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    Minigame Guide by MostSeriousness

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    Minigame Guide
    (c) RevenantThings (Kyle Johnston)
    Table of Contents
    I.    Updates
    II.   Introduction
    III.  Rydia's Mathemagic Minute
    IV.   Rosa's Measure Meditations
    V.    Cecil's Goblin Gauntlet
    VI.   Kain's High Jump Hijinks
    VII.  Edge's Ninja Blade Glade
    VIII. Credits, Thanks and Legal Information
    I. Updates
    7/25/08  - More localization editing
    4/14/08  - Localization information, editing
    1/6/08   - v1.0 updates. Corrections, additional information
    12/22/07 - v0.8 updated. Basic information covering all the games, some reward
               information and basic strategies.
    II. Introduction
    Welcome to the DS remake of Final Fantasy IV, my personal favorite of the FF
    franchise. There are a number of new features in this game, one of which is the
    inclusion of minigames. These are completely optional and require the touch
    Of course, there are some pretty great benefits for investing time in these 
    games. For one, obtaining high scores will increase your Whyt's stats, 
    making him a more effective character. The formula for determining your Whyt's
    stats is the combined average of the three top scores and then dividing that
    number by 100. 99 is the highest number your Whyt can get in each stat.
    You can also net some medicine such as Potions, Ethers, and status healing 
    items, which (especially early on) can be a great way to beef up your arsenal 
    for free.
    The items that you can win are given based on the score you get during each 
    run. The possible items and corresponding scores are as follows:
    0-999: Nothing
    1000-6999: Potion, Antidote, Eyedrops, Echo Herb, Golden Needle
    7000-9998: Ether, Hi-Potion, Phoenix Down, Unicorn Horn, Cottage
    9999: Remedy, Hi-Ether, X-Potion
    So where/how/when do you get to play these? Whenever you meet a Fat Chocobo!
    You first encounter this giant beast in Kaipo. FFIV fans also know that you can
    summon Fat Chocobos in Chocobo Forests (provided you have a Gysahl Green to 
    spare), in the Dwarves' Castle, and aboard the Lunar Whale. You can also summon
    one instantaneously through the use of the Gysahl Whistle. 
    Select your Whyt from the Fat Chocobo's menu (the top option) and you will 
    be able to select from a number of mini-games based around what characters you 
    have in your party. Keep in mind that only the final 5 party members (Paladin
    Cecil, Rosa, Rydia, Kain and Edge) have minigames. For those that can't read
    Japanese, the minigames are the second option in the Whyt menu.
    Here's how the format of each section will look.
    ==Minigame Name==
    Basic description of minigame
    ==How to Play==
    Instructions on how to play
    ==Time Limit==
    Time or other restrictions during gameplay
    ==Enemy Data==
    Information on monsters (how many points they are worth, how many hits they 
    take to get knocked out)
    ==Strategies and Hints==
    Useful tips to get the perfect scores
    ==Stat Increased==
    What stat will increase for Whyt upon completion
    The item you receive for getting perfect scores (9999).
    III. Rydia's Mathemagic Minute
    Add, subtract, multiply, or divide the numbers that appear until only the 
    number 10 remains. The number of points earned will increase for each set you
    complete without passing.
    ==How to Play==
    This is a basic math game in which you try to reach "10" using the four numbers
    and basic math (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division). You can 
    arrange the numbers and symbols as you see fit with the stylus. Think of it as
    the card game "24" only with smaller numbers to work with.
    You also have two buttons available on the bottom right side of the screen. The
    left button goes back one step, so if you make an error, use this! The right
    button will replace the current set of numbers with all new ones, so if you get
    stumped, use this!
    ==Time Limit==
    60 Seconds
    ==Strategies and Hints==
    You get more points if you chain together solutions. So if you avoid using the
    replacement feature (the right button), you can get a higher score! If you keep
    a chain going from the beginning, it shouldn't take you more than 9 correct 
    solutions to reach 9999 points.
    A useful hint is to close the DS screen and do the math on your own. The time
    will not be used up. This is the most effective way to complete the minigame if
    you find yourself having trouble.
    ==Stat Increased==
    Rydia outfit for your Whyt
    IV. Rosa's Measured Meditations
    Hold the stylus to the screen for the number of seconds indicated. The closer
    you are to the actual time, the more points you will earn. The process will be
    repeated three times.
    ==How to Play==
    Ever played Majora's Mask? There is a mini-game similar to this one in which 
    the postman tries to record your sense of timing. This time Rosa takes part in
    a prayer.
    This game relies solely on your internal clock. You have three rounds that give
    you different numerical goals. Get as close to the goal for the most points! If
    you go over more than a couple seconds after the goal, you don't get any 
    ==Time Limit==
    N/A (3 consecutive tries)
    ==Enemy Data==
    ==Strategies and Hints==
    The game tries to mess you up by having a ticking clock at various speeds. By
    all means, DO NOT TRY TO USE THIS CLOCK! It will only mess you up and equal 
    failure. Your best bet would be to find a stopwatch (my phone has a built in
    stopwatch on it, you can find one online at this address: 
    http://tools.arantius.com/stopwatch). Press "Start" on the stopwatch just as 
    you touch your stylus to the screen. 
    For safety's sake try releasing the stylus just before the numerical goal (if 
    the goal is 13, try hard to stop it at 00:12:80). This is useful in finding out
    how close (or far) your timing on the stopwatch is as compared to the game.
    yuyami has compiled this list of scores for your various times (remember, you
    can go over or below):
    Perfect - 4000
    Within .01/.05 seconds - 3000
    Within .1 seconds - 2000
    Within .15 seconds - 1000
    Within .3 seconds - 500
    Within 1 second - 250
    Within 2 seconds - 100
    ==Stat Increased==
    Rosa outfit for your Whyt
    V. Cecil's Goblin Gauntlet
    Touch onrushing goblins to attack them. Touch sword icons to slay all enemies 
    on the screen. If you are in danger of being overwhelmed, touch Whyt to escape
    from battle.
    ==How to Play==
    Tap the goblins as they run at you from the left side of the screen to deal 
    damage. Different color/size goblins will take more hits and are worth various
    amounts of points. The longer you play, the more (and faster) the goblins run 
    at you. 
    You have two hearts that are your health. Get hit twice and you lose all your
    points. Your Whyt stands at the bottom right corner with "Escape?" above 
    him. Prior to getting hit a second time you MUST escape in order to save your
    points. If you don't escape, you lose your points.
    ==Time Limit==
    N/A (play until you Escape or die)
    ==Enemy Data==
    Green Goblin (30 points, 1 hit)
    Red Goblin (50 points, 1 hit)
    Purple Goblin (80 points, 3 hits)
    Giant Green Goblin (200 points, 10 hits?)
    ==Strategies and Hints==
    Occasionally you'll obtain a "bomb" item, accessible at the bottom left screen.
    Tap that to instantly destroy any and all goblins on the screen. Save these for
    the very dangerous times! Also, if you're focused on Cecil you'll notice an 
    exclamation mark above his head ocassionally. This happens when a giant green 
    goblin appears. 
    The purple goblin and the giant green goblin both must be attacked multiple
    times to be killed. If you attack them once, they stops for a while, giving you
    more time to focus on others. Use this to stall them if too many appear.
    You can also cheat relatively easy with an extra stylus, stick, finger, etc. 
    Have yourself or another on watch and take out any goblins you miss. This is by
    far the easiest way to get a guaranteed perfect score.
    ==Stat Increased==
    Paladin Suit for your Whyt
    VI. Kain's High Jump Hijinks
    Rub the screen to build up power and launch Kain as high into the air as 
    possible. Once airborne, touch incoming monsters to slay them before they knock
    you out of the air.
    ==How to Play==
    Rotate the stylus around Kain as fast as you can for 10 seconds to
    leap high into the air. The faster you keep rotating, the higher Kain will jump
    (you can see how high you will jump by looking at the bar on the left). Tap the 
    birds as they fly at you to have your Whyt incinerate them. Get hit and the 
    game is over. You score more points the higher you are able to jump.
    ==Time Limit==
    10 seconds (to build up momentum), then the game lasts until you get hit.
    ==Enemy Data==
    Birds. Fast ones and slow ones. One hit knocks all of them down.
    ==Helpful Tips==
    Quick strokes around Kain really help. About the time you get 3500 points the
    birds will really start to pick up speed. Many users have found it easier if 
    you focus on Kain and use periphreal vision to knock out the birds.
    I haven't done it, but you may want to try the cheating method described in the
    Cecil minigame as well if this game turns out too tough for you.
    ==Stat Increased==
    Dragoon outfit for your Whyt
    VII. Edge's Ninja Blade Glade
    Touch the monsters that appear to attack them with shurikens. Hold the stylus
    down on Edge to use a ninja transformation technique and avoid damage from 
    enemy attacks.
    ==How to Play==
    Just like Cecil's game, you need only to tap the enemies to take them out. But
    unlike Cecil, you will actually see Edge throw a shuriken. He can only throw a
    couple at a time. 
    If an enemy is not killed quickly, it will launch an attack in your direction. 
    You can deflect it (if your aim is good enough) with a shuriken to avoid being
    hit. If you tap and hold down the stylus on Edge, he will cloak himself (as 
    part of a tree). You can take three hits before the game ends.
    ==Time Limit==
    60 Seconds
    ==Enemy Data==
    Death Flower (150 points, 1 hit)
    Treant (300 points, 2 hits)
    Great Malboro (3000 points,  20 hits?)
    ==Strategies and Hints==
    Your first priority should be to attack any enemy that shows up first. Leave an
    enemy out too long and they'll attack you. Multiple attacks will end your game
    quickly unless you can cloak yourself quick enough. It's my opinion that you 
    should never try to deflect attacks. It's based too much on chance and usually
    ends up in the enemy favor. Never be afraid to cloak yourself!
    After about 30 seconds the Great Malboro will appear in the center of the 
    screen. He is tough, and enemies will still appear on the sides. He definitely 
    is worth the large points, but if you can't take him down, it's probably better
    to grab the points from the numerous smaller creatures.
    If you defeat the Great Malboro the game ends. Make sure you have at least 6999
    points before killing him to get the perfect score (that and make sure you give
    yourself enough time to finish him off before you run out of time).
    ==Stat Increased==
    Ninja outfit for your Whyt
    VIII. Credits, Thanks and Legal Information
    FFIV TranWiki - Specifically, the following users
                     Doink - hosting the wiki
                     xk8 - Edge's camoflauge
                     BelmontSlayer/TheMatrixMaster - translation patch
                     Raganook/Ayos Lunar - translation patch
                     Jeatin/Stone Sword - translation patch
    FFIVDS Board  - Information, requests, assistance and the following users
                     runedh - Basic How-to information, strategy contributions
                     Firionel20 - Information on stats, strategy contributions
                     captainj_ - suggestions and strategies
    		 SBAllen - minigame item rewards
                     yuyami - Rosa scores information
    Square-Enix    - Remaking this great game.
    GameFAQs       - The boards and the FAQs and for blowing when it comes to
                     moderations and submitting information
    This FAQ is written and copyright by RevenantThings (Kyle Johnston). If you
    desire to host it on your site, please contact Kyle Johnston and state that
    you are doing so - you do not need to ask permission, but you must give out
    due acknowledgment.
    Kyle Johnston is not claiming any copyright of any Square-Enix property. The 
    video game "Final Fantasy IV" is 100% property of Square-Enix. All use of 
    names, terms, etc. from the video game (or others) are purely for 
    educational/reference purposes, and are in no way being used for profit, and 
    not affiliated with Square-Enix.
    Lastly, Kyle Johnston is a busy man. He rushed this guide out for its first 
    version. Please, please, please do him a favor and contact him if you notice 
    any mistakes (even if it's only one tiny grammatical error). If you would like
    to assist him in any way or add to the FAQ itself, please contact him. Again, 
    his e-mail address is Gilgamesh1095@gmail.com, and can also be reached via The
    messageboards on GameFAQs.com.
    Thank you for reading my FAQ (my third official FAQ!), and I hope you find 
    this very useful!

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