How do you make more cities?

  1. How do you make more cities?

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    Guruman1 - 8 years ago

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  1. You need settler units for that.
    You can get a free settler when you first reach 100 gold, otherwise you have to build them which costs 2 pop from the city(except when you've republic as your government). :)

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  1. Build a settler in your city. Then move it to a place where there is a balance of prodution(hammers), trade (red and purple arrows), and food (apples). Food is the most important of the three.

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  2. I find the best way for me is to early on focus on the two cities by building only buildings, such as Barracks, granary, market, Etc, until you are happy. Then, as by now you will have a fair amount of money and techs, start your army. Go for archers, horse units, and catapults. Attack a city with three separate catapult units, as a army is overkill, and defend them with your archers. In the end, the city will fall, and you have a new city. It is easier to go on a blitz nd slaughter cities than it is to build cities the normal way, as settlers often get taken/take ages to get to a good spot.

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  3. You get a free Settler when you reach 100 gold early in the game. Your best chance of getting 100 gold quickly is through map discovery (explore quickly and as much as possible), finding a caravan from villages/capturing a caravan, and conquering a barbarian village (where you are sometimes awarded gold). It's a bit of luck, but if you explore the'll get 100 gold in no time.

    Switch government to Republic - Building settlers will only cost you 1 population size from the city that builds it. (otherwise it's 2)

    Location, location, location - Since building settlers costs a population unit, you'll want cities to grow as fast as possible. So build new cities where there are plenty of food squares adjacent (also look for bonus resource squares like Whale, Ox, etc)

    Take over other cities - Keep your eye out for new cities that pop up from opposing civilizations. If it was just founded, odds are the only unit defending it is an Archer. If you have a Legion Army or a couple Catapults, you can probably take the city pretty easily. In some cases, you might even see an Archer and a Settler moving together. Just trail it and see where it sets up shop. The archer (being a defensive unit) isn't likely to attack. It'll just move with the Settler.

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