How can I survive Giant of Babil CPU attack orb's laser attack?

  1. I aced the four fiends joint battle and everyone even survived Inferno but one shot of the attack orb's laser barrage kills everyone instantly. Characters are around 50. How can I get rid of the attack orb before it does this or protect against it?

    User Info: LeeChaolan

    LeeChaolan - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. You'll have to get lucky and be able to get about 7 turns total before Laser Barrage is cast. Sometimes the Attacker orb is very slow to attack and sometimes it's quick. It's pure luck. The easiest way to kill it is to throw a Fuma Shuriken with Edge that should do upwards of 8000 damage, attack with Cecil, then attack with Edge and again with Cecil. Give a few tries and you should be able to pull this off. With your other characters, either defend or just skip to Edge and Cecil as soon as you can. They other chars most likely won't have time to get off an attack prior to the Laser.

    User Info: Scott_Benjamin

    Scott_Benjamin - 8 years ago 0 0

Other Answers

  1. Cast Shell? If laser barrage ends up killing too many members of your party then you can try letting Cecil use shell first and then attack.

    Have Cecil and Edge attack the attack node normally, Rydia should summon Ramuh and have Rosa and Fusoya ready to cast curaja when the attack node uses laser barrage.

    Once the attack node is defeated, focus all attacks on the CPU. Cecil, Edge and Rydia should continue what they were doing. You don't have to worry about Ramuh killing the defense node first because the defense node absorbs elemental damage. Once the CPU is gone, then just start attacking the defense node until it dies.

    Blah Blah, you'd be fine. I miss throwing tons of Excaliburs at this thing.

    User Info: MortalPixel

    MortalPixel - 8 years ago 0 0

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