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    FAQ/Walkthrough by RedSwordMage

    Version: Chi/1.5 | Updated: 01/04/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Naruto: Path of the Ninja Walkthrough
    By: RedSwordMage
    Created: November 3rd, 2007
    Table of Contents:
    I. Copyright Notice
    II. Version History
    III. Frequently Asked Questions
    IV. Changes (GBA to DS)
    V. Characters
     6i The Beginning:                                                     [Begin]
       6a-Naruto                                                           [Narto]
       6b-Sakura                                                           [Sakra]
       6c-Sasuke                                                           [Saske]
       6d-In conclusion...                                                 [Concl]
     6ii Mission time:                                                     [Missn]
       6a-Protect the Scroll!                                              [Scrol]
       6b-Kill the Tiger!                                                  [Tiger]
       6c-Get the Medicinal Herbs!                                         [Herbs]
       6d-Protect the Bridge Builder!                                      [Prtct]
        6DB- Zabuza, the first encounter                                   [Zaba1]
        6DC- Training... and whatnot                                       [Train]
        6DD- To the Bridge! The Final showdown with Zabuza!                [Bridg]
     6iii Chunin exams:                                                    [ChunE]
        6a- The first exam                                                 [Chun1]
        6b- The second exam                                                [Chun2]
          6ba- The Forest of Death                                         [Forst]
          6bb- Sakura vs. The Sound Ninja                                  [Sound]
          6bc- Naruto's group vs. The Rain Ninja                           [Rninj]
          6bd- Forest of Death Tower                                       [FDTwr]
        6c- The Preliminaries                                              [Prelm]
        6d- Training...with Ebisu!?                                        [TranE]
        6e- The third exam                                                 [Chun3]
     6iv Gaara escapes:                                                    [Gaara]
        6a- Sasuke's group                                                 [Sukeg]
        6b- Sakura's group                                                 [Sakrg]
        6c- The final bosses                                               [Final]
    VII Secrets/Collectibles:                                               
       7i- Make-Out Paradise                                               [Mopbk]
       7ii- Secret Scrolls                                                 [Sctsc]
       7iii- Ripped Scrolls                                                [Rscrl]
       7iv- Sannin's Equipment                                             [Sanin]
       7v- Summoning Sheet                                                 [Sumsh]
       7vi- Mini-game                                                      [Mgame]
       7vii- Battle Level                                                  [Btlvl]
       7viii- Glitches                                                     [Gltch]
       7ix- Chemistry                                                      [Chems]
    VIII List of Jutsus for characters                                     [Jutsu]
    IX Shop List                                                           [Shops]
    X Formations                                                           [Forms]
    XI AR codes                                                            [Cheat]
    XII Authorized Websites                                                [Awebs]
    XIII Credits                                                           [Kudos]
    XIV About the Author...                                                [Authr]
    I. Copyright Notice
    This FAQ/Walkthrough is for personal use only and cannot be reproduced for
    Commercial use unless you contact me. If you want this guide on your website, I
    will give you permission IF you have my name somewhere within the guide.
    My e-mail is strider_hiryu2003@yahoo.com. Please do not send spam or anything 
    of that nature for you will get blocked. If there's something you want to ask 
    or add e-mail me and label the subject as "Naruto Guide." Please try to 
    use correct grammar and not like this: l13K 0mG d00D,h3Lp M3h 0uTT!11!1!1 
    Thank you for your cooperation.
    II. Version History
    Alpha/1.0- Version first released on GameFAQs, might be missing a few 
    minor details however.
    +Updated for clairification of Neji and Rock Lee's combination jutsu
    +Also added another combination jutsu,and some clarification upon another 
    combo jutsu.
    +Put Super Cheats and Cheat Code Cental on the Authorized Websites list. 
    +Managed to finda grammatical error in the FAQs section.
    +Some clarification on the summoning sheet section.
    +Forgot to put the Game ID code in the AR section. Oops!
    +Added Chemistry Section,taken from Darkstar Ripclaw's FAQ
    +Updated Combination jutsu names to DS version equivalent. Darkstar also 
    provided these. I seemed to have missed another one too.
    +Added Cheat Code Central in the Authorized Websites section.
    Q1. Why can't I beat [Insert boss here]
    A1. It could be that you're not at a High level, or your equipment sucks.
    Usually, it's because you're at a low level. So, go train around for a couple
    of levels and you should be able to beat who ever you're having trouble with.
    Q2. Where is the bridge?
    A2. Go to the World Map and select "Bridge". Now, it may not look like you can
    go any farther because of that bridge near you, but you go under it. Go up the
    wooden planks and you're on the bridge.
    Q3. Where do we find ripped pages or scrolls?
    A3. Refer to my Secrets/Collectibles section.
    Q4.How do I save?
    A4.Press the Select button. You can save anytime, anywhere except on the World
    map or in a fight.
    Q5. So how far does this game cover?
    A5. I believe from the first time you meet Kakashi to the end of the chunin 
    exams, which would be about episode 5-80ish.
    Q6. How can I get in the room on the 3rd floor of the Ninja Academy? There are 2
    ninjas there that won't let me in.
    A6. As of yet, I don't think you can enter that room.
    Q7. Where is the third hokage's basement at?
    A7. Go to the area where there are 3 bookcases of scrolls. Examine the center
    one and a secret area will appear.
    Q8. Can you play as Kakashi?
    A8. Not exactly, he joins your team later in the game, but you can't control 
    him. However, if someone were to create an AR code to control him, you could
    play as him. However, He has maxed out HP and Chakra, and his attacks would 
    deal as much damage as Naruto's Toad Blade cut, so it wouldn't be much of a 
    that fun playing as him anyway.
    Q9. Can you fight and/or play as Itachi?
    A9. You probably could if the game covered the TV series a little more. But
    you can't play as or fight Itachi. 
    Q10. How do you get Sasuke's Jutsu's back?
    A10. Progress through the story as normal, You’ll get them back later. As long
    as you don't have his Cursed Mark equipment on him, you should be able to use 
    any of his jutsus.
    Q11. How do I get pass the 2nd hand sign test in the first part of the Chunin
    A11. You see that box farther down from the top? Make sure the bar stays in 
    the box.
    Q12. What difference does it make where I put my characters in their 
    formation? What's the best formation?
    A12. Formations can help your characters in battle because they can either 
    boost their ATK or DEF, depending in what formations you put them. As for
    the best formation, it would depend on how you play, and how you use your
    Q13. Where do I go after Kabuto joins my party in the Forest of death?
    A13. Find the keyword [Answer #13] in my FAQ, and follow the directions.
    Q14. What does each of the Stats represent and how do they work?
    A14. ATK represents Attack. The higher the number, the more damage you'll do.
    DEF represents Defense. The higher the number, the less damage you can take.
    AGI represents Agility. The higher the number, the more often your turn will
    come around.
    NIN represents Ninjutsu. As the number increases, the faster you'll be able to
    fill up your bar when you use gather-chakra type techniques.
    Q15. Where in the Land of Fire Plains is Ripped Scroll #2?
    A15. Look at my Collectibles section.
    IV. Changes (GBA to DS)
    There was a dojo in the GBA version that allowed you to fight Itachi, but it 
    was taken out of the DS version. There is no evidence that you can fight him 
    in the DS version as of yet.
    V. Characters:
    Note: Be warned, some information I share with you may contain spoilers.
    Naruto Uzumaki- Everyone's favorite hyperactive knuckle-head ninja! At the time
    of his birth, a Nine-tailed fox attacked the Village Hidden in the Leaves. Many
    perished, even the fourth Hokage sacrificed himself. He sealed the demon inside
    a newborn's body that had just had its umbilical cord cut. That baby is 
    Team Mates: Sakura, Sasuke, and Kakashi
    Sasuke Uchiha- One of the 2 people in the Hidden leaf village, who has the
    power of Sharigan. Sharigan is an ability passed down by birth, which can copy
    other Ninja's Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, or Taijutsu. He wants to destroy a "certain
    someone" one day. Who is this person, and why does Sasuke want to kill him so
    Team mates: Naruto, Sakura, and Kakashi
    Sakura Haruno- A genin who has excellent control over her chakra and jutsu. 
    Her love interest, beyond a doubt, is Sasuke and would follow him into the ends
    of the earth. On the other hand, She thinks Naruto is annoying and obnoxious.
    Team mates: Naruto, Sasuke, and Kakashi
    Kakashi Hatake- The leader of Squad 7. Always running late, very late if I 
    might add, for his meetings with Squad 7. This is the first squad he's ever
    commanded. Is this guy really Jonin material? On the other hand, he does have
    the ability to use the Sharigan like Sasuke very well.
    Team: Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura 
    Shikamaru Nara- This guy may whine and appear lazy. But under that, he's a 
    genius with an IQ of over 200. His catch phrase would be "What a draaag..." 
    and "I'm tiired..."
    Teammates: Choji and Ino
    Choji Akimichi- He takes eating seriously; almost like eating is an actual
    battle. However, he eats a lot because of a specific jutsu he has.
    Teammates: Shikamaru and Ino
    Ino Yamanaka- Ino also has a thing for Sasuke, just like Sakura, which makes 
    themfight a lot over Sasuke. However, Sasuke pays them no attention.
    Teammates: Shikamaru and Choji
    Hinata Hyuga-Hinata is a shy, timid girl and is hardly outspoken. Her specialty
    is a passed down from birth trait, Byakugan, which is better than Sasuke's or
    Kakashi's Sharigan. It allows the person to see the opponent’s chakra network
    and with their palms, they can disable the flow of chakra in the opponent's 
    body. It also gives the person a 360 view and increases the distance they can
    see. She has strong feelings for Naruto (Awwww...) of course, Naruto is 
    oblivious to her feelings, but Naruto will defend for her.
    Teammates: Kiba with Akamaru, Shino
    Kiba Inuzuka and Akamaru- Kiba is always seen carrying the small white dog,
    Akamaru, around with him wherever he goes. His dog is part of a special jutsu
    he uses. Like Naruto, he also wants to be the "Top dog" one day.
    Teammates: Hinata, Shino
    Shino Aburame-This guy is just weird. He uses bugs that are nested inside 
    his body for fights. This is accomplished by forming a pact with the bugs.
    He is mostly quiet, but is a good fighter.
    Teammates: Hinata, Kiba with Akamaru
    Neji Hyuga- Neji is part of the lower branch of the Hyuga Clan. Since Hinata
    is part of the Main Branch, he looks down upon her, tearing her down. He does
    this because he thinks the Main branch of the clan has it so easier than the 
    lower branch and because the lower branch are really slaves to the main 
    branch. His specialty, like Hinata's, is also Byakugan.
    Teammates: Rock Lee, Tenten, and Might Guy
    Tenten- What is known of Tenten is that she strongly believes that female ninja
    can be just as skilled as male ninja. Tenten specializes in weaponry, and 
    according to Guy she can hit a bulls eye 100 out of 100 times. 
    Teammates: Neji, Rock Lee, and Might Guy 
    Rock Lee- Because he is unable to use any Ninjutsu or Genjutsu, his specialty
    is Taijutsu, and his goal in life is to master Taijutsu. Because Guy has 
    devoted much of his time to help Rock achieve his goal, Rock not only devotes
    himself to Guy's teachings, but also reproduces the Green jumpsuit, Bowl haircut
    and "Flashy" smile Guy has. 
    Teammates: Neji, Tenten, and Might Guy
    Might Guy- Rock Lee's Sensei, he taught Rock lee all his Taijutsu, and wants
    Lee to achieve his dream of Mastering Taijutsu. He considers himself as a
    "eternal rival" of Kakashi, and tries to antagonize him. However, Kakashi
    usually brushes his remarks off.
    Team: Rock Lee, Neji, and Tenten
    Zabuza Momochi- Zabuza was a rouge ninja of the Village hidden in the Mist,
    who was hired by Gato to get rid of the Bridge Builder. He is called the "Demon
    of the Hidden Mist" because he slaughtered all of his peers in his hometown,
    Kirigakure. He even tried to assassinate the Mizukage of the Land of Water 
    once, but failed. He tries to gain enough money so he can attempt a second
    coup d'etat, if the price is right. 
    Teammate: Haku
    Haku- Zabuza's helper and follower. Zabuza picked Haku up in the Land of Waves
    in a village that perpetually snows. Haku was treated cruelly because of a 
    Kekkei Genkai (Inherited Jutsu or trait from birth) he had that was 
    irrationally feared at the time. Because Zabuza picked Haku up, his only 
    purpose in life from now on was to help Zabuza. Even though Zabuza just uses
    Haku as a tool.
    Teammate: Zabuza
    Tazuna-The bridge builder of the Land of the Waves that wants to build a bridge
    so that the economy can recover from Gato's rule. He claims that he was 
    looking for "bodyguards to protect from Highwaymen and bandits", but actually
    he is being tracked by Ninja hired by Gato to stop him. 
    Konohomaru- The third hokage's grandson. He wants to beat the old man so he
    can be Hokage. He does this because he feels unacknowledged as an individual, 
    and because people refer to him as "The 3rd Hokage's grandson".
    Jiraiya- Man, this guy is perverted! He claims to be doing "Research", but is
    really a peeping tom. Even Naruto refers to him as "Pervy Sage". But besides
    his perverted qualities, he is one of the 3 Legendary Sannin and is also known
    as "Toad sage".
    Gato- The head of a powerful shipping company, he uses the company to smuggle
    illegal goods and drugs. He takes control of the Land of the Wave’s shipping
    route to create a monopoly by isolating the country from the outside world,
    preventing free import and export and turning it into a poor, hunger-stricken
    country in the process.
    Sarutobi-The third Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village. He took over after the 
    fourth Hokage sacrificed his life for the village.Sarutobi was called "The
    Professor" due to his vast knowledge of jutsu, supposedly knowing all the 
    jutsu within the Village Hidden in the Leaves. He also has a personal summon:
    the monkey king, Enma, who can also turn into a staff that Saru wields with 
    great proficiency even for an old man.
    Orochimaru-Despite being evil, he is also one of the 3 "Legendary Sannin", and
    he definitely upholds that title. He gives Sasuke his curse mark, thinking 
    that Sasuke will come to him for more power eventually. But what Orochimaru
    really wants is Sasuke's Sharigan.
    Kankuro- The master of Puppet Jutsu, he can limit an opponent's movements by 
    the use of puppet strings. He also uses a puppet he created in battle to help
    him. His puppet has numerous hidden weapons and is able to detach its limbs 
    to deliver a fatal or finishing blow.
    Teammates: Gaara, Temari
    Temari- Temari uses a Giant fan in battle, and she also uses several strong
    wind-based jutsu with her fan.  She can even ride on the fan to get to places.
    Temari is a keen analyst, and can deduce an opponent's strategies and 
    a weakness soon after a battle begins.
    Teammates: Gaara, Kankuro 
    Gaara- Gaara can easily win a battle without moving around. He uses sand 
    around him that blocks the attacks of others and he can control the sand to 
    capture and kill his opponent. He is ruthless and imposes fear upon his 
    Teammates: Kankuro, Temari
    Did I miss anyone important? I know I have skipped over some characters later
    in the series, but this Naruto game only covers about the 1st 80 episodes. 
    I've also skipped some characters to avoid spoilers. However, if you feel I
    have skipped over someone important, send me an email at strider_hiryu2003@
    yahoo.com. Just remember to put the subject as "Naruto Guide"
    VI. Walkthrough
    Note: The Hit points each boss has is estimated. I don't think there is a way
    to see how much HP a boss has(a la Scan/Libra), but if you know a way, feel
    free to email me at: strider_hiryu2003@yahoo.com. Just remember to put the 
    subject as "Naruto guide", otherwise I might mistake it as a spam and delete
    it with the other 100 messages of spam I get everyday.
    6i. The beginning                                                      [Begin]
    In the opening scene, we see here Naruto pacing back and forth with Sasuke and
    Sakura waiting for the always tardy Kakashi. Naruto plants a clever trap for 
    Kakashi for being late, however Sasuke thinks otherwise. Kakashi finally shows
    up and falls into Naruto's trap. Kakashi gets up and comments upon the groups
    first impression. They then proceed to introduce their selves.
    When it gets Naruto's turn, you can choose an answer: I like [The ramen at
    Ichiraku] or [Sakura]. If you've ever played Final Fantasy 7 before, this is 
    practically the same thing. Things you choose may either strengthen your 
    relationship with a character or weaken it, just like attraction points. In
    this game it is referred to as "Chemistry."(You mean that subject with all
    those chemicals and elements?)
    After introducing yourselves, Kakashi will give you your first mission (Yay!!),
    retrieve the bells from Kakashi before Noon. If you fail, you get tied to the
    post and go without lunch while Kakashi sits and eats his infront of you
    (That's really mean. :( ) However, there are only 2 bells, so atleast one of 
    you will have to suffer that fate. Not only that, but you'll get sent back to
    the Academy.
    6a Naruto                                                              [Narto]
    So, you start under a big tree. Head up to find food pills. These replenish 
    your HP when it's low. Go down, ignoring any rocks that come across your path.
    Go to the left fork and open the chest at the dead end to receive a Hexagonal 
    Stick. Don't worry about equipping it now, it won't make much of a difference 
    to your current weapon. Now go back to the fork, and head to the right. Head 
    down to the right and open the chest to find a Cup of Ramen. Go back up and to
    the right of the puddle. Walk up to the leaf symbol, and save (Press select).
    Watch the scene, asking appropriate information, and prepare to fight.
    Boss: Kakashi
    HP: 999999
    My party: Naruto: Lvl 3
    Kakashi, you shouldn't read that book while you're fighting. It could distract 
    you. Huh? Weak attacks? We'll see about that...
    Strategy: Attack. Attack. Attack. Don't worry, your attacks aren't supposed to
    hit right now.
    Kakashi will end the battle by using his Secret finger jutsu.
    I suppose Kakashi REALLY wasn't lying when he said weak attacks, huh? 
    =END PART A=
    6b. Sakura                                                             [Sakra]
    Head up and go left for a chest that contains some Food Pills. Continue on
    and...oh goody, another chest! The lower one contains Chakra Pills. These 
    restore a little bit of your chakra. On the same road, continue ignoring the
    rocks and head down, heading down at the fork. You'll come across yet
    another chest that has Winged Nails inside. Equip it on Sakura and return to
    the earlier fork, this time go left. Step on the Leaf Symbol, saving if you
    wish, and then head down.
    Looks like Sakura finally found Sasuke, huh? But watch out! Here comes our good
    buddy,Kakashi. He'll ask you about Genjutsu and after his explanation, will 
    challenge you to a fight.
    Boss: Kakashi
    HP: 999999
    My party: Sakura: Lvl 2  Sasuke: Lvl 1
    Surely Sasuke and Sakura can defeat Kakashi?
    Strategy: Again, Attack. Attack. Attack. Just attack.
    Eventually,Kakashi will end the battle by using Death Mirage Jutsu on 
    I guess I was wrong. Wait! So... Sasuke was really Kakashi's clone? Hmmm...
    =END PART B=
    6c. Sasuke                                                             [Saske]
    Don't bother going up, there's rocks in the way. Continue down and open the 
    chest in the lower right corner. It contains food pills. Continue the path,
    going around the big puddle. The chest on the other side of it contains Sweet
    Chestnuts. These are food items;They help people's Chemistry, like Ichiraku's.
    (I'll explain later what Ichiraku's is.)Go around the other side of the trees
    to find Chakra pills. Don't worry about the other path, it's just a big 
    circle. Continue straight to find a leaf symbol. Step on it and save if you 
    wish. Continue forward to initiate a scene.
    Kakashi will ask you about an enemy's weakness.Say yay or nay depening what 
    you feel like. Kakashi will comment on Sasuke as an interesting opponent. He
    will then commence to fight you.
    Boss: Kakashi
    HP: 12
    My party- Sasuke: Lvl 2
    This will indeed be an interesting fight.
    Strategy:It seems Sasuke is actually good enough to hit Kakashi. Go ahead and
    pound the heck out of him, healing when necessary. Feel free to use Sasuke's 
    Fire ball jutsu as well.
    Sasuke walks over and tries to take Kakashi's bell, but it was only one
    of Kakashi's Shadow Clones. Afterwards, the noon bell rings and we see Naruto
    tied to a post, his stomach growling.
    =END PART C=
    6d. In conclusion...                                                   [Concl]
    Kakashi decides not to send anyone back to the academy, but decides to drop 
    them from the program...PERMANTELY!!! Ouch. Kakashi explains as to why he's
    dropping the 3 out. To summarize, they never acted as a team, and therefore
    don't think like a ninja squad.
    =THE END=
    ...Ok you can stop reading now.
    ...I'm totally serious. Thanks for playing.
    Hah! Fooled ya!
    Kakashi will explain why teamwork is so important, based on your answer.
    Combined jutsu's are great, think of it like Dual-techniques from Chrono 
    Kakashi walks behind the poles to a kunai-shaped statue. He tells the group
    what it means to have your name engraved upon the statue.
    ALLRIGHT!! Kakashi decides to give you another chance... but makes it harder
    on you by telling you not to give Naruto any lunch. Anybody who tries to do
    it is immediately dropped from the program.
    Despite Kakashi's warning, Sasuke and Sakura share their lunch with Naruto.
    Suddenly, Kakashi jumps out of the bushes and charges at you full speed!!
    Boss: Kakashi (Haven't I seen this guy before?)
    HP: 25
    My Party- Naruto:Lvl 3   Sasuke:Lvl 2   Sakura: Lvl 2
    Uh-oh... here comes big n' bad Kakashi-sensei!
    Strategy:Naruto should use Shadow clone jutsu and attack. Sasuke should
    use his Fire ball jutsu. When he runs out of chakra, have him attack.
    Sakura's Inner Sakura could be of some help too. Heal when necessary.
    It appears this is what Kakashi was looking for. Everyone passes! Yay!!
    Tomorrow you will begin your first mission as a squad! Kakashi will treat all
    of you to Ichiraku's Ramen. On your way out, there're food pills and a leaf 
    Proceed to the first building you see and head inside. This is Ichiraku's.
    Kakashi will explain chemistry, if necessary. You first experienced this back
    at the start of the game, where you got to choose Naruto's answer on what he 
    likes and doesn't like. But what if you were to say something,for example,
    Sasuke doesn't like? Well, that's where Ichiraku's comes in! Ichiraku's ramen
    is something your friend/ally will enjoy(That is if you get the right ramen 
    for them.) If you get the wrong kind, you might make your relationship worse
    than what it actually was. Good thing you can save before you try.
    There's also a way you can tell what new ramen Ichiraku has come out with.
    There's usually a fanatic hanging around the restaurant who will tell you
    what new flavor has just come out.
    After the scene, a Ninja inside the bar will tell you where the Mission 
    Reception is if you don't know where it is. But just to make sure you don't
    get lost, I'll tell you anyway.
    =END Part 6I=
    6ii. Mission Time!                                                     [Missn]
    After the scene at Ichiraku's, a Ninja inside the bar will tell you where the 
    Mission Reception is if you don't know where it is. But just to make sure you 
    don’t get lost, I'll tell you where it is. 
    Go north into the next screen. Continue going straight until you see the 
    building that has a Japanese character on it and "Academy" above it. This
    is the Ninja Academy incase you couldn't tell. Go inside, ignoring the
    stairs and on the right, there will be an entryway with "Mission Reception"
    sign on it. Enter and go to the first room on the right. This is the 
    Mission Reception room.
    Inside, Naruto and Iruka will fuss over which mission to give. Kakashi hits
    Naruto for being rude. The 3rd Hokage will explain what missions are, if
    necessary. Then he'll also explain the process of accepting missions(You
    really don't have a choice, they just give it to you.), if necessary. The only
    D-ranked mission available now is to stop the scroll thief. Kakashi will 
    accept the mission.
    6a. Protect the Scroll!                                                [Scrol]
    But before we scurry over to the 3rd Hokage's house, let's familiarize 
    ourselves of our surroundings. After all, a Ninja should take full advantage 
    of what's around him.
    Go back to the gate. Beyond the gates is a Leaf symbol. The first building you
    see there is Ichiraku's, but you knew that already, didn't you?  Just beyond 
    Ichiraku's is the Weapon and Armor shop. Take a look see what they have in 
    stock,if you wish. At this point, you most likely don't have much money, so 
    when you're done looking around, Go back outside.
    To the right of Ichiraku's is the Item shop. Take a look if you want to, but 
    if you picked up the treasure on the Training field, I doubt you'll need any 
    items right now. The buildings to the left of Ichiraku’s have little 
    importance, so don't worry about them now. Behind the Weapons and Armor shop
    is a house with steps. This is Naruto's house. Remember it, because every 
    morning you'll start here.
    Go back to the Item shop and head to the right. This is the East side of town.
    Ignoring the first house, head up. The building infront of you is the storage
    building. As you progress through the game, you'll be able to move further in.
    But from now there're only 8 chests you can open. Going clockwise these are the
    treasure's you can get: Medical Food Pills, Medical Chakra Pills, Competition
    Pills(Doubles ATK), Steel Pills(Doubles DEF), Substitution scroll(Makes you hard
    to hit with physical attacks, you can still be hit with jutsus,however.), 300
    Ryo, Versatile Pills(Brings you back to life,Equivalent of a Phoenix Down), 
    and a Cup of Ramen.
    Heading outside, continue up and go across the wooden bridge. This is 
    Kakashi's house, take note of it. We'll return here soon. Go back down below
    the Storage building, and take a right onto the stones(Oh look, a Naruto movie
    poster). Head up past Guy's tent(He's camping) and take note of the bridge, 
    we'll be returning here soon as well.
    All right, now that we're familiar with the town, head back to the gates and go
    north to the next screen. Also, to the left is Leaf hospital. But go right, 
    ignoring the first house,over the wooden bridge and you're the 3rd Hokage's 
    yard. Enter.
    Inside, the 3rd Hokage will explain the mission. In the next scene, we see
    Naruto pacing back and forth, impatiently. Suddenly the lights go out. When 
    Sakura finally manages to turn the lights back on, we see a kid along with
    an Adult Ninja. The Kid's Konohomaru, and the adult is his trainer, Ebisu.
    It appears Konohomaru wanted to steal the Scroll of Ne. Naruto walks up
    to punch Konohomaru, and afterwards Konohomaru quickly runs past Naruto and
    steals the scroll and runs off! Well, it appears it's time to catch a thief.
    The woman a little outside of the third hokage's house tells you that Kono 
    went into the Ninja Academy. The guy standing next to the doorway of the 
    hallway to the Mission Reception tells you that he went to Ichiraku's. The 
    guy in orange next to the Item shop tells you that Kono wanted to know where
    the movie theater is. Just to let you know, there is no movie theater. 
    WAIT? HUH!?
    Wait, don't panic just yet, there's somebody standing infront of a movie 
    poster, maybe he knows where the movie theater is? He tells you that Kono went
    to Leaf Hospital. So go back to the right, past Ichiraku's and... wait... 
    what's that box following us? Oh well, nothing important. So anyway, go north 
    to the next screen.
    Wait... we were being followed by Konohomaru? I thought something was 
    following us. Pick "Let's lure him to the training field."
    In case you didn't know, the training field is the one with the statue Kakashi
    mentioned earlier. Save before you go to the next screen. In this scene, the 
    3 hide behind the logs until Kono shows up. They surprise him, and Kono wants 
    Naruto to teach him the Sexy jutsu. Either one you pick the outcome will be 
    the same. After that, Kono explains why he took the Scroll of Ne. Ebisu soon 
    shows up to take Kono back home. Naruto picks a fight with Ebisu.
    My party: Naruto- Lvl 5  Sasuke- Lvl 3  Sakura- Lvl 4
    Strategy: Naruto's Sexy Jutsu works here, use it if you like. Sasuke should
    use his Fire ball jutsu, then attack. Naruto's Shadow Clone jutsu can help 
    too. So can Sakura's Inner Sakura. Heal when necessary.
    Treasure: Make-out Paradise 1 (Funny treasure coming from him.)
    Because Naruto defeated Ebisu, Kono wants Naruto to teach him the Jutsu now
    more than ever. However, Ebisu drags him back to the village. Naruto shares 
    his touchy story with Kono. After hearing Naruto's "lecture", he no longer 
    wants to be Naruto's apprentice. From now on, they're rivals. Kono gives the
    Scroll of Ne back to Naruto. Naruto earns Ebisu's respect.
    Head back to the Village and to the Mission Reception. Naruto presents the
    Scroll to the 3rd Hokage. He gives you 1,000 Ryo for completing the mission.
    (Alright!!) He also gives you the Scroll of Ne,Medical Food and Chakra Pills.
    He explains the scroll's use. After Naruto leaves, he explains to Iruka 
    Naruto's past and the 4th Hokage's last wish.
    =END PART A=
    6b. Kill the Tiger!                                                    [Tiger]
    Now you may be wondering "Where is the 3rd Hokage's basement?" Go back to
    his house and examine the center wall of scrolls. Move past the crystal ball 
    room,you can't do anything here. Go up to the large scroll and roll open the 
    secret scroll. For every scroll you get, a Japanese character will appear on 
    the wall. It will also give you a prize. The Scroll of Ne gives you Attack 
    Chinese Medicine Pills. These boost your maximum ATK by a couple of points.
    Now that you have some money, now would be a good time to upgrade your armory
    and/or items. Just don't buy any Leaf chain mail,Hidden Leaf Pants or a 
    Battle Fan. You'll find these on your way in the mission. **Be sure to buy 
    some immobility manuals. You can find these in the item shop.** Go ahead and
    sell any old junk you have. Once you're done,head to the Mission reception.
    The Third Hokage explains that there has been a tiger attacking people in the 
    forest, and wants Squad 7 to investigate. So head out of the Village and 
    choose the Hidden Leaf forest.
    Head to the right first, you'll find some Food Pills. Then head up and to the
    left. A chest on the left contains Leaf Chain Mail, equip it on someone. 
    Double back to the right side. The chest on the right contains Chakra
    Pills. Continue up to the next screen. The Chest on the right contains a 
    poison manual. These cure poison. The other contains a Battle Fan. In my 
    opinion, Fans aren't that great. They may hit everyone, but in this early 
    stage, they suck. Chains and Sickles do better than Fans. Return to the right
    side of the previous screen and continue up. 
    Going along the path across the bridge, go down at the fork. The chest at
    the end contains a Chili Pepper. Going on the opposite side, resume going to 
    the right. The chest over here has an Escape scroll. These let you escape to
    the world map, however, they may not work all the time. Go down and head into
    the next screen.
    Upon entering, head up to find yet another poison manual. Continue right,
    ignoring the cliffs. Make a note of these,however. You'll return to these
    later in the game. Head up to the next screen.
    Go right and then up to find some Hidden Leaf Pants. Don't worry about the 
    other path unless you're interested in another Poison Manual. Going back the
    way you came, across the water you'll see a leaf symbol. Go down to find some
    food pills. Return and save the game if you wish. Head up to the next screen.
    The party sees a cabin and a small river, across are some chests(Make a note
    of this area.) The party approaches the cabin. They suddenly hear a growl. A
    tiger jumps out of the bushes!
    Boss: Tiger
    HP: 180
    My party: Naruto- Lvl 7  Sasuke- Lvl 5  Sakura- Lvl 6
    Oh my! Didn't I tell you there were Lions, Tigers and Bears in the forest?
    Strategy:Sasuke's Fire Ball Jutsu should do some damage here. Naruto should
    rely on his good ol' Shadow Clone Jutsu. Sakura can use her Water Style Jutsu
    (A good elemental jutsu on this game.), if she doesn't have that, then you 
    can use her Inner Sakura to help dish out damage. Sometimes the Tiger will
    use "Roar", which will Immobilize one of your party members. No problem; Just
    use an Immobility Manual on them.
    Treasure: Scroll of Ushi
    After the battle, Kakashi appears from the bushes(Where were you,ya coward?),
    congratulating the party upon defeating the tiger. There's some Versatile 
    pills up on the right side of the cabin.Time to go Home! Use an escape scroll
    to go out of the forest easily.(Weakling...) Return to Mission Reception.
    Upon the completion of the mission you will receive 1200 Ryo,Attack Chinese 
    Medicine Pills, Ninja Power Chinese Medicine Pills(Raises NIN),and an Alloy 
    =END PART B=
    6c. Get the Medicinal herbs!                                           [Herbs]
    When you go to the Third Hokage's basement, you will receive Family Secret
    Ointment, which Heals everyone's HP and Chakra to the max. Pretty nifty, eh?
    It would be a good idea to buy some more poison manuals, as enemies in the 
    next mission can poison you. When you're done around town, head up to the 
    Mission Reception.
    The third Hokage will explain that the Leaf Hospital needs more Medicinal 
    herbs. Naruto eagerly takes this mission over doing simple weeding. But 
    because of Naruto's pickiness, Iruka tells him to hand over his headband if he
    fails the mission.
    At Mt.Kikyo, going all the way to right past the elevated ground gives you 
    Sweet Agar with Dumpling, a food item. Going up the side will take you to the
    next screen.
    **Hokage's Advice: Elemental Jutsus work against the Centipedes. Preferably
    Water style. Wind Style works good for Leeches. Fire Style level 2 should work
    greatly on either one.
    Thanks Lord Hokage for that piece of advice! Anyway,when you reach the first 
    fork, go in the North-West direction. You'll find a Poison Smoke Bomb,which
    can poison a group of enemies, if correctly handled. Return to the original
    path and head up to the next screen.
    Go down to the lower ground and when you come back up, head left along the 
    long piece of elevated land. You'll get a shuriken. Head up to the next 
    screen. Actually, there's not much in the next screen, so at the top there's 
    a leaf symbol. You know what that means. Save if you want. Then head to the
    next screen.
    Hmmm? Looks like there's someone already here. Bandit territory,huh? Looks 
    like we're gonna have to do this the hard *cough*fun*cough* way. 
    Boss: Head Bandit
    HP: 625
    My Party: Naruto- Lvl 9  Sasuke- Lvl 6  Sakura- Lvl 8
    Let's see how he can handle a couple of ninja.
    Strategy:There isn't anything too different about this guy from the other 
    normal Head bandit enemies, other than having a lot more HP. I would have
    Sasuke do his Fire ball jutsu, then when he runs out of chakra, attack. Or you
    could waste a chakra pill. Naruto should use his Shadow clone jutsu. Sakura's
    Inner Sakura will help too.
    Treasure: Scroll of Tora
    After a long fight, the bandit will run away. Naruto and Sasuke start to 
    fight, but Kakashi tells them to stop and gather the herbs. From here you can
    use an Escape scroll and leave.
    Return to Mission Reception, and the Hokage will give you 1400 Ryo, Toad Brand
    food pills(Fully restores a person's HP), Toad Brand Chakra Pills(Fully 
    restores a person's Chakra), and Defense Chinese Medicine Pills(Increase DEF).
    Time to go home
    =END PART C=
    6d. Protect the Bridgebuider!                                          [Prtct]
    The Scroll of Tora gives you Cherry Blossom storm, a sword that only Sakura 
    can equip. It can also give an enemy an instant-K.O(?). Return to the Mission 
    Reception, like usual.
    Naruto complains once again about how simple these missions are and how much 
    he pwns. Finally, the Third Hokage decides to give his group a C-ranked 
    mission. However, Iruka suggests that they are not ready for a C-ranked 
    mission. On the contrary, Kakashi feels that his squad is ready for a C-ranked
    mission. The 3 Genin agree,although Sakura seems a bit reluctant. The Third
    Hokage gives them a bodyguard mission. They have to guard Tazuna, a bridge
    builder from the Land of Waves. However, he is not impressed with the squad.
    He claims to want protection from thieves and highwaymen, but is that really 
    Since this will be a long mission, Kakashi will help you in battle. However, 
    you can't control him and you can't sell/exchange his weapons and armor. 
    In-battle, I'd say he'll leave most of the fighting to you, reading his 
    Make-out paradise book. When he feels like helping, he can be a BIG help. He 
    can destroy any enemy with one hit. Sometimes he can buff one of your 
    characters,giving them an extra boost in battle. You won't have to worry 
    about healing Kakashi, because he has 999 HP and the damage he usually 
    receives isn't too much. Out of battle, if your party needs healing, you
    can use one of his healing jutsus. Level 2 should be enough to fully or just 
    about enough to fully heal your party
    Kakashi tells you to meet at the front gate and "Don't be late!". Heh, 
    whatever. He's the one who's late every single time. What's he doing? Looking
    at porn or something?
    Anyway, it would be a good idea to stock up on items, and possibly upgrade 
    your equipment.Buying 5 of each status effect manual should be enough. 
    Poison, Immobility, Blindness, Confusion and Sealed Jutsu are the 5. Although, 
    if you're running a little low on money, you can skip the last 2 manuals.
    I don't believe there's many enemies this early in the game who can seal 
    your jutsus or make you confused.You should have plenty of Poison Manuals and 
    some leftover Immobility Manuals already.  When you're done, go to the front
    gate and talk to Tazuna.
    Sakura complains that Kakashi is never on time. She suggests that they put an 
    alarm clock in Kakashi's room, so that he won't be late(Yeah, but will he 
    ever use it, much less even keep it or plug it up?). Kakashi eventually shows
    up, saying that it took longer than usual to pack. However, Sakura notes that
    Kakashi doesn't have much. Kakashi brushes her remark aside, thinking 
    nothing of it. After Tazuna and Naruto have a fight, they leave the village.
    In the Land of Fire grasslands, go down and to the first right. Then, head 
    all the way up to find some Fan-like Chain Mail.The chest below that has 
    Medicinal Food pills. These heal your character more than the regular Food 
    pills. Head down once more. There's a cliff slightly below you. Soon. you'll 
    be able to get down there and get the treasure chest. It's also a shortcut to 
    the next screen. Return to the main path and head all the way down and up to 
    the gate.The chest below you contains a Sealed Jutsu manual. Head through the
    gate and go to the next screen.
    The first time you can head down is another cliff. The second time, there
    are some versatile pills in a chest. There's nothing the on the other side, so
    head up through the gate. One of the guards say that there was "an odd fella 
    passing by, said he was a novelist or something." Hmmmmmm.... Anyway, head up
    to the next screen.
    In the next screen, Kakashi feels that we should rest for the Bridgebuilder. 
    So, they rest and talk for a while. Kakashi will explain the Ninja of other
    countries. Kakashi remarks that since we're in a C-ranked mission, it's not
    likely that we'll have to fight. Once the scene is over, step on the Leaf 
    Symbol. We still have a way to go before we do anything, so you don't have to
    save yet. Head over to the next screen.
    There's not a whole lot over here. When you head across the wooden bridge, 
    make a note of the stones in the water below the bridge. You'll come back to 
    these later in the game. Going across the bridge, you'll see yet another Leaf
    symbol. NOW you can save if you want. Just don't go past the trees behind the 
    water puddles if you want to save. When you walk past the water puddles, 
    you'll be attacked Immediately
    Boss: Demon brothers Meizu and Gozu
    HP: Meizu:999999
    My party: Naruto- Lvl 14  Sasuke- Lvl 10  Sakura- Lvl 12  Kakashi- Level ??
    No fights, huh, Kakashi?
    Strategy: The first part of this battle is scripted, meaning you have no 
    control over the character's actions, like a scene. Meizu quickly eliminates
    Kakashi, and the squad starts panicking. To win, just let Naruto be beaten. 
    Kakashi was just playing possum and quickly eliminates the 2 brothers.
    Treasure: 2x Poison Manuals
    The 2 brothers are quickly tied up to a tree. Kakashi then compliments the 
    group on their good fighting. He then declares how obvious their ambush was.
    He played possum because he wouldn't have learned anything if he had 
    immediately eliminated them. He wanted to know if they were trying to kill
    the squad or the bridgebuilder. Kakashi then explains that Tazuna actually
    lied about his mission, when it was actually a B-ranked mission or higher. 
    Kakashi believes that this mission is too much for the young Genin, and
    decides to go back to the village and that Naruto's poison could be a problem.
    Suddenly, Naruto STABS his own hand with a Kunai knife, getting rid of the 
    poison in his body. He also makes a vow of pain to never back down from a 
    fight, no matter how tough it is. Naruto exclaims that they will continue the 
    mission. The group is surprised at Naruto, even Kakashi compliments Naruto for
    the cool move, but because of it, Naruto's losing quite a bit of blood. 
    Kakashi starts to heal Naruto's hand, but his hand is already healing up 
    because of the Nine-tailed fox's power that is inside of him.
    Tazuna apologizes for having deceived them, but he lied because he had very 
    little money. His country is going through an economic depression because of 
    Gato, who rules the transport and shipping due to his vast amount of wealth.
    Anyone who stood in his way simply disappeared. Gato really uses his shipping
    and transport line to transport and ship illegal goods using gangs or Ninja.
    He fears the bridge because it will join the island to the main land, 
    rendering the people from his control and destroying his monopoly. 
    Tazuna proceeds to guilt-trip the ninja. Unfortunately, you can't go back to 
    the village, so you'll have to continue the mission. If you head up a bit, 
    you'll find some Fan-like pants. Equip them and head down to the next screen.
    There's no treasure here that you can get at the moment, so head down to the 
    South east corner. An old woman has lost her cat beyond the gate and the 
    guard won't let her in because she doesn't have a pass. So go find her cat.
    The cat is a little left of the gate. It's blue, so you should be able to 
    find it. If not, then you're stupid. Return to the gate and hand the cat over
    to the old woman. Pass through the gate to the world map.
    6DB. Zabuza, the first encounter                                       [Zaba1]
    Head to the Land of Waves and go to the Bridge.
    A scene will occur. The game will survey the bridge for you. Once you leave,
    head to the Marshlands.
    **Hokage's Advice: Do not use any Water style jutsus here. The enemies are very
    resistant to Water-based attacks, particularly the starfish and crabs. 
    Lightning Style jutsus seem to work here, but stronger Fire-based jutsus can 
    also work here too.
    Going around the swamp, there's a chest in the North West corner that has 
    Toad Brand Chakra Pills. Near the exit, go down past the trees to discover
    some Toad Brand Food Pills. Exit into the next screen.
    There are chests on the path on the right,but they're across the water,and you
    can't cross the water yet. Near the exit, you'll find an 8-edged shuriken. 
    In the next screen, there's a separate path that go down. At the end of the
    winding path, you'll find Defense Chinese Medicine Pills.Not much on this 
    On the next screen go around the trees, which will take you to the previous
    screen and then you'll find some Asura Pants. Back at the original screen,
    head right and you'll find a Leaf Symbol. There's also a chest across the 
    water. Save if you wish, then enter the next screen.
    Naruto's not going to let Sasuke get all the credit this time, so he throws
    a shuriken in the bushes hoping to make the group think that there was 
    something there. Be careful what you wish for, Naruto. Suddenly, Kakashi
    tells Naruto and Sakura to drop on the ground. Somebody throws shuriken where
    Naruto and Sakura were just standing. It is none other than Zabuza, a rouge
    ninja, who attacks the party. Naruto tries to take him head on, but Kakashi
    stops him. Kakashi will then proceed to lift his Headband to reveal a sharigan
    eye. Hmmmm... so that's why he had his headband like that. Sasuke will then 
    explain to Naruto about the Sharigan. Zabuza uses his "Ninja Art: Hidden Mist
    Jutsu" Zabuza appears infront of Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura, who is protecting
    the bridgebuilder. But before Zabuza can do any damage, Kakashi stops him.
    Boss: Zabuza Momochi
    HP: 1500
    My party: Naruto- Lvl 15  Sasuke- Lvl 13  Sakura- Lvl 13  Kakashi- Lvl ??
    Strategy: Try not to use too much Chakra in this battle. Instead, rely on
    Physical attacks. Kakashi should take away a big chunk of his HP whenever he 
    physically attacks, so this battle shouldn't be too much of a problem.
    They appear to defeat Zabuza, but that was actually one of his water clones. 
    Kakashi uses his own jutsu against Zabuza appears behind him, declaring 
    victory. However, Zabuza thinks otherwise. The REAL Zabuza appears behind
    the REAL Kakashi. Kakashi quickly runs away from him, throws a shuriken at him
    and then disappears. Zabuza disappears. We see Kakashi standing on the water,
    but can't move. Zabuza uses his Water Prison Jutsu on Kakashi. Zabuza explains
    that the jutsu is harder than steel, but still made out of water. Zabuza 
    starts to finish the others off with one of his water clones. The Water clone
    takes care of Naruto without giving the others a chance to move. Kakashi urges
    them to run away with the Bridgebuilder, but Naruto, having taken an oath of
    pain to never back down from a fight, refuses. Naruto acts arrogant, telling
    Zabuza to put him in his bingobook as the next Hokage. Sasuke joins him,
    along with Sakura, although a bit reluctant. Kakashi explains that they should
    have run, and that the mission isn't about bravery, it's about protecting the
    bridgebuilder. Tazuna lets them fight.
    Boss: Zabuza Momochi and Zabuza's Water clone
    HP: Zabuza: 600
        Water Clone: 150
    My Party: Naruto- Lvl 16  Sasuke- Lvl 13  Sakura- Lvl 13
    Strategy: The water clone is weaker than the real Zabuza. But right now, 
    there's no way to tell them apart, so just pick one. Naruto should use his
    regular Shadow clone.
    one just yet. Sasuke should use his Fire Ball Jutsu. Sakura can use Fire 
    Style Jutsu Lvl 2 or use her Inner Sakura. Once you figure out which one's
    the clone, attack the real Zabuza. The clone should disappear after you defeat
    the real one. Once you deal about 600 points of damage to the real Zabuza, 
    Kakashi will break free and give him a good whack on the head. Zabuza tries
    his Water dragon jutsu, but it misses them and Kakashi reflects it back on
    Zabuza, but it also misses. Kakashi then starts to play with Zabuza's mind.
    Kakashi uses the same jutsu Zabuza uses BEFORE he even does it. How awesome 
    is that? It finishes him off.
    Treasure: Scroll of U
    Kakashi pronounces that this is Zabuza's last battle. However, before Kakashi
    can formally finish him, someone throws a needle into Zabuza's neck. A tracker
    ninja from the village threw the needle. A kid, to be exact. Naruto can't
    believe that this kid defeated Zabuza with just a single needle. Kakashi 
    suddenly collapses from overuse of his sharigan.
    From where you are, go to the right and to the next screen. Near the exit of 
    the next screen, you'll find a Chili pepper. There's nothing you can get on 
    the next screen, so walk out to the World Map.
    Outside of Tazuna's House, go all the way up to the little clearing in the 
    forest. Here you'll find the Make-out Paradise Game, a collectible. Go back
    all the way down and the first house is Tazuna's.
    Inside we see Kakashi resting, everyone crowded around him. Kakashi says it'll
    be a week before he can fully recover. Kakashi will then start to explain the
    tracking-ninja. However, Kakashi feels that something is wrong, that he 
    overlooked something important.
    Back in the Marshlands, we see the Tracking ninja, laying Zabuza down and 
    giving him medical attention. Zabuza wakes up and tells the Tracking Ninja
    that he's brutal. However, the Tracking Ninja is actually Haku, an accomplice
    of Zabuza. It appears he faked Zabuza's death by putting him in a fake, 
    temporary state of death. Haku explains that Zabuza will feel numb for a week
    because of the state(How convenient).
    Back at Tazuna's home, Sakura is curious about Kakashi's face under his mask
    that covers his nose and mouth. Naruto kinda loops Sasuke into taking a peek 
    with them. However, before they can move close enough, Kakashi wakes up (Awww,
    darn it!). Kakashi shares his bad feeling with the rest of the group, that
    Zabuza... is actually STILL ALIVE!!(DUM DUM DUMMMMMM...) Kakashi decides that
    the group needs a little training before they can fight Zabuza again.
    Suddenly, a kid ruins the moment by saying that they can't beat Gato. That's
    Inari, the Bridgebuilder's Grandson. He has a chip on his shoulder, although
    it's a good reason. Naruto exclaims that Gato can't handle a REAL HERO like 
    HIM. Inari just blows him off, saying that there are no such things as heroes 
    anymore. Naruto tells the group to go train with him.
    6DC. Training... and whatnot                                           [Train]
    In the Marshlands, we see the squad. Kakashi tells them to train on their
    own. Now would be a good time to go back to the Village Hidden in the Leaves
    to stock up on weapons. You can also take advantage of this opportunity to 
    level up a couple of levels. I would suggest leveling up Naruto primarily. You
    can level Sasuke and Sakura some more later. 
    Back at the village, you can check up on the storage building to see that you
    can get more items. The items you can get at this point(Going 
    counter-clockwise) are: Chakra,Stamina,and Defense Chinese Medicine pills, 400
    Ryo, Ninja Power Chinese Medicine Pills(Increases NIN),and Stamina,Agility,and 
    Attack CMP.
    That scroll that you got from Zabuza gives you the 3rd Ripped Scroll. There
    are 5 ripped scrolls, once you collect all 5 of them and go back to the Fire
    Calendar, Naruto can get the Nine Tail's Chakra. That move allows him to use 
    any jutsu without using ANY chakra. But it takes quite a bit of chakra for 
    him to use the Nine Tailed Fox's chakra in the first place. You can find 
    where the rest of the Ripped Scrolls are in the Collectibles section of this
    FAQ. Some you may not be able to get until very late in the game.
    Anyway, when you get done training, talk to Kakashi at the beginning of the
    Marshland. He'll give you the second volume of Make-out Paradise. He'll also
    explain how to climb cliffs. Remember all those chests that you couldn't reach
    earlier? Well, now you can now that you can climb cliffs. Kakashi suggests 
    that they rest after a day of training. However, Naruto wants to rest right 
    where he is, so the rest of the group leaves him behind.
    Early next morning, Naruto's still sleeping in the Marshland. But is soon 
    awakened by a pretty girl. She tells him that she's gathering herbs, and likes
    the calm of the morning. The 2 converse over important things, such as motive.
    Before she leaves, she tells Naruto that she's actually a guy(WTF? You like 
    wearin' dresses? Cross-dresser!)After the cross-dresser leaves, Sasuke and 
    Sakura walk over to Naruto and tell him to come back with them to Tazuna's 
    place. You can just exit by going down since you're at the beginning.
    Back in Tazuna's house, we see the group eating(Do they really stand eating?),
    talking about stuff when that Crybaby Inari puts his opinion in. Naruto gives
    Inari a piece of his mind. Naruto promptly leaves after calling Inari a 
    coward. Sasuke and Sakura follow him outside, and Inari runs to his room with
    his mother chasing behind him. Tazuna explains to Kakashi about Inari's 
    "father", Kaiza, who was publicly executed by Gato for being in his way.
    Tazuna leaves, and Inari comes back in, looking for Tazuna. Kakashi tells him
    that he wants to talk to Inari about what Naruto said and how much that the 2 
    are alike. Inari goes off to bed while the 3 genin return inside. Kakashi 
    tells Naruto to rest.
    The next morning, Kakashi, Sakura, Sasuke and Tazuna leaves Naruto behind, 
    thinking that Naruto needs some more rest after doing training. Naruto wakes
    up, wondering where everyone went. He speedily takes off for the group, not
    wanting to be ditched or give Sasuke all the glory. Tsunami(Inari' Mother) and
    Inari are just leaving when 2 men show up. They appear to be Gato's men ... 
    and they want Tsunami. Inari tries to protect his mother, but he's way out of
    his league. Naruto appears right at the last minute before the 2 men eliminate
    Inari. They pick a fight with Naruto.
    Boss: Waraji and Zori
    HP: Waraji: 70-75
        Zori: 90-95
    My Party: Naruto- Lvl 18
    Hah! Think you could defeat a REAL Ninja,eh?
    Strategy: These guys are pushovers. The enemies you have been fighting in the 
    Marshlands are tougher than these 2. Don't waste your Chakra on these losers.
    I doubt you'll have to heal any significant damage unless you're at a low 
    Naruto explains why he knew there were people coming(Slash marks, what an 
    obvious lead. (Amateurs.) He also apologizes for going a little too far with
    Inari last night. Naruto takes back what he said and heads off to the bridge.
    =END PART 6DC=
    6DD. To the Bridge! Final showdown with Zabuza!                        [Bridg]
    In the Marshlands, we see Kakashi's group traveling with Tazuna to the Bridge.
    Tazuna worries about leaving Naruto behind, but the others assure him about 
    their choice.
    If you're lazy, you can just use an Escape scroll to go straight to the World 
    map and then to the bridge.
    Don't worry about the vertical bridge that may appear to be blocking your 
    path, you can walk under it.
    **Hokage's Advice: Lightning Style jutsus work on the Mist Ninjas. Sometimes
    enemies will conjure water dolls. Just like with a clone or a puppet, once
    you defeat the master, the doll dies along with them too.
    Once you get on the main part of the bridge, head right to find some Agility
    CMP. Going to the left as much as you can, on the little platform are 
    Medicinal Food Pills. If you go up and to the right, you'll find Versatile 
    Pills. On the other side of the steel tower, go all the way right into the 
    next screen. 
    On the next screen, ignore the path that leads down. Instead, continue 
    normally the way you're heading until you reach a chest in the north that
    contains Asura Armor. Going back upon the path you first ignored, head up to
    discover Stamina CMP. Going to your right, you'll find a leaf symbol. You know
    what that means.
    **Hokage's Advice: The leaf symbol fully replenishes your HP and Chakra. 
    Therefore, you should take full advantage of it by replenishing your
    HP and Chakra after every battle.
    In other words, use the leaf symbol to help you level up. 
    If Sasuke or Sakura doesn't need any more leveling up (17 or 18 is a good 
    level), continue to the next screen.
    In the next screen, we see all the bridgebuilders lying on the ground. 
    Apparently, someone came by and took care of them. One of them says 
    "a monster" did it. Tazuna tries to get more info out of him, but no dice.
    Suddenly, the party is enshrouded by fog. Zabuza appears,and 3 clones surround
    the party. Sasuke takes care of the clones like it is nothing. Haku is 
    revealed as the tracker-ninja to the party. Sasuke decides to take Haku out,
    saying that Haku's arrogant by wearing the mask. Kakashi starts to fight 
    Zabuza, Sasuke and Sakura against Haku.
    Boss: Zabuza and Haku
    HP: Zabuza: 999999
        Haku: 999999
    My party: Sasuke- Lvl 18  Sakura- Lvl 18  Kakashi- Lvl ??
    Strategy: Like Kakashi said, focus on Haku solely. Once your turn is over, 
    the real battle will start. Haku uses his Crystal Ice Mirrors on the party. 
    They then flee. WOW, THAT WAS uB3R h@RD!11!!1
    Outside of battle, Naruto finally shows up. Zabuza tries to take Naruto out, 
    but Haku stops him. Haku says he wants to fight him and Sasuke his own way.
    Kakashi tells Sakura to protect Tazuna. Zabuza talks about Haku's Kekkei
    Genkai, which is a trait passed down through generations, like the Sharigan.
    Haku explains why he must fight, to protect someone who is close to him and
    his own dream.
    Boss: Haku
    HP: 999+ 
    My party: Naruto- Lvl 18  Sasuke- Lvl 18
    Strategy: Naruto should use Shadow Clone jutsu, and heal when necessary with
    Medicinal food pills. Sasuke's Lightning Jutsu works pretty well against Haku,
    better than his Fire ball or Demon Windmill. 
    After a couple of turns, Haku will suddenly "kill" Naruto, regardless of his 
    HP. Haku proceeds with his Crystal ice mirrors, while Sasuke has something up 
    his sleeve. He uses his Sharigan to dodge Haku's needles. Haku uses his 
    Crystal Ice mirrors once more, but this time on Naruto. Sasuke grabs Naruto 
    and dodges Haku's Crystal Ice Mirrors. However, Sasuke takes a couple of hits
    in the process. Sasuke then defeats Haku before he faints.
    In the next scene, Naruto regains consciousness, and sees Sasuke with Needles
    all over his body. Naruto wants to know why Sasuke saved him, but even Sasuke
    doesn't know. Naruto thinks Sasuke will die, and he gets really angry at Haku.
    Naruto suddenly gains a new power, rising in strength because of the emotional
    experience he had. Naruto suddenly charges at Haku, with a reckoning rage.
    Boss: Haku(Where have I seen this person before?)
    HP: 500-540
    My Party: Naruto- Lvl 18
    Strategy: This battle shouldn't be too hard with Naruto's newfound power. If 
    you use Shadow Clone Jutsu, this battle will be over in a few rounds.
    Haku is clearly out of his league now. Naruto is about to deal the fatal 
    blow, but stops point blank. He recognizes Haku as the cross-dresser from
    the Marshland. Naruto wants to know why Haku started working for Zabuza.
    Haku explains his touching story about his past and how Zabuza found him.
    [For a more detailed explanation, refer to the Characters section of my FAQ]
    Haku wants Naruto to destroy him, like a broken tool, he feels he has no
    purpose in life. Naruto does not strike, but talks to Haku about being a 
    shinobi and more ways of showing strength than just in battle. Haku urges
    Naruto to deliver the fatal blow; Naruto signifies he does this because of
    Sasuke's dream.
    However,on the other side, Haku sees Kakashi about to use Chidori on Zabuza. 
    He suddenly moves out of Naruto's way and into Kakashi's. He sacrifices 
    himself, thinking he has fulfilled his purpose to Zabuza.(GASP!) Naruto wants
    to butt in, but Kakashi doesn't let him. Sakura wonders where Sasuke is, and
    Naruto gets a tied tongue. Tazuna agrees to let Sakura go over there with her.
    Sakura sees Sasuke and starts crying.
    Suddenly, Gato shows up with lots of Henchmen. Gato's disappointed in Zabuza, 
    and decides to take Zabuza off his payroll because he didn't fit into Gato's
    new plan. Kakashi and Zabuza hold a treaty,and since Zabuza is off of Gato's 
    payroll, he has no purpose in destroying Tazuna. Gato goes over to Haku and
    starts kicking him, repaying him for nearly breaking his arm(Yeah, whatever).
    Naruto starts to charge at Gato with rage, but Kakashi stops him. Zabuza
    doesn't do anything because Haku's dead anyway. But Naruto gives Zabuza a 
    piece of his mind that greatly touches Zabuza.
    Zabuza decides to take down Gato for doing that to Haku. The large group of
    Henchmen start to attack, but Zabuza manages to move past them pretty quickly.
    Zabuza takes down Gato, stabbing him in the heart with a Kunai knife and 
    pushes him off the bridge. Zabuza decides to attack the henchmen, but before he
    can take down a few, he is stuck with various weapons in his body.
    Back on the other side, Sasuke gains conciousness,apparently not dead. Sakura 
    weeps with tears of joy. Sakura updates Sasuke on what happened. She calls 
    Naruto and tells him that Sasuke's ok. The party can't get too comfortable,
    the henchmen still want to be paid and they decide to raid the village.
    Boss: Gato gang x3
    HP: 90 per enemy
    My Party: Naruto- Lvl 18  Sasuke- Lvl 18  Sakura- Lvl 18  Kakashi- Lvl ??
    Strategy: This is just really a normal random encounter.
    Things don't look too good, Kakashi's out of Chakra and the rest are tired.
    (Lazy Sakura) Suddenly, the villagers show up, carrying pitchforks and 
    torches, led by Inari. There's no way Naruto's gonna miss on all the action,
    so he uses his Shadow clone jutsu. Kakashi says he can help out with what 
    little chakra he has left; he also uses Shadow clone jutsu.(Why didn't they do
    that in the first place?) The Henchmen run, apparently diving off the bridge 
    like Gato.
    Kakashi walks over to Zabuza. Zabuza asks Kakashi a favor: to be put next to
    Haku. Kakashi complies with his request. It starts snowing. Kakashi elaborates
    a bit on the Shinobi way. Naruto decides to make a vow to follow his own path,
    to make his own path.
    At the entrance of the bridge, the villagers and Tazuna are gathered around 
    Naruto and co. They thank them for what they have done. They leave, as Tazuna
    has already prepared a boat for them.  Because of Naruto's string leadership
    and teaching the villagers courage, they name the newly finished bridge "The
    Great Naruto Bridge".
    On the world map, go back to the Village and to the mission reception. The
    Hokage gives you 3500 Ryo, Stamina and Chakra CMP, Family secret ointment, and
    Falcon Pants. The Family secret ointment fully replenishes the Party's
    HP and Chakra, so save it until you really need it.
    =END PART 6D=
    =END PART 6ii=
    6iii. The Chunin Exams                                                 [ChunE]
    Don't upgrade Sakura's weapon just yet. In the Storage area, you can find 
    another sword for her. It has +100 ATK.  
    When you're done in town, head up to the Mission Reception once more.
    The Third Hokage says he has no more missions for Kakashi's crew. Naruto asks
    why, and Kakashi replies that he'll tell the group tomorrow at the Torii 
    bridge.(Why not now? Geez, what's the big deal about putting it off?) Naruto
    and Sasuke start fighting,as usual. Kakashi comments on the lack of teamwork
    and breaks the two up before they can do any real damage. He leaves, reminding
    them about tomorrow.
    Before Sasuke and Naruto leaves, Sakura stops them, asking Naruto if he 
    remembers what she said earlier.(About what?) Sasuke tells them about how
    Kakashi is always late, and Sakura,the ever-loving admirer, comments Sasuke 
    about how smart he is.(I'm sorry if I can't remember everything you say...)
    Anyway,Sakura mentions that she's heard that Kakashi doesn't even have a 
    clock. So guess what we're gonna do today? You guessed it, go put an alarm
    clock in Kakashi's house.
    All you have to do is go to Kakashi's house. You remember where it is,right?
    In case you've forgotten, go to the east side of town and go all the way to
    the top. It's the big house that has a Ninja with her dog. Outside his house
    you can find 100 Ryo(WOWWWW!!! AWESOME!!)
    You can go further in the Storage building now if you want to check it out.
    From counter-clockwise these are the items you can get: Crab, Chakra CMP,
    Make-out Violence(A collectible), Ripped Scroll 1(Another Collectible),
    Himetsuru Swift Sword(Sakura sword), Falcon Pants, Super Brand Chakra and 
    Food Pills,respectively. The Super Brand stuff fully restores everyone's HP 
    or Chakra.
    Inside Kakashi's house,Sakura goes inside first to make sure Kakashi isn't 
    inside. She then signals Naruto and Sasuke in. Sakura puts the clock next to 
    Kakashi's pictures above his bed, and sets it for when they're supposed to 
    meet tomorrow. The team speculates over their important talk tomorrow. Again,
    Naruto and Sasuke start fighting. Naruto exclaims that it's Sasuke who's 
    messing up their teamwork. Sakura comments that her and Sasuke should go work
    on their teamwork...alone. However, Sasuke puts Sakura down, telling her
    to go practice a jutsu or two instead of worrying about hisself and that her
    abilities are worse than Naruto's.(OUCH! Burrrnnn...) Sasuke then leaves.
    Naruto suggests that him and Sakura go train. Sakura agrees.
    On the training field area where the statue is, Naruto senses a stranger 
    hiding. Konohomaru appears, poorly hidden behind one of the logs. Kono wants
    to play with Naruto. You can choose either one, but the outcome will be the 
    same. If you select train you'll earn points with Sakura.
    Kono then tells Naruto how much of a smooth operator he is, sharing with him 
    that he believes Sakura is really Naruto's girlfriend. Sakura flat-out denies
    it, whacking Naruto on the head(Why hit him? He didn't say it.) Kono then 
    wonders loudly what kind of girlfriend Sakura is, exclaiming that she's an
    ugly and a witch too! Sakura chases after Kono, who runs into a newcomer.
    The newcomer(Kankuro) picks Kono up. Temari tells Kankuro to put the kid down.
    Sakura apologies for having Kono run into them. Naruto tells Kankuro to put 
    Kono down;But Kankuro wants to have a little fun before one of his friends 
    show up. Before Naruto can rush in, he falls into one of Kankuro's traps. 
    Naruto tells Kankuro to put Kono down again, this time in a more fierce tone.
    Kankuro complains how much he hates big-mouths blowing empty,hot air. He says
    he'll start with Kono, then Naruto. 
    Boss: Temari and Kankuro
    HP: Temari: 130
        Kankuro: 150-160
    My party: Naruto- Lvl 18  Sakura- Lvl 18
    We'll see who's the wimps after we beat ya' to the ground!
    Strategy: Don't waste your Chakra. I just used Inner Sakura and then went all
    physical on them.
    Treasure: Scroll of Tatsu(What were a bunch of wimps doing with a scroll?)
    Naruto boasts how powerful he is to Temari and Kankuro. Kankuro explains that
    he was just going easy on Naruto(Yeah... whatever.) Before they can get into
    another fight, Sasuke stops Kankuro by throwing a shuriken in his path. 
    Kankuro tells Sasuke to come over there, commenting that he hates his kind the
    most. The kind that has "All attitude and nothing to back it up."(Heh, like you
    can talk.) But before the two can get into a fight, their friend shows up
    and tells Kankuro to back off. He comes from behind Sasuke, and Kankuro
    nervously says Hello. Sasuke didn't even sense him coming from behind him.
    Gaara proceeds to shoot Kankuro down, and Kankuro makes a big lie about the
    whole thing. But before Kankuro can talk his big lie, Gaara tells him to shut
    up...or he'll destroy him. Temari and Kankuro both apologize for being out of 
    line. Gaara says sorry for any damage the 2 may have caused. The 3 of them 
    leave. But before they can leave, Sakura stops them and asks them a question.
    She wants to know why Ninja from the Village hidden in the Sand is here. 
    Temari ridicules her for not knowing about the Chunin exams. Naruto asks what
    the exams are about. Sasuke wants to know who the guy with the gourd on his 
    back is. Gaara identifies himself, and asks for Sasuke's Identity. Sasuke 
    gives Gaara his name. Naruto tries to butt in by asking them if they want to
    know his name. Gaara shoots him down by saying he doesn't care. They then 
    leave without further ado.
    Sasuke then comments on how things are getting interesting. Like always, 
    Naruto starts an argument with Sasuke, but Sakura cools them down,like usual
    and tells them to call it a day. They all leave for the Village.
    When they're gone, 3 mysterious Ninja appear. They converse amongst 
    theirselves about the 6 ninja that appeared, specifically Sasuke and Gaara.
    6a. The first exam                                                     [Chun1]
    The Scroll of Tatsu gives you a Ninja Whistle. Which instantly calls enemies
    to your location, bringing you into a fight.
    Head over to Toshii Bridge on the east side of town. If you don't remember 
    where it is, go all the way to the right and up past Guy's tent on the east 
    side of town. Sasuke and Sakura will already be there.
    Sakura thinks Kakashi will be here on time(Heh, we'll see about that...). 
    About 3 hours later, Kakashi still hasn't shown. Sakura then goes on a rampage
    on how Kakashi is always late(Can't blame her... stupid Jonin.)
    Kakashi shows shortly after Sakura's rampage, giving the excuse that he got 
    lost "on the way of life."(The way of life? Don't you mean the path of 
    Hustler?) He also dodges Sakura's question by saying he lives his life 5
    minutes later than everyone else.(Uh, don't you mean 3 hours ahead in your 
    own world?) Sakura swears that she won't make Kakashi late, and Kakashi 
    replies that he'll look forward to that.
    Kakashi's important message is about the Chunin Exams. He hands them their 
    application forms. He tells them to meet in a room at the academy. Kakashi 
    then disappears; Naruto gets fired-up over the Chunin exams. The 3 of them 
    head over to the Ninja Academy.
    Once you reach the Ninja Academy, a scene will commence. Sakura becomes scared
    and reluctant to the Exams, thinking that she's weaker than Naruto and Sasuke.
    However, Sasuke builds her up by complimenting her on her Genjutsu. Sakura 
    becomes more sure of herself and catches up with the 2.
    However, before they can get far, a guy addresses Sasuke as "Hey you... with 
    the attitude..." He wants to fight Sasuke right there and now. One of his 
    friends ask why he isn't keeping a low profile. The guy tells his friends to 
    go on without him, and that he'll catch up. His friend(Henceforth shall be 
    named "Neji") asks what Sasuke's name is. He then asks how old he is. However,
    Sasuke denies an answer. The guy that caught Sasuke's attention comes down to 
    the first floor and calls himself "Rock Lee." It appears he does know who 
    Sasuke is after all. He wants to test how great the Uchiha clan is. He also 
    has quite a crush on Sakura.
    Sakura, however, resents Rock Lee's appearance. Sasuke then decides to teach
    Rock Lee how great the Uchiha clan is... the hard way. But Naruto butts in, and
    gets his tail whooped by Rock Lee with one kick. He gets arrogant and 
    declares himself a top dog. Sakura tells Sasuke to hurry.
    Boss: Rock Lee
    HP: 300
    My Party: Sasuke- Lvl 18
    Here comes the Handsome Devil of the Leaf village!(Sakura: BLEH!)
    Strategy: Fire Style Jutsu Level 2 will work better than the ol' Fire Ball
    Jutsu. Lit Style 2 doesn't do half-bad either. I wouldn't waste your chakra 
    too much, he doesn't have too much HP.
    Rock explains that there are 2 different kinds of Ninja. He decides to fight 
    for real, proving that hard work can beat Natural Talent. Rock Lee quickly 
    appears behind Sasuke and is just about to deliver the finisher, when someone
    stops them. Rock's sensei, Guy stops them and did so because he was about to 
    use a technique forbidden by Guy himself.(Rock Lee is practically the split 
    image of Guy. More details of why can be found in the character section.) Rock
    holds Guy in High reverence. Guy forgives Lee of what he was about to do, but
    his punishment will have to be postponed until after the Chunin Exams. Naruto
    thinks its sweet how huggy they are, but Sakura exclaims to not think about 
    it. It's dangerous.(.......Riight.) Guy then asks about Kakashi(After all, he
    is Kakashi's most heated archrival.). He claims that he's more powerful and
    faster than Kakashi. Guy tells Lee to give it his best and then leaves.
    Rock then confesses that he hasn't been entirely truthful with Sakura. He 
    claims that there's another top Genin, someone on his own team: Neji. Rock
    prepares to blow Sakura a parting kiss, but Sakura resents it, telling him 
    that his Haircut and eyelashes are ugly. Sakura quickly sidesteps Rock's blown
    kiss. Rock then leaves.
    Go upstairs on the right and go around to the center. You'll find some Sweet
    Agar with Dumpling in the chest. Go back and head to the right entrance.(You 
    can replenish Sasuke's HP and Chakra at the leaf symbol if you wish.) Go up to
    the next floor, ignoring the classrooms on the right.
    On the next floor Kakashi will be standing at the classroom entranceway. It 
    appears if Sakura stayed behind, Kakashi wouldn't have let them do the Exam, 
    for the exam requires teams of 3. Kakashi hid this fact because Sakura would 
    have applied half-heartedly if Sasuke had even asked her. You can save right
    outside the classroom door.
    Inside the 9 rookies will all be there. They all chatter amongst each other, 
    Naruto introducing them to the player in his own mind. Kabuto then shows up. 
    Kabuto has gone through the Chunin Exam 6 times, this being his seventh. He
    thinks he can give the rookies some tips. Sasuke wants to know specifically
    about Rock Lee and Gaara. Naruto starts shaking with excitement of the crowd
    around him, who consist of the best Genin from local villages.(I don't see 
    anybody here...) Naruto the shouts that he's going to beat every one of y'all.
    The rookies then take their seats.
    Ibiki Morino, the proctor for the first exam shows up. This is a test of your 
    hand sign abilities(Yaaaawnn... what happened to the Insanely-hard 
    questions?) Ibiki will then explain the test. There's 10 parts to the test,
    so get ready.
    1st: Rub the screen like you would use Naruto's Shadow Clone or Sasuke's Fire 
    Ball jutsu.
    2nd: Let the bar drop until it reaches the box, then rub the screen just 
    enough to keep the bar in.
    3rd: Spin the wheel right(Clockwise) to build up Chakra.
    4th: Rapidly press A to build chakra.
    5th: Press the buttons in order. Like if you were to use Sasuke's Sharigan 
    6th: Rapidly press A to build chakra. Just like #4.
    7th: Press the buttons in order. Just like #5.
    8th: Rub the screen just enough to keep the bar in the screen. Just like #2.
    9th: Spin the wheel left(Counter-clockwise) to build up chakra. Almost like 
    10th and Final: Rub the screen to fill up the bar all the way to the top. Just
    like #1.
    Wow... that was incredibly hard. Everyone passed.
    Suddenly, a strange woman appears in the room, 5 Kunai raining around Ibiki. 
    This crazy woman is Anko Mitirashi, your proctor for the 2nd part of the exam!
    =END PART 6A=
    6b. The second exam                                                    [Chun2]
    She declares the group to follow her to the second part of the test. Ibiki 
    remarks that she's early...again. Anko then surveys the room, and asks Ibiki 
    why he let so many pass. Ibiki replies that it's a stronger crop of 
    candidates this year. Anko then declares that when she's done, more than half
    will be eliminated. She tells them to meet her at the Forest of Death. 
    To get to the Forest of Death, go outside the Village and to the left will be 
    the Forest of Death's Icon. BE SURE to stock up on items, this is a long part 
    and you won't be returning to the village until after it's done. Medicinal
    Food/Chakra Pills would be a good idea to take with you. Also, pick up on
    Immobility and Blindness manuals. 
    Just outside the Forest of Death, Naruto starts to become arrogant, but Anko
    knocks him down easily. She says tough guys are usually the ones screaming
    all over the forest. She then gives out a form to fill out. It's a form that
    basically says "You're okay with this dangerous forest, where you may not be 
    coming back alive."
    Anko then proceeds what is going to happen with the test. Basically,There's a 
    tower you must reach with both the Heaven and Earth scroll. If you only have 
    one or don't have any, you'll be disqualified.  You have 5 days to reach the 
    tower. You can't quit in the middle of the exam, either, but you can still 
    save. Oh, and you also can't look at the scrolls, no matter what until you've
    reached the tower.
    Once Anko is done talking, you have one last chance to go back to the village.
    If you're ready, the team will head over to the tent. You'll get a Heaven 
    Scroll. The second test will now begin. The party will head inside the Forest
    of Death.
    6ba. The Forest of Death                                               [Forst]
    This place is pretty big, it's the second largest map in the game, hence why
    I put 4 subsections on this 2nd part of the Exam.
    **Hokage's Advice: Fire Style Jutsu Level 2 works well in eliminating the 
    monsters here.
    From where you start, head up and go left. At the end of that path you'll 
    find a Chakra CMP. Now head to the right this time. Ignore the first path up
    and go down upon the tree branch. It leads to some Super Brand Food Pills.
    Going back to the main path, ignore the path that leads down and continue to 
    the right up to the tree branch. On the next side, go left and up the tree
    branch. Go left again and up another tree branch that leads to some Super
    Heaven Armor. Go back down and go right. Once you reach the next tree branch,
    don't go down. That leads to where we just were a minute ago. Instead, go
    to the North east section. It leads to a Marshmallow(I luv me Marshmallows!).
    Go back to the tree branch and go to the right.
    On the next path, go down the path that goes south. Once you reach the fork,
    go South West. Ignore the tree branches, and at the end of the path you will 
    find a Falcon Claw. Nobody can equip it yet, so just leave it in your 
    Inventory. Go down the second tree branch you saw, and go down to the next
    path. At the end of that path, you will find some Super Brand Versatile Pills.
    Go back up and to the right, you'll find a Dragon Shuriken at the end of that 
    Go back to the original fork and go right this time. You'll discover Toad 
    Brand Food Pills. Now go back to the first tree branch that you saw and get on
    it. Ignore the 1st path down and make your way down to the next path. About in
    the middle, you'll find a Leaf Symbol. Continue in that direction and you'll 
    discover the Muramasa. Go back to the Leaf Symbol and save your game.
    In the next screen, we see Naruto's group walking through the Forest of Death.
    But suddenly, a mysterious man appears infront of Naruto and knocks him back.
    The man comments on how easy that was. He presents the group with an Earth 
    Scroll, asking them if they would like it in a provocative manner. He wants
    to play over the scrolls... for keeps! He paralyzes Sasuke and Sakura with a
    Boss: ???
    HP: 999999
    My Party: Sasuke- Lvl 21  Sakura- Lvl 20
    Strategy: You can't do anything here, so just watch the scene.
    Sasuke makes himself move past the paralyzation of fear by stabbing himself.
    Sasuke and Sakura seem to be normal now. Sakura tells Sasuke to move out of 
    the way, but Sasuke deflects a flying kunai knife. However, by doing so, he 
    turned his back against the mysterious man. Naruto throws a shuriken at the
    man, but the man dodges it. Sasuke tells Naruto to "cheese it.", but Naruto
    ignores him. To Naruto, it looks like the man has been picking on the other 2,
    and he doesn't like that. But before the man and Naruto can tango, Sasuke
    presents the Heaven Scroll. He tells the man that he can have it, in exchange
    for the safety of his comrades. Naruto thinks Sasuke has gone nuts. The man
    comments that it is a wise move. However, before the man can take it, Naruto
    swoops it up. He then kicks Sasuke, making him fall to the ground. He wants to
    know who Sasuke really is, handing over the scroll like that. Naruto says that
    Sasuke's choked, and doesn't understand the situation. The man agrees, saying
    that he could just simply killed them and took the scroll. Naruto wants to see
    him try it.
    However, before Naruto can land a blow on the man, the man pushes him back, in
    the same fashion as before. Naruto attempts to land another blow, but to no 
    avail. He wants to see how well Sasuke can do against him. However, Naruto
    steps infront of Sasuke, asking him if he's hurt...the scaredy-cat. Sakura 
    then basically calls Sasuke a coward. Sasuke finally stops the act and they
    get into a fight with the man.
    Boss: Orochimaru
    HP: 1800 
    My party: Naruto- Lvl 21  Sasuke- Lvl 21  Sakura- Lvl 20
    Strategy: Immediately at the start of the fight, the man(who shall be referred
    to as Orochimaru) use a sealing jutsu on Naruto. This will decrease his total 
    HP by half, and you can't heal him for more than that. However, it has been 
    said that if Naruto gets killed and brought back to life, that the curse won't
    affect him anymore. For Naruto, you can use his Multi Shadow clone or his 
    Regular Shadow clone and attack. I recommend the Multi, Naruto can hit 5 times
    instead of the usual 3. Sasuke's Sharigan Insight could prove to be useful, 
    as well as his Demon Windmill, which does better than his Lion's Barrage. As 
    for Sakura, don't use any elemental jutsus,they don't do well against 
    Orochimaru. Instead, use Inner Sakura and heal when necessary. Be sure to keep
    your HP up high, later in the fight he'll use Wind Style Jutsu Lvl 3 on your 
    party, which can hit a little over 100 per character.
    Treasure: Scroll of Mi
    Soon after the battle, Orochimaru uses the Five-pronged seal on Naruto. Naruto
    drops the scroll. Orochimaru then uses a Paralyze Jutsus on the other 2. He 
    compares Sasuke to his brother and that Sasuke's eyes may be a little keener 
    than his brother's. He then takes the Heaven scroll into his own body. He'll
    give it back, but you must defeat the sound ninja he's employed. Before 
    leaving, he gives Sasuke the Curse Mark. Sasuke then faints from the pain
    of the Curse Mark. Sakura starts crying because Naruto and Sasuke are down for
    the count and doesn't know what to do. But she soon gets a hold of herself and
    scopes around the surroundings.
    Go to the Leaf Symbol and save before moving around.
    Once you move past the Leaf symbol, a scene will start. We see Sakura has 
    familiarized herself with the surroundings and is dragging Naruto and Sasuke to
    a safer spot than just out in the open. But she soon gets sleepy...
    6bb. Sakura vs. The Sound Ninja                                        [Sound]
    Suddenly one of the Sound ninja asks Sakura if she's dozing on her watch. They
    say that there's no point in keeping watch once the enemy has spotted you. 
    They want to fight Sasuke, it seems. But Sakura knows better than that; She
    asks them what they REALLY want. Dosu,the leader, acts surprised that Sakura
    knows that Orochimaru is really calling the shots behind the shadows. She then
    asks them about the mark on Sasuke's neck. Dosu then wonders what Orochimaru 
    is planning. One of the Sound Ninja, Zaku, says that he'll take care of
    Sakura and then go for Sasuke. But Dosu tells him to hold his horses. 
    Suddenly, Rock Lee appears out of nowhere and stands infront of Sakura. He
    gives Dosu his name upon inquiry. Sakura asks what Rock is doing here, and he
    replies that "I'll always be there when you're in trouble..." and that he'll
    protect her until the very end.
    Boss: The Sound Ninja
       Dosu: 999999
       Zaku: 999999
       Kin: 999999
    My Party: Sakura- Lvl 20  Rock Lee- Lvl 25
    Rock Lee: I am the handsome devil of the le-*shot*
    Strategy: Don't waste too much of Sakura's Chakra. In a couple of turns,Rock
    Lee will use the Primary Lotus on Dosu. It will kill him and you will win, 
    regardless of whether the other 2 are still alive.
    Dosu admits that they're pretty strong and that he's impressed. Rock Lee isn't
    able to take much more fighting because of the Primary Lotus which left him a 
    little weak in the knees. Dosu hits him with a Slicing Sound wave, and down 
    goes Rock Lee. Sakura throws a Shuriken at Dosu, but Zaku steps infront of him
    and the Shuriken is deflected by a wall of air. Kin then appears behind 
    Sakura and wants to finish it now. Sakura doesn't have much strength left, and
    tears herself down for letting everyone down and how she always needs 
    protection. Just before Zaku throws a Kunai knife at Sasuke, Sakura jumps
    infront of it! She's going to take the lead now instead of always being in 
    the back of the race. Zaku tells Kin to take care of Sakura while he gets the
    people behind her. However, Sakura tells them that she's taking all of them 
    Boss: The Sound Ninja
       Dosu: 200
       Zaku: 200
       Kin: 190
    My Party: Sakura- Lvl 20
    Strategy:Just use Inner Sakura or Water Style Lvl 2 to take them out quickly.
    Don't worry about taking damage, they'll give out single-digit numbers.
    Sakura thinks that her attacks aren't working and that the Sound Ninja's are
    strong(Uhhh... I think you have it backwards.) Zaku is about to deal the fatal
    blow, but Shikamaru's group shows up. Ino shows up because she was tired of 
    Sakura getting all the credit infront of Sasuke(Uhhh... Sasuke's not even 
    awake.) Choji thinks this was a bad idea, but Shikamaru tells him that it 
    wasn't his idea. "What were we supposed to do? Let the girl do all the 
    fighting?" Shikamaru says. Ino tells Shikamaru to take care of them. Shikamaru
    agrees to help Sakura out.
    Boss: The Sound Ninja(Haven't I seen these people before?)
       Dosu: 300
       Zaku: 300
       Kin: 290
    My party: Sakura- Lvl 21  Shikamaru- Lvl 27
    These people seem oddly familiar to me. De javu?
    Strategy: Again, these people will do single-digit numbers in damage. Watch 
    out for Zaku's Super Slicing Sound Wave, it can pack quite a punch. Use the
    strategy above for Sakura. Have Shikamaru heal, attack, or use Wind Style 
    Lvl 2. Shikamaru can deal out the damage with his physical attack.
    Ahhh... so they really do want Sasuke, huh? Suddenly, Neji and Tenten show up.
    They've come for Lee. Neji comments that he messed up big time and decides to
    fight too. But he stops, as Sasuke has finally smelled the coffee and waked 
    up. Sasuke seems to have had a good night sleep, because he's got a new 
    strength within him now. He doesn't like waking up without a cup of coffee,it 
    seems. So, he'll just rip one of Zaku's arms off to make up for it.
    Boss: The Sound Ninja (Darn it! Just die already, will ya!?)
        Dosu: 350
        Zaku: 300
        Kin: 250-270
    My Party: Sakura- Lvl 21  Sasuke- Lvl 22
    Man, these people must be zombies or something... you kick their butts and 
    they come back for more!
    Strategy: You can't use any of Sasuke's Jutsus other than his Taijutsu because
    of the curse mark. Zaku's Super Slicing Sound Wave still packs a punch. Just 
    use the above strategy for Sakura and then just attack for Sasuke.
    Sasuke doesn't like waking up without a cup of coffee, it seems. So, he'll 
    just beat Zaku up to make up for it.(How do you like all these early 
    morning references?) Sakura tells him to stop, that's enough.
    The Sound Ninja finally concede defeat and will give us an Earth Scroll if 
    they let them go. They all leave. Sasuke says he's fine... now that he's had
    a cup of Foldger's! (Ok, I'll stop now.)
    Shikamaru tells Naruto to wake up. Naruto talks in his sleep, saying that 
    he'll protect Sakura. Before anyone can kick him awake, he leaps up, awaken.
    Naruto wants to be filled in about why everyone's here. Neji and Tenten appear
    behind Rock; Tenten tells him to pull it together. Rock wakes up and explains 
    why he ran off. Tenten tells him that what he did was stupid, and Rock agrees.
    Sakura thanks Lee for his help. Rock Lee's group then leaves. Sakura tells Ino
    she owes her one now. Then Ino's group leaves.
    There's the Leaf Symbol up to the right of the Tree. I do suggest saving your 
    game too.
    From the leaf symbol, head to the down path, and go right. Keep going right 
    to find Stamina CMP. Go back to the first upper path that you saw, and when 
    you get to the fork, head to the North path. Move around the path and at the 
    end, you'll find some Super Brand Food Pills. Back at the original fork, head 
    North-East into the next screen.
    =END PART 6bb=
    6bc. Naruto's group vs. The Rain Ninja                                 [Rninj]
    On the next screen, the party will rest by a riverbed. After a little bit of 
    talking, Sasuke leaves to get water.
    Naruto thinks that they can get a Heaven scroll without having to fight 
    another group. He says he can change one of the many scrolls he has to look 
    like an Earth scroll. Sakura tells him to stop, and that even though he may 
    fake the outside, there's no way to fake the inside. Naruto thinks that the
    scrolls work like a secret password, one scroll contains one part of the 
    password, and the other contains the other part that's missing. Sakura then
    tells him to keep anymore brilliant ideas to himself, and that they don't know
    what's even inside a Heaven scroll. But Naruto thinks they have a clue to 
    what's inside the Heaven scroll... the Earth scroll. So, he decides to open 
    However, before he can open it, Sakura hits him on the head, explaining that
    they were explicitly told NOT to open the scroll before arriving at the tower.
    Naruto counters that it's their only chance. He then places the Earth scroll 
    on the ground and starts to open it. But before they can do so, Kabuto 
    appears, telling them it would be a bad idea to open it. Sasuke then returns
    and wants to know what Kabuto is doing here.
    Sakura explains that Kabuto just stopped her and Naruto from opening the 
    scroll. Kabuto then says that there have been others that have broken the seal
    of the scroll and have suffered from a powerful hypnosis jutsu, which would 
    be broken after the 2nd Chunin Exam is over.
    Kabuto then says he's not after our Earth scroll, infact he already has both 
    and was on his way to the tower to wait for his teammates. Sasuke then shouts 
    that he'll fight Kabuto for a Heaven scroll. Naruto then tells Sasuke to back 
    off, reminding him that Kabuto was the one that saved him and Sakura from the
    scroll. However, Sasuke replies It’s him or us. All that matters is 
    surviving and winning, nothing else." Kabuto comments that Sasuke is all talk
    and that his heart isn't really into it. Kabuto then states that if winning 
    was really all that mattered, why openly challenge him? Kabuto then admires
    Sasuke for not jumping on him when his back is turned, and decides to show him
    the path he should follow. He tells Naruto's group that waiting at the tower 
    would be a most efficient means of acquiring the Heaven scroll. He then tells
    them that they won't be the only ones thinking of this plan, teams who lack
    another scroll are bound to be hiding just like that.
    Sasuke deducts that the reason why Kabuto was with them is because he's 
    afraid. Kabuto confesses that he was scared to go to the tower alone, and 
    requests that they come with him. Naruto accepts Kabuto's request. He then
    teaches the group how to break rocks.
    Before you leave, make a right and break the rock. You'll find a Hard-boiled
    egg. Make a note of the rocks in the river. You'll return here later in the 
    game. Then you can leave.
    [Answer #13]
    Back at the original screen, HEAD RIGHT to find some breakable rocks. Then go
    up on the tree branch, and go down the south path. Then get on the other tree
    branch and go down to the ground. Then get on the 3rd tree branch and head 
    down to the ground on that side. This is the exit. Save before you exit this
    In the next area, you'll see a scene with the party walking along. Kabuto 
    suddenly stops. He says that someone's spotted them and that they're playing 
    games with the group. Suddenly, a group of ninja surround the party. Someone
    comments on the party that they're like a bunch of cornered rats. Naruto 
    rushes toward the ninja, but then is suddenly pushed back. Sasuke wants to 
    know what's really going on, so he uses his Sharigan and throws a Kunai knife 
    at one of the ninja. It comes back at him, but Kabuto takes the hit. Naruto 
    comments that the people are real shadow clones. But Kabuto says that it's 
    actually a Genjutsu. He says they use this trick because they're weak in 
    Taijutsu and afraid of hand-to-hand combat, and won't come out until we're too
    exhausted to move. Another voice wonders how long they can hold out. Naruto 
    uses his Shadow clone jutsu. Another voice comments that it's useless. The 
    group then battles. After a long period of time, the party becomes tired.
    Mubi then thinks it's time for the finisher. Oboro tells Mubi that he's right.
    The Genjutsu is then lifted, and 3 ninja come toward the party. Suddenly, 
    Sasuke, Kabuto, and Sakura come from behind the 3 ninja. The 3 mysterious 
    ninja are surprised and wonder who that group over there is. Naruto then 
    dispels his transform jutsu he put on his Shadow clones. While the rest of the
    group was in hiding, waiting for the other ninja to show themselves, their 
    double was actually the one taking all the beating. Naruto then falls down on 
    the ground, exhausted. Sasuke tells Naruto to take a break. But he suddenly 
    gets up, eager to fight.
    Boss: Rain Ninja
       Mubi: 1200
       Oboro: 1100
       Kagari: 1200
    My Party: Naruto- Lvl 23  Sasuke- Lvl 23  Sakura- Lvl 22
    Awww... Kabuto's not gonna play?
    Strategy: Oboro will usually use Earth Swim jutsu, which means that you
    can't hit him while he's like that. He'll pop out of the ground a couple
    of turns later and attack someone. He won't do it when he's the only one 
    alive, though. Also, the only 2 jutsu Sasuke can use are Demon Shuriken and
    Lions' Barrage. I would use Demon shuriken only if you can hit 2. Naruto 
    should use Multi Shadow clone.  Don't bother using any elemental jutsu on 
    them, it's ineffective. Sakura can use Inner Sakura or Heal. 
    Naruto goes off to find their scroll. Sasuke thinks to himself of the pain
    of the cursed mark. Kabuto asks about Sasuke's mark. Sasuke tells him that 
    it's nothing to worry about. Naruto then finds a Heaven scroll. Looks like 
    they got lucky. Kabuto says they must be getting close to the tower. Kabuto's
    teammates then show up. Kabuto goes over to his teammates, Naruto thanks him 
    for his help, and Kabuto denies Naruto thanks, saying that it was them that 
    did most of the work(Yeah, it was us, you loser.) He comments on Naruto's
    work being impressive. He bids the group farewell and leaves with his own.
    He tells them that if they go up, they can reach the end of the Forest, and
    then a path to the tower(W00t!) He says it's the only path to the tower too.
    Naruto's group then goes toward the direction Kabuto specified.
    A voice asks "A good Harvest?". Kabuto replies that it was a good harvest,
    better than expected. He then tells the voice that he learned a lot, and asks
    the voice if he wants the Ninja info card. Orochimaru then shows up. It 
    appears Kabuto has been working with Orochimaru all along(GASP! DUM DUM 
    DUMMMMMM...) Kabuto then gives Orochimaru Sasuke's card. Orochimaru then 
    compliments Kabuto on his good work. The 4 exit.
    From your position, head North West to find a Leaf Symbol and 2 chests. The
    one at the top contains Super Brand Chakra Pills. The other contains Super 
    Brand Food Pills. Head right and then around to find Ripped Scroll #4(Yay!).
    If you go back to where you fought the Rain Ninja, in the Lower Right corner,
    there's a tree branch that'll lead to Super Brand Versatile Pills.Then go back
    =END PART 6bc=
    6bd. Forest of Death Tower                                             [FDTwr]
    To get to the tower, move your knife above the forest of death and that's the
    tower. You can go back to the village now if you wanted. We're going to the 
    Tower for now. Don't worry, you can go back to the village later if you choose
    to go to the tower now.
    Anyway, head into the entrance, and Naruto will comment on the lack of people 
    here. He then wonders what to do. Sakura notices something on the wall. Naruto
    says it's too difficult to understand, and that there's missing text at the 
    end. Sakura thinks they should open the scrolls now. They open it, but can't 
    understand what's written inside of them. Sasuke recognizes them as Summoning 
    scrolls and tells Naruto and Sakura to get rid of them quickly. But before 
    they can do so, Iruka shows up from the scrolls. Naruto asks why Iruka was 
    summoned via scrolls. Iruka explains that Chunin are supposed to welcome the
    test-takers back. Iruka then tells them that they've passed the 2nd Part of 
    the Chunin exams. He says he would like to treat the group to Ichiraku's, but
    before Iruka can finish, Naruto runs up to him and bugs him about it. Sakura 
    comments that her fatigue has just increased a whole lot now. Sasuke wonders
    where Naruto gets all his energy.
    Sasuke then asks that if they had opened a scroll, what would have happened? 
    Iruka says that he would've appeared and knocked you out, because they were 
    ordered to do so. Sakura then asks him about the writing on the wall. Naruto
    doesn't care about the writing on the wall anymore, but Iruka says it's one of
    their duties to explain the writing on the wall. They're principles Chunin
    should follow, written by Lord Hokage. He then explains the meaning of the
    wall and such.
    Iruka then leaves, telling Naruto not to push too hard on the 3rd part of the
    exam. He then tells Iruka not to worry anymore since he's a Genin now. He 
    then asks if they're ready for the exam. This is your chance to go back to the
    village now. You can get Make-out Paradise 3 from the scroll you got when you
    defeated Orochimaru. When you're ready, talk to Iruka. If you select "Wait 
    just a second." again, Iruka will ask if you want to change your squad. You
    can put Rock lee, Shikamaru, or Neji in your squad. It won't matter once you
    go into the 3rd part of the exam, you'll need Sasuke and Sakura. I don't
    see much of a point changing members now unless you want to level Rock, 
    Shikamaru or Neji up.
    =END PART 6BD=
    =END PART 6B=
    6c. The Preliminaries                                                  [Prelm]
    However, since there are a lot of candidates left over, before they can start
    the 3rd part of the Chunin Exam, they must have a Preliminary to eliminate
    candidates. Why do they do this? It's because -kage from different Lands are 
    coming to watch the candidates fight and they don't want to waste their time.
    Why are kage coming to watch us fight? It's because they can enlist you in
    different missions as well, and they only want the best. Hayate Gekko is the
    proctor of the preliminaries.
    Hayate tells them that if they're not in their best physical shape now, they 
    should leave. Kabuto drops out, saying he got injured. Sakura wants Sasuke to
    quit, because she's worried about the mark Orochimaru put on Sasuke. It 
    appears to be troubling him. She urges Sasuke to quit, but he tells her to
    shut up about it. Naruto butts in and tells him to quit biting Sakura's head
    off, and that she only cares about him. Sasuke tells Naruto that he's one of 
    the ones he wants to fight most. This surprises Naruto. Hayate begins to start
    the Preliminaries. There are no rules, however, Hayate will step in if he 
    feels the battle has already won. The first round is Sasuke vs. Yoroi.
    If you need to save, you can delay the match. After Sasuke's fight, he'll not
    be in your party for a while. Kakashi notices the mark on Sasuke's neck. He 
    comes down there to tell him that if Sasuke uses the Curse Mark, Kakashi will
    have to stop the fight.
    1st Match: Sasuke vs. Yoroi...BEGIN!!
    Boss: Yoroi
    HP: 600
    My Party: Sasuke- Lvl 24
    Strategy: This guy is Laughable. As long as have plenty of Medicinal Chakra
    Pills, you'll be fine. Just use Lion's barrage on your first turn and second 
    turn. Yoroi will use his Chakra absorption most of the time, which only drains
    your chakra. But he can't drain any chakra if you don't have any, amirite?
    At the end of the fight, Kakashi takes Sasuke to another room to seal his 
    curse mark. Naruto asks Sakura about his mark, but Sakura doesn't tell him 
    about it because she's not supposed to because she thinks he'll worry.
    Hayate will announce the 2nd round, but before we do that, let's see how 
    Sasuke and Kakashi are doing, shall we?
    It appears Kakashi has successfully sealed the curse mark. Sasuke falls to the 
    ground, exhausted. Kakashi tells him the seal should keep the curse mark in 
    check if it starts to act up. The seal derives its power from Sasuke's 
    strength of will. So, if he ever begins to doubt himself, the seal will be 
    Orochimaru suddenly appears in the room. It appears Orochimaru wants to use 
    Sasuke's Uchiha power. But before Orochimaru can get Sasuke, Kakashi vows to
    defend Sasuke, and that one of the 2 will be dead. Orochimaru laughs, asking
    Kakashi does he think the seal will actually hold. He then explains to Kakashi
    about the path Sasuke has chosen... an avenger. Orochimaru leaves, saying that
    Sasuke will eventually come to him in power. Kakashi thinks to himself how 
    crazy he must have been to say "One of us will die here."
    Back at the preliminaries, Kakashi warps back in. He tells Naruto and Sakura
    Sasuke's in the infirminary, sleeping soundly. The next match... 
    2nd round: Sakura vs. Ino
    Sakura explains to Ino how she's come a long way and that she's not the needy,
    young girl she used to be. Kakashi explains to Naruto that Sakura doesn't like
    Ino pulling punches on her, so she told her that. She wants to surpass Ino, 
    just like Rivals.
    Boss: Ino
    HP: 300
    My Party: Sakura- Lvl 25
    Let the battle of the 2 Kunoichis begin!
    Strategy: Ino is a bit harder than Yoroi is, so be a little more cautious. 
    Although you won't have anything to worry about if you heal. Fire Style Jutsu
    Level 2 works pretty good.
    Sakura tells Ino that it's too bad that she couldn't win, but Ino has a trick
    up her sleeve. She uses Mind Transfer Jutsu on Sakura. Ino takes over Sakura's
    body. Ino starts to make Sakura withdraw, but Naruto cheers Sakura on, 
    encouraging her not to give up. Sakura's inner spirit pushes Ino's out of her
    body, and she denies the withdrawal.
    They both clash, and knock each other out, allowing neither to advance in the 
    exams. Sakura wakes up soon. Kakashi and Naruto walk over there and Sakura 
    thanks Naruto for helping her. Shikamaru, Choji, and Asuma walk down to Ino.
    Kakashi thought that Sakura didn't have what it took to win the match, but he 
    was wrong.
    -Just to let you know, I went to level up a bit in the Forest of Death.-
    I suggest you go back to the village and buy 2 of each: Steel Pills, 
    Substitution Scrolls, and Makibishi Spikes.
    The next match will be...
    3rd round: Naruto vs. Kiba
    Kiba and Naruto start talking about how l33t their skills are. Naruto 
    eventually comes down to his "I'm going to be Hokage someday!" thing. But Kiba
    disagrees, saying that He’s the one that's going to be Hokage someday. Naruto
    tells Kiba that he can forget being the Hokage, because he's the top dog 
    around here(Heh heh heh.) They then both fight.
    Boss: Kiba and Akamaru
    HP: Kiba: 540
        Akamaru: 130
    My party: Naruto- Lvl 29
    Strategy: First of all, ignore the dog. He doesn't do as much damage as Kiba,
    so just focus on Kiba until he's dead, then go for the mutt. At the start, use
    a Makibishi spike on Kiba, then use a Steel Pill and Substitution scroll while
    he's still immobilized. Then, use your Multi Shadow Clone jutsu and let Kiba
    have it! Watch out for his Fang over Fang Taijutsu, that'll really put a dent
    in you. As long as you have plenty of Medicinal Food pills, you should be 
    Treasure: Scroll of Uma(Bout' time we got another one.)
    Hayate declares the match over and Naruto as the winner of this round. Kakashi
    and Sakura come down to congratulate Naruto on his victory. Hinata and Shino 
    also come down. Hinata starts to get shy again, but manages to give Naruto 
    some Family secret ointment. Naruto says he'll be cheering for Hinata, and she
    thanks him. She also gives Kiba and Akamaru some ointment, but Kiba tells her 
    to worry about her own hide. He tells her if she gets Neji to forfeit, because
    Neji is merciless.
    Hayate will pick the names for the next match:
    4th round: Zaku vs. Shino. Winner: Shino
    5th round: Misumi(One of Kabuto's teammates) vs. Kankuro. Winner: Kankuro
    6th round: Temari vs. Tenten. Winner: Temari
    7th round: Kin vs. Shikamaru. Winner: Shikamaru
    8th round: Neji vs. Hinata. Winner: Neji
    9th round: Rock Lee vs. Gaara. Winner: Gaara
    10th(and Last) round: Choji vs. Dosu. Winner: Dosu
    Hayate will announce that the preliminaries are over and to have the winners
    step forward. The game quickly switches over to Kabuto and Orochimaru having
    a conversation. It appears Orochimaru plans to take out the 3rd Hokage.Once
    Kabuto leaves, the game switches back to the Preliminary arena.
    Hayate congratulates all who have passed the preliminary and then lets Lord
    Hokage speak. He explains the 3rd part of the Chunin Exam. Moreover, the 3rd
    part of the exam won't begin until one month from now. This gives you time to
    train and new tricks. The first round will be Naruto vs. Neji. The second 
    round will be Sasuke vs. Gaara. Third round will be Kankuro vs. Shino. Then
    the fourth round will be Dosu vs. Shikamaru. Whoever is the winner of the
    fourth round will be up against Temari. They all leave after Shikamaru asks
    about the process of being a chunin. Naruto wants to ask Kakashi to train
    him. Sakura comes up and tells Naruto that Kakashi's at Leaf hospital with
    =END PART 6C=
    6d. Training... with Ebisu!?                                           [TranE]
    The Scroll of Uma will give you a Sannin's Ninja Sword. Some of the Sannin 
    weapons are the best in the game, and are valuable. Once you're done around 
    town, head to the Leaf Hospital. Incase you've forgotten where it is, head to
    the North Side of town and head left.
    Inside,Naruto will yell for Sasuke, but Kakashi tells him to be quiet, because
    he's in a hospital. Naruto runs up to Kakashi and wants to ask him a favor, 
    but Kakashi already knows Naruto's request. He wants Kakashi to train him. 
    However, he's already planned to train with someone else, so instead he 
    arranged for someone else.
    Ebisu shows up, and Naruto starts complaining that Ebisu is actually weaker
    than Naruto! Naruto starts to explain the incident with the Sexy jutsu, but
    Ebisu quickly knocks him down, and tells Kakashi it's nothing serious. He 
    tells Naruto he'll treat Naruto if he keeps quiet about the incident. Naruto,
    again, states his dislike for Ebisu. In return, Ebisu says he wouldn't have 
    accepted Kakashi's offer if he had known he was training that boy. 
    Kakashi tells him the reason why he picked Ebisu, is because he's a specialist
    teaching the Elite,Jonin. He also says Ebisu is better at teaching than he is.
    Kakashi says Naruto doesn't fully have the basics down. Kakashi then wishes 
    Ebisu luck in training with Naruto.
    Ebisu thinks Naruto should take 2 others along with him. Talk to him, and you 
    can select who you want. You can switch out Sakura if you wish. Although I'd 
    say the closest character to her is Shikamaru. Neji is more of a combination
    between Sasuke and Sakura. Rock Lee is his own character. He doesn't have any
    Ninjutsu or Genjutsu, he only has Taijutsu. He can't learn any other jutsu 
    besides Taijutsu, and he doesn't have much Chakra, but he can deal a lot of
    damage, physically. I chose Sakura and Neji to bring along. 
    Once you're ready, head outside of the village into the world map. Go to the
    icon east of Mt. Kikyo
    Here, Ebisu will teach you how to walk across water! He then shows the group
    a demonstration. Naruto decides to give it a try, but before he can do so, a 
    cry is heard. "Eek! Pervert!" screams a girl. Ebisu asks if the old man is 
    peeking in the women's bathroom(Nah, I'm peeking in the guy's bathroom!). 
    Ebisu announces that he won't allow any disreputable behavior. He goes over to
    the old man, but he's quickly knocked out. The old man comes toward the group,
    Naruto asks who does he think he is. The old man introduces himself as 
    Jiraiya, hermit of Mt. Myoboku, the toad mountain sage!(Riiight...)
    Naruto asks Jiraiya about what he's going to do now since he knocked out 
    Ebisu. Jiraiya says he wouldn't have flattened him out if he hadn't interfered
    with his "research." Jiraiya says he's the author of the great "Make-out
    Paradise" books. Naruto is shocked about that Jiraiya is the author of the 
    series. He then asks that Jiraiya calls that pervy trash a novel? Naruto then
    further denounces him, telling him that is "research" is merely just peeking
    at girls in the bath house! Jiraiya tells Naruto that there's nothing dirty 
    about it at all, and that he's inspired by Youth and Beauty(Heh,heh,heh,heh).
    Naruto asks about his training again, and Jiraiya replies that he can't work
    with someone who has no respect for a true artist. Naruto tries to suck up
    to him, but Jiraiya proves him wrong because buying or reading the book is 
    prohibited unless you're 18 or older. Naruto then tries a different 
    approach... Sexy Jutsu! Jiraiya exclaims that he loves Naruto's jutsu. Jiraiya
    will train him... if he stays like that the whole time! Naruto changes back
    and tells Jiraiya that he really is pathetic. Nothing but a lousy,little 
    pervert! However, Jiraiya says he's not a little pervert, but actually a big 
    one!(He got you there...) Jiraiya then teaches Naruto about how to walk on 
    water. He says that if you can find ripped pages from the book he's writing,
    he'll teach you a more powerful jutsu. There are 4 ripped pages.
    Once you're ready, talk to Jiraiya again. You can change members again if you
    like, but I'm sticking with Sakura and Neji. Once you're done, Jiraiya will
    set you off to find the ripped pages! Once the group leaves, Ebisu wakes up.
    Jiraiya apologizes for taking away his student. Ebisu says that it's not a big
    deal, and that Lord Hokage has been putting out ninja,searching for Jiraiya.
    Ebisu asks if Jiraiya is searching for Orochimaru, and Jiraiya says that he is
    not. He says the only reason he was here was to do "research," and that he has
    no desire to get into that buisness. Ebisu says that the only to stop 
    Orochimaru, a Sannin, is to have another Sannin stop him.
    On the world map, go back to the riverbed of training. Walk across the rocks
    on the left and you'll find Jiraiya, up against a wall. You can get some Super
    Heaven Pants from the chest over there.  Talk to him and he'll give you clues
    as to where the Ripped Pages can be found. If you go back to the start and go 
    up, you'll find a leaf symbol and behind that is some Sweet Bean soup. 
    Nothing else here,so go back to the world map. We're going to the Hidden Leaf
    Forest first.
    In the Hidden Leaf Forest, go to the 3rd Area. At the first cliff you see, 
    press A to "climb" up on it. The Chest on the left contains Dragon Mail Armor,
    the one opposite of it contains Sweet Chestnuts. Hop down and continue up and
    around to the one above the 1st one. You'll find a Cup of Ramen. That's all 
    that's in this area. Continue to the next screen, and hang a right all the way 
    to the end and up. You'll find a Hooked Claw Manifer on the cliff. Go back
    and circle around until you reach the next screen. Head up to the Cabin and go
    left, across the water. You'll find Ripped Page #1 and some Natto. Use an 
    escape scroll to go back to the World Map. We're going to the Great Plains.
    Upon entering, go to the first right path. Remember the shortcut I told you 
    about when we first came here? Now you can use it! You can get a Falcon Claw 
    by using the shortcut. Go down to the next screen. Go down the first path and
    here's another cliff. Break the rock to find the Make-out Paradise Strap. 
    Climb back up and go to the screen after you fought the Demon Brothers. There
    will be a bridge and under that some rocks. See where I'm going with this? 
    You'll find 150 Ryo(Woo-hoo!! I'm rich now!) along with the 2nd ripped page.
    But wait, don't go yet! There's a cliff about North-east of the bridge. On top
    of the cliff contains Natto and Ripped Scroll #2! Use an escape scroll to go
    back to the World Map. Next Stop: The Marshlands/Swamp in the Land of Waves!
    Go to the second screen and go to the right. You'll find Attack CMP with 
    *gasp* a hidden scroll! Thought you'd get the 3rd Ripped page so easily, huh?
    We'll have to go deeper into the swamp to get it. Go to the 5th screen. 
    You'll know you're in the right screen when you see the Leaf Symbol, which is 
    the screen next to where you fought Zabuza for the first time. Walk across 
    the water to find the 3rd Ripped Page. Use an escape scroll to get outta here.
    We're headin' to our favorite place: The Forest of Death!
    Oh just to let you know, the game won't let you use an escape scroll once 
    you're in the forest. I don't know why it makes you go through all through it 
    Anyway, You'll have to go to the area where Kabuto taught you how to break 
    rocks. Go across the water and break the rocks. You'll find Ripped Page #4, 
    along with Cursed Mark Pants and Cursed Mark Vest.
    A note on the Cursed Mark Equipment: These are for Sasuke, they are the best
    equipment for him stat-wise. However, they give him the "Curse Mark" status, 
    meaning you can only use Taijutsu(Lion's Barrage, Demon Windmill, etc.). 
    Personally, I like some of Sasuke's jutsus and don't like the idea of his 
    list of jutsus being cut down to 2 or 3. Therefore, I usually keep them off.
    But it's your choice whether you want a pretty good stat raise in DEF and AGI
    or keep all of Sasuke's jutsus active.(Strangely though, Neji can wear both.)
    Make your way out of The Forest of Death and head back to the Riverbed.
    BTW, that Hidden Scroll you found in the Swamp will give you a Coupon. This 
    gives you a 10% discount on anything in the Leaf village. Also, if you've 
    given Shikamaru, Neji, or Rock Lee any of your equipment, you may want to get 
    it back now. You won't be able to use them again for a while.
    At the Riverbed, walk across the water to Jiraiya. For your efforts, he will
    give you the Make-out License. He'll then tell that the other two must leave, 
    because Naruto will be training alone. The other 2 members of your party 
    leave. Jiraiya decides he must remove the seal that Orochimaru put on him. He
    tells Naruto to raise his hands, claiming it's a "Trust Exercise." Naruto 
    walks over to him and uses the 5-pronged seal release on Naruto. As a result 
    of the blow, Naruto is sent backwards. He gets up and angrily asks why Jiraiya 
    did that. He claims he was pushing a pressure point to loosen him up.
    He then explains that Naruto has 2 chakras inside him, and asks Naruto if he's
    ever felt a different presence of chakra within him. Naruto remembers the 
    time when he fought Haku, and explains it to Jiraiya. Jiraiya asks him to
    summon that different presence of chakra. Naruto tries, but he only conjures
    his normal chakra. Jiraiya then tells him that the technique he's about to 
    teach Naruto requires a more powerful chakra than his own. He tells Naruto 
    he'll have to pull out all the stops and tap into that "red" chakra. Jiraiya
    tells him that once Naruto can summon the Red chakra at a moments notice, a 
    whole new world of jutsu will open up for him. 
    Naruto asks what sort of jutsu will be available to him once he masters the 
    red chakra. Jiraiya then replies things like the Summoning jutsu he's going to
    teach him. A summoning jutsu is really a teleportation jutsu in which the 
    caster must sign a contract of blood with all kinds of living creatures in
    order to summon them. Naruto is anxious about the new technique. Jiraiya 
    places a scroll infront of Naruto. He tells him that the scroll is a contract
    with the summoning toads handed down from  earlier generations of ninja. He 
    tells Naruto to open it up and sign his name in blood and stamp each of his 
    fingers in blood below the signature. After Naruto is done, he tries the 
    summoning jutsu, but fails.
    They train for 3 weeks...
    Looks like Naruto's having the same luck as he first started huh? Jiraiya
    then yells at Naruto that he must unleash ALL of his chakra. Naruto tries
    again, but falls down, apparently exhausted. Jiraiya deduces that through
    emotion and danger, Naruto can bring out the 9-Tailed Fox's chakra. "I'll
    guess I'll go drop Naruto off a cliff." he says, dragging Naruto to the edge
    of the forest. He drops Naruto off a cliff, and Naruto wakes up, and senses 
    that he's falling. Through Naruto's emotion and sense of danger, he finally
    summons a toad! He summons Gamabunta, the chief of the toad village. It seems
    Gamabunta is quite a handful, even for Jiraiya! Gamabunta loudly asks where
    Jiraiya is. He wants to know why he summoned him. Naruto tells him that he was
    the one that actually summoned him. Gamabunta laughs loudly, and doesn't 
    believe Naruto summoned him. Naruto brings up the point that since he summoned
    him, Naruto is Gamabunta's master!
    Naruto hit one of Gama's nerves, making him mad, and Gama tries to throw him 
    off of his head. However, Naruto hangs on. Gama is actually fully aware that
    Naruto is the one that summoned him, and that no one has dared to climb on his
    head since the fourth hokage. He decides that he wouldn't mind giving Naruto
    some of his power.
    **Naruto can now summon toads!**
    In the next scene, we see Naruto in bed at the Leaf Hospital with Shikamaru 
    in his room. Naruto wakes up, and Shikamaru explains that he's been in the
    hospital out cold for 3 days. Naruto wants to know where Jiraiya went, but
    Shikamaru doesn't know, telling Naruto that he was only visiting. Sakura then
    comes into Naruto's room. Shikamaru asks if Sakura has been in Naruto's room
    everyday. Sakura replies defensively that she only came to visit Sasuke and 
    Rock Lee, and that Naruto was just on the way. Naruto asks what happened to 
    Sasuke and Rock Lee. Sakura says Sasuke isn't allowed to see visitors yet, 
    and Rock Lee's badly injured from the battle with Gaara. Sakura then asks if
    Naruto wants to go see Lee.(You can choose either one, the outcome is the 
    Rock's on the 2nd floor, about the 3rd room. He's in the room with the door
    fully opened.
    In Rock's room, we see Gaara walking around, thinking about killing Rock
    since he couldn't finish the job at the exams. Naruto, Sakura, and Shikamaru
    all enter the room. Naruto asks Gaara what he's doing with "Bushy brows."
    Gaara replies in a nonsensical fashion "I was going to destroy him."
    Shikamaru asks that Gaara's already beaten Rock, what's the point in coming
    after him again? "Do you have some sort of personal grudge against him," he 
    asks. Gaara replies that he doesn't have a grudge, but just wants to eliminate
    him. He tells them that if they get in his way, he'll have to destroy all of 
    them as well.
    Naruto says that Gaara may act like a demon, but he has the real thing inside 
    of him! Gaara then explains that he too, has a demon inside of him. Shukaku, 
    the sand spirit, lives inside of him. He then tells them that the reason he
    exists, is to destroy, to live in the destruction of others. As long as there
    are people to destroy in the world, he will never disappear.
    Naruto then examines himself with Gaara, and realizes that they have very 
    similar backgrounds. Naruto then gets cold feet, and Gaara decides to attack 
    the party, but Guy saves the day! Gaara leaves, saying that he'll destroy them
    all the same. Guy then asks if they are prepared for tomorrow's matches. 
    Naruto says that he came over here after he woke up. Guy says that he'll give
    Naruto advice to help him for the battle tomorrow.
    =END PART 6D=
    6e The third exam                                                      [Chun3]
    Like Guy said, talk to him if you're ready for the 3rd part of the exam.
    You can access the last part of the Storage building if you haven't already 
    been there. There's 3 items, from left to right are: Nine-Tailed Fox Spirit
    Pants, Sannin's Chained Sickle, and Curry Rice. As you can guess, the
    pants are for Naruto. Make sure to stock up on items
    Once you go back to Guy, he will give you a very valuable tip: Hit the hay 
    early! He encourages the 3 to fight at their best tomorrow.
    Naruto wakes up the next morning, ready to go. However, he gets nervous with 
    his fight with Neji, so he decides to go to his ol' place in the training 
    At the training field, we see Hinata and Neji talking. Neji tells Hinata that
    she should withdraw because she's not cut-out to be a ninja. Hinata says the 
    reason why she entered the chunin exams was to see if she could change. Neji
    replies that "A failure will always be a failure. People can't change." Hinata
    exclaims that she promised herself that she would never run away. "I can't 
    change what I believe in, that's my nindo- my ninja way!" Neji tells her to
    cut the tough guy act, and that she's cursed and blamed herself for being 
    weak. Hinata then tells him that he's wrong. Infact, she says that he has it
    backwards. Neji is actually the one who is torn up over the fate of the Main
    and side branches of the Hyuga clan.
    Suddenly, Naruto yells "Watch out!" Neji charges at Hinata, but Naruto steps 
    in just in time. Naruto then asks what Neji is doing here. Neji's only reply
    is "Ha... another failure." Naruto then comments that Neji won't be saying 
    that after he's trounced him. Tenten enters and tells Neji that they should
    leave for the finals unless they want to be late. Neji and Tenten then leave.
    Hinata shyly thanks Naruto, then she asks him why he's here. Before she can 
    start to say something about the finals, Naruto interrupts with "It's a long
    story." He then asks her how she knows Neji and how strong he is. Hinata 
    replies with "Uh...yeah." Naruto then thinks to himself that even though he
    said he'd win, he's still worried. Hinata then tells him that even though she
    lost in the Prelims, she feels a stronger and better person now. "It's all 
    because of you." she says. Naruto then replies that even though he may look
    strong, he always messes things up and he acts tough because he's frustrated,
    and to top it all off, a huge failure.
    Hinata then replies that even though he messed up... she thinks he's a proud
    failure. "When you make a mistake, you have the guts to pick yourself up and
    keep trying." She also says that because of his courage, she thinks he's an
    incredibly strong person. Naruto tells Hinata thanks, saying that he was 
    feeling down and that he needed that. In return for Hinata's compliment, he 
    makes one of his own: "I used to think you were gloomy, timid, always 
    terrified and basically completely weird. But, I actually like... people
    like you!"
    This stuns Hinata, as she is at a loss of words. Before Naruto leaves, he
    tells her to not to forget to cheer him on when he's wiping the floor with
    Neji. Kiba then enters, and apologizes for being late. Kiba thinks to himself
    what happened to Hinata, as she's never been this spaced out before.
    If you're ready, head to the World Map and head to the coliseum icon right 
    below the Leaf village.
    At the main arena, we see all of the people who passed the Preliminaries lined
    up in a row. Naruto wonders where Sasuke is and if he's even healed by now.
    Shikamaru thinks to himself that Dosu isn't here. The proctor tells Naruto and
    Shikamaru to quit fidgeting,stand up straight, and proudly present yourselves 
    as the heroes of the final competition. Up in the stadium, Lord Hokage 
    welcomes everyone and thanks everyone for coming to the Village Hidden in the
    Leaves Chunin selection. He asks that no one leaves until all the matches 
    have been completed.
    Back on the ground, the proctor tells the group that there's been a slight 
    change in the match-ups. Temari is now fighting Shikamaru. Naruto asks what
    happens if Sasuke doesn't show up? The proctor tells him that if he's not here
    at the time of the match, he automatically forfeits. Naruto thinks to himself
    that it's not like Sasuke to miss these sort of things. The proctor then goes
    over the rules, which are the same as the preliminaries. Naruto asks the 
    proctor's name and he tells Naruto that he is Genma Shiranui and that he's the
    judge for the main round. He then announces the first match:
    3rd Chunin Exam Match 1: Neji Hyuga vs. Naruto Uzumaki!
    Genma then tells everyone to go up to the waiting area except for those two.
    Neji asks Naruto if he has anything to say to him. Naruto replies that it's 
    the same thing he last told him: "I vow to win!" Neji then remarks that he'll
    be sad when he learns that his vow is impossible to keep. Naruto wants the 
    match to get started NOW! Genma declares the match to begin. Naruto then 
    starts out with his signature Shadow Clone jutsu. Naruto tells Neji not to 
    take him lightly. The crowd cheers and Naruto charges at Neji. However, Neji
    knocks Naruto and all of his clones back. 
    He then tells Naruto that he doesn't think Naruto's going to be Hokage. He 
    then tells him that he can see everything with his Kekkei Genkai, Byakugan. 
    Neji then explains the Byakugan. He then tells Naruto that people's limits 
    are set, fixed, and unchangeable. "Only a fool wastes his time trying to 
    become something he cannot or never be." Neji then goes further, asking Naruto
    that by thinking that becoming Hokage only takes a little bit of "hard work?" 
    He then tells Naruto to open his eyes of how many shinobi there are and how 
    few ever become Hokage, and that some people were destined to become Hokage.
    Naruto replies that "People are telling me that I just don't know when to 
    give up!" He starts another Shadow clone jutsu, but Neji interrupts him, saying
    that there's no point in continuing, and that he doesn't have a grudge against
    Naruto.  But Naruto tells him to shut up and that he does have a reason.
    He then asks him why he looks at Hinata like he has her all figured out, the 
    way he works on her with his mind games, tearing her down when she worked so 
    hard to get here! "You disrespect her, even when she's trying so hard to 
    improve herself. You mocked Hinata, calling her a failure! All that stuff 
    about the Great Hyuga clan... Main household,branch families... who cares!?
    It doesn't give you the right to decide who's a failure!" Neji then
    tells Naruto about the Hyuga clan since he's so interested in it. He talks
    about the Curse Mark jutsu.(Talk, talk, talk, SHUDDAP AND GET TO THE FIGHTIN'
    Boss: Neji
    HP: 1000+
    My Party: Naruto- Lvl 32
    About time they shut up...
    Strategy:Steel Pills and Substitution scroll will help here. If you have
    enough chakra to use Toad Blade Cut, I wouldn't use it, because at your level
    you probably gonna use All, if not 90% of your chakra. Instead, rely on the 
    Multi Shadow clone. When he uses his Byakugan, that means he's about to use
    Chakra points, which will seal your jutsu. Also, he may use Palm rotation, 
    this means that you won’t be able to attack him physically unless you like
    having your own physical attack reflected back at you. Use a jutsu. About
    when he receives over 1,000 damage, he'll use 8 palms 64 Trigrams, which will
    kill you, as it deals 999 damage.
    Out of the fight, Neji will start to talk trash about how impossible Naruto's
    vow was to keep. It seems that Naruto may have lost, but he gets back up. They
    talk for a little while, speaking of each other's misery and destiny. He 
    doesn't have any chakra left, but he remembers that he has the 9-Tailed Fox's
    chakra. He summons the fox's chakra, and says that it may be the Hyuga way to
    cave into destiny, but not his.
    He charges after Neji, but he knocks him back(Wow, didn't see that one 
    coming.) But the Naruto that was knocked back was actually a clone. He appears
    infront of his clone and knocks Neji down to the ground(Whoa, didn't see that
    one coming.) Genma thinks to himself how keen Naruto's move just was. Neji 
    admits that he was careless and that he should've seen that one coming. Naruto
    states that he failed the graduation exam 3 times because of this one jutsu 
    that tripped him up every time... it was the clone jutsu. "So don't come 
    whining to me with this "destiny" stuff. Stop trying to tell me you can't
    change who you are." He also tells Neji that he can change too.
    Genma pronounces Naruto as the winner of the first match! Naruto leaps for
    joy, and Genma comments that even a caged bird will smarten up. Once Neji's
    done thinking to himself, Genma would like to announce the next round. You can
    either rest or have him continue.
    3rd Chunin Exam Match 2: Sasuke Uchiha vs. Gaara
    ...However Sasuke's still not here. The people above in the waiting room get 
    worried over Sasuke's absence. Someone steps in to tell Genma to postpone the
    match. He announces that because Sasuke isn't here, that he will postpone the 
    match and go ahead to the 3rd Match.
    3rd Chunin Exam Match 3: Kankuro vs. Shino Aburame
    ...However Kankuro forfeits from the match. Temari leaps down to the ground.
    3rd Chunin Exam Match 4: Temari vs. Shikamaru Nara
    Genma tells Shikamaru to go down, but Shikamaru is having second thoughts. 
    Naruto tells Shikamaru that he can do it, and pushes him off the balcony.
    Shikamaru decides that he won't try at all since he thinks that the spectators
    only care about the match between Sasuke and Gaara. Temari is eager to fight,
    and charges at Shikamaru before Genma tell them to go. However, Shikamaru
    quickly moves out of the way. He tells her that he doesn't really care about
    being a chunin, but he guesses he shouldn't lose against a girl. Genma then
    tells them to start
    Boss: Temari
    HP: 950
    My Party: Shikamaru- Lvl 27
    Strategy: This battle really isn't that hard since Shikamaru has Heal Jutsu 
    Lvl 2. Clone jutsu helps too. You should attack her, don't worry about 
    elemental jutsus, as the only decent elemental jutsu he has is Wind Style; and
    seeing as how Temari uses Wind, I doubt that's really going to work on her. 
    Shikamaru has her pinned in a corner, but Shikamaru gives up since he has very
    little chakra left. Genma considers Shikamaru a good example of a Chunin 
    Naruto angrily jumps down and says he wants to talk to Shikamaru. They fight 
    over why he gave up. Shikamaru mentions that there's another match coming up.
    If you want to rest now, you can do so or continue.
    Sasuke's STILL not here? Hmph, imagine that. He is with Kakashi after all. 
    Naruto suggests that he's probably planning some big entrance. Sasuke and 
    Kakashi show up.
    **Sasuke has returned after learning Chidori!**
    *Note: Chidori sucks donkey balls. I'm serious...a Lvl 1 elemental jutsu does
    better compared to Demon Windmill or Lion's Barrage. Don't use it...EVER! 
    It's a pity since this is the last good spell he learns.*
    Sasuke asks Naruto if he won his match. Naruto replies with a "You know it!"
    Kakashi then asks Genma if they are late. Genma explains that because they
    were so late, they extended the deadline for him. Naruto tells Sasuke not to
    lose to Gaara, because he wants to fight him. Genma then tells Gaara to come 
    down. Shikamaru and Naruto exit, and Gaara enters.
    3rd Chunin Exam Match 2: Sasuke Uchiha vs. Gaara
    Genma asks if Sasuke wants to check his equipment. I decided not to put the
    Cursed Mark equipment on him. Oh, if your Sasuke needs training, you can do 
    that too.Once you're done, talk to Genma again.
    Gaara starts to shudder, but then tells Sasuke to come.
    Boss: Gaara
    HP: 1300
    My Party: Sasuke- Lvl 25
    Strategy: Like I said, Chidori sucks, so don't use it. Instead, use Lion's 
    Barrage or Demon Windmill.Sharigan Copy is also a good jutsu to use because
    you may still get to attack. If Gaara hits you, you hit back automatically. 
    He attacks most of the time too.
    Treasure: Scroll of Saru
    Gaara appears out of breath. Suddenly, he takes a couple of steps back and 
    starts shaking again. Feathers float down from the sky. Genma appears infront
    of Sasuke and everyone else comes down. The feathers are actually a signal to 
    start the mission. Temari also remarks something about "side effects." They 
    decide to make a run for it. They escape. Genma tells the rest of the group 
    that the Chunin Exam ends here. He tells Sasuke to go after them, also saying 
    that he's a Chunin now.
    =END PART 6E=
    6iv. Gaara Escapes!                                                    [Gaara]
    From here you can take 2 people, but you can't take Sakura yet. I put Sasuke,
    Naruto, and Rock Lee in my party. It would be a good idea to put Shikamaru 
    in your party since he has healing jutsus.Once you're done, Genma tells Sasuke
    to go. His group leaves.
    I suggest you return to the Village and stock up on Items. The Scroll of Saru
    gives you a Summon Toad scroll, which is basically a weaker version of 
    Naruto's Toad Blade cut, but you don't have to waste a huge amount of chakra.
    6a. Sasuke's Group                                                     [Sukeg]
    Hokage's Advice: If you encounter an enemy named "Anbu", RUN AWAY! This guy
    is no joke. He can kill your entire party before you can get even a single 
    turn if he wanted to. You're out of you're league... for now atleast.
    At Gaara Pursuit, head to the first down and up the tree. Once you're up in 
    the tree, make your way all the way down, ignoring the exit to the right. At 
    the end, you'll find a Valuable sword, Departed Soul of Futsu. Now go back to
    the exit and hop down to the ground. You'll find some Family Secret Ointment.
    Climb back up the tree and head to the left. Don't go through the exit just 
    yet, there's a chest hidden in the leaves in a corner below the exit. The 
    chest contains a Summon Toad scroll. Go through the nearest exit.
    Hokage's Advice: The Rock Toad Boy, Illusion Kunoichi, and Sand Ninja can 
    summon creatures to aid them in battle. Don't worry about the creature it 
    summons, take out the master! Once the master is gone, so will the creature. 
    Back on the ground, go around the trees to find a Dragon Shuriken. Now go down
    and take the South west path. At the end, you'll find another Valuble weapon,
    Sannin's Shuriken. It's ATK power is pretty low, but it can give some good 
    bonuses in other stats. Go around the trees to the other side and you'll find 
    a tree trunk with some Super Brand Food Pills. Go up the tree and make your
    way to the exit. Once you're back on the ground, you'll see a Leaf Symbol. Use
    it and Save, then continue to the next screen.
    Sasuke begins to wonder if he's lost Gaara's trail. But he sees something move
    through the trees. The group appears over to the figure, who was hiding behind
    some trees. It's our old buddy, Orochimaru, and he's come back to visit us.
    Orochimaru innocently asks Sasuke if the Cursed mark hurts. Sasuke demands to
    know what he wants. After elaborating more on the Cursed Seal, he tells him 
    that he's come to play with him. Unfortunately, it seems he has other 
    important buisness to attend to, and he tells Sasuke that as long as he has 
    the Cursed Seal, he will seek Orochimaru out for power. Sasuke declares that
    he'll defeat Orochimaru, along with the curse he put on him.
    Boss Orochimaru(Second Encounter)
    HP: 2900
    My Party: Sasuke- Lvl 30   Naruto- Lvl 31   Rock Lee- Lvl 26
    Strategy: Compared to other bosses you've faced in the past, this battle will 
    be a bit long. He isn't too hard, as long as you have someone who can be a 
    healer, namely Shikamaru or Neji. Just have Confusion/Poison scrolls, and
    the various types of Chakra Pills. Sasuke's best attack would be the Demon
    Windmill, if filled to the max or close to the max. Naruto should use Multi
    Shadow Clone jutsu and attack. But if you want to use Toad Blade Cut and waste
    a whole bunch of chakra, that's fine, just make sure you have a good supply 
    of those Chakra Pills. Rock Lee should attack or use items since he doesn't 
    have a whole lot of chakra. Shikamaru can be a Healer or attack. Same with
    Neji, although Byakugan can help too.
    Treasure: Scroll of Tori
    Sasuke asks Orochimaru if he's done yet, but in a style of being out of 
    breath. He says nothing and disappears. Sasuke gets angry because they 
    actually fought a clone of Orochimaru. He tells the party that they should 
    keep moving.
    If you need healing, go back up and to the next screen will be the Leaf 
    Symbol. Once you're back in your original spot, go around some trees to 
    get a Dragon Chain Mail. Then, go down the South-west path. You'll get some
    SB Chakra Pills. Then, go back to the other side and head down to the next 
    Sasuke senses that someone is following the group. He goes toward the tree 
    trunk and says that he indeed hears footsteps approaching. He decides to 
    instead of waiting out in the open, to hide and check it out first. His group
    =END PART 6A=
    6b. Sakura's group                                                     [Sakrg]
    Back at the stadium, we see the 2 people you left behind and Genma. Suddenly,
    Kakashi and Sakura appears near Genma and the other 2. Kakashi asks where's 
    Sasuke and the other people. Genma tells him that he sent them to pursue 
    Gaara, and also that he heard something about a mission form Gaara's group. 
    The genjutsu(The falling feathers), which was used to put people to sleep, was
    meant to signal the Sand Ninjas to come in. He tells them that almost all of 
    the audience is asleep and that those who weren't are fighting against the 
    Sand Ninja. Genma wonders why they even have a treaty since it appears to do
    little good.
    Guy appears to the group and tells Kakashi that even the Sound Ninja are here.
    Kakashi deduces that it must have been Orochimaru who planned the attack. Guy
    can't believe that this many ninja would invade the village. Kakashi tells him
    that that is to be expected of war. He then tells Sakura that he has a 
    mission... the first A ranked mission since they protected Tazuna. Sakura 
    whines that she possibly can't handle an A ranked mission. Kakashi tells her
    to take the other 2 people and follow after Sasuke. Then, get Sasuke in a 
    safe place and await further orders. He tells her to leave ASAP. Sakura and 
    her group leaves the stadium. My party now would consist of Sakura, Shikamaru,
    and Neji.
    Now would be a good time to stock up on items in the village. If you go to
    the Fire Calendar, you'll receive the Sannin's Fan. Only 2 more Hidden 
    Scrolls to go! Once you're done in the village, head to the Gaara Pursuit.
    This area is different than the path Sasuke took; It’s like a different side
    of the forest. Go up the tree and make your way to the North East corner and
    take that exit. You'll find Sannin's Senbon on the ground. Head back up the 
    tree and make your way south to the other exit.
    On the ground, head down to find a Summon 9-Tailed Fox scroll.Then go back up 
    a little and to the left. At the next tree trunk, there's a chest behind the
    trunk. It contains SB Chakra Pills;Head up this Tree. Go all the way down to
    the only exit. The chest below contains SB Versatile Pills. Head back up the 
    tree and to the other side.
    Once you're back on the ground, head down to the next Tree trunk. Once you're 
    up in that tree, take the right path and head up to the exit. Go to the left 
    and head up *GASP*... another tree! Go all the way down and to the left, 
    you'll find some Idaten Pants. Then head over to the right exit.
    Go across the water to find Dragon Slayer, a powerful sword. Head back up the
    tree and to the other side. Go back up to the other tree and to the fork you
    earlier encountered. This time, go down to the south exit. Go to the lower 
    path first and you'll find some Family Secret Ointment. Head back to the other
    tree and once you're up it, you'll find a Leaf symbol. Heal and Save, then 
    We see Gaara, Kankuro, and Temari up on a branch. Gaara is shaking like he 
    was back at the stadium. Temari says something about Gaara not awakening now.
    Sakura and co. are hidden behind some leaves. She wonders where Sasuke is...
    could he have been killed? She decides to lay low and keep watching Gaara and 
    his group. However, before they can move too far, Sakura clumsily stumbles.
    Temari hears the noise, and asks who's there. Sakura's in trouble now! Temari 
    and Kakuro appear over where Sakura tripped. She recognizes them as the people
    back at the stadium. Kankuro tells Temari to take Gaara and go on ahead. 
    Temari agrees and takes Gaara. "I'll take you on... No problem." Kankuro says,
    bravely stepping forward. Kankuro thinks Sakura doesn't have much of a chance,
    but Sakura denies the claim saying that she won't know until she tries.
    Boss: Kankuro
    HP: 2900
    My Party: Sakura- Lvl 33  Shikamaru- Lvl 29  Neji- Lvl 25
    Strategy: Kankuro can use Puppet Master Jutsu: Bound, which can immobilize
    you. Of all the elemental jutsus, Fire Style gives more of an edge between all
    of them, but you're better off going physical against him. Sakura can use 
    Hidden Leaf Shield or Inner Sakura to help. Shikamaru can either be a healer 
    or attack. Naruto can use Multi Shadow Clone and keep pounding. Sasuke can 
    either use Demon Windmill or Lion's Barrage. Neji can use Byakugan and attack
    or be a healer. Overall, this battle isn't too difficult, just long.
    Treasure: Scroll of Inu
    "Ugh... you guys are pretty strong." (Yer dern right we are!) "Hmph! That's
    what you get for underestimating people!", how right you are Sakura. Kankuro
    decides that he must leave, so he uses Smoke Bombs. Sakura's group must carry 
    Go back to the Leaf Symbol to heal. Then go down and take the left path. 
    You'll find a Summon Toad Scroll hidden in the leaves. Go back and take the
    right path. Take the first exit you see on the right. Above the tree, you'll
    find SB Versatile Pills. But wait, that's not all! Go down and you'll find a 
    cleverly hidden chest. The chest contains Dancing Leaf Pants. Go back up the 
    tree and to another exit on the right.
    We see Sakura's group coming from the tree. She wonders where the Sand Ninja 
    and Sasuke have gone. Suddenly, Sasuke yells at Sakura. Sasuke's group comes
    from behind the bushes. He asks her if that was them following their group.
    Sakura explains that after Sasuke's group left the village, Sand and Sound
    Ninja invaded the village, and Kakashi told Sakura to follow him. She says 
    that she's glad Sasuke is safe and that she was worried. Neji says that 
    someone else is coming. Rock asks who it could possibly be. Shikamaru answers
    that it must either be Sand or Sound Ninja, probably Chunin or higher as well.
    Naruto suggests that since they have this many people that they should ambush
    them. However, Shikamaru and Rock disagree, since because they have so many
    people here, it would be hard for them to hide. Shikamaru tells the other 3 to
    go first, and that the other 3 will stay behind to deal with whoever is 
    following them.
    If you go back up the previous tree and to the upper left path, you'll
    get Sannin's Kunai Knife and Sannin's Claw on the ground. Go back to where 
    you originally were and head down to find the final Leaf Symbol. Before you go
    any further, head to the left to find the last Ripped Scroll. Now you have all
    of the Ripped scrolls! Once you're ready, Heal and Save. Then continue.
    =END PART 6B=
    6c. The final bosses                                                   [Final]
    Before you continue, I suggest you head back to the Village to use the Ripped 
    Scroll. Go to Hokage's Basement and to the Fire Calendar, Naruto will get a 
    new technique called "Nine Tailed Fox's Chakra," which allows you to use
    any jutsu without using any chakra! I think it takes close to 200 chakra to
    use the technique though, and it seems to last pretty long. Your stats also
    increase, making you quicker, take less and give more damage!
    While you're at the village, might as well restock on items, eh? I would
    get a lot of those Medicinal Chakra Pills, about 10 Toad Brand and about 5 of
    those Super Brand.Competition Pills would help too when Naruto uses his Multi 
    Shadow Clone jutsu, but if you have the Nine-Tailed Fox's chakra, you won't 
    have to worry about that.
    Oh yeah, the Scroll of Inu you got from Kankuro will give you Nine Tailed Fox
    Spirit Chain Mail.
    Head back to the last Leaf Symbol in the Gaara Pursuit once you're done.
    On the next screen, we see the group walking towards the cliff of the forest.
    It seems as if they've finally cornered Gaara and his group. Time to end this.
    Boss: Gaara, Kankuro, and Temari
       Gaara: 2400-2500
       Kankuro: 2900
       Temari: 2400
    My Party: Naruto- Lvl 40  Sasuke- Lvl 31  Sakura- Lvl 35
    Strategy: At the start, use Sakura's Playing Dead Jutsu. If you do it right,
    you can seal everyone's jutsu, which makes this battle a lot easier without
    Kankuro's annoying Poison Smoke Bombs or Temari's Great Windblast and Wind 
    Sycthe jutsu. Naruto should use Toad Blade Cut only if there are 2 in a row 
    or more. If not, proceed with Multi Shadow. Sasuke should use Sharigan Copy 
    and Demon Shuriken if 2 or more are in a row and Phoenix Flower jutsu is 2 or
    more are in a column. Sakura can use Shuriken Wild Dance or be a healer, 
    because even with Inner Sakura, she isn't going to much damage. Try to poison
    them if you can, it can deal quite a bit of damage to them. You can also try 
    to booby trap Gaara if he uses Sand Shield.
    Sasuke declares that they have defeated Gaara. But Gaara starts to laugh, 
    strangely.Gaara declares that their assault was feeble and that their Hatred
    is weak. Gaara hits one of Sasuke's nerves. He continues to say that he's too
    soft and forgiving, and that it's the power of hate that gives you the strength
    to destroy, therefore, Gaara is much stronger than Sasuke!  Sasuke clashes
    with Gaara for a minute, but Gaara succedes in pushing Sasuke back. Temari and
    Kankuro get close to him, worriedly, but Gaara tells them stay away and he 
    forcefully pushes them back FAR away. Sasuke's Curse Mark starts acting up,
    and he can't take much of the pain, so he falls down to the ground, shaking.
    Sakura tells Sasuke to watch out, because Gaara charges straight at him. 
    However, Sakura steps infront of Sasuke and takes the blow for him. She falls
    down to the ground. Gaara wonders why she would protect him.
    Naruto moves close to the 2 and moves them to another spot, out of the way. He
    then asks Gaara what he's doing to Sakura. Gaara asks who are they to him, why 
    interfere? Naruto tells him that they're his friends and if he so much as lay 
    another finger on them... he'll pulverize Gaara! Gaara replies that as long as
    he continues to fight for the sake of his friends, he'll never advance beyond
    this level. "Forget your friends and fight for yourself!" he says. Gaara 
    starts to mutate into a monster. Naruto thinks to himself "Eyes full of 
    loneliness...i've seen that look before... in myself." He then goes
    on about how if it weren't for his friends and Iruka, that he would end up
    in the same situation and attitude Gaara has. In contrast, he begins to think
    that fighting for his friends may be a weakness after all. Gaara ridicules him
    asking him why doesn't he fight for his precious "friends." Naruto charges at
    Gaara,but Gaara knocks him back. He charges again, and the result is the same.
    Naruto thinks he has no other choice now... he must use "that" technique. He 
    tries to summon Gamabunta, but he cannot. Naruto can't believe that after all 
    the training he went through that this is the best he can do. Sasuke thinks
    that this isn't the usual Naruto. It looks like Naruto is just about all out
    of options. Gaara gives him a hint that because he's worried about others 
    that he's making a big mistake. (Says the one who treats his friends like 
    crap... more like lackeys instead of allies.) Naruto summons shadow clones
    and charges at Gaara once more, but Gaara knocks him and all of his clones
    back.  Gaara wonders if he has underestimated Naruto. Naruto says that he'll
    never give up! Sasuke gets up and fights along side him. Sakura gets up and
    does the same. (Wait! Why didn't you lazy bums get up sooner instead of 
    playing possum?) Sasuke heals the party with something he's been saving.
    Boss: Gaara (Mutated)
    HP: 3400
    My Party: Naruto- Lvl 42  Sasuke- Lvl 33  Sakura- Lvl 36
    Strategy:Naruto should use Multi Shadow clone and use Toad Blade Cut every
    once in a while. Sasuke can use Demon Windmill, along with Sharigan Copy.
    Last but not least, Sakura can use Hidden Leaf Shield and serve as a healer.
    Gaara will use Sand Shuriken, which can deal a good amount of damage (Think
    around 80)
    After the battle, Naruto is triumphant about their victory. But, Gaara doesn't
    want to lose to a bunch of weaklings, so he fully transforms into...
    Spirit of Sand!
    The party freaks out at Gaara's transformation. He uses Playing Possum
    jutsu, which puts him to sleep and allows Shukaku to move around freely. 
    Shukaku is thrilled at his freedom, and spots Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura
    as some bugs to step on.
    **!!FINAL BOSS!!**
    Final Boss: Shukaku, the Sand Spirit
    HP: 8000 (He has just a little bit more than other bosses...)
    My Party: Naruto- Lvl 43  Sasuke- Lvl 33  Sakura- Lvl 37
    Strategy: WHOA MY GOD RUN AWAY!!!
    Seriously, get ready to use Naruto's TBC a lot. Hey, at least it deals about
    600 a pop, right? Don't be scared to use the Super Brands,Toad Brands, and 
    Family Secret Ointment. Infact, I suggest you use a Family Secret Ointment 
    right at the start so you'll be fully healed. Sasuke should use Demon windmill
    or Lions Barrage. Sakura should be a healer mostly, using Hidden Leaf Shield,
    and Water style jutsu Lvl 3 does pretty good on Shukaku, about 100+ every 
    time. Shukaku can use Intention to Kill, Wind Style: Air Bullets, and Wind 
    Style: Infinite Sandstorm devastation. Intention to kill, if you remember, can
    negate positive effects such as DEF plus, or Sharigan. Air Bullets does a lot
    of damage, about 120-140 to everyone, so be ready to use Heal All Lvl 3. 
    Infinite Sandstorm Devastation takes a character's HP and reduces it to 1. He
    doesn't use Intention to Kill a whole lot, and he uses Infinite Sandstorm 
    Devastation when he's taken about 5000 damage. 
    Treasure- Scroll of I
    The ground starts to shake and Shukaku comments on how great this is. "Gimme a
    break, I just got here!" he says. Naruto thinks he's running out of time and 
    that he must stop Shukaku before it's too late. He summons the 9 tailed fox's
    chakra and punches Gaara in the face. This creates a sandstorm since Gaara is
    "awake." Gaara and Naruto stand facing each other, they've reached their limit
    it seems. Naruto gives Gaara one last slug and they both fall down. Naruto 
    starts to crawl toward Gaara. He talks to Gaara about how he and him have 
    similar backgrounds. It leads to the reason why he must stop him. Gaara asks 
    why he would do this for anyone other than hisself. Naruto says it's because 
    they rescued him from himself, his loneliness. "They were the first to accept
    me for who I am. They're my friends!" he says. Gaara wonders if Love is what 
    makes him so strong. Sasuke and Sakura appear before Naruto. Naruto falls 
    down, exhausted and his chakra all used up.  Temari and Kankuro appear and 
    start to attack, but Gaara tells them that it's over. Kankuro can't believe 
    Gaara has had enough. They both help Gaara up and disappear to another spot.
    Temari wonders about Gaara, but Gaara tells her that he can walk. Gaara 
    apologizes at Kankuro and Temari. Kankuro tells him not to worry about it.
    Temari suggests that they go home. They do so.
    On the other side of the forest, Sakura and Sasuke are trying to wake Naruto 
    up. Naruto wakes up and asks what happened. Sakura was worried about Naruto 
    and how he wouldn't wake up. Sasuke tells him that he did a good job for a
    change. Naruto's really happy now. Sasuke suggests that they return home. 
    They all agree.
    Back at the village, Iruka asks how they did. Naruto asks if Iruka will treat
    him to Ichiraku's for completing the mission. Iruka alarmingly answers that 
    the Leaf village is in danger! Orochimaru brought the Sand and Sound Ninja to 
    the village and attacked them. Naruto asks what happened to the village. Iruka
    slowly and sorrowfully tells him that the 3rd Hokage was killed by Orochimaru, 
    and that he sacrificed everything to protect the village from him. Naruto runs
    off into the village.
    Kakashi and a Kunoichi is seen at the Training Field statue. It appears the 
    funeral for the 3rd Hokage is being held here. Jiraiya is standing behind the 
    logs and he remembers when he couldn't get the bells form the 3rd Hokage.
    Up on the roof of the Ninja Academy, everyone is gathered here. Naruto asks
    Iruka why people risk their lives for other people. Iruka explains that when 
    someone passes away, it's the end. "His past and future, all the dreams he 
    once had... they disappear along with him. This is true even if he dies 
    honorably in battle, as so many have... and they do so without a moment's
    hesitation...those who die have dreams and goals. But at the same time, they
    have something else that matters to them." 
    A few days later...(We see Naruto and Iruka on the rooftop of the Ninja 
    Naruto tells Iruka that today's ramen is on him,and Iruka replies only if you
    accomplish your mission. He tells Naruto something he heard from the 3rd 
    Hokage a long time ago. Kakashi call for him, and Naruto leaves, reluctantly.
    The whole squad is on the rooftop, Naruto and Sasuke fighting, as usual. They
    all leave the rooftop.
    Iruka thinks to himself that the will of fire is stronger than ever, and that 
    someday, out of that flame, a new Hokage will rise.
    **=!!THE END!!=**
    Watch the credits roll by... DO IT OR I WILL STAB YOU IN THE BACK WITH A 
    SHURIKEN!! (Or not..)
    =END PART 6c=
    =END PART 6iv=
    =END PART 6=
    VII Secrets
    7i. Make-out paradise items:                                            [Mopbk]
    1. Make-out Paradise: Beat Ebisu
    2. Make-out Paradise 2: Talk to Kakashi after training in the Marshlands
    3. Make-out Paradise 3: Scroll of Mi
    4. Make-out Violence: Village, Storage, 3rd door.
    5. Make-out Game: Outside of Tazuna's house, go all the way up to the little 
    clearing of forest.
    6. Make-out Strap: Go to the Great Plains, on the 2nd screen, go to the first
    path that leads south. You will need the ability to Climb up/down cliffs and 
    Break rocks before you can get this. Go down the cliff and break the rock to 
    find the strap.
    7. Make-out Paradise DVD: In the Hidden Leaf forest, go to the cabin where you
    fought the tiger. Go in the cabin and there will be a chest inside that 
    contains it.
    8. Make-out Paradise License: Collect all of the Ripped Pages for Jiraiya.
    Apparently, if you collect all 8, something good will happen. However, people 
    have gotten all 8 and they still haven't found anything special about 
    collecting them. I suggest you try getting all 8 before defeating Shukaku, 
    the final boss. Then talk to Kakashi or Jiraiya.
    If you know anything about the outcome of collecting all 8, please e-mail me
    at strider_hiryu2003@yahoo.com. Credit will be given.Just be sure to put the 
    subject as "Naruto guide", otherwise it may get deleted with the other 100+ 
    messages of spam I get daily.
    7ii. Secret scrolls:                                                   [Sctsc]
    1.Scroll of Ne: Complete the 1st mission. -Attack Chinese Medicine Pills
    2.Scroll of Ushi: Defeat the Tiger. -Family Secret Ointment
    3.Scroll of Tora: Defeat the Head Bandit. -Cherry Blossom Storm(Sword for 
    4.Scroll of U: Defeat the first encounter with Zabuza. -3rd Ripped Scroll
    5.Scroll of Tatsu: Defeat Temari and Kankuro. -Ninja Whistle
    6.Scroll of Mi: Defeat Orochimaru(1st encounter). - Make-out Paradise 3
    7.Scroll of Uma: Defeat Kiba in the Preliminaries -Sannin's Ninja Sword
    8.Scroll of Hitsuji: In the 2nd screen of the Marshlands, head to the right,
    across the water and you'll find it with an Attack CMP. -Coupon
    9.Scroll of Saru: Defeat Gaara -Summon Toad Scroll
    10.Scroll of Tori: Defeat Orochimaru(2nd Encounter) - Sannin's Fan
    11.Scroll of Inu: Defeat Kankuro. -Nine Tailed Fox Spirit Chain Mail
    12.Scroll of I: Defeat Shukaku. -Guy's suit
    7iii. Ripped Scrolls:                                                  [Rscrl]
    1st Ripped scroll: Village,Storage building on West side.
    2nd: Land of Fire Grasslands- On the screen with the 2nd ripped page, there 
    will be a cliff north east of the bridge. 
    3rd: Received from Fire Calendar (Scroll of U)
    4th: Forest of Death, near the leaf symbol after you beat the Rain Ninja.
    5th: Gaara Pursuit, Far left of the healing point before fighting Gaara and 
    7iv. Sannin's Weapons                                                  [Sanin]
    Sannin's Ninja Sword: Obtained from the Scroll of Uma
    Sannin's Fan: Obtained from the Scroll of Tori
    Sannin's Shuriken:In Gaara Pursuit,when you control Sasuke's group, go up the
    first tree trunk and once you're up in the trees, go to the first exit on the 
    left. Once you're on the ground, go down and take the South West path. You'll 
    find it at the end of this path.
    Sannin's Kunai Knife: In the tree before the leaf symbol before you
    fight Gaara's group, take the upper right path and on the ground, go up
    the kunai in the chest.
    Sannin's Senbon:In Gaara's Pursuit, when you control Sakura's group, head up
    the first tree in the beginning and make your way to the North East corner,
    go to that exit and the senbon will be on the ground.
    Sannin's Claw: Near Sannin's Kunai Knife.
    Sannin's Chained Sickle: Storage building, last door, center chest
    ---Other valuable weapons---
    Dragon Slayer:In Gaara Pursuit, when you control Sakura's group, there is a 
    tree near a tree has a chest behind it. Go up the nearby tree and head to the 
    right and up to that exit.Go to the left and up another tree. Once you're 
    up in that tree,head down to the right exit. This tree also has the Idaten 
    pants in it. Once you're on the ground, go across the water and you'll find it
    at the end of the path.
    Departed Soul of Futsu:In Gaara Pursuit with Sasuke's group, head down to the 
    first tree and when you're up in the trees, head all the way down past the 
    first exit.
    Cherry Blossom Storm: Obtained from the Scroll of Tora.
    Himetsuru Swift Sword: Storage Building, 2nd door
    4th Hokage's Sword: Summoning Sheet
    Raijin Sword: Summoning Sheet
    Fujin Fan: Summoning Sheet
    Cursed Mark Vest: Near Ripped Page #4 in the Forest of Death
    Cursed Mark Pants: Near Cursed Mark Vest
    Nine-tailed Fox Spirit Chain Mail: Obtained form the Scroll of Inu
    Nine-tailed Fox Spirit Pants: Storage building, last door, left chest
    Ninja Whistle: Allows you to instantly get into a fight, Infinite use- Scroll
    of Tatsu
    Coupon: Gives you a 10% discount in the Village.- Scroll of Hitsuji
    Guy's Suit: Apparently just a collectible since no one can wear it. -Scroll 
    of I
    7v. Summoning Sheet                                                    [Sumsh]
    The summoning sheet is a secret found after you beat the game. Go to the top
    of the Ninja Academy(Go upstairs left, and keep going up) and talk to 
    Konohomaru. Select summoning sheet and the top screen will display Naruto like
    he's doing a jutsu, and the Bottom screen will be blank with a blue 
    background. Now imagine the bottom screen as 3 rows of numbers, 1-12, like so:
    You'll have to press 4 certain numbers to get something. Here are the codes:
    4,7,11,5: 4th Hokage's Sword
    8,11,2,5: Fujin Fan 
    11,3,1,6: Jiraiya joins your party
    7,6,5,11: Rajin's Sword 
    9,2,12,7: Naruto learns Rasengan
    Also, no matter what grid number you touch, the screen will always say 
    "1,2,3,4." That represents the number of times you've touched the grid. If you
    were to touch grid number 12 first, it would appear as a one. If you were to
    touch grid number 8 second, it would appear as two. And so on and so forth...
    If you really need help in touching the right grid numbers, go find a piece of
    paper and a pencil.Cut the paper so that it fits the touch screen almost 
    perfectly, and make 2 rows and 4 columns. Make sure that the columns are 
    spaced out evenly and far apart. If you've drawn it correctly, you should 
    have 12 small blocks. Label those blocks from 1-12, going across and then 
    starting on the next row. Now place the paper over the touch screen, and 
    you should be able to put in the codes correctly.
    7vi. Mini-Game                                                         [Mgame]
    You can play a short mini game after you beat the main part of the game. The
    object of the game is to touch Naruto with your stylus as many times as you
    can. Sometimes he can be tricky and use his sexy jutsu on you. Don't touch 
    these! You'll lose a point and you won't be able to move for a short time.
    In the Jonin level, you'll start having Irukas pop up too. You'll lose 2 
    points and a bit more time than the Sexy jutsu Narutos. Stay clear from Iruka
    and also from the Third Hokage! You lose 3 points and even more time when you
    touch the Third Hokage.
    Unlock Chunin Level: Beat the High score on Genin level. (50 points)
    Unlock Jonin Level: Beat the High score on Chunin level. (70 points)
    7vii. Battle Level                                                     [Btlvl]
    After the battle, when you see how much EXP you gained there will be an icon
    that either says Genin, Chunin, or Jonin. These represent how quickly you 
    ended the battle, or how much you PWNed the enemy. When you defend the game 
    does not count it as a turn. It'll count if you attack or use a jutsu.
    If you end the battle in:
    1 turn: Jonin Level
    2-5 turns: Chunin Level
    6+ turns: Genin Level
    A turn would be, say for example Naruto goes first. I choose attack. That's 
    ONE turn. Sakura goes next, I attack, that's turn #2, and so on and so forth.
    I seriously doubt there's anything lower than Genin when it comes to battling.
    7viii. Glitches                                                        [Gltch]
    If Naruto is blinded and has any Shadow Clone jutsu, sometimes he will do more
    hits than what he would usually do. It won't work if he misses every time he 
    attacks, which is why the Multi Shadow Clone is the best way to go with this.
    7ix. Chemistry                                                         [Chems]
    (Note: This entire section is taken from Darkstar Ripclaw's FAQ, which I have
    expressed permission to post on my guide.)
    When fighting with your allies, certain people take better to Naruto
    than others. Those who have a good relationship with Naruto (in other words,
    they have good party chemistry together) will sometimes team together with him
    or vice versa when attacking to perform a combination attack that can cause a
    great amount of damage to all enemies. This is especially useful with 
    characters who can equip Fans and Chains, as if they get a combination with 
    Naruto, you can easily kill all the enemies in one hit.
    You can increase affinity slowly by battling together with others, but
    this is VERY slow. The next best route to take is by eating ramen together
    with another person at the Ichiraku Ramen Shop, which can instantly raise 
    chemistry level by one. There are, however, two catches; first, you can only 
    eat every ramen a grand total of once, so make sure it counts where you want
    it. Second, certain people will dislike certain ramen, so if you eat a ramen 
    they dislike,their chemistry with Naruto will drop by TWO levels. A chart of 
    likes and dislikes;
                                                B                       E
                                                U                       R
                                                        V                       C
                            S                   T                       T
                                T       S               E                       H
                            O       B           T                       R
                                O       C           S   G                       I
                            Y       B           E                       A
                                N       A   W       E   E           G       N   R
                                    Q           R
                            S   K       L   O       A   T   G   H   A   S   A   A
                        M   A   O   P   L   N   C   W   A   R   E   R   P   R   K
                        I   U   T   O   I   T   O   E   B   A   A   L   I   U   U
                        S   C   S   R   O   O   R   E   L   V   V   I   C   T
                        O   E   U   K   N   N   N   D   E   Y   Y   C   Y   O
                        R   R   R   R   R   R   R   R   R   R   R   R   R   R   E
                        A   A   A   A   A   A   A   A   A   A   A   A   A   A   C
                        M   M   M   M   M   M   M   M   M   M   M   M   M   M   I
                        E   E   E   E   E   E   E   E   E   E   E   E   E   E   A
                        N   N   N   N   N   N   N   N   N   N   N   N   N   N   L
    S A S U K E       | X | O | O | O | O | O | O | O | X | X | O | O | O | O | O|
                      |                                                          |
    S A K U R A       | O | O | O | O | X | O | O | O | O | O | O | X | X | O | O|
                      |                                                          |
    S H I K A M A R U | O | O | X | O | O | O | X | O | O | O | X | O | O | O | O|
                      |                                                          |
    R O C K  L E E    | O | O | O | O | O | X | O | X | O | O | O | O | O | X | O|
                      |                                                          |
    N E J I           | O | X | O | X | O | O | O | O | O | O | O | O | O | O | O|
                      |                                                          |
    K A K A S H I     |		     NOT APPLICABLE                          |
    		  |                                                          |
    J I R A I Y A     |                  NOT APPLICABLE                          |
    		O = Likes, X = Dislikes
    Additionally, you will pick up certain rare items throughout the game
    that you can feed to an ally that will also increase your chemistry with them.
    	Neji - Likes: Crab   Dislikes: ???
    	Sakura - Likes: Sweet Agar with Dumpling   Dislikes: Chili Pepper
    	Sasuke - Likes: Rice Balls   Dislikes: Natto
    	Shikimaru - Likes: Vinegared Seaweed   Dislikes: Hard-Boiled Egg
    	Rock Lee - Likes: Crab    Dislikes: Marshmallow
    The affinity rank goes like this, with Eww being the lowest and You Are Hokage
    being the highest. Once you get to You Are Hokage, do not eat anymore Ramen 
    with the same person, as you cannot increase effectiveness once you get to 
    that point.
    	Eww > Annoying > Not Good > Normal > Not Bad > Rival > Good > Cool > You
    	are Hokage
    VIII. List of Jutsus for characters                                    [Jutsu]
            Shadow Clone Jutsu:Start
            Sexy Jutsu/Harem Jutsu*:Lvl 4
            Water Style Jutsu Lvl 1: Lvl 7
            Heal Jutsu Lvl 1:Lvl 7
            Fart: Lvl 9
            Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu: Lvl 11
           [Credit to Keith Kaizer for Lvl 29-77 jutsu list]
            Substitution Jutsu: Lvl 29
            Lightning Style Jutsu Lvl 2: Lvl 32
            Naruto Uzumaki Barrage*: Lvl 35
            Heal Jutsu Lvl 2: Lvl 42
            Na-Ru-To 2K Uzumaki Barrage*: Lvl 59
            Combo Transformation Jutsu: Lvl 74
            Heal All Jutsu Lvl 3: Lvl 77
            Nine-tailed Fox's chakra: Find all the ripped scrolls
            Toad Blade cut: Acquired from training with Jiraiya
            Rasengan*: Summoning Sheet
            *- Denotes a shadow clone jutsu must be used before you can use this 
             Fire Style-Fire Ball Jutsu: Start
             Fire Style Jutsu Lvl 1: Lvl 4 
             Fire Style Jutsu Lvl 2: Lvl 9
             Demon Wind Shuriken, Windmill of Shadows! : Lvl 14
            [Credit to Keith Kaizer for Level 15-68 jutsu]
             Lightning Style Jutsu Lvl 2: Lvl 15
             Lions Barrage: Lvl 20
             Sharigan Copy: Lvl 22
             Fire Style-Phoenix Flower Jutsu: Lvl 23
             Fire Style-Dragon Flame Jutsu: Lvl 26
             Clone Jutsu: Lvl 27
             Substitution Jutsu: Lvl 29
             Mobility Heal-Rin: Lvl 32
             Escape Jutsu: Lvl 32
             Fire Style Jutsu Lvl 3: Lvl 35
             Lightning Style Jutsu Lvl 3: Lvl 35
             Heal Jutsu-Lvl 4: Lvl 56
             Heal All Jutsu-Lvl 4: Lvl 68
             Sharigan Insight: Learn from Haku battle
             Chidori*: Learn from training with Kakashi
             *- Denotes a Sharigan must be used before you can use this technique.
             Inner Sakura Lvl 1: Start
             Fire Style Jutsu Lvl 1: Lvl 4
             Lightning Style Jutsu Lvl 1: Lvl 5
             Water Style Jutsu Lvl 1: Lvl 5
             Heal Jutsu Lvl 1: Lvl 5
             Wind Style Jutsu Lvl 1: Lvl 6
             Release:Poison :Lvl 7
             Fire Style Jutsu Lvl 2: Lvl 9
             Heal All Jutsu Lvl 1: Lvl 11
             Release: Blindness: Lvl 15
             [Credit to Keith Kaizer for Level 16-62 jutsu]
             Booby Trap: Lvl 16
             Water Style Jutsu Lvl 2: Lvl 17
             Heal Jutsu Lvl 2: Lvl 17
             Lullaby Jutsu: Lvl 18
             Wind Style Jutsu Lvl 2: Lvl 22
             Shuriken Wild Dance: Lvl 26
             Heal All Jutsu Lvl 2: Lvl 27
             Clone Jutsu: Lvl 27
             Playing Dead Jutsu: Lvl 28
             Substitution Jutsu: Lvl 29
             Release: Sealed Jutsu : Lvl 30
             Mobility Heal: Rin : Lvl 32
             Hidden Leaf Shield: Lvl 32
             Inner Sakura Lvl 2: Lvl 34
             Heal All Jutsu Lvl 3: Lvl 35
             Water Style Jutsu Lvl 3: Lvl 36
             Heal Jutsu Lvl 3: Lvl 36
             Cheering Jutsu: Lvl 38
             Deceptive Jutsu: Lvl 38
             Release: Abnormalities: Lvl 40 
             Wind Style Jutsu Lvl 3: Lvl 50
             Inner Sakura Lvl 3: Lvl 50
             Heal Jutsu Lvl 4: Lvl 56
             Mobility Heal: Hyo: Lvl 59
             Heal All Jutsu Lvl 4: Lvl 62
    Shikamaru:   The following jutsu can be obtained from when you first have the
                 option of changing party members:
                 Fire Style Jutsu Lvl 1
                 Lightning Style Jutsu Lvl 1
                 Wind Style Jutsu Lvl 2
                 Heal Jutsu Lvl 1 and 2
                 Heal All Jutsu Lvl 1
                 Release: Poison
                 Clone Jutsu
                 Blindness Jutsu
                 Shadow Possession Jutsu
                 [Credit to Kaith Kaizer for Lvl 30-62 jutsu]
                 Release: Sealed Jutsu: Lvl 30
                 Mobility Heal: Rin: Lvl 32
                 Escape Jutsu: Lvl 32
                 Flying Clouds Jutsu: Lvl 38
                 Release: Abnormalities: Lvl 40
                 Shadow Sinking Jutsu: Lvl 40
                 Wind Style Jutsu Lvl 3: Lvl 50
                 Fish in Troubled Waters Jutsu: Lvl 50
                 Heal All Jutsu Lvl 4: Lvl 62
    Neji:   The following jutsu can be obtained from when you first have the
            option of changing party members:
            Lightning Style Jutsu Lvl 1 and 2
            Wind Style Jutsu Lvl 1
            Water Style Jutsu Lvl 1
            Heal Jutsu Lvl 1 and 2
            Heal All Jutsu Lvl 1
            Release: Poison and Blindness
            Lullaby Jutsu
            [Credit to Keith Kaizer for Lvl 27-56 jutsu]
            Clone Jutsu: Lvl 27
            Substitution Jutsu: Lvl 29
            Release: Sealed Jutsu: Lvl 30
            Mobility Heal: Rin: Lvl 32
            Hidden Leaf Shield: Lvl 32
            Lightning Style Jutsu Lvl 3: Lvl 35
            Heal Jutsu Lvl 3: Lvl 36
            Cheering Jutsu: Lvl 38
            Chakra Points: Lvl 38
            Release: Abnormalities: Lvl 40
            8 Trigrams: Palm Rotation: Lvl 40
            8 Trigrams: 64 Palms: Lvl 40
            Heal Jutsu Lvl 4: Lvl 56
    Rock Lee: The following jutsu can be obtained from when you first have the
              option of changing party members:
              Handsome Devil
              Leaf Whirlwind
              Leaf Hurricane
              [Credit to Keith Kaizer for Lvl 34-53 jutsu]
              Primary Lotus: Lvl 34
              Youthful Blow: Lvl 38
              The Eight Inner Gates: Lvl 53
              Hidden Lotus: Lvl 53
    Combined Jutsus:
    (Note: Some jutsu names will differ from in-game names. This is because I 
    took the names from a guide of the GBA version. Credit to Hikumi/Pazuzu for 
    names and combos. I might have changed the names a little to suit the U.S 
    version. For example,Konoha would be translated into Hidden Leaf.)
    (UPDATE: Names have been updated from Darkstar Ripclaw's FAQ.)
    Destructive Fairytale: Naruto's Fart + Sakura's Inner Sakura*
    Transform Shuriken: Naruto's Shadow clone* + Sasuke's Demon Windmill
    Hidden Leaf Youthful Barrage: Naruto's Naruto Uzumaki Barrage** + Rock 
    Lee's The Eight Inner Gates
    Gentle Fist Naruto Combo: Naruto's Naruto Uzumaki Barrage + Neji's Byakugan
    Blazing Shuriken Dance: Sakura's Shuriken Wild Dance + Sasuke's Sharigan*
    First Kiss Destruction: Rock Lee's Handsome Devil + Sakura's Inner Sakura
    Hidden Leaf Hidden Wild Dance: Rock Lee's Primary Lotus + Sasuke's Sharigan*
    (Rock must use The Eight Inner gates first.)
    Hidden Leaf Combo Fist: Rock Lee's Youthful blow attack + Neji's 
    (Credit to Arun Bird)
    Fart Bind: Naruto's Fart + Shikamaru's Shadow Possession Jutsu
    Dragon Flame Bind: Sasuke's Sharigan* + Shikamaru's Shadow Possession
    Sum of Ninja IQ: Sakura's Hidden Leaf Shield + Shikamaru's Shadow Sinking 
    Shadow Sinking Hurricane: Shikamaru's Shadow Possession + Rock Lee's The Eight
    Inner Gates
    Eight Trigrams Shadow Bind: Shikamaru's Shadow Sinking + Neji's Byakugan
    (Credit to crimson skydeath)
    Evil Illusion, Double Curse Eyes: Sasuke's Sharigan + Neji's Chakra 
    Flexible Uzumaki Barrage: Neji's Chakra Points*** + Naruto's Naruto Uzumaki 
    Barrage** (Credit to Calvinooi)
    Train of Cha: Sakura's Inner Sakura* + Neji's Chakra Points
    *- Denotes any version can be used.
    **- Just the regualr version, not the 2K version
    ***-Must have Byakugan active.
    Have I missed any Jutsus? E-mail me at strider_hiryu2003@yahoo.com, and credit
    will be given.Just be sure to put the subject as "Naruto guide", otherwise it 
    may get deleted with the other 100+ messages of spam I get daily.
    IX. Shop List                                                          [Shops]
    Legend: Na=Naruto
            Rl=Rock Lee
            ALL=Everyone can equip this
    Weapon Shop:
    Name:                    Normal Price:         With Coupon:     Equip:
    Small Sword              594 Ryo               540 Ryo          Na,Ss,Sk,Sh,Nj
    Ninja Sword              792 Ryo               720 Ryo          Na,Ss,Sh,Nj
    Battle Fan               1980 Ryo              1800 Ryo         Sk,Nj
    Rod Shuriken             347 Ryo               315 Ryo          Ss,Sk,Sh,Nj,Rl
    Kunai                    1980 Ryo              1800 Ryo         ALL
    Senbon                   198 Ryo               180 Ryo          Ss,Sk,Nj
    Iron Knuckle             1980 Ryo              1800 Ryo         Rl
    Iron Chains              3960 Ryo              3600 Ryo         Ss,Sh
    Steel Fan                2970 Ryo              2700 Ryo         Sk,Nj
    Ninja Wind Fan           4158 Ryo              3780 Ryo         Sk,Nj
    Winged Nail              396 Ryo               360 Ryo          Sk,Nj
    Heaven Fan               6732 Ryo              6120 Ryo         Sk,Nj
    6-edged Shuriken         2475 Ryo              2250 Ryo         ALL
    Double-Edged Kunai       2475 Ryo              2250 Ryo         ALL
    Hooked Claw              2970 Ryo              2700 Ryo         Rl
    Himetsuru Swift Sword    4752 Ryo              4320 Ryo         Sk
    Round Moon Sword         4950 Ryo              4500 Ryo         Na,Ss,Sh
    Super Heaven Fan         10890 Ryo             9900 Ryo         Sk,Nj
    8-edged Shuriken         2970 Ryo              2700 Ryo         ALL
    Double Blade             3465 Ryo              3150 Ryo         ALL
    Falcon Claw              3960 Ryo              3600 Ryo         Rl
    Chained Whistle          7722 Ryo              7020 Ryo         Ss,Sh
    Tiger Claw               6930 Ryo              6300 Ryo         Rl
    Ball and Chain           11880 Ryo             10800 Ryo        Ss,Sk,Rl
    Muramasa                 11880 Ryo             10800 Ryo        Na,Ss,Sh
    Dragon Fan               17820 Ryo             16200 Ryo        Sk,Nj
    Armor Shop:
    Leather Vest             297 Ryo               270 Ryo          ALL
    Leaf Chain Mail          396 Ryo               360 Ryo          ALL
    Leather Pants            99 Ryo                90 Ryo           ALL
    Hidden Leaf Pants        148 Ryo               135 Ryo          ALL
    Gold Armor               792 Ryo               720 Ryo          Na,Ss,Sk,Sh
    Alloy Vest               990 Ryo               900 Ryo          Na,Ss,Rl,Sh
    Spiked Pants             247 Ryo               225 Ryo          Na,Ss,Nj,Sh
    Gold Pants               346 Ryo               345 Ryo          Na,Sk,Rl,Sh
    Fan-like Chain Mail      1980 Ryo              1800 Ryo         Ss,Sk,Nj,Sh
    Fan-like Pants           396 Ryo               360 Ryo          Ss,Sk,Nj
    Asura Armor              4752 Ryo              4320 Ryo         Sk,Nj,Rl
    Gemmed Armor             5940 Ryo              5400 Ryo         ALL
    Manifer                  7425 Ryo              6750 Ryo         Sk,Sh
    Hooked Claw Manifer      7425 Ryo              6750 Ryo         Ss,Rl
    Asura Pants              891 Ryo               810 Ryo          Na,Sk,Rl
    Gemmed Pants             990 Ryo               900 Ryo          ALL
    Falcon Pants             1485 Ryo              1350 Ryo         Na,Ss,Sk,Rl,Sh
    Super Heaven Armor       9504 Ryo              8640 Ryo         Na,Ss,Rl,Sh
    Hien Pants               4455 Ryo              4050 Ryo         ALL
    Shiden Pants             5940 Ryo              5400 Ryo         ALL
    Super Heaven Pants       7425 Ryo              6750 Ryo         Na,Ss,Sk,Rl,Sh
    Dragon Chain Mail        11880 Ryo             10800 Ryo        Na,Ss,Sk,Nj
    Dragon Pants             9900 Ryo              9000 Ryo         Na,Ss,Sk,Nj
    Dancing Leaf Pants       29700 Ryo             27000 Ryo        Ss,Rl
    Item Shop:
    Food Pills               49 Ryo                45 Ryo
    Chakra Pills             198 Ryo               180 Ryo
    Versatile Pills          1485 Ryo              1350 Ryo
    Stone                    33 Ryo                30 Ryo
    Explosive Paper          396 Ryo               360 Ryo
    Smoke Bomb               297 Ryo               270 Ryo
    Makibishi Spikes         297 Ryo               270 Ryo
    Confusion Aroma          297 Ryo               270 Ryo
    Poison Manual            79 Ryo                72 Ryo
    Immobility Manual        79 Ryo                72 Ryo
    Confusion Manual         79 Ryo                72 Ryo
    Blindness Manual         79 Ryo                72 Ryo
    Sealed Jutsu Manual      79 Ryo                72 Ryo
    Medical Food Pills       148 Ryo               135 Ryo
    Medical Chakra Pills     495 Ryo               450 Ryo
    Escape Scroll            99 Ryo                90 Ryo
    Substitution Scroll      198 Ryo               180 Ryo
    Clone Scroll             118 Ryo               108 Ryo
    Fire Style Scroll        396 Ryo               360 Ryo
    Water Style Scroll       495 Ryo               450 Ryo
    Lightning Style Scroll   396 Ryo               360 Ryo
    Wind Style Scroll        495 Ryo               450 Ryo
    Competition Pills        297 Ryo               270 Ryo
    Steel Pills              297 Ryo               270 Ryo
    Wind Pills               297 Ryo               270 Ryo
    Super Paper Bomb         595 Ryo               540 Ryo
    Poison Smoke Bomb        297 Ryo               270 Ryo
    Seal Ball                297 Ryo               270 Ryo
    Timid Ball               297 Ryo               270 Ryo
    Wimp Ball                297 Ryo               270 Ryo
    Sticky Ball              297 Ryo               270 Ryo
    General Manual           396 Ryo               360 Ryo
    Toad Brand Food Pills    792 Ryo               720 Ryo
    Toad Brand Chakra Pills  1485 Ryo              1350 Ryo
    Magic Cloak              792 Ryo               720 Ryo
    Super Brand Food Pills   4950 Ryo              4500 Ryo
    Super Brand Chakra Pills 2970 Ryo              2700 Ryo
    Anbu Paper Bomb          792 Ryo               720 Ryo
    X Formations                                                           [Forms]
    (Credit to iamevilgirl for next 5 formations)
    Lightning formation:Raises ATK
    _ _ X
    _ _ X
    _ _ X
    Spiral Formation: Raises DEF
    _ _ X
    _ X _
    _ _ X
    Staggered Formation:Resistant to KO
    X _ _
    _ X _
    _ _ X
    V Formation: Resistant to Poison and Blind
    X _ _
    _ X _
    X _ _
    Falcon formation: Raises AGI(You can put them on any row)
    - - -
    x x x
    - - -
    Arrow Formation: Resistant to Sealed jutsu status
    (Credit: supabad321)
    - - X
    X - -
    - - X
    Have I missed a Formation? E-Mail me at strider_hiryu2003@yahoo.com. Credit 
    will be given.Just be sure to put the subject as "Naruto guide", otherwise it
    may get deleted with the other 100+ messages of spam I get daily.
    XI. AR Codes                                                           [Cheat]
    Credit for this section goes to DialgaDemon99, except for the Game ID, 
    which was provided by gamewinners.com
    Game ID:
    YN5E 3b749ef9 
    Infinite Money
    020AA700 0098967F
    Infinite Health, All Character
    5206F620 C1A03000
    0206F620 E1D420B2
    0206F624 E1C422BC
    D2000000 00000000
    Infinite Chakra, All Character
    52019F4C E0400004
    02019F4C E1A00000
    D2000000 00000000
    No Encounter/Random Battle
    120AA248 000009C4
    020AA244 0000972C
    94000130 FC7C0000
    120AA248 00000000
    020AA244 FFFFFFFF
    D2000000 00000000
    NOTE: Press DOWN+L+R+A+B for INSTANT Battle
    Knows All Jutsu, All Character
    C0000000 00000006
    020AA2F0 FFFFFFF8
    020AA2F8 00FFFFFE
    020AA300 3FFFFFF0
    020AA304 FFFFF70F
    020AA308 8FF1FFF0
    020AA30C 3E3883F0
    DC000000 0000005C
    D2000000 00000000
    One Hit Kill
    52036F5C E0411005
    22036F5C 00000001
    0206F620 E1D420B2
    0206F624 E1C422BC
    D2000000 00000000
    NOTE: It also makes Infinite Health in All Character
    All Hit is 999
    52037684 C1A00001
    22037687 000000E1
    0206F620 E1D420B2
    0206F624 E1C422BC
    D2000000 00000000
    NOTE: It also makes Infinite Health in All Character
    Walk Anywhere Code(wall/buildings/water/tree)
    5200F0A4 E5841000 
    0200F0A4 E1A00000
    0200F0AC E1A00000
    D2000000 00000000
    Infinite Health, All Character v2
    D3000000 020AA2B6
    F20AA2E0 00000002
    D2000000 00000000
    D3000000 020AA312
    F20AA33C 00000002
    D2000000 00000000
    D3000000 020AA36E
    F20AA398 00000002
    D2000000 00000000
    D3000000 020AA3CA
    F20AA3F4 00000002
    D2000000 00000000
    D3000000 020AA426
    F20AA450 00000002
    D2000000 00000000
    D3000000 020AA482
    F20AA4AC 00000002
    D2000000 00000000
    D3000000 020AA4DE
    F20AA508 00000002
    D2000000 00000000
    D3000000 020AA53A
    F20AA564 00000002
    D2000000 00000000
    Infinite Chakra, All Character v2
    C0000000 00000007
    120AA2E2 000003E7
    DC000000 0000005C
    D2000000 00000000
    9999 [0x270F] Experience Gain, Press L after the Battle
    94000130 FDFF0000
    122354F8 0000270F
    12235500 0000270F
    D2000000 00000000
    Max Health, All Character
    C0000000 00000007
    120AA2B6 000003E7
    DC000000 0000005C
    D2000000 00000000
    Max Chakra, All Character
    C0000000 00000007
    120AA2B8 000003E7
    DC000000 0000005C
    D2000000 00000000
    All Char Max Stat
    C0000000 00000003
    120AA2BA 000003E7
    120AA316 000003E7
    120AA372 000003E7
    120AA3CE 000003E7
    120AA42A 000003E7
    120AA486 000003E7
    120AA4E2 000003E7
    DC000000 00000002
    D2000000 00000000
    All Equipment
    C0000000 00000068
    220AA63C 00000001
    DC000000 00000001
    D2000000 00000000
    All Item
    220AA603 0000005F
    220AA62A 0000005F
    220AA61D 0000005F
    C0000000 0000003D
    220AA5C4 0000005F
    DC000000 00000001
    D2000000 00000000
    Character 1
    220AA59C 000000XX
    Character 2
    220AA5A8 000000XX
    Character 3
    220AA5B4 000000XX
    Character 4
    220AA5C0 000000XX
    XX can be:
    00 - Naruto
    01 - Sasuke
    02 - Sakura
    03 - Kakashi
    04 - Shikamaru
    05 - Neji
    06 - Lee
    07 - Jiraiya
    09 - None
    Naruto, Max Stat
    120AA2BA 000003E7
    020AA2BC 03E703E7
    120AA2C0 000003E7
    Sasuke, Max Stat
    120AA316 000003E7
    020AA318 03E703E7
    120AA31C 000003E7
    Sakura, Max Stat
    120AA372 000003E7
    020AA374 03E703E7
    120AA378 000003E7
    All Char Max Stat
    C0000000 00000003
    120AA2BA 000003E7
    120AA372 000003E7
    120AA316 000003E7
    DC000000 00000002
    D2000000 00000000
    Level Modifier *Use at own Risk*
    220AA2B4 000000XX <- Naruto
    220AA310 000000XX <- Sasuke
    220AA36C 000000XX <- Sakura
    NOTE: Max is 0x63 = 99
    Experience Points *Use at own Risk*
    020AA2C4 000XXXXX <- Naruto
    020AA320 000XXXXX <- Sasuke
    020AA37C 000XXXXX <- Sakura
    NOTE: Max, Naruto = 0xF7CEF, Sasuke = 0xFA38C, Sakura = 0xF7C6E 
    All Ripped Scroll
    120AA622 00000101
    120AA624 00000101
    220AA626 00000001
    All Ripped Pages
    120AA61E 00000101
    120AA620 00000101
    NOTE: These last 2 might cause problem since in this game most of the valuable
    item unlocks a lot of event and might freeze the game if it didn't follow the 
    mission sequel 
    XII. Authorized Websites                                               [Awebs]
    Please do not post MY guide on your website, about 99% of the time that you 
    ask, I will give you permission. So please ask before you post! Send me an
    E-mail to: strider_hiryu2003@yahoo.com, and be sure to put the subject as 
    "Naruto guide request", otherwise it may get deleted with the other 100+ 
    messages of spam I get daily.
    XIII. Credits/Special Thanks                                           [Kudos]
    Keith Kaizer, for several characters jutsus
    iamevilgirl, for some formations
    supabad321, for a formation
    Hizumi/Pazuzu, for Combined Jutsu list
    crimson skydeath, for a little clarification on a combination jutsu.
    Arun Bird, for clarification upon one of Neji and Rock Lee's combined jutsu.
    Itachi19, for summoning sheet codes
    Calvinooi, for a combination jutsu I forgot to add
    DialgaDemon99, for AR codes
    Darkstar Ripclaw, for the Chemistry section, and DS version combination jutsu
    GameFAQs, for hosting this FAQ.
    Me, for spending months of writing this FAQ
    Tomy and D3, for releasing a great Naruto port
    Viz, for releasing and dubbing a great anime and bringing it over to America.
    You, yes you, for reading. Because if their weren't any fans, there wouldn't 
    be any purpose in typing this guide
    Have I accidentally left you out? E-mail me at strider_hiryu2003@yahoo.com and
    remind me what info you have done,and be sure to put the subject as 
    "Naruto guide", otherwise it may get deleted with the other 100+ messages of
    spam I get daily.
    XIV. About the Author...
    RedSwordMage is a junior at a local college who is training to be a Game 
    Designer or Programmer.He is willing to go for 4 years then go back another 
    2 to get his Masters Degree. A quote that would have to apply to his life 
    would be: "Bullcrap happens, build a bridge and get over it." He likes to 
    watch anime and play video games,and also has a healthy,social life
    outside of the virtual world. 
    This is his 2nd guide he has done. He enjoys making guides, and might consider
    doing it as a job to get into the industry. His first guide was a walkthrough 
    for the Lunar Ruins Bonus Dungeon for Final Fantasy IV Advance, which was for 
    the GBA. 
    Copyright 2008
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