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    Boss FAQ by Mykas0

    Version: 1.4 | Updated: 05/31/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Final Fantasy IV for Nintendo DS "Boss FAQ"
    By Mykas0
    version 1.4
    BE SURE TO READ THIS FIRST PART! You can read this faq as long as you
    don't change ANY part of it (including this small introduction). Also,
    you can print it but only for use at your home, you may NEVER sell 
    this stuff or else you will make me really mad and maybe I won't work
    anymore! Finally, if you want to use this faq on your site (or use any
    part of it for other things, like writing your own faq or something) you
    have to mail me and ask me for it, I will almost surely grant it to you!
    Finally, this guide may NEVER be published in CheatCC.
    Also, I must warn you that this faq is full of small spoilers, so if
    you don't want the game spoiled for you, just don't read it!
    0~. Version History
    1~. Introduction and important tips
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Normal Bosses
    2~. Mist Dragon
    3~. General + 3x Soldier
    4~. Octomammoth
    5~. Antlion
    6~. Mom Bomb
    7~. Scarmiglione + 4x Milon
    8~. Scarmiglione Zombie
    9~. Dark Knight
    10~. Guard x2
    11~. Yang
    12~. Baigan
    13~. Cagnazzo
    14~. Dark Elf
    15~. Sandy + Cindy + Mindy
    16~. Barbariccia
    17~. 3x Cal + 3x Brina (or Calbrina)
    18~. Golbez
    19~. Dr. Lugae + Barnabas (or Barnabas-Z)
    20~. Lugaborg
    21~. King Eblan + Queen Eblan
    22~. Rubicant
    23~. Evil Wall
    24~. Elements (Milon Zombie, Cagnazzo, Barbariccia or Rubicant)
    25~. Attacker + Cpu + Defender
    26~. Zeromus
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Optional Bosses
    OP1~. Asura
    OP2~. Leviathan
    OP3~. Odin
    OP4~. Bahamut
    OP5~. White Dragon
    OP6~. Dark Bahamut
    OP7~. Lunasaur
    OP8~. Plague
    OP9~. Ogopogo
    OP10~. Thumbingway
    OP11~. Geryon
    OP12~. Proto Babil
    FAQ. Frequently Asked Questions
    B_END. Special Thanks
    END. Contacts
    0~. Version History
    -> version 1.4 <-
    - Added a new strategy for the "Bahamut" battle;
    -- Added a new strategy for the "Rubicant" battle.
    -> version 1.3 <-
    - Added new strategies for several battles;
    -- Fixed some typos.
    -> version 1.21 <-
    - Added an improved strategy for the "Rubicant" battle.
    -> version 1.2 <-
    - Added new strategies to several boss battles;
    -- Updated the "Frequently Asked Questions" section.
    -> version 1.1 <-
    - Added lots of new strategies to several different boss battles.
    -> version 1.06 <-
    - Added a new strategy for the "Proto Babil" battle.
    -> version 1.05 <-
    - Added some new strategies for "Geryon" and "Proto Babil".
    -> version 1.0 <-
    - Now contains strategies for all boss battles;
    -- Updated the "Frequently Asked Questions" section;
    --- Improved the information given in many boss battles.
    -> version 0.99 <-
    - This guide now covers all the bosses;
    -- Added a new question to "Frequently Asked Questions".
    -> version 0.95 <-
    - Improved strategies for all the bosses.
    -> version 0.9 <-
    - Covered all the storyline bosses, along with (possibly) all the optional
    1~. Introduction and important tips
    Another Final Fantasy remake, and fortunately this one comes with a few
    interesting aditions, unlike most of the previous ones . Let's skip this
    kind of unimportant blabber and advance to the initial notes, which you
    should give a look to before even trying to read specific boss strategies,
    as they may help you.
    - Like in most RPGs, your current level is quite important, allowing you
      to easily increase your stats and even have an easier time with the
      battles that you will face later on. In case you really can't seem to
      defeat a particular boss, ALWAYS consider gaining a couple more levels
      before trying again.
    - Apart from levels, your armor and equipment is also important. Every
      time you visit a new town, try to get the best weapons and armor that it
      sells for each of your characters, even if that means selling some of
      your items and equipment, or even getting into more battles just to win
      some extra cash.
    - Every time an Inn crosses your path, take your time to decide if you
      should rest there or not. Most of the times, you'll be wanting to rest
      in there, to restore the HP and MP of your characters.
    - "Tent" and "Cottage" are items which can be used at save points (or in
      the world map). They both fully heal the HP of your characters, but only
      the second one reposes all their MP. As you can easily understand, these
      are amazing items, and you should try to keep more than three in your
      inventory at every point in time. Doing so will allow you to quickly
      heal your members without relying on Inns or curative magic/items, which
      you may eventually run out of.
    - The white magic spell "Slow" is a good friend of yours. Unlike what
      happens in other games, here such a spell works in plenty of bosses and
      normal enemies, and it is a good help when it comes to having more time
      to defeat a particular enemy.
    Having all these tips and informations in mind, you can now continue
    reading, for more information on each of the bosses you can fight in this
    2~. Mist Dragon
    Unless you're new to this genre, I doubt you'll even need any help in your
    fight against this first boss. However, be sure to take a few healing
    items, possibly four Potions, with you, or else you may find yourself in a
    tigh spot, even with your characters at level 12.
    Strike physically with both Cecil and Kain, and feel free to use Cecil's
    "Dark Wave", which will allow him to cause more damage to this enemy, at
    the price of his own HP. If the health of any of your two characters drops
    below 70 HP, use one of your Potions (you brought some, right?) to quickly
    heal him.
    Later, this monster will turn into a white cloud, a form which, if
    attacked, heavily damages all your characters. So, when that happens, you
    should simply defend (press right, at the command prompt, and select the
    first option), skip turns (press Y) or simply wait (doing nothing) until
    he reverts back to its normal form, an opportunity which you should take
    to inflict some more damage. If this beast ever reverts back to its cloudy
    form, simply repeat this same strategy and you'll be fine. You just have
    to strike (and heal) as necessary until your enemy goes down, which is
    easy to do, if you brought the previously-mentioned healing items with
    3~. General + 3x Soldier
    Appears there are several ways to beat this battle, and you're free to use
    any you like. Personally, I took the three soldiers down and the last
    enemy simply retreated, but you may also take the General down first, in
    order to gain significantly more experience - there's no other benefict in
    doing so, since that enemy usually just hangs around, without even
    attacking you. In fact, the best strategy is eliminating two soldiers,
    then taking care of the General and finally killing off the last soldier,
    as that will also add an entry on the General to the in-game "Bestiary".
    Bear in mind that if you actually managed to lose this battle, I'm not
    really sure you should be playing this game...
    4~. Octomammoth
    For some reason, when fighting this enemy I recalled a certain monster
    from Final Fantasy VI, if you know what I am talking about. Anyway, it is
    easy to figure out the weakness of this monster, and you should take fully
    advantage of it. Also, I strongly suggest you repose everyone's HP and MP
    before heading to this battle, since you'll be needing those extra points.
    When you get to the battle, Tellah should either use his "Recall" command
    (remember, this uses his MP, but also allows him to cast a random, high
    level offensive spell) or cast "Thunder". Rydia should be mostly used to
    heal your characters, and you should be careful with that, since she plays
    a very important role here. Concerning Cecil, he should activate his dark
    aura as soon as possible (remember, this depletes your HP with each hit
    you land, and its effect eventually vanishes), since such an action
    heavily raises the damage he can cause to this specific boss.
    Also, be aware that after the in-battle dialogue your enemy will be
    throwing more powerful attacks, which means that you should heal your
    party members members more often, but provided Rydia has enough MP to
    keep all your party members alive and kicking, this won't be an hard
    battle. It may take you a while to finally get the enemy down, but sooner
    or later you'll manage to do it.
    5~. Antlion
    As soon as you notice this monster's weak point, he becomes a stable and
    fable opponent - he tends to counter all your attacks with a strong move,
    and the only way to avoid that is by casting Rydia's "Chocobo". So, have
    her constantly cast such a summon spell, while Cecil simply defends every
    turn. As for Edward, he can't cause much damage and he is mostly useless
    here, so you should simply use his forth option of the "Sing" menu, which
    regens the HP of all your members. When he stops singing, just re-choose
    that command, until he is finally down.
    Provided you avoid his powerful counterattack, he won't be much of a
    problem, and you can beat him easily.
    Strategy by P. Odsey:
    You can beat this one just by watching its eyes. Whenever its eyes are
    red, simply use the "Attack" command with both of the male characters,
    while using Rydia's "Cure" when necessary. When its eyes are white, use
    Rydia's "Blizzard", have Cecil ready his Darkness state, and defend while
    Edward uses his "Life's Anthem" song. The Antlion is weak to ice and dark
    element attacks, so Rydia's "Blizzard" and Cecil's darkness-enhanced
    attack should do decent damage, and if those two are used at the right
    times you'll never have to see the Antlion use its damaging counters.
    6~. Mom Bomb
    This is probably the toughest battle so far, mostly because it requires a
    very specific strategy which, if not followed, may lead you to a very
    simple, and extremely painful, game over sequence.
    Since you're facing a fire-based creature, your basic strategy is indeed
    too set, you should simply attack with "Blizzard" (Rydia can cast it) and
    have everyone else strike with their best physical attacks, while Rosa
    heals those who need it. So far so good, this wouldn't seem a hard battle
    at all, but things seem to change once you've caused enough damage to your
    enemy. It's easy to realise when you've reached such a point, since the
    monster will morph into a bigger, and a lot more menacing, form.
    A few seconds later, your enemy will start a small countdown, following
    which he will blow up. There's no way to avoid this from happening, unless
    you're using patch codes (and no, I don't know any that you could use),
    and so you should be specially careful when it comes to this part of the
    battle. Stop attacking and have EVERYONE on your party defend, which
    should prevent the opponent from instantly killing all your members with a
    single explosion. If done correctly, all your friends (or close) will
    survive, and the monster will split into six smaller bombs, three of each
    By then, you can easily figure out that they are as weak as the monsters
    found in random battles nearby. Proceed in accordance, feel free to use
    Yang's "Kick" (it hits all enemies for high damage) and in a few turns
    this battle will be over. It isn't hard at all, that's easy to figure out,
    but the main issue is surviving the boss' explosion, and once you manage
    to do so the battle is virtually over.
    7~. Scarmiglione + 4x Milon
    Even though this turns out being an easy battle, I strongly suggest you
    gain a few levels before attempting it, since you'll be needing all the
    help you can get real soon.
    Here, you should start by using Palom and Porom's combined move, which can
    be unleashed by picking the second command with both those characters and
    wait until their command bars are sincronized. When that happens, they'll
    either perform a powerful magic spell or simply miss it all - if they
    actually hit it, which tends to happen often, they'll probably kill all
    the enemies at once, instantly ending this battle. However, if that
    doesn't really work, it probably means they made a weak attack OR their
    levels are just too low. If that's your case, continue follow that pattern
    with the twins, striking physically with Cecil (be aware not to attack
    Milon, or he will counter with a "Thunder" spell) and using Tellah's fire
    magic, either with his normal command or via the "Recall" option. Even
    though this second option may randomly perform stronger attacks, I advise
    you against it, since Tellah may just cast an ice spell, healing your main
    As you may understand, this battle isn't hard at all, and one (or, at
    most, two) strikes from Palom and Porom's combined moved is more than
    enough to vanquish all enemies. Once you defeat them, be sure to head back
    to the save point on the right before crossing the bridge, since a tough
    battle is fought just ahead.
    8~. Scarmiglione Zombie
    Fought a bridge away from the previous boss, this enemy is a lot stronger
    than his former self. Apart from simple (and yet, very strong) physical
    strikes, he is also able to counter some of your attacks with two
    stat-inducing moves, which may affect your entire party - the first blinds
    (not literally...) your characters, making them unable to strike
    physically, and the second one makes it impossible for them to cast any
    kind of magic.
    Since this monster is weak against fire, it could seem like a good idea to
    cast Palom's "Fire" and Tellah's "Fira", along with physical strikes from
    Cecil, but any of those options lead to a powerful counter from your
    enemy. Instead, heal the enemy. No, I'm not kidding, but it is easy to
    realise that this enemy is a zombie, a creature weak against "Holy" magic,
    and you should use such a weakness to your advantage. Have Tellah and
    Porom use their "Cura" spell ON THE ENEMY, which will heavily damage him,
    and your two other characters should use "Potion", "Hi-Potion" or "Phoenix
    Down" items at the enemy.
    Even if this strategy heavily damages the enemy, you can't forget to heal
    your own characters, since they'll still suffer the powerful physical hits
    that the enemy throws at you, once in a while. Following this strategy you
    can avoid all kinds of status effects that the enemy may want to cause (he
    only uses those as counters for physical attacks and "Fire" magic), which
    is a good idea and will spare you a lot of trouble, but it sure won't
    grant you an instant win, and provided you keep on healing your own
    members you won't have much trouble.
    9~. Dark Knight
    Easiest battle ever - constantly defend, by pressing right and then
    picking the first option. Keep on doing it and eventually a dialogue will
    pop up, ending the battle with an unexpected victory from Cecil.
    10~. Guard x2
    Provided you take these enemies seriously, instead of some sort of random
    battle, you will have an easy time defeating them. Even thought they
    generally strike with physical attacks, they can also counter your attacks
    with a "Mini" spell, which reduces the physical damage caused by your
    allies to 1. Now, if you realise Cecil is the only physical striker that
    your party currently has, you could think that you should only get rid of
    his own status changes (the other members will be striking with magic
    spells, which aren't affected by the aforementioned status change), but
    that's not really true - you should also be aware that such status change
    also increases the physical damage they suffer, which is obviously
    Now, as soon asthe battle starts, Porom (or Tellah) should use their
    "Slow" magic on both enemies, which gives you some more time to strike
    them. Then, Cecil should strike with physical attacks, Palom and Tellah
    should use their best special attacks (be sure to aim them at all enemies,
    which you can do by pressing left when you're selecting targets) and Porom
    should be used to heal your party, if anyone's health gets below 150HP. If
    you follow these tips, you'll be just fine!
    Strategy by T. Jeurissen:
    Just have Tellah and Palom use "Break" on the Guards, and they’ll be dead
    before the end of the first turn.
    11~. Yang
    Oddly, Yang strikes with his "Kick" all the time, and as you probably know
    this is a powerful move that damages your entire party. There's no way to
    prevent it or anything, so you should use one of your characters (probably
    Porom) to heal your party EVERY round.
    Once more, as soon as the battle starts you should cast "Slow", with
    either Palom or Tellah. Next, they should stick to the best fire spells
    they have available, and Cecil should strike physically, with his normal
    attack. Very soon, your enemy will be down, and you won't even gain any
    experience points for this battle.
    12~. Baigan
    If you're not properly equipped, this battle may appear to be a lot harder
    than it actually is, and I gotta admit that everyone becomes extremely
    easy when your three magic caster are actually able to perform their
    roles, i.e. they have full (or just "enough") MP.
    Cecil's task should be mostly the one of striking physically, but he
    should also use his healing spells, if required. Yang should stick to
    "Power" (his second command), which increases the damage of his next
    physical attack. Your three other characters should stick to healing, and
    even if you realise that Palom's "Bio" spell causes a lot of damage, you
    should be careful using it, since this enemy can cast "Reflect" in his
    main body as soon as the battle begins, and that's also the reason on why
    you should avoid using multi-hit spells against him.
    Such information leads to something that you should have in mind: even
    though this enemy has three points that you can attack (a main body and
    two arms), he tends to revive his two arms often. Therefore, I suggest you
    skip attacking those and focus all your attacks in the main body, until it
    goes down. When that happens, you should try to dispose of the two arms as
    quickly as possible, since they'll soon explode, causing a fair amount of
    damage to one of your characters. This explosion isn't as powerful as Mom
    Bomb's one, but it may actually knock one of your characters out.
    The enemy attacks, which tend to induce a few status changes, aren't that
    powerful, and so you should stick to healing and attacking in the most
    effective way, following the strategy stated above.
    Strategy by Flame Paladin:
    Twincast's "Pyroblast" and "Comet" will not be reflected, so you can nuke
    Baigan with two "Pyroblast"/"Comets" and he'll die. First shot takes out
    the arms, he'll waste time regenerating them, second kills him. 
    13~. Cagnazzo
    Set up is an important part of this battle, and I strongly suggest you
    rest in Cecil's room (placed in the upper level of the upper left tower)
    before confronting the King, an action which leads here.
    This enemy isn't very strong, but one of his most powerful attacks, one
    where a huge tide washes the battlefield, may cause you a lot of trouble,
    and you may regret ever seeing it. Fortunately, there's a set-up time, and
    it becomes easy to see when he is about to unleash it, since a small
    stream of water is seen circling the enemy, and when that happens you
    should cast an electrical spell (either "Thunder", "Thundara" or even
    "Thundaga") as soon as possible, which will allow you to stop the enemy
    from actually lauching his powerful attack.
    As soon as he battle begins, have someone cast "Slow" on your enemy. Then,
    if the enemy uses "Slow" on your party, have Tellah cast "Haste" on all
    your members (you'll have to repose his MP by using an "Ether"), and
    continue by casing "Thundaga", which should be complemented it with
    Palom's "Thundara". Both Cecil and Yang (be sure to equip him with claws
    that have an electrical effect, before the battle takes place) should
    stick to physical attacks, while Porom should be your party's healer, in
    every sense of the word, as he should be the one getting rid of all status
    effects and increasing everyone's HP, when the need to such an action
    arises. If you follow these actions, and provided your characters are
    strong enough to cause a lot of damage easily, your enemy will be down in
    no time, and you'll spare yourself a lot of trouble.
    14~. Dark Elf
    When you first see this boss, he is totally invencible - no, there's
    absolutely no way you're going to beat him, and you should have everyone
    simply strike with their physical attacks, until the battle ends. There is
    no need to use magic or special techniques, since they're virtually
    useless and you just can't seriously harm your enemy. However, after this
    first dummy battle you'll get to see a small cutscene, where Edward starts
    playing his harp, weakening the enemy.
    Once that cutscene is over, the real battle begins. If you equipped all
    your characters with their best weapons (unlike before, they can now use
    metalic ones), you should simply strike physically with them, using Cecil
    as a healer, when needed. As for Tellah, he should use "Thundaga", which
    appears to be a rather damaging spell here. Casting "Slow" as soon as the
    battle begins may also be a good idea, since the enemy may eventually cast
    "Poison", or some other annoying spells, on your characters.
    After your party has caused enough damage, this enemy will morph into a
    more powerful, dragon-like, creature, and this is where things start
    getting harder. Apart from some less important skills, this monster can
    use an attack that heavily damages everyone in your party, possibly even
    killing two or three members on the process, and he uses it more often
    than you should be expecting. The best way to dodge such a technique is by
    keeping everyone's health as high as possible, and when you reach this
    part of the battle you should adopt a slightly different strategy.
    Start, as usual, by casting "Slow", and then proceed with Yang, striking
    with his physical attack, along with Cid. As for Cecil, he should assume
    the role of a healer, instantly healing members whose health drops below
    300 HP. If everyone's HP is dangerously low, you should also use Tellah as
    a healer, but his preferred role should be the one of an offensive magic
    caster, throwing "Thundaga" at the enemy as many times as possible. You
    could also try to have him cast "Tornado", which was a 1-hit kill in the
    past few games, but I'm not sure if it still works by now.
    If you just can't beat this enemy, feel free to head back to the cave you
    just came from and get a few more levels on your characters. Eventually,
    you'll find it easier to beat this battle, and sooner or later you'll
    manage to do it.
    Strategy by "Chris1001 the Sequel":
    First thing, his weakness is "Fire". Give Yang double "Fire Claw". For the
    first form, immediately cast "Silence" on him, and then "Slow". During
    this process he should get off the only damaging attack he'll perform
    across both forms. Silencing him will take away almost all his attack
    ability, pretty much all he'll do from that point on is cast "Hex" every
    so often, turning one character into a pig. Easily manageable.
    With that done, start buffing everyone. Specifically, make sure Yang and
    Tellah are under the effect of "Haste". Instead of attacking with them,
    keep Tellah ready, boost Yang's "Focus" to max (3), and keep ready. Attack
    the enemy with Cecil and Cid. Use Cid's "Upgrade" ability to give his
    attacks a fire element, to make things go a little faster. Once the enemy
    ransforms into the dragon, immediately attack with Yang, and cast "Firaga"
    with Tellah (which is why keeping them ready, instead of using them for 
    the first form, helps).
    This will either completely obliterate him (as it did for me), or leave
    him very close to the edge.
    15~. Sandy + Cindy + Mindy
    You probably already heard of a little thing called 'teamwork', am I
    right? Well, that's exactly what the three sisters throw at you in this
    boss battle, and even if they barely pose you a trouble alone, combined
    they can perform a powerful attack that can heavily damage all the
    characters in your party.
    In general, each of the sisters has a very particular task that, when
    combined, improves the damage, and that's why you may want to get rid of
    one of them as soon as possible. Sandy, the leftmost girls, tends to cast
    "Reflect" on the middle sister. Then, Mindy casts some magical spell on
    that very same sister, which is reflected onto one of your characters,
    heavily damaging him. Besides, Cindy, the middle sister, is also capable
    of striking with a powerful physical attack.
    Another important thing to have in mind about Cindy, the middle sister, is
    that she is able to revive her siblings. This looks like a reason for you
    to kill her as soon as possible, right? Well, WRONG!
    Instead of following such a strategy, start by taking down Mindy, the
    smaller sister, and the three siblings will lose their main attacker, an
    important part of their strategy. Then, you'll see that Sandy (the taller
    sister) is constantly casting "Reflect", eventually hitting one of your
    characters with such an effect. When that happens, simply have Tellah cast
    "Blizzaga" on that character, which will be bounced back to one of the
    sisters, causing her a lot of damage. When only two sisters are up, you
    should have Tellah constantly follow that strategy, while your other three
    members strike the leftmost sister, Sandy, physically. After two or three
    of Tellah's spells hit Cindy, she will go down.
    Even though there are tons of different strategies that you can follow
    when you're fighting this boss battle, there are plenty of reasons on why
    you should follow mine. First, you could obviously cast "Reflect" on one
    of your characters by yourself, but doing so would spend Tellah's MP, and
    you may want to spend those only on stuff that is really worth your time,
    such as the "Blizzaga" strategy I told you about. Also, even though Cindy
    looks like the most threatening of the three sisters, trying to strike her
    physically causes her to counter with a powerful physical attack, one
    which you should try to avoid at all costs, as it really causes a lot of
    damage and may even kill your characters with one hit. However, by
    striking her with magic spells, she won't be able to counter your attacks,
    which is rather useful. If she later revives her other sisters, you can
    simply repeat the whole strategy and they will be going down, yet again,
    without much effort.
    You're obviously free to use any other order strategy, but personally I
    find this one to be rather useful, and very easy to follow.
    Strategy by Flame Paladin:
    Since they aren't immune to silence, you can drop Silence on them and blow
    their teamwork to pieces. There's a problem here, Cindy's "Reflect".
    That's not a problem: songs are not reflected. We don't have Edward, but
    he gave us the "Bardsong" Augment, did he not? Just plop it on a character
    and use "Silencing Song". At least one should be silenced, more likely
    that both Sandy and Mindy will be. All that's left is to have Tellah use
    "Dispel" on Cindy and beat them down. The battle's pretty much over once
    Cindy falls, since only Cindy has a physical attack.
    16~. Barbariccia
    Kain and Rosa join your party just before this battle, and such a fact
    becomes a big problem if you realise that they are probably weaker than
    the rest of your current party. Concerning Rosa, for example, she may be
    easily knocked out by a single of Barbariccia's attacks, which is an
    obvious problem, as you may need to revive her quite often.
    You should also be aware that this boss has two different forms. In the
    first one, she is easily damaged but tends to counter with a powerful
    electrical attack, while in the second one she turns into a hurricane-like
    foe, which can only be stopped by hitting her with Kain's "Jump" move.
    The best way to defeat her would be by casting magic, which would make it
    impossible for her to counter your moves, but the problem is that you
    currently have absolutely no characters that can use offensive magic.
    As soon as the battle starts, have Rosa cast her "Slow" spell. Now, when
    she is in her first form, you should have Rosa for your healing tasks
    (with support from Cecil's healing and revival spells), have Kain always
    use his "Jump" technique. As for Yang, have him use his "Power" command
    multiple times, since it doubles the damage caused by your next physical
    attack, allowing you to cause a lot of damage easily. In fact, it works
    even better if this character is equipped with his "Hell Claw", which you
    can gather in this very same dungeon, and which may randomly induce the
    "Poison" status on the boss, which helps you cause some more damage
    without much effort. Whatever you do, just DON'T strike the boss
    physically with the other characters, or else she will counter with her
    powerful electrical attack, which damages everyone.
    When she turns to her second form, feel free to heal everyone (by then,
    she only has a single powerful attack skill, the previously-mentioned
    eletrical one) and stack more damage using Yang's "Power". Using Rosa's
    "Pray" is a good idea, since it reposes some HP and also some MP. When
    you're ready to proceed, simply have Kain use his "Jump" ability, and
    apart from causing some damage he will also revert the enemy to her normal
    form, mentioned above.
    The biggest problem here, as you can probably notice, is the enemy's
    powerful electrical spells, which heavily damages everyone. If they just
    can't stand such an attack, feel free to head to the last dungeon and gain
    a few more level ups in your characters, you'll be needing them in the
    uture, and they may also end up being useful against this same boss.
    17~. 3x Cal + 3x Brina (or Calbrina)
    This battle starts with six enemies on the screen, three Cal and three
    Brina. Those are very easy to defeat, but later, depending on your
    strategy, they may (or not) form Calbrina, a strong enemy that may cause
    you a few trouble. However, there's something you should realise - unlike
    what happened in the original version of this game, it appears that it is
    harder (or less usual) for those six enemies to form Calbrina, a fact that
    you should use to your advantage. Personally, out of seven battles I've
    tested, Calbrina was formed only twice, and only if you're caught up
    unprepared will you lose that battle.
    One of the best ways to approach this battle is by starting with Yang's
    "Kick", who will damage all enemies. Then, proceed with everyone else's
    physical attacks, and if you manage to kill the last Cal alongside with
    the last Brina, they will never get to form the real boss. Even if you
    fail to meet such a condition, it is only a matter of luck, and it is
    actually possible to end this battle without ever seeing the real boss.
    Now, I know that plenty of players dislike relying on luck, and one may
    not feel like restarting the battle for several times, in hopes of
    avoiding the main enemy. If that's your case, you should actually face
    Calbrina. She tends to strike (and counter your physical attacks) with
    physical attacks, causing high damage to a single of your characters, but
    she can also confuse or paralyze your characters, status effects that you
    should try to get rid of as soon as possible. In terms of an offensive
    strategy, simply have Rosa heal your characters, probably backed up by
    Cecil himself, and strike physically with everyone else - healing is a
    major detail here, since the enemy can harshly hurt your friends with a
    simple physical attack, and you should also use healing items, if Rosa is
    in no condition of continue casting spells.
    From the two strategies stated here, I strongly suggest you skip Calbrina,
    since you'll be facing a stronger enemy in just a few minutes. However, be
    aware that defeating the real form of this boss can give you a good amount
    of experience points, an adition that some may like. This choice is really
    up to you, since the formation of Calbrina appears to be really random,
    and one might just want to skip it (or not), but be aware that skipping
    her won't give you the "Calbrina" entry to the Bestiary.
    Strategy by grangerbm:
    Have Rosa cast "Hold" on Calbrina and there is not much of a problem with
    counter-attacks. I have used it so many times and it has hit just every
    time. However, be sure to recast this spell whenever its effect wears off.
    18~. Golbez
    This may be one of the most difficult battles so far, perhaps because you
    fought another boss a few seconds ago. Golbez first freezes your
    characters and quickly gets rid of all of them, with Cecil being the only
    survivor. You may try to time Kain's "Jump" in order to dodge the freezing
    attack, but you should be told that it is an hard thing to do. However, I
    strongly suggest you cast Rosa's "Slow" in her very first turn, which will
    make you have an easier time later in the battle. After a small cutscene,
    Rydia will be back, Golbez will cast a magic shield and the real battle
    One of your biggest problems is the lack of party members - out of five,
    three of them are probably dead by now, and you may obviously want to
    revive them as soon as possible. The problem is... how? You only have two
    characters and Golbez is constantly casting multi-hit spells, which may
    easily kill any revived characters. Well, I have no magical answer to give
    you, so you should just rely on luck. Have Cecil and Rydia use a simple
    combo - Rydia uses a "Phoenix Down" and Cecil quickly heals that same
    character - and hopefully 
    you'll manage to revive them in a short time.
    When everyone is finally up, and hopefully with more than 500 HP each, it
    is time to start attacking.
    Have Cecil wield a sword that has no elemental effects (you can change his
    equipment by pressing up while using the "Items" command) and striking
    physically, apart from healing those who need it, a task that he should
    share with Rosa, who can also use her "Pray" to help you. Yang and Kain
    (feel free to use his "Jump") should also strike physically. Rydia should
    summon her "Pochika", if you've already improved that beast's stats in the
    mini-games. Stick to physical attacks - those don't cause much damage, but
    they are better than nothing - and completly ignoring elemental spells and
    summons, since those appear to heal your enemy. Be aware that he can
    switch his own elemental weaknesses, but it may take you a while to figure
    out which one he currently has, and you may want to pass such a problem by
    simply striking physically or using the "Bio" magic.
    If you're healing everyone in a proper way, this may turn out into a long
    battle but Golbez will eventually go down, just don't let ANY of your
    characters die, or else you may be put in trouble.
    Strategy by Duminas:
    An alternate way to beat Golbeza, that has likely been mentioned at least
    on the Boards already, is to use any number of characters (though bringing
    Rosa up makes this a load easier, at the very least). Cecil and Rydia are
    the key players here, though.
    Once you've revived other characters (or just Rosa, or no one, depending
    on how brave you feel), simply have Cecil use "Libra", and then have Rydia
    sit on "Attack", or "Black Magic". Once "Libra" connects, take an action
    (i.e. put the "Attack" cursor on Golbeza, or select whatever spell you
    want and target him) - though don't attack with it. Take a look at his
    weakness in the Help window at the bottom (the first line of two across
    from his HP indicator), and use the appropriate summon - Black Magic is
    something I'd not recommend, since you don't have ~ga-level spells yet.
    Once he's hit with his weakness, you'll need to "Libra" him again, and
    have Rydia use the appropriate summon. Two or three of these end it
    easily; I got him in a "Shiva" and "Ifrit", personally. I'd also
    personally relegate Cecil to entirely support here, regardless of strategy
    used; his melee attacks are too weak, when compared to a "Charge" x3
    attack from Yang. Have him "Shell" your party, and keep using Curaga to
    take some of the weight off Rosa's shoulders.
    And as an aside... using "Hermes Sandals" with Yang can make the pounding
    go a lot easier, if you're going the direct damage route, and ignoring
    Golbeza's "Elemental Shift".
    19~. Dr. Lugae + Barnabas (or Barnabas-Z)
    Unless you're underlevelled, this ends up being an easy battle. You first
    start with two opponents on the field (Dr. Lugae and his robot, Barnabas),
    and even if none of them is very strong, the most important thing here is
    the order in which you defeat them. If you defeat Dr. Lugae first, his
    robot will later self-destruct, an action which will probably kill one of
    your characters. However, if you kill Barnabas first, Dr. Lugae will summon
    his Barnabas-Z, a more powerful unit which he controls himself. Obviously,
    you should aim at killing them at exactly the same time (or close) to
    nullify these problems, but that's not as simple as it sounds.
    In order to attempt such a strategy, your best bet is splitting the
    attacks of your team, i.e. while some of your characters target Dr. Lugae,
    others should aim at Barnabas. Follow this strategy with Cecil, Yang and
    Kain, while Rydia should always cast her "Ramuh" summon. Rosa must, as
    usual, be the party's healer, not that you'll need one.
    Also, try to have everyone at full health when this battle ends, for
    reasons that you'll soon understand.
    (Be aware that not fighting "Barnabas-Z" won't add such entry to the
    "Bestiary", or not killing "Barnabas", won't add their entries - in the
    first playthrough you should face "Barnabas-Z", while you should kill the
    other two fellows in your second one, just to add all the entries to such
    an option)
    20~. Lugaborg
    If you don't know what you're doing, this may end up being an extremely
    difficult battle. As soon as it begins, the Lugaborg uses "Reverse", a
    spell that changes many battle effects. Striking your enemy, for example,
    appears to heal him, and using healing magic (or items) actually damage
    your characters. Your enemy isn't that strong, but since this effect makes
    it harder to heal your characters (actually, you can heal them by casting
    black magic spells on your party), you can't really follow the usual
    strategies. Instead, I advise you to simply disregard the enemy strategies
    and, as soon as the battle begins, start throwing healing items at the
    enemy, which will damage him. "Elixir" and "X-Potion" work fine, but so
    do Rosa's healing spells. Use them all and your enemy will be down in no
    time at all, but you should also be aware that throwing an "Elixir" at the
    enemy may instantly kill him.
    21~. King Eblan + Queen Eblan
    This battle is really easy. Your two enemies just strike with weak fire
    magic, which you can easily withstand. Use Rosa's "Pray" every turn,
    strike physically with everyone else (this way, you won't be spending any
    MPs) and, eventually, the battle will end.
    22~. Rubicant
    This boss isn't very strong either, but one of his best features is that
    he tends to counter every attack you throw at him. If you hit him
    physically, he will cast a weak fire spell that hits your entire party,
    but throwing some magic at him will allow him to unleash a more powerful
    magic attack, which may knock out some of your friends. Even though your
    most powerful ice magic can actually deal a lot of damage, there are
    easier ways to beat this battle.
    Instead of striking physically, constantly use Rydia's "Dragon" summon,
    which heavily damages your opponent. If he has his cape open, he will
    counter with "Blizarra" on himself, which is rather amusing. However, if
    you use it when his cape is covering his body, he will do the very same
    thing BUT he will cure himself for a very small amount of HP. Just ignore
    that part, it's not really significant, and keep on using the stated Rydia
    summon until he goes down. As odd as it may sound, everyone else should
    stick to healing, don't attack the enemy physically or he will counter
    your attack with his "Fira" spell, targetted at your entire party. If you
    can withstand his "Blaze", which causes a lot of damage, you should
    quickly revive the members he killed, using "Phoenix Down" items (those
    are faster than using "Rise" or "Arise") and then quickly heal them using
    Rosa' best healing technique. If nobody survives such an attack, I'd have
    to suggest that you go back to the previous dungeon and raises a couple
    more levels in your entire party.
    Keep on striking with the stated summon spell, healing everyone and in a
    few turns this enemy will be down.
    Strategy by Duminas:
    This one, instead of being a simple derivative of yours, is moreso an
    "addon" that people can use if "Blaze" knocks a lot of people down.
    At any point, casting "Fire" on Rubicante will result in him using "Raise"
    on your entire party - quite a time-saver, and lets me keep Rosa busy
    with "Pray" or "Curaga" spam.  Beyond that, your Dragon tactic works nice.
    I'm not sure if "Bomb Fragments" or "Bomb Right Arms" will cause the same
    effect, as they cast "Fire" and "Fira" respectively, but they might be
    worth a shot as well.
    Strategy by Kaider:
    Remove all ice type weapons first of all before the battle.
    Keep edge on standby, and when your opponent opens his cape to cast
    inferno, have edge use steal. This, for some reason, makes him close his
    cape, and you can resume just casting dragon, occasionally attacking when
    Strategy by pokemonfreakz:
    I noticed you only focus on lowering damage to your party as much as
    possible, but there is a MUCH easier way.
    First, buy armour that resists fire for every ally on your team, and then
    equip to ALL your allies a "Cursed Ring"; this will lower their stats BUT
    it will actually turn all resists into absorbs! Very useful so that his
    fire-based attacks heal you, but make sure you equip the "Cursed Rings"
    only just before you start the battle, to make the defeating of random
    monsters easier.
    23~. Evil Wall
    Before heading to this battle, be sure to buy as many "Phoenix Down" items
    as possible. They play an important role in the next battle, and even
    though you can attempt this same strategy by using the "Life" spell,
    following such an approach may things significantely harder (or maybe even
    impossible) for your party.
    As soon as the battle begins, have Rosa cast "Slow" on the enemy, and then
    start casting "Haste" in all your characters. Cecil strike physically and
    Kain use his very own "Jump". Edge should throw unimportant weapons (or
    items) at the enemy, while Rydia should summon "Leviathan" or cast her
    best elemental spells. Finally, Rosa should use her "Aim" command, when
    she resumes all the tasks I mentioned above. You should follow this
    strategy until the Evil Wall gets dangerously next to your characters, a
    time where it will start casting instantl kill spells. When that point is
    reached, don't bother using spells, since they take a while to be casted,
    and stick to use "Phoenix Down". Each time someone dies, have one of your
    characters (I'd suggest Rosa or Rydia, but it's really up to you) use a
    "Phoenix Down" and strike physically with all other characters. Provided
    you have enough "Phoenix Down" items to continue this strategy for a
    while, this boss will sooner or later be defeat.
    This isn't a hard battle, but if you forgot to get some "Phoenix Down"
    items before, it may end up being much harder, since spells such as "Life"
    take a while to be casted. If that's your case, and even if such a request
    may sound harsh, you'd better head back to the last town (possibly the
    Dwarven Castle) and buy at least 20 of those items - you'll be needing
    them, either now or in the future.
    24~. Elements (Milon Zombie, Cagnazzo, Barbariccia or Rubicant)
    Unless you know what you're doing (and if you're following this guide,
    you'll know it), this battle may turn out being incredibly hard, since you
    will be facing four tough enemies, one after the other. Even though there
    are several possible strategies for this one, I strongly suggest you equip
    everyone with armor that can resist (or absorb) fire-based damage, it will
    make this confrontation a lot easier. As a general strategy, I suggest
    that you use the white spell "Slow" as soon as each boss appears in the
    screen, since doing so will spare you a lot of trouble, and allow you to
    place some more extra damage before they get to attack you.
    First, you'll be facing the earth-based enemy. This one isn't that
    powerful, but he tends to counter most of your attacks with a move that
    slows all your characters. Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could just
    avoid such a nasty move? Well, actually you can, you just need to HEAL the
    enemy, and no, I'm not joking. Instead, you should recall that, as I
    previously mentioned, this boss was weak against "holy", which means that
    healing items and spells will damage him. Have Rosa throw him two or three
    "Curajas" and he will be down in no time, and without even requiring much
    effort from your own characters.
    When this enemy goes down, he will be substituted by Cagnazzo. Feel free
    to use the "Slow" spell, and be sure to cast "Haste" in ALL your
    characters, which is a big help. Strike physically with Edge and Cecil,
    while Fusoya and Rydia should cast their best electrical spell - it won't
    cause any extra damage, unless the enemy has a small wave surrouding him,
    but it sure causes a lot of pain. If he retreats to the inside of its
    shell, merely ignore that action and keep on striking with this same
    strategy - eventually, he will also go down without much trouble.
    The third enemy, Barbariccia, isn't very strong, either. As usual, cast
    the "Slow" spell as soon as possible, and then strike normally until she
    reaches her hurricane-like form. When that happens, she'll start using
    two powerful spells - one reduces the HP of some of your characters to
    less than 10HP, while the other is simply an electrical-based spell. If
    you properly heal everyone (i.e. use Rosa or Fusoya's best healing spell
    in your entire party), that combo won't kill anyone, and you'll be sparing
    yourself some trouble. In terms of battle strategy, when she is in her
    hurricane-like form you should use Cecil as a healer (there's not much he
    can do, is there?), Fusoya should cast his best electrical spell and Edge
    should be casting his electrical spell. Also, Rydia should use her "Ramuh"
    summon for a lot of damage. As for Rosa, well, you should either use her
    as a backup healer or stick to her "Pray" command, which not only cures a
    bit of your character's HP but also reposes a bit of their MP. Keep on
    following this strategy and, eventually, you'll face the last enemy that
    this battle has to offer.
    Rubicant, the fire-based element, is the last and most powerful foe that
    this battle has to offer. Unless you equipped everyone with armor that
    halves the damage caused by fire-based magic, you'll be in deep trouble,
    and it may become impossible for you to actually win this battle.
    Start by casting "Slow" AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Then, have Rydia use her best
    water summon (possibly "Dragon" or "Leviathan"), but only when the enemy
    has its cape open - doing so will not only cause a lot of damage but also
    make it so that the enemy counters the attack by hitting himself with a
    powerful "Blizzara". Fusoya should obviously cast his "Blizzaga", but also
    only when the cape is open. Rosa should be used as a healer and Cecil,
    alongside with Edge, should be defending every turn - striking with them
    will make it so that Rubicant counters you with powerful magical spells,
    probably damaging everyone and maybe even kill all of your characters.
    Be aware that even though you can use Rosa to heal the weaker fire spells
    that the enemy throws at you when he counters your attacks, Rubicant will
    sooner or later use his most powerful spell, "Blaze", which is the biggest
    problem here. Hopefully, and if you've been following my suggestions, this
    attack won't kill your entire party, and you should quickly use Rosa (or
    the other living characters) to quickly restore everyone back to full
    health. However, if he indeed killed everyone, well, you're in a lot of
    trouble. Try getting a few more level ups, REALLY equipping armor and
    items that decrease fire damage and constantly healing your party when
    you're facing Rubicant, since there's not much else you can do.
    25~. Attacker + Cpu + Defender
    When you know what you're doing, this battle becomes so easy that you
    shouldn't even consider it to be a boss.
    As soon as the battle begins, be sure to cast "Slow" in both the Attacker
    and the Defender, i.e. the smaller orbs on the left and right side of the
    screen. Next, have everyone strike physically the left orb ("Attacker"),
    until it goes down. From there on, the enemy has no means of attacking
    your party, which is rather amusing. So, have Edge use his electrical
    spell, Rydia constantly cast her best summon (either "Bahamut",
    "Leviathan" or "Dragon", depending on what spells she has) and everyone
    strike THE CPU (ignore the Defender!) until that part of the boss is
    defeated. After that happens, have everyone strike the Defender
    physically, and that part will also be down in no time at all.
    If you've done it all correctly, and you followed my strategy, it is even
    possible to complete this battle without suffering any damage at all.
    26~. Zeromus
    This battle is a lot easier than you could be expecting, mainly if you
    really know what you're doing. Your enemy has tons of different attacks,
    but you can cut them down to the most important three.
    First, he is able to use "Black Hole", which nullifies all the status
    effects that you (and him) have. BOTH of you suffer the effect of this
    attack, and that's a keyword here.
    Second, his "Big Bang" causes enormous amounts of damage to your entire
    party, and may end up easily killing your members, if you're not fully
    prepared for it. Besides, those who manage to survive will be affected by
    "Virus", a status effect that magically drops the HP of your members.
    Third, and last, he will cast a weak version of "Meteor" when he is
    running low on HP, and even if such a spell is not really troublesome by
    itself, it may kill your party if they're already weak by then.
    By thinking for a bit, you can easily realise that this boss' "Big Bang"
    is the biggest threat here, and since there is no way to decrease the
    damage that it causes to your characters (you can steal "Dark Matter", a
    very important key item, from him, but that no longer decreases his attack
    power), you'd better avoid its usage at all costs, trying to kill him as
    quickly as possible.
    As soon as the battle starts, have Cecil use the "Crystal" item, which
    turns Zeromus into his real form. By the way, it is impossible to defeat
    the blue version of Zeromus, and trying to do so is a simple expense of
    your time.
    While he is shaking and turning into his real form, quickly switch to Rosa
    (you can do so by pressing Y until she is selected) and cast her "Slow"
    spell. From there on, Rosa should be focused on healing your party (always
    use her best healing spells) and recasting "Slow", every time your enemy
    uses his "Black Hole". You may also use her to cast "Haste" in all your
    characters, but that's up to you - I didn't.
    Cecil should be used as a backup healer, if you need one, but mainly he
    should stick to striking physically.
    As for Kain, he should always use his "Jump" command, which not only
    causes good damage but may also make it harder for him to be hit with the
    powerful "Big Bang" attack. If, when he is back from his jump, everyone's
    down, you should also use him to quickly revive Rosa (by means of a
    "Phoenix Down"), before taking him to the usual strategy.
    Edge should throw his best items at the enemy, don't be regretful about
    any of them, it's not like you'll need them in the future.
    Concerning Rydia, she should switch between casting "Asura" or "Bahamut",
    depending on your needs, but remember that the results of the "Asura"
    summon are usually unrealiable.
    Hopefully this part won't be need, but if you're ever hit by the effects
    of "Big Bang", simply drop all other strategies and concentrate all your
    characters in reposing the dead members of your party. When they're all
    up, use Rosa to cast "Curaja" in your entire party, before resuming the
    strategy mentioned above.
    Sooner or later, and provided you manage to avoid (or solve) the problems
    caused by the powerful "Big Bang" attack, the enemy will be going down
    sooner than later. When that happens, feel free to enjoy the ending
    sequences and rest for a while (you deserve it!), since the credits also
    take a long time. Hope you liked the game, but there is still some fun to
    take place - save the game at the end of the credits and be sure to enjoy
    the "New Game +" option.
    Below this line are several bosses that you don't have to fight in order
    to complete the storyline. You can face them whenever you want, provided
    you have access to the areas they are included in, and even thought I
    strongly suggest you fight them at the highest possible level, such a
    choice is really up to you. If you're facing one of these bosses and you
    just can't seem to win the battle, don't get upset - instead, go get a few
    more levels and return here later on, I'm sure you'll have an easier time
    fighting all of them.
    OP1~. Asura
    Found in the Land of Summoned Monsters, west of the Dwarven Castle. This
    enemy isn't very strong, but heading to this battle unprepared may become
    your demise. Apart from curing itself, this boss is also able to counter
    your attacks with powerful physical attacks, which may even kill a single
    of your members in one hit. However, you should bear in mind that this
    enemy never attacks your party, she just counters whatever attacks you
    throw at her, apart from healing her, once in a while.
    Everything becomes extremely easy if you have someone (probably Rosa) cast
    "Reflect" on the boss as soon as the battle begins, which will make it so
    that the boss' healing spells are reflected towards your members. Then,
    instead of striking physically, have Rydia cast her "Dragon" summon, which
    is probably the best means of attack that she currently has. After doing
    so, the boss will counter you with a powerful physical attack, which may
    even knock one of your characters out. If that happens, have someone else
    (NOT Rydia!) bring that character back to life, using a "Phoenix Down",
    but don't bother healing them - they're just supposed to be sittings
    ducks, which Asura will hit when she is countering.
    Keep on summoning "Dragon" with Rydia, recasting Asura's "Reflect" when
    its previous effect vanishes and, sooner or later, this enemy will go
    down. When that happens, Rydia will become able to summon "Asura", a beast
    whose final effect is slightly random.
    Strategy by P. Udo:
    Simply have rosa cast "Blink" on every character, and then "Reflect" on
    Asura. As long as Rosa keeps everyone covered with "Blink", you should
    pretty much have free reign on her, which works great if your characters
    are at lower levels.
    OP2~. Leviathan
    Also found in the Land of Summoned Monsters, west of the Dwarven Castle,
    you get to fight him in the very same room where you fought Asura. Oddly,
    he is even weaker than the previous boss, and provided your party can
    withstand Leviathan's "Big Wave", you'll have an easy time defeating this
    Rydia should constantly cast her "Ramuh" summon, while other characters
    should strike physically. Edge's electrical spell, if you have him while
    you're facing this boss, also works great, and you should have both those
    characters constantly casting those attacks. If you follow this strategy,
    I'm sure that the enemy will be down in less than a couple turns, without
    causing any trouble, and when that happens Rydia becomes able to summon
    "Leviathan", the water-based creature that you just defeated.
    OP3~. Odin
    After you've defeated both Asura and Leviathan, you can fight this enemy
    by heading to the basement of the the tower in the right side of Baron
    Castle. Just like the other monsters, he isn't very strong, but he has a
    single attack that may quickly decimate your entire party. Obviously, you
    may want to get rid of him before he even manages to unleash it, making
    this a battle of speed, not skill or power.
    As soon as the battle begins, have someone cast "Slow". This will allow
    you to have some more time to strike him before he unleashes his most
    powerful attack. Then, have everyone strike physically, while magic
    casters should use their best electrical spell. If done correctly (i.e. if
    you're strong enough to kill him quickly), he will be down before being
    able to use his famous move, which is a good thing. Also, you may want to
    use Edge to steal the "Darkness" key item from this boss, since it appears
    there is no other way to get it.
    When you defeat him, Rydia becomes able to summon "Odin", a summon which
    instantly kills weaker enemies (i.e. most of the ones found in random
    OP4~. Bahamut
    After you've defeated Asura and Leviathan, you can fight this monster. In
    order to find him, head to the moon and look for a cave in the middle of
    some circle-shaped mountains. After entering it, you go across a small
    dungeon until you find this monster in the middle of some complex that
    looks like a temple.
    As soon as you enter this battle, you'll see a timer counting down, and
    when it reaches 0 your enemy will cast his most powerful attack, kinda
    like a more predictable version of Odin's special attack. Now, as I told
    you in the previous boss, the best way to prevent your party against such
    an attack is actually defeating him before he is ever able to use it,
    something that you should try to do as quickly as possible. Bearing such
    statement in mind, the battle strategy becomes slightly more predictable,
    and the final result depends only on the stats of your characters.
    As soon as the battle begins, have one of your characters cast "Slow" in
    the boss. This will give you more time to think before he decreases a
    number in his countdown. Now, strike physically with some of your
    characters, cast Rydia's best summon (probably "Leviathan") and, if you
    want to make it even easier, have Rosa cast "Haste" on your other four
    characters (you don't have to cast it on her, since she won't be playing
    an important role here). Provided you can cause physical damage quickly,
    and bearing in mind that Bahamut has no elemental weaknesses, your victory
    depends on how quickly you can take this beast down.
    Be aware that in the last few versions of the game you could cast
    "Reflect" in your party members in order to bounce back this monster's
    special attack, but now he has a way to avoid it (he simply puts a
    "Reflect" spell on himself, and later uses it to bounce back the attack at
    you). Therefore, I strongly suggest you rely on my own technique, since it
    makes it easier to beat him overall. Sure, you may need to face him when
    your characters are stronger (I fought him around level 75), but it is one
    of the easiest ways to beat him, no matter how you see it, and once you
    kick his ass Rydia becomes finally able to summon "Bahamut", the final
    summon magic she can acquire in this game.
    Strategy by David S.:
    This is good if your characters are under levelled.
    Once you have "Phoenix", you can just go after Bahamut. As soon as he
    kills you with "Mega Flare", you will be immediately revived - except for
    the person who had "Phoenix" - and I would say to instantly revive him (or
    her), and use an "Ether" on that person. All through the battle, you
    should use your best attacks, and he will go down easy.
    OP5~. White Dragon
    Found in one of the special weapon stands that you can find in the Lunar
    Subterrain, this enemy is slightly weaker than its former version.
    Before, heading to this battle, be sure to cast "Float" (Rosa has that
    spell) in all your characters, since this monster's most (or "only")
    powerful spell is "Quake", which gives severe damage to all characters who
    are standing on the ground.
    As soon as the battle begins, cast "Slow" on the monster. Then, he will
    counter your attacks by casting that very same spell on your allies, but
    you shouldn't take your time to repose their normal status (which can be
    done by casting "Haste"), since he will just recast that spell. Instead,
    have everyone strike with their best moves and he will go down fairly
    quick. Be aware that his physical moves are quite strong, but if you keep
    on healing everyone who is damaged, probably with Rosa, I doubt you'll be
    put into any trouble at all. Rydia, if possible, should strike with her
    "Bahamut" summon, but everyone else should strike the enemy physically,
    and in a very short period of time this enemy will be down. Once you
    defeat him, you'll be awarded the "Murasame", a powerful blade that only
    Edge can equip.
    OP6~. Dark Bahamut
    Found in another weapon stand that you find in the Lunar Subterrain, this
    beast is a lot tougher than you may suppose. He takes a while to
    powerfully strike your characters, but he is able to counter everything
    you throw at him, which is an obvious problem - if you use more powerful
    attacks, he will also answer to your move with a powerful move, which may
    heavily damage your entire party.
    As soon as the battle starts, have Rosa cast her "Slow" spell. Then, she
    should only focus on healing all her partners. Kain should constantly use
    his "Jump", while Cecil strikes physically and Edge throws some unneeded
    equipment at the enemy. Rydia should cast her best summon, "Bahamut", but
    you should be aware that doing so leads to a powerful counterattack from
    your opponent, after which you may want Rosa to use "Curaja" in your
    entire party. Keep on healing with this same character, using Cecil as a
    backup healer and, provided you keep everyone's health high enough, this
    monster will go down after a while. Once you defeat him, you'll be awarded
    the "Ragnarok", a very powerful sword that only Cecil can equip.
    OP7~. Lunasaur
    Found in one of the caves next to Lunar Subterrain's second save point, he
    simply pops up when you advance further in a cave that contains two
    He isn't very strong, unlike some of the other optional bosses, but one of
    his attacks is extremely annoying. When he uses it, your entire party will
    suffer tons of different status effects, the only common ones being "Toad"
    and "Confusion". When that happens, there's not much you can do, apart
    from standing back and waiting for one of your characters to drop out of
    his confusion, in one way or another. Fortunately, it appears that he only
    uses such a move when he is running out of MP, which is the opportunity
    that you should take to beat him.
    Bearing in mind that such a monster is weak against fire and holy magic,
    you should start the battle by casting "Slow" on your opponent. By itself,
    this action won't magically save you, but you can use its effect to allow
    you to land a few more hits. Then, Edge should strike with his fire magic,
    Rosa should use either "Holy" or "Curaja" in the opponent, Cecil should
    strike physically (be sure to equip him with her "Crystal Sword" or
    "Excalibur", since those cause holy damage). Kain should constantly use
    his "Jump" ability (which may also prevent the previously-mentioned move
    from hitting him) and Ridya should cast either "Firaga" or summon "Ifrit".
    Later in this battle, when the monster start using his horrible attack
    (and be aware that it doesn't cause any damage at all!), the best thing
    you can do is throw healing items at him. NOT MAGIC, since that takes some
    time to be casted, nor physically hit (they often miss), but pure healing
    items, such as "X-Potion" or, if you want to beat him quickly, "Elixir",
    since all of those appear to harm him. By the way, in case you were
    considering to use a "Phoenix Down", those will only damage him for less
    than 1000 HP, they don't instantly kill him, unlike what happens in other
    This monster isn't very strong, as you can easily realise, but his special
    attack may put you across a lot of trouble. I found myself laughing at how
    many times my party was turned from frogs to humans and the opposite, in
    something that looked like an endless cycle. When he starts using those
    ugly moves, simply follow the strategy above (i.e. throw healing items at
    him) and he will be down fairly quickly, just don't get caught in the
    middle of the endless cycle, where poison will do more damage than the
    enemy himself. You've been warned!
    Once you've defeated him, be sure to grab the two chests in the back,
    since they both contain "Ribbon", one of the best pieces of equipment that
    your party can acquire.
    OP8~. Plague
    This is yet another of those monsters found in the Lunar Subterrain, which
    you get to fight when you touch the weapon stand containing a lance. He is
    a lot weaker than the other monsters, the only problem is that as soon as
    the battle starts he will cast "Doom" in your characters, an effect that
    kills them once 10 seconds have passed. Ugly, hum? You can obviously dodge
    that effect by killing off one of your members and later revive them (the
    enemy will probably recast "Doom", but the counter will be back to 10),
    which is a good idea, but the overall strategy is a lot more straight than
    As soon as the battle begins, have Rosa cast "Slow". In the next few
    rounds, she should cast "Haste" in all your other characters, starting
    with herself and advancing to Cecil, Kain, Edge (in that very same order),
    all of which should strike physically. As for Rydia, you should have her
    either strike physically or cast some basic spells, since the most
    powerful ones (or even summon) may take too long to cast. Hopefully, this
    will enable you to kill the enemy before your characters run out of time,
    but it is also a matter of luck.
    If you want another strategy, you can use Rydia and Rosa as supporters,
    which should kill each other off and later use a "Phoenix Down" on each
    other, apart from bringing all the other characters back to life. That
    should be their ONLY task, while the other three members of the party
    simply strike the enemy physically. If the enemy is under the effect of
    the "Slow" spell, he may take a while to recast "Doom", and you can use
    those small limits of time to increase the damage you're causing him, just
    don't let both Rydia and Rosa die at the same time, or you may get into
    trouble. The basic idea is having Rydia kill Rosa when her counter is
    lower than three, and then using a "Phoenix Down" to bring her back to
    life, following which you should use her to kill Rydia when she reaches
    the same condition, before also using one of the famous items on her
    fallen comrade. During those tasks, they should also use those items to
    bring the other characters back to life. Easier than it sounds, hum?
    There's a rule you should keep in mind - unless everyone is down, you
    won't lose this battle - and provided you avoid that condition from ever
    being met, you'll be just fine.
    Once you've defeated him, you'll acquire the Spear of Longinus, coff coff,
    I mean, the "Holy Lance".
    OP9~. Ogopogo
    The last of the monsters found in the Lunar Subterrain, you fight him
    after touching the weapon stand containing a blade. Not only he looks
    like a palette swap of Leviathan but he also behaves like such a beast,
    and that makes it easier for you to defeat him.
    Just like the famous summon beast, this monster has a few weaker attacks
    and one that may heavily damage your party, where some huge waves pass
    across the battlefield. If your stats and armor is good enough, the
    damage caused by such an attack will be just fair, and you should
    instantly use Rosa to heal all your characters, using her best healing
    skill in your entire party. As soon as the battle starts, have Rosa use
    her "Slow" magic, as usual. Then, Rydia should use her "Bahamut" or
    "Ramuh" summons, Edge should cast his electrical spell, and Kain should
    strike physically, along with Cecil. Rosa should always be healing your
    party, either with her best healing spell (whenever this boss uses his
    most powerful attack) or simply with "Pray", which has the interesting
    effect of also regenerating everyone's MP. 
    Once you've defeated him, you'll acquire the "Masamune", another blade
    that only Edge can equip.
    OP10~. Thumbingway
    Even though this is an optional boss, he is an extremely fable foe. You
    can easily beat him in less than a turn, but your problem is actually
    finding him. For those of you who played the original game and some of its
    remakes, you probably remember Namingway - he is back in this game, and
    he brings with him an entirely new quest. Follow the the next few steps in
    order to fight him:
    Enter the west (as in, left one) tower seen on Baron's castle, and talk to
    Namingway. Next, when you enter the Mist Cave (i.e. the first cave that
    you face in this game), this character will show up and change his name.
    When you reach the town of Kaipo (i.e. the one where Rosa is sleeping), be
    sure to visit her house. You'll find this character there, and be sure to
    talk to him in order to continue the quest.
    Later, when you reach Fabul, talk to him in the inn.
    In order to continue, simply visit any chocobo forest, talk to this
    character and give him all your "Tent" items for a small reward.
    After accomplishing such a requirement, head back to the city of Baron,
    open the weapon shop (Yang had its key, and you can now open it) and talk
    to this character.
    In order to continue, look around the city of Troia and, eventually,
    you'll see this character. Talk to him, then head to the (unmarked) pub
    available in that town and talk to the bartender.
    Proceed to the city of Agarth and you'll see this character blocking the
    entrance to one of the houses. He'll ask you for a "Rainbow Pudding",
    which is a super rare item that flan-like enemies drop. As you may
    imagine, this is the most difficult point of the entire quest, since you
    will probably go across a lot of trouble in order to find one of those
    rare items. I strongly suggest you gather the "Treasure Hunt" Decant
    Ability (acquired by getting 100% in EVERY map of this game), give it to
    one of your characters and head to the Antlion Cave. In the room placed
    just before the place where you fought Antlion, you can fight turtles and
    yellow flans - those may drop the "Rainbow Pudding", and even if you can
    try to get one without using the previously mentioned Decant Ability, be
    aware that it is EXTREMELY hard to get them. Personally, it took me around
    two days in order to get one. Now, when you finally manage to get such an
    item, give it to the character (he will still be in Agarth) and you will
    be able to continue your quest.
    Finally, in order to fight him, head to the Dwarf Castle (it is placed
    underground, as you may know) and look for the area with the Weapon and
    Armor shops. In the middle of those two, there's a door - enter it and
    you'll be taken to the bar. Look around and you'll easily see this
    character, you just have to talk to him twice and you'll fight him.
    Now, be aware that this quest doesn't end here. There is still a lot more
    to do if you want to complete everything that pertains to this character,
    but the rest of the quest is out of the scope of this guide. Really, I
    can't even help you with it.
    Concerning a boss strategy, well... just have your strongest character
    give him a physical blow and he will go down. It's not hard at all, I
    doubt he'll put you in any trouble, but once you defeat him you'll receive
    the "Thumbing" Decant Ability, which makes all enemies that you are facing
    in a battle instantly suffer from the "blind" status effect.
    OP11~. Geryon
    After you fought the four "Elements", you can check the central area of
    the place where you fought them (it's a darker tile, which you're not
    allowed to step into) and you'll be prompted for a selection. Picking
    "yes" allows you to fight this boss, composed by small parts of each of
    the bosses you just fought, and which can also use all their attacks and
    techniques. If you've already passed across that part of the game, be
    aware that you can head back to Mount Ordeals (east of Mysidia), to the
    exact place where Cecil turned from Dark Knight to Paladin, and
    interacting with the tombstone will allow you to make the same selection I
    stated above, which makes it possible for you to fight this same boss,
    after exiting the Babil Giant. Also, be aware that you can only find this
    boss if you're playing across the storyline after completing the game
    once, or else he won't be there, but provided that condition is met you
    can fight him as many times as you want, each giving some experience and a
    lot of money. Not that you'll need those, as I strongly suggest that you
    face this battle only when all your party members are at level 99.
    It is usually hard to defeat him, and you may want to do the best you can
    to stop the enemy from causing so much damage to all characters. I suggest
    you equip all your party members with a "Cursed Ring" (which is dropped by
    spirit-like creatures or the "Saurus Zombie" enemies from the final
    dungeon), since it drops the damage caused by elemental attacks. Also, you
    MUST equip both Kain and Cecil with an "Onion Sword" and an "Onion
    Shield". Having everyone wear "Adamant Armor" is probably a good idea, but
    it may take you a quite while to get five of those, and they're really
    useful here, as they also prevent several status effects, including "Slow"
    and "Silence". When you complete all these preparations (and yes, I'm
    aware that getting those items may take you quite a while, but it is worth
    it), head to the top of Mount Ordeals, save your game in the point to the
    right, and be sure to fully heal your characters (you will need them with
    full HP and MP) before heading to the stated battle point.
    As soon as the battle begins, have Rosa use "Slow" in the boss, which is a
    very important action, since it will make him attack less often. From
    there, have Cecil, Kain and Edge strike physically every turn, while Rydia
    should always cast her "Bahamut" summon. Rosa should only work as a
    healer, casting "Curaja" on your entire party every time they get damaged
    by one of the enemy's poweful attacks, or casting "Life 2" when someone
    goes down.
    Unless you have all the gear stated above, you'll soon see that the enemy
    counters most of your attacks with a spell which makes your party members
    slower. Don't worry about it, simply keep on striking as stated above, and
    be very careful with the enemy's powerful physical attacks, since those
    may easily knock out one of your party members with a single hit. Provided
    you keep on healing all your members each time they are hit by one of the
    enemy's spells, this battle won't be that hard, and you will manage to
    complete it without much effort.
    Strategy by Eyedunno1:
    Equip as many characters as possible with armor that resists elemental
    attacks, and also "Cursed Rings". At the VERY least, Cecil and Rosa should
    be thus protected. "Blink" everybody with Rosa. Throw your most powerful
    non-elemental attacks at him, keep "Blink" up, and he'll go down.
    Strategy by captainj_:
    Teach 2 people "Phoenix". I chose Cecil and Rydia (see below for reasons).
    Teach Edge "Psychic Wave" and "Hide".
    At the start of battle, Edge uses "Psychic Wave" and then "Hide" quickly.
    As long as Edge is alive, "Psychic Wave" still has effect. When all other
    people die, it will trigger one of the "Phoenix", e.g. Cecil dies and all
    others revive. If they all die again, it will trigger another "Phoenix",
    Rydia dies and others revive. Then Cecil's MP will be recovered by
    "Psychic Wave". Repeat. Cecils' and Rydia's MP will be recovered right
    after they revived so the team is unbeatable.
    Just use this unbeatable strategy and keep attacking. It is easy. Anyone
    can do it.
    OP12~. Proto Babil
    If you thought that the previous optional boss wasn't strong enough, this
    one is here to give you a run for your money. You can only face him after
    finishing the game once, and you'll need the "Dark Matter" key item, which
    can only be stolen from Zeromus, the final boss. When you're feel like you
    are ready to fight this enemy, head to the moon and look for a face in the
    moon, found in the upper section of the map. Land the Lunar Whale nearby,
    SAVE YOUR GAME, head to that face-like mountain and interact with it. You
    will be prompted to select an item, pick the "Dark Matter" and you'll
    get to fight this enemy.
    I strongly suggest you try to face him only when all your characters are
    at level 99, and with the best stats you can get. Also, you will need to
    equip all your characters with "Adamant" and "Onion" equipment, or you
    won't even stand much of a chance against this enemy. There aren't any
    real options here, you WILL have to get that equipment, and if you are
    having trouble finding those any of those items, you should give a look to
    the "Frequently Asked Questions" section of this very same guide.
    When it comes to the strategy, it is hard to devise one. As soon as the
    battle begins, have Rosa use "Slow" in the enemy, which is an extremely
    important action. Then, it is up to you, since this battle heavily depends
    on your play style. Personally, I gave both "Phoenix" and the "Break
    Damage Limit" Decant Abilities to Kain, and had him constantly use his
    "Jump" ability, which not only causes a lot of damage but also prevents
    the enemy from damaging him, while he is in the air. By giving him the
    "Phoenix" ability, you'll decrease the number number of times he revives
    the other characters, while causing even more damage to the enemy. While
    you are doing that, Cecil should strike physically, Edge should throw all
    he can at the enemy and Rydia should be constantly summoning her "Bahamut"
    spell, while Rosa should focus on using her "Pray" ability or reviving
    those characters who manage to get killed.
    When all your characters are killed, and the "Phoenix" ability is used,
    your strategy should change for a short bit of time - instead of
    attacking, try to revive Kain (or whoever you gave "Phoenix" to) as
    quickly as possible, and use any kind of MP healing item on him. You don't
    have to fully repose his MP, just give him some MP (more than 1 MP is
    enough for this strategy) before continuing to follow the offensive
    strategy stated above. It is very important to revive that character (in
    my particular case, he was Kain) as quickly as possible, but don't forget
    to repose his MP, or else this strategy just won't work.
    Eventually, you'll reach a point where the enemy starts to repose his very
    own HP, around 22000HP at each time - when that happens, simply disregard
    his action and continue following the strategy stated above. If you, like
    myself, gave "Break Damage Limit" to Kain, he will be able to cause that
    very same amount of damage in two turns, and causing some damage with your
    other characters will make it even easier to retake his HP.
    Following this strategy, you'll eventually manage to kill this powerful
    enemy, provided you can keep up with his attacks. Just don't forget to
    equip ALL your characters with "Adamant" and "Onion" gear, since those
    pieces of equipment may not save your team from all of the opponent's
    attacks, but they really help when it comes to halve some of the damage
    caused by particular attacks (more information on that kind of gear is
    mentioned in the next section of this guide).
    This enemy is the strongest boss that this game has to offer, and this
    ends up being the ultimate challenge this game offers. Bearing that in
    mind, don't get frustrated if you just can't seem to defeat him. Instead,
    try facing him later on, when you achieve all the requisites stated in the
    first two paragraphs of this section. If you do that, you'll have the
    easiest possible time when it comes to facing this extremely strong foe.
    Strategy by Eyedunno1:
    This boss probably can't be beaten without decants. Also, the higher the
    level, the better.
    Equip Cecil with either "Adamant Armor" or the "Aegis Shield", and also
    the "Attract" Decant.
    Equip Rydia with the "Hide" Decant.
    Equip Kain with "Darkness", "Reverse", and "Break Damage Limit" Decants,
    the best weapon you've got, and kill him off, then revive him with "Life"
    or a "Phoenix Down", as you want his HP numbers to be yellow in this
    fight. An "Onion Sword" will also help.
    Equip Rosa with "White Magic" and the "Doublecast" Decant.
    Equip Edge with the "Phoenix" Decant.
    Come into this battle with some "Spiderwebs", plus a BUNCH of "Ethers"
    (REGULAR "Ethers" are better than dry ones or "Elixirs"!), "Phoenix
    Downs", and "Hi-Potions".
    1. Use "Darkness" with Kain, "Spiderweb" on Proto Babil with Edge or
    Rydia, "Phoenix Down" on Cecil (who's probably dead) with Edge or Rydia
    (whoever didn't use the "Spiderweb"), and Doublecast "Haste" and "Berserk"
    on Kain (but only AFTER he has Darkness up; if Rosa comes first, use her
    for an item).
    2. Hide Rydia some of the time (though this is the least vital part of
    this strategy).
    3. If Cecil goes down, use a "Phoenix Down" as soon as possible.
    4. After Kain attacks, use a "Hi-potion" as soon as possible (though Cecil
    is your defense against single-character strikes, so reviving him still
    takes priority).
    5. If Proto Babil wipes out your whole party (which might just happen a
    LOT), Edge should use "Phoenix" automatically. Revive Edge as soon as
    possible with a "Phoenix Down", then use ONE "Ether" (low MP is GOOD, as
    long as it's non-zero) on him with someone else. After that, go back to
    keeping Cecil alive and getting "Darkness", "Haste" and "Berserk" on Kain.
    Keep repeating these strategies, and the enemy should go down fairly
    quickly. Remember that only Kain is attacking (hopefully for BIG damage if
    you've done everything right), and everybody else is serving different
    support roles to keep Kain chugging away.
    Strategy by captainj_:
    Kain: "Charge", "Reversal", "Darkness", "Break Damage Limit", Jump (auto
    Cecil: "Attack", "Cry", "Attract", "Phoenix".
    Edge: "Psychic Wave", "Throw", "Hide", "Break Damage Limit".
    Rosa: "Aim" (equip a bow), "Upgrade", "Hide", "Reversal", "Slow (auto
    Rydia: "Doublecast", "Twister", "Phoenix", "Item Knowledge" (use Stardust
    Teach 2 people "Phoenix". I chose Cecil and Rydia (see below for reasons).
    At the start of battle, Edge uses "Psychic Wave" and then "Hide" quickly.
    As long as Edge is alive, "Psychic Wave" still has effect. When all other
    people die, it will trigger one of the "Phoenix", e.g. Cecil dies and all
    others revive. If they all die again, it will trigger another "Phoenix",
    Rydia dies and others revive. Then Cecil's MP will be recovered by
    "Psychic Wave". Repeat. Cecils' and Rydia's MP will be recovered right
    after they revived so the team is unbeatable.
    Before attacking, use "Slow" and "Cry" to lower its defense first and use
    "Twister" to make it weak to fire. Rosa uses "Upgrade" (add fire element).
    The effect lasts for the entire battle. When Rosa's HP is yellow (e.g.
    attack the boss to make it counter and kill all people and revive), uses
    "Hide". When hiding, you can attack using "Aim" or "Throw" command.
    Proto Babil has 400,000 HP. When you did ~280,000 damage, its attack
    pattern will change: "Restore" (+28571 HP), multi-Holy Judgement., etc. At
    this point, it is impossible to beat it because you keep dying/revived and
    cannot attack. If it uses "Restore" (become less than 280,000 damage), its
    attack pattern will resume normal. Your aim is to do 280,000- damage right
    before it uses "Restore"/"Holy Judgement". Then quickly do another
    120,000+ damage at a time. Now when you did 280,000- damage, Kain uses
    "Charge" x3, "Darkness" and at low HP (trigger "Reversal"). Keep using 
    "Phoenix Down" on Cecil if he dies. Then Kain uses "Jump". If successful,
    he should deal 90000 damage. Proto Babil will start using "Holy Judgement"
    for a while. At this time, Edge and Rosa should attack quickly. Edge
    throws "Knife" (20000-40000 damage) and "Fuma Shuriken". Rosa uses "Aim"
    (6000 damage) 1 or 2 times. Proto Babil will die soon.
    Strategy by Smith J.:
    Here's the basics:
    Break Damage Limit and Twin on Cecil and Rosa (or maybe just one; I'm not
    Hide on someone other than Cecil or Rosa (Edge in this case).
    Attract on someone else other than Cecil or Rosa (Rydia in this case).
    Doublecast and White Magic on someone (Fusuya in this case).
    Cry on someone.
    Use "Cry".
    Slow Proto Babil (and maybe Haste your guys as well).
    Use "Twin" twice, with Cecil and Rosa.
    Doublecast "Curaja" ON PROTO BABIL.
    "Twin" once more, with Cecil and Rosa.
    At this point, the damage done should be below the critical 280,000.
    Now, hide whoever's assigned to that task, and use Twin again with Cecil
    and Rosa. Before this, you might want to spend some time trying to steal
    a Megalixir though, since once Proto's below 120,000, he starts to hit
    Restore your guys (especially Cecil and Rosa) if it's necessary.
    Get "Twin" off again, and he should go down.
    I forgot to mention it when I told you my strategy, but "Cry" should be
    used no matter what with this guy.  It increases the damage you do, and
    that's always a good thing.
    FAQ. Frequently Asked Questions
    Some of the questions you, readers, may have... in case you mail me an
    interesting question and I think that other readers should also hear the
    answer, your question will be added here and your name will be credited.
    Q: [Insert something here], where should I go next?
    A: Did you noticed that this was a Boss FAQ, not a FAQ/Walkthrough? Be
       sure to read one of those instead, since I have no idea on what to tell
       you about that kind of question.
    Q: Hey, my strategy is better than yours! What should I do?
    A: First of all, if your strategy is indeed better than mine, just use
       yours instead of mine. Also, you can mail me that strategy and in case
       I find it interesting, I will also add it to this guide and credit you.
    Q: I'm in the first battle against the Dark Elf, and whenever he defeats
       all my characters, I see the usual "Game Over" screen, instead of the
      storyline sequence I was supposed to. What am I doing wrong?
    A: Possibly, you didn't talked to Edward, back at the castle. Go back to
       the last castle you've seen, locate him and you'll be given an
       important Key Item, which allows you to proceed as you're supposed to.
    Q: How do I customize the stats of my characters?
    A: When someone reaches level 70, you'll be able to do. From there on,
       your characters gain stats bonus depending on the skills that they have
       equipped, and that's the way to do it. What bonus each skill gives is
       beyond the scope of this guide, but I can tell you that the more unique
       a skill is, the more points it will give to your characters.
    Q: How do I steal items from a particular monster?
    A: First, you should be aware that Edge is the only character that can
       steal items. Next, when you're in the middle of a battle, simply use
       his "Steal" command. If successful, and provided that monster has some
       sort of item, the product of such move will be added to your inventory.
    Q: Where do I get a "Cursed Ring"?
    A: There are plenty of enemies who drop those, but the "Soul" enemies
       found in the lower section of Mt. Ordeals seem to drop them more often
       than the other enemies.
    Q: Where do I get an "Onion Sword"?
    A: First, head to the moon and buy some "Alert" items, in the secret cave
       filled with Moggles. Then, head to the Lunar Subterrane B8, use those
       items and you'll fight a "Red Dragon", which may eventually drop a "Red
       Tail". Take that item to the secret cave east of "Mithril Town", and
       you'll be able to trade it for an "Onion Sword". However, be aware that
       the stated drop is REALLY rare, and it may take you quite a while until
       your enemy drops it, but it is slightly easier to do if you equip one
       of your characters with the "Treasure Hunt" Decant Ability.
    Q: Where do I get an "Onion Armor"?
    A: First, head to the moon and buy some "Alert" items, in the secret cave
       filled with Moggles. Then, head to Bahamut's Cave B2, use those items
       and you'll fight a "Evil Warrior", which may eventually drop a "Black
       Tail". Take that item to the secret cave east of "Mithril Town", and
       you'll be able to trade it for an "Onion Armor". However, be aware that
       the stated drop is REALLY rare, and it may take you quite a while until
       your enemy drops it, but it is slightly easier to do if you equip one
       of your characters with the "Treasure Hunt" Decant Ability.
    Q: Where do I get an "Onion Shield"?
    A: First, head to the moon and buy some "Alert" items, in the secret cave
       filled with Moggles. Then, head to the Cave of Summons B2, use those
       items and you'll fight a "Rairyuu", which may eventually drop a "Blue
       Tail". Take that item to the secret cave east of "Mithril Town", and
       you'll be able to trade it for an "Onion Shield". However, be aware
       that the stated drop is REALLY rare, and it may take you quite a while
       until your enemy drops it, but it is slightly easier to do if you equip
       one of your characters with the "Treasure Hunt" Decant Ability.
    Q: Where do I get an "Onion Helm"?
    A: First, head to the moon and buy some "Alert" items, in the secret cave
       filled with Moggles. Then, head to the area outside the Sealed Cave,
       use those items and you'll fight a "Green Dragon", which may eventually
       drop a "Green Tail". Take that item to the secret cave east of "Mithril
       Town", and you'll be able to trade it for an "Onion Helm". However, be
       aware that the stated drop is REALLY rare, and it may take you quite a
       while until your enemy drops it, but it is slightly easier to do if you
       equip one of your characters with the "Treasure Hunt" Decant Ability.
    Q: Where do I get an "Onionlet"?
    A: First, head to the moon and buy some "Alert" items, in the secret cave
       filled with Moggles. Then, head to area outside of the Cave of Summons,
       use those items and you'll fight a "Yellow Dragon", which may
       eventually drop a "Yellow Tail". Take that item to the secret cave east
       of "Mithril Town", and you'll be able to trade it for an "Onionlet".
       However, be aware that the stated drop is REALLY rare, and it may take
       you quite a while until your enemy drops it, but it is slightly easier
       to do if you equip one of your characters with the "Treasure Hunt"
       Decant Ability.
    Q: Where do I get the "Adamant Armor"?
    A: First, head to the moon and buy some "Alert" items, in the secret cave
       filled with Moggles. Then, head to Lunar Subterrane B5, to a cave in
       the lower right corner, where you first got a "Red Fang" from a chest,
       use those items and you'll fight a "Pudding Princess", which may
       eventually drop a "Pink Tail". Take that item to the secret cave east
       of "Mithril Town", and you'll be able to trade it for an "Adamant
       Armor". However, be aware that the stated drop is REALLY rare, and it
       may take you quite a while until your enemy drops it, but it is
       slightly easier to do if you equip one of your characters with the
       "Treasure Hunt" Decant Ability.
    Q: Where do I get the "Phoenix", "Break Damage Limit" and "Treasure Hunt"
       Decant Abilities?
    A: To get the "Phoenix" one, give two Decant Abilities (doesn't matter
       which ones) to Fusoya. After he leaves your party, head to the place
       where you first see him and you'll see three sparkling areas - one of
       them has the stated item. "Break Damage Limit" can be acquired by
       completing the game once, and saving after the credits. As for the
       important "Treasure Hunt" one, you automatically receive it by
       exploring 100% of all the dungeons available in the game.
    Q: What's the english name for the Japanese "Decant Abilities"?
    A: According to some readers, the correct name is "Augments".
    Q: Are there any other bosses, ones not mentioned in this guide?
    A: No.
    Q: Why do you display the bosses in that order? I fought them in a
       different one!
    A: The order given here is exactly the one I've faced in my game, yours
       may be slightly different, specially for the optional bosses.
    That's all...
    B_END. Special Thanks
    I want to thank the following people:
    - Everyone who made this game;
    - Christopher A., for an improved Milon Zombie strategy;
    - RevenantThings, for some help with the Lugaborg strategy;
    - roido_medasu, for some important help with the Elements strategy;
    - A. Couvert, for an important correction on a boss' name;
    - Lots of readers, but specially Eyedunno1, for tips on my previous
      strategies and information on where to get all the "Onion" equipment;
    - Flame Paladin, for information on several problems;
    - Everyone who contributed strategies for this guide (they were credited
      along with their very own strategies and tips);
    - Everyone who likes my works, it's for those people that I like to work
      in this type of project.
    End. Contacts
    If you want, you may see my web page, just check it at the HTML 
    address www.geocities.com/Mykas0/ .
    My e-mail is Mykas0 [at] gmail.com , you can send me some questions you
    may have or contributions to this guide, but please try not to ask any
    questions that aren't about this guide or Boss battles, as I am not the
    best person to reply to those. Also, se the following subject or I will
    NEVER reply.
    Subject: "FF4 BOSS FAQ" for posing questions or giving contributions
    Thanks and until the next version!!!!!!

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