Peircing magic augment?

  1. I have done all the requirements to get piercing magic from whyts mother but her eyes are just open. She wont give it to me! I have just beaten the cpu and i went back underground and it didn't work. Please help with this predicament.

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    zanemaster2 - 8 years ago

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  1. The requirement for obtaining Peircing Magic is to defeat Bahamut, located in the Lair of the Father. But before you can fight him, you must first defeat Asura and Leviathan in the Feymarch.

    User Info: obishawn

    obishawn (Expert) - 8 years ago 2 0


  1. First, after Rydia joins, go to the area called the Feymarch and then go to the town of Feymarch. Visit whyt's house and learn about the problem. after that go to battle Asura (Simple strategy: cast reflect on Asura and attack her with physical attacks and summons and make sure she has the reflect status on.)
    After that you must defeat Leviathan (Strategy: Attack with Thunder magic or Ramuh with Rydia, Have all physical attackers attack normally or use spider silk on Leviathan to slow him, and have Rosa use Shell, Protect, Haste, and your highest Cure magic on you party, and if you don't use spider silk have Rosa use slow on Leviathan as well.)
    Then you get the Leviathan and Asura summons.
    Then continue on with the story and eventually you will go to the moon. Before you go back to Earth(is that what it's referred to? XD), continue to the west side of the moon map and you'll find a a cave called Lair of the father(you can also get the Genji Equipment there!) and at the end, you fight Bahamut!( Strategy: Cast Reflect on your team because Bahamut will cast reflect on himself and bounce it off to your party, making it stronger. If you can cast slow on Bahamut before he casts reflect, you will get an advantage, but spider silk can get past that reflect. Just attack with your physical attackers, use summons with Rydia, and keep the party up with items (because of the reflect thing on your party, any thought on healing is pointless.) keep up the Reflect magic to keep your team safe and attack physically and you can win this pretty easily. Just to note, it's recommended that you have Fusoya. If not thenyou will have to use Raise, Arise, or a pheonix down to keep people alive and instead of Fusoya, start with Rosa and Rydia. Have Kain commonly use Jump or attack normally)

    Once you finally defeat Bahmut, go back to the Feymarch whenever you can and go back to whyt's house and you'll see the problem from before should be cleared up and you finally get the Peircing magic Augment

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    Lexaes - 8 years ago 0 2

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