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    Walkthrough by femiwhat

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    Final Fantasy IV DS FAQ/Walkthrough
    This walkthrough should get you through the story with as many secrets, tricks,
    etc., as I can find.  
    I. Walkthrough
    II. Town Shopping List
    III. Closing Notes
    Ch. 1: Opening
    Ch. 2: The Village of Myst
    Ch. 3: Exile
    Ch. 4: Desert Fever
    Ch. 5: Golbez
    Ch. 6: Redemption
    Ch. 7: Homecoming
    Ch. 8: The Crystal of Earth
    more coming as I play! so far, a little over half of the story is covered; will 
    update weekly until complete!
    CH. 1 - OPENING
    Watch the opening scenes and squeee at the amazingness.  Remember how this 
    looked on the SNES?
    After a little bit of exposition, you briefly take control.  Your very first 
    encounter against two Floating Eyes isn't the breeze you might be expecting, 
    because it takes you four whole turns to kill them both.
    More story.  Somehow, those punks on the ship with you managed to get winded by 
    you killing monsters in front of them.  Go figure.
    More story.  Now you've done it, you ungrateful punk.
    Story Items: Carnelian Signet
    Treasure: Ether, Tent, 480 Gil
    You may have been accused of treason by your king, but at least your buddy 
    Kain's sticking up for you, right?  You're given a Carnelian Signet and shown 
    out of the king's audience chamber.
    It's your first chance to wander, so have at it!  Kain is standing off to your 
    right; there's a bit of conversation to be had here.
    Head down to the first floor and to your right.  If you played the SNES version,
     you know there's treasure to be had.  The guard standing next to a blank wall 
    explains the switch mechanism.  Inside, you'll find three treasure chests 
    containing 480 gil, Ether, and Tent.
    From here, you can go right to find places that you're not allowed to enter yet,
     or head left, up the stairs, and back down the other side for your introduction
     to Rosa.  Seems like she's trying pretty hard with that pink lingerie, but I'm 
    sure it has the benefit of affording her added "mobility."  Ain't love grand?
    Now that you've made a date, it's time to keep exploring.  Continue on your way.
      You can go inside and downstairs to find the dungeon, if you like, where thre
    e Mysidian mages are beginning to realize that Gandhi's methods might have their
     drawbacks.  Otherwise, continue in a north-ish fashion for your introduction to
     Cid.  Those lips are impressive.  The door Cid left open leads to the Redwing 
    crew quarters, if you're interested, but the plot lies behind door number 2.
    Behind the left door, you'll meet a...rabbit? named Namingway, who gives you the
     opportunity to change your name.  Rename Cecil "Sir Dude", or try to, at least,
    and Namingway leaves.
    Head upstairs and upstairs again to find your room. When you're done exploring, 
    check the bed and choose to retire for the evening.  Between the great graphics 
    and voice acting, it's starting to seem a little silly that Cecil clearly 
    intends to sleep in his armor.  After demonstrating that hindsight is always 
    20-20, Cecil moves on to a conversation with Rosa, in which he has a difficult 
    time making eye contact, either because of the amount of cleavage on display or 
    because he's ashamed of his actions in Mysidia.  Possibly both.
    A plot summary follows for those of you who just mashed buttons through all of 
    the dialogue so far.  Admire the pretty picture, listen to the Final Fantasy 
    theme, and wait patiently for the stupid kids to catch up.
    Treasure: Gnomish Bread, Tent, Eye Drops, Bronze Hourglass, Phoenix Down x2, 
    Gold Needle, Potion x2
    When I first played the SNES version, it wasn't readily apparent to me that 
    there was a town AND a castle on the map (give me a break; I was 12), but it's 
    pretty obvious here, so head into the town.
    The usual mix of items are available in the Sundries shop; it might not be a bad
     idea to invest in a few Potions and a Phoenix Down, if you're nervous.  
    Otherwise, the building to your right is the Inn.  There's a free potion in a 
    bush to the right. Head in there and back past the front desk for a blank wall 
    highlighted by a mysterious switch.  Since you can see the treasure chests 
    behind it, you know it's a good idea to hit the switch and collect the goodies: 
    Gnomish bread, Tent, and Eye Drops.
    Rosa's house is behind the inn, but Mrs. Rosa has evidently gotten better at 
    hiding her elixirs from wandering travelers, and there's no looting to be done 
    within.  There is a potion hidden in the bush to the left of the building, 
    though.  The weapons shop and another door are locked, but you can visit Cid in 
    is house to the northwest.  There's a girl to the northeast who's paranoid 
    enough to offer Cecil a little incentive to keep quiet about whatever she may 
    have done wrong; these days, we call that corruption and sexual harassment, but 
    whatever.  Continue past her and take a swim.  If you head all the way south, 
    you can find a Bronze Hourglass hidden in a pool, but not much else; I'm 
    starting to feel cheated.  Get back out of the water and head through the gate 
    to the north east; walk past the woman and behind the northern wall.  All the 
    way over, behind Cid's house, you can find a free Phoenix Down, Gold Needle, 
    and another Phoenix Down hidden in the bushes.
    Monsters:  HellDiver, FloatingEye, SwordRat, Goblin
    When you're done looting the town, it's time to start exploring.  You'll 
    probably want to give the save game function a whirl before seeing what attacks 
    you when you wander aimlessly in circles.  There's a round patch of trees to the
     southwest that turns out to be a Chocobo Forest when you enter.  The white 
    chocobos within restore your MP; the yellow ones offer a free ride; and the nest
     in the back allows you to summon a Big Chocobo with a Gysahl Green.  Your
     destination is the cave to the northwest.  It doesn't take long to gain a level
     or two outside, and I recommend doing that before continuing.
    Monsters: Eyewing Moth, Larva
    Treasure: Potion x2, Eye Drops, Tent
    Map Completion: Potion x5
    Wait, that rabbit doesn't really think he can make it through this cave on his 
    own when it takes two big, strong, manly fellows Cecil like Kain at least a 
    couple of potions for the trip, does he?  I really wanted to rename Kain "Ping",
     but Namingway has gotten all creative with himself, and he's now "Mappingway", 
    dispenser of silly explanations for game mechanics.  Moving right along...
    As we traverse this dungeon, we learn two things: (1) status effects like Blind 
    persist after battle; and, (2) random little worms in caves know more special 
    attacks than we do.  
    Follow the path; there's really only one way to go.  Raise your weapons 
    ineffectually when voices tell you to go away, and then make yourself feel like
    less of a wimp by finding a treasure chest containing a Potion.  There's another
    chest containing Eye Drops not too far after that.  Shortly after this, the path
    forks; take the stairs on the left to another chest, which contains a Tent.
    Retrace your steps for more eerie voices and belated comprehension on the part
    of Our Heroes, who apparently didn't play this when it was on the SNES.  There's
    another chest containing another Potion.
    Onward, ho!  Of course we mean to ignore your warning, petty disembodied voice!
    *Boss Fight:  Mist Dragon*
    This one isn't too bad if you can avoid getting caught by the surprise, which
    involves a bit of luck with the timing of your commands...  Kain should Jump, 
    Cecil should Attack, and you should keep in mind that the dragon's attacks do 
    about 50 damage a pop and heal accordingly.  Whatever you do, don't attack while
    the dragon is in mist form.  I allowed this unfortunate circumstance to come to 
    pass just so I could tell you what happens; you get a hint to please not do that
    again in the form of a message from the game and 40-60 damage each.  Apparently,
    the dragon gets mad at you when you attack the vapor, but not when you just 
    whack it with a sword.
    Now that you've triumphed, collect your reward, which apparently takes the form 
    of an imaginary pat on the back, and head onwards.  As you exit the cave, you'll
    receive 5 potions for completing the map.  Head outside.  At this point, I 
    recommend that cheap players deequip Kain.
    Mist is just a little to the east of the cavern exit.  Enter.  Whoops, who saw 
    that coming?  Possibly not as many as if the Carnelian Signet had still been
    named "Bomb Ring."
    There's just something about green-haired women in Final Fantasy games; they 
    have no sense of perspective.  There's not much you can do about this fight; I 
    didn't even get to go.  Hey, look, the houses are burning in the map cinematic.
    CH. 3: EXILE
    "Ugh" is right, Cecil.  Hey, what's that thing by Rydia?  That's new.  Wake up, 
    discover that the problem child lives, and be glad that you stripped Kain of his
    shiny armor; we're going to sell it as soon as we hit the next town.
    Monsters: Desert Sahagin, Goblin, SwordRat, Hundlegs, Sandworm
    You find yourself east of Mist and prevented from backtracking by a fun new
    mountain range.  You're not given much of a clue as to how to proceed, but 
    "east" is probably a good start.  Ideally, we want to find an inn before we run
    out of potions.  Head east and north past the mountains, and then east into the
    desert and a little north.  About halfway through the desert, you'll find Kaipo.
    The plot bus pulls up in front of the inn as you enter, which is a decent
    arrangement all around.
    Just as you're getting some rest, more plot happens, and Cecil sounds
    frightfully British.
    *Boss Fight: Baron Soldier x3, Baron General*
    Hey, boss music plays, it's a boss fight.  Fortunately, these guys are only 
    about half as tough as the Goblins were, so all you need to do is not fall 
    asleep with your thumb off the confirm button and you'll probably win.  Once you
    kill the soldiers, the general beats a hasty retreat; this does have an effect 
    on your experience.
    Rydia's so glad to not be dead that she joins and introduces you to her Eidolon,
    whom the game dubs Whyt by default; let's call him Pillsbury instead.  
    Control returns to you, so it's time to explore the town.  There's an item shop
    inside the inn and a pub upstairs, but no items in the pots and barrels.  Game,
    you disappoint me.  The weapons shop is in the eastern part of town.  Sell 
    Kain's equipment and pick yourself up something shiny; I'd recommend a Rod, but 
    Rydia already has one.  There's a Fat Chocobo waiting to explain Eidolons to you
    if you head to the northwest.  The armor shop is nearby. 
    Chatting with the townspeople, we learn two things: (1) desert moons are to be
    considered "fair"; and, (2) there really aren't very many beautiful women in the
    world.  Check out the house in the northeast corner.  How did she beat you here,
    and doesn't she know that you generally cover as much skin as possible when you 
    want to wander around in the desert?  Letting her mumble incoherently at you 
    gets you your first augment: Auto-Potion.  I recommend just hanging onto it for
    Say hello to Namingway/Mappingway, who now desires to be known as Livingway and,
    in return for your indulgence, will let you look at his Bestiary.  When you're
    finished checking out the town, it's time to embark on our new quest.
    From general town chatter, you've probably surmised that (a) you need the 
    Desert Pearl; (b) it's not here; (c) there's a weird old guy blocking
    the way through a cave; and (d) there's another cave that no one is allowed in 
    except the Damcyan royal family.  Putting all of this together, we surmise that
    our next task will be to journey through the first cave, enlist the help of the
    royal family, and then venture into the second cave to find our treasure.
    It's worth noting that the Rod Rydia equips by default can be used during battle
    to spam a free "Mage Arrows" attack on the enemy.  This will come in pretty 
    handy in our future travails which, incidentally, take us to the northeastern
    portion of the desert and the cave we'll find there.
    Monsters: Tiny Mage, Sahagin, Amoeba, Fangshell, Sword Rat, Goblin, Killer Fish
    Treasure: Potion, Echo Herbs, Tent, Ether, Dry Ether, X-Potion, Phoenix Down
    Map Completion: Eyedrops x5
    Start out by heading forward and up the stairs to collect two chests containing
    a Potion and Echo Herbs.  Backtrack, head right, and then south to collect 
    another chest containing a Tent.  When you're done with any leveling, head up to
    meet the newest oldest member of your party!  
    Tellah's looking for his daughter because he clearly can't dress himself without
    her help, and, unlike everyone else you've met thus far, seems to interpret your
    Dark-Knighthood as a reason to expect you to be a decent sort of guy who helps
    random old men find their wayward spawn.  Oddly enough, you ARE a decent sort of
    guy, so give him a spare Rod if you have one, and off we go.
    Skip the stairs for now, and head to the right instead.  Go down into the water
    and follow this path up and under the bridge to a chest containing an Ether.  
    Staying in the water, backtrack a bit, and head further left to a waterfall that
    has a hidden opening on the left side.  There are three chests in here, 
    containing a Dry Ether, an X-Potion, and a Phoenix Down.
    Backtrack and take the stairs to the exit.
    Monsters: Tiny Mage, Sahagin, Amoeba, Fangshell, Sword Rat, Goblin, Killer Fish
    Treasure: Ether, Potion, Ice Rod
    Map Completion: Antidote x5
    There's only one path to follow at first, so stop reading and follow it!  Once 
    you hit the water, head to the right and up the stairs for a chest containing a 
    Potion.  Backtrack to the water and go all the way down and to the left for some
    stairs to a treasure chest containing an Ether.  Continue to the left and go 
    through the opening.
    We're now treated to our first official save point and a little bit of story.
    Jesus saves, and so should you.  When you're done, take the northern exit.
    You'll soon find a chest containing an Ice Rod, which isn't a bad replacement 
    for the spamming of Mage Arrows you've been doing.  Head down into the water and
    follow the path to the exit.  
    Monsters: Tiny Mage, Sahagin, Amoeba, Fangshell, Sword Rat, Goblin, Killer Fish,
    Treasure: 580 gil, Bomb Fragment
    Map Completion: Tent x3
    Head south and then right to find a chest containing 580 gil; continue across 
    the bridge to find a Bomb Fragment.  Backtrack, take the left path, and follow
    it to the exit.
    Monsters: Amoeba, Fangshell, Killer Fish, Gigantoad, Toadgre
    Treasure: Potion, Feathered Cap
    Map Completion: Phoenix Down x3
    Head all the way left of the entrance to where the wall fades into shadow; 
    there's actually a hidden path here.  Follow it left, up, right, down, and right
    (use your map if you're not sure whether you're walking into a wall) for a
    shortcut to the exit.  Immediately to the south is a chest containing a Potion.
    After collecting it, head back into the secret passage and go up and to the 
    right.  Hey, look, more map.  There's a Feathered Cap in the chest; collect it
    and make your way back to the exit.
    Monsters: Zombie, Amoeba, Fangshell, Killer Fish, Gigantoad, Toadgre
    Treasure: Ether, Zeus's Wrath, Shadowblade, Bronze Hourglass
    Map Completion: Ether
    There's an ether immediately to your left.  Grab it and proceed up the stairs on
    the left for a Zeus's Wrath.  That extra s is in the game.  Go back down and 
    take the stairs on the right to continue.  Head down at your first opportunity
    for the sake of map completion, then go back up and continue to the right.  The
    exit is right there, but don't leave just yet; there are two chests below you,
    containing a Shadowblade and a Bronze Hourglass.
    There's a brief overland respite that allows you to save and/or use a tent, so 
    avail yourself of these opportunities if you so choose.
    Oh, sure, this is a good idea.
    Monsters: Red Mousse, Zombie, Alligator
    Treasure: Hades Gloves, Hades Helm
    Map Completion: Potion x5
    Climb out of the water and follow the path.  Take a side trip down the stairs 
    when you happen upon them for some treasure: Hades Gloves and a Hades Helm.
    Return to the path and follow it to the exit.
    Monsters: Red Mousse, Zombie, Alligator
    Treasure: Hades Armor, Hermes Sandals
    Map Completion: Zeus's Wrath x3
    Start off by filling in a bit of the map in this big empty space, and then 
    proceed to the bridge to the east.  There's a treasure chest with Hades Armor 
    inside and another with Hermes Sandals below it.  Make sure you finish filling
    in the map before approaching the cleverly-hidden octopus.
    *Boss Fight: Octomammoth*
    Conveniently, Octomammoth is weak to Dark and Thunder.  Cecil should attack 
    while Rydia and Tellah burn through their remaining MP casting Thunder.  The 
    feasibility of calling lightning down on a foe sitting in the same pool of water
    in which you're standing aside, this should be a quick and easy fight.  Note 
    that the number of tentacles waving around is an indicator of Octomammoth's 
    remaining health.
    Now that the path to Damcyan is clear, let's be on our way.  This wouldn't be a
    bad time to tell Tellah to give back any cool equipment you happened to lend him
    for the journey.
    Damcyan is to the north, so walk that way. 
    Oh, noes!
    Treasure: Tent, Power Bow, Feathered Cap, Ruby Ring, Potion, Antidote, Gold
    Needle, Phoenix Down, Eye Drops, Ether, Elixir, Holy Arrows
    Head inside to sort out what just happened.  The place is a mess and there are a
    bunch of dead/mostly dead people to talk to.  Apparently, they weren't expecting
    this to happen, which would be comforting if not for the assumption that we 
    might think they had been.  It's a mad, mad, mad, mad world.
    There's a Tent in a chest next to a guy who wants you to carry him upstairs for
    healing, but, though evidently accustomed to escorting finicky old codgers in 
    pursuit of their errant offspring, Dark Knights do not DO heavy lifting; he's
    on his own.  
    Head all the way upstairs for some dramaz.  The pots up here are convenient free
    healing for the foreseeable future, by the way.
    Now that we've traded Tellah for the much prettier Edward and gained our very 
    own Hovercraft, it's time to...park and go right back inside the castle.
    Instead of walking up the main entrance, head to your immediate right, around 
    the side of the castle.  See that door?  Good.  Make for the secret entrance to
    the right of the cages, and head inside for a Power Bow, Feathered Cap, and Ruby
    Ring.  Go back to where the corpse of the guard isn't and all the way over to 
    the left wall; walk down into the corner.  Secret staircases are great.  Open 
    all the treasure chests for a Potion, Antidote, Eye Drops, Gold Needle, Phoenix
    Down, and Ether.  There's also an Elixir hidden in the bottom left corner and
    Holy Arrows in the bottom right.
    You can spend some time leveling, head back to Kaipo to resupply, or just 
    continue to your new destination...
    Monsters: Goblin, Domovoi, Adamantoise
    Treasure: Spider Silk, Potion x3, Tent, Gold Needle
    Map Completion: Potion x5
    Start by going left across the bridge to open a chest containing Spider Silk. 
    Backtrack and head down the stairs south of the entrance.  Left and up will get 
    you the treasure chest you saw, which contains a Potion.  Now, continue down,
    taking the stairs down when you see them, and follow this winding path to the
    left, eventually arriving at two chests containing a Tent and a Potion.  
    Backtrack to where you made the left, and this time head right.  Take the 
    northern route for a chest with a Potion.  Backtrack and take the stairs to your
    right up to another chest with a Gold Needle.  Backtrack again and head south 
    for the exit.
    Monsters: Goblin, Domovoi, Adamantoise, Basilisk, Yellow Jelly
    Treasure: Lamia Harp, Antarctic Wind, Phoenix Down, Emergency Exit, Ether,
    Potion, Spider Silk, Ice Rod, Shadowblade
    Map Completion: Phoenix Down x3
    Follow the path down the stairs until you come to a fork; head right and through
    the opening into a small room containing a Lamia Harp.  Return to the main room 
    and continue on your way.  There's a chest containing an Antarctic Wind where
    the path starts to curve back up.  Head up the stairs at the fork and go 
    through the opening for a brief return to the previous area where you can 
    complete your map.  Continue north for a save point and three treasure chests, 
    which contain a Phoenix Down, Emergency Exit, and Ether.  When you're done here,
    backtrack to the previous area and head left, up, and behind the opening for a
    chest containing a Potion.  Go back down the stairs and cross the bridge to the
    left for a Spider Silk.  From here, head down and take the stairs to fill in 
    your map.  Backtrack to the first fork and go left instead of up.  Bypass the
    exit to the south and continue left, heading up the stairs and turning right
    for a chest containing an Ice Rod.  Go left and up the stairs to find a
    Shadowblade in the chest.  This will come in really handy when Cecil's twin
    sister, Cecilia, also a Dark Knight, joins and wants a share of the equipment.
    Make your way back to the exit.  
    The map's all filled in for you, so you're expecting this, right?
    *Boss Fight: Antlion*
    Edward's 'Life's Anthem' will come in pretty handy during this fight; it's free
    regen for as long as he isn't attacked, and it's all he should be doing.  During
    normal battle, the Antlion counters physical attacks, so Rydia should do the 
    bulk of the damage by casting Blizzard; it's the biggest bang for your MP buck.
    When the Antlion's eyes are red, however, it begins to counter magic; this is 
    when Cecil needs to make himself useful.  That constant regen (did I mention 
    that it's free?) is so cheap, though, that you can do almost whatever you want 
    and still win as long as you don't do it with Edward.
    Yes, Cecil, something is afoot.  Something is ahead, too, and it's called
    returning to Kaipo before Rosa's rising temperature becomes the cause of
    permanent brain damage and she wears pink lingerie forever.  Oh, damn.
    Hurry back to Rosa, who, if you don't recall, is in the north-eastern-most 
    house.  Now all you have to do is avoid the urge to be silly and select the 
    correct item; clearly, it's an Ice Rod.
    Now that she's all better, interrupt her sentimental drivel with a manly demand
    for plot clarification.  Good boy.  
    More story happens to teach Edward what happens to bad boys who wander around
    alone at night; unless you replaced his Attack command in both auto-battle and 
    his usual command menu, though, you should be fine.  Watch as Anna goes away to
    be part of the lifestream and don't forget to pick up the Holy materia she 
    leaves behind.  Actually, you have to wait until morning to do this, and it's 
    the augment Item Lore.
    CH. 5: GOLBEZ
    Now that we know there's a new kid in town and he's taking all the other kids' 
    toys, it's time to do something about that.  Well, not in the sense that we're 
    going to go beat him up and take back the stolen goodies, but we're at least 
    going to try to stop him from doing it to the really buff kid who goes to Tae 
    Kwon Do after school every day, like he needs our help.  Anyway, hop back in 
    your hovercraft and zip on over to Mt. Hobs, which is east of Damcyan, past the 
    Antlion cave.
    Monsters: Spirit, Skeleton
    Map Completion: Hi-Potion x3
    Geez, Rosa, if it's so easy, why don't YOU do it.
    Now that you're in possession of a six-year-old who can burn things for a measly
    5 MP, continue on up the mountain.  Take the first exit you come to.
    Monsters: Bomb, Cockatrice, Skeleton, Spirit, Gargoyle
    Treasure: Tent, Potion, Gold Needle, 960 gil
    Hey, look, a save point and a bunch of treasure chests!  Grab a Tent, Potion, 
    Gold Needle, and 960 gil.  Head back to the west slope, and take the exit 
    further along on the right.
    Treasure: Holy Arrows
    Open the treasure chest before ascending the stairs for some Holy Arrows.  This
    would be more exciting if we didn't have magical quivers of non-emptiness.  
    Continue on your way for a monk of Fabul, the land of blond-haired Chinese 
    karate masters!  Jackie Chan, call your stylist, stat.
    *Boss Fight: Mom Bomb*
    Rydia's free Ice Rod does plenty of damage, so don't blow your MP unless Rosa 
    needs a paramedic.  Edward's free Life's Anthem is still the most useful thing
    he can do.  That leaves Cecil, Yang, and Rosa to attack, with Rosa swapping in 
    healing/support spells as needed.  It's not a bad idea to lead off with a mass 
    casting of Protect from her.  After a few rounds, Mom Bomb begins 'storing
    energy', and we know nothing with a countdown is going to end well.  Make sure
    everyone defends just before the countdown ends.  Now, Mom Bomb splits into 
    six smaller bombs; it's important to focus your attacks on eliminating as many
    as possible, as the survivors are wont to Self Destruct all over you.  Yang 
    should focus for a round and then kick while the others mop up. 
    Sorry, buddy, but if your monks were so awesome, a bunch of measly bombs 
    wouldn't have wiped them off the map.  You guys were screwed from the get-go.
    Yang himself, however, is pretty cool, so do a little dance now that he's
    graciously allowed you to join his party.
    Monsters: Bomb, Gray Bomb
    Map Completion: Bomb Core x3
    Continue through the exit to reach the East Slope.  
    Monsters: Bomb, Gray Bomb, Sword Rat, Domovoi, Gatlinghog
    Fabul is your destination, and it lies to the East.  Get going.  There's a 
    Chocobo Forest to the northeast of Fabul, if you want to hear the incredibly
    repetitive FF4 DS Chocobo theme.
    Treasure: Bacchus Wine, Tent, Bomb Fragment, Antarctic Wind, Potion, Zeus's 
    Wrath, Spider Silk, Demon Shield, Ether, Deathbringer
    The castle is actually more like a walled city; you'll find all of your shops, 
    etc., inside.  Weapons and Armor are found by taking the right-hand stairs from
    the main room of the first floor.  It's a good idea to buy Yang a couple of
    Claws to equip on his hands, and you can upgrade Cecil's armor while you're at 
    it.  The left-hand stairs lead to the Inn and Sundries shop.  Whateverway is
    also hanging out.
    Head up to the second floor and take the exit at the bottom of the screen to
    gain access to the towers.  There's a Bacchus Wine hidden on the second floor of
    the East Tower, all the way to the right side of the room, past the bar, and
    just below the potted plant.  There's a Tent in the treasure chest on the third
    floor, and surely no one will mind if you take a quick nap in the king's bed!  
    Descend and enter the West Tower.  There are three chests on the first floor,
    containing a Bomb Fragment, Antarctic Wind, and a Potion, as well as a Zeus's 
    Wrath in the candle to the left of the stairs.  That's it for loot, but you can 
    drop in and say hi to Yang's wife, who lives on the third floor.
    Save if you're worried about having to redo that looting, and, for those of us 
    who like to be cheap, now would be an excellent time to deequip the ladies.  We
    live in an old-fashioned time, when the women had the babies, and the men 
    defended the kingdom from attack.
    Head up the stairs on the second floor to find the throne room, where story
    instantly happens.
    You'll now face a series of battles with a party consisting of Cecil, Edward,
    and Yang.  
    *Boss Fight: Captain and Baron Marine x2*
    Kill the captain quickly to break the chain of command.  Cecil and Yang should
    simply attack, while Edward does his usual.
    *Boss Fight: Leshy, Sahagin, and Domovoi*
    Three random encounter enemies against my can of whoop-ass?  Ha.
    *Boss Fight: Captain and Baron Marine x2*
    Same story as before.
    *Boss Fight: Gargoyle*
    Your only concern here is a successful Tornado, which decimates the HP of one of
    your party members.  Attack with everyone to kill him as fast as you can.
    *Boss Fight: Leshy, Sahagin, and Domovoi*
    Another easy victory.
    *Boss Fight: Captain and Baron Marine x2*
    Edward may have had a slight spaz attack, but that won't affect the progress of
    this battle.
    The string of battles is over now, and it's time for a visit from an old friend.
    Great to see you, buddy?  There's not much you can do about this one, so sit
    back and enjoy the cinema.
    Well, that went well.
    Pick up the pieces and head back to the throne room.  There's a secret passage
    in the top-right corner leading to a Spider Silk, Demon Shield, and Ether.  From
    here, head over to the inn and rest for more story.  The screen fades to black, 
    and you're teleported to the king, who gives you the keys to the plot bus and a
    nifty Deathbringer sword for Cecil.
    The bus...er, boat...docks at the pier you saw just to the northeast of Fabul, 
    so go that way.  Another word to the cheap: only Cecil need remain equipped at
    this point.
    To recap, the plan is to hop on a boat and hit Baron in its weak spot: its 
    abysmal maritime defenses.  Yang's wife is here to see you off; she entrusts
    you with the Counter Augment, which I recommend giving to Cecil at the first
    Watch your efforts come to fruition and console yourself with that augment when 
    you regain control.  Hey, you're lucky armor floats.
    Head east a little bit to the absolute best place in the world to be washed up 
    in if you're a Dark Knight who likes to cut down innocent villagers and steal 
    their stuff.  
    Talking to the villagers is worth a chuckle or two; they really hate you, for 
    some odd reason.  The weapons and armor shops are to the left, but they don't
    have that you'll find immediately useful.  The inn and item shop are to your
    right.  When you're done being the butt of everyone's joke, head to the large
    building in the center of town.
    The people inside want to chew you out, and you sort of owe them the 
    opportunity, so stand there and take it like a man.  The Elder sets you on your
    next quest, which is to ditch the power of Darkness because fighting fire with
    fire only makes sense with one specific use of the word.  To help you on your
    way, two mages join you.  Say hello to Palom and Porom, and immediately give
    the Auto-Potion Augment you've been saving to your new white mage.
    Reequip Palom and Porom, making sure that Palom keeps his Fire Staff for any
    undead you might be fighting in the near future.  Go ahead and sell all of your
    tents but one, and, f you have the cash, it's not a bad idea to buy some of that
    armor you can't wear yet.  Just saying.
    Monsters: Tiny Mage, Cockatrice, Gatlinghog, Zu
    Your destination is a fair hike to the East, making this an ideal leveling 
    opportunity.  There's a Chocobo Forest south of Mt. Ordeals, allowing you to
    recharge Porom's MP for free and heal more cheaply.  That rabbit is here, too, 
    and he takes every Tent in your position and gives you a measly 300 gil in 
    exchange.  Aren't you glad he only got one?
    Monsters: Bloodbones, Soul, Ghoul, Revenant, Spirit, Skeleton
    Treasure: Potion x2
    Map Completion: Antidote x5
    Approach the flames blocking the path to see the real reason why you brought
    the midgets along.  After the story, continue to the right for a chest 
    containing a Potion.  Then, head up the stairs for another one.  Keep
    following the path until you reach the exit at the top of the screen.
    Monsters: Bloodbones, Soul, Ghoul, Revenant, Spirit, Skeleton
    Map Completion: Hi-Potion x3
    Follow the trail up and to the right.  Hey, who's that?  Who cares that a party
    of three wimpy mages hiding behind one warrior is a little unbalanced?  Four's
    still better than three!  Just don't tell Palom that Mr. Famous has about half
    of his MP.
    Make sure your party is properly organized and equipped and continue on.
    Monsters: Lilith, Bloodbones, Soul, Ghoul, Revenant, Spirit, Skeleton
    Treasure: Ether x2
    Map Completion: Ether
    Bear right to fill in the map, then reverse direction and go all the way left
    and up the stairs for an Ether.  Head back to the way up you just bypassed and
    follow that path.  Head south for another Ether when the path opens up, and 
    continue to the exit.
    Map Completion: Red Fang
    Palom, stop making noises!  Oh, come on, Palom; we know it was you.  Little
    brothers are like that.  Fill in as much of the map as you can before taking the
    path up.  Before you go ALL the way up, there's a path leading off to the right
    that goes straight to a save point.  Could this be a hint?
    Return to the path leading up and take it.  Approach the bridge...
    *Boss Fight: Scarmiglione and Skulnant x4*
    Scarmiglione counters magic attacks with a Thunder spell of his own, so be wary
    of superfluous magical prods.  Open up with a Cry from Porom and a Bluff from
    Palom, then move on to Twin Magic.  Tellah has healing duty; when he doesn't
    need to cast a Cure spell, he should start taking things out with Fire.  Cecil
    isn't as useful as you might like against the undead, but he still chews 
    through the Skulnants without too much trouble.  A successful Twin casting
    should end the fight.
    Wasn't that fun?  Go back and save.  That probably wiped out your MP, so using
    a Cottage (since that Campingway punk stole all of your tents) might be a good 
    idea.  Now, head back up to the summit and continue across the bridge.  Just as
    you approach the bridge, flip your party configuration to put Cecil in the back
    and the mages in the front.
    *Boss Fight: Scarmiglione*
    I hope you saved.  You don't have the time or MP to waste on buffs, so get 
    started on Twin Magic immediately.  Scarmiglione counters physical attacks with 
    a mass slow effect and magical attacks with a mass poison/blind/silence/sleep 
    effect, so Tellah and Cecil must remain strictly on the support end of things.
    They can't do enough damage to justify the retaliation.  In the beginning, 
    Cecil can mitigate the damage from Scarmiglione's opening shots with items
    while Tellah sets up Blink on the twins, himself, and Cecil, in order of 
    priority.  Once you run out of MP for Twin Magic, you can either blow an ether
    or two, or you can finish things the hard way.  Scarmiglione does take damage
    from Cecil's physical attacks, and he's weak to Fire.  Don't forget about 
    Porom's healing rod; you should use it every turn once she's done with Twin 
    Magic.  Tellah probably won't have enough MP left from Blink to do much with 
    offensive magic, but Palom might still have a Fira or two in him; alternate 
    these with Bluff to maximize your damage.  If your characters aren't high enough
    level to have that much MP, you don't have much choice outside of the Fire Rod 
    and Cecil's physical attacks, and you're probably best off using at least one 
    Take stock of the damage, do what you need to do in order to walk around a bit 
    more, and approach the pedestal on the left.
    *Boss Fight: Dark Knight*
    It's time to atone the crap out of yourself.  Whatever you do, don't attack.
    Defend, heal with items if you just can't help yourself, but don't hit back.
    Congratulations, you won a spiffy blue headband! Enjoy your victory music.
    Take a moment to reequip Cecil and organize Tellah's magic, then make your way
    back to Mysidia.  Be on the lookout for a shiny on the ground halfway down the 
    Crossing area; it's a Curse Augment!  Go ahead and give it to Palom.
    Your first stop in Mysidia should be the armory, to finish outfitting Cecil in 
    cool new Paladin armor, assuming you couldn't afford to before.  Next, go have
    a chat with the Elder.  Plot revelations ensue, and the path forward is opened!
    I could tell you that the entrance to the Devil's Road is in a small structure 
    to the east side of town, but if you didn't listen when the man with the beard 
    said it, you're probably ignoring me, too.  Interestingly, no one on Baron's end
    seems particularly worried that hoardes of wizards will come pouring through to 
    avenge the loss of their crystal, so no one really minds that you're here, 
    Chat the townspeople up to figure out that your next destination, story-wise,
    ought to be the tavern adjacent to the inn.  But let's take a side trip, first.
    Leave town and hike your way to Mist, only without an exploding ring in your 
    pocket this time.
    Treasure: Gold Hairpin, Clothing, Polymorph Rod, Ruby Ring, Bomb Fragment x3
    Head into the first house to the north.  The empty fireplace is actually a 
    secret passage to a Gold Hairpin and some Clothing.  The Gold Hairpin is a nice
    helm for ladies.  There's another secret passage leading out of this room from
    the bottom-right corner; it leads to two chests containing a Polymorph Rod and
    a Ruby Ring.  You can do some shopping in the south part of town, too.  If you
    (miraculously) have the gil, a Dancing Dagger would be a nice addition to 
    Palom's current repetoire of ways to kill things.  Directly west of the shops,
    there's a secret path through the trees to a small clearing where you can find 
    two (no, seriously, they went there) bomb fragments hidden in the bushes.  
    There's a third one north of the inn in the two bushes to the right of the pond.
    When you're done, it's time to head back to Baron.
    Treasure: 2000 gil, Zeus's Wrath, 1000 gil
    Talk to the townspeople for some mood-setting dialogue, and then head over to 
    the Inn, where corrupt cops have taken over the pub.  And, hey, we recognize
    that guy!  Go say hi.
    *Boss Fight: Baron Guardsman x2*
    These guys don't have too much up their sleeves; your standard attack formation
    should be just fine.
    *Boss Fight: Yang*
    Kick was really cool when you could use it, right?  It's way less cool now that
    it hits all of YOUR guys at once.  Blink, cast by Porom and Tellah, can be
    useful if you find this to be a hard fight, but if your characters are high 
    enough level, it should be over in a few rounds of attacks from Cecil.
    Well, sounds like you knocked some sense into him--literally.  Story follows
    as you catch each other up to speed.  Now that you have a key, it's time to go
    shopping.  Oddly enough, the shopkeepers seem to have been locked inside with 
    their wares, and, instead of jumping for joy and running out to grab a burger,
    they'll happily sell you things.  Bunnyway is also hanging out in here.  Go 
    figure.  Before you go shopping, hit the secret passage to the left of the 
    crate in the bottom-right corner.  The chests behind the merchants contain 
    2000 gil and a Zeus's Wrath, and they don't mind if you take it.  
    Once you've finished your shopping, head to the west part of the town, south of
    Cid's house, and use the Baron Key to open the locked door.  See that treasure
    chest on your map?  You know there has to be a way to get to it, and there is,
    in fact, a secret entrance in the middle of the right-hand wall.  Collect
    1000 gil and then backtrack to head down the stairs.
    Monsters: Killer Fish, Splasher, Devil's Castanet, Fangshell
    Treasure: Hi-Potion, Ether, Zeus's Wrath
    Map Completion: Hi-Potion x3
    Follow the path, bearing right a little to fill in the map.  Go all the way down
    and right to collect a Hi-Potion, Ether, and Zeus's Wrath, then follow the loop
    up and back to the left until you hit a path going north.  Follow this to the
    Monsters: Gigas Gator, Alligator, Devil's Castanet, Killer Fish, Splasher
    Treasure: Hermes Sandals, Bronze Hourglass, Spider Silk
    Map Completion: Ether
    The secret passages on this map can be a bit frustrating if you don't hit them
     straight on, so don't give up.  There's only one path, so get going.  Things
    get murky once you start heading south; bear left to get to a chest containing a
    Bronze Hourglass.  Go south and east for a Spider Silk.  Backtrack to where the 
    path first turned south; there's a secret passage off to the right that you can
     follow into the water and to a chest containing Hermes Sandals on a little 
    island.  Keep heading south to fill in more of the map, then backtrack to the 
    treasure chest and pass through the wall to the right.  You'll need to go south
    to fill in the map, and then exit to the north.  
    Monsters: Hydra
    Treasure: Ether
    Map Completion: Remedy x3
    This is a pretty small area.  Right before the exit, walk through the left wall
    to find a treasure chest containing an Ether.
    Monsters: Flood Worm, Hydra, Baron Guardsman
    Treasure: Ancient Sword
    Take the left-hand exit first, which leads to a room with a save point and a 
    secret passage to a treasure chest containing an Ancient Sword.  Save if you 
    like, but don't waste a tent; there's free healing up ahead.  Go back and take
    the exit on the right this time.
    Treasure: Unicorn Horn x2, Phoenix Down x2, Ether x3, Hermes Sandals x2,
    Bacchus' Wine x2, Hi-Potion x2, Tent x2, Elixir
    Hey, we found a back door!  Go down around the left side of the castle until 
    you reach an opening that allows you to travel within the walls.  Take this 
    opportunity to head up to Cecil's room and take a nap.
    Now that you're feeling well-rested, get back to exploring.  Your goal is the
    throne room.  As you're approaching, you run into an old friend--Baigan, the
    captain of the Royal Guard.  Sounds like he's the only survivor, and he's more 
    than happy to join your party.
    *Boss Fight: Baigan*
    Baigan counters magic attacks with reflect, so don't waste your time.  Palom and
    Porom's Twin Magic is not reflected, leaving it a nice damage option.  Cecil and
    Yang should attack while Tellah keeps everyone in Blink status and heals when
    necessary.  A few castings of Twin Magic should finish him off.
    Now that you can explore more of the castle, there's some treasure to be had.
    Exit the main chamber through the right and head over to where that
    guard wouldn't let you loot before.  He's either evil or dead, because the door 
    is wide open and there's no one to stop you from heading inside.  The chests 
    contain two Unicorn Horns, two Phoenix Downs, and two Ethers.  Backtrack to 
    where you just came from and take the door in the lower part of the screen, 
    which leads outside.  From here, head up to access the East Tower.  The chests
    here contain two Hermes Sandals and two Bacchus' Wine.  There are two 
    Hi-Potions a floor up, and an Ether and two Tents above that.  There's not much
    downstairs besides an Elixir hidden in the leftmost candelabra, and you won't be
    able to go the entire way down the hallway until your task here is complete.
    I recommend a trip back to the save point and another stay in Chateau Cecil 
    before continuing on to the throne room.  If you gave Porom that Gold Hairpin, 
    take it back, along with any other really neat equipment the kids shouldn't be
    playing with in the first place.
    *Boss Fight: Cagnazzo*
    The best damage dealer on your team for this fight is Yang equipped with a
    Thunder Claw.  Focus for a few turns and then let loose with a punch for 
    maximum effect.  Porom can open with a Cry, and, believe it or not, casting
    Slow on Cagnazzo can really help turn the tide in your favor.  A few 
    well-placed Blink spells from the white mages will be useful, but, because
    Cagnazzo counters magic attacks, it's best to not gratuitously provoke the
    turtle.  Rather, Palom should Bluff occasionally and mostly stand by to cast a
    Thunder spell when Cagnazzo begins to gather water.  You can tell you're making 
    progress if he retreats into his shell; don't let up the attack and you'll be
    fine.  If Yang or Palom is slowed, Tellah can cast Haste if he still has the MP.
    Cecil should mostly be on healing detail.
    After the fight, it's time for some thrilling heroics and more story.
    Ignore the plot compass and land right away.  Return to the Ancient Waterway B3
    to find the Tsunami augment.  If you go back to the castle, you can stop by and 
    visit Palom and Porom, but don't bother wasting any items on them.  While you're
     in Baron, you may as well be lazy and take the Serpent Road back to Mysidia, 
    where the Elder is waiting to give you some augments; which ones depends on how 
    many you gave Palom and Porom while they were still in your party.  When you're 
    finished hanging out around here, it's time to hop in that Airship and go!
    Now that you have the Airship, the plot bus no longer limits where you can go.
    To continue the main story, head for Troia, which is to the north-east of Baron.
    You also have the option of exploring or doing random shopping, as your Airship
    grants access to Mythril, Agart, and Castle Eblan.  There are some decent items
    to be found in all three places, but this guide will only focus on Mythril and 
    Eblan right now; Agart is visited as part of the story later on.  You can skip 
    ahead to that section if you just can't wait, but there's no reason not to.  
    Most of what you find is pretty run-of-the-mill.
    Treasure: Diet Ration, Maiden's Kiss, Mythril Staff, Mythril Knife, 5000 gil
    Mythril is halfway between Fabul and Mt. Ordeals on a small island.
    Left of the Inn, hidden in the bushes at the edge of the trees, you can find a
    Diet Ration.  There's a Maiden's Kiss in the well in the lower-right corner of
    town.  There's a Mythril Staff hidden near the barrel on the right side of the
    house in the upper-right section, and a Mythril Knife in a strangely impassable
    path of ground between this house and the Armory.  Behind the tree between the
    Item Shop and the Armory, you can find 5000 gil.  You can go in the shops and
    have a look around, but don't spend your money on any Mythril equipment just
    Treasure: Sleep Blade, Bacchus's Wine, Silencing Arrows, 10k gil, Coeurl 
    Whisker, Ninja Sutra x3, Hermes Sandals, Emergency Exit, Hi-Potion x3, Blood 
    Lance, Silver Hourglass, Ether x2, Silver Apple, Unicorn Horn, Gold Needle, 
    Maiden's Kiss, Cottage, Bomb Core
    Find Eblan by flying south-east of Baron.  Save before entering; this place can
    be dangerous!
    Start by going up, left, down, and around to get the the WEST TOWER 1F.  The 
    chest on the right is accessible by a secret passage a little below the flowers
    on the right side, and it contains a Sleep Blade with an enemy ambush of 
    Skuldier x2 and a Steel Golem.  The Skuldiers are weak to Fire and Holy and the 
    Steel Golem is weak to Ice, but they all pack a punch you're not necessarily
    supposed to be able to take at this point in the game, and you might need to 
    give this more than one try.  Lead off with a Slow or Stop to make this fight a
    lot easier.  Continue up the stairs.
    There's a Bacchus's Wine in the trio of pots in front of you.  You can reach 
    the treasure chests through a secret passage through the bottom of the screen,
    right next to the wall.  The one on the left contains Silencing Arrows, and
    the one on the right contains 10,000 gil.  There's a path to the chest on the
    floor below hidden in the south-west corner.  Collect your Bomb Core and leave
    via a hidden passage in the bottom of the room.
    Make your way to the entrance and take the central path.  The treasure chest in
    the first room is accessed through a secret passage immediately to its left; it
    contains a Hi-Potion.  Continue up a floor.  All that treasure and no obvious
    way to get to it!  Keep going up.  There's a secret passage in the middle of the
    western wall; take it to some descending stairs.  The top treasure chest 
    contains a Unicorn Horn; the bottom, an Alarm Clock.  Return to the throne room
    and find a similar passage through the eastern wall; the three chests you find 
    contain a Gold Needle, a Cottage, and a Maiden's Kiss.  On your way out of the
    throne room, check behind the throne for another Ninja Sutra.
    Make your way back to the entrance, and now head for the EAST TOWER 1F.  The 
    chest on the left contains a Coeurl Whisker and can be accessed by a secret
    passage through the adjacent wall near the top of the room.  There's a Ninja
    Sutra in the flowerpot on the right.  Head up a floor and press the switch on
    your immediate right.  The chest on your left contains a Hi-Potion.  There are 
    Hermes Sandals in the pot above the duo of chests, which contain an Emergency 
    Exit and a Hi-Potion.  The chest on the right can be accessed through a secret 
    passage to the right of these two chests.  It contains a Blood Lance and another
     enemy ambush.  This time, it's Coeurl x2 and a Lamia.  The Lamia inflicts 
    confuse randomly, and the Coeurls have an instant death attack!  Yay.  You need
     to do about 12,000 points of damage between the three, but the Coeurls only 
    have 2000 each, so focus on them.  Start off with an item that stops everyone 
    and focus on finishing off the Coeurls.  Tellah should cast Bio early in the 
    fight to help you out, and then Haste Yang, who will be the primary damage 
    dealer.  Ideally, the Lamia will be alone when she can act again, and at this 
    point only Yang should attack.  Tellah can keep himself in MP by casting 
    Osmose on Lamia and keep her Slowed.
    Next, drop down the hole and collect the chest you saw on the previous floor,
    which contains a Silver Hourglass.  Go down the hole on this floor to reach 
    EBLAN CASTLE -CELLAR PASSAGE.  Check the candle for a Ninja Sutra.  There are 
    three chests down here, and they contain Ether x2 and a Silver Apple...along 
    with an enemy ambush.  Three Mad Ogres is never going to be a fun fight, but if 
    you took care of that Lamia, you're probably in good shape.  Start off with a 
    Slow or a Stop from Tellah and then just beat them into the dirt.  Cecil's 
    Sleep Blade is fairly effective at putting them to sleep, so pay attention to 
    who you're attacking.  Remember, it doesn't matter how hard they hit if they 
    never get to go.  When you're done, continue down the passage to exit the 
    castle.  Phew!
    Treasure: Phoenix Down, Ether, 1000 gil, Decoy, Dry Ether
    You may recall someone talking about these crystals and how we don't want 
    Golbez to get them; that's more or less the point of the game right now.  Three
    crystals down and one to go, so chase after that last one and see if your plot
    bus can beat the game's smackdown wagon.  The Earth Crystal is located in Troia,
    which you can reach by flying east of Baron.  The patch of clear land where you
    can park your airship is a lot more obvious than it used to be; clearly, these
    people should worry less about which megalomaniac is advocating absolute 
    monarchy and more about deforestation.
    Head into the town first, for their is loot to be had, and any good RPG player
    delays following the plot for as long as possible.  The shops are on your map,
    but don't get too excited... they're not selling anything you really want to 
    buy.  Hey, get back here--it's still not time to go shopping in Mythril.  There
    is a free Tent lying around to the right of the armor shop, next to the crate,
    and two Hi-Potions in the space behind the weapon and armor shops that, due to
    invisible barrier shenanigans, can only be accessed by the northernmost bridge.
    That rabbit is hanging out north of the item shop; he has a mission, should you 
    choose to accept it.  The Pub is the central building in town; your target is
    behind the bar, but the guy next to the door sells you more items.  If you have
    100k gil to spare, email me and explain, because it's a totally ridiculous goal
    at this point in the game, but you could, theoretically, purchase a Member's
    Writ and gain access to The Happiest Place on Earth.  I could get into the
    hilarious irony of the matriarchal society also being the only one that seems
    to tolerate prostitution, but it's not really that hilarious, and the last thing
    I expect from a Japanese video game is gender sensitivity.  Moving right along.
    When you're done being a cad, you cad, take a swim in the river.  There's a
    Phoenix Down near the bottom of the northish pondlike thingie.  Climb out on 
    the northern bank to find an Ether below the girl.  There's 1000 gil to her left
    and a Decoy a little further left.  Most importantly, don't forget the Dry Ether
    next to the entrance to her glade.
    Before you depart, head into the weapons shop, pick your favorite element, and
    buy a Shard.  I recommend Fire, and I'd stay away from Lightning, but, hey, it's
    your funeral.
    That's about it for the town.  Your next destination is the castle.  You don't
    need directions, do you?
    Treasure: Bacchus's Wine, Tent x2, Hi-Potion x2, Ether x2, Ruby Ring x2
    This is, incidentally, my favorite music in the game.  Head up the promenade; 
    those only look like stairs, and you can't climb them.  Lame.  Say hi to the
    guards; this is a city of women, so even the soldiers are basically caregivers.
    (No, I'm not done inserting feminist asides into this guide; the typical gamer
    could probably use a few, anyway.)  As you pass under the arch, you can find
    secret passages to the left and right that allow you access to the water, but
    there's not much there besides some talking frogs.  More guards, from whom we 
    find out that we want to speak to some Epopts.  Great word.
    Head inside to find more guards (man, am I loving the pink armor; Rosa, pay 
    attention), who scoff at the idea of a prince being washed up on their shores. 
    Hey, don't we know a prince who might concievably have taken too deep a dip?
    Take the left exit from this room to find a path to the infirmary.  Injured
    people and story lie within.
    Well, in the SNES version, you would have been like "no, please, stay in bed--
    we're so tired of you hiding when we need to heal you!", but I kinda want him to
    take the chance and give us some more free regen.  You get a plot item, learn
    that Rydia didn't make it (but, seriously, do we believe that at this point?), 
    and reveal Cecil's psychic abilities; we haven't followed the plot, yet, but he
    already knows what the Epopts are presumably going to tell us.
    Return to the previous chamber and take the right-hand exit.  There are three
    descending staircases in here.  The one on the left isn't useful to you yet;
    the one in the middle leads to a lousy Bacchus's Wine hidden in a pot in the
    corner; and the one on the right leads to several chests.  You can obtain two
    Tents, two Hi-Potions, two Ethers, and two Ruby Rings.
    It's time to return to the central chamber and proceed past the chancellor to 
    meet with the Epopts.  Make sure you choose all of the dialogue options that
    indicate, as you revealed to Edward, that you already knew all about the Dark
    Elf and his nefarious schemes.
    On your way in, stop to chat with the guard on the right.  Are you serious?
    Really?  Mobility?  That's original.
    Monsters: Treant, Mortblossom, Cave Naga, Ettin Snake
    Before you head north to find a way to Lodestone Cavern, you're going to need
    to assemble an alternative to the metal equipment you're probably loaded down 
    Lodestone Cavern is on an island to the north, but your Airship can't land 
    there; there are too many trees.  Dust off your hiking boots and head north 
    through the forest.  Be prepared for several random encounters along the way.
    The damn Treants cast Stop ad nauseum, so put them at the top of your 
    kill-them-fast list.
    You're looking for a Chocobo Forest all the way at the north end of the 
    continent.  Hey, look purple, uh, black chocobos!  These guys can fly, but they
    can only land in forests, and the return trip will always take you straight
    back here.  Less convenient than Airships, but necessary to reach Lodestone 
    Cavern, which is to the east.
    Monsters: Cait Sith, Needlehog, Ogre
    Treasure: Hi-Potion, Unicorn Horn
    Map Completion: Ether
    As you were warned, metal equipment is a bad idea here.  Here's what I recommend
    for each of your characters: Kenpo Gi armor for Cecil, Yang, and Cid; Sage's
    Surplice for Tellah.  Wizard's Hat for Cecil; Feathered Cap for Tellah; Headband
    for Yang and Cid.  Ruby Ring for everyone; it's cute how silver is suddenly
    magnetic.  The only weapon you should have to worry about is Cecil's; 
    unfortunately, you have no choice but to pick your favorite element and buy a 
    Shard from the shop in Troia.  This is, without a doubt, the least useful
    Cecil will ever be as a fighter.  He does so little damage that he's mostly a
    healing battery.
    Follow the path all the way to the right to collect a Hi-Potion from the chest.
    Backtrack to the fork and head down.  There's another chest containing a
    Unicorn Horn right above the exit.
    Monsters: Cait Sith, Needlehog, Ogre
    Treasure: Ether x2, 2000 gil
    Map Completion: Vampire Fang x3
    Follow the path to a bridge going left and take it.  Make your way down to a
    chest containing an Ether, and then backtrack.  Make sure you head far enough
    right to fill in your map.  A door to the right of the second bridge leads to a
    small area with two treasure chests containing 2000 gil and an Ether.  Continue
    left to the exit.  This map can be a little tricky to complete; there's a corner
    near the exit that can only be filled in from just below the bridge, even though
    it seems like it's further away.
    Monsters: Cait Sith, Needlehog, Ogre, Succubus
    Treasure: Hi-Potion, Spider Silk, Bronze Hourglass
    Map Completion: Silent Bell x3
    Head left to a door leading to a save point, then follow the path in its 
    generally downish manner.  When you come to the bridge, skip it for now and 
    continue down and to the right to a room with chests.  Collect a Hi-Potion,
    Spider Silk, and Bronze Hourglass.  Now backtrack to the bridge and cross it.
    First go south to fill in the map, and then follow the path up to a door to a 
    small area with a chest containg Faerie Claws.  Exit stage right.
    Monsters: Cave Naga, Ettin Snake, Cave Bat, Succubus
    Treasure: Emergency Exit
    Map Completion: Dry Ether
    Follow the path left and take the second bridge to a save point before 
    backtracking to the ominously statue-flanked way forward.  From here, you can 
    skip the door and head left and down to a chest containing an Emergency Exit.
    Then, go forward, and face the music.  Reequip your guys in their cool
    magnetic equipment first, though.
    *Boss Fight: Dark Elf*
    Start off by having Cecil cast Protect and Tellah cast shell.  After that, the
    competent people should just attack while the old fogey casts Cure every round.
    You may have to jump in there with some extra healing, but the important thing
    is not to burn through your MP, because this is over pretty quickly.
    *Boss Fight: Dark Dragon*
    Without giving you a chance to reequip, save, etc., Dark Elf morphs into Dark
    Dragon.  This is the real battle.  Keeping everyone alive is priority, and so is
    casting Slow on your enemy.  Poison, Silence, and Blind are some other
    relatively cheap status-effects that will help you out a lot.  For the most 
    part, save Tellah's MP for these and for healing; your fighters will do the
    bulk of the damage.  If you're careful and you let Cecil share healing duties,
    Tellah should still have enough MP at the end of the fight to cast a Teleport,
    making your exit much easier.
    After you win, don't forget to collect the Earth Crystal before high-tailing it
    out of here.
    Treasure: Hi-Potion x2, Remedy x2, Ether x2, Dry Ether x2, Echo Herbs x2,
    Elixir, Silver Apple, Great Bow, Ice Arrows, Fire Arrows, Lightning Arrows,
    50k gil, 5000 gil
    Head back to see the Epopts for some story.  Kain has clearly been spending his
    free time learning to be a first-rate ventriloquist.
    Be sure to chat with the Epopts (I'm never getting tired of that word) before 
    leaving, as one of them gives you permission to loot the basement you weren't
    allowed to before.  Exit back to the main room, take the main exit, and then 
    take the left staircase.  In the chests, you'll find two each of Hi-Potions,
    Remedies, Ethers, Dry Ethers, and Echo Herbs; an Elixir, a Silver Apple, a Great
    Bow, Ice Arrows, Fire Arrows, 50,000 gil, 5000 gil, and Lightning Arrows.  That
    sure was nice of those Epopts; they must be under the impression that we're 
    returning the Crystal of Earth to them.
    Now that you've collected your loot, go pay a visit to Edward, the guy who just
    saved your butt.  Depending on what augments you gave him before, he has some to
    give you now.
    When you're ready for more plot, hop in the Airship.
    Monsters: Marionette, Marionetteer, Purple Bavarois, Centaur Knight, 
    Frost Beast
    Treasure: Flame Mail
    Map Completion: Zeus's Wrath x5
    Gee, and I really thought that he'd just make the swap.  If you head to your 
    left, you can leave the Tower by walking into the portal.  Unfortunately, you've
    lost control of your Airship, so I hope you didn't want to go anywhere without
    a handy patch of forest for the black chocobos to land in.
    Start by filling in the map to your left and right.  Go back to the central area
    and take the path going up and to the left to find a chest with a Flame Mail.
    Fill in the rest of the map before heading to the upper-right portion where the
    exit is.
    Monsters: Centaur Knight, Purple Bavarois, Gremlin, Ice Lizard
    Treasure: Flame Sword
    Map Completion: Heavenly Wrath x3
    Follow the path left and up.  The exit is all the way to the left, but you'll
    have to do a bit of walking around to fill in the map.  There's a chest 
    containing a Flame Sword and an enemy ambush if you follow the path all the way 
    down and to the right.  The fight is against a Flame Dog, so be careful if 
    you've equipped your characters to deal fire-based damage.  Watch out for the
    Blaze attack that can decimate your party's HP and keep everyone healed, and you
    should be fine.
    Monsters: Ice Lizard, Black Knight, Soldieress, Fell Turtle
    Map Completion: Blue Fang
    This is another floor where filling in the map involves irritating backtracking.
    Head all the way right, then up, loop back down and go left, fill in the map in 
    this big loop, backtrack to the first loop and continue up and left to the exit.
    Monsters: Sorceress, Soldieress, Ice Beast, Ice Lizard, Fell Turtle, Black 
    Treasure: Gaia Hammer, Sage's Surplice, Hell Claws, Flame Shield
    Map Completion: Elixir
    You start out with only one way to go, so go that way.  Head up at the first 
    fork, and then left for a door to the next floor and a treasure chest containing
    a Gaia Hammer, which Cid should equip immediately and spam every turn for earth-
    elemental damage to all enemies.  Backtrack to that last fork and go right,
    heading up the stairs to a chest with a Sage's Surplice.  Backtrack again and go
    up for another door leading to a chest with Hell Claws.  Keep going left along 
    this path and all the way down for a Flame Shield.  Now back track to the lower
    path and continue right past the fork and all the way up to the exit (finally!).
    Monsters: Ice Beast, Ice Lizard, Soldieress
    Map Completion: Bronze Hourglass x3
    Follow the path down.  See that door?  Inside is a save point.  Use it!  
    Continue along the path...
    *Boss Fight: Magus Sisters*
    Your enemies have a pretty set pattern of attacks.  Cindy heals, Mindy casts
    offensive spells, and Sandy casts Reflect on Mindy.  This is probably the order
    you want to take them out in.  Tellah should start by casting Shell on everyone
    and then Haste on Cid, Cecil, and Yang, in that order.  After that, he's on 
    healing duty; just be careful to use items instead of spells if you need to heal
    someone who caught a reflected Reflect.  Cid is, by far, your most valuable
    character in this fight; he should do nothing but spam that Gaia Hammer.  Cecil
    should generally attack, or pitch in with healing as needed, and Yang can either
    Kick or just Attack. 
    Go back and save.  Let's make the upcoming Tellah vs. Golbez Battle Royale a
    bit more of a challenge by removing all of Tellah's gear before we continue on 
    our way.
    Continue to the next floor and head up for some epic storyline stuff.  
    When that's over, don't forget to pick up the one-to-three shinies that are 
    laying around, depending on how many Augments you gave Tellah.  Next, go see how
    buddy is doing.  His body didn't get corpse-invisibility or whatever, so he's 
    probably more or less okay.
    Watch the touching reunion, etc., and equip your new buddies.  I recommend 
    keeping Cid and Rosa in the back row.  Start heading for the exit...
    Follow the path down.  See that door?  Inside is a save point.  Use it!  
    Continue along the path...
    *Boss Fight: Magus Sisters*
    Your enemies have a pretty set pattern of attacks.  Cindy heals, Mindy casts
    offensive spells, and Sandy casts Reflect on Mindy.  This is probably the order
    you want to take them out in.  Tellah should start by casting Shell on everyone
    and then Haste on Cid, Cecil, and Yang, in that order.  After that, he's on 
    healing duty; just be careful to use items instead of spells if you need to heal
    someone who caught a reflected Reflect.  Cid is, by far, your most valuable
    character in this fight; he should do nothing but spam that Gaia Hammer.  Cecil
    should generally attack, or pitch in with healing as needed, and Yang can either
    Kick or just Attack. 
    Go back and save.  Let's make the upcoming Tellah vs. Golbez Battle Royale a
    bit more of a challenge by removing all of Tellah's gear before we continue on 
    our way.
    Continue to the next floor and head up for some epic storyline stuff.  
    When that's over, don't forget to pick up the one-to-three shinies that are 
    laying around, depending on how many Augments you gave Tellah.  Next, go see how
    buddy is doing.  His body didn't get corpse-invisibility or whatever, so he's 
    probably more or less okay.
    Watch the touching reunion, etc., and equip your new buddies.  I recommend 
    keeping Cid and Rosa in the back row.  Start heading for the exit...
    *Boss Fight: Barbarricia*
    Open up with a Slow from Rosa, followed by Shell; Cecil should start by casting
    Protect.  Barbarricia counters physical attacks, so, after that, Cecil should 
    stick to using items, healing spells, and Cover on Rosa.  Cid's Gaia Hammer 
    isn't useful at all here, so keep him on the Item Patrol, too.  Yang will be
    your primary physical attacker, and he should always Focus a couple of times 
    before going, to minimize the number of counter attacks he draws.  If
    Barbariccia turns into a tornado, she'll be invulnerable until Kain Jumps on 
    her, so make sure he's always available for that.  This fight might feel like 
    it's taking a while, but that's mostly because only two of your characters get
    to do anything.
    We're back in a place that Rosa is clearly very familiar with.  When Kain's done
    explaining the plot, head outside and pick up your fabulous remote-controlled
    We're supposed to be looking for some place to do something with that key item
    you just got, but we're going to take a detour first.  Head back to Lodestone
    Cavern and make your way all the way back to the crystal chamber.  I know, I
    know, but there's an augment lying on the floor for you to collect.
    If you've been frugal thus far, you might have the money to buy a Member's Writ
    in the pub in Troia.  Definitely do so if this is the case.  Give it to the man 
    standing in the back of the pub and explore your new horizons...or whatever.
    If you head for the door through which the dancers enter, you'll find a secret
    path leading to the Gil Farmer augment.  It's a good idea to give this to 
    someone who spends a lot of time in your party, like, say, Cecil.  Just saying.
    When you're ready to pursue the plot, hop in your Airship and fly to Agart, an
    island almost directly south of Baron.
    Treasure: Hi-Potion, Phoenix Down, Cottage, Potion, Gaia Drum, Antarctic Wind
    The house in the lower left is the home of an astronomer who will let you look
    through his telescope, if you're interested.  If you take the stairs behind the
    pond and go all the way down to the end of the outcropping, there's a Hi-Potion
    hidden in the bushes.  You can find a Phoenix Down behind the bush obstructing
    the right-hand path around the little patch of raised ground south of the lake,
    and a Potion in the smaller bushes above that.  There's a Cottage hidden behind
    the bush east of the pond.  Namingway is hanging out in the house just to the 
    east of the pond, and there's a Gaia Drum hidden in the bushes to the left.
    There's an Antarctic Wind in the small bushes below the house.
    Namingway's new request for you is that you find him some Rainbow Pudding.  This
    is a rare drop from all flan-type monsters, so good luck.
    When you're done checking out the town, head to the well in the very center of
    town.  Toss the Magma Stone down the hatch.
    Finish up any business you may have top-side, and then fly your Airship over to 
    the newly created belly button of the world.
    The ship's on auto-pilot for now, while you watch some story happen.  Hey, 
    tanks!  I gotta get me one of those.
    When you regain control, head south.  
    Treasure: Gysahl Greens x3, 5000 gil, Dwarven Axe, Ether x2, Elixir x2, Silver
    Hourglass, Power Armlet, Hi-Potion, Bacchus's Wine x2, Black Belt Gi, 
    Cottage x3, Bomb Fragment
    It's not much of a hike to safety.  When you enter, head straight up.  Cid's 
    going to be pretty busy with his busted Airship for a while, so now's a good 
    time to relieve him of any good equipment he may be carrying.
    You can head through the left exit if you need to rest or buy any items, but
    your exploration of the castle is limited for now.  There's also 5000 gil to be
    found in the corner to the left of the counter, right where you see what looks
    like a coin box on the counter.  When you're ready, head to the throne room, 
    which you can reach by going up from the first indoor chamber.
    *Boss Fight: Chuckie x6*
    Okay, you're actually fighting Calca x3 and Brina x3.  Rosa should start out by 
    casting Slow while Cecil casts Protect.  It might seem like a really good idea 
    to go nuts with Yang's Kick here, but each of the six dolls gets a chance to 
    counter that.  If you're going to be doing mass attacks, take a few turns to 
    Focus first.  If you don't manage a quick victory, you'll have to fight the 
    survivors in their merged form: Calcabrina.
    Watch some story, and then...
    *Boss Fight: Golbez*
    Start this fight off by casting Slow on Golbez, Shell on the party, and having 
    Kain jump.  If you can pull all three off, you'll be in good shape, but there's
    not a lot of room for error here.  After a bit, all of your characters but Cecil
    will be auto-killed.  When you regain control, revive Rosa as quickly as 
    possible.  Cast Libra to determine what elemental damage to go for, and then 
    have Rydia summon or cast black magic to take Golbez down.  Cecil and Rosa will
    be too busy healing the trio to bother bringing Yang or Kain back to life.  If
    Rosa does get a spare turn, you're better off taking a chance on Prayer to get 
    Rydia some free MP back, but you should be fine without it.  It takes about 
    three successful summons to defeat him.
    I like it better when deus ex machina lets ME win.
    After the battle, King Giott outlines your new plan.  Instead of racing Golbez 
    to the next crystal and either getting there moments too late or doing all the
    hard work for him so he can simply snatch the prize out of your hands, you're 
    going to let Golbez go after the next one while you sneak into his tower and
    steal the other seven.  This dwarf guy could probably get us out of Iraq, too,
    if he put his mind to it.
    Now that you're free to explore the castle, have at it.  Don't forget to heal
    your party and go shopping.  Give your new Augment to Cecil to replace Cover, if
    you want my advice, and, if you don't, what are we doing here, anyway?  If you
    found and delivered the Rainbow Pudding to Whoeverway, he'll be hanging out in
    the Pub here, and you can get the Eye Gouge Augment from him.  
    If you head back to the inn and take the stairs in the right part of that room,
    you'll come to a hallway in the middle of which is the dwarf who will let you 
    use the secret passage.  Past that, there's a place to summon a Fat Chocobo, or
    Godsbird, as is the local parlance; there are three Gysahl Greens in the pots 
    to the right of the nest.  Head up the stairs here to reach the weaponsmith and
    armory.  The lower left stairs lead back to the chamber before the throne room;
    take the door between the two counters.
    This is the pub, but it seems pretty sparse for the place where the dwarves go
    to get drunk.  Aren't they supposed to be a little more lusty than that?  If
    you check the lower portion of the right-hand wall, you'll find a secret passage
    leading to another area.  You've found the Developer's Office!  Talk to 
    everyone here and check the bookshelf.  Return to the counter you passed before
    and place the "magazine" you found on the counter to the right of the caped
    guy.  When you're done, go downstairs and pick up the shiny.  It's the Reach 
    When you're done, return to the shops and take the stairs in the upper right.
    You're now in the EAST TOWER - 1F, where you can find a treasure chest
    containing a Dwarven Axe.  The dude on the second floor informs you that this 
    stuff is yours for the looting, possibly in a passive-aggressive bid to remind
    you that he knew you were going to take it anyway.  All that's in here is a
    Bacchus's Wine hidden in the pot by itself to the left of the ascending
    staircase.  You can access it by walking under the pots at the bottom of the 
    room.  Keep going up.  The Ether is easy to reach; you can get the Silver
    Hourglass and Power Armlet to your right and left, respectively, by aiming for
    a secret passage in the lower portion of the adjacent wall.  You can use the 
    same passage to traverse the lower wall and find an Elixir in the chest below.
    Return to the first floor of the East Tower and take the exit in the lower part
    of the room to reach the battlements, from which you can access the 
    aptly-named West Tower.  Head up to the second floor.  If you go around the pots
    on the left side of the room, you can get between them and the wall and find a
    Bacchus's Wine in the cluster all the way to the right.  For all the dwarven
    generosity, that's it for here.  Go upstairs.  The chest on the left is easily
    accessed; the other chests are accessed through a secret passage running inside 
    the walls.  Start by heading up when you're still inside the doorway to the 
    first chest.  You can collect a Hi-Potion, Elixir, Black Belt Gi, and an Ether.
    When you're finished, head back to the door that was previously guarded.  The 
    door leads to an area with three chests containing three Cottages.  In the next
    area, there's a suspicious patch of blank floor that you can't actually walk on;
    check it for a Bomb Fragment.  Is it just me, or did the developers really drop
    the ball with hidden items?  (If you're having trouble finding it, it's almost
    straight below the third dwarf from the right, where the floor changes color, 
    and a little to the left.)  There's a fabulous pot of free healing behind 
    another dwarf all the way to the left, and the exit is below him.
    Monsters: Armadillo, Magma Tortoise, Fell Turtle, Goblin Captain, Black Lizard,
    Sorry, couldn't help myself.  (Would you prefer "Hell Countryside"?)
    The Tower of Babil is to the north, but it wouldn't hurt to spend a little time
    leveling Rydia up when you're this close to free healing.  Her HP could really
    use some implants.  As you approach the Tower, you'll see a trio of cute blue
    tanks valiantly attempting to blow up the monolith.  I sort of hope they don't
    succeed while I'm inside.
    INN - 50
    Potion 30
    Phoenix Down 100
    Gold Needle 80
    Eye Drops 30
    Antidote 40
    Tent 100
    Bestiary 50
    SUNDRIES II (return to Baron)
    Hi-Potion 150
    Echo Herbs 50
    Maiden's Kiss 60
    Gnomish Bread 100
    Red Fang 5500
    White Fang 5500
    Blue Fang 5500
    WEAPONSMITH (return to Baron)
    Thunder Rod 700
    Healing Staff 480
    Flame Claws 350
    Ice Claws 450
    Lightning Claws 550
    ARMORER (return to Baron)
    Headband 450
    Kenpo Gi 4000
    Silver Armlet 650
    INN - 50
    Potion 30
    Phoenix Down 100
    Gold Needles 80
    Maiden's Kiss 60
    Eye Drops 30
    Antidote 40
    Tent 100
    Emergency Exit 200
    Rod 100
    Staff 160
    Bow 220
    Arrows 50
    Leather Cap 100
    Clothing 50
    Leather Clothing 200
    Iron Armlet 100
    INN - 100
    Potion 30
    Phoenix Down 100
    Gold Needle 80
    Maiden's Kiss 60
    Eye Drops 30
    Antidote 40
    Tent 100
    Gysahl Greens 50
    Flame Claws 350
    Ice Claws 450
    Lightning Claws 550
    Demon Helm 980
    Demon Armor 3000
    Demon Gloves 800
    INN - 200
    Hi-Potion 150
    Phoenix Down 100
    Gold Needle 80
    Echo Herbs 50
    Antidote 40
    Cottage 500
    Emergency Exit 200
    Bestiary 50
    Wizard's Hat 700
    Gaia Gear 500
    Silver Armlet 650
    Lustrous Shield 700
    Lustrous Helm 4000
    Knight's Armor 8000
    Gauntlets 3000
    Ice Rod 220
    Flame Rod 380
    Healing Staff 480
    Power Bow 700
    Holy Arrows 500
    INN - 50
    Bard's Tunic 700
    Whip 3000
    Dancing Dagger 5000
    INN - 500
    Maiden's Kiss 60
    Mallet 80
    Diet Ration 100
    Bomb Crank 1200
    Arctic Wind 1200
    Heavenly Wrath 1200
    Mythril Shield 1000
    Mythril Helm 3000
    Mythril Armor 17000
    Mythril Gloves 2000
    Mythrill Staff 4000
    Mythril Knife 3000
    Mythril Hammer 8000
    Mythril Sword 6000
    INN - 400
    Wooden Hammer 80
    Fireshard 300
    Frostshard 300
    Thundershard 300
    Leather Cap 100
    Feathered Cap 330
    Clothing 50
    Leather Clothing 200
    Ruby Ring 1000
    Potion 30
    Hi-Potion 150
    Phoenix Down 100
    Gold Needle 80
    Maiden's Kiss 60
    Eye Drops 30
    Antidote 40
    Tent 100
    Gysahl Greens 50
    Bomb Fragment 200
    Zeus's Wrath 200
    Antarctic Wind 200
    Member's Writ 100,000
    INN - 50
    Potion 30
    Hi-Potion 150
    Phoenix Down 100
    Gold Needle 80
    Echo Herbs 50
    Eye Drops 30
    Antidote 40
    Tent 100
    Iron Shield 100
    Iron Helm 150
    Iron Armor 600
    Iron Gloves 130
    Iron Armlet 100
    Rod 100
    Staff 160
    Spear 60
    Boomerang 3000
    Bow 220
    Power Bow 700
    Iron Arrows 50
    Holy Arrows 500
    INN - 600
    Gysahl Greens 50
    Bomb Fragment 200
    Zeus's Wrath 200
    Antarctic Wind 200
    Bestiary 50
    Gnomish Bread 100
    Emergency Exit 200
    Potion 30
    Hi-Potion 150
    Phoenix Down 100
    Cottage 500
    Remedy 500
    Cross 100
    Echo Herbs 50
    Dwarven Axe
    Great Bow
    Blinding Arrows
    Flame Sword
    Flame Lance
    Flame Shield 1250
    Flame Mail 20000
    Sage's Miter 2000
    Sage's Surplice 1200
    Rune Armlet 2000
    Thanks for reading!  Final Fantasy IV is my favorite game of all time, and this
    is my first playthrough of the DS version.  If you pick up on a secret that I've
    missed, drop me an email at karasuman@aol.com.
    Please do not repost any part of this guide on another site.  If you see guide
    on a site other than gamefaqs.com or cavesofnarshe.com, I'd appreciate an email.
    Because this guide will comprise a major portion of the FF4DS coverage on the
    Caves of Narshe, permission will not be granted to incorporate this into any
    other website.

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