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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Lemmerman

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    Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood (DS)
    Version: 1.00
    Started: 17.12.08
    By: Chris Lemmerman
    Email: c_lemmerman@hotmail.co.uk
    1. Introduction
    Hello and welcome to the second full walkthrough I've attempted to write. My
    first attempt was for Spider-Man: Friend or Foe for the Playstation 2, and that
    went very well, I thought. So here I am, back for a second go with my new
    favourite RPG-Lite, Sonic Chronicles: Dark Brotherhood. 
    Why did I decide to write a walkthrough? you may ask. Well, it's the Christmas
    holiday and I've not really got much to do, so I set myself a project. My
    previous walkthrough was rather easy, whereas this time around I've chosen
    something a little more indepth with Sonic, yet not too hard that it'd take me
    years to finish.
    So sit back and enjoy, hopefully this can help you with any problems you have
    or just let you get past that little annoying bit that you can't seem to crack.
    Word of warning: THIS GUIDE WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS. I like writing in the story
    developments as they occur, therefore beware!
    Note: For ease of use, use the Find command (Ctrl+F) to search for specific
    sections using the abbreviations on the side of the table of contents.
    2. History
    17th December: Started writing guide. Started introduction, battle system,
    characters and walkthrough section.
    19th December: Began first proper playthrough.
    23rd December: Finished both work and school now, hopefully will write more. 
    Have almost completed Chapter 3, added Big, Knuckles and Cream to characters.
    24th December: Added Shadow and Doctor Eggman to the characters section, and
    continued with main game walkthrough.
    31st December: Added final few characters, including Shade and Omega. Updated
    synopsis for characters, and reached Chapter 8.
    The Basics
    The Battle System
    Status Effects
    Playable Characters
    Walkthrough - Chapter 1 - Hostile Reception
    		 Chapter 2 - The Search for Knuckles
    		 Chapter 3 - Egghunt 
    		 Chapter 4 - A Wolf In The Shadows
    		 Chapter 5 - The Battle for Angel Island
    		 Chapter 6 - Black Hole Sun
    		 Chapter 7 - The Quest for the Chaos Emeralds
    		 Chapter 8 - Sector Scylla
    		 Chapter 9 - Sector Charbydis
    		 Chapter 10 - 
    Chao List
    Egg Locations
    Equipment List
    Item List
    Special Thanks
    The Basics
    I'm assuming you know how to plug the game in and turn it on. If you don't, no
    walkthrough will help you! 
    For the most part, the control pad and ABXY buttons wont't be used for this
    game. All control is done through the touch screen, but the Start button and 
    L/R buttons can be used to bring up the menu or interact with objects if you
    feel the need.
    Field Controls
    Movement - Drag the stylus in the direction you wish your character to move.
               Drag it further away to make them run, or closer for small steps.
    Interact - If you get close to an object or person, a speech bubble may appear
               above it. Poke this bubble with the stylus to speak to the
               character, use the item, or other such actions. If the bubble is
               greyed out, your currently selected character cannot perform that
    Switch Character - When you have multiple people in your party, pressing their
                       faces across the top of the screen will allow you to take
                       control of them and access their unique abilities.
    Menu Controls
    In the field, press the little chequered flag button in the bottom left of the
    screen to access a menu.
    Profiles - Click Sonic's head to View the powers and statistics of your 
    World Map - Press the Chaos Emerald button to see your current location.
    Save Game - The data screen button will take you to the save menu. Come here
    Journal - View entries about characters and missions. Check this if you get
              stuck or confused.
    Inventory - Change the battle equipment and Chao equipped, or use healing items
                outside of battle.
    Chao Garden - View all of your collected Chao and their abilities.
    Combat Controls
    In battle, you will be faced by numerous enemies. The cursor will circle the
    current character, and you can select actions for them to perform using the
    stylus. Actions include:
    Attack - Hit the enemy with a normal attack
    POW Move - Use PP points to perform a stronger attack than usual. Input the
               commands shown on the screen as the attack takes place to increase
               the damage and prevent it from failing!
    Defend - Press this if your character has low health, as it reduces the damage
             they take and allos them to recover some PP points to retaliate.
    Items - Use a healing item or a stat increase item. Select the item from the
            menu and then the target.
    Before and After Battle
    The combat system controls are outlined above. Granted, they aren't fantastic,
    but you'll understand better by just playing the game. Your first few practise
    battles will help you master the system easily. There are a few ideas that you
    may need to know as well, detailed below.
    Level Up
    As you win battles, your characters will gain experience, and when they have
    enough, they will level up, like in any typical RPG. They will experience an
    increase in stats, and you're given 1 point to put into any skill you like each
    time. It's far easier to increase something which a character is already strong
    in, rather than trying to level out their abilities. If you're having trouble
    with important battles, try levelling up a little more and trying again.
    As well as your ability point, you'll gain 5 point to upgrade your POW moves.
    Each character has six moves which they can increase. Level 1 costs 5 points,
    2 costs 10 and 3 costs 15, so saving your points may be needed. If you haven't
    got the points to get a move you want, don't waste them on something you don't
    Chao and Equipment
    Each character can equip 3 pieces of equipment in different slots, foot, hand, 
    neck and a Chao. These equipment items are bought or found in chests
    around the world, whilst Chao must be found in eggs and hatched. Each Chao has
    a different ability, detailed in a later section. Using both equipment and Chao
    to their maximum potential is essential to defeat certain enemies.
    Status Effects
    Some of the POW Moves both you and your opponents can use have the ability to 
    inflict status effects, both positive and negative. They all have special 
    signs which show that they're in effect, and how they affect the characters.
    They can all have levels, from 1 to 3, which affects their effect time.
    Learn to use them against your foe and guard against them yourself to ensure
    success in this battle!
    Empowered - A blue aura surrounds the player, and their attacks do more damage!
    Fortified - XXXXXXXXXXX, and their defences increase.
    Hyper - A blue glowing circle surrounds the player, increasing their speed!
    Poison - Skull and crossbones float out of your characters head, and at the
             end of each turn, your character will lose health.
    Sluggish - XXXXXXXXXXXXXX and their speed decreases.
    Vulnerable - Green smoke emits from your character's head, decreasing their
    Weakened - XXXXXXXXXXXXXX, and their attack stat is decreased.
    Stun -
    Distracted - 
    Phase - The character cannot be hit by any attacks until they perform their
            next move. There are no tell tale signs of Phase, unfortunately.
    Sleep - Character slouches over with Z's around their head. Wakes up after
            a set amount of turns, but cannot perform any moves for the duration 
            of their nap. 
    KO - Character lies on the floor, unable to perform any moves at all until the
         end of the fight.
    Playable Characters
    There are a total of 11 playable characters in Sonic Chronicles, and they're
    each good at different aspects of battle. In the following section, I've 
    detailed a basic synopsis of them and their POW moves, as well as my 
    strategy when using them.
    Sonic The Hedgehog
    As Sonic is in your team for the entire game, you better get used to him! He's
    a decent character with good stats to help you like him. He gets three moves
    per turn, which can help him support his friends with items as well as deal
    lots of damage with repeated POW Moves. 
    Speaking of which, his moves are mostly combination with other characters. I'd
    say put Axe Kick as one of your priority moves to obtain, as it's a solid
    attack which can put a dent in all but the most defensive foes, and doesn't
    require much else. As for his combo moves, I'd say meh to most of them. As I
    chose not to have hardly any of the characters he needs on the team for them,
    they seem a little redundant.
    As for Chao and stats, I threw all my stat points into Speed with Sonic, as it
    seems appropriate. He can always use a PP increasing Chao, or a damage increase
    one instead. Of course, you can always throw the random Chao you need, like
    the extra item or extra experience Chao on him.
    Field Move: Dash (Up to Level 3) 
    |       POW Move        |			Move Effect	    	      |
    |Axe Kick Level 1	|2 x 150% of Attack Damage			      |
    |	  Level 2 	|2 x 175% of Attack Damage			      |
    |	  Level 3	|2 x 200% of Attack Damage			      |
    |Whirlwind Level 1	|100% of Attack damage to all enemies (Wind, No miss) |
    |	   Level 2	|110% of Attack damage to all enemies (Wind, No miss) |
    |	   Level 3	|125% of Attack damage to all enemies (Wind, No miss) |
    |Blue Bomber Level 1	|2 x 200% Attack Damage, 30% chance of Weakened 1     |
    |	     Level 2	|2 x 225% Attack Damage, 50% chance of Weakened 1     |
    |	     Level 3	|2 x 250% Attack Damage, 80% chance of Weakened 1     |
    |Fastball Level 1	|3 x 175% Attack Damage, 30% chance Sluggish 1 (Amy)  |
    |	  Level 2	|3 x 200% Attack Damage, 50% chance Sluggish 1 (Amy)  |
    |	  Level 3	|3 x 225% Attack Damage, 80% chance Sluggish 1 (Amy)  |
    |Triple Tornado Level 1 |3 x150% Damage all foes, 30% Sluggish (Wind, No miss)|
    |(Knuckles/	Level 2 |3 x175% Damage all foes, 50% Sluggish (Wind, No miss)|
    |Tails)		Level 3 |3 x225% Damage all foes, 80% Sluggish (Wind, No miss)|
    |Hail Storm Level 1	|7 x 175% Attack Damage, 20% chance of Stun	      |
    |(Tails/Amy Level 2	|7 x 200% Attack Damage, 30% chance of Stun	      |
    |Knuckles)  Level 3	|7 x 225% Attack Damage, 40% chance of Stun	      |
    Miles 'Tails' Prower
    Silly Tails. When he first joins the team, he's alright. But he soon becomes
    redundant quickly. None of his POW Moves are offensive, and his normal attack
    doesn't deal very much damage at all. He's alright if you like a little
    defensive healer, or someone to sit on the back seat and throw support moves 
    with, but this only works if you have Cream on your team replenishing your PP
    each turn, and taking up two slots with support characters seems a little 
    Medi-Bot is always helpful, as is Adrenaline Rush. As for everything else, a
    distinct meh rings out from them all. The Tinker and Flash Bang are too 
    situational for my liking. Other than using him to Fly, Tails is far outclassed
    by other characters.
    Plug as many stat points into Defense as you can for Tails, so that he can 
    withstand damage whilst replenishing his PP to support you with.
    Field Move: Fly (Up to Level 3)
    |         Name	        |			Move Effect	    	      |
    |Scan Level 1		|Vulnerable 1		  			      |
    |     Level 2 		|Vulnerable 2		  			      |
    |     Level 3		|Vulnerable 3		  			      |
    |Tinker Level 1		|Weakened 1, Sluggish 1, Robots Only		      |
    |	Level 2		|Weakened 2, Sluggish 2, Robots Only		      |
    |	Level 3		|Weakened 3, Sluggish 3, Robots Only		      |
    |Medi Bot Level 1	|Regenerate 20 HP and 2 PP for 3 rounds               |
    |	  Level 2	|Regenerate 40 HP and 4 PP for 3 rounds               |
    |	  Level 3	|Regenerate 60 HP and 6 PP for 3 rounds               |
    |Shield Bot Level 1	|Fortified 1					      |
    |	    Level 2	|Fortified 2					      |
    |	    Level 3	|Fortified 3					      |
    |Flash Bang Level 1	|Sluggish 1, Distracted 1, Non-Robots Only	      |
    |	    Level 2	|Sluggish 1, Distracted 1, Non-Robots Only	      |
    |	    Level 3	|Sluggish 1, Distracted 1, Non-Robots Only	      |
    |Adrenaline Rush Level 1|Hyper 1, Extra Action				      |
    |	    	Level 2 |Hyper 2, Extra Action				      |
    |	    	Level 3 |Hyper 3, Extra Action				      |
    Knuckles the Echidna
    Ah, this is more like it! Knuckles is a great addition to any team for both
    his damage dealing and high defense. He can smash out lots of damage in his
    two moves per turn, and this makes him very useful.
    In terms of POW Moves, Uppercut is a good choice as usual, since it can be
    used when he's alone, as well as having that essential Armour Piercing for the
    high defense foes. Revolver Slam is worth mentioning, as it requires Sonic,
    who'll be on your team anyway, so it's worth looking at. Quake Punch is poor,
    leave that well alone.
    Knuckles should be a pure attacker, stuff lots of stat points into his Attack,
    then Defense every now and then. Chao-wise, a damage increasing Chao is a great
    choice, or an elemental attack Chao for earlier in the game.
    Field Moves: Climb, Smash (Up to Level 2), Fly (Only Level 1)
    |       POW Move        |			Move Effect	    	      |
    |Uppercut Level 1	|135% of Attack Damage	(Armour Piercing)	      |
    |	  Level 2 	|150% of Attack Damage	(Armour Piercing)	      |
    |	  Level 3	|175% of Attack Damage	(Armour Piercing)	      |
    |Quake Punch Level 1	|65% Damage to all enemies (Earth, No miss, 30% Stun) |
    |	     Level 2	|80% Damage to all enemies (Earth, No miss, 40% Stun) |
    |	     Level 3	|100% Damage to all enemies (Earth, No miss, 50% Stun)|
    |Revolver Slam Level 1	|200% Damage, 30% chance Vulnerable 1 (Armour Pierce) |
    |(Sonic)       Level 2	|225% Damage, 50% chance Vulnerable 1 (Armour Pierce) |
    |	       Level 3	|250% Damage, 80% chance Vulnerable 1 (Armour Pierce) |
    |Knuckles Level 1       |150% Attack Damage to all enemies, 20% Distracted 1  |
    |Express  Level 2	|225% Attack Damage to all enemies, 30% Distracted 1  |
    |(Shadow) Level 3	|250% Attack Damage to all enemies, 40% Distracted 1  |
    |Knuckles       Level 1 |2 x 125% Attack Damage, 30% chance Stun (Sonic/Amy)  |
    |Sandwich	Level 2 |2 x 150% Attack Damage, 50% chance Stun (Sonic/Amy)  |
    |		Level 3 |2 x 175% Attack Damage, 80% chance Stun (Sonic/Amy)  |
    |Hard Line Level 1	|300% Attack Damage, 50% chance of Distracted 1	      |
    |(Shadow/  Level 2	|325% Attack Damage, 60% chance of Distracted 1	      |
    | Shade)   Level 3	|350% Attack Damage, 70% chance of Distracted 1	      |
    Amy The Hedgehog
    Amy! *runs away* Oh wait, no, that's Sonic's reaction. For most of the game,
    Amy is a solid team member. Her Attack is decent, and her Defense isn't too 
    shabby either. Her Piko Piko Hammer packs a punch!
    Her Low Blow is great, whatever stage of the game you're at. Tantrum sounds
    better, but just isn't. Ignore it, I made the mistake of using it but it's
    hardly worth it when Low Blow is there instead. Avoid Spin Cycle too, as Cream
    needs her PP for lots of other things. Blow Kiss is worth a look, if used on
    herself or another hard hitting character.
    Stuff her Stat points in Attack too, as she'll have fun with those. Give her
    whatever Chao takes your fancy, something like Cheezlet to increase her damage
    is always welcome.
    Field Moves: Smash (Up to Level 3), Dash (Only Level 1)
    |         Name	        |			Move Effect	    	      |
    |Low Blow Level 1	|125% Attack Damage, 30% chance of Vulnerable 1	      |
    |         Level 2 	|150% Attack Damage, 50% chance of Vulnerable 1	      |
    |         Level 3	|175% Attack Damage, 80% chance of Vulnerable 1	      |
    |Spin Cycle Level 1	|150% Attack Damage, Can't Miss (Cream)		      |
    |	    Level 2	|175% Attack Damage, Can't Miss (Cream)	       	      |
    |	    Level 3	|200% Attack Damage, Can't Miss (Cream)		      |
    |Tantrum Level 1	|100% Attack Damage, 20% chance of Sluggish 1         |
    |	 Level 2	|125% Attack Damage, 30% chance of Sluggish 1         |
    |	 Level 3	|150% Attack Damage, 40% chance of Sluggish 1         |
    |Blow Kiss Level 1	|Empowered 1					      |
    |	   Level 2	|Empowered 2					      |
    |	   Level 3	|Empowered 3					      |
    |Tarot Draw Level 1	|Cursed 1					      |
    |	    Level 2	|Cursed 2					      |
    |	    Level 3	|Cursed 3					      |
    |Flower Power Level 1   |300% Attack Damage, 40% chance of Stun (Big/Cream)   |
    |	      Level 2   |325% Attack Damage, 50% chance of Stun (Big/Cream)   |
    |	      Level 3   |350% Attack Damage, 60% chance of Stun (Big/Cream)   |
    Rouge The Bat
    Um...Rouge. Yeah. I'll be straight, I don't use Rouge any more than the game
    requires, as I just found her rather boring to fight with. Her Stat related POW
    Moves are boring, and Plunder can be useful if you want lots of random items.
    Rising Knuckle could be useful if you let it, but her best move, especially
    near the beginning of the game is Jewel Storm. Ignore Tornado Kick unless you
    like Wind element attacks, which aren't useful on much at all.
    If you do insist on using Rouge, have her stat points distribute between
    Defense and Attack evenly, maybe a little more towards Defense. I can't give
    too much advice on Chao's for her, as I've not used her, but you can't go
    wrong with Defense increasing ones.
    Field Move: Stealth, Fly (Up to Level 2)
    |         Name	        |			Move Effect	    	      |
    |Tornado Kick Level 1	|125% Attack Damage, Wind			      |
    |             Level 2 	|135% Attack Damage, Wind			      |
    |             Level 3	|145% Attack Damage, Wind			      |
    |Jewel Storm Level 1	|75% Attack Damage to all enemies (Armor Pierce)      |
    |	     Level 2	|100% Attack Damage to all enemies (Armor Pierce)     |
    |	     Level 3	|125% Attack Damage to all enemies (Armor Pierce)     |
    |Rising Knuckle Level 1	|2 x 175% Attack Damage, 20% chance of Stun           |
    |	        Level 2	|2 x 200% Attack Damage, 30% chance of Stun           |
    |	        Level 3	|2 x 225% Attack Damage, 50% chance of Stun           |
    |Plunder Level 1	|Item Theft 1					      |
    |	 Level 2	|Item Theft 2					      |
    |	 Level 3	|Item Theft 3					      |
    |Distract Level 1	|Distracted 1					      |
    |	  Level 2	|Distracted 2					      |
    |	  Level 3	|Distracted 3					      |
    |Shriek Level 1         |Sluggish 1					      |
    |	Level 2         |Sluggish 2					      |
    |	Level 3         |Sluggish 3					      |
    Big the Cat
    FROGGY! Sorry, had to do it once. Big is, at first glance, rather useless. At
    second glance, he's slightly more than that. Granted, a few of his POW Moves
    are craptacular. I'm lookin' at you, Froggy Poison and Lure Whip. 
    His Feel No Pain coupled with Taunt is a good combination, meaning that Big is
    almost invincible for a while and your other characters can take down foes 
    with little worry. As for offense, Battering Ram and Froggy Rain deserve a 
    mention too. Overall, Big may be a little slow and FROGGY obsessed, but he's
    a solid member of the team.
    Depending on how you wish to use Big, distribute stat points to Defense or
    Attack accordingly, the same with Chao. It's far easier to have Big specialise
    in one or the other instead of trying to get him to be good at both.
    Field Move: Invulnerable (Up to Level 3)
    |         Name	        |			Move Effect	    	      |
    |Lure Whip Level 1	|50% Attack Damage, 60% chance of Stun		      |
    |          Level 2 	|75% Attack Damage, 70% chance of Stun		      |
    |          Level 3	|100% Attack Damage, 80% chance of Stun		      |
    |Battering Ram Level 1	|3 x 140% Attack Damage, 30% chance of Distracted 1   |
    |	       Level 2	|3 x 160% Attack Damage, 50% chance of Distracted 1   |
    |	       Level 3	|3 x 180% Attack Damage, 80% chance of Distracted 1   |
    |Taunt Level 1		|Fortify 1, target will only attack Big	              |
    |      Level 2		|Fortify 2, target will only attack Big	              |
    |      Level 3		|Fortify 3, target will only attack Big	              |
    |Froggy Poison Level 1	|50% Attack Damage, Poison 1			      |
    |	       Level 2	|75% Attack Damage, Poison 2			      |
    |	       Level 3	|100% Attack Damage, Poison 3			      |
    |Feel No Pain Level 1	|30% Regeneration for three rounds		      |
    |	      Level 2	|40% Regeneration for three rounds		      |
    |	      Level 3	|50% Regeneration for three rounds		      |
    |Froggy Rain Level 1    |120% Attack Damage to all enemies		      |
    | 	     Level 2    |140% Attack Damage to all enemies		      |
    |	     Level 3    |160% Attack Damage to all enemies		      |
    Cream the Rabbit
    Best. Character. Ever. She's built to be a healer, and she performs that job
    excellently. She should be on your team, all the time to make things far
    simpler. Demoralise and Tough should be avoided, whilst priority should be
    given to Refresh, Heal and Revive.
    With these in hand, Cream is fantastic. She can use Refresh each turn to allow
    constant POW Moves, and the best thing is that her Refresh gives her back the
    PP she used to use the Refresh in the first place! Throwing around Heal and 
    Revive when needed are also useful, and Cure can always take a back seat if you
    ever feel the need to use it.
    Pump her stat points into Defense to make sure that she can survive attack, and
    give her either a PP increasing Chao, Defense increasing Chao or something like
    Joy, which regenerates health for the entire party each turn, so she really
    feels like a healer.
    Field Moves: Fly (Up to Level 3)
    |         Name	        |			Move Effect	    	      |
    |Refresh Level 1	|Replenish 5PP to all party members		      |
    |        Level 2 	|Replenish 10PP to all party members		      |
    |        Level 3	|Replenish 15PP to all party members		      |
    |Demoralise Level 1	|Distracted 1					      |
    |	    Level 2	|Distracted 2					      |
    |	    Level 3	|Distracted 3					      |
    |Cure Level 1		|Antidote for one round				      |
    |     Level 2		|Antidote for two rounds			      |
    |     Level 3		|Antidote for three rounds			      |
    |Revive Level 1		|Revive 1 ally with 1 HP			      |
    |	Level 2		|Revive 1 ally with 50% HP			      |
    |	Level 3		|Revive 1 ally with 100% HP			      |
    |Heal Level 1		|Replenish 50HP to all party members		      |
    |     Level 2		|Replenish 100HP to all party members		      |
    |     Level 3		|Replenish 150HP to all party members		      |
    |Tough Level 1    	|Fortified 1					      |
    |      Level 2    	|Fortified 2					      |
    |      Level 3    	|Fortified 3					      |
    Doctor Eggman
    Eggman isn't in the party for the entire game, hence why he doesn't have a 
    large set of moves, but while he is there he's quite an interesting character.
    His Bombardment is great, and Sabotage is useful when he and Tails are forced 
    into the same party during one chapter, especially as most of the foes they
    face are robots.
    Pump as many points into Attack as possible to increase the damage Bombardment
    can do, and maximise it quickly before moving onto Sabotage. In relation to
    Chao, Attack boosters or the random Chao you like using are well suited to the
    Field Moves: None
    |         Name	        |			Move Effect	    	      |
    |Bombardment Level 1	|200% Damage all enemies, 50% Sluggish 1 (No miss)    |
    |            Level 2 	|225% Damage all enemies, 50% Sluggish 1 (No miss)    |
    |            Level 3	|250% Damage all enemies, 50% Sluggish 1 (No miss)    |
    |Sabotage Level 1	|Instant Death 80% chance, Robots only (Tails)        |
    |	  Level 2	|Instant Death 90% chance, Robots only (Tails)        |
    |	  Level 3	|Instant Death 100% chance, Robots only (Tails)       |
    Shadow The Hedgehog
    Shadow is great, there's not much else to say. He's a little fragile, but he
    can work as a great attacker, and has three moves per turn like Sonic which
    he can use to throw items around willy nilly.
    His POW Moves are great. Chaos Spear is a solid attack, and Chaos Blast is
    good in group situations. His Atomic Strike is worth a look, since Sonic will
    always be in the party. A note about Chaos Rift - It looks good, and can be 
    great when it works, but I'd rather put points into a move that's guranteed to
    Distribute stat points between Speed and Attack so that his normal attacks 
    will be potent as well as his POW Moves, and give him either a PP increasing or
    Attack increasing Chao.
    Field Moves: Teleport, Dash (Up to Level 3)
    |         Name	        |			Move Effect	    	      |
    |Chaos Spear Level 1	|2 x 100% Attack Damage, Armour Piercing	      |
    |            Level 2 	|2 x 125% Attack Damage, Armour Piercing	      |
    |            Level 3	|2 x 150% Attack Damage, Armour Piercing	      |
    |Chaos Rift Level 1	|40% chance of KO, 50% chance of Distracted 1	      |
    |	    Level 2	|50% chance of KO, 80% chance of Distracted 1	      |
    |	    Level 3	|60% chance of KO, 100% chance of Distracted 1	      |
    |Chaos Blast Level 1	|150% Attack Damage, Blast, 20% chance Weakened 1     |
    |            Level 2	|160% Attack Damage, Blast, 30% chance Weakened 1     |
    |            Level 3	|170% Attack Damage, Blast, 40% chance Weakened 1     |
    |Atomic Strike Level 1	|200% Attack Damage, All Enemies, Electricity, No Miss|
    |(Sonic)       Level 2	|225% Attack Damage, All Enemies, Electricity, No Miss|
    |	       Level 3	|250% Attack Damage, All Enemies, Electricity, No Miss|
    |Focus Field Level 1	|225% Attack Damage, 30% Chance of Vulnerable 1       |
    |(Omega)     Level 2	|250% Attack Damage, 40% Chance of Vulnerable 1       |
    |            Level 3	|275% Attack Damage, 50% Chance of Vulnerable 1       |
    |Metal Storm Level 1    |300% Attack Damage, 20% chance of Stun		      |
    |(Omega/     Level 2    |325% Attack Damage, 30% chance of Stun		      |
    | Rouge)     Level 3    |350% Attack Damage, 40% chance of Stun		      |
    E-123 Omega
    Omega is a worthwhile addition to any team as an attacker. He has certain
    POW Moves that are useful such as Beam Cannon, which can deal huge amounts of
    damage to largely defensive foes such as Shield Pawns. Machine Gun is useful
    in group situations for spraying damage over them all. His POW Move that
    inflicts Hyper is worth using, but it's easier to use Attack moves before that.
    Use your stat points in Attack, as Omega has enough HP to keep him alive for
    a long time before someone heals him. Attack increasing Chao or a health
    regenerating one is welcome.
    Field Moves: Smash (Up to Level 2), Invulnerable (Up to Level 2)
    |         Name	        |			Move Effect	    	      |
    |Flamethrower Level 1	|100% Attack Damage to all enemies, Fire	      |
    |             Level 2 	|130% Attack Damage to all enemies, Fire	      |
    |             Level 3	|150% Attack Damage to all enemies, Fire	      |
    |Beam Cannon Level 1	|250% Attack Damage, 50% Vulnerable 1, Armour Piercing|
    |	     Level 2	|275% Attack Damage, 75% Vulnerable 1, Armour Piercing|
    |	     Level 3	|300% Attack Damage, 100% Vulnerable 1, Armour Pierce |
    |Blazing Tornado Level 1|200% Attack Damage, Fire			      |
    |(Rouge)         Level 2|225% Attack Damage, Fire			      |
    |                Level 3|250% Attack Damage, Fire			      |
    |Wrecking Ball Level 1	|200% Attack Damage, 30% chance of Distracted 1	      |
    |(Big)         Level 2	|225% Attack Damage, 50% chance of Distracted 1	      |
    |	       Level 3	|250% Attack Damage, 80% chance of Distracted 1	      |
    |Temporal Field Level 1	|Hyper 1, Phase					      |
    |	        Level 2	|Hyper 2, Phase					      |
    |               Level 3	|Hyper 3, Phase					      |
    |Machine Gunner Level 1 |12 x 25% Attack Damage, Full Auto		      |
    |               Level 2 |12 x 50% Attack Damage, Full Auto		      |
    |               Level 3 |12 x 75% Attack Damage, Full Auto		      |
    Shade the Marauder
    The final addition to your playable characters, Shade is interesting if nothing
    else. She's a good attacker, but defense-wise, not so much. However, her Leech
    effect on her POW Moves mean that her health will hardly ever decrease.
    Her Blade Rush and Blade Drop are priorities so that she has attacks both alone
    and with a team (as Sonic is always in the team), whilst Echidna Rush is beyond
    broken if you bring Knuckles along with you.
    Increase her attack with Chao, or have a health regenerating/defense Chao so 
    her health never falls at all, as well as pumping stat points into Attack to
    increase the amount of damage she causes, and as a result regenerates.
    Field Moves: Teleport, Climb, Stealth
    |         Name	        |			Move Effect	    	      |
    |Cloak Level 1		|Hyper 1					      |
    |      Level 2 		|Hyper 2					      |
    |      Level 3		|Hyper 3					      |
    |Blade Rush Level 1	|3 x 150% Attack Damage, Leech			      |
    |	    Level 2	|3 x 175% Attack Damage, Leech			      |
    |	    Level 3	|3 x 200% Attack Damage, Leech			      |
    |Echidna Rush Level 1	|3 x 200% Attack Damage, Armour Piercing, Distracted 1|
    |(Knuckles)   Level 2	|3 x 225% Attack Damage, Armour Piercing, Distracted 2|
    |             Level 3	|3 x 250% Attack Damage, Armour Piercing, Distracted 3|
    |Blade Drop Level 1    	|2 x 200% Attack Damage, Armour Piercing, Leech	      |
    |(Sonic)    Level 2    	|2 x 225% Attack Damage, Armour Piercing, Leech	      |
    | 	    Level 3    	|2 x 250% Attack Damage, Armour Piercing, Leech	      |
    Eggman has been defeated, no one has heard from him in a long time. Sonic has
    taken to running the globe and solving other problems. Tails calls him on his
    cell phone, telling him that Knuckles has been kidnapped, and the Chaos
    Emeralds too! Who are the mysterious Marauders and what do they want? Sonic 
    decides to travel through the Green Hill Zone and meet up with Tails and Amy to
    investigate, and thus begins your journey into the world of Sonic Chronicles:
    Dark Brotherhood!
    Note: I'm not going to mention when you should save or return to strongholds to
    heal, as I'm assuming you'll be able to scan downwards and work it out. If your
    health is low, double back. Better to heal and not die than die and lose all
    your progress.
    Chapter 1 - Hostile Reception
    Green Hill Zone
    Have a chat with Tails. The top option will always speed you through the
    conversation as quick as possible, whilst lower down options will gather you
    more information. Just press the tabs to see your options, and then press the
    phrase to say it. Tails sets up your first objective: Rendezvous with Amy Rose
    and meet Tails in Central City. Well, what're you waiting for? Get to it!
    Follow the chain of rings up the ledge and round the spiral, then head north 
    and pick up the rings around the tree as well as your first Chao Egg. Now head
    past the woodsman and grab the chest on the west end of the island. Speak to 
    the woodsman next and accept his mission. Now poke the stump and chop the wood
    three times to complete it. Now tread on the switch on the end of the pier to
    call the raft, which you should hop onto.
    On the other side, you'll be attacked by an Enraged Armadillo for your first
    practise battle. Take care of it with normal attacks and head south to meet
    your second party member - Amy! Her Piko Piko Hammer will prove invaluable in 
    the coming battles. Grab the rings to the north, and the Chao Egg between the
    palm trees. Now head south again to meet some Sentry Drones to smash. Practise
    the fleeing minigame and defeat them!
    There's a ring of rings and a chest below, as well as another Enraged
    Armadillo. Follow the path to the left and up the rocks, fighting the Wild 
    Boar. There's an unreachable Chao Egg to the south, rings to the north and a
    spiral to run to the left which will drop you next to a ring of rings and 
    another Armadillo.
    Head to the right here and open the chest, ignoring the pier to the south. Go
    on right and jump up the cliffs, collecting the rings and run the spiral for
    another Chao Egg. Jump down and fight the Wild Boar, then follow the rings up
    to meet the bridge keeper who says you can't cross without 4 characters. Ignore
    him for now and head right for another Chao Egg.
    Continue right, then south towards the beach. Grab the rings here and around a
    tower, battle the Boar and then carry on south to the final moutain. Climb to
    the top, jump the spring and open the chest. Then leap off and head back to the
    bridge to the south I told you ignore. Save your game, heal your characters and
    cross for your first boss battle, an encounter with a Marauder!
    *Boss Battle: Marauder Scout*
    Your first boss only has 80HP, so you shouldn't have too many problems. If
    you've invested in some POW moves with your level up upgrades, you'll be fine.
    Amy's Blow Kiss when used on her and Sonic increases your damage output, and
    Sonic's Axe Kick is a good damage dealer, so combine them for an effective
    set up. Don't be afraid to use some Health Seeds, and POW Candy or Defend to
    recover PP, although you shouldn't need them.
    The Marauder itself can use a Stasis Grenade which can cause sleep, that can
    be countered by performing the commands on the screen with the stylus. It also 
    uses a normal attack which deals around 11 damage and can drain some of your 
    Once the boss is defeated, carry on across the bridge to enter the next stage.
    Central City  
    Follow the ring trail down and around to Tail's Workshop, but head right
    of inside to collect a Chao Egg. You can continue south east for some rings,
    south west is blocked by Rouge until you have Tails, so go grab him! Enter the
    Workshop and after the scene, leave with an extra member of your team. Time to
    try out Tails in another battle against some of Eggman's Robots. Be careful,
    as they can be quite strong at this point. If you have Tails' Scan POW, it
    can be used in later battles to decrease the armour on the Swatbots. Re-enter
    and leave the workshop to refill your health, and then head south to speak with
    Rouge for another scene in the GUN Headquarters.
    Chapter 2 - The Search for Knuckles
    GUN have narrowed down Knuckles' location to 4 possible places, each of which 
    one of Eggman's old hideouts. It's your job to go search them all! Images of
    them will flash up on the screen in the GUN Headquarters, and they'll be marked
    on your map for reference. But first, let's explore Central City some more.
    Central City Continued
    Rouge is now part of your party. Speak to the GUN trooper south of the starting
    point to get a new mission, then grab the rings around the lampost. Follow the
    trail southeast and speak to the other trooper for another mission. To the left
    of this point are some shops where you can pick up items and equipment if you
    fancy. Now head northeast and speak to the other trooper, who'll tell you
    about the pipe puzzle.
    You'll now have all four of your characters available. Grab the nearby rings,
    then get to solving the puzzle! Have two characters step on the red buttons, 
    and a third press the button next to the crane at the top of the ramp. Now have
    the fourth character run around to the pipe outside the wall and attach the
    crane to the missing pipe. Finally, have your third character press the crane
    button again to reattach the pipe and solve the puzzle!
    To the south east you can follow some rings to the edge of the level, but you
    aren't allowed to leave this way. Double back and enter the underground dash
    track. At the other end, open the chest to the south and battle the Swatbots to
    the north to finish the mission the trooper gave you earlier. Carry on north to
    grab a Chao Egg, then double back to the pipe you repaired earlier.
    Run all the way along the dash tracks and battle the wasps at the end, then 
    grab the rings. Fly across to the right and grab the Chao Egg from behind the
    wasps. Pick up the next few rings then fly back across and head to the left
    this time. Follow this rooftop around, fighting the wasps and grabbing the
    rings until you get to the crossroads. Go to the right first and open the chest
    as well as grabbing the Chao Egg, then save before fighting the Wasp Queen.
    This isn't really a boss, but beware of the Queen's attacks. Dodge her POW move
    and focus all of your attacks on her. Sonic's Axe Kick, Amy's Low Blow or 
    Tantrum and Rouge's Jewel Storm are all good attacks to use, whilst Tails can
    buff his characters with either his Medi-Bot or Shield Bot. Otherwise, have he
    and Rouge defend whilst the Queen is alive. Once she is defeated, take out the
    remaining Wasp Swarms and complete this mission too. Now for the main chapter
    mission, finally.
    Back at the crossroads, head up this time and fight the Sentry Drones before 
    climbing further on. Enter the doorway and out the other side, walk upwards and
    grab the rings before entering the next doorway. Open the chest for a few items
    including Bug Spray which you could use on the Queen Wasp if she's been giving
    you trouble. Back outside, jump down and fight the Drones, then head north
    and enter the warehouse. Walk towards the chest and you'll be attacked by some
    Swat Bots. Defeat them to get the first of four communicators. Open the chest
    and leave. Jump down to the main square, not forgetting to talk to the GUN
    trooper to claim the reward for your Wasp killing mission.
    Now go back to Tails' workshop. Go south from here to some boxes. If Amy has
    her Level 2 Smash ability, break the crates to grab another Chao Egg. Now drop
    into the manhole for another Swat Bot fight. Unload some POW Moves to take them
    out and win you another Communicator. Time to return to the Green Hill Zone for
    the other two hideouts!
    Green Hill Zone
    Welcome back! Time to settle some unfinished business in our old haunt. First
    things first, head to the large mountain to the west, go downwards and use Amy
    to smash some crates for a Chao Egg. To the east, at the tower, climb the 
    nearby rocks and fly across with Tails or Rouge to grab some more rings. Walk 
    to the star on the map, the centre of the level, and fly across here too for a
    first hideout. Battle the Swat Bots and grab the Chao Egg, collect a
    communicator and open the chest.
    Your next order of business is the bridge. To the right of the hideout is the
    bridge keeper; speak to him to allow all four of your characters to appear. Let
    Sonic and Amy press the two red buttons on this side, then have Rouge and Tails
    fly across to press the other two. Bridge sorted! Easy, eh?
    On this side, fight the wasps and enter the door for a Wild Boar. Fly to the
    right of the waterfall for some rings, then to the left for a trial to follow.
    At the top, speak to Cream and offer to find Cheese for her. This can be done
    later, once we've recovered Knuckles. For now, head right and beat up the Swat
    Bot before running the dash track to meet Dr. Madden. Agree to his mission.
    To the right is a ledge to fly to with some rings on. Grab those, then return
    to Cream. Bounce on the spring near her, battle the Swat Bot and climb the
    mountain to the west. Use the dash tracks to reach the bottom area, then head
    to the left, flying and jumping where appropriate to find the first signal
    generator. Go to shut it off to initiate a battle with some Raptor Hawks.
    Concentrate all your attacks on one, then the other, making good use of POW
    Moves to deal high damage quickly, and counter their Feather Barrage wherever
    possible, as it can potentially hit all four of your characters! Be careful, as
    the Raptor Hawk's normal attacks can also do high damage. Don't be afraid to 
    deploy healing items, or POW Moves which can heal or buff your status.
    When they are dead, the signal generator is switched off. Heal/save if you wish
    then do you remember the raft near the north end of the main island? Go back to
    it and ride it across to the woodsman before flying across to the north west
    and grabbing some rings/smashing a Sentry Drone or two. Now go west, ignore the
    signal generator and carry on south for another Chao Egg. Battle the Raptor
    Hawks which protect this signal generator too before returning to the beach on
    the east side of the level. From here, fly across the little islands, grabbing
    the Chao Egg and the rings along the way before reaching the final hideout!
    Enter here and wreck the Swat Bots with POW Moves; they shouldn't cause much of
    a problem anymore. Grab the last Communicator, empty the chest and then go
    back to Central City; it's time to save Knuckles, who's in the Mystic Ruins, it
    would appear. If you're wondering about the final signal generator, we can get
    that once Knuckles is with us. 
    Central City
    Run to the shops, use the workshop, save your game, whatever you like, then go
    to the south end of the city where the GUN trooper was standing before. Huh?!
    He still won't let you pass? Luckily, Tails has an idea; we'll fly in with the
    Tornado! Return to his workshop for a scene, chat with Amy, Rouge and Tails if 
    you like, then head outside and interact with the Tornado and you'll be on your
    way! From this screen you can fly to either the Green Hill Zone or the Mystic
    Ruins. If you have no business in the Green Hill Zone, which you probably 
    shouldn't, get your butt to the Mystic Ruins!
    Mystic Ruins
    Ew. It's all dark and gross here. Grab the rings to your left and you'll see 
    your current destination. Your way north is blocked by poisonous clouds, so go
    back east for some more rings. What? It's blocked here too! Luckily, Big
    joins the party and happens to be immune to the gas altogether, phew! Now you
    can choose who to bring along for this part of the game. Sonic and Big are 
    compulsory, and I suggest you bring Amy. The final slot can be whomever you 
    With Big by your side, this should be a breeze! Use his Invulnerable move to
    traverse the poisonous clouds wherever you see them, for instance on the far 
    left of this area near the Tornado. Wander through, enter the door and pick up
    the Chao Egg and the goodies in the two chests. Return to the Tornado and go
    north through the gas, flying up the ledge to grab another Chao Egg and fight
    some Wasps. Back at the Tornado, go right this time through the gas.
    Speak to the GUN Trooper and he'll ask you to get the vents working so you can
    fly around the area. First off, have three of your characters stand on the
    switches, leaving the top left switch empty. This will expose a green item.
    Have your fourth character grab it, and then change your character arrangement
    so that the bottom left switch is free. Put the green object in the exposed 
    hole, then move all your characters off the switches to turn the fans on.
    Well done!
    From the fans, head downwards and twice through the gas before heading left to
    the Echinda statue. This'll trigger a battle with a Colossal Worm, which should
    be dealt with with powerful, hard hitting moves. Inflicting Vulnerable or using
    Armour Piercing moves is also recommended. When the worm is defeated, go back
    to Tails' workshop using the Tornado and speak to Big, accepting his quest to
    find Norton. (Note: This can be accepted at any time after meeting Big, now
    just seemed like the best time to mention it, as you may be going back to the
    workshop to recover from the battle).
    Back at the Echidna statue, fight the Wasp to the right and carry on this way
    to enter a passageway for some rings and a Chao Egg. Double back to the gas and
    walk through once and head down the stairs. Ignore the dash ramp further back
    for now. Battle the Giant Millipedes, then the Colossal Worm on the other side
    of the gas, carefully. Fly across the islands to the Chao Egg, then back again.
    This time, jump down to the Chao Egg, battle the Wasp and collect the rings. 
    From here, you can return to the Tornado or leap down to the Giant Millipede.
    Fly to the left and walk through the gas for another Chao Egg. You've done all
    you can do for now, so go back to the fans and fly up from the little platform.
    Pick up the Chao Egg, then go into the door. Sonic will remind you to save, 
    which would be wise. Descend the stairs to meet the Marauders once more! Battle
    the two Scouts and their Drones, it's good practise. Grab the rings, then don't
    enter the top right door yet! Enter the middle door, and use Amy to smash her
    way through the crates to a Chao Egg. Now enter the bottom door and fight the
    Scouts which ambush you.
    If Big has Invulnerable Level 2, use him to walk through the electricity and
    then use Amy to smash the crates in the next room for another Chao Egg. Head
    all the way back to the central room and go into the top right door to finally
    discover Knuckles! You all escape together and decide to go to Angel Island to
    stop the Marauders, only to find that Angel Island is no longer in the sky 
    where it should be. *gasp*
    Chapter Three: EggHunt
    Central City
    Back at Tails' Workshop, Sonic and co. decide to use Tails' Communicators to 
    find Eggman by reversing the signal. Speak to your comrades here and leave to 
    get the opportunity to create a new party. Be sure to bring Knuckles, as his
    Climb ability will help you find some items you missed. As well as this, bring
    a flying character. You can afford to leave Amy if you like, as Knuckles also
    has her Smash field move.
    With the Eggman Detector in hand, time to explore! Our first stop is the site
    of the previous GUN roadblock to the south. As you near it, a black whirl will
    strike you. Shadow has headed into the Mystic Ruins. We'll follow him later.
    For now, jump right over the broken rail and use Knuckles to ascend the wall.
    Have him smash the crates at the top and grab the Chao Egg and the chest items.
    In the shopping square, the tracker goes off once more. Enter the nearby shop
    and agree to find the man's stapler for another quest, then leave. Get up on
    the rooftops from your last visit and use a character with Fly Level 2 to grab
    another Chao Egg to the right of your landing spot. Carry on left here and pick
    up the rings before ascending the dash track to find the final Chao Egg. 
    Finally, head back to the rooftops and head northwest to meet a very sad robot
    whom you can talk to. Tell him his true function to fight him, or that his
    duties are complete to bypass the fight. Either way, you'll get the first 
    Eggman Device, triggering a new mission. Wander off to the Green Hill Zone now.
    Green Hill Zone
    First, go to the star near the Tornado to find the cheating swindler. Speak to
    him and recover the Stapler. You can return this whenever you like for another
    Eggman Device. Back in the Green Hill Zone, go a little to the left and climb
    the rock face for a Chao Egg. Now go back to the Tornado and climb the rocks
    behind it. In the little house at the top is a chest, and Cheese the Chao! You
    can give him to Cheese later when you see her, and she will join your party.
    Cross the bridge you created earlier and you'll hear a cry for help! Run into
    the nearby cave and fight the Giant Scorpions. Launch POW Moves at them for fun
    and take them down. You'll get another Eggman Device and the Little Boy as an
    item (?!). Leave the cave, fly across to the left and hand Cheese over to Cream
    Be nice to her and she'll join your team if you ask her to. She's valuable as
    a healer, make sure you get used to using her!
    To the north of Cream is Big's friend Norton! Oh, wait, no it's not. Ignore Mrs
    Stevens for now, then make your way to the little steps next to the tower and 
    the Tornado. Bounce up, fly across and climb the wall, smashing the crates for
    another Chao Egg and some Sentry Drones. Run up the nearby dash track to meet
    Norton...no wait, Mr. Billywick. Silly frogs. Carry on up this cliff.
    Run past the Swatbot and onto the spring for the final signal generator, which
    is protected by some more Raptor Hawks. By this time, you should have little to
    no trouble dealing with them, so take them down with your POW Moves, healing 
    with Cream where necessary before fighting the Swatbot nearby.
    Now run to the left, run the dash track and grab the rings and the Chao Egg.
    Jump down the cliff nearby to speak to Dr. Madden to complete his mission. Now,
    drop across and go to the large mountain to the left of the area. Tails will
    notice that a forcefield is blocking entry to a door which will lead you to the
    source of Eggman's signal. For now, hop in the Tornado and depart for the 
    Mystic Ruins. Don't forget Big!
    Note: Take a short detour to Central City and head for the only star on the map
    to return the Little Boy to his parents, collect your reward, and get rid of
    the strangest item you've had so far.
    Mystic Ruins
    You'll notice a Robodillo when you arrive here. Take the time to fight them,
    then use Big to walk through the gas to the northeast and into the door for
    more Robodillos to smash! You'll get your fourth Eggman Device for winning this
    battle. Back at the Tornado, go down through the gas and up the dash ramp then
    use Knuckles to climb the ledge and enter the little hut. In here are some
    Giant Millipedes and a Chao Egg, as well as some rings.
    Go back to the fans you triggered on your first visit here and the Eggman 
    Tracker will go off once more. Shadow is here! Have a chat with him to find out
    that he's up to something, but no one can be sure what. And Big's face itches.
    Nice. He'll drop the final Eggman Device and Tails will be able to use it back
    in the Green Hill Zone to sort out the forcefield on the mountain.
    While you're near the fans, return to the Maruader's hideout, specifically the
    room they were holding Knuckles in, and grab the final Chao Egg for this area.
    Back to the Green Hill Zone guys, swapping out Big if you don't need him.
    Green Hill Zone
    If you land the Tornado here, walk north to find Norton finally! Oh wait, no,
    it's Gally. Stupid frogs, all looking the same. Let's find Norton before
    we sort out Eggman, shall we? Cross the river with the raft and run north of 
    the woodsman. Norton! Hooray! Now you can go to the mountain on the left of the
    area and use the Pattern Generator to shut down the forcefield.
    You'll have to deal with some Laser Drones before you can enter, watching out
    for their Full Power POW Move. Go down into the hideout to confront Eggman! You
    will be attacked by groups of SwatBot Mark II. Tear into them with POW Moves
    and make sure you defeat them all in the same round or they'll Self Repair 
    Once they're defeated, Eggman himself will appear. Apparently he's reformed?!
    Thus ends the third chapter...
    Chapter Four - A Wolf In the Shadows
    Central City
    Eggman and the team work out that the Marauders are using the Chaos Emeralds to
    pull Angel Island to Metropolis, where they've set up base. Eggman and Tails
    decide to work on the Tornado so that it can get to the Blue Ridge Zone, and 
    from there, the team can work their way to Metropolis' outer edge.
    Speak with your comrades in the workshop, go outside and sort out your party.
    What?! Eggman? He's on your side, it would appear, so you can always use him
    if you like. Bring Cream, and anyone else you'd like. Go to the shops if you
    feel like having a shop, then use the Tornado to travel to the Blue Ridge Zone.
    Blue Ridge Zone
    As you land, you might spy Shadow standing around. You can speak to him soon. 
    For now, you can use a new shop to the northeast, then go northwest out of this
    enclosure and speak to the factory worker. He'll set you a mission to turn off
    the circuit breakers at his factory to the north, which we'll do soon.
    South of the worker, leap up the roofs to the right and fly across and up to a
    first Chao Egg of the area on the water tower. Go back and take the left path,
    flying up to the next Chao Egg and wave at Shadow. As you walk around to him
    back on the ground, he will confront you again and start a battle!
    *Boss Battle: Shadow The Hedgehog*
    Shadow has 350HP, but that doesn't make him any less deadly than usual, and you
    only have to take down 3/4 of his health to end the battle. He has a Chaos Rift
    POW Move which is easily blocked, and his normal attack isn't brilliant either.
    Just unload all your most powerful POW Moves and knock him down.
    Wha? He's running! Chase him down and begin another battle. It'll just be Sonic
    against Shadow now, but he'll only have 75HP. Play the Flee Minigame, leaping
    the Chaos Orbs to avoid damaging yourself before the fight. If you have the PP,
    use Sonic's Axe Kick to damage Shadow, if not use an item to recover some and
    then use it. Avoid normal attacks, as he can counter these.
    Battle over, Shadow reveals that he's been searching for E-123 Omega, whose in
    Metropolis somewhere. Shadow joins your party if you offer, becoming an ally!
    You now get to reform your party, so stick him in if you like.
    South of Shadow's location is a dash ramp and a Raptor Hawk. Fight it then go
    north again towards the toilet. The man/woman inside calls for your help and
    asks you to get him a newspaper. Go back to the shop and grab the Blue Ridge
    Times newspaper, bring it back for some...Prune Juice...how lovely. To the left
    of the toilet is a Shield Pawn, whom you should fight for fun.
    Follow the path to the left now and fight the Dragodon on the crossroads. To
    the south is a man who asks you to retrieve his son, who has fallen in the
    weel, so we'll do that soon. Another Shield Pawn guards a Chao Egg below this
    man. There is a spring to the northeast of this egg which rockets you up to
    a fight with some more Raptor Hawks and another Chao Egg.
    Bounce on the spring to the north here and fly across to yet another Chao Egg.
    Jump down off the ledges and follow the path to the left. When you see a ring
    behind a billboard, follow the trail it starts and carry on past the dash
    track to find a well. Enter it, speak to Timothy and he'll jump into your
    inventory (Again with the people in the inventory...). Grab the Chao Egg here
    and leave.
    Go back to the billboard and use a flying character and Knuckles to ascend the
    ledges here. You can grab some rings here, then jump back down and go use the
    dash track you passed near the well. Fight the Raptor Hawk at the top here,
    then fly left and use the spring for a Chao Egg and the second spring to get 
    back to where you were. Drop down the ledges to the right.
    To the left is a man who'll tell you to come back later so that you can sort
    out his earthquake problems. Speak to the GUN Official near the signpost and
    he'll join your inventory (So strange.). Take him back to Station Square for
    a reward, but don't head back just yet.
    Go across the wooden bridge near the toilet, fight the Dragodon and then go as
    far left as you can. Use the dash ramps to send your team all the way across to
    a line of smashable crates. Grab the Chao Egg behind them, use the ramp here
    and work your way back to the wooden bridge by the toilet.
    To the right, on the other side of the bridge, fight the Raptor Hawk and carry
    on for some rings. Now go back to the bridge and just go north to find some
    bricks you should smash down. Carry on this way and speak to the worker here to
    stop the breakers. Go speak to the worker who asked you to stop them for your
    reward. From the position the man you had to speak to in order to shut the
    breakers down, jump off to the northeast and grab the Chao Egg to the right,
    then use the spring to return.
    Back at the signposts, follow the path until it goes northwards. Carry on into
    the undergrowth to find a spring which will launch you to a Chao Egg. Drop down
    now and go to the right of the signposts. Tails will warn you to save your game
    so take his advice and then follow the rings. 
    At the end of the road as you near the exit, Shade and her Marauders block 
    your way and reveal that Shade is in fact an Echidna of the Nocturnus tribe!
    Knuckles is shaken, but when Shade attacks them, he and the team retaliate in
    full force!
    *Boss Battle: Procurator Shade*
    Shade is accompanied by two Nocturnus Velites, each with 90HP. Shade herself 
    has 200HP. All three of the foes in this battle have the ability to drain your 
    health and restore it to themselves, like most Marauders, and Shade has her
    Blade Rush POW Move which she can use to highly damage one character quite a 
    Target Shade firstly, use the strongest POW Moves you have to take her down as
    quickly as possible. Sonic's Axe Kick is always a crowd favourite, and any 
    multi-hitting attacks like Eggman's Bombardment are welcome. The Velites can
    use a Stasis Grenade, but you should be used to dodging this by now.
    Turn your attention to the Velites, one after the other, once Shade has fallen.
    You can use normal attacks or more multi-hitting moves to damage them all at
    once, even if they use their Phase moves.
    Defeating Shade causes more problems than it solves, as she and her friends
    cause an avalanche, blocking your way to Metropolis. Luckily, Eggman points out
    that you can double back through the railway tunnels to the west to get there
    instead. After the cutscene is finished, speak to the man near to where you 
    start so you can begin the puzzle for this level.
    There's no set solution to this puzzle, I don't think. Check the door itself
    and the screen above it will show the pattern it wants you to use. Have your
    characters tread on the buttons needed to make this pattern, and it will ring
    and become more complicated, resetting all your characters. This time, you'll
    need to use three characters rather than two, and then four rather than three
    on the third time through. Once you have used all four, the door will open!
    Bear in mind, treading on the wrong tile resets the puzzle back to two 
    At this point, you have a choice. Once you enter this door, you cannot return
    to the levels you have played, the Green Hill Zone, Blue Ridge Zone, Central
    City and Mystic Ruins. If you've followed this walkthrough, you should have all
    of the Chao Eggs in each area, and if you've had your eyes open then all the
    rings in each area should be yours. If this isn't the case, use the Chao Egg
    Location section to double check, and have a wander for each set of rings.
    Once your ready and have finished everything you wish to do, enter the tunnel 
    to complete this chapter.
    Chapter Five: The Battle for Angel Island
    Metropolis Tunnels
    Sonic and friends find themselves in the tunnels underneath Metropolis. Have
    a chat with all of your team and then speak to Tails. He suggests splitting
    into two groups, one of which will go to Angel Island and save the Master
    Emerald, whilst the other will accompany Doctor Eggman to his lab and construct
    a weapon which could deal with the Marauders once and for all!
    Pick your teams; Sonic and Knuckles are on one, and Tails and Eggman are on the
    other as a default, and cannot be moved. Put Cream with the Sonic's team, as
    they have no healer, and Amy on the team with Eggman so they have a character
    who can smash. Finally, stick Shadow on Eggman's team so you have a Dashing
    character, then either Big or Rouge on the team with Sonic as you prefer. I 
    chose Big, as I disliked Rouge's POW Moves.
    The action shifts to Sonic and Knuckles' team. Run forwards and right, taking
    on the new Drones as you pass them. Grab the Chao Egg at the end of this
    passageway and then head north up the stairs to enter Metropolis for real!
    Sonic and Knuckles have a look around the area, and Knuckles notices that Angel
    Island is nearly here! We have to hurry! At this point, the action switches
    back to Eggman and Tails. 
    Metropolis Tunnels
    Eggman and his group find themselves in the same tunnels as Sonic previously.
    Fight the same robots from before, seeing how your second team handles. Then,
    run down the passageway into the door you avoided as Sonic. Your search for
    Eggman's device is on! Run to the north and open the treasure chest, then check
    the desk for the Weapon Part. That was easy, wasn't it? Back to Knuckles' team.
    From the tunnel exit, run to the west and battle the Drones, then grab the 
    rings to the north before doubling back and using Knuckles to climb up the wall
    and grab some more. On the L shape protrusion of this building is a treasure
    chest, so grab the items. Next, head to the right and follow the building
    around to grab some rings. Double back and fly up some boxes to a spring.
    Boing up the spring for a Chao Egg then go all the way back down the building
    to the entrance to the level. From here, head north and to the left to fight
    your first Gun Pawn. There's a Chao Egg to the left of that Pawn, then go
    to the right and battle another one. Loop the tower for another Pawn, then 
    climb the wall in the far right for another Chao Egg.
    Drop down, head left and fight the Gun Pawn, then ignore the ramp and go
    north around this building for a treasure chest. Now you can climb that ramp.
    Battle the Nocturnus Velites and grab the rings, then climb the wall to enter
    the airbase. 
    Metropolis Tunnels
    The action switches back to Eggman and Tails. Leave the room and go south to
    fight a pair of Shield Pawns. Grab the treasure chest to the left of it, then
    climb the stairs and get to Metropolis!
    Hooray, fresh air! First off, go south and battle the Drones and Pawns that
    litter the area. Now go north and fly up the green steps to find a treasure
    chest. Now head to the right and fight the Gun Pawn before grabbing the Chao
    Egg by the side of the ramp. Now climb the ramp and fight the Drones at the
    top before grabbing the second Weapon Part from the treasure box.
    Now return to the door you exited to Metropolis through and go south, speak to
    the old man here and you'll find the puzzle for this level. Have Tails run up
    the nearest ramp and fly across to the red button. Have another character stand
    at the button at the top of the ramp, and a final character stander near the 
    button on the farthest side.
    Your final character should press the control system. The red, yellow and blue
    lights will flash in a certain order. Have your characters mimic this order. 
    Press the control system again, and mimic the second order, and then do this 
    once more to bring the bridge down. Bare in mind that buggering this up will
    cause the puzzle to reset.
    At the top of this descended bridge are some Nocturnus Velites and some rings.
    Now, fly off the side of the building to some fans. Use the fan which points
    to the left and battle the drones at the end of the line of rings. Enter the
    door at the end here, and Shadow will find Omega! Hooray! But before you get
    to reactivate him, drones attack. Defeat them and Omega will return to the
    stronghold where you can return if you wish to put him in your team. 
    From the door to Omega's prison, use the fans to cross to some pipes. Leap up
    them and work your way north to fight the Gun Pawn and grab the Chao Egg behind
    him. If you work your way back to the door you began this section in and use 
    the spring, you can fly across to grab some rings.
    Next order of business, get back to the platform at the top of the puzzle 
    bridge. Fly off to the right and grab the Chao Egg here. Follow the platforms
    around and fight the drone, then smash the boxes to get back down to ground
    level. This time, go back to the puzzle platform and fly across to the left,
    but then jump down and fly south rather than across as you did before.
    You'll land on some stairs, which you can follow around to find a large cannon.
    Ignore it for now and carry on to the left, flying across for another Chao Egg.
    Work your way down to the exit tunnel and climb the red stairs here for another
    Chao Egg.
    Your next egg can be found by working your way back to the stairs before the
    large cannon. Jump off them at their corner, fight the Gun Pawn, open the chest
    and grab the rings before getting the Chao Egg here. One to go, and we can
    leave this stupid level. Return to the old man whom you spoke to in order to
    start the puzzle, and go up the ramp to his left. Go south and jump the railing
    here, then jump down and follow the path through the Gun Pawn and grab the 
    final Chao Egg. Let's get out here now, shall we? Luckily, where we landed for
    the Chao Egg has put us right next to our next destination.
    Jump off the building to the right and head north to the starred area on the
    map. Enter here and Eggman and Tails will have begin to make their weapon.
    Marauder Airship
    The action switches back to Knuckles and Sonic's team. Grab the three rings on
    the airship and you should have all 85! Battle the two Marauder sets, and then
    head towards the captain's cabin at the back of the ship.
    I'd section this bit off as a boss, but the Nocturnus Hastatus is rather poo.
    He'll become a normal enemy in the next area, so there's not much to worry you
    here. If you manage to get an Ambush, you may defeat him without him even 
    throwing a punch. Anyway, he's got his normal health draining punch, and
    probably Stasis Grenades too, but all in all, he's rather useless on his own.
    Use Sonic's Axe Kick and Knuckles' Uppercut to make short work of him.
    Just run down to the attacking Marauders to switch back to Tails and Eggman.
    I know, I know, I hate this level too. We're nearly done here though. All you
    must do here is head to the Cannon. Grab any Chao Eggs and rings you haven't
    found yet, as this is your last chance! When you're ready, fly off the platform
    at the top of the puzzle bridge to the left, then fly downwards with the
    Fly Level 2 point. Follow the walkway along and around, up the stairs to the 
    Cannon. Unfortunately, Eggman has a Guardian Pawn blocking it!
    This is another mini-boss that isn't getting it's own box as it's a standard
    enemy in the next area. The Guardian Pawn is basically an amalgam of the Gun
    and Shield Pawns, and is accompanied by two Laser Drone Mark II's. Have
    Eggman and Tails attack them, either with Sabotage or Bombardment, and then if
    you've got Omega, use his Beam Cannon on the Guardian Pawn for high damage.
    Taking down the Guardian allows Eggman and Tails to use the cannon to provide
    Sonic with air support, bringing the Marauder ships under fire. Fortunately,
    Knuckles and Sonic land on Angel Island in time to see Shade and a very 
    important Marauder entering the shrine of the Master Emerald. Time to put a 
    stop to this!
    Angel Island
    Sonic and team land here. Their plan is to put off the Marauders long enough
    for Tails and Eggman's team to join them on the island. There are only a few
    rings and Chao Eggs here, but missing them means you won't be able to get them
    again. Luckily, most are straightforward. The main enemies you'll face are
    Guardian Pawns and Nocturne Hastastus, so be ready to deal with them.
    First off, grab the rings around the pillar, then fly off to the south west 
    across an island for a Chao Egg. Next, jump down from the north and open the
    treasure chest before fighting the Guardian Pawn. Climb the wall to the north
    to escape this ravine, then head left and use the spring to grab another Chao
    Cross the bridge to the north and fight all the Marauders you find. Then smash
    the crates with Knuckles and fight some more! Isn't this fun? Use the spring
    at the end of this corridor to reach a treasure box and another Guardian Pawn.
    To the left of it is a wall you can climb to grab another Chao Egg.
    Now go to the south and smash the boxes on the path, then cross the river with
    a hop. Hop across again for the final Chao Egg for this area. Finally, head up
    and grab the rings on the top balcony, then fly across and open the treasure
    chest before hopping on the spring. Save before using the dash track and then 
    run up the stairs to the top of the shrine to confront Ix and Shade!
    You'll first have to fight some Velites, so deal with them with normal attacks,
    and then the action will switch back to Tails and Eggman.
    Here we go again...Eggman suggests that they repair the transporter in the 
    underground to teleport to Angel Island quickly. Head back to the Stronghold
    room and Eggman will have a change of heart, falling in love with heroism.
    Who'd have thought they'd seen the day. This is your final chance to get any
    eggs or rings in this area, so make sure you have them before saving your
    game and entering the door. Eggman repairs the teleporter and the action swaps
    back to Angel Island.
    Angel Island
    Sonic and friends must now battle some Nocturnus Hastastus. Use your usual
    strategies, healing where necessary. Sonic and Knuckles are wearing thin, the
    repeated battles getting to them. Shade and Ix call their Marauders to fight
    once again, but Tails and Eggman swoop in and use their Beam Cannon to send
    them back to their home dimension! With only Ix and Shade remaining, Tails and
    Eggman rush up to help. You now get to choose a team before fighting Ix himself
    so choose wisely.
    Sonic is a given, and Cream should be included at all times. Perhaps Shadow,
    Omega, or Eggman could be useful? Whomever you choose, have a good balance
    between power and healing. For instance, you could reserve Shadow or Sonic to
    heal with items, as they get three turns per round.
    *Boss Battle: Imperator Ix*
    He has 350HP, and is accompanied by 2 Nocturnus Hastatus whom you should deal
    with first. Once they're out of the way, Ix should be your main target! Ix's
    normal attack drains health and replenishes his own, like most Marauders. He
    also has a Dark Anomaly POW Move which can be a pain to dodge due to the 
    erratic nature of the points you must press in order to cancel it. Do your 
    best, as it can be very powerful.
    Unload all your best POW Moves in this battle, as your health and PP have been
    replenished. Omega's Beam Cannon, Sonic's Axe Kick and Knuckles' Uppercut can
    all be great, especially if backed by Cream's Refresh. Multi-hit attacks can
    also prove useful, such as Eggman's Bombardment and Big's Froggy Rain to
    deal with all the foes at once. Normal attacks aren't much use, unless Ix has
    been hit with Vulnerable first.
    When Ix falls, he gets very angry and screams about conquering the world. 
    Shade objects, and Ix uses his staff to blast her and Sonic's friends away.
    Knuckles flies off the edge of Angel Island and saves her, grabbing onto a vine
    to remain alive. Ix exclaims that he has been in the Twilight Cage for far too
    long, and since he now has the Master Emerald, he has all he needs to conquer
    the planet.
    Angel Island plummets to Metropolis, and here endeth the chapter.
    Chapter Six - Black Hole Sun
    Sonic regains consciousness surrounded by his friends. Amy points to the sky
    where a massive black hole has begun sucking in everything! Shade explains that
    Ix has taken the Master Emerald inside the Twilight Cage, and that the world
    is lost. However, Sonic isn't about to give up yet, and with Shade and his 
    companions at his side, he vows to stop Ix once and for all!
    Eggman and Tails decide to use their genius and Eggman's rocket parts to take
    to the skies and fight Ix, but unfortunately Angel Island's descent has damaged
    the power grid, as well as opening the Hazard Vault, Eggman's old robot storage
    warehouse. Mad robots are running amok! You must reactivate 3 generators in
    order to restore power. 
    Shade and Sonic make up half of your team. The other two are yours to choose,
    other than Eggman or Tails who are busy in the lab. I suggest bringing Cream,
    as her healing skills will be needed, and another heavy hitter such as Omega,
    Knuckles or Shadow. 
    Metropolis Ground Zero
    Grab the rings in front of you, and the Chao Egg to the far left. One down, 
    four to go! Now, jump down and fly across to the first generator. Enter and
    grab the ring, then activate the generator. Two left! See, this is easier than
    the last chapter already. Go back to the red platform and grab the ring to the
    right, then fight the Drones below here. Carry on south and fight the upgraded
    Guardian Pawns.
    To the far left are some more rings, and you can spy a Chao Egg which we'll
    pick up later. Run to your right and down, following the rings to loop around
    the buildings to the left. You should end up in the bottom corner of the area.
    Use Knuckles to climb the wall here, battle the Shield Pawn Mark IIs and grab
    the next Chao Egg.
    Deal with the Gun Pawn Mark IIs at the bottom of this building, then wander
    back to the main area and fight the Bomb Pawn. Now enter the bottom right
    door, activate the second generator and have a chat with Shade. The door on 
    the bottom left is Eggman's lab where you can swap your characters. Fight
    the Bomb Pawn again if you wish and climb the ramp next to it. 
    At the top, use the springs and fight the Drones, then use the ramp to dash
    to another Chao Egg. The next egg is up the ramp again, entering the door with
    the third generator in. Grab it and Tails will tell you that you need the 
    Dimensional Buffer from the Hazard Vault itself. Enter the door at the top of
    this building now.
    Hazard Vault
    Inside here, you'll fight only two monsters. One is the Bomb Pawn ahead of you
    whom you should defeat quickly and with minimum POW Moves. Then move inwards
    to the main area and you'll be greeted by the Hazard Vault's boss, the Egg Bot!
    *Boss Battle: Egg Bot*
    With 250HP, the Egg Bot is quite formidable. It's friends, the Assault Drone
    Mark IIs, should be dealt with first. Then you should turn your attention to
    the Egg Bot, as it will Self Repair itself at the end of each turn if it's not
    the last foe knocked out. Then again, if you think you can take it out over
    and over again before it can attack each turn, it might be worthwhile taking 
    him out first!
    As for the Egg Bot's attacks, he can use his Shocker POW Move which hits 
    twice for high damage, or his normal machine gun attack which hits many times
    for moderate damage. The best defense is a good offence, backed by Cream's
    Refresh move. You'll have Sonic and Shade for sure, so use either Sonic's
    Axe Kick and Shade's Blade Rush, or their team move, Blade Drop. 
    Once the Egg Bot is defeated, you will acquire the Dimensional Buffer. Now 
    you must return to Eggman's lab, but first off go to the bottom right of the
    vault in order to use Smash Level 3 (probably Knuckles) to grab the final
    Chao Egg and another treasure chest.
    Metropolis Ground Zero
    Outside the Hazard Vault, head back to Eggman's lab. This is one of the last
    chances to gather Eggs and rings for this level, so make sure you've got 
    everything before you speak to anyone in here. When you're ready, speak to 
    Aww, Eggman has to stay here and sort out your re-entry, so he's unavailable
    for the latter half of the game. The ship flies through the portal into the
    Twilight Cage and this chapter comes to an end.
    Chapter Seven: The Quest for the Chaos Emeralds
    Kron Colony
    The ship lands, and unforunately the Dimensional Buffer is broken! Oh no! This
    rock is inhabited by the Kron, rocky warriors who work for Ix. Tails says that
    there's a Chaos Emerald around, and if you can find it, it can power the 
    Cyclone to fly around the area, and Shade's warp belt can be used to return to
    their home planet, and the search is on!
    Set up your team, other than Sonic, however you like. You'll be faced with a 
    Kron Warrior from the get go, so start the fight! Physical attacks are useless
    here, as the monster has far too high a defense to fight normally. If you've
    got Shadow or Omega, use their Chaos Spear and Beam Cannon to blast it off
    the battlefield.
    Go back into the Cyclone and speak to Rogue for a little side mission. When you
    fight Kron Warriors and the like, you may pick up some machinery items which
    you can give to Rogue. 5 of these completes the mission. Anyway, back outside
    and grab the rings to the right. Head to the north east of the ship and use
    Amy's Level 3 Smash to open a path, then fight the Kron Warrior here for
    good practise. 
    Grab the Chao Egg at the top of the ramp you've uncovered. You can't make any
    more headway here, so go to the southwest of the Cyclone and travel down this
    path to be attacked by another Kron Warrior who mistakes you for Nocturnus.
    Beat him up anyway ;) Grab the Chao Egg in the alcove behind him. 
    Now head east and beat up another Kron Warrior, and another further across.
    Grab the Chao Egg behind this second warrior. North of this egg is another
    warrior, and then enter the little cave you can see to the right. Nestor here
    requests you find him items from all the worlds of the Twilight Cage, so
    remember his location for later. 
    Now head back to the central area near the second egg you found, and head up
    the northwest exit, fighting another Kron Warrior. Now head back and go into
    the west path, entering the door here that the Kron Warrior told you about.
    Yay, more Kron Warriors. First off smash the crates here with Amy, then fight
    the warrior in plain sight. Follow the rings and double back up the ledge for
    another Chao Egg. Use the door here and you'll end up above it, so grab the
    rings here and enter the door on the right.
    At the top here, fight the Nocturne Princeps at the top and head south to get
    the rings. Now take the northwest path and double all the way back around to
    grab the Chao Egg. Now take the easternmost path and grab another Chao Egg.
    Head north from this egg and battle yet another Kron Warrior, you should be
    getting quite adept at taking them down now. Some more Princeps await you
    at the end of this ridge, as well as Foreman Krag! Head into his hut and have
    a look at all the new items in the shop here before speaking to the Foreman.
    He'll tell you that you can enter his factory from the west. Head back to 
    the location of the Chao Egg that was atop the entrance to the little cavern.
    See the spring? Bouncy time! At the top of this ledge is a Kron who you can
    speak to in order to start this level's puzzle. 
    Position one character at each coloured switch, then Sonic or Shadow at the
    entrance to the conveyor belt. Have the first character press their button,
    then have Sonic use the Conveyor. If it's the right symbol, the hammer will
    rise and Sonic will head along to the next one. If it's the wrong symbol, he'll
    just bounce off. Use trial and error with the three buttons to eventually
    cross. I'm not sure if the sequence is random, but here was my solution when
    I finally got it:
    Blue: Cross
    Yellow: Horizontal lines
    Red: Vertical lines
    You'll land on top of the factory on the right hand side of the level. Grab
    the Chao Egg to the north here. You may encounter Gizoid enemies here, which
    look strangely similar to Emerl from Sonic Battle. Use as many POW Moves on
    them as possible in order to deal with them as quickly as possible. Take the
    path that keeps you closest to the right side of the level in order to reach 
    some boxes which you should smash with Amy to grab the last Chao Egg of the
    Take the other path now, the one that will lead you downwards and fight the
    Gizoid and friends. Use the doorway here to reach the nearby ledge, then leap
    off. You can head right and use the spring if you want to return to the Cyclone
    otherwise just enter the door here. Grab the two rings here and switch off the
    generator to remove the forcefield. Outside, Krag will appear and tell you
    that the Chaos Emerald is deep inside the factory to his right. Save, swap out
    your party members, then when you're ready, head into the factory.
    Note: If you do decide to return to the Cyclone, or after finishing the 
    factory, there will be an abundance of Nocturne Princeps and Nocturne Equites
    around for you to deal with. Word of warning.
    Inside the factory, fight the Nocturne set that greet you in the doorway. Then
    head south and take the left pathway, fighting some more Nocturne and opening
    the treasure box for a Nocturne Relic which you can give to Nestor now or at
    a later date. Now head right and grab the Chaos Emerald! Yay!
    All you have to do now is work your way back to the Cyclone, through the 
    Nocturne troops. Tails uses the power of the Chaos Emerald to fix the Cyclone,
    and Shade recounts the story of the neighbouring sectors of Scylla and Charyb.
    Hand over any Nocturnus Tech you might have acquired through your battles to
    Rouge, then use the control panel and fly to the only available area, Sector
    Scylla. Exit the Cyclone and welcome to Chapter 8!
    Chapter Eight: Sector Scylla
    Nrggal Colony
    Welcome to this lovely gross area. Before you can even move, some drones come
    and start sucking the power from the Cyclone! Oh no! Choose either to leave 
    them be, or attack them. Fighting them launches you into a battle with two
    Nrrgal Warriors. Take them down with POW Moves. Moving north slightly will
    have you engage in a conversation with a Nrrgal Drone, he wishes for you to
    meet the Queen. Hmm...
    To the right of the ship, battle some Warriors and then leap down to the first
    Chao Egg. Now jump down the little ledge to the right of the ship and use Big
    to travel through the electricity to grab the next Chao Egg. Open the treasure
    chest here to grab the Nocturne Relic for Nestor later on. Now use the dash
    ramp to the left of this treasure chest.
    Run around to the right, fighting any Nrrgals you see. Next to the one you can
    speak to, use Level 3 Smash to grab the next Chao Egg, then continue on and
    smash the next set of boxes to leave this tunnel. Head south and jump off
    the cliff here, then head back north to collect rings and leap off once more
    to find another Chao Egg. The Nrrgal Warrior here charges you with solving the
    poisoning of the slime pits, which we'll get to right now!
    Jump into the slime to the left of this Warrior and fight the blackened Drones.
    After two fights, Tails points out that they appear to be covered in oil?! 
    Enter the doorway at the end here and fight the cause of the problems, a dirty
    Swatbot! Take it down, it's rather easy. Grab the Tablet it leaves behind, and
    empty the nearby treasure chest of goodies. 
    Leave and use the springboard to the right to return to the Warrior who gave
    you this mission for a reward. Remember the dash ramp in the bottom left of the
    level? Head back there and use the ramp once more. Head to the left here and
    use the spring to grab the final Chao Egg in this level.
    Use the door to the tunnel and speak to the GIANT Nrrgal Queen! She wants you
    to steal the Zoah's Secret Weapon in exchange for another Chaos Emerald. Head
    back to your ship which has been recharged and set sail for the Zoah Colony!
    Zoah Colony
    Speak to Shadow in the Cyclone about his activities behind Sonic's back. What's
    he up to, eh? Form a party as you leave and head down the ramp. A Zoah Warrior
    will attack! Whip him with POW Moves, then carry on downwards. Watch out for
    the cannons here, as they fire homing bullets which can deplete your health
    outside battle and disadvantage you in battle as well. If you have Rouge or
    Shade, they can use their Stealth move to sneak past them. 
    Carry on right and you'll see a shop where you can pick up some items behind a
    Zoah Brute. Leap off the ledge to the north of the store and grab the Chao Egg.
    Enter the little house and open the treasure chest inside to the right of the
    egg then head south. Speak to the Zoah Brute on the way down here and ask for
    a charm to be attacked by the Night Stalker, a Dragodon from the Blue Ridge
    Zone! Whack it to death easily and grab the next Tablet.
    Head to the left now and enter the little house to fight another Zoah Brute
    and open the treasure chest for some more goodies. Past the next gun, head left
    once more and fight another Zoah Brute. You should come to a crossroads. Head
    down to start with and enter another house for some more goodies in a chest. 
    Carry on down this path and enter a door at the end to traverse a tunnel to 
    another Chao Egg. Back at the crossroads, head left instead and upwards past a
    Zoah Brute into another small house. 
    In here is another treasure chest holding a Nocturne Relic for Nestor later. Oh
    and a Zoah Brute. Leave the house and go southwest to fight another one. They
    can be quite repetitive, eh? Go to the left up the ledge here and use the dash
    ramp to get to another Chao Egg. Back at the dash ramp, you can drop down to
    another little house, but there's nothing inside. 
    However, from this little ledge you can fly to the south, then southwest to
    grab yet another Chao Egg. Back at the dash ramp once more, go southeast and
    enter the next house to grab some rings and fight another Zoah Brute. Descend
    the next ramp and walk past the puzzle to another ramp which you can dash along
    to grab the final Chao Egg.
    Speak to the Zoah Warrior to the side of the ramp you just used and he'll offer
    his help in opening the door to the Control Centre. First, you must fight the
    Zoah Brutes blocking the doors. Do so, then return to the Warrior to trigger
    the puzzle for this level.
    You must work out the pattern of the numbers and place the next one using the
    button in the centre to open the path. Have one character press the red button
    and trigger the sequences, then have another stand by the red X button to
    put the next number in. The sequences are more than likely random, therefore I
    can't give too much help. Here are my patterns, and their solutions:
    It appears that there is always a constant difference between the numbers, so
    working that out could be the key. This only needs to be done twice and the 
    doors will open to the west. Enter here!
    Zoah Command Centre
    Run quickly left and north to avoid the first gun, then fight the Zoah Brute
    in your way. There's a treasure chest to the left of the crossroads you meet,
    and another in the room to the north behind another Zoah Brute. Next, head to
    the right all the way up and around to find the Chaos Emerald! But as you go
    to take it, you get captured by General Raxos and his minions!
    The General orders that, if you defeat him and his Champion, he will hand you
    the Chaos Emerald for nothing! His Champion turns out to be 3 Zoah Brutes, but
    you can handle them, I'm sure. Just keep your health and PP up and work on one
    at a time and it will go smoothly. Sonic must then fight General Raxos alone!
    *Boss Battle: General Raxos*
    At least he fights alone, but he has 600HP to deal with. At least Sonic gets 
    three times most moves per round than he does! If you have the PP, Axe Kick 
    three times in one turn can basically win the fight for you, followed by normal
    attacks to take the last little bits of his health away. As for Raxos himself,
    his normal attack isn't anything to worry about, but his SuperNova POW Move
    needs to be blocked at all costs if you want an easy battle.
    Once Raxos falls, he will deliver the Chaos Emerald to you and you'll be
    allowed to leave. Regroup your party, then go back into the room you left to
    open two treasure chests. All you have to do now is work your way back to the
    Cyclone. Your way may be blocked by Nocturnus, so be wary as you make your way
    Nrrgal Colony
    Yay, we're back in the land of sludge. Bring Big to get through the lightning,
    and leave the ship. Unfortunately as you leave you are stopped by a large 
    amount of drones who coalesce into a giant Nrrgal! It's the Queen, come to find
    out what you did. When you tell her about the Zoah and Ix's betrayal, she hands
    over the next Chaos Emerald to help you. If you want to do anything else on
    this planet, do so now. 
    Something wise to do would be to return to the Nrrgal near the north end of the
    level and pick up the shipment of Nrrgal Sweat for the Kron. How lovely. Watch
    out for the Gizoid and Nocturne troops around the area on the way their and 
    back though. Once in the Cyclone, attempt to leave with your bounty and some
    Pirates will teleport in and battle you. These Nocturne Praetorians aren't too
    much trouble as long as you take them out one at a time with your strongest
    attacks. Victory earns you a third Precursor Tablet. Now you can head for
    Kron Colony
    Return to Nestor's house in the bottom right of the level and hand over any
    Nocturne Relics you have, as well as the three Precursor Tablets. It would
    appear that the Twilight Cage is a prison for war-like races, and some higher
    being named Argus was behind their imprisonment. How interesting... 
    Return to the Cylcone and fly to Voxai Colony Beta to end this chapter and take
    you to the penultimate one in your search for the four remaining Chaos 
    Chapter Nine - Sector Charybdis
    Voxai Colony Beta
    The powerful Voxai Overmind has claimed the minds of many Nocturnus who have
    travelled to this sector before. Luckily, the Chaos Emeralds you own at the
    moment will protect you. There are two Emeralds in this sector, and it should
    be your goal to recover them! Make sure you bring Shade or Shadow, as you'll
    need their Teleport skills to get around and grab some collectibles in this
    First off, jump down. The Voxai here won't attack you till later, so enjoy the
    quiet for now. In the small house to the left is a Voxai Citizen who WILL
    attack you, so fight him if you want some practise for later and raid his
    treasures. Head all the way south and grab the Chao Egg in plain sight, and
    then double back up to the shop if you like. Go back to the Cyclone and to the
    right this time. Use Shadow to teleport into the pink flowery thing for another
    Chao Egg.
    The house to the east of the flower holds another Chao Egg too. That was fast!
    Use the dash ramp here and zoom across to meet Thebes, a Voxai who is willing
    to help you defeat the Overmind and grab the Chaos Emeralds in this area. The
    large pink flower here will be useful later, but head downwards for now and
    use the blue button to teleport to some rings near the store. Go back to the
    dash ramp in the top right of the level and use the one on the left of the
    ramp to teleport to a small platform. Use the blue button to the north end.
    To the south of this platform is another house with another Nocturne Relic to
    "borrow". A Chao Egg lies in wait outside in the pink flower. The other house
    here holds some more treasure. Press the button to the south here and grab
    the final Chao Egg for the level before working your way back to the area you
    left. Use the dash ramp near the bottom left of the level to reach Thebes'
    Inside, Thebes explains the problems with the Overmind, and Sonic and friends
    agree to overthrow him and take the Chaos Emerald that's being manipulated.
    Unfortunately, Thebes' friends are put under the Overmind's control and Sonic
    must battle them! Use POW Moves and ensure to block their Psychic Wave for the
    best results.
    When you go outside, all of the Voxai you passed before have turned hostile,
    so be ready to fight as you work your way back to the dash ramp in the top
    right of the level. Use it to land by the flower I told you about earlier,
    which is the teleporter to Voxai Colony Alpha! Thelxe, Thebes' friend blocks
    the way with his Voxai Conspirators!
    *Boss Battle: Thelxe*
    Thelxe's 400HP shows him up for the Voxai Citizen he is. Ignore him and turn
    your attention to the Voxai Conspirators either side of him. These guys have
    350HP each and should be the main focus of your battle first. Whack them with
    your strongest POW Moves, and avoid their Psi Dazzle if you can. Their normal
    attacks cause poison, but that can be solved with either items or Cream's
    Thelxe has Psychic Wave, but this requires more button presses than the normal
    citizens to counteract. I'm sure you'll manage. If you have multi-hitting
    attacks like Knuckles Express, use them for a good effect, and avoid any wind
    element attacks, as the Voxai can use Air Shields to negate their effects
    With Thelxe defeated, Thebes can unlock the teleporter allowing you access to
    Voxai Colony Alpha. He hands over a Chaos Emerald and sends you on your way.
    Voxai Colony Alpha
    Conspirators roam free here, so be ready to fight whenever you seem them. Go
    south for some rings, then left to teleport along the flower to the next
    pathway. Drop down to grab the first of six Chao Eggs in the level, then 
    get back to where you jumped down from and fly across for some more rings.
    Head to the left now and travel along the path, teleporting inside the 
    flower for another Chao Egg, then into the flower on the left to get to a
    spring which'll throw you to another Chao Egg.
    There's another Nocturne Relic in the bottom left corner, and yet another Chao
    Egg behind some Level 3 Smash Boxes to the right here. Head north now and
    teleport onto the pink platform, from which you can teleport to another Chao
    Egg. Now use the dash track along the bottom of the area and head southeast,
    teleporting into another flower for the final Chao Egg of this area.
    On the outside of this flower, you can duck under the dash ramp to open some
    a treasure chest. At the top of this ledge again you can speak to a purple
    Voxai near the tall ledge. He'll trigger this area's puzzle.
    Have one character stand at the elevated platform, then the other three at the
    three coloured buttons once he's pressed the button. Right, now the lights on
    the floor will flash. If they flash once, switch to the corresponding character
    and press the coloured button quickly. If it flashes twice, don't press 
    anything at all! Once you get 8 of these right, the puzzle is solved.
    If you have Knuckles, you can climb here to return to the beginning of this
    area, and if not you've gotta trek all the way back to the beginning anyway!
    Head along the little outcrop near the beginning towards the central area and
    jump down to the middle area. *GASP!* The Overmind have taken control of your
    team mates and want to fight you themselves! Time to take them down!
    *Boss Battle: Overminds Leucosia, Ligaia and Riadne *
    These brutes have 600HP each, but once they're down, they're down so you can
    focus on one at a time to minimise the threat. They have the normal attack 
    which causes poison like the other Voxai, and this isn't much of a threat
    other than doing more damage than usual. They've got Psi-Dazzle, but I've
    missed all the button presses bar the rapidtap at the end and this hasn't
    done anything to my characters at all.
    Pile on the POW Moves with your strongest characters and back them up by
    using items or Cream's Refresh to keep their PP topped up.
    Winning the battle defeats the Overminds for good, freeing the Voxai from their
    evil influences. Thebes gives you the two Chaos Emeralds and becomes the
    leader of his people. Don't we all love a happy ending? Unfortunately, the
    Nocturne have arrived and Gizoid Mark II patrol the areas now. Work your
    way back to the Cyclone on Voxai Colony Beta.
    Voxai Colony Beta
    On the Cyclone, Tails says that the final two Emeralds are hidden on Nocturne
    itself! Shade looks worried, but by calling on the Nrrgal, Kron, Zoah and 
    Voxai, it looks like we'll come up with a plan! The gang decide to meet at
    Foreman Krag's, so that's our next stop!
    Chapter Ten: Citadel Showdown
    Kron Colony
    Run through the Nocturne and the Gizoid here and visit Nestor to deliver some
    more relics and learn more about the Precursors. When you're ready, head to
    the store on this level and the Twilight Conference may begin. Inside, speak
    to the merchant and deliver the Nrrgal Sweat in return for payment. We can go
    give this to the Nrrgal Trader at a later point. For now, head to the left to
    make a plan!

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