Where can I find Rainbow pudding?

  1. Where is the best plce to get a rainbow pudding?

    User Info: Reece0607

    Reece0607 - 9 years ago

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  1. Easiest way to find a Rainbow Pudding is to wait until the final dungeon. In the 5th floor, there is a room with a treasure box at the end (I think it's the southeastern treasure room). Use a Siren here and you'll encounter three Flan Princesses.

    These three will use "Samba de Flan" on your whole party, which puts your entire party into berserk. However, having Cecil equip something that prevents Berserk (it's one of the Crystal armor pieces, I can't recall which), will render him immune to it.

    Give him the "Draw Attacks", "Treasure Hunter", and "Counter" Augments, and put the "Stardust" item (buyable in Kokkol's forge after getting the Excalibur) at the top of the menu, where "Attack" usually is, and you will counter their physical attacks with a Stardust. 2-4 Stardusts and the Flan Princesses will all die.

    The Flan Princesses have the highest drop rate of Rainbow Pudding in the game, and can also drop the Pink Tail, which can be exchanged for the Adamant Armor.

    User Info: Tequila_Shot

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  1. The answer to Tequila_Shot crystal armor peice is the crystal mail.

    But i could be eaiser to go to the antlion's den on the second floor on the eastern treasure room. Set Cecil to kick (Or Yang if you still have him) you have a 0.4% chance for them to drop the pudding or 1% with treasure hunt on.

    User Info: Deidon

    Deidon - 9 years ago 0 0
  2. To get the Rainbow Pudding quickly, go to Antilion's Den B2 and go to the treasure room on the east side of map. First, set your sirens to the top of the list in the inventory to spam your sirens. You should have 20-40 sirens and if you run out, you can always reset and come back (only a short walk back). If you don't like doing that and you are rich or you don't care how many sirens you lose, just get/find 99 sirens (not recommended) so it would take a long time until you have no more to reset the game and start over.
    Set Cecil's abilities to "kick(first!), draw attacks, counter, treasure hunter" and auto-battle to kick with everyone else have their auto-battle to defend(to make things quicker). Remove Cecil's armour with evasion because you are about to face 4x yellow jellies with HORRIBLE accuracy (they can even miss when Cecil has zero evasion). So... spam some sirens and have auto-battle on and each battle should only take 5 secs.
    I prefer this more than flan princesses (higher drop rate) because yellow jellies are easy to kill, while flan princess are harder and at least need 3 stardust(4800 gil each) each battle although they can drop an ultra rare pink tail (traded for an adamant armor!!).

    User Info: KeeganXD

    KeeganXD - 9 years ago 2 1
  3. Personally, i got really lucky, and got rainbow pudding in the antlion's den on my first time around. But what i would do is get treasure hunter, go into the antlion's den and fight yellow jellies (use siren on B2 by room with treasure) and farm for rainbow puddings there. To end fights quickly, have one character with draw attacks, counter, and have their first ability (where attack would be) be kick. Hope this helps, and good luck farming!

    User Info: darkraider14

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