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    Walkthrough by DesireeRamos

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    I spent only a couple hours writing this walkthrough, so there's
    obviously going to be only a minimal amount of detail.  However,
    since there are no other guides around for Classic Mode, this should
    do someone some good.  For each level I've given instructions for
    each of the non-scoring goals, and I've also said where my favorite
    skating locations are.  My personal scoring suggestions are really
    only for those people who haven't mastered the transition to manual,
    and who can't easily put together one minute plus combos for millions
    upon millions of points.  The only game I've played prior to this one
    is Tony Hawk Pro Skater for the N64, so I'm more inclined towards
    earning points the old fashioned way.
    I have my work and kids to worry about, and therefore don't have
    time to deal with a lot of game-related correspondence.  I really only
    want to hear from people who either have one or more corrections
    for the non-scoring related goals, or who have level-specific scoring
    techniques they'd like me to include in this walkthrough.  I'll of
    course give anyone credit who contributes in either way.  Please
    don't contact me regarding anything else, unless you're really really
    certain I'll want to hear about it.  Any sort of email abuse will result
    in my removing this walkthrough from any website on which it appears.
    I highly recommend trying to find all the gaps in the game.  Some
    people think the only point of doing this is to be to be able to get to
    100% completion.  However, in seeking out the gaps, you'll get to
    areas of the map you're not likely to find by just skating around, and
    places where you may be better able to score high point totals.
    I don't know anything about Story Mode, so don't bother asking
    about it.
    The text of this walkthrough was written by Desiree Ramos unless
    otherwise stated.  My email address is boobiebiz@yahoo.com.  I'd prefer
    that this walkthrough not be posted outside of Gamefaqs, but I'll permit
    it as long as the entire body of the file is included and that it's not
    featured on a scam/hacking site.
    -Collect S-K-A-T-E
    Go more or less straight ahead until you reach the outside portion of
    the level.  Follow the partially buried pipes to collect the letters.
    -Collect C-O-M-B-O
    Grind the rail right in front of the level's starting point, which even
    with your low rail stat shouldn't be a big deal as long as you throw in
    some transitions.
    -Nosegrind the Dozer Blades
    These are (kind of) hidden as part of the long quarterpipe lining the
    southern border of the outside portion.  Grind them as indicated.
    -Spine Transfer the Pools
    In the inside portion of the level, there's a cement area that's not
    actually a pool but sort of a three-quarters pool (with steps lining the
    one side).  Go to the wooden quarterpipes just to the east of this, and
    spine transfer into the "pool".  You must use the RIGHT button to
    receive credit.
    Find the Secret Tape
    -In the outside portion of the level, you'll see a curved quarterpipe on
    the northwest border.  Gather some speed with aggro kicks, leap up
    the north side and grind the wall.  Immediately transfer into the pool
    on the other side, and collect the tape along its border.  You can also
    get into the pool via the inside portion of the level.  A high speed
    level may also be helpful, as it may allow you to simply spine
    transfer over either wall.
    My Favorite Location
    -Definitely the rails running through the indoor portion of the level.
    You can transfer between the rails, add flips and whatnot to bump up
    your multiplier, and use your touch special.  There's also plenty of
    opportunity to dismount, keep your combination active with a
    manual, and grind back to the starting point.  The catwalk is another
    place to get off some long grinds, but I don't like it as much because
    there's no place to transfer and it's more difficult to loop back
    02. PHILLY
    Collect S-K-A-T-E
    -Skate along the street you start off on.  Grind and leap as necessary.
    Collect C-O-M-B-O
    -I like to collect these letters in the order O-B-M-O-C, so that's how
    the instructions will be written though of course you can collect them
    in any order you'd like.  Head down the street you start off on and
    approach the southwest corner.  Gather some speed with aggro kicks
    and grind the quarterpipe at the turn to collect the "O".  Transition to
    manual as the quarterpipe ends, and skate alongside the ramp to get
    the "B".  Either leap up next wooden ramp and gain enough distance
    to immediately grind the quarterpipe immediately ahead of you, or
    manual around it.  I suggest leaping, because you'll need to keep
    your speed up to be able to get the last letter, and the longer you
    manual the slower you'll move.  Grind said quarterpipe, leap over the
    gap, and continue the grind on the other side to collect the last letter.
    360 Indy the Car Kicker
    -The car kicker is found on the left side of the street you start out on.
    The rest of what you need to do is indicated on the "goals completed" list.
    Grind the Signs
    -There are four grind signs, all within plain view of the street you
    start out on.  Grind them all to complete the goal.
    Find the Secret Tape
    -Head down the street you start out on, make two turns, and then turn
    sharply to your left to enter into the construction area.  Go to the
    west side of the area, past the blue metal platform.  Turn around,
    gather a little speed, and jump off of the plank ramp onto the crane.
    Grind its extension to grab the secret tape.
    My Favorite Location
    -This would be the train tracks running above the level.  I like them
    for the same reason as I like the rails in the Skatepark level, but here
    there are more rails to transfer between and they're straighter.  My
    second favorite location would be the roof pool at the north of the
    map, but while it's fun to skate, I can score five times the number of
    points on a combo on the train tracks.
    03. HARBOR
    Collect S-K-A-T-E
    -Head roughly northeast from the starting point until you come to a
    building with a metal stairway leading up the right side.  Grind the
    rail to collect "S", and then follow the walkway around the building
    and down the other side.  Grab the letter "K" which is positioned
    beside the fence surround a parking area.  Continue down the road,
    going to the left side when you reach the fork, and get the letter "A"
    by grinding the rail to your right.  Veer left, go up the walkway, and
    grab the letter "T".  Now go to the nearby complex of pools, and
    enter the eastern-most one to collect the "E".
    Collect C-O-M-B-O
    -I suggest that you build up your rail skill before attempting this one
    unless you want to become really frustrated.  Head behind you (from
    the starting point) and to the left to come to an area surrounded by a
    brick quarterpipe.  Gather some speed, leap up the quarterpipe, and
    grind the ledge surrounding the building.  You'll want to be headed
    west.  Throw in a couple jumps as you're grinding the ledge to gather
    some more speed, and leap over the gap you come to.  Grind the new
    ledge around its building, until you come to the street surrounding
    the pool complex.  There's a point in this area where you're
    guaranteed to fall off if you continue your grind.  Leap over it,
    continue your grind upon landing, and collect the remaining letters
    along your path.
    Grind Across the Stumps
    -Go to your left as you start out, and you'll come to the edge of the
    water.  You'll see a series of stumps in mid-water with a rope
    connecting them.  Go towards either end of this series of stumps and
    mount the rope.  I personally recommend that you start out on the
    parking lot side, and that you grind the fence before transferring to
    the rope.  There's a ramp you can use to mount the other end of the
    rope, but it's more difficult to hit.  Grind the entire length of rope,
    although you may have to do it a couple times before you receive
    Backflip Between the Pools
    -Go to the aforementioned complex of pools, and backflip between
    any two of the series of three pools at the west side of the complex.
    You need to spine transfer with the RIGHT button to receive credit.
    Find the Secret Tape
    -Go onto the walkway where you found the letter "T".  Gather some
    speed, and grind the low-lying ledge immediately to the left of where
    you found the letter.  Leap over the gap to the next low lying ledge,
    and then leap again almost immediately to grind the edge of a pool to
    your left side.  Go inside it, and you'll find the secret tape suspended
    above a rail along the northern side of the pool.
    My Favorite Location
    -I met my scoring goals on this level grinding the area between the
    "T" in S-K-A-T-E and the pool where the secret tape is located.  The
    pool is also a good location for vertical skating and sustaining long
    grinds and combos around its circumference.  I can also put together
    some good combos along the water.
    04. MUSEUMS
    Collect S-K-A-T-E
    -Head along the street you start out on, past the shuttle suspended in
    mid-air, until you come to the formal museum entrance.  Grind one
    of the rails leading up the steps to collect the "S".  Wind along the
    path into the museum, and grind the right side (as you're approaching
    it) of the torpedo display to get the "A".  As you dismount the
    display, continue heading in the direction it takes you.  Mount the
    blimp using one of the rails to collect the "T", and then provided you
    have some speed, you can leap to the "E".  Double back, go to the
    other side of the torpedo display, and leap off the quaterpipe there to
    either grind or spine transfer and collect the "K".  You can also get
    the "K" as you're entering the museum by jumping off the first
    quarterpipe you come to, but I remember that when I first completed
    this level, it seemed awkward to collect the letters in their implied
    Collect C-O-M-B-O
    -Enter the museum through the second of the two breaks in the
    quarterpipe to your right (from the starting point).  Throw in an
    aggro kick, and then grind the display area to your left.  You'll need
    to have a certain amount of speed accumulated at this point, or else
    you won't be able to cross the gap to the next part of the grind.
    Catch the rotor of the helicopter, grind it and then leap to the wing of
    the airplane (in which you'll coincidentally find the "Hella Plain"
    gap).  Grind the wing and leap again to catch a ledge suspended over
    the walkway you'll come to.  Grind along this and then the wire
    suspended between the wall and rocket to collect the final two
    Bluntside the Roof
    -Head up the large stairway just ahead of the starting point.  Gather
    some speed, and leap up the quarterpipe to catch a grind on the ledge
    above the pillars.  Hit the controls as indicated on the "goals
    completed" screen.  You may have more success mounting this area
    by grinding in from the surrounding ledges and banners, so
    experiment with it.
    Natas Spin All Four Poles
    -This is a pretty straightforward goal.  Grind the top of each of the
    four poles as you head along the street.  They're all in plain view.
    Find the Secret Tape
    -Head along the street until you come to the suspended shuttle, and
    then enter the museum via the formal entrance (as you did when you
    were collecting S-K-A-T-E).  As you first enter into the open area of
    the museum, turn right, go past the stairway, and onto a ramp leading
    outdoors.  Ollie just as you're about to fall off the ramp into the street
    and you'll find yourself on one of the shuttle wings.  Nudge the
    control pad forward to get onto the other wing (if you press it for too
    long you'll fly off the shuttle).  Use this wing and the fuselage as a
    halfpipe and collect the secret tape.  Do so quickly however, as you'll
    probably fall off the shuttle within a few attempts.
    My Favorite Location
    -The inside of the museum has plenty of things to grind and plenty of
    space in between them to keep a combo going.  Another way I've
    had success scoring in this level is by starting grind combos in the
    pocket beside the stairs, just to the left of the starting point, and
    continuing them all the way down to where the suspended shuttle is
    05. FDR
    Collect S-K-A-T-E
    -"S" is in the northeast portion of the main area.  "K" is in sight of it,
    towards the west, accessible by jumping off the side of the bowl
    situated next to it.  "A" is above a passageway lining the western
    edge of the map.  Entering from the north, grind along a wire leading
    up from the short ledge on your left.  This will segway into the wire
    crossing over the passageway from which the letter can be grabbed.
    Continue preceding down this passageway, enter the warehouse
    which is straight ahead of you, and collect the "T" which is to your
    left.  Head up with wooden halfpipe to either side of you and veer to
    either the right or left to wind up on the roof of the warehouse.  Leap
    off of the quarterpipe at the southern end of the roof to collect the
    Collect C-O-M-B-O
    -I found this to be the most difficult C-O-M-B-O in the game to
    collect.  Veer to your left as you start the level to head towards the
    "C".  Gather speed with a couple of aggro kicks.  Leap onto and
    grind the brick-lined bowl edge with the "C" hovering above it, and
    then hold onto the grind until you've reached the "O".  Leap off and
    switch to manual before hitting the ground.  Manual over to where
    the "M" is located.  I highly advise that you grind the rail it's
    hovering above.  Although you could manual all the way from the
    first "O" to the second "O", it's unlikely that you'll have enough
    velocity to do so.  After you've (presumably) ground the rail to
    collect the "M", again switch to manual and head in the direction the
    rail has sent you in.  You'll see the "B" hovering above a cement
    structure coming up from the dirt, and while you may be able to simply
    manual towards it, odds are that you'll touch the side of the cement
    structure in the wrong way and cancel out your manual.  Leap over the
    cement structure, grab the "B", and return to manual.  Skate the
    through the wooden halfpipe and collect the "O".
    Melon Between the Pipes
    -This goal is pretty self-explanatory.  Go to the back-to-back
    halfpipes directly behind you as you start the level (one's wooden
    and one's metal).  Spine transfer between them as you hit the
    controls indicated on the "goals completed" screen.  You won't
    receive credit without doing an official spine transfer by pressing
    the RIGHT button.
    Grind All Four Box Gaps
    -This is another straightforward goal.  There are four box gaps as
    shown in the video clip starting the level, and they're distributed
    around the map.  Box Grind 4 is located to the right of you on the
    outside of the bowl, and looks a little different than the one depicted
    in the video shown when starting the level (it doesn't have the metal
    ramps to either side).  The other difficult one to find is Box Grind 2,
    which curves and looks nothing like the other three.  It's in the
    northeast corner of the area and leads into the side of a cement bowl
    (its end is positioned beside the "S" in S-K-A-T-E).  The other two
    look like the one shown in the starting video, are out in the open and
    should be easy to find.
    Find the Secret Tape
    -There's rectangular section of the map, roughly in the middle of the
    level, which is outlined in maroon.  Head to the southern end of this
    rectangular bowl, leap up the side to grind the surrounding rail, and
    collect the (not so) secret tape.
    My Favorite Location
    -The only way I really like to skate for points in this level is by
    starting at the southwest corner beside the entrance of the warehouse,
    and continuing grind combos down eastern border of the map.  A lot
    of the time I can keep a combo alive by then going down into the
    bowls on a manual, coming back up, and grinding their edges.
    Another place I like to skate in this level are in the back-to-back
    halfpipes, for the vertical skating and the fun of transferring between
    them, but I wouldn't expect to run up high point totals there.
    Collect S-K-A-T-E
    -The letters are arranged in just about a straight line in the southern
    portion of the map.  The first letter can be grabbed by jumping up the
    side of the river and grinding the fence.  Keep your balance, head
    west and you'll automatically get the other ones.
    Collect C-O-M-B-O
    -Locate the "C".  Grind the ledge leading up to the letter, jump off
    after getting it and switch to a manual before hitting the ground.
    Continue in the direction you're headed, collect the "O", and then
    grind the ledge you arrive at to get the "M".  Either jump to the
    ground, switching to manual to continue your combo; or if you have
    enough velocity, jump directly into a grind of the next ledge.  One
    way or the other, go on to collect the "B" and "O".
    Sacktap Over the River
    -From the "S" in S-K-A-T-E, head east down the riverbed.  Go along
    the bend until you wind up in a loop of river directly north of where
    the letters were/are.  Spine transfer from the southern end of this
    loop to the northern end, while hitting the controls indicated on the
    "goals completed" screen.
    Bluntside the Woods
    -Go to the cement wall shown in the video leading into this level.
    Bluntside it.
    Find the Secret Tape
    -Grind the fence on which you collected S-K-A-T-E.  Go in the same
    direction as before, and you'll find the secret tape.  The only catch
    is that you can't grind continuously from where you picked up the
    letters, so you'll have to mount the fence a little further down.
    My Favorite Location
    -I skate for points in one of two locations in Lansdowne.  The first
    would be along the ledges bordering most of the level, and the better
    location would be the largely detached area in the southeast corner.
    Collect S-K-A-T-E
    -If you explore the structure containing the pillars towards the start
    of this level, you'll find four of the five letters.  "S" hovers above a
    wire extending from the south side of the structure, "A" and "E"
    hover above wires extending from the north side, and you'll find the
    "K" right in the middle of the arc on your map.  To find the "T",
    return to the level's starting point, go to the building at the east side
    of the street, use the quarterpipe butted up against it to mount a ledge
    about midway up the wall, and grind along it.
    Collect C-O-M-B-O
    -From the level's starting point, grind the island sitting right in front
    of you to grab the "C", and then jump to the next island for the "O".
    Switch to a manual before you hit the ground, and continue heading
    in that direction until you come the "M" floating above the rail.
    Grind the rail, collect the "M", and then transfer to the ledge at the
    right side of the stairway for the "B".  It's more or less a continuous
    grind from here to the second "O".  One of the tricks here is that you
    have to have enough velocity after getting the "M" to make the
    transfer to the "B".  Another one is finding a safe place to dismount
    after the second "O".
    5-0 the Extension
    -The "extension" is in the southeast portion of the map.  It looks like
    a funky "H".  Grind it, hitting the controls as indicated on the "goals
    completed" screen.
    Nosegrind Behind the Pillars
    -To the right of you when you start the level is a pool.  Behind those
    pools on a ledge are pillars.  Behind those pillars is a rail.  Nosegrind
    (the rail) behind the pillars to complete this goal.  You can use the
    quarterpipe to either side of the pillars to get up there, along with a
    spine transfer to get some distance out of your jump.
    Find the Secret Tape
    -Go behind the "extension" and look over the top of it.  Now, turn
    around.  Behind it you'll see a gray brick wall with two blue hills
    jutting out from it.  Gather some velocity and grind this wall headed
    west.  From either one of these hills, you should be able to easily leap
    up to grind a rail leading to the roof of a building.  Once you've gotten
    onto the roof, use one of the quarterpipes on the west side to spine
    transfer into a small bowl, and collect the secret tape by getting some
    air off the side.  You can also get to the rail leading to the roof by
    getting some decent air off of the quarterpipe in front of the gray and
    blue wall, or to the roof directly by getting air off of the quarterpipe
    butted against the building it's attached to.
    My Favorite Location
    -The easiest place I've found to rack up high combo point totals in
    the game is in the small rectangular pool, below the ledge where you
    find the "T" in S-K-A-T-E.  There's only one angle to grind inside,
    but given the fact that there are sloping walls surrounding you, you
    can add a wild number of tricks and flips and not stray from the
    course.  There's also a good chance of keeping your combo alive,
    either off of a quarterpipe or in the flat area in the middle of the
    pool.  Since this level has the highest scoring requirements for goals
    completion (2 million points for the "sick score" and 1 million for the
    "sick combo score") I'll tell you exactly what I did to meet them.  In
    the small rectangular pool, I ground the angle inside and added tricks
    and flips to get my multiplier up to somewhere between x15 or x20.  I
    then switched to the touch special "downhill luge" and ran my base score
    up to between 66k to 50k, depending upon my multiplier, to score a
    million point combo.  I did this again to reach the 2 million overall
    score.  The only trick is that you'll want to run your multiplier up
    before doing the touch special, and not the other way around.  A touch
    grind special will throw your rail balance badly out of whack, so that
    if you do it first, you'll find it difficult to run your multiplier up
    high enough on a grind to meet the scoring goals.
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