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    FAQ by feitclub

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    Hijouguchi - Exit DS
    FAQ v0.3
    by Feitclub
    [NOTE!] For quick lookup of a puzzle solution, use CRTL+F to search this file
    for the Mission number, i.e. "9-7" or "12-2"
    I - Game Overview
    II - Mr. Esc
    II A - Touch screen Controls
    II B - D-Pad & Button Controls
    III - Non-Player Characters (NPCs)
    III A - Controlling NPCs with the Stylus
    III B - Controlling NPCs with the Buttons
    III C - The Five Kinds of NPCs
    III C1 - Adults
    III C2 - Children
    III C3 - Large Adults
    III C4 - Dogs
    III C5 - Patients
    IV - Items
    V - Objects, Buttons and Switches
    V 1 - Movable Objects
    V 2 - Buttons and Levers
    V 3 - Switches
    VI - Puzzle Solutions
    VI A - Situation 1: Danger Room (COMPLETE)
    VI B - Situation 2: HotelsOnFire.com (COMPLETE)
    VI C - Situation 3: Screams from a Mall (COMPLETE)
    VI D - Situation 4: Escape the Titanic!
    VI E - Situation 5: Criminal Cave-in
    VI F - Situation 6: E.R. (Earthquake Response)
    VI G - Situation 7: Burning the Midnight Oil Refinery
    VI H - Situation 8: Next Stop, Tsunami Plaza
    VI I - Situation 9: Armageddon It
    VI J - Situation 10: Panic! at the Flying Saucer
    VI J1 - Unique Elements of Situation 10
    VI K - Situation 11: Burning Down the House
    VI L - Situation 12: Pagoda Underground
    VI M - Situation 13: Welcome to the Jungle
    VI N - Situation 14: Egyptian Escape
    VI O - Situation 15
    VII - Credits, Copyright, Etc.
    === I - Game Overview ===
    "Hijouguchi - Exit DS" is essentially a platform-puzzle game. You control the
    dynamic, hat and scarf wearing "Mr. Esc," a man who apparently spends his free
    time entering disaster areas in order to rescue stranded survivors. While this
    game is currently only available in Japanese, it's a particularly import-
    friendly game as all the menus and in-game voices are in English. There are ten
    "situations" broken down into ten "missions" apiece, plus five unlockable
    situations which offer a total of one hundred-fifty different puzzles to
    complete. The object of each mission is to guide Mr. Esc, and any other
    characters you may find, to reach the exit while avoiding any hazards such as
    fires, smoke, etc. Each puzzle has a time limit, although unless you forget to
    pause the game you should rarely fret about running out the clock. You're far
    more likely to find Mr. Esc or the other survivors somehow stranded and forced
    to restart the puzzle. Also, if Mr. Esc or any of the survivors are injured,
    the mission is over.
    Gameplay is primarily on the lower screen. This is where all the action takes
    place. The upper screen is a map, displaying all the characters, objects, doors
    and items. Stranded NPCs are white boxes, active NPCs are blue or red boxes
    (more on that later). The map is grid with each square representing a square
    Please note that I have yet to finish this game so this FAQ is very much a work
    in progress, hence the low version number. More puzzle solutions are on the
    === II - Mr. Esc ===
    Mr. Esc is the star of this game and your main character. He is two meters tall
    and is the most athletic character in the game. He can jump gaps as wide as 3m
    as well as scale heights of 3m. He can safely fall 3m without injuring himself.
    Falls of 4-5m are possible, so long as Mr. Esc hangs off the edge first. He can
    crawl in spaces 1m high and can push objects that are 1m square. There are
    three control methods for players to choose from: using the touch screen (right
    -handed or left-handed) or using the regular buttons. While the game throughly
    explains both methods during the first Situation, the instructions aren't much
    help for those who don't speak or understand Japanese. This section covers the
    basic movement controls. Detailed instructions regarding items or directing
    NPCs will be covered later. 
    == II A - Touch Screen Controls ==
    There are two basic ways to use the touch screen. The first is to touch Mr. Esc
    and then slide the stylus in one of eight directions. If you're doing it right,
    a little red arrow will point in the direction you are sliding. Use this to
    walk (left or right), duck or climb down (down), crawl (down diagonals), jump,
    climb up, or stand up (up). Mr. Esc will stop walking or crawling as soon as
    you stop touching the screen. Sliding the stylus is also used for operating
    elevators; touch Mr. Esc and slide up or down to move to the next floor. To
    grip overhead bars, touch and slide up to jump onto the bar, slide left or
    right to move and then slide down to jump down.
    The other way is to touch Mr. Esc and then touch someplace else. The first
    touch will create a small red and white icon over Mr. Esc's head, the second
    touch will place a red arrow on the screen. Mr. Esc will then automatically go
    to the red arrow, running, jumping or climbing as needed. Touching an item will
    direct Mr. Esc to pick it up. Touch a door and he will open it, or touch
    somewhere on the other side and will automatically open the door en route.
    Touch a button and he will press it. Touch an movable object and he will push
    it as best he can (more on that in the Objects section). If you touch someplace
    Mr. Esc cannot possibly go (i.e. inside a wall) you'll see a white X, so touch
    someplace else.
    An important side-note to this second method is the L-button (or R-button if
    you're a lefty). Press and hold the L-button in order to enter a series of
    commands. Using this method, each arrow will be numbered 1, 2, 3, etc and Mr.
    Esc will proceed towards them in that order. This method is vital for
    completing 3m jumps; you must touch the near edge and then the far edge in
    order for Mr. Esc to clear such a distance. It's also very handy when swimming,
    using stairs or pushing objects (more on that in the Objects section).
    Finally, if you use the Touch Screen, pressing the D-pad (or the buttons if
    you're a lefty) will allow you scroll the view in order to see the entire
    level. Of course, the upper-screen map tells you almost everything you need to
    know, but it does omit certain details.
    == II B - D-Pad & Button Controls ==
    Use the D-Pad to move Mr. Esc much like the Touch & Slide above. Walk by
    pressing Left or Right, duck or climb down by pressing Down, crawl by pressing
    Down-Left or Down-Right and climb up or stand by pressing Up. To use the
    elevators, just press Up or Down.
    Notice I didn't say jump! Press B to jump. By default, you jump straight up.
    Hold left or right to jump in that direction. A standing jump will clear 2m. A
    running jump will clear 3m. To grip overhead bars, jump up, then use the D-pad
    to move left or right. Pressing down will release your grip. When in the water,
    press and hold B to sink. Mr. Esc will automatically float upwards if you let
    Press A to open doors or press buttons, to pick up or use items, or (along with
    pressing Left or Right) to push movable objects. There will be much more about
    items and objects below.
    Press and hold the R-button, along with Left or Right, to run. Releasing the
    run button doesn't necessarily stop instantly, so take care not to run off any
    X, Y and the L-button all deal with the NPCs, so I'll discuss them below.
    === III - Non-Player Characters (NPCs) ===
    Ah yes, the NPCs. Arguably they're the whole point of Mr. Esc running around in
    these dangerous situations. If he's not saving people, what the hell is he
    doing there? The good news is that these people are (more often than not) going
    to be very helpful in reaching the exit. Some of them can do things that Mr.
    Esc cannot. Others can't do anything and will simply be in the way. Either way,
    it's up to you to get them all to safety. Unfortunately, you cannot simply take
    over the NPCs and operate them as you do Mr. Esc You must tell them where to go
    and what to do. First things first, in order to command an NPC you must get Mr.
    Esc to walk up to them. Once contact is made, they are "active" and will
    respond to your instructions. Whether you use the stylus or the buttons, the
    controls are quite similar.
    == III A - Controlling NPCs with the Stylus ==
    Simply touch an NPC and then touch where you want them to go. The first touch
    will create a small blue and white icon over their head, the second will place
    a blue arrow on the screen. They will try their best to get to that blue arrow
    based on their limitations. You can also issue a "green light" by touching an
    NPC and then touch the little "go" button in the upper-right hand corner. NPCs
    with a green light will follow Mr. Esc as he moves, provided he doesn't go
    someplace they can't go. The green light lasts until an NPC is given a specific
    command or you touch the "stop" button in the upper-right hand corner. NPCs
    with a "green light" appear blue on the top screen map. Why blue and not green?
    Long story short: Japanese traffic lights are said to be "blue" even though
    they look green.
    Just like Mr. Esc, NPCs can follow a series of instructions if you use the
    L-button as described above. This is strongly recommended because the AI in
    this game is not very strong. NPCs told to travel too far or forced down a path
    with lots of climbing may simply stop and complain. Use the L-button to issue
    them a series of direct, simple objectives to avoid this. This is particularly
    important when climbing stairs as the NPCs may run past the staircase unless
    you specifically direct them to climb it. Likewise, pushing objects quickly
    requires the L-button, which we'll get to in the Objects section.
    == III B - Controlling NPCs with the Buttons ==
    Using the buttons is pretty much the same as using the stylus. Press X to
    activate the cursor, a white arrow. Move the arrow with the D-Pad and treat it
    like the stylus, although in order to "touch" you press the Y button. NPCs will
    only follow one command at a time, as there's no way to give them a series of
    tasks as above. Also, each time you want them to do something you much touch
    them again, even if you just told them to do something they'll immediately stop
    and wait for new instructions. Look for the icon over their head to see if
    they're "listening" or if they need to be touched again.
    If the pointer is on the screen Mr. Esc will not move. He won't stop what he's
    doing if he's busy, but he won't accept any new input. You can use this to
    scroll around the screen a bit if you want to look around. Pressing X will
    erase the cursor and allow Mr. Esc to move again. The screen will automatically
    scroll to his location.
    The "red" and "green" light functions are now toggled with the L-button.
    Pressing L with tell all available NPCs to either stay put or follow Mr. Esc.
    If he gets too far ahead they might give up and shrug their shoulders, in which
    case you'll have to use the X and Y buttons to get them back on track.
    == III C - The Five Kinds of NPCs ==
    Although Exit DS actually assigns complete identities to each and every NPC you
    meet (viewable under the Profile section), there are five basic types. OK, in
    actuality there are SIX types but I'll discuss the special sixth case later.
    Each has their strengths and weaknesses, or in the case of Patients, just
    = III C1 - Adults =
    Adults vary in age, but they all resemble Mr. Esc in size and ability so I
    frequently refer to them as "young" to distinguish them from the other adults
    mentioned below. They can't quite jump as high or as far (2m maximum) but they
    can carry and use items as well as push 1m square objects. You will need to
    coordinate adult NPCs and Mr. Esc to move or lift large objects. Much like Mr.
    Esc, they can cross yellow breakable floor panels but not red. Adult NPCs will
    not climb down edges or swim, but they will walk through 1m deep water if
    = III C2 - Children =
    Children are considerably smaller (only 1m tall) and weaker than adults. They
    can't push objects around nor will they enter the water. They can't jump
    further than 1m. However, they can crawl into places that adults cannot, and
    they can carry and use items normally. Also, they can cross all breakable floor
    panels without falling. They can only climb up or down 1m on their own. For 2m
    heights, an adult must help them (not necessarily Mr. Esc). To help a child
    climb up, get an adult next to them first. Instruct the child to climb up, then
    tell the adult to help them (touch the adult then touch the child) while the
    child struggles. To help a child down, get the adult beneath them. Tell the
    child to climb down, then tell the adult to help them (again, touch the adult
    then touch the child). In both cases, the adult must be facing the child. For
    Mr. Esc to help children with the button controls, press A after instructing
    the child to climb.
    = III C3 - Large Adults =
    A.K.A. Fatso, Big Boy, Lard Ass...these folks are big. Really, really big. They
    move painfully slowly, can't jump further than 1m, and any breakable floor will
    shatter beneath them. The upside of this is power; large adults can push large
    objects that other characters can't. Like ordinary adults, they will walk
    through shallow (1m) water but they can't swim. They can't climb 2m on their
    own, they need help from two adults. Typically this will be Mr. Esc and one
    able-bodied NPC. To do this, position two adults above the portly NPC. Tell the
    big guy or girl to climb, then quickly instruct both adults to help (touch one
    helper, touch the large adult, then repeat). With the buttons, this requires a
    little juggling - press X, touch the large adult, touch where you want him/her
    to go, touch the helper NPC, touch the large adult, press X to get rid of the
    pointer then press A to tell Mr. Esc to help. As with kids, the helpers must be
    facing the large adult in order to assist.
    = III C4 - Dogs =
    Man's Best Friend is here to help Mr. Esc complete his missions. They are an
    odd mix of skill and weakness. They can run and jump quite far and can crawl
    into tiny spaces or cross breakable floors like children. They can swim across
    water but cannot submerge. They can pick up items but can't use them. Stairs
    and 1m climbs/descents are OK, but ladders, ropes and vertical movement of 2m
    or more is impossible. They cannot push objects or press buttons either,
    although they can stand on switches.
    = III C5 - Patients =
    These poor folks have been injured and are incapable of doing anything. The
    only way to rescue them is to pick them up and carry them to safety. Mr. Esc or
    any able-bodied adult NPC can help these poor bastards. However, while carrying
    a patient, that character moves very slowly and is unable to run, jump, hold
    items, climb or hang from edges, push objects or swim. Furthermore, he/she can
    only drop down 1m heights.
    To pick up a patient, touch the healthy character and then touch the patient.
    You may need to try more than once, as the game is pretty strict as to where
    the helper is standing to pick up the patient. To put down a patient you are
    carrying, touch the carrier twice. Using the buttons and Mr. Esc, use the A
    button to pick up/put down patients.
    === IV - Items ===
    Scattered throughout the levels are small purple icons. These are items, and
    you can bet that any item you come across will prove absolutely necessary to
    completing your mission. Mr. Esc and nearly every NPC can pick up items. Using
    the touch screen, simply touch a character and then touch the icon. For Mr. Esc
    in button mode, stand over an item and press A. If you do it right, you'll hear
    a whistle and the item will appear over the character's head. To use an item,
    touch the item carrier and then touch the "target." This varies greatly
    depending on what item you want to use, so we'll cover each one individually.
    With the buttons, again, move Mr. Esc into position and press A.
    Characters can only hold one item at a time. If a character holding an item
    tries to pick up another, they will drop the item they are carrying in favor of
    the new item. Items cannot simply be "dropped," only exchanged for other items,
    although certain items will disappear after a single use. Of great importance
    is the ability to pass items in between characters, as there will be many
    situations where items in difficult to reach places must be grabbed by one
    character and then used by another. Items can be handed from one character to
    another or two characters can exchange carried items; the controls are the
    To swap items between characters using the touch screen, first touch one
    character and then touch the item icon above the other character's head. This
    means that in order to give an item to an empty-handed character, the recipient
    gets touched first. Using the button controls, the order is the same except you
    press X to open the pointer and Y to "touch" the characters and items. The only
    exception is when Mr. Esc wants to take an item from an NPC when he's not
    already holding something. In that case, stand Mr. Esc next to the item-
    carrying character and press Y.
    What follows is a list of the items found in the game in the approximate order
    in which they first appear.
    Fire Extinguisher - Use this to put out fires. Can only be used once, then it
    is discarded automatically. Certain fires require two blasts, which means you
    will need two extinguishers. To use, touch the bearer and then touch the fire,
    or stand Mr. Esc next to the fire and press A.
    Key - Needed to open locked doors. Can only be used once, then it is discarded
    automatically. To use, touch the keyholder and then touch the locked door, or
    walk Mr. Esc next to the door and press A.
    Rope - Ropes can be hung from certain hooks to offer a safe way down an
    otherwise perilous fall. Once deployed, the item icon disappears and the rope
    cannot be moved. Furthermore, ropes are a one-way ticket; nobody can climb UP
    a rope in this game. To use, touch the rope carrier and then touch the hook, or
    stand Mr. Esc next to the hook and press A.
    Ladder - Just like a rope, except ladders can be used for ascending or
    Plank - The icon looks like a slice of bread to me, but the plank can be placed
    over certain gaps to allow safe foot traffic. You'll easily spot which gaps can
    support planks and which won't; the edges will look like boxes with small
    protrusions. Once put in place, the item icon disappears and they cannot be
    moved. Planks automatically fit whichever gap you use them on, so there's no
    worries about using two planks or anything. They look thin but do not break,
    regardless of how much weight you put on them. To use the plank, touch the
    carrier and then touch the edge of the gap, or move Mr. Esc to the edge and
    press A.
    Boots - These first appear in Situation 3. Unlike other items, the boots are
    not actually "used" but instead they grant their bearer the ability to push
    objects while walking on ice.
    Pickaxe - These first appear in Situation 3. Use the pickaxe to destroy certain
    breakable obstacles such as icicles or fallen rocks. Certain obstacles will
    require more than one strike unless a large adult swings the axe; those folks
    really are strong! The pickaxe can be used and re-used an infinite number of
    times. To use, touch the carrier and then touch whatever you want to destroy,
    or move Mr. Esc next to the target and press A.
    === V - Objects, Buttons and Switches ===
    The next key to completing your missions is properly using the various objects,
    buttons and switches in every level. Like items, you can safely expect that
    anything and everything you come across will need to be pushed or used at least
    == V 1 - Movable Objects ==
    Movable objects cannot be picked up or pulled, only pushed. If you push an
    object into a corner and then realize it needs to be moved again, you'll have
    to restart the level. Objects pushed off edges will fall without breaking. Take
    care not to hit any characters with falling objects, as that will end the
    mission. Objects can be stacked on top of one another with little regard for
    logic or weight; that is to say, a 2m square metal box can rest atop a 1m
    square wooden box. Once stacked, push the bottom item in order to move the
    entire stack, if possible. Characters can climb onto or stand on top of objects
    but those objects cannot be pushed while they are being stood upon. Characters
    cannot push objects "over" gaps, i.e. if there is a 1m gap you can push a large
    box onto the gap (covering it) but your character will stop pushing once he/she
    reaches the gap in the floor.
    To push an object with the touch screen, touch a character and then touch the
    object. Stacked objects must be moved by touching the bottom-most object. By
    default, characters push objects 1m forward and then stop. To push an object
    further without stopping, use the L or R button to enter a series of commands,
    creating a step-by-step path to push the object. You can't simply designate a
    "start" and "stop" position: your must place a numbered arrow for each step.
    Otherwise the character will push once, stop, and then walk to the next arrow.
    Pushing objects with the button controls is a lot simpler. For Mr. Esc, walk up
    to an object and press A while holding Left or Right to push. Hold the A button
    to continue pushing the object. For NPCs, press the X and Y buttons to "touch"
    the NPC and the object you want to push. Hold the Y button to keep pushing.
    Special note: starting in Situation 3 there exist certain icy floors. An object
    pushed on the ice will automatically slide 2m forward, unless it hits
    something. Be careful not to slide an object into another character, that's a
    Mission Failure.
    Objects larger than 1m will require teamwork. To get Mr. Esc and an NPC to work
    together, tell the NPC to start pushing first, then get Mr. Esc to help while
    the first character struggles. As above, you must use a series of commands or
    hold the A button to push further than one step. Don't worry, the NPC won't
    give up as long as Mr. Esc keeps pushing.
    There are four different kinds of objects which Mr. Esc can push around:
    Wooden Box (1m square) - These are the most basic objects and can be pushed by
    any individual adult character. They will burn up if pushed into fire or sink
    if pushed into the water. A stack of two wooden boxes must be pushed by two
    adults or one large adult. In fact, large adults can push as many as four
    stacked 1m boxes.
    Long Metal Box (1m high, 2m wide) - These require two adults or one large adult
    to be pushed. Large adults can push these even with two additional small boxes
    (or a second long metal box) stacked on top. Metal boxes extinguish fires if
    they fall onto or are pushed across the blaze. They also sink in water.
    Large Metal Box (2m square) - These are the heaviest objects in the game and
    can only be pushed by large adults. They will extinguish fires and sink in
    water. If there is a small wooden box on top, a large adult and another adult
    can work together to push the entire stack.
    Wooden Barrel (1m) - Barrels will roll once pushed until they hit a wall or
    enter the water. Even if you push a barrel over an edge, it keeps rolling until
    stopped so watch out below! Barrels float in water and can support the weight
    of one adult or one child. They will sink if heavy objects land on them or a
    large adult or two normal adults try to stand on them. Being made of wood, like
    the boxes, they will burn up if they enter a flaming area.
    == V 2 - Buttons and Levers ==
    Some missions have control panels on the wall with either a button or a lever.
    Buttons are pressed only once, levers can be used multiple times. Buttons may
    operate ceiling fire extinguishers, ventilation fans or water pumps, while
    levers operate cranes or conveyor belts; it all depends on the situation. To
    operate with the touch screen, touch a character and then touch with panel.
    Using the buttons, move Mr. Esc in front of the panel and press A.
    == V 3 - Switches ==
    The are two different "switches" in this game, and while they look like buttons
    graphically, you have to stand on them to "press" them so I went ahead and
    decided they are "switches."
    The first is a pressure switch. Pressing this switch will open a gate somewhere
    on the level. Releasing the switch will close the gate. The only way to clear
    these obstacles is to have one character stand on the switch long enough to let
    someone pass through the gate, or move an object on top of the switch to hold
    the gate open. Please take note that the gate will not close if a character is
    standing in the way.
    The second switch operates the elevators, though not every elevator has a
    switch. Elevators in Exit DS are tricky things - they won't move if you load
    too much onto them and the NPCs cannot operate the elevators like Mr. Esc can.
    That's where the switch comes in. Pressing a switch (which any character can
    do, even the dogs) will summon the elevator to that floor. Several puzzles will
    require clever uses of these switches to coordinate NPCs on multiple floors.
    Unlike the gates described above, elevators will move no matter what objects
    or characters are in the way, so watch out.
    How can you tell the difference between these switches? They look quite similar
    as both are red, but the pressure switches are a little more rounded. More
    importantly, elevator switches are always adjacent to the elevator shaft, while
    pressure switches can turn up anywhere.
    === VI - Puzzle Solutions ===
    This section explains the solutions to the puzzles in case you're stuck. Each
    Situation has its own setting and backstory, which I will try to translate
    into English when I find the time. For now, a simple summary will have to
    suffice. The English titles are my own creation, please forgive the puns.
    == VI A - Situation 1: Danger Room ==
    This is the introductory situation so it functions as a tutorial level. All
    five NPCs will be introduced along with several basic items and objects. The
    game will frequently pop-up instructions - touch the screen or press A to
    continue to game.
    = 1-1 =
    My best time/score: 0'35"42/100
    There's nothing to say here...this is the very first mission so there's
    absolutely no hazards here. Just go to the right, climbing or descending as
    needed. Try to get used to the controls.
    = 1-2 =
    Again, there's not much here. The biggest challenge is getting the hang of
    running and jumping the gaps. You must push the box over to the edge of the pit
    in order to make that last jump. Mr. Esc will automatically grab the ledge,
    just slide/push up to climb up and out.
    = 1-3 =
    This is the first mission to feature items. Use the fire extinguisher and the
    rope. When making your way down the right side (after the ladder), notice how
    far Mr. Esc can safely fall without hanging off the edge first. On the bottom
    floor, open the first door, then go up and down the rope. Grab the key, proceed
    to the exit.
    = 1-4 =
    Go to the left to press the button and extinguish the fire. Run to the right,
    climb over the box and push it onto the switch to open the gate. Head down and
    to the right, push that box over the edge to open the second gate. Take the
    elevator up to the exit.
    = 1-5 =
    This is the first stage with NPCs, both adults. Meet the first one and go
    right. Send Mr. Esc down to press the button so the young lady can grab the
    extinguisher, come down the ladder and put out the fire. Grab the key, head
    right and unlock the door. Meet the young man and take the extinguisher. Go
    down the rope and have the NPCs each take an extinguisher. Put out all the
    fires and exit.
    = 1-6 =
    Use the bar to get past the fire, head down the stairs and over to the right.
    Press the button to clear the smoke so you can run over and meet the NPC.
    Return to the right and go down the ladder. Have the NPC stand on the switch
    so Mr. Esc can go down and grab the plank. Come back up, use the plank and
    cross the fire. Use the NPC and Mr. Esc to push the boxes out of your way and
    then exit.
    = 1-7 =
    Ignore the weak floor and rush across, grabbing the key and meeting the NPC.
    Unlock the next door and head right. Get the large guy to step on the weak
    floor panel to fall down. Take the fire extinguisher before heading upstairs.
    Put out the fire, take the key and meet the young NPC. Go to the left and
    unlock the door. Use the large man to push the metal box and head for the exit.
    The large man will need help with the last climb.
    = 1-8 =
    Meet the kid and send him into the crawlspace to stand on the switch. Send Mr.
    Esc up the ladder, go through the gate and come down the rope. Go to the left,
    taking care not to walk into the fire. Go down the rope and send the kid to
    take the extinguisher and then put out the fire. Help the kid climb up and
    down the final obstacle on your way to the exit.
    = 1-9 =
    Jump into the water and swim around to the control panel. Press the button then
    head right to rescue the dog. Proceed right, noting that the dog can jump
    across the pit that Mr. Esc must walk through. Go down the stairs, take the
    extinguisher and go down the stairs again. Put out the fire, then send the dog
    over to the left to grab the key and bring it back. Go down the stairs again,
    take the key from the dog and unlock the door. Push the barrel so that the dog
    can climb up and over to the exit.
    = 1-10 =
    Pick up the patient and go downstairs. Put the patient down so you can press
    the button. Pick him up again, meet the NPC and have her grab the key. Go to
    the elevator and go all the way up. Unlock the door and go left. Put down the
    patient in order to push the metal box all the way to the left. Pick up the
    patient again and exit.
    == VI B - Situation 2: HotelsOnFire.com ==
    A famous hotel is ablaze and Mr. Esc rushes in to help without reservation.
    = 2-1 =
    Enough the tutorials, let's play! Use the bar to climb over the small fire. Go
    down the rope, take the extinguisher and use it, although the fire will linger.
    Go up the stairs and use this bar to get the other extinguisher. Climb back,
    go down again and put out the rest of the fire. Meet the NPC and go upstairs.
    Push the two boxes to the right, pushing one down into the pit. Have Mr. Esc
    jump across, then climb right and push the box to the left. Now the NPC can
    jump across and reach the exit.
    = 2-2 =
    Meet the large NPC and use teamwork to push both boxes to the right. Have Mr.
    Esc push the little box over to the right and then move both characters towards
    the stairs. Use the large NPC to push the metal box and push the button. Go
    upstairs, grab the key, unlock the door and exit.
    = 2-3 =
    Pick up the extinguisher and then go left, down the elevator. Meet the NPC and
    put out the fire. Go right and pick up both extinguishers, then double back to
    the left. Go upstairs and use both extinguishers to put out that fire. Press
    the button to clear the bottom floor, then go back down the elevator and exit.
    = 2-4 =
    Take the elevator down and meet the big woman. Send her into the elevator alone
    while Mr. Esc crawls under the smoke to the right. Climb up onto the metal box
    and onto the second floor, then climb down the ladder to meet the young NPC.
    Take the extinguisher and go up the ladder. Use teamwork to push the long metal
    box to the left, stacking it on top of the other, larger box. Use the
    extinguisher and step on the switch to summon the elevator. Now just head for
    the exit, although the large lady will need help with that climb up from the
    metal box stack.
    = 2-5 =
    Head over to the left and rescue the dog, then go to the right and push the box
    once. Climb up to meet the young lady, then push that box over to the right,
    making a double stack below. Go down with both adults and push this stack over
    to the left, so that it falls right next to the fire. Bring everyone down in
    the elevator. Send the dog over to the get the key (he will jump from the stack
    to the far side) then call him back and unlock the door. Exit.
    = 2-6 =
    Pick up that first extinguisher and step on the (right) switch to summon the
    elevator. Go down and meet the dog. Bring him up one floor and send the dog to
    stand on the (left) switch, opening the gate on the top floor. Go up in the
    elevator and put out the fire. Press the button to clear the smoke, run over
    and meet the NPC and then go back to the elevator, taking the other
    extinguisher. Go down one floor. Send the NPC over to the ladder while bringing
    the dog into the elevator. Go down one more floor, put out the fire and send
    the dog to the exit. Mr. Esc can run and clear the fire as well. Exit.
    = 2-7 =
    Pick up the extinguisher but don't use it yet. Move to the right, climb over
    one box in order to reach a second. Push the second box into the hole on the
    right and climb down. Push the button to put out the fire, then push the box
    to the left. Push it until it is next to the little fire, then climb onto it
    and jump to the left. Run over and meet the NPC. Come back and push the long
    box together, smothering the fire. Send Mr. Esc up to the wooden box, pushing
    it down so that the NPC can climb upstairs. Head to the right, put out the
    small fire and exit.
    = 2-8 =
    Move to the left and pick up a fire extinguisher. Then proceed to the right and
    put out the big fire. Pick up another extinguisher and double back to the left
    and meet the NPC. Use teamwork to push the long metal box to the right down
    onto the switch below. Send the young NPC down the rope on the left to pick up
    another extinguisher. Send Mr. Esc to the right, off the edge and down the
    rope. Stand Mr. Esc on the switch so the young man can go through the gate and
    down the rope. Extinguish the fire on the left, then push the button to put out
    the fire on the right. Exit.
    = 2-9 =
    Take the extinguisher, jump to the right and then push the box off the edge to
    the left. Climb down and use the extinguisher on the fire, but some flames will
    linger. Push the box to the left so that there is one space between the box and
    the remaining fire. Climb on the box and jump over the fire. Grab the plank and
    press the button. Jump over the fire again and push the box to the right,
    stopping to meet the NPC and getting him out of your way. Push the box off the
    edge on the right then put down the plank. Cross the plank with both
    characters and go down the rope. Push the box to the left edge of the fire,
    then climb onto the box and jump across. Exit.
    = 2-10 =
    Grab the extinguisher and head right. Put out the fire and meet the young NPC.
    Send both of them to the left. Have the NPC pick up the next extinguisher. Meet
    the large NPC and use teamwork to help him over the giant metal box. Have Tubby
    push the big box left so that it extinguishes the small fire. Use teamwork to
    help him climb back over the metal box. Send Mr. Esc up onto the ledge to grab
    the next extinguisher. Climb back down, then have the fat man push the big box
    all the way to the right, over the ledge.
    Send Mr. Esc over to the right and down so he can push the wooden box to the
    left two steps. Have the young NPC jump to the right and then step down onto
    the box. Send him crawling to the left to press the button. Bring him back,
    then have him climb back up and jump to the left (where the fatty has been
    waiting). Push the box one more step to the left. Now both NPCs can come down
    and everyone can reach the exit.
    == VI C - Situation 3: Screams from a Mall ==
    A freak storm has frozen over a shopping mall, trapping customers inside. Mr.
    Esc breaks in to break those people out.
    = 3-1 =
    This one's real simple in order to introduce the new, frosty environment. Begin
    by taking the boots and pushing the box to the right up against the wall. Climb
    up and meet the kid. Climb up again and push that box to the left, offering
    the child a way up to meet you. Send the little rascal under the icicle to grab
    the pickaxe. Have the kid use the axe three times to completely destroy the
    ice, then proceed toward the exit, pushing the box into the hole along the way.
    = 3-2 =
    Take the pickaxe and go to the left. Climb up and meet the dog. Destroy the ice
    and send the dog over to grab that key to the right. Call the dog back, then
    swap items so Mr. Esc has the key. Jump down, run right and climb up to unlock
    the door. Meet the fat lady and call the dog over. Bring all three to the top
    of the elevator car. Have the big girl push the stack over to the right edge,
    then push the wooden box off the edge. Climb down with Mr. Esc and get into the
    elevator. Bring it up one floor and get the NPCs inside. But now it's too full
    so send Mr. Esc back down over the edge again. Step on the switch to bring the
    elevator down. Go to the right and push the box to the right. It will slide
    into position, giving the NPCs a step up towards the exit.
    = 3-3 =
    Grab the boots and push the box to the left once. Climb up and meet the kid,
    then help him down so you both can descend the ladder. Send the kid under the
    icicle to retrieve the key, then have him unlock the door to the left. Meet the
    grown-up NPC behind the door and have him take the pickaxe. Send the NPC to
    destroy the icicle. Have Mr. Esc and the NPC swap items. Move everyone to the
    right next to the stack of boxes. Climb up with Mr. Esc to grab a second set of
    boots. Climb back down and use teamwork to push the stack of boxes into the
    hole. Send everyone to the exit (the kid will need a little help).
    = 3-4 =
    Take the elevator up one floor. Have Mr. Esc exit to the left and climb up,
    meeting both the little girl and the young lady along the way. Send the young
    lady over to the right, beyond the rightmost box. Send the little girl into the
    elevator, which means Mr. Esc will have to help her climb down. Have Mr. Esc
    take her down one floor in the elevator. Send the girl under the icicle to take
    the pickaxe, then use the axe to destroy the ice. Meanwhile, have the NPC above
    push the box to the left, making a stack on top of the elevator.
    Send Mr. Esc and the elevator up one floor. Have the NPC climb over the boxes
    and stand atop the elevator. Move Mr. Esc off the elevator to the left. Use the
    little girl to step on the switch, bringing the elevator down to the bottom.
    Have Mr. Esc and the NPC push the boxes to the right. Have Mr. Esc climb down
    to take the pickaxe from the girl, then have him bring the elevator up one
    floor to meet the other NPC. Bring him and that lady down again. Head to the
    right, helping the little girl climb those boxes, then destroy the ice in order
    to exit.
    = 3-5 =
    Take the boots and climb up to the right. Meet the NPC and have Mr. Esc stand
    on the switch. Use the NPC to pick up the axe and send him through the gate
    and down the ladder. Destroy the ice, then bring the NPC back up through the
    gate. Move Mr. Esc over to the ice on the left, then push the right box over
    the edge. Bring the NPC over and then down onto the box. Move the NPC to the
    right, pushing the wooden box off of the metal box so that the dog has a step
    out of his corner. Move the NPC back to the left, pushing that box to the left
    so the dog has a step down towards the gate. Then move the NPC down to stand
    on the switch, opening the gate above near the ice. Push the box to the left
    with Mr. Esc so it falls down onto the other switch, opening the lower gate.
    Now send Mr. Esc to the right and down into the corner to rescue the dog, then
    send everyone to the exit.
    = 3-6 =
    Climb down to the young NPC below, then climb back up to the starting platform.
    Push the right box over the edge. Have the NPC climb onto the fallen box in
    order to push the box across the ice so that he can then climb up the left
    edge. Move the NPC to the left, then use Mr. Esc to push the left box over that
    edge. Now the NPC can climb up to meet Mr. Esc. Send both to the right, then
    move the NPC up the ladder. Push the right box over the edge, then push the
    left box over the left edge. Down below, use Mr. Esc to push the left box over
    to the right, making a set of three on the ice. Climb up on the left box to
    push the right box over the edge. Climb down into the hole, jump over and take
    the pickaxe. Climb out and up the ladder on the right. Smash the ice and exit.
    = 3-7 =
    Climb down the ice to the LEFT and go all the way down. Pick up the axe and
    destroy the icicle completely (two swings). Go to the right and pick up the
    boots, dropping the axe in its place. Climb over the boxes and rescue the
    young man. Have him grab the second pair of boots, then use teamwork to push
    the stack of boxes to the right twice (they slide once). Send Mr. Esc up the
    boxes and back towards the starting position at the top. Mr. Esc will need to
    push the box along the way to the right in order to climb that last ledge. Have
    the NPC exchange his boots for the axe and have Mr. Esc trade his boots for the
    rope at the top. Hang off the right edge and fall down. Step on the switch with
    Mr. Esc so the adult can enter the gate and destroy the icicle in his path. Go
    rescue the little girl and tell her to pick up the key. Have Mr. Esc pick up
    and then deploy the rope. When the little girl has the key, she can crawl back
    and both she and Mr. Esc can go down the rope. All three characters can reach
    the exit once you unlock the door.
    = 3-8 =
    Move to the left and grab the boots. Climb over the box and take the elevator.
    Push the upstairs box just one square to the left then bring the elevator back
    down. Climb over the right box and slide it to the left. Now go back up in the
    elevator and push that upstairs box to the right, sliding it across the ice
    onto the switch. Go down the elevator again and slide the downstairs box twice
    to the right. Now Mr. Esc can climb up and pass through the gate.
    Climb down and rescue both NPCs. Send the young man up the ladder and instruct
    the large adult to grab the axe and smash the ice. Once the ice is gone, swap
    Mr. Esc's boots for the axe. Send Mr. Esc up the ladder and send the big guy
    over to the left, beyond the wooden box. With the chubster, slide that box
    three times to the right so it stops below the boxes above. Use Mr. Esc to push
    the upper wooden box over the edge, then use both Mr. Esc and the young man to
    push the metal box over the edge. Now you should have a giant, upside-down "L"
    on the ice. The big guy can slide this stack no problem; push it four times so
    it rests on the edge of the pit to the right. Bring Mr. Esc and the young NPC
    down the ladder. Send Mr. Esc up onto the stack and climb up to grab the key.
    Climb back down and then push the stack into the pit. Unlock the door and exit.
    = 3-9 =
    Climb over the first box you see, walk through the elevator and to the right,
    where there is another box. Push this box once to the right, climb up, and jump
    over to meet the large adult. Jump back to the left, move the NPC into the
    elevator and have Mr. Esc push the box off the right edge (making a stack of
    two boxes below). Go down one floor with both characters in the elevator.
    Have Mr. Esc go the right, climb over the boxes, and go down one floor in the
    other elevator on the right. Step out of the elevator on the right side and
    grab the board. Take the (right) elevator up one floor, climb back over the
    boxes and rejoin the NPC. Lay down the board, send the NPC across to push the
    set of boxes into the hole, then have him pick up the boots and return. Move
    the NPC to the right, next to the stack of boxes on the ice. Move Mr. Esc up
    in the elevator, climb over the box and push it all the way to the right and
    over the edge, increasing the stack by one more box. Go down in the elevator
    one floor. Use the NPC to slide the boxes into the right-side elevator, then
    bring him back and go down one floor in the left elevator.
    Leave the left elevator and step on the right switch to bring down the other
    elevator full of boxes. Using the big guy, push the boxes to the right onto the
    patch of ice. Send Mr. Esc up onto the stack and climb up to reach the axe.
    Climb down the right side and destroy the icicle. Push the boxes into the hole
    and proceed to the exit.
    = 3-10 =
    Pick up the rope. Meet the lady and deploy the rope to the right. Send her down
    while Mr. Esc grabs the ladder. Down below, position the NPC on the switch to
    open the gate. Move Mr. Esc to the left, over the box, and then deploy the
    ladder on the left hook. Go down, open the door and rescue the dog. Send the
    dog to the right to pick up the axe, while Mr. Esc takes the boots and then
    goes back up the ladder and over to the box. Axe in hand (or paw?), send the
    dog all the way to the right to meet up with the lady NPC. Have her take that
    axe and destroy the icicle. Pick up the key with the dog and send him over to
    the stairs and down towards the locked door, where he must wait.
    Mr. Esc can now push the wooden box to the left, dropping it onto the top of
    the stairs. Climb down, then push it again onto the red floorboard. It will
    fall. Mr. Esc can now climb down the stairs to the door. Grab the key from
    the dog and unlock the door to the exit. If the NPC takes one step forward,
    she'll break the floor and fall slightly, but then she can proceed to the exit.
    == VI D - Situation 4: Escape the Titanic! ==
    A luxury cruise liner has been disabled and Mr Esc is the only swimmer
    available. Don't these people have life jackets?
    ***COMING SOON***
    == VI E - Situation 5: Criminal Cave-in ==
    An explosion rocks a meeting at a notorious gang's headquarters. Luckily,
    Mr. Esc doesn't discriminate and there's plenty of mining tools available.
    ***COMING SOON***
    == VI F - Situation 6: E.R. (Earthquake Response) ==
    In the middle of a routine check-up, an earthquake rocks the hospital and Mr.
    Esc wisely changes back into his hat and scarf before springing into action.
    ***COMING SOON***
    == VI G - Situation 7: Burning the Midnight Oil Refinery ==
    Water and oil don't mix, but oil and fire are even worse together. Mr. Esc will
    have his work cut out for him as he enters an imperiled industrial zone.
    ***COMING SOON***
    == VI H - Situation 8: Next Stop, Tsunami Plaza ==
    A giant wave has flooded the subway system. Good thing they've already
    installed pumps to control the water level down there.
    ***COMING SOON***
    == VI I - Situation 9: Armageddon It ==
    Mr. Esc is facing down a meteor storm that threatens the city with fire and
    ice all at once. Bruce Willis and Robert Duvall were unavailable.
    ***COMING SOON***
    == VI J - Situation 10: Panic! at the Flying Saucer ==
    Summoned via telepathy, Mr. Esc finds himself assisting aliens escape from
    what looks like their own vessel. One wonders why they have so many other
    humans on board!
    = VI J1 - Unique Elements of Situation 10 =
    This situation introduces several new elements, including the a sixth type of
    NPC and several futuristic means of transport.
    Aliens: This little fellas have mastered space travel but are in need of Mr.
    Esc's hands-on expertise. They are like a cross between dogs and children: they
    are small, cannot carry items nor push objects, and cannot climb, descend or
    jump more than 1m. To their credit, they are invulnerable to fire.
    More importantly, they can transform into blocks and then these blocks can
    be pushed around and used like wooden boxes. To transform an alien into a box
    (or vice versa), simply touch them twice.
    Teleporters: These space-age (literally) devices teleport whoever steps on them
    to another location on the stage. Teleporters are marked with shapes to
    distinguish them from one another, i.e. the triangle teleporter and the square
    teleporter are separate devices. To avoid using them, try jumping over the pad
    or pushing an object through the field without stopping.
    Levitation shafts: Entering these vertical areas, Mr. Esc can float up or down
    without the use of an elevator. Curiously enough, he is the only character able
    to use this means of conveyance, including the aliens which means they built
    a machine they cannot use themselves.
    To use, move Mr. Esc into the shaft and touch & slide or use the D-pad.
    ***COMING SOON***
    == VI K - Situation 11: Burning Down the House ==
    This is the first of five special situations without a backstory to color the
    missions. These "advanced" levels combine many elements from the previous
    situations. These level names are extra-arbitrary as a result.
    ***COMING SOON***
    == VI L - Situation 12: Pagoda Underground ==
    The backgrounds in this situation are vaguely Asian, then everything shifts to
    a subterranean motif.
    ***COMING SOON***
    == VI M - Situation 13: Welcome to the Jungle ==
    Look, it's in the jungle and I love Guns N' Roses, so I couldn't resist.
    ***COMING SOON***
    == VI N - Situation 14: Egyptian Escape ==
    The walls in these caverns evoke a certain ancient wonder...you know, they
    built giant 3D triangles in the desert...what's the name for those pyramid-
    shaped tombs...sorry, I'm blanking.
    ***COMING SOON***
    == VI O - Situation 15 ==
    ***COMING SOON***
    === VII - Credits, Copyright, Etc. ===
    Version History:
    version 0.1 March 5 2008
    -basic move guide, NPC controls, items, objects, buttons and switches
    version 0.3 March 25 2008
    -Situations 1,2,3 complete, outlined Situation 10, added link to Kumicyou
    Everything in the guide was written or translated by myself. Don't copy this
    guide or publish it without my permission. At this point the only site you
    should be reading this guide on is www.GameFAQs.com.
    Special thanks to nama_biiru on the GameFAQs forum and "yusubou" & "hana" on
    nifty.com for advice on completing puzzles. Acknowledgements are also in order
    for Kumicyou's extensive guide to this game (in Japanese) found here:
    If you want to make suggestions or corrections, contact me at:
    [myusername] [at] [myusername] [dot] COM
    Copyright 2008 feitclub

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