Review by jwhudexnls

"Megaman is back and better than ever."

Okay I'll start out by just telling you a little. You play as a boy named geo stellar, who has the ability to turn into an EM being with his partner omega xis. He fights other bad EM waves and is basically awesome.The game starts out with a advertisement plant crashes and you inspect it to findthat EM viruses made it crash.

The graphics are better than the ones in the first one but still could be much better. I mean come on They get really choppy sometimes. On wifi sometimes you will hate the game completely just because people will completely disapear.

What can say it is the same as the gameplay in the first one. Third person and you use battle chips. The one thing I like is the ultimate tribe called tribe king which totally pwns.Although there is a maze in the middle of the game which is so annoying you'll want to break your DS. The bosses are extremely easy to kill once you memorize their patterns. The only hard forms are their DX ones because they are so fast.

The storyline is a typical megaman storyline. Slow and boring just like them all. I mean it only gets interesting once you get your OOPART. Then after that you wait four more chapters for anything good to happen. The one character is also a loser, all he does is complain about hating everyone and how all brotherbands should be destroyed.(Go cry emo kid).

besides all the noobs and all the lag the multiplayer is pretty good. Half the time they will just start out in tribe king. While it is a good form it is just plain old cheap. Their are a few people who start out in just their tribes. Honestly just a tip I think bezerker is the best just because the charged shot stuns them.

The sounds for everything is perfect and some of the tunes are pretty catchy also. Although on Multiplayer some times the music and sounds will be off.

It is a great game, but if you did'nt like the first one you should not get it, or if your doubtful just give it a rent. I personally love it, and watch some videos of it first too. So everyone I hope you enjoyed my reveiw. Just remember the multiplayer will cheat you sometimes.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/14/08

Game Release: Mega Man Star Force 2: Zerker x Ninja (US, 06/24/08)

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