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    FAQ/Walkthrough by SBAllen

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    Walkthrough (Continued)


    • Treasure:
      • Item Lore Augment

    After leaving the Antlion's Cave, get back in the hovercraft and head west back towards Damcyan. After passing the castle, aim southwest towards the water there. Ride along the coast southwards towards Kaipo. Park next to Kaipo and enter the town. Head straight to the building in the northeast corner and use the sand pearl on Rosa!

    She'll be back on her feet in no time. Rosa warns Cecil of Baron's plans to obtain all of the crystals. Edward tells her the bad news that Damcyan's crystal was already taken. With the crystals of Mysidia and Damcyan already obtained, that would only leave Fabul's wind crystal and Troia's earth crystal. Without an airship, they cannot get to Troia, but they decide to head to Fabul to warn them about Baron's plot to steal their crystal. Edward tells them that the path to Fabul crosses Mount Hobs and that the entrance is blocked by a huge chunk of ice. Rosa says they will be fine as Rydia can burn it down with Fire. Rydia says she can't cast Fire.. Rosa shrugs that off and the group decides to head to Mount Hobs and rests up to travel in the morning.

    During the night, Edward goes off on his own and laments the loss of Anna. He plays his harp for her, but is attacked by a Sahagin! You can just turn on Auto Battle for this. An image of Anna appears and tells Edward to have courage and to be strong. With her support, he manages to defeat the almighty Sahagin. After the fight, she continues to encourage him and reminds him that he has to be strong and that she loves him. Edward thanks her for giving him strength and goes to bed.

    In the morning, pull up your menu and move Rosa to the back row with Rydia and Edward. Rosa needs a hat so give her a Feathered Cap if you have a spare. If not, take Edward's and give it to her then give him a Leather Cap. Give Rosa a Silver Armlet if you have one to spare. Give Rosa the Power Bow and Holy Arrows. Before leaving town, head directly north of the Inn and you should see something sparkling on the ground. Pick it up to get a new Augment Ability called Item Lore. Just hang on to that for now. You're ready to go to Mount Hobs now. Before leaving Kaipo Desert, if you haven't fought a Sand Worm yet, they will be trivial with your current party so wander around the desert until you fight one and take it down. Afterwards, get back in the hovercraft. Go to where the Antlion's Cave is and then go a bit further east from there to find the entrance to Mount Hobs.

    West Slope

    When you enter the zone, walk east then west to map the dead ends. Skeletons can be easily killed with Cure or Cura. Spirits are weak to holy attacks, so Rosa's arrows can kill them in one hit. Walk up to the block of ice and trigger a cutscene.

    Again, Rosa will ask Rydia to cast Fire to melt the block of ice and she'll again say no, she won't do it. She hates Fire. Cecil explains to Edward and Rosa about what happened in Mist, how the bombs rained down fire on the city. Rosa tells Rydia that without their help, the same thing could happen to the people in Fabul, that they have to get to the castle and warn them before it's too late, and that only Rydia can get them there. She silently approaches the ice and casts Fire, melting it away. At this point, Rydia permanently learns Fire. If you're like me and want things sorted properly, go to Rydia's magic menu and sort Fire one spell at a time up to the top-left position on her list, shifting everything else one position to the right. Now that you have Fire, you can even more easily take out the Skeletons. Spirits absorb Fire though, so don't cast it on them!

    Continue onward, going east to map the dead end then west. Follow the path as it wraps around and goes east, mapping the area completely and obtaining 3 Hi- Potions. Go back to the western exit and take that one.


    You'll enter a Save Point area with several treasure chests containing a Tent, Potion, Gold Needle, and 960 gil. Save here while you're at it. This is the only screen on Mount Hobbs where you will encounter Gargoyles, which like to Curse your party members. It isn't really essential to fight it here since you will be required to kill one shortly as a plot event. The Cockatrice can use Petrify on you but die quickly. The Bombs absorb Fire damage and can explode for massive damage if not killed quickly. They are weak to Ice. Exit this area back to the West Slope and take the eastern exit.


    This area is already mapped out for you. Go east and get the Holy Arrows. Go north, pausing after the first flight of steps to cure everyone. Midway up the second set you'll see a cutscene with a monk being attacked by multiple enemies. He does a pretty good job fending for himself. At one point he'll be attacked by 3 Domovois and you'll be in control of him, where you can see his name is Yang. Choose Focus and then Kick to quickly end the fight. After this, he'll be approached by a huge bomb and your group decides to help him out.

    Mom Bomb
    • HP: 13200 / XP: 4400 / Gil: 2000
    • Weak: Ice, Darkness / Absorb: Fire
    • Suggested Party Level: 18-20

    Mom Bomb isn't too tricky of a fight. Cecil should attack. Edward can either attack or use Salve to help with healing. Rosa should cast Slow on Mom Bomb, Protect on everyone, and then attack or Cure as needed. Rydia should cast Blizzard. Yang should Focus 3 times and then attack. After his first charge, just have him attack regularly. Soon Mom Bomb should grow to a much larger size and Yang will warn you that it is about to unleash its power on you and will start counting down. At this point, have everyone Defend and have Edward Hide. Once the countdown reaches 0, Mom Bomb will explode, causing large amounts of damage to everyone and turning into 3 Bombs and 3 Gray Bombs. Heal up your wounded and then take down these bombs with Blizzard, Kick, and regular attacks.

    After the fight, Yang will thank you for your help and introduce himself as a monk from Fabul. He was training with other monks on the summit on Mount Hobs and they were ambushed and his companions were slain. Your group explains to him that the ambush was surely a plot of Baron's to leave Fabul defenseless. They explain Baron's past attacks and how important it is to protect the wind crystal of Fabul's and Yang joins the party to rush to Fabul's aid. Once you have control again, give Yang a Leather Cap, ensure everyone's health is okay, and take the exit behind you.

    East Slope

    Head east, being careful to map the wide path as you go. The path is one-way, and you'll get 3 Bomb Cores as you exit the area.

    Path to Fabul

    The path from Mt. Hobbs to Fabul is very straightforward. Just look at the world map and go the only way you can. Once you get to the large clearing, Fabul is right in the middle. Be sure to fight at least one Gatlinghog before you enter Fabul if you're keeping up your Bestiary.

    Fabul Castle

    When you enter the castle, you'll want to unequip Rosa. Walk north to enter the first floor of the castle. Go west and go up the stairs on the far west to enter the Inn and Item Shop. You'll also see Livingway here by the innkeeper. Well now he informs you that he is Recordingway and he unlocks the Event Viewer, which can be accessed via the fat chocobo menu later. This will allow you to watch any cutscene in the game again, a really nice feature. You don't need to stay at the Inn but you might want to pick up some Gysahl Greens from the Item Shop so that you can access the fat chocobo menu when you are at a chocobo forest.

    Go back down the stairs and go to the opposite side of the map for a set of stairs to the far east. This leads to the Weapon/Armor Shop. This is a good time to clean out your inventory. First, buy one of each item available here, you should have plenty of gil to do so. Equip Yang with the Ice and Lightning Claws for now. Equip Cecil with all of the Demon equipment. Now you can sell all of the following: Hades Helm, Hades Armor, Hades Gloves, Dark Helm, Dark Armor, Dark Gloves, Leather Clothing, Dark Sword, Shadowblade (remember you got two of them), Staff, Rod, Dream Harp, Power Bow, Iron Arrows, Holy Arrows, and Kain's old equipment.

    Go back to the previous floor then take the staircase in the middle up to the second floor. Go south here and exit back outside. Enter the door to the northwest of where you exited from. Pick up the three treasure chests here for a Potion, an Antarctic Wind, and a Bomb Fragment. There's also a Zeus's Wrath if you click on the candle near the stairs. If you head to the very top of this tower you can speak with Yang's wife. Exit this tower and enter the adjacent one.

    Go up to the second floor here. There's a Bacchus's Wine in the vase on the northeast side of the room. There's also a somewhat odd dancer here you probably want to avoid. On the top floor there's a chest near the bed with a Tent. If you want to feel like a king, feel free to sneak in a night's rest on his giant bed. Head back to the main castle now. You're about to do several forced battles. If you're feeling nervous, go back outside and save so you don't have to get all these chests again. Otherwise, go ahead and go north to the third floor.

    You approach the king and inform him of the situation and offer your services to the defense of Fabul. The king takes you up on the offer immediately. He asks that Rydia and Rosa assist the infirmary with their healing magic and for Cecil, Yang, and Edward to join the fight directly.

    Battle of Fabul Castle

    It doesn't take long after preparing for Baron to launch its attack against Fabul. Immediately your group is attacked by a Captain and two Baron Marines. Like the battle in Kaipo earlier, just kill one Baron Marine, then the Captain, then the other Baron Marine. These guys are very weak, just attack them normally. Yang should be able to single-handedly kill all three in one hit each. After they die, the Red Wings begin bombing the castle. Your group has no choice but to retreat into the castle proper.

    Once inside, your group is charged by a trio of weak mobs: a Sahagin, a Domovoi, and a Leshy. Take them out, no problem. The forces of Baron pressure you too much, forcing you to retreat up to the second floor. Upstairs you are immediately attacked by another set of Captain and Marines. Follow the same strategy as before. After this fight you retreat up to the third floor (not really sure why considering how weak these enemies are...) and lock the door behind you. Suddenly, the guard with you goes and unlocks the door! That isn't a guard, it's really a gargoyle in an incredibly good bald monk disguise. Yang should be able to take him down in one hit. Right after he dies you are ambushed by another Leshy, Domovoi, Sahagin combo. Take it down as you did before. After killing them, your group decides to retreat into the crystal room and defend it directly from there. Not a great strategy but whatever. As you run towards the room, Edward trips and falls, allowing another General/Marines combo to catch up to you. Take them out and you'll finally make it to the crystal room.

    Once you're inside, you'll line up in front of the crystal to defend it. Then in walks..... KAIN!? Cecil is thrilled to see Kain and asks him to help them defend the crystal. Unfortunately, Kain has other ideas and attacks you. You can just turn Auto Battle on for this, it's a fight you cannot win. Cecil pleads with Kain to come to his senses to no avail. After the ass-whipping, Kain prepares to deliver the finishing blow, but stops when Rosa calls his name. He grabs his head, as if in pain. That's when Golbez decides to make his entrance. He blasts Cecil and the others, knocking them to the ground then demands that Kain take the crystal. Rosa tries to stop him, which again makes him pause. Cecil calls for her to stay back, which Golbez takes as a sign that she's rather important to him. Thus, he kidnaps her! Kain grabs the crystal and they both make their exit.

    Rydia walks over and Cures all of the guys, getting them back to their feet. They then lament the loss of Rosa and the crystal. Rydia tells them that they will just have to go to Baron and get them both back! When you're back in control, walk to the throne room. Right next to where you enter from the crystal room you'll see a pot to the southwest with Hermes Sandals in it. If you look on your map, you'll see 3 treasure chests far to the east. In order to claim them, just walk to the east and you'll walk through a secret passageway. You'll find a Spider Silk, a Demon Shield, and an Ether. Equip the Demon Shield on Cecil right away. Go back to the first floor and make your way to the Inn.

    As you approach the Innkeeper, you'll be given a free night's rest for helping with the defense. Your group will talk and decide that the only safe way to approach Baron would be via the sea. In the morning you'll approach the king and talk to him about obtaining a boat to use to go to Baron. He'll supply you with a boat, as well as a Deathbringer sword for Cecil. Score! Equip this beast of a weapon on Cecil and leave the castle.

    Before boarding the board, there are a few things you'll want to take care of. First, you'll want to unequip Rydia, Edward, and Yang. Yes, all of them. Also, if you have any interest in obtaining either the Save or the Hide Augment Abilities, you will need to give Edward either one or two of your own Augment Abilities respectively. If this is your very first playthrough, I strongly urge you not to give any abilities to Edward, as in doing so you'll be losing out on one of the best Augment Abilities in the game. If this is your second or third playthrough, feel free to dump two of your stockpiled ones on him so you can add Salve and Hide to your collection.

    When you approach the boat, you'll enter a cutscene where Yang's wife will see you off. She'll give you the Counter Augment Ability, an incredibly useful one. Soon the boat will set sail on a course for Baron. However, shortly after the ride starts your boat encounters a problem in the form of a massive tentacle shooting out of the water. The crew of the boat is amazed to see the legendary Leviathan in person. As Leviathan rocks the boat, Rydia is tossed over the side. Yang immediately dives in after her. Another wave knocks Edward to the ground as Leviathan emerges and attacks the boat personally and causing everyone to fall unconscious.

    When Cecil comes to, he's on a beach by himself. He calls out for his fellow party members but gets no reply. Looks like he'll have to continue his journey alone.


    Walk east from where you washed up to reach the town of Mysidia. If that name doesn't ring a bell, that's the town where Baron began its snatching of the crystals, a mission that was lead by Cecil himself. Even if you didn't remember the name, the townspeople of Mysidia haven't forgotten you. Most of the townspeople that you talk to will cast spells on you, turning you into a Pig or a Toad or worse. For now, it's your safest bet to not talk to anyone that you don't have to. Walk directly north from the entrance to town to enter the elder's temple. Approach the elder for a cutscene. Cecil asks for permission to use the Devil Road to stop Baron but the elder hasn't forgiven his actions. He decides to make a compromise. If Cecil is willing to climb Mt. Ordeals and atone his sins, the elder will allow him to use the Devil Road. Cecil argues that he doesn't have time for the errand but the elder insists that without atoning for the evil he has caused and renouncing his dark blade that he won't have the ability to defeat Golbez and stop Baron. Cecil agrees to go but the elder doesn't want him to go alone and summons a young pair of twins named Palom and Porom to help him. While they may be young, having a white mage and a black mage for companions will surely help him reach the summit of Mt. Ordeals. Cecil reluctantly agrees.

    Now that you have something resembling a party again, it's time to get prepared for the climb. First of all, if this is your first playthrough, you've probably been very eager to use Augment Abilities. If you're going to follow this walkthrough completely, now will be the first time for you to equip any, so I'll quickly run you through how it works. First pull up the menu and go to Inventory. Go over to Key Items and you should see your three Augment Abilities listed: Auto-Potion, Item Lore, and Counter. To give a character an ability, you just select the one you want to equip on someone, select who you are giving it to, and then confirm it. Be absolutely sure about this when you do it, because once you equip an Augment on a character you lose the item and you can never remove the ability. The good news is that in subsequent playthroughs of the game your characters retain their Augments so even in the worst case that you accidentally save after giving the wrong character one, you can get it again on another playthrough then both characters can have it.

    Anyway for the sake of this walkthrough, you'll want to give Counter to Cecil, Auto-Potion to Porom, and Item Lore to Palom. Once a character has learned an Augment, it will be added to the list of abilities for the character. However, it does not become enabled by default. You must actually equip it on your character to use it. To do so, go to Abilities in the menu, then you can edit your character's ability list. Go ahead and add Counter to Cecil's list underneath Item. Replace Palom's Attack command with Item Lore. This will cause his Flame Rod to do more damage when you use it as an item to cast Fire and you won't ever just be attacking with him anyway. Go ahead and change his Auto-Battle command to Flame Rod as well. To do so, go to Auto-Battle, open the menu, go down to Items and hit right on the d-pad. You should see Flame Rod on the list so select it. Don't edit any of Porom's abilities, but select Healing Staff for her Auto-Battle much like you did Palom's Flame Rod.

    Palom and Porom come pretty well-equipped so you don't need to shop for them. I would suggest giving Porom the Kenpo Gi you took from Yang as it provides a ton of evasion and the fewer things that hit her, the better. You don't need anything from the Weapon Shop, but you'll want to buy all of the expensive armor from the Armor Shop. Before doing so you'll want to sell any of the following items you still have: Gaia Gear, Dark Shield, Iron Armlet, Feathered Cap (keep one), Lamia Harp, Shadowblade, Ice Rod (sell one, you should have two). After doing so you should have enough gil to buy the Lustrous Shield, Lustrous Helm, Knight's Armor, and Gauntlets. Also pick up a spare Silver Bracelet if you don't have one. If you are short on gil, just fight some enemies outside of the town until you have enough. The Zus provide gil pretty quickly. You can also go ahead to the next area then come back after you get a small upcoming gil boost.

    Journey to Mount Ordeals

    While the Zu might seem like a pretty formidable foe, they are highly affected to the Added Effect: Death on the Deathbringer that Cecil is swinging now and frequently die in one hit. Also of note is Porom's Healing Staff weapon. When used as an item, it uses the Heal spell, which recovers a small amount of HP (about 30-40) for everyone. This is a great mp efficient way to keep your group healthy. If you set up your Auto-Battle like I suggested you can just turn it on the whole walk to Mount Ordeals aside from the Zu and Cockatrice combo encounter. The path to Mount Ordeals is rather straightforward. Head east and follow the only path you can take. You'll see a huge mountain in the middle of the large area on your map. That's Mount Ordeals. However, that isn't your first target. A little southwest of Mount Ordeals you'll see a round forest area that is symbolic of a chocobo forest. Before you enter, go ahead and fight a few fights to level up Palom and Porom. You'll frequently fight Zus in the forest near Mount Ordeals so this is a great leveling spot. Level 16-17 is a good target goal, as you'll stop rapidly gaining levels every other fight around that point. Enter the chocobo forest when you are comfortable with your level.

    You can recover your hp and mp in the forest by having Porom cure everyone then talking to the white chocobo to recover mp. You'll also see your best friend Recordingway here. What will he be called today you ask? Well now he wants to go camping, thus Campingway. He needs a tent and he'll ask you for one. You can't disappoint the poor and and you should have some, so choose Yes and select them from the menu. Afterwards he'll take them all and pay you a small amount of gil. After that he vanishes. Assuming you're following the guide pretty carefully you should have Gysahl Greens at this point. Use one now and summon the fat chocobo at the huge nest and check your bestiary to make sure you haven't missed anything. You should have all of the enemies 1-34 (ending with the Zu you've been slaughtering) and the bosses 154-159. If anything is missing, check the bestiary in this FAQ and make a note of what you missed so you can go back and get it later. Grab a chocobo if you're super lazy like me and ride it the 10 or so steps to Mount Ordeals. Save your game then head inside.


    Enter Mt. Ordeals and follow the path until you reach a wall of fire. Palom will take care of it easily and is quite proud of himself for doing so. Porom gives him a pop on the head for bragging. Afterwards we see a cutscene in Golbez's camp with Kain standing behind him and Rosa being held captive in chains. Golbez summons a minion named Scarmiglione and tells him to go take care of Cecil on Mt. Ordeals. He turns to Kain and comments that things are starting to get interesting. Kain asks to go in Scarmiglione's place but Golbez tells him he wants him staying with Rosa. Rosa whispers for Cecil to be careful.

    Back at Mt. Ordeals, you'll want to follow and properly map the wide one-way path. You'll encounter ghost type and undead type enemies. Have Palom use the Flame Rod on undead to kill them quickly. Cecil can kill the ghost types. Don't use Fire on them because they absorb it. If it's a particularly large group of enemies, feel free to use Fira on them all with Palom, even if there are ghost types. Just don't hurt the ghosts before Fira goes off and kills everything else, then pick off the ghosts with Cecil. Porom should be fine keeping everyone healed just using the Healing Staff. You can always use Cura if necessary. You'll soon come to a chest with a Potion. Claim your chest and then follow the path north for another chest with another Potion inside. Continue following and mapping the one-way path until you reach the end. You'll receive 5 Antidotes as you leave the area.


    Map out the starting area then go north and around, mapping out as you go. When you reach a certain point, you'll enter a cutscene. It's Tellah! He came to Mt. Ordeals in search of the legendary spell Meteor. Palom and Porom explain that they are here to sp..*BONK* er, help Cecil with his quest to purify the evil from his soul. Cecil catches Tellah up on what he's been doing since they parted ways and they decide to work together to take down Golbez. Equip Tellah with a Sage's Surplice, Feathered Cap, Silver Armlet, and Ice Rod. Move him to the back row and set his Auto-Battle command to Ice Rod. You can use the Ice Rod on the ghosts and undead both, which is handy. Head to the exit to the next floor, acquiring 3 Hi-Potions from mapping out this floor as you do so.


    On this floor, you'll possibly encounter a Lilith. Be careful because they can cause nasty status effects, but otherwise just throw all you've got at them. They are weak to Fire. Map out the starting area and follow the path west for an Ether. Go back to the main path heading north and follow it all the way to the top of the map. You'll see a path branching south here which leads to a chest with an Ether. You'll get a third Ether when you reach the exit to the next floor for mapping.


    On this floor you'll hear a weird hissing sound almost immediately. Porom tells Palom to cut it out, but he swears he didn't do it. Map around the entrance and then go east and save your game. Assuming you've been mostly relying on your Rods and Staves you should have plenty of mp despite not having any tents to use. Go north up the path and you'll hear the hiss again. Wonder what it is. As you approach the bridge leading west, you'll run into the source of the noise, it's Scarmiglione and his cronies!

    • HP: 1230 / XP: 3690 / Gil: 2500
    • Weak: Fire, Holy / Strong: Darkness
    • Absorb: Ice
    • Suggested Party Level: 19-21 (Cecil 22-24)
    • HP: 400 / XP: 800 / Gil: 0
    • Weak: Fire, Holy / Strong: Darkness

    This fight goes down pretty fast. Have Porom casts Cura on them all and Palom cast Fira on them all. Cecil can attack Scarmiglione and Tellah can just cast Cura on Scarmiglione himself. It should be over after the three spells go off. You can go back and save afterwards if you really want to but not really much of a point. Heal everyone back up and then before you cross the bridge, Change the order of your group (putting Cecil in the back row and the mages in the front row). At the end of the bridge Scarmiglione is back and much tougher than the first time.

    • HP: 7046 / XP: 28184 / Gil: 3000
    • Weak: Fire, Holy / Strong: Darkness
    • Absorb: Ice, Earth
    • Suggested Party Level: Same

    He comes at you from behind. Luckily we've already taken care of that by swapping rows. This time around, he has a nasty counterattack when you attack him and he silences you when you use offensive spells. What do we do then? We hit him with curing spells! Have Porom and Tellah spam Cura on him. That's it for your offense. You don't even need to cast Slow on this guy. Cecil and Palom can heal people with Potions faster than he can hurt them while Porom and Tellah kill him off. It shouldn't take more than 9 or 10 Curas to finish the job.

    Finish mapping the area for a Red Fang. Also you'll want to unequip Cecil at this time. Afterwards, approach the monument for a cutscene. A voice talks to Cecil about his inner power and a sword appears. When Cecil takes the sword in his hand, he transforms into a Paladin! Is this enough to defeat the taint on his soul? He is approached by himself, his Dark Knight form. He knows that he must defeat this part of himself alone to truly become pure. As the voice explained, the sword is not always the answer. Just Defend during this fight and you'll win shortly.

    Afterwards the taint on Cecil's soul is completely gone and he has become a Paladin. The voice fills Cecil with his power then fades away... it called him "My son". What could this mean? After the voice is gone, Tellah suddenly comes to a realization as well. After the light flashed on Cecil, he can remember all of the spells he has forgotten. In addition, he also has found the secret to the Meteor spell. He's eager to rush off after Golbez now, and the group follows.

    Now that you're back in control again and fully healed, Change your rows back to normal (Cecil front row) and equip Cecil with all the armor you bought in Mysidia. Equip Counter back on him again. Cecil starts off at level one but gains levels very rapidly. Make your way to the Save Point and save your game. Make your way back to the previous floor.

    • Treasure:
      • Curse Augment

    Follow the main path and about halfway down on the east side you'll see sparklies on the floor. This is the Curse Augment Ability. Give it to Palom if this is your first playthrough. Don't actually equip it though. Stay on this floor until you fight at least one Lilith if you haven't fought one yet (it's a rare fight so it might take a while but you need to level Cecil anyway) and then you can Teleport out. As you did before, level Cecil to about lvl 15-17 on the Zu enemies (you cannot Death them anymore with Cecil, but Thundara will kill them just as fast) then recover, grab a chocobo, and head back to Mysidia.


    Enter the town and head straight to the elder. He is impressed to see that Cecil became a paladin after all. The elder then admits to him that he sent Palom and Porom to spy on him, but Cecil understands. Cecil questions the voice he heard and why it called him "son" but the elder has no answer. However, he catches the words written on the Mythgraven Blade, the famous Mysidian legend is carved on the blade! After reading this, Tellah speaks up, saying it's time to go after Golbez. The elder seems surprised but pleased to see Tellah there. The elder dismisses Palom and Porom, but they refuse, saying they are going with Cecil to make up for being spies and because they know they will come in handy again. Tellah agrees and Cecil reluctantly allows them to tag along. Now you're free to enter the Devil's Road and make your way to Baron. However, before we continue with the story, let's take a side trip and check on how the poor people of Mist are recovering...

    Town of Mist

    You remember the way to Mist, right? Go northwest from the town of Baron to enter the Mist Cave. You already have it mapped out so just follow your map and you'll be there in no time at all. Head east past the Inn and then north. There is a bush here with a Bomb Fragment inside. South from here you'll pass another building and then if you walk against the trees you'll find a somewhat hidden path to a little clearing with two more Bomb Fragments in there. I wonder how many more there were before the townspeople started cleaning up and rebuilding the town? :( Enter the northwest building next. It might seem like the building is empty, however you can enter the fireplace to find a secret area. Walk east as best you can through the darkness and you should come to a small room with two chests in it, a Gold Hairpin and Clothing. South from this hidden area you'll find another hidden area with two more chests, a Polymorph Rod and a Ruby Ring. Give Porom the Gold Hairpin.

    Checking the shops, you'll see the Dancing Dagger, an interesting item. When used as an item it does an attack that does pretty good damage, especially for Palom with his Item Lore. However, it's not anything that's going to make or break you, and it's rather expensive so I would suggest passing on it. While you're here you can go ahead and clean up your inventory a bit more. Sell all of Cecil's Dark Knight equipment and the Clothing you just got. I would also suggest selling the Polymorph Rod you just picked up. I never use it personally. You should still have one of each element of claw as well, hold on to those. Now that you have more money and a really nice headpiece for Porom, head back to Baron.

    Town of Baron

    Enter the Inn and go up the stairs. Hey look, it's Yang! Talk to your good buddy and see how he's doing. Unfortunately he doesn't recognize you, and he sics his friends on you! You'll have to fight 2 Baron Guardsman. These rather annoying people have a counter for both physical and magical attacks. They counter physical attacks with Mini and magical attacks with Pig. Thus, you want to kill them in one hit if at all possible. Luckily for you, it IS possible. Just have Tellah and Palom use Break on them to finish them off quickly. Afterwards, Yang will attack you. There isn't much to do here really other than survive for a bit and hit him a few times to knock him back to his senses.

    After he comes to, Cecil will ask him about Rydia and Edward. Unfortunately, he saw Rydia get swallowed by Leviathan. He didn't see Edward. Cecil explains that they are in Baron and they go to the Inn to rest up. Introductions are made and Cecil suggests they hunt down Cid. Then he notices the key hanging around Yang's neck. It's the Baron Key! With this key, it will be possible to open those pesky locked doors in the town.

    Head to the Weapon/Armor Shop and unlock the door. Inside you'll find Campingway or as he's now known, Jammingway. He'll add a Jukebox to the fat chocobo menu for you to listen to the tracks from the game. After talking to him, walk to the box in the southeast corner and you'll notice that you can walk into the darkness beside it. Loop around behind the shopkeepers and jack their loot, 2000 gil and a Zeus's Wrath. Pick up a Thunder Rod from the Weapon Shop and give it to Tellah, giving Palom his Ice Rod. Be sure to update their Auto-Battle commands. Buy two Headbands (you'll want one for another character soon), a Kenpo Gi, and (if you don't have one to spare) a Silver Armlet for Yang. Equip all of that armor along with the Lightning Claws and Ice Claws you should still have.

    There's one more locked door here, the one on the wall south from Cid's house. Open it up and you'll hear dungeon music when you enter. This is the secret passageway into Baron Castle. Before entering, you'll see a chest on the map. Just walk through the wall to get to it for 1000 gil. Head down the stairs and you'll enter the Ancient Waterway.


    Gigas Gators are weak to Ice and Splashers and Devil's Castanet are weak to Thunder. Yang will do huge damage to all of these because of his claws. The only exception is the Electrofish, which he will heal because it absorbs Thunder. Don't let him attack those! Just take them out with normal attacks and blasts from the Ice Rod.

    Head all the way south from the entrance. When you reach the end of the path, go east for three chests: Hi-Potion, Ether, and Zeus's Wrath. Continue around the loop and then go north and follow the long path all the way to the exit to the third basement, picking up 3 Hi-Potions from mapping out the floor.


    This map is a bit confusing with lots of little map sections connected by secret paths. I'll try to describe it as best as I can. Follow the path into the water and continue south. You'll see a chest pop up on your minimap. To get to it take a hidden path heading west. The chest contains a Bronze Hourglass. Go south from the chest and take another secret path south and east to the next part of the map. There's a chest here with Spider Silk inside. Head back to the entrance area and this time take a secret passage to the east, passing through one part of the map and straight to another one. There's a chest here with Hermes Sandals inside. South from the chest is another secret path. Make sure you've mapped the little section to the west and then go to the east to the large map area. Go all the way north to the exit, gaining an Ether for mapping the area.


    A few new enemies pop up here, the Hydra and the Flood Worm. The Hydra is simple, just take it out with Thunder attacks like any other creature here. They do have a Paralyze attack that's annoying but nothing that will cause you much trouble. The Flood Worm however has a huge HP pool and uses Tsunami that hits everyone in the party for water damage that has Added Effect: Death. They are weak to Break though so you take them out in one cast. Now then, map out the starting area and go north. You'll see a chest near the exit to the first basement. To get it, take a secret path to the west right next to the exit. The chest contains an Ether and mapping the floor gets you 3 Remedies. Head to the exit now.


    This floor brings back the Baron Guardsmen. Like before, just quickly take them out with Break. The floor is already mapped, so go west first. Enter and there is a Save Point here. You'll also see a chest on the minimap. Yup, there's a secret path to the east. Inside the chest is an Ancient Sword. Save your game after picking it up. Don't use a Tent unless you absolutely have to. Leave the Save Point area and before going through the east door, make sure you've fought every enemy at least once. Like other strong creatures, the Flood Worm is a pretty rare fight. You'll fight one if you just run around on this floor long enough. Save again if you'd like and then take the east exit.

    Baron Castle

    You'll zone out in the moat around Baron Castle. Walk south all the way down the side of the castle and then enter the castle through the opening in the wall. Why is there an opening like this here anyway? Oh well. Visit Cecil's bedroom for a free rest (it's in the northwest tower if you don't remember). Leave the tower and then enter the castle proper using the door in the southwest quadrant. Once you're in, go east and you'll run into Baigan. He tells you that he's no longer working for Golbez and that Cid is being held prisoner, but that surely they can talk some sense into the king. Baigan joins your party and you head off to talk to the king. As you walk off, Palom and Porom hesitate. They smell a rat, and his name is Baigan. Baigan admits to it, and attacks your group!

    • HP: 4247 / XP: 21235 / Gil: 3500
    • Weak: Ice
    • Suggested Party Level: 22-24

    Baigan is actually made up of three parts, his body, his left arm, and his right arm. The arms have about 2000 hp or so, and they will be quickly regenerated when you kill them. Thus, you want to mostly focus on Baigan himself. Start by having Palom use Bluff and Porom use Cry. Yang should Focus three times and then attack. Cecil should Cover Porom and then attack. Tellah should use Haste on Yang and Cecil. After Palom Bluffs, have him use Bio. Baigan will counter spells by casting Reflect on himself, thus why you want to get in the strongest spell that you can, and the damage over time from Bio plus the initial damage from it is really your best bet. After using Bio, Palom defends. Porom uses Protect and Shell on the group and heals while Tellah helps heal. Yang will do massive damage when he attacks. Assuming it's still alive, just use normal attacks with Yang and Cecil until it dies. The arms will explode shortly after the body dies. Try to take them out if you can otherwise people will probably die. It's not really that important since you can heal for free afterwards.

    After Baigan goes down, make another trip to Cecil's bed to heal up. I would advise going back to the Ancient Waterway and saving your game. You have an incredibly difficult fight coming up and you might lose. No point in having to kill Baigan more than once. Go back to where you killed Baigan and head north. Before entering the Throne Room you will want to unequip Palom and Porom. I know, you have a very difficult boss fight coming up, however if you want to keep their equipment (and trust me, you do), you'll have to do without the equipment. You really shouldn't need it, as this is a finesse fight and gear isn't going to make much of a difference. If you're finding this fight too difficult to do with naked twins, at least be sure to keep the Kenpo Gi and Gold Hairpin that Porom has on. Also remember that this is your last chance to put Augment Abilities on the twins if you want to get their Augment Abilities later. If you're following this walkthrough completely, you should have already taken care of this. Now, go north and approach the king. It doesn't take long for the "king" to admit that he isn't a king at all, but rather the water fiend Cagnazzo, who locked up the king in a basement. He's not impressed that you killed Scarmiglione and plans to show you how a real fiend fights.

    • HP: 10477 / XP: 53285 / Gil: 4000
    • Normal- Weak: Ice / Absorb: Water
    • Surrounded by water- Weak: Thunder / Absorb: Water, Ice
    • Suggested Party Level: 23-24

    This is by far the most difficult boss fight you've encountered yet. The key to winning this fight is to prevent him from using Tsunami. Like the Flood Worm before, Tsunami does a lot of water damage and has Added Effect: Death. This isn't good for you, obviously. The good thing is that he only uses it while he is surrounded by water. During this time, if you hit him with Lightning, the water will dissipate and he'll go back to his normal form.

    As for strategy, here's the basic plan for the fight. Palom should do nothing but cast Thunder spells over and over. He is your primary go-to guy for removing the water from Cagnazzo and preventing Tsunami. Have Porom Cry and then cast Slow on Cagnazzo then Shell then Protect on your party when health is high. Tellah should Haste Palom and then himself. He's your backup Thunder caster. Yang should Focus three times and then attack, being careful NOT to attack when it's surrounded by water. Cecil should cover Palom and then attack. Once you have Palom and Tellah both hasted, you should determine what to do with Tellah based on the situation. Cagnazzo likes to cast Slow on your group. If he does, get Haste back up immediately. If things are under control, have him cast Bio and then Thundaga. If Palom's not ready to cast Thunder, keep Tellah ready in case he is needed. Porom should focus on curing and removing status ailments.

    It's also possible for Cagnazzo to enter his shell during this fight. During this time he'll take less damage and he'll cure himself, but he won't attempt to attack you. Just pound away until he comes back out. This is a good thing overall as you will do net damage without any fear of repercussions. Sneak in some heavier spells here as well like Blizzara/ga and Bio.

    During all forms, he will sometimes counter physical attacks with Hold. Just Esuna it off. He'll sometimes counter magical attacks with Silence. Use an Echo Drop or Esuna it off. After Yang has hit twice with 3x Focused attacks, the fight will probably be over.

    Just as the fight is over, Cid storms in to give the king a piece of his mind. After the reunion, he asks where Rosa is and Cecil gets him up to speed on the situation and why they need an airship. Your group doesn't know where Golbez is, but they know where he's going. That would be Troia. In order to get there they'll need an airship, and that's right up Cid's alley.

    As the group leaves to go to his airship, they hear Cagnazzo's voice. Apparently he has one more surprise in store for them. Suddenly the walls start closing in on your group! All of the exits are locked. Try as they might, they cannot stop the walls from moving. Then suddenly Palom and Porom thank Cecil for everything and ask Tellah to take care of him. Then, they turn themselves to stone, holding off the walls with their bodies. Tellah tries to Esuna them, but they turned to stone with their will so it doesn't work.

    We then cut away to Golbez. He isn't pleased that Cagnazzo failed, but they have the final crystal to worry about. Rather than get it themselves, Kain suggests letting Cecil do it for them. They have Rosa, they can arrange a trade. Golbez likes the idea, and agrees to send Kain as the messenger.

    Back to our group, they enter a secret passageway and board Cid's personal airship, the Enterprise. After taking off, they are approached by a Red Wing airship waving a white flag. It's Kain. He lays out the deal for the trade. Troia's Earth Crystal for Rosa. There isn't anything else you can do but follow Golbez's orders. Land the Enterprise at Baron first. Equip Cid with a Kenpo Gi, Headband, and Ruby Ring. Change the rows to have 3 front 2 back, placing all but Tellah on the front row. Save your game and then it's time to fully explore the world!

    Baron Castle

    • Treasure:
      • Bacchus's Wine x2, Elixir, Ether x4, Hermes Sandals x2, Hi-Potion x2,
      • Phoenix Down x2, Tent x2, Tsunami Augment, Unicorn Horn x2

    Before you go anywhere, you have more business here. Enter the castle and go straight to the first floor. Go east and take the staircase outside then the next one to the east to get back in again. On this screen you'll see six chests on the map. To get to them, you'll have to click the yellow button by the obvious door. Take the secret passage over to the chests and claim your bounty: two Ethers, two Unicorn Horns, and two Phoenix Downs. Leave the secret area and go south to get back outside again.

    Note the location of the two people out here. They are Cid's assistants and you may be in need of their services one day. Go north and enter the east tower. Inside you'll see four more chests: Hermes Sandals x2 and Bacchus's Wine x2. Go into the first basement and click on the first candle you see for an Elixir. You can continue to the second basement to find out that the real King is still safe! He promises to offer his help if you visit the land of the Eidolons. Sounds like a good deal.

    Go up a few floors then on the second floor you'll find two Hi-Potions. On the third floor you can find an Ether hidden in the northeast corner along with three chests containing two Tents and another Ether. You're done with this tower now.

    Go all the way to the west side of the castle. Rest up in Cecil's bed then go to southwest corner of the castle and go back out into the water to enter the Old Waterway. Backtrack to B3. Go south and push against the west wall until you go through the secret path to the middle area. You'll see sparklies on the ground to the north in the water. Pick them up to claim Cagnazzo's Tsunami Augment Ability. Have Tellah Warp twice then exit back out to the castle and make your way to the world map.


    • Treasure:
      • Bluff Augment(*), Dualcast Augment(*), Cry Augment(*), Twincast Augment x2

    Finally time to use the airship! Before flying to Mysidia, I like to go ahead and fly across the entire world map, just to get everything uncovered. It makes finding places a lot easier. Do so now and then make your way to Mysidia. If you can't remember where it is, it's in the southeast of the map, the town that looks like it's the eye of a dragon-shaped landmass.

    Once you're finished, enter Mysidia and go directly to the elder's building. Go up the stairs to the crystal room. There's a door to the northwest here. Continue north to inform the elder of the fate of the twins. He'll lament their choice and then give you the Augment Abilities that you earned based on how many you gave them before they left. If you followed the guide, you should receive Dualcast, Cry, Bluff, and 2 copies of Twincast. That's all she wrote for here. Let's continue exploring the world.


    This little town is a bit tricky to find. If you look in the northeast corner of the map you should see Fabul Castle. Look directly south of there and you'll see a long chain of islands. Imagine them forming a capital J shape. Mythril is at the bottom tip of the J about halfway between Fabul Castle and Mt. Ordeals.

    The first thing you'll want to do is acquire all the free loot. There is an Inn right by the entrance to town. Southwest from the Inn is a little patch of ground on the minimap. At the far west on that patch is a Diet Ration. Go directly east from the Diet Ration past the unlabeled building to a well. Click it for a Maiden's Kiss. If you look on the minimap, you'll see a Weapon/Armor Shop building. There is a frog wandering around to the east of the Armor Shop entrance. There is a Mythril Knife in that vicinity. Search the large bush in front of the Weapon Shop for 5000 gil. Now you'll see a house east of the Weapon/Armor Shop building. Follow the path in front of that house until it ends and you should find a Mythril Staff there.

    Now that you have properly looted the place, enter the Weapon Shop. Buy Cid a Mythril Hammer and equip it. There's also a Mythril Sword here for Cecil, but I would strongly recommend not purchasing this weapon. While you're at the shop, now's a good time to unload more of your junk. Sell the following: Mythril Staff, Mythril Knife, Ancient Sword, Healing Staff, Bard's Tunic, Prison Garb, Leather Caps. You should have (amongst other things) a Wizard's Hat, Gold Hairpin, Gaia Gear, Flame/Ice Rods, Flame Claws, Ruby Rings, and a Wooden Hammer. Hang on to all of those.

    In the Armor Shop you'll find a lot of very nice but very expensive Mythril armor. None of the pieces are worthwhile for Cecil, his equipment is almost as good and provides Mind boosts for his Cures. Cid on the other hand can get a massive defense boost here. To be honest, I usually choose not to buy him anything other than the Mythril Shield. If you want to err on the safe side, you can buy a set of Mythril equipment for him though, it won't do anything but help. If you do, be sure not to sell any of his other equipment, you'll still be needing it.