What is the best place to train before Dark Elf?

  1. Howdy folks. I was just wondering what was the best place to train before fighting the Dark Elf? I assume outside of Agart but if anyone has any better tips, like an obscure island with awesome monsters I'd be happy to hear it.

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  1. Unless you over level by a lot, and I mean at least 10 levels or more, it really won't make a difference. Dark Elf hits hard, but with a good strategy, you can take him down.

    You will want to protect Tellah as much as possible. He has the spells that will turn the tide, so make Cecil cover Tellah. Have Cid on potion duty, ready to hit anyone (but especially Tellah) with potions, hi-potions or ethers.
    Have Yang Focus three times, then attack on the 4th turn.

    At the beginning of the battle, have some one use a spider silk on the Dark elf. If you completed all of the B3 map in the Loadstone Cavern, you should have gotten 3 silent bells. Have some one use a silent bell on the Dark Elf. If you don't have the silent bells, either go back and finish B3 or have Tellah cast Silence on him. Make sure Yang has at least one Fire Claw equipped.

    If you manage to slow and silence both forms of the dark elf, you are well on your way to winning.

    Have Tellah cast the strongest fire spell as often as he can. Have Cecil not only cover Tellah, but also ready to heal him as well. Your main damage dealers should be Yang and Tellah with Cecil acting as medic. If you see a chance for Cecil to attack, then take it.

    And just to be clear, if you haven't obtained the whisperweed before attempting to fight the dark elf, you will not defeat him. You have to have the whisper weed. If you do not have it, go back to troia Castle and see a particular person on the west side of the castle. (I'm avoiding spoilers)

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  1. i would probably go to Agart, as you said, but if your levels are just a few levels higher than regular, try going to Eblan area,located in the south-west are of the world map. or just head north from Troia to the other side. It is recoognized by a large tower and a castle ruins like the one in Damcyan. Head down and fight Rukhs, Fledgling Rukhs, and Ironbacks, mostly. If you're daring, go into the castle and get all the chests, three of them have monster ambushes, the monsters give good xp, but they're tough. And you get awesome armour from the chests. I was around level 25-30 before the lodestone cavern using that strategy, but i forgot the whisperweed so i got it, and trained using the strategy for a bit more. I was WAY overleveled, beat the dark elf between lvls 30-40 on the first try. Use my strategy and you're set.

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  2. Running around Toria, using the white chocobo for mp restore after cure if needed. Lvl 30+ should be good enough for lodestone cave.

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