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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Paradisio

    Version: 0.7 | Updated: 01/10/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2008
    Version: 0.7
    =Table of Contents =
    =1. Introduction   =
    =2. Walkthrough    =
    =3. Pack Unlocking =
    =4. Thanks to...   =
    General notes... Well, I should note that I am no Yu-Gi-Oh expert and I 
    haven't won 100s of tournaments, gone to the finals, or even watched 
    the show much. I just enjoy the videogame, and this is my way of 
    helping people out who need some guidance with the game's unlocking.
    As of this version this guide is still under construction and only 
    covers about one-sixth of the games materials. Thank you.
    =Walkthrough Introduction=
    When starting the game first you'll need to select your countries flag, 
    this doesn't have any real change except what flag you'll appear under 
    You'll then get to put in your gender, hairstyle and face. You can 
    change your hair color in options, so you don't need to worry if you 
    like the style and not the color.
    Anyways, after that you'll see two options: Duel World or World 
    Championship. Duel World is the 'story mode' and World Championship is 
    more like the previous version of the game (2007) where it is just menu 
    navigation and selecting duelists... They aren't mutually exclusive at 
    all, they are very connected, doing things in one will unlock things in 
    another; for instance several times in Duel World (DW) you'll beat a 
    duelist several times and it'll unlock another Duelist in World 
    Championship. Mostly the reward you are looking for is packs.
    Just one thing, if you're cheating (IE unlocking everything at once) 
    this guide isn't really for you. This guide is for those who are going 
    through the game using what limited cards they have available at the 
    On Passwords; in the card shop you can put in passwords from physical 
    cards to buy them in game for DP (the money in the game - Duel Points). 
    You have to have the pack they are in to use the password, so it is of 
    limited usefulness in this version.
    On tricks, there is one 'trick' that I am apprehensive to call a cheat 
    or not; if you go into Wi-fi mode and look on the leaderboards you can 
    download a 'ghost' which is basically a deck from an opponent; there is 
    occasionally someone who has hacked/cheated/etc to get an absurdly high 
    ranking (50000+), they are basically there for people to farm DP off of 
    because of the insane number of DP you get from beating them easily 
    (they usually have terrible/instant lose decks). Whether you use this 
    or not is up to you, it makes the game easier, but is not required. I 
    should note, he/she isn't there all the time and you may have to check 
    daily before he/she shows up if at all ever again. I should note, as of 
    this first version I did start using this 'trick', but all the advice 
    should still be valid it just may take you longer to get said card; but 
    for the time being it makes writing this guide much easier and contain 
    much more valuable information than if I hadn't used it.
    =Introduction to World Championship Mode=
    Ok first, go into World Championship to see several options: Free Duel, 
    Communications Menu, Friend Menu, Duelist Menus, Shop, Tutorial, and 
    Free Duel is where you can battle duelists; right now it'll be fairly 
    empty until you unlock additional ones in DW.
    Communications Menu is the online section, you can play online; 
    configure your Wi-Fi settings, etc... Of note, every day you can download 
    a new card each day, view leaderboards, download duel puzzles, download 
    duelists you can battle/use as tag partner (Jaden Yuki and White 
    Magician Pikeru), and then download special forbidden card lists. If 
    you can get online I would download everything, they add a lot to the 
    game and Jaden is probably one of the best tag partners and he has a 
    deck that can world very well if he gets a good hand.
    Friend Mode is where you put in others friend codes and find your own 
    to get a circle of your friends that can play each other online. 
    The Duelist Menus contains all the deck construction tools you'll need. 
    Deck construction has the obvious stuff. In the recipe viewer you can 
    view the pre-created recipes and pre-constructed decks. The card list 
    is fairly obvious; as you get the majority of the cards in a pack it'll 
    be added so you can see what cards are in the set and which you are 
    missing. It's good if you need another copy of a card and need to find 
    what set it is in or are simply a completist like me. The final is the 
    Forbidden/Limited list which shows you what cards you can use fewer of 
    or not at all.
    The shop has the packs you can buy; you have 6 packs unlocked right now 
    and 1500 DP for free. The other is Password which I covered briefly; 
    it's pretty self-explanatory as well.
    Tutorial teaches you to play the game, run through this if you're new, 
    as I won't cover the basics of playing the game. This also contains the 
    downloadable duel puzzles... if you have well, downloaded them... It also 
    includes the glossary which explains general game terms and some basic 
    tips on using some cards.
    The last is options, here you can configure your characters look, 
    change their battle phrases and see your record. Of note, you do have 
    one alternate outfit already (you should have a Red Uniform and Brown 
    Jumper.)  Also, I should note I am playing through the game with a male 
    character; if someone that is playing a female character could send me 
    the female versions of things as I go, I would appreciate it.
    =Duel World Introduction=
    In a different age... In a distant world... A world with duels like you've 
    never seen awaits your arrival...  Welcome to Duel World!
    When you start the game will ask if you are experienced or not, it 
    doesn't change anything, it just tells you that you should go through 
    the tutorial.
    =World 1 - World of Grace=
    So you'll appear on the map, you can navigate with the D-Pad. Press B 
    right now to get into the game menu; here you can save (do so before 
    quitting), duelist menu (as before), shop (as before), options (as 
    before) and quitting back to the 'main' menu. In the middle you'll have 
    the world selection, right now you only have one (Grace), so click on 
    it to get back in.
    Okay so look around, the map isn't very large; you'll see several 
    things. There is an arena, a tent, potentially several figures and 
    there may or may not be some ripples in the lake above the tent.
    The arena is where you can use pre-constructed decks to fight against 
    the AI also using pre-constructed decks. 
    The tent is where you can pay DP to get a tip on how to continue the 
    'story.' Hopefully you won't need that if you're reading this (I'll pay 
    the 50 DP for ya!)
    The figures are the main thing, these are the other duelists. They will 
    come and go as you beat one or do other things, but if you exit and 
    then re-enter they will refresh and another might show up.
    The lake is something a little different, if there are ripples one or 
    two things could happen you might pay money and play a guessing game 
    for a card (varies) or you might enter into a duel with the creature in 
    the lake. 
    The duelists that'll appear right now is Nightmare Penguin, Skull 
    Servant, E-Hero and the lake serpent. If you approach when you can 
    either Duel or Talk... As far as I know talk never does anything with the 
    regular duelists aside from causing the duelists to refresh...
    Okay but before we start beating let's take a look at your deck...
    Monsters: Chamberlain of the Six Samurai, Elemental Hero Clayman, Great 
    Angus, Harpie Girl, 2x Queen's Knight, Renge - Gatekeeper of Dark 
    World, 2x Sonic Duck, Space Mambo, Tri-Horned Dragon, Black Ptera, 
    Decoy Dragon, Goblin Elite Attack Force, Gyroid, Iron Blacksmith 
    Kotetsu, Majestic Mech - Ohka, Old Vindictive Magician, Swift Birdman 
    Joe, Vortex King
    Spells: Axe of Despair, Back to Square One, Broken Bamboo Sword, Dack 
    Factory of Mass Production, Enemy Controller, Hammer Shot, Luck Iron 
    Axe, Mind Control, Soul Devouring Bamboo Sword, 2x Stray Lambs, 2x 
    Traps: Birthright, Chain Detonation, Dust Tornado, Magic Drain, Negate 
    Attack, 2x Trap Hole
    This deck is obviously not a happy panda; there are some gems, but they 
    are definitely buried in a pile of dung. It certainly isn't impossible 
    to win with, and you can clear the first world with some skill/luck 
    (mostly luck) using it, but anytime after that you are going to be 
    hard-pressed to do anything with it. The main problem is this deck has 
    no theme and no real synergy; it's just a pile of cards that are thrown 
    into a deck with something of a decent ratio. It also has some frankly 
    useless cards in general that are only good for some very specialized 
    decks (Harpie Girl? C'mon). 
    So you're wondering probably, what should I do to improve it? Well, 
    simple, the game does give you some starting cash and you do have a 
    couple of packs available already;
    White Light Ruler, Fiery Rage, Chaos Knight, Dark Legend, Dark Flare 
    Battle, and Ultimate Power.
    I recommend taking your 1500 DP and buying as many packs of Fiery Rage 
    as you can (10) as it contains in my very humble opinion the best cards 
    to throw together a much better deck. This is not to say that the 
    others don't contain good cards, they all contain good cards, and for 
    example here are some that stick out from each for me:
    White Light Ruler: Magician of Faith, Mystical Space Typhoon, and 
    Swords of Revealing Light.
    Fiery Rage: All Exodia Pieces, Fissure, Giant Trunade, Ultimate 
    Offering, Royal Flush Cards
    Chaos Knight: Card Destruction and Sangan
    Dark Legend: Crush Card Virus, Mirror Force, Heavy Storm, Royal Decree 
    and Solemn Judgement
    Dark Flare Battle:  Okay I lied; this one IMO doesn't have anything 
    particularly good, but seems to contain a good amount of 4 star and 
    lower monster cards with good attack power
    Ultimate Power: Magic Cylinder
    So as you can see, I think Fiery Rage holds the best cards; most 
    importantly it holds all the cards to make a Royal Flush Deck. 
    Basically this deck uses the Jack's Knight, Queen's Knight and King's 
    Knight for a fusion summon of a decently powerful monster. As you 
    proceed you'll probably want to pick up things from other packs, which 
    is good.
    Anyways, so buying 10 packs of Fiery Rage (also note the game does save 
    as you buy so you can't reset if you don't get good cards) I end up 
    pulling well, nothing substantial aside from half of Exodia, another 
    Queen's Knight and a fissure. Regardless of what you pull, you're 
    pretty much guaranteed to pull out some upgrades to the starter. If you 
    managed to pull Alkana Knight Joker, good, but it is rather unlikely 
    you'll have a sufficient deck to build around it yet; but we'll build 
    on it.
    So back to deck construction...
    Okay here is what I recommend changing off the bat:
    Get rid of Harpie Girl, pretty much any monster you pulled will be 3x 
    as powerful.
    Get rid of Black Ptera, it would be a great card if it wasn't for the 
    fact being destroyed by battle doesn't trigger its effect (probably 
    because there are cards that do that much better already) and replace 
    it with another effect or general beatdown monster.
    I'd ditch Decoy Dragon, its fair in a dragon deck with ways to dump 
    cards into the graveyard but I'ts way too circumstantial right now.
    Get rid of Broken Bamboo Sword and Soul Devouring Bamboo Sword, it has 
    an awesome effect but it kills itself and is a pain to get out with our 
    current cards anyways. 
    Other Cards to consider replacing/upgrading/ditching: Chain Detonation, 
    Twister, Hammer Shot.
    Basically look through what the deck contains and then what you have, 
    if you see any upgrades, just do it, we don't have a lot to work with 
    right now. I basically emptied the deck and started over from scratch, 
    it's up to you if you want to do the same or not. Two quick tips on 
    general deck design; first, don't have more than 40 cards, it's better 
    to be able to draw what you need quickly then waiting forever. Second, 
    try to maintain a good ratio of monsters to spells to traps. I 
    generally use 20 or so monsters, 10ish spells, and whatever left for 
    traps. This isn't a rule, and many decks use fewer or more depending on 
    what kind of deck it is. Also, remember not to load up on too many 
    monsters that require sacrificing, that can really bite you in the butt 
    if you get a bad draw with just them in your hand.
    Also if you're wondering how to save decks and whatnot, you click the 
    bottom in the top left of the screen (the notepad and pencil) for the 
    options like saving decks, renaming them, emptying them, etc...
    Anyways, here is what my deck ended up looking like, right now with my 
    limited options and quite a few equipment cards I'm just going for a 
    general beat-down and hopefully stalling my opponent if they get out 
    something big. I doubt you can use it as is, but maybe it'll help give 
    you some ideas.
    Monsters (20): 3x Celtic Guardian, Chamberlain of the Six Samurai, 
    Elemental Hero Clayman, Great Angus, 3x Queen's Knight, Renge - 
    Gatekeeper of the Dark World, 2x Sonic Duck, Space Mambo, Tri-Horned 
    Dragon, Goblin Elite Attack Force, Gyroid, Iron Blacksmith Kotetsu, 
    Majestic Mech - Ohka, Swift Birdman Joe, and Vortex King
    Spells (13): Axe of Despair, Back to Square One, Dark Factory of Mass 
    Production, Enemy Controller, Fissure, Hammer Shot, Horn of Light, 
    Lucky Iron Axe, 2x Malevolent Nuzzler, Mind Control, Rush Recklessly, 
    and Stop Defense
    Traps (7): Birthright, Dust Tornado, Magic Drain, 2x Negate Attack, and 
    2x Trap Hole
    Okay that's the just of that; what to first? We'll I recommend doing 
    the arena pre-constructs. I would do all of them until you win, you'll 
    earn DP and have a fair chance of winning, you'll unlock a couple of 
    things, and you'll learn to play if you're new. Unfortunately, the 
    decks aren't great, and there is a chance you'll just end up with a 
    terrible matchup and lose quickly (or end up decking out very slowly), 
    on the other hand the same can play to your advantage! 
    Regardless, I provided the advice before on a starter deck so you can 
    go ahead and start playing; but for the sake of this tutorial let's 
    just go forward and defeat all the structure decks at the coliseum. 
    This may take awhile, but don't give up, if you lose just move onto the 
    next deck until you get back to it. I can't really offer any specific 
    advice except to look at the cards in each deck beforehand (by looking 
    in the recipe viewer and going to sample recipes) to know what to 
    expect and how to use each deck; it'll help more than you think just 
    knowing what cards are in each and what you need to get out to win.  
    The match-ups are random, so if you pick the same deck again you'll 
    potentially get a different opponent. Here is the card list of each if 
    you need it or it helps for all 13(P.S. You can't use structure decks 
    until you have all the cards that go in them, which makes them pretty 
    Dragon's Roar: 2x Luster Dragon, 1x Red-Eyes B. Dragon, 2x Armed Dragon 
    Lv3, 2x Armed Dragon Lv5, Elemental Dragon, 3x Masked Dragon, Red-Eyes 
    B. Chick, Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon, Twin-Headed Behemoth, 2x Creature 
    Swap, Heavy Storm, Mystical Space Typhoon, 2x Nobleman of Crossout, Pot 
    of Greed, Premature Burial, 2x Reload, Snatch Steal, 3x Stamping 
    Destruction, Swords of Revealing Light, The Graveyard in the Fourth 
    Dimension, Call of the Haunted, Ceasefire, Curse of Anubis, 2x Dragon's 
    Rage, 2x Interdimensional Matter Transporter, Reckless Greed, The 
    Dragon's Bead, Trap Jammer
    Zombie Madness: Master Kyonshee, Dark Dust Spirit, 2x Despair from the 
    Dark, Double Coston, 3x Pyramid Turtle, 2x Regenerating Mummy, 2x Ryu 
    Kokki, Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower, Spirit Reaper, Vampire Genesis, 
    Vampire Lady, Vampire Lord, 2x Book of Life, 3x Call of the Mummy, Card 
    of Safe Return, 2x Creature Swap, Giant Trunade, Heavy Storm, Mystical 
    Space Typhoon, Nobleman of Crossout, Pot of Greed, 2x Reload, Snatch 
    Steal, 3x Compulsory Evacuation Device, Dust Tornado, Magic Jammer, 
    Reckless Greed, Torrential Tribute
    Blaze of Destruction: Infernal Flame Emperor, Great Angus, Blazing 
    Inpachi, 3x UFO Turtle, Little Chimera, 2x Inferno, Molten Zombie, 2x 
    Solar Flare Dragon, 2x Ultimate Baseball Kid, Raging Flame Sprite, 
    Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch, Gaia Soul the Combustible Collective, 
    Fox Fire, Snatch Steal, Mystical Space Typhoon, 2x Molten Destruction, 
    Nobleman of Crossout, Premature Burial, Pot of Greed, Tribute to the 
    Doomed, Heavy Storm, Dark Room of Nightmare, Reload, 2x Level Limit - 
    Area B, Necklace of Command, Meteor of Destruction, 2x Dust Tornado, 
    Call of the Haunted, Jar of Greed, Spell Shield Type-8, 2x Backfire
    Fury from the Deep: Ocean Dragon Lord - Neo-Daedalus, 7 Colored Fish, 
    Sea Serpent Warrior of Darkness, Space Mambo, 3x Mother Grizzly, Star 
    Boy, Tribe-Infecting Virus, 2x Fenrir, Amphibious Bugroth MK-3, Levia-
    Dragon - Daedalus, Mermaid Knight, Mobius the Frost Monarch, Unshaven 
    Angler, Creeping Doom Manta, Snatch Steal, Mystical Space Typhoon, 
    Premature Burial, Pot of Greed, Heavy Story, 3x A Legendary Ocean, 
    Creature Swap, 2x Reload, 2x Salvage, Hammer Shot, Big Wave Small Wave, 
    Dust Tornado, Call of the Haunted, 2x Gravity Bind, Tornado Wall, 
    Torrential Tribute, Spell Shield Type-8, Xing Zhen Hu
    Warrior's Triumph: Gilford the Legend, Warrior Lady of the Wasteland, 
    Dark Blade, Goblin Attack Force, 2x Gearfried the Iron Knight, Swift 
    Gaia the Fierce Knight, Obnoxious Celtic Guard, Command Knight, 2x 
    Marauding Captain, Exiled Force, D.D. Warrior Lady, Mataze the Zapper, 
    Mystic Swordsman Lv2, Mystic Swordsman Lv4, Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke, 
    Gearfried the Swordmaster, Armed Samura - Ben Kei, Divine Sword - 
    Phoenix Blade, Snatch Steal, Mystical Space Typhoon, Giant Trunade, 
    Lightning Blade, Heavy Storm, 2x Reinforcement of the Army, The Warrior 
    Returning Alive, Fusion Sword Murasame Blade, Wicked-Breaking Flamberge 
    - Baou, Fairy of the Spring, 2x Reload, Lightning Vortex, Swords of 
    Concealing Light, Release Restraint, Call of the Haunted, Magic Jammer, 
    Royal Decree, Blast with Chain
    Spellcaster's Judgment: Dark Eradicator Warlock, Mythical Beast 
    Cerberus, Dark Magician, Gemini Elf, 2x Magician of Faith, 2x Skilled 
    Dark Magician, 2x Apprentice Magician, Chaos Command Magician, Breaker 
    the Magical Warrior, Royal Magical Library, Tsukuyomi, Chaos Sorcerer, 
    White Magician Pikeru, Blast Magician, Ebon Magician Curran, Rapid-Fire 
    Magician, Magical Beast, Mystical Space Typhoon, Nobleman of Crossout, 
    Premature Burial, Swords of Revealing Light, Mage Power, Heavy Storm, 
    Diffusion Wave-Motion, Reload, Dark Magic Attack, Spell Absorption, 
    Lightning Vortex, 2x Magical Dimension, Mystic Box, Nightmare's 
    Steelcage, Call of the Haunted, Spell Shield Type-8, Pitch-Black Power 
    Stone, Divine Wrath, Magic Cylinder
    Invincible Fortress: Exxod Master of The Guard, Great Spirit, 3x Giant 
    Rat, Maharagi, Guardian Sphinx, 2x Gigantes, Stone Statue of the 
    Aztecs, Golem Sentry, Hieracosphinx, Criosphinx, 2x Moai Intercepter 
    Cannon, Megarock Dragon, Guardian Statue, Medusa Worm, Sane Moth, 
    Canyon, Mystical Space Typhoon, Premature Burial, Swords of Revealing 
    Light, 2x Shield & Sword, Magical Mallet, Hammer Shot, Ectoplasmer, 
    Brain Control, Shifting Shadows, Waboku, Ultimate Offering, 2x Magic 
    Drain, Robbin' Goblin, 2x Ordeal of a Traveler, Reckless Greed, 2x 
    Compulsory Evacuation Device
    Lord of the Storm: Simorgh Bird of Divinity, Sonic Shooter, Sonic Duck, 
    Harpie Girl, Slate Warrior, 2x Flying Kamakiri #1, 2x Harpie Lady 
    Sisters, Bladefly, Birdface, Silpheed, Lady Ninja Yae, Roc from the 
    Valley of Haze, Harpie Lady 1, Harpie Lady 2, Harpie Lady 3, Swift 
    Birdman Joe, Harpie's Pet Baby Dragon, Card Destruction, Mystical Space 
    Typhoon, Nobleman of Crossout, 2x Elegant Egotist, Heavy Storm, Reload, 
    2x Harpies' Hunting Ground, Triangle Ecstasy Spark, Lightning Vortex, 
    Hysteric Party, Aqua Chorus, Dust Tornado, Call of the Haunter, Magic 
    Jammer, Dark Coffin, Reckless Greed, Sakuretsu Armor, Ninjitsu Art of 
    Transformation, Icarus Attack
    Dinosaur's Rage: Super Conductor Tyranno, Kabazauls, Sabersaurus, Mad 
    Sword Beast, 2x Gilasaurus, Dark Driceratops, 2x Hyper Hammerhead, 
    Black Tyranno, Tyranno Infinity, 2x Hydrogeddon, Oxygeddon, Black 
    Ptera, Black Stego, Ultimate Tyranno, Miracle Jurassic Egg, 
    Babycerasaurus, Big Evolution Pill, Tail Swipe, Jurassic World, Sebek's 
    Blessing, Riryoku, Mesmeric Control, Mystical Space Typhoon, Megamorph, 
    Heavy Storm, Lighting Vortex, 2x Magical Mallet, Hunting Instinct, 
    Survival Instinct, Volcanic Eruption, Seismic Shockwave, Magical Arm 
    Shield, Negate Attack, Goblin Out of the Frying Pan, Malfunction, 
    Fossil Excavation
    Machine Re-Volt: Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Dragon, Ancient Gear 
    Gadjiltron Chimera, Ancient Gear Engineer, Boot-Up Soldier - Dread 
    Dynamo, Mechanicalchaser, Green Gadget, Red Gadget, Yellow Gadget, 
    Cannon Soldier, Gear Golem the Moving Fortress, 2x Heavy Mech Support 
    Platform, Ancient Gear Golem, Ancient Gear Beast, Ancient Gear Soldier, 
    2x Ancient Gear, Ancient Gear Cannon, Ancient Gear Workshop, Ancient 
    Gear Tank, Ancient Gear Explosive, Ancient Gear Fist, Ancient Gear 
    Factory, Ancient Gear Drill, Ancient Gear Castle, Mystical Space 
    Typhoon, Limiter Removal, Heavy Storm, Enemy Controller, Weapon Change, 
    Machine Duplication, Pot of Avarice, Stronghold the Moving Fortress, 
    Ultimate Offering, 2x Sakuretsu Armor, Micro Ray, Rare Metalmorph, 
    Covering Fire, Roll Out!
    Surge of Radiance: Dunames Dark Witch, Absorbing Kid from the Sky, 2x 
    Airknight Parshath, 1x Bountiful Artemis, Freya Spirit of Victory, 
    Gellenduo, Guardian Angel Joan, Harvest Angel of Wisom, Layard the 
    Liberator, Meltiel Sage of the Sky, Neo-Parshath the Sky Paladin, Nova 
    Summoner, Radiant Jeral, Royal Knight, 2x Shining Angel, Soul of Purity 
    and Light, The Angel of Force - Mars, Voltanis the Adjudicator, Cestus 
    of Dagla, Heavy Storm, Lightning Vortex, Magical Mallet, Mystical Space 
    Typhoon, Nobleman of Crossout, Premature Burial, Terraforming, The 
    Sanctuary in the Sky, Aegis of Gaia, Beckoning Light, Divine Wrath, 
    Magic Jammer, 2x Negate Attack, Seven Tools of the Bandit, Solemn 
    Judgement, Widespread Ruin
    Curse of Darkness: 2x Axe Dragonute, Diabolos King of the Abyss, 3x 
    Giant Orc, Goblin Zombie, Lick Lord King of the Underworld, 2x Malice 
    Doll of Demise, Mask of Darkness, Mist Archfiend, Mystic Tomato, Plague 
    Wolf, Prometheus King of the Shadows, Spirit Reaper, 2x Stealth Bird, 
    2x Ectoplasmer, Giant Trunade, Heavy Storm, Magical Mallet, Megamorph, 
    Mystical Space Typhoon, Nightmare's Steelcage, Nobleman of Crossout, 
    Pot of Avarice, Recurring Nightmare, Shield Crush, Sword of Dark Rites, 
    Crush Card Virus, Dark Mirror Force, 2x Deck Devastation Virus, 2x 
    Dimension Wall, Eradicator Epidemic Virus, Just Desserts, Magic 
    Rise of The Dragon Lords: Darkblaze Dragon, Decoy Dragon, Different 
    Dimension Dragon, Felgrand Dragon, Flame Ruler, Guardian Angel Joan, 
    Herald of Creation, 2x Kaiser Sea Horse, Majestic Mech - Goryu, 2x 
    Masked Dragon, Morphing Jar, Night Assailant, Spirit Reaper, The 
    Creator, The Creator Incarnate, Tyrant Dragon, Yamata Dragon, A 
    Wingbeat of Giant Dragon, Card of Safe Return, Foolish Burial, Lighten 
    the Load, Lightning Vortex, 2x Mausoleum of the Emperor, Mystic Wok, 
    Premature Burial, Riryoku, Terraforming, The Shallow Grave, Trade-In, 
    Twister, Call of the Haunted, 2x Good Goblin Housekeeping, 
    Interdimensional Matter Transporter, Judgment of Anubis, Magic Jammer, 
    Malevolent Catastrophe
    Now wasn't that fun? Probably not, point is you got it out of the way, 
    got some new stuff, and a good amount of DP (you should have around 
    5000.) She'll give you the Amazoness Paladin card, unlock a Duel Disk 
    (aptly named the Amazoness Disk), and a new CPU partner (Bastion 
    Misawa.) In addition, you now have 1 of every card with Amazoness in 
    the title. They can be made into a fair deck, but not really with one 
    of each. The Paladin is a fair card at this point without the synergy 
    simply because of its 1700 ATK. 
    Anyways, invest into more Fiery Rage until you pull Alkana Knight 
    Joker... I unfortunately spent all my DP and didn't manage to grab it, if 
    you did you should still try to get 2-3 of the Jack/Queen/King's Knight 
    if you don't (and you probably don't) but maybe you're luckier than I 
    am. Obviously the combination is pretty simple, you want to fuse them 
    together to form the Joker (no and not the Bantam one.) Although it'll 
    need more synergy to be effective, and most importantly a way to do the 
    actual fusion; fortunately Polymerization is in the Dark Legend pack we 
    already have and should be much easier to get... So shuffle your deck 
    around with your new cards and we can finally get to the meat of the 
    Alright the rundown is in general, we want to beat each regular duelist 
    five times to unlock the CPU companion, and then we beat that person 
    five times and eventually we'll unlock some packs; but let us take it 
    step by step. Here in world one, we have at the moment 5 available 
    dueling partners; Nightmare Penguin, Birdman Guy, Skull Servant Lord 
    Guy, Plant Guy, and the Sea Monster in the lake.
    In general, you'll want to focus your attention on the lake whenever 
    you see ripples and do an event there (you'll either get in a duel or a 
    mini-game); after you have beaten him 5 times you don't have to worry 
    about it anymore for now. We just want to get it out of the way, 
    because it'll be much more annoying to find the sea monster 5 times 
    later when you are rounding out your collection.
    I should tell you that you know, there is no penalty for losing, just 
    don't get frustrated and give up. Also, as you earn DP you should 
    probably go ahead and start rounding out your collection/deck with more 
    from Fiery Rage or others. 
    The main purpose of this guide is to unlock everything, so for the 
    moment you should beat each opponent 5 times. You'll know when, it'll 
    tell you that you have unlocked a new duelist. Eventually we will want 
    to beat them each an addition 5 times, but I don't think it's a good 
    idea for the time being when it'll be much easier when we unlock a few 
    more packs. 
    Spring (Lake Event) 
    Throw in 100DP for a 50/50 chance of getting a card or nothing.
    Coliseum (Event)
    Unlock: Beat the opponent with all 13 structure decks to get 1 of eat 
    Amazoness card, Amazoness Duel Disk, and Bastion Misawa duelist in WC 
    Skull Servant
    Deck: Grandpa's Deck
    Deck Type: Zombie
    Card List: To Come
    Unlock: Beat 2 times for a card (got White Magical Hat)
    Unlock: Beat 5 times to unlock King of the Skull Servants in WC mode
    Notes: He has a very simple, poor deck; and any deck with fair cards 
    should make short work of him. He has Call of the Mummy but I haven't 
    seen him use it to bring out anything substantial. He seems to have a 
    deck comprised almost solely of zombie cards, usually for the worst 
    since his zombie cards for the most part, stink out loud.
    Elemental Hero Knopse
    Deck: Pretty Plan
    Deck Type: Stall
    Card List: To Come
    Unlock: Beat 3 times for a card (got Elemental Hero Inferno)
    Unlock: Beat 5 times to unlock Elemental Hero Lady Heat in WC mode
    Notes: I don't know if stall counts as a deck type, but that is 
    certainly the point of it. Between Kurbiohs, sheep tokens, and other 
    stall tactics he plans to drag the game down as long as possible. 
    Fortunately, he has no real way to win the game or to significantly 
    lock you down, so just push the offensive and you'll eventually beat 
    down his actually puny defense. 
    Nightmare Penguin
    Deck: Sweat and Tears
    Deck Type: Bounce
    Card List: To Come
    Unlock: Beat 5 times to unlock Reaper on the Nightmare in WC mode.
    Notes: Basically his deck focuses on returning cards to your hand as 
    frequently and annoying as possible. He will use this with a card 
    called Degenerate Circuit to remove them from play instead; turning it 
    into a removal deck instead. His deck doesn't have strong offense, but 
    it doesn't really matter if you can't do anything. And his monsters 
    have fair defense on top of it. He will play Solemn Wishes to cancel 
    out the life losing effect of Circuit (although taking out Circuit is 
    the better option), so if you can take it out at least you stand a 
    better chance of winning if he locks you down. His deck is overly 
    defensive (unless he gets out Nightmare Penguin and uses it or Abyss 
    Soldier), and once your punch through the rest of the match should be 
    Sonic Shooter
    Deck: Powerful Twister
    Deck Type: Wind-Type Beat-down
    Card List: To Come
    Unlock: Beat 3 times to unlock a new duel disk (Yellow Academy Disk)
    Unlock: Beat 5 times to unlock Silpheed in WC mode
    Notes: Big worry is good early drops which might clinch the game at the 
    beginning (like The Tricky which is a 2000 ATK special summon if you 
    discard one card.) And synergetic cards that boost all wind-types. So 
    as usual, removal is important. But if you get a nice strong creature 
    out he stands little chance unless he uses what little removal he has. 
    Kairyu-Shin (Lake)
    Deck: Aquapolis
    Deck Type: Water
    Card List: To Come
    Unlock: Beat 3 times for a card (got Pot of Greed)
    Unlock: Beat 5 times to unlock Water Dragon in WC mode
    Notes: Like most Water decks his deck relies on a few key cards to make 
    his deck work, and his deck is sorely lacking what he need to have a 
    good chance in an already hard to be effective deck type. My best tip 
    is to keep some removal at hand at all times, if he gets Legendary 
    Ocean + Field Barrier + Tornado Wall you'll be hard pressed to do 
    anything to him; I ended up having to wait until he decked himself out 
    once. Otherwise, his deck shouldn't prove much of a challenge if you 
    are selective about using your removal.
    After beating each opponent 2-3 times another duelist will show up, a 
    man with a bat wing bludgeoning a small anthropomorphic dinosaur. He 
    won't disappear, so just continue to beat the other 5 duelists. After 
    you have done so, we have one more thing to do before continuing, 
    unlock our first pack. 
    Go into World Championship mode free duel, you should have unlocked six 
    opponents by now; plus the three you get automatically for a total of 
    nine. Basically for now we are going to beat the first three opponents 
    five times each. 
    Just a quick rundown, in WC mode, you don't unlock any extra stuff 
    aside from packs from beating several of them (a couple of exceptions 
    abound.) And the game does keep track of your number of wins and 
    losses, but like DW there is no penalty for losing (you even get a 
    smidge of DP.)
    Stray Lambs
    Deck: Like Two Heads?
    Deck Type: Life Gain/Stall
    Card List: To Come
    Notes: Once again, I don't know if he qualifies for having any kind of 
    deck type, his deck is mostly full of random monsters with no synergy; 
    but he uses token generators (Stray Lambs) and life gaining cards 
    otherwise, but as usual with early duelists no real winning strategy.
    Jerry Beans Man
    Deck: D.D. Homerun
    Deck Type: Beatdown
    Card List: To Come
    Notes: His deck focuses on removing cards from the game (if he can get 
    them out) and using monsters that have an attack power that is a 
    multiplier of number of cards removed from play. In general, if you can 
    prevent him from removing cards from play he'll be easy; otherwise you 
    may be starting at some very tough creatures. 
    Winged Kuriboh
    Deck: Hello, Hero!
    Deck Type: Neo-Spacian
    Card List: To Come
    Notes: His deck relies on stall tactics and Neo type cards and 
    returning cards from the field to your hand until he can fuse some 
    decently powerful cards. 
    At some point before beating the first three five times each you'll 
    probably unlock a new pack (Shocking Energy) and be going, 'What, 
    Already?' Unfortunately (or fortunately) this is one of the packs that 
    are unlocked by number of wins (in this case, 50). So ignore it (unless 
    you want to buy some packs from it) and continue on until you unlock 
    the real pack we're here for. The pack you'll get after beating the 
    first three five times is called My Hero and contains some decent 
    warrior/fusion cards (including Breaker.)
    We could in theory unlock another pack, but it'll be easier shortly so 
    let's return to DW and approach the man beating on the dino-dude. First 
    talk, then select Gigobyte, and then select help, then yes. You'll have 
    to Ante a card, put up a good, rare card you have a second of. You'll 
    lose it if you lose, but we need it to move on.
    Curse of Vampire
    Deck: Eternal Spirit
    Deck Type: Zombie
    Card List: To Come
    Unlock: Beat to unlock Curse of Vampire in WC mode.
    Notes: Much like at least one other duelist you've encountered, he has 
    a zombie-ish deck that focuses on getting out one winning card; in this 
    case a fusion monster. He has a fair amount of fusion material 
    substitution and whatnot and other stall tactics. But unless he gets a 
    good hand, if you push your offense he shouldn't prove troublesome.
    Afterwards, you'll see a scene of a gate appearing and then you'll see 
    it on the top-left of the map. This is how we'll move onto the next 
    world. For now, ignore it and return to WC mode and beat the next three 
    duelists five times to unlock an additional pack.
    Reaper on the Nightmare
    Deck: Perishing Darkfest
    Deck Type: Fusion
    Card List: To Come
    Notes: His deck mostly focuses on stalling until he can get some 
    powerful monsters (such as the card of his title) or fusion monsters on 
    the table.
    King of the Skull Servants
    Deck: Rotten Spirits
    Deck Type: Zombie
    Card List: To Come
    Notes: His deck is more like Deck Type: Skull Servant. His deck focuses 
    on powering up King of Skull Servants and stalling until then and then 
    desperately trying to keep him out, even when the card is useless. If 
    you remove his skull servants from the graveyard (either back to the 
    deck or out of game) he becomes completely gimped (even more so).
    Curse of Vampire
    Deck: The Curse
    Deck Type: Zombie
    Card List: To Come
    Notes: In general, his deck is similar (same?) to his deck he used in 
    DW but has been toned up a bit, so expect a bit of a challenge but 
    similar tactics just with better cards.
    After beating those three 5 times you should have 6 free duels beaten 5 
    times to unlock a new pack: Inhuman Creation. If you're continuing to 
    work on the Knight Joker deck the Command Knight from the pack is a 
    fine addition. 
    We have in theory enough duelists to unlock a third pack in WC mode, 
    but we could just as easily add two more with a forth of the number of 
    duels required; so back to DW!
    Now, approach the gate, all the gates in the game basically works the 
    same; you'll have five challenges and have to complete at least three 
    of them to continue. Doing all five has a separate award (new duelist), 
    so let's start with the first... I should note that at this point I 
    switched over from the Knight Joker deck to a Gravekeepers deck, Joker 
    deck should be more than capable, but if you have unlocked the 100 Duel 
    Pack (Extreme Wisdom) you can make a fair Gravekeepers Deck using it 
    and it is what I recommend for the next world anyways (although the 
    Joker deck continues to get better with new packs as well). Of course, 
    you're free to use whatever deck you want and tweak as you please; so I 
    digress, let's continue! As usual, we are going to beat all five for 
    maximum rewards (you don't need to beat each five times, just each deck 
    Green Guardian - Embust
    Deck: Open and Close
    Deck Type: Mask
    Card List: To Come
    Notes: His deck uses the mask type cards for some combat control. 
    Reducing attack power, making you pay life each turn, etc... Fortunately, 
    his monster cards are pretty weak (as well, the mask type cards aren't 
    exactly top tier.) Just keep up the offense to overcome his defensive 
    Green Guardian - Embust
    Deck: Wiggling Beings
    Deck Type: Insect
    Deck List: To Come
    Notes: He uses typical insect strategies, turns your cards into 
    insects, and makes himself immune to insect attacks while injecting 
    cards into your deck that will hurt you into you. Holding back some 
    spell/trap removal or a heavy storm will clinch the match for you. The 
    meanest creature you'll probably see from him will be Chainsaw Insect 
    which has 2400 ATK, but you draw a card when it attacks you (or you 
    attack it); so it's give and take. 
    Green Guardian - Embust
    Deck: Calm Spirits
    Deck Type: Spellcaster
    Deck List: To Come
    Notes: This deck uses the elemental charmer cards flip effects to take 
    control of the cards on your side of the field. And then can special 
    summon enhanced versions (Familiar Posessed) of the basic charmer 
    cards. The downside is they have to match up to an element, and if you 
    don't have a creature of the proper element they can't control it, and 
    if you simply kill off the creature controlling yours, you get it back. 
    So as usual with these cruddy decks, just push your offense as much as 
    possible, even if they get five monsters out, they really can't grab 
    anymore of yours effectively, can they?
    After the third duel you'll automatically proceed to the next world; so 
    save and go back to the gate on the first world (you can select the 
    world on the menu of course.)
    Green Guardian - Embust
    Deck: Silent Memory
    Deck Type: Beatdown/Monarch
    Deck List: To Come
    Notes: His deck is very offensive, and reasonably effective with the 
    Monarchs. He typically plays Macro Cosmos (even though I don't think he 
    is running Helios) to remove cards from the game when they go to the 
    graveyard, removing the standard fetching cards from effectiveness. 
    Nullifying traps/spells with the Frost Monarch and keeping D.D. 
    Survivor in play pretty much as long as Macro Cosmos is out. I would 
    focus on removing Macro Cosmos to prevent his deck from maintaining 
    full effectiveness and saving removal for when/if a Monarch comes out; 
    otherwise it should be standard fare with against some reasonably 
    powerful monsters. 
    Green Guardian - Embust 
    Deck: Silent Victory 
    Deck Type: Silent Swordsman
    Deck List: To Come
    Notes: His deck relies on Silent Swordsman of the varying levels and 
    stalling/deck thinning until he can get it out. Your best strategy is 
    to clear his field to prevent him tributing for level 5/7 and killing 
    off level 3 as soon as it comes out. Either way the card isn't that 
    powerful with a deck that's only focus is getting it out.
    For beating him all five times you'll unlock Syrus Truesdale in free 
    duel in WC mode. In addition for unlocking the next world you'll get 
    the Rousing Chaos and Absolute Nothing packs.
    Anyways, go back to world one, you'll probably see a new person on the 
    map in pink (Pikeru). You may have to duel a bit to see her, but when 
    you talk to her you can give her a cute card (I give her baby dragon 
    since I somehow had a couple, although use your judgment for cute 
    cards, be sure to send me yours that worked and I will make a list) 
    that will make another duelist appear (you may have to leave and come 
    back a few times before she appears), she looks similar but is wearing 
    all black (Curran). This is the final duelist for this world. The 
    downside is after beating her, you'll have to give a card to the first 
    girl again (and may have to duel to make her reappear), rinse, repeat 
    to beat her five times. The upside is you'll get a new pack and 
    duelist. My advice is to start beating the other duelists in world one 
    up to ten times.
    Ebon Magician Curran
    Deck: Super Burn
    Deck Type: Burn
    Deck List: To Come
    Unlock: Beat 5 time to unlock Dark Magician Girl in WC mode
    Notes: Typical burn deck strategy/cards. Your main strategy should be 
    pushing offense to get rid of his annoying monsters that burn you and 
    taking out her continuous trap and spell cards that enhance her direct 
    After beating her five times that should be the last one and you should 
    unlock a new duelist (Dark Magician Girl) and pack (Ultimate Light), if 
    you don't unlock the pack you need to go back and check (best way is to 
    check if you have unlocked the WC mode duelists.)
    Alright, now we should have enough beatable duelists in WC mode to 
    unlock one final pack before actually continuing to world two, so time 
    to do some more 5x dueling.
    Dark Magician Girl
    Deck: Magic School
    Deck Type: Spellcaster/Magician
    Card List: To Come
    Notes: Main focus on magician-type cards, Dark Magician, Dark Magician 
    Girl type cards, and even rituals like Magician of Black Chaos. She 
    uses a good amount of spell-cards to help fuel some of her cards that 
    allow her to special summon dark magician. You're spells help as well, 
    but as long as the token gatherers don't reach their key amount, it 
    doesn't really matter. Otherwise, her deck has some simple stall 
    tactics but relies mostly on weak monsters until she can get the big 
    guys out.
    Elemental Hero Lady Heat
    Deck: Enchanting Rhythm
    Deck Type: E-Hero
    Card List: To Come
    Notes: This duelist is on the next tier, and is the kind of duelist you 
    should expect in the coming worlds. If you can't beat her, don't worry 
    about it and just come back later to unlock the next pack, she is a 
    huge increase in challenge from the previous duelists. Her deck is E-
    Hero and actually works fairly well; she fetches fusion monsters with 
    various cards and gets out some very nasty beat-down.
    Deck: One-Step Wind
    Deck Type: Wind-Beatdown
    Card List: To Come
    Notes: Typical element-themed deck. This one relies on wind-type 
    monsters and enhancing all monsters with the quality. Generally the 
    card you most need to be aware of is Raiza the Storm Monarch which will 
    return a card from the field to the top of deck and he has a modest 
    2400 ATK as well. Secondary you need to deal with cards like Rising Air 
    Current which will increase the ATK of all his monsters by 500. 
    Otherwise, his deck shouldn't hold too many surprises for you at this 
    Water Dragon
    Deck: Undersea Shadows
    Deck Type: Water
    Card List: To Come
    Notes: Typical 'stall till the big guy' deck. This one focuses on using 
    Hydrogeddon and Oxygeddon and a spell card (Bonding - H20) to make 
    Water Dragon. He has some decent removal (Lightning Vortex), Stall 
    (Penguin Soldier and Mist Body) and a decent beat stick who doubles as 
    removal (Abyss Soldier). Of course, as usual for an element-theme deck 
    he uses field cards as well. If you just kill off his geddons it will 
    make it much harder for him to get Water Dragon out. Other cards of 
    note are Nightmare Penguin and Mobius the Frost Monarch. As usual, the 
    best defense is a good offense. 
    After those you will unlock a new pack, Inherited Magic. Now, let's 
    actually move on, I'm sure you want some new scenery.
    Alright, glaringly, you'll see a few duelists across the barren 
    desert...next to the water... river... Nile... by the pyramid... By the 
    Pyramid you'll see the sphinx (we get the point...), he is a sub-gate 
    to get into the pyramid. But first we need to take care of the other 
    regular duelists out here.
    As I said before, I have switched over to a gravekeeper's deck. There 
    is a fair chance you have the packs required to make this. The big 
    maybe being the 100 duel pack (extreme wisdom) which contains the 
    majority of the cards you need to make the deck-type. If you don't have 
    it, don't worry about it; just throwing out my deck advice that seems 
    to work well. Here is my deck list using cards currently available:
    Breaker the Magical Warrior, 3x GK Assailant, 3x GK Commandant, 3x GK 
    Spear Soldier, 3x GK Spy, Injection Fairy Lily, 3x Mystic Tomato, 2x 
    Newdoria, Sangan, Fissure, Giant Trunade, Heavy Storm, Mystical Space 
    Typhoon, 3x Necrovalley, 2x Royal Tribute, 3x Shrink, 2x Magic Drain, 
    Magician's Circle, Mirror Force, 3x Rite of Spirit, Solemn Judgement.
    The three regular duelists you'll see is a woman with a cape blustering 
    in the wind and a purple dinosaur looking like he is being hit by an 
    invisible force. Which is which is pretty obvious... Anyways, beat both 
    the standard five times.
    Warrior Lady of the Wasteland
    Deck: Fighting Warriors
    Deck Type: Soldier
    Card List: To Come
    Unlock: Beat 5 times to unlock D.D. Warrior Lady in WC mode
    Notes: Pretty simple warrior theme deck and may contain some good ideas 
    about cards to use if you are continuing to use the knight joker deck. 
    Otherwise, it's a pretty simple deck that relies on cards 
    boosting/protecting each other and beating you down. 
    Deck: Today's Dino
    Deck Type: Dinosaur
    Card List: To Come
    Unlock: Beat 5 times to unlock Sabersaurus in WC mode
    Notes: Basically his deck is almost completely dino-type monsters and 
    spells/traps that rely on them. His big winner is Ultimate Tyrrano 
    which attacks all monsters on your side of the field and has a nice ATK 
    power (3000) and he has at least one method of getting it out from his 
    deck. He also has Super Conductor Tyranno which can do direct damage 
    and has a higher ATK thant the Ultimate, his main ability is he can 
    sacrifice a dinosaur to deal 1000 damage to you. Other cards of note 
    are Black Tyranno, Volcanic Eruption, and Tyranno Infinity. He also has 
    a fair bit of removal and bounce to stall until he gets out his big 
    guns. He can get some nasty things out fairly quickly in the early game 
    thanks to gilasaurus, so watch yourself and try not to get overrun. 
    After beating both five times, you'll unlock a new pack (Dragon 
    Destroyer), you also may notice a yellow monument/tomb-stone like thing 
    in the upper left hand corner. This is the first of a few summon 
    challenges, where you must summon some specific creature and then win 
    the duel (IE you can't just win.) So it's there to test your deck 
    building abilities. For now, making an effective deck around Exxod is 
    probably more trouble than it's worth, so we'll come back later for it.
    You may also note some ripples in the water like in the first world, 
    and there is something similar. You can pay 200DP to fish and then pick 
    a spot (random), and then you may get something or get in a duel...
    Mech Bass
    Deck: Water Hazard
    Deck Type: Water
    Card List: To Come
    Unlock: As far as I have heard, beating him unlocks nothing.
    Notes: Typical water deck, uses Terraforming to fetch A Legendary 
    Ocean, Mother Grizzly to search and thin out his deck, and some fair 
    water beat-down cards.
    Next, to the Sphinx! The Sphinx has five challenges, much like the 
    gateway; and much like the next gateways his challenges are different 
    than the previous. This one has five duel puzzles, and like before you 
    only need three to continue. They test your ability to be efficient and 
    make the most out of a bad situation. And for all of them you have a 
    single turn to win and are basically put in the middle of someone 
    else's duel and told to win with what they have. I should note you can 
    see all of your opponents cards, face down or otherwise. As usual, go 
    ahead and do all five for maximum unlocking. Here are the solutions if 
    they help or if you need a hint.
    Puzzle 1: 
    1. Use the alien infiltrator on your lefts special ability and move it 
    over one box to the left.
    2. Now use the Senet Switch cards on the field to move it all the way 
    to the left box.
    3. Activate Blasting Fuse.
    4. Use Mystical Space Typhoon on his last trap (Mirror Force.)
    5. Do the same as before with your remaining alien infiltrator, moving 
    him to the last box on the left. Remember to use his special ability 
    and the Senet Swtich in your hand.
    6. Enter the battle phase and attack his life points directly for the 
    Puzzle 2:
    1. Summon Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger from your hand, and activate 
    torrential tribute as you do. Make sure to activate the effect of the 
    Topaz Tiger afterwards.
    2. Then activate Crystal Blessing and use it on both Crystal Beast 
    Sapphire Pegasii. 
    3. Activate Crystal Beacon targetting Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle.
    4. Activate the effect of Carbuncle as it comes into play, targetting 
    all the monsters in your spell/trap zones. It doesn't matter if you 
    activate the Pegasus' special ability or not.
    5. Attack with all monsters for the win.
    Puzzle 3:
    1. Summon Blazewing Butterfly.
    2. Use Super Double Summon on Blazewing Butterfly.
    3. Activate the ability of Blazewing Butterfly to summon Doom Shaman. 
    4. Activate the ability of Doom Shaman to summon Archfiend of Gilfer. 
    5. Enter the battle phase and have Gilfer attack Megacyber. Activate 
    Gilfer's effect upon dying and use it on Blowback Dragon. 
    6. Attack Blowback Dragon with Doom Shaman for the win. 
    Puzzle 4:
    1. Activate Natural Disaster.
    2. Summon Cloudian - Cirrostratus
    3. Activate Cirrostratus' effect, destroying a Blue-Eyes White Dragon.
    4. Activate Rain Storm, and selecte Destroy 2 cards; target one of his 
    trap cards and the remaining Blue-Eyes White Dragon. 
    5. Activate the remaining Rain Storm, and select Destroy 1 Spell or 
    Trap card, targetting the opponents only one remaining. 
    6. Use Book of Moon on the Eye of the Typhoon, then flip him back up.
    7. Enter the battle phase, attacking with Typhoon and activating his 
    ability. Then attack with Cirrostratus.
    8. Last, activate fog control, sacrificing Typhoon and placing the 
    counters on Cirrostratus. 
    9. Then go into main phase 2 and activate his ability, destroying the 
    final monster and winning the match.
    Puzzle 5:
    1. Summon Alien Skull (do not Special Summon)
    2. Activate "A" Cell Scatter Burst, sacrificing Alien Mother. Put one 
    counter on Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, One on Blue-Eyes White Dragon and 
    the rest on one of the Armored Zombies (all on the same one). 
    3. Activate Brainwashing Beam, using it on Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon. 
    4. Activate Mist Body, equipping it on the Armored Zombie you put the 
    counters on. 
    5. Enter the battle phase and attack the Armored Zombie you've done all 
    this to with all your monsters. After attacking with the 3 monsters 
    stay in the battle phase and activate Interdimensional Warp; taking his 
    Blue-Eyes White Dragon in exchange for one of your monsters (which 
    doesn't matter.) Then attack the Armored Zombie one last time for the 
    For completing all five puzzles you unlock Maximullion Pegasus in WC 
    mode free duel. 
    Now enter the Pyramid; you'll see up to three duelists and a chest. The 
    chest, like most of these kinds of things will either give you 
    something for free or a big duelist in your face. The duelists are a 
    bandit looking guy (Don Zaloog), a guy wearing an Egyptian animal mask 
    (Gravekeeper's Commandant), and a zombie with white hair (Dark Dust 
    Gravekeeper's Commandant
    Deck: Defense Ready!
    Deck Type: Gravekeepers
    Card List: To come
    Unlock: Beat 5 times to unlock Gravekeeper's Chief in WC mode
    Notes: A rather plain Gravekeeper's deck, which should be an 
    interesting match-up if you're using that decktype as well. If you 
    aren't, taking out Necrovalley is the obvious choice as it boosts all 
    his monsters and most of his cards special abilities rely on it being 
    on the field as well. Otherwise, not much advice I can throw out aside 
    from the usual 'be aggressive'. In my opinion, he is the most 
    challenging of the three main duelists in the Pyramid. 
    Dark Dust Spirit
    Deck: Impure Beings
    Deck Type: Zombie
    Card List: To come
    Unlock: Beat 5 times to unlock Hino-Kagu-Tsuchi in WC mode
    Notes: Quite simple Vampire/Zombie deck. His main card is Dark Dust 
    Spirit of course; and he will try to stall and use his other Zombie 
    cards until he can blast everything off the field and then attack for 
    some decent damage with Dark Dust Spirit. Other notable cards are 
    Vampire Genesis, Vampire Lord, and Spirit Reaper. Dark Dust Spirit 
    returns to his hand though, for better or worse; but when it does the 
    field should be pretty clear and open for a powerful counter-attack for 
    at least a turn.
    Don Zaloog
    Deck: The Culprit's Here
    Deck Type: Warrior/Dark Scorpion
    Card List: To come
    Unlock: Beat 5 times to unlock Dark Scorpion - Meanae the Thorn in WC 
    Notes: His deck mainly relies on the warrior-type Dark Scorpion Cards. 
    He also has some standard removal (Lightning Vortex) and warrior-type 
    cards (Reinforcement of the Army). None of the Dark Scorpion cards have 
    very high stats, but become very annoying when they do any actual 
    damage to you, so playing a bit defensive may pay off a bit here if you 
    are having some trouble. 
    After beating each of those three once another duelist may appear, this 
    is the big boss guy of the Pyramid...
    Spirit of the Pharaoh
    Deck: Young & Immortal
    Deck Type: Zombie
    Card List: To come
    Unlock: Beat him once to unlocks him in WC mode
    Notes: Are you tired of Zombie decks? I know I am! At least his deck is 
    a bit more original than the others, it focuses on Summoning 
    the...well, Spirit of the Pharaoh. Basically by getting out the first, 
    second and third sarcophagus' cards he can special summon them. Even 
    so, the Spirit of the Pharaoh isn't exactly what I would call a 
    powerful card. It has some fair stats (2500ATK) and an interesting 
    ability but the deck doesn't really seem to make the most of it, if 
    that is possible. The easiest way to cripple his deck is to use some 
    spell/trap removal on the sarcophagus cards so he can't even get him 
    Beating him unlocks him in WC mode and allows the game to continue 
    (which is the main part.) Outside you'll probably notice some sand 
    creature drooling on a small pyramid, that is where we will go next to 
    continue the 'story'; but we have some other side stuff to do first, so 
    make sure you go back and beat the three duelists in the pyramid five 
    times first so you don't forget... While we could unlock a new pack 
    right now we can unlock a new duelist very easily. So go ahead after 
    finishing up the pyramid and talk to the strange desert creature... 
    Choose 'step in to help' and you'll get into a duel.
    Sand Moth
    Deck: Rock Star
    Deck Type: Rock
    Card List: To Come
    Unlock: Beating him unlocks Sand Moth in WC mode
    Notes: Simply rock beat-down deck with a good emphasis on special 
    summoning with cards like Gigantes. No real powerhouse cards aside from 
    the Rock Monarch that I saw. 
    Next, back to WC mode to unlock some more packs. We only need to beat 
    the next five for the next pact, and after that we should be able to 
    get 2 more packs fairly quickly.
    Spirit of the Pharaoh
    Deck: A Pharaoh's Spirit
    Deck Type: Zombie
    Card List: To Come
    Notes: His deck is pretty similar (possibly the same) as before, and 
    your same strategies and tactics should work just as well here.
    Deck: Burning Warning
    Deck Type: Fire
    Card List: To Come
    Notes: His deck contains a variety of stall spells and monsters, deck 
    thinning and some fire beat-down. Glaringly, he has one card that you 
    should fear; Uria, Lord of Searing Flames. This card has 1000ATk for 
    each continuous trap in his graveyard... which as you can imagine can 
    be quite an impressive number. Fortunately, his only real method of 
    putting these cards into the graveyard is if you help and the actual 
    summoning of Uria (which requires he 'sacrifices' three face-up trap 
    cards.) Your best bet is saving removal for Uria himself; although I 
    wouldn't recommend using traps since he can destroy one face down 
    spell/trap per turn. Your other bet is simply destroying as many of his 
    traps as possible so he can't even summon Uria. 
    Dark Scorpion - Meanae the Thorn
    Deck: You Ready?
    Deck Type: Hand Control
    Card List: To Come
    Notes: Pretty straightforward deck that focuses around using traps to 
    make your discard, return cards to deck, etc... And then using monsters 
    to either stall or bring back these cards. And in general just tries to 
    be annoying. Not much of an offensive deck aside from a glaring 
    Firestorm Monarch. Not much lockdown capability though, so just get 
    those cards on the field and 'b.e. aggressive.' 
    Gravekeeper's Chief
    Deck: Gravekeeper Deck
    Deck Type: Gravekeeper
    Card List: To Come
    Notes: Pretty much the same gravekeeper's deck as before, the same 
    strategy works here as well.
    Sand Moth
    Deck: My Kingdom
    Deck Type: Beatdown
    Card List: To Come
    Notes: Good mix of beat-down high ATK power cards with a focus on 
    earth-type. For some reason I found this deck to be a fairly hard 
    match-up against my Gravekeeper's deck because of his high ATK monster 
    and opposing field cards. My best advise is to throttle some removal 
    for his high attack monsters and focus on taking out his field cards. 
    At this point you should unlock the next pack, Pitch-Dark Virtue. 
    Probably sometime in there you also unlocked another pack (Bringer of 
    Light) and another clothing item (T-Shirt) for having 200 total duels 
    as well. If not, don't worry about it, you'll get it automatically at 
    some point in the future.
    Okay, back into the water. Usually I request you go ahead and beat them 
    all five times as quickly as possible, but because we are a stones 
    throw away from the next world (and the two packs you get), I'm simply 
    requesting you beat them once for now (although feel free to beat them 
    the usual amount of you feel obliged. 
    Abyss Soldier
    Deck: The Lost City
    Deck Type: Water
    Card List: To come
    Unlock: Beat 5 times to unlock Chrysalis Dolphin in WC mode
    Notes: In my opinion, probably the best water deck yet. Has some very 
    nice water beat-down cards, but other than being buffed up a bit, it 
    isn't anything new. As usual, it is overly reliant on field cards.  
    Maiden of the Aqua
    Deck: Deluge
    Deck Type: Water
    Card List: To come
    Cards Received: Thousand-Eyes Restrict (3 duels), Umi (4 duels)
    Unlock: Beat 5 times to unlock Aquarian Alessa in WC mode
    Notes: A much more fair deck than the previous, has a few more larger 
    beat-down cards though 
    Serpent Warrior of Darkness
    Deck: Watery Soldier
    Deck Type: Water
    Card List: To come
    Unlock: Beat 5 times to unlock Kaiser Sea Horse in WC mode
    Notes: This one focuses more on the lock down approach, using A 
    Legendary Ocean + Tornado wall to make all damage he takes zero; 
    meaning the game drags substantially unless you use some removal. 
    Glaringly, this strategy doesn't prevent you from just killing his 
    Afterwards, another duelist should appear...
    Deck: Memory of the Sea
    Deck Type:
    Card List: To come
    Unlock: Beat once to unlock Otohime in WC mode
    Notes: A strong focus on using multiplication like monsters like Giant 
    Germ and Nimble Momonga; discard via drop off and summoning powerful 
    monsters using Mausoleum of the Emperor. Best solution other than the 
    standard tactics is to remove the Mausoleum.  
    Afterwards, she will show you to the gate...  This is a bit different 
    than last time, but same idea; winning three times unlocks the next 
    world... Unlike the last one this isn't a simple duel against different 
    decks, this one instead has special conditions or special ways your 
    deck must be made. Here are some tips before we actually get to the 
    challenges. I should note that these rules apply to the opponent, so 
    you can imagine how they are going to abuse some of them.
    Okay the first is 40 card deck... okay, this should be a nothing 
    challenge; your deck should have 40 cards already.
    2000LP, aside from just being careful and not relying on cards that are 
    fueled by Life Points (take out that Fairy Lily!) you shouldn't need 
    much of a change.
    Only monsters is a bit of a challenge; unless you're really creative 
    you're stuck with regular/effect monsters. I personally used a sphinx 
    type deck to return monsters to his hand, it took a few tries before I 
    got it off, but once I did it was pretty simple. 
    Spells forbidden... my strategy was to basically take the deck I used 
    on the monster challenge and substitute in creatures/traps that negated 
    traps (Jinzo, Royal Decree, etc...), since that is what his focus is 
    3 of each card... well aside from being annoying and making you change 
    your deck a bit it isn't a particularly hard challenge. It may require 
    you to do some pack buying or some creative editing though.
    Shell Guardian - Savan (40 Card)
    Deck: Midnight Thunder
    Deck Type: Thunder
    Card List: To come
    Notes: Nothing really of note here aside from him using a thunder 
    themed deck which is a first for the game so far.
    Shell Guardian - Savan (2000LP)
    Deck: Wanna Dance?
    Deck Type: Burn/LP Gain/Stall
    Card List: To come
    Notes: Pretty simple deck with an emphasis on defense and raising his 
    life points and burning your paltry 2000LP with direct damage spells. 
    As I said before, the condition applies to him as well, so get in his 
    face early before he has a chance to setup.
    Shell Guardian - Savan (Only Monsters)
    Deck: Prehistoric Drum
    Deck Type: Beat-down
    Card List: To come
    Notes: Uses a good amount of deck thinning/fetch cards along with some 
    strong tributes and good monsters. He has most of the monarchs and even 
    cyber dragons. I cant offer much strategy because of the nature of the 
    duel, all you really need to know is if you slow down the game is 
    pretty much finished; he simply has cards that are much better than you 
    have currently available. Thin out your deck and save some of those 
    removal monsters for the big guys. 
    After beating 3/5 you'll unlock the world of civilization and the next 
    two packs; Never Setting Sun and Thirst to Destroy. I also unlocked 
    Bandit Keith in WC mode for having 1000+ total summons at this point.
    Shell Guardian - Savan (Spells Forbidden)
    Deck: Prohibited Trap
    Deck Type: Trap/Anti Trap
    Card List: To come
    Notes: Uses a wide variety of traps and trap immune monsters. If you 
    took my advice from before you probably don't have many traps to worry 
    about the monsters. Focusing on taking out/negating his traps and he 
    should be easy. 
    Shell Guardian - Savan (3 of each card)
    Deck: Back, You Beast!
    Deck Type: Beat-down
    Card List: To come
    Notes: Simple deck using non-tribute, high ATK monsters to beat you 
    down and then some removal if they run into something strong. The deck 
    isn't good and the monsters are pretty mediocre, it shouldn't be too 
    much trouble unless the rule of the match makes it hard for your deck 
    to fit in.
    For beating all five of the World 2 gate challenges you unlock Alexis 
    Rhodes in WC mode. Okay, we have 2 more packs to unlock before 
    continuing to the next world. So at this point go back and beat the 
    duelists in the water the standard 5x each (I covered the basic 
    strategies/info on them about a page back.) Somewhere in there I 
    unlocked Tournament Level 1 as well. After beating all the water 
    duelists five times each you'll unlock a new pack (Out of the Abyss) 
    and another deck challenge stone (which you should see immediately in 
    the water.)
    Ignore the stone challenge for now, and instead do the Level 1 
    Tournament in WC mode five times. This'll get some duels out of the way 
    and earn you a new pack as well. The tournament pits you again 7 other 
    duelists, most of which you have already beaten down. It's single 
    elimination with three rounds, so if you lose once you're out. If 
    you're pondering what the normal and fast options are, basically thats 
    for when the opponents are dueling each other and you watch; it 
    determines the speed of their duels (I recommend fast.) Otherwise, it's 
    pretty normal dueling. The pack you unlock is Menacing Ruler.
    After that, go back to the regular WC mode and finish off some of the 
    duelists we unlocked earlier (you'll have a regular one to spare); you 
    should have gotten some of the duels out of the way in the tournament 
    already, saving us some time.
    Deck: Otohime World
    Deck Type: Beat-down
    Card List: To come
    Notes: Uses a mixture of special summoning and other cards that do 
    special effects and then return to hand. Of course, this is the big 
    opening you should take advantage of if she doesn't have stall cards 
    out on the field.
    Kaiser Sea Horse
    Deck: Natural Power
    Deck Type: Light-Type Beat-down
    Card List: To come
    Notes: Beat-down deck focusing on light-type monsters, contains light 
    related field cards and some pretty powerful tribute summons; his deck 
    also contains a good amount of removal like torrential tribute and 
    sakuretsu armor.
    Aquarian Alessa
    Deck: Dripping Water
    Deck Type: Water Beat-down
    Card List: To come
    Notes: Lots of stalls and deck thinning with some decent removal thrown 
    in and some decent power creatures like a monarch and Neo-Daedalus. 
    Also watch out for the frog swarm. 
    Chrysalis Dolphin
    Deck: Contact Impact
    Deck Type: Water Beat-down
    Card List: To come
    Notes: Yet another Water deck, only thing really different is some 
    frankly useless cards in his deck (Chrysalis Dolphin for example...) 
    and Daedalus. 
    Deck: Creataceous Deck
    Deck Type: Dinosaur
    Card List: To Come
    Notes: His dinosaur deck has a focus on removing cards from play in 
    order to power-up a few of his dinosaurs. 
    Around this point I unlocked Mai Valentine as well for having at least 
    750 spells activated. The pack you unlock is King of the Ark. Alright, 
    we're done for World 2 in WC mode for now.
    Okay, this one isn't quite the barren wasteland as the last. As usual, 
    you'll start in this one area and the map will expand like the last 
    world. You'll see the regular duelists... You might also see a woman on 
    the map (The Unhappy Maiden), you can give her healing cards and 
    eventually you can unlock her as a duelist in WC mode, so every time 
    you see her, give her a card. Otherwise, pretty standard stuff, you're 
    going to want to beat every duelist in the world five times for a pack 
    eventually, so we might as well get started early... But for the most 
    part I try to get through this world as fast as possible because the 
    packs for unlocking the next world are quite good and the world isn't 
    particularly long. For now I just picked on Great Angus (the reddish 
    humanoid) and gave the unhappy maiden cards in-between each duel.
    Great Angus
    Deck: Let the Fire Burn!
    Deck Type: Burn
    Card List: To come
    Cards Received: Nimble Momonga
    Unlock: Beat 5 times to unlock Vortex King in WC mode
    Notes: Nothing fancy, just your typical burn deck. Watch out to not get 
    locked down by Level Limit, it can drag out the game quite excellently 
    (I had to deck him out at least once.)
    After giving The Unhappy Maiden 4000 LP worth of cards she'll give you 
    her cards (...The Unhappy Girl and The Unhappy Maiden); also you'll 
    unlock her in WC mode. Anyways, after that go back to World One and 
    you'll see a new duelists, a small, dark creature... You'll probably 
    notice another stone as well, ignore it for now and approach the 
    Next to to world two and enter the pyramid to see another strange 
    creature, approach it as well...
    Ojama Green
    Deck: Mischievous Trio
    Deck Type: Ojama
    Card List: To Come
    Notes: His deck is reliant on stall cards (lots of em), a couple of 
    gambling cards to increase his stay and then some direct damage. His 
    ultimate goal is to just Ojama King which makes some zones unusable... 
    So his purpose it to lock you down and then blast you or beat you to 
    death with the King. A good heavy storm is enough to destroy his deck 
    or even a well placed mystical space typhoon. 
    Win or lose the same thing happens, so don't fret if you do lose. 
    Return to world three... You should see a yellow creature being 
    repeatedly blasted by some strange mech, save it, quick!
    Blowback Dragon
    Deck: Locked on You
    Deck Type: Gambling
    Card List: To Come
    Unlock: Beat to unlock him in WC mode along with Ojama Yellow
    Notes: A deck that relies on the unreliable, coin flips, dice rolls, 
    etc... Has cards to get more, re rolls, etc... The deck focuses on 
    using Blowback Dragon to destroy your cards and then swing for some 
    good damage. Not a lot of tips, deal with his cards that give him re 
    rolls; the deck shouldn't be terribly troublesome unless he just gets 
    lucky (although I guess that's the point!)
    Afterwards, you'll be approached and a new building will appear on the 
    field. Visit it for some duels...
    Deck: Giant Lumber
    Deck Type: Beat-down
    Card List: To Come
    Notes: I'm not sure of much strategy advice I can offer you... I burned 
    about 5 turns in a row waiting for him to do something without much 
    luck, if you're experience is anything like mine he shouldn't even 
    prove to be a threat unless he draws an amazing hand.
    Blazing Inpachi
    Deck: Melody of Fire
    Deck Type: Special Summon/Beat-down
    Card List: To come
    Notes: I had a bit more luck with this version; his deck seems to rely 
    heavily on special summoning or using 'trap monsters'. He contains some 
    decently annoying stall, and his beater seems to be using Mausoleum to 
    summon Hino-Kagu-Tsuchi. All in all, quite a spell/trap abuser, so make 
    sure to use that against him.
    Woodborg Inpachi
    Deck: Spirited Folkdance
    Deck Type: Fire
    Card List: To come
    Notes: A fire theme deck with a mixture of burn cards and stall, pretty 
    typical fare for quite a few duelists in this world, and his deck isn't 
    from my experience the best of them, but he is improving... slowly...
    Anyways, he'll ask for a favor; say yes of course... After that the 
    cave area of the map will become unlocked.
    Inside the cave, approach the dinosaur creature...
    Volcanic Slicer
    Deck: Charring Volcano
    Deck Type: Burn/Removal
    Card List: To come
    Unlock: Beat 5 times to unlock Volcanic Doomfire in WC mode
    Notes: A deck with a lot of removal whose side point is to burn you 
    down using his cannon(s) and returning/reoccurring cards. Take down his 
    continuous spell cards and wail on him.
    After that one duel the flame butterfly, it it isn't there leave and 
    come back until it does...
    Blazewing Butterfly
    Deck: Sinister Flame
    Deck Type: Gemini/Bea-down
    Card List: To come
    Unlock: Beat 5 times to unlock Il Blud in WC mode
    Notes: Uses a mixture of Gemini monsters and zombie beat-down along 
    with a fair amount of card return to use with Card of Safe Return. 
    Throw in some Different Dimension removal and he should have a hard 
    Next face the flaming blue humanoid...
    Spirit of the Six Samurai
    Deck: Samurai Mayhem
    Deck Type: Six Samurai
    Card List: To come
    Cards Received: Makyura the Destructor
    Unlock: Beat 5 times to unlock Great Shogun Shien in WC mode
    Notes: Uses the Six Samurai cards and other warrior support cards to 
    use a variety of powerful effects. On a lucky turn he can get out three 
    powerful samurai in one turn. I recommend using stall cards to your 
    advantage in this match and a good amount of removal or trap negation. 
    He has some very good support cards in there and can turn around the 
    entire match with one trap (Backs to the Wall.)
    After the battle he'll give you Limiter Removal, return to the lab and 
    give Limiter Removal to Kozaky to meet an old friend in a bad mood...
    Giga Gagagigo
    Deck: Gigagiga Heart
    Deck Type: Warrior
    Card List: To come
    Unlock: Beat once to unlock Kozaky in WC mode
    Notes: A rather bland Warrior toolbox type deck with a lot of typical 
    warrior deck staples like D.D. Warrior Lady, Exiled Force, etc...
    After the battle Kozaky will show you to the gate. The condition in 
    this battle is that you will fight several duels in a row and you will 
    not gain life-points in-between; this will test our decks speed, 
    effectiveness and reliability. On the upside you start with more than 
    Speed Guardian - Ferrario (Deck 1)
    Deck: Bouncy Guardian
    Deck Type: Bounce/Stall
    Card List: To come
    Notes: Deck title says it all, his deck relies on cards that bounce 
    cards from the field to your hand like Penguin Soldier and 'Begone, 
    Knave!' He doesn't have a real strong defense otherwise, so push your 
    Speed Guardian - Ferrario (Deck 2)
    Deck: 10 karats
    Deck Type: Destiny Hero
    Card List: To come
    Notes: His deck revolves around using Diamond Dude to dump spell cards 
    into the graveyard and then activate them without paying the usual 
    costs associated with their activation. Without Diamond Dude he is 
    pretty much hosed, so take out Diamon Dude and you'll take him out soon 
    Speed Guardian - Ferrario (Deck 3)
    Deck: Like a Phoenix
    Deck Type: Zombie
    Card List: To come
    Notes: Typical zombie deck, the main theat is by this point you're 
    probably low on life already, so try to conserve and not rush headlong 
    into too much damage.
    After that you'll automatically proceed to the next world, be told the 
    tag rules and be forced into a duel.
    #1 Mythical Beast Cerberus
    Deck: Breath of Fire
    Deck Type: Beat-down
    Card List: To come
    #2 Darkblaze Dragon
    Deck: The Raging Fire
    Deck Type: Dragon Beat-down
    Card List: To come
    Unlock: Axel Brodie in WC mode (even if you lose)
    Notes: It's a bit (a lot) harder writing strategies for tag duels; 
    basically they use Mausoleum to special summon powerful monsters. 
    Unfortunately, your duel partner for this first battle is pretty 
    terrible and I've yet to win this very first match. 
    Win or lose, it doesn't really matter; it's just a warm-up for this 
    next world. You'll unlock a bunch of stuff at this point; Tag Duels, 
    Axel Brodie in WC mode, two new packs (Sleeping Tomb and Ultimate 
    Darkness), a new outfit (White Jacket), and a new duel disc (Axel 
    Brodie Disc). As far as the Tag Duels go; for duels partners you can 
    use ghosts as partners (if you have any), the free one you just got, or 
    any character you have beaten at least 10 times. I recommend using a 
    partner who has a similar deck or relies on cards that boosts yours as 
    its no fun to compete with your tag partner to see who can destroy each 
    others field cards and so on. In my opinion the best one you could have 
    would be Jaden's ghost. Just as a note to me and you, in the Tag Free 
    duel you have 3 opponents already; Dangerous Pair (Marshmallon/Spirit 
    Reaper), Invasion of Flames (Mataza the Zapper/Armed Samurai - Ben 
    Kei), and Barbaric Pride (Amazoness Tiger/Amazoness Chain Master). I 
    did unlock the D.D. Invitation (Yubel/Marcel Bonaparte) tag duel 
    shortly thereafter, but I have no idea on the exact conditions and my 
    record showed nothing that might be it, so if anyone knows the exact 
    condition, please tell me (I think it might be related to having a lot 
    of DP.)
    Regardless, we're not moving on just yet. Put a water deck together 
    with Neo-Daedalus, you should have enough cards to build something 
    decent by now for the stone challenge in World 2 in the water. Remember 
    you need to summon Neo-Daedalus to win.
    Stone Challenge: Ocean Dragon Lord - Neo-Daedalus
    Deck: Ocean Lord
    Deck Type: Water
    Card List: To come
    Unlock: Beat to unlock Atticus Rhodes in WC Mode
    Notes: Ironically his deck is probably about the same as yours, as is 
    basically the case with all the Stone Challenges. So you should watch 
    out for Daedalus as well, but both decks support each other to some 
    degree with field cards and the like, so it basically comes down to who 
    has the better deck; if either gets out Neo-Daedalus the game is 
    probably over.  
    If you want to see the deck I used for this challenge here it is; not 
    great and could use some cards from future packs but beat it fairly 
    easily although not quickly.
    My Daedalus Deck: 
    Monsters: 2x Sea Serpent Warrior of Darkness, Abyss Soldier, 3x 
    Amphibious Bugroth MK-3, 3x Hydrogeddon, Levia-Dragon - Daedalus, 2x 
    Mermaid Knight, 3x Mother Grizzley, Ocean Dragon Lord - Neo Daedalus, 
    3x Oxygeddon, Penguin Soldier, 2x Water Dragon.
    Spells: 3x A Legendary Ocean, 2x Bonding - H20, Giant Trunade, Heavy 
    Storm, Lightning Vortex, Mystical Space Typhoon, 2x Salvage
    Traps: Dust Tornado, Gravity Bind, Magic Cylinder, Sakuretsu Armor, 3x 
    Tornado Wall
    Next is the Stone Challenge... of Stone with Exxod. 
    Stone Challenge: Exxod, Master of The Guard
    Deck: Solid Defnse
    Deck Type: Rock Flip Effect
    Card List: To come
    Unlock: Beat to unlock Marcel Bonaparte in WC mode
    Notes: Pretty much the same thing as before, it all comes down to deck 
    quality and skill vs the computer doing the same. 
    Here is the deck I used if it gives you any idea, once again, it 
    definitely has room for improvement. It focuses on using Exxod to deal 
    damage via flip effects that can be repeated, although it has a backup 
    which really isn't effective for the challenge.
    My Exxod Deck:
    Monsters: 2x Ancient Lamp, 2x Exiled Force, Exxod, 3x Giant Rat, 2x 
    Gigantes, Granmarg the Rock Monarch, 2x Guardian Sphinx, Marshmallon, 
    3x Medusa Worm, 3x Moai Interceptor Cannons, Stone Statue of the Aztecs
    Spells: Book of Moon, Brain Control, Canyon, Chorus of Sanctuary, 2x 
    Ectoplasmer, 2x Hammer Shot, Magical Mallet, Mystical Space Typhoon, 
    Premature Burial, Scapegoat, Swords of Revealing Light
    Traps: Magic Drain, Needle Wall, 2x Ordeal of a Traveler, 2x Solemn 
    Okay, that's all the stone challenges we can do for now, the one in 
    World 1 requires Master of Oz which is in a pack we don't have... yet! 
    So lets get to work; head back to World of Civilization and duel 
    everyone on the first map five times, in addition to Angus I covered 
    before, here they are:
    Luster Dragon
    Deck: A Dragon's Way
    Deck Type: Dragon
    Card List: To come
    Unlock: Beat 5 times to unlock Luster Dragon #2 in WC Mode
    Notes: Masked Dragon, Armed Dragons of all levels, spells with dragon 
    artwork, dragon buffs, etc... if they exist they might be in this deck. 
    The card you need to watch out for is White-Horned Dragon if you have 
    many spell cards in your graveyard, it can become massively powerful. 
    The Armed Dragons can be quite effective as well. 
    Stronghold the Moving Fortress
    Deck: Follow the Symbol
    Deck Type: Gadget
    Card List: To come
    Unlock: Beat 5 times to unlock Gear Golem the Moving Fortress in WC 
    Notes: His deck relies on the very synergetic Gadget Machine cards to 
    get some very impressive attack power out fairly quickly. Other than 
    that he has a good amount of removal and likes to remove cards from 
    Fox Fire
    Deck: Fiery Chariot
    Deck Type: Burn
    Card List: To come
    Unlock: Beat 5 times to unlock Molten Zombie in WC mode
    Notes: Typical burn deck, which you've had to deal with at least twice 
    before now. Big card of note is Ultimate Baseball Kid.
    After that you should unlock the Beyond Ultimate pack. In addition 
    another Stone Challenge will appear, we'll get to that later as well. 
    Go inside the cave and finish the duelists off in there as well (I 
    covered them before in brief.)
    There are two other 'events' in this world I haven't covered. There is 
    a golem that appears near the apex of the volcano occasionally who will 
    duel you and give you a card if you win. I should note there is a trick 
    where if you say no when he asks if you want to duel he'll tell you a 
    different card the next time you talk to him; so you can cycle to get a 
    reward you want, but they are all fire type cards. The other is the 
    blacksmith in the cave who will forge you a 'weapon.' You'll have to 
    pay him for the weapon afterwards, and he won't be happy if you 
    Anyways, after all that you'll have a ton of duelists unlocked. At this 
    point I do the new Stone Challenge in World 3 for VWXYZ-Dragon Catapult 
    Stone Challenge: VWXYZ-Dragon Catapult Cannon
    Deck: Combined Order
    Deck Type: Union Beat-down
    Card List: To Come
    Unlock: Beat to unlock Chazz Princeton in WC Mode
    Notes: Typical challenge, if you can't win, I recommend you 
    relentlessly steal his strategies and use them against him.
    If you're interested in the deck I used, here it is. It basically 
    revolve around removing the fusion cards from the game and then 
    returning all five of the cards you need to the field to get the big 
    guy out in one go.
    Monsters: 3x V-Tiger Jet, 3x X-Head Cannon, 2x Magical Merchant, 
    Morphing Jar, 2x Reflect Bounder, 2x Shining Angel, 2x UFOroid, 3x W-
    Wing Catapult, 3x Y-Dragon Head, 3x Z-Metal Tank
    Spells: Card Destruction, Dimension Fusion, Heavy Storm, Lightning 
    Vortex, Mystical Space Typhoon, 2x Soul Release, Swords of Revealing 
    Light, Twister
    Trap: 2x Draining Shield, Mirror Force, 3x Return from the Different 
    Dimension, Ultimate Offering
    Fusion: 3x VW-Tiger Catapult, 3x VWXYZ-Dragon Catapult, 3x XY-Dragon 
    Cannon, 3x XYZ-Dragon Cannon, 3x XZ-Tank Cannon, 3x YZ-Tank Dragon
    Anyways, next to unlock the pack containing the Master of Oz, it's time 
    for some free duel fun! We need to beat a whopping 10 duelists 5 times 
    to unlock the next pack! We should have some to spare afterwards, but 
    it's time to get busy! This is a great opportunity to practice your 
    deck construction skills, you should be able to make quite a few 
    different deck types with the cards available to you now. 
    The Unhappy Maiden
    Deck: Stop Fighting!
    Deck Type: Stall
    Card List: To come
    Il Blud
    Deck: Zombie Crazy
    Deck Type: Zombie
    Card List: To come
    Gear Golem the Moving Fortress
    Deck: Second Gear
    Deck Type: Gear Golem Beat-down
    Card List: To come
    Woodborg Inpachi
    Deck: Express Your Love
    Deck Type:
    Card List: To come
    Ojama Yellow
    Deck: Yellow Mischief
    Deck Type:
    Card List: To come
    Luster Dragon #2
    Deck: Dragonic Attack
    Deck Type: Dragon Beat-down
    Card List: To come
    Molten Zombie
    Deck: Fan the Flames
    Deck Type:
    Card List: To come
    Volcanic Doomfire
    Deck: Volcanic Eruption
    Deck Type:
    Card List: To come
    Blowback Dragon
    Deck: Gambling Addiction
    Deck Type: Luck
    Card List: To come
    Deck: Goodbye Kozaky
    Deck Type:
    Card List: To come
    At some point in there you may unlock a new outfit, the Yellow Uniform, 
    for having 400 total duels. Also you can unlock Yami Bakura in WC mode 
    for having 500 total traps activated. After beating them all down you 
    get the pack; Rumbling Thunder. So time for the Master of Oz challenge 
    in world 1.
    Stone Challenge: Master of Oz
    Deck: Aussie Deck
    Deck Type: Beast Beat-down
    Card List: To come
    Unlock: Beat to unlock Tyranno Hassleberry in WC mode
    Notes: In my opinion, this is the easiest Stone Challenge yet. As 
    usual, I can't offer you too much advice aside from how you should 
    build your deck. Master of Oz is pretty easy to fusion, he has no 
    special conditions at all; so I recommend throwing in the standard 
    spell/trap staples, Master of Oz, Polymerization and cards that grab it 
    from your deck, some deck thinning, and finally a ton of fusion 
    substitution monsters. Unless he gets lucky, it should be a piece of 
    Anyways, we're done with the side stuff for now. 
    Welcome to World 4! In this world, all the duels are tag duels. It's 
    explained briefly in-game; the basics is that you have a partner you'll 
    be dueling with. Unfortunately, the AI is dumb as a brick. In the 
    options menu you can set your tag partner... Any duelist in the game 
    (save the tag duelists) can be unlocked as your tag partner by beating 
    them 10 times. You should pick a partner who runs a similar or who uses 
    cards with synergy with yours. If you have WIFI you can use ghosts as 
    duelists as well, I personally use Jaden who is downloadable off Wifi 
    as a ghost. 
    There is little to unlock in this world save 1 pack needed for a stone 
    challenge and some awesome packs are opened up for clearing it and can 
    be earned in the next world, so we are going to try to get through this 
    as quickly as possible and then come back later when we have some 
    better cards. 
    For now beat these three duelists 1 time each.I also don't know if I'll 
    ever be able to fill out the deck lists for tag duelists either since 
    it would be very hard to both deck both of them out and differentiate 
    the cards of each deck.
    Goe Goe the Gallant Ninja & Lady Ninja Yae
    Decks: Stand-Alone Village/Ninja Spy
    Deck Types: Ninja Beat-down/Wind Beat-down
    Card List: To Come
    Notes: Uses Ninja Cards (Their names/strike ninja/etc...) and wind-
    beatdown monsters and the typical synergy field cards; overall probably 
    the easiest of the three starting duelists by a fair margin. 
    Mythical Beast Cerberus/Darkblaze Dragon
    Decks: Breath of Fire/The Raging Fire
    Deck Types: Dragon/Beast Beat-down
    Card List: To Come
    Notes: They use a variety of effects to bring out powerful monsters, 
    mostly via resurrection cards and Mausoleum of the Emperor. They work 
    together fairly well, dumping monsters into the graveyard (Foolish 
    Burial) and then bringing them into play. 
    Vanity's Ruler/Vanity's Fiend
    Decks: Law of Victory/Triumphant Law
    Deck Types: Beat-down
    Card List: To Come
    Notes: Their decks focus on getting out... well, the cards of their 
    names and keeping them out. They use cards like Ultimate Offering to 
    get them out very quickly, and one will usually hit the board on turn 2 
    if they get a good hand with ultimate offering. They also have plenty 
    of stall (Gellenduo) and traps/quick-play spells to make getting rid of 
    them difficult in combat. 
    In addition there is a chest which might show up, which may either be 
    some free stuff or a nasty duel with a mimic. 
    After that talk to the guy that's always on the map by himself (Renge) 
    and you'll get in another duel. Ante up a Dark World card, hopefully 
    you should have at least one (Dark World Lightning.)
    Zure, Knight of Dark World/Kahkki, Guerilla of Dark World
    Decks: Dark Times/Underworld
    Deck Types: Dark World
    Card List: To Come
    Notes: Uses a dark-type deck focusing on the Dark-World cards, 
    fortunately they don't use them to their full advantage most of the 
    time. In addition to the dark world special summon cards uses a variety 
    of other dark-theme and dark-type synergy cards.
    Talk to him to duel again, with the same condition.
    Sillva, Warlord of Dark World/Goldd, Wu-Lord of Dark World
    Decks: Special Silver/Pure Gold
    Deck Types: Dark World
    Card List: To Come
    Notes: Pretty much the same as last time, except with much better cards 
    and better strategies to go along with them. Basically they force 
    themselves to discard the Dark World cards and this brings them into 
    play, you can probably see why that gets nasty. It might be a good idea 
    to put in cards that remove cards from play when they go into the 
    graveyard to slow them down.
    One more time...
    Reign-Beaux, Overlord of Dark World/Brron, Mad King of Dark World
    Decks: Parade of Pain/Portable Darkness
    Deck Types: Dark World
    Card List: To Come
    Unlock: Beat to unlock them in Tag Duel in WC mode
    Notes: Basically take the last deck and ramp it up again, this time 
    including some control cards like Mask of Restrict to hinder you from 
    making strong counterattacks.
    Afterwards go back and beat all the other duelists one more time again. 
    Then a castle will appear in the background, so go towards it.
    Gogiga Gagagigo/Mobius the Frost Monarch
    Decks: Dream Splash/Super Splash
    Deck Types: Water
    Card List: To Come
    Notes: As you can imagine, Legendary Ocean is going to be out, a lot. 
    In addition expect to see all the standard water monsters and even some 
    new ones. The big guy you need to watch out for, especially with field 
    cards out is Gagagigo, as he can be one heck of water attribute beat 
    Then another...
    Vampire Lady/Vampire Lord
    Decks: Black Masquerade/Age of Darkness
    Deck Types: Zombie
    Card List: To Come
    Unlock: Beat to unlock them in Tag Duel in WC mode
    Notes: Two rather typical zombie decks, not a whole lot to say that you 
    haven't heard before, just watch out for the big guys. 
    Afterwards, a little alien guy will pop up and be angry with you and 
    disappear into the sky; time to join him. You can now pan the camera up 
    into the sky to see the planets and whatnot. In the sky some new pairs 
    will appear, along with a UFO which has another little guessing game 
    associated with it. Deal with each duelist once for now.
    Harpie Queen/Harpie Girl
    Decks: Whirling Whirlwind!/Monsoon Rider!
    Deck Types: Wind Beat-down
    Card List: To Come
    Notes: Harpie lady decks, they are a bit more effective than what I 
    remember. They make good use of harpies hunting ground and other 
    removal cards. Fortunately, if you play your cards right, hunting 
    ground can be used against them (since it is not a 'may' ability.) In 
    general, if you take out the field cards they aren't very difficult to 
    contend with.
    Alien Hypno/Lich Lord, King of the Underworld
    Decks: Contact Impact/Zombie Defend
    Deck Types: Alien/Zombie/Burn
    Card List: To Come
    Notes: Locks down your field with cards level Level Limit, infects your 
    creatures with alien tokens to make you take more damage in combat, and 
    uses re-summonable cards with ectoplasmer. Fortunately, their decks do 
    clash a bit and aren't as effective as they could be; for example, 
    Level Limit will hinder the alien deck most of the time. 
    Satellite Cannon/Metal Shooter
    Decks: Mecha Revolution/Laser Beam
    Deck Types: Machine
    Card List: To Come
    Notes: Lots of machine cards, most of which you have seen and dealt 
    with before. Prominent ones being Barrel Dragon and Blowback Dragon. 
    They use Mausoleum of the Emperor to bring them out very quickly and 
    lock you down with their gamble effects, so take out the mausoleum 
    quickly before you don't get much chance to fight back.
    After that a new (tag) duelist should appear, two alien looking 
    creatures... Time for some payback... This duel is completely 
    automated, and may take you several tries to win even if you have a 
    good deck, just because the A.I. stinks. Just keep trying and you'll 
    win; after that the gate will appear. Also for beating them, you'll 
    unlock them in WC mode (Alien Shocktrooper/Alien Infiltrator). Time to 
    go gatecrashing...
    This gate is pretty simple; you're just pitted up against five 
    different decks and you must beat at least 3 of them to continue on (as 
    usual.) They are tag duels as well if you are wondering; so here they 
    are, in order:
    Underworld Guardian - Moley/Dark World Guardian - Gigori
    Decks: Dark Legacy/Incoming Barrier
    Deck Types: Control
    Card List: To Come
    Notes: Lots of traps/spells here, watch out for cards like deck 
    detestation virus and so on. If your deck can afford to not use traps I 
    recommend using Royal Decree and/or Jinzo as that will make them most 
    Underworld Guardian - Moley/Dark World Guardian - Gigori 
    Decks: Fiend's Trial/Dark Captor
    Deck Types: Dark World
    Card List: To Come
    Notes: Just another Dark World duel, which you've had to do several 
    times before this.
    Underworld Guardian - Moley/Dark World Guardian - Gigori
    Decks: Dark Bandits/Dark Disturbance
    Deck Types: Beat-down
    Card List: To Come
    Notes: Just a simple beat-down with dark type monsters deck, likes to 
    use lots of Goblin Attack Force. 
    At this point you'll proceed to the next world automatically, as well 
    as unlocking two packs; Darkness Removed and Bloodline Destiny. Go back 
    and finish the other two anyways though.
    Underworld Guardian - Moley/Dark World Guardian - Gigori
    Decks: The Dark Ones/Fiend Mania
    Deck Types: Fiend Beat-down
    Card List: To Come
    Notes: Fiend Mania sums it up well, uses Fiend Type monsters and equip 
    cards like Black Pendant to buff them up to make them have even high 
    Underworld Guardian - Moley/Dark World Guardian - Gigori
    Decks: Dark Ordeal/Pitch-Dark Ordeal
    Deck Types: Control/Stall
    Card List: To Come
    Notes: Lots of deck thinning, removal, and high defense monsters make 
    this an annoying duel; but aside from one or two cards no real win 
    strategies aside from waiting for you to deck out.
    For beating all of their challenges you unlock Aster Phoenix in WC 
    mode. Onto the next world!
    Alright, shiny world now full of love and happiness; time to make 
    someone sad! At this point I have several decks made, currently I use a 
    Destiny Hero deck, the cards are in the packs most recently unlocked. 
    But I also have a gravekeeper's deck, an exodia deck, a burn deck, and 
    a few others; so you should have plenty of options for deck building by 
    We're back to the usual 5x setup again, so get to it!
    Thunder Nyan Nyan
    Deck: Bashful Maiden
    Deck Type: Spellcaster Beat-down
    Card List: To come
    Unlock: Beat 5 times to unlock Injection Fairy Lily in WC mode
    Notes: Likes to use a lot of cute, girly cards to emasculate you. The 
    big one to watch out for is Injection Fairy Lily which can do a ton of 
    damage if it catches you off guard.
    Absorbing Kid from the Sky
    Deck: Usual Shining
    Deck Type: Fairy/Counter/Life Gain
    Card List: To come
    Cards Given: Winged Kuriboh
    Unlock: Beat 5 times to unlock Marie the Fallen One in WC mode
    Notes: Deck relies mostly on life gain effects for sustenance and using 
    a variety of spell and trap cards to slow you down while gaining life 
    in the process. The real game winner here for him though is Agent of 
    Judgment - Saturn which does damage to you equal to the difference in 
    life. Considering the amount of stall abilities while gaining life 
    points, this can be a lot of damage. A deck relying on alternate win 
    conditions will make this battle easier (although I don't recommend 
    burn, I used milling/deck out).
    In addition to them is a flickering guy, like in World 3 you can duel 
    him (her actually) for a card that will be declared ahead of time. 
    Soul of Purity and Light
    Deck: Covered in Light
    Deck Type:
    Card List: To come
    To proceed you'll need to make a deck composed solely of fairy-type 
    monsters (well... you can use spells and traps...)
    Layard the Liberator
    Deck: Shining Field
    Deck Type: Fairy/Counter/Life Gain
    Card List: To come
    Notes: This duel should pretty much be like the ones you fought against 
    the last duelist, difference being your deck comprised of sub-par fairy 
    monsters. Just keep up the offense or beat him at his own game and it 
    shouldn't prove too difficult.
    Here is the deck I used if you are interested:
    Monsters: 2x Airknight Parshath, 3x Gellenduo, 2x Harvest Angel of 
    Wisdom, Marshmallon, 3x Meltiel - Sage of the Sky, 2x Neo-Parshath, 3x 
    Shining Angel, Soul of Purity and Light 
    Spells: 2x Cestus of Dagla, 2x Dimensional Fissure, Heavy Storm, 2x 
    Lightning Vortex, Mystical Space Typhoon, Premature Burial, Swords of 
    Revealing Light, 3x The Sanctuary in the Sky
    Traps: Black Horn of Heaven, Diving Wrath, 3x Forced Back, 2x Magic 
    Drain, Mirror Force, 2x Negate Attack
    Anyways, the area past the first fence is opened along with Gellenduo 
    wanting a card they lost... Remember to switch your deck back!
    Freya, Spirit of Victory
    Deck: Shining Bright
    Deck Type: Fairy Beat-Down
    Card List: To come
    Cards Given: Victory Dragon and Freya - Spirit of Victory
    Unlock: Beat 5 times to unlock Elemental Mistress Doriado in WC mode
    Notes: Okay, this one is a tad different, it doesn't have the counters 
    of the other; instead it is more aggressive and includes the ritual 
    summon Shinato, which will be quite devastating if it gets out. 
    Royal Knight
    Deck: Elite Shining
    Deck Type: Warrior
    Card List: To come
    Cards Given: Imperial Order
    Unlock: Beat 5 times to unlock Light Effigy in WC mode
    Notes: Uses solely warrior type monsters including the Silent and 
    Mystic Swordsmen. Also has the general warrior type staples to keep up 
    the aggression. 
    At some point Kaibaman might appear as well on the map, I believe you 
    need a Blue-Eyes White Dragon to spawn him though, make a deck with it 
    and battle him.
    Deck: Blue Flame Servant
    Deck Type: Dragon Beat-Down
    Card List: To come
    Notes: His deck is of course to get Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon as 
    quickly as possible via cards like Future Fusion and other 
    polymerization like cards.
    After beating Royal Knight and Freya talk to the two duelists in the 
    first area and they will mention a weird cloud... and then some red 
    creature will appear in the second area. Time to duel...
    Cloudian - Poison Cloud
    Deck: All Wrapped Up
    Deck Type: Cloudian
    Card List: To come
    Unlock: Unlocks him in WC mode
    Notes: The first Cloudian deck you'll be up against. Basically they use 
    a variety of effects powered fog counters to be annoying and lock you 
    down while they swing in for measly damage. The other main thing, is in 
    battle, cloudians are invincible; so they can be quite annoying to deal 
    with unless you have a way to 'tap' them or have a bunch of removal. On 
    top of that he'll play Sanctuary so he doesn't take damage. 
    The next section of the map will open up via the arrow after you beat 
    him; then head in. In here you'll have a couple of challenges, beat 
    everyone the standard number of times.
    Dancing Fairy (1000LP)
    Deck: Dancing Duel
    Deck Type: Burn/LP Gain
    Card List: To come
    Unlock: Beat 5 times to unlock Gemini Elf in WC mode
    Notes: Pretty easy, especially since she can kill herself with one bad 
    coin flip; just be quick and it shouldn't be troublesome unless she 
    kills you the first turn. Also if you want to make this really fast 
    just make a deck with a couple tremendous fires and go first. 
    Mokey Mokey (80 card deck)
    Deck: Mokey Mokey Trio
    Deck Type: Mokey Mokey Beat-Down
    Card List: To come
    Unlock: Beat 5 times to unlock Petit Dragon in WC mode
    Notes: Basically his deck contains a ton of various deck thinning, if 
    you can think of a card that fetches copies of itself, it's probably in 
    its deck. On top of that he has a ton of removal spells/traps so be 
    prepared and be aggressive. I really can't offer many tips on building 
    an 80 card deck aside from copying his strategy but actually using it 
    to fetch effective cards or get out combos. 
    Deck: Counting Stars
    Deck Type: Ritual
    Card List: To come
    Cards Given: Last Turn
    Unlock: Beat 5 times to unlock Maju of the Ten Thousand Hands in WC 
    Notes: Nothing special for this duel. His deck contains powerful ritual 
    cards (Shinato and Reshef the Dark Being), so I recommend you side in 
    some hand destruction. If he gets a bad hand they'll probably never hit 
    the field before you beat him though.
    For beating those three five times each you'll unlock a new pack, 
    Ancient Gadgetry. In addition another stone challenge will pop up on 
    the map. Go up to Senju again and he should say he picked up something 
    and will give it to you if you win in 5 turns. Otherwise, it's the same 
    as before, just be snappy. The prize he gives you is Nova Summoner. A 
    new duelist will appear on the previous map...
    By this point you should have the level 2 tournament unlocked as well. 
    I recommend beating it right now as well, as beating it 5 times will 
    unlock a pack containing some awesome cards (dark world, necroface, He 
    Des, and others.) I've covered some of the duelists in the tournament 
    already, I'll cover others later in the guide. The tournament may prove 
    fairly difficult, but keep it up and not only will you get a new pack 
    you'll be a step closer to the next. The pack you unlock for whooping 
    up on the tournament is World in Between.
    After that, its a bit of a hard choice, you can go ahead and beat the 
    next 10 duelists in WC mode for a great pack or continue on in DW to 
    get the cool packs for beating the rest of this one and unlocking the 
    next world. 3 vs 1... Well, I'm going to go with beating this world for 
    now, since it will be funner as well.
    Approach the gate guard, his challenge is to make him run out of cards, 
    so make a 'mill' deck. Cards like Needle Worm, Card Destruction, 
    Morphing Jar, etc... There is actually a filter of 'deck destruction' 
    in the card menu you can use to help. I recommend using cards like 
    Macro Cosmos to not only send the cards to the graveyard but remove 
    them from play for that extra punch.
    Radiant Jeral (Deck out)
    Deck: Draw No More
    Deck Type: Fairy
    Card List: To come
    Notes: Basically another fairy deck with a bunch of counters and some 
    additional draw ability. Otherwise, nothing special, it would be fairly 
    easy just to stall him until he decks himself out.
    Anyways, after beating him even more of the first map will show up when 
    you scroll upwards. In addition, there is a building being guarded but 
    ignore that and deal with the other duelists.
    Guardian Angel Joan
    Deck: Walking on Clouds
    Deck Type:
    Card List: To come
    Unlock: Beat 5 times to unlock St. Joan in WC mode
    Deck: Sky Gazer
    Deck Type: Light Type Beat-Down
    Card List: To come
    Unlock: Beat 5 times to unlock Watapon in WC mode
    Notes: A light type deck focusing on the offensive (weird for a stall 
    monster... I guess it is one of the more offensive stall monsters 
    though). Also likes to use the standard, annoying ritual monsters 
    you've been seeing recently (Shinato); other than that nothing new. 
    For finishing off all the duelists on the first map you unlock the 
    pack, The 7 Crystals. Time to go back to WC mode to get the pack for 
    beating 40 duelists; hopefully you got some out of the way in the 
    Elemental Mistress
    Deck: Beautiful Tactics
    Deck Type:
    Card List: To come
    Petit Dragon
    Deck Type:
    Card List: To come
    Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands
    Deck: Choose an Action
    Deck Type:
    Card List: To come
    Gemini Elf
    Deck: Get-a-long Sister
    Deck Type:
    Card List: To come
    Cloudian - Poison Cloud
    Deck: Freedom for All
    Deck Type:
    Card List: To come
    Light Effigy
    Deck: Flickering Flash
    Deck Type:
    Card List: To come
    Great Shogun Shien
    Deck: A Samurai's Life
    Deck Type:
    Card List: To come
    Injection Fairy Lily
    Deck: Maiden Honor
    Deck Type:
    Card List: To come
    Vortex Kong
    Deck: Power of Instinct
    Deck Type:
    Card List: To come
    The pack you unlock is Dark Meets Light. Alright, let's get that stone 
    challenge out of the way...
    Stone Challenge: Exodius the Ultimate Forbidden One
    Deck: Forbidden Grave
    Deck Type: Beat-Down/Exodia
    Card List: To come
    Unlock: Beat to unlock Adrian Gecko in WC mode and the Adrian Gecko 
    Duel Disk
    Notes: The usual here, and to be honest, this is probably one of those 
    duels where it will probably come down mainly to his opening hand.
    Here is the deck I used; a lot of stall mostly until I get my Exodius 
    out and then use Diffusion Wave-Motion for an easy victory:
    All 5 Exodia Pieces, 3x Exodius, Marshmallon, Spirit Reaper, Treeborn 
    Frog, Card Destruction, 3x Card Trader, 3x Dark World Dealing, 3x 
    Diffusion Wave-Motion, Fissure, Heavy Storm, Mystical Space Typhoon, 
    Nobleman of Crossout, 2x Pot of Avarice, Premature Burial, Smashing 
    Ground, Swords of Revealing Light, Call of the Haunted, Magic Cylinder, 
    Mirror Force, 3x Ojama Trio, 3x Sakuretsu Armor, Trap Dustshoot
    Back to World 5 and talk with the man guardian the building and give 
    him the Nova Summoner card. Unfortunately, it seems you stole it; Why? 
    I thought we were friends. Anyways, you gotta duel to prove your 
    innocent (what?)
    Voltanis the Adjudicator
    Deck: Aerial Judgment 
    Deck Type: Light Type Beat-down
    Card List: To come
    Notes: Another light theme deck, this one containing Voltanis and 
    frankly a ton of bounce cards to stall until he can bring it out. But 
    considering there is no downside for losing, no real point in offering 
    you advice.
    Afterwards, win or lose a new duelist will appear on the map. His 
    challenge is rather simple, you must do a whopping 8000 LP of damage in 
    a single turn. 
    Harvest Angel of Wisdom
    Deck: Shining Aitsu
    Deck Type: Yet another Light-Type/LP Gain deck
    Card List: To come
    Notes: The real trick is not doing any damage until necessary, you 
    obviously can't deal 8000 LP worth of damage in one turn if he's nearly 
    dead. Fortunately, he will gain some extra LP through the use of 
    spells, and it might not be a terrible idea to let him if he runs into 
    some face down cards and takes damage. I recommend using a deck with 
    Demise to blow up the field and then use some resurrection cards to 
    swing for massive damage. 
    After beating the challenge the final area of the first map is 
    revealed, along with another stone challenge. This one is for Rainbow 
    Dragon. You should already have the pack containing the jeweled beast 
    cards, so create a deck using them and Rainbow dragon and give it a 
    Stone Challenge: Rainbow Dragon
    Deck: Over the Rainbow
    Deck Type: Crystal Beast
    Card List: To come
    Unlock: Beat to unlock Jesse Anderson in WC mode
    Notes: His deck is a pretty standard crystal beast deck; basically 
    whenever you destroy one of his monsters it'll be moved to the 
    spell/trap card zone and then he'll use various effects/cards to use 
    them or bring them back. The hardest part will probably be actually 
    summoning Rainbow Dragon; you should note that your opponents monsters 
    do count as part of the summoning condition for Rainbow Dragon for 
    Crystal Beast cards on the field; although it's probably safer if the 
    cards are in the graveyard since your opponent probably is going to 
    play Rainbow Dragon soon as well.
    In addition, you should unlock Joey Wheeler as a duelist in WC mode for 
    beating six stone challenges. Then proceed to the man at the tower, he 
    may be familiar (heh). His challenge is you must activate 10 spell 
    cards. This shouldn't prove especially challenging, but may require you 
    to make a new deck. I personally used a Diamond Dude deck to complete 
    this challenge (its a good deck in general as well.)
    Alkana Knight Joker (activate 10 spells)
    Deck: A Warrior's Pride
    Deck Type: Warrior Beat-down
    Card List: To come
    Notes: If you used the deck I recommended at the deck, you are probably 
    intimately familiar with his strategy; use the poker cards to fusion a 
    powerful monsters. Nothing really more than that, but don't forget to 
    activate 10 spells before you whoop him up. 
    Alright move on up the tower, this one is to activate 10 traps cards. 
    For this one I use a deck called chain burn (another deck which is good 
    in general use and will prove good in upcoming challenges. Here is the 
    deck I used (which I totally net-decked to be honest from Throwdownarmy 
    on Pojo.)
    Monsters: 2x Lava Golem, Marshmallon, Morphing Jar
    Spells: Chain Strike, 3x Poison of the Old Man, Scapegoat, 3x 
    Tremendous Fire
    Traps: 3x Accumulated Fortune, Ceasefire, 2x Chain Detonation, 3x Jar 
    of Greed, 3x Just Desserts, 3x Legacy of Yata-Garasu, 3x Ojama Trio, 2x 
    Reckless Greed, 3x Secret Barrel, 3x Threatening Roar, 3x Waboku
    Pretty simple strategy; it's a burn deck relying on chaining cards 
    together (by holding down the A button when activating a trap you can 
    chain off your own cards.)
    The End of Anubis (Activate 10 Traps)
    Deck: Grand Protectors
    Deck Type: Graveyard Lockdown
    Card List: To come
    Notes: With the deck I listed you'll probably have no problem with the 
    condition considering it uses a ton of traps/card draw. He uses 
    Necrovalley and The End of Anubis to prevent you from using your 
    graveyard to any effect. If you use the deck I posted that won't really 
    be any hindrance. He does have some stall and some prevention from you 
    using spells/traps which will probably be your biggest hindrance. 
    Alright the next one is a bit... different... You have to win when you 
    have 5 or fewer cards left in your deck. I would use a deck with 
    Monster gate and very few monsters to thin out your own deck as fast as 
    possible; a mill deck would work as well if you nearly deck yourself 
    out as well; or just drag out the game as long as possible.
    Arcana Force Extra - The Light Ruler 
    Deck: Nightsong Crush
    Deck Type: Mill
    Card List: To come
    Notes: His deck will actually be helping you out a bit with this one by 
    using Vampire Lord/Lady, Gravekeeper's Servant, Needleworm, etc... 
    Otherwise, nothing really special about his deck. 
    The next challenge is to make your opponent discard 10 cards from their 
    hand. A mill deck is probably good here (Don Zaloog, White Magical 
    Hats, Card Destruction, Robbin Goblin are all good for this challenge).
    White Night Dragon (Make him discard 10 cards)
    Deck: Blue-Eyes Light
    Deck Type: Beat-down
    Card List: To come
    Notes: His deck mostly relies on card advantage to field powerful 
    monsters. Once again, nothing special but the condition. I should note 
    that simply letting him discard from having too many cards does not 
    count, so don't make the same mistake as I did. If he plays infinite 
    cards, I recommend letting him as it will make this challenge easier. 
    The next challenge is to form a chain of 5 or more cards, for this I 
    recommend the deck I posted a bit up (the chain burn deck). Like I said 
    before chain off your own cards by holding down A, knowing this it 
    shouldn't be difficult. 
    Beast King Barbaros (make a chain with 5 links)
    Deck: Beast Beatdown
    Deck Type: Burn/Destruction
    Card List: To come
    Notes: Pretty simply deck on his part, a fair amount of burn and a way 
    to clear the field using Barbaros. That'll probably be your primary 
    concern but it takes 3 tributes to get out so hopefully he'll be mostly 
    beaten by then. Take the advantage of chaining your cards off his for 
    increased effects. 
    After beating him the real trial beings! The gate is pretty much the 
    same as one of them before but a little harder, you have 5 duels in a 
    row and you must win to pass, no 3 this time, you have to go all the 
    way. I recommend you do the same as before, be conservative, thats the 
    best advice I can give. By this point you should hopefully have several 
    decks available, use your best. If you need some deck help I recommend 
    hopping onto popular sites for the game and looking up decks you can 
    make with the cards you have. I personally use a Necroface Mill deck 
    with Soul Reversal for this one since it has some life gain. 
    Sky Guardian - Sefolile
    Deck: Line Them Up
    Deck Type: Stall/Destiny Board
    Card List: To come
    Notes: First deck is a stall deck whose main win condition is to use 
    the instant win final cards, any amount of removal should hose this 
    deck pretty substantially. He also uses Horus, so watch out for it as 
    it can make or break his deck by protecting his Destiny Board cards. 
    Sky Guardian - Sefolile
    Deck: Monarch Deck
    Deck Type: Beatdown
    Card List: To come
    Notes: Uses a lot of normal summons/high defense monsters to stall for 
    the big guys. Also likes to use a bit of card switching to sacrifice 
    your monsters for his. If he starts getting monarchs out you might have 
    some trouble with all the removal flying across the board.
    Sky Guardian - Sefolile
    Deck: Duel Responsive
    Deck Type: Beat-down
    Card List: To come
    Notes: Uses mostly Fairy and Fiend type cards with a few others thrown 
    in for their special effects. In addition, it has some control in it as 
    well and some effect negation.
    Sky Guardian - Sefolile
    Deck: Good Old Strength
    Deck Type: Warrior/Gamble
    Card List: To come
    Notes: Mostly uses the Sasuke Samurai cards for a variety of 
    interesting effects. Otherwise, his only big card of note is the very 
    annoying blowback dragon. Of course he also has fairy box to be even 
    more annoying...  
    Sky Guardian - Sefolile
    Deck: Pitch Dark
    Deck Type: Wicked Beat-Down
    Card List: To come
    Unlock: Beat to unlock Dark Zane in WC mode
    Notes: He relies on the powerful wicked tribute monsters (The Wicked 
    Eraser, Wicked Avatar, Wicked Dreadroot). My best advise is to have 
    something like mask of restrict or swarm him before he can get them 
    out. Unfortunately, most of his monsters are fetch type which makes 
    getting rid of them quickly quite a pain. 
    At this point the game rolls credits like the game is over, but don't 
    worry, we still have one world left and plenty of other stuff still to 
    do! Let the credits roll, as you save the game after the credits are 
    done (would be a shame to have to redo that last challenge.)
    At this point you'll unlock Structure Decks in the store; they are good 
    for rounding out your collection, but at this late stage in the game 
    not much else. You'll also unlock the next two packs; Magma Eruption 
    and Mother Earth. In addition you'll unlock the Celtic Guardian 
    wardrobe item. 
    Pack List = you unlock the card list for each pack when you have gotten 
    80% of the available cards in said pack.
    White Light Ruler:
    Unlocked: Automatically
    Fiery Rage:
    Unlocked: Automatically
    Alkana Knight Joker
    Breath of Light
    Castle Walls
    Celtic Guardian
    Cocoon of Evolution
    Dark-Piercing Light
    Eradicating Aerosol
    Exodia the Forbidden One
    Fake Trap
    Giant Trunade
    Gravedigger Ghoul
    Great Mouth
    Horn of Light
    Horn of the Unicorn 
    Illusionist Faceless Mage
    Insect Armor with Laser Cannon
    Jack's Knight
    Judge Man
    King's Knight
    Larvae Moth
    Laser Cannon Armor
    Left Arm of the Forbidden One
    Left Leg of the Forbidden One
    Magical Arm Shield
    Malevolent Nuzzler
    Mystical Refpanel
    Negate Attack
    Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth
    Petit Moth
    Queen's Knight
    Red Medicine
    Right Arm of the Forbidden One
    Right Leg of the Forbidden One
    Rogue Doll
    Rush Recklessly
    Saggi the Dark Clown
    Silver Bow and Arrow
    Soul Release
    Spellbinding Circle
    Stop Defense
    The Cheerful Coffin
    The Reliable Guardian
    The Snake Hair
    Tribute to The Doomed
    Ultimate Offering
    Chaos Knight:
    Unlock: Automatically
    Dark Legend:
    Unlock: Automatically
    Dark Flare Battle:
    Unlocked: Automatically
    Ultimate Power:
    Unlocked: Automatically
    My Hero:
    Unlock: Beat 3 duelists 5 times in free duel in WC mode
    Inhuman Creation:
    Unlock: Beat 6 duelists 5 times in free duel in WC mode
    Inherited Magic:
    Unlock: Beat 10 duelists 5 times in free duel in WC mode
    Pitch-Dark Virtue:
    Unlock: Beat 15 duelists 5 times in free duel in WC mode
    King of the Ark:
    Unlock: Beat 20 duelists 5 times in free duel in WC mode
    Rumbling Thunder:
    Unlock: Beat 30 duelists 5 times in free duel in WC mode
    Dark Meets Light:
    Unlock: Beat 50 duelists 5 times in free duel in WC mode
    Shocking Energy:
    Unlock: Have 50 total duels
    Extreme Wisdom:
    Unlock: Have 100 total duels
    Rousing Chaos
    Unlock: Get to the World of Sunlight
    Absolute Nothing
    Unlock: Get to the World of Sunlight
    Never Setting Sun
    Unlock: Get to the World of Civilization
    Thirst to Destroy
    Unlock: Get to the World of Civilization
    Sleeping Tomb
    Unlock: Get to the World of Darkness
    Ultimate Darkness:
    Unlock: Get to the World of Darkness
    Darkness Removed:
    Unlock: Get to the World of Order
    Bloodline Destiny:
    Unlock: Get to the World of Order
    Mother Earth:
    Unlock: Get to the World of Chaos
    Magma Eruption:
    Unlock: Get to the World of Chaos
    Ultimate Light:
    Unlock: Beat all duelists in world one five times (including Curran 
    which only appears after opening World 2)
    Dragon Destroyer
    Unlock: Beat Warrior Lady of the Wasteland and Kabazauls in World 2 
    five times each.
    Out of the Abyss
    Unlock: Beat Abyss Solider, Maiden of the Aqua, and Serpent Warrior of 
    Darkness five times each in World 2.
    Beyond Ultimate:
    Unlock: Beat Luster Dragon, Stronghold the Moving Fortress, Fox Fire, 
    and Great Angus five times each in World 3.
    Ancient Gadgetry: 
    Unlock: Beat Mokey Mokey, Senju, and Dancing Fairy five times each in 
    World 4 in the cloud map.
    The 7 Crystals:
    Unlock: Beat Marshmallon, Guardian Angel Joan, Thunder Nyan Nyan, Royal 
    Knight, Freya, and Absorbing Kid From the Sky five times each in World 
    5 on the first map (two-thirds of them won't appear until you are 
    nearly done with World 5.)
    Bringer of Light
    Unlock: Have 200 total duels
    Menacing Ruler
    Unlock: Beat tournament level 1 5 times. 
    World in Between:
    Unlock: Beat tournament level 2 5 times. 
    Structure Decks:
    Unlock: Get to the World of Chaos
    <More to come>
    ~4. THANKS TO...~
    Cjay and everyone at Gamefaqs for their great site.
    Nintendo for making the DS.
    Everyone who has or will contribute to this guide. 
    And Konami for making a fun franchise.
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or 
    otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use 
    of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display 
    is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    Deck Type:
    Card List: To come
    Deck Types:
    Card List: To Come
    Level 1 Duelists: Dark Scorpion - Meanae the Thorn, Reaper on the 
    Nightmare, Hino-Kagu-Tsuchi, Jerry Beans Man, Kaiser Sea Horse, 
    Elemental Hero Lady Heat, Stray Lambs, Spirit of the Pharaoh, 
    Gravekeeper's Chief, Winged Kuriboh, Aquarian Alessa, Chrysalis 
    Dolphin, King of the Skull Servants, Otohime, Dark Magician Girl
    Level 2 Duelists: Marie the Fallen One, Kozaky, Luster Dragon #2, 
    Chrysalis, Il Blud, Petit Dragon, Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands, 
    Gemini Elf, Volcanic Doomfire, Ojama Yellow, Cloudian - Poison Cloud, 
    Blowback Dragon, Winged Kuriboh, Gear Golem the Moving Fortress, 
    Silpheed, Hino-Kagu-Tsuchi, Reaper on the Nightmare, Light Effigy, 
    Sabersaurus, Dark Magician Girl
    For playing for 100 hours you unlock Ishizu Ishtar in WC mode.
    For getting at least 80% of the cards you unlock View Mode and Tag View 
    For getting at least 8% of the cards you unlock the King Coat and Hair 
    No. 13. 
    For having 50 tag duels (wins or losses) you unlock Far Out Duo 
    (Jasmine/Mindy) in WC Free Duel.

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