Where is Neverglade? Faerie Palace?

  1. I'm using my magic carpet and leaving from the town, Mostroferrato. Where is Nevergalde? I'm trying to get to Faerie Palace..

    User Info: wongzwifey

    wongzwifey - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. To find the never glade to to Mostroferrato (sp) and then go east past the poison swamp to a bridge. Go over the bridge and then go south between the mountains and past a small lake on your left. As you go south you will find a large forest area with a map sprite different from the rest in the middle. Once inside the place is a mini maze. You have to bring one of your children with you. When you come to a spot where a fire is your son or daughter (which ever you brought) will encounter a conversation with a invisible faerie who will lead you to the entrance to Faerie Lae. Once at Faerie Lae, speak to Treacle who will give you the Faerie horn. Take the Faerie horn to the lake at the bottom of the mountainous island in the middle of the world map (walking up to the lake will bring you to a zone on a raft). Glide to the cent of the lake then use the horn. Wallah! Your at the Faerie Palace!

    User Info: Fularis

    Fularis - 8 years ago 1 0

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