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Reviewed: 04/14/08

A Decent DS Racer, but Not as Good as Mario Kart

While I do not know how many Race Driver games there are out there, I only know that this is the only one I've played. Fortunately for me, this one was not too bad.


Sound is probably thing that this game lacks the most. The menu music is annoying and repetitive. It's better than racing, though, for the only sounds you can hear on the track is the sound of the cars' engines. While there is a notable difference between the different engine types, none of them are pleasing to the ear. The screaching brakes are also ear-splitting. Overall, the sound is pretty bad.


Like the sound of this game, the graphics are pretty lacking. Fortunately, the cars don't look half bad - most of them, anyway. I don't like how the trucks look. However minor, there seems to be somewhat of a lighting effect on the cars, which looks okay. The track, unfortunately, looks like a third-graders art project. The tracks are very pixely, and, in some instinces, it is hard to distinguish the track from the surrondings. There is also some pretty blatant pop-up in some tracks, but this is a DS game, so it is pretty similar to what you'd expect. One major graphical issue, though, is the sense of speed. The sense of speed is mediocre, which can make choosing the right to to break hard to determine. In general, the game's graphics are mediocre.


The gameplay here is similar to that of other realisitic racing games: you travel around a track x amount of times and try to get in first out of eight racers. The details are erratic in terms of sufficientness, though.

Driving is, like usually, controlled with the D-pad to steer. The only issue with this (like with most other handheld racing games) is that you cannot increase or decrease the amount you turn.

Now, there are two different control schemes in this game: standard and shoulder button accelerate (or something like that.) The former is a usual way of controlling: A to accelerate, B to deccelerate, etc. The shoulder acceleration is just as the name implies: R is to accelerate while L is to deccelerate. Which one is better is up to personal preference. However, for those who commonly play console racing games, the right shoulder button is sometimes used for accelerating (like in Need For Speed games). This might be more comfortable for those kind of players. For everybody else, the A - button accelerate will probably feel more natural.

There is one button in this game that you should probably never use: the hand break. Te physics for using the handbrake is different than in Mario Kart games, so it is bound to throw you off.

This game uses damage to affect driving, so even a little damage could slightly affect your driving. This encourages a more realistic form of driving.

Overall, the gameplay here is pretty decent. It is similar to most realistic racing games, so for those of you who games like Forza Motorsport, this might be somewhat familiar.


The AI in this game is brutal. They will go all the way across the road to hit you. What's more, they don't seem to be affected by driving off the track like you are. They also don't seem to take damage, which is annoying. Overall, the AI is annoying, but does not really make the game less fun.


I have not played multiplayer on this game. However, I do know that there is added computers into races. I also know that there is single cartridge multiplayer, multi cartridge multiplayer, and WiFi multiplayer. Good look find anyone online, though.

Content/Replay Value

For a $20 game, you sure get a lot of stuff. There are 32 different tracks (I think) and 24 different cars (I'm pretty sure). There are also a few different single player modes. First, there is World Tour, containing around 26 events. Once you beat everything there, you unlock Pro Tour, which World Tour except there is qualifying, and you automatically have to use manual transmission. Then there is Simulation which includes Time Trials, Line Run, which requires you to use the best racing line, and free race.

Of course, there is also Track Designer, where you get to create your own track with many different pieces. There is also a bunch of unlockable content.

Overall, this game is a $20 game that could have been sold for $30 if anyone would have wanted it badly enough.

My Score: 7/10

This game is pretty solid racing game with lame graphics and sound, fun racing, and a bunch of content. If you like racing games and the DS, you've already beaten Mario Kart DS, and you just happen to find this game, I recommend this game for you.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Race Driver: Create & Race (US, 10/02/07)

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