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Reviewed: 10/27/08 | Updated: 11/23/09

Should have been renamed to:Ownage Quest V Ownage of the Heavenly Ownage.

Sometimes there are games that make us forget about our day to day lives. Make us forget the boring existence we live in known as life and also makes us forget that one day we will die. I can safely say Dragon Quest V is certainly one of these games. The original for SNES is my second favorite game of all time, but now I can say this remake is my second favorite game of all time. This remake is amazing and fixes all the very minor problems the original game has. I payed 70$ to import this game from Japan for my DS. Was it worth it? Yes, ABSOLUTELY. I cannot stress how much I like this game. Even Yujii_Horii the creator of the series says his favorite of the series is DQV! Anyways, onto my review. I'll do my best job to stay unbiased, but really I can hardly say anything bad about this nearly perfect game.

Graphics:10/10:The Graphics use the same engine as Dragon Quest IV DS:Chapters Of The Chosen. They still are the same amazingly awesome sprite based Graphics us sprite based fans loved in Dragon Quest IV DS. In battle enemies have animations just like in the Dragon Quest IV DS remake. The animations are just about perfectly done. The enemy designs are just flat out awesome too. Expect the same old wacky monster designs you've come to love from DQ. Area designs were extremely improved and the areas you travel through on your quest now look far better. Just like in the original the character designs are pretty good. Especially the protagonist's design which I love. Overall the Graphics are just amazing. I absolutely love them and they get a 10/10 from Lord_Kefka. Just like how the Graphics got a lot of improvements so did the Gameplay.

Gameplay:10/10:The Gameplay is mostly the same from Dragon Quest V just with upgrades. Dragon Quest V is mostly the same you'd expect of the series in terms of Gameplay. You get a four man party in this remake. No longer limited to a three man party. Battles are randomly initiated and you'll be going from town to dungeon. At towns mostly doing the same typical things. Resting at the Inn and purchasing items/equipment. Also, searching around town for items to loot. With the Gameplay basics covered I think it's time to go a little deeper into the game's mechanics and etc.

The upgrades are pretty much the same as from Dragon Quest IV DS, but I'll go over them in detail. First off, you walk much faster in towns and dungeons. Second, healing and casting spells outside of battle in general is much faster. Due to the menus being less annoying. Same with buying items and such. The menus don't exit out all the way like before. So, no longer must you go through the annoying task of having to bring up a few menus. It just stays at the same menu or goes back to the previous one. Dragon Quest V DS's menu interface also got a upgrade. They look more stylish. Items look better and now have pictures next to them to help you easily identify them. One upgrade everyone will love is the bag for your inventory. It can now store infinite items and is a luxury to have. Remember how painful it was in the original when if a party member left their items was stored in the bank? That unfortunate annoyance is now gone! If a party member leaves your party due to a event their equipment and any important possessions go into your bag.

More good news is searching for items in objects is more easy. Like if you see barrels instead of having to search them one by one you can break them. On the World Map you'll notice a map of the world on the top screen of your DS. As you visit locations and explore different regions those locations are marked and colored in on that map. This was another very nice upgrade as it makes exploring on the World Map less annoying. Two extremely nice upgrades in Dragon Quest V DS are you can adjust the battle speed and volume.

The battle speed if you set it to maximum is incredibly fast. For me the original Dragon Quest V set the standard for fast paced battles. Even though in this remake the enemies now have animations, the battle speed breaks past the standard the original Dragon Quest V set. Battles while being from the typical first person point of view are still good. Due to the Graphically impressive animations and insanely quick paced battles. While, we're on the topic of battles let me explain about the difficulty.

Difficulty for Dragon Quest V isn't hard. It's pretty easy and Dragon Quest V is the easiest of the series. Don't underestimate the difficulty though. This entry in the series does have it's tough points and is harder then most of the easier RPG's out there. Aside, from the tough points though the game is very easy. So, don't go in expecting a extremely hard entry in the series though. Now, back to the upgrades this remake brings to DQV.

Slightly more content was added in Dragon Quest V DS. There are more recruitable monsters. One new bride to marry as well. Who has her own specific advantages in battle and disadvantages as well. Well, not much else to the new content. So, overall the upgrades greatly improve Dragon Quest V. With the Gameplay being just about completely talked about how is it overall?

The Gameplay honestly gets a 10/10 from me. The game is a ton of fun to play and has great replay value. As of now, I've currently beaten this game three times two times the original and currently once on the DS remake. I definitely plan to further replay this a bunch of times. Really the only complaint I can have is the game is a little too easy. Dragon Quest V Hand Of The Heavenly Bride despite being the easiest of the series does have a few tough spots though. So, overall from Lord_Kefka the Gameplay gets a 10/10. Onto the Storyline.

Storyline:10/10:The Storyline in Dragon Quest V DS from what I saw is the same as in the original. It's still fantastic. Translation is a bit odd with the accents as in DQIV, but it does add a lot more variety to the dialogue. At times though, admittedly the accents would have been better off not used. The original Dragon Quest V had a excellent Storyline. Dragon Quest V's Storyline revolves around the protagonist. Your placed into his shoes when he's just a little boy following his father Pankraz around wherever he goes across the world. Often, when visiting places Pankraz has to run errands. The Hero being the curious boy he is often disobeys his father and goes on minor adventures with his friends. While his father is away and busy doing whatever was asked of him. Eventually later in the game after a tragic event the Hero is thrown into slavery for TEN LONG YEARS. You then play as him when he's a grown up adult who is a fine young man. Over the course of the Storyline as a adult he will get married, have kids, become a king and even stop the evil demon lord. So, how's that for a great Storyline concept? Well, now onto actually reviewing the Storyline.

The Storyline is amazing in Dragon Quest V. The dialogue is very well written and the game does a fantastic job of making you feel like the protagonist. You'll easily be immersed into the world from his point of view and feel his emotional bonds to his friends and family. Several shocking events happen over the course of the Storyline and overall the Storyline is a very satisfying and emotional one. Plus, combined with the updated Graphics the Storyline is even better. Since the areas look more realistic making it easier to relate to the areas your currently in. To summarize how good the Storyline is. It's fantastic. The game does a perfect job of making a good silent protagonist. One who you'll quickly start loving as soon you play the game. Over the course of your epic journey you'll make many interesting choices. That will in some ways effect how the Storyline flows. Combine this with the great dialogue and interesting cast of characters and you got a excellent Storyline that deserves no lower then a 10/10. Dragon Quest V is just a juggernaut that continues to be essentially perfect...Even in it's Musical score too.

Music:10/10:The Music in the original Dragon Quest V for SNES was amazing. I loved just about every song in it. Well, aside from the disappointing final boss song. I can safely say the Music is just as good or even better in this DS remake. This game's Music in my opinion is Koichi Sugiyama's finest work and possibly the best game soundtrack of all time. So, overall the Music gets a 10/10 easily. With all sections of the game graded how is Dragon Quest V:Hand Of The Heavenly Bride overall?

Overall:10/10:Dragon Quest V DS is a excellent remake of the original. The Gameplay is still fun, decently challenging and quick paced. To be honest you still need to do some grinding, but the leveling in the game honestly is fun. The Storyline is fantastic as well and just as amazing as it was in the original version of the game. It has extremely good dialogue and immerses you into the world the game takes place in. Graphics got a wonderful 2D/3D remake and sprite based Graphic fans will be smiling. Overall Dragon Quest V:Hand Of The Heavenly Bride is a nearly perfect game and as a result GLADLY gets a 10/10 from Lord_Kefka. GO BUY THIS GAME!! DO NOT MISS OUT ON IT!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Dragon Quest V: Tenkuu no Hanayome (JP, 07/17/08)

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