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    Side Quest FAQ by Lancebob852

    Version: 2.8 | Updated: 08/19/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Megaman StarForce 2
    All Versions
    Side Quest FAQ
    LanceBob 852
    Table of Contents
    1.1 Version History
    1.2 Introduction
    1.3 Important Notices
    2.1 Echo Ridge
    2.2 Geo's Friends
    2.3 Wilshire Hills
    2.4 Aaron Boreal's sidequest
    2.5 Grizzly Peak Resort
    2.6 Foodtopia
    2.7 Loch Mess
    2.8 Whazzup
    2.9 Rogue Form
    3. FAQs
    4. Contact Information
    5. Credits
    6. Legal Stuff
    1.1 Version History
    Version 1.0- Original version, may not get posted
    Version 1.1- Added a quest I missed and made some minor changes to the
    copyright info
    Version 1.2- Gave a few sites permission, added a credit.  Made a note
    about link power
    Version 2.2- Gave some new sites permission, added an FAQs section
    Version 2.8- Fixed a few minor errors, added a section on Indiefrags, 
    reinforced my E-Mail specifications, added to FAQs, added some credits
    1.2 Introduction
    Hi, I'm Lancebob852.  This is my first FAQ, so I have no experience
    writing them whatsoever.  I have played through MMBN 2-6, SF1 
    Dragon, and both Zerker and Saurian.  
    1.3 Important Notices
    I did most of the quests after I completed the main story, so I'm using the
    locations of everyone from the last scenario on.  I will put a ** next to
    any quest that seems to be giving people difficulty.
    A lot of quest give you items with cipher codes.  I will give the codes but
    not the items the codes give you
    To level up your in-game brothers to the max (100 link power each), you
    must do their quests.  They get their own section.  Aaron Boreal also gets
    his own section because of a translation error that is giving people
    trouble.  I am also giving Foodtopia its own section because all three of
    the quests seem to be giving people trouble.
    To accept a quest, talk to someone with a pink icon coming out of their
    star carrier.  Mega will read a brief overview of the quest and ask if you
    want to accept (only one can be accepted at a time).  Geo will send himself
    an E-mail saying where the person is.  When you talk to them, mega will
    give the option "ask about: Star Carrier or Something Else."  Choose Star
    Quests are completely optional for the main story but a few of them are
    required for total completion of the post story.
    I highly recommend getting the shortcut to the Whazzup Sky Wave area.  You
    get this from an oddly colored truck Hertz on the Echo Ridge side of the
    connection to Loch Mess.  This truck does not appear until the middle of
    the Terra Condor scenario.
    There are some quests that cannot be done unless you have enough link
    power.  Some require at least 500.  The problem is that without human
    brothers, the only way to do these quests is to complete every other aspect
    of the game and max out your auto-brother.  Users of Rogue form cannot do
    these quests at all.
    When you complete every quest, Legendary Master Shin will send you an 
    E-mail congratulating you on helping so many people, and will let you open
    a door in the Alternate universe (The one that mentions helping people in
    the saved world).  You will get a mega weapon: M. Breath (1, 2, 2, charge
    shot may freeze or bubble).
    If you need to find a specific quest, search either the person's name or a
    key part of the quest, like "diet guru" or "mother hills"
    How to read my guide:
    Name of person (self explanatory)
    What Mega finds (sort of quest title)
    Location (will be kind of general)
    What it requires (traveling to other areas, matter waves, cards)
    Overview (I will be as specific as possible as to what has to be done
    Reward (what you get for completing the mission)
    2.1 Echo Ridge
    Chase Winde
    Propelic Report
    In front of the bench near Big Wave
    Requires the ability to travel to Loch Mess
    Chase has lost his RC copter because it flew towards Loch Mess.  Pulse in
    and head to Loch Mess.
    His copter is in the wave world right before the warp point to actual Loch
    Mess.  If you take the shortcut to whazzup and head back to the loch mess
    area you can't miss it.  Don't forget to examine it
    You get the P. Report (ANMMEFC2GTESRAAOR)
    Bonnie Amora
    secret diary
    Next to Chase
    Requires the ability to travel to Hills Blvd
    Bonnie wants to become brothers with someone in Hills Blvd, but she wants
    to know his favorite food.  Go to Hills Blvd and pulse in.  check the
    mechanic guy's (Styg Dismal) star carrier.  It should mention "brslsprout"
    You get "Attack Panel"
    Snaila Mail 
    letter to Alec Trebek (note: PUN ALERT!!)
    Near Zach's house
    Requires D. Energy (buy from hertz in big wave)
    Alec Trebek may be in jeopardy.  pulse into the mailbox next to Luna's
    house and talk to the Hertz in the up and left direction.  He needs a D.
    energy. If you already have one, this quest is a piece of cake.  pulse out
    and talk to Snaila
    You get an HP mem20
    Hope Stelar
    cooking diary
    Geo's House
    Requires: nothing
    Kelvin Stelar loved carrots.  The problem is, Mrs. Stelar doen't remember
    how to make his favorite dish, so you need to find a hertz that lived in
    the house for a long time.  The Hertz standing really close to Mrs. Stelar
    is the correct one.  When he tells you about carrot gratin, pulse out and
    tell Mrs. Stelar.
    You get "holy panel"
    Don McCard
    Card Blog
    Hiding behind Zach's house
    Requires "Fire Ring 1" (virus in Wilshire Hills)
    Don wants to be the number one card collecter and you need to help him. 
    Give him a "Fire Ring 1".
    You need to talk to him twice.
    You get "unlocker"
    2.2 Geo's Friends
    *Note: they are all in Luna's House
    You cannot do these until you clear the main story
    If you have all six badges, you will get an E-mail telling you to do these
    quests.  If you then beat Le Mu XA, you can fight Rogue SX
    Sonia Strumm
    Music Data
    Luna's House
    Sonia is writing a new song and needs lyrics.  The lyrics go like this:
    We get up and run,run
    Swing those hips around
    Make it glad, glad, glad
    Take 'em off and shout
    Run, run, it's so fun
    You get a "recover 300," "sonia WP," and LP +20
    Bud Bison
    Bud's journal
    Luna's House
    requires anything you need to beat Taurus Fire SP
    Bud is having nightmares about Taurus Fire.  Pulse in and go to Bud's
    house.  Kill Taurus Fire and go back to Luna's house and talk to Bud
    You get HP+500/500 and LP+20
    **Luna Platz**
    Secret Diary
    Luna's house
    requires ability to travel to Whazzup and Grizzly Peak Resort
    Luna wants to cook something but needs ingredients.  First she needs
    "bananas."  These are in the offering of food around the Budicus statue in
    Whazzup.  Then you need to find "coconuts," which are strangely enough, at
    the entrance to Grizzly Peak Resort.  Then you need to find a recipe.  Talk
    to Hope Stelar and go back to Luna's house.  
    Luna will hint at her feelings towards Geo and give you a cookie
    (OLSISKEYHIUMC) and +20 LP
    Zach Temple
    Luna's house
    requires the ability to travel to Loch Mess, Dive Machine, and anything to
    do a ten round Virus Battle
    Spirits of Vikings somehow got EM bodies in the shape of viruses.  If you
    go to the sunken ship in Loch Area 1 and pulse into the broken mast, you
    will see a bunch of viruses.  Talk to them and a long series of battles
    will commence:
    1: Ice Panels, PiranerG (360), Mettenna3G (400), ShockMummyG (400)
    2: Grass and Holy Panels, BaseSniperG (460), MonoSwordinG (380), BomG (320)
    3: Grass and Holy, BooSpookG (380), CopyFokxG (440), ColonelMop (400)
    4: Grass, Poison and Ice, BangG (500), GuardEyezG (340), RiverCancroG (340)
    5: Grass, Poison, Ice, McDicerG (440), DarkJokerG (300), SnoRollerG (360)
    6: Grass, Holy, GrabityG (180), HotMotorG (280), LampisG (420)
    7: All Holy, AirSquiggleG (320), RugJinnG (320), MatJinnG (380)
    8: Normal, Poison, Grass, StealthG (440), StoneHeadG (480), StormG (360)
    9: Holy, Poison, Grass, HareRocketG (300), GooeyG (320), JakaDanceG (480)
    10: Holy, Grass, Poison, Ice, FlitterG (300), RaidG (460), FluffG (340)
    You get GigCls+1/500 and +50 LP
    2.3 Wilshire Hills
    Styg Dismal
    Hills Blvd, close to bus stop
    Requires Ski Matter Waves
    Styg wants some brothers, but thinks he needs a funny story.  Choose that
    you don't know any stories and the skis will butt in.  They tell Styg an
    apparently funny story that they refuse to repeat to Geo.
    You get an HP mem20
    Kate Chizer
    Quiz Diary
    Next to Styg
    Requires: Nothing
    The first of three quiz people in this game: 3 questions
    1. Star Carrier
    2. Sonia Strumm
    3. Shopping Plaza
    You get HP mem10
    **Carma Iffy**
    Mega Card Reading
    In front of the air display where your brothers talk about Wilshire Hills
    Requires: nothing
    This little girl's fortune claims she is heading towards a pit of dispair.
    She needs to find Mother Hills.  Pulse in and go behind the wall.  There
    should be an EM road with a Hertz at the corner staring at the three ghosts
    and the two girls.  Examine what looks like either a window or a door and
    you should meet Mother Hills.  Talk to Carma to collect your reward
    You get HP mem10
    Hale Knitter
    Diary Data
    Next to Carma
    Requires the ability to travel to Loch Mess
    Hale wants to make a sweater but doesn't have enough blue wool.  Go to Loch
    Mess and find the lone blue sheep and examine it.  Geo makes a very narrow
    escape from the angry lamb and goes back to Electopia.  
    Talk to Hale again to get a Scarf (BEMOCOBST)
    Kaz Nova
    "Ladies Man Journal"
    Up the ramp on the way to IFL tower
    Requires the ability to enter the IFL tower
    Kaz is feeling flustered.  He doesn't want  to ask a girl out, so Geo has
    to do it for him.  Go to the top floor of the IFL tower and talk to the
    girl looking off the side.  answer like this: #1, #2, #1.
    You get "Radar Missile 3"
    Van Geaux
    100 Masterpieces
    Next to Kaz Nova
    Requires the ability to go to Grizzly Peak Resort
    Geaux has 99 masterpieces and wants to find one more.  Geo saw a painting
    he liked, but he forgot where.  Go to the suite in Grizzly Peak and examine
    the painting next to the bathrobe.  Talk to Geaux again to recieve your reward
    You get "Plasma Gun 3"
    Iver Gatte
    Book of Poetry
    Next to Kaz Nova and Van Geaux
    Requires: nothing
    Iver cannot seem to figure out electronics and seems to be losing his hair
    over it.  Geo is tech-savvy, so go help him.  Pick: 
    1. "Matter Waves" 
    2. "A singer"
    3. "Satella Police"
    This newly tech-savvy poet gives you an HP mem10
    Bob Copper
    Case File
    Next to the wave hole in IFL tower 1
    Requires anything to clear a relatively easy virus battle
    There are more ghosts at IFL tower, but Bob won't admit  it.  Pulse in and
    warp to the EM road.  Head towards IFL tower 2 until you see a ghost
    sprite.  Examine it and a battle will commence: GoopyG (360), BooGeistG
    (440), HoppaDanceG (420).  Clear the battle and talk to Copper again.
    You get an AquaSrch with a tracking device attached to it, but Mega takes
    it off.
    Gredy Miser
    Budget Report
    In front of where the OoPArt used to be
    Requires: nothing
    Gredy thinks he's cursed because none of his money-making ideas seem to
    work.  Not only that, but he seems to have more exhibits now.  Pulse in and
    go to the Saurian Exhibit.  There will be three Hertzes playing "be-an
    -exhibit," but Geo and Mega make them stop.
    You get "WoodSrch"
    Han Gard
    Picture Diary
    In front of the kunai in the ninja exhibit
    Requires: nothing
    Han's day at the museum was ruined when Solo tried to steal the OoPArt and
    he's worried someone will try to steal his game.  Choose the third option
    and one of the security guards will show up and explain the importance of a
    You get "VdeoGame" (KYWSAVE)
    Joe Hawnt
    Diary of Horrors
    In the movie theater
    Requires: nothing
    Joe thinks he is being spirited away.  If you pulse back in after talking
    to him, he will be surrounded by Hertzes.  Talk to one of them and they'll
    agree to leave.
    You get a Charm (NDETORHBRBA)
    Ere Mitic
    Bitter Life Journal
    Next to the elevator on the top floor of the shopping plaza
    Requires anything to do a virus battle
    Ere found some weird black thing that makes him anti-social, but he hid it. 
    Warp down a floor and examine the matter wave hover board.  Virus Attack!:
    BoodachG (150) x2, MettenaG (80)  You then get IndFrag1 and try to destroy
    it, but it doesn't work
    You get to keep the IndFrag, and Ere tells you that there are six of them
    Ruina Recker
    Things I've Broken
    First floor, behind giant Star Carrier
    Requires anything for a virus battle
    Ruina seems to break a lot of things, including a guide board.  Talk to her
    to find out it was the info board on the second floor.  Pulse in and
    examine it to go "Buck Wild": MonoSwordinG (380), BaseGunnerG (260), and
    DarkReaperG (220)
    You get an HP+300/360
    2.4 Aaron Boreal's Sidequest
    **Aaron Boreal**
    Build It diary
    Second Floor, in front of the car Matter Wave
    Requires Recover 150 (BEMOCOBST)
    Starts off easy enough: there's a new star carrier upgrade, but he doesn't
    have the materials to make it.  It turns out that the thing he needs is a
    "Heart that's willing to protect others."  You have to answer three
    questions.  The answers are: Six, Eight, and Whyzza Whazzup.  
    This is where it gets tricky.  He SAYS that he's giving you a recover 150
    and Geo says "Um, thanks," so the quest is over, right? WRONG!!!   Try
    talking to him again.  He says "This recover 150 is for you," but what he
    means is "Give me a recover 150."  Blame Capcom of America for screwing up
    the translation.  You can get one from the cipher code above, or by buying
    one from the merchant hertz in the Bermuda Maze.  Anyway, if it works
    correctly, Mr. Boreal will say, "You can use this recover 150,"  there are
    a few dots and then talks about how much Geo likes helping people.  He
    gives the card back, and the upgrade fails.
    Mr Boreal converts his mistake into an HP mem20.  He also gives you a Blank
    If you already have a recover 150 before starting the quest, try moving it
    around in your pack.  That seems to work.  In Zerker, it worked right away
    for me, and I did already have the 150.  In Saurian, I didn't have it, and
    used the cipher code after answering the questions.  My brother, however,
    had the 150 somewhere deep in his pack, and it didn't work.  He reset his
    game a bunch of times, and eventually it worked.
    There seem to be quite a few topics about this on the message boards, so if
    there are more problems, search for "Boreal," or if you can't, feel free to
    contact me.  It's also probably possible to search for "Megaman Star Force
    2" "Aaron Boreal" "Translation Error" on any search engine and find more
    2.5 Grizzly Peak Resort
    Ai Scrounge
    Things I've Found
    In front of the wave hole at the entrance
    Requires: nothing
    Ai found a lot of odd things (including a fridge) for no apparent reason. 
    She wants it to stop and mentions the bus stop.  Pulse in and talk to the
    hertz at the bus stop.  He thinks he's making her happy by giving her weird
    objects, but agrees to stop.  Ai tells Geo he's weird.
    You get "Whistle"
    Leroy Mann
    Sales Data
    Guy on Skis next to Ai
    Requires the Cooking Machine Matter Wave
    Using very odd expressions, Leroy thinks his restaurant is losing customers
    and wants to get business booming again by adding a new recipe.  Choose the
    second option and the cooking machine helps Leroy, but chefs never reveal
    their secrets to just anyone, so once again Geo has absolutely no clue
    what's going on.
    You do, however, get an HP mem10
    Rich Dotcom
    Stock Report
    In the corner, it's really hard to miss the pink suit
    Requires the ability to go to Wilshire Hills
    Rich decides to do some insider trading, but it's illegal.  Luckily, Geo
    violates his privacy to find out.  Stall him by asking about his pink suit,
    then go tell him off by finding "some girl" aka Bob Copper.  He's in
    exactly the same spot as he is for his quest.  When you come back to
    Grizzly Peak, Rich is gone (or you could just leave the room and come
    back)!  If you go back to the IFL tower, he is now next to Copper
    permanently.  He's one of the only people in the game who permanently
    You get a bounty of 6000 Z from Bob Copper, and Rich Dotcom hates us all.
    Heidy Tidy
    Hotel Log
    Right inside the resort, in the entrance hall in front of the basic map of
    the hotel
    Requires Vacuum Matter Wave
    Heidy seems to be bad at cleaning and the Vacuum wants to save the day! 
    What is this world coming to?  Choose the second option.  It turns out
    Heidy is just lazy and needs more gumption
    You get ElecSrch
    **Rolly Pollyn**
    Rank Diary
    Standing in the suite where Luna was during her temper tantrum
    Requires ability to travel to Wilshire Hills
    She's fat and wants to go on a diet.  She needs to find the diet guru.  Go
    to Hill Blvd and pulse in.  Check out Kate Chizer (quiz girl)'s star
    carrier.  Talk to Rolly again and receive your reward
    You get a ShrtCake (STERLDGNEEMAYAR)
    Nival Peaks
    Journal Data
    Outside resort top floor, cornered by two yetis
    Requires ability to do a three-round virus battle
    Nival's star carrier broke and Megaman needs to fix it.  He mentions his
    sled, which you get to by going down the first slope in the wave world then
    taking the EM road to where the merchant hertz is.  Avoid touching the wave
    hole if you can.  Virus attack!: SnoRollG (280) x2, then another SnoRollG
    (280) x2, then, surprise surprise, another SnoRollG (280) x2.  Talk to the
    kid to find out he wants Megaman to do his homework for him, but Geo
    You get an HP mem10
    Noira Crush
    Secret Notebook
    Right inside the hotel door
    Requires: nothing
    Apparently it's okay for Noira to insider trade but not Rich...oh well, but
    Noira's in love.  She mentions the name Yugo Astray and wants to know what
    his favorite color is.  Take the warp to the staff floor and find the
    souvenir guy.  His favorite color is white...hmmm...guess Noira will have
    to reconsider.
    Anyway, you get a "Sunglass" (AXIMSOEG)
    Yugo Astray
    Job Report
    Requires: nothing
    He works at Grizzly peak, yet he has no idea where Foodtopia is.  Geo tells
    him to find a map, but apparently, Yugo is too lost even for that.  Find a
    map for him.  Examine the front desk to get "FlorGuid"
    You then trade this to Yugo for an HP mem10
    Blaire Loude
    Song Ideas
    Requires: nothing
    IT'S HIM!!!!! The principal who indirectly caused Libra Scales to wreak
    havoc all around the school, who is now trying to be a country music
    sensation.  For some reason, Geo wants to help him with yet another song
    (remember the school song from the first game?).  Pick these:
    The Grizzly Peak suites
    Perfect for rich girls!
    Oh! Grizzly Peak
    GP Resort Hotel!
    He pays you 2000 Z for your services
    Amy Galande
    Amy's Training Journal
    Top of the bunny slopes
    Requires SnoBall1, JetSki1, and Sythe1
    Amy wants to learn a new trick and needs some battle cards to pull it off. 
    That's all there is to it
    You get HP+200/225 and Amy WP.
    Ema Nesia
    Screw-up Diary
    In a corner at the bottom of the Black-Diamond Run, very easy to miss
    Requires: nothing
    She messed up and ended up at the ski resort, and also happened to lose her
    wallet.  She makes you find it for her.  She said she lost it when her
    stuff was drying.  Go to where Noira Crush is and examine the thing
    behind her.  You should get a funky-colored wallet.
    You get FireSrch 
    2.6 Foodtopia
    note*-Fay Phamish does not have a request, but you do get a cipher code for
    looking in her Star Carrier (LYGEENRAD)
    **Mr. Galande**
    Souvenir Data
    Entrance to Foodtopia
    Requires: nothing
    Galande needs a souvenir "unique to Grizzly Peak."  There's a gourmand in
    Grizzly Peak who could probably give him some ideas.  The whole "gourmand"
    thing seems to be throwing some people off.  The root of gourmand is
    similar to gourmet, so even if you don't know the word, you should know it
    has something to do with food.  Search the Star Carrier of the little girl
    who likes desserts (Meala DeVour).  Okay, spring water...weird.
    Oh well, you get a SrchEye
    **Meala DeVour**
    Word of Food diary
    Next to the grill in Foodtopia
    Requires the ability to go to Whazzup
    Meala thinks she's one of the World's Best Eaters (aka, a gourmand), but
    she hasn't tried SoulFood, which is apparently an urban legend.  The Soul
    Mother in Whazzup might know, though.  Go to Whazzup.  What is probably
    throwing people off is that there is a person in Whazzup who will eat any
    food, but that's not her.  The actual Soul Mother is in Whazzup Ruins 2,
    looking at a bunch of flowers.  She is not a Whuzzup sprite, but the "old
    lady" sprite.  She is only there for this side quest.  Anyway, take the
    Soul Food from her and return to Foodtopia.
    You get an HP mem10
    **Chatty Ditz**
    Secret Vault
    Talking to Meala next to the grill
    Requires the ability to travel everywhere
    Chatty found a treasure map, but is reading it wrong, or can't read it at
    all as a matter of fact.  Geo agrees to find it for her.  Treasure Hunt
    time!  The map says ancient fish.  What has ancient stuff?  The museum of
    course!  THERE'S SOMETHING written on the fish: 4 great wings catch the
    wind.  Sounds like a windmill to me, so off we go to Loch Mess.  THERE'S
    SOMETHING written here too: The King of Birds which has forgotten the sky. 
    This could be a little tricky, but it's actually the penguin fossil in
    Whazzup.  You get something that says, "To Chatty" and then get a memoir. 
    When you give it to Chatty, she proclaims it useless.
    You can keep what's inside though, it's an OldStrap (WVETMAERAT) 
    2.7 Loch Mess
    **Minor Angler**
    Fish Masters diary
    Standing between a sign and a bridge in Mess Village
    Requires the ability to enter Big Wave
    Minor needs to find a fishing master in order to fish without polluting the
    environment.  The master fisherman is none other than...Claud Pincer...aka
    Cancer Bubble!  Check his Star Carrier and return to Loch Mess.  This trip
    can be made easier if you don't go into the real world once you get to Echo
    You get an HP mem10
    Gerry Romero
    TV Ratings Diary
    Across the bridge in Mess Village leading to Messie's Cove
    Requires the ability to travel to Whazzup
    After discovering the entire show was a freud, people stopped watching
    Gerry's show.  He wants to draw in ratings by adding a pretty girl to the
    show.  This girl needs to be "hot and spicy like she's from the equator." 
    Go to Whazzup.  Talk to the girl that seems to have moved from her normal
    spot (Wazafowonwon).  Talk to Gerry again and collect your reward
    You get TradrTix
    Alec Trebek
    Quiz Journal
    Near the entrance to Messie's Cove
    Requires completion of the quiz girl: Kate Chizer
    Alec Trebek is a quiz person...come on...at least they didn't continue the
    pun by adding "What is" to the beginning of all the answers.  Umm...why
    does he sound like Jar Jar Binks?  Choose these answers: 
    1. Loch Mess I think
    2. It was Messie
    3. Is it "Stream Cancro"
    4. A bubble attack
    5. Maybe...430 HP
    For being so clever, you get a PzleBook (RIETCARRSAR)
    Tayle Spinn
    Flight Data
    Next to Alec
    Requires the ability to travel to Echo Ridge
    Tayle crashed his plane, so they won't let him fly for a while (thanks a
    lot, Harp Note!).  He then thinks back to his training days and wonders if
    his training partner remembers him.  His training partner is actually Chase
    Winde, the RC guy.  Look into Chase's star carrier and return to Loch Mess.
    You get TradrTix
    D'nwan Draun
    Butterfly Diaries
    In front of the giant flock of sheep at Messie's Cove
    Requires the Dive Machine Matter Wave
    D'nwan doesn't seem to be getting better at swimming, so he wants to just
    dive into the Loch to see what happens.  Talk to him and choose the third
    option (Interesting, I didn't know Geo couldn't swim...).  Good thing the
    Dive Machine can!  After this, D'nwan says he's going to make the water his
    "bestest friend."
    You get ChrgSver/150
    **Shudder Bugz**
    Digital Photo Journal
    In the corner at the bottom of the Observation Platform Elevator
    Requires the Projectr Matter Wave and the ability to travel to Grizzly Peak
    This seems to be giving people the most trouble.  Geo goes to return the
    Projector Matter Wave, but Shudder lets him keep it.  Shudder wants a nice
    landscape picture of snow.  Obviously, you have to go to Grizzly Peak.  But
    where in Grizzly Peak is a snow scene?  Umm...everywhere.  The correct snow
    scene is when you look out the window in the suite and examine it.
    You get a SrchEye
    Luz Stufalot
    Things I've Lost
    On the observation deck - the only person there
    Requires Dive Machine
    This person has lost a lot of stuff (the list sounds strangely
    familiar...), and she dropped her motorbike Matter Wave into the Loch (that
    takes skill).  use the dive machine and enter the Loch.  Go to area two and
    find the mermaid.  The motorbike should be very close by, near the ramp
    going down that leads to the evil hertz that buried the mystery waves
    You get an HP mem10 and a blank card
    2.8 Whuzzup
    Quiz Diary
    Near the rock you can pulse into in Whazzup
    Requires completion of Alec Trebek's quiz and the ability to do a virus
    Yet another quiz...ten questions.  Answer like this: 
    1. Budicus 
    2. Nutritious Eggs 
    3. Fire Ring 1 
    4. Dance Fire 1 
    5. He, he,he 5 
    6. A vending machine
    7. Question 7
    8. Mackrelfilletychius
    9. A Christmas tree
    10. VIRUS BATTLE!!!: MatJinn (160), Flit (120)
    11. Rolling out the carpet!
    You get an HP mem20
    Y'gat Riddem
    Beat Ba-dum Diary
    In front of the Budicus statue
    Requires: nothing
    Yet another multiple choice quest.  He needs a notion to get his beat in
    motion.  He says something, you have to repeat it.  Pick these:
    Boom Chika Boom Boom
    Boom Chika Boom
    Boom Kashakalaka
    Chika Chika Boom
    You get "SilvMteor"
    The Future of Whazzup
    In front of the Budicus statue
    Requires the ability to enter Zach's house
    The Shaman's knowledge of the outside world is very small, and he wants to
    know more.  He wants an encyclopedia.  Who's been bragging about an
    encyclopedia throughout the entire game? Zach, of course.  But since you
    can't kidnap Zach and bring him to Whazzup, you have to do the next closest
    thing which is to raid his house.  Examine one of his bookcases (note: this
    does work in the wave world).  If Geo mentions Sonia, and you get an
    encyclopedia, it is the right one.  Go back to Whazzup and talk to the
    You get an Atom Mine 3 *1
    Long Life Diary
    Slightly behind the Shaman
    Requires the ability to go to Loch Mess
    Wherzat wants to live 1000 years.  To do this, she needs a special fish. 
    Go to Loch Mess and talk to the fish vender (near the entrance to Messie's
    cove).  The kid hasn't been able to catch many fish lately, but mentions a
    small island.  Go to the island where you got the flotshoes for the hertz
    on the bridge.  Talk to the hertz there, and she will stop scaring the
    fish.  Talk to the vender again to get the fish, and bring it back to
    You get an HP mem20
    Countries to Visit
    Between the continent of Mu and the Mu soldier in Mu Lines
    Requires: nothing
    He wants to run away to try different kinds of food, but Geo thinks this is
    a bad idea.  He asks questions about the outside world, and you have to
    answer them: 
    1. IFL Tower
    2. Amy Galande
    3. Sheeps (not a mistake)
    4. "World Mysteries"
    You get "Run-Away" (NKWPEORLI)
    Whazzup Diary
    Next to Kyanaigotu
    Requires the Guide Matter Wave
    He's asking random questions then mentions a glowing stone.  Geo finds it
    interesting, so he wants to check it out.  Pick the third option to have
    the Guide take over.  Once again, Geo is left in the dark.
    But you do get 3000 Z
    Goal Diary
    Next to Whazzat
    Requires the ability to travel to Grizzly Peak
    Lennycia, living in a hot place, has never seen snow.  She finds it weird
    that it falls from the sky, and wants to know what a SnoBunny is.  Geo
    agrees to bring one to her.  Good thing it can't melt, because you have to
    go to Grizzly Peak to get one.  You can find one at the secondary entrance
    to Foodtopia (the one that has the Yeti footprints), or at the bottom of
    the bunny slopes.  Bring one back to Lennycia to get a reward
    You get an HP mem10
    Congratulations, you've completed all of the quests.
    2.9 Rogue Form
    I seem to be getting quite a few E-Mails about this, and it could be
    considered a side quest by some, so, here you go:
    Where to get the Indie Frags
    For Frag 1, do Ere Mitic's quest (in the Wilshire Hills section
    For Frag 2, beat Gemini Spark (Talk to Pat in Whazzup Ruins 1, fight in
    For Frag 3, examine the doghouse in the Parallel World
    For Frag 4, go to Vega's Base (NOT MU, go to where you fought Hollow), and 
    examine the wall on the left.
    For Frag 5, go to underwater Loch Mess area 2, and look for a dead Hertz
    For Frag 6, go to one of the ski lifts in Grizzly Peak and pulse in.  There
    will be another dead Hertz.
    You should get an E-Mail explaining how Rogue Form works
    How to use
    Step 1: Cut all your brotherbands
    Step 2: Equip all six pieces
    Step 3: Enter a battle
    Step 4: Use the Badge of Lonliness when it comes up
    Or, just enter a WCC that I will not give here.  It's easy enough to find.
    Pros and Cons
    Swords are +50
    You do not have an elemental weakness
    You keep any most of your tribe powers, but not the element bonus
    Your opponent's lock on will break after about half of a second of being
    locked on (Auto-Lock still works, as do cards like BerserkSword)
    Every turn you get a 1 hp EM barrier, so the first attack done to you is
    You can use the Indie Force Big Bang Counter
    You can't have any brothers, therefore your maximum amount of LP is 400
    You cannot do some of the quests
    Mega Class Cards will not work
    You cannot use double tribe or the tribe king without codes
    Your tribe no longer gets an elemental bonus
    Since you only have 400 LP, you can't give Megaman Super Armor, Side Select
    or Auto Lock-on, unless your tribe gives it to you already
    I personally choose not to use RF in either of my versions, mostly for two
    reasons.  One reason is that I have six brothers and 1000 LP, and I don't
    feel like deleting them.  Another reason is that mega cards are essential
    to my strategy, and I don't feel like completely re-working my folder for
    one thing.  I also don't play on Wi-Fi too often, since it's become so
    polluted with disconnectors, so I really wouldn't have much use for it.
    Some reasons you may use it could include, if you don't have any brothers
    anyway, why not use this?  Or if you feel you really need the barrier, or 
    the lock-on break.  If you do choose to use it, this URL will take you to a
    more thorough explanation, along with folder tips:
    I did not write that.  That Rogue Form mini-faq is the sole property of
    KiteDXX.  If you wish to use it, ask him, not me.
    These are questions that I've gotten e-mails about at least twice:
    Q: I don't have wifi, how do I get 500 LP?
    A: The only way to do this without real brothers is to beat Le Mu Xa and
    talk to your auto-bro.  This will give you 100 for him/her, so if you
    already maxed out your in game bros, this will give you exactly 500.  If
    you have access to a friend with a second DS, you could probably rent a
    copy of the game, and brother that, or you could use a wifi hotspot at a
    Starbucks or something like that.
    Q: How do I get to Mu?
    A: Enter the Bermuda Maze, then talk to the Hertz at the end of the first
    room.  He will say "Up right, Down right, Down left, Up right, Up left."
    Enter the next room.  The hertz will say to go right to get to Mu.  Go
    right (note: this is not the "Up Right" in the instructions).  If you
    follow the instructions from here, you should get through easily.
    Q: Where do I find "Enter Card Here"?
    A: I am really bad with chip locations, since I got them all within a week
    of the game's release (sorry if that sounded like bragging, it wasn't meant
    to), and don't have a very good memory, but if you search for the chip on
    any MMSF2 forum, there will probably be someone having just as much trouble
    as you with finding said card (especially Mnigrnde3).  Please read my 
    contact information before asking me where MniGrnde3 is.
    Q: How do I get all six IndieFrags?
    A: I have now added a section on Rogue Form
    Contact Information
    On the GameFAQs forums I am LanceBob852
    If you have any question, comments, concerns about my guide, you can E-mail
    me at:
    I have been getting a lot of junk E-Mail lately so I'm going to be very
    strict about the following guidelines now:
    Please include "Side Quest" or "Aaron Boreal" or "I'm going to sue you for
    not giving me credit!" or "IndieFrag" in the subject or I will not read it
    I will get back to you as soon as possible unless:
    You want brothers, because I already have 6 in both versions
    You want to know Wave Command Codes, because they are very easy to find
    with just a little effort
    Your E-Mail has nothing to do with the Megaman Star Force 2 side quests
    You want cipher codes
    You just want to talk to me
    You need help with Star Force 1
    You want to know where Mini Grenade 3 is
    You want to make fun of me for using AOL
    First, I have to give a lot of credit to my brother, who confirmed a few of
    the rewards for me after I had done them in both versions, and also for
    telling me his Mr. Boreal experience
    I also have to give credit to whoever added the Recover 150 cipher code to
    the cheats section, and anyone who ever posted anything about Mr. Boreal's
    quest or created a topic asking for help on a side quest.  
    Also, to dexter_uae, because I happened to read his post on how to complete
    the snow scene quest
    and Pablomaster for originally telling me what you get for completing every
    and Megaslush, for making a topic on which quests were giving people the
    most trouble
    and i_wickz@yahoo for bringing it to my attention that people without wifi
    may have trouble completing all the quests, as well as anyone else who sent
    me e-mails for my FAQs section (includes ushercf@yahoo.com,
    Gotough@aol.com, blakehelm06@bellsouth.net, theguardianofbass@hotmail.com,
    shipp.u@hotmail.com, zhanpengliu@yahoo.com)
    and probe71991@gmail.com for correcting my mistake about Luna's Cookie
    and to TheUnderSquare.com for the IndieFrag locations
    **I also have to thank Kite DXX for basically all of my information about
    Rogue Form.**
    I actually did the rest of the quests completely on my own, and if anyone
    else thinks they deserve credit, let me know how you helped me and I'll be
    happy to include you.
    And of course to Capcom for creating this game and to Nintendo for putting
    it on their system
    Legal Information
    I do not own Megaman, all the names and trademarks belong to Capcom  
    I DO however, own this guide, so only sites with express permission from me
    are allowed to use this guide, PART OR WHOLE!!!!  No changes may be made at
    all, to any part, including this copyright information.  I still have the
    original, so I will be able to tell.
    The following sites have permission to host my FAQ:
    If you want to post my guide on your site, please ask, otherwise it's
    There is a very good chance I will grant you permission, but there are no
    Copyright 2008: LanceBob852

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