I need a good place to level up?

  1. I'm at the end of the game just before the final dungeon. My levels are for Cecil 64, Kain 64, Rosa 65, Edge 66 and Rydia 66. I have their strongest weapons available as well as their armour. I have level lust equiped on Cecil and i put him in the back row with HP50%, Brace, Draw attacks and Item. I am leveling on the moon but it is taking a long time. I want to be ready for Zeromus but there is this enemy in the dungeon that keeps killing me

    Oh if you want to know what abilities i have just ask and i'll post it.

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    DarkLink50 - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Your levels are fine. That is the average for beating the game. What you need is to apply strategy because there, at the end of the game, it still requires the same strategy to defeat the enemies whether you are level 40 or level 80.

    Without knowing which enemy you are facing that is giving you trouble, I cannot tell you how to beat it, but if you check Action's walkthrough, he has a section called "End Game Enemies" which details strategies on how to deal with the enemies at that point in the game.

    But, if you insist on raising levels, let me offer you a tip:

    Go to the Hummingway Abode (located on the Lunar Surface, the place where you found Level Lust) and buy some Sirens.

    Now, go to the Crystal Palace and use the sirens just outside of the Palace.

    You will call forth an Abyss Worm. Set everyone's Auto-Battle to Defend except for Rydia, set her Auto-Battle to cast Break. She will one-shot the enemy. If you take too much damage during casting time or Rydia runs low on MP, step into the Palace and use the recovery tiles.

    Repeat until you're satisfied. Easiest way to level-up. The Abyss Worm doesn't give the most EXP, but it gives a decent amount and since you can blow through the battles fairly quickly, it is one of the fastest ways to level up.

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