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    FAQ/Walkthrough by lordyuanshu

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    Nintendo DS: Dragon Quest VI DS
    a) Updates
    b) Introduction
    c) Walkthrough
    d) Ending
    a) Updates
    February 18th 2011: Am putting the website version of the walkthrough into a
    txt file.
    March 2nd 2011: Walkthrough complete up to Felonia Castle
    b) Introduction
    This walkthrough FAQ is for Dragon Quest VI DS.  This FAQ can be viewed
    with Dragon Quest 6 pictures at www.lordyuanshu.com.  Also, this 
    walkthrough FAQ may not be changed, redistributed, plagiarized, and so on.  If
    you would like to host the FAQ give me an email and we will talk, but for the 
    time being it will only be on lordyuanshu.com, Gamefaqs and Neoseeker.  
    Thanks again, enjoy, peace.
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    c) Dragon Quest VI DS Walkthrough begins...
    Name your Hero, and the quest starts. The blue-haired guy wakes up when you
    press a button, and you are by a blonde female. A brute then comes in, and then
    the two characters head north. Follow them.
    Epic music plays as you walk up the path. Dread Lord Murdaw's Keep is below.
    The blonde female character goes to the top of the hill and blows her flute. A
    gold dragon is summoned and the group flies over to Murdaw's Castle.
    Murdaw's Castle
    Spooky music within. Talk to your party members, then lead them on through the
    northwest door. This is the first area where you can do party chat. Check it
    out, one of the best features to DQV and DQVI. Just follow the path on this
    floor to the staircase going up. Next room head straight north and do the same.
    Nothing to find and no enemies to fight.
    Next area we see the atmosphere rich with pink smoke. Party chat and your
    allies will sense a boss is near. As you get near the door, some more talking
    (and new Party chat) but then just head on in.
    Time to meet your fate. It doesn't take long.
    Weaver's Peak
    You wake up in the bedroom with your sister Tania talking to you. You can now
    see the menu and see that you are level 1 with a Cypress Stick and Basic
    Clothes. Search the drawer by the bed for a Leather Hat. Then check the barrels
    to the left for 10 gold and a Seed of Agility. Leave the house.
    Beautiful day outside. Time explore the village, but ignore the northeast house
    which is the Mayor Spindell's house. You can search the well and go down it to
    speak to a Marine Slime. Check all the pots and vases for 10 Gold, Medicinal
    Herb, and another Medicinal Herb outside the Elder's house. Check in some
    houses now, like the southwest one. There is a Seed of Defense within. 3 Gold
    coins in the Bar and a few people to talk to.
    After you have found all of these and talked to every person, head for the
    Mayor's in the northeast. He has a book about slimes and a red head lady on the
    east part of the building, and then search the barrels behind the Elder to find
    an Antidotal Herb.
    Turns out the Elder needs someone to bring the wooden crafts down the mountain.
    It's tough down the mountain but he thinks you can do it, and then shows you
    the 10 wooden crafts and clothing. Offer to take the Village Goods down to
    Before leaving, you can talk to everyone and some will say new things. The
    weapon shop also sells weapons and armor, but I would just save your money and
    go down the Mountain Pass. Treasures loom anyway.
    Mountain Pass
    South on the world map and you will be on the Mountain Pass. Since you have no
    magic you will need to use a Medicinal Herb to heal, or return to the village
    and your house to rest.
    Anyway, as you enter Mountain Pass, go down the stairs and look to the left.
    Here is Buddy. Talk to him for a bit, then south across the bridge and west.
    You will see some graves, and then a spot in the southwest to jump down, so do
    it. Wayfarer's Clothes are here just as you land (defense +3 style +4). Enter
    the nearby door, climb the ladder and you will be out right by the graveyard.
    Back east across the bridge and north across the next one (Buddy will be west
    of you). Go east now for another drop point. North into the underground path,
    which takes you west to a few treasures; a Medicinal Herb and an Oaken Club
    (attack +7 style +5). This should ensure even the toughest monsters here are
    one-hit kills. Move further west for another pit to drop down.
    Back outside, head up the long ladder to the left. Enter the first door that
    you see, and then go up a few sets of stairs here. After taking two sets of
    stairs, go southeast but at the next fork take the southwestern path for 20
    Gold Coins. Well, that's it. Don't take the southeast path but instead return
    northwest to take the staircase down (and take it until you are outside again).
    This time, go southwest down the ladder to find an Inn just west of you. Likely
    a good time for you to use it. Exit out to the south for the World Map.
    Now that we are on the World Map, you can go south to see a sign - Haggleton to
    the south. Reached level 4 out here after fighting a massive group of enemies.
    Level 4 nets you your first spell, Heal. As you travel south, you will see the
    desert veer southwest - this is when you go slightly west to see Haggleton.
    So this is Haggleton, with the Bazaar. Check the boxes to the right for 5 Gold
    and a Medicinal Herb. Enter the west building and search the boxes for a Seed
    of Agility. Our goal here is to sell the Village Goods for as much as we can.
    To do this, there are two masked men on each side of the bazaar, Bill + Buck
    (in the tents). Speak with them back and forth and they will best each other by
    30 gold each time until the guy on the left says 480 gold. Take him on that,
    it's the best you'll get.
    Next plan is to get the Thief's Key, a Dragon Warrior / Dragon Quest staple.
    The merchant in the upper-left part of the left tent has it. He starts off at
    2000 Gold but keep saying no until he says 200 Gold. So we still have 280
    profit from selling the Village Goods but also get the Thief's Key. If you
    speak to him again, the merchant hints at there being doors in this village to
    unlock. Might be wise to pick up a Scale Shield in the east tent to increase
    your defense with the tougher enemies around. The weapon shop also has a Copper
    Sword, though you did just get a new weapon. Everyone else is a scam artist.
    Now that you have the Thief's Key, head on over to the Inn. Grab The Big Book
    of Beasts from the locked room (blue door).  Go down the nearby stairs and you
    will find Haggleton's Rainbow End Bank. You can store money here so that you
    don't lose it if / when you die. Not a bad idea. Also a Thief's Key door to
    unlock here and you will find a Chimaera Wing and 250 Gold Coins.
    In the northeast part of the village, you learn about an old man that has not
    returned in 3 days. No Spirit Crown here yet. Time to exit and go west, across
    the bridge near town.
    New enemies abound. If you didn't buy the Copper Sword your attack will be
    weak, and conversely if you didn't buy a Scale Shield or better armor, it might
    be tough to survive here. Anyway, head west across that bridge, north all the
    way and then west.
    You'll enter a peculiar area, and come across a Dwarf-type who is about to
    fall. It is Cliff the Crownsmith! Go to save him (well, even if you say no you
    are forced to do so). Your blue-haired Hero will fall down in the process, to a
    new world.
    Entire the town near you. You can explore the World Map around this town, as no
    enemies will show up.
    In town, no one can see you so you can't talk to them. You can go north to the
    Church to pray (Save). Search to the northwest for 20 Gold and then enter the
    building in the northwest by the shop. Search the drawer for a Wooden Hat. The
    building east of this has a set of Basic Clothes. North of these two buildings
    are some thugs, seemingly plotting a robbery. Enter the northeast building and
    the dog can sense you. But the girl pulls it away. Check the northeast room for
    a Beauty Herb / Pretty Betsy. Also a Medicinal Herb west of this.
    Check the well in the southeast. There will be two kids talking about the Dream
    Well. Go down it for a soldier and your first of surely many Dragon Quest VI
    Mini Medals. Collect all these Mini Medals for different rewards; if you have
    played Dragon Warrior IV, Dragon Quest V, etc, you know about them. They are
    not in your standard inventory in this game.
    Exit out the well and search the Inn for a Seed of Life. You can also rest here
    if you'd like.
    It's time we move on, so exit the city. Head north and east to the Well of
    Dreams. You may have wandered over here previously too. A man was guarding it
    before, but it's empty here now.
    A sign within says "Danger! Don't approach the well!!" Of course we do the
    opposite and enter. This well seems special, with a strange light emitting.
    Choose to enter it, and the screen will get funky.
    You appear in what seems to be the same place but now there is just a well here
    and not a house. As you see, your Hero is back to normal (not see-through like
    Exit out of this well area and then you will be familiar with where you are on
    the World Map. Travel south and east across the bridge for Haggleton. Reached
    level 5 along the way.
    Back in Haggleton, go to the northeast building. That's the guy you saved a
    while back, after all. Within he is working on the Spirit Crown that he was
    going to give you; once he realizes you are still alive, he then gives it to
    you for no cost.
    Leave Haggleton and go north. Weaver's Peak is our destination.
    Weaver's Peak
    Remember how to get up this mountain? We have to get back up to town (Weaver's
    Peak). It shouldn't be difficult, the monsters will be running from you at this
    point. Just go north through the pass and you will be back home in no time.
    Mayor Spindell is waiting outside. He noticed it took a while, but even if you
    try to explain he'll just keep talking and ignore your plight. Talk to the
    villagers if you wish, but they are busy getting ready for the Festival. Head
    to your house in the north part of town. Within, an old lady asks you if you
    want to rest. Might as well re-cooperate your health now.
    When you wake up, Buddy is nearby. Talk to him for a bit and then you will see
    your sister Tania come out with the crown and a light emanating from her. You
    will then go to the Church to beckon the Mountain Spirit with the Priest.
    During the scene Tania will be possessed by a kindred spirit as she passes by
    you; Hero then learns of his destiny.
    Despite the strange occurrence and everyone being in shock, the party continues
    as you exit out of the church. Talk to everyone in the area around you. Lots of
    people drinking. In the northwest is a guy watching the fireworks, and he says
    to go to the Elder's. Head on over there but don't go in - head northwest of it
    to eavesdrop on Tania and Buddy. She turns Buddy down here.
    Head on in to the Elder's house now. He has heard of your travels to the
    Phantom World. He also acknowledges that the mountain spirit talked to you, and
    permits you to continue journeying. You are then given an entry pass to get
    into Somnia Castle. We may get an audience with King Somnus with this.
    Return back home and speak with Tania to rest. Fireworks go off and the
    villagers party all night. Talk to Tania in the morning and prepare to head
    Down the Mountain Pass we go. Then, our destination is south of Haggleton. From
    here, just go straight south until you are blocked by mountains. Then go west
    and south when you can and you will see Somnia.
    Somnia Castle
    Upon getting to Somnia Castle, you will be prompted by the guard for the entry
    Not many worthy treasures here, but you might as well get them. Medicinal Herb
    in the Church, Plain Clothes in the northwestern house and an Antidote Herb in
    the vase north of that house. Don't go down the well yet, there is a tough boss
    down there.
    First, check out the Weapons + Armor store. Boomerang's are nice, I would buy
    one because it attacks all enemies (even better if you managed to this point
    without buying the Copper Sword). Scale Armour might be nice too, and if you
    plan on beating this boss it is necessary. Also, if you are level 4 or level 5
    you will probably be wiped out.
    I'd get to level 6 and give it a try. Because you will see a demon guarding the
    treasure in the well - it's a Grim Grinner. Even with the Scale Armour / Scale
    Shield / Hardwood Headwear, he'll take off ~15 damage each turn. Sometimes
    he'll guard which causes you to do 1 damage (or not hit at all). Your agility
    will be about even with his at level 6, so make sure to heal when your HP is
    15-30. So long as you have enough MP you should be able to take off enough
    damage to win. Not sure of his HP, probably around 70 HP. 60 EXP, 45 Gold and
    the treasure is an Antique Ring (+2 defense, -10 style).
    Go up the well. Now you can not talk to the old lady and keep the crappy
    Antique Ring, or exchange it for a Strength Seed. I would take the Strength
    Seed to boost your max attack power since you will find plenty of other rings
    that are better than this.
    North to the Castle of Somnia. Say yes to the guard and agree to join the
    Military, since that is all you can do now. We will return when the castle bell
    rings. Head over to the church and you will see a brute that you recognize. He
    heads on out. Go to the Inn next door and rest after expending your Hero with
    that boss fight. On the 2nd floor are some merchants, one mentions a Mustang
    that whipped his friend.
    Save and head on in to Somnia Castle. The guard says that Captain Blade is
    about to speak to the new recruits. You have to head up the stairs now and
    listen to Captain Blade. Turns out they have a challenge for the new army
    recruits; south of here is Gardsbane Tower and we have to go there to find a
    particular item (he won't say what). Time to leave Somnia Castle now.
    Gardsbane Tower
    Go southeast of Somnia Castle to find the first bridge. Then go further south
    for a second bridge, and then Gardsbane Tower just southwest of this. The guard
    tries to scare you before you enter, but just go ahead in.
    Take the east route and go counter-clockwise, to avoid those spikes. Don't go
    up the stairs by you, but instead travel to the northeast corner for another
    set of stairs. Those ones you should take. (and to be honest the spike damage
    is pretty negligible but still worth avoiding as the soldier on the ground just
    complains about the spikes, so no reason to go see him).
    On the 2nd floor, travel straight south for a Chimaera Wing. Then back north
    and west for those stairs going up to level 3.
    Rest up. The guard here is stopping you from getting this treasure. Even if you
    walk around to the other side, he just comes there. Anyway, it's time for a
    battle with this Tower Sentry. His attack is weaker than that boss you just
    fought, as he'll only take off about 6-8 damage most of the time. If he saves
    up his strength, just defend and absorb the hit instead of taking double damage
    from him. Heal when necessary. Even if you run out of magic, which is not
    likely, you should have enough Medicinal Herbs to stay alive. The Tower Sentry
    has close to 200 HP, but if you are level 7 and have Sap that goes by a lot
    quicker. 95 EXP is your reward.
    The treasure he was guarding was 130 Gold coins. Exit on out to the left. You
    are now on the exterior of the Tower and you can see Carver a level above. East
    of you is punk with a mask, you can talk to him but don't fall for his trick
    because he'll just boot you down and waste your time. Instead, go in that door
    and take the stairs nearby to 4F.
    Tiles on the floor. Dragon Warrior / Quest veterans know about these; just take
    the southern-most one to get to the area with the ninja dude. Now look for the
    tile that takes you to the north point with the staircase. It's the path that
    starts with a tile facing to the right and then goes up. Take the stairs, hit
    the tiles to boost on south and exit to the exterior.
    You'll see Carver. Jump down but do not talk to him unless you want to miss an
    item (he just greets you and goes on ahead if you talk to him). In this next
    area to the north, speak with the guard. He explains that there are three doors
    and three people, only one of them is telling the truth. Anyway, take the
    right-most door first for a room with a Mini Medal and a soldier who gives you
    a Gold Ring (defense +5 style +5). He says you can take that back, but we know
    there is more to explore. Go down to the three doors, and take the left-most
    door this time, and go up the stairs (middle door leads to spikes).
    After taking the left door, go straight south for a Medicinal Herb. Make sure
    your Hero is stocked with them for the upcoming battle, as at the top you will
    find a guard at the room (and if you are too depleted in MP / Medicinal Herbs,
    it might be wise to exit ahead as he advises).
    This battle is against Garrett, and he's a little more potent than the other
    Tower Sentry. He has a Violent Slash that does about 1.3x damage than his
    regular attack. His leg sweep attack is pretty stupid, as he misses over half
    the time and even if he hits, you just can't move for that turn so at worst for
    you it just nullifies the turn for both. He also wastes turns on 'assessing the
    situation'. So his AI kind of ruins any chance he has of harming you
    consistently. He just has a ton of HP, probably 100 more HP than the last
    battle (250-300 HP total maybe). 120 EXP for winning, which put me to level 7. 
    Again, if you were level 7 before this and could use Sap, that makes this a lot
    Head on in and grab the Restless Heart. Jump off the west ledge and continue
    your way out of the tower; we have to go meet with Captain Blade again.
    Somnia Castle
    Make the walk back to the castle, and rest / save upon entering. Take the route
    to the Castle now, and speak with Captain Blade. He will be pleased to see the
    Restless Heart of Somnia. This makes you a Somnian Soldier, part of an elite
    group. Captain says to go look around the castle, so do so to familiarize
    yourself with the layout, now that we actually can look.
    You can take the side exits to reach the northern buildings. Just talking to
    soldiers there though and learning about Murdaw. The throne room is up there
    but of course we can't get in. Return back to Captain Blade, go down the
    stairs, and go left. Enter the kitchen and search to find a Mini Medal, your
    third. Return back to the stairs but don't take them, instead go north to the
    Here we have an old man and his wagon. Unfortunately, no horse to pull the
    wagon. The northeast door leads to a room with a researcher, and a bunch of
    books. One of which talks about the Mini Medal King, but doesn't say where we
    can find him. Talk to the rest of the people here, and then we can go on and
    try to find this wild horse that we heard about from the merchants in the Inn.
    World Map
    Just leave town and this is how you recruit Carver. He comes in and says you
    can't beat this mustang yourself. Carver joins and you have your first Ally. He
    is a Roaming Warrior; no magic, but strong as an ox. Only level 3 though, so
    you may wish to build him up a tad and at least buy him new equipment. Carver
    is a brute so he can use the Stone Axe unlike the Hero. Might be a good
    consideration (+14 attack), though it is expensive. But I would buy him that
    and Hardwood Headwear since he does not have a hat. Although he is getting a
    Hardwood Headwear in a short while, so maybe another defensive upgrade would be
    better. He can't equip a Boomerang so that is not an option.
    When you feel ready to hunt down this Mustang, head west of Somnia Castle and
    look for a bridge northwest. Go across it and then north for a sign about the
    Mustang. Then slightly west and you will be in a new 'area', off the world map.
    Take a right to see the Mustang. Chase it in a circle counter-clockwise, until
    Carver stops the process and decides on a plan. He travels from the north and
    you take the route directly east. You'll block the mustang, so then go into the
    north dead end to tame it. Carver names the thing Peggy Sue and then it's time
    to go back with this nice new horse.
    Somnia Castle
    On the way back to Somnia, Carver went up to level 5 and learned the ability
    Flying Knee. Go up to the 2nd floor Inn for a laugh with the Merchant in the
    bed. Everyone else knows the King is going to love you for this. So head north
    and tell the guard that yes, you will bring the horse in. Just head for the
    courtyard. The old man is delighted, and then Captain Blade graces you with his
    presence. Carver is now a Royal Knight for his work and you are commended.
    Next, Captain is ready to take you to His Majesty.
    We now get to meet King Somnus and some of the other higher ups are talking
    about Ra's Mirror (sometimes known as the Mirror of Ra). Captain puts a word in
    for you, and then the King addresses you personally about Ra's Mirror. When you
    are done, you are free to explore. Check out the King's room to the west for a
    Silver Tiara, though it is female-only so no one can equip it. Speak with the
    King before you leave and he says we can use the Wagon since he has no need for
    it. The Chancellor also opened up the northeast gate on the map for a new area
    to search.
    Gate Northeast of Somnia
    It is possible you have visited here before when exploring. Just talk to the
    soldiers here and head on through to the north.
    Enemies are tougher past here. Hero reached level 8 (and learned the spell
    Zoom) while Carver reached level 6. Continue on east a long ways and then
    northeast to find a Church.
    Within, you can rest in the room on the right. Also a Pretty Betsy within, and
    a Phial of Magic Water on the left. Save and then be off.
    South of here and a tad west for a small house. Carver reached level 7 along
    the way, passing Hero in resilience and strength. Inside the house, we see the
    Dwarf. Search his house for an Antidotal Herb and a piece of Hardwood Headwear.
    Carver and Hero both had one so that was useless, but it's a nice treat if you
    skipped getting Carver a helmet.
    Talk to the Dwarf and tell him that no, you don't know about private property.
    Then you get asked if you have business, so say yes. He then talks about Ra's
    Mirror. Agree to help him with his project.
    Next thing you know you will be outside with Carver and the dwarf, as the dwarf
    bumbles around trying to plan what to do. Then Carver takes over. What a
    carpenter, and what a scene. Well, that did not take too long. Anyway, Carver
    is ready for his prize for his work.
    Unfortunately, the Dwarf knows nothing about Ra's Mirror! Carver is not
    pleased. He then tells you about Alltrades Abbey aka Dharma Temple if you
    played the old games. It is a place where we can change and advance our
    classes. The dwarf tells us to head east and look for a clearing amidst the
    trees (leads to a tunnel under the river).
    Underground Tunnel by Dwarf's House
    On the World Map, head east from the Dwarf's House. See the desert and the
    light green grass in the middle? Search the green grass to find a cave that
    leads underground.
    Head south upon entry and stay south to get the Bronze Shield. Equipped this
    with Carver for +7 defense upgrade over the Leather Shield. Continue east
    (ignoring the north route which is a dead end) and you'll come to stairs going
    down to B2F.
    Eerie mist in this area. You are surrounded by water so head straight south.
    All the way south for stairs going up to B1F. Go east and go past that path
    that goes back southwest (just a dead end). Further east past the first path
    north, and then take the second path north. This one leads to 270 Gold Coins.
    Back south and then east all the way until you reach a set of stairs going up.
    World Map
    We are now on the World Map, on the right side of the river moving southeast on
    the eastern continent. Follow the path that has some desert area and you will
    come to a sign saying Alltrades Abbey is east of you.
    Unfortunately, as you are going east past the purple poisonous area you will
    see a huge chasm in the earth. As you get close to it, you enter the forest
    area. Head east and you will see a ledge that you can jump off. At this point,
    you probably have an idea what is going to happen here.
    You will fall down and be transparent once more. The castle near you is
    destroyed, enter it to see a guy looking for treasure. If you go downstairs and
    then south you can go down a well, which returns you to the other world (right
    where you entered this one, by the big hole + poisonous marsh). But don't do
    that, just exit the castle back to the World Map.
    Travel south a tad and then west to see a sign - Alltrade Abbey ruins to the
    east. Continue west to Port Haven (San Marino).
    Port Haven
    Even though you are transparent, some people will talk out loud so speaking to
    the villagers is still worth it. Enter the building in the south and search for
    a Bamboo Spear.
    Go to the building northwest of this for the Inn. You can rest here but somehow
    not for free. Search the Inn for a Medicinal Herb, Mini Medal, and a Pretty
    Betsy. Go west and south in this big building, and look for an eastern exit.
    This leads to a small spot on the exterior that has the Iron Claw. This has
    always been a sweet weapon in the series but actually is only +2 higher in
    strength over the Stone Axe. Back in the main building. If you take the north
    exit out there is a house with parents of a son named Carver. Of course, Carver
    doesn't think it's him. Back in the big building in the center and this time
    take the west exit.
    To the west is a huge building which seems to be the port. Also a bar
    downstairs here but nothing to find. Back outside and north to see some
    pirates, and west for a small house. A Fur Hood is within, nice but
    female-only. The Casino is right next door, but no one here acknowledges you so
    you can't gamble. We can explain more about it later but most know about the
    Dragon Quest / Dragon Warrior Casino.
    Head out to the south and then west to see Johan and Ella having a conflict.
    Now return to the beginning of this town and enter the southern house. Ella
    will be making Mr. Barkington's dinner. Go talk to her upstairs and try to
    leave; just as you do, that evil Ivy comes in here. Watch the seen as Ella
    comes back down afterward to feed the dog. Then go outside. Mr. Barkington is
    sick, the Mayor is furious and Ella is thrown in jail.
    Then there is a dark screen and the scene fades to the next day. Follow what is
    going on in the Mayor's house with Johan, and then head out to the big building
    in the center of town. Exit to the left and search the note near the port to
    learn you can take trips to Somnia Castle.
    You may have already been in the port, but head on in. It's different this
    time, notably Milly (Muriel) is here. She notices you as you draw near, no
    sense hiding it from her. She offers to meet you outside of the village and
    then heads out. Carver advises that we stop by the Church so might as well do
    so and save.
    On the world map, Milly leads you southeast to a blue building (you may have
    wandered over here previously). She leads you to the dream seer, Madame Luca
    Luminista. After some discussion about the dream world and you needing to get
    the Mirror of Ra, it is time to rest.
    As you wake up, search the drawer for a Lucida Shard. Check the vase west of
    this for a Seed of Magic. Now time to talk to Madame Luca. She again mentions
    that you need to be 'whole' in this world to get anything done, and she knows
    of a substance known as the Dream Dew that can get that done. Turns out we can
    acquire more Dream Dew in this a little cave in the south called the Lucid
    Grotto. Of course the Grotto is filled with nasty monsters now, but we can
    accept Milly's help for this. Luca also gives you ten Medicinal Herbs. Carver
    is skeptical about doing this but evidently the Dream Crystal Luca has deems
    this your destiny. By the way, if you still refuse you are sent out without
    Milly and the door locks behind you.
    Milly joined at level 5 with 63 HP + 50 MP. Seems we have another healer; she
    can also use Buff to raise your defense and Squelch to eliminate poison easily.
    Note that you cannot improve Milly's equipment because she is not a 'permanent'
    member of your party.
    Before leaving the estate, check the well. What do we see inside, but a Well
    Wisher. The Well Wisher likes to shout which will potentially cause your party
    to not move for a turn. It will also build up some turns and then unleash a
    nasty physical attack (could kill Milly in one hit). In fact I would suggest
    NOT guarding with your two controllable allies because this means he'll likely
    target Milly and one-shot kill her. Well Wisher also will throw a rock for ~15
    damage to all allies. Fortunately Well Wisher also spends turns 'grinning
    maliciously' (doing nothing). With three allies this should be easy to take
    down 250 HP and defeat the Well Wisher. If you can get Sap to work once or
    twice, that will help. 162 EXP 72 Gold and a Trailblazing Bandana. This adds +5
    to your defense and 23 to your style.
    Leave for the World Map now. If you want to return to Port Haven to rest at the
    Inn, do so (but Milly does not go in the city so you can't restore her; just
    don't get in too many battles so the AI won't drain her MP too bad).
    Lucid Grotto
    To get to the Lucid Grotto, head southwest from Luca's blue house and you will
    see a bridge. Head due south after this, maybe taking a few steps west. You
    will come to the Lucid Grotto (dream seeing cave).
    Go west as you enter, until you reach a T. Head south for a Chimaera Wing then
    return north and continue on west for the staircase down. Carver reached level
    10 on the way, to tie the Hero. As you noticed, Milly also does not gain EXP.
    In B2, head east, ignoring the first south path. Then next intersection, ignore
    the northeast path and go southeast to the far corner for a Seed of Resilience.
    Back north and west past the lake in the floor. West at the T for 230 gold
    coins, and then go south and east at the next fork for the stairs to B3. By the
    way, in B2 I fought many Babygoyles and they might be the toughest random
    enemies yet; they like to spam Sizz for ~15 damage to all.
    Now in B3, the cave starts to look cool. More formidable enemies as well,
    including Metal Slimes which yield a ton of EXP as you probably know if you
    have played this series before. Anyway, follow the path south and west (up and
    down several stairs) and the first fork you reach is further west (there is a
    path west or stairs going down). Travel west this time first, for a Bronze
    Knife. Then take the long route south for a scenic walk.
    Take the east route up the stairs when you can, and then you will see a
    treasure further east; a Fur Cape. Now take the south path that leads west and
    to the staircase down. You can fight around here if you wish to gain some
    levels and hope to run across more Metal Slimes, but continuing down the stairs
    leads to the boss.
    Rest up before you go up to the creature in green. You have to talk to it twice
    to initiate battle. This Bloodcreeper is not too bad. Use Sap once or twice to
    get things started. Milly will be casting Upper on your allies, attacking and
    healing (though I wouldn't count on her to heal someone in need because she
    won't necessarily do that). Could also be a problem if her MP was expended
    getting down here. The Bloodcreeper usually has physical attacks for 10-15
    damage, and then also likes to flash light in your eyes to attempt to Dazzle
    you. This is more of an annoyance than anything else, and he didn't get Hero or
    Carver with it at all (the two guys he needed to Dazzle so their physical
    attacks would miss). If Bloodcreeper attacks someone Milly used Upper on, the
    damage will be negligible. He also has a Tale Whip though that does not do much
    more damage than a regular attack. Bloodcreeper also casts Upper but just
    counter it with Sap. So, should be an easy battle unless you came into it
    totally winded from the journey down. 280+ EXP and 370 Gold are your rewards.
    It was at this point that Carver reached level 12 (passing Hero, who was still
    level 11).
    With the beast vanquished, search the bowl for some dream dew. Time to head
    out. Go south for the stairs up, northeast for the stairs in the next level and
    then northwest for the last set of stairs (well actually second-to-last; this
    floor has the final staircase up shortly east of you). Don't bother going to
    Port Haven to rest, you'll do so at Luca's.
    Madame Luca's House
    Return northeast to Madame Luca's and you will rest as you get there. Next day,
    the dream dew does it's job. Milly then admits she was once in your position
    which is why she was able to see you despite being invisible in this world.
    Then Luca mentions that your next step is to take the ferry from Port Haven
    over to <>strong>Somnia and meet the king in this world. Milly decides to
    officially accompany you on your journey. Now we can equip her with new weapons
    / armor, raise her levels, and control her in battle. All important things.
    Party Talk is more interesting with two people to talk to now. But first things
    first, give her that Silver Tiara from the Somnia Castle throne room a while
    back. +14 defense +25 style for Milly. She is the only one to equip the Lucida
    Shard too, so give her that (+10 style). Give her the old Fur Cape too, for +5
    defense (-10 style but oh well).
    Before leaving this place, go down the well and talk to the masked dude. He
    mentions some valuable treasure at Moonmirror Tower on the western continent.
    Port Haven
    Just go to Port Haven now. Speak with the Mayor first thing to tell him the
    truth; say yes and you will tell him that it was Ivy that did this. However
    Ella has already been banished from the area. Speak with Johan upstairs too.
    Check out Carver's house in the north for a scene, and then head into the main
    center area.
    The Weapon Shop has some nice options. The Thorn Whip would be good for Milly.
    The Chain Sickle is an improvement for Hero + Carver, but you have to decide if
    you want to give up the Hero's ability to hit all enemies at once with the
    Boomerang. But, it is becoming obsolete in terms of attack power, so it's your
    choice. Personally I would hold off on buying it for the Hero because a much
    better weapon for him comes out soon. Nothing that stands out at the Armor
    Talk to the people by the Inn and the dancer up the stairs. Seems people are
    sleeping over at Somnia Castle in this world. Head west and outside to talk to
    the old man by the port, sad about Ella leaving. To the far north is the Dragon
    Quest Underground Casino. My best luck with these has always been doublin' up
    on Blackjack. You just need one or two runs with easy card draws to beat in the
    double or nothing process. To be honest though, I don't like taking advantage
    of the Casino, at least until really late in the game. I spend too much time
    early on in Casino's in Dragon Warrior IV and I'll end up with Metal Babble
    Shields for all the mages and then the game becomes a joke difficulty-wise. The
    Dragon Quest VI DS Casino has some nice prizes too:
    Magic Water (200)
    Silk Tuxedo (500)
    Yggdrasil Leaf (1000)
    Dragon Shield (2000)
    Platinum Mail (3500)
    Kamikazee Bracer (5000
    The Platinum Mail in particular is quite powered up for early on in the game
    like this. I happened onto 5000 coins in double-up so I just got two Dragon
    Shields and left (still about +20 defense for Hero and Carver + the Fire / Ice
    based damage reduction that the shield provides).
    Time to go to the port now, where you found Milly. Buy three tickets for 150
    Gold and head to the guy on the left. If he says it's not ready, then you
    missed talking to someone in town (this happened to me, forgot to talk to Johan
    upstairs at first). Get on board and get ready for Cape Somnia.
    The boat sails straight west, and then it's time to get out. Talk to the people
    here to learn even if you wanted back to Port Haven, it'll be another three
    days. Save with the lady outside to the west. Head east to speak with another
    sea slime / marine slime and he mentions his pal Curie. Speak with the
    fisherman out west to learn you need to go west but slightly north to avoid the
    craters along the way.
    Exit outside and begin west like the fisherman said. The enemies out here are
    tougher, with Silencing Rams and Dead Residents, but the walk is not long. Just
    slightly north over those mountains and west. After some wandering around, Hero
    reached level 12 at this point while Milly reached level 7 (learns Dazzle +
    Evac from 6 and 7).
    Somnia Castle
    People sing a different tune here, as you may have expected from what you heard
    at Port Haven. New treasures here too though. Head to the Church upstairs for a
    Phial of Holy Water, the building north of that for a Medicinal Herb, and then
    the building above that for a Mini Medal.
    Ignore the well, above all. The enemies down here are way too tough, and you'll
    get mauled. Tougher enemies like this also make it hard to run, so if you go
    down here you might be kissing some of your money goodbye after a quick death.
    There is nothing down here at the moment, anyway.
    Check out the weapon shop in the southeast. The Edged Boomerang is perfect for
    Hero, +10 attack from the Boomerang. Some decent things at the armour shop too,
    though your needs may depend on what you got at the Casino. Enter the building
    just north of here to talk to the old man and get the Poison Moth Knife from
    the drawer. This weapon for Milly is actually awesome, basically like the
    Venomous Dagger from old Dragon Warrior's / Quest's that causes paralysis on
    enemies occasionally (which case they can't act for several turns).
    Head towards the north part of town. The masked guy thinks you look just like
    the prince. Sure enough, head on north and the guard at the castle will think
    you are the Prince (might need certain equipment - I had Hardwood Headwear,
    Dragon Shield and Noble Gear).
    Head within and you will be met by what looks to be Captain Blade, but actually
    this is Captain Rusty. Everyone here sucks up to you, but actually in the
    courtyard the little girl knows you aren't the prince. Speak with everyone and
    head to the throne area. You will be stopped initially, but Captain Rusty
    straightens things out. Upstairs to see the King and Queen of Somnia Castle,
    both in bed. The Queen is mumbling about the Mirror, so we know Ra's Mirror
    will be important here. Get a Silk Robe in the drawer if you want, and then
    head out.
    Chancellor Keating returns as you are leaving the throne room. No matter what
    answer you pick for the sister of the Prince's name, you will get it wrong.
    Captain Rusty takes some blame too, and then you are booted out. Speak with the
    merchant before leaving to learn the whereabouts of the town of Amor. Could be
    worth looking into.
    Amor Town
    To reach Amor, head west and north along the coast-line. After you pass the
    bridge, go west to see a sign. Seems we need to head south and then southeast
    to get to Amor. Ignore the cave that does us nothing now and you will soon see
    a blue village on the map, this is Amor Town.
    Check out the Inn but evidently we need a reservation to rest here. We want to
    speak with everyone here so check out the north house and then the northwest
    one. Weird stuff in the northwest one with a bunny girl wife pretending to be
    at a bar, and her husband downstairs who hints at Moonmirror Tower things.
    There is a Chimaera Wing + fake Phial of Amor Seco Essence below.
    Nothing in the well below but the house by it has a Mini Medal. The Church is
    next to this. It's being 'cleaned' so you can't go in, but you can save.
    Further east is the Weapon and Armor shop; the Sledgehammer + Steel Broadsword
    are new but expensive. The Armor Shop has some good stuff too, like Iron Armour
    + Iron Helmets. Once you have spoken with everyone, head back and see if the
    Church is open to go in. Might have to leave and re-enter.
    Enter the church and to the basement to find Evgenya. Search around here for a
    Phial of Holy Water + a Phial of Amor Seco Essence. Talk to the priest and he
    sends you down to Evgenya. She's still in a great mood.
    You wake up the next day and she is gone. Hmm, things are strange. Search the
    pots and you find a Mini Medal (yes, we searched those pots before too and it
    wasn't there). Go outside, and a girl notices blood flowing through the river.
    The beautiful river is now covered in blood.
    Speak with everyone. Things seem weird. The man in the northeast says a 'young'
    couple named Evgenya and Ilya spent the night, even though we just saw Evgenya
    and she was old. Check the northwest house for a Pair of Bunny Ears and a Phial
    of Amor Seco Essence. Bunny Ears are good for Milly. Southwest house has 50
    gold coins and another male fawning over Evgenya.
    Time to exit town, and it seems we're back in the Dream World (where we
    started). Go north for the cave.
    Amor Town Cave
    Bloody water here of course. The soldier here is Evgenya and she talks about
    Ilya. Talk to her, and then go across the bridge and take the northwest path
    for a Seed of Life. Now go back by Evgenya and take the northeast stairs going
    Go south right away on B1. This leads to a Seed of Magic. Back up the stairs,
    and return north on B1 and go west, ignoring the other staircase down you see.
    At the next intersection, go southwest for a Pretty Betsy. Grab that and then
    take the northwest corner stairs going down to B2.
    Straight south for a Mini Medal. Back north and east to see three logs in the
    water. They'll each take us somewhere different, of course. Take the one in the
    northeast, and it sends us south to an Edged Boomerang and stairs going up. You
    probably already bought that Boomerang but this is a nice treat if you didn't.
    Up the stairs now and take the 410 Gold Coins. Now back down the stairs, and
    take the eastern log. This takes you to where the Seed of Magic was before, so
    take the steps back up to get back to B1.
    Back on this initial level, travel all the way northwest to get to those stairs
    going down. So we're back to the three logs. We already took the northeast one.
    Now there are two southeast of you - take the one that is further east. This
    leads to another log - take that one. Now you are at the staircase going down
    in the south part of the room. Down here for B3.
    Different layout on B3. Go north until you teach a T - go west for a Phial of
    Magic Water. Now go back east. Skip that southern path you initially took, and
    the long north path. When you can go east no more, go north quick for an Iron
    Claw. Now back west slightly and take that long north path. Ignore the west
    path, it is a dead end. Take the stairs to the north to get to B4.
    Just as you get here, you can see a demon and a guy fighting it out. Quickly
    heal up and talk to the masked guy watching this. Go up there and offer to join
    the fight in the warrior's stead - it is a Grrrgoyle. This battle can be a
    nuisance, because the Gargoyle has a confuse-all attack called Fuddle Dance
    that is likely to get at least one of your allies. Your character then randomly
    does things (could cast a spell, could attack an ally, could attack an enemy,
    etc) until they recover after a few turns (usually takes the Grrrgoyle hitting
    you to come to your senses). He uses this move at an absurd rate, more than all
    the other moves he has combined against me. He has two physical attacks that
    did about 10-20 damage depending on which character takes it. Of course use
    Sap, your go-to boss strategy to destroy their defense. If Milly is level 9,
    her Crack spell will be a big help (~30 damage each time). Because of you
    battling Confuse, this will likely take a while, but will yield 330 EXP and 250
    Gold Coins.
    The swordsman fighting the Gargoyle was indeed The Tempest Ilya. The chest here
    is empty. Time to exit out with our new friend. No enemies so don't worry. Take
    the stairs down here, and then in the next room we have to take a different
    staircase up (more towards the southeast corner). Then we go with the log and
    by the empty Seed of Magic treasure. The rest you should be able to figure out.
    Ilya and Evgenya have a scene at the top. Afterward, Ilya awards you with an
    Agility Ring for your work. The couple then imply that the Moonmirror Tower is
    their next destination. They must be going for the Mirror of Ra too, and in
    that empty treasure at the bottom was clearly the Mirror Key.
    Amor Town
    Head back to Amor Town now. Speak with everyone to gain some insight about what
    to do next. After you have talked to everyone go in the bottom part of the
    church and talk to the guy to rest.
    When you wake up, you are back in the Real World (where we were previously
    invisible). Evgenya is here, the older version. She is still mad but at least
    the bad dreams stopped. Amazingly, Ilya runs in here (the older version of
    him). After this scene, Evgenya goes ahead and gives you the Mirror Key. Save
    and get some weapons / armor if you wish, and then head out of Amor. Note that
    if you are planning on buying an Iron Cuirass for Milly, don't bother, we'll
    get a free one very soon.
    Back on the World Map in the Real World, you have to go northwest for a bit and
    then north to a sign. East from here to reach Somnia Castle. Once you see that,
    go east past it and wrap around counter-clockwise on the other side of the
    water. So you should be going northwest for a short while and then straight
    west to the Tower.
    Moonmirror Tower
    Barge on in. Looks like an epic tower. Take the east counter-clockwise route,
    but don't take the northeast staircase going down. Down the northwestern ones
    for an Iron Cuirass. Looks like a dead-end, but notice how the staircase in
    this northwestern corner does not show on the 'reflection'. Search the mirror a
    few times and something talks to you.
    Three Corpsickles are here to fight you. As you might image, these guys can
    poison you (Envenom). However they can only try it on one ally at a time,
    although it can come as a side effect from their physical attacks too. But
    their physical attacks are weak. Sap is somewhat useful but since there is
    three of them, it's harder to use. I just did it once and then did the
    Boomerang with the Hero and Carver attacked. Crack is isn't as powerful against
    these enemies, but still worth doing if Milly gets a chance to attack while
    healing HP and curing Envenom status. The Corpsickle's occasionally will cast
    Heal, to be even more annoying. This battle will take quite a while, but once
    you get one of them down the ball will start to get rolling pretty fast.
    Problem is, your MP totals will be depleted especially Milly's. A whopping 840
    EXP is your reward and 171 Gold Coins.
    Might be a good time to Evac / Zoom back to Somnia to rest. Your call though.
    When you are ready, take that new northwest path, way up the stairs. As it
    works it's way east, skip the staircase first and get the 200 Gold Coins at the
    far east. Back west to go up the stairs to 2F.
    Now on the exterior, head southeast and you will find an opening; enter it.
    Back inside the tower. Head north, skipping the stairs going up east of you.
    North all the way now for a different staircase going up to 3F.
    Take the stairs to the east to quickly get to 4F. Set of stairs down just south
    of you, but go further south first for a Seed of Strength. Down those stairs
    you passed, and then go up the stairs in the southwest (to a different part of
    4F). Take the northern stairs in this room.
    On 5F now, you see an 'invisible' orange-haired girl. Talk to her to let her
    know you can see her. Pour some of that Dream Dew on her and then she
    introduces herself as Ashlynn. She doesn't fight with you yet but follows you.
    When you regain control, head south from where you got Ashlynn to some stairs
    up to 6F.
    Staircase above you but instead go all the way north for that lever. This opens
    a door. So south and up the stairs to the top, 7F. Take the above stairs down
    and you will see a purple orb to the northwest. Push it east, out of sight of
    the mirror. This stops an electrical current elsewhere. Back up to 7F, and then
    take the southern stairs going down. Another purple orb to push away from the
    mirror, it breaks, another thing shuts down. Return to 7F once more, the top
    floor. Jump off the southern ledge to go all the way down to the bottom.
    Travel to the far west now. Another tower to enter, and it looks like the last
    one. Just go north, skipping the first staircase going up, and taking the
    northern one. Southwest to the stairs to 3F now. South all the way for a Seed
    of Agility, and then take the staircase down to 2F that you passed. Take the
    southeast stairs up on this floor, and you are back on 3F but a different part
    of it. North to the stairs up to 4F.
    Continue along south in the mirror room until you see a reflection of a
    staircase going up (but no sign of the staircase). Straight north in this next
    floor, and then north to flick the switch to shut the door. South up the stairs
    and you will be at the top. Two more stairs going down, north and south of you.
    You know what to do here. After both purple orbs are destroyed by being pushed
    away from the mirrors, the center building will drop from the sky.
    Time to drop off and enter this center building. It's small, but it has Ra's
    Mirror. Now with the Mirror of Ra, we also leave with Ashlynn joining our
    party. Carver brings up a good point though; we need to bring this to King
    Somnus in Hero + Carver's world, not the King that just sleeps in this world.
    More about Ashlynn. Terrible HP count and defense, but she is more of a true
    wizard / attack mage (compared to Hero + Milly). You also have a full party
    with 4 members.
    So what do we do? Zoom over to Alltrades Abbey. Into the basement and search
    the well in the south part. This takes you back to the Phantom World (the one
    you are from and need to be in right now). Zoom over to Somnia Castle in this
    world, and enter.
    Somnia Castle
    It was a long trip to get that Mirror of Ra, but here we are. Talk to people in
    town and save if you want, then head on in to the Castle and towards the throne
    room. You'll come to Captain Blade, and then we get to report to King Somnus. A
    short meeting commences but then we will talk more later.
    Scene fades to night and things are strange. Captain Blade comes in and says to
    go upstairs. Something is amiss in the throne room. The king...is, well. I
    don't want to spoil it for you. We'll just say that King Somnus is who he says
    he is - it is actually Apnea. Turns out the true King Somnus is in Murdaw's
    clutches. Or perhaps, Somnus is Murdaw. At any rate, this Apnea has extensive
    knowledge about what is going on in the Real World and with Murdaw. More
    answers than anyone else has at least. Speak with the Chancellor to get an idea
    of where to go. Murdaw's Keep seems to be southwest.
    Exit to the World Map, and travel northeast for a short bit (over that area of
    water) and then wrap around south until you reach the gate. Two corpses of
    guards along the way, and a priest. Exit out to the south and you can see there
    is just a little bit of this part of the continent to explore. You will have to
    go over some poison spots but the damage is negligible.
    Cave to Murdaw's Keep
    Southwest for the steps down to B1F. Enemies are tougher down here, and Carver
    got to level 14 and learned Double Up. Very nice ability. As you travel south
    to an upside-down T, take the left path as the right is a dead end with a
    skeleton. Veer to the southwest and exit.
    You are on the exterior now. Go west and in the doorway. Northwest for some
    stairs down. Take the path southwest and south for a Seed of Magic. The path
    west of that leads outside to a spot with nothing, so don't waste your time.
    Go back up to the previous level with the T intersection. You went west
    initially, now go south past some debris. You will go a ways, and then the path
    goes west and northwest. Along the way you see an Iron Helmet. Now take the
    ladder going down to the north.
    Southwest and south, with the water down below on our left. Down the ladder and
    east across a brown bridge. Down the short ladder, but don't go south right
    away. Circle around clockwise and this path takes you to a Phial of Magic
    Water. Back southwest by the bridge and ladder, and this time go straight
    south. This leads west to a path back into the cave-like area of this dungeon.
    Follow the clockwise path here. This takes you back to the exterior on the
    lower level. North through the huge doors. In this area, after you go slightly
    north, Apnea stops you. Both doors you see are locked, so go down the east ramp
    and then down the stairs. North of you is a yellow button (actually two of
    them, one of west of that one too). Hit both buttons to open the locked doors.
    Then go back up the stairs to where the locked doors were.
    Back up and you will see two floor switches on both sides (4 total). Hit all
    four to illuminate the dark room below you. Now take the southwestern ramp down
    and into the room (the dark room that now has lights). Without the lights,
    you'd fall into one of the many holes in this room. At the far north is a
    Dancer's Costume. High in style low in defense but great to sell. Now go to the
    southeast corner and then west. You will see some stairs and you will have to
    go on the dark area for a few steps to get there. Up the stairs, hit the
    switch, and the whole room is now lit up for you. But as you see, you will have
    to walk back to the northwest corner of the room. Tough enemy groups are down
    here; two Arrghgoyles put a good hurt on me. Take advantage of Carver's Double
    Up if he is level 14.
    Once you get to the stairs down, you will see another set of stairs just west
    of you. A huge green beast up near the throne room. You might have an idea who
    this is; Murdaw. Rest up and use some Magic Water to replenish your MP if
    needed. He has some nasty attacks. It would help to have those Dragon Shields
    from the Casino to halve the damage from Fierce Flames (~30 damage to all
    members). His physical attack is decent, so if you can get Buff up on some
    allies that is good. Use Sap to start off (with Hero and Ashlynn). Carver can
    be using Double-Up, so Buff him and keep him healed. With two Saps on Murdaw,
    he can do close to 90 damage with Double Up. After a few turns he shouted at
    us, causing the party members to only attack, but again thanks to Sap this was
    a good thing. You can go into Tactics to fix this afterward. His most dangerous
    attack is Frizzle, but you might not see it much. Murdaw has close to 1000 HP
    but with Sap on him once or twice, and Carver's Double-Up, it should be
    do-able. 2270 EXP and 580 Gold Coins are your rewards.
    Murdaw is gone, and you are then prompted to use Ra's Mirror. This shows who
    you might have expected it would, but why are they calling Captain Blade
    "Rusty". Evac out after the scene, and then Zoom over to Somnia Castle.
    Somnia Castle
    Head to the Castle and then the throne room. The King and Queen have not
    returned, neither has Captain Blade. The Chancellor just has you rest for the
    Still no sign of them in the morning. Head out and Ashlynn implies that it's
    the Somnia Castle from the Real World. So Zoom over to Haggleton, go west,
    north and west for the cliff where the Cloth-maker fell.
    This drops you in the Real World by Wellshire, which you should re-enter if you
    have not been here since being a ghost. This way you can Zoom back here in the
    Real World if you want. There is actually something you can do in Wellshire
    right now related to that criminals in the north part of town.
    Wellshire Town
    Wellshire was your first stop in the Real World. Go to the northeast house and
    Lily the dog recognizes you. Talk to the Mayor a few times to hear they have a
    ransom demand of 5000 Gold Coins. Mayor then goes off, so let's leave the
    Head north to the Well. The Masked man asks for the ransom and then Liddle
    brings the girl in. Forget the ransom money, time to battle Bigg and Liddle.
    Sap Liddle a few times and then go to town on him with everyone. Double-Up
    should put him away quickly. Liddle will protect Bigg from most attacks anyway,
    including Sap. So when Liddle is gone feel free to Sap him. These two just use
    regular attacks so you won't have any trouble. Bigg does a shout on two turns
    but it hit 1 / 8 characters. He won't have a chance left alone. 825 EXP, 374
    Gold Coins and a Pair of Boxer Shorts are your rewards.
    Speak with Cynthia after the bad guys flee. The Mayor then comes in. You can be
    dishonest here and tell him you paid the ransom, and just get his hard-earned
    5000 Gold Coins (even though his daughter witnessed the whole scene).
    Return to Wellshire after this and talk to the Mayor in his house. He'll know
    you lied but is cool with it. If you didn't take the Ransom Money, he'll get
    you a Seed of Life.
    Somnia Castle
    Zoom over to Somnia Castle now that you are back in the Real World. Speak with
    the villagers to hear that they are overjoyed at the return of the Queen and
    However as you go to the Castle, the guards remember you as the Impostor. You
    are thrown in jail, and the dude in the cell nearby talks to you. Just sit
    there and someone will get you and apologize.
    The scene fades to the throne room with King Somnus. He has a hard time
    distinguishing between dream and reality. King Somnus then relives what
    happened with Murdaw. He was on a boat and randomly attacked. When he awoke, he
    was Murdaw. After the talk, the King asks to meet with you outside.
    Leave the throne room, go west and south out the door. You will find King
    Somnus up here, in the southwest corner. Murdaw has been banished from the
    other world but he is extremely powerful in this one and must be dealt with.
    The King knows with your ability to go between World's that you hold the key to
    getting this done. Unfortunately, the King says we lack a ship to get to the
    battlefield, but he does speak of the Sacred Village of Ghent. The people of
    Ghent possess a sacred ship called Providence. We are to go to Ghent with this
    Royal Missive from King Somnus. Ghent is north of here and the King will be
    alerting the guards in the gate to the north that you can go through.
    Sure enough, go slightly east of Somnia Castle and then straight north to get
    to the Gate. Speak with the guards, and head out. Back on the world map, travel
    northeast and follow the river and mountains. Ghent is ahead, you can't miss
    Ghent Village
    Enter the house west of you to find a Seed of Resilience. The Inn has a set of
    Plain Clothes. On the west end of town just a little further north is the
    weapon and armor shop. The Cautery Sword (Sword of Malice) is for sale for 4400
    Gold. Good upgrade for the Hero and Milly but maybe more valuable for Milly
    since Hero since has a Boomerang which is nice vs. 3+ enemies (and you likely
    can't buy two). Morning Star is a +10 attack increase for Ashlynn but a hefty
    price to pay for someone who will still be weak with physical attacks. The
    money might be better spent on a Cloak of Evasion for Ashlynn to survive
    The house north of this is the Elder's. Show him the Royal Missive, but your
    effort is in vain; he won't listen and you won't get a ship. Ransack his house
    for a Seed of Magic + Pointy Hat. As you try to leave, Nevan comes in. He's a
    bigger tool than his grandfather but fortunately the spirits speak to Nevan and
    tell him his true fate. After they are done speaking to him he tells his
    Grandfather about his change of heart.
    When you go north and talk to Nevan and commit to going to the island, you
    can't go back unless you die. So spend some final time leveling up. You
    probably haven't had to sit around and level up that much so far, but the
    upcoming bosses aren't easy. Also do your best to get two Cloak's of Evasion,
    two Cautery Swords and 1 Full Plate Armor (we'll find another set of it soon).
    So talk to Nevan in the north port of Ghent. He will break the seal and we will
    be en route to the Isle of Murdaw, after a long scene with Providence.
    Isle of Murdaw
    When you get here, Ashlynn decides to stay back. Make sure her gear is set back
    in case it's something you may need. Transfer a Whip over to Nevan (though keep
    his rod in his possession as it can be used to Heal in battle). The Cloak of
    Evasion will be great for him too. Now that you are prepared, head off for the
    southeastern cave. You can go in the other ship, but it is empty and one of
    your allies surmises it could be Somnus'.
    Murdaw's Cave
    First off, conserve your MP here. Use the Staff of Gent to Heal, it is like
    Midheal but costs no MP of course.
    Within the cave head north and veer left. Eventually this path goes
    counter-clockwise and you will soon be going south to stairs up. Take them, and
    on 2F you will see a Chain Whip treasure north of you. If you did not have one
    for Nevan then this one will do. Return back down the stairs to 1F.
    This time head further north but look west. Cross the lava for 1150 Gold Coins
    and further north you can wind around to the northwest to find a Suit of Full
    Plate Armor. Go straight east from here to the stairs going up to 2F.
    On this part of 2F we will be traveling far to the southwest. Always choose the
    west path and you will be able to avoid the lava. Eventually you go in the
    southwest corner and turn east and you see a staircase going up to 3F. Take
    them and follow the long path to a Seed of Life. Cast Evac and re-enter. The
    path to continue lies early on, we were just getting all the treasures.
    Back at the entrance, go northeast and you can see a set of stairs to 2F across
    the lava. Go across the lava, the damage is weak anyway. Up the stairs again to
    3F now. Take the long path west and north until you get to a north / east fork.
    You can see a treasure to the north, but it is a Cannibox (Man-Eater Chest).
    We've seen these things before, they are unpredictable but certainly dangerous.
    He has Whack but not enough MP to cast it. Just go to town on the Cannibox and
    use Double-Up; should be dead in two turns. The Cannibox did drop a Seed of
    Agility but I can't say if that's a regular occurrence. Back to the east path
    just south of this, and ignore the north path you see (dead end). Eventually
    you reach the stairs up to 4F.
    4F is massive. You can see two treasures across the water to the north. You
    will have to head west a long ways and then north. Now you will reach an
    intersection; north or east. Take the east route and it takes you to those two
    treasures we saw initially. The west one is a Phial of Magic Water and the east
    one is a Cannibox (this one dropped a Seed of Agility too). Back to that
    intersection and go north through the big cave along the water.
    Nothing in this area but a corpse across the bridge to the east. Exit out the
    southeast and then in this next area, look in the northeast for stairs going
    up. In this room, go east for a Cannibox, our third one. Yet another Seed of
    Agility drop, making these battles worth it. Back to the main path and go
    north, skipping the first ramp on the west, which leads to nothing. Continue
    north to take the door, as the two east paths you come across are dead ends.
    Northeast in the next room for a staircase up. Hook a quick northwest as you
    enter this new area to find a corpse. This one seems to be tied to the King of
    Somnia. Exit out through the door.
    Beginning Campground
    You are resting. We've seen this scene before. Exit out to the north and then
    we have the dragon-calling by Milly at the north peak. After the long flight,
    we are there.
    Murdaw's Keep
    Speak with everyone especially Nevan, as he creates a place to teleport back to
    in the event we die. Go up the northeast staircase first.
    Three treasures up here. South one is an Iron Mask, southwest for 1800 gold
    coins, and then the northwest treasure is an Amor Seco Essence (actually a Man
    Eater Chest in the 16-bit version of the game).
    Back to the bottom and north through the door. Follow this path like you did in
    the opening. North, west and north through the door.
    Strange room. There is a statue of Carver, so watch the scene as Carver goes
    nuts. Carver then gets his memory back and confirms what you already knew;
    Murdaw put us to stone. Carver then learns Knuckle Sandwich. Now before you go
    straight up those stairs, explore a little on this floor. Head southeast to see
    a purple door we can go south through, and then go east and north to the blue
    beast statues. It is a Sculptrice. Hack through it's tough defense and huge HP
    total, then move on north through the stairs (you can avoid that second
    Interesting statue here. Go south and if you want a challenge, search the pot
    for an Urnexpected. This thing is nasty, and will dodge many of your attacks.
    He has Whack and Kasnooze, but a low MP count so can only do so many spells.
    But the worst part is dodging the attacks and then his physical attack is
    devastating (often times results in a critical attack too). Just get off Sap
    once or twice and then spam Double-Up and your best physical attacks and hope
    they hit. Nothing special for a reward though. Back on track now, head west all
    the way. You'll see a Sculptrice guarding the treasure, so defeat it. Grab the
    treasure which is a Fire Claw for Carver. Now take the southwest stairs.
    You'll see an enemy on the map here. It's a Grim Keeper. Has the HP of a boss
    with a decent attack, but isn't going to challenge you seriously here. He may
    call a Healer to annoy you. 569 EXP and 171 Gold are your rewards. Down the
    stairs and east down the other set of stairs. You should then be back in the
    room where Carver's statue was. Time to head up the normal way (but getting the
    Fire Claw is key for bettering your chances against the bosses ahead).
    The pink hazy floor is next. Heal up and get ready for your toughest challenge
    yet. After getting sent back to see your sister, say Yes and look at Ra's
    Mirror. Murdaw's tricks are over and it's time for battle. Two Prickly
    Pranksters and Murdaw await. Murdaw likes to use Fierce Fire for ~30 damage
    normally; it would help to have Dragon Shield's for Hero and Carver. If you are
    level 18 with Milly, Kabuff is great to counter Murdaw's Kasap. But you can
    live with it, just have Milly spend a fair amount of time with Buff to keep you
    ahead. This will neutralize the Prickly Prankster's attacks, and Murdaw will
    attack occasionally too. The key is to just focus on Murdaw and forget about
    the Pranksters, because he would revive them if you killed them anyway. Plus,
    killing Murdaw first allows you to slowly kill off the other two while fully
    healing with the Staff of Ghent. 1250+ EXP + 156 Gold Coins are your rewards
    for this victory.
    That wasn't too hard. But afterward, Murdaw becomes possessed and a new battle
    happens. His attacks are more potent and his HP is higher. You will need to be
    conservative, even just using Carver only to attack with Double-Up and have the
    others Heal / Buff / use Staff of Ghent. Just like last fight, you can't count
    on Sap bailing you out. Chilly Breath is downright vicious. Dragon Shield
    helps, but if he catches Carver during a double-up, it could take off close to
    100 on him. Murdaw will also spend time with a blinding light trying to put a
    character to sleep, or trying to dazzle your party. That can suck but it's a
    good excuse to sit back a few turns to defend and heal up. Staff of Ghent helps
    immensely. There will be turns where he uses the Chilly Breath + Lightning on
    the same turn and you will be hurting. So it will take some luck to survive
    long enough to take off ~1000 HP on this beast. There will also be turns where
    he only has one action and it's a failed attempt at putting someone to sleep or
    a weak attack. 2300 EXP and 770 Gold are your rewards for this epic battle with
    the Dread Fiend. A voice tells you to go celebrate your win.
    Somnia Castle
    You appear back at Somnia Castle. King Somnus rewards us with a Lightning Staff
    which we know is powerful to use in battle. Speak with Queen Apnea for some
    insight on the Hero's identity.
    After this, go down to meet your friends. Then Zoom out to Alltrades when you
    get out of the castle.
    Alltrades Abbey
    Well, Alltrades is still destroyed in the Real World. But go in and search the
    well to get back to the Dream World.
    When you get back, there is no huge hole like before. Alltrades Abbey is
    restored thanks to your victory over Murdaw. Talk to everyone to learn the
    basics of the abbey. There are many vocations and you can change between them
    as often as you'd like. Also, you won't lose abilities learned previously.
    However, your work up until this point won't count towards any vocation, which
    is why it is in your best interests to get here with as low of a level as
    possible. Easier said than done with the last boss, but something to keep in
    mind. Down the stairs in the southwest or southeast.
    Down here, head north through the center door. All the way north now for a Mini
    Medal. This room has a bunch of torches that light up as you master each class.
    Exit out now and let's go to the 1st floor and talk to the guy in the north.
    This man is the one who changes our vocations here at Alltrades. For the record
    I started off with; Hero - Warrior, Carver - Martial Artist, Nevan - Priest,
    Milly - Dancer, Ashlynn - Mage. It’s your choice but I prefer to choose classes
    that seem somewhat relevant for the character (ie I’m not going to waste time
    turning Carver into a Mage when he is clearly best suited to be a Warrior /
    Gladiator). That’s something to keep in mind, that the character’s still have
    their natural talents / base stats regardless of class you choose.
    When you are ready to continue on, check the Well at the south part of B1 in
    Alltrades. This takes you to the ruined Alltrades. Zoom over to Ghent, as the
    yellow ship will be waiting for you there.
    Get on the sea and you will get your first taste of sea battle (fought like 8
    Marine Mollusks). Follow the river south to the main ocean, and then go east
    but stick to the north coast. You should see a sign soon to the north, so land
    there. Go north to the town.
    Here is Scrimsley. Check the house to the west for a set of Rags. Now to the
    Inn just east of that. You can’t rest, seems these people do things ‘at their
    own pace’. The bard in the room seems to know things are strange here
    especially at night. Up the stairs to find pots and barrels on the roof. One of
    them is an Antidotal Herb and the other is 15 gold coins.
    Jump off the Inn roof and talk to the Priest, who has nasty things to say and
    tells you to leave. In the center there is something flashing; a Mini Medal!
    The house west of this has a Mini Medal too. Go to the northwest house last. A
    Scale Shield is inside and also Amos. You have heard lots about Amos already, a
    Hero of the town but a cursed one. Amos implies you should sleep here for the
    night, so head over to the Inn and do so (despite the clerk trying to convince
    you otherwise).
    At night, you wake up and hear loud steps. The Innkeeper won’t let you directly
    leave, and the bard is panicking in the room next door. Go upstairs and jump
    off to engage this monster. It’s the Scrimsley Terror. This thing has a good
    attack, dodges Sap well, and has a good amount of HP. Carver’s Double Up should
    do over to 100 damage, while using the Fire Claw will take off about 80 but
    leaves him better protected. Have Milly or whoever get Buff up on your allies
    since you can expect only physical attacks. She can use Crack for 30 damage+ if
    she has a free turn. Just make sure your Magicians stay healed and be
    conservative with them; changing vocations ruined their already-poor HP so be
    mindful. Still, this probably won’t be a tough battle. 310 EXP and 170 Gold
    Coins are your rewards.
    The Innkeeper comes out afterward to defend the monster. The Monster then
    becomes Amos, and he is carried away by some friends. Next day, speak with
    everyone except Amos. Whatever you do, do not tell Amos what really happens to
    him. Speaking with everyone, especially the old lady in the southern house, you
    will learn of the Seeds of Reason. It might be time to head north and find some
    of these.
    On the World Map, go northeast between the mountains. Continue northeast for a
    long ways and in the northeast corner of this continent, you will see the
    Northern Mountain.
    Scrimsley’s Hazy Heights
    Talk to the guy here who says monsters are tough here. Head in, and then west
    when you are inside. Take the southwestern path for stairs up to 2F.
    South through the exit. Take the left path on the outside and in the door. Head
    northeast here for some stairs and it leads to a Morning Star. Back up now to
    the outside. This time head far to the east and you will see a ladder going
    south. Continue on to the southeast to see an entrance into the cave area. Take
    this route north and slightly west and up a ramp to the stairs up. Just south
    and you will be on the exterior of this mountain.
    West and up the ladders, and across the bridge. Eventually on this west route
    we come to an entrance to a cave. Go in, and then northwest in this cave. You
    will see you are above the area where you got the Morning Star. Continue
    counter-clockwise and exit out through the southwest.
    Go east out here and north to see a green plant sticking out at the top. It
    will talk to you if you try to pull it out. Search just to the left of this
    plant to find a Handful of Seeds of Reason. Speak with the plant again and he
    says to come back if you want any pearls of wisdom. Time to Zoom back over to
    Back to Scrimsley and head to Amos’ house. Say “Yes” to his prompt and then you
    will feed him the ground-up Seeds of Reason. He turns into a monster, go up to
    him, and he just says he has control over it now. Accept him into your party.
    Just by looking at his attributes, he appears well-rounded but a bit of a
    brute. Return to Alltrades Abbey to give him a class (remember, go to the well
    to get to the Dream World first since that is where the Abbey is). Probably a
    physical-type class but whatever you want. Zoom back over to Scrimsley and walk
    south to your boat.
    Travel to the east, past the shoals that are bordering the north shore. Land
    your boat after you pass them, and head east and slightly north. You’ll pass a
    bridge, and then go north past this to find a castle.
    Arkbolt castle
    This is Castle Arkbolt. A man and a grave following him are just leaving. Read
    the sign; “Love Fighting? Hate monsters? The Arkbolt Army wants you!” Head on
    Most places here have stairs up as there are two main floors. Head to the
    northwest to talk to the weapon guy. The whip is expensive and for a Mage so
    it’s hard to justify buying. But the Battle-Axe is a decent upgrade over the
    Cautery Sword. The Armor Shop is more impressive though. Finally, a formidable
    shield for magicians with the Magic Shield. Buy as many of these as you can for
    your active magic users (might not be much help for Hero + Carver if they got
    the Dragon Shields earlier). Silver Cuirass is pretty good too, and you may
    need an Iron Mask too.
    When you are finished at the Weapon / Armor shops, speak with the green guard
    in the north-center. It is Bronson and we have to battle him to get by. Bronson
    is very one-dimensional; just use Milly’s Kabuff once, and that should make you
    close to impenetrable. Use Sap on him once or twice and this won’t even be
    close. Carver’s Double-Up will take off a ton of damage. Not a bad battle to
    try out different moves because his attacks will be so poor with Kabuff up. He
    does have a ton of HP though. 310 EXP is your reward for besting him.
    Head back to the Inn to replenish your MP. Now north up the stairs to 2F. Take
    the set of stairs down southeast of you for a Slime Gooniform. Back up and
    search the west part of 2F for a Mini Medal. South to continue on.
    You are now on the top of the Castle, outside. Travel west and southwest for
    stairs down to the training center; search the pot for a Mini Medal. Nothing
    else on this side, so head to the east end. Take the first staircase, in the
    northeast. Some treasures here but the door is locked. Down the stairs and out
    on the ground level. Speak with the merchant here. Normal item shop, but he has
    300+ Gold Bracers. That’s a great deal for a +15 defense accessory.
    Back to the center with the two guards. Agree to test their strength, and now
    we have a battle with two of these goons, Brick + Brock. Another battle where
    Kabuff will be your best friend. Unfortunately they have Kasap so you will need
    to use Kabuff to stay ahead. Plus, they’ll use Oomph to increase their attack.
    Start off by focusing on one of them, maybe try to get Sap off (though I missed
    the first three turns with Hero and it won’t really matter in this battle.)
    Once you take out Brick, it should be easy to gang up on Brock. Your reward is
    only 230 EXP for this.
    Now we get to see King Claymore. He has issued his challenge because he wants
    someone capable of defeating the beast at Wayfarer’s Pass. Agree to fight one
    more battle, this time against Captain Brutus. Everyone leaves for the Training
    Center, but go upstairs to get a Silk Robe first. Then go to the training
    center (southwest staircase down after leaving throne area).
    Captain Brutus awaits you. His attack, defense and HP outclass his
    predecessors, and he can attack all allies with one attack. If you can get Sap
    to work, that will be a big help. Use Kabuff and he will spend turns trying to
    Kasap your defense back. The biggest danger is towards the end of the line for
    him, he has a vortex ability that takes off 50-100 damage on each ally. For
    this reason I would refrain from using Double-Up too much and instead use
    regular attacks or preferably the Fire Claw. After 1500+ HP, Brutus goes. 450
    EXP as a reward.
    Head to the throne room to hear the King’s plea. He has a nice reward if you
    can clear the northern cave of monsters; the family heirloom, Sunderbolt Sword.
    Better known in past Dragon Quest’s / Warrior’s as the Sword of Thunder. Speak
    with the chancellor to bring a Large Coffin with. Rest and head out.
    Wayfarer’s Pass
    You may have wandered over here before heading into town. Anyway, go northwest
    to find the cave (and you will see another cave on the other side of the
    Enter and go southwest for the stairs down to B2. A bunch of dudes in this next
    room, all lamenting the fact that they can’t move onward with the monsters
    present. The third room has three soldiers, so talk to them and move towards
    the demons on the map. One is a Hell Stalker, the other is a Jumping Jackal.
    Not exactly bosses, but tough enemies for this point. The Jumping Jackal has
    the Vacuum Vortex move that Brutus had (for 50-100 damage to all allies). Take
    him out first. The Hell Stalker has a powerful lightning attack so again, these
    enemies don’t have a lot of HP but have devastating moves. Rest up after the
    victory and push further inside.
    Now you are in a room with skinny paths and a lot of water. Head north and when
    the path splits into many little ones, take the east route as it leads to a
    Seed of Resilience. Back west to the main path and you’ll get to a southwest –
    northwest split. Go north to get 580 Gold Coins, and then go west to follow the
    long path. When you get to the northeast corner you see a downed monster. He
    talks about a silver-haired swordsman that whipped him. The chest here is
    empty, so just go northwest to the staircase down.
    Little green balls of mist in the air down here. Take the path north above you,
    and then east at the T. It’s a long path but it takes you to a Battle-Axe. Back
    to the T, and then south a good ways. We are looking for the stairs down in the
    far southwest.
    Lots of eggs on this floor. Some broken, some not. If you search the non-broken
    eggs you get in a battle with a Diethon. Just head straight north on this level
    to see a blue-clad soldiers and a green dragon. Terry dances left to right and
    just works this green dragon. Well, uh, damn. We were supposed to beat that
    thing. You can’t use Evac, so just walk out (no enemies at least). One of the
    green soldiers takes your coffin, since you don’t need it. Zoom over to Arkbolt
    Arkbolt Castle
    The guy in blue walks out as you get there. He has the prized Sunderbolt Blade.
    Back at the Castle the King and friends will be glowing over Terry’s brilliance
    and his new blade.
    Rest up and leave. Discouraging, but at least we can go to Wayfarer’s Pass and
    go through now. The spot where the three green armored guards were, we can now
    go east all the way through.
    Three Houses
    Just to the northeast you will see three different houses. Enter the southeast
    one. Tons of cabinets here; search for a Gold Ring and a Phial of Holy Water.
    The west house is an Inn, get the Medicinal Herb and stay there for the night
    if you want. The north house is home to an interesting fellow. 7 Gold and a
    Mini Medal in here.
    Back to the World Map, go northwest to see a staircase going up. Take it, and
    you’ll see we’re back in the Dream World. Don’t worry, the staircase leads you
    right back down to the Real World. Travel southeast a good distance (no other
    routes to go anyway) and you will see two caves, one on the other side of the
    mountains. Further south explores more of the map but it’s a dead end as we
    reach water. Back to the Cave.
    Cave to Aridea
    Take the south route at the fork to a treasure chest – another Mini Medal. The
    other path as you see leads to an Inn, which you probably don’t need right now.
    Exit out of this small cave to the west.
    Aridea Town
    The town here is Aridea. Depressing place. The southern house has a set of
    Wayfarer’s Clothes and the western one has some Holy Water. The northwest house
    has a Mini Medal at least. Check the weapon shop for a Lunar Fan, good for a
    Dancer. At this point I had talked to everyone, so after exiting the weapon
    shop the sky turned dark. Head out now, and west on the World Map.
    Isle O Smiles
    Sure enough we come to a dock with a really positive guy. Go on in and then
    tell the Captain to get going. The Island begins to move. Now go inside to see
    a huge bar.
    Talk to everyone, and then talk to one of the bartenders. Take a few drinks and
    then go to sleep. We’ll be at the Isle O Smiles when we return, but Hero wakes
    up by some demons. We’ve been duped, of course.
    They take you over to a Dark Keep. Evidently some fiend named Jamirus inhabits
    this place. You will see the villagers here that came along. They are either
    about to be sacrificed or already have. You are led up to Jamirus and after
    some chanting and talking, battle commences.
    Outside of Murdaw, this battle might be the hardest. Jamirus often times
    attacks twice, with a devastating physical attack even after Kabuff is up. Try
    to get Sap off, it can work but he seems to dodge it well. The Fierce Flame is
    okay but with Dragon Shield’s and your increased HP, it is becoming obsolete.
    Still, if he uses that and one of his powerful physical attacks in the same
    turn, it’s going to hurt someone bad. Use Nevan’s staff to heal and have
    another character dedicated to healing too. Might as well be conservative as
    Jamirus’ HP is not much, so Carver and Hero should be able to do ample damage
    (don’t use Fire Claw though it only does 25-30 damage). 1050 EXP and 430 Gold
    Coins are your rewards.
    Afterward, Jamirus realizes you are the one that took down Murdaw. Jamirus then
    dissolves and the monsters below are gone. The villagers are saved too.
    Something is going on in the fire. King Medford Medallion comes out and thanks
    you. He wants your Mini Medals, but who knows where he is going. Go south to
    exit out after the villagers leave. Enter the green island to the south.
    Talk to the Old Man. He knows how to control this rig, so off we go. Go inside
    after. Talk to everyone and search the barrel in the far northwest. It is a
    Mini Medal that we could not get previously thanks to the bartenders in the
    way.Speak with the merchant afterwards and agree to rest. The island then
    Return to Aridea first. Speak with the villagers to hear them congratulate you,
    although there is not much else to glean from them. Back to the floating island
    that will act like your ship in the Dream World.
    You are looking to head due west. Don't get off on the first bit of land you
    see, instead go north and further west to look for that little island on the
    map. A small house is there.
    The old man here tells you about four pieces of legendary equipment and an
    island in the southwest. Search for a Mini Medal.
    Exit out and back on the Island. Travel east and when you pass the land south
    of you, turn south so you can split the two continents and exit out. Stick to
    the east end as you go and eventually you will find a river that leads east.
    Just north of you on the map will be Alltrades Abbey but land to the south to
    see a blue shack.
    The barrel has a Mini Medal, and the guy inside mentions a well south of Amor
    Village that you can use to get to the Phantom Realm. Now it's time to leave
    and go southwest on foot. This soon becomes a rocky region with mountains on
    all sides. You'll get to an upside-down T. The west path leads to a dead end,
    go east to find a well.
    Be warned, the enemies here are nasty and you'll need to heal up after each
    battle to ensure you don't get a fluky loss. Travel southeast for a Mini Medal
    and then northeast for 3700 Gold. Further west to see a soldier looking for the
    four legendary weapons, one of which is supposed to be in a cave. Evac out
    after this.
    While we are in the area, let's make another stop via our island boat. See the
    river running south of here and slightly to the west? Take the Island over
    there and continue south all the way until the end and you will see a cave
    southwest of you near the end. Get out and enter.
    A soldier here is searching for the Shield of Valora. West of him to see some
    things shining in the graveyard. One is a Mini Medal, the other is a Medicinal
    Herb. Then just leave.
    That's enough adventuring for now. Back on task. Remember the message from the
    King of Medals after beating Jamirus? Zoom over to Haggleton. Travel west and
    north to where you saved the dwarf. A castle is now here.
    Medal King Medford's Manor
    Rest up and speak with everyone at this great place. King Medford Medallion is
    at the north end of course, eager to take your Mini Medals that you have
    collected so far. We have 21 at this time and you should at least have 15,
    which nets you a Staff of Divine Wrath (Staff of Punishment).
    Zoom over to the Underkeep to continue on. Get on the island and sail south and
    a little bit west. See all those islands? Aim for the biggest one, to see a lot
    of mountains and a staircase going down. Take this.
    Real World
    The staircase takes us to a new area in the Real World. Southeast a ways until
    you reach a gate. You'll see a guard and then a Slime Knight that goes off to
    the nearby kingdom. Rest at the Inn in the house, and get the Mini Medal
    within. Exit out to the east.
    Back on the World Map, go south and look for a village to the west.
    Welcome to Howsworth. Go west to the Inn and take the east exit in the Inn to
    the stable. Search there for a Mini Medal. The village in the center has an old
    man that worked for Prince HowardMoonwort Bulb within. The building in the far
    northwest has another Mini Medal, only one more and we get a new item at the
    Medal King's. Finish talking to the villagers and head west to find Howcastle.
    Howcastle Castle
    The guard as you enter tells you about Prince Howard and the King and how you
    could help them. Go north into the room to find a Seed of Magic and another
    Mini Medal. Take the south door to the exterior.
    Out here is a man who feels bad for Prince Howard. Take the stairs in the
    northeast out here. Tons of paths down here. Take the southwest one for a Seed
    of Wisdom. The northwest stairs leads to Prince Howard's room. Speak with him
    and read the books he has on the shelves. Then back down and take the northeast
    stairs up to get back to the main area.
    This time go up the stairs in the center. Go south to the exterior before
    visiting with the king. There are some people to talk to out here. Then go in
    and speak with King Howell. Of course he has something he wants you to do with
    that fifteen year old Howie. Agree to help Howard with the royal rite o'
    purification. But Howie is called in and he won't come. So, we go down the
    stairs and then west down the stairs to the basement with all the paths. Take
    the northwest stairs to Howard's room but a little kid is there. He mentions
    hiding in barrels so let's go back to the main area with the stairs to the
    Throne Room. Take the east door with the 6 barrels and search them to find
    Prince Howard. Back to the throne room we go.
    Hallowed Hallow
    This is where Howard will undergo the royal rite o' purification. Looks pretty
    cool too. Walk halfway north to the stairs down, and Prince Howard bails. What
    a prick. Exit out and walk northeast to <strong>Howsworth</strong>. Check the
    northwest building to see him hiding.
    Back to the cave we go, and we can take the northwest stairs down to B2 without
    Howard bailing on us. Go north up the ramp, east down the ramp, and then follow
    the path to a <strong>Chain Whip</strong>. Return back up the ramp and then
    continue northwest to see a blue monster along the way. 
    This is your first trial / sub-boss. Of course, his name is First Test. Ban
    Dance might be the best thing for you to do here because he has Fuddle Dance
    which can confuse you for long periods of time. So if you have a Dancer, use
    that on the 1st turn. Otherwise he will use weak regular attacks, Bang or Sizz,
    which are easy to deal with so long as half the party or more are confused.
    The monster is gone but so is Prince Howard. You can see him by the treasure
    east of you, so circle back and get the little coward. Now go back west and
    north. Soon you come to a door in the northeast that is locked. But Howard says
    he is the son of King Howell so he gets to go in. Travel down the stairs to the
    Huge area here. You might find Metal Slimes if you are lucky. Work your way
    northwest and look for a bridge west. Follow it to the northwest corner of the
    room and a Mini Medal. Back to the center of the room and look for the bridge
    going north, take that across and then east along the wall. Rest up when you
    see the blue demon, another test for us.
    This is the Second Test, a big bull. It likes to summon a flurry of Wind
    Sickles, and has a strong attack. Use Kabuff a few times and don't bother with
    Sap, because he has a wall of light that bounces spells away. So it will have
    to be done by physical attacks like Double-Up. But the Bounce effect does wear
    off after 5+ turns so you could use Sap and other spells then. 750 EXP and 380
    gold are your rewards.
    Of course, Prince Howard is gone after this fight. You will see him southeast
    of you in a part of this map that we didn't need to explore. Go get him and
    return to the door, that again he needs to confirm his presence to open.
    Through the stairs down here.
    The last floor is simple and you can already see the blue beast to the north.
    First head to the south for three treasures. From right to left - an Iron
    Cuirass, Mini Medal and a Cannibox. Remember Cannibox's always drop Seeds of
    Agility so they are worth killing.
    Rest up before the boss in the north. It is our Third Test and the hardest. 2nd
    Test often will go twice per round. If you have two people who can use Kabuff
    you might want to try that because Third Test likes to use Kasap on you and
    then a regular attack for 50-80 damage. Occasionally will use a horn thrust
    instead of a regular attack which will be slightly stronger, and will even use
    a Lightning attack on all allies for 30-50 damage. Again it helps to have two
    people casting Kabuff so you stay ahead of his Kasap's, and then you should be
    okay. This boss does have less HP than the last two and you can get Sap off, so
    it should not take too long.
    Within you get the fun scene of Howard getting baptized in the freezing cold
    water. He gets a Proof of Passage for his efforts. Cast Evac to get out of here
    Howcastle Castle
    Zoom back over to Howcastle. Head on in and visit the king, as Prince Howard
    presents the Proof of Passage to his father. Father is so happy he immediately
    has a banquet for everyone.
    In the morning, get out of bed and talk to the guard. Do as the guard says and
    go up the stairs to visit with the King. King Howell asks about the treasures
    in the cave but it doesn't matter what you say. As you try to leave, he shows
    his gratitude by handing over the Magic Key! Now we can open those locked red
    doors throughout the World.
    Before leaving, head to Prince Howard's room. Talk to him and then exit out
    south with the Magic Key. Speak with the Slime Knight Goowain. Say Yes to both
    questions and he will join you. Now before you freak out and worry that we
    missed other monsters, this is our first one. We can recruit Goowain here and
    will find other types of Slimes later on in our journey. Before departing
    Howcastle, look west of where Goowain was for a gold shine in the ground - it
    is a Mini Medal of course.
    Before moving on, Zoom over to Arkbolt quickly. Head to the upper exterior
    right before the King's room, and take the northeast staircase down. Open the
    Magic Key door to find a Mini Medal and a Poison Needle.
    Back to Howcastle. Go to the World Map, and travel south and look for that
    western shrine. The door says "Danger Keep Out!" but enter and rest up before
    going down the well. As you search, a Scarewell pops out. Use Kabuff if you
    want but this really isn't too tough of a fight.
    After using the well, you appear in a different area (possibly different
    world?) Sure enough, we're back in the Dream World on the south part of the
    map. Head east and southeast when you can to come to Clearvale.
    Head east to rest at the Inn. Get the Dancer's Costume + Set of Rags within. Go
    west quite a bit and enter the house with the green roof. You will find a Mini
    Medal here, this should make 30. I would suggest going over to the Medal King's
    now that you have 30. You can get the Raging Ruby for 25 (adds +20 to your
    attack power) and then the Platinum Sword for 30 mini medals.
    Back to exploring Clearvale. Check the Church for a Phial of Holy Water. To the
    northwest for a Weapon shop and Armor shop. The weapon shop has a Dream Blade
    and Spiked Steel Whip, but it's hard to justify buying the latter for a Mage.
    Only new thing of note at the Armor Shop is the Silver Mail, which is indeed
    quite nice.
    Not much else to do after you have talked to everyone. Exit Clearvale and we
    will head west of here. See the staircase going down? That takes us down right
    by Real World Clearvale. Just go northeast and you should find it.
    Real World Clearvale
    The Inn to the right has a Set of Rags + Wayfarer's Clothes. You hear a lot
    about Tom Foolery in this town, a name you may recognize that name from Dragon
    Quest IV DS (Panon). Check the southwest house for a Mini Medal.
    The weapon and armor shop have the same stuff as the Dream World. 50 Gold Coins
    up top in that building and the soldier by the weapon shop mentions the
    northeast mountain, Destiny's Drop.
    At the church you see Mrs. Tress asking about Matthew the boy who is gone.
    There is a Chimaera Wing on the right part of the Church after they leave, and
    then you can save too. Check the east part of town and the northeast house has
    Matthew's parents and a Seed of Strength. Remember, the soldier at the Weapon
    / Armor shop was talking about the badge at Destiny's Drop being northeast of
    here. Time to head on over, right?
    Destiny's Drop
    Three paths to climb here, but walk through the chasm in the north first. The
    nun to the left will save your game and the priest near her gives you a hint
    about the Golden Pickaxe.
    Back outside and take the left-most ladder up. Take that west ladder up and
    then look for a treasure west of you. Head on over for a Seed of Life. Go back
    up the ladder and continue going north. You will see a path west to a cave but
    forget about this one as we go further north until we reach a T. Travel west
    and up until you see another cave just east of you and soon you will be above
    it. You will have to guess the jump perfectly to enter the cave, but you want
    to do so because the Golden Pickaxe is within. Read the note and then exit out.
    Now we have to jump down, so do so. You will be at the T that we went left at.
    Go left again and just before the path goes up, jump down. You should be in
    that first cave we passed. Within we see blocks barring are way west; Go up to
    them and "Use" the Golden Pickaxe to destroy them. Grab the Mini Medal and then
    exit, jump down and get to the beginning.
    Take the far right path up this time. You will soon see a treasure on your
    right, so drop down to get 350 Gold Coins. Jump off to the left and then
    continue to make your way up. You will be going up for a long time, and then
    you will see a big chasm on the left, so enter it. Use your Golden Pickaxe to
    demolish your way through and take the staircase up.
    In this new area you will see two more sets of stones to destroy with the
    Golden Pickaxe. Guess we really did need that thing. Another set of stairs to
    go up. Now we go south to exit out to the exterior after those two staircases.
    Two paths out here. Take the east one to another cave that we have to bust
    through, and another staircase up. Use the staircase and exit out to the south
    Back to the exterior. Climb the rocks just east of you and to the north you
    will see a cave. We need to remember where this is and jump down to it shortly.
    Problem is, the path goes WAY east and then north and west so it's hard to
    remember exactly where that cave was. Anyway, that's why we have pictures at
    Lordyuanshu.com (just look at the picture above to drop right in the middle).
    Walk in the cave, and northwest to the stairs up. South to exit back out on the
    next floor. Climb all the way north from this route, ignoring any opportunity
    to drop down because it leads to nothing. At the top we get to use that Golden
    Pickaxe once more. This huge rock gives off some Shards of Courage. This is
    what we needed, so we can cast Zoom over to Clearvale now.
    Head for Matt's house. Hand over the Shard of Courage and the father will be
    pleased. Accept his offer to rest for the night and you will go in Matt's bed.
    Gotta love how the whole party jumps in there. The parents go to sleep and you
    will wake up in Dream Land, with a floating bed. You are then met by Matt
    Tress, who says that you can keep his floating bed for your own use.
    In the morning the villagers will trip out watching you floating around in
    Matt's flying bed. On the World Map you officially get use of the Flying Bed to
    get around. But land it and re-enter Clearvale. Go northeast to Matt's House
    and search his room to find a Mini Medal. Also, check behind the weapon and
    armor shop. You should see our old friend Healie since he hands out behind here
    in the Dream World. Healie the Healslime would love to fly around on the Flying
    Bed so he will join.
    Alltrades Abbey
    Head on over to Alltrades to give Healie a class. Healie is a useful guy to at
    least keep around in the Wagon, because he can just be used as an extra healer.
    Medford's Manor
    Zoom over to Medford's to drop off your Mini Medals if you want (33 is the
    count we are at, if you are following this directly).
    Now that we have that Flying Bed, there is much we can do in the Dream World.
    First, Zoom to Somnia Castle. From here, fly on the bed to the southwest until
    you reach Amor village.
    Amor Village
    Head across the bridge and watch the scene with little Evgenya and Ilya. They
    run around and then go into the church. You can talk to them there, but then we
    need to get back to the Real World and return to Amor (so go to Alltrades to
    get back to the Real World). Then Zoom over to Amor and go to where Ilya and
    Evgenya were playing. You will see a yellow thing flashing - it is a Meteorite
    Bracer (Armband), a staple in the series since Dragon Warrior III. This will
    double your Agility so it completely turns the Agility stat around for a
    Back to the Dream World via Alltrades, and then Zoom over to Somnia or Amor
    village. From here, get on that flying bed and go to the southwestern-most
    continent and then look for a blue church-type house on the north-central part
    of the map.
    Here is Suite Dreams says the Nun. Head in and talk to everyone. Sharon Hope is
    the maid to the north. Here you learn about your Dream Card. Basically, this is
    the multi-player stuff and I never bother to do it. But the dwarf mentioning
    the well is something relevant to us, so go outside.
    First, get on your Flying Bed and circle around this continent clockwise on the
    water. As you are on the right side of the continent going south look for a
    path to the west for you to go and land. You will have to get out and walk
    south for a bit and then southeast for another blue church on the World Map.
    Within, search on the right end of the Church for a Seed of Resilience and then
    a Mini Medal. The nun mentions the Armour of Orgo, one of the four legendary
    relics. Leave now.
    Since that area has been searched over, check out some of the islands just
    north of this continent (on the west end). One of them has a shrine with a
    skeleton and a Mini Medal. Follow this larger continent as it curves east and
    you will see Amor. Just southeast of this is that strange well.
    Turns out the underground of this well is spacious. There is also another well
    in this well. Enter the house and search around. You will find a Mini Medal and
    a Crow Central dreamscape in the bookshelf. The man here says that the well
    will lead to Castle Swanstone, home of the famous mirror princess. Evidently
    they also have a key to the floodgate that you may have came across west of
    Exit the house and heal up. Then check out that well and a Scarewell appears.
    Beating it should be no problem at this point. Enter the well and we will be
    back in the Real World. Walk counter-clockwise on the world map, going
    southeast and then northeast but look to the northwest as you are traveling
    this route to find Swanstone.
    Castle Swanstone
    Enter to the north and check out the shops right in front of you. In particular
    the Legerdemantle is a nice upgrade for some of your magicians (and they more
    than anyone need it). Heavy Armour is nice too, for the brutes. Speak with the
    lady north of this to learn some interesting things, and then head up the
    stairs since we are barred from the north part of 1F.
    Go to the east part of 2F to find a jar with a Seed of Magic. More people to
    talk to and one brings up Ra's Mirror which you may have already been
    considering after hearing things around Swanstone. Mini Medal on the west end.
    Now go to the throne room to talk to the Chancellor, who is nice and says if it
    is urgent he will instruct the guard downstairs to move. Before going back down
    though go up the stairs behind the throne and grab the Mini Medal.
    So back to 1F and go past the guard to the north. Then go east to find the
    staircase going down. Take the first door for a Pretty Betsy and 150 Gold
    Coins. The next door is where you will overhear King Ludwig talking to the
    princess / mirror and then he will come out and talk to you.
    Return to the throne room to speak with him there. He tells you to leave, but
    talk to him again and he asks about Ra's Mirror. Talk to him a third time to
    show him that you do indeed have the Mirror of Ra. He will be elated and then
    follow him down to the Mirror room. We get to see the huge cursed mirror, but
    the Mirror of Ra does us no good. It instead reveals an evil Sorcerer behind
    her. The king goes off but has an idea.
    Back at the throne room again, King Ludwig will have found a book about a
    wicked sorcerer named Spiegel. He then concludes that Spiegel must be alive
    some where. Vow to kill off this evil sorcerer for him. Speak with the
    chancellor next to learn about Spiegel's whereabouts; at the top of a tower
    surrounded by a lake, north of this castle. Evidently we have to cast Peep in
    front of the door to the Tower to enter, but no one has an idea where the tower
    north of here is (which is usually our cue to head to the other world).
    Anyway, exit out to the World Map and travel north and slightly west, just to
    check and see what is here. You will find some poison but take that thin center
    peninsula and then down the well. The old man says the tower was there long ago
    and he has a vision of it. Grab the Mini Medal here and then leave for
    Alltrades Abbey, to get to the Dream World.
    Zoom over to Clearvale and get in that Flying Bed. We can't fly straight north,
    so hook around the west end until you pass the mountains, and then head in the
    desert and southeast to find the big tower.
    Big Tower in the Desert - Spiegelspire
    The door won't open. Remember, we have to cast Peep. Enter and to the north you
    see four sets of stairs going up. Take the southwest ones and then go west on
    the next floor. Look for a door in the southwest to take. Now you will be on
    the very edge of the tower, so don't fall off. Work your way east and then
    north and you will be away from the edge. Head for the northeast corner and the
    staircase going up.
    Ignore the path going up the ramp first, and instead head west and look for a
    staircase going down. A Mini Medal to the right and 1300 gold coins in the
    chest to the south. This was our 40th Mini Medal if you are following the
    Walkthrough, so we'll get a Sword of Miracles after we leave. Could be
    something to pick up if you are worried about dying to a tough boss ahead - the
    extra +40 attack power will help a bunch. Anyway, back up and then take that
    big structure all the way up to the top.
    Enter the door, and up the stairs. Soon we are outside the Sorcerer's house.
    Rest up and check the potion for a Phial of Magic Water. He mentions the Mirror
    Princess Miralda and says she wouldn't be his bride so she met her fate. He's
    not appreciative of you meddling in his affairs, so a battle ensues.
    Spiegel is not easy. You cannot cast any spells on him, as they will bounce off
    as he likes to use Bound. I would advise getting Kabuff off a few times to
    neutralize his physical attacks. You can steal his MP with Dancer abilities if
    you wish, which will severely limit his prospects (not being able to cast Bound
    or any spells). Like most of these tough bosses he will summon allies, but just
    focus on taking out Spiegel first. The Low Djinks can wait. With his physical
    attack compromised, it is Kasizzle that you need to be wary of. He will also
    use Frizzle (same damage but to one of your Allies) but he only seems to use
    this if I have a member guarding. He also never seems to use Kasizzle if I'm
    guarding with a character, so that's something to keep in mind (since your
    magicians likely aren't going to hurt him much anyway). Spiegel has nearly 2500
    HP and you will be spending a lot of time healing, so this will last long and
    could come down to the wire. Likely your toughest fight since Murdaw, so it's a
    deserved win. 3500 EXP and 1145 Gold Coins are your rewards.
    Spiegel will be impressed that you won, and then he bites the dust. Time to
    Zoom out of here - again, since we have 40 Mini Medals we can go get the
    powerful Sword of Miracles from King Medford. The Miracle Sword will be
    stronger than anything you have, by far.
    Zoom over to Alltrades Abbey to get back to the Real World (or take a different
    route, doesn't matter). Then Zoom over to Swanstone.
    Castle Swanstone
    Enter and head for King Ludwig. He will be overjoyed, and then watch the scene
    with the Mirror Princess Miralda. Go up and talk to them on the throne, and
    Ludwig will hand over the Floodgate Key.
    Exit out the Castle and Zoom to a place near the center like Somnia Castle.
    Then walk east and get in that large body of water near the center, and go
    south. You will see the Floodgate that leads to the large body of water in the
    southwest. Just sail up to it and it will open. This opens up a whole bunch of
    places to check out in the southwestern seas.
    First off, sail south until you can go west, and then take that until you come
    to the western continent. You will have to go slightly north as you go west
    here to work around the craters but you will then see a huge cave and a town
    just south of it. Head through the Cave first to find a Mermaid. She dives in
    and swims into the northeast cave, but forget about her for now (you may have
    also met a Mermaid that did this in the northeastern seas, just west of
    Back out and check out the village to the south.
    Fishing Village Pescado
    Land your boat in town and someone at port will notice you. He wonders if you
    are looking for mermaids, but it doesn't matter how you answer.
    Now you are free to check things out. Seems this fishing town has seen better
    days. Check out the north house with the fish logo. A Mini Medal is within. The
    house south of this has a pair of Boxer Shorts. Thin building in the southwest
    has a Moonwort Bulb. In the far south of the village is a house with 60 Gold
    Coins. North of this for a house with a Seed of Resilience.
    If you have talked to everyone including Rod in the southeast house, then
    return to the restaurant with the fish logo in the northwest part of town. The
    guy who was out of fish will leave. Follow him to Rod's house. Talk to the
    Merchant and he leaves, then talk to Rod to get yelled at again. Leave, and Rod
    will leave too (albeit slowly, the poor ailing fellow). Do NOT talk to him, or
    else you will have to repeat this process (Rod will say "Sigh...what a pain").
    Instead just watch him slowly walk to the north and through the cave in the
    northwest part of town, by the cat.
    In the cave, we still have to be wary of Rod. At some spots he will look behind
    him and to the sides; not only can we not talk to him but we need to make sure
    he doesn't see us, otherwise he'll say that's enough walkin around (he'll head
    back and again you'll have to do this all over.) Just stay behind the wall or
    boulders that you come across and move away from his line of vision. He'll
    continue to move on until he reaches the east exit.
    To the east here and you see Rod moving slowly again. This is definitely
    getting old, but stay patient as he looks around in the northeast corner and
    continues west. Follow him, hiding behind rocks and whatnot. Eventually he
    takes the exit far to the west.
    One more room to walk through behind Rod. This area is tricky so make sure you
    have things to hide behind. At the end it shows him pushing a button and going
    through the wall; when you gain control, do the same thing with the button up
    Enter this area and you see Rod. Rod + the Mermaid see you. The mermaid is
    named Unda, and she saved Rod when he was near-death fishing. Seems she has
    lost contact with her friends in the process of saving Rod. Offer to help bring
    her back since you're tough and have a boat.
    Where to take Unda? Well you may have already been to the place in the
    northeast sea (west of Alltrades) where you saw a Mermaid and a huge pink
    shell. This is where we want to head to, so sail all the way there as Unda
    follows. After Unda and Ova greet each other, Ova shows her gratitude by
    handing over the Harp of Lorelei. Now with Lorelei's Harp, we can head out
    having completed our task in Pescado.
    Back on your ship, try Lorelei's Harp. Your ship will be engulfed with a bubble
    and then you will go underwater. This opens things up entirely, and we can go
    pretty much wherever we want on the Real World now.
    Head east from where you are to reach the far northeast ocean, then surface.
    Head south and just southeast of Alltrades location you will see an island with
    a shrine. Enter to see a ton of graves and one has a Mini Medal. Back to the
    ship and go further south along that coast and you will see stairs going up to
    the Dream World. Nothing special up here though but convenient if you need to
    Zoom over to Alltrades or something. Back on the Real World head to the
    southeast continent. You can get on the land in the southeast part of this
    continent, and then head north to a castle.
    This is where we need to go to continue the story, but there is a ton of
    exploring to do. Just wanted to stop in because it was along the way and now we
    can just Zoom here (monsters are tough on the fields here too so good for
    fighting around). If you just want to continue the storyline, you can ctrl + F
    "Felonia" to find where we pick up here. But I would at least suggest getting
    the Ultimate Key first. The rest is treasure hunting with that Key + the
    Zoom over to Ghent to do some more exploring underwater with the Lorelei Harp.
    Right down here you will see a cave, so enter.
    Within you see a slime and then a priest. The priest represents Appello, the
    almighty naming God. This is where you can change anyone's name. I just changed
    some to the old translations of their name.
    Back to the ship underwater, and take it southeast of Murdaw's Keep to find
    Rubiss' Castle. Head within to see the nice rainbow and speak with Rubiss. She
    reassures you on your adventure, and off you go.
    Just southeast of Rubiss' Castle is Port Haven. Underwater you want to travel
    east down the river that is just south of Port Haven (the one that goes
    in-land). Check out the picture above to see where you want to rise (right in
    the center so you can get to the well). Inside this well is probably not want
    you think. Very valuable weapons and armor down here. I know the Fire Blade
    looks enticing but I would probably get Flowing Dress' for your magicians. For
    one you already have the Sword of Miracles which is better than all the weapons
    here, and you'll get another nice weapon for your other physical attack
    specialist. Flowing Dress' add 25-30 defensive power from what you likely have.
    Thinking Cap is very nice as well especially for Nevan. Give him the Thinking
    Cap and Flowing Dress and that just about doubles his defensive power. I had
    35,000 going in and that was gone fast. Before leaving grab the Mini Medal east
    of the Item Shop.
    Zoom over to Amor and go underwater. Travel south to the chain is little
    islands down there. Underneath you will see a shack. It's actually a wondrous
    Inn that you can stay at. The Shell Slime is here talking about Curie. Don't
    forget to take the Mini Medal east of the Innkeeper.
    Exit out and back to our Underwater adventures. Head east and northeast along
    the coast. You will be going north a long way until you see a Silver shrine.
    Enter it and the house that you see. The box has a Poison Needle and the
    bookshelf has the Serene Seabed Dreamscape. The old lady is a survivor from a
    kingdom named Sorceria, the fabled enchanted city. She talks of this potent
    spell - Magic Burst, and it's one we will want to remember.
    Head toward Pescado underwater. Go west a tad and directly north for a while to
    find a sunken ship. Ignore this for now and continue north until you reach the
    wall. Now follow this as it heads west and north and you will see a silver
    shrine around here. Enter to find an old man and a Mini Medal. He talks of a
    sage named Ali Kazam that knows the secret to breaking the seal above on a
    legendary Sword.
    Return back to the Sunken Ship (or rest at Pescado first). North right as you
    enter the Sunken Ship for a Mini Medal and a Seed of Agility. Enter the door in
    the center now. Then north down the stairs.
    In this bottom floor, take the left route first to get a Suit of Heavy Armour
    and the bookshelf has the Skeleton Crew Dreamscape. On the other side are a
    Pair of Glass Slippers and the Ultimate Key / Final Key, which opens every door
    in Dragon Quest land including the cell / prison doors. The Glass Slippers have
    no value as an accessory outside of their extremely high style.
    Somnia Castle Underground Well
    From the Sunken Ship, go north and east (clockwise) until you see the river
    that flows in-land all the way by Somnia Castle. Take this river underground
    and you will see a cave right by where Castle Somnia is. This is actually a
    well in Somnia. Within, go east and you will see a treasure north of you. It is
    530 Gold Coins. Get back in your boat and sail north, east and north through
    the cave to the next area.
    Stay on your boat and go slightly left but north to find an island with a blue
    slime on the far left. He has some information on Poseidon's whereabouts, in a
    town you may have already came across (Felonia). Further north on the boat and
    look for a path in the northeast, and then take that counter-clockwise to the
    north and west to get the Mini Medal treasure. Back to the ship, and go south a
    bit and then west past the island where the slime is. Don't land in the north
    island you see, but instead stay south as you go west and you will come to a
    small island with a Power Shield. These are nice. Now land northeast of this
    small island and work your way to the rope to go up the well.
    Rest up in the town of Somnia. Then go into the castle, and take the right path
    north. Go down these stairs, and then south. Open the Ultimate Key doors and
    take the Platinum Shield.
    Exit out the Castle and let's go around the Real World and find some more
    Ultimate Key doors. Lots of Mini Medals to collect so I'd hold off on the visit
    to the Medal King's until we get to the Dream World doors.
    First, head to Port Haven. Go south as you enter and west down the stairs. You
    will find a hopeless prisoner and two treasures (1500 Gold Coins + a Mini
    Zoom to Arkbolt Castle. We're looking for the prison here too. Go to the second
    floor on the exterior, and head to the east end. Don't take the first set of
    stairs going down you see, but continue south for another set of stairs and
    this is the jail. The pot in the west cell is a Mini Medal, and the Green
    Dragon has revived and is looking for Terry.
    Almost done hunting in the Real World, but now to Howcastle. Head right in and
    northeast to see the cell door and two treasures. Another Mini Medal and a Suit
    of Platinum Mail.
    This is all that we need here now. Time for a trip to the Dream World, so head
    to Alltrades Abbey and get to the other World. I would stop by the King
    Medford's to drop off Mini Medals. You should have over 50 if you are
    following, which nets us the Sands of Time. This sets time back in battle if
    things don't go your way, but to be honest I've never bothered to consider
    using this thing in this or the past games.
    Go in your Floating Island and press A to get control of your characters. Head
    north through the door and downstairs. Northeast for stairs down and three
    treasures you will see past the Ultimate Key door. You will get a Suit of
    Hela's Armour, Phial of Magic Water, and a Mini Medal.
    Zoom over to Amor and fly on that Flying Bed to the southwest, where the two
    continents here connect. This is where that shrine was that we have visited
    before, but this time we come with the Ultimate Key. The Magma Staff is very
    nice for magicians, in attack power and being able to Use in battle.
    Now to Somnia Castle. This is the Dream World so we can still raid the
    treasures in the treasury - just enter the castle and go down the stairs in the
    northeast. You'll get a Mini Medal and a pair of boxer shorts.
    This is it for treasures now. Dump off your Mini Medals, do any class changing
    you need to do, then go to the Real World. Zoom over to Felonia (or if you
    haven't been there, it's in the southeastern continent and you can get there
    with the Harp).
    The armor shop is right there as you enter and has some nice things (Flame
    Shield in particular). The house east of this has a set of Wayfarer's Clothes.
    East of this for a house with a Pretty Betsy. Head to the far west now and into
    the church. Talk to the old man who is grieving over something that happened
    with a woman. Talk to everyone around town, and then head to the Gandino area.
    Check the well for a Scarewell to appear. Follow the path and use the Ultimate
    Key to find the Gandino outfit's secret hideout. Raid it for a Seed of Agility,
    Mini Medal and a Prayer Ring. Enter the Gandino hideout, and after the scene
    with the old man, head down the stairs in the north. Take the Mini Medal down
    here and 70 Gold.
    Now exit and go north to Felonia Castle. Search the west room for a Seed of
    Wisdom, and then take the stairs going down east of here. This is the prison.
    The cell just to the left has an urn that is an enemy, the Frighturn. These
    things are not fun. Victory does net you a Seed of Resilience though. The cell
    west of this has a Mini Medal. Now go up the stairs in the middle of 1F to get
    to the King's area in 2F.
    Go west and north to find a Phial of Holy Water. The east end has a Seed of
    Life, Scholarly Retreat Dreamscape, and one book that tells of a cave with
    treasures west of Amor. Now go visit with King Benedict. Go upstairs after the
    talk and get a Pretty Betsy, and then go south out the door and you will see
    the Queen Rosaline at the top outside. Now take the west path that leads to
    stairs down. Mini Medal down here. Another floor down and we see the Queen
    Mother's room. Check the bookshelf for the Senior Swamp Dreamscape and a Gold
    Bracer in the drawer.
    So return to the Throne Room now, but take the northeast staircase down. South
    to the grass to see a yellow sparkle - it's a Mini Medal. That's it for
    exploring Felonia + Felonia's Castle. To continue on, we go in our ship and
    under water to find our destination. Travel northwest from Felonia Castle and
    you should see a Castle down here. Check the picture of the Map here if you are
    having problems but exploring the underwaters is fun and rewarding anyway.
    Poseidon's Palace
    Beautiful scenery here. I've always liked how Dragon Quest does the aquatic
    caves and whatnot and this is no exception. Travel down the ramps until you can
    go west. Continue past the king all the way west to see some beds and a lady.
    Check the bookshelf for a Strangers at Sea Dreamscape and a Mini Medal.
    Now speak with the ruler of the deep, Poseidon. He mentions a demonic shrine
    east of here built on the seabed, and it is home to an evil being named Gracos.
    Poseidon of course wants us to take him out since the enemy is near his domain.
    Before leaving enter the door you passed on the way to Poseidon to find a guard
    and some Ultimate Key doors. Four treasures here; a Silver Platter, Kerplunk
    Bracer, Mini Medal and a Watermaul Wand. The Silver Platter is nice because it
    can be equipped by Milly and other mage-types that otherwise either can't find
    a shield or can only equip extremely weak ones.
    Exit out and rest up. Then we begin to search for Gracos' shrine. Check the
    image below if you need help, but basically we are going in the very center of
    that southwestern ocean (the one we got access to with the Watergate Key).
    Starting at Howcastle is easiest. Get in the ship there, go south to where the
    shrine on land is and then continue west under-water to find Gracos' Shrine.
    Gracos' Seabed Shrine
    Sail your ship north and land in the Shrine. You may have already stopped by
    here if you were exploring and found this castle Underwater. Head north into
    the shrine entrance with the big monster mouth open.
    Take the right path here. This works it's way northeast and then up a ramp
    which goes west across the screen. You are now on the west end and can wind
    around through the opening underneath that leads further north. At the upcoming
    T, go left and then down to find a Mini Medal. Head all the way north, and then
    east past the stairs. Take the first path south you see, and it will go under a
    bridge and lead to 270 Gold Coins and a Seed of Wisdom. Return back north, west
    and north again down the stairs down that we passed.
    Head to the intersection down here, and then go north into a small structure. A
    Pretty Betsy is within. Back to the four-way intersection and go east all the
    way for another building entrance. A Magical Skirt is inside. Now outside and
    back west a tad until you can go north. Take this path all the way east, and
    then down. Hook left down the first path you see and into the building. The
    treasure is a Mimic but it drops a Seed of Life. Back to that path you were on
    (going south) and take the next left path. This one goes a long way, all the
    way to a ramp at the west end. A staircase going down will be right by you, but
    instead go north all the way and east for a Pink Pearl. Obviously this is a
    style-only item. Back west and down the staircase down.
    Go west and take the path down. This leads all the way down, east, and back
    north. After a long distance north, you have another choice of paths; go left
    and then left again when you can for a staircase up. Then left for another
    staircase up. Go south and you will be by the yellow switch. Hit it, and this
    lowers the water, creating an entryway down and a way to get to the exit. Take
    the path that opens up down the ladder by you. Take the stairs down within.
    South all the way in this room for a yellow button that reduces the water north
    of you. Then return north and go east where there is now no water. You will
    eventually be going north and see another yellow button - do not touch this
    one. Instead go down the ramp to the right and take the Sand Urn. Further east
    and southeast to find the stairs going down. With the statues around those
    stairs and the music down here, we know the boss is near. Rest up.
    Go speak with the purple creature wielding the Trident. He's trying to sleep,
    but then wakes up to you and is mad. He wonders if you are here to defeat the
    mighty Gracos and unbind Sorceria. Whichever answer you choose, it will lead to
    battle, though if you say Yes he blurts out some things about Magic Burst and
    Start with Kabuff because his physical attack is strong and he has one that
    hits all allies. Sap doesn't seem to work, or at least is hard to get to work
    on him. Stick to your best attacks, like Hatchet Man, Double-up, Frizzle, etc.
    Gracos has a lot of HP so it definitely will take a while. His Chilly Breath
    only takes off ~50 to each person but Kacrackle is good for 60-80 damage to all
    (fortunately he only goes once per turn). If he uses Kacrackle a lot, this
    could be troublesome. With any luck he won't, and you will outlast him. 3700
    EXP + 900 Gold are your rewards, along with Gracos's Trident.
    With Gracos gone, you get a scene in the Dream World with Sorceria rising. Evac
    out of here, and go to Alltrades to get to the Dream World (you may have to
    change classes anyway).
    Sorceria Kingdom
    So where is Sorceria in the Dream World? Exactly where Gracos' Shrine was in
    the Real World, just above water. Get on the Flying Bed to the southwest area
    (it is directly west of the well by Howcastle that sends you to the Real
    World). Put Ashlynn in the group before entering.
    The lady within thanks you for defeating the Dread Fiend of the Sea Shrine,
    Gracos. The old man above mentions Ashlynn the Acolyte, hmm. Head east and talk
    to people, including the lady in the Inn. Many of the recognize and talk about
    Ashlynn. Check the kids out in the northeast, then try to go in the west house
    but you see an Imposter Hero. Take the stairs down in the northeast part of
    town and they lead to the basement of the nearby house. Then go upstairs and
    get the Mini Medal, Fairy-Tale Forest Dreamscape and Chilly Cavern Dreamscape.
    Talk with the old man who Morph's in the Hero, and he will be looking for his
    wife (who happens to be one of the cats)
    Back to the west part of town, and down the well. There is another well down
    here, take it down and then you find a Prayer Ring. In the far northwest is an
    older couple that create items infused with magic. Search their place for a
    Phial of Magic Water. Now to the central building.
    Some nice things at the weapon shop and armor shop, depending on what you need.
    Head up the stairs at the top, after talking about the Magic Carpet. Up here is
    a place to restore HP + MP, and talk some more. Now back down and down the
    stairs in the middle. Down here you learn that Sorceress Ashmerelda was the
    creator of Magic Burst, the most powerful spell, but only the eldress Isnomor
    can use this spell now. Check the southwest here for a Seed of Magic. The
    stairs lead to the weapon shop and the stairs on the right side lead to the
    armor shop. But also on this right side is a Mini Medal so don't forget that.
    Now head to the northwest of this floor for a hard-to-see staircase up.
    Here is a house with a lady outside saying the Eldress is seeing no one. You
    can keep trying to head in, but it just repeats itself. Tricky. Give Ashlynn
    the Sand Urn that you found right at the end of the last cave with Gracos.
    Ashlynn should then Use the Sand Urn, and then the Sands of Time will be stuck
    in the urn (only Ashlynn can use this).
    Now enter to see the Eldress. The Eldress has been waiting your Ashlynn to
    return and wants to discuss some of the recent events. She is dying however and
    tells about Magic Burst some more. Because time is scarce she immediately
    transfers Magic Burst over to Ashlynn, so Ashlynn can now use this devastating
    spell. Something bad then happens with the Eldress, but the Archfiend is late.
    We can speak with the old couple in the northwest, now that Ashlynn has the
    power. They can create powerful, magically-infused things for us.
    Not much else to do in Sorceria, but Zoom over to Medford's Manor. We have 63
    Mini Medals now and having more than 60 nets you the Sacred Armour. Next is
    Metal King Helm at 70, but the Sacred Armour is nice for now.
    Chateau de Sass
    This is where the Style contests are being held. It is a mini-game of sorts,
    but one that we must do a little bit of to get an important item in this game.
    To get here, head to the Real World and Zoom to Wellshire. Chateau de Sass is
    southwest of Wellshire, but is surrounded by mountains. But use Lorelei's Harp
    and then go southwest and look for a narrow path north. At the end of this is
    where you need to resurface, and you will see a blue house. Enter.
    Mr. Seymour Sass is an important guy here, he's the one on the throne of
    course. Look at the King Slime over there. After you talk to everyone, go
    downstairs. Before you talk to this guy, make sure you have someone with a
    Style rating over 180. With some of your nice equipment, this should be easy to
    get with someone like Ashlynn. We get ready on the west end but check the east
    end this time. In the drawers for a Hairband and a Mini Medal. Search the
    drawers on the west end for a Pair of Slime Earrings and a pretty betsy. For
    winning the Level 1 style contest, you get a Silver Platter.
    The level 2 style contest is harder because we have to use a Male. Hero is okay
    though with Platinum Sword, Platinum Mail, Platinum Shield and the Thinking
    Cap. Your reward is a Trailblazing Bandanna.
    Level 3 is tough but it's the one we must have. You need 220 style to win.
    Ashlynn is who I would suggest using; Watermaul Wand, Sacred Armour, Magic
    Shield, Silver Tiara and Glass Slippers just put her at 220 (I'm sure there are
    better things available too at this time). Your reward is a Plush Rug.
    The World Map opens up even more now. This part of the guide is long though, so
    head to the third and final part of the guide - Dragon Quest VI Walkthrough:
    Dread Realm, Legendary Weapons.
    This is the third and final part of the DQVI Guide, following the 2nd part of
    the Dragon Quest VI Realms of Revelation Walkthrough.
    With this Plush Rug, go back to Alltrades and then the Dream World. We need to
    get to Sorceria. Zoom over there and go to the house in the far northwest, with
    the two old folks. The old man in bed is Old man Soren and he will be pleased
    to see that Magic Carpet back and bringing memories back for him. Soon it will
    be fixed up and we now have a Magic Carpet.
    Zoom over to Alltrades and then back to the Real World. Go on some grass and
    whip out the Magic Flying Carpet and you can take this wherever you want.
    First, work your way to the far southwest. You want to work your way north of
    this continent and you will see a small blue house. Enter it. Check the barrels
    in the northwest for a Mini Medal and speak with the people to hear about Ali.
    Rest up and get back outside on your Carpet and go north on this continent (or
    you can just walk).
    Mt. Snowhere
    It's snowing here, pretty bad. The kid in town is frozen, and go into the Inn
    nearby to see a bunch of others frozen. Downstairs is a guy who charges us to
    stay at the Inn even though he is a guest himself. Check the rest of the
    village out, everyone is frozen still. In the northwest is the church, we can
    at least save there after we try to talk to the Nun.
    North of the Inn and a tad east is a house with a Fur Hood. North of here is a
    house where you find an old man in the basement. He doesn't have many nice
    things to say but we can take a Mini Medal from his drawer. Old man does tell
    us not to go to the northeast shrine. So what's our next destination we should
    go to? Well, we'll go to that shrine.
    Head north and east just a tad to find this shrine. A lady is here, it is
    tricky to get to her sliding around the ice but not too bad. She seems kind of
    creepy though, and tells you to go talk to Colburn at the nearby village.
    Exit out of here and return to the iced village (to get off the ice easy, go to
    the northeast corner of her throne area and go north, east, then south to
    leave). Head to the old man's house, and as you go downstairs, Terry will be
    leaving. Speak with the old man to tell him about the lady at the shrine. He
    still won't say much other than you better stay away from there. But head back
    to that lady and she will be surprised Colburn didn't tell you her name. She
    then says that she will lift the curse on the village. She then introduces
    herself as Gerda, the Snow Maiden. Also known as the Snow Queen.
    The scene then shifts to the village, where the blizzard subsides and the
    people begin to thaw. Time to exit out of here and go back to the village.
    Mt. Snowhere
    Mingle with the people that we didn't get a chance to speak with earlier. Most
    wonder about Colburn and why he suddenly 'disappeared'. Go to the weapon shop
    and say 'no' to his prompt, then you are allowed to buy from him (though he has
    nothing special).
    The church is where Ali Kazam is. We thought he'd be gone, but thanks to the
    village being frozen for 50 years, he is okay. He does know about the Legendary
    Sword too. He gives you all the answers you need - the password to enter the
    Grotto is 'Frizzam' and then he talks about three phrases. The first phrase has
    to do with being a trustworthy fellow. The second phrase has to do with bearing
    arms, and the third is about some chap being out of his depth in cold water.
    Time to go north of town and north of that shrine.
    Everfrost Grotto
    Skate across the ice to the big locked door. Recite the password, and Hero will
    automatically say Frizzam. Then the door comes alive and talks to you. Choose
    the first answer (I come possessing a heart of truth). Second phrase, choose
    the last one (The blade that bears untold power...). Finally, third phrase is
    the second answer (Unleash it from the icy depths). If you answer any of them
    wrong, you will be transported out of the Grotto after done talking with the
    door. If not, the door opens and you get to go in.
    Next room here we need get straight north to the staircase down. Go up down the
    middle, then left, up, right, down, right, and up to get to the stairs.
    In this area, you will see different ice. Don't walk on this yet - we won't
    fall through, only if we walk on the same spot of ice twice. So go northeast
    first past the stairs for 1900 Gold Coins. Down the stairs you just passed, and
    go south in this room for a Mini Medal treasure chest. Back west in the room
    upstairs to where that new ice is. Travel north across it and down the
    staircase on that other end.
    This room we're back to the ice that we slide on. Just go north and up the
    stairs. Interesting puzzle in the next room. It is a square with those blocks
    of ice that we cannot walk on twice. The sign we see says "North -- West --
    East -- South". Obviously, this refers to the order in which we have to hit
    those four switches. Stick on the edge and go left all the way, north all the
    way, and then hit the switch on the north end (without hitting the north-most
    spot that you'll need to touch later). Now wrap back like a snake to the west
    switch and continue on the exterior to make it to the east side and then south.
    From this point you should have some room to make it to the north via the ice
    path in the northeast of this little room.
    As you get in the room and go north, Terry comes in. Hero moves out of the way
    to let Terry get the Sword of Ramias. But it's rusty so he prefers the
    Sunderbolt Blade. After the talk with him, go north for a Rusted Sword.
    Mt. Snowhere
    Head over to the Church to speak with Ali. Ali Kazam will be disappointed with
    it too, but then says that you should trek south from Alltrades Abbey to find a
    town that can do something about this. Unfortunately the people that can help
    us are in Turnscote which if you have been to before you know the locals are
    not friendly. But Ali hands over the Turnscote Pendant.
    If you have been to Turnscote, then just Zoom over there. Otherwise Zoom to
    Alltrades and travel south along the east coast.
    Turnscote Village
    You are stopped by the guard again upon entering this rogue town. But after
    showing him the Turnscote Pendant, you get in.
    Head to the Casino in the middle of town. There is not much else going on and
    the armor / weapon / item shop has nothing special. Within the Casino, pay 100
    to go see the dancers. Then take the staircase down to find a Pair of Fishnet
    Stockings and a Pretty Betsy. Exit out and take the southeast door to get out
    of the Casino.
    Take the well and into the house. The lady says Mo the Mole is at the bar.
    Check her drawer for a Thief's Key and then leave. The well to the right has a
    Scarewell and nothing else, but take down the Scarewell to get a Seed of
    Back out of the well and look south (flip the camera around) and you will find
    a door. Not much here so enter the building just north of that. There are two
    doors here, you will want the furthest one away to get near the bar. Speak with
    everyone including the dancer. Play Patty-cake with her for +5 to your style.
    East of her are two treasures; Seed of Life and a Seed of Wisdom. Up the stairs
    now to talk to Mo the Mole. He doesn't know about the Swordsmith, but he's
    willing to look.
    Exit out of that building and try to go north, but you'll bump into that guy
    and he walks you to his shop. You don't have to buy from him. North of here to
    see an old guy seems to know about the Legendary Swordsmith, but then says he
    forgot. Check the drawer by him for a Mini Medal and a Rogues Gallery
    dreamscape. Look south for the bar, but take the west path and then go south to
    reach the side door. This has some barrels, one has a Mini Medal. Also a
    Fashion Forge in here. Exit out of the bar, and you want to follow the path all
    the way east, to the other side of the gate but don't exit. Instead of far to
    the south and enter west to the building you see in the southeast corner of the
    village. A bank is here but go left out of the bank for 2500 Gold Coins and a
    Seed of Wisdom.
    Time to find Mo. Exit the town and go just east of the Inn for the Church. The
    Priest will be talking to someone about Welda. Speak with the Priest and he
    turns into Mo the Mole. But he leaves and says next time won't be so easy.
    Head to the Casino, and go to where the bunny dancers are (pay the 100 Gold).
    Go down the steps and you will see ladies talking, but one of them is Mo the
    Last time to find Mo the Mole now. Exit to the southeast of the Casino
    building, and then go north all the way. Then west to where the old guy with
    the outdoor bed is, and then southwest and take that door that leads to the bar
    and the style shop. The bartender looks different this time; answer no to both
    questions, and then say you have some business with him. After this go up to
    the two people here and they will talk about the Swordsmith Ol' Cole.
    Having caught Mo the Mole three times, we can go down to his house in the Well
    to find him. Give him the 2000 Gold and he tells you the story of this
    Swordsmith Cole. But Welda lives in this village and we can find her north of
    the hidden bar. Head to her house, but she's not here. Leave Turnscote.
    Go north to the shrine on foot. There may be a Mini Medal here but I think I
    listed it earlier in the walk-through. Anyway, you will see a red-haired girl
    at one of the northern graves, this is Welda. No matter what you say she will
    be mad and leave, telling you to never visit her.
    So head back to Turnscote and go to that northeast house to visit Welda in the
    basement. Tell her yes and when she says to look her in the eye, just don't
    move for 10-15 seconds. She then trusts you and you hand over the Rusted Sword,
    but she needs some time to finish it so off we go for the other Legendary
    relics. Talk to her again and then leave (you will hear her work as you leave).
    Castle Graceskull
    Stay in the Real World after leaving Turnscote. This time get out your rug and
    make your way to the southwest continent. It is surrounded by mountains, so we
    must go to the southern part of this continent by the small chain of islands to
    get on land. Then walk over to the water on this continent, and get the carpet
    across the water and land in the desert by the ruined castle.
    This is Castle Graceskull. Don't take the well to the west, it takes you to the
    Dream World. First, head up the ramp directly north. Talk to the guy and look
    around to find nothing but ruins. Head back down and take the well.
    So we're back in the Dream World Graceskull. Head east and a guard stops you,
    telling you to get inside. He leads you into the monstrous structure to the
    north. Speak with everyone in this area, and then go up the stairs. You then
    see the king give a talk to the soldiers, and they go off. The Armour of Orgo
    is to the right. Nice and shiny. Head upstairs on the left end now. In the east
    room you see the Princess and Queen arguing over this decision. A Mini Medal is
    in this room. Take the southwest stairs to be outside the Ceremonial Room.
    Continue east to go outside and speak with the bard. Enter this huge area at
    the very top. Lots of books here, and a guy dubious of the King's plot. Search
    the northeast bookshelf to find a Burning Altar dreamscape.
    Now back down and exit this huge castle structure. Enter the door to the right
    on the exterior. This is the kitchen, so pick up the offering of snake-venom
    soup + dried frog. Now we can bring this ceremonial offering up there, but
    first check the pots for a Seed of Agility. Upstairs to the right and take the
    Pretty Betsy. Upstairs again for some uneasy folks in front of the Priest, one
    of which alludes to being the one who was supposed to bring the offering up, so
    clearly it's no problem we took this task.
    Time to take the Ceremonial Offering up to the Ceremony room. Talk to the
    guards, then go to the throne room to speak with the King. King Falle then
    heads up to the Ceremony Room. Return back up there and watch this horrendous
    scene. Captain de Klein and Slyde run in. Then they leave and you will follow
    with them.
    We have to get the Armour of Orgo. The Captain grabs it, and we run downstairs.
    Watch the destruction, as those on the exterior are screwed. Captain removes
    some floorboards in the left building to go underground. Remember this place,
    but you'll leave with the soldier as everyone else is heading out of the
    Castle. As we leave the Castle, we teleport back to the Real World with the
    Castle Graceskull ruins. Hmm.
    Stay in these ruins and go up the ramp. On the left side here is the ruins of
    that smaller building on the left. This is where the Captain left the armour,
    remember? So use the Golden Pickaxe to uncover a hidden staircase in the
    upper-right corner of that building. Take the stairs and then go to the south
    to search the grey block at the far south. This reveals another staircase (the
    treasures here are empty, by the way). Down on this lowest floor, go north to
    see a corpse, the armour and some graffiti. Whoever left the graffiti wanted a
    true hero to get the armour. The Armour of Orgo is better than the Platinum
    Mail, so we gave that to Carver.
    So uh, how do we get those three empty treasures? Take the well and Castle
    Graceskull will be there and the same thing happens (guard notices you, takes
    you in). The treasures are a Mini Medal, Tempest Shield (Aeolus's Shield), and
    a Seed of Strength. Only Carver + Hero can equip the Tempest Shield but it is
    great (only Power Shield is better that you have right now). Just exit and take
    the Well and you should be back to the Real World and can continue on.
    Zoom over to Alltrades, take the well to get to the Dream World, and then Zoom
    over to King Medford's. With 71 Mini Medals we can now get the Metal King Helm.
    Everyone knows how awesome the Metal King / Metal Babble gear is, and the Metal
    King Helmet is no exception. This helmet owns, both in terms of defense and
    style. Give it to Carver because Hero will have an elite Helmet of his own
    soon. Once we acquire 80 Mini Medals, a Glombolero is our reward (Mysterious
    Now we go to find the shield. If you remember from Felonia Castle, they
    mentioned the cave can be reached by boat. Poseidon also has a hint for you.
    Rest up and Zoom to Amor. Get on your boat and sail south, then east when you
    can. Take the first path north that you see and it leads to a cave. It's
    possible you already sailed here when exploring.
    Cryptic Catacombs
    Go north when you enter, and you will be at a four-way. Head north, and then
    east at the T. South at the next four-way and you will have a Mini Medal. Now
    go north all the way to another T, and go left (your first left so far). Take a
    right and go north until you can no further. West of here is a chest with 1900
    gold coins. The path south by this has a Seed of Resilience.
    Now go east to a four-way and then south to the exit. Remember what the scholar
    at Felonia said? First, go up and right to the spot where we went south and got
    the Mini Medal. Go north until you reach the T, then left. Now go down all the
    way to a staircase going down.
    Follow the path west and south here, sticking to the west wall. You will come
    to a Suit of Spiked Armour. This armor isn't elite but probably an upgrade for
    your back-up characters. Back up and take the southeast path that leads to a
    larger room. The far southeast path is a dead end but the northeast path leads
    to a Mini Medal.
    Looks like a dead end with the Golden Dragon Statue right? Well head south to
    the wall. See the patch of grass on the other side of the wall? You want to
    examine this area to find a staircase going down. If you're having problems
    finding it, look at the picture.
    Take the staircase down just north of you. Now take the stairs down three
    times, and then take the stairs up twice. If it works, you should see another
    staircase going up but ignore that and go south down a new path. Down the
    Head west first, then south quite a ways and east when you can. You're on the
    other side of the water now and will see a Mini Medal east of you. Return back
    to the stairs that got us to this level. Stay on this floor but this time go
    east down the thin path, then it will go north a ways. West all the way now,
    ignoring the north fork that leads to nothing. Eventually you come to the
    Shield of Valora. This is the ultimate shield so equip it to the Hero and Evac
    Rest somewhere and stay in the Real World (unless you have business in the
    Dream World, like the Medal King's or Alltrades).
    Zoom over to Wellshire in the Real World and then head east over to Weaver's
    Peak. We still haven't been here in the Real World, after all. As you land near
    where Weaver's Peak is, enter the blue house on the World Map just south of the
    hill. An old man looking to create a merchant's town is here, and he has a Mini
    Medal in his drawer.
    Mountain Pass
    Judith is here, talking about Buddy. The west door that was an Inn is no longer
    one. Instead go right and up the ramp and into the cave (you will see Buddy and
    Hero to the north). Head northeast upon entering for some stairs up, and east
    for another set of stairs. East and south here but southwest at the fork for
    880 gold coins, then continue southeast to the exit.
    Now just north of you, Buddy and Hero are talking. Don't go up there yet,
    instead go west all the way to that ledge. Drop down that ledge for another
    Mini Medal. Up the ladder we go. Watch the scene with Hero and Buddy. Then go
    north and northeast to exit (or if you want a Mini Medal and a Pretty Betsy,
    then jump down the east ledge and into the cave first).
    North on the World Map to Weaver's Peak.
    Weaver's Peak
    Search by the house just east of you for 10 gold. The bar east of it has a Pot
    Lid. Upstairs and talk to Buddy, doesn't matter which option you pick with him.
    Search the drawers for a Seed of Resilience.
    The village shop in the northwest has some nice things, but you have already
    seen them. Go by the Mayor's House and get the Mini Medal west of the house.
    Inside the Mayor's house and search for a Trailblazing Bandana, then talk to
    Mayor Spindell.
    To the left and go into Hero's house (Tania's house). The barrels have a
    Medicinal Herb and in the drawer you will find a Set of Noble Garb. Talking to
    Tania, it seems the other Hero was just here. So return to the Mayor's and talk
    to the Mayor and then the Hero. The Hero dashes off out of the village.
    Mountain Pass
    Return south to the Mountain Pass. You will come to the Hero again, but he'll
    run to the west. This Hero is skeptical about joining together, but as you are
    talking a kid screams for help.
    Turns out monsters have invaded the village. Rush back to Weaver's Peak.
    Weaver's Peak
    The village is ablaze. Head to the west house and beat up the monsters fighting
    the farmer. Then go to the house east of this to defeat some more demons. East
    one more house and go upstairs in this bar to find a monster looking at the guy
    in bed. Fight this monster off, and then you have to go north of the bar to
    save the guardsman. The weapon shop is next, although the weapon shop owner
    looks formidable enough.
    West of here is the Church, and we can talk to the Priest to restore our
    HP / MP for free. Time to clean up the rest of the enemies. There should be one
    by the well, and then two in the Elder's house (we'll save Tania's house for
    last). Buddy is also outside of her house fighting a demon.
    Enter Tania's house, and you can either fight the Demon (stronger version) or
    talk to the other Hero and join up to fight a weaker enemy. You also get Zap
    for joining up. Time for a battle against a Demon-at-Arms. Much tougher if you
    didn't join up. Get Kabuff up a few times, as that will neutralize his physical
    attacks. He does attack twice per turn. 1800 EXP 320 Gold are your rewards.
    Talk to the villagers, though Tania is sad no matter what you choose. Speak
    with Mayor Spindell, then leave for the pass. Buddy is here and is a little
    nicer. Now Zoom off to Somnia Castle.
    Castle of Somnia
    Enter Somnia and you will be stopped by Franco, who took over for Captain
    Rusty. You are then taken to the castle. At Somnia Castle, King Somnus and
    Apnea will speak with you. Seems there will be a celebration + feast for Hero
    finding himself.
    D) Ending
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