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    FAQ by FrozenDeathWish

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             ######### #               ######                   ######
                 #     #               #      #                  #  #
                 #     #               #                         #  #
                 #     #### ####       ###### # ##### ####       #  #
                 #     #  # #  #            # # # # # #          #  #
                 #     #  # ####            # # # # # ####       #  #
                 #     #  # #               # # # # #    #       #  #
                 #     #  # ####       ###### # # # # ####      ######
         ######    #####    #####  #######  #####   ##      #   #####   #    #
        ##     #  ##    #  ##        ##    ##    #  ##      #  ##    #  #    #
        ##        ##    #  ##        ##    ##    #  ##      #  ##    #  #    #
        ##        ##    #  ######    ##    #######  ##      #  #######   ####
        ##        #######      ##    ##    ##    #  ##  #   #  ##    #    ##
        ##     #  ##    #      ##    ##    ##    #  ##  #   #  ##    #    ##
         ######   ##    #  #####     ##    ##    #   #######   ##    #    ##
                            The Sims 2: Castaway (DS)
                            Walkthrough version 2.56
                             Last Updated: 03/05/08
                       Copyrighted to FrozenDeathWish 2008
    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction and Copyright
    2. History and Updates
    3. Gameplay
    4. Walkthrough
     a)Washed Ashore
     b)First Castaway - Dr. Feelgood
     c)Second Castaway - Ms. Weeder
     d)Third Castaway - Chef Butcher
     e) Ms. Weeder and Her Mangoes
     f) A Whole New World I - The Third Island
     g) Finishing the Chef's Firepit
     h) Fourth Castaway: Suzy McDress
     i) A Whole New World II - Across the Bridge
     j) Errands for the Seamstress
     k) One Quest Down, One Curry to Go
     l) The End
    5. Characters
    6. Collection
    7. Location of Map Pieces
    8. Minigames
     i) Bug Hunting
      a) Location of bugs
     ii) Spear fishing
     iii) Painting
     iv) Pole Fishing
     v) Musical Duet
    9. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
    10. Contact and Personal Information
    1a. Introduction
    I personally am an avid fan of survival games (having played and finally
    beaten Lost in Blue and Lost in Blue 2). Once this one came out I got began
    to play and got addicted. It's probably about time I contributed to the
    walkthrough scene anyway. It'll take some time for this FAQ to be completed
    though, seeing as I have exams and common tests still coming up for me. So 
    please bear with the constant missing gaps here and there, and feel free to
    e-mail me should you think I've missed out anything here.
    Note that GameFAQs will have the most updated version of my walkthrough at
    all times, as I'm mainly operatin from there.
    Should you wish to find anything, use Ctrl+F and search for the titles or
    keywords, as this guide is pretty long.
    b. Copyright
    This belongs to FrozenDeathWish (c) 2008. Users who want to use this guide
    and post something up from anything belonging to it, please give me some
    credit. I have authorized the following sites to post up this FAQ:
    - GameFAQ and her sister sites
    - Neoseeker
    - Super Cheats
    - Cheat Happens
    - Cheat Code Central
    - Game Revolution 
    - Cheat Codes
    Unfortunately, I shall no longer be accepting any more requests to post
    this walkthrough up on websites. I do believe I have enough websites to
    update, and I am kind of forgetful. I do apologize for this latest
    Still, I do not allow anyone to post this up on their websites or even
    quote it without citing its source (aka ME). I'd most likely blow up
    like a volcano when I'll see this.
    The Sims 2: Castaway belongs to EA Games and in no way do I own it or did
    I ever create it.
    2. History and Updates
    4/11/2007: V. 0.17 written up; Sections 1 - 4a completed
    6/11/2007: V. 0.22 written up; Sections 4b - 4d completed
                Added gameplay section
                Modified Introduction
    8/11/2007: V. 30 written up: Changed Table of Contents
    13/11/2007: v. 1.0 is written up; changed table of contents; filled in
                parts 1 - 3 of collection
    14/11/2007: v. 1.001; Added list of authorized websites and amended pole 
                fishing section of FAQ. Credit for Collection also added 
                (even though I haven't updated it yet. It'll be coming soon)
    16/11/2007: v. 1.002; Added Super Cheats to list of authorized websites
    17/11/2007: v. 1.101; amended a few areas which were repeated and also
                changed some grammar mistakes; added a bit of the collection
                list in "Grains and Herbs"
    18/11/2007: v. 1.32; added the entire fish and bug section and changed 
                the quest about the green cure. Added tradeable items section to
                the character's area.
    20/11/2007: v. 1.4; added two more sections to the collection area and changed
                the gameplay controls.
    07/12/2007:  Considering FAQ section, even though yours truly is not meant
                to be on the computer and STUDYING HER BUTT OFF FOR THE EXAMS.
    08/12/2007:  v. 1.41; added the FAQ section as the e-mails I've been receiving
                all concern quite a few questions which I'm answering over and
                over again... hope that helps a bit.
    10/12/2007: v. 1.45; added some likes and dislikes for the castaways and 
                clarified the green cure for Ms. Weeder.
    14/12/2007: v. 1.5; added two more sections to the collection, and also added
                the FAQ section. You can now find your missing map piece location
                there too.
    28/12/2007: v. 1.55; whoa, you people write a lot to me! Just came back from
                Tokyo. Added two more sections and updated the FAQ section. Also
                modified how the pufferfish looks - it's brown with teeth.
    28/12/2007: Browsed the boards and found an error which somebody rather kindly
                pointed out. At work on the lists on collections as well, and proof
                read my entire thing. *chuckles* Well, I do go on GameFAQS most of
                the time peoples and "lurk" there. Modified the error - check 
                "Errands for the Seamstress" for more details.
    29/12/2007: v. 1.6; Very nearly the end of this year! Added one more section to 
                the collection area.
    02/01/2008: Added questions to the FAQ section and finally completed a few
                sections, even though I have yet to add the stats
    05/01/2008: v. 1.8; added the summary section to the walkthrough to clear
                things up. Added Chef Butcher's story.
    11/01/2008: v. 2.2; Added remaining sections except "Objects" and added a few
                more questions to the FAQ section. Also edited ASCII title a bit.
                The wavy lines down there are meant to represent waves and an
                island. I do apologize for its odd look - I'm not experienced in
                ASCII graphic making.
    12/01/2008: v. 2.21; permitted Game Revolution to post my FAQ up.
    13/01/2008: v. 2.5; Added one entire section purely dedicated to the bugs' 
                colours and where you find them. Also changed layout of "Tops"
                and bottoms AND format of collection to make it more clear and
                NOT appear as an entire block of text. Finally finished the
                collection, and will add the stats and the areas later.
    16/01/2008: v. 2.5 with minor updates; edited Personal Information and added
                another FAQ question.
    31/01/2008: v. 2.5 with minor updates. Sorry I haven't been active lately as
                I have a lot of work. Changed the Copyright section - please take
                a look. It does concern you.
    10/02/2008: v.2.5 updated; changed format of the copyright section.
    16/02/2008: v. 2.5; beginning to gather stats (I'm lazy) and I officially have
                a more user-friendly blog! Check it out in my "About Me" section.
    22/02/2008: v. 2.55; added a few more FAQ questions and added a new section.
                From now on, you can check for the location of your map pieces
                in the newly created "Location of Map Pieces" section. Also
                changed ASCII title again. Yes, I'm crazy like that.
    03/05/2008: v. 2.55; finally! I reupdate my FAQ. I have added some information
                on how you find items. Not a lot, just a few though.
    3. Gameplay
    The gameplay in The Sims 2: Castaway is simple: you have a total of six
    different motive bars: hunger, energy, social, comfort, hygiene and bladder.
    Yes, bladder. Well, your Sims ARE human, and this is a typical Sims game 
    we're talking about...
    You also have a survival guide at the top left of your screen. It's the
    little pale blue book with a cool-looking logo on it. Tap on it to eat
    (it brings up the eat screen pretty automatically)
    The tabs are all pretty self explanatory, including food, objects, templates,
    clothes, relationships, inspiration and ideas, and the map. Out of all
    of them, the most useful one is the map tab - the one with a compass icon
    on it. It brings up a map of all the places you've visited. Tap the orange
    icon on where you want to visit and voila! You're there. Very handy thing,
    and I spent the entire first few weeks walking about like an idiot. Can you
    believe it?
    D-Pad: Shifts/toggles the screen around
    Touch screen: Make your Sim do a certain action
    L/R Button: Speeds up time/Part of the musical duet
    A Button: Play a musical duet
    B Button: Play a musical duet
    X Button: Play a musical duet/Bring up Map
    Y Button: Play a musical duet
    Start: Pause game
    Select: Open survival guide
    4. Walkthrough
    Note: This guide is a general one, and you don't strictly need to actually
    adhere to what this guide says and does. This is not something like a set
    of rules and laws, but a guide for you to follow. But if you feel more
    comfortable following the guide, then by all means do so.
    The directions of left and right are more or less like the way you face
    the DS screen, not you with your back to the DS screen. Just bear that
    in mind as you read this guide.
    a) Washed Ashore
    After having chosen your character's appearance, you'll be immediately
    greeted with the cutscene of your character blown backwards by the bellow
    of the leaving ferry - or what looks like to be one, anyway. The screen
    changes to blue (ah, glorious blue) and you are entertained with a visual
    diary of how exactly our poor protagonist ended up on the deserted island.
    Quite unpleasant, but now the task falls on us to keep him/her alive.
    Upon the start of the game, we seen a blinking lightbulb at the very top
    of the screen. You may tap on it and check out on what our game has to say.
    Turns out it's teaching us how to walk and move about. Head a bit to the left 
    of the screen and you'll see our first ever fruit - a watermelon, which
    originated from Africa. But that's not the point of this, so we'll move on.
    Feed your poor Sim and they'll have restored around 50 pts of your hunger.
    Oh, joy. You won't see these for a while. See the arrow on the floor?
    Tap it, and you'll be transported to another screen with bits of debris and 
    stuff. Pick them up and build a shelter with them. It's simple, nothing 
    fancy, made of palm and driftwood. You don't get much sleep with them either,
     but we'll have to make do. After taking a brief nap,tap the left arrow at 
    the furthest part of the screen and you should be able to see a coconut tree.
    The game then proceeds to instruct you to shake it. This little beauty fills 
    up 13 pts of your hunger meter. Not much, but as you move around on the 
    island, you'll find waaay more coconuts and soon you'll start to appreciate
    how much coconuts can save your life. There's something called a crafting
    rock there, and at that place you'll be able to craft whatever you like.
    Very handy. Tap the next arrow to take yourself to the next area. You'll
    see a big rock there. Tap on it, and it should bring up two options:
    "Examine" or "Hunt for Bugs".
    Yes, bugs. Tap on the "Hunt for Bugs" option and immediately you shall come
    across the very first mini-game in Castaway. Relatively straightforward and
    simple: squish as many escaping bugs as possible with your stylus, which
    in turn become coloured splatches once you have successfully squished them.
    In fact, if you do manage to squish all the bugs, a few rather rare ones 
    will come up, such as the fuschia, jade and blue bug. All of these are 
    essential in later stages, so I suggest that you try your best and squish 
    all of them. For now, they are just food. Really icky food that takes off
    some 15 or 10 points off your hygiene and comfort meter, so it's not really 
    recommended for you to feed them this foodstuff unless absolutely necessary.
    Of course, it's your choice. There's also a stream in the same area where
    you can take a bath in and fill up your hygiene meter. The sea also serves
    more of less the same purpose, but you won't really fill up that much
    until you see the real bathing area. But that's for later.
    Once you've had your fill of bug-squishing fun, go another few screens
    across until you reach a dead end with a rock. Tap on the rock and
    choose "Examine". At this point, you're stuck with just the coastline, but
    never fear, there's a lot more to be found around the coast. Go back to the
    area where your shelter is. Preferably, bring up the surivival guide and tap
    the compass. You'll be given an entire map, marked with the locations which 
    you've visited. Tap the green square and instantly you'll be taken to your
    shelter. We call this island teleportation. There's an arrow to the north
    which you might have already discovered. There you'll find sticks and...
    a wall of vines blocking your path. So that area's cordoned off for now.
    There's a stone or two that you can pick up too. Head back to your shelter
    and start a little fire, though fortunately, even if it goes out, you'll
    still be able to sleep.
    Throughout the entire journey, feel free to take as many naps as you like.
    I must warn you, sometimes sleeping doesn't necessarily fill up your energy
    meter all the time though. Keep eating your way all this time. By the 2nd or
    3rd day, you'll see bushes with fruit on them. Tap on them to bring up
    mainly three options for now: "Examine", "Forage" or "Use". For some plants,
    you can only examine them, as they are withered and don't produce, and hence
    you can't "forage" them. That will be taken care of later. Tap on "Use", and
    you'll find that your Sim uses these bushes as a toilet. This will fill up
    your "Bladder" meter - but your "Hygiene" meter will drop drastically. Very
    drastically. Head to the freshwater stream and wash immediately, or risk
    one very pessimistic and gloomy sim.
    Now, head to the second-last area to the right of the coastline. You'll see
    some gnarled wood and another coconut tree. Shake it should there be any
    fruit. The gnarled wood is very useful for an easel later on where you paint
    with crushed beetles. There's another arrow down there at the very edge at
    the south of the beach. Tap that area and you'll find your Sim swimming
    in a sea. Here, you can dive, OR alternatively, click on the other arrow
    to head to the remains of your poor sunken ship and pick up an anchor there.
    You're done with the ship for now. Later on, once you obtain a small metal pole,
    you can use it to craft a crowbar and open the door (tap around at the gray 
    door with two circles on it. You should get "Examine" first. After you've 
    gotten the crowbar, you can "Open" the door). There's a crate inside 
    containing all sorts of festive goodies. You can open it three times 
    to complete your collection.
    Back to the place where you Sim was swimming. At this diving spot you can find 
    Pink Murex, which is essential for later quests, and coral and shells.
    But that's all up to you. Look hard on the beach once you get back. See the
    three rocks? You'll need around five per rock to make an SOS signal.
    Unfortunately, instead of doing the logical thing and dropping down to
    rescue your stranded sim on the island, the people who pass by drop
    all sorts of stuff at the area, including a nice slab of meat. That's
    handy, and remember to check back to the area everyday. But that's for
    Now, remember where you were washed up? You can head there every day to find
    crates/boxes/palm leaves/driftwood washed up, and that is essential to future
    item crafting and shelter upgrading. Head to the to the right of the beach
    and find a water bottle there. Pick it up, and feel free to fill it up at
    the freshwater stream. Rest up, eat up, and get ready for your next 
    By now, you should have:
    a) Crafted your shelter
    b) Found the bug rocks
    c) Found the gnarled wood - possibly craft the easel
    d) Found the sunken ship
    e) Obtained the water bottle
    f) Filled it up with fresh water
    And later on in the game:
    a) Craft the SOS signal in the very south of the coast
    b) Get the crowbar to open the sunken ship's door
    b)First Castaway - Dr. Feelgood
    Head back to the dead end with the bush. You should see red fruit on it. 
    Forage for some funny looking red fruit called Sparkleberry. Your 
    sim will also notice that a rock's fallen down, and now you can 
    officially explore a new area. Climb up the rock face and come to... 
    another rather blank looking area. Pick up the twigs on the left of the
    screen and forage for some more food, aka tomatoes. Proceed to the other
     area with the arrow.
    In the next screen, you'll see a woman lying on her very well made shelter
    (I'm seeing green here) with a pestle next to her. Tap her and select 
    "Greet". You'll see what exactly went wrong with her - she's a doctor and
    she's too ill to go out and grab the medicine. So the task falls to you,
    au naturelle. She'll ask for a catfish, and give you your harpoon. Head back
    down the cliff face and tap the sea. This time, you'll see a third item
    come up: namely spear fishing. Tap that option and you'll see play your
    first bout of spearing.
    This game is straightforward, but tricky when it comes to spearing the fish.
    My advice to you is that you better aim for the head of the fish, and watch
    their swimming pattern. The catfish is very recognizable. It's got white
    funny looking tusks protruding out of it's mouth and looks like a green
    carp. Get a few of them, and you shouldn't really go wrong with it. Go back
    to the doctor (the survival guide map is faster) and give her the catfish
    with the option "deliver items". She'll mash up the carp. Tap "Offer help"
    yet again and this time, she'll ask for some berries. Now remember the
    berries you picked off from below the cliff face? Those are the berries she
    wants. If you don't have them, backtrack down and forage for them. Give her
    what she wants and she'll crush the berries all over again. Offer help again
    and she'll want... a bottle of water. Yes, the bottle that you refilled at
    the freshwater stream? That's the one. So give her the bottle, and she'll
    mix it up with her catfish-sparkleberry paste... and she's all up and
    running, with a completely full relationship bar. From this point onwards,
    you'll be able to trade with her, and as time goes by, more and more items
    will be added to her trading list. Dr. Feelgood also has the hammer handle
    that you need to make a hammer. You'll also receive a piece of metal.
    Now that is essential for the hatchet you'll be crafting soon.
    After performing the good deed, go back to where you were washed up and open
    the crate. At some point, you will receive a stick with a loop. That should
    be the handle for your hatchet. Craft your hatchet at the crafting rock,
    rest and eat, and you're ready for the next area...
    By now, you should have:
    a) Found Dr Feelgood and:
     i) Gotten her the cat fish
     ii) Gotten her the berries along the coast (Sparkleberries)
     iii) Given her the water bottle with water
    b) Obtained the fishing spear from Dr. Feelgood
    c) Gotten the hatchet head
     *NOTE!* The hatchet stick is washed ashore shortly after the
     quest. Once you've gotten that then you can craft your hatchet.
    d) Crafted the hatchet
    c) Second Castaway - Ms. Weeder
    When you wake up at your shelter, fill up your stats first, and pick up a
    coconut. Hopefully you haven't used the twigs from last time's adventure,
    because you'll be needing it for this time. Remember the thick vines that
    hung like a tapestry? Well, it's time to chop it down. Go all the way to
    the end of the path and tap on the tapestry. You should see another
    new option called "Remove". Tap on the option and your sim should
    automatically start hacking away at the growth. This will open up a new
    area. Tap on the arrow.
    Well, what do we have here? Another castaway. This one's called Ms.
    Weeder. Be a good and kind citizen - cough - I mean fellow
    castaway and offer your help to her. She wants to revive the banana
    plant close to her shelter, and needs your help. Feeling like the
    Island Superman/Supergirl/Batman/Batwoman/Hero/Heroine now, eh?
    At this, you'll receive another template - this time for a water
    carrier that acts like a watering can. If you like, you can hang around a
    bit and you'll see... Ms. Weeder whipping out a watering can and watering
    her plots of plants. Oh, the irony. Anyway, you should see the poor neglected
    plant. It's to the left of her shelter. Tap on it, and examine it to confirm
    it's the banana plant. Now, see the arrow next to the banana plant? Tap that
    to go to the next area and... voila! What do you have? A sparkling pure water
    pool with running water and COCONUTS! Ah, paradise! Just to let you know,
    this pool restores THE highest hygiene I've ever seen so far, so you might
    want to keep your map out and tap there for the quickest way to get to keep
    your hygiene up... Check out the stone at the northern part of the screen,
    and you'll acquire the ability to make a grappling hook. Remember the
    anchor you got? Once you get the rope template (refer to the FAQ section),
    you'll be able to craft a grappling hook, and yet again another area
    comes up.
    That area, once you climb up, doesn't really have much to it. Just a
    coconut tree and a tuning fork. There's also a funny little stick there,
    and the description reads something involving a rescue team. Hmm, is that
    a hint?
    Head back to the crafting rock via map. Tap on it, and you'll see a funny
    looking halved coconut on a stick. That, my friend, is your water carrier.
    Craft it out of small sticks and a coconut, and fill it up at the closest
    FRESHWATER stream/pond/pool. Sea water doesn't work. Now go back to the
    banana plant and water it, doing so every day, until it finally yields and
    gives fruit. Shake the banana off the tree and hand it over to Ms. Weeder.
    That's one quest done.
    Head over to Chef Butcher's area (elaborated in the next section) and
    finish his chilli and Peach Quest. Once you're done, go back to Ms.
    Weeder and offer help to her again.
    This time, she'll complain about her plants dying and needing a cure. 
    Oh, goodie, time to be Superman again. 
    Trek back to Dr. Feelgood (hopefully, you've kept up a good relationship)
    and tap on her. Tap the option "Ask for help" and you'll explain to her what 
    Ms. Weeder needs. Dr. Feelgood will then agree to help you out, but she needs
    some bugs. Crushed bugs. You should have most of them, but there's a slightly
    tricky coloured bug you need to get. That's the blue bug. 
    Head to any bug hunting rock and you'll be required to
    squish ALL THE PRESENT BUGS before the blue bugs crawl out. Smash them up to,
    and take it back Dr. Feelgood. Now she'll ask for three different fish:
    salmon, black carp and cowcod. The first two originate from the lake;
    the cowcod comes from the ocean. Once you've got them, head back to the
    doctor and give it all to her. She'll give you a green cure in return. 
    Trek back to Ms. Weeder and give her the cure. You'll receive the shovel
    handle and the shovel head. Go to the crafting block and craft a shovel.
    One thing I need to clarify here - the green cure for Ms. Weeder is the
    one with the TEST TUBE. It's called Plant Nutrients, if my memory serves
    me correctly. It's different from the one that Dr. Feelgood has on offer
    (the one in a green, round-bottomed flask), so bear that in mind,
    Once you've done with these two quests, DON'T OFFER HELP TO HER YET. You need
    to complete another quest to get what she wants for another person. Instead,
    head to the far right of the screen and explore. There, you'll see another
    coconut tree and two bushes - one large and tall, and the other short and
    small. Forage them both to find yams and vines. Vines are essential to make
    rope AND to craft your new shelter, so I suggest checking back on this area
    frequently to grab some new materials.
    Continue right to find a cave. Sparkly, isn't it? You'll see a skeleton
    wearing a pirate's hat. Creepy. Don't worry, it won't suddenly spring back
    to life and scare the crap out of you. Take it's pirate hat and if you want,
    feel free to converse with the guy. You'll gain social points for that, quite
    bizzarely. Pick up the mushrooms and continue right.
    Past the cave with the skeleton, you'll find coconuts once again, and two
    withered plants, a pineapple plant and a rice plant respectively. Feel free
    to water them. You'll get tasty pineapple and be able to harvest rice once
    watered. Trek next and get ready to continue to the next area... only to
    find a broken bridge. Killjoy. On the bright side, you get the bridge and
    the rope template, which is also needed to make a grappling hook. You're
    done with this area for now.
    If you like and want to get on the game really quickly, you can grab two
    pieces of driftwood and make some rope with three vines. Head back to the
    broken bridge and tap "repair bridge". It'll bring up another menu. Once
    you've done that you can now go across the bridge, and that'll lead you
    to the second island on the right of the screen. However, that area will
    be covered later on in the other section when suddenly, this island
    becomes essential for a quest.
    By now, you should have:
    a) Met Ms. Weeder
    b) Completed her banana quest
    c) Obtained the water carrier
    d) Found the pool which restores the highest hygiene
    e) Found the cliff and obtained the grappling hook template
    f) Found the broken bridge in the area right of the sparkly
    g) Gotten the rope and the bridge template; the rope template
       is a question mark template, while the bridge can be
       reconstructed when you go back to the broken bridge;
       there should be an option "Repair Bridge".
    d) Third castaway - Chef Butcher
    Chef Butcher is definitely NOT on my favourites list on castaways. Go to
    Dr. Feelgood and tap on the vine overgrowth and remove it with your hatchet.
    A new area should open up. Tap the arrow and head to the new area. By now,
    you should have enough material to craft youself a far superior shelter.
    Once you have the time, go back to your shelter and tap it, and select
    "Craft Shelter". It requires two dried overgrowths, vines and two driftwood.
    Once you have all you need, you'll have the log shelter. Now this one fully
    restores your energy and comfort meter, and that's a good thing.
    First thing you'll see is another rocky outcrop. There's a withered avacado
    plant and a bird's nest. Water the avacado if you like and then collect an
    egg from the bird's nest. Feel sorry for the mother bird, but for some odd
    reason, the egg keeps respawning, around one egg per day. Continue to the
    northern arrow and see a guy hopping up and down in front of a very pretty
    cherry blossom. Once you (the player) have stopped laughing, go to the guy
    and offer help. He'll want the peaches but he can't reach them. Now what 
    has past experience taught us? We don't get fruit by hopping up and
    down like rabbits (sorry to all rabbit fans here), we SHAKE them. So do a
    demo to the chef and shake the peach tree. Give him a peach and he'll be
    ever so happy. Offer help again and this time he'll complain about the food
    being too bland. He wants some chilli peppers. So trek back to Ms Weeder
    using your survival guide, and you'll see a mysterious plant right next
    to her. That's the chilli plant. At this juncture, the "Offer Help" option
    should be available once again. Now, I wonder how the plant got there...?
    The red chilli plant grows up on its, own. After it's fully grown, forage
    it when you see red chillies on them. Feel free to water the raspberry plant
    too for some raspberries. 
    Take the chillies back to Chef Butcher and he'll rejoice and eat them. O.o.
    Talk to him one more time and he'll ask for a FIRE PIT. Yes, a fire pit.
    This one needs stones, a shovel and small sticks. The stones can be obtained
    by a)digging or b) picking up from the shore line. Now comes the tricky part.
    Head back to the chef once you have all the items and tap on his fireplace.
    You'll get "craft fire" and then you'll upgrade his fireplace. Once you've
    done that, light a fire and automatically he ends up next to you. Offer help
    again and he starts to whinge about wanting to cook something on his new 
    grill, the recipe including lime and sardines. You'll also obtain a chisel.
    Head to the next screen and you'll see a fallen trunk. This is the basis of
    a canoe. Remember the hammer handle from Dr. Feelgood? Well, trade in some
    pufferfish, a green bug, a jade bug and a fuschia bug and you'll get it. The
    jade and fuschia bug, like the blue bug, can only be obtained once you squish
    all the present bugs in the rock. The pufferfish can be found in the bay you
    were washed up in the noon time, as in, when the sun is fully up. You can't
    miss it. It's got teeth snapping at the top of its head and is brown in
    colour. The sardines are the smaller fishies, and they are tricky to spear,
    but in the end, you'll manage it. Your lime, however, comes a lot later as
    you need to grab some mangoes for Ms. Weeder before you can actually trade
    with her - read as: "Finish all her quests".
    Once you have the hammer and the chisel, go to the trunk and make the canoe.
    It drains a lot of your energy, so sleep between rounds, or you'll faint
    and chimps will carry you back and nick some of your stuff.
    Once you've finished (you need to make it three times), sleep and go 
    back to Ms. Weeder. Time to get on with another task.
    By now, you should have:
    a) Found the bird's nest and the avacado tree
    b) Done the Chef's Peach Quest
    c) Done the Chef's Chilli Quest
     *Note: At this juncture, you can do Ms. Weeder's dying plant quest*
    d) Crafted the fire pit for Chef Butcher.
    e) Gotten the chisel
    f) Crafted the hammer (if you haven't done so already)
    g) Accepted the lime-and-sardines quest - but not completed it yet
    h) Crafted the canoe thoroughly
    e) Ms. Weeder and her Mangoes
    Offer your help to Ms. Weeder (it's getting a bit tedious, isn't it?) and find
    out that she needs mangoes. Oh, god. Mangoes. Head back to your now finished
    craft (if you haven't, refer to the above) and tap on it to travel
    to a new area on in our Castaway world. But before that, you can actually go
    and fill up your water carrier in preparation for your next major adventure...
    By now, you should have:
    a) Offered your help to Ms. Weeder on the mangoes. Uh, yeah. That's about it.
    f) A Whole New World - The Third Island
    Excuse the pun with the Disney Song (you know, A Whole New World in Aladdin?)
    Once you arrive, you can water the poor withered peach plant for some tasty
    and filling peaches. Once you're done with that, tap the arrow on the north
    and head upwards to the next area.
    Once you're in the area, you'll immediately notice two things: firstly, the
    lake's a PLUS SHAPE. Now where in geography did that manage to happen? But
    then, this is the Sims world we're talking about. Now, can you see the
    mango tree? Not really. It took me a few tries to get to it. But that
    aside, tap around the area where you should be standing. At the veeery
    left of the screen, you should see a tree. Tap on it, and it brings up
    "Shake tree". Now that is a mango tree. Grab some of the fruit. Wait!
    You're not done yet. Take a look at the "Clothes" section of your
    survival guide. Tap on tops and check out your outfit. Hello?
    Cleanliness at 0%???? No wonder your Sim's sometimes bothered. Okay,
    and maybe you're bored of the colour of your top. Right.
    Swim in the lake, and dive around for fun if you like. Here, you'll
    get some pretty awesome items, like yellow slugs and broken bottles, which
    you'll need for the telescope. Continue north and tap on the north arrow
    yet again.
    You'll come out in an area with a completely wrecked and broken crashed
    plane. Okay. Seriously, that is scary. Wonder which unlucky soul ended up
    on this island? Pick up the metal pole that is shining on the floor in
    the dazzlingly blinding sunlight, and you'll get the template for
    the crowbar. I suggest crafting the crow bar for later uses. Alright,
    now do you see the trunk with water filled in it? Tap on it, and take
    your time is scrubbing your Sim's clothes clean - or alternatively,
    dye them a different colour. Anyway, it's your choice. Go back
    to Ms. Weeder and hand her the mangoes, and finally you finish her
    quests, and get to trade with her.
    By now, you should have:
    a) Found the third island
    b) Found the plus-shaped lake
    c) Watered the peach plant (optional)
    d) Found the dying/washing basin
    e) Found the small metal bar for the crowbar
    f) Obtained the crowbar template
    g) Picked the mangoes for Ms. Weeder
    h) Given the mangoes to Ms. Weedder and unlocked the Trade option
    g) Finishing the Chef's Firepit
    Ms. Weeder has a host of seeds waiting for you, the lime seed and the
    brazil nut seed being the most important. For the time being, I
    suggest you pick up the lime seed to finish the chef's quest
    (hopefully you'd have speared a sardine or two) - aka the recipe of
    the fire pit. Plant the lime seed and water it regularly, as you do 
    with most plants. While we wait, we can probably go back to the third
    island, and help the fourth and last castaway we'll find on this island.
    Go back to the third island via canoe - or just teleport there via your
    map. Your choice.
    Go to the plus-shaped lake and toggle your screen to the very right.
    Do you see another arrow? Tap on it, and head into the new area,
    where we'll meet the most unfortunate castaway of them all.
    By now, you should have:
    a) Traded the lime seed and the brazil nut seed
    h) Fourth Castaway: Suzy McDress
    Well, what do we have here? An enviable looking tent made out of cloth,
    pretty blue flowers and dandelions floating about it the air. There's even
    a bush but... hang on a second. No castaway? Nyah. Appearances are, as we
    all know, deceiving at times. Tap on the bush. It brings up "Examine" and
    "Greet". Okay, greet the bush. Yes, sounds mental, but trust me, it works.
    Eventually, you'll come face to face with a redhead. Welcome Suzy McDress
    into the castaway scene. Apparently, her clothes got stolen by chimps and
    she's got no clothes to wear. Now look closely, and realize she's wearing
    a blue t-shirt. Or maybe it's the new "blur" in the Castaway world. But
    never mind that much. Chat to her a bit, and she'll want two coconuts and
    some vines to make a top for herself to wear. We've seen enough coconuts 
    for the time being, and hopefully you've kept at least two with you at all
    times, not to mention the single vine. Once you've got them, deliver them
    to Suzie McDress. She'll be thrilled. Offer your help to her, and this time
    she wants a grass skirt. That'll require palm fronds and tall grass. You've
    seen enough palm fronds around the area, but what about the tall grass?
    Time to finish the chef's recipe.
    Has your lime tree grown tall enough? If you haven't even planted them,
    do pick up the seeds and water and plant them. Also, remember to alsways
    keep up the relationship with is mainly Chef Butcher and Ms. Weeder, as
    they drop pretty easily if you neglect them for too long. After around four
    to five days of constant care for your plant, you'll find a green fruit
    hanging around the branches of the tree. Shake that and head to the chef.
    Deliver your goods and he'll be completely thrilled and hand over a knife.
    Ooh, shiny. Rest up, and we'll go material gathering after that.
    By now, you should have:
    a) Found and seen Suzy McDress
    b) Finished her top
    c) Checked on your lime tree - and harvested them
    d) Obtained the knife from Chef Butcher
    i) A Whole New World II  - Across the Bridge
    I'm betting that most of you actually have gone and went to the other side of 
    the bridge before even I got to it, but since I haven' really introduced the
    area yet, I'll make it end up here.
    Once you head across the bridge, you'll be greeted with a massive whacking
    stone door with a pirate's skull on it. Looks something like the danger sign.
    Head up the north arrow and you'll find a place with fallen statue heads
    and pillars. Shift your entire screen to the left and you'll see a very
    dark doorway. Tap on it and it brings up "Explore Temple". This place
    is very useful if you want to complete your collection, as this place
    is a host to many different things, such as topaz, rubies, crystals,
    silver skulls, gold coins, jade elephants... the list goes on and on. 
    Unfortunately, you cannot actually wander about inside, and it's all up to
    your Sim to find the item. Ah, well.
    Exit back to the area with a pirate door, and this time tap on the arrow
    on the right side of the screen. This brings you to a very jungle-like
    growth with a bug rock, a stone and... a particular patch of tall grass?
    Tap on it and select "chop down", now that you have the knife. The new
    rock (not the bug rock) is the rock for crafting new clothes. Bear that
    in mind if you want some more exotic, island-like new threads. If you like,
    you can also tap to the other arrow further right of the screen to reach
    a rocky outcrop similar to the one to the left of Dr. Feelgood's area.
    There's not much unless you want to find some stuff in the temple. 
    You can dig around as well to grab a piece of flint and another stone 
    throughout the island, and you'll get another template for an axehead.
    Hm, now that's handy...
    By now, you should have:
    a) Mended the bridge
    b) Found the skull doors
    c) Found the abandoned temple
    d) Found the grass - and cut it down
    e) Found the clothing station
    j) Errands for the Seamstress
    *I was flipping through the boards the other day and a user called
    Detroit222 pointed out that it was not pufferfish put striped bass.
    I have rectified that error, and would like to thank them for pointing
    it out on the boards.*
    Go back to estranged Suzy McDress and give her the items. Finally she
    has something to wear at the bottom and she'll come out of the bush. Offer
    your help to her yet again, and she'll want a different type of material
    which looks like cloth. Oh, gee. Never mind that much. The cloth can be
    obtained from Dr. Feelgood, in return of a striped bass. 
    The striped bass is speared in freshwater areas around the island. 
    It's usually caught in dusk, if my memory serves me correctly, 
    and isn't too much of a challenge to spear. Just wait for the fish
    to stop, then stab down and hope it doesn't move at all. Yeah. Then
    trade with Dr. Feelgood for the material and bring it back to Suzy.
    This time, she'll head back into the bushes and come out with a rather
    unappealing gray top. Well, we need to change that. Give her your help
    and she'll want red bugs. Again, the bugs you need are obtained by
    getting the perfect score. Whoopee. By now, you should have mastered
    the art of bug squishing and this should be a piece of cake. Bring her
    the bugs and she'll dye her top red. At this, finally the game brings
    up that you can dye stuff on the island. Kinda late, isn't it, when
    you've already found out AND probably dyed your clothes different
    Between all these quests, go back to all your previous areas and rest,
    wash, use the toilet, forage keep, up relationships and stuff in
    between if you feel like it. Once you're ready, go back Suzy and offer
    your help to her. She'll want a flagpole, and give you an axe handle.
    Did you craft an axehead yet? If you did, then head to the crafting
    rock and make an axe. Chop two or three coconut trees (they're
    replaceable, don't worry, and you won't starve. You'll get palm
    fronds as an extra bonus) and a vine. 
    Craft the flagpole at the crafting station and deliver it to Suzy.
    She'll be thrilled. Joy. Offer your help to her again and she'll want
    fuschia bugs to dye the flag. Simple enough. So grab the bugs and hand
    them over. She'll dye the flag pink. Now look at the flag. The flag's
    actually a pirate's flag. *speechless*
    Now for the final task. Offer your help to Suzy McDress and she'll
    have something about doing a duet with a musical instrument. And
    the instrument she's referring to is... the ocarina. No, not the
    Ocarina of Time from Zelda. Just a plain old Castaway style
    Ocarina. Make it out of a hollowed piece of wood, nails and
    a stone. Once you've made it, go back to her and play a
    musical duet. It's simple. Whatever she plays, it comes up on the
    screen as a button. Remember the button, hold it down and blow,
    note by note, and you'll have finished the quests for
    Suzy McDress. She'll give you a metal pole. Now that's for
    the Chef. Rest up, and get ready to finish the Chef's tasks.
    By now, you should have:
    a) Finished her funny skirt
    b) Gotten the cloth material for Suzy
    c) Gotten the flagpole template - and finished the flagpole
    d) Found out about dying and washing your clothes
    e) Gotten the pink pirate flag at Suzy's place
    f) Played the ocarina with Suzy
    g) Finished all her quests.
    h) Gotten the metal pole which you need for the next quest.
    k) One Quest Down, One Curry to Go
    Well, thanks must go to Suzy McDress for helping us out with the pole. Before
    you head to this quest, I suggest you trade some bamboo seeds, sugar cane,
    brazil nuts and eggplant seeds. Water and plant them in earth mounds. 
    They'll come in handy later on.
    Go to the Chef and he's really happy with his fire pit. However, he's got only
    a bit of a complaint: he wants to improve his cooking fire a second time. And
    guess what we need? A metal pole, a length of bamboo and an axe. You should
    have gotten this from Suzy McDress. Just head off to him and if you have all
    the items, just craft the fire automatically. And when you're done with that,
    talk to him. He'll be thrilled, and you'll open up the option to be able to
    trade recipes with him.
    Now go to Dr. Feelgood and tap on her. Ask for help...? And I thought we were
    done with her. Never mind that much. Head over to her and offer help yet again.
    And what does she want? Green curry! Well, that's a bit of a hard thing, but
    we'll manage it. Now remember when I asked you to plant sugar cane, brazil nuts
    and eggplants? Well, you need to visit your brazil nut tree for two days to get
    the two brazil nuts for the green curry recipe and trade it with Chef Butcher.
    It's the pot of overflowing green liquid. The recipe requires sugar cane,
    eggplant, chilli and a knife. You shouldn't really have much difficulty
    if you've  planted the items that I suggested above. But if you haven't, you'd
    better do so now. Anyway, once you've harvested the sugar cane and foraged the
    chilli and eggplant, cook it at your fire pit and then give it to Dr. Feelgood.
    Now that takes care of everything.
    Dr. Feelgood will give you the last piece of the map that hopefully you've been
    collecting all over the island at various stages. They're the little pieces
    of paper all over the island. There's one piece of map that I need to point
    out though, as these map pieces usually look out of place in their area, with
    their pale brown, parchment colour. The one that most people don't actually
    find is the one in front of the skull doors. Now that the map's completed,
    I wonder what comes next...?
    By now, you should have:
    a) Gotten the bamboo, sugar cane, brazil nut and eggplant seeds
    b) Finished the Chef's fire spit - and all his quests.
    c) Gotten the green curry recipe from Chef Butcher
    d) Finished the Green Curry quest for Dr. Feelgood - and finished her quests
    e) Most likely completed the map (if not refer to the FAQ section below)
    l) The End
    I was actually rather tempted to put "End of the World" as the title for this
    section taken after the Pirates of Carribean. After all, we have seen pirate
    traces all around this island. So where does the map lead, eh? Look at it hard.
    Really hard. I'll leave it to you to find out where the "X" is supposed to be.
                                       **     **
                                        **   **
                                         ** **
                                         ** **
                                        **   **
                                       **     **
    What? You just want me to tell you? Ah, well, alright then. I was just hoping
    to let you enjoy the hunt. It took me a total of a few hours of poring
    over the map and back to find it, but in the end, I managed.
    Remember the area next to the clothing station? Well, if you visit the place,
    toggle the screen just a bit upwards with your D-Pad. And you'll notice
    something new. Another arrow...? Alright then. Tap the arrow, and it'll save
    "Dive into the Sea". Okay, this is creepy. Anybody does jetty jumping? Well,
    here it's more or less the same. Tap on the arrow. You'll be faced with a
    cutscene of your sim falling down a rocky cliff, and down and down and down
    and down and down and down and down and down and down and down they go...
    And SPLASH They end up in another area. This one is an underground cavern with
    a ship in it. And no, it's intact. Tap on the treasure chest and select
    "Search". You'll come up with a template. Tap on the middle arrow which reads
    "Enter the Ship". Congradulations! That's it of the Castaway game. You've
    managed to finish the game completely. However, most likely you haven't really
    completed the entire collection yet. Some people have managed to finish off
    the entire collection to 100%. So you can stay and collect stuff, or 
    alternatively, get off the island. I suggest you stay and collect the stuff.
    The sense of achievement you get is awesome.
    By now, you should have:
    a) Found the underwater cave and the pirate ship.
    b) Finished the entire storyline of the Sims 2: Castaway. Congrats!
    5. Characters
    There are a total of four castaways on this island, excluding
    yourself. All of them have different likes and dislikes, and also
    different items to trade and quests to complete. This section
    basically gives a rundown on what quest is what, who likes what
    and what person can trade what for what. These people are:
    i)Dr. Feelgood
    ii)Ms. Weeder
    iii)Chef Butcher
    iv)Suzy McDress
    Note: I have managed to piece together a few background stories
    for our characters here, but I don't know all their ornaments and
    likes and dislikes. For the ones with "n/a", it doesn't mean that
    they don't have any likes or dislikes - it just means I haven't
    really found out about it yet. If you have any idea, feel free
    to e-mail me. My e-mail's in the contact section. The trading
    section works like this:
    *Item of Interest* = *Items that you need to complete trade*
    Alyssa Ngo
    Betty Foreman
    Zach Dulin
    Leah Konishi
    Mark Jaske
    Claudia Lo
    Brooke Au
    *A lot of people have sent in Chef Butcher's story. If I missed any
     of you please write in so I can put your name down as well.*
    Dr. Feelgood
    This is the first castaway you'll find on the island, and the quests
    are the easiest to complete. Alright, except for the curry quest
    anyway. She has a stock of cures, materials (leather, driftwood,
    palm fronds).
    The Background Story: Dr. Feelgood was in a hot air balloon and was
                          heading to the moon when a lightning struck her
                          down and she fell onto the island. Yeah.
    Likes: Not much. She is always happy - just don't neglect her too much.
    Decorative items: Relaxation Crystal
    Items that can be traded:
     Vine = Black Carp x1
     Leather = Swordfish x1
     Green Seaweed = Sparkleberry x4
     Brown Seaweed = Striped Bass x2
     Red Seaweed = Dag Dag x2
     Material = Catfish x1 + Striped Bass x1
     Hammer Handle = Pufferfish x1 + Green Bug x1 + Jade Bug x1 + Fuschia Bug x1
     Palm Frond = Nails x1
     Driftwood = Small Sticks x2
     Yellow Cure = Brown Seaweed x1 + Yellow Slug x1 + Guppy x1 + Mullet x1 +
                   Kingfish x1
     Green Cure = Red Seaweed x1 + Red Mushroom x1 + Goatfish x1 + Dag Dag x1
     Red Cure = Raspberry x1 + Coconut x1 + Egg x1 + Barracuda x1 + Sting Ray x1
     Blue Cure = Green Seaweed x1 + Salmon x1 + Snowberry x1 + Gray Birchir x1
    Ms. Weeder
    The second castaway that you'll find on the island. She's a gardner and
    what I think can be qualified as a biologist. Her quests are a bit daunting,
    and require days and days of waiting, not to mention actually paddling in
    a canoe. She stocks different types of seeds waiting for you to trade and
    grow and use in recipes.
    Background Story: She was living on a farm whena tornado picked her up and 
    carried her to the island while she was farming.
    Likes: Coconuts, fruits, vegetables (particularly LONG BEANS), Guacamole,
           Veggie Burger
    Decorative Items: Scarecrow
    Items that can be traded:
     Snowberry Seed = Date Seed x1
     Wheat Seed = Koi x1
     Blackberry Seed = Tarpon x1
     Watermelon Seed = Clown Loach x1
     Peach Seed = Yellowfin Tuna x1
     Potato Seed = Date Seeds x1
     Rice Seed = Unleavened Bread x1 + Egg x1
     Mango Seed = Small sticks x4 + Starfish x1
     Longbean Seed = Yellow Cichlid x1 + Reedfish x1
     Eggplant Seed = Red Mushroom x1 + Brown Mushroom x1 + White Mushroom x1
     Corn Seed = Starfish x1 + Soda (NOT the Soda Can) x1 + Chocolate Bar x1
     Sugar Cane Seed = Watermelon x1
     Lemongrass Seed = Cuttlefish Bone x1 + Murex Alabaster x1 + Fruit Cocktail x1
     Zucchini Seed = Pirate Dubloon x1
     Tomato Seed = Blue Seahorse x1 + Urchin Shell x1
     Raspberry Seed = Terebra Turritella x1 + Yellow Slug x1
     Pokeberry Seed = Purple Cay Cay Shell x2 + Blue Coral x1 
     Sparkleberry Seed = Nautilus Shell x2
     Avacado Seed = Pink Coral x1 + Trumpet Shell x3
     Chilli Seed = Driftwood Pole x1 + Matchsticks x1
     Brazil Nut Seed = Red Cameo Shell x1 + Broken Bottle x1
     Pineapple Seed = Blue Coral x1 + Red Coral x3
     Guava Seed = Winkle x1 + Turquoise Coral x1
     Lime Seed = Pink Murex x1
     Bamboo Seed = Flint x1 + Palm Frond x1
     Banana Seed = Urchin Shell x1 + Purple Cay Cay Shell x1 + Trumpet Shell x1
     Coconut Seed = Cuttlefish Bone x1 +  Driftwood x1
    Chef Butcher
    The third castaway found on the island. As his name implies, he's a pretty good
    cook, but at the same time, a bit dimwitted, no offence here. I mean, remember
    in the peach tree quest? He's hopping up and down constantly but doesn't really
    consider shaking the tree. He gives you two different items though, both which
    are important in the story line. He stocks all sorts of recipes, some which
    are also essential in the story line.
    *Note: I have traded some items with the chef already hence and this list is
    rather incomplete. Help would be greatly appreciated*
    Background Story: He was travelling on a cruise ship when he stepped on a
    banana skin, dropped a person's food, got kicked off the boat and left him
    behind on an island. Sad.
    Likes: Peaches, Eggs, Cheese, Cooked Food, Guacamole, Fruit Salad, Long Beans,
           Potatoes, Brown Mushroom and White Mushroom (+6 for each mushroom)
    Dislikes: Red Mushrooms (-6 for each mushroom)
    Decorative Items: Waiter Board, Golden Garden Gnome (possibly)
    Items That Can Be raded:
     Waiter Menu Board Design = Carrot x1
     Vegetable Taco Recipe = Rock x5
     Spiced Mushrooms Recipe = Oranges x2
     Veggie Burger Recipe = Yam x1
     Shish Kebab Recipe = Rice x1
     Spiced Fish Risotto = Tomato x1
     Fish Casserole Recipe = Potato x1
     Driftwood Pole = Vine x1
     Sweet And Sour Beans = Corn x1
     GingerSim Recipe = Sugar Cane x1
    Suzy McDress
    The fourth and final castaway that is found on the island. She's a young
    student who's talented at sewing, and is probably one of the hardest ones
    in the game. Once you finish her quests, you can trade with her for various
    different clothing.
    *Note: I have traded some items with Suzy already and hence this list is
    rather incomplete. Help would be greatly appreciated*
    Background: (From what I pieced together) She was on the island and was waving
    to a ship to pick her up when chimps stole her clothes. So she'd rather stay
    than go on the ship on in her birthday suit. Yeah.
    Likes: Guacamole, Soda, Chocolate Bar, Eggs and Cheese
    Decorative Items: Red Radio, Teeth on Stick
    Items that can be traded:
     Watermelon = Root x3 + Yellow Slug x1
     Leather Shoes Design = Yellow Coral x1
     3D Glasses = Fire Sushi x1 + Sweet Chili Veggies x1 + Green Cure x1
     Wraparound Sunglasses = Seafood Sticks x1
     Pilot Sunglasses = Veggie Burger x1
     Pineapple Hat Design = Hot and Sour Soup x1
     Palm Frond Hat Design = Low Fat Bug Omelets x1
     Happy Coconut Mask Design = Pineapple Slices x1
     Palm Frond Shorts Recipe = Island Burger x1
     Cowboy Trousers Recipe = Chocolate Bar x1
     Coconut Husk Trunks = Yellow Slug x2
     Cuttlebone Strapless Top = Blue Cure x1
    6. Collection
    This area of mine isn't really finished yet, so check back for updates. The
    entire collection is divided up into different sections, like template, food,
    recipes, upgrade, objects, gadgets and stuff. I'll be slowly completing this
    section as I trawl around for information and gather some of my own. So yeah.
    Also, note the difference between some sections which don't have an
    explanation. Those are the ones which I most likely haven't put up or
    haven't found yet, so bear with me please.
    Lord Blade
    Curtis Intravia
    Darc (Screen name: dmgirls)
    Summer Daie
    Katrina Kloepper
    To find what you want, just press Ctrl+F and type the item in. If you don't
    find it, most likely I haven't found it, and if you have something that I
    don't have, you can e-mail it in. Note that a few sections are actually
    missing from the collection list. I will be adding them on eventually as
    I work my way through the game.
    1. Fruits
    i) Dates
     Obtained by growing the seeds which are washed ashore
    ii) Brazil Nut
     Obtained by growing brazil nut seed from Ms. Weeder
     Obtained by growing Pokeberry seed from Ms. Weeder
    iv) Banana
     Obtained by shaking banana tree near Ms. Weeder's home OR grown from
    Banana seed.
    v) Avacado
     Obtained from the area north of Dr. Feelgood after watering the avacado
    vi) Sparkleberry
     Forage in bushes along the shore - the food prep area and the area at the
     very east of the coast
    vii) Blackberry
     Obtained by growing Blackberry seed from Ms. Weeder.
    viii) Pineapple
     In the very left of the bridge area right after the coconut tree after 
    iv )Lime
     Grow from seeds obtained from Ms. Weeder
     Forage in first rocky outcrop - the area before Dr. Feelgood OR grown
     from tomato plant seed from Ms. Weeder.
    xi) Peach
     Shake peach trees in Chef Butcher's area and the area where you first
     get off onto the last island with Suzy McDress on it.
    xii) Watermelon
     It's either washed ashore or grown from the watermelon seeds you trade
     with from Ms. Weeder.
    xiii) Snowberry
     Water the withered bush next to the raw food preparation rock and a few
     days later you'll be able to forage snowberries.
    xiv) Gurana Berry
     First, get the seeds which are washed ashore. Then, plant and water 
     until fully grown.
    xv) Guava
     Obtain by growing the seeds from Ms. Weeder.
    xvi) Coconut
     Found all over the islands, shake any coconut/palm tree that you come
     across. Mercilessly.
    xvii) Orange
     The seeds are found trading with Ms. Weeder or digging around. Plant
     and water them.
    xviii) Raspberry
     Foraged from the bushes from Ms. Weeder's area. Also, you could water
     the bushes in the area north of the food preparation rock.
    xix) Mango
     Foraged from tree in the last island. Alternatively, trade with Ms.
     Weeder for the seeds and water and grow them.
    2. Vegetables
    i) Potato
     The seeds are obtained by trading a packet of date seeds. After that,
     plant and water them until they're ready to be harvested.
    ii) Long Bean
     The seeds are obtained from Ms. Weeder. You then water and plant them.
    iii) Yam
     Foraging in the same area where you forage the vines.
    iv) Zucchini
     Water the withered bush in the area north of the food prep rock and
     forage a few days later.
    v) White Mushroom
     Pick from the sparkly cave with the dead skeleton.
    vi) Red Mushroom
     Pick from the sparkly cave with the dead skeleton.
    vii) Eggplant
     Grow from seeds obtained from Ms. Weeder.
    viii) Carrot
     Grown from the carrot seeds that are found by digging or trading with
     Ms. Weeder.
    ix) Brown Seaweed
     This is usually washed ashore. Alternatively, trade with Dr. Feelgood.
    x) Corn
     Grown from the corn seeds which are obtained by trading with Ms. Weeder.
    xi) Chilli
     Water the chilli plant next to Ms Weeder, which suddenly pops out of a
     virtual plothole after you finish the banana quest. That's how I got
     mine anyway.
    xii) Red Seaweed
     This is usually washed ashore. Alternatively, trade it from Dr. Feelgood.
    xiii)Green Seaweed
     This is usually washed ashore. Alternatively, trade it from Dr. Feelgood.
    xiv) Truffle
     Dig it up on the island. Gosh, truffle on the island? I'm jealous.
    xv) Brown Mushroom
     Not to be confused with the truffle. Pick from the sparkly cave with the dead 
    3. Grains and Herbs
    i) Sugar Cane
     Grow from seeds obtained from Ms. Weeder and harvest as soon as they're 
     Grow from seeds obtained from Ms. Weeder, plant and water.
    iii) Wheat
     First obtain the seed from Ms. Weeder in return for a koi, then plant,
     water, and chop it down.
    iv) Rice
     Water the withered rice plant and harvest once it's ready. Also can be
     obtained from Ms. Weeder and grown.
    v) Ginger
     Seed either dug up or obtained from Ms. Weeder, then plant, water and
    4. Meat
    i) Crab Meat
     Dive for a crab in the plus-shaped lake, then prepare it at the food
     preparation rock
    ii) Egg
     Obtain by collecting egg from nest in the area north of Dr. Feelgood.
    iii) Sea slug
     Obtain by diving or can be washed ashore.
    iv)Raw Steak
     Obtain by checking parachute point - at random.
    v) Sea Urchin
     Obtain by diving.
    5. Fish
    i) Mangrove Snapper
    ii) Eel
    iii) Freshwater Puffer Fish
    iv) Pencil Fish
    v) Salmon
    vi) Jackfish
    vii) Neon Tetra
    viii) Skate
    ix) Largemouth Bass
    xi) Mullet
    xi) Gray Birchir
    xii) Red Snapper
    xiii) Flying Fish
    xiv) Grouper
    xv) Bat Ray
    xvi) Kingfish
    xvii) Sea Chub
    xviii) Moonfish
    xiv) Tuna
    xx) Pompano
    xxi) Barracuda
    xxii) Marlin
    xxiii) Monkeyface Prickleback
    xxiv) Reedfish
    xxv) Black Carp
    xxvi) Turkeyfish
    xxvii) Tarpon
    xxviii) Bocaccio
    xxix) Goatfish
    xxx) Koi
    xxxi) Arowana
    xxxii) Striped Bass
    xxxiii) Grunts
    xxxiv) Sculpin
    xxxv) Wahoo
    xxxvi) Yellow Cichlid
    xxxvii) Black Rockfish
    xxxviii) Dag Dag
    xxxix) Bream
    xL) Dolphin Fish
    xLi) Tiger Barb
    xLii) Sting Ray
    xLiii) Cowcod
    xLiv) Pufferfish
    xLv) Sardine
    xLvi) Fugu
    xLvii) Clown Loach
    xLviii) Butterflyfish
    xLix) Piranha
    L) Smallmouth Bass
    Li) Flounder
    Lii) Yellowfin Tuna
    Liii) Sea Bass
    Liv) Arapaima
    Lv) Common Hatchetfish
    Lvi) Guppy
    Lvii) Redfish
    Lviii) Rainbow Trout
    Lvix) Catfish
    Lx) Freshwater Eel
    6. Bugs
    *Note: All these can be found under bug rocks*
    i) Azure Bug
    ii) Orange Bug
    iii) Turquoise Bug
    iv) Green Bug
    v) White Bug
    vi) Brown Bug
    vii) Red Bug
    viii) Tan Bug
    ix) Yellow Bug
    x) Purple Bug
    xi) Fuchsia Bug
    xii) Black Bug
    xiii) Pink Bug
    xiv) Blue Bug
    xv) Jade Bug
    7. Dishes
    i) Sweet Chili Veggies
    ii) Fire Sushi
    iii) Gingerbread Sim
    iv) Ginger Brazil Nuts
    v) Yellow Cure
    vi) Fajita
    vii) Spiced Lime Meat
    viii) Shish Kebab
    ix) Roach Surprise
    x) Sweet and Spicy Fish
    xi) Low Fat Bug Omelets
    xii) Veggie Burger
    xiii) Soda
    xiv) Cheese Bug Fondue
    xv) Carrot Juice
    xvi) Blue Cure
    xvii) Vegetable Taco
    xviii) Unleavened Bread
    xix) Sweet and Sour Beans
    xx) Spiced Mushrooms
    xxi) Spicy Green Curry
    xxii) Paella
    xxiii) Eye of Beetle Salad
    xxiv) Surf and Turf
    xxv) Cheese
    xxvi) Spiced Steak
    xxvii) Sugared Dates
    xxviii) Ocean Pie
    xxix) Cooked Steak
    xxx) Mushroom Risotto
    xxxi) Green Cure
    xxxii) Spiced Fish Risotto
    xxxiii) Sushi
    xxxiv) Guava Juice
    xxxv) Fish Casserole
    xxxvi) Fish Soup
    xxxvii) Nut-room Roost
    xxxviii) Pinapple Slices
    xxxix) Seafood Sticks
    xL) Red Cure
    xLi) Mashed Carrot Potato
    xLii) Fruit Salad
    xLiii) Hot and Sour Soup
    xLiv) Sardines with Salsa
    xLv) Chocolate Bar
    xLvi) Bug Crawl Sandwich
    xLvii) Tomato Soup
    xLviii) Guacamole
    xLix) Fruit Cocktail
    xL) Mint Cake
    xLi) Island Burger
    9. Headwear
    i) Angry Coconut Mask
    ii) Arctic Hat
    iii) Baseball Hat
    iv) Pilot Sunglasses
    v) Beret
    vi) Pirates Hat
    vii) Crab Shell Hat
    viii) Baseball Cap
    vix) Pineapple Hat
    x) Happy Coconut Mask
    xi) Sombrero
    xii) Whipped Hat
    xiii) Horse Mask
    xiv) Wraparound Sunglasses
    xv) Blowfish Mask
    xvi) Oink Mask
    xvii) Top Hat
    xviii) Monkey Mask
    xix) 3D Specs
    xx) Palm Frond Hat
    xxi) Metallic Hat
    10. Tops
    *Summer Daie also pointed out that the male and feamle 
    lists were in different order for Tops and Bottoms. 
    Order: Male//Female
    i) Sleeveless Top//Ball Gown
    ii) Palm Frond Top
    iii) Metallic Shell Top
    iv) White Jacket//Shell Suit Top
    v) Banana Leaf Top// Surfer T-Shirt
    vi) Reed Jacket//Off the Shoulder Top
    vii) Flower T Shirt//Tie Dye T-Shirt
    viii) Seaweed T-Shirt//Island Wear Tank Top
    ix) Star Top//Banana Leaf Top
    x) Shell Suit Top//Palm Frond Top
    xi) Linen Shirt
    xii) Cuttlebone Waistcoat//Cuttlebone Strapless Top
    xiii) Tie Dye T-Shirt//Flower Top
    xiv) Tuxedo Top//Seaweed T-Shirt
    xv) Island Wear Tank Top//Linen Shirt
    xvi) Off the Shoulder Top//Reed Jacket
    xvii) Surfer's T-Shirt//Leather Jacket
    xviii) Office Shirt with Tie//Star Top
    xix) Hawaiian Shirt//Metallic Shell Top
    xx) Leather Jacket//Sleeveless Top
    11. Bottoms
    Order: Male//Female
    i) Light Trousers//Ball Gown Shirt
    ii) Coconut Husk Trunks//Root Dress
    iii) Cowboy Trousers//Leggings
    iv) Pale Slacks//Grass Skirt
    v) Cloth and Grass Trousers//Casual Skirt
    vi) Tux Trousers//Banana Leaf Pants
    vii) Banana Leaf Pants//Shell Mini-Skirt
    viii) Seaweed Trousers//
    ix) Jeans//Banana Leaf Dress
    x) Shell Shorts//Survival Shorts
    xi) Bermuda Shorts//
    xii) Red Cameo Trousers//Shell Suit Slacks
    xiii) Root Pants//Linen Trousers
    xiv) Shell Shorts//Shell Mini Skirt
    xv) Grass Shorts//Cuttlebone Miniskirt
    xvi) Shorts//Coconut Husk Trunks
    xvii) Frond Short Shorts//Red Cameo Trousers
    xviii) Cuttlebone Shorts//Palm Frond Kilt
    xix) Shell Suit Slacks//Shorts
    xx) Survival Shorts//Cowboy Trousers
    xxi) Linen Trousers//Cloth and Grass Trousers
    xxii) Palm Frond Shorts//Seaweed Trousers
    12. Shoes
    i) Snake Skin Shoes
    ii) Beetle Shoes
    iii) Coral Sandals
    iv) Basketball Sneakers
    v) Crab Shoes
    vi) Picked Winkle Shoes
    vii) Leather Shoes
    x) Smart Black Shoes
    xi) Shell Sea Boots
    xii) White Sneakers
    xiii) Watermelon Shoes
    xiv) Pink Shoes
    13. Tools
    i) Drinking Bottle
     You get this baby when it's washed ashore on the third game day.
    ii) Fishing Spear
     When you first meet Dr. Feelgood, she'll ask you for a catfish.
     Then you get her harpoon/fishing spear.
    iii) Hammer
     Trade with Dr. Feelgood for the hammer handle first, then go to
     the crafting rock and craft the hammer template - you should
     see it once you've gotten the hammer handle.
    iv) Watering Can
    v) Axe
     Suzy McDress will give you the axe handle for the flag pole
     quest. If you've done all of Ms. Weeder's quests, you should
     be able to trade the axe head recipe with her. Once you have
     crafted the axe head you can craft the axe.
    vi) Plant Nutrients
     Note: this is NOT the green cure that Dr. Feelgood has available
     for trade. This is the one with a test tube. Once you get that
     quest, ask Dr. Feelgood for help and you'll be send into another
     mini quest to get the ingredients for the plant nutrients.
    vii) Grappling Hook
     Go and get the anchor on the sunken cargo ship, then check out the
     broken bridge (if you haven't checked it out yet). You should get
     the rope template, which appears in the shape of a question mark.
     It's the one which requires three vines. Once you've crafted your
     rope, you can craft the grappling hook, whose template should be
     available once you get the anchor.
    viii) Knife
     Finish Chef Butcher's lime-and-sardines quest after his fire pit
     quest and he'll hand over the knife.
    ix) Water Carrier
     You'll get this template once you accept Ms. Weeder's first quest.
    x) Chisel
     Finish Chef Butcher's fire pit quest and you'll get the chisel.
    xi) Needle
     You need to craft the needle from a sea urchin, the hatchet and
     a bead.
    xii) Crowbar
     Get the small crowbar from the plane crash area and then head
     to the crafting rock to see a metal pole with a bent end. That
     is the crowbar.
    xiii) Spade
     Finish Ms. Weeder's plant nutrient quest and you should get
     the head of a shovel and the handle of the shovel. You will
     also get the shovel template. Head to the crafting rock and
     craft the shovel.
    xiv) Hatchet
     Once you've finished and successfully cured Dr. Feelgood, 
     she'll give you the hatchet head. A few days later the
     hatchet handle should wash ashore. Go to the crafting rock
     and craft the hatchet.
    xv) Fishing Pole
     You need to grow bamboo for this. Once you've done so, check
     out if you have the fishing pole template and if you do,
     check if you have all the items - the thread, the nails
     and the two bamboo. Once you do, craft the fishing rod.
    14. Instruments
    i) Basic Ocarina
    ii) Ultimate Ocarina
    iii) Conch Shell
    iv) Spider Conch Shell
    15. Seeds
    i) Bamboo Seed
    ii) Lime Seed
    iii) Sugar Cane Seed
    iv) Tomato Seed
    v) Mango Seed
    vi) Guarana Seed
    vii) Brazil Nut Seed
    viii) Pineapple Seed
    ix) Yam Seed
    x) Coconut Seed
    xi) Watermelon Seed
    xii) Orange Seed
    xiii) Longbean Seed
    xiv) Wheat Seed
    xv) Pokeberry Seed
    xvi) Zucchini Seed
    xvii) Snowberry Seed
    xviii) Sparkleberry Seed
    xix) Avocado Seed
    xx) Carrot Seed
    xxi) Ginger Seed
    xxii) Blackberry Seed
    xxiii) Eggplant Seed
    xxiv) Chili Pepper Seed
    xxv) Lemongrass Seed
    xxvi) Date Seed
    xxvii) Guava Seed
    xxviii) Rice Seed
    xxix) Peach Seed
    xxx) Banana Seed
    xxxi) Raspberry Seed
    xxxii) Corn Seed
    xxxiii) Potato Seed
    xxxiv) Grass Seed
    16. Objects
    i) Driftwood
    ii) White Tiki Torch
    iii) Sun Dial
    iv) Red Flare
    v) Birthday Cake
    vi) Blowfish Lamp
    vii) Old Canvas
    viii) Metal Pole
    ix) Blue Flare
    x) Rope
    xi) Teeth on a Stick
    xii) Stool
    xiii) Sea Urchin
    xiv) Log
    xv) Manhole Cover
    xvi) Chair
    xvii) Palm Fronds
    xviii) Axe Head
    xix) Driftwood Pole
    xx) Thread
    xi) Bamboo
    xii) Anchor
    xiii) Metal Tube
    xv) Spade Head
    xvi) Red Tiki Torch
    xvii) Long Grass
    xviii) False Teeth
    xix) Blue Tiki Torch
    xxx) Spade Handle
    xxxi) Gong
    xxxii) Coconut Fountain
    xxxiii) Hatchet Handle
    xxxiv) Halloween Lantern
    xxxv) Empty Soda Can
    xxxvi) Telescope
    xxxvii) Support Beam
    xxxviii) Boomerang
    xxxix) Flamingo
    xL) Hollow Wood
    xLi) Large Stick
    xLii) Sharp Metal Piece
    xLiii) Matches
    xLiv) Torch
    xLv) Pirate's Wooden Leg
    xLvi) Flag Pole
    xLvii) Green Tiki Torch
    xLviii) Scarecrow
    xLix) Cooking Pan
    L) Crab
    Li) Festive Tree
    Lii) Dry Undergrowth
    Liii) Gum Globule
    Liv) Small Metal Bar
    Lv) Small Sticks
    Lvi) Nails
    Lvii) Tuning Fork
    Lviii) Banana Leaf
    Lix) Vine
    Lx) Buoy
    Lxi) Leafy Bed
    Lxii) Ruined Canvas
    Lxiii) Root
    Lxiv) Hammer Handle
    Lxv) Leather
    Lxvi) Waiter Menu Board
    Lxvii) Green Flare
    Lxviii) Broken Bottle
    Lxix) Swing Chair
    Lxx) Monolith
    Lxxi) Plastic Gas Can
    Lxxii) Material
    Lxxiii) White Flare
    17. Gadgets
    i) Tonal Generator
    ii) Solar Panel
    iii) Night Light
    iv) Bulb
    v) Alien Artifact
    vi) Magnetic Tape
    vii) Yottawatt: Power Up!
    viii) Radio
    ix) Punk Sim Sidewinder
    x) Alarm Beacon
    xi) Audio Pole
    xii) Magnetic Apparatus
    xiii) Support Pole
    xiv) Gramophone
    xv) Disco De-Lite
    xvi) Seahorse Lights
    xvii) Fan Blade (1)
    xviii) Fan Blade (2)
    xix) Fan Blade (3)
    xx) Wind Turbine
    xxi) Plastic Reel
    xxii) Awakening Chimp
    xxiii) Compass
    xxiv) Tape Machine
    xxv) Speaker
    xxvi) Ballroom ThrowDown
    18. Treasures
    i) Giant Emerald
    ii) Silver Bar
    iii) Giant Ruby
    iv) Gold Monkey Statue
    v) Golden Coconut
    vi) Gold Doubloon
    vii) Topaz Orb
    viii) Crystal Skull
    ix) Gold Gnome Statue
    x) Gold Flamingo Statue
    xi) Gold Bar
    xii) Jade Elephant
    xiii) Silver Skull
    19. Shells
    i) Seahorse
    ii) Nautilus Shell
    iii) Red Cameo Shell
    iv) Purple Cay Cay Shell
     Dive in fresh water
    v) Urchin Lamp
    vi) Trochus Shell
    vii) Cuttlefish Shell
    viii) Murex Albaster
     Dive in fresh water
    ix) Crab Shell
    x) Starfish
    xi) Winkle
    xii) Trumpet Shell
    xiii) Pink Murex
     Dive in fresh water
    xiv) Green Trochus Shell
    xv) Yellow Helmet Shell
    xvi) Terebra Shell
    xvii) Melon Shell
    xviii) Urchin Shell
     Washed ashore
    20. Geological Finds
    i) Black Onyx
     Dig around the island for it.
    ii) Flat Stone
     Dig around the island for it
    iii) Rock
     Dig around the island for it
    iv) Coal
     Dig around the island for it
    v) Flint
     Dig around the island for it
    vi) Giant Amethyst
    vii) Giant Geode
    viii) Crystal
    ix) Glowing Quartz
    x) Split Geode
    xi) Relaxation Crystal
    xii) Giant Ammonite
    xiii) Quartz Lamp
    xiv) Clay Tube
     Dig around the island for it
    xv) Large Quartz Crystal
    21. Corals
    i) Red Coral
    ii) Pink Coral Lamp
    iii) Sponge
    iv) Coral Bush
    v) Orange Coral
    vi) Blue Coral
    vii) Turquoise Coral
    viii) Pink Coral
    ix) Orange Coral Ornament
    7. Location of Map Pieces
    This is taken from my FAQ question, but I decided that it would be a lot easier
    for people to locate the map pieces if I put it in a little mini-section of
    its own.
    The map looks kinda like this:
                        |            |             |             |
                        |            |             |             |
                        | Upper Left |    Upper    |   Upper     |
                        |    Hand    |    Centre   |   Right     |
                        |   Corner   |    Corner   |   Hand      |
                        |            |             |  Corner     |
                        |            |             |             |
                        |                   |                    |
                        |                   |                    |
                        |                   |                    |
                        |  Lower Left Hand  |  Lower Right Hand  |
                        |       Corner      |       Corner       |
                        |                   |                    |
                        |                   |                    |
    Lower right hand corner:
    Flower Patch (above the area with a crafting rock). It will be there from the
    start of the game as a small square of parchment.
    Upper left hand corner:
    Sparkly cave w/ skeleton. When you first enter the sparkly cave, you should
    see it lying on the ground as a very small piece of parchment.
    Lower left hand corner:
    By the pirate doors. This one is located at the stone doors with the skull,
    and at the left hand side door bar (to your left) as a very small piece of
    Upper centre piece
    Suzy McDress's map piece. You'll need to finish all her quests in order to
    obtain this particular map piece.
    Upper right hand corner
    Dr. Feelgood's map piece. You'll need to finish all her quests in order to
    obtain this particular map piece.
    8. Minigames
    There are quite a few minigames in Castaway. Here's a complete
    list of them, in order of appearance:
     i)Bug hunting (Bug rock)
     ii)Spear fishing (Any body of water w/ harpoon)
     iii)Painting (Easel on gnarled wood)
     iv)Pole fishing (Any body of water w/ fishing pole)
     v)Musical duet (Available only with Suzy McDress)
    i) Bug Hunting
    This game is relatively straightforward, as I have said in
    the guide. Just smash up all the bugs/as many bugs as
    possible. If you smash all the bugs, you'll get some
    extra rare ones and you'll be able to use them to
    paint, as bait, as dye and trading items.
    Hint: Squish all the small bugs first as fast as you can. My
    DS Screen is more or less slightly less responsive, and I find
    that the best way is to jab at the screen. The long ones
    are easier to squish - as long as no less than 1/5 of them is
    sticking out at the edge of the screen and you can succesfully
    squish them.
    a) Bug Colours
    This section is purely for those who need to find a bug but 
    can't seem to find it. The colours are all listed - just
    Ctrl+F and look for your colour. These are listed in
    alphabetical order.
    Azure Bug: Area w/ food prep rock and area left of sparkly
    Black Bug: Area w/ rainbow and peach tree, area w/ food
               prep rock, area left of sparkly cave and area
               with easel/gnarled wood
    Blue Bug: (Perfect Score) Area w/ food prep rock and area
              w/ rainbow and peach tree
    Brown Bug: Area w/ clothing station
    Fuschia Bug: (Perfect Score) Area left of sparkly cave
    Green Bug: (Perfect Score) Area left of sparkly cave and
               area w/ easel/gnarled wood
    Jade Bug: (Perfect Score) Area w/ easel/gnarled wood
    Orange Bug: Area w/ clothing station and area w/ easel/
                gnarled wood
    Pink Bug: Area left of sparkly cave
    Purple Bug: (Perfect Score) Area w/ rainbow and peach tree
    Red Bug: Area w/ rainbow and peach tree
    Tan Bug: (Perfect Score) Area w/ clothing station
    Turquoise Bug: (Perfect Score) Area w/ clothing station
    White Bug: Area w/ food prep rock and area w/ rainbow and
               peach tree
    Yellow Bug: Area w/ clothing station and area w/ easel/
                gnarled wood
    ii)Spear fishing
    Spear fishing is harder than in its Japanese counterpart, Lost
    in Blue, as I found out. Yes, the fish is more colourful and
    you can distinguish what fish you're spearing, but the
    reaction time is reeeeally slow.
    Hint: Observe the pattern and aim for the head of the fish.
    Alternatively, wait for our little fishie to stop and stab
    it with your stylus. Reserve around 1 second of reaction
    This is relatively straightforward. Just obtain the easel
    using a blank canvas and craft it on the gnarled wood.
    Once you get the coloured bugs, you immediately add to
    your palette and scribble all over the canvas. It
    boosts some stats too.
    iv)Pole fishing
    Obtain the fishing pole by crafting it at the crafting
    rock with bamboo and vines. Once you've done so, head
    to any big rock and fish there. Choose a coloured bug
    and drop it into the water. Once in the water, slooowly
    drag it over to the fish, and a thought bubble with
    a question mark will appear over it. Sometimes, there
    will be another bubble with a coloured bug in it. That
    indicates what coloured bait the fish likes. To switch, tap
    on it and cast the bait again. It takes a looooooong time
    for the fish to actually take the bait - you'll know when
    it's attracted when the heart shape appears, but it still
    won't take the bait. Sometimes, it'll just dart off with
    a "!" over its head. But when it does take the bait, the
    net appears and you drag the poor fishie to the net. While
    you start jumping in joy. That's about it for this
    v)Musical duet
    Sorry about the caps lock. That's the only way I can express
    my italics/bold format in.
    The game is relatively simple. Grab an ocarina crafted out
    of some wood, nails and a stone and bring it to Suzy McDress.
    She'll be thrilled, and not only do you get to trade with her,
    but it launches you to your very first musical duet with her.
    Watch her as she plays notes. Later on in the game, all you
    need to do is to play with her and press the keys A,B,X,Y,L,R
    and blow as she plays her tune. It'll give you more relationship
    points with her as well.
    9. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
    Q) I've just crafted the canoe and I can only seem to "Examine" the canoe
       whenever I tap on it and want to go to a new place.
    A) After you've correctly crafted your canoe, there should be an arrow at the
       very far right end of your canoe. Tap on that, though it is a bit tricky.
       So my advice to you is that you toggle the screen to the right, before you
       zoom out using the down arrow on the D-Pad until you can easily tap on
       the body of the arrow.
    Q) Where is the rope template?
    A) The rope template is available once you get to the broken bridge and examine
       it. Then it should turn up as a question mark template, which requires three
       vines. Head to the crafting rock and then hunt for that template, and craft.
    Q) I can't seem to give *item* to *person*. I've given them gifts but they
       don't seem to like it. What went wrong?
    A) I can safely tell you that nothing is wrong. Once that happens, keep talking
       to them. Yes, talking to them, even though gets you some feet stamping and
       whatnot, will allow for your relationship bar to recover. Keep talking until
       you're at 50% or more!
    Q) I can't find the chisel! What happened?
    A) You need to craft the chef's first fire pit and light it before you go
       anywhere further. Then, talk to the chef again and tap "Offer Help".
       You should get the chisel without any problems by then.
    Q) I can't get the rice and the wheat seeds. Do I need to restart?
    A) Ehh, to all those who got an e-mail saying you had to get your stuff at
       32%, I have to apologize: you need to finish your game, find the boat,
       get on it, sail off the island, AND THEN go back to the island. Only
       then do your precious wheat and rice seeds turn up in the inventory.
       Maybe Ms. Weeder got a shipment of them when we got back onto the island?
    Q) What is the use of the map?
    A) It's to find the pirate ship and to get off the island. That's about it.
    Q) I can't get the chair! Now what?
    A) First, you need to craft the stool from the stool template. Decorate a rock
       with it, and then choose "Sit" or "Use" - I don't remember which. Then after
       a few moments of standing up, you should receive a new template.
    Q) I've traded with Dr. Feelgood for the hammer handle, but I can't craft the
    A) While a hammer handle can make some dents in the tree trunk, it won't get
       you anywhere close to making a sea-worthy canoe. You'll need to craft the
       hammer first at the crafting rock before you can craft the canoe.
    Q) I can't find the arrow which I am supposed to dive off at to get to the
       pirate ship.
    A) You might want to check the number of map pieces you have at the moment.
       In order to unlock the arrow at the rocky outcrop to the right of the
       area with the clothing station, you'll need to find all the map pieces.
    Q) I can't find (insert item here)!
    A) If it's a type of item that requires to go around digging for it, or that it
       is washed ashore or parachuted, you'll need to be patient: this depends on
       the game script of your cartridge, and it's random. Even for me, some items
       took me ages to find. So be patient, and hope your game script is nice to
       you :)
    10. Contact
    If you have any questions regarding the game or the walkthrough, or even
    errors that you found/amendments that need to made/stuff that I missed,
    feel free to contact me at nieva.zafira@gmail.com.
                                  End of Walkthrough/FAQ

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