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    Codex Transcript by Platinum Sonic 10

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                               Sonic Chronicles Codex
                                     Version 1.0         
                       Original Creation Date: September 27, 2008
                                    By TBF Bri 10
                              E-Mail: BrianM10@gmail.com
                                   AIM: TBF Bri 103
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    1) Introduction
    2) Codex Contents
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    Version 1.1
    March 18, 2012
    - Added in additional information contributed by riverraiden
    Version 1.0
    September 27, 2008
    - Finished Sonic Chronicles Codex
    @                               1) Introduction                              @
    When you begin the game, one of your menu options is the Codex, which lists
    various information about the Sonic universe. The Codex is limited at the 
    start, but as you play through the game, you unlock more information. What
    is shown in this is the Codex in its entirety, shown in the same matter as
    in the game itself.
    A section or paragraph that has a [*] next to it was sent by riverraiden.
    @                              2) Codex Contents                             @
    If you want to find a specific section, here is a list (in order) of what you
    can use to Ctrl + F your section:
    Sonic the Hedgehog
    Tails the Fox
    Knuckles the Echidna
    Amy Rose the Hedgehog
    Prof. Gerald Robotnik
    Perfect Chaos
    Rouge the Bat
    Big the Cat
    Cream the Rabbit
    Shadow the Hedgehog
    E-123 Omega
    GUN: Guardian Units of Nations
    The Master Emerald
    Chaos Emeralds
    Angel Island
    Shadow of the Nocturnus
    The Kron
    The Zoah
    The N'rrgal
    The Precursors
    The Voxai
    Imperator Ix of the Nocturnus
    The Fourth Great Civilization
    The Nocturnus Clan
    The Knuckles Clan
    The Twilight Cage
    The Argus Event
    @                                  2) Codex                                  @
    Sonic the Hedgehog
    Sonic the Hedgehog is the world's fastest supersonic hedgehog! Sonic can race
    faster than the wind and use his fantastic speed to overcome his enemies.
    Independent and carefree, Sonic never hesitates to charge into danger when the
    fate of the world is at stake!
    Sonic enjoys being free and unfettered, and he often travels off to adventure
    whenever he can. Still, he is always available hen trouble rears its ugly
    head, and his friends always know they can count on him to do what's right.
    Sonic can be a little impatient and impulsive, but his confidence is 
    unbreakable, even in the most dire circumstances.
    After the last battle against Eggman, Sonic decided to search the world for
    adventure. He has been gone for quite a while by the time Tails contacts him
    to help rescue Knuckles.
    In combat, Sonic has low damage power and low armor, but he gets three attacks
    per round thanks to his amazing quickness. With his speed, Sonic almost
    always goes first and can damage enemies before they get a chance to react!
    Tails the Fox
    Miles "Tails" Prower is Sonic's most faithful and loyal friend. Whenever Sonic
    is on an adventure, Tails isn't far behind.
    As smart as Sonic is fast, Tails is an engineering genius, able to invent
    fantastic machines and outsmart even Eggman. His inventions, including the
    flying Tornado, have helped Sonic on multiple occasions. Tails can also fly by
    twirling his two tails like the blades of a helicopter, allowing him to go
    where Sonic and the team couldn't reach otherwise.
    Since Sonic left to seek adventure elsewhere, Tails has spent time alone,
    building new machines and helping Knuckles protect the Chaos Emeralds. As a
    result, he has become much more independent and confident in his abilities
    than he was the last time he saw Sonic. Now Tails is almost the field 
    commander of the team, keeping track of their objectives and proposing clever
    plans that help the team get through difficult situations.
    In combat, Tails has low damage power and low armor, but he is quick enough to
    attack twice in each round. Tails relies on his team to protect him while he
    supports them with his special abilities.
    Knuckles the Echidna
    Knuckles is the guardian of the Master Emerald and the last living echidna on
    Sonic's world. As a result, he is independent and headstrong, through he is
    also jealous of Sonic's freedom and self-reliant nature. Knuckles has helped
    Sonic and friends a lot in the past, including taking a major role in the
    final battle against Eggman some time ago.
    Knuckles is very strong and powerful, and he will do anything to defend the
    Master Emerald and protect his friends. While most think Knuckles is a quiet
    loner, he enjoys helping Sonic, especially when the Master Emerald is 
    threatened. He and Sonic don't always see eye to eye, but Sonic knows he can
    count on Knuckles to do what is needed to succeed.
    In addition to his incredible strength, Knuckles has the ability to climb
    using the claws on his knuckles, and he can glide for short distances.
    In combat, Knuckles has the second-highest damage power and armor in the
    game, and he is fast enough to attack twice per round. He is a bruiser with
    many ways to weaken and defeat an opponent.
    Amy Rose the Hedgehog
    Amy Rose the Hedgehog is one of Sonic's most loyal friends. She considers 
    herself Sonic's girlfriend, much to Sonic's dismay. but even if Sonic doesn't
    like her "like that," she's still a valuable addition to Sonic's team.
    Amy is generally a very sweet and caring girl, and she is usually optimistic,
    even when she's not particularly confident. On the other hand, she can be 
    quite aggressive if provoked, and it's sometimes not all that hard to provoke
    her. All you have to do is threaten or flirt with Sonic, and you can count on
    getting a giant Piko-Piko Hammer to the head!
    As a member of Sonic's team, Amy lends both speed and strength to the group,
    using her innate hedgehog speed and her immensely powerful Piko-Piko Hammer 
    to good effect. She teams up with her friend Big the Cat and her best friend,
    Cream the Rabbit, to form Team Amy. Since the last time they defeated Eggman,
    Amy has started a club where she teaches young girls how to protect
    themselves from bullies.
    In combat, Amy Rose has the second highest damage power in the game, and
    medium armor. She is quick enough to attack twice per round, and her special
    abilities are valuable for weakening enemies and strengthening her teammates.
    Prof. Gerald Robotnik
    Prof. Gerald Robotnik was the grandfather of Maria Robotnik and Dr. "Eggman"
    Robotnik, and the creator of Shadow the Hedgehog. A scientific genius only
    matched by his psychotic grandson Eggman, Prof. Robotnik originally set out to
    help the world, not to destroy it. His most remarkable creation was the Space
    Colony ARK, where he lived and worked with his granddaughter.
    When the President of the United Stated Federation requested his assistance on
    a project to discover an "immortality formula," Prof. Robotnik though of his
    granddaughter Maria, who was suffering from an incurable disease known as
    Neuro-Immune Deficiency Syndrome. He hoped the research could lead to a cure.
    Project Shadow used DNA from an alien known as Black Doom to create the
    Ultimate Life Form: Shadow the Hedgehog. Over time, the nature of the project
    made the government uneasy, and they considered cutting funding.
    During this time, the professor also discovered an ancient robot called a 
    Gizoid, which could mimic combat abilities. Robotnik offered the Gizoid to the
    government as a bribe so he could keep Project Shadow going. Unfortunately,
    the bribe did not work. Sometime after the completion of Project Shadow, GUN
    attacked Space Colony ARK and killed Maria, sending Shadow the Hedgehog
    careening to the earth, presumed dead.
    When he found out about this, Robotnik was mad. He created a program that 
    would cause the ARK to fall to earth and brainwashed Shadow to carry out the
    plan, which would require the power of all seven Chaos Emeralds. The plan was
    foiled, but in his last act before his televised execution, Dr. Robotnik 
    condemned the world to destruction for the fate of Maria Robotnik.
    Perfect Chaos
    Perfect Chaos is a powerful and mysterious higher being, which Eggman refers
    to as the "god of destruction". Perfect Chaos is actually only the most recent
    form of the being, taken by Chaos after it absorbed the negative energies of
    all seven Chaos Emeralds.
    Summoned by Pachacamac's attempt to steal the Master Emerald, Chaos attacked
    the echidnas and nearly wiped them all out. A peaceful echidna named Tikal,
    Pachacamac's daughter, soothed Chaos and managed to seal it, along with 
    herself, inside the Master Emerald. The energy surge threw Angel Island into
    the air, causing it to hover over the land now known as Mystic Ruins.
    Later, Eggman released Chaos from the Master Emerald to help him in his plans
    for world domination. While Eggman's plans fell through thanks to Sonic and
    his friends, Chaos decided to take the Chaos Emeralds for himself. Chaos
    absorbed the negative energies from the Chaos Emeralds, becoming Perfect Chaos
    once more. To fight Perfect Chaos, Sonic absorbed the positive energies of the
    Chaos Emeralds and transformed into Super Sonic to defeat the powerful god.
    Defeated, Perfect Chaos transformed back into Chaos once more, and Tikal
    appeared to take Chaos away in a blinding flash of light.
    Neither Perfect Chaos nor Tikal have been seen since.
    Chao are small creatures indigenous to Sonic's world. Their origins are
    mysterious, but anyone who knows where to look and what to look for can find a
    The most famous Chao is Cheese, Cream the Rabbit's best friend. As Cream and
    Cheese show, people in Sonic's world can bond with Chao to gain special powers
    or boost their abilities.
    There are a lot of different kinds of Chao in the world, each giving different
    powers when bonded. All Chaos, however, begin as eggs and must be hatched in a
    Chao Garden. Chao love to meet other Chao, and interaction with others tends 
    to make them more powerful and even cause them to mate, creating new Chao
    Rouge the Bat
    Rouge the Bat is an enigma. As a spy, a freelance treasure hunter, and a
    member of Shadow the Hedgehog's Team Dark, Rouge's motivations are always in
    question. In truth, she's usually just out for herself.
    Rouge is a confident, fearless, and flirty young woman, the only member of the
    team who uses her looks to get what she wants. Her carefree and playful
    attitude is fun for some and annoying to others, but she has been known to set
    it aside to help Shadow and Team Dark achieve their objectives. She gets along
    with Sonic well enough, but she always had a sort of rivalry with Amy Rose. 
    There's a sort of unstated connection between Rouge and Knuckles that neither
    is overly willing to explore.
    Rouge can fly as quickly as Tails or Knuckles, but not as quickly as Shadow
    or Sonic can run. She is also skilled at the art of stealth, always on the
    lookout for gems and other valuable things to make her own. As a spy, Rouge
    is trained in combat and infiltration, which she uses to help her less 
    stealthy friends.
    In combat, Rouge has low damage power and low armor, but she gets to attack 
    twice per round, thanks to her innate quickness. Rouge's abilities to weaken
    and distract foes, along with her skills at stealing items from enemies, make
    her an asset in combat.
    Big The Cat
    One of the strongest and toughest friends Sonic has, Big the Cat definitely
    lives up to his name!
    Big the Cat lives in a hut in Mystic Ruins with his best friend, a pet frog
    named Froggy. He is a fisherman by trade, and he carries his fishing rod 
    wherever he goes. Despite his immense size and powerful strength, Big is 
    humble, gentle, and kind. Some would call him slow or dim-witted, but... well,
    those people would be right, but behind his slow wit is a heart as big as he
    As a member of Sonic's team, Big is most useful for his toughness, which 
    allows him to withstand dangerous conditions that might be very dangerous for
    other people. He teams up with his friends Amy Rose and Cream the Rabbit to
    form Team Amy, and he would do anything to please and protect his friends.
    In combat, Big has medium damage power, but he has the second highest armor in
    the game. He's too slow to attack more than once per round, but his powerful
    abilities make him difficult to damage and even harder to defeat!
    Cream the Rabbit
    Cream the Rabbit is a sweet young girl who loves adventure. She can fly by
    flapping her large ears to life herself off the ground. With her best friend,
    a bow-tie-wearing Chao named Cheese, she is always willing to join Sonic on 
    his quests to save the world from Eggman.
    Cream is polite and generally happy, but as the youngest member of Sonic's
    team, she is also a little naive. While she is always eager to charge off into
    adventure, she sometimes gets in over her head, and she must rely on Cheese or
    Sonic and his friends to rescue her. Over the years, she has built a 
    sister-like friendship with Amy Rose, much as Sonic and Tails have become 
    almost like brothers. In fact, she joins Amy and Big the Cat to form Team Amy.
    She is very caring and innocent, and she even helped Emerl learn about 
    sadness and emotions after his violence made her cry.
    Cream hates violence, but she has learned to fight so she can help out Sonic
    and his friends. With Cheese's help, she can stand in battle next to the other
    characters and cheer them on to fight even harder. Even though she's young,
    she can still help Sonic save the world!
    In combat, Cream has low damage power and low armor, and her inexperience
    means she can only attack once per round. Her cheers are powerful, however,
    and help her teammates become stronger in battle!
    Shadow the Hedgehog
    Shadow was created more than 50 years ago by Prof. Gerald Robotnik to be the 
    ultimate life form. When Eggman freed him from stasis in a GUN base on Prison
    Island, Shadow agreed to help him take over the world. Shadow once sought 
    revenge for the death of his friend, Maria Robotnik, but Amy Rose helped him
    realize that Maria's true wish was to save humanity. Soon after Shadow teamed
    up with Sonic to defeat Eggman, he disappeared and was presumed dead. Rouge
    the Bat discovered him and he joined her and E-123 Omega to form Team Dark.
    Whereas Sonic is free-spirited and independent, Shadow is a brooding loner,
    always serious and a little difficult to get to know. Whereas Sonic will do
    anything to help save the world, Shadow will stop at nothing to get what he
    wants or to do what he thinks is best. He tends to see enemies as obstacles
    rather than actual threats, and anyone who gets in his way becomes his enemy.
    Still, his friendship with Maria Robotnik showed that Shadow has compassion,
    and he has formed a close friendship with Rouge and Omega, his Team Dark 
    teammates. Outside of Team Dark, however, he is rarely willing to get close to
    In combat, Shadow has medium damage power and medium armor, and he is just as
    quick as Sonic, giving him three attacks per round!
    E-123 Omega
    E-123 Omega is the last of Eggman's E-series robots. Rouge released him when
    she released Shadow from his stasis pod, at which point Omega, believing the
    hedgehog to be another one of Eggman's creations, attacked Shadow. Rouge 
    managed to end the fight long enough to find out that Omega was angry at
    Eggman for imprisoning him in the abandoned base with Shadow. At that moment,
    Omega joined up with Rouge and Shadow to form Team Dark. Since then, he has
    longed for a change to take vengeance on Eggman and prove that he is the
    strongest of Eggman's machines.
    Omega can be harsh and ruthless, but he does have free will, something that
    Eggman's robots tend to lack. While he rarely shows emotion beyond hatred and
    desire for revenge, Omega is capable of feeling loyalty and friendship, as he
    considered his Team Dark teammates to be friends. Whenever he teams up with
    Sonic, it's not because he likes Sonic, but because Shadow is part of the
    In combat, Omega has the highest damage power and armor of all characters in
    the game. He is so slow, however, that he only gets one attack per round.
    GUN: Guardian Units of Nations
    The Guardian Units of Nations, or GUN, is a worldwide military and low
    enforcement organization. Run by a man known simply as the Commander, GUN
    seeks to protect the world from all sorts of threats, including Eggman and,
    more recently, the Marauders, now known to be the lost Nocturnus Clan.
    GUN has vast resources, including an army of soldiers and peacekeepers,
    fighter planes, and other instruments of warfare. While GUN receives orders
    from the President of the United Federation, it operates under the sole
    discretion of the Commander, who has been known to use GUN's resources to 
    bring down enemies. More recently, GUN teams up with Sonic the Hedgehog and
    his friends to defeat Eggman.
    GUN employs agents to survey the world for threats. Rouge the Bat is an agent
    on loan from the President of the Federal Government, but her true loyalties
    are to herself.
    The Master Emerald
    The Master Emerald is older than recorded time, a powerful relic created by
    the gods as a balance against the power of the Chaos Emeralds. The one who
    controls the Master Emerald can nullify and control the Chaos Emeralds,
    making the Master Emerald a very valuable gem. Many people have tried to steal
    the gem throughout history, and each time, they were thwarted.
    Recently, the Nocturnus Clan and their chief, Ix, stole the Master Emerald and
    the seven Chaos Emeralds and took them back to their home in the Twilight
    Cage. When the Master Emerald was removed from its shrine on Angel Island, the
    floating mass plummeted to the ground, crash-landing in the middle of the
    ruins of Eggman's city, Metropolis.
    Chaos Emeralds
    Ancient, powerful, and mysterious, the Chaos Emeralds are seven mystical
    relics tied to the Master Emerald. Each Emerald can float on its own power,
    but anyone who combines all seven of the Chaos Emeralds can command ultimate
    power. Many, including Sonic, Knuckles, and Shadow, and others, can even use
    the power of the seven Chaos Emeralds to transform into Super versions of
    No one knows where the Chaos Emeralds came from, but the ancient echidna
    civilizations knew of them and sought their secrets. Even the Fourth Great
    Civilization, the mysterious civilization that created Emerl and the Gizoids,
    experimented with Chaos Emeralds. Until recently, the Chaos Emeralds were
    locked away in hidden places in Sonic's World. The sinister Nocturnus Clan
    Echidnas, led by Ix, stole them and took them into the Twilight Cage, an 
    alternate dimension where the clan has been imprisoned, never aging, for
    thousands of years.
    Angel Island
    Angel Island is the home of the Master Emerald, the most powerful relic in
    Sonic's world, and the Emerald's guardian, Knuckles. The island itself once
    floated in midair over the land, but with the Master Emerald gone, Angel 
    Island fell into the ruins of Metropolis.
    Around four thousand years ago, Angel Island was part of the city known as
    Mystic Ruins. On Angel Island stood a shrine to the Master Emerald and the
    Chaos Emeralds. Pachacamac, the chief of Knuckles' clan, tried to steal the
    Chaos Emeralds and angered its guardian spirit, who became Perfect Chaos. This
    god-like being virtually destroyed Knuckles' clan in revenge.
    The actions of Perfect Chaos resulted in an energy backlash that ripped Angel
    Island from the ground, causing it to float above what is now Mystic Ruins.
    Before Perfect Chaos could do any more damage, Pachacamac's daughter, Tikal,
    managed to seal it and herself inside the Master Emerald. Over the centuries, 
    the few surviving members of Knuckles' clan became even fewer. Knuckles is, at
    present, the last of his kind.
    Angel Island [*]
    Unfortunately, the Marauders recently captured Knuckles, and when Sonic and 
    friends freed him, they all noticed that Angel Island was missing! Eggman 
    told the team that the Marauders had somehow pulled Angel Island away from 
    Mystic Ruins and put it on a course to the skies over Metropolis. When the 
    Marauders' leader, Ix, stole the Master Emerald, Angel Island quickly fell 
    into the ruins of Metropolis, where it now lies, drained of all magic.
    Shade of the Nocturnus
    Shade the Echidna was once the leader of the Nocturnus Clan forces sent to
    collect the Master Emerald for the evil Ix. Now, disgraced and forsaken by her
    old master, she has pledged to help Sonic and his friends return the Emeralds
    to their rightful place.
    Shade is a tough a businesslike woman, the polar opposite of Rouge the Bat.
    Trained in the arts of stealth and the use of powerful, high-tech weaponry,
    Shade is a deadly force in combat. As a former denizen of the Twilight Cage, 
    she is very knowledgeable about the races and places in that alternate
    dimension, and she is willing to help the team by telling them what she knows
    of Ix's secrets. She is quite impressed with both Sonic and Knuckles, and she
    fights alongside them to redeem herself for unknowingly contributing to Ix's
    plans for world domination.
    In combat, Shade has medium damage power and low armor, and she gets two
    attacks per round. Shade relies on trickery and technology to win in combat,
    with her deadly Leech Blade and her powerful Cloaking Device.
    Dr. Robotnik (a.k.a. Eggman) was once an evil genius bent on world domination,
    a career choice that has brought him into conflict with Sonic and his friends
    many, many times. His first plan involved imprisoning animals inside robots to
    serve his every whim, but when Sonic thwarted that evil plan, he moved on to
    bigger, deadlier pursuits. An engineering genius with an IQ of 300, Eggman is
    a master at building disastrously destructive machines, nigh-impenetrable
    fortresses, and diabolical robots that could have conquered the world many
    times over.
    Thankfully, every time Eggman hatched an evil plan, Sonic and his friends were
    there to stop him! The newly-reformed Eggman helped the team find a way to 
    enter the Twilight Cage, making friends with Tails in the process. He stayed
    behind when the team took off to prepare for an impending Nocturnus invasion
    should the team fail.
    The Kron
    The Kron are a race of stone-like beings native to the Kron Colony. They are a
    powerful and stubborn people, known for their ability to mine precious and
    rare ore and build sturdy stone and metal structures.
    The Kron are believed to be the oldest race still living in the Twilight Cage,
    which gains them no respect from Ix or the Nocturnus. Of all the races in the 
    Twilight Cage, the Kron seem to be the most easy-going and "simple," needing
    little in the way of sustenance or luxury to survive. Thanks to Sonic and his
    friends, the Kron are free of Nocturnus rule, and they control their own mines
    and factories once more.
    The Kron are governed by Foreman Krag, who is mostly tasked with keeping the
    miners and factory workers happy. The Kron's soldiers are taken from the ranks
    of the laborers. They rely on their brute strength more than tactics and
    training to defend the colony.
    The Zoah
    The Zoah are a race of warlike energy giants who live on the Zoah Colony in
    the Twilight Cage. Bent on conquest and domination, the Zoah seek endlessly to
    destroy their hated neighbors, the N'rrgal.
    Zoah society is highly stratified, with a clear division between citizens and
    non-citizens. While citizens enjoy many rights that non-citizens don't, it
    seems that anyone can become a Zoah citizen if they can pass the rigorous
    citizenship test. There's a further division in quality of life between
    citizens and members of the Zoah Military. The Military are almost the Zoah
    noble caste and enjoy respect and luxury well beyond anything available to
    basic citizens.
    At the top of the chain sits General Raxos and his elite guard. The emphasis
    on military might and conquest is precisely what made the Zoah attractive to
    Ix and the Nocturne. Thankfully, Sonic and friends defeated General Raxos in
    a challenge and convinced him to end his alliance with the Nocturnus, and now
    the Zoah are turning their military might against Ix.
    The N'rrgal
    The N'rrgal are a race of slime-like beings who live on the N'rrgal Colony in
    the Twilight Cage. Bitter enemies of the Zoah, the N'rrgal are energy-eaters
    known for their massive numbers and ability to reproduce faster than enemies
    can destroy them.
    Visitors to the N'rrgal Colony rarely see anything but the relatively simple
    and silent N'rrgal workers... until they try to cause trouble. Then some of
    the workers suddenly become warriors who fight with frightening ruthlessness.
    Stranger than that are the N'rrgal Swarms, creatures that are the result of 
    many N'rrgal workers combining into one being, and the N'rrgal Queen, a highly
    intelligent N'rrgal that resembles a gigantic Swarm made up of dozens of
    combined workers. It seems as though anything that any N'rrgal knows, the 
    Queen also knows, and vice versa, giving evidence of a kind of N'rrgal hive
    When a N'rrgal worker gets too old, or even too bored of life, he goes to the
    spawning pools to rejoin the source, at which point two new young N'rrgal
    emerge, ready to work for the colony. In this way, the N'rrgal reproduce 
    quickly in peacetime, and in wartime, workers volunteer to "spawn" as a
    service to the Queen.
    The N'rrgal's ability to absorb energy is their main defense against their
    enemies, the Zoah. Along with their overwhelming numbers, this ability makes
    them valuable frontline soldiers in Ix's upcoming war of conquest.
    Fortunately, Sonic and friends have convinced the N'rrgal to turn against Ix
    and help in the fight to recover the Master Emerald.
    The Precursors [*]
    According to the Nocturnus historian Nestor the Wise, the Precursors were a 
    race of beings that lived in the Twilight Cage long before the Kron, Voxai, 
    Zoah, N'rrgal, and Nocturnus arrived. By deciphering their ancient script, 
    Nestor has learned a few things about the nature of the Twilight Cage.
    Not much is known about the Precursors themselves except that they lived in 
    the Twilight Cage long ago and that they no longer exist there. Nestor has 
    also discovered that the Precursors were interested in the nature of the 
    Twilight Cage itself, and they studied the other races that lived around 
    them. They believed that the Twilight Cage was a kind of prison, designed to 
    keep the races sealed within. The Precursors were also the first to propose 
    that there was a higher power, a sentient being of some sort, that created 
    the Twilight Cage for that purpose.
    The Voxai
    The Voxai are a race of strange, psychic beings native to the Kron Colony. As
    a race, they are quiet and hardworking, but their psychic powers make even the
    Nocturnus Clan fear to tread on their land.
    The Voxai are all connected, in a way, by a psychic signal that originates
    from the Voxai Overmind, three very powerful Voxai who act as one in directing
    the daily operations of the individual Voxai. Most of the time, the Overmind
    simply suggests to the citizens what they should be doing, offering gentle
    encouragement to the individual. Should the Overmind flex their power, though,
    not even the Nocturnus are immune to their mind-controlling abilities. Because
    of this, crime on the Voxai Colony is nonexistent, and will be as long as the
    Overmind maintains control.
    After Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends defeated the Voxai Overmind, the 
    individual named Thebes took over as Overmind and led the Voxai into a new age
    of peace and serenity.
    Gizoids are ancient robots created four thousand years ago near the end of the
    Fourth Great Civilization. They were created to be the ultimate military
    robots, capable of destroying entire armies. Gizoids are powerful, and it
    appears that Ix and the Nocturnus Clan have created Gizoid Centurions, which 
    are even more powerful versions of the original Gizoid design.
    Though the Nocturnus Clan uses Gizoids extensively, the most famous Gizoid is
    Emerl. Discovered just over fifty years ago by Prof. Gerald Robotnik, Emerl 
    was an ancient weapon that could mimic the powers and abilities of things
    around him. According to Prof. Robotnik's notes, Emerl was responsible for the
    destruction of the Fourth Great Civilization.
    Prof. Robotnik programmed Emerl with a "Soul" based on the personality of his
    granddaughter Maria Robotnik. Unfortunately, Emerl was prone to overload when
    he absorbed too many abilities, and when he absorbed too many of Robotnik's 
    weapons and machines, he destroyed a large section of the Space Colony ARK,
    Robotnik's orbital space station.
    Years later, Eggman found Emerl the Gizoid and gave him a Chaos Emerald as an
    experiment. Emerl absorbed the Emerald, and Eggman threw him away, angered
    that he couldn't recover the Emerald.
    Sonic later found Emerl, and bonded with him right away. Emerl slowly began to
    develop a personality and became a friend to Sonic and the rest of the team, 
    but Eggman worked hard to capture the Gizoid. When Eggman finally came after
    him, Emerl went on a rampage, forcing Sonic to destroy him. Defeated, Emerl
    disappeared in a flash of light, leaving only shards of the Chaos Emeralds
    behind. Some believe that Emerl is still alive inside the Chaos Emeralds.
    Imperator Ix of the Nocturnus
    Arrogant and powerful on a possibly cosmic scale, Ix and the Nocturnus rule
    the races of the Twilight Cage through ruthlessness and cunning. Each race
    serves an important part in Ix's plans to return to Sonic's world and take
    control of the world the Nocturnus once rules.
    According to Knuckles, Ix may be an ancient echidna chief who rivaled
    Pachacamac thousands of years ago, and who disappeared with his people soon
    thereafter. He claims that his people have been imprisoned in the Twilight
    Cage, an alternate dimension where time does not pass.
    Ix planned to use the Chaos Emeralds to help bring the Nocturnus Clan back
    and conquer Sonic's world, but Sonic and friends have begun to recover the
    Emeralds. Ix still controls the Master Emerald, however, so his plans for 
    escape and world domination can still come to pass.
    The Fourth Great Civilization
    The Fourth Great Civilization was an ancient civilization that existed
    thousands of years ago. Prof. Gerald Robotnik first proposed that it existed;
    he also believed that Emerl the Gizoid was behind its destruction.
    Little is known about the Fourth Great Civilization other that they created
    the Gizoids, and thus Emerl himself, and that Emerl's creation appears to
    have lead to the destruction of the nation.
    [*] If so, it might be possible that the Nocturnus Clan echidnas were the
    Fourth Great Civilization. The Nocturnus historian Nestor the Wise claims
    that Emerl was "our finest creation". According to Nestor, Emerl didn't
    destroy the Nocturnus Clan directly, but his creation led to the Clan's
    disappearance. Emerl and the Gizoids made the Nocturnus Clan unstoppable,
    and at the peak of their power, they were whisked away to the Twilight Cage.
    [*] If all this is true, then the Fourth Great Civilization still exists,
    imprisoned in the Twilight Cage. Its leader is the sinister Ix, who is
    obsessed with conquering the world from which he was taken.
    The Nocturnus Clan
    The Nocturnus Clan are a nation of echidnas who lived in Sonic's world in 
    ancient times. Led by the powerful chief Ix and bolstered by their highly
    advanced technology, the Nocturnus Clan very nearly conquered the ancient
    world. Only the Knuckles Clan, led by the powerful mystic Pachacamac, could
    stand in their way.
    The Nocturnus Clan mysteriously disappeared 4000 years ago, just after
    Pachacamac tapped the Chaos Emeralds and the Knuckles Clan was destroyed by
    Perfect Chaos. Until recently, only legends survived of the powerful ancient
    echidna race that once nearly controlled the world, but recent events have
    revealed that the Nocturnus Clan has existed all along, locked away in an
    alternate dimension called the Twilight Cage.
    [*] The Nocturnus historian, Nestor the Wise, revealed that the Nocturnus
    invented the Gizoids, including Emerl, leading to the sugestion that the
    Nocturnus Clan actually was the Fourth Great Civilization proposed by Prof.
    Gerald Robotnik.
    The Knuckles Clan [*]
    The Knuckles Clan was a race of echidnas that lived in Sonic's world thousands
    of years ago. They were in constant bloody conflict with the Nocturnus Clan,
    another clan of echidnas that lived at the time.
    The mystic Knuckles Clan lived in what is now known as Mystic Ruins. Their
    chief, Pachacamac, tried to steal the Chos Emeralds, which unexpectedly
    unleashed Perfect Chaos and virtually wiped out the entire clan. It is
    believed that this move was born out of desperation in the face of his clan's
    destruction at the hands of a rival clan. Almost immediately after Perfect
    Chaos nearly wiped out the Knuckles Clan, the Nocturnus Clan mysteriously
    disappeared, leaving the remnants of the Knuckles Clan to revive echidna
    Knuckles the Echidna is the only surviving member of the Knuckles Clan. The
    rest of his people died out in the centuries since Pachacamac's disaster.
    The Twilight Cage
    The dimension known as the Twilight Cage has been home to the Nocturnus since
    their disappearance from Sonic's world 4000 years ago. The Nocturnus Clan 
    leader, Ix, has tried for a long time to find a way out of the Twilight Cage.
    Part of his plan was to bring all the Chaos Emeralds and the Master Emerald
    inside the alternate dimension, where he could use their power to escape.
    The Twilight Cage is home to many strange races, including the Kron, the Zoah,
    the Voxai, and the N'rrgal. Each race lives on a floating planetoid, or
    colony, separated by a space-like dimensional void. The Nocturne, the
    stronghold of the Nocturnus Clan, stands on a colony in the center of the
    Twilight Cage. The Twilight Cage is further divided by the zones of Sector
    Scylla and Sector Charyb.
    [*] Based on his translations of ancient Precursor tablets, the Nocturnus
    historian Nestor the Wise has theorized that the races of the Twilight Cage
    are there because they are dangerous and powerful. It's possible that all the
    races were brought to the Twilight Cage on purpose by a mysterious higher
    power that created the Twilight Cage as a prison of sorts. It also seems as if
    time moves differently in the Cage, such that a day in the Twilight Cage is
    like a year in some worlds and a minute in others. Signs point to a being
    named "Argus" as the supreme creator and ruler of the Twilight Cage. Nestor
    seemed to go a little mad and locked himself in his home when he read that
    last Precursor tablet.
    The Twilight Cage operates on a different dimensional frequency from Sonic's
    world, so it can only be entered through the use of warp generators or
    wormholes. Thankfully, a wormhole to the Twilight Cage requires a level of
    power that only a relic such as the Master Emerald could generate.
    The Argus Event [*]
    Nocturnus Clan and their appearance in the Twilight Cage. It was coined by a
    Nocturnus historian named Nestor the Wise soon after the Nocturnus arrived in
    the Twilight Cage.
    The term refers to a strange phenomenon that all Nocturnus echidnas
    experienced when they first arrived. At the moment the Nocturnus disappeared,
    all members of the Nocturnus Clan heard a voice in their minds say something
    that like "Argus." No one has yet been able to explain what this meant.
    After studying tablets left behind by the Precursors, Nestor has theorized
    that the Argus Event was caused by a powerful, mysterious being called Argus,
    who seems to be collecting (or imprisoning) dangerous, powerful races from
    other worlds.
    Argus [*]
    Little is known about the mysterious being known as Argus. The Nocturnus Clan
    historian Nestor the Wise theorizes that Argus is the super-powerful being
    that created the Twilight Cage and imprisoned the races within. The only
    source of information about Argus are tablets left behind by the Precursors,
    thought to be one of the first races imprisoned in the Twilight Cage.
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                 M a;r;;ii;r  X2iS22Z.M                                        
                BM rriri;;i;  W7;iri2Z                                         
                0M r;,;;iri  8XiZX ;M                                          
                 M ;;;;;rr  7S7.r 2BM  i                                       
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                ,W,XX;rri  Z::XiX 7@80@M                                       
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                   7;;r  .     rBMMMMi          TBF                           
                    7X    ; BMM;irX 2MM                                        
                     ;  XMM87   X7 @                                           
                     B:MMM rM    MMXS,                                         
                      aM    i     M;M                                          
                    aSMi             ,                                         
                   ; M                                                         

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