What are the difference between the characters inFFIV on the DS and FFII on the SNES?

  1. The first thing I noticed it Cecil has Darkness, and I'm wondering what other abilities do the other characters have?

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    Alright thanks, but can you explain what each of the new abilities do?

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  1. Darkness - Uses HP to increase attack power
    Jump - Jump off hte screen only to return later to deliver a powerful hit
    Aim - Ensures that Rosa will not miss her target
    Pray - Restores some HP and MP
    White - Use white magics
    Black - Use black magics
    Summon - Summon powerful creatures (Eidolons, in this game)
    Salve - Distribute the effects of a recovery item to the whole party
    Hide - Step off the battle field to avoid everything
    Bardsong - Perform (8?) different songs, each offering status support for the party or effects to the enemy
    Bluff - Increases Intellect stat, thus making magics more powerful
    Twincast - Used in tandem with another character to call forth a powerful spell
    Cry - Lowers the enemy's defenses
    Recall - Cast a currently unknown random spell
    Kick - a powerfull attack to all enemies
    Focus - Store up energy to unlease a powerful attack, stacks up to 3 times
    Brace - Defensive move that reduces damgae by 75%
    Steal - Steal items form enemies
    Throw - Throw certain weapons at enemeis for good damge
    Ninjitsu - Uses magic inherent to Edge
    Analyze - See wenemy weaknesses (same as casting Libra)
    Upgrade - Use an item to ad elemental properties to weapons
    Bless - Restores MP

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  1. The game allows for many augments to be placed on the characters, but as for their base abilities:

    Cecil - Darkness
    Kain - Jump
    Rosa - Aim, Pray
    Rydia - White, Black, Summon
    Edward - Salve, Hide, Bardsong
    Palom - Black, Bluff, Twincast
    Porom - White, Cry, Twincast
    Tellah - Black, White, Recall
    Yang - Kick, Focus, Brace
    Edge - Steal, Throw, Ninjitsu
    Cid - Analyze, Upgrade
    Fusoya - White, Black, Bless

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  2. And since you were specifically looking for the differences between this and SNES, let me say which ones didn't exist in SNES:

    Cecil: Darkness (and no additional ones for Paladin also, he still has cover and white)
    Kain: None
    Rosa: Pray
    Rydia: None
    Tellah: None (if I recall right, he did have recall in SNES)
    Palom: Bluff
    Porom: Cry
    Edward: Salve
    Yang: Focus
    Edge: Steal
    Fusoya: Bless
    Cid: Upgrade

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  3. Correction " Recall - Cast a currently unknown random spell "
    There's a list of recall spells, I believe I saw it on the FFIV FFWiki site.
    It's only a small list doesn't cast spells out of this list.

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  4. Everything is the same with the exception of some new content like the argument system and the Lunar Bibl secret boss(who is extremely hard to beat unless you have thebest equipment and are at 1v.99) 2D is now obviously 3D sorta chibish but cool...and Rydia's summon Whyt can be customed via editing face or the body....other then what I said and to those listed about its the same good SNES FF2

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  5. Dark Knight Cecil did have Darkness in the SNES version, but only in the Japanese Hardtype. In the SNES, Darkness shot an attack wave that hit all enemies. It was the same ability you did still see in the US version when battling Cecil to become a Paladin.

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  6. The differences are that Fusoya has the Regen ability in the snes version and the Bless ability in the DS version. they gradually heal Health an MP respectively.

    Dark Knight Cecil has Dark Wave in the snes version (though I read it is not in the NA version) which damages all enemies at once at the cost of HP and Darkness in the DS version which increases the damage a character can do when they attack and they lose HP whenever they do attack.

    The Augment addition is exclusive to the DS version so many of the abilities are less exclusive or brand new (Omnicasting, Dualcast, MP + 50%, & HP + 50%. there may be more)

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