Can anyone tell me the QUICKEST way of leveling up?

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    User Info: FonoNinja01

    FonoNinja01 - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Your level is pretty much your completion percentage, so you can't just grind experience on a few pinatas, once you get all the ribbons for a species you can't level up with it anymore.

    Fastest way is to use a guide and your encyclopedia together. Try to attract as many new pinatas as you can. The more species you're working on at once, the faster your level will go up. Breed them until you get the master romancer ribbon, and check if you'll need more of that species later to attract or romance another species. Generate a variant, or an evolution if it has one. Once there's no further use for a species, sell or smash what you have left to make room for a new project.

    Basically, the more species you're juggling at once, the faster you'll level up. It gets kind of crazy by level three, when you'll start attracting several predators who will eat your other pinatas, if things get out of hand just scale back a bit, an easy way to slow things down is to smash predators when they come in until you're done getting ribbons on the pinatas they eat.

    User Info: ArchDuke

    ArchDuke - 7 years ago 1 0

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