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"From someone that does not enjoy the series..."

I'm not a fan of Geometry Wars. It was a fun premise that did not grip me - neither on the Marketplace or in PGR – a game that seemed to lack any real structure beyond ‘blow stuff up to get a high score'. But for some bizarre reason I've given this game a seven. Why the hell would I do that?

As the Galaxies moniker suggests, there is more to this game that getting high scores. Kinda. The gameplay is essentially the same – control a ship, start up a chain of enemy kills and rack up a high score whilst bathing in more colours and explosions than a combusting fireworks factory. This edition has you visiting various planets with different enemy types, obstacles and layouts to breathe life into the formula each time you touch down. There are even some amusing Pac Man and Asteroids knockoffs. The difference in level design is just enough to keep things interesting, with an arse kicking difficulty to keep you on your toes.

Aside from a medal system for each planet, the addition of a Drone adds a surprising amount of depth. By your side at all times, you set it on a specific objective before each stage, such as attacking close enemies, picking up enemy drops or spraying bullets at 360 degrees. Each planet completed gives it experience, leveling up chosen abilities and making it gradually stronger. It's satisfying to see it evolve from aimlessly hovering around to casually taking names and providing a much needed hand in tough spots.

The transition from console to handheld has meant a few things are lost, however. The visuals have lost their characteristic high resolution flair and tend to slow down when things get too hectic (which is almost too often) but can be still utterly mesmerizing. Controls present an interesting flaw - using the D-Pad to move and the stylus to fire, it is amazingly accurate and responsive – until your hand cramps up and you drop the DS (down the toilet). Not exactly ideal. While it helps if you rest your hands on a surface, you shouldn't have to consciously decide how to hold the system while playing. If you can get over this, however, you are set.

Add in Wii connectivity, a port of Evolved and online rankings, this game will satisfy both GW fans and new comers alike. Hell, even I was converted. Snap this up if hectic action is your attraction.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 02/04/08

Game Release: Geometry Wars: Galaxies (EU, 01/18/08)

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