Now ask about
    "What happened". 
    Lisa isn't able to tell you, nor the police officer that was here earlier,
    anything because Maggey has nothing to do with Blue Screens. Thusly, she
    has no information on the subject. However, she will allow you to take
    anything off of Glen's desk ahead of you, which has yet to be cleared out.
    Present Glen's profile before you do so. Lisa says that, although Glen was
    a programming genious, he was a bit of a loser. And that it got him into...
    trouble? Ask about "Glen's troubles" next. It'll make sense why she 
    stopped mid-sentence. Three Psyche-Locks will appear over her. Unlike
    Gumshoe's, Lisa's won't be breakable for quite a while. 
    Start the examination. Examine all of the papers on the ground below Glen's
    desk. You will find a ton of horse betting tickets. Seems that all of these
    tickets were losses, though. Now it seems apparent why he's so poor. GLEN
    ELG'S LOSING HORSE RACING TICKETS will be added to the Court Record. How
    many are there? Over five-hundred!
    Look at the small orange-purple object that's actually a man on a racing
    horse when examined up close, a calander perched onto it. December 3rd is
    marked in red pen on it. That's the day he was murdered. It also reads
    "Meet with The Tiger". Hmm. Wonder what that means? GLEN'S CALANDER will be
    added to the already messy Court Record. 
    You're job is done here--for now. Head over to the Tres Bien Kitchen this
    Date-January 7
    Location-Tres Bien; Kitchen
    Armstrong is talking to someone when you enter. It's the girl with a large
    bandage over her head, saying something about being back next month. She
    mentions that if Armstrong doesn't have "something" then the future will
    look bleak for him. Seems that she likes fire. After speaking some nonsense
    to Armstrong, she will finally leave.
    Talk about "Tres Bien" when you get the chance to. Armstrong is ready to
    do whatever it takes to keep the restaurant alive, no matter what the cost.
    After this, talk about "The woman just now". Phoenix gets the idea that he
    knows what the two of them were talking about. Do you think you know what
    they were talking about?
    In any case, present Jean's Loan Contract. Seems that Armstrong made a deal
    with that strange lady earlier, but is unable to tell you what they were 
    talking about for fear of getting killed, or something. 
    Now ask about "The woman just now" again. As you may have guessed, that
    woman was from the loaning office. The same place he loaned half a million
    dollars from--Tender Lender. Perhaps they have some importance to this 
    case. Talk about "Tender Lender" when you finish. Armstrong has some 
    spending issues, and over time managed to get himself into a half million
    dollar debt. Armstrong is being forced to do everything by a man called
    The Tiger. He's the manager of Tender Lender. He also rides a battered
    scooter. I bet you know this guy well.
    Tender Lender is just beyond Vitamin Square, so you can move there now. 
    Proceed to do so.
    Date-January 7
    Location-Tres Bien
    Gumshoe will only be in here for another moment. He's got another important
    meeting to attend to, so you won't be in contact with him for a while. Head
    to Vitamin Square. Before you can, though, Gumshoe stops you again. He asks
    you to take something to Maggey when you are able to. GUMSHOE'S LUNCHBOX
    will be added to the Court Record. 
    Date-January 7
    Location-Vitamin Square
    That pink scooter is back. Must mean The Tiger is somewhere nearby. Head
    over to Tender Lender.
    Date-January 7
    Location-Tender Lender
    You will see the bandage-wearing woman when you enter Tender Lender, but 
    she won't stick around for long. She urges you not to touch The Tiger's
    desk. Screw the rules, we're a defense attorney. Start by examining the
    the large headline above the desk hanging on the wall. It reads "Win
    Through Compromise". It's Tender Lender's guiding principle, as that weird
    woman puts it. 
    Now examine the pink CD player that totally stands out on the desk. Before
    Phoenix gets further then saying lid is open, the woman comes back, saying
    you should drink more coffee if you finished it all already. Perhaps there
    was something in the coffee? The CD inside the player is a demo CD reading
    "MC Bomber". MC BOMBER will be added to the Court Record.
    Now look at the coats hanging on the wall. Examine the blue won on the 
    left. This suit looks surprising similar to the one that Phoenix wears.
    Again, before you get the chance to examine further, the creepy woman will
    pop in again, probably warning you not to touch anything. However, on the
    lapel of the blue suit is an Attorney's Badge. Problem is, this one is made
    out of paper. PAPER BADGE is added to the Court Record. Now we know how he
    managed to fool the court.
    Now check out the fallen object on the bottom-right corner of the screen.
    This is actually an ashtray. Maya notices a packet of matches near the
    ashtray. Tres Bien is written on the back of these matches. Hmm. TRES BIEN
    MATCHES will be added to the Court Record.
    But before you can do anything else, a familar roar will occur. Sounds like
    The Tiger is coming back. He sure doesn't look happy when he sees you in
    his office. The bandaged woman calls the guy Don Tigre, saying that she was
    the one who knocked the ashtray over. The Tigre seems...sympathetic over
    that. What? After that, The Tiger talks to Phoenix about you messing up his
    plan. He then takes his leave. The Tiger also calls the girl Viola, and
    after he leaves you are able to talk to her.
    Talk about "Tender Lender". Viola will just talk slowly and calmly, 
    calling Tender Lender a small, family owned business and that it has a warm
    atmosphere. Yeah, not when it's employees seem this creepy. Talk about 
    "What happened" when she's done rambling. She says that during the time of
    the incident, she was talking to Furio Tigre (that's his real name). Now
    the he's been added to the profiles list, present Furio Tigre's profile.
    Viola will say, after some more persuasion, that she and Tigre are 
    lovers. She also says that it's Tigre that saved her life at one time. Now
    you should ask "Saved your life?". She says that recently she died. It
    happened about four months ago, and the doctors thought it was hopeless.
    It was Tigre that managed to save her, though, giving up almost everything
    to do so. But is that why she has a head bandage?
    Ask about "The head bandage". It was put on after the injury. She won't get
    you much further in the question before four Psyche-Locks appear over her--
    the most you've seen yet. Before you leave for the moment, examine the
    bookshelf to the left of the desk. After talking about some Japanese items,
    Maya will notice a piece of paper. It's for a repair bill for Tigre's car.
    It's for $15,000 as well, just for a bumper and new light. However, the car
    isn't registered to Tigre, but someone else instead. REPAIR BILL will be
    added to the Court Record. You've got some work to do. Head back to Vitamin
    Date-January 7
    Location-Vitamin Square
    Victor will have returned to the park, whether you like it or not. And he's
    madder then ever. Talk the man about "Today's trial". He seems upset that
    everyone will be mocking him for looking at the waitress's uniform instead
    of her face. He still seems confident that he saw Maggey put something into
    the coffee, and he's sure that Glen was wearing an earpiece on the same
    side he had his earpiece. He seems upset, that's for sure.
    Talk about "Embroiderer" next. Victor will continue to ramble on about how
    he's been cast aside in society, then says that he's ready to explode in
    frustration. Choose to "Suck it up" when asked if you want to hear his
    rants. He says all he's good for is running errands. He also mentions that
    he gets in the way at the restaurant as well. He was asked for an errand
    during the day Glen was murdered. 
    Now ask about "The 'errand'". While he was in the restaurant, right after
    Maggey collapsed from Glen's death, Armstrong asked Victor to call the
    police. Victor was still dazed, so he took his time finding a nearby pay
    phone. He wondered around for about five minutes to find one. During these
    five minutes, Armstrong was alone in the restaurant. 
    What does this mean? There are five minutes that we don't know anything
    about. Armstrong could have easily arranged the crime scene in that huge
    amount of time before the police were contacted. You'll need some more
    information on the subject, and I'm guessing Armstrong is the best place to
    start. Head over to the Tres Bien Kitchen. 
    Date-Januray 7
    Location-Tres Bien; Kitchen
    Armstrong isn't in here, right when you really needed him to be. We'll
    have to check back later. Head over to the Detention Center now.
    Date-January 7
    Location-Detention Center; Visitor's Room
    Luckily, Maggey is finally done with whatever business she had to do. 
    Maggey will say that it isn't just Victor that had an off testimony. 
    Everybody who has testified to this point has said something that 
    interferes with what she actually saw. Talk about these "Contradictions".
    Again, the biggest contradiction to this point is how nobody else saw the
    second person at the table. This interferes with Victor's testimony, which
    said that Maggey poisoned the coffee, not the man at the table.
    Also note that the MC Bomber CD wasn't found at the crime scene. Ask about
    "After the Incident" next. She accounts that during the time of the death
    to when the police started investigating, she had no idea what was going 
    on. After telling her what Victor said, Maggey starts to think that maybe
    it was Armstrong that set her up.
    Present Victor's Testimony to her (heh, it does have a use). She says she
    still feels a bit uneasy. Now you can talk about "Victor's Testimony".
    Firstly, the fact he was testifying was a bit odd to her. Not to mention,
    there was someone else in the cafe at the time. This person was a woman
    who seemed a bit creepy with an odd laugh. Sounds like Viola was also
    present during the murder.
    Before you go, fulfill Gumshoe's promise and present Gumshoe's Lunchbox.
    The lunch will be eaten by you and Maya since Maggey will completely refuse
    the offering. Head over to the Criminal Affairs Dept., now!
    Date-January 7
    Location-Police Station; Criminal Affairs Dept.
    There seems to be a problem with the mainframe of the detectives' computers
    right now. There's nothing you can do about it. Gumshoe will appear, and
    he says you shouldn't be here right now. There's a virus ripping through
    the computers here.
    Start talking to Gumshoe about "Tender Lender". He warns you to never 
    borrow from a place like that. The main problem with the business is that
    it's a crazy suspicious loan shark. They must have hit some serious 
    trouble as of late, because they have been calling back all of their loans.
    He also mentions about some lady you shouldn't upset. Again, it should be
    obvious who she is. Present Violett'a profile. Gumshoe will reveal her last
    name to be Cadaverini, the only daughter of Bruto Cadaverini. 
    The picture of that guy is pretty creepy as well. He also says that these
    people are far too powerful for the police force here to tackle. Now you
    can talk about "The Cadaverinis". This family has some serious power in the
    criminal underworld. They have so much money that it's impossible for the 
    police to touch them. They bascially control the black market. So, what is
    the daughter of a mafia boss doing at Tender Lender? 
    Now ask about "Computer viruses". Seems that neither Maya, nor Gumshoe, 
    have any idea what a virus is. Since your using a computer to read this 
    text file, I am sure you know something about them yourself. Now ask about
    "What's a virus?". Phoenix will explain the basics of computer viruses in
    basic terms. Gumshoe asks if all viruses have names, and then remarks that
    he may have heard the name to this virus somewhere. Do you know about it?
    Presend the MC Bomber compact disc that you recovered from Tigre's desk.
    Gumshoe suddenly remembers that MC Bomber is the same thing written on the
    Sports Paper. Not only that, but it's the name of the virus itself. MC
    Bomber has been infected all of the computers in the station. Now we're
    getting somewhere.
    Ask about the "MC Bomber" next. The detectives here found out about the
    virus a while ago. A group of criminals issued some demands to the
    department, threatening to release the virus if they weren't met. Gumshoe
    says that the person who created the virus must have been a real genious.
    The only thing they can do is trace the route of the virus on the black
    market. Turns out this virus was put on sale, possibly for millions of 
    dollars. MC BOMBER data will be updated in the Court Record.
    Gumshoe then asks how the deal with giving the lunchbox to Maggey went. 
    Before Maya gets the chance to explain what happened, Gumshoe hands you a
    second lunchbox to deliver. GUMSHOE'S LUNCHBOX will be added to the Court
    Record yet again.
    We're almost done. Let's head to Blue Screens, Inc. and break Lisa Basil's
    Psyche-Locks. Remember those?
    Date-January 7
    Location-Blue Screens, Inc.
    Present the Magatama.
    ~Lisa Basil's Magatama Secret-Glen's Troubles~
    Lisa sure isn't going to give up this secret easily. You will start by
    needing to present something that could be the cause of Glen's troubles.
    Present the Losing Horse Racing Tickets. Lisa says that these tickets are
    not a good way to come to the conclusion that Glen had a gambling habit.
    You will need to present something that shows his gambling habits weren't
    kept to just horse races. Present the Victim's Lottery Ticket.
    He's lost pretty much everything he has attempted. That has to have put a
    large hole into his wallet. Perhaps it's so bad that he has to attempt
    something drastic. The first lock will be destroyed. Lisa will point out
    that all of the troubles would go away if he won. And look, he had the 
    ticket for half a million dollars. You will need to present the problem
    before that, with someone or something even more scary then that. Present
    Furio Tigre's profile.
    Lisa will go on and say that she doesn't know any connection between Glen
    and Tigre. You'll need to present something that ties both of them
    together. Present Glen's Calander. They agreed to meet eachother on the 
    same day, obviously to talk about his loan. With that, the second lock will
    crush. As it turns out, Glen had racked up a $100,000 debt with Tigre from
    all of his betting habits. 
    However, what if Glen didn't win the lottery? And then what? Lisa says that
    Glen would use his talents to make the money. You will need to present a
    program worth at least $100,000. Present MC Bomber. The final lock will
    crush, and you're all done.
    Now you can ask about "Glen's troubles". Lisa will finally admit that Glen
    really was $100,000 in the hole. Glen mentioned that he would be dealing
    with some risky work. Now ask about "Risky extra work" to pursue to main
    Glen was the person who created the virus. She says that one the black
    market, such a virus would fetch millions of dollars. The December 3rd
    date on the calander was Glen's deadline for repaying his debt. MC BOMBER
    will be updated again in the Court Record. The Losing Horse Racing Tickets
    will be thrown away.
    All that's left are the Psyche-Locks for Viola. Head over to Tender 
    Lender. Present MC Bomber to Lisa if you wish before you leave. I'm glad 
    they managed to fit that meme in there. 
    Date-January 7
    Location-Tender Lender
    Present the Magatama again. Let's go. Hopefully this won't be another Matt
    Engarde or anything.
    ~Viola Cadaverini's Magatama Secret-The Head Bandage~
    That head bandage came from some incident, and you need to present some
    evidence that relates to it. Present the Repair Bill. Viola will say that
    this shouldn't have anything to do with her since she never gave you a 
    formal introduction. You'll need to prove that she has a strong 
    relationship with the Cadaverinis. Present Bruto Cadaverini's profile.
    After a bit of silence, the first lock will be destroyed.
    She was in one of her family's cars, and ended up hitting someone on a 
    motorbike who cut her off. She says that the person who hit her just ran
    off, but Phoenix thinks otherwise. You'll need to present the person who
    "ran off". Present Furio Tigre's profile. The second lock will break off.
    Viola refuses to believe that it was Don Tigre that managed to hit her. 
    But, you'll need to present something that contradicts her and shows he was
    in a traffic accident. Present the Scooter. This scooter is the one that
    Tigre loves to ride around on, and the front of it is severely damaged.
    With that, the third lock breaks.
    Tigre was the one that paid for the repair bill. Viola still claims that it
    was him who saved her life. After the operation was over, Tigre told Viola
    that he did it because he cared about her. You will need to present a 
    profile that shows the real reason Tigre wanted to pay for the operation.
    Present Bruto Cadaverini's profile again. She mentions the price of the
    operation was one million dollars, and the final lock breaks.
    Now you can ask about "The head bandage". When she woke up from the 
    accident, doctors told her it wouldn't be too hard to pull off. But, it did
    cose one million dollars. Bruto ordered Tigre to fess up the money. This
    might have something to do with this case.
    Ask about the "Compensation" next. Viola wanted to believe that Tigre's
    paying off of her operation had nothing to do with Bruto, but she knows
    the truth. Tigre's method of getting the money was evil. Viola also helped
    Tigre get the money. VIOLA'S MEDICAL PAPERS will be added to the Court 
    Record when she gives them to you. The Repair Bill will get thrown away.
    Hopefully you're not too shaken up. Just a few more seconds of business and
    the investgation will be over. Head to Tres Bien.
    Date-January 7
    Location-Tres Bien
    Armstrong is finally back. Seems that he has been talking to Tigre about
    some loans. Tigre will demand that you hand over the medical papers that
    Viola just gave you. We didn't get those for nothing! Armstrong then
    punches Phoenix onto the ground in an attempt to get the papers. 
    Before it's all over, Gumshoe arrives on the scene and orders you to leave.
    Time to destroy Furio Tigre in court! Save the game.
                              ~7D.Part 4-1 Trial~
    Date-January 8, 9:46 AM
    Location-District Court; Defendant Lobby No. 1
    You've got to pin the murder on the real person, and get Maggey innocent
    in the process. Gumshoe appears, handing you the bottle you found in Tres
    Bien several days ago. Gumshoe's hear with the analysis from the lab. This
    stuff is medication, and used only for the ears. It's without a doubt the
    one that Glen was using. SMALL BOTTLE will be added to the Court Record
    again. The lab didn't have any time to check the fingerprins, though. Time
    for trial.
    Date-January 8, 10:00 AM
    Location-District Court; Courtroom No. 4
    Godot says that Victor has been lying, and he's ready to prove it. The
    first witness will be Armstrong. Oh god. He'll testify about what went down
    in Tres Bien yesterday.
    ~Jean Armstrong's Testimony-At Tres Bien~
    -When it all 'appened, z'ere were just two customers in my restaurant.
    -I remember I was experimenting w'iz some new art deco z'at day.
    -Like 'aving a large mirror between la tables, for example.
    -Oui! Per'aps z'at is what la old man was looking at.
    -La cup, la earpiece and la glasses...'E would 'ave seen everyz'ing in 
    reverse, non?
    And the mystery of Victor's testimony is cleared up. There was a mirror 
    there. Or was there? Press the final statement. You will refer to Victor's
    testimony where he said the earpiece was worn on the same side that the
    HMD was worn on. That being his left ear, and then he picked up the cup of
    coffee with his left hand. If there was a mirror, every instance of left
    would be right. 
    Present Glen's profile at the final statement. Glen is wearing the specs on
    his left eye. That's the ONLY thing Victor got right in his testimony. The
    HMD would be on the right side if everything was seen through a mirror. 
    That isn't right. Godot then steps in, saying that the more of an 
    impression something makes on Victor's mind, the more confusing it becomes.
    The HMD made an impression on Victor, so it's likely Victor got totally
    confused here.
    Now, why did Victor think this about the mirror? Armstrong will be talking
    about it in more detail next.
    ~Jean Armstrong's Testimony-The Mirror~
    -La mirror, it was in z'e middle of la restaurant, dividing z'e two 'alves.
    -Z'ere is only one seat from which you could 'ave seen an image of la 
    -Z'at was la seat at z'e table next to la victim's. Z'at was where la old 
    man was sitting.
    -After la terrible incident occurred, I moved la mirror so it was not in 
    z'e way.
    -But naturally, I did not touch anything else!
    Now this is starting to get confusing. If there was a mirror, at least one
    of the other people in the restaurant, including Maggey, would have noticed
    something. But they didn't. Thusly, no mirror could have been there. Press
    the final statement. Phoenix is sure that Armstrong is lying here. And he
    is--present the Crime Photo. 
    Something in the photo should not exist, according to Amrstrong's current
    testimony. You will need to point to the spot that is inconsistant with the
    testimony. Point to and present the vase on the left table of the picture.
    The vase should not be on this table, as it clearly contradicts another 
    piece of evidence. Present Victor's Testimony. If Victor was sitting at the
    table in the Crime Photo, then the vase should clearly have been broken.
    It isn't, so this means that Victor wasn't sitting at the table next to
    Glen. He was, as he stated earlier, sitting diagonally from him. The only
    possible conclusion from this is that there wasn't a mirror in Tres Bien
    at that time. Godot seems to be at a loss of words as Phoenix keeps
    objecting against him. 
    Godot will let the burden of finding how Victor was confused about the 
    earpiece fall onto you. Remember that Maggey said another person was at the
    table, and there was the sample CD. The reason behind all of these
    contradictions is "The victim was a phony". The incident Victor saw, and 
    the one that actually happened, were two totally different events. The
    victim Victor saw wasn't the real Glen. It was merely an imposter. There 
    was nothing wrong with his eardrum, so that's where that mistake came from.
    Someone acted out this whole seen just so Victor could become a witness.
    The whole point of this was to show Victor that Maggey was poisoning the
    coffee. Armstrong will be forced to explain what really happened in Tres
    Bien in light of these new discoveries.
    ~Jean Armstrong's Testimony-In the Restaurant~
    -La victim, Monsieur Elg, 'e came to my restaurant alone.
    -I remember la old man arrived not long after 'im.
    -Z'ere were no other customers.
    -When 'e got word 'e won la lottery, Mon. Elg became very excited.
    -It was approximately 5 minutes later z'at la poisoning incident occurred.
    -Non, z'ere was no time for a phony to do la acting.
    Press the second statement. You need more details! When Phoenix thinks of
    another question to ask, choose "What time was it?". After remembering 
    things a bit more clearly, Armstrong says he arrived at about 2:00 to 
    2:10 PM. The following statement will be added to the testimony:
    -I remember la old man arrived not long after 'im, just after 2 PM.
    Press this statement. Armstrong will say that after what you mentioned, he
    is absolutely sure that Victor came in shortly after 2 PM. This is not
    possible, though. Present the Millionaire Radio Flyer at the new statement.
    The radio show is broadcast at 1:30 PM every day. The show lasts for about
    ten minutes, and after that, Glen was excited that he finally won. This
    means that there is a huge thirty minute gap between when Glen won the
    radio lottery and when Victor entered the restaurant. 
    The victim that Victor saw, then, could not have won the lottery because 
    the broadcast was over. This makes it blindingly obvious that the victim
    was a fake. There's the real Glen, dead from poisoning, and the fake one
    who faked a death. Godot will object, asking where the real Glen is. You
    will have to say where the missing corpse has managed to wonder off to.
    Where could the killer have hid the body?
    You will need to choose that the body was hidden "Inside Tres Bien". The
    floor plans will appear on screen. You will need to point to the location
    that the body was hidden. Point to the Kitchen. Now you need to present
    some evidence that completely backs up this theory. Present the Small 
    Bottle. It was found in the Kitchen, and this bottle clearly belonged to
    Glen. It must have been Armstrong that hid Glen's body. 
    All along, this means Armstrong was working to get Maggey convicted.
    Armstrong will keep saying that he didn't kill Glen, though. Armstrong has
    only one more chance to explain himself.
    ~Jean Armstrong's Testimony-The Confession~
    -It is true, I 'id la body in la kitchen.
    -A man forced me to do it. I 'ad no choice.
    -I 'ad to go along w'iz 'im because... Z'ere was a reason why I could not 
    -But I did not kill 'im! I swear it! You must believe me!
    Before the testimony, Armstrong will finally admit to there being another
    person at the table. Aha! This means that Maggey was telling the truth the
    entire time. Now you just need to find the real killer. Pressing these
    statements will get you nothing but complaining from Armstrong, so shut him
    up and present Furio Tigre's profile at the second statement.
    Amrstrong looks nervous when you present his profile. You will need to
    present some evidence that shows why Armstrong couldn't go against Tigre.
    Present Jean's Loan Contract. Tigre told Armstrong he was going to use the
    restaurant as a business making location. He met up with Glen. He then
    dragged Glen and Maggey into the kitchen once the deed was done. However,
    Armstrong didn't frame Maggey for the crime. 
    Furio Tigre will be called to the stand. You're given a thirty minute
    recess. Save the game.
                              ~7E.Part 4-2 Trial~
    Date-January 8, 1:21 PM
    Location-District Court; Defendant Lobby No. 1
    Phoenix says that without proof, there is no way that anything Armstrong
    said was true. You're going to need some case-breaking evidence to get to
    the bottom of this one. Gumshoe appears, saying he's about to return to the
    Criminal Affairs Dept. for a little while. He's able to get some 
    fingerprint analysis done in that time.
    When asked, present the Small Bottle for him to take. You have to stall
    the trial long enough for the bottle to get back here. Back into court!
    Date-January 8, 1:56 PM
    Location-District Court; Courtroom No. 4
    Godot managed to find Tigre, and after scaring almost everyone in the 
    courtroom, including the Judge, perhaps we can finally hear some testimony.
    He'll talk about what he did the day of the murder.
    ~Furio Tigre's Testimony-The Tiger's Alibi~
    -I don't know nothin' about not murder.
    -I was tied up with business in December last year. Spent all'a my time in
    my office.
    -I got whales lined up to borrow cash from Tender Lender every single day.
    -Youse wanna check my alibi, just ask Violetta.
    Before you can cross examine Tigre, the Judge will be so scared to Tigre
    that if you press him on irrelevant information, you will lose 1/5th of the
    health bar. Be wary.
    Press only the second statement. What's important is what Tigre did on the
    day of the murder, so "Press harder". Tigre will yell that he never set 
    foot outside of his office on December 3rd. He also says he never saw Glen
    before. The following statement will be added to his testimony:
    -The day youse talkin' about, I was in de office, too. I never saw that kid
    Present Glen's Calander at this new statement. At the least, Glen knew 
    Tigre. Tigre had to have known him, though, since he was going to meet with
    Glen. Looks like Tigre is going to have to testify again.
    ~Furio Tigre's Testimony-The Victim, Glen Elg~
    -I ain't no liar. I never met Glen Elg.
    -There was some lame guy with that name, though. Wanted to borrow cash 
    from me.
    -I set up a meetin' with the guy...at my office, Tender Lender.
    -I waited around for him, but he ain't ever showed.
    -I ain't never even been to that Tres Bien joint, youse hear?
    Present the Tres Bien Matches at the final statement. If Tigre had really
    never been to Tres Bien before, he wouldn't have had those matches lying in
    his office. He finally admits to being at Tres Bien, however, he says he
    still never met Glen. Time for more testimony!
    ~Furio Tigre's Testimony-At Tres Bien~
    -I was supposed to meet wid the kid at the restaurant that afternoon.
    -When I opened the door to the joint, I saw one ugly scene.
    -The guy was laid out over the table, stiff as concrete.
    -I figured if the place wasn't hot already, it was gonna be, so I split.
    -I heard the cop's sirens on my way out, and I went straight back to my
    This contradiction is slightly more elaborate, but nonetheless, present
    the Tres Bien Floor Plans at the third statement. Look closely at the floor
    plans. The small quarter of a circle-shaped piece at the top right of the
    map is the entrance. When Tigre entered the restaurant, there would be no
    possible way for him to see Glen slumped over the table. There is a tall
    partition between the entrance and the table Glen was sitting in. 
    The only way he saw Glen was if he actually met him. Now Phoenix says that
    in order for Victor to have seen Glen alone at the table later in the day,
    the real killer staged a fake death. Who is this killer? When asked, you
    should know to present Furio Tigre's profile. 
    Godot will go back over Victor's testimony. He still saw the waitress put
    something into the coffee. However, Phoenix says that it is entirely 
    possible that the waitress was also part of the act. You'll need to present
    the profile of the person who poised as Maggey. Present Viola Cadaverini's
    Remember, Maggey said that another person who fits the description of Viola
    was also in the restaurant. This makes it so that only Tigre could have
    committed the crime. Yet again, more testimony about Tigre interaction with
    Glen that day.
    ~Furio Tigre's Testimony-Ties to the Victim~
    -Yeah, I loaned Elg cash. About 100,000 dollars.
    -That day, we was due to have a little chat. The kid had hit his payback
    date, see?
    -So anyway, he tells me he's got no way to pay up.
    -I'm about to flatten the guy, when he starts screamin'.
    -"Yesss! I won! Half a million bucks!" He got lucky, you' know. Real lucky.
    -If that waitress hadn't done what she done, everythin' woulda been over.
    You have limited time to prove Tigre had some motive to kill Glen. Since he
    just won enough money to pay his debt, there's no obvious reason. At least,
    you won't find one until you press the final statement. When Tigre gets 
    done ranting, "Ask how things would've been". He says that he was only
    after the cash. The following statement will be added to the testimony:
    -I was after the $100,000. I didn't have no other reason to kill the guy!
    This one's tricky. Present MC Bomber. The money isn't what Tigre was really
    after. MC Bomber is worth a ton of money, and Glen put up his skill as a
    programmer as collateral for repayment. Tigre needed that program worth
    millions of dollars. You need to present some evidence that shows he 
    needed one million dollars. Present Viola's Medical Papers. 
    Tigre paid off that debt, not because he wanted to, but because he had no
    choice but to. His very life depended on it. He was desperate to get his
    hands on one million dollars so Bruto didn't kill him. Tigre had to kill
    Glen to get the money. He was going to get the CD on the day of the murder,
    as was planned. But, Glen just happened to win half a million on the
    This left Tigre without a viable way of getting his hands on the CD. He
    murdered Glen for the CD, then pinned the murder on Maggey. Tigre posed as
    the fake Glen, while Viola posed as Maggey. They did this all to make a
    witness. Armstrong was easily manipulated throughout this ordeal because
    he owed Tigre a ton of money as well. 
    But this would make it too easy to pin the crime on him, backfiring 
    everything. For his final trick, present the Paper Badge. Looks like we
    finally revealed Tigre to be the fake Phoenix Wright for everyone. Tigre
    tries to get himself out of this hole, and pretty much succeeds. If you
    have no more evidence, Tigre will take his leave. 
    Luckily, Gumshoe dramatically enters the courtroom, bearing one more piece
    of evidence. 
    Date-January 8, 2:48 PM
    Location-District Court; Defendant Lobby No. 1
    Gumshoe has the prints for the Small Bottle. Tigre's fingerprints are found
    all over the bottle. Sadly, Phoenix says all that matters now is proof that
    Tigre put poison into Glen's coffee. SMALL BOTTLE will be added to the 
    Court Record, despite its uselessness. Gumshoe runs off, feeling as useless
    as ever.
    Date-January 8, 3:04 PM
    Location-District Court; Courtroom No. 4
    The Judge will ask you to present this final, decisive piece of evidence.
    Present, as hopeless as it is, the Small Bottle. Phoenix thinks that one
    person should still not be sure just what the contents of the bottle still
    are. You will need to tell just what the contents of this bottle are. Say
    "potassium cyanide". 
    Tigre used this very bottle to hold the poison. However, he continues to
    say that he didn't store any poison in that bottle. He says that the 
    cyanide bottle was brown and made of glass. 
    ...wouldn't only the real killer know something like that? Tigre goes crazy
    after this fact, pretty much screwing himself over, and then the lights in
    the courtroom go out. A winner is you. Maggey is Not Guilty, and this trial
    is finally over.
    Date-January 8, 4:10 PM
    Location-District Court; Defendant Lobby No. 1
    Well, another case is brought to a close. Gumshoe slowly comes back, says
    something unimportant, and then quickly leaves. You'll need to present
    some evidence to Maggey that shows Gumshoe cares about her. Present 
    Gumshoe's Lunchbox. She'll be happy about it, and that will finally end
    this episode.
                       ~8.Episode 4-Turnabout Beginnings~
    The intro to this case shows two people on a bridge, and a third revealed
    when the camera zooms a bit more into focus. The man on the bridge is 
    holding one of the girls hostage, threatening to kill her. One of them
    gets shot and falls down into the raging river below.
    You can now see Phoenix, who appears to be resting in a hospital room. He
    is checking up on an old court case, the first one that Mia took on. You
    will see the files that Phoenix is checking on his computer. The name of
    the person Mia was defending is Terry Fawles. Sergeant Valerie Hawthorne
    was the one killed in the incident. 
    Mia's first trial was defending someone who just broke out of prison. You
    will be replaying that very first case. This will all make sense when you
    play the fifth and final case of the game, don't worry.
                             ~8A.Part 1-1 Trial~
    Date-February 16, 9:24 AM
    Location-District Court; Defendant Lobby No. 4
    You will start with a very nervous Mia, and Terry will appear infront of 
    her, complicating matters even more. He was sentenced to death five years
    ago, and just recently escaped prison. He keeps saying that he didn't kill
    anybody, and tries to say that he didn't even escape form prison. Yeah,
    Terry then says he was tricked five years ago. Some woman lied in her
    testimony, which made Terry get the death penalty. Terry confirms that he
    did meet up with the victim, but keeps saying he didn't kill her. After a
    little more pestering, some man appears on screen. He looks, acts, and
    talks just like Godot for some reason. This guy is Diego Armando, one of 
    the finest attorneies at Grossberg Law Offices. 
    He brings some news that the prosecutor you are going against is also
    completely new. However, he's been hailed a genius, and probably won't be
    going down easy. Time for Mia's first trial.
    Date-February 16, 10:00 AM
    Location-District Court; Courtroom No. 4
    Hey. It's a completely different Judge for this case. That's the Judge's
    Brother, actually. And he's Canadian! And the prosecution is none other
    than a young Miles Edgeworth. Shweet. Facing off against Edgeworth. How
    awesome can this get? 
    Remember, you are here to get Terry innocent for killing Valerie, not for
    escaping prison. Edgeworth starts off by saying that Terry was sentenced
    to death five years ago. He had a bunch of crimes against his name at the
    time, so it was only fitting. However, the trial had no decisive evidence,
    so it lasted longer then it should have. It all came down to the testimony
    of Valerie, which led to Terry being convicted. 
    Valerie said she saw Terry throw a young girl off a bridge. The person who
    encountered him is the same Valerie that was just killed. Terry clearly
    escaped with revenge on his mind. The first witness will be called-a
    Detecive Gumshoe, sporting a different colored trenchcoat than he does six
    years from now.
    After looking at Mia for a second, Gumshoe will outline the details of the
    case. Valerie was stabbed in the back from a knife, dying of excessive
    blood loss soon after. Gumshoe then presents an overhead map of the area in
    question. Dusky Bridge can be seen, and it's an old suspension bridge that
    looks worn and broken. The Eagle River runs below it. Terry and Valerie met
    in the middle of the bridge. After stabbing her with a knife, Terry took
    her back to his car.
    After that, he was captured by the police. DUSKY BRIDGE MAP will be added
    to the Court Record. No traces of Valerie's blood could be found on the
    bridge. Gumshoe will testify about the main details of the incident.
    ~Detective Gumshoe's Testimony-Summary of the Incident~
    -On the day of the incident, an unknown person phoned the sergeant and 
    asked to meet.
    -Sergeant Hawthorne went to Dusky Bridge at the designated time and met 
    with Mr. Fawles.
    -And that's where she was brutally murdered, sir.
    -The criminal stuffed her body into his car trunk and tried to make a 
    -Mr. Fawles was arrested at a police checkpoint we set up at the base of 
    the mountain.
    Press the first statement. Gumshoe says that the unknown person in question
    is Terry Fawles. Valerie left a secret note on her desk about the call.
    VICTIM'S NOTE will be added to the Court Record. If you check the note in
    detail, it does say that Terry called to ask her to meet at a certain 
    bridge, wearing a white scarf. It also mentions to tell Dahlia the truth
    this time. Hmm. 
    The only other statement left to press is the fourth. Gumshoe admits that
    Terry stole the car from a couple at a red light. A photo of the car's
    trunk will be presented. It clearly shows Valerie inside, and the CRIME
    PHOTO will be added to the Court Record. It isn't possible to tell by the
    photo, but the knife was stuck firm in her back. The following statement
    is added to the testimony:
    -Here's a photo of the trunk. But I don't see anything strange, do you?
    Press the new statement. You will find out Terry was already questioned
    about the picture. In any case, present the Victim's Note at the new
    statement. Remember from the note, there was a line where Terry told
    Valerie to wear a white scarf for indentification purposes. So, where is
    the white scarf now?
    It wasn't found in the trunk. Apparently, Edgeworth is holding on to it.
    He managed to find it on Dusky Bridge while he was conducting his own
    investigation. The scarf isn't as white as described, mainly because of the
    huge mud stains that are visible. SCARF will be added to the Court Record.
    Good job falling into his trap on that one. 
    Next, Gumshoe will explain just what happened at Dusky Bridge that evening.
    ~Detective Gumshoe's Testimony-Events on Dusky Bridge~
    -Actually, there's an eyewitness who was there when the incident took
    -This photo was accidentally taken by the witness. It shows her wearing
    the scarf, sir.
    -It was drizzling that day; unfortunately, it's a little hard to see what's
    going on.
    -Anyway, the criminal shoved the victim down from behind and stabbed her in
    the back!
    -...That must have been when the scarf fell off.
    During the testimony, Gumshoe presents a photo taken by a third party, who
    was clearly at the crime scene intentionally. Valerie can be seen wearing
    the white scarf in the photo, and the Terry is clearly on the bridge with
    Valerie as well. WITNESS'S PHOTO will be added to the Court Record. The
    Judge is about ready to give the verdict, but you get a chance to cross
    Start by pressing the fourth statement. Diego will comment that the Court
    Record seems to contradict what Gumshoe says. And it does--present the
    Crime Photo at that statement. Considering the conditions of the scene of
    the crime, something about this photo doesn't match up with the facts. You
    will need to point to the spot that shows what isn't fitting with these
    conditions. Point to Valerie's chest region. 
    The coat is what is so strange. If Valerie had really fallen on her stomach
    on the bridge, then the front of her coat should be covered in mud. But in
    this picture, it clearly isn't. Edgeworth objects, saying that although it
    was wet, the bridge itself might not have been muddy. Can you prove that
    the top of the bridge was muddy that night? Present the Scarf.
    It fell off onto the bridge, and the scarf is all muddy. Therefore, the
    bridge must have also been muddy. Well, there must be some explanation for
    all of this. There's three different possibilities to why this 
    contradiction exists. The false evidence is in the "witness's testimony.".
    Is the testimony the witness gave actually true, or was it set up? Mia will
    demand that the witness be summoned for further cross examination. 
    Edgeworth isn't afraid to bring the person out, either. When the person
    appears, she'll call herself Melissa Foster. When I say "call herself", I
    mean she's blatantly lying about it. You damn well know from case 3-1 that
    that woman is Dahlia Hawthorne. 
    She claims that she is the one who took the photo. She'll testify about it
    as well.
    ~Melissa Foster's Testimony-The Witness's Photograph~
    -I...I was using my camera to take some pictures of wild flowers.
    -Then I noticed there were two people standing up on the suspension bridge.
    -Suddenly, the just started fighting!
    -That's when I hurried and took the photo that shows the crucial moment.
    -And right after that, I called the police.
    Melissa will point out the location she was standing when she took the
    picture. The location is towards the middle-left side of the map, just at
    the edge of the cliff. As it would appear, she did have a clear shot of the
    struggle from this viewpoint. She also presents her camera. CAMERA will be
    added to the Court Record. 
    You won't get anything out of pressing these statements (you won't get
    penalized either, as the Judge keeps on saying). Instead, you will just 
    need to get to the facts, and quick. Present the Witness's Photo at the 
    fourth statement. The main problem between this line of testimony, and the
    picture itself if you couldn't easily spot, is that Terry and Valerie are
    just staring at each other in the picture. There's no 'critical moment' in
    it at all. 
    Melissa will say that she used up all of the film in the camera. The photo
    presented was the last one she took. Melissa also mentions that the camera
    has a timer feature. Keep that in mind. You will be brought back to the
    testimony, with these two lines added to it:
    -The victim turned around and tried to run away, but...
    -She only got about 10 yards before she was stabbed in the back.
    Present the Dusky Bridge Map at the second of the new statements. There is
    a serious problem here. On the bridge, there will be the labels for the
    killer and the victim, Valerie. If she really turned around from where
    Terry was standing, then she would be running right onto a spot of the 
    bridge that doesn't even exist. Basically, she had nowhere to run. 
    Edgeworth will object, though. He says that the diagram itself has a 
    mistake. The diagram was made after the incident had occurred. Dusky Bridge
    is old, and no blueprints in its past could be found. Despite the fact it
    is now broken, it could have been stable during the time of the murder.
    Looks like Edgeworth got you good again. Melissa will testify about the
    more fine details of the running.
    ~Melissa Foster's Testimony-Running From the Crime~
    -After he stabbed her in the back, he quickly picked her up in his arms.
    -Then he carried her over to the car.
    -I suppose that was the only way he could make sure the body stayed hidden.
    -He couldn't just leave the body on top of the bridge.
    -Oh, I'm sorry...I'm only supposed to talk about what I saw.
    There's something wrong with this testimony as well. Press her statements
    will get you nowhere, again, so present the Dusky Bridge Map at the third
    statement. Mia says that there would be a much easier way to get rid of the
    body. The Eagle River runs right below the bridge. As Edgeworth said, just
    about any body that fell into it could not be recovered. Logically, the 
    body would have been thrown into the river and not hauled into the trunk of
    the car.
    Sadly, as Edgeworth says, this is all pointless. Terry still killed 
    Valerie, and what you pointed out doesn't really matter. You will go back
    to the testimony, with the following line being added:
    -The killer broke into the trunk of the stolen car and hid the body in 
    Present the Dusky Bridge Map at this new statement as well. Once again, 
    there is a huge problem. This time, it actually affects what Melissa saw.
    You will refer back to the Dusky Bridge Map. If Melissa was standing as she
    claims she was, then there would be a huge cliff blocking her view of the
    car she says she saw. From where she was standing, she couldn't have seen
    any of that. Edgeworth will object, saying that Melissa still could have
    probably seen over the top of the cliff. It wasn't too tall for this to be
    Mia will look back at the Witness's Photo. On the left side of the bridge
    you can see a cliff face. This shouldn't even be in the picture if Melissa
    took it from where she said she did. Edgeworth will object, trying to fill
    in the gap of how she knew the car was even there. The Judge will appear
    sympathetic to Melissa, allowing to forgive this mistake.
    Armando, though, asks how she knows that Terry broke into the trunk. She
    says that there were marks left on the lid of the trunk. They were scratch
    marks made from when he broke into it. Looking back at the Crime Photo, you
    can see some scratch marks left around the keyhole of the trunk's door. Is
    there still a contradiction here? Choose that what she says, "It doesn't
    Melissa had to have found out about the scratches on the trunk somehow. You
    will need to come up with a reason of why she had seen the scratches. It 
    was because "she put the corpse in herself.". It wasn't Terry who had put
    Valerie in the trunk, but instead it was Melissa. Remember that Terry had
    the car keys since he stole the car. He wouldn't need to break into the
    Edgeworth will object again, asking how she could have still taken the 
    photo. The corpse could have only been put in the trunk when the incident
    occurred. Present the Camera when Edgeworth demands for some evidence. The
    camera has a timer built into it. The tripod was obviously brought along as
    well, as if just to take this picture. This means Melissa couldn't have
    been in the field when the incident occurred. You will need to point to the
    part on the map where Melissa was at the time. Point to the blue "V".
    The only way that this is possible would be if the defendant met with the
    victim before being put into the trunk. By the time the photo was taken,
    Valerie was dead. That means that the person in the photo isn't actually
    Valerie, but was Melissa instead. The main thing here is that Terry didn't
    know what Valerie looked like. You will need to present something that
    shows Terry had forgotten what Valerie had looked like. Present the 
    Victim's Note. 
    Terry had forgotten what she looked like, hence why he needed her to wear
    the white scarf. As long as she wore that scarf, anybody could have easily
    pretended to be Valerie. Melissa will fall to the floor, and a recess will
    be called. What isn't clear still is why Melissa would need to kill 
    Valerie. Perhaps you can figure that out soon. Save when prompted.
                             ~8B.Part 1-2 Trial~
    Date-February 16, 1:14 PM
    Location-District Court; Defendant Lobby No. 4
    Terry is pretty happy that you're doing a good job thus far, but it isn't
    quite over yet. Armando appears, and says again that you still need to fit
    a motive for Melissa. The most important information needed right now is
    about Melissa Foster. To get that, you'll need information on the incident
    from five years ago.
    Terry will explain it. The suspension bridge hasn't changed in five years.
    He confirms that he did kidnap the girl. His girlfriend, actually, Dahlia
    Hawthorne. Dahlia is Valerie's little sister. You will be shown the scene
    at the bridge again. Dahlia is the one being held hostage. Terry says that
    Valerie betrayed him. Infact, everything that happened there was lies.
    Him, Dahlia, and Valerie all planned that meeting. Dahlia's family was
    rich, and they sought to obtain a jewel. Terry and Dahlia wrote a 
    kidnapping note, asking for a two million dollar diamond, and for the
    exchange to occur on Dusky Bridge. They wanted Valerie to make the transfer
    since she was a detective. However, Valerie actually shot at Dahlia and
    Terry for real, and Dahlia managed to jump into the river below. 
    Terry passed out, and the police came soon after. That's the truth, then.
    Terry called Valerie to the bridge so he could finally hear the real story,
    and the scarf was to make sure it was really her he was talking to. Armando
    asks just where the diamond is located now. Terry doesn't know, though. He
    is sure that it is gone along with Dahlia. She put it in her backpack on 
    the bridge. 
    And now it's sliding along the river with, what everyone thinks, Dahlia.
    Did Dahlia set this all up for the diamond, and is she alive? Well, you 
    know the answe to the last one. You just saw her, after all. Hell, the
    first case of this game took place a year from now, so we all know she is
    alive. DIAMOND will be added to the Court Record. Back into court.
    Date-February 16, 1:49 PM
    Location-District Court; Courtroom No. 4
    Mia will remind herself that you're still after a possible motive she could
    have for killing Valerie. Melissa will continue to testify, this time about
    her history.
    ~Melissa Foster's Testimony-Melissa Foster's History~
    -I...I was out of the country until the year before last.
    -Until I entered college, I had never even been to Eagle Mountain before...
    -And I certainly don't have any reason for wanting to hurt a police 
    -Holding a grudge and killing the officer who testified against you 5 years
    -Or kidnapping a poor girl...I just think the defendant is a terrible,
    horrible monster.
    Press the fourth statement. You and Melissa will talk about Terry for a 
    moment, and how he didn't forget about Valerie's testimony despite
    forgetting what she looks like. Choose to "Press harder". Terry needed the
    white scarf as identification. When asked, "Have it added to the tesitmony"
    and the following will be done so:
    -I guess I'm lucky I wasn't wearing a white scarf.
    Present the Scarf itself at this statement. There's something strange about
    her testimony. She's glad she didn't wear a white scarf, but the scarf that
    was found on the bridge is clearly blue. Edgeworth will object, but Mia
    says that Melissa just confirmed that this was the scarf worn by the 
    victim. What was the reason the witness thought this was white? Present
    the Victim's Note. 
    Melissa had to have known what the note said. It details to bring a white
    scarf, and she knew all about it. The people who knew about this note were
    limited. Terry and Valerie were two, but the third person who knows about
    it is the key. Present Dahlia Hawthorne's profile when asked who this third
    person is. 
    Edgeworth will bring up that Terry killed Dahlia already. Mia asks if she
    was really killed. Her corpse was never found, though. If Dahlia were still
    alive, she would be 19. That just happens to be the same age as Melissa. 
    This means that the witness before us is actually the girl that was
    kidnapped, and presumed dead, five years ago. 
    Edgeworth then admits that even he knew the true identity of Melissa long
    ago. This girl is still Dahlia. Her act of hiding her identity isn't
    important to this case. You will be asked to present some form of motive
    for Dahlia to kill her own sister after some objections from Edgeworth.
    Present the Victim's Note again. 
    Valerie gave Dahlia a fair warning. They had a dangerously important secret
    to keep. That's the reason Dahlia had to kill Valerie. Dahlia will be asked
    to testify on the events from five years ago. Hopefully it will clear up
    the confusion this current case is making.
    ~Dahlia Hawthorne's Testimony-5 Years Ago~
    -Five years ago, I was kidnapped by Mr. Fawles.
    -The ransom price was a raw diamond. My sister, Valerie, brought it to the
    -After she made the exchange, she shot Mr. Fawles in the arm!
    -That's when Mr. Fawles tried to kill me by shoving me off the bridge from
    -I survived, but I was afraid I might be kidnapped again for my family's
    -So I decided to change my identity and start a new life...
    All you need to do is prove the kidnapping was all staged. Do this by
    presenting the Dusky Bridge Map at the fourth statement. That's actually
    not possible. Looking at the map, if Dahlia had been pushed from behind
    like she stated, then she would have fallen onto the layer of bedrock below
    the destroyed section of the bridge. That, most certainly, would have
    killed her.
    Terry couldn't have pushed her. We've established that. Edgeworth objects,
    saying the water level could have risen. However, the height of the bridge
    is so large that the slightest change in water level is insignificant.
    Edgeworth objects again, saying that Dahlia never said she was pushed from
    the back end of the bridge. Terry could have pushed her off the side of
    the bridge instead. 
    If that were the case, she would have fallen into the river. Mia objects,
    saying Dahlia couldn't have fallen off the side of the bridge. You'll need
    to back up this statement, so present the Witness's Photo. If you look at
    the photo, there are safety wires on the sides of the bridge that are about
    as tall as the two people standing on it. Somebody couldn't easily be
    pushed off of the bridge that way.
    Edgeworth keeps trying to think of ways Terry could have forced Dahlia into
    the river, but the fact he had been shot in the arm stops him. Dahlia must
    have jumped into the river intentionally. She had a strong intent to jump
    into the river. You will need to present some evidence that shows why she
    had to jump into the river. Present the Diamond. 
    Dahlia planned to keep the money for herself. That's the only reason she
    would jump off the bridge. Not to mention that Valerie was there to make 
    the plan complete. Valerie then planned on telling the truth today, as she
    says in her note, which made Dahlia panic. Thusly, she had to kill her. 
    Dahlia will ask what happened to the diamond. However, before the trial
    ends, there is still one more person who can testify. Choose Terry 
    Fawles' profile to make him testify. He will give one testimony, and you
    better make use out of it.
    ~Terry Fawles's Testimony-Who Terry Fawles Saw~
    -That day...4 PM...I stopped the car. I was in front of bridge...
    -She wasn't there...So, I waited on bridge.
    -I watched my car from bridge. I never put no body in that car!
    -Finally, one woman came. She stood front of me.
    -We talked...Then she left.
    -That was...That was Valerie. Not my Dahlia!
    He isn't leaving us much to work with. The only thing you can do is to
    present the Witness's Photo at the fourth statement. Looking at the photo,
    the person at the end of the bridge would be the first one to have arrived.
    This means that Terry actually arrived second. He admits that he got to the
    bridge at around 4 PM. He had to go to an old temple not far from the
    He and Dahlia had a momento, which Terry buried under a tree infront of the
    temple. He went to get a small necklace with a bottle on it. Sound 
    familiar? This means that Terry was gone from his car for about 30 minutes,
    and in that time, Dahlia could have easily stuffed the body of Valerie into
    the trunk of the car. 
    Terry then starts to bleed from the lip. He wasn't able to trust Dahlia, so
    he drank the poison, apparently, that he was given. 
    That is that. The trial ended, and Dahlia got away. Phoenix makes the final
    commentary on this case, saying that Dahlia was made guilty in his case.
    It's been five years, but something involving her has happened. Now you 
    see? It's all a prelude to the final case. And an epic one, at that.
                      ~9.Episode 5-Bridge to the Turnabout~
    You will first see the Ami Fey statue from the second case, and it's 
    holding the Shichshito. You'll learn that the name means 7 Branched Sword,
    as well. The narration talks about the sword a little more, the screen will
    pan slightly below the statue. The sword is actually stuck deep inside 
    someone's body. 
    Just what is going on? You'll find about about the statue, and why the 
    sword becomes so important, as you play the case. It'll all make sense
                           ~9A.Part 1-1 Investigation~
    Date-February 6, 9:48 AM
    Location-Wright & Co. Law Offices
    Maya and Pearl will talk to Phoenix in the office. They say that they need
    to train their spiritual powers at some place called Hazakura Temple. Both
    of them want you to join them, mainly because they need to be supervised
    by someone older then them. 
    Pearl keeps insisting that you come, and presents the magazine. Phoenix
    notices something about it. Up close, the picture shows two nuns standing
    next to eachother. The one on the right looks exactly like Dahlia 
    Hawthorne. However, this shouldn't be possible. She was thrown into prison
    five years ago. 
    That's all it takes for Phoenix to agree to come with the girls. OH CULT!
    NEW YEAR'S ISSUE will be added to the Court Record. 
    Date-February 7, 3:24 PM
    Location-Hazakura Temple; Main Gate
    You will arrive at the snowy mountain temple. One of the nuns will meet you
    up here. The nun says she is Bikini. She keeps laughing at Maya's 
    shivering. I'd laugh too. Talk about the "Channeling dojo". Bikini will
    talk about the channeling dojo up ahead, and how it feels quite mysterious.
    She also says that Maya is going to be experiencing a lot of cold things.
    How lucky.
    Ask about "The other nun". She calls the other nun Iris. She is in the
    inner temple at the moment, so you can't visit her right now. Move into
    the Main Hall now.
    Date-February 7
    Location-Hazakura Temple; Main Hall
    After smelling the cooking food, an old lady holding a large cane will 
    appear. Pearl seems to know this woman as Elise Deauxnim (I think it's
    pronouned "do-nim"). Pearl is a huge fan of Elise, mainly because she 
    writes a lot of books. She does picture books. Talk about "Elise Deauxnim".
    Pearl talks about how awesome her books are, and Elise says she has hired
    an apprentice by the name of Laurice. Hopefully we can talk to Laurice
    later, as well.
    Now talk about "Why come here?". Elise is only here to gather new material
    for a book she's working on. The nuns have provided her with clothes as
    well. She also talks about her staff, which has an actual amethyst on the
    top of it. 
    Elise then says that she needs to leave to help with dinner. Pearl also 
    agrees to help her. She hands you a map of the area before you leave. You
    can see the Inner Temple just across a familiar looking suspension bridge.
    HAZAKURA TEMPLE MAP added to the Court Record. There's nothing to examine
    in here, so move back to the Main Gate.
    Date-February 7
    Location-Hazakura Temple; Main Gate
    Bikini left already, probably to the Inner Temple. Let's follow her. Move
    to the Suspension Bridge.
    Date-February 7
    Location-Suspension Bridge
    There's a fast flowing river below the bridge. Maya notes the nearby rock
    which reads "Dusky Bridge". Yup. The same one that Dahlia supposedly died
    from in the previous case. Move to the Inner Temple Gate.
    Date-February 7
    Location-Inner Temple Gate
    You'll have fun constantly going back and forth between these areas. On
    the right screen you will find the temple itself. Move into the Training
    Date-February 7
    Location-Inner Temple; Training Hall
    After Maya says that she's the only one training here, and not Pearl along
    with her, another girl will appear. She will introduce herself as Iris
    (note how Dahlia's music plays throughout this), and leaves to go attend
    some chores as if she doesn't want to hang out with you. 
    Could that girl really have been Dahlia? Nah, that's not possible. You will
    need to examine the scroll on the right wall before you leave. There is a
    picture of a woman on the scroll, and that just happens to be Maya's 
    mother, Misty. Note the mark at the top of the scroll, which signifies the
    master. HANGING SCROLL will be added to the Court Record. Now, head back
    over to the Suspension Bridge.
    Date-February 7
    Location-Dusky Bridge
    You will find somebody here at Dusky Bridge, but they leave before you can
    ask them anything. He calls himself Laurice, but Phoenix (and you) know
    that that person is really Larry. Sweet, twice in one game. Makes up for 
    his absence in Justice For All. Seems that he is the illustrator apprentice
    for Elise. 
    Talk to him about "Laurice Deausnim". After case 2, Larry wanted to start
    his life over. He found one of Elise's books, and has felt great ever since
    then. Ask about "Elise Deauxnim". Larry is so crazy about Elise that he 
    went as far as to take a picture of her secretly. PHOTO OF ELISE will be
    added to the Court Record.
    Now talk about "Picture books". Maya suspects that Larry is only doing this
    because he's in love with Elise, but Larry states clearly that he's 
    actually attracted to the 'other girl'. Present that profile, of Iris, that
    Larry will praise Iris for a few seconds, and Pearl will soon interrupt.
    She says that dinner is ready, and everyone gets taken to the Main Hall.
    Date-February 7, 7:46 PM
    Location-Hazakura Temple; Main Hall
    Everyone will eat dinner. The major people will be given certain tasks.
    Maya is going to be starting her training early in the morning. Iris will
    be joining Maya and Bikini soon later, after taking care of some other
    business in another area of the temple. 
    Pearl will head off with Elise to read some of her books. Moreso to learn
    to read, actually. Larry will stay in his room--he hates the cold. There
    won't be much else for Phoenix to do. 
    Date-February 7, 9:12 PM
    Location-Hazakura Temple; Main Hall
    Phoenix is wondering the temple and runs into Elise. It seems that she 
    can't find Pearl anywhere. She never showed up to visit Elise. Iris pops up
    soon after Elise leaves. You finally have the chance to talk to Iris, if
    only for a short time. Talk about "Iris". She says that she has been at the
    temple ever since she can remember. She doesn't have any other family to 
    turn to. She generally just stays in the temple, heading to the nearby town
    every now and again. Since no Psyche-Locks are appearing, she must not be
    Dahlia after all. 
    Ask about "Hazakura Temple". Iris says that she hates communicating with
    the dead up here. It's almost 10 PM and Iris has some important things to
    do at that late hour. She will hand you her hood, which apprently protects
    you from spiritual powers. IRIS'S HOOD will be added to the Court Record.
    Right before leaving, Iris will call Phoenix by his last name. When asked
    how she knows this, five Psyche-Locks will appear over her. Looks like she
    really does know Phoenix. Before he can get any sleep, a flash of lightning
    strikes and a loud scream can be heard from the courtyard. 
    Date-February 7, 11:06 PM
    Location-Hazakura Temple; Courtyard
    Someone is lying on the ground infront of you. It's none other than Elise,
    and it looks like she was pierced by the sword the Ami Fey statue is
    holding. Seems much like the intro, doesn't it? Told you it would make
    sense eventually.
    Bikini is also here, and she too is deathly afraid of what just happened.
    She orders you to go contact the police. She tells you to head over to
    Dusky Bridge and use the pay phone there, warning you that Iris will do...
    something...if you don't hurry.
    Date-February 7, 11:18 PM
    Location-Dusky Bridge
    Crap! Dusky Bridge is quickly burning down, and Maya is still on the other
    side. Larry will appear, and Phoenix shoves him aside and tells him to call
    the police while Phoenix looks for Maya. Larry keeps warning him that the
    bridge isn't safe, but Phoenix doesn't care. He needs to find Maya.
    Sadly, Phoenix doesn't even get close to the other end of the bridge.
    Weakened by the fire, the bridge completely snaps loose, making Phoenix
    plummet into the rushing river below. That will end the investigation. 
    Hopefully Phoenix isn't dead or anything. What the hell are we going to do
    now!? Save when asked.
                           ~9B.Part 1-2 Investigation~
    Date-??? Time-???
    Someone's phone will be ringing. Yeah, Miles freaking Edgeworth is on the
    line. Larry will be at the other end, demanding Edgeworth to return back to
    the States and help Phoenix. Larry is at the detention center. Huh. Looks
    like Edgeworth will be taking charge of the first part of this case. That
    should please all of the fanboys.
    Date-February 8, 2:19 PM
    Location-Detention Center; Visitor's Room
    Oh, Larry isn't actually the one in detention. Okay. Edgeworth stopped by
    the hospital where Phoenix is currently staying and learned all about the
    case from there. He also took all of the evidence that Phoenix was holding.
    The prime suspect of the case is the nun, Iris. Edgeworth says that Phoenix
    will need at least two days of rest before he can return to work. 
    Edgeworth says that two items he picked up from Phoenix make no sense. 
    First is the Magatama, which confuses the hell out of Edgeworth. The other
    was Phoenix's Attorney's Badge. Oh snap, we're playing as a defense 
    attorney. As Edgeworth. That's cool. Looks like Edgeworth has no choice but
    to take part in this case.
    Iris will appear in the Detention Center. Edgeworth reassures her that 
    Phoenix is going to be fine. That's good. Edgeworth then thinks that he has
    met Iris someplace before. Talk to her about "Iris". Iris says that she is
    at Hazakura Temple, the place for spiritual training, despite that she has
    no spiritual powers herself. She says that she is staying there only to
    purify her soul for bad things she has done in the past.
    Ask about "The night of the crime" next. She was in her room after 8 PM,
    leaving at around 10 to ring the bell. She was told to go to the Training
    Hall after that, but instead went back to her room. She says she was
    frightened to go to the Training Hall. She stayed there until the murder
    Now ask about "Frightened?". Edgeworth won't get far into the conversation
    before two Psyche-Locks appear (or as he calls them, Psycholocks). Well, so
    much for that. Talk about "Any idea?" next. Iris flatly says that she did
    not kill Elise. No Psyche-Locks appear, so she didn't do it. Edgeworth will
    ask if Iris and Phoenix knew each other. Iris says that five years ago she
    deceived him. She knew she was a weak person, so she hoped to never see him
    again. Iris agrees that if Edgeworth defends her, she'll tell Phoenix the
    truth about their past. 
    I like Edgeworth's style of thinking. He's smart and tells you (or rather,
    himself) exactly where to go. Head to the crime scene--Dusky Bridge.
    Date-February 8
    Location-Dusky Bridge
    Well, it isn't so much of a bridge anymore. Gumshoe will be here, happy to
    see Edgeworth. Although the same can't be said in reverse, Gumshoe says he
    wanted to get here before Godot had the chance to. Edgeworth has no idea
    who Godot is, though. Talk to Gumshoe about "What happened". Gumshoe says
    that the case is pretty simple. The main witness is Bikini who claims to
    have seen the entire thing. 
    Ask about "Dusky Bridge" next. Gumshoe says the Inner Temple is on the 
    other side, but it's impossible to get over there. Worse yet, Maya is
    trapped on the other side. Looks like she's in trouble yet again. The 
    bridge burned down from a lightning strike. 
    Ask about "Prosecutor Godot" next. Edgeworth still has no idea who this guy
    is, or why everyone calls him awesome despite having never won a case. The
    only reason that Godot is even on this case is because Phoenix is the one
    taking charge of it. Nobody knows why Godot has such a strong grudge 
    against Phoenix.
    Now talk about the "Lightning" strike. It's odd that lightning would strike
    when it is snowing, but the weather data Gumshoe holds confirms that there
    was a strike of lightning. WEATHER DATA will be added to the Court Record.
    The weather report is quite detailed, saying that lightning struck at
    exactly 10:45 and the burning of the bridge lasted for half an hour.
    Actually, most of that report was from a witness. Gumshoe isn't in any
    position to reveal who this witness is, so you will have to find out for
    yourself. Head to the Main Gate.
    Date-February 8
    Location-Hazakura Temple; Main Gate
    Larry will be here, demanding to know what Edgeworth has been up to. After
    some confusion, you will get the chance to talk about "Iris". Seems that
    all of this talk makes it seem that Larry doesn't want to think that Iris
    might have killed Elise.
    Ask about "The night of the crime". Larry goes crazy when asked what he was
    doing last night, and then three Psyche-Locks will appear over him. Now you
    can move into the Main Hall. Do so--we'll return back later.
    Date-February 8
    Location-Hazakura Temple; Main Hall
    Bikini will be moping about in this room. Gumshoe seems to be talking to
    her. She seems very serious about the condition of Iris. Talk to her about
    "The night of the crime". She says that her and Maya went to the Inner
    Temple at around 9 PM. She says that the process was going to take all
    night, and that the Head Nun needed to keep watch at all times. However, if
    she was supposed to be in the Inner Temple, how is she here and why did she
    Ask about "What you saw". Bikini saw, at around 11:00, two people in the
    courtyard. One of them was lying on the ground, and the other was stabbing
    her with a sword. She is positive that it was Iris doing the stabbing.
    Bikini soon passed out after witnessing this. However, she thinks that Iris
    doing ths sort of act is unnatural. She's sure that Iris wouldn't do 
    something like that.
    Ask "Why return?" next. She says that although looking strong, she actually
    has a bad lower back. It also gets worse in the winter. She wanted a warm
    place to rest her back, so she had to return to the Main Hall. After 
    leaving, she had Iris go to the Inner Temple once she was done ringing the
    bell. However, Iris never did go to the Inner Temple, did she? Hmm. 
    Talk about "The acolyte" next. Bikini says that she is ashamed she treated
    Maya very poorly. They hadn't started the training course last night.
    Bikini asks if you have seen the young girl, Pearl. Bikini thought that she
    was going to visit Elise after dinner as well, but she too has no idea 
    where she went. Perhaps she is with Maya...? 
    That takes care of the main topics. Time to examine the area. Start by
    examining the cushion at the far, left end of the room. Under one of them
    is a piece of paper. Gumshoe checks it out, and it seems to be of great
    importance. It's a letter addressed to Iris, telling her to go somewhere,
    or else her secret will be exposed. Sounds like a blackmail letter. NOTE
    TO IRIS will be added to the Court Record.
    That's all there is here. Head to the Courtyard.
    Date-February 8
    Location-Hazakura Temple; Courtyard
    Gumshoe will have followed you to the crime scene itself. Besides removing
    the body, nothing else has been touched. Talk to Gumshoe about "The 
    victim". Up until the point where Elise won the writer's award, her entire
    past has been a mystery. Gumshoe says that the time of death was between
    10 and 11 PM on February 7th. Elise died, as you know, from the giant
    sword being plunged into her back.
    The only odd thing is that Elise's body was covered in bruises, similar to
    falling off a two-story building. That's the same height as the nearby
    building, the one Elise was staying in. AUTOPSY REPORT will be added to the
    Court Record. As Edgeworth guesses, Elise's body was dropped from that
    height after her death. Ask about "What happened" next.
    Gumshoe and Edgeworth will summarize the main events so far. You'll need
    some information on the Inner Temple for this to make a bit more sense. 
    There must be some reason why everyone kept moving about. Talk about
    "Tomorrow's trial" next.
    Gumshoe was sure that Godot was going to be the prosecutor, but nobody is
    able to contact him at the moment. A replacement is being searched for as
    they speak. Perhaps it's true that since Phoenix isn't taking the case at
    the moment, Godot lost interest. 
    Edgeworth poses the problem that he could be revealed as a prosecutor, and
    not a defense attorney. The real person who can figure that out would be
    the Judge. Luckily, Edgeworth requested that another Judge preside over the
    case. Even better, Edgeworth managed to select a prosecutor himself, one
    that will bail him out if someone catches on that he's actually a 
    Talk about the "Inner Temple" last. You'll learn there's nothing else near
    the Inner Temple, and there is no other method if entrance. Time to start
    examining the scene. Examine the staff on the left side of the screen. You
    will recall that this staff belonged to Elise. Only her fingerprints were
    found on it. Also note that the gem on the top is missing. VICTIM'S STAFF
    will be added to the Court Record.
    Now examine the Ami Fey statue in the back. It's holding the Shichishito
    sword, which is covered in Elise's blood. The fingerprints on the hilt of
    the sword match those of Iris's. SHICISHITO will be added to the Court
    Record. Move to the Main Gate once you have collected the evidence here.
    Date-February 8
    Location-Hazakura Temple; Main Gate
    Larry seems to have left, and we still need to break his Psyche-Locks. For
    now, head back to the Detention Center. Iris still has her Psyche-Locks,
    too (You get there by moving at the Suspension Bridge).
    Date-February 8
    Location-Detention Center; Visitor's Room
    After what you've learned, talk to Iris about the "Inner Temple". Iris says
    that she didn't go to the Inner Temple at all that night. Yet, Bikini said
    she did. Who's lying? Present the Magatama while we wait, and let's break
    these Psyche-Locks.
    ~Iris's Magatama Secret-I Was Frightened~
    Iris was scared of something to the point that she didn't leave her room,
    and you'll need to present something that shows that. Present the Note to
    Iris. She was scared of the blackmailer, and thusly didn't come out of her
    room. The first lock will break off.
    Iris says she thought that somebody was just playing a prank on her. Not
    only that, but since she has contact with such few people, it's unlikely
    that any major secret would give her problems. Yet, there is one person 
    that she didn't want her secret told to. Present Phoenix's profile. You
    should remember that Phoenix uncovered five Psyche-Locks in Iris last
    night, obviously holding some secret that she doesn't want let out. The
    final lock breaks off.
    Now you can talk about "Frightened?". After dinner, the letter was in her
    room. The Heavenly Hall mentioned in the letter is a small shack at the 
    base of Dusky Bridge. Iris opens up the map and points out the location of
    the shack. Iris didn't want to think of the affair at all because she was
    worried there was some criminal there, and she never left her room because
    of it. IRIS'S TESTIMONY will be added to the Court Record. 
    You can move to Heavenly Hall now, so get to it.
    Date-February 8
    Location-Heavenly Hall
    This scene looks like something from case 1-4. To add to it, Larry is 
    wandering around here. He's talking to himself, and mentions about doing
    something again, something that has gotten himself into trouble. Talk to
    Larry about "Heavenly Hall". The little shack is a nice quiet place where
    almost nobody goes, a perfect place for Larry.
    Now ask about "Iris". Nothing much here, just that Larry wants to marry 
    her. Talk about "The night of the crime" and the Psyche-Locks will appear.
    Present the Magatama.
    ~Larry Butz's Magatama Secret-The Night of the Crime~
    Larry will begin talking about the incredible thing that he saw last night.
    It was around 10 PM, and he was sleeping at the time. He saw a flash of
    lightning, and before he knew it, the bridge was on fire. Larry says that
    he was in his room in the Main Hall when he saw the bridge catch on fire.
    However, Edgeworth doubts that. You will need to present something that
    contradicts Larry. Present the Hazakura Temple Map.
    The Main Hall is surrounded by trees and a giant cliff. It's impossible to
    see Dusky Bridge from there. The first lock will easily break off. Well, if
    Larry wasn't in his room, and he saw the lightning strike, then he must 
    have been at another location somewhere closer to the bridge. Point to
    Heavenly Hall and present it. Larry can't get himself out of this one. The
    second lock will break.
    Edgeworth suspects that Larry was waiting for somebody last night. If you
    have paid attention to the evidence, it should be obvious. Present Iris's
    profile. Larry thinks that you don't have any actual proof that he was
    waiting for Iris. When asked, present the Note to Iris. She was called to
    the shack with a horribly placed blackmail letter, if it was even blackmail
    to begin with. The final lock will break off.
    Talk about "The night of the crime" finally. Larry comes clean and says the
    "secret" that's mentioned in the letter is actually his love for Iris. Um,
    great, and all, but did we waste our time to figure that out? Yeah, yeah we
    That's all there is. Gumshoe steps in and says that Larry is hiding another
    secret from earlier. Talk about "Something incredible". Larry gets more
    defensive than before, and this time, five Psyche-Locks appear over him.
    Damnit, Larry! There's nothing else Edgeworth can do for now. And that ends
    the investigation. Save the game.
                              ~9C.Part 2-1 Trial~
    Date-February 9, 9:47 AM
    Location-District Court; Defendant Lobby No. 1
    Iris and Edgeworth will be talking. Bikini is going to be the first one to
    testify, and Larry will follow suit. Soon enough, trial will start. I 
    wonder how this is going to work...
    Date-February 9, 10:00 AM
    Location-District Court; Courtroom No. 7
    Cool. The Judge's brother is the one in the chair today instead of the 
    clueless yet funny Udgey. Not to mention, there's no prosecution. Looks
    like the verdict is going to be given pretty quickly in this one...
    Oh, but it can't possibly be that easy! Franziska von Karma bursts into the
    room. Makes sense why Edgeworth would want to face off against her. The
    Judge comes close to finding out that Edgeworth was a prosecutor, but he
    convinces the Judge otherwise. Franziska backs him up, as well. 
    The Judge also has no tolerance for the whip. Finally, some backbone! Yet,
    Edgeworth is fine with her having it all the same. Franziska will outline
    the details of the case, presenting a new picture of the crime scene. 
    CRIME PHOTO will be added to the Court Record. 
    Bikini will be called up to the stand first, as expected. 
    ~Bikini's Testimony-The Night of the Murder~
    -That night I was helping an acolyte with her training in the Inner Temple.
    -Well, as you can see, my back likes to act up. Violently.
    -So, I left Iris to help the acolyte, and returned to Hazakura Temple.
    -There's no bath at the Inner Temple, you see, and I needed a long, hot
    -It was after I had finished, just as I was heading back...that's when I
    saw it!
    Press the third statement. Bikini says several times that Iris and her met
    in the Inner Temple. There's something wrong with that, though. Present
    Iris's Testimony at the third statement. Franziska objects, saying that 
    Iris shouldn't be trusted. Edgeworth cuts in, saying that if she were in
    the Inner Temple, she would have had a much better alibi. There's no point
    in saying she was in her room just because she could. Nothing else can be
    done, so the following line is added to her testimony:
    -Iris came to the Inner Temple. She was dressed exactly as she had been at
    This statement just screams a contradiction. Present Iris's Hood. Remember,
    two nights ago, she gave her hood to Phoenix right after dinner. If Bikini
    had seen someone wearing this hood, then it couldn't have been Iris.
    Bikini then says that she makes a large surplus of these hoods. Despite 
    each nun only getting one, Iris might have gone for another. Edgeworth
    doubts this, but more testimony is to come.
    ~Bikini's Testimony-After My Bath~
    -I finished my bath around 11, and I thought I should return to the Inner
    -And as I was walking back...I heard a noise from the courtyard. I took a
    look and...
    -Iris was...! Oh, Mystic Elise! And with that sword, of all things!
    -Mystic Elise was staying in the corner room, which faces out onto the
    -The stabbing must have occurred after she was pushed out of her window.
    This is yet another easy testimony. At the final statement, present Elise's
    Autopsy Report. It clearly states that Elise was pushed out a window after
    she was killed, not the other way around as Bikini claims. 
    It's highly unlikely that Elise was brought into her room and then shoved
    out of the window, but instead was killed inside of her room and then 
    shoved out from there. However, Edgeworth states that there were no signs 
    of a struggle in her room. No traces of blood were there, either. 
    Franziska states, though, that the most amount of blood is lost when the
    blade is taken out of the body. Thusly, she comes up with the conclusion
    that Elise was stabbed in her room, and the sword was kept inside so as to
    prevent blood from leaking onto the floor. Elise was then shoved out of the
    window, and then the sword was taken out of her body so the blood quickly
    covered the ground.
    Looks like Bikini is going to need to describe the seen just a little bit
    ~Bikini's Testimony-Further Details~
    -When I looked across at the scene, the sword was already in place.
    -Thinking about it now, I didn't actually see her stab Mystic Elise.
    -I've never seen so much blood before...
    -That's when I fainted. You can't blame me, can you?
    -And when I awoke...Mystic Ami was...stabbing Mystic Elise through the 
    Start by pressing the third statement. Bikini saw blood get flicked onto
    Iris's clothes, and when her room was searched later, the blood-stained
    clothes were found in a corner of the room. Choose to "Press further".
    Bikini now says that she saw the girl pull the sword out of Elise. The
    following will be added to her testimony:
    -I saw the instantly in which the blade, plunged in to the hilt, was
    smoothly drawn out.
    Press this new statement. Bikini is quite sure that she saw the sword come
    out of her body smoothly and without difficulty. There is something wrong
    here--present the Shichishito. First of all, there is no way the sword
    could have plunged to the hilt. The sword is far too long and heavy for
    someone like Iris to use that far. 
    Not only that, but there are many branches on the sword. There isn't any
    way that this sword went out quite smoothly. Now there's the matter of the
    bleeding. The way this sword is shaped, there isn't much room for 
    possibility that the bleeding could be plugged up. There is still one more
    contradiction. If the sword was thrust into Elise up to the hilt, then why
    is only the tip of it covered in blood? If Bikini was serious, then there
    should be blood all over the sword.
    Thusly, the murder weapon couldn't possibly be the Shichishito. It's only
    because it was in the victim's body that it could be believed that it 
    really was. Franziska says this means nothing, but it really does. Where
    did the real murder weapon go? 
    Bikini cuts in, saying she might know something about the actual murder
    weapon. Looks like there's going to be one last testimony.
    ~Bikini's Testimony-Location of the Weapon~
    -I saw the murder at around 11 PM...
    -And after asking that it be reported, I went out to the Main Gate.
    -And there...I saw tracks! Tracks that indicated the snowmobile had been
    -It takes 15 minutes to walk to Dusky Bridge, but less than 5 using one of
    -Maybe they threw the weapon into Eagle River and came back while I was
    knocked out?
    -...Iris could have done that. She can drive a snowmobile after all...
    The testimony talks about a snowmobile, and Franziska presents a picture
    showing their tracks from the main gate. TRACKS PHOTO will be added to the
    Court Record. Now, present the Tracks Photo at the fifth statement. 
    Edgeworth questions why there is only one set of snow tracks. If Iris left
    the Temple, threw the weapon into the river, and returned, there would be
    two sets of tracks. 
    Franziska claims that it was snowing that night, and the tracks could have
    been easily erased. Is there a flaw in this theory? Choose "There is a
    contradiction.". You will need to present some evidence that shows snow
    couldn't have fallen over the first pair of tracks. Present the Weather
    Data. She witnessed the crime at around 11 PM. Snow stopped falling at
    about 10:50 that evening. 
    When Iris committed the crime, there was no snow falling. Thusly, both
    tracks should have been there. Franziska says that the report could easily
    be inaccurate. She's real desperate for something now. To shove it back in
    Franziska's face, you'll need to present some evidence that shows the snow
    had certainly stopped falling by that time. Present the Crime Photo.
    Looking at this photo, Elise's body is clearly visible. There isn't any
    snow on top of her, thusly it couldn't have been snowing during the murder.
    If Iris had really gone to Eagle River to throw away the murder weapon,
    then there must have been two sets of tracks. Edgeworth explains that 
    somebody took the snowmobile to Dusky Bridge that evening before the 
    murder, when it was still snowing. When that person returned to the Temple,
    the snow had stopped, and thus the tracks remained.
    Bikini then says that there is only one set of keys for the snowmobile. 
    Only Iris had the keys that night, and they were found in her room after 
    the murder. Iris had to use the snowmobile to get to the river, or so says
    Bikini. The problem is, Bikini didn't see the snowmobile when she left Iris
    at the Inner Temple. She instead found it at the Main Gate later. It was
    covered in snow then. 
    It couldn't have been used to dispose of the weapon, but someone did use it
    after snow had stopped falling. There's nothing left to ths story unless
    there's another witness. But that person would need to be an idiot to go 
    out on that night. An idiot, huh? Sounds just like Larry's perfect for that
    job. Present Larry's profile when asked. Looks like we may find the 
    "something incredible" secret here when he testifies. Save the game when
                              ~9D.Part 2-2 Trial~
    Date-February 9, 11:15 AM
    Location-District Court; Defendant Lobby No. 1
    Edgeworth asks Iris is she did or didn't go to the Inner Temple that night.
    Nothing happens, so Edgey moves to the second question--whether or not she
    used the snowmobile that night. Looks like she isn't going to tell you, not
    with five Psyche-Locks covering her. She says she won't tell you until the
    safety of Maya is confirmed. Getting it out of her won't be easy, oh no.
    Back to court!
    Date-February 9, 11:36 PM
    Location-District Court; Courtroom No. 7
    Looks like Franziska hates Larry's drawings of her. Ha. Larry's forced to
    testify, unless he wants more of her demonic whip.
    ~Larry Butz's Testimony-What I Saw~
    -I was at that lodge out in the mountains, looking up at the stars that
    -I walked to the bridge a number of times, but...
    -I didn't see a s-snowmobile!
    -I didn't meet anyone at the bridge that night!
    Pressing Larry will do nothing, but I'm sure you could have guessed that.
    Present Phoenix's profile at the final statement. You were there, after 
    all, meeting Larry on the night of the murder. 
    After a bit of self-confidence speech from Edgeworth, Larry will get to
    testify again.
    ~Larry Butz's Testimony-What I Saw, Pt. 2~
    -I went to the shack at around 9, so it would have been about 10:30 PM...
    -I was lying under my bedding when a white flash almost blinded me!
    -I looked out the window...and Dusky Bridge was on fire!
    -There was still some thunder, but I went right away to check it out.
    -That's when I ran into Nick.
    Press the fourth statement. Larry will say that it took him about five
    minutes to reach the site of the burning bridge. When thinking about 
    pressing harder, choose to ask "Why didn't you call anyone?". There was a
    phone right next to the bridge, and normal people would call somebody at 
    the sight of a fire. The next line will be added to the testimony:
    -I arrived at the bridge, and Nick showed up less than a minute later.
    At this new statement, present the Weather Data. If you paid attention to
    the times Larry gave you, there is no way that Phoenix showed up seconds
    after Larry reached the bridge. Larry got to the bridge at around 11 PM.
    However, 11 PM is when the murder itself occurred. Phoenix was still in the
    courtyard at this time. There's no way Larry encountered him at 11, then.
    Edgeworth says that even if the murder didn't happen at exactly 11, Phoenix
    still couldn't have been there. It took 30 minutes for the bridge to burn
    out. It was burning until at least 11:15 PM. Phoenix didn't actually see
    the bridge on fire, so Phoenix took a while in getting there. Larry must
    still be hiding something. 
    Larry says it's time to get serious. Larry won't be screwing around.
    ~Larry Butz's Testimony-The Missing 15 Minutes~
    -I'm a Deauxnim. I'm an artist! What do you think I was doing?
    -Sketching! In front of the bridge! I was whipped up into a frenzy of art!
    -The shock and awe that I was feeling...I transferred it all directly onto
    the page!
    -...Before I realized it, the flames had gone out and then he came running
    Larry must have some good reason for hiding this information. Press the
    second statement. He was busy sketching the bridge and everything around 
    it. Should you look at the sketch? It could be important, after all. Choose
    to "Look at the sketch". Larry will present his sketch which looks...awful.
    Really, really awful. What in the hell is that thing flying above the
    bridge itself? 
    Larry says that the thing is Iris, naturally. So, why is she on fire? Not
    only that, but Larry claims she was flying at that point. He's really
    confident in what he saw. Larry points out she was about 30 feet off the
    ground. Back to the testimony, with the next line added (LARRY'S SKETCH
    is also added to the Court Record):
    -I saw Iris flying! Her white hood fluttering!
    Well, it's obvious now. Present Iris's Hood at this new statement. If we
    are to believe Larry, then the person over the bridge couldn't have been
    Iris. Larry then states that he has definitive evidence that it was Iris
    who was flying over the bridge. Time for the final testimony.
    ~Larry Butz's Testimony-Proof That Iris Flew!~
    -When I reached Dusky Bridge she was already gone...
    -I was so worried! So I frantically searched all over for her!
    -That led to me finding a beautiful crystal sphere, half-buried in the 
    -I'm sure that Iris was simply wearing a spare hood.
    -After all, no one else could have lost a crystal sphere that night.
    Larry's testimony mentions a crystal sphere, which has some blood stuck on
    it. CRYSTAL SPHERE will be added to the Court Record. At the final 
    statement, present the Victim's Staff. Someone did lose a sphere that 
    night, and naturally, it was Elise from the top of her staff. Edgeworth
    will show Elise's photo, and the crystal sphere can clearly be seen at the
    end of it. It's missing from the staff now, though.
    The crystal sphere was lying where the "flying person" landed. This means
    the person who flew might have been Elise. Franziska thinks that everything
    Larry has said and presented, including the sphere, is worthless and should
    not be cared for. She says the sphere could have been thrown there after 
    the murder. It must have been, since there is blood all over it. So, unless
    you can prove when the crystal sphere was placed, this case is going 
    Choose "Yes, I can.". You'll be asked to present the evidence that proves
    the sphere was dropped before the murder. Present the Crystal Sphere 
    itself. It was half-buried in the snow, as Larry pointed out. It must have
    been snowing when it was dropped, yet it wasn't snowing when Elise was
    murdered. Thusly, it was dropped before the murder.
    Elise did go to Dusky Bridge that night, and something caused the crystal
    sphere to drop from her staff. This means that the real crime scene could
    have been near Dusky Bridge. Franziska will point out that Bikini saw Iris
    take the sword out, but what's important there is that that is ALL she saw.
    She never saw the killing itself. So, even though the body was found at
    the courtyard, it's likely that the murder occurred at Dusky Bridge. As
    Franziska said earlier, the sword's insertion would stop the leaking of
    blood, explaining why none was found there.
    What's the method that the body was transported to the courtyard so fast?
    Present the Tracks Photo. Obviously, the snowmobile was the only way the
    body could have reached that point so fast. It may seem that this hurts
    Iris's position, but it really doesn't. We don't know where Elise was truly
    killed, why her body was moved, and what Larry's image actually means.
    After Franziska whips Larry into submission for making it impossible to
    defeat Edgeworth, this day of trial will end. It's time to pass the baton
    over to Phoenix and finish this case. 
                           ~9E.Part 3-1 Investigation~
    Date-February 9, 3:43 AM
    Location-Hotti Clinic; Intensive Care Unit
    Phoenix will be seen in his bed, checking the contents of an old trial on
    his computer. This is the same as the intro to case 3-4, if you couldn't
    tell. Back to playing as Phoenix! I'm sure we will all miss Edgeworth :(
    Date-February 9, 2:43 PM
    Location-Dusky Bridge
    Edgeworth will appear infront of you. Phoenix isn't feeling perfect, but
    he's fit enough to finish the case. He's read over the trial records, and
    Edgeworth says that he's going to leave for a while and check up on Iris's
    background information. Gumshoe is going to be busy to, trying to make a
    path to reach Maya. Head to the Main Gate.
    Date-February 9
    Location-Hazakura Temple; Main Gate
    Franziska and Larry will be arguing infront of the gate. Larry's is quite
    persistant on trying to get Franziska to model for a picture. Larry takes
    his leave, so now we can talk to Franziska. Talk to her about "Franziska
    von Karma". Seems that she hasn't got over her losses against Phoenix, or
    her father's.
    Talk about "Today's trial" next. She came here, expecting to whip Phoenix
    into the ground, but instead found Edgeworth waiting. Now, talk about
    "What happened". Nothing much comes out of this, but Phoenix knows that it
    is important to talk to Maya about the details. Head to the Main Hall when
    you are finished.
    Date-February 9
    Location-Hazakura Temple; Main Hall
    Bikini is in here, and in a sadder mood than usual as well. She also breaks
    the news to Phoenix that Pearl hasn't been seen since the evening of the
    incident. Talk about "Iris". She goes on to say that she is sure she saw
    Iris pull the sword from Elise's body, which is still fine since it doesn't
    define her as the killer. But then there's Larry's testimony. The only 
    thing that can be picked up from Larry and Bikini is that they sure didn't
    see what they thought. Perhaps it was the real killer that just happened to
    look like Iris?
    Ask about the "Inner Temple" next. She's sure that Iris entered the Inner
    Temple, and yet Iris says that she didn't. Neither of them are lying, as it
    appears. Bikini goes on to say that the mountain is prone to earthquakes,
    as well. She then says that the Inner Temple has nothing else around it, so
    the killer would be trapped as well. We gotta get Maya out, fast!
    Talk about "Elise Deauxnim" last. Bikini keeps calling her "Mystic" Elise,
    and there must be a reason. Five Psyche-Locks will appear over her, so it
    must be a pretty important secret. This is like, what, the sixth topic with
    five Psyche-Locks?
    Talk about "Pearl" now. She was only seen at dinner, and after that, nobody
    seemed to have noticed where she ran off to. The only possible location for
    her would be in the Inner Temple, where Maya is trapped as well. Head to
    the Courtyard.
    Date-February 9
    Location-Hazakura Temple; Courtyard
    You'll need to come here before Gumshoe finished the bridge. Head back to
    the Main Hall.
    Date-February 9
    Location-Hazakura Temple; Main Hall
    Gumshoe will burst onto the scene, exclaiming that he has finished the
    bridge as he promised. Franziska apapears as well, whipping at Gumshoe 
    angrily. She'll be taking over Bikini's place in the investigation. She'll
    be following you around for a little bit. Ugh. Head to the Suspension 
    Bridge, and then to the Inner Temple Gate from there. 
    Date-February 9
    Location-Inner Temple Gate
    Pearl will be here, shocked to see Phoenix. After calming her down, she 
    will say that ever since Dusky Bridge burned down, she has been all alone
    out here. Does that mean Maya is still missing? After Pearl totally smack
    talks Franziska, she will run off, claiming the whole incident was her own
    Phoenix notes that the area looks different, so get to it. Examine the 
    large incinerator on the right side of the left screen. The day before,
    snow was covering the incinerator. Now its uncovered, the door is open, and
    there's nothing on the inside. Seems that somebody burned something,
    something important.
    That's all there is here. Enter the Training Hall.
    Date-February 9
    Location-Inner Temple; Training Hall
    Maya isn't in here either. What's stranger is that there is a lock on the
    door ahead. Examine the lock, naturally. It is shaped exactly like a
    Psyche-Lock, probably guarding the secrets of the cavern ahead. Now examine
    the poster on the wall. Gravy has been spilt all over the poster of Misty.
    First of all, why would anybody do this? Next, who? HANGING SCROLL will be
    updated in the Court Record.
    Godot will interrupt your little investigation. Took him long enough to
    appear, it seems. Him and Franziska will complain mainly about Phoenix, and
    how he's started a large chain of events. Talk about "Why didn't you 
    show?". Godot will say that he was killed and brought back to life, 
    explaining the visor he wears. Not only that, but it allows him to see.
    Still, though, he isn't able to see perfectly with it. When Franziska asks
    who killed him, Godot says that Phoenix should know the answer. Perhaps you
    will find out soon enough.
    Ask about "Can't undo?". Godot claims that Maya cannot be on this side of
    Dusky Bridge. There is, though, only one place she could be. That would be
    the Sacred Cavern, through the locked door ahead. What's worse, the
    temperature inside the cavern drops below freezing, so Maya would likely
    be dead if she was found in there. He calls it a "Trick Lock" and is
    working on a way of opening it. Seems that this is the second woman to have
    been killed by Phoenix Wright. The first being, of course, Mia.
    Ask about "Mia Fey" next. Godot says that since you failed in protecting
    Mia from Redd White, she was promptly killed and it is all your fault 
    (despite the fact Phoenix actually arrived there moments after she was
    found dead).
    Now talk about the "Trick lock". He says that any force used to open the
    lock could result in the Inner Temple collapsing within itself. Godot then
    says that the only person who can open the lock is the one who made it--
    Iris. She will be here shortly to try and open the lock. Although, you can
    probably guess that'll fail since it's technically impossible for her to
    open it if she was never in the Inner Temple to begin with.
    Godot takes his leave, after a few words of hatred. Head back to the Inner
    Temple Gate.
    Date-February 9
    Location-Inner Temple Gate
    Gumshoe will be waiting here. He's talking about "washing" something off.
    He says that you shouldn't go through the gate that reads "No Entry". 
    Gumshoe already went through it, though, saying that there was a garden
    back there. Head there.
    Date-February 9
    Location-Inner Temple; Garden
    Gumshoe will follow you into the Garden as well. Talk to him about "The
    investigation". He says that nothing can be found in the Inner Temple, so
    instead starts talking about the Garden. The two main things here to note
    are the stone lantern and the area without any snow on the ground. Gumshoe
    isn't able to tell you the results, though.
    Talk about "Maya" next. He says that Edgeworth is escorting Iris over here
    as we speak. Sadly, Edgeworth seems to have some bad news for you when he
    arrives. That's just great.
    Start examining the scene. Start off with the large stone pillar ahead of
    you. Maya's name is written on the stone. As if that wasn't bad enough, it
    is written in blood. Now look for a small red object lying on the snow to
    the left. This object belonged to Elise before she was killed. KURAIN
    MASTER'S TALISMAN added to the Court Record.
    Now talk to Gumshoe about the "Bloody writing". If you didn't guess it
    already, that blood belonged to Elise. Oddly, Maya's name is written upside
    down on the stone. This means that Elise could have written this herself
    using her own blood. Gumshoe states that it likely the garden was the real
    location of the murder. 
    Now you can talk about the "True crime scene". Could this mean that 
    everything Bikini saw was faked? Or is the evidence here faked, setup after
    the real murder occurred? Sadly, that one isn't possible. This place was
    inaccessible since Dusky Bridge burned down after the murder. Also, Gumshoe
    and his team were the first ones here, so nobody could have planted the
    evidence. We need to find out what Bikini truly saw. Head back to the Main
    Gate now.
    Date-February 9
    Location-Hazakura Temple; Main Gate
    Iris will arrive, with Edgeworth right behind her. He says that you aren't
    allowed to interfere with the investgation, so you'll have to do something
    elsewhere. He'll notify you if anything important turns up. Head into the
    Main Hall.
    Date-February 9
    Location-Hazakura Temple; Main Hall
    Bikini is still in here, fortunately. She's hiding a huge secret, so 
    present the Magatama and get ready to find out.
    ~Bikini's Magatama Secret-Elise Deauxnim~
    Phoenix says that Elise is important to this temple, and is hiding her
    true identity. Phoenix had his suspicions, and now needs to present some
    evidence to prove them. Present the Kurain Master's Talisman. Bikini looks
    flustered when you present it, and she keeps calling it a talisman. Seems
    that she knows what it is. You need to present a second item that proves
    Elise's identity.
    Present the Hanging Scroll. There is a crest right above Misty's picture,
    and that same crest is on the talisman that Elise was wearing. This pretty
    much connects that Elise is actually Misty. Or, was Misty. Well, that's
    awesome. We meet Misty for ten minutes and then she gets killed. I love
    that. All the locks are destroyed.
    Talk about "Elise Deauxnim" now. Misty came here about a week ago. The
    symbol is the sign of the master. However, if she was hiding for 17 years,
    why did she turn up now? Bikini says something drove her out of hiding.
    Before you get to that, an earthquake occurs. 
    That's not good. The Inner Temple could cave in. Edgeworth is probably
    scared, too. Head to the Main Gate.
    Date-February 9
    Location-Hazakura Temple; Main Gate
    Edgeworth will appear, saying that Iris is missing. Edgeworth's fear of
    earthquakes from a previous incident gave Iris the perfect oppertunity to
    escape. Phoenix says that she isn't likely to have run away, though. She
    is likely at the Inner Temple.
    Date-February 9
    Location-Inner Temple; Training Hall
    The place didn't cave in, but, five Psyche-Locks are now covering the door
    into the cavern. Iris appears, but you won't get anything out of her until
    after the short break. Save the game.
                           ~9F.Part 3-2 Investigation~
    Date-February 9
    Location-Inner Temple; Training Hall
    Edgeworth will take his leave, but not before Iris says that she is 
    completely unable to remove these locks. Talk to her about her "Escape".
    She says she came running to check the Sacred Cavern when the earthquake
    occurred. She found all of these locks in place when she arrived. Seems
    that she has no idea who did this.
    Ask about the "Trick lock" next. Iris says that there are many ways to set
    the locks, so only the person who set them can open them back up. There
    was only one lock to begin with, and now there's five. This may mean that
    someone wanted to ensure Maya couldn't escape. Iris is likely only able to
    break the first lock. Iris is able to open the rest, but it could take more
    than a day to do so.
    Talk about "The night of the crime". Seems that Iris isn't ready to explain
    why she was spotted at the Inner Temple and at the Courtyard. Luckily, 
    there are only three Psyche-Locks on her this time. Move to the Inner 
    Temple gate now.
    Date-February 9
    Location-Inner Temple Gate
    You've got four people to talk to--Edgeworth, Bikini, Gumshoe, and Pearl.
    They hold the remaining information to this case. Move to the Garden.
    Date-February 9
    Location-Inner Temple; Garden
    Edgeworth will be here, as he said he would. He says that he found 
    something terrible by looking into Iris's profile at the Criminal Affairs
    Talk to him about "The investigation". It looks like Maya could be murderer
    at this point as well. That's not good. Talk about "Earthquakes" next.
    Edgeworth will talk about the fateful incident that killed his father, and
    started his fear of earthquakes. It's something you probably already know.
    Ask about "Iris" now. Edgeworth was sure he had met Iris before, but in
    court. Turns out she was in court six years ago. He says that the girl he
    saw in court has nothing to do with this murder. Phoenix is sure she does,
    though, and needs to present evidence that links them together. You don't
    have it at the moment, though, so carry on with the investigation by moving
    to Heavenly Hall.
    Date-February 9
    Location-Dusky Bridge
    Phoenix says there's someone in Heavenly Hall, so continue to move there.
    Date-February 9
    Location-Heavenly Hall
    Larry and Pearl will be here, complaining that they are total failures.
    That's just great. You'll only be able to talk to Pearl, though, so that's
    fine. Talk about "Laurice's Sketch". Pearl will comment on Larry's drawing
    of the bridge on fire, and Larry will complain that nobody is taking him
    seriously when he says he saw Iris fly. Heh.
    Talk about "The night of the crime" next. Pearl had to have been doing
    something that night, something concerning the Inner Temple. Five Psyche-
    Locks will appear around her before you can investigate further. She then
    says afterwards that her spirtual powers have disappeared.
    Talk about "Lost powers" next. Pearl tried to summon somebody at the temple
    and failed. Who, though, is a mystery until her Psyche-Locks are broken.
    Move to the Main Hall now.
    Date-February 9
    Location-Hazakura Temple; Main Gate
    Just head straight to the Main Hall.
    Date-February 9
    Location-Hazakura Temple; Main Gate
    Bikini is still here, and will continue the story about Misty that she was
    telling. Several weeks ago, Misty came to the temple and presented the
    sacred talisman. She said somebody is trying to destroy the Kurain
    Tradition's family line. She is here at the temple to stop it. Bikini says
    that branch families have no chance of becoming master, so they try to wipe
    out the main family line. 
    Talk to her about the "Kurain Channeling Technique". Bikini says that 
    everything was well until an incident, the DL-6 Incident 17 years ago, that
    the technique's praise came crashing down.
    Talk about the "DL-6 Incident" next. That one incident made Misty look like
    a sham, and she went into hiding. But since you found that the real fraud
    was the person who she channeled, the opinions of the clan is recovering
    Talk about "Family feud" next. Seems that Mia became a defense lawyer so
    that she didn't have to worry about becoming the next Master. Morgan is
    also brought up, Maya's aunt. Bikini then says that Iris is actually
    Morgan's daughter. Um, didn't see that one coming.
    Talk about "Morgan and Iris" now. Bikini says that Morgan had three
    daughters, and not just two as you've thought. Iris has a twin sister.
    When Morgan's husband saw that Morgan couldn't become the new master, he
    took Iris and her sister along with him as he left. He became a jeweler not
    long after, remarried, and sent one of his daughters up here to the temple.
    Bikini doesn't know the name of the other sister, though. But Morgan must
    have some part to do with Misty's murder. With this new mystery profile
    added to the Court Record, head to the Courtyard.
    Date-February 9
    Location-Hazakura Temple; Courtyard
    Gumshoe will be here, singing a merry tune to himself. He says that he is
    busy searching for the missing murder weapon, but all he's found so far is
    a scrap piece of paper. Talk about "The investigation". Everybody thinks 
    that the Garden was the real murder location, and Godot thinks things will
    turn ugly if Maya can't be released in time. 
    Talk about "The letter" next. The letter is mostly burnt, and he found it
    in the incinerator outside of the Inner Temple. Looks like it really did
    have an earlier use. The letter has something to with spirit mediums, or so
    says Gumshoe. BURNT LETTER will be added to the Court Record.
    Look at the letter. There are three pages to it, and it appears to be a
    murder plan judging by the portion that hasn't been burned off. Seems that
    someone wants revenge by killing the Master. Talk about the "Murder weapon"
    Gumshoe has been running around trying to find the missing sword, and he's
    using a secret weapon to do it, too. Talk about the "Secret weapon". 
    Gumshoe present his handy Metal Detector, and asks you to help him. Choose
    to "Play forensics expert". Gumshoe will explain what to do. Move the 
    cursor around and find objects made out of metal, either in plain sight or
    hidden from view. When the CHECK meter flashes rapidly, you're over a 
    metallic object.
    Check the Ami Fey statue if you want to find out Gumshoe secretly wants to
    be the Blue Badger. Now back to business. Check the location of the 
    Victim's Staff on the ground. Phoenix will pick up the staff, which 
    realistically shouldn't be reacting to the detector, and finds that the top
    comes off of it. The staff ends up hiding a sword at the end. Could this be
    it? Ask about the "Murder weapon" again.
    If this is the real murder weapon, why is it here in the Courtyard? But,
    there's no blood stains on the sword. Gumshoe will take it to the forensics
    lab for analysis. But, Phoenix needs the staff until Maya is found. 
    VICTIM'S STAFF will be updated in the Court Record. Move to the Garden
    Date-February 9
    Location-Inner Temple Gate; Garden
    Present the profile of the mysterious woman to Edgeworth. He seems shocked
    to learn Iris has a twin sister as well. After a little more explaination,
    Edgeworth says he might just know who the woman is. Yeah, it's Dahlia
    Hawthorne. Talk about "Dahlia Hawthorne" now.
    Edgeworth and Phoenix will talk about the events that involved Dahlia and
    the kidnapping. That was also around the time she tried to kill Phoenix.
    Edgeworth states again that he's sure Dahlia isn't connected with the case
    because she is dead.
    Now talk about "Dahlia's death". It took six years, but last month, Dahlia
    was finally executed. This means that she can't be connected with this
    case, or so says Edgeworth. Edgeworth is also aware of Morgan, at least
    because of Misty's fraudulent help in the DL-6 Incident.
    You have the needed information. Move back to the Training Hall.
    Date-February 9
    Location-Inner Temple; Training Hall
    Present the Magatama, and let's get this underway.
    ~Iris's Magatama Secret-The Night of the Crime~
    Iris claims that she was in her room throughout the entire night. However,
    that cannot be true, and you need to show the profile of who saw Iris.
    Present Bikini's profile. She was sure that she saw Iris come into the
    Inner Temple that night. The first lock will break.
    Iris says that she did leave her room at around 9:40 PM to reach the Inner
    Temple. However, that can't be possible, and you need to present why.
    Present Iris's Testimony. After all, it was Iris herself who said that she
    had to ring the bell at 10 PM. Phoenix saw her do that at around 10 PM, so
    she couldn't have been at the Inner Temple at that exact moment. The second
    lock will break off.
    This means she was in two places at the same time. Ringing the bell, and at
    the Inner Temple. There can only be one reason for this. Choose "There were
    two of you.". Surely, she says, that can't be right. Well, yeah, but it
    doesn't stop someone from pretending to be you. And that helps if the 
    person looked like her to begin with. Present Dahlia Hawthorne's profile.
    It is possible that someone channeled Dahlia, and that's what Iris has been
    trying to hide this whole time. The final lock will break.
    Now talk about "The night of the crime". As soon as she heard she had been
    seen at the Inner Temple, she knew that it was Dahlia. Iris says that
    Dahlia always does the right thing, and that Iris already betrayed her.
    She is already aware she may be found guilty. 
    Now talk about "The traitor". She says that the events on Dusky Bridge 11
    years ago was the start of Dahlia's demise. She started the kill many
    people after that. Terry, Valerie, Doug, and Phoenix too if everything had
    gone right. And its all because Iris betrayed her. Iris was the one who
    planned the events at Dusky Bridge. Iris panicked and ran away, though.
    She then says that Dahlia didn't do the crime for the money. It was revenge
    for her father. Now talk about "Revenge". Her mother was Morgan. She would
    become the Master once Misty died. That's all her husband married her for.
    But his place backfired. Iris thought she had no place in her new family,
    so she went to the temple. 
    As an added bonus, Iris says that Dahlia hated the college student that she
    had relations with. The very last thing left is Pearl's Psyche-Locks. After
    that, everything should make sense. Back to Heavenly Hall.
    Date-February 9
    Location-Heavenly Hall
    Present the Magatama. This is it!
    ~Pearl Fey's Magatama Secret-The Night of the Crime~
    Pearl was going to go with Misty to read some books, but she was worried
    about something and had to go somewhere else. You will need to point out
    the place on the map that Pearl went to. Point and present the Inner 
    Temple. Now that we have established that, she had to go because of
    something or someone. You'll need to present that. Present Maya's profile.
    She was worried that Maya would be in trouble, so she followed her there.
    The first of the locks will finally break off.
    Pearl says she went to the Inner Temple at around 9:30, when she left the
    Main Hall. She says she didn't reach the Inner Temple until after 10, 
    because she heard the bell ring. However, the bell should have been hard to
    hear from that distance. Something must have been making her worried of the
    bell's ringing. Present the Burnt Letter.
    The letter is a set of instructions that Pearl was ordered to take. On one
    of the pages it says to wait until the bell rings. Pearl is amazed you've
    made it this far. The second lock will break.
    Taking into account the author of the note, and their purpose for writing
    it, whose spirit was Pearl required to channel? Present Dahlia Hawthorne's
    profile. There's nothing stopping the third lock from shattering. This now
    proves that it was Dahlia who was at the Inner Temple, not Iris. Pearl had
    never heard of Dahlia before, so she didn't know Iris was her sister 
    Now, who wrote this letter? It had to have been somebody that Pearl
    respects greatly. Present Morgan Fey's profile. Pearl didn't really know
    what was going on, but it was her mother, so she followed them. The fourth
    lock will break off.
    Pearl doesn't think you have any proof that she actually followed these
    instructions. However, Phoenix knows a child did it, and that could be
    Pearl. Why? They made a simple mistake an adult never would have made. She
    misunderstood something, resulting in the last piece of evidence you must
    present. Present the Hanging Scroll. The note said to "gravely roast" the
    Remember that Pearl even asked Misty about the words gravely and roast.
    She still didn't know what they meant, though. She assumed she had to cover
    the picture of Misty with gravy. The final lock of this game will break.
    Now talk about "The night of the crime". Pearl left the Main Hall with some
    of the gravy. She couldn't go inside of Inner Temple because of Maya's
    training. Pearl waited outside, and eventually fell asleep. She found 
    herself trapped when she awoke the next morning. She tossed the letter into
    the incinerator, then spread the gravy over the picture.
    Now talk about "Lost powers" again. She was on her way to the temple when
    she heard the bell, and then tried to channel Dahlia. However, she wasn't
    able to do it. This is probably why she thinks that she lost her powers.
    However, there may be another possibility. She can't do it if someone is
    already channeling her. Anyway, this letter was Morgan's last wish.
    Now talk about "Morgan's letter". Pearl visited Morgan monthly, and on her
    last visit, Morgan told her that she hid a letter at the temple. Morgan
    said to follow it exactly, helping the Fey clan by doing so. Morgan
    included a picture of Dahlia. Another thing was odd about the letter. The
    seal was broken, meaning someone had already read it. BURNT LETTER will be
    updated in the Court Record.
    Godot will make his entrance. He says there's no point of what Iris is
    doing at the Inner Temple as Maya isn't coming back. He says everything
    will be settled in court.
    A brief sequence with Morgan, happily saying Pearl is the new Master. Not
    on our watch! Save the game. Time to end this case.
                             ~9G.Part 4-1 Trial~
    Date-February 10, 9:39 AM
    Location-District Court; Defendant Lobby No. 1
    Edgeworth appears, telling you that Iris isn't in this lobby because she is
    in the prosecutor's lobby. Looks like she is going to be a witness. He says
    that Godot is pushing for her to make a confession. Edgeworth goes on to 
    say that Franziska has been busily working on the trick locks, and should
    have the cavern open in several hours.
    You need to figure out why Misty ended up in the courtyard, what Larry's
    drawing really means, and what Morgan was really after. Time for court to
    end all this.
    Date-February 10, 10:00 AM
    Location-District Court; Courtroom No. 7
    The regular Judge is in here due to his brother catching a fever right 
    before the trial. Oh well. Good to have the normal Judge here, anyway.
    Godot goes on to say that Iris has finally admitted what role she has had
    in the crime. This will be her confession.
    Iris says that she was involved with the cover up that took place after
    the murder. She carried Misty's body over to the courtyard, at which time
    she put the Shichishito into it. Iris's Testimony will be thrown away due
    to it now pretty much being all a lie. She says that she knows who the
    murderer is, and saw it take place. 
    ~Iris's Testimony-The Real Murderer~
    -I went to the Inner Temple that niht and I saw it all happen in the 
    -I saw Mystic Elise strike Mystic Maya with her staff!
    -While Mystic Maya was still stumbling, Mystic Elise moved in to deliver
    a fatal strike!
    -Mystic Maya tried desperately to defend herself and stole the weapon...!
    -It was only in self-defense! You can't blame her for it!
    Start by pressing the third statement. Iris will say that Elise threw down
    her staff in order to get a dagger. Godot will ask if there's a problem, so
    choose "There is one thing...". The next statement will be added to the
    -She threw her staff away and pulled a dagger from inside her robe!
    Present the Victim's Staff at this new statement. Throwing her staff down
    would make no sense, considering that the staff itself is its own weapon.
    Godot will quickly object, saying that a sword isn't a good weapon of 
    choice in close combat, explaining why she would have gone for the dagger.
    Phoenix will go on to say that there's something else wrong with her
    testimony, and that you have evidence to show why she wouldn't want to kill
    Maya. Present Elise Deauxnim's profile. It's doubtful that Maya's own
    mother would want to kill her. 
    Iris had no idea that Elise was really Misty, so she is surprised, along 
    with Godot. However, Godot says that during Iris's confession earlier this
    morning, he sent Gumshoe to the crime scene, and found a dagger. There are
    also bloodstains on the tip of it. There wasn't enough time to find the
    person who they belonged to, but it's probably Misty's. DAGGER added to the
    Court Record.
    This makes Iris's testimony somewhat believable. She'll testify again, this
    time about the battle.
    ~Iris's Testimony-The Battle~
    -Mystic Maya stumbled briefly after being hit over the head with the 
    -But then she dodged Mystic Elise's next attack and stole her weapon.
    -Suddenly Mystic Elise was the one on the defensive, with her back to the
    stone lantern.
    -That's when Mystic Maya stabbed Mystic Elise!
    -Mystic Elise managed to fling the knife away...but then...Then...she
    Present Elise's Autopsy Report at the fourth statement. Looking at the
    picture Iris has at that statement, it is quite clear Maya would be 
    stabbing Misty in the front. However, the Autopsy Report says that she was
    stabbed in the back. 
    Godot will say that the garden was dark when Iris saw the murder. Godot
    will mention that when acolytes are training, the same stone lantern is
    supposed to be lit. However, Bikini has told Godot that it was impossible
    to light the lantern that night. Basically, Godot is making all of these
    contradictions worthless by blaming it on the fact there was no light.
    STONE LANTERN will be added to the Court Record. The Judge will mention 
    that something is written in blood, something that Godot wasn't even aware
    about. Yeah, he didn't know "Maya" was written upsidedown on it, either.
    Iris now says that Misty was alive long enough for her to write "Maya" on
    the lantern as she fell. 
    Godot will continue to argue that nothing is written on the lantern. Why
    isn't Godot able to see the bloody writing? Godot mentioned something along
    these lines yesterday at the Inner Temple. Godot will turn back to Iris,
    saying that she did something after the murder. She'll testify about it.
    ~Iris's Testimony-Sister Iris's Cover-Up~
    -After Mystic Elise died...I called out to Mystic Maya.
    -I thought it was my duty to protect the future Master of the Kurain
    -So I removed the body from the Inner Temple by myself...
    -I dragged it behind me all the way across Dusky Bridge.
    -Then I used the snowmobile to carry it back to Hazakura Temple and...
    -...I used the Shichishito to alter the way the wound looked.
    Is Iris trying to pin the crime on Maya? Press the fifth statement. Iris
    will say that she did have the key, so it wasn't hard to get the snowmobile
    over there. Choose to ask "About the tracks". She'll bring up again that
    snow was falling when she left, so her first set of tracks were covered up.
    Choose that "It's very important.". The following line will be added:
    -By the time the murder took place, the snow had already stopped.
    With this new statement, head back to the fourth statement. Present the
    Weather Data here. The snow couldn't have stopped when the murder was
    performed. Snow stopped at 10:50, and the bridge caight fire five minutes
    beforehand. Iris is a bit shocked at this. If the murder happened as Iris
    said it did, then there's no possible way she could have brought the body
    to the courtyard.
    Godot will object, saying that these contradictions are still meaningless.
    He says that Misty's body was still found in the Courtyard, and Bikini 
    still saw Iris staging the murder. Godot will ask you, if Iris is still
    telling the truth as she claims, how did the body reach the Courtyard with
    the burned bridge?
    Iris will have to give another testimony about how she transferred the body
    to the Courtyard.
    ~Iris's Testimony-Moving the Body~
    -Other than walking over the bridge, there's no way to move the body.
    -So I...must have just...gotten confused, I guess.
    -Was the snow still falling or had it stopped...? Does it really matter 
    that much?
    -Or are you saying that there is a way to cross a burning bridge?
    Godot will present a photo of Dusky Bridge after it burned down. DUSKY
    BRIDGE PHOTO will be added to the Court Record. Yeah, there is another way
    to cross the bridge, Ms. Let's Pin the Murder on Others. Present Larry's
    Sketch at the final statement. Yeah, someone's dead body flying across the
    bridge isn't unplausable.
    Larry was the one who saw it happen. The Judge isn't too happy that you are
    presenting such flimsy evidence. Godot says that if you're trying to turn
    everything upsidedown, then start with the sketch. What was the sketch?
    Say it was "a complete contradiction.". Larry said that the sketch was
    exactly as he saw it. However, that means the sketch is contradictory.
    You will need to point out the contradiction. Point to the suspension wires
    above the bridge. Godot will ask you to present evidence that shows this
    contradicts the facts. Present the Dusky Bridge Photo. If you look at the
    photo, the wires are below the bridge. In Larry's sketch, they are somehow
    above the bridge. 
    There must be some reason for this mistake, right? Larry was lying down
    when he was awakened by the lightning bolt. He was lying on his back when
    he saw the scene the way he did. This means he drew the scene upsidedown.
    If you were to flip Larry's sketch around, it appears that someone's body
    is falling off the bridge. Now THAT is more plausable. But not falling,
    but rather swinging below the bridge using a disconnected suspension wire.
    Godot says that in order for a pendulam to have worked, you would need a
    rope of at least 10 meters long to cross the 20 meter gap. You'll need to
    present evidence to support that Iris had a rope already provided by the
    bridge to swing across. Present the Dusky Bridge Photo again. One of the
    wires is hanging from the bridge, and it is the only possible way to have
    swung to the other side. 
    Godot will finally object, saying if you have more evidence to prove this
    actually happened. Present Elise's Autopsy Report. Looking at an overhead
    map of Dusky Bridge, Misty's body would have swung to an opposite corner.
    Her body was dropped when it reached the other end, as the Autopsy Report
    says. When she impacted the ground, the crystal sphere was knocked off of
    her staff.
    Where was the crystal found? Right where Phoenix suggests that Misty's body
    landed from the swing. Godot says that if Iris were to swing the body to
    the other side, it's natural that someone should be there to catch it. You
    will need to show who the other person could have been. Present Iris's
    Iris had access to the snowmobile. Only she could have moved the body, and
    catch it for that matter. If she was at the garden as supposed, then she
    would be in two places at once. Iris continues to say that she didn't know
    about any pendulam used. The only way for her to be clueless would be if
    she wasn't Iris to begin with. This woman can't be Iris--present Dahlia
    Hawthorne's profile.
    Godot will show some files saying she should be dead. Thusly, this isn't
    the body of Dahlia we're looking at, but Dahlia in a spirit medium's body.
    This isn't a mere coincidence--it was all planned by the burnt letter. This
    means there were two Irises at the temple that night. The one at the Inner
    Temple was the fake--Dahlia. Godot will say that the witness has to be the
    real Iris. 
    The Iris arrested was the one on the main side of the burnt bridge, which
    is confirmed to be the real Iris. However, could they have switched places
    at any time? Well? Choose that "There was one..." place they could have
    switched. Iris's whereabouts were unknown at one point yesterday. You'll
    need to present the profile of the person responsible for this. Present
    Edgeworth's profile. 
    Edgeworth is scared of earthquakes, and Iris was able to escape his grasp
    ever so luckily at that moment. She was found at the Inner Temple later,
    and that was when they switched spots. 
    The focus will be sent back to Iris who will finally admit that she is
    really Dahlia. With an evil smirk on her face, there is nothing anybody can
    do. She is dead, so any punishment would be pointless. Save the game when
                               ~9H.Part 4-2 Trial~
    Date-February 10, 1:06 PM
    Location-District Court; Courtroom No. 7
    Continuing from where we left off, it's time for Dahlia to explain herself.
    ~Dahlia Hawthorne's Testimony-The Plan~
    -...The whole plan began with my death.
    -A stupid plan hatched by Morgan Fey to install her own daughter as the 
    next Master.
    -But for it to work...Maya Fey would first have to die.
    -The idea was for me to kill Maya and then have the blame pinned on Iris.
    -The plan went wrong...but it seems to have succeeded anyway.
    You will need to press the first through fifth statements. You will learn
    that Morgan thought of the plan with Dahlia in the detention center. The
    rest of the statements will make Phoenix pretty angry, and will likely 
    annoy you as well. After pressing the final statement, Dahlia will say she
    thought that Morgan's plan was stupid. 
    Dahlia finally says she agreed to help because of her own interests. She 
    had her own reason to want Maya dead. The following line will be added:
    -Do you understand why I would kill Maya Fey now? What my goal was?
    Yeah, we understand. Hopefully. Present Mia Fey's profile here. She said it
    herself in the very first case--she wanted revenge. However, she couldn't
    take revenge against someone who was dead. Dahlia was sentenced to death
    because of Mia. However, she settled for the next best thing that meant the
    most to Mia--and that was Maya. It was the only way she could take revenge
    against her.
    Dahlia was called at 9:30. She picked up a nearby staff left for her and
    left the temple. This means it was Misty who channeled her. She went up to
    Maya in the garden, then stabbed her with the dagger. Dahlia then says she
    isn't sure what happened after that. She thinks that she was stabbed. 
    Before she passed out, she wrote Maya's name on the lantern. That's where
    her memory stops. 
    Actually, she didn't kill Maya. The last thing she saw was her face before
    killing her. After that, Dahlia ended up in the Sacred Cavern. She has no
    idea how she got trapped in there. She wanted to escape to be sure that
    Maya was dead. She couldn't unlock the trick locks placed on the door,
    either. Someone kept interrupting her. Was it Maya? Only two people could
    have gone in there, them being Maya and Pearl. 
    She managed to unlock the door, but the police were already investigating.
    So, she put the lock back on the door and stayed in the cavern. However,
    the real Iris appeared. Taking this as her chance, Dahlia escaped and put
    the real Iris into the cavern, locking it with five trick locks to ensure
    she couldn't escape.
    At this time, she finally learned the plan worked. She's sure that Misty
    called her and not Pearl. After all, after leaving the garden, it was
    Misty's body that was left there. But she's sure Maya ended up killing her
    own mother in the process. She says that Maya is still missing and the only
    place she could be is at the bottom of Eagle River. 
    Godot's phone rings, and he reports that the locks were finally removed 
    from the door. Looks like Iris was in there after all. Godot will say that
    what Dahlia is saying what Maya did is probably not true. If Maya threw
    herself into the river, it would be on the Inner Temple side after the
    bridge caught on fire. However, that's impossible, or so says Godot. Is 
    there any evidence to back that up? Present the Hazakura Temple Map. 
    Near the Inner Temple is a large layer of bedrock. Maya couldn't have
    reached the river if she jumped from there. Her body would be visible in
    the photo if she did. Now, there is only one place remaining that Maya
    could possibly still be in. Choose that she is "in this very courtroom.".
    Take that you psycho!
    Well, who could possibly be channeling Dahlia right now? It can't be Iris,
    Misty is dead, and Pearl obviously isn't doing it. Pearl tried already, 
    and she said that she can't do it if someone else is already channeling 
    her. Present Maya's profile. If Maya channeled the person trying to kill
    her, then she was only protecting herself. 
    Well, Dahlia is in Maya's body for sure. Dahlia goes psycho, totally not
    believing that this is true. Mia will finally appear, saying that she could
    have come up with such a brilliant idea. Mia says that Maya lost 
    conciousness at the same time as Dahlia. Maya woke up in the Training Hall,
    so she channeled Mia for help. She left a memo explaining the situation.
    Mia told Maya to channel Dahlia, locking herself in the Sacred Cavern.
    She would have been channeled by Pearl if she didn't. Looks like she just
    got totally owned. Yup. This is only made worse by the explanation that
    every crime she's committed has ended in complete failure. Seems like
    Dahlia's punishment will be her stacked failures. How fitting. 
    Dahlia is finally forced out of Maya's body, and disappears in the shape
    of the Magatama. Looks like Maya is back, finally. The real Iris is also
    back. The final verdict on Iris is about to be given...but Godot objects,
    saying that the real killer of Misty has still yet to be found. The only
    person left who can testify on these matters is Maya.
    Date-February 10, 2:56 PM
    Location-District Court; Defendant Lobby No. 1
    Phoenix asks Iris why she was so willing to help out Dahlia. Iris says she
    was sorry for what Dahlia had gone through in her life. She loved Dahlia
    enough to help her with the crime. The fake kidnapping years ago, that is.
    She was afraid, though, so Iris ran away. In the end, that caused Valerie
    and Terry to get killed.
    Mia and Diego were the only ones suspicious of Dahlia. After killing Diego
    for almost figuring this all out, she tried to kill Phoenix because he had
    the bottle of poison. Iris also admits that it was her who tried to clean
    up Misty's body. She headed for the Inner Temple on the snowmobile when
    she got a phone call, but Dusky Bridge was already on fire. So, Dahlia on
    the other side decided to fling Misty's body across the river. The murder
    weapon, her staff, was left in her body to prevent much blood loss. 
    Iris brought the body back, then stabbed Misty with the Shichishito. She
    wiped the staff's blade and left it on the ground. VICTIM'S STAFF will be
    updated. Also, Iris is unable to say who really killed Misty. Mia appears,
    and says that she told Maya everything. Phoenix has an inkling of who the
    real killer is, and it has to be someone who knew Dahlia's plan from the
    start. This also means the criminal was trapped on the Inner Temple side
    due to the burned bridge. Everything else is up to you. Save the game.
                               ~9I.Part 4-3 Trial~
    Date-February 10, 3:36 PM
    Location-District Court; Courtroom No. 7
    The results of the bloody dagger tests have com in. A full test wasn't
    possible, but the blood on the dagger wasn't that of the victim's. DAGGER
    will be updated in the Court Record. Maya will be brought in, and she will
    testify on what she saw the night of the crime.
    ~Maya Fey's Testimony-At the Inner Temple~
    -I was passing through the garden on the way to a spare prep room when it
    -Suddenly, someone struck me over the head...
    -I stumbled...and ended up against the stone lantern.
    -I think I screamed, "Help me!"
    -Then something warm splashed over me...
    -That's when...I lost consciousness.
    Press the fourth statement. Maya will talk about her last hope when she
    thinks she screamed for help. Ask further about "My last hope". She now
    says that she was not facing the attacker when screaming for help. She was
    yelling at the person behind the attacker. The following will be added to
    her testimony:
    -I could see a man behind my attacker by the light of the stone lantern.
    Present the Stone Lantern. You already know that it wasn't lit that night.
    The man behind Dahlia was the real killer. If there was no light in the
    garden, then Maya's testimony has a major contradiction. However, Maya does
    know there was someone behind Dahlia. Was there another light source at
    the murder spot? Maya tries to stop you from revealing who it is, but that
    cannot happen. Present Godot's profile. 
    The lights in the courtroom will be shut off, and you will see that Godot's
    visor lights up even in the darkness. However, Maya continues to claim that
    she didn't see Godot's visor that night. She's pretty sure that she knows
    the murderer was a man for a different reason. Maya will need to testify
    again on these matters.
    ~Maya Fey's Testimony-The Killer~
    -...When I came to, I was just lying there on the Training Hall floor.
    -By the time I got back to the garden, the place had totally changed...
    -The torches were lit...And the body was gone.
    -And all of the snow around the stone lantern had been cleaned up, too.
    -Since the person did all that work alone, I just assumed it was a man...
    Press the third statement. It's odd that the killer would move the body.
    Now press the fourth statement. It's likely the snow was moved in order to
    hide the blood. Now press the second statement. Maya will now say that she
    thinks the killer was hiding evidence for her sake. That's why the killer
    went through this trouble--so that Maya wouldn't get charged for the crime.
    The following is added to her testimony:
    -I think it was for my sake that the killer cleaned up the evidence of what
    had happened.
    Present the Stone Lantern at this new statement once more. If this person
    was so concerned about Maya, they should have removed one of the more
    obvious pieces of incriminating evidence. It doesn't make any sense. Is
    there any explaination for this? You'll need to give a reason for it. 
    Choose that "The killer didn't notice it.". The killer wouldn't have left
    it there on purpose. So, who is the only person there that could have
    missed this entirely? Present Godot's profile again.
    Godot still isn't able to see everything. It can be proven with the Stone
    Lantern, and Godot's reaction to evidence in the past, that he isn't able
    to see the color red. Godot will pretty much admit that everything Phoenix
    explains is true. Godot must be the murderer. We just need to prove it.
    The killer moved all the snow, right? Why didn't they just take out the
    bloody areas? The killer couldn't see the red snow. So, unaware of which 
    was the bloody snow, the killer removed all of it. Godot will try getting
    away by saying that it was dark, but it's already known that the torches
    were lit.
    Maya will step in, saying Godot still isn't the killer. More testimony to
    ~Maya Fey's Testimony-After the Incident~
    -Pearly was also stuck on the Inner Temple side that night!
    -The next morning, she looked around, but couldn't find anyone.
    -The next day, when the bridge was finally fixed, she was in the spare prep
    -That's when Mr. Godot arrived at the Inner Temple for the first time!
    -He found Pearly first, and cheered her right up!
    Press the final statement. Godot says he did his own investigation that
    day, and Phoenix thinks he should ask another question. Ask about "Godot's
    investigation". He says, though, that he found Misty in the Training Hall.
    This little mis-information Godot speaks ruins himself. At the fourth
    statement, now, present the Hanging Scroll. 
    Godot entered the Inner Temple long before the murder. After the murder,
    the scroll was covered in gravy due to Pearl. If Godot had seen the scroll
    after the murder, then he shouldn't have known what was on the scroll.
    Godot heads through this calmly, saying that everything rests on the fact
    Godot would have to have known everything beforehand. Is it really possible
    he knew of the plan? Present the Burnt Letter. The crime was planned over a
    year ago. 
    The instructions in the letter were hidden at the manor. When Pearl found
    them, they were unsealed. The killer already knew of these plans, and that
    person must be Godot. But, how would he know where they were hidden? 
    Morgan told Pearl where the letter was hidden at the detention center one
    time. It's the only time he could have learned where it was located. 
    Godot reviews that information presented so far, then asks why he would 
    even do all this. However, Godot had a good reason to protect Maya. There
    is one person that ties them all together. Present Mia's profile. And that
    means Godot's real name must be Diego Armando. But you likely knew that
    from case 3-4.
    Godot will finally talk about his past. He could never forgive Dahlia for
    what she had done to Mia. One day, Dahlia wanted to meet with Diego. It was
    then that he was poisoned. Instead of dying, he fell into a coma. After
    five years, Godot finally awoke. The worst possible news was waiting for
    him when he awoke--Mia was dead.
    Godot explains his reasons for wanting to live and become a prosecutor.
    He wanted to test Phoenix in court, and then he wanted to watch over Maya.
    Godot knew that Morgan was planning something. Godot learned of the plan,
    and was thinking he could stop it. Godot then asked Iris and Misty for 
    their help. Misty was even willing to fight for Maya's survival with her
    hidden sword in her staff.
    The only way to stop the crime was to ensure Pearl couldn't channel 
    Dahlia. Misty then channeled Dahlia into her own body to ensure Pearl
    couldn't. Godot hid himself at the Inner Temple to ensure Maya was safe.
    That's it. Godot won't go any farther. We're so close to proving he killed
    Misty, damnit! Maya will have to give another testimony.
    ~Maya Fey's Testimony-The Time of the Murder~
    -...Just before it happened, I think I saw some red lights. Three of them.
    -I thought I'd ask for help, but...just then I was splattered with blood!
    -She wasn't dead though...And she struck back at the enemy behind her.
    -Suddenly, the red lights went out and the whole area was dark.
    -...Just at that moment, there was a horrible scream!
    -Right after that...Dahlia collapsed and I lost consciousness.
    Press the first statement. Choose to "Press harder". Maya is still clearly
    terrified at what happened. But now, press the fifth statement. Maya will
    now say that it was a man's voice who screamed. Maya thinks that Dahlia
    grabbed the blade and stabbed the killer with it, but you need to still
    choose that "There's a contradiction.". 
    Maya said she was covered in blood before the scream. Thusly, the person
    infront of her was killed before the scream. This means it was something
    other than the staff that caused the scream. What else could she have used
    to strike back at the killer? Present the Dagger. Dahlia struck back at the
    killer, and managed to wound him as well. If the blood on the blade isn't
    Misty's, it must be that of the killer's.
    The killer has to have a wound on their body. That's probably Godot's 
    blood. Godot will now say that, if he were the killer, would he be stupid
    enough to leave that kind of evidence out? Godot would have washed the 
    blood off if he were the killer. He then says for sure that the blood
    doesn't belong to him.
    Maya then asks that if Godot was cut by the dagger, he would either have a
    wound or his clothes would be damaged. Phoenix will try to prove Maya 
    wrong, but to no avail. You will be given one chance at this, otherwise it
    is an instant game over. You'll need to show how Godot hid the wound.
    Present Godot's profile. 
    The wound must be beneath Godot's visor. Godot's visor went flying off his
    face when hit by the dagger. 
    ...and that just about covers it. It's the end of the line for Godot. He
    will confess to everything at the end. 
    Also, Iris will tell you something she's been keeping secret since the
    beginning of the case. Six years ago, Dahlia and Phoenix technically only
    ever met twice. Iris was actually posing as Dahlia the entire time. She 
    will explain the rest, and after that, the final Not Guilty verdict Phoenix
    will ever obtain is handed down.
    Date-February 10, 4:51 PM
    Location-District Court; Defendant Lobby No. 1
    Well, that's a happy ending to this case. In the middle of all this, Maya
    will still act as happy as ever. Franziska will ask why Maya is being
    strong despite all of these events. Present Pearl's profile. After some
    more conversation, most of them will leave for celebration at Tres Bien.
    Phoenix and Maya will stay behind to look for Pearl, who suddenly ran off.
    Date-February 10
    Location-Hazakura Temple; Main Gate
    Pearl will be at the temple, fortunately. After some more talking, the end
    credits will roll. Great job beating Phoenix Wright:Trials and 
    Thanks to all of the people that helped make this Walkthrough possible.
    CJayC and Sailor Bacon-For making GameFAQ's exist, main host of this FAQ
    You-For reading this walkthrough and making the effort worthwhile
    This walkthrough is property and under copyright of Deathborn 668.

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