How do I beat Barbariccia?

  1. How do I beat Barbariccia. Do I need any special items or abilities. Do I need to be at a required level.

    User Info: 63mick

    63mick - 6 years ago

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  1. Hi! 1st thing first - check out the AWESOME Action Walkthrough for this game - it's a perfect guide for bot bosses and perfect augment-ation.
    And no, there is no real special requirement - level-wise or whatever.
    Also note that Cagnazzo, in my humbe opinion, was lot harder than Barbariccia.
    Just keep up your HP up with Rosa, better if she has tha Dualcast Augment. If needed use Cecil as well (he also should cast MT Protect and then Cover Rosa)!
    Have Kain, as when she turn in her tornado form ye won't be able to hit her. When that happens Jump with Kain and that will make her re-transorm back to her normal form.
    Yang should focus 3 times, as always. If you lack the patience, 2 times will do the trick anyway.
    Beware of her counter attack to physical damage. I suggest using JUST Yang as attacker.
    Well, don't let your HP and guard down and you shoul beat her without many problems. Good luck!

    User Info: QayinHighwind

    QayinHighwind - 6 years ago 2 0

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