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    FAQ by Acdcfantony

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    Game: Anno 1701: Dawn of Discovery     =+
    Name: FAQ                              =+
    Plattform: DS                          =+
    Released: 2007                         =+
    Written by: Acdcfantony (Anthony Audit)=+
    E-mail: acdcfantonyfaqs@hotmail.com    =+
    Version: 2.0                           =+
    Have any suggestions? E-mail them to   =+
    acdcfantonyfaqs@hotmail.com            =+
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    necessary steps to make sure that this FAQ stays exclusive to these sites. If
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    If you have any suggestions/comments/critisism, please e-mail me but please
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    right off. By the way, I do not need any male enhancement pills, so you can
    stop sending those in too.
    Table Of Contents
    *How to use the table of contents: To find the section you want to skip ahead
    to, press ctrl+f (apple+f on macs) and type in the section number. This will
    bring you to where you want to be, even though I recommend that you read the
    whole thing.
                              ||   TABLE OF CONTENTS  ||            
       ||            Name                 ||           Section #               ||
        ||  Version History               ||             0001                 ||
        ||  Introduction                  ||             0002                 ||
        ||  General Tips                  ||             0003                 ||
        ||  Frequently Asked Questions    ||             0004                 ||
        ||      -Building FAQs            ||             0004A                ||
        ||      -War FAQs                 ||             0004B                ||
        ||  Building Information          ||             0005                 ||
        ||      -Materials                ||             0005A                ||
        ||      -Food                     ||             0005B                ||
        ||      -Roads                    ||             0005C                ||
        ||      -Products(Goods)          ||             0005D                ||
        ||      -Public Buildings         ||             0005E                ||
        ||      -Protection Buildings     ||             0005F                ||
        ||      -Military Buildings       ||             0005G                ||
        ||      -Splendor Buildings       ||             0005H                ||
        ||  Continuous Play               ||             0006                 ||
        ||  Cheats/Glitches               ||             0007                 ||
        ||  Conclusion, Credits, Copyright||             0008                 ||
                                                                         || 0001 ||
    Version History
    This is version 2.0 of the FAQ. I decided that I would drastically change the
    guide and add some sections. This will probably be the last version of the FAQ,
    unless I find something worth adding.
    April 24th, 2008 - Started the concept and writing of the FAQ.
    April 26th, 2008 - Finished and posted the FAQ.
    April 29th, 2008 - Got a few requests from other websites to post this guide. I
    agreed, although I initially meant for this be the Gamefaqs exclusive. Added a
    couple of sections to the guide.
    June 30th, 2008 - Changed my e-mail, to keep FAQ e-mails separate from personal
    October 13th, 2008 - Fixed a lot of grammatical errors and replaced some things
    that made absolutely so sense. (this version what never posted...oops)
    March 10th, 2008 - Started totally changing the guide! Added some things that I
    thought should be added and changed the format of the guide. If you have read
    this before, you will surely find many different things in this guide. Added a
    continuous play and a cheats section. Also cleaned up the look of the guide a
    March 16th, 2008 - Finished updating, all I have to do now is upload.
    July 24th, 2009 - For some reason this FAQ has been getting viewed more often
    then it was before. For that reason, I decided to re-read everything and make
    sure I didn't miss any mistakes. This is probably going to be the final
                                                                         || 0002 ||
    This is my first ever guide and the only guide that I have posted on Gamefaqs.
    The reason why I chose to write this was mostly because I was looking for
    something to write on and this game did not have a guide, which I thought was a
    shame. This is not a walkthrough, just information to help players solve
    problems without having to post and wait for an answer on the boards. This game
    may not me a masterpiece, nor is it popular, but it is truly a great game. It
    allows for hours of gameplay and fun. 
    -Introduction to Anno 1701-
    From the Anno 1701 Manual: " Anno 1701: Dawn of Discovery takes place in the
    17th century. Your mission is to explore and settle the New World." Need I say
    more? This short sentence pretty much sums up what the game is about. You need
    to build large cities, with a stable economy, to defeat you opponents. This
    game is not based around combat, although it is present. Your key goal is to
    keep your citizens happy and to keep your economy running (unlike the world
    economy right now). Although this does not happen frequently, you may have to
    go to war. War is not what this game is about, but it does happen.
                                                                         || 0003 ||
    General Tips
    Just tips that will help you play better. The tips are in no particular order.
    - Always upgrade your soldiers and ships when you have the chance. It will make
    a huge difference in combat.
    - Only build production buildings on islands with 100% fertility for that
    certain item, unless you cannot avoid it.
    - Keep your population happy by providing them with whatever they ask. A happy
    civilization is a profitable civilization.
    - Make sure that you do not settle on an island that houses a volcano. You will
    regret it once the fireworks start. Keep in mind that in some missions you may
    not have a choice and you must settle on a volcanic island.
    - Keep all of your island's full of soldiers; you never know when an island
    will be attacked until it is too late.
    - When playing, keep all of you attention on the game, since some unexpected
    things may happen if you leave your DS.
    - Always build your cities in the most open part of your island, to allow for
    - Always keep spots for public buildings, it makes your people happy to have
    what they need, when they need it.
    - Use bricks roads on your production islands, it makes a huge difference in
    the long run.
    - Play continuous mode if you are in need of training, it is the perfect area
    to learn how to play.
    - Listen to your advisor, no matter how annoying he gets. He lets you know if
    anything out of the ordinary happens or if your people are in the need of
    - Make frequent saves. I cannot stress this enough. if your DS dies or if your
    enemy attacks you when you are not ready, you just have to re-load your old
    - Have public buildings in the middle of the city, with the houses build around
    it. This will help you make more cash.
    - Only buy goods if you are really in need, or else it's a waste of money.
    - Take time to pay tributes, unless you already have plenty of that good.
    - To get the most out of Factories (Tea Factory, for example), place them on a
    separate island from the product building. If you place them near a market on
    a different island, they should produce the product faster. Example: You have
    two tea plantations on one island and on a different island, you have one tea
    factory. It does not make a huge difference, though.
                                                                         || 0004 ||
    Frequently Asked Questions
    \                           \              
     \ Building FAQs - 0004A     \
    Q- I can't build a warehouse anywhere, what am I going wrong?
    A- This is a common problem. There is a few options to choose from here. The
    first is to make sure that, if you are in campaign mode, that you are trying to
    settle the right island. The island that you must settle may be pre-determined.
    Your problem may also be that your opponent has already settled that island.
    The final thing to check is your supplies. If you do not have the necessary
    supplies to build it, you obviously cannot build it.
    Q- I cannot build anywhere on my island, help!
    A- First, check to see if you are trying to building within the influence area
    of a market or warehouse. If the area where you are trying to build it is
    shaded, that means that you cannot build there until you have a market or
    warehouse near. Then, check to see if you have the necessary supplies to build
    that certain building.
    Q- Why can't I build shipyards or fishers anywhere?
    A- First, check your supplies, you may not have enough. Then, make sure that
    the area where you want to build it is within the influence area of a market or
    warehouse. Lastly, check the shoreline. If you are trying to build the building
    in a rocky area or the building is not on a straight piece or shoreline, then
    the shipyard/fisher cannot be placed there.
    Q- I connected a building to a road but there is still a red "!" over it, why?
    A- Not only does the building have to be connected to a road but it also has
    to be connected to a market(road has to go from building to market). It may
    also be because the island that you build it on does not support that product
    or that it has a low production, from fertility problems or obstacles.
    Q- Do PUBLIC buildings have to be connected to a road?
    A- Absolutely not, unless it is a protection building(like a doctor or a
    guardhouse). They so not have to be connected to roads but the houses must be
    in their area of influence to work.
    Q- I keep going bankrupt at the beginning of the game, what is going on?
    A- You must make sure that you account balance stays in the green, not the red.
    To keep it in the green, build more houses and let your inhabitants expand
    their home. For example, if you build too many production buildings at the
    beginning of the game, you will most likely go bankrupt unless you can get
    yourself out of the red.
    Q- What is the best way to place houses and public buildings?
    A- To be honest, there is a wide range of possibilities in this department. It
    all depends on your playing style. I say that you should go on continuous mode
    and try different possibilities, until you find one that you like.
    Q- I am not producing enough (insert product here), any tips?
    A- Make sure that you have enough production buildings and make sure that you
    upgrade them when needed. If you are desperate and need time, you may also buy
    some goods, although it is not recommended.
     \                          \              
      \    War FAQs - 0004A      \
    Q- How do I produce soldiers?
    A- To produce soldiers, you must build a barrack (not Obama!). When you let it,
    the barracks will produce soldiers and send them to all buildings with green
    roof that have demands for soldiers. You can use them to defend from and attack
    your enemies.
    Q- How do I build Warships?
    A- To build warships, you first need to build a shipyard. Place a market as
    close as possible to the shipyard to increase the speed at which the ships are
    created. Click on the shipyard and click the warship button, it is as easy as
    that. Depending on the amount of soldiers in the shipyard, your ships should
    automatically fill with soldiers.
    Q- How do I attack an opponent's island?
    A- Attacking an enemy is easier than most people think. Click on a warship and
    you should notice a small icon of a building with a green roof. This is an
    outpost, which is a unloading point for your troops. Click on that icon and it
    will open up the map. click on the target's island and it will bring you to it.
    You will then have a couple of options for area to build the outpost. I usually
    choose the area nearest to an enemy's barrack. All you have to do now is
    command your troops to attack various buildings. The more you out-number your
    opponent, the better the chance you will win the fight.
    Q- I can only build a total of 5 ships, what is going on?
    A- With the DS version, you can only build 5 ships at a time. Yes, it's a
    bummer, but 5 fully up-graded warships will be enough to overwhelm any
    Q- My soldiers always lose, not matter how many I have. What I am doing wrong?
    A- There is a building in this game that allows you to upgrade your warships
    and soldiers, and it is called the Academy. It allows you to buy upgrades to
    enhance the abilities of your soldiers, and the capacity of your warships. I
    highly recommend using this building, since it does make a HUGE difference.
    Q- What is the best strategy for war?
    A- Before you even begin thinking about going to war, you must first build a
    strong economy that will not fail while you are fighting. I usually wait until
    I have 200 coins of positive balance before attacking my opponent. I make sure
    that ALL of my buildings that have green roofs are filled to the rim with
    soldiers, to be able to defend my city and to re-suply my forces. Take 5
    warships and fill them full with soldiers;the more the better. It would be a
    good idea to upgrade your soldiers and ships so they work more efficiently.
    When you are on your opponents island, attack their barrack(s) first. This way
    you can stop their unit production and start a production of your own. Then it
    is only a matter of overwhelming the opponent and bringing them down.
                                                                         || 0005 ||
    Building Information
    \                           \              
     \    Materials - 0005A      \
    Lumberjack- The lumberjack supplies you with wood, which is used in almost
    every building that you will make.
    Quarry- Please see "stonemason" below.
    Stonemason- The stonemason works with the quarry to make a sort of brick.
    Again, almost everything that you will build will need bricks.
    Ore Mine- Please see "ore smelter" below.
    Ore Smelter- This building works with with the ore mine to build iron bars. To
    make iron the ore smelter also needs a market close to get wood and an ore mine
    near to get the iron ore. This is also a necessity, but this on comes later on
    in the game.
    \                           \              
     \    Food - 0005B           \
    Fisher- makes food very slowly. They are great to start a civilization with but
    later in the game they become very inefficient. They work best fully upgraded.
    Cattle Farm- I never really use these unless my island has a ton of food to
    waste. The make food as fast as a sheep farm makes cloth.
    Grain Farm- See "windmill" below.
    Windmill- Works with the grain farm to make food. Very fast and efficient. The
    best and most reliable food source in the game.
    \                           \              
     \    Roads - 0005C          \
    Dirt Road- Market carts move very slow on these types of roads. Make these at
    the beginning of the game, when you have a low supply of bricks.
    Stone Road- The best road. I usually replace all of my roads with these, since
    their look nicer and are a lot faster(carts move twice as fast).
    Avenue- Mostly used for cities. I do not recommend these on production islands,
    it is just not worth the price.
    \                             \              
     \    Products(Goods) - 0005D  \
    Sheep Farm- Used to produce cloth. Very essential, it should be the first
    production building that is built on your island. Cloth is also used in the
    building of ships.
    Sugar Farm- Produces sugar, as simple as that. Sugar is not a product used in
    the making of chocolate in this game, as odd as that seems.
    Tea Plantation- Produces tea leaves. See "tea factory" below.
    Tea Factory- Uses the tea leaves produced in the tea plantation and makes tea.
    Spice Farm- Produces spices. Seriously.
    Cotton Farm- Produces cotton. See "tailor" below.
    Tailor- Oddly enough, the tailor cannot use cloth to make the clothes. Instead,
    they use cotton to make clothes.
    Apiary- Produces honey. See "confectionery" a couple of lines down.
    Cocoa Plantation- Produces cocoa. See "confectionery" below.
    Confectionery- Uses honey and cocoa to make chocolates. Everyone loves
    Jewel Mine- See "jeweler" below.
    Jeweler- Used with the Jewel mine  to make jewelry. One jewel mine per jeweler
    and the jeweler should be right beside/in front of the jewel mine.
    \                                  \              
     \    Public Buildings - 0005E      \
    Market Building- Probably the most important building in the game. These
    buildings allow you to expand your area of influence so you may build farther
    and farther away from your warehouse.
    Tavern- Supplies the people with booze. Does not have a very big range so a
    couple may be needed in bigger cities.
    Chapel- A place where people go to pray and worship their gods. Very small
    area of influence and is only good until the church is available.
    School- A place for education for lower-leveled settlers.
    Church- Just like the chapel, except with a wider area of influence. Make sure
    that you remove all chapels after building this.
    Bathhouse- Used for washing, although people bathed very rare back then.
    University- A place for education, except with a wider area of influence.
    Theater- For plays and entertainment.
    \                                   \              
     \    Protection Buildings - 0005F   \
    Fire Station- The only one with a normal name. If ever a fire is started, this
    guy will make sure that it is extinguished. Needed.
    Surgery- A hospital, except it goes to you if your sick! Used to control
    plagues. Needed.
    Guardhouse- Just like a police station; it prevents crime. Needed.
    \                                    \              
     \    Military Buildings - 0005G      \
    Shipyard- Produces ships, on your command. Always have it very close to a
    market or warehouse. Uses cloth and wood to produce the ships.
    Barracks- Produces soldiers, on your command. Extremely needed to defend from,
    and attack, your enemies.
    Outpost- Not very useful unless you are attacking an enemy. They cost a lot to
    maintain so only build if they are needed.
    Academy- Used to upgrade your ships and soldiers. Upgrades cost a lot but they
    are very worth the cost.
    \                                    \              
     \    Splendor Buildings - 0005H      \
    Cathedral- Gigantic church; takes up the space that three churches would. Very
    useful to raise Aristocrat taxes.
    Palace- Bigger than a cathedral, but does not function as one. Also used to
    raise taxes.
    Well/Flowerbed/Monument/Hedge- Looks only. Use if you want to throw away cash.
                                                                         || 0006 ||
    Continuous Play
    Continuous Play is the "sandbox mode" of this game. It allows you to set rules
    and play a game that does not have a time limitation, or any particular goals.
    Continuous Play is great for anyone who wants to "train" themselves to get
    better at Anno:1701. i myself played this mode a great deal before starting the
    campaign mode. I think that really helped me play better.
    In this section you will find all of the Configurations that you can make and a
    brief description of each. You will also find the stats of each opponent and my
    comments about them. This section is really all about you getting familiar with
    this mode of play.
    \                          \              
     \    Configure World Map   \
    Number of islands- Allows you to choose how many islands appear no the map.
    Chose "high" for many and "low" for just a couple.
    Island Size- Do you want huge, medium sized, or small islands. Smaller islands
    offer a bigger challenge.
    Island Distance- Do you want to cross the ocean to get to your opponents or do
    you want them right beside you?
    Fertility- Do you want to have an easy time finding a production island with
    high fertility(high) or a hard time finding one with high fertility(low)?
    Undiscovered Area- Allows you to choose wether you want to search for islands
    or not.
    \                                 \              
     \    Configure Game Presets       \
    Level of development- Allows you to choose what buildings are available from
    the start. Do you want all of them unlocked (Aristocrats) or have almost all of
    them locked (Pioneers). Keep in mind that as your civilization develops, you
    will unlock buildings as usual.
    Goods at Start of Game- The more good you start off with, the easier it is for
    you to develop.
    Seed Capital- Set the amount of gold you start with. If you start off with more
    gold, your game will obviously be easier.
    Pirate Attacks- You can choose wether or not you will get attacked by pirates
    once in awhile. With pirates, the game is a bit harder, since you must get your
    soldier productions started early.
    Disaster Frequency- This includes volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. These may
    destroy a good civilization, making your game a lot harder.
    \                               \              
     \    Character Selection        \
    What I like about continuous play is that you don't have to be alone on the
    map. You can choose up to three other players to be with you. What is great
    about this is that not only will they attack you but they will attack one
    another. I have played games where I just watched my opponents slaughter each
    other for hours. Anyways, you can choose characters to play against depending
    on the difficulty you wish to obtain. If you want a hard game, choose opponents
    who attack a lot (Francois Bataille). If you want an easy game, choose someone
    who defends and builds (Hanna Marell).
    |Randolph McCrane|
    Difficulty - Easy (Low)
    Build - Building worker (Low)
    Trade - Master Trader (High)
    Military - Defensive (Low)
    As you can see, Randolph is an easy opponent. He does not attack you, he can't
    build if his life depended on it. The only that that he is good for is trading,
    which is pretty much useless in this game. Randolph is a great opponent for a
    |Queen Marybeth  |
    Difficulty - Medium (Medium)
    Build - Master Builder (High)
    Trade - Trader (Medium)
    Military - Neutral (Medium)
    Queen Marybeth is a great builder and she will attack you if she is provoked.
    She is basically an all-around type of player, who will be hard to beat since
    she will have a very strong civilization.
    |Francois Bataille|
    Difficulty - Hard (High)
    Build - Master Builder (High)
    Trade - Handler (Low)
    Military - Aggressive (High)
    This guy is not a piece of cake. He is great at build AND will attack you as
    soon as he may. I am very experienced with this game and I still have trouble
    with this man. He is not someone you will want to under-estimate.
    |Emilio Castelli |
    Difficulty - Hard (High)
    Build - Builder (Medium)
    Trade - Handler (Low)
    Military - Aggressive (High)
    Emilio is not as hard as he seems, although he attacks early. He is not as fast
    at building then Francois but he is still tough. I also have slight trouble
    with this guy.
    |Igor Yegorov    |
    Difficulty - Medium (Medium)
    Build - Building Worker (Low)
    Trade - Handler (Low)
    Military - Aggressive (High)
    Igor plays as good as he is ugly. He does attack you a lot but his building
    skills are very low. He is not as hard as the two guys before him but he is
    still a challenge to someone who does not know how to deal with him.
    |Queen Eliza     |
    Difficulty - Hard (High)
    Build - Builder (Medium)
    Trade - Master Trader (High)
    Military - Aggressive (High)
    This lady is feisty. She is a medium build and very aggressive. She attacks
    anyone who gets in her way and she is not scared to go to war early in the
    game. She is not to be under-estimated either.
    |Hanna Marell    |
    Difficulty - Easy (Low)
    Build - Building Worker (Low)
    Trade - Trader (Medium)
    Military - Defensive (Low)
    Back to the low-tier players. She does not attack you but she will have plenty
    of soldier defending her island. She is one of those players who build an
    academy early on and upgrade their soldiers as much as possible. Although she
    is a great defensive player, she is no threat to you.
    |Carmen Marquez  |
    Difficulty - Easy (Low)
    Build - Building worker (Low)
    Trade - Handler (Low)
    Military - Neutral (Medium)
    Pretty much the same deal as Hanna but this lady will attack you if you take an
    island that she had her eye on. Although rare, she might also choose to attack
    you if you invade her island.
    |Eduardo Marquez |
    Difficulty - Medium (Medium)
    Build - Building worker (Low)
    Trade - Trader (Medium)
    Military - Neutral (Medium)
    Almost the same deal as his sister except he is a little better. He will attack
    you for the same reasons as his sister but he is a little harder to get rid of.
                                                                         || 0007 ||
    As of now, there is only three cheats for this game. I put them here, but they
    are also on the Gamefaqs website. To make the cheats work, you must press
    start, enter the cheat, then press start again(thanks moh-quickfinger).
    Cheats submitted by james2:
    20 Wood, 20 Stone, 20 Iron: A,B,X,Y,Right Bumper,X,B,Y,A
    5,000 Gold: Y,A,Right Bumper,B,X,Y,A
    Reveal full Map: Right bumper, Left bumper, B, Y, A, X, Left bumper, X
    "Glitch/Trick" submitted by moh-quickfinger:
    If you build a market and the immediately destroy it, three soldiers will
    appear and move to the nearest military building(green roofed building).
                                                                         || 0008 ||
    Conclusion, Credits, Copyright
    Well, this concludes the newest version of this FAQ. I hope that you enjoyed
    reading this and I really hope that I helped you learn something about this
    wonderful game. Remember, if you have ANYTHING to say about this FAQ, wether
    it is a contribution of a comment, feel free to send it to me. My e-mail is at
    the top of the page. Thanks for reading this and I hope that you read my future
    ||  Credits  ||
    Me -               For writing and re-writing this FAQ to help anyone who needs
                       it. It took me hours and hours to complete!
    moh-quickfingers - Posting the cheats that worked and a trick that he found
                       while playing this great game.
    james2 -           For the cheats that he submitted to gamefaqs.
    CJayC -            For creating gamefaqs.
    SBAllen -          For maintaining gamefaqs now and for his great FFIV guide.
    ||  Legal Info  ||
    This FAQ is copyright of Acdcfantony(Anthony Audit). This FAQ can not be posted
    on any website without my permission. If permission is granted, then the FAQ
    must be kept under my name. If this content of this guide is published in full
    or with minor word change, action can range from contacting your Internet
    Provider or Website Provider, to legal action.
    Copyright Acdcfantony(Anthony Audit) 2009

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