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    Walkthrough by Tinister

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/17/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    Author: Tinister              tinister@hotmail.com             Version 1.0
       Few  are  chosen.  Fewer  succeed.  Journey  now  to  an  island  world
    surrealistically tinged with mystery... 
    where every vibrant rock,  scrap of paper,  and sound may hold vital clues
    to your unraveling  a chilling tale of intrigue and  injustice that defies
    all  boundaries of time  and space.  Only your  wits and  imagination will
    serve to stay the course and unlock the ancient betrayal of ages past.
     - Back of the box
       Most  people don't like  this game,  mainly  because it doesnt  contain
    killing or bloodshed.  Yet,  it makes you think,  which half of  Americans
    don't like to do.
        Table O' Contents
      I. Q&A Walkthrough
     II. Complete Walkthrough
        A. Beginning
        B. Mechanical Age
        C. Stoneship Age
        D. Channelwood Age
        E. Selenitic Age
        F. Ending(s)
    III. Puzzle Soultions
     IV. Ending
    I. Q&A Walkthrough
       This walkthrough does not ruin the game for you. It helps you at places
    where most people get stuck.
    Q: Where do I go?
    A: It's up to you.  Explore around the island until you know what you need
    to do.
    Q: What are Marker Switches?
    A: Those are  the little switches you  find around certain  structures and
    landmarks.  Count them up and  put them in  the fore chamber  by the dock,
    like the note says.
    Q: What is the Tower Rotation?
    A: The Tower  is the big mountain  behind the library.  You can get a good
    view on the gear platform. To rotate it you use the map in the library.
    Q: What happens when the line turns red(on the map in the library)?
    A: That means you  have stumbled on a clue.  Go to the tower  and get that
    clue.  How do I get into  the library you say?  That you need  to find out
    yourself. The door is in the library.
    Mechanical Age
    Q: Where are the red and blue pages?
    A: Check for hidden doors in the main rooms.  Like other ages, the page is
    in the son's room(i.e. red page is it Sirrus' room).
    Q: What's the point of the elevator?
    A: Press the middle button and get out.  You should now be in front of the 
    tower controls, just like the one in the Achenar's room.  Be sure to write
    the sound for each direction.
    Stoneship Age
    Q: How do I get in these tunnels?
    A: You need to pump the water out. The pump should be easy to find.
    Q: What's this piece of paper for?
    A: You need the contents to finish the game.  Write it down exactly as you
    see it,  so when you find  the other half you'll be  able to get the whole
    Q: Which button do I press in the room between the tunnels?
    A: The  button  that  represents  the  lighthouse. You  need  to  use  the
    telescope to find the degree.  Then press the button at the same degree. A
    little math is required.
    Channelwood Age
    Q: How do I get these elevators to work?
    A: Go to  the rocky  island and  play with  the controls.   Then  use  the
    controls on the pipe to guide the power to the elevator.
    Q: How do I use the elevator on the higher storie and power it at the same
    A: Use the stairway next to it. A lever in one of the huts opens the door.
    Selenitic Age
    Q: How do I find the combination for the shed in the front?
    A: Turn the 5  sounds on and  find them on  the contraption  on the middle
    island. Then press the bottom button.  You need to find them perfectly. If
    you hear the sound,  look at the arrows.  If one of them blinks,  press it
    until none of them blink.
    Q: Where's the dripping water sound?
    A: Took me a while to find. It's right of the burning fire landmark.
    Q: Where do I go in the track train?
    A: Use the sounds to guide you. Remember the Mechanical Age? If you don't,
    Just go any direction but if you don't hear a sound anymore, backtrack and
    go another way.
    Q: Which brother do I free?
    A: It's a hard choice. They both say don't touch the green book. But...
    Q: Where do I find the missing page.
    A: Use the 2 pieces of the paper from Stoneship and Channelwood ages.
    II. Complete Walktrhough
       This walkthrough tells all details to finishing the game of Myst. First
    of all,  you dont  want to ruin  this game.  If you've already  beaten the
    game,  fell free to look to see how you get  the answers to puzzles you've
    guessed  on.  If you've  been stuck  on something  for weeks  and the  Q&A
    doesn't help, then you can look. Well here we go,
    A. Beginning
      Walk around the island until you find a note on the ground to Catherine.
    Then go around  counting all the Marker  Switches and putting  them to the
    "on" position(lever is up). Go to the fore chamber beside the dock and put
    the number of Marker Switches in the panel beside the stairway. Then press
    the button by the pool.  If nothing happens you counted wrong.  You should
    get the message from Atrus.
      Go into the  library and put the red  and blue page in  the red and blue
    books respectively. You can listen to the people in the books if you wish.
    Read the unburnt  books in the bookshelf  and sketch any  designs that you
    find. Now go to the map and hold the button until the line turns red.
      Press the  picture of  the bookshelf  to reveal  a passage.  Go  up  the
    elevator in the passage. Look out the window to find where the book is and
    write the keys  to the book.  Go back to the library  and press the button
    until the line  turns red again etc. etc. Once you  find the locations and
    keys to all 4 books. Press the picture of the door in the library.
      Now go to the far end of the island.  Play with controls until the clock
    reads 2:40.  Press the button  an go across the  bridge. Throw  the Marker
    Switch. In the clock you need to throw the switches until the numbers read
    2,2,1 top to bottom.  You wont able to do this just throwing the switches.
    Hold one of  the switches down and  the middle number will  keep spinning.
    Once  you get  2,2,1;  go to  the  big gears  by  the dock  and  enter the
    Mechanical Age.
    B. Mechanical Age
      First goto one  of the main rooms  in the fortress and  face the throne.
    Open the door  behind the throne to get  the red/blue page.  Then goto the
    room with the blue page and play around with the device there.  Learn what
    controls  do  what  and  write  down  what  noise  corresponds  with  what
    direction. Then go to the back of the fortress and press the button on the
    wall to lower the floor. Keep rotating the elevator until the screen turns
    red.  Then go back up and raise the floor.  Go up the elevator,  press the
    square button, and run out before it goes back down.  Now you should be in
    front of the fortress controls.
      Rotate to all 4  directions and on each direction  leave the fortress to
    see whats  out there.  You should come  across 4 symbols.  Go back  to the
    south position,  and go outside  and put the symbols  in the puzzle board.
    Then go down and touch the Myst book.
    C. Stoneship Age
      After you've returned  both the red and blue  pages to the books,  go to 
    the planetarium  and put  the 3 dates  and time  in the  device  above the
    dentist chair.  Write down the pattern of stars that corresponds with each
    date. Now go to the library and find the book with a bunch of stars in the
    back.  Find the star pattern  and write down that  constellation that goes
    with  each  pattern.   Now  go  out  by  the  birdbath  and  press  the  3
    constellation on the buttons next to them.  The ship in the bath should be
    lifted.  So should the ship  near the dock.  Go to the ship  and enter the
    door and touch the book.
      After you enter Stoneship, Go to the telescope and write down the degree
    for the lighthouse.  Then go to the pump(it looks like a big umbrella) and
    pump the water out of the lighthouse.  I don't remember what button it is,
    Just try all the buttons until the lighthouse is pumped out. Now go to the
    lighthouse and  go down the stairs. Pull the switch on  the chest to empty
    the water and again to keep the air in.  Now go back to the pump and press
    a different button so the lighthouse is filled again. Go back to the house
    and open the chest using the key. Grab the other key in the chest and open
    the  door on  the ladder.  Go up  there and  run the  generator until  the
    batteries  are full.  Pump the water  out of the two tunnels.  Go down the
    tunnel nearest  to the telescope and  write down what you  see on the half
    sheet of paper.  Then go down the other tunnel  and half way down open the
    door on  the wall.  Go to the circular board.  The whole board  equals 360
    degrees. Press the button that equals the lighthouse degree, or 135 degree
    or press the  12th button to  the right not counting  the top button.  Now
    pump the water out of the ship deck. Go down there and click on the table.
    Touch the Myst book.
    D. Channelwood Age
      Once you've returned both  pages to Myst, go to the  cabin in the woods.
    Put 7,2,4  in the safe on the wall,  grab a match, lite it,  and put it in
    the furnice.  Then turn the  wheel on the  wall clockwise,  or so that the
    arrows are  green(Note: You don't want  to rapidly press  the mouse or the
    game will freeze while it's waiting to turn).  Once it can't turn anymore,
    wait for  the clunking  sound to stop.  When that happens,  turn the wheel
    counterclockwise, or so that the arrows are red. Do this until the fire in
    the furnice is out.  Then run out  of the cabin,  and run to the tree(This
    may take a little practice).  When you can, run into the small room in the
    tree and wait until you come to the bottom. Touch the book.
      First of all, go to the rocky island, and turn the hose on. Then pull on
    the lever on the generator  that turns the windmill.  Go out and  when you
    see a the the pipe goes to 2 pipes, use the yellow bar to line up with the
    pipe you  want the  power to  go through.   Get the  power to  run to  the
      Once you reach the second storie through the elevator, find the hut with
    the lever that opens the door.  In the Channelwood book, it  should be the
    one with the  "future bridge" next to it.  Once you pull the lever,  go to
    the other side of the  "future bridge" and down the stairway.  Channel the
    power to  the stairway and  go back  up the stairway.  Go up  through  the
    elevator to the third storie. Collect pages and write down the second half
    of the paper.
      Return again  to the  lowest storie,  and channel  the power  to a lever
    sitting at the end of a bridge.  Pull the lever and cross the bridge. Then
    when you come to  the final elevator, turn around and  extend the pipe out
    to the pipe  at the other  side of the bridge.  Then channel  the power to
    that elevator using the pipe you connected. Then go up the elevator. Touch
    the Myst book.
    E. Selenitic Age
      Once you've returned  both pages from Channelwood,  go to the brick shed
    on Myst. When you get to the controls,  press each button _seperately_ and
    record the  voltage for each button.  Then press a number  of buttons that
    equal to  59 volts(There  are various  ways to this,  just use  some math.
    Press the buttons that correspond to 16-19-22-2). If you happen to go over
    59 volts,  you'll blow  a fuse.  To fix  this, you  must climb  up the two
    brick towers  and throw the switch.  One is behind the  shed and the other
    is by the rocket.  Once you have reached  59 volts without going over,  go
    back to the  library and page through  the Selenitic book  until you see a
    keyboard. Write down the keyboard  and key with it's number. Now go to the
    rocket. In here  you must press the  key on the keyboard  and put the same
    sound on  the panel in  front of the  rocket in the  same order  as in the
    book. There are two ways to do this. 1) Memorize, hum, record the sound of
    the keyboard  and put it  in the panel.  2) Count the keys  going from the
    left counting the black keys.  Then count the same  number of notes coming
    from the bottom  of the panel going up.  Once you have all 5 notes put in,
    pull the lever. If you have the notes correct, a book should appear in the
    window. Touch it.
      In Selenitic, look for 5 buttons that represent sounds. Those sounds are
    the  dripping  water, burning  fire, ticking  clock, mystical  music,  and
    fierce wind(I don't think those are the real names,  I just made them up).
    Once you've  pressed these 5 buttons,  go to the wind  button and down the
    tunnel. Once you come up the other side,  open the contraption.  Then find
    the sound for each picture. To do this, look for the landmarks they're by,
    and when you  hear the sound,  look at the arrow  buttons to see  if one's
    flashing. If one is, press it. Once you hear the sound and the buttons are
    not flashing, then move to the next button.  Look below for exact degrees.
    Once you have all 5 sounds, press the big button at the bottom. Write down
    the order in which the sounds are played. Then go to the brick shed at the
    beginning of Selenitic and put those sounds in going left from right. Once
    inside, go in the rocket and hit the foward button.  Then from now on, use
    the sounds  to determine which  direction to go.  Remember the sounds from
    the Mechanical Age?  If you need to hear a repeat, press the button on the
    speaker.  If you don't  know the sounds,  just go until you don't hear any
    sounds, then backtrack. Once you reach the end, touch the Myst book.
    F. Ending(s)
      Once you  return both pages  from Selenitic,  listen to the  guys in the
    books. Do as they tell you. Once you're in the fireplace and youve entered
    pattern 158, open the green book.  Listen to the guy in there.  Now return
    to the library, and find the missing page.  To do this, use the papers you
    found in Stoneship and Channelwood. Then return it to the guy in the green
    book(P.S. the guy in the  red book is Sirus,  the guy in the  blue book is
    Achenar,  and the guy in the green book is Atrus,  the father)  There is 3
    other ways to end the game: return all blue pages(get trapped in the book)
    return all red pages(same thing),  and go to D'ni(the green book)  without
    the white page(trap yourself in D'ni).
    III. Puzzle Solutions
     Planetarium, the 3 dates
    Oct. 11, 1984 10:04 AM
    Jan. 17, 1207 5:46 AM
    Nov. 23, 9791 6:57 PM
     Bird Bath, the 3 pictures
    Leaf, Snake, Beetle
     Cabin Safe
     Clock Tower, time
     Clock Tower, inside
    2,2,1(hold the lever)
     Brick Shed, voltage
    59 volts, can be achieved by pressing 19-16-22-2.
     South Island, Myst book puzzle
    (¯)  \/||/\   O   (|  Alright! So they are crude. You should still get them.
     Underwater Lights Button
    135 degrees from right
     No puzzles!!!
     Sound Degrees
    dripping water - 153.4
    burning fire  -  130.3
    ticking clock  - 055.6
    mystical music - 015.0
    fierce wind   -  212.2
     Brick Shed Combination
    mystical music, dripping water, fierce wind, burning fire, ticking clock
     Rocket Way Directions
    Marker Switch Vault Access
    Island of Myst
    The vault is located in very plain view on
    the Island of Myst and access can be 
    achieved very easily if the simple 
    instructions are followed. First, locate
    each of the Marker Switches on the island.
    Turn every one of these switches to the
    "on" position. Then go to the dock and, 
    as a final step, turn the Marker Switch
    there to the "off" position.
     Fireplace Pattern
    (X = pressed in, O = untouched)
    IV. Ending
      Brøderbund - for making this game
      Cyan - for producing this game
      Me - always gotta give credit to yourself
    This FAQ(2) is copyright 1999 by Tinister. This may not be used as a money
    making buisness, or used any other way without the proper credit to me.

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