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"Despite getting the style of the show down, Scam of the Century fails on every other level"

Upon reaching the main menu of Ed, Edd, 'n Eddy: Scam of the Century, the theme song from the television show starts playing, but fans of the show will notice that something is not right. The whistling was replaced with a piano, and it sounds awful. Upon hearing this song, I should have heeded its warning that I was in for a miserable experience. The rest of the soundtrack is forgettable, but the tracks do not sound bad however the game play was so bad that it overshadowed the music for me.

The game begins with Eddy's scam book being lost, and it has in it every person Eddy has scammed and how much money. Sarah, Rolfe, and Kevin find the book and give it to Captain Melon Head before deciding to give the Ed's a pounding. The Ed's get split up, and the three must race back to the Cul-de-sac before the other kids can capture them. When the player is given control, they can choose as playing as one of the Ed's, and the final level can only be accessed once each of the Ed's has cleared four levels.

Each Ed runs into a different problem along the way returning home and Ed has to deal with his baby sister and her annoying friend, Edd has to deal with Rolfe, and Eddy has to deal with shovel chin, Kevin. The story is easily the best part of the game, and each character acts their normal self with Ed being a goof, Edd being a brainiac, and Eddy being a loud mouth with a love for money.

The game play is standard platformer experience including the flaws that plague the genre, and there are in total thirteen levels. The first level for each Ed is simply a tutorial that explains the controls and game play, and in each level there are quarters and items to collect. Ed collects his pet cheese, Sheldon, Edd collects test tubes, and Eddy collects records. Aside from collecting different items, each character has their own unique skills and weapons to use. Ed can bash enemies with his head and has a sneeze ability that wipes out all enemies that are nearby. His movement and run animation are just like from the show. Edd can throw books and go crazy as his special attack while Eddy can spit bubble gum and burp as his special attack. Aside from different weapons and items to collect, each one has their own run animation, and Edd is slow even when running while Eddy is fast while running.

A bulk of the game play consists of platform jumping, fighting enemies, and dying and dying a lot, and each level is composed of several sections with a checkpoint near the start of the next screen. The level design as a whole is mind numbingly frustrating, and Scam of the Century suffers from every flaw of the genre including poorly placed enemies and cheap hits. In fact sometimes the only way to progress forward is to take damage which is inexcusable. The camera shows very little of the surrounding areas which makes it very easy to take a jump and get hit by a random item that is poorly placed or hit an enemy at the edge and fall to the death, and it does not help that the Ed's out run the camera which leads to a lot of cheap hits when enemies will pop up with no warning giving the player no time to avoid them this means the player has to take it slow. This would be okay if the levels were not so long with the checkpoints to far apart from each other which means dying can cause the player to lose a lot of progress. Even worse is when the player has to take a leap of faith since it is impossible to see how far away the platform is, but to accommodate for this, the player can hit "L" which will allows them to move the camera around for a short distance to see the what is a head. This drags the already slow pace of the game down even more.

There is a lack of variety of enemies, and the enemies include dolls, crows, chickens, pig, and goats. Enemies can either be killed by jumping on them a few times, using attack, special attack, camera, or jawbreaker although the attacks and special attacks are flawed, and Eddy's normal attack cannot kill enemies instead just stops them in their tracks while Edd's special attack is completely useless. Jumping on the enemies is the only concrete way for each character yet this also comes with a bonus which causes the Ed's to bounce off the enemy which is sometimes needed to surpass or collect out of the way items.

Every once in a while the game will have the player survive a gauntlet of enemies while a boss randomly attacks the player, and these parts are pure frustrating due to the poor placement of enemies and difficult to dodge attacks of the boss these parts are usually right before a checkpoint which can lead to a lot of cheap deaths due to low health even more annoying is the fact that the bosses cannot be beaten but temporarily stunned.

One notable level that is different from the rest is one of Edd's levels where the camera will slowly pan forward while the player tries to keep up and this is worth mentioning only because the section is long and slow, and it draws the game out which feels like it was the objective the developer. They tried to stretch out a short number of levels to make it feel like the player is getting a decent game.

Most of the levels are simply going from start to finish yet the last two levels are slightly different, and in level three for each character not only do the player has to reach the exit but in the process collect three items to progress. Thankfully if the item is missed, the game starts the player back at the start of the area. Level four is different for each character; Ed has to knock down a wall while Edd cleans up the mess. Eddy has to survive a gauntlet involving the bosses.

The last level of the game is nothing more than a gauntlet of boss fights, and the boss fights are just as poor as the rest of the game if not even worse. The first fight involves hitting Jimmy with an item then progress forward, and this has to be repeated several times. Getting the first few hits is not that bad but the last few hits is difficult and dying means restarting the entire sequence over again. The next fights are strange and poorly design, and one fight has Edd duking it out with Rolfe however there is no explanation as to what to do even after trying to jump and attack Rolfe, there was no sign of hurting him eventually the battle ended randomly with no explanation.

Next Eddy has to fight Kevin, and this is the worst fight of the entire game, and it is nothing more than pure frustration. Trying to survive the battle is no easy task because not only does Kevin throw water balloons and spikes, but Eddy has to dodge fire hydrants and stop signs. Once again there is no clue as to what to do; at first I tried making it to the end of the street which ended in a game over next I tried hitting Kevin which is no easy feat whatsoever. Picking up an item is difficult thanks to several factors, and the Ed's are too slow and most of the time I took a hit while trying to pick up the items to throw at Kevin. The other problem is the controls which has attack and pick up on the same button which ultimately meant I would be attacking when trying to pick up the item. This is very annoying.

As for the rest of the controls, they range from passable to terrible and hitting UP on D-Pad will have the Ed's look at the background. This is completely useless except for the tutorial and rarely going through a door and numerous times the Ed's would stop and look at the background while I was playing the game because UP is oversensitive even barely pressing it cause the Ed's to come to a stop this happened numerous time when I slide my thumb across from RIGHT to LEFT even if my thumb barely touched UP. The biggest problem is definitely having attack and pick up object on the same button. The touch screen is used for using items and special attacks, and every once in a while the microphone will be used for blowing.

Graphics are the only other good part of the game aside from the story, and the developer got the style from the show down pat. Each character looks and act like their normal self, and the animation is great. I definitely liked Ed's goofy look that he has whenever DOWN is pressed, and the game takes place over numerous places from the show including the woods, trailer park, junkyard, and Cul-de-sac.

Replay value is low, and aside from replaying the game to get a higher score, there are mini games that are unlocked by using the quarters that are found in the levels, and there are only three mini games to unlock. Sadly they are the only enjoyable part of the game.

Ed, Edd, 'n Eddy: Scam of the Century gets the style of the show down however it fails at everything else, and not even the die hard of Ed, Edd, 'n Eddy fans will find anything worthwhile about this game. So instead avoid this game and get The Mis- Edventures for PS2, X-Box, or GCN since it is a better Ed, Edd, 'n Eddy game.

Reviewer's Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

Originally Posted: 08/24/12, Updated 04/29/13

Game Release: Ed, Edd n Eddy: Scam of the Century (US, 10/26/07)

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