Why did my characters' attack speed suddenly drop by a LOT?

  1. I've just reached the Baron castle again and before getting there, while in the waterway still, i realised that my characters' initial attack speed when i just entered battle is as if they were slowed but i'm now slowed or anything... i even went to rest in Cecil's bed and it's still the same

    User Info: vivelda

    vivelda - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Is it just one character or the whole party? If it is one character, is it Cecil? If so, when he became a Paladin, everything about him was reset and maybe his level isn't high enough yet for his speed to be equal to where it was as a Dark Knight just before he changed.

    If it is the whole party, the only status effects that can sow the party are Slow and Curse. But you you stayed in Cecil's bed, the status effect shold be removed.

    The only other thing I know to tell you would be to go into the menu, go to settings and double check your battle speed. Remember, the lower the number, the faster the battles will go. So, 1 is the fastest and 6 is the slowest.

    User Info: obishawn

    obishawn (Expert) - 8 years ago 0 0

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