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"(Almost) perfectly portable port"

History Lesson: This is a port of the arcade game "Dragon's Lair" that came out in 1983 (2 years before the NES came out in North America). The game is a "push the button at the right time" type of game. The game is animated by Don Bluth. That's right, the same guy who created such classics as An American Tale, The Secret of Nimh and All Dogs go to Heaven.

Graphics: What graphics? All I see is great animation! 10/10

Presentation: The animation is great (Duh, because the animation is by Don Bluth) and the menus look good to! The only downfall is that the picture quality is kind of fuzzy, but that's probably because it's on the DSiware. By the way, for a Dsiware game, it is impressive that they could fit all of this on the Dsiware! 10/10

Game play: Be warned, if you don't like games were you just push the right direction or the sword button then this game may not be for you. The game play is still as fun and addictive as it ever was. I keep playing this whenever I have to wait awhile in a place. There are different options to. You can change how many lives you have from 3 to 5 to 8 or to unlimited which just means 8 lives and unlimited continues. Every time you choose to use a continue your score drops down to 0. You can also change how loud the music or sound effects are. You can also change if the intro plays only once, meaning the sound of the intro only plays once and the rest of the time the sound is off but the intro keeps playing, is muted the whole time or allways has the sound on. These options are not great but they still are good. 8/10

Sound: The sound is great except maybe the beeping noises whenever you get the movement or button right but you can turn it off in the options menu so that is not a big problem since it is in the original arcade game. The music is really good and the narrator is really good in the intro. 9/10

Overall: If your looking for a portable port of Dragon's Lair than this is the version for you. If you don't have a DSi but do have a Game Boy Colour/Color or Game Boy Advance than you can still get the pretty good Game Boy Colour/Color port that plays exactly the same (just don't expect great graphics).

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/07/10

Game Release: Dragon's Lair (US, 12/21/09)

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