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                          Naruto Shippuden: Ninja Council 4
    VERSION 2.65
    Naruto Shippuden: Ninja Council 4
      System: Nintendo DS
      Genre: Action/Fighting Game
    8.TRIVIA (TRI8)
    9.FAQ (FAQ9)
    So, We're here again for another Takara Tomy release.
    Famitsu gave it 24/40, but still, it can't be worse then SND4!
    In my opinion it takes the best from SND3 and SND4 and makes
    a decent game. Shame, Multiplayer WiFi was trimmed out of the American release.
    But it was fairly repetitive and annoying.
    Anyway, enjoy the FAQ as always. Be sure to check the message board if you
    happen to be stuck on anything.
    When you start up the game, you should see three blank scrolls.
    Select one to choose a file to save the game to.
    You will then see the following menu;
    Story Mode
    Local Multiplayer
    Statistics --> Character Stats
               --> Local Multiplayer Stats (Win/Loss)
    Also at the bottom is the amount of time you have played this game.
    Start = Pause/Skip Cutscene
    Left/Right = Move Left and Right
    Down = Duck
    Y = Attack
    Down+Y = Low Attack
    X = Throw Weapon
    Down+X = Low Throw Weapon
    A = Jump / A in Air = Double Jump
    Holding B = Run (while left/right is pressed)
    L = Teleport Forwards
    On the bottom of the screen is a radar (on story mode).
    Here is a key to what symbols will appear;
    Grey = Impassable surface
    Yellow Line = Wall that you can walk on
    Red Line = Platform you can drop down from (down+A)
    Blue = Water
    Red Spikes = Spikes
    Red Crosses = Death if you land here
    Green Dot = Item
    Red Dot = Enemy
    Yellow Arrow = Exit of Level
    In story mode each character has some unique differences;
    Naruto - He can summon a massive frog and jump very high.
    Sakura - She can punch through some grey rocks.
    Kakashi - He can summon a dog to press a switch (makes platforms appear).
    Neji - He can use Byakugan and see the enemies and items on the map.
    Rock Lee - No jutsu, but he can move faster and jump higher then most
    To use the normal jutsu, you tap on the octagonal shape on the top-left.
    To use the special jutsu, you click the swirling circle.
    From top left to top right it would be;
    Stage Jutsu, Special 1, Special 2, Special 3.
    Stage Jutsu costs 1 jutsu bar.
    Special 1 costs 1 jutsu bar.
    Special 2 costs 2 jutsu bars.
    Special 3 costs 3 jutsu bars.
    This is a list detailing the characters, a bit of their history and also 
    how to unlock them. (I'll save the other unlocking section for stages).
    Most characters start with very few jutsu, to unlock the rest you must 
    purchase moves using 'experience points' you get during the missions.
    How to get: You start the game with them.
    Info: The main star of the show, his Shadow Clone technique has improved,
    and he has learned some new moves, one of which is the Oodama Rasengan.
    Special Jutsus: Naruto Rendan, Rasengan, Oodama Rasengan.
    My personal rating: 7/10
    How to get: You start the game with them.
    Info: The medic nin from ninja academy has now recieved some new techniques
    taught by Tsunade. This time, her super strength has increased dramatically,
    and she can now fight on-par with most of the other ninjas.
    Special Jutsus: Sakura Punch, Sakura Barrage, Sakura Healing.
    My personal rating: 7/10
    How to get: You start the game with them.
    Info: Although not much has changed, Kakashi is still the book-loving and
    laid-back individual. In a fight, he is quite powerful. Special Jutsus: 
    Ninja Dog Summon, Raikiri, Mangekyo Sharingan.
    My personal rating: 7/10
    Rock Lee
    How to get: You start the game with them.
    Info: Rock Lee now wears the Jounin Vest like his teacher,
    his power has also increased.
    Special Jutsus: Konoha Stoopu?, Omote Renge, Ura Renge.
    My personal rating: 7/10
    How to get: You start the game with them.
    Info: Neji has gained some stronger Jyuken attacks,
    including one where he blasts his chakra out of the palm of his hand in a 
    big burst. His Byakugan is useful since it shows the enemies and items
    on the radar.
    Special Jutsus: Kaiten, Hakke Kuusho, 64 hands of Hakke.
    My personal rating: 7/10
    How to get: You start the game with them.
    Info: The weapon thrower now sports a white outfit. She has improved her
    throwing skills and carries many scrolls with her.
    Special Jutsu: Summons a spiked ball and throws it.
    My personal rating: 6/10
    How to get: You start the game with them.
    Info: Still the same lovable happy-go-lucky teacher who
    trains his students well!
    Special Jutsu: Morning Peacock - Throws lots of punches.
    My personal rating: 7/10
    How to get: Buy him from Naruto's Experience Shop
    Info: Yup, he's still a pervy sage!
    Special Jutsu: Summons a frog and breathes fire. (Gama Yuendan)
    My personal rating: 4/10
    How to get: Buy her from Sakura's Experience Shop
    Info: Teaching Sakura and running Konoha as the Hokage at
    the same time? Thats multi-tasking for you!
    Special Jutsu: Summons a giant slug that spits acid.
    My personal rating: 7/10
    How to get: Buy her from Kakashi's Experience Shop (?)
    Info: She now wears a black outfit and with that new outfit,
    comes new powers. She is also the diplomat between Konoha and Sunagakure.
    Special Jutsu: 
    (Story Mode) Summons Kiri Kiri Mai (weasel with eye patch and scythe).
    (Multiplayer Mode) Waves her fan and summons wind to attack.
    My personal rating: 7/10
    How to get: Buy him from Neji's Experience Shop (?)
    Info: The puppet master is back, this time with what looks
    like a gigantic
    lizard called Sanshou. Unfortunately his opponent is the
    worst one in the
    world for him, you'll probably see why later.
    Special Jutsu: 
    (Story Mode) Summons his puppets and uses the 'Puppet Play'.
    (Multiplayer Mode) Summons his puppet that goes along the screen.
    If he collides with the enemy, he breathes fire?
    My personal rating: 6/10
    How to get: Buy him from Rock Lee's Experience Shop (?)
    Info: The laziest ninja in all of Konoha. He is however, a talented 
    tactician, who can give most jounin a run for their money. His shadow
    binding skills have improved even further and he can use several new 
    Special Jutsu: Shadow Stranglehold Jutsu.
    My personal rating: 6/10
    How to get: Buy him from Naruto's Experience shop after you have
    completed the game. (?)
    Info: Kazekage of the Sunagakure, in this game mysterious forces try to 
    take Gaara and extract his Demon... Doesn't look good for our little friend
    here. Gaara gains some more powerful moves with his sand.
    Special Jutsus: (Story Mode) Sabakku Taisou.
                    (Multiplayer Mode) Some kind of Sand Attack. 
    My personal rating: 8/10
    How to get: Buy him from Sakura's Experience shop after you
    have completed the game. (?)
    Info: This time, he appears to have gained some new genjutsu, and has 
    improved his overall skills. Like Kakashi he has the triple sharingan, 
    and he also has Mangekyo Sharingan.
    Special Jutsu: Massive Fireball.
    My personal rating: 9/10
    How to get: Buy him from Kakashi's Experience shop after you
    have completed the game. (?)
    Info: Kisame has also improved his skills, he can now turn a patch of rock
    into an endless barrage of water (almost turning it into a sea), there he 
    can summon sharks and attack the enemy outright.
    Special Jutsu: Some kind of water jutsu.
    My personal rating: 9/10
    How to get: Buy him from Neji's Experience shop after you
    have completed the game. (?)
    Info: This Claymaster likes to make them explode by putting chakra into 
    them. He is very skilled at Origami and usually makes little birds.
    Special Jutsu: Explosive C3 Bomb.
    My personal rating: 8/10
    Red Haired Sasori
    How to get: Buy him from Rock Lee's Experience shop after
    you have completed the game. (?)
    Info: This mysterious puppet master holds the key to the Sunagakure's 
    defences and is an excellent puppeteer. He is grandson to the great
    Chiyo. This is his normal form, when he is not in the puppet.
    Special Jutsu: Secret red technique - the performance of 100
    My personal rating: 10/10
    When you enter story mode, you will appear at a map. To purchase items with
    experience press start, and then move the cursor on the right item and press
    A. To change the character press R/L.
    When you pick a mission then you will choose your main character and two
    supports (NOTE: You must be Naruto in mission 1)
    Mission 1 - Hidden Leaf Village
    You start out in the hidden leaf village. Move along, defeat
    the enemies,
    pick up experience scrolls and move on to the right edge of
    the screen.
    After this, you'll fight Kakashi. He isnt too tough, and you
    should beat him
    without much fuss. If you're struggling, use Sakura's
    Healing Jutsu.
    Next, its another platform stage, go right.
    Then, you'll fight Maito Gai. Again, he isn't really that
    Now you'll get your first results screen. This will tell you
    how well you
    did and how many experience points your character recieved.
    Mission 2 - Forest Stage
    You'll go through a forest stage. Exit right.
    Now you'll switch to Gaara and must climb to the top-right
    of the map. You might notice some things;
    Spikes show up red on the map.
    There are signs where you must wait for a platform.
    There are platforms that rotate in 2 or 3s.
    Ok, now the hard fight against your akatsuki kidnapper.
    Ok, this boss might trouble people... the trick is to keep
    hitting him with
    your special sand attack. The best way to hit him is when
    hes on the same
    height as you, and is going towards you. Tap the special and
    hit him.
    Once he is at 50% he will stop fighting you.
    And thats the end of this mission.
    Mission 3 - Sand Village
    Oh dear, Gaara has been kidnapped, time to rescue him! Guide
    your heroes to
    the right of the stage, avoiding enemies as usual.
    Once that is done, you will be switched to Kankuro, and must
    go around the rolling stone balls. You might have to drop down
    between one of the stone walkways in order to continue.
    Alright, the puppet jounin VS the puppet master! You should
    be able to beat
    this one quite easily, just spam your special attacks.
    Get him to 50% health to win.
    Mission 4 - Dense Forest
    Again you are chasing akatsuki through the forest, just keep
    going as far
    right as you can.
    Now you will fight Sasori as your chosen character. Get him
    to 25% to win.
    Not too tricky, just spam your support and special attacks.
    After that, you play as Temari, and must get around the
    labyrinth. There are a few pits here so be careful not 
    to fall down into them.
    Oh dear, looks like Deidara had too much spare time on his
    hands. Spamming
    specials and heavy attacks works well here.
    Mission 5 - Grass Lands
    Aim to go to the far right, theres a 1 UP on a platform to
    the bottom of the
    starting location if you need it (the 1up returns after you
    die effectively 
    giving you unlimited lives for this part).
    Just a normal fight, watch out for his special water move.
    Once you're back at the grasslands, move right again.
    One point to make, theres a really massive gap where you
    need to go in order
    to complete this part. There should be some water to the
    right of you, with
    some of those black gas-mask ninjas. Beat them, and then you
    have to get over
    the water, run up to it and perform the following;
    Jump on the water (when the enemies are not there)
    You will be able to stand on it. Just make sure you dont get
    hit, or the water will break and you will fall down.
    This time you'll be fighting on the water. Same rules apply.
    Mission 6 - Grasslands
    Just go to the right as usual.
    Watch out for the white birds.
    He isnt too hard, watch out for his fireball jutsu.
    You'll be approaching some cliffs now, remember you can drop through any 
    platform which has a red line on it.
    This time Itachi will have some clones, just hammer them all
    until he has breathed his last!
    Mission 7 - Mountains
    Go right as usual.
    Again, after this part, go right some more.
    You'll find a boulder covered in tags, to destroy
    it you will need to break a hidden tag somewhere. It will be near three spikes 
    that are blocked with overhanging rocks.
    You will now fight a clone of yourself. You must
    beat it to move on.
    Mission 8 - Cave
    In this mission you'll start out blind. Rely on the map and
    watch out for enemies, after a certain time the blindness
    will lift.
    Next, you'll want to escape from Deidaras bird (dont bother
    hitting him it does nothing).
    After that, you fight Deidara, who is now off his bird, and
    vulnerable just like everyone else.
    Mission 9 - Deeper Cave
    There are two more levels which are like caves here. Don't
    forget you can drop down if you need to, and sometimes
    you'll have to destroy tags before you can move on.
    Just beat him like usual, remember he doesnt get knockback
    like most enemies.
    Mission 10 - Final Battle
    Your final cave, go along as usual watching out for the
    spikes. Note, there is a 1up
    hidden along the zig zag path towards the exit.
    At the exit should be 3 health packs.
    You must fight an annoying flying puppet that shoots needles.
    Special still work, Air + Attack works quite well.
    This boss is a pain. Destroy all the zombies to be able to hurt Sasori 
    (he'll have a red glow on his hand). Rinse and repeat. By the way, a good 
    tip if you're having a hard time is to pick Sakura as your backup, and leave
    one zombie. One zombie is really easy to dodge, and Sasori won't attack you,
    So you can use this time to heal.
    If he has 3 full energy bars, and you just beat his puppets... watch out
    he will try to use his secret red technique - the performance of 100, it is
    almost unblockable/undodgable to stay very far away from it. Don't bother
    to attack him.
    Now you can go about unlocking more characters!
    See if you can beat me when I'm Multiplayer ;)
    By the way, once the credits are over, I think it asks if
    you want to
    'start over', dont worry if you pick yes, it just locks away
    the missions,
    so that you have to complete them in sequence again.
    NOTE: If you don't answer yes, akatsuki and gaara might be locked.
    To unlock them, you might need to complete mission 10 and answer 'yes'
    at least once.
    If you reply a stage and don't fight a boss, I think the bonus in
    experience is much lower, therefore sometimes its best to either replay
    mission 10 a lot, or restart story mode again.
    Tip: Since playing as Sakura doesn't give you any healing opportunities in
    battle (She cant use herself as a support) it's best to use her in the 
    gaara, kankuro or temari missions (since they fight the boss instead of 
    her) that way you can get exp without trying to worry about healing.
    Multiplayer = You can only use this character on Multiplayer mode
    Support = You can only use this character as a support in story mode.
    Number = Amount of Experience required to buy this item.
    * = you can only get this item after you have completed story mode.
    ---Naruto's Shop---
    Special II : Rasengan 1000
    Jiraya Multiplayer 5000
    Jiraya Support 5000
    *Gaara Multiplayer 8000
    Special III : Oodama Rasengan 3000
    ---Sakura's Shop---
    Special II: Sakura Barrage 1000
    Tsunade Multiplayer 5000
    Tsunade Support 5000
    *Itachi Multiplayer 8000
    Special III: Sakura's Healing 3000
    ---Kakashi's Shop---
    Special II : Raikiri 1000
    Temari Multiplayer 5000
    Temari Support 5000
    *Kisame Multiplayer 8000
    Special III : Mangekyo Sharingan 3000
    ---Neji's Shop---
    Special II : Hakke Kuusho 1000
    Kankuro Multiplayer 5000
    Kankuro Support 5000
    *Deidara Multiplayer 8000
    Special III : 64 Hits 3000
    ---Rock Lee's Shop---
    Special II : Omote Renge 1000
    Shikamaru Multiplayer 5000
    Shikamaru Support 5000
    *Sasori Multiplayer 8000
    Special III: Ura Renge 3000
    You can replay a stage to get some experience points.
    Rock Lee doesnt have a special jutsu, but he moves and jumps
    higher then most characters.
    Naruto has a frog that will let him jump to high locations.
    Kakashi has ninja dogs that can activate some switches.
    Sakura can smash certain stone walls.
    It's best to use Sakura on missions where the sand team take over, since she
    does not have to fight the boss, that way you can save up exp to buy her
    healing jutsu.
    EASY LEVELLING GUIDE- Where to find some experience scrolls
    Naruto - On the first stage, there is an experience scroll you can reach
    using the frog, simply finish this first stage over and over again to get
    enough exp.
    Rock Lee - Again on the first stage, you can get Naruto's scroll, but it
    requires an extra jump. You can do another doublejump after a teleport
    with the L button, so you would perform;
    Jump-Double Jump-L-Jump-L-Jump
    That should help you reach it.
    Kakashi - Go underground and you should find a switch that makes platforms 
    appear. You can use these platforms to get an experience scroll.
    At least one player must host the game. The other players can then join the
    game, there can be up to 4 player locally.
    Once you have all the people, one of them will become the host.
    The host gets to choose what stages to play on, and the time limit;
    30,60,90 or 120 seconds.
    Choose a character as normal. Once you have chosen your character, you wait.
    When everyone has chosen, PRESS START to confirm your choice.
    In this mode, you can recover chakra by spinning the wheel
    one way, and heal yourself with chakra by spinning the wheel
    the other way. To do your special click the scroll.
    This is the first time Deidara and Sasori have appeared on the DS.
    This is the first game to feature Red Haired Sasori.
    My record for the best time on this game is 5 hours and 55 minutes. 
    FAQ (FAQ9)
    Q. What is Shippuden?
    Naruto Shippuden is the second part of Naruto. Think of it like Dragonball 
    and Dragonball Z. Shippuden directly follows on from the events in the 
    previous section. The main difference is that Shippuden takes place 3 years
    later then the original series, with the characters gaining new jutsus and 
    enemies resurfacing. Shippuden seems more fast paced and quite good so far.
    Q. Is Deidara a girl?
    No, if you listen to his voice actor, you'll know for a fact that he isnt. 
    In the American version he has the same voice actor who did Raiden for the 
    Metal Gear Solid games. I would have preferred Quinton Flynn as Sai, but 
    never mind.
    Q. Will you be on Wi-Fi on your DS / Will you answer every e-mail?
    Well, I would be... but I'm a lot busier now that I've finished University.
    I'll still be on the boards every now and again though.
    Q. Can Gaara/Deidara fly?
    As a boss, Deidara does have some flight capabilities, I don't think he can
    use this as a character though. Gaara doesn't seem able to fly.
    Q. Whats the deal with Sasori in this game?
    Sasori has two forms in this game, one is inside his puppet Hiruko... and 
    the other is his TRUE form, where he is wearing his akatsuki outfit. He has
    red hair and has some kind of spear attachment.
    Q. I've seen Deidara spamming all kinds of stuff, is he still playable?
    Yes, but in Local Multiplayer he doesn't spam quite so much. He is still a 
    fairly decent character and C3 has good range. Although his normal combo is
    a bit stunted because his heavy attack has a delay (but this can be used to
    confuse the enemies as they wont expect this).
    Q. Why can't I see who the other player is choosing?
    The pictures you see will be based on the characters in your game. If you
    do not have anyone, you will not see the enemies' characters until you 
    unlock them yourself.
    My email is AlexFili@hotmail.com
    Please check the message boards first to see if your question has been
    answered already solved. If you are reading this in 2010 or later, you
    really should be playing a more recent game.
    Thanks for reading!
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