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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Chesu

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 10/27/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

       Special Thanks +ST
    This section, at the top of the page, is reserved for anyone who has helped
    me in any way with the creation of this FAQ, whether they contributed in any
    significant way, provided information, gave me advice on writing this, or
    even pointed something out!
    This section is currently empty.
       Table of Contents +ToC
    0. Special Thanks +ST
    I. Table of Contents +ToC
    II. Updates and Version History +UVH
    III. Introduction +INT (please read!)
    IV. Controls +CT
    V. Setting and Background +SaB
    VI. Character Profiles +CP
    VII. Enemy Index +EI
    VIII. Scarab Locations +SL
    IX. Weapons +WP
      IX-a. Firearms +Fms
      IX-b. Abilities +Abl
      IX-c. Other Firearms +OF
    X. Walkthrough +WT
      X-a. Great Expectorations +GE 
      X-b. The Soda Bomber +TSB
      X-c. Buzz Kill +BK
      X-d. Stick Up +SU
      X-e. Histamine Field +HF
      X-f. Bug Day Afternoon +BDA
      X-g. Pier Pressure +PP
      X-h. Downtown Showdown +DS
      X-i. Honey Train +HT
      X-j. Railroad Typhoon +RT
      X-k. Home for the Hominids +HH
      X-l. Revelation #9 +R9
      X-m. I, Robobug +IR
      X-n. Ka-Bloom! +KB
      X-o. Soda City +SC
      X-p. Fear Factory +FF
      X-q. Call Me Honey! +CMH
      X-r. An Explosion of Cherry Flavor! +ECF
    XI. Glitches and Oddities +GaO
    XII. Frequently Asked Questions +FAQ
    XIII. Contact Info +CI
    XIV. Legal Stuff +LS
    (Note: Additional sections 
    may be added in the future.)
       Updates and Version History +UVH
    10/26/08 - Version 1.0
    Done! Here it is, version 1.0 of my Insecticide
    FAQ. I may add more content in the future, but
    for now, it's finished and ready to sumbit to
    10/24/08 - Version 0.3
    Finished the Enemy Index, Glitches and Oddities,
    Character Profiles, and FAQ sections.
    10/23/08 - Version 0.2
    Over the last few days I've finished the basic
    formatting for this guide, and about half of the
    sections I have planned. Considering how small
    the amount of time it would take to finish what
    I currently have planned is, I may wait until
    Version 1.0 is ready to submit this to GameFAQs.
    10/19/08 - Version 0.1
    The Walkthrough is complete, and contains all
    Scarab locations. I think everything else should
    be fairly easy to do after this.
       Introduction +INT
    Hello, and welcome to my Insecticide FAQ. I hope that you'll find it
    useful, despite my bad writing. The investigation portions of the
    walkthrough only cover the minimum that you're required to do to
    complete the mission, while the action parts are comprehensive and
    cover everything from Scarab locations to every time you can expect
    an enemy to attack. As such, the writing in the action sections can
    get stale rather fast, so I'll be accepting alternative versions of
    each mission. If you would like to contribute, see the Contact Info
    section of this guide. Please let me know if you find any factual or
    typographical errors, or if you feel that anything needs clarification.
    Some sections contain minor spoilers. If you would like to avoid these,
    don't read about a weapon until you have it, and refrain from skipping
    ahead in the walkthrough. Any major spoilers will be clearly marked.
    In case you're inexperienced with conputers, or just unaware of the
    fact, you can press CTRL+F to find content on the current page. Next
    to each section in the Table of Contents, you'll see a two or three
    letter acronym with a plus sign in front of it, such as +INT; type it
    into the seach bar to find the corresponding section on the page.
    (note: this feature is not case sensitive)
       Controls +CT
    Insecticide is broken into two types of gameplay, each of which
    has its own control scheme. Unlisted buttons do nothing.
    Control Pad - Scroll through menu
    A Button - Confirm selection
    B Button - Cancel selection
    X Button - Erase file (file select menu only)
    Touchscreen - Can perform Control Pad and A/B button functions
     Action Level
    Control Pad - Walk, turn
    A Button - Lock onto enemies within selected weapon's range
    B Button - Jump, double jump
    X Button - Look around with Control Pad
    Y Button - Cycle between weapons
    R Button - Use selected weapon*
    Start Button - View pause menu
    Touchscreen - Hold down to look around, tap to jump, select weapon
     Investigation Level
    Control Pad - Walk, turn
    A Button - Examine object/initiate dialogue, scroll through text
    X Button - Exit examination/dialogue screen, look around with Control Pad
    Start Button - View pause menu
    Touchscreen - Inspect/use evidence, examine scene, perform A/X button functions
     * if close enough to an enemy, a kick attack 
       will be used instead of the selected weapon
       Setting and Background +SaB
    Insecticide is set in the distant future, in the city of Troi.
    Long ago, human geneticists developed crops that were resistant
    to pests of all kinds. Unfortunately (for the humans, anyway),
    the pests adapted and ate the crops, which it turned out were
    genetically unstable enough to cause mutation in the consumers.
    Over time, the arthropods and various other protostomes evolved
    to become the dominant creatures on the planet; the humans weren't
    so lucky. The same altered crops caused severe, lethal allergies to
    form in them, killing off most of the species and forcing the rest
    to seek shelter from the deadly pollen. By the time that Insecticde
    takes place, humans, now referred to as Hominids, are an old and dying
    race, and are considered to be inferior to the insects. Due to the toxic
    pollen permeating the city, they must wear hazmat (hazardous material)
    suits to survive. 
    The city's inhabitants are ruled by their addiction to Nectarola, a 
    soft drink made of pollen and nectar produced by the drone offspring
    of Madame Haezzle Quinbee, the queen bee and CEO of Nectarola Co. 
    Shortly before the introduction of a new flavor of Nectarola, Manchurian
    Cherry, a mysterious terrorist the press are calling "The Soda Bomber"
    starts setting off explosive soda cans in seemingly random places around
    the city. Though none of the bombings have been fatal, the case has been
    delegated to Precinct 47's Insecticide division, headlined by veteran
    detective Roachy Caruthers and his rookie partner, Chrys Liszt.
       Character Profiles +CP
    =Chrys Liszt=
    Chrys is a rookie cop with a mysterious past, and the
    protagonist of the game. She doesn't remember her past,
    but has recurring nightmares that seem to be tied to it.
    Her only possession from her former life is a photograph
    of her as a child, standing with an unknown man. The name
    Chrys Liszt is a play on the word chrysalis, which is the
    type of pupa caterpillars become. The surname Liszt is of
    Hungarian origin.
    -From the Case File-
    Height: 5'4"
    Weight: 114 lbs.
    Species: Unknown.
    Weapon of Choice: Pollinator.
    Affiliations: Roachy Caruthers' partner.
    Notes: Chrys is a bit of an enigma, even to herself. Her
    memory of her past is murky - possibly due to an accident
    that she suspects has left her on her own.
    She has disturbing flashbacks and te mystery haunts her
    dreams, but she has yet to make any sense of it. It's her
    quest to find these answers that caused Chrys and Roachy's
    paths to cross. She is thoughtful, curious and tough, and
    she makes a good detective without really having intended to.
    She can stick to walls for brief periods of time and run
    along them, is unfazed by a shot of bug spray that would
    take down an insect twice her size, and seems oddly to be
    one of the few inhabitants of Troi not totally obsessed
    with Nectarola.
    =Roachy Caruthers=
    Roachy is a veteran detective, and Chrys' partner. Having
    put some weight on around the thorax, Roachy isn't quite as
    spry as he used to be, and as a result has been shot some
    forty-seven times in his career. He was the lead detective
    on the case of Madame Quinbee's egg-napping thirty years ago,
    and while it remains unsolved to this day, she's never held
    it against him. Roachy is a stereotypical veteran cop, with
    a name to match. The name Caruthers originates from Scotland.
    -From the Case File-
    Nickname: Bullseye, The Donutator.
    Height: 5'1".
    Weight: 155 lbs.
    Species: Cockroach.
    Weapon of choice: "Amber".
    Affiliations: Chrys Liszt's partner.
    Notes: A cop for thirty-some years, Roachy is one of the
    longest serving veterans on hte Troi P.D. Not that that buys
    him respect or credibility with the big bugs downtown - Roachy
    has always been a "street roach." He's approaching retirement
    age, but Chief Chigger made it clear that the precinct would
    close up and cut pensions if they couldn't find some bodies to
    fill the desks and solve a few cases on the board. This lead to
    one of Roachy's better ideas: recruiting Chrys to the academy.
    He's been shot forty-seven times in the line of duty, but it
    hasn't slowed him down much - even though cockroaches didn't
    quite become the dominant species on the planet as most humans
    predicted, they are nevertheless extremely durable.
    =Madame Haezzle Quinbee=
    Quinbee is the chairman and CEO of Nectarola Co, the largest
    employer in the city of Troi. The single most recognizable
    face in the city, she's getting on in years, but can apparently
    still produce all of the drones required to tend to the pollen
    fields. Her royal egg, which would have hatched into the heir
    to Nectrola Co., was stolen thirty years ago. The name Quinbee
    is a play on queen bee, while the name Quinn hails from Ireland.
    -From the Case File-
    A.K.A.: "Honey", Chairman Quinbee.
    Height: 5'10".
    Weight: Classified information. All previous medical records have
            been sealed, and some sort of jamming device is rumored to
            override previous attempts at gathering this data.
    Species: Bee.
    Outstanding warrants: None.
    Record: None.
    Weapon of choice: N/A.
    Affiliations: N/A.
    Notes: Roachy would kill me if he saw I even had his "girl" on
    the suspects list. Not sure what gets into him whenever he's
    around her, but he's definitely "distracted". Truth is, anyone
    present during the murder, or even affiliated with the victim,
    for that matter, is a potential suspect. Although I have my
    doubts as to why such a high-powered executive like her would
    stoop to getting her hands dirty offing a nobody like Buzzbee.
    CEO of Nectarola Co, number one employer in the city, and maker
    of Troi's most popular beverage/foodstuff. Nectarola is also
    Troi's main export (not counting crime and weapons).
    =Ozwald Mandias=
    Ozzy is an old Hominid scientist, and seems to know about
    Chrys' past. It turns out that he's the mysterious figure in
    the old photograph; aside from that, very little is known
    about him. The name Ozzy Mandias is a play on Ozymandias,
    a sonnet about a long-dead, boastful king who considered
    himself and his works to be the greatest things in the
    world, though now all that remains of him is an ancient,
    crumbling statue.
    -From the Case File-
    Nickname: Ozzy.
    Height: 5'7".
    Weight: 132 lbs.
    Species: Hominid.
    Weapon of choice: The non-sequitur.
    Affiliations: Works for an unknown employer in an elaborately
                  outfitted lab at the top of Hominid City.
    Notes: Ozzy is a talented scientist, whose faculties have
    declined somewhat over the year due to pollen exposure. He
    works in a solitary facility that seems to be a genetics lab,
    a demolitions facility, or both. The equipment there costs more
    than everything else in the underground city combined, but what
    Ozzy is using it for is a mystery. He seems to be holding back,
    no doubt because of the security cameras trained on him 24/7.
    One thing for certain, though, is that he seems to know a lot
    about me and is somehow connected to my mysterius past.
       Enemy Index +EI
    What's an action game without memorable enemies?
    An action game without memorable enemies, is what.
    While only time will tell how memorable your foes
    in Insecticide are, you should at least remember
    how to deal with them while playing.
     Regular Enemies
    =Spit Bugs=
    Spit Bugs use their own noxious oral secretions
    as a weapon, and will opt to spit at you from afar
    rather than risk close combat. As you only find them
    in one mission, your options for fighting them are
    limited. Just dodge their spit, and return fire with
    the Pollinator. The group you that encounter call
    themselves The Spit Fires.
    Ranged Attack: Toxic spit.
    Close Attack: Targeted toxic spit. 
    Note: At close range, the Spit Bugs' attack is much
          more accurate than it is at a distance.
    Notable Members: Artie Phlegming, Jimmy Spitzler
    Missions: Great Expectorations.
    -From the Case File-
    A.K.A.: The Droolers.
    Species: Spit Bug.
    Outstanding warrants: They're all wanted for something.
    Record: As long as their antennae.
    Weapon of choice: Toxic saliva.
    Affiliations: They're affiliated with no one, they run
    with the wind (although they try not to spit into it).
    Notes: Artie's gang. They're tough as spit, with attitude
    to match. The toxic saliva is bad enough, but after some
    "friends" gave them extra firepower, they were especially
    dangerous. Didn't do Archie much good though when he was
    staring down the grill of a speeding delivery truck.
    =Stick Bugs=
    The Stick Bugs that associate with Stix call themselves
    The Javelins. They move quickly, hit hard, and play dirty.
    They only appear during the Stick Up mission, so the best
    way to handle them is to dodge their attack and close in
    for a shot with the Nectar Blaster.
    Ranged Attack: Beetle Busters.
    Close Attack: Shin kick.
    Note: Stick Bugs wield a Beetle Buster in each hand,
          for a total of four. The Beetle Buster is a
          hard-hitting laser pistol, and four of them at
          once is almost like a Nectar Blaster. 
    Notable Members: Jimmy "Stix" McGillicuddy.
    Missions: Stick Up.
    -From the Case File-
    A.K.A.: Trouble.
    Species: Stick bug.
    Outstanding warrants: Across the board.
    Record: They all got 'em.
    Weapon of choice: You name it, but they prefer Beetle Busters.
    Affiliations: Sometimes been known to run with
                  biker gang A Touch of Weevil.
    Notes: These guys pop out from behind light posts when you
    least expect it, then disappear just as easily. Their turf
    is most of the West side near the warehouse district and the
    bay. They're mostly small time thugs and gun runners, but
    there's a rumor that some of them are deeper into a big
    weapons smuggling operation.
    There's not much to say about Mechsquitos. They're outfitted
    with antique pistols, and attack in groups of two or three in
    wide-open areas. The best weapon to use against them is the
    Nectar Blaster, as its shots are able to hit more than one
    enemy at once.
    Ranged Attack: Antique pistol.
    Close Attack: Same.
    Notable Members: N/A
    Missions: Pier Pressure, Home for the Hominids,
              An Explosion of Cherry Flavor!
    -From the Case File-
    A.K.A.: Buzzguns.
    Height: 6".
    Weight: 1.3 lbs.
    Species: Robots.
    Outstanding warrants: N/A.
    Record: N/A.
    Weapon of choice: Antique pistol.
    Affiliations: Robobugs carry a small hive of these in a
                  compartment in the back of their suit.
    Notes: Robobugs set these guys loose at the waterfront.
    They home in on you with a built in GPS, like a flying
    pistol with radar. These bugs will swarm and catch you
    when there's no cover.
    Robobugs are the main enemy in the game, so you'll be
    seeing a lot of them. They use Nectar Blasters, you might
    want to avoid the direct approach. The safest way to handle
    them is to hit them with mold spores, then wait it out. If
    you aren't so patient, or don't have adequate cover, a shot
    from the Nectar Cannon will usually take them out. In the
    later stages of the game, you can use Brain-Freeze or Total
    Confusion from behind cover to avoid taking damage.
    Ranged Attack: Nectar Blaster.
    Close Attack: Backhand.
    Note: Robobugs will normally attack with Nectar
          Blasters just like the one you use, but if
          you get too close they'll backhand you.
    Notable Members: None.
    Missions: Pier Pressure, Downtown Showdown, Railroad
              Typhoon, Ka-Bloom!, Fear Factory, An Explosion
              of Cherry Flavor!
    -From the Case File-
    (Note: The file for Robobugs changes almost
    every mission, each time with spoilers, so
    I've chosen to use their initial entry.)
    A.K.A.: What the heck is that?
    Height: 6'7".
    Weight: 413 lbs.
    Species: Unknown.
    Outstanding warrants: Wanted for destruction of the Dewdrop
                          Trough, interfering with the arrest of
                          a suspect, and assault with deadly force.
    Record: Unknown.
    Weapon of choice: Nectar Blasters.
    Affiliations: Unknown.
    Notes: The facts are that these "things" busted up the
    diner, grabbed my perp, and used deadly force to prevent
    us from capturing or questioning them. That's nothing
    unusual for a night in Troi. What's unsuual is their
    strange mechanical suits, and the fact that I've seen
    them before... in my recurring nightmares!
    =Appliance Bugs=
    Appliance bugs are unique in that they serve as both
    enemies and weapons. They attack with a laser, which
    while hard to avoid, doesn't do much damage. A single
    shot from any weapon or a well-placed kick will stun
    them, allowing you to pick them up and use their laser
    pistols. They will continuously spawn from their nest,
    so destroy it if you want to stop the flow.
    Ranged Attack: None.
    Close Attack: Targeted laser.
    Note: Probably due to their size, Appliance Bugs have
          the shortest range of any enemy in the game.
    Notable Members: None.
    Missions: Railroad Typhoon, Home for the Hominids.
    -From the Case File-
    A.K.A.: Ouch, that stings! Wrong number.
    Height: 7".
    Weight: 1.5 lbs.
    Species: Robot.
    Outstanding warrants: N/A.
    Record: N/A.
    Weapon of choice: Remote operated mixer cooled laser
                      pistol with telephonic pulse.
    Affiliations: Part of the Hominid Security and
                  Telecommunications Network and comes with
                  a Good Homemaker gold star rating.
    Notes: A nasty little critter cobbled together from misc.
    spare telephones, irons, mixers, remote controls, and other
    electronics and appliance parts, strapped together with duct
    tape, and outfitted with a laser pistol. If you can stun one,
    you can pick it up and strap to your arm to use as a weapon.
    While slow-moving, Hominids use bug spray guns that emit a
    continuous stream, which have a surprisingly long range. They
    almost always appear in groups of three, but aren't very good
    at covering each other's backs. At close range, some enemies
    have a strong attack designed to knock you back; not only do
    Hominids not have one of these, but due to a glitch, they're
    unable to hurt you at all. At extremely close range, the bug
    spray guns can't hit you unless you jump or attack.
    Ranged Attack: Bug Spray Rifle
    Close Attack: None.
    Note: At extremely close range, Hominids are unable to attack.
    Notable Members: Ozwald Mandias, Carson Gabwell Jr.,
                     Unidentified Hominid (in cell)
    Missions: Home for the Hominids, Revelation #9.
    -From the Case File-
    (Note: This section contains spoilers.)
    A.K.A.: Those freaks in the plastic wrap helmets.
    Outstanding warrants: Unknown.
    Record: Unknown.
    Weapon of choice: Semi-automatic compression projection
                      bug spray rifle.
    Affiliations: Unknown.
    Notes: Their makeshift metropolis was built using scrap
    metal and train parts, but it's well organized and seems to
    be the base of operations for Robobug excursions. The bigger
    mystery, though, is their use of the strange symbol and its
    connection to the crate on the train and my past.
    Beebots prefer to attack from afar, but will close the
    distance if you take cover. If you're able to hit them
    with Total Confusion, it will help a little; otherwise,
    they take two hits before going down.
    Ranged Attack: Optical laser bursts.
    Close Attack: Same.
    Notable Members: Beebot Chef #22.5, "Tinny Tim" (murder weapon)
    Missions: Ka-Bloom!, Fear Factory, An Explosion of Cherry Flavor!
    -From the Case File-
    A.K.A.: The Nectarola Mascot.
    Height: 4'9".
    Weight: 685 lbs.
    Species: Robot.
    Outstanding warrants: None.
    Record: None.
    Weapon of choice: Twin corneal machine cannons.
    Affiliations: Works exclusively for the Nectarola Co.
    Notes: (Update: These guys aren't so beloved anymore.)
    Watch out for those eye cannons! The beloved Nectarola Beebot
    is a spokesbot universally adored and trusted by the cirizens
    of Troi. First appearing in a commercial several years back
    for the ill-conceived E.Cola, the Beebot nevertheless rebounded
    into Troi's hearts after securing a supporting role in the new
    ad campaign featuring Quinbee herself as spokesbug. The Beebots
    are quite accomplished dancers with a pleasant speaking voice
    and a lovely tenor. Spare parts are hard to come by.
    (Note: This section contains spoilers.)
    Two of these drones are summoned by Quinbee with yellow
    pheromones during the final battle on the roof of Nectarola
    Co. in the mission "Call Me Honey!". They use Nectar Blasters
    and, when you're close enough, will punch with two of their
    four arms. If you use Total Confusion on them, they'll attack
    each other and Quinbee, but she'll kill them after only a
    few seconds.
    Ranged Attack: Nectar Blaster.
    Close Attack: One-two punch.
    Notable Members: Cecil Bee, Buzzbee, Dr. Pharkus Swellbee.
    Missions: Call Me Honey!
    -From the Case File-
    (Note: As there is no file specifically for the drones
    you fight, I'm using the one for the Bee Guards.)
    A.K.A.: N/A.
    Species: Bee.
    Outstanding warrants: Unknown.
    Record: Unknown.
    Weapon of choice: Surliness.
    Affiliations: They work exclusively for Quinbee and Nectarola,
                  and are rarely seen outside company property.
    Notes: They're what's left of Quinbee's Apian Guard, and
    part of the larger Nectarola Bee workforce, although recently
    Quinbee's been seen mostly with Beebots. She claims it's all
    part of her new "friendlier" image, but there are rumors that
    it's actually because the Bee population is dwindling. Hard
    to verify, as they've always been a secretive group and
    Nectarola claims a majority of them working at one of their
    many undisclosed Pollen Fields locations.
    If you would like to see descriptions of the game's four
    boss battles added to this section, just let me know.
    (See Contact Info below.)
       Scarab Locations +SL
    You've probably seen large, golden bugs sitting in some
    out-of-the-way spots in the action levels of Insecticide
    and thought, "what's this thing?". These are the Scarabs,
    hidden tokens that will increase your health meter. There
    are forty-five of them scattered throughout eight of the
    game's missions, some of which are quite well-hidden.
    =Great Expectorations=
    Scarabs: 3
    1. At one point, you will be faced with two Spit Bugs on
    the roof across from you. Past them is a series of circular
    platforms, the last of which holds a Scarab.
    2. After the roof with the two Spit Bugs is a billboard.
    Jump to it, then drop to the roof below and turn to the
    right. A series of ledges leading down ends in a Scarab.
    3. Just before the building containing the large fan, you'll
    fight two Spit Bugs. Past them is a crate, behind which is
    the mission's final Scarab.
    =Stick Up=
    Scarabs: 8
    1. In the building you enter after walking on the wires,
    turn to the left in front of the exit window for a Scarab.
    2. Immediately after the building mentioned above, a Stick
    Bug will begin shooting at you from a platform on the left.
    On another platform next to his is a Scarab.
    3. After leaving the cable car tracks, you'll be shown an
    area to the left with a blue floor which is full of holes.
    Walk past it and jump to the platforms on the right for a
    4. In the building with the chain link fences inside, there
    are three gaps in the wall to the left. Two of them are
    linked by a walkway which holds a Scarab.
    5. In the next area is a large stack of crates, and two
    Stick Bugs. Next to the one on the left, behind a crate,
    is a Scarab.
    6. In a gap between buildings, you'll be introduced to the
    concept of wall-walking. On the platform you wall-walk to
    is another Scarab.
    7. After the wall-walk area, you'll be attack by a Stick
    Bug on the left. To the right is a platform with a Scarab.
    8. In the final area, Stix is to the left of where you jump
    down, while some shipping containers and Stick Bugs are to
    the right. Behind the containers is the final Scarab.
    =Pier Pressure=
    Scarabs: 4
    1. The first area is full of shipping containers and a few
    Robobugs. There's a single small building with street lamps
    around it, behind which is the first Scarab.
    2. After crossing the crates floating on the water, you'll
    find a stack of crates which you climb to get the Mold Spore
    Launcher. Behind the crates is a Scarab.
    3. Right after you get the Mold Spore Launcher, you'll take
    a ramp down to an area with shipping containers and Robobugs.
    Walk straight from the end of the ramp and past the containers,
    then turn to the left to find an alcove with a Scarab in it.
    4. On top of the ship, you'll find a red path which has cranes
    swinging across it. At the end of the path is a walking wire
    to the left, and a blue/gray floor to the right. Drop down to
    the floor on the right to find the final Scarab behind the
    shipping container that's sticking out.
    =Downtown Showdown=
    Scarabs: 4
    1. To the left of the wrecked Nectarola delivery truck is a
    short alley containing two Robobugs. On the left side (from
    the entrance) is a Scarab.
    2. There's a small gap between the wrecked truck and the wall
    behind it; hiding in that gap is another Scarab.
    3. Through the gate opened by the control panel is a ledge with
    a ramp on it. On the left side of the ledge is a Scarab.
    4. After breaking the first street lamp, you'll find yourself
    on a balcony. To the left is the second street lamp, and to the
    right is the roof of a building you're able to jump up onto. On
    the roof, on the other side of the alley you started the mission
    in, is the final Scarab.
    =Railroad Typhoon=
    Scarabs: 5
    1. Turn to the right as soon as the mission starts for a Scarab.
    2. Instead of heading into the executive lounge car ahead,
    turn around and go into the caboose for another Scarab.
    3. Immediately to the left of the door you came in through in
    the executive lounge is a Scarab.
    4. Immediately to the left of the door you came in through in
    the dining car, between the wall and the kitchen, is a Scarab.
    5. In the first passenger car, turn to the left just before
    the door to the next one for the final Scarab, which had been
    blocked from view before by a wall.
    =Home for the Hominids=
    Scarabs: 8
    1. Early in the level you'll encounter three Hominids; one on
    a platform, two on a raised ledge to the right. After getting
    on the ledge, head back towards the start of the level for the
    mission's first Scarab.
    2. After the aforementioned ledge, you'll jump from an odd
    structure made of circular segments to a roof. To your right
    are two large pipes, with a Scarab visible on the other side.
    Circle the building to the left until you reach the other
    side of the pipes to collect it.
    3. From the building mentioned above, follow a beam or pipe
    to another, where a Scarab will be clearly visible to the
    left of the red roofs.
    4. When you come to the first walking wire after the red
    roofs, ignore and walk past it for a Scarab surrounded by
    four cans of Nectarola.
    5. From the last Scarab, drop down to the right to a ledge
    which holds another.
    6. After the series of chimneys and beams, walk all the way
    down to the end of the ledge/roof you're on to find a Scarab
    on the right.
    7. When you reach the long line of red walls you're required
    to wall-walk on, do so on the right side, and at the end you'll
    find a Scarab.
    8. At the end of the stage you'll find a walkway, the left
    side of which ends in the building with the strange symbol
    above it. To the right is the final Scarab.
    Scarabs: 4
    1. In the first area of the greenhouse are large devices
    that release a damaging spray of pollen. Past them, rather
    than following the path to the center of the room, jump to
    the platforms straight ahead for a Scarab.
    2. At the end of the ledge with the control panel in the
    first area, you'll find a Scarab.
    3. In the second area, there's a Scarab hidden behind the
    ramp on the floor.
    4. After taking the wire to the central platform in the second
    area, there will be a Scarab on a platform against the wall,
    connected to where you are by wire.
    =Fear Factory=
    Scarabs: 9
    1. In the first room, Robobugs will attack from the left
    as you're crossing the crates floating on the Nectarola.
    Floating in the air between the crates they're standing
    on is the first Scarab.
    2. In the next room, after activating the control panel,
    turn around and jump back to the shipping containers to
    find a Scarab, which had been blocked from view before.
    3. In the next room, there's a Scarab behind the vat of
    Nectarola straight ahead from the door.
    4. In the same room, there's a raised walkway leading
    to a door on the right. To the left, behind a yellowish
    support column, is another Scarab.
    5. In the room after the next one, drop to the floor,
    where you'll find a Scarab under the suspended walkway.
    6. In the same area, stay on the floor and walk all the
    way to the other end of the room for a Scarab.
    7. The next room is full of small platforms; take the
    path to the left to reach a Scarab.
    8. The next room has two paths- take the lower one,
    then in the next room wall-walk to the left and cross
    the pipe for another Scarab.
    9. In the second-to-last room, you're required to
    wall-walk to a control panel. On the platform right
    before the sign you wall-walk on is the final Scarab.
       Weapons +WP
    As ten and a half of Insecticide's eighteen levels consist
    of run-and-gun action, you should know the weapons at your
    disposal. In the final third of the game, firearms will be
    replaced with Chrys' own pheromonal abilities.
     Firearms +Fms
    =The Pollinator=
    The Pollinator is your default gun, and Chrys' weapon
    of choice. Long-ranged and light on damage, it fills
    the role held by 9mm pistols in most other games. As
    it collects pollen from the air to form projectiles,
    the Pollinator never needs to be reloaded.
    -From the Case File-
    Manufacturer: AgGrow Firearms.
    Notes: Standard issue Troi PD firearm; I don't leave
    home without it. Some of the other cops prefer heavier,
    less modern side-arms, but I like it because it's light
    and fast and never gets tired.
    The department manual says the Pollinator is powered by
    4 solar photovoltaic cells, with a backup 9 volt battery
    and air cooled manifold. All I know is, thankfully, it
    never runs out of juice.
    Technical Specs: Continually extracts pollen from the air
    to create highly-explosive refined pollen "donuts" (about
    the only kind Roachy won't eat).
    Damage: Low.
    Range: Far.
    Magazine Capacity: Unlimited (self-recharging).
    =The Nectar Blaster=
    The Nectar Blaster functions like a shotgun, and is my
    favorite weapon in the game. It fires blasts of hardened
    nectar, and like a shotgun is only really effective at
    close range. Nectar Blaster ammunition resembles a green
    box with yellow spikes sticking out of it.
    -From the Case File-
    Manufacturer: Sweet & Kindle
    Notes: I appropriated this piece of evidence from the
    doorstep of one Jimmy "Stix" McGillicuddy, right after
    he used it to shoot my partner. Roachy was ok though,
    and Stix got away so there's no point in turning it
    over to Chigger. Plus it kicks thorax at close range.
    Technical Specs: Unloads a spray of hardened nectar;
    good against groups of flyers. Not so good at long
    distances, save this one for up-close-and-personal
    Damage: High.
    Range: Close.
    Magazine Capacity: 25.
    =Mold Spore Launcher=
    The Mold Spore Launcher is your best bet for safely taking
    out large groups of enemies. The closest comparison I can
    draw to it is an incendiary grenade; however, instead of
    setting targets in the affected area aflame, it infects
    them with deadly Mold Spores, which can be spread from one
    to another. So long as the green mold splat is visible, it's
    infectious. Mold Spore ammo appears as a green and silver,
    somewhat isosceles trapezoid-shaped canister.
    -From the Case File-
    Manufacturer: Greensmere Industries.
    Notes: Discovered in the Troi waterfront area; apparently
    dropped by one of the Robobugs. I'll have to remember to
    file a report on that, next time I'm in the Precinct.
    Technical Specs: Launches explosive canisters which spread
    infectious mold when they hit the floor. Infected victims
    are also infectious, at least for the brief time they have
    left. Good against groups of thugs.
    Damage: Medium.
    Range: Medium.
    Magazine Capacity: 15.
    Also spelled "Hista-mine", these proximity-activated
    explosives are best suited for taking out enemy-spawning
    structures, and can be used to set traps or function in
    a fashion similar to Mold Spores, allowing you to eliminate
    enemies while remaining behind cover. Histamines resemble
    thick brown discs, with four spikes sticking out from the
    sides and eight holes which release toxic pollen. 
    -From the Case File-
    Manufacturer: Sinublast.
    Notes: Mayor Bloombug commissioned these to deal with the
    Hominid vagrant problem, but they were outlawed after a
    backlash from unintended targets. Still available on the
    black market from low-level arms dealers like Stix.
    Technical Specs: Proximity triggered explosive device that
    shoots a blast of toxic pollen. Causes a severe allergic
    reaction in whoever comes in contact with it. Hominids or
    Insect, they all swell up like balloons. Arm, throw, run!
    Good against enemies under cover.
    Damage: Lethal.
    Range: Close.
    Magazine Capacity: 5.
    =The Amberizer=
    The Amberizer is a unique firearm, as it does little
    to no damage. It's hard to say what traditional weapon
    it's a parallel to, but the Amberizer's function is easy
    enough to understand. It launches a globule of sticky amber,
    which quickly hardens and immobilizes the target for a few
    seconds. It seems to be based on Amber, Roachy's unique
    pistol. Amberizer ammo is a basketball-size globe of amber.
    -From the Case File-
    Manufacturer: Jurassican.
    Notes: Seems to be a heavy version of Roachy's unique
    pistol. He's always been less than forthcoming about
    its origin... I'll have to ask him what he knows about
    this. Found downtown in the wreckage of a hijacked
    Nectarola delivery truck.
    Technical Specs: Shoots a rounded globule of amber that
    envelopes and temporarily immobilizes the target; amber
    is brittle and known to shatter.
    TIP: Follow up quickly with a secondary attack, before
    it wears off.
    Damage: Low.
    Range: Close.
    Magazine Capacity: 15.
    =The Nectar Cannon=
    The Nectar Cannon is the favorite weapon of Hex, the
    gadget-loving Wasp of Precinct 47's Insecticide division,
    and with good reason. Similar in use to a rocket launcher,
    it fires a stream of nectar that is lethal to almost all
    normal enemies. Nectar Cannon ammunition takes the form
    of a series of four flat pentagonal cartridges full of
    yellow nectar, stacked on top of each other. 
    -From the Case File-
    Manufacturer: Goldstream.
    Notes: Hex tested one of these on Roachy... woulda killed a
    lesser bug (but it did get Hex a 2 week suspension/vacation).
    Not too many street thugs can afford a piece like this, or
    afford to leave it lying in the street; gotta be carried by
    someone pretty well funded.
    Technical Specs: This heavy-duty weapon fires a lethal stream
    of liquid nectar. Not much else to say about that, other than
    "get outta the way."
    Damage: Lethal.
    Range: Medium.
    Magazine Capacity: 15.
    =Appliance Bugs=
    Appliance Bugs are an odd sort of weapon, as they also
    serve as enemies. Built by Hominids from scrap parts of
    household appliances to serve as sentries, Appliance Bugs
    will continue to spawn from their nest until it's destroyed.
    Once an Appliance Bug has been disabled, it can be picked up
    and used as a short-range laser pistol. Picking up additional
    disabled bugs will reload your clip.
    -From the Case File-
    Manufacturer: Hominids, clearly! Plus I guess the original
    appliance makers deserve some credit... HomniTelecomm,
    BakersAide, and HouseMaster Appliances.
    Notes: It's like an unholy marriage of watchdog and cake mixer.
    Wish my appliances had this much enthusiasm.
    Technical Specs: Patched together from various recycled
    appliances and powered by a very single-minded intelligence,
    these enemies may be picked up when stunned and fired like a
    pistol until their ammo is depleted. These recharge in "nests"
    and are deployed by Hominids as automated defenses. TIP: Taking
    out a nest is the best insurance against future hassles.
    Damage: Low.
    Range: Close.
    Magazine Capacity: 25.
     Abilities +Abl
    During the mission Revelation #9, Chrys meets a Hominid
    scientist named Ozzy, who uses a gun-shaped instrument
    to unlock something in her brain, allowing her to use
    Pheromone-based hybrid abilities. Rather than requiring
    you to pick up ammunition like firearms, the abilities
    all use the same Pheromone meter, which will regenerate
    with time, or can be instantly replenished by picking up
    cans or kegs of Pheromones.
    =Mind Blower=
    The Mind Blower is unlike the other abilities in that it
    doesn't give you control over the minds of your enemies,
    but rather does physical damage to them with a concentrated
    stream of Pheromones. The Mind Blower is similar in function
    to the Nectar Cannon, but does less damage.
    -From the Case File-
    Manufacturer: I suppose I have Ozzy to thank for this
    "ability", but it's not like he specifically outfitted
    me with known powers... he just kind of combined DNA that
    he thought would be cool and crossed his fingers.
    Notes: When I grit me teeth and think about that irritating
    whistling noise that comes out of Grubbs' nose when he eats,
    this "power" just sort of... happens. Basically kills everything
    in sight. I'm gonna have to watch out next time I see Grubbs,
    Damage: High.
    Range: Far.
    Pheromone Cost: Low.
    Brain-Freeze uses Pheromones to make enemies move, attack,
    and react at one fourth of their normal speed for a short
    period of time. Why its name is hyphenated and Mind Blower
    isn't is one of the great mysteries of our time.
    -From the Case File-
    Manufacturer: Looks like another of my innate hybrid
    "talents", although Ozzy's little probe gun flipped the
    magnetic implant switch that was blocking this.
    Notes: I concentrate on cold, and enemies freeze up.
    Makes 'em move, shoot, and whatever else four times
    slower for a period of time - kind of like Roachy before
    his morning cup of coffee. Good for buying some extra
    time to sort out my strategy.
    Damage: None.
    Range: Far.
    Pheromone Cost: Moderate.
    =Total Confusion=
    Total Confusion is the game's most accurate portrayal
    of how Pheromones work in the real world. When it hits
    the targeted enemy, said enemy will turn on its comrades
    for a short period of time.
    -From the Case File-
    Manufacturer: Yeah, like I said, I don't know who's
    responsible, but I like it.
    Notes: Causes enemies to turn on each other. Now that
    I think about it, I might have been channeling this one
    for years, considering some of the fights between Hex
    and Grubbs at the precinct. And then there's Chigger's
    screaming... maybe he's really a sweetheart. Or maybe not.
    Damage: None.
    Range: Medium.
    Pheromone Cost: High.
    =Cranial Combustion=
    Cranial Combustion does just what it sounds like; it
    makes your enemies' heads explode. It's Pheromone-based,
    so it's unlikely that any actual combustion occurs.
    -From the Case File-
    Manufacturer: Same story, and I'm sticking to it.
    Notes: I strain until my ears pop, and so do their heads.
    This one takes a lot out of me, although not as much as
    them, I suppose. Use it sparingly. Unless there's a room
    full of criminals coming at you, of course, in which case
    it's pretty effective. Did I mention their heads explode?
    Preferrable against Robobugs, seeing as the head good stays
    contained inside their helmets.
    Damage: Lethal.
    Range: Far.
    Pheromone Cost: High.
     Other Firearms +OF
    =Roachy's Pistol=
    Roachy's pistol, which he calls Amber, is of unknown origin,
    and seems to be unique. Chrys takes it from him at the end of
    the game while he's under the influence of Quinbee's pheromones,
    but having unlocked her own special abilities, doesn't use it.
    -From the Case File-
    Manufacturer: Jurassican Classic.
    Notes: Roachy's carried "Amber" as long as I've known him.
    Won't elaborate on how or where he got this unique weapon,
    but it's pretty effective. Almost tailor made for slow-moving
    Roachy, since it freezes enemies long enough for chubby to
    catch up.
    Technical Specs: Shoots a rounded globule of amber that
    envelopes and temporarily immobilizes the target; amber
    is brittle and known to shatter.
    TIP: Follow up quickly with a secondary attack, before
    it wears off.
    Damage: Low.
    Range: Close.
    Magazine Capacity: 15.
    =Beetle Buster=
    There is currently little information available on
    this weapon, as it is only mentioned in the case files
    of Grubbs and The Javelins. The only time in the game it's
    seen is during the Stick Up mission, where Stick Bugs show
    it to be a relatively small, yet hard-hitting laser pistol.
    The PC version of the game is called "Insecticide: Episode 1",
    and Hex and Grubbs both seem to be pretty well-thought-out
    for characters appearing in only a single level, so we'll
    presumably see the Beetle Buster in future installments.
       Walkthrough +WT
     Great Expectorations (Action) - +GE
    Sunday, 12:18 a.m.
    Downtown Troi
    Objective: Chase the arms buyer (Spit Bug).
    Scarabs: 3
    You'll start at the end of a short alley. Take note of the bottom
    screen; the red and green bug in the center of the radar is you,
    and the green marker is your objective. Below the radar is your
    inventory, which at the moment holds nothing but The Pollinator (see
    Firearms section). When you reach the end of the alley, Roachy will
    tell you that he's going to be keeping in touch via the com-link
    system. This just means that every so often he'll tell you what he's
    doing, or give you advice. You don't have to read what he's saying if
    you don't want to, but in combat sequences you'll be using cover a lot,
    so it doesn't necessarily break the action. His input is often helpful,
    or at least interesting.
    Your suspect will take to the rooftops, so jump (B button) onto the
    nearby crate, then onto the blue... building(?). When you jump onto
    the green awning directly ahead, a Spit Bug will start spitting at
    you. Wait until it gets close enough, then lock on to it (press the
    A button). I recommend remaining on the awning and shooting (R button)
    while jumping. Once it's gone down, follow the purple ramp forward and
    to the right. Roachy will call in to tell you that you can do a double
    jump by pressing B again while in the air.
    Ahead (approximately one double jump away) are some round red platforms
    on the side of a building. Take them to the roof, and you'll find a green
    can spinning in place. This is Nectarola, the city of Troi's soft drink of
    choice, and your health recovery item. If you took damage from the conflict
    with the Spit Bug, grab the can (you'll consume it automatically); if not,
    you won't be able to pick it up. Don't worry about saving it for later,
    this is a short level, and there's Nectarola everywhere in the action
    stages. Also, there's no punishment for falling to your death, and it
    completely refills your health meter.
    Take the ramp on the left side of the roof down to another Spit Bug
    encounter. If you take damage, you can go back for the Nectarola, if
    you really want to. Follow the red platforms to the roof, where you'll
    find more Spit Bugs. Jump to the roof they were attacking you from, but
    instead of following the perp, jump on the red platforms directly ahead
    to get your first Golden Scarab. There are several of these bugs hidden
    in each action level,  and they will increase your health meter. Okay,
    now you can get back to the chase.
    Jump down onto the billboard with the Nectarola can on it, the down
    to the roof. You can jump onto the red platforms, but if you turn to
    the right you'll see several ledges, leading to another Scarab. Whether
    or not you get it (oh come on, just get it), when you hit the first red
    platform some Spit Bugs will spawn ahead of you and to the right. They
    seem pretty far away, but you can lock on to both of them. When you get
    off of the last platform, more Spit Bugs will spawn. This, however, is
    your first chance to use cover. Lock on to one of them, then hide behind
    the corner. After it attacks, press left to hop (Chrys hops when you're
    locked on to something) from behind the cover, fire off a shot, then hop
    back. Once you've dispatched them, collect the Scarab that's hiding behind
    the nearby crate, then jump into the circular opening your arms buyer went
    through. There are a few more enemies in here, and you'll have a chance
    to practice shooting from cover on all of them. Once you're outside again,
    follow the red platforms to the walkway (which is slightly lower than the
    last platform), then to the arena-looking structure. You'll be given a
    new objective: Take out the rest of the armed Spit Bugs to break through.
    These guys are a bit more dangerous than the ones you've seen thus far, as
    they're dual-wielding pistols that shoot a concentrated stream of nectar.
    Utilize the available cover, double jump over nectar streams when necessary,
    and grab Nectarola if you need to. Finish them all off to end the mission.
     The Soda Bomber (Investigation) - +TSB
    Saturday, 5:18 p.m.
    Precinct 47, Insecticide Division
    Objective: Bring the case board up to date.
    We've moved back in time seven hours, to find out what lead up to
    Chrys chasing the Spit Bug and squaring off with a Nectarola truck.
    Chigger, the chief of police, will rant about the case board having
    none of the new data in the Soda Bomber case. It's your goal to gather
    all of the missing data. Take note of the bottom screen again; where
    the radar was before, you now have a large blank area that will display
    the things you're investigating. The slots below that will now be used
    to hold evidence.
    Turn around to find a desk covered in coffee cups, donuts, and empty
    Chinese takeout boxes. It, like everything else you can investigate,
    has a magnifying glass over it- press the A button for a closer look
    at this collection of cop cliches. The desk will appear on the bottom
    screen; use your stylus to poke at anything that looks interesting.
    Specifically, you can collect a donut from the box, and coffee from the
    pot. Poke the pot once to make coffee, and a second time to take it. You
    can poke each piece of evidence in your inventory for more information on
    it... I recommend you do this to everything. Press the X button, or poke
    the on-screen X icon, to stop investigating the desk.
    From Chrys' desk, which is the next one in line, collect the Case
    File and the tape recorder. You can now access the Case File at any
    time from the pause menu, which contains all of the information you've
    gathered on characters, firearms, suspects, and evidence. I recommend
    checking for new information in it at the beginning of every stage, and
    whenever you pick up a new weapon. The next desk is Roachy's, but he can't
    be bothered to remember where he left the Witness List on an empty stomach.
    Open his desk drawer to find the bottle of semi-dairy imitation-like coffee
    creamer product. Talk to Roachy, then use your stylus to drag the donut onto
    his picture. Do the same with the coffee, then the creamer, and he'll give
    you the Witness List. The next two desks have nothing of interest on them
    (read: can't be investigated), so check out the Case Board. The Witness
    List goes in the top-right corner.
    Talk to Grubbs, the big purple rhino beetle standing next to the
    tv, and he'll make you help him write a rhyming report. It doesn't
    really matter which words you choose, but if you want his report to
    make at least a little sense, choose Posies, Tough, Stubble, Farthermost,
    Shattering, Arresting, Dinky, and Verse. Bomb site photos in hand, move
    on to Hex's desk. He's actually sitting on the Bombing Diagram, but is
    too busy to listen to what you have to say. Drag the coffee pot to the
    cup on his desk to fill it, then snatch the diagram when he jumps up.
    Upon inspection, Chrys will recognize a symbol on it and pull out an
    old photograph, bearing the same symbol, which will be added to your
    Finally, go to the holding cell in the center of the room, and talk to
    the Hominid. Drag the tape recorder onto him to get his statement, which
    is pretty useless, but yields one thing of importance- the name Artie.
    You can go and talk to Chief Chigger if you want, but you don't have
    to. Return to the Case Board and put everything where it belongs to
    end the mission.
     Buzz Kill (Investigation) - +BK
    Saturday, 6:23 p.m.
    Chairman Quinbee's office,
    Nectarola Co.
    Objective: Collect 4 pieces of evidence
    There's been a murder in the Nectarola company! Quinbee, the company
    chair, has requested Roachy by name, as they were both involved in a
    case in the past. You can talk to Roachy, Quinbee and Cecil as much
    as you want, but I'll only be covering what's necessary to proceed.
    I recommend exploring every line of conversation and inspecting every
    piece of evidence, but if you get stuck, read on. Start by talking to
    Roachy. Once he's given you your objective, investigatethe scene of the
    crime. Collect the script from Buzzbee's left hand and the nearby sandbag,
    then inspect the script to get the paper clip. Inspect the paper clip to
    unbend it, then head behind the stage. Ask the Beebot there to move, then
    talk to Cecil, the large bee standing a few feet away. Have him move it to
    either the right or left, then take a bow. Investigate the Beebot to get the
    turnkey, then go up the stairs it had been blocking. At the top, you'll find
    a locked box. Try to pick the lock with the unbent paper clip, then use the
    resulting metal rod to dismantle the box's hinges. Collect the knife, then
    follow the catwalk to the front of the stage. Cut the rope, go down to the
    stage, grab the wing tip, and investigate the crime scene again. Use the 
    turnkey on the Beebot, then talk to Roachy to end the mission.
     Stick Up (Action) - +SU
    Saturday, 9:10 p.m.
    Baystench District, Troi Westside
    Objective: Chase Stix.
    Scarabs: 8
    Arms dealer Jimmy "Stix" McGillicuddy is on the run, and we're not done 
    questioning him. Immediately in front of the stoop you're standing on is
    a new weapon- The Nectar Blaster (see Firearms section). Essentially the
    game's shotgun, it's fatal at close range, but probably won't even hit your
    target from a distance. Unlike your Pollinator, the Nectar Blaster requires 
    ammunition, which appears on-screen in the form of yellow boxes with green 
    spikes on the corners. To switch between weapons, press the Y button.
    As soon as you step away from the stoop, a couple of Stix' cronies
    will start shooting you with their Beetle Busters. It's fairly easy to
    avoid- just jump around the shots, then use your double jump to close the
    distance and fire off a shot in the Stick Bug's face. I'm only recommending
    this because you're in a wide open space; you should always use cover when
    you can. Go up the ramp by the large truck and dispatch the bug there, then
    hop onto the truck and the following platforms. If you want to eliminate all
    enemies in the stage, stay on the ground and walk past the truck, as two
    stick bugs will spawn behind you.
    Either way, from the platform step onto the wires. Don't worry
    about falling off, if you go too far to one side Chrys will auto-correct.
    Don't jump unless it's necessary, as you can fall off doing this. When
    you reach the split in the wire, go to the right; the one on the left
    leads to a brick wall. It's the same thing at the next split. When you
    reach the platform at the end of the wire, a couple of Stick Bugs will
    be waiting for you. Deal with them, then hop on the next wire and go
    through the window you saw Stix use. Take out the bug here and collect
    the Nectar Blaster ammo if you need it. Before leaving the room, turn
    left at the exit for this stage's first Scarab. As soon as you leave
    the room, another enemy will start shooting at you from the left. Deal
    with him, and get the Scarab on the platform next to his. Return to where
    you were when he started blasting you, then jump onto the slanted roof
    directly ahead, which holds another bug. Jump onto the platform with the
    rail going around it, then onto the pale pink triangle where wires meet.
    You have to make your way across the wires here, while every so often a
    cable car will pass by underneath, which you must jump over. I recommend
    moving to the far wire, as the cars are coming from the direction you're
    going, meaning you'll see them long before you have to jump. Get off at
    the railed platform at the other end of the tracks, then mount the ramp
    directly ahead. There will be an enemy waiting for you, and another soon
    after. Once you've dealt with them, the path through the second half of
    the level will be to the left. However, there's another Scarab (and a
    spawning enemy) on a platform to the right.
    The next area is full of crates, and the floor (roof? where are
    we by now, anyway?) is full of holes. Take out the spawning enemies,
    then proceed to the next area, with is full of bugs and chain link
    fences. The fences are actually cover, and neither you nor your enemies
    can shoot through them. Go through one of the openings on the left to
    find a small walkway with a Scarab on it, then go to the end of the room
    and out onto another similar walkway (this one sporting a bug) to get to
    the next area. Two bugs should immediately start shooting at you- there's
    a Scarab right next to the one on the left. Use the crates to jump to the
    upper area, then work your way past the swinging red cranes. On the left,
    you'll see some platforms sticking out of the wall. As Roachy said, it's
    too far to jump to the last platform, which has a Scarab on it, so you'll
    have to wall-walk. Areas where you're able to wall-walk are denoted by
    large, usually cream or yellow-colored signs. To wall-walk, just move
    toward the sign while in the air. A Stick Bug will sometimes spawn around
    the next corner, but whether enemies will spawn, and sometimes whether
    they'll stick around when you leave the area, seems to be hit-and-miss.
    Anyway, when you step into the next area, you'll be attacked from the
    left. Dispatch the bug, then turn to the right to find another Scarab
    two platforms away. Go back to the left, and when you reach the end of
    the downward-sloping ramp, jump to the blue platform below. Be wary,
    though, as a bug will spawn as soon as you jump. Cross the wire, blast
    the bug that appears, jump down to the truck, then down to the ground.
    Take out the bugs that shoot at you, grab the final Scarab from behind
    the shipping containers, and confront Stix to end the mission.
     Histamine Field (Investigation) - +HF
    Saturday,10:02 p.m.
    McGillicuddy's Warehouse
    Troi Westside
    Objective: Interrogate Stix.
    Stix claims that he wasn't involved in Buzzbee's murder, but that
    the guy he sold the Histamines to would be at a diner at around eleven.
    Why does this even count as its own mission?
     Bug Day Afternoon (Investigation) - +BDA
    Saturday, 10:51 p.m.
    The Dewdrop Trough
    Objective: Find Stix' Buyer.
    The buyer you're looking for is someone who had to have been here
    last night. Talk to Millie, the snail running the cash register, to
    learn that the receipts from last night are sitting on the empty table
    by the exit. Examine the counter in front of her for the contest forms
    and pencils, then go talk to the customers. You can check out what's on
    their tables and interrogate them on where they were last night, but all
    you're required to do is give them the contest forms. Either way, once
    you've distributed the forms go have a chat with Millie. When you're done
    with that, collect the forms by looking at each customer's table, then
    place them next to the receipts on the table by the door. Poke the forms
    and receipts to shuffle through them, until you find a match- Artie
    Phlegming. Yes, the same Artie that the Hominid said "has to go" earlier.
    Talk to the Spit Bug at the middle table. After the cut scene, talk to
    him again, and drag the cake onto his picture to end the mission.
     Pier Pressure (Action) - +PP
    Saturday, 11:28 p.m.
    Waterfront, Lice Harbor
    Objective: Chase Artie, the arms buyer (Spit Bug).
    Scarabs: 4
    Hmm, that objective looks familiar... and we're less than an hour
    away from the chase at the beginning of the game! As you step onto
    the walkway, a Robobug will spawn up ahead and may start shooting
    at you. It's easier to kill it from here, and as you may be able to
    tell from its attacks the Nectar Blaster isn't that great at a distance,
    so use the Pollinator. Use the shipping containers in the next area as
    cover while taking out the enemies, grab the Scarab behind the building,
    then go to where the first Robobug was. Here you'll find a Nectarola Keg,
    which replenishes quite a bit more health than the cans do, and the path
    to the next area.
    Here, you'll have to jump across crates floating in the water.
    As soon as you land on the first one, you'll encounter a new type
    of enemy; Mechsquitos, flying robotic bugs that usually travel in
    groups of three. The best way to take them out is with the Nectar
    Blaster, as trying to take them out one-by-one gives them time to get
    a few shots in at you. Make your way across the rest of thecrates, then
    eliminate the Robobugs and grab the Scarab that's behind the stack of
    crates. Climb the crates, get rid of the Robobug on the ramp, and collect
    your new weapon: The Mold Spore Launcher (see Firearms section). This is
    the closest thing this game has to incendiary grenades. Rather than catch
    fire, your enemies will become moldy, which slowly kills them as they
    infect others nearby. Its ammunition is a green capsule which you've
    probably seen an enemy drop by now.
    Enter the building ahead, then follow the ramp you're shown.
    You'll immediately have a chance to use your new Mold Spore Launcher,
    as most of the Robobugs below won't notice you. Once you've cleared the
    area, go past the shipping containers straight ahead of the end of the
    ramp and turn to the left for a Scarab. An enemy will spawn behind you,
    so duck behind the corner and take it out with your weapon of choice.
    Walk to the end of the line of shipping containers, and turn right.
    Walk to building with the containers next to it, disposing of the
    Robobug, then use your Pollinator on the one on the far pier. Wall-walk
    to where it was, jump across the platforms to where the missing lever
    is, then make your way back to the dockyard office, watching out for
    any enemies that may have spawned.
    Now that the route into the ship is clear, hop onto the wooden
    platform to the right of the building, blast the Mechsquitos, and
    tightrope your way to the ship. Jump across the ledges until you
    reach the opening with yellow lamps, and go in. Two Robobugs will
    be waiting for you (one is far away, Pollinate it), and more will
    spawn once you hit the ground. Jump onto the catwalk and use the
    control panel to lower a shipping container (there will sometimes
    be a Robobug on it), which you can you to reach the next area.
    Watch out, as there will be a Robobug right around the corner.
    On top of the ship, make your way to the red ramp, killing the
    enemies in your way. Don't go up the ramp, however; go to the
    right and take out the two Robobugs, so they won't shoot you while
    you're trying to get past the cranes. As soon as you're on the red
    walkway, Mechsquitos will attack, which will happen again when you
    get to the wire. Right by the last crane on the red walkway, hop
    down to the blue/gray floor on the right and get the last Scarab,
    behind the large shipping container that sticks out more. As soon
    as you get off the  wire, more Mechsquitos will ambush you. To the
    left of the warehouse is nothing but a Robobug and some Mold Spore
    ammo, so go on in. Inside are some crates, enemies.. you know the drill.
    As soon as you step out the other side Mechsquitos will attack, so have
    your Nectar Blaster ready. In the next warehouse, use the control panel
    on the right to drop a crate on the Robobugs blocking your path, then
    approach Artie to end the mission.
     Downtown Showdown (Action) - +DS
    Sunday, 12:54 a.m.
    Lyme Square
    Objective: Clean up the downtown Robobug infestation.
    Scarabs: 4
    We're finally caught up to the present! Up ahead you'll see
    a spinning spikey thing by a large blue plastic container (a
    port-a-potty..?). This is the latest addition to your steadily
    growing arsenal, the Histamine (see Firearms section). The game's
    proximity mines, these work best on groups of enemies and things
    that require a lot of hits. You'll also need them to blow up the
    green manholes, which will continue to spawn Robobugs until you do
    so. Leave the cover of your bulletproof toilet and hide behind the
    car directly in front of it, where you'll find another weapon- The
    Nectar Canon (see Firearms section). The buggy equivalent of a rocket
    launcher, it fires a stream of nectar which is lethal to normal enemies.
    Its ammo looks like four pointy yellow discs stuck together.
    Take out the three manholes, then the two that appear when
    you try to proceed through the level. Next to the overturned
    Nectarola truck, you'll find yet another new weapon- The Amberizer
    (see Firearms section). Insecticide's take on a stunning weapon, it
    shoots globules of amber that will temporarily freeze your enemies.
    It doesn't do any damage, but it will allow you to get close enough
    for a fatal blaster or cannon shot. Amber ammo resembles a large yellow
    globe. Straight ahead, past the Robobug, is a control panel, but you can't
    do anything to it yet. Between the truck and the wall it's next to you'll
    find a Scarab, and by a wall on the other side of the truck you'll find
    another. Once you've eliminated the last Robobug, it will drop a level,
    and a weaponized spider crane will appear. Grab the lever and take it to
    the control panel, then go through the gate that opened. Grab the Scarab
    on the left, then jump onto the ledge and go up the ramp. Follow the wire
    to the lamp and break it, ignoring the spider crane- it can shoot you, but
    not knock you off the wire. Walk along the balcony at the end of the wire,
    then jump onto the roof to the right for the last Scarab. Jump back down
    to the balcony, then jump to and break the second lamp. Follow the wires
    to the control panel, breaking the third lamp along the way, and activate
    it to end the mission.
     Honey Train (Investigation) - +HT
    Monday, 5:19 p.m.
    Nectarola Pollen Express
    Objective: Get into the Caboose to find the "secret cargo."
    Quinbee's requested that you escort her train, for some reason.
    Talk to her until she gets a phone call and kicks you out, then
    ask Roachy how to listen to what she's saying through the door.
    Go into the dining car and steal the floral hydrate and teacup
    from the doctor's table. You could get the water glass from the
    counter across from the kitchen, but it won't work as a listening
    device anyway, so skip it. Show the teacup to the Beebot in the
    kitchen to have it filled with tea, then add the floral hydrate
    and give it to the doctor. Steal his stethoscope and use it on
    the door to Quinbee's car.
    Return to the dining car and take the envelope and small blue
    vial, then examine the notebook that was under the envelope.
    Go to the car past the kitchen and check the door, then use
    the envelope on the fertilizer bag and add the luciferase to
    the envelope. Get some charcoal from the kitchen's brazier,
    then take your newly made bomb to the candelabra on the table
    across from the doctor's. Examine the box on Quinbee's desk
    to end the mission.
     Railroad Typhoon (Action) - +RT
    Monday, 6:28 p.m.
    Nectarola Pollen Express
    Objective: Chase the kidnappers towards the front of the train.
    Scarabs: 5
    Quinbee and Roachy have been kidnapped by Robobugs! They're
    being taken to the front of the train up on the roof, so you
    should do the same through the interior. First, though, turn
    to your right for a Scarab, then get another from the caboose
    behind you, which is guarded by a single Robobug. You won't be
    able to double jump in this stage, since the ceiling is so low.
    In the executive lounge car (the one with the plants and nice
    benches), the third Scarab is to the immediate left of the door.
    This car also holds two Robobugs, and a some Mold Spore and Blaster
    ammo; you'll probably be using these weapons a lot, but almost every
    car is littered with ammo, so don't worry about having to come back.
    The fourth Scarab is immediately to the left when you enter the
    dining car; after grabbing it, spore the Robobugs, and duck into
    the kitchen for cover. In the meeting car, you'll encounter a new
    enemy- a tiny robot (less than half the size of a Nectarola can)
    that climbs walls, called an Appliance Bug. No matter how many
    times you shoot them, you'll remain locked on... this is because
    they can't be destroyed. Once you've shot one, it will become a
    weapon, which you can pick up and use as a short-range laser pistol
    (see Firearms section). You can pick up additional bugs for ammo.
    Appliance Bugs will continuously be spawned by their nest, which
    doesn't attack, but can absorb more shots than any normal enemy. It
    will go down with with a well-placed Histamine or two. I recommend
    Hisatamines, because they'll also eliminate any Appliance Bugs near
    the nest. Spore the enemies in the passenger car, then turn left before
    the door for the last Scarab. Be careful in the next car, as when you try
    to enter after taking down the first two bugs more will spawn.
    From here on out we'll be going through freight cars. The first one
    has two Robobugs, and some holes in the floor. The first bug is close
    enough to be spored, but the second one is pretty far away, so it's
    easiest to use the Nectar Canon. The next freight car contains an
    Appliance Bug nest and a large moving container of pollen that you'll
    have to get around, and the one after that has holes in the floor, a
    moving pollen container, and three Robobugs. Approach the door on the
    far side of the car to end the mission.
     Home for the Hominids (Action) - +HH
    Tuesday, 8:14 p.m.
    Hominid City
    Objective: Get into the building under the mysterious sign.
    Scarabs: 8
    In her investigation, Chrys has somehow found a Hominid city,
    built down in the sewers under Troi. Chief Chigger's taken all
    of your weapons, so for the time being you're limited to your
    close-rannge kick attack. Jump to the platform, then choose a
    path; the platform to the left, or the ramp to the right. They
    both hold an Appliance Bug nest and a can of Nectarola, and both
    eventually lead to the same path, but I recommend going to the
    left, as you'll encounter less of the stage's primary enemy-
    Hominids. You're provided with plenty of Appliance Bugs to use as
    weapons, but the Hominids use bugspray guns with such a long range
    that if you're able to target them, they can hit you. The easiest
    way to take them out is to get in close and use a combination of
    weapon fire and kick attacks, as your close range and speed will
    make it difficult for them to orient and attack.
    When the two paths converege, you'll be faced with a couple of
    Hominids, followed by some platforming. Watch out for Appliance
    Bugs, then make your way up the platform on the right, which will
    cause Hominids to spawn. Jump to the platform ahead for the first,
    being wary of sprays from above (they CAN hit you), then to the ledge
    for the other two. On the ledge, turn back the way you came and walk
    all the way to the end (a nest will appear along the way) for your
    first Scarab. More Hominids will have spawned behind you, so deal with
     them and go all the way back to the other end of the ledge you're on.
    Jump to the circular structures to the right, then the roof to the left
    (a nest will spawn). To your right are two large pipes, and if you jump
    you can see a Scarab beyond them; circle the building to the left,
    watching out for Hominids, until you get to the other side of the pipes.
    Collect the Scarab, then jump onto the roof directly behind you.
    Don't bother with the roof to the left, unless you need ammo or
    Nectarola, or want to fight Mechsquitos; instead, jump on the beam to
    the right, grab the Scarab on the left at the end, and begin climbing
    the red roofs. Hominids and Appliance Bug nests will spawn along the
    way. When you reach the top roof, proceed to the brown area to the left,
    taking out any Hominids that show up. Ignore the walking wire and stay
    on your current path for a Scarab, then drop down to the ledge below
    for another. Follow the path back to the roofs (Hominids and Appliance
    Bug nests will appear), then continue to the walking wire you saw
    before and cross it. 
    On the other side, eliminate the Appliance Bug nest if you want, then
    begin jumping across the roofs to the left. On the last one, Mechsquitos
    will appear, so deal with them and cross the walking wire. On the other
    end you'll find a series of chimneys and beams- follow them to the next
    roof, carefully taking out the Mechsquitos that appear along the way. On
    the roof, grab some Appliance Bugs if you need them, then walk all the
    way to the left for a Scarab. Turn around and hop on the beam on the right
    (a Hominid may have spawned behind you), and follow it to the circular
    platform, where another Hominid may be waiting. There's a long red wall
    extending from this platform; get on the right side of it and wall-walk
    to the next platform, then do it again for a Scarab. Wall-walk once more,
    then round the end of the wall on the last platform and drop to the ledge
    below. Jump to the long platform ahead, which holds Hominids and a nest,
    and continue to the walking wire on the other end. It can be difficult
    to mount this wire, as it's at an angle- don't try to match its angle,
    as this will usually cause you to fall. Instead, approach it as if it's
    going in the same direction as the platform. Some Hominids will be waiting
    on the circular platform ahead.
    Make your way up the roofs, fighting Hominids if necessary, then wall-walk
    to one last platform. Jump to the Hominid-bearing walkway and take a right
    for your last Scarab, then walk to the other end and approach the door to
    end the mission.
     Revelation #9 (Investigation) - +R9
    Tuesday, 9:32 p.m.
    Laboratory, Hominid City
    Objective: Question the Hominid scientist.
    We're in! Go down the ramp and show your photo to the old Hominid on the 
    stepladder, then go into the room behind you (the ladder will automatically 
    be added to your inventory). take the Primordial Glooze from the lab bench, 
    and apply it to the three security cameras. The first is positioned above
    a doorway in the room you're current in, and the second is at the end of
    the hall the first camera was guarding. For the third, return to Ozzy,
    the scientist, then walk to the right. The camera is on a wall under the 
    platform you started on. After applying the Glooze, talk to Ozzy to end
    the investigation portion of the mission.
     Revelation #9 (Action) - +R9
    Tuesday, sometime after 9:32 p.m.
    Laboratory, Hominid City
    Objective: Wipe out the Hominid Security Forces.
    Scarabs: 0
    It's hard to say what Ozzy did, but it awoke some latent abilities
    in Chrys, so it doesn't really matter. The first thing you'll notice
    is that there's now a blue meter under your health- this is your
    Pheromone gauge. You should also notice that there are Nectarola
    and Pheromone kegs nearby, but don't be fooled; your Pheromones
    will naturally replenish themselves if you give them a chance. The
    first slot in your inventory is now home to the Mind Blower (see
    Abilities section), which is virtually the same as the Nectar Canon,
    but does less damage. It requires only a small amount of Pheromones
    to use. The second slot holds the Brain-Freeze (see Abilities section),
    which does no damage but will make your enemies move, attack and react
    at one fourth their normal speed. Its Pheromone cost is slightly higher
    than the Mind Blower's.
    Now that you're acquainted with Chrys' new abilities, let's give them
    a test drive. There are some Hominids in the hall, which will usually
    go down with two shots. They have bug spray, and more will spawn as you
    get closer to the door, so duck back into the chemistry lab for Nectarola
    and Pheromones if you need them. Approach the door to end the mission.
     I, Robobug (Investigation) +IR
    Tuesday, 10:15 p.m.
    Nectarola Training Facility
    Objective: Investigate the Pollen Fields facility.
    Well this is a nice twist! You're in a Robobug training facility,
    with some great, campy waiting room music playing over the intercom.
    You don't get any special abilities as a Robobug, but if this were an
    action sequence you'd probably only have a Nectar Blaster and, when the
    game glitches, a shaky jump. Walk past the vacuuming Robobug and examine
    the door on the left, then enter the maintenance room at the end of the
    hall. Look at the table on the left, then grab the snips when the Robobug
    sets them down and use them to cut its hydraulics. Do the same to the
    Robobug on the other side of the room, and take the Eye Socket Wrench it's
    holding. Use the wrench on the empty Robobug suit on the middle table to
    exchange eyes with it, then go back out into the hall and activate the
    eye-scanning device next to the door you checked out earlier. You may have
    noticed the blue objects on the ground in the hallway; you don't need to
    pick one up, as there will be more in the next room.
    After the presentation, go back into the hall and pick up the vacuum
    cleaner, then go back into the training room and climb the stairs to
    where the Hominid that was speaking is standing. Enter the messaging
    center through the doorway on the left and take a message from the
    trash can, grab a blue cartridge from the pile on the floor, and examine
    thevacuum tubes at the far end of the room. There's an unlimited number
    of messages in the trash, and you can send a message to any department,
    but the tube for the Foreman's Office is the only one we need. Put the
    message in the cartridge, then put your encapsulated distraction in the
    second tube from the right to find that it's blocked. Only four inventory
    slots are shown at a time, so if you got the cartridge out in the hall,
    followed by the snips, wrench, and vacuum, it will be impossible to put
    the message in it. If you've done this, just send the empty cartridge to
    a random department and grab another from the pile. Use the vacuum cleaner
    to clear the blockage from the tube to the Foreman's Office, then send him
    your message and return to the training room. The office is on the other
    side of the stage you're standing on; sneak in and look at the papers on
    the desk to end the mission.
     Ka-Bloom! (Action) +KB
    Tuesday, 11:03 p.m.
    Nectarola Pollen Fields Greenhouse
    Objective: Get to the top of the greenhouse.
    Scarabs: 4
    It's kind of hard to focus on what Chrys is saying while you're being
    fired upon, but the gist is that she ejected from her Robobug suit and
    found a map of the facility showing that the top of the greenhouse you're
    in connects to the loading dock. She intends to steal a truck, to what
    end I don't know... she doesn't even know where to look for Roachy.
    Anyway, take out the Robobugs and head up the ramp, where you'll come
    under fire from a new enemy- Beebots! They will usually remain stationary
    and use their eye cannons on you from a distance. Like the Mechsquitos,
    their attacks are hard to dodge due to their position, and they go
    down with two shots.
    Ahead is a series of devices that release a damaging spray of pollen.
    If you're good at double jumping, get on the first one and use them
    as platforms; if not, carefully time your passage under them. Another
    Beebot will attack from far off as soon as you get to the first sprayer,
    so dodge its shots and wait for it to come closer. After the sprayers,
    continue straight for a Scarab, then take out the Robobugs that spawned
    behind you and proceed to the center of the chamber. Climb the leaf
    platforms, taking care of a Beebot along the way. If you want to avoid
    all that, turn to the left when you get to the ramp with the sprayers
    and jump onto the yellow vent in the wall, then onto the platform with
    the control panel and Scarab. In either case, you can jump to the lower
    part of the ramp and wall-walk across the gap, or you can just double
    jump to the higher part. A trio of Robobugs will spawn around the lift
    to the next area; the best way to avoid death here is to Brain-Freeze
    at least one of them. If you need Nectarola, there's a can on the leaves
    nearby, and a keg in the next area.
    After taking the blue lift to the pollen harvesting chamber, get
    rid of the Robobugs and collect the Scarab behind the ramp. Beebots
    will ambush you on the ramp, so blow their minds and continue across
    the wire. Be wary on the next platform, though, as a Robobug will spawn
    in the middle of the room and start shooting, which can make it difficult
    to get on the wire. If you want to avoid that, jump onto the pollen tank
    near the beginning of the ramp (it has a Pheromone can on it), then onto
    the central platform. There's a Scarab on a nearby platform, connected
    by wires; the easiest way to get it is to jump to the leaf above you,
    then to the platform with the Scarab, the next platform, then take the
    wire back to the central platform. This way, you only have to use one
    wire instead of three, and you can avoid the Robobug that would otherwise
    spawn on the leaf.
    Jump up the leaves to the platform with the Robobugs, then step onto
    the conveyor belt. The crates being transported by the belt will do a huge
    amount of damage, so be careful when jumping over them. A few Beebots will
    attack you on your way up, so keep an eye on the crates while you return
    fire. At the end (beginning?) of the conveyor belt, ascend the leaves, take
    out the Robobug, and step into the lift to the next area.
    You know the drill... blast the Robobugs, climb the leaves, shoot down the 
    Beebots. They spawn pretty far away, so if you want to make it easy, return 
    to the ground level and wait for them to come to you. In the center of this 
    chamber is what appears to be a large spinning fan of some sort. Make your 
    way up the ramp, jumping over the fan "blades" (they're able to kill you in 
    as little as two hits), and ignore the Beebot that appears. Once you're on
    the platform at the end, wait for the "blades" to stop spinning, then climb
    the leaves and deal with the Beebots. Next up are more of the horizontal
    pollen sprayers, and more Beebots. I would bo back to the leaves for the
    latter, as from where you are when they spawn they're almost impossible to
    hit. After the sprayers, take the lift to the final area of the greenhouse.
    Here, you'll find one of the only bosses in the game, the Harvester.
    It uses its pollen extractors as a machine gun-like weapon, and will also
    use them to pull you towards it, though this does no damage. If you get too
    close to it, it will attack with its front legs. At several points around
    the room are Pheromone kegs, and there are two small observation platforms
    with Nectarola kegs on them on either side of the room. In the center of the
    room are four pollen chutes which the Harvester would normally attach its
    extractors to; use them as cover from its shots. The Harvester will fire off
    five to thirty rounds, then start sucking pollen out of the air. Take this
    opportunity to hit it with a Brain-Freeze, then wait for it to start
    concentrating the pollen it just collected into bullets. When it does
    this, its leg joints will become vulnerable, so lock on to one, hit it
    twice then return to the cover in the center of the room. Once you've taken
    out all four leg joints, it will start attacking with optical laser blasts,
    a super-charged version of the weapon installed in Beebots. Lock on to its
    eye, and wait for an opening- this will come after it's fired two shots,
    and is just long enough for you to jump, shoot, and land. Drain its health
    bar to end the mission.
     Soda City (Investigation) +SC
    Wednesday, 4:16 a.m.
    Nectarola Factory, North Wing
    Objective: Find Roachy.
    Chrys managed to steal a truck (what, no driving level?), and five hours
    after starting her ascent of the greenhouse, has made it into the factory.
    Don't bother going into the door in front of you, as there's a Beebot
    blocking your path. Instead, turn around and investigate the crumbs on
    the path to the left. Now you can go through the green door, then into
    the storage room on the right. Examine the boxes on the left to get the
    Nectarola(TM) Mintoids, then go check out the vertical control panel next
    to the path with the crumbs. Take the control box and key, then place your
    box of Mintoids in the hopper. Go down the only remaining path and climb
    into the CO2 Stack, then activate the control box with the key to create
    a makeshift elevator. Talk to Roachy to end the mission.
     Fear Factory (Action) +FF
    Wednesday, 4:43 a.m.
    Nectarola Factory, Main Bldg.
    Objective: Fight through the factory to get to Quinbee's office.
    Scarabs: 9
    After a revelation (#10?) about Chrys' past from Ozzy, you'll receive
    two new abilities. The first is Total Confusion (see Abilities section),
    which does no damage but will cause any enemies it hits to turn on each
    other. It uses up quite a bit of Pheromones, so use it sparingly. Your
    other new ability is Cranial Combustion (see Abilities section), which
    does exactly what you would expect- it causes your enemies' heads to
    explode. It has the longest range of the hybrid abilities, and as you
    can imagine, the highest Pheromone cost.
    You'll find yourself in a large room flooded with Manchurian Cherry
    Nectarola. Take out the Beebots, then make your way across the floating
    crates. There will be two Robobugs and a Scarab on the left; if you want,
    you can test Total Confusion on one of them, but make sure to eliminate
    it before it comes to its senses. After dealing with the Robobugs in the
    next room, use the "hard work" sign to wall-walk to the stack of shipping
    containers, getting rid of the Beebots that attack. Wall-walk to the
    platform with the control panel and activate it (which will cause more
    Beebots to spawn), then jump back to the containers, where you'll find
    a Scarab that was out of view before. Proceed to the next room, where
    you'll find another Scarab behind the Nectarola vat straight ahead. A
    few Robobugs will spawn around the room; after dealing with them, approach
    the raised walkway on the other side of the room, which will cause Beebots
    to spawn. There's yet another Scarab behind the yellowish support column
    on the left.
    Enter the next area through the door on the raised walkway to find two
    paths with horizontal pollen sprayers. They lead to the same place, but
    the right path has a Robobug which is difficult to hit, and taking the
    left will cause two Beebots to spawn. Return to the last room for Nectarola
    if you need it, or if you don't want to deal with the Robobug- due to a
    spawning glitch, leaving the room may make it disappear. Continue to the
    next room,  where you'll find a walkway with vertical sprayers and Beebots.
    First though, drop to the ground for a Scarab, then head to the other end
    of the room for another. Robobugs will spawn in the center of the room when
    you first drop down, and again when you get the second Scarab. Return to
    the catwalk and make your way to the control panel. The spawning glitch
    will probably have made the Beebots disappear. If you don't want to risk
    the sprayers (falling from this height will kill you), double jump to the
    platforms behind them. When you get to the control panel, a Robobug will
    appear by the door to the next area.
    You're now in the room you started in, albeit higher up. Take care of
    the Beebots and platform your way to the Scarab, then drop down to the
    platform on the right. A Robobug will have spawned on a walkway on the
    far side of the room; ignore it and go through the door. There are two
    paths through this room- the one with the wall-walking signs leads directly
    to Quinbee's office, but we have Scarabs to collect, so take the lower path
    and watch out for Robobugs. In the next room, eliminate the Robobugs, then
    wall-walk across the sign to the left of the door you came through. Deal
    with the Beebots that spawn, then walk across the beam to the Scarab. Jump
    to the platform on the right, then down to the door. This room holds some
    and two control panels. One of them does nothing, while the other will drop
    the floor out from under one of the Robobugs that will spawn on this side
    of the room. Go through the door and blast the Robobugs, then collect the
    final Scarab and wall-walk to a control panel, which will unlock the door
    in the opposite corner of the room. Go through it, then through the only
    door you can reach in that room, to end the mission.
     Call Me Honey! (Action) +CMH
    Wednesday, 5:18 a.m.
    Chairman Quinbee's office,
    Nectarola Co.
    Objective: Bring Quinbee to justice.
    Scarabs: 0
    Quinbee's controlling Roachy with Pheromones! The easiest way to deal
    with him is to stay between the table and the stage, and to shoot him
    while jumping to avoid his shots. His custom gun uses the same kind of
    ammunition as the Amberizer, so if you get hit you'll be frozen for a
    few seconds. Once you've dealt with him, it will be time for a showdown
    with Quinbee on the roof. Make your way to the helipad, which will serve
    as an arena, to begin the battle. The arena is lined with Pheromone kegs,
    and there are two Nectarola kegs on either side of the path back to
    Quinbee's office. Both types of kegs will regenerate when you're not
    looking, making an unlimited supply.
    Quinbee has four attacks, the first two of which are sprays of
    concentrated Pheromones- a green one that does damage, and a blue
    one that reverses your controls. Next is a a yellow burst of Pheromones
    that will summon two drones, which will remain near the Nectarola kegs
    and fire Nectar Blasters at you. They'll fire on Quinbee if you confuse
    them, but after only a few seconds she'll hit them with her strongest
    attack, a red burst of Pheromones similar to your Cranial Combustion, a
    direct hit from which will knock off two thirds of your health. Fight her
    by locking on, circling the arena, blasting her with the Mind Blower, and
    jumping to avoid her attacks. When you see her start to use red Pheromones,
    disengage the lock and run. Drain her health bar to end the mission.
     An Explosion of Cherry Flavor! (Action) +ECF
    Wednesday, 5:40 a.m.
    Nectarola Factory, Main Bldg.
    Objective: Disarm the bombs.
    Scarabs: 0
    Hominids have rigged the factory with bombs, and with the entire place
    full of the explosive Manchurian Cherry Nectarola, the explosion would
    probably take out half of Troi. There are ten bombs set to go off in six
    minutes, so let's get right to it. Go through the door and clear out the
    Robobugs, then deactivate the big red bomb in the middle of the platform.
    Wall-walk to the next bomb, take out the Mechsquito that spawns behind you,
    then make your way to the door that has the cans and a spawning Robobug in
    front of it (the other door is locked). Continue through the next several
    rooms, disarming bombs as you come across them, until you come to the room
    with three Mechsquitos. Wall-walk to the next bomb, then jump to the catwalk
    for two more. Eliminate the Robobug that spawns behind you, then go through
    the door labeled Enter for the last bomb. Well, the tenth bomb, anyway- it
    turns out that there's one more! Proceed to the next room and dispose of the
    Robobug. Remember the control panel to the right that you didn't use during
    Fear Factory? Activate it to open the doors ahead, then go through them to
    end the mission, and the game.
       Glitches and Oddities +GaO
    The DS version of Insecticide may have been push out
    the door a little too early, as it contains a few minor
    glitches. If you find a glitch or abnormality not listed
    here, please let me know (see Contact Info).
    =Enemy Spawning Glitch=
    Sometimes, an enemy you're expecting to see will fail to
    spawn, or will spawn in an unexpected way/place. Enemy
    generators aside, a preset number of enemies should appear
    when you reach a certain area, but this isn't as consistent
    as it shoud be. This may be caused by an error in the script
    that reads your proximity to the enemy spawn point.
    =Disappearing Enemy Glitch=
    Possibly tied to the Enemy Spawning Glitch, this is when an
    enemy that had previously been seen in an area disappears.
    When you leave an area inhabited by enemies, they should
    remain in that area for you to come back and kill. However,
    in order to run smoothly, whenever you leave an area all
    objects in it are unloaded from the operating memory, even
    enemies. Enemies use a different code to spawn than object
    such as Nectarola cans, and aren't set to respawn when a
    previously visited area is revisited, so are essentialy
    killed without it being counted.
    =Reappearing Scarab Glitch=
    This one may also be tied to how the game stores objects.
    When you die in the game, several things happen. You're
    warped to your last safe position, enemies respawn, any
    enemies that were on screen when you died are lost to the
    ether, your health and Pheromone meters are refilled, and
    you lose any Scarabs collected in that area... sometimes.
    You'll keep Scarabs from previous areas, but sometimes
    Scarabs from the current area will have to be grabbed
    again. Even seeing them is hit-and-miss; sometimes you'll
    have to get the Scarab again for it to be counted, other
    times you won't. 
    =Jumping Robobug Glitch=
    I'm not sure what could cause this glitch, but it
    clearly has something to do with the vertical distance
    that Robobugs are able to detect you from. When you're
    within a Robobug's aggro radius, but are too far above
    or below it on the Z axis, its programming will tell it
    to attack you, but it will be unable to orient on your
    position. This will result in it performing a kind of
    glitchy jump, straight up and down in place with its arms
    raised. What I think is happening is that it's accessing
    its "escape" script, which causes ground enemies to jump
    backwards when they get stuck on something (see "The Escape
    Script" below). The difference here is that they're not
    actually stuck on anything, the glitch can occur in a
    wide open area. I'm not sure why they would access this
    script when they can't reach you; maybe they're actually
    accessing some left over code from an earlier build of
    the game, in which Robobugs could jump to where you are.
    =Pregnable Partitions Glitch=
    This is a very basic glitch, and is common in early/simple
    polygonal games. If you stand too close to a wall, you may
    sustain damage from the other side. It's most prevalent in
    the fight with the Harvester in Ka-Bloom!, as you're under
    fire from a weapon similar to a chaingun, and the partitions
    you have to use as cover are low. Because of this, you try
    to get as close to them as possible to avoid getting hit...
    which, of course, gets you shot more than you would otherwise.
    =Animation Quirk=
    When you pause the game, as you would expect, the action
    stops. Well, most of it does, anyway. Enemies stop moving,
    ammo stops spinning... so nothing's moving, right? ..Not
    quite. If you look closely at animated textures, you'll
    see that when paused, their animation is still running.
    This is because unlike the models of enemies and objects,
    animated textures don't move through the game environment,
    they just show a cycle of images. Crackpot (the game's
    developers) must have used a code that freezes all movement,
    but not 2D animations. You can see this effect most easily
    through the windows of the Pollen Express in the missions
    Honey Train and Railroad Typhoon
    =That's No Conveyor Belt=
    At one point in the mission Ka-Bloom!, you'll find a
    conveyor belt transporting crates of fertilizer to the
    bottom of the greenhouse. I happened to pause while on
    the belt, and noticed that it was still moving- the
    Animation Quirk. A thought then occured. If the belt
    used an animated texture, did that mean it wasn't really
    moving? Sure enough, when I unpaused and remained where
    I was, nothing happened. The crates kept moving, but
    Chrys didn't. The conveyor belt was just a walkway with
    moving boxes on top of it.
    =The Escape Script=
    As mentioned above, there's a script that's executed
    when an enemy gets stuck on a solid object, which will
    cause it to jump backwards. If you want to see it in
    action, load Pier Pressure and enter the area with
    shipping containers, staying to the right. Walk past
    the stack of four, then hide behind the short right
    side of the two stacked immediately after. Look around
    the corner at the Robobug next to the four stacked
    shipping containers. It will take three steps foward,
    then, since the second and third steps were against
    the containers and it didn't move, it will execute
    the code and jump backwards, only to take three steps
    forward and repeat the process indefinitely. There
    are two reasons the script is executed; when the
    enemy take two steps against against an object, and
    when it's stuck. If you take out the one we just
    watched and the other nearby, you'll have the chance
    to watch the other two, one of which almost always
    gets stuck on a shipping container, so will jump
    back.. and get stuck on a low fence. It will jump
    forward again, only to get stuck on the container
    again. It's kind of entertaining, actually.
       Frequently Asked Questions +FAQ
    If you have any questions about Insecticide
    that you don't see here, please send me an
    email (see Contact Info below) and I'll be
    sure to get back to you as soon as I can.
     Q: Where can I buy Insecticide?
     A: In theory, it can be bought anywhere video
        games are sold. The stock of used games in
        stores like GameStop can vary, even from day
        to day, so you may want to look online.
        Another option is to look at a retail store
        like Wal*Mart, which tend to quickly move
        games that don't sell well to the clearance
        aisle. I found Insecticide in the bargin bin
        at Toys 'R Us for $9.98 USD.
     Q: How much does it cost?
     A: The MSRP is currently set at $29.99 USD, but
        GameStop has it for $19.99. As mentioned above,
        I found it at Toys 'R Us for $9.98, and you may
        be able to find it on clearance.
     Q: Is it worth buying?
     A: This is a matter of opinion, of course, but as
        an owner of this game, my opinion is... maybe.
        I don't think it's worth the thirty dollar price
        tag, but it's definitely worth the ten I paid.
        There are much better DS games you could spend
        your money on, but if you can find it for cheap
        or are a member of a game rental service such as
        GameFly, I recommend giving it a shot. You may
        not be as satisfied with it as I am, though, as
        writing this guide has squeezed a lot more play
        time out of the game than most people will see.
     Q: What's up with the enemy count after missions?
     A: This number actually isn't a count of every
        enemy lurking in a particular mission, it's the
        number of enemies you've encountered in that
        particular instance. Due to spawning glitches
        and things such as nests that generate enemies,
        the number will vary from play to play on the
        same mission. There is no reward or benefit to
        be gained by taking out every enemy in any given
        mission, as the game only displays this number to
        you; it doesn't actually record it.
     Q: I killed all of the enemies! Why does the enemy
        count at the end of the mission say I didn't?
     A: Every time you encounter an enemy, your enemy
        count goes up by one. If you don't eliminate
        the enemy, die in any way, or it disappears
        due to a spawning glitch, you'll be forced to
        restart the mission if you want to destroy
        every enemy.
     Q: What do Scarabs do?
     A: Scarabs increase your health meter bit by bit,
        and are hidden throughout all but the shortest
        of action sequences. Aside from increasing your
        health, the game doesn't seem to record how many
        you've collected past the results screen at the
        end of a mission. For a list of every Scarab in
        the game, see the Scarab Locations section.
     Q: Help! I can't put the message in the blue
        canister in the "I, Robobug" mission!
     A: This is a rare occurance, but it can happen.
        If you get the canister, then the snips, wrench
        and vacuum before getting the message, it will
        be impossible to put the message in the canister.
        If this should happen to you, either send the
        empty canister to a random department and get
        a new one, or try to send the empty canister to
        the Foreman's Office, then use the vacuum to clear
        that tube; the vacuum will be discarded, and you
        will be able to put the message in the canister.
       Contact Info +CI
    If you have any questions, comments, or would like
    to contribute, you should contact me via email at
    ChesuMori@gmail.com. I delete spam indiscriminately,
    so if your email provider is known to be blocked by
    spam filters, I may not see your message. I always
    enjoy getting feedback, especially if it enables me
    to add content to this FAQ! 
       Legal Stuff +LS
    This guide and all of its content are © (copyright) Chesu 
    (Kyle Merritt), 2008. I'm not going to post this guide on any 
    sites other than GameFAQs.com, so if you see it on another site, 
    be sure to contact me.
    Insecticide, along with its characters, situations, associated logos, 
    and all other intellectual properties, are © (copyright) Gamecock Media 
    Group and Crackpot Entertainment LLC, 2007-2008.

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