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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Chaet_legend

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    Hello and welcome to th guide!  This guide is to help you get through the game
    "Yugioh World Chamionship Tournament 2008".  For those of you that have owned
    any WCT tournament post 2005, you'll know I make writing this guide my annual
    tradition.  I have also written other guides, for more info, see my GameFAQs
    profile.  So, without further ado, lets get to the guide.
    Also, I apologise to the people who have requested me to do this, and for the
    long delay.  My schoolwork has gotten on top of me, but now I have 9 whole
    weeks of nothing to do, so I can finally finish it :').  Next years one will be
    on time, I promise.
    For people who don't really know what I mean, I've found this really obscure
    website which has lots of information so you don't flood my inbox:
    And if your looking for soemthing specific, press Ctrl and F simultaneously,
    and you can then find what you are looking for.  I'm not covering packs because
    there is a very good FAQ up at the moment on Gamefaqs.com.  Also, I'm British,
    so the terminology I use may be a little different to the vocab most of you
    are used to.
    Also, if you want some information on other Yugioh related topics, go to the
    Yuioh Wikia (www.wikipedia.com -> Yugioh, at the bottom should be a link).
    A quick list of some of the abbreviations I use:
    M/S/T - Monster/Spell/Trap repectivley
    GY - Graveyard
    LLAB - Level Limit - Area B
    TSITS - The sanctuary in the Sky
    ATK - Attack points
    DEF - Defence points
    GK - Gravekeeper
    ALO - A Legendary Ocean
    LP - Life Point
    GB - Gladiator Beast
    DHero - Destiny Hero
    EHero - Elemental Hero
    Battle Damage - Damage to the opponents LP using your monsters ATK/DEF.
    Effect Damage - Damage to the opponents LP using card effects.
    Storm - Flood the field with monsters, almost always by Special Summons.
    Table of Contents:
    1) Contact
    2) Legal
    3) V History
    4) Overview
    5) Duel World
    6) Tournament and WC Mode
    7) Rewards list
    8) Deck section
    9) Closing
    No Flames. No Viruses.  If I receive them, after a while I will take
    my email address off.  But then to contact me, you MUST give me your email
    address On a message board.  THEN I WILL POST YOU A PRIVATE MAIL.  Ok here it
    No nothing.  You may ask me FAQ and I will be glad to reply to you and make a
    Section about it.  Thank you for your co-operation.  Make sure to put as a
    Subject OR I WILL NOT READ IT!:
    YGO 08 FAQ Update :  Something that I missed.
    YGO 08 FAQ :  For a question about the game
    YGO 08 Guide : If something confused you
    YGO 08 Legal :  If you want to know about legal and ask permission.
    YGO 08 : If you just want to say hi!
    This guide is copyright 2008-2009 by Chaet_legend.  Below are the rules:
    @  This may not be reprouduced without my permission.
    @  You may not put this on your site without my permission.
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    (gamecheats world is forbidden to host under all circumstances)
    @  Bla bla bla *FALLS ASLEEP*
    0.1 - Completed Duel world section.  After months of delaying it too.  Will
    soon be starting work on the other sections.
    0.2 - Started and did a chunky portion of the WC mode duelists, corrected a lot
    of spelling/translation mistakes and some game mistakes.  Will keep at the
    WC mode duelitsts - its my priority, then a deck section.
    0.3 - Sorry for the delayed update - I have exams coming up and I haven't had
    too much time.  As I'm ill today I have some time to kill - so I continued with
    the WC duelists.  I plan to launch the deck section next update - I'm compiling
    different things to see how the fare.
    0.4 - I've been busy over Crimbo, so the updates to the guide got pushed to the
    back of my mind - Sorry!  Anyway, I got round to adding a couple more WCT
    duelists and the deck section is UP!  There are only one or two decks there
    but this will continue to grow over the coming months.   Thanks to everyone
    who has contributed this update, all of whom's names can be found after their
    work.  A couple of minor spelling corrections and the like were made too.
    Other than that, I wish everyone a very happy New Year and hope 2009 is even
    better than 2008!
    WCT 08 is the newest in the annual releases of Yugioh World Championships.  It
    features the all new Duel World, which is pretty much why I bought this game.
    This is a game which features HEAVILY on dueling, so if you don't like having a
    flimsy to non-existant sotryline, you may want to try Spirit Caller/Nightmare
    Troubadour.  In duel world, you'll battle through several levels, unlocking new
    cards as you go.  You'll also unlock new duelists who can be fought in the same
    way as last years game.
    You can go online, an you can download a different card each day (pre-decided)-
    handy indeed as opposed to the 3 monthly rotating cards from last year.  You can
    download new duelists and puzzles each month, new ban lists every so often, and
    online players ghosts, who are real life people building their own decks.  When
    you download a ghost however, it will be the CPU using their deck your playing
    against, not the actual person.
    One VERY dissapointing thing is that you cannot DS Wireless link to any past
    game, so if you were getting all your Forbiddens and UR cards on WCT07/SC, be
    in for a shock.
    Anyway, I'm going to start with the Duel World section, so lets go there now.
    OK, this is it.  This is a first on any YGO game.  Let me just breifly explain
    how this place works.
    You'll be sent to a world called "Grace" first of all.  Ignore anything on the
    screen and touch the little arrow in the bottom right hand corner.  This is the
    screen where we can go to the shop, edit the deck, save (important because you
    cannot save on the map) and quit to go to the other mode.  You can also access
    your wardrobe and records here.
    Anyway, back to the world Grace.  You'll see a few monster roaming around, which
    are Sonic Shooter, Skull Servant and Nightmare Penguin, as well as a Colosseum
    and a tent.  You may also notice some ripples on the pool.
    The tent is where you can go if you ever get stuck and you feel this guide is
    a little lacking.  The woman in there though often talks in very ambiguous
    detail, so its usually a waste of 50DP.  The Colosseum is probably one of the
    funnest parts of the game - you can have duels using structure decks VS other
    real life strucutre decks, from Dragons Roar, to rise of the Dragon lords, with
    2 exclusive Japanese decks too.  I recommend that you stay here and familisarise
    yourself with all 13 of them - which may take a good couple of hours worth of
    gameplay.  Each time you beat Amazoness Paladin with a deck, you'll notice a
    "*" above it.  If you beat her with all 13, you get every single card with the
    word "Amazoness" in its name and Amazon Archer.  You'll also get plenty of DP
    from your duels, as well as Bastion Misawa in the other mode of play as an
    opponent and I you also get a new duel disk.  A few of these cards are going to
    go straight into our deck, because they will help us get a deck worth dueling
    This a deck list of your starter deck:
    Chamberlain of the Six Samurai
    Elemental Hero Clayman,
    Great Angus
    Harpie Girl (take this out)
    Queen's Knight x2
    Renge - Gatekeeper of Dark World
    Sonic Duck x2
    Space Mambo
    Tri-Horned Dragon (take this out)
    Black Ptera  (and this)
    Decoy Dragon (and this)
    Goblin Elite Attack Force
    Iron Blacksmith Kotetsu
    Majestic Mech - Ohka
    Old Vindictive Magician
    Swift Birdman Joe
    Vortex King
    Axe of Despair
    Back to Square One
    Broken Bamboo Sword (take out)
    Dack Factory of Mass Production (you may want to, you may not want to)
    Enemy Controller
    Hammer Shot
    Lucky Iron Axe
    Mind Control (take out)
    Soul Devouring Bamboo Sword (take out)
    Stray Lambs x2, (take one out)
    Twister x2 (take one out)
    Chain Detonation
    Dust Tornado
    Magic Drain
    Negate Attack
    2x Trap Hole
    Not spectacular, but it is better than most structure decks people have seen
    I suggest going and buying 15 packs of Fiery Rage and spending the rest on
    White Light Ruler because by the end of this world, I want to have an Alkana
    Knight Joker/Pseudo-Beatdown deck.
    Good Cards to put in this deck from those packs:
    Magician of Faith / Mystical Space Typhoon (if you get really lucky)
    Axe of Despair
    Graceful Dice (only one though)
    Tremendous Fire
    Mystical Elf
    Ultimate Offering
    Magic Arm Shield
    Spellbinding Circle
    Tribute to the Doomed
    Malevolent Nuzzler
    Rush Recklessly
    If you choose to buy the other packs instead, these are what you might pull:
    Widespread Ruin
    Black Pendant
    Robbin' Goblin
    Trap Hole
    Time Machine
    Kunai With chain
    Mirror Force
    Gravekeeper's Servant
    Mask of Darkness
    Double Coston / Dark Magician
    Dust Tornado
    Magic Cylinder
    Cyber-Tech Aligator
    Dimensional Prison
    Fairy Box
    Solemn Wishes
    Edit as you wish.  Other packs will beomce available later on, but thats NOT my
    FAQ, please do not email me about it.  I will assume if you are following my
    guide you will NOT be stopping to go and unlock more packs in WC mode.
    Anyway, lets start off with the easiest and work our way up.  You WILL want to
    beat each character 5 times to unlock the packs from this sotry mode.  Also,
    before that, I suggest doing the Structure Duel with Amazoness Paladin in
    the Colosseum.  For those who have trouble with her, here are my strategies:
    Dragon's Roar:  Don't use unecessary spells and traps, you need to keep these
    zones freefor more important things.  This deck is an absolute pain to use if
    your not a skilled dragon player.  Try and get against an easy deck (eg
    Machine's Revolt), and storm out your lower level monsters.  If you draw Red
    Eyes Black Chick on Turn one with REBD, hats off to you.
    Blaze of Destruction:  Backfire is yoru friend.  Don't be afradid to sacrifice
    some monsters for this, because this is what this deck is about.  Restrict
    their attacks with Level Limit-Area B.  Just do nto go against Fury from the
    Deep, because their monsters can bypass yoru LLAB if they have their Legendary
    Ocean out, and can destroy them.
    Fury from the deep:  ALO means most of your monsters will either become 4* or
    3*, giving you either the advantage to bypass LLAB, or to summon with no
    sacrifice.  Just get out the stronger monsters, but don't use the Neo-Daedalus'
    abilities unless you know you can one shot your opponent afterwards.  Pretty
    easy to use.
    Warriors Triumph:  Well, IMHO, this is the second easiest deck to use, so just
    play it like a normal duel.  You shouldn't have too many problems beating
    the opponent with this.
    A quick note about Marauding Captain:  If there are 2 or 3 of them on the field
    at the same time, then none of your warrior monsters can be attacked.  Pretty
    Spellcaster's Judgement:  Easiest deck to use.  With so many supporting cards,
    you can't go wrong with this; unless you get a bad draw.
    Invincible Fortress:  Rather fun to use.  Get out Canyon quickly, set plenty
    of monsters with high DEF, the ones with low DEF but higher ATK could be used
    as pseudo-attackers, but don't do anything rash.  If you can get out Exxod, you
    will probably win if you also have Guardian Sphinx.  At that point, you can
    say gg.  No monsters + 1000 damage each turn = nasty.
    Lord of the Storm:  Use your Harpies Wisely!  Harpie lady 1 is the best one,
    because as well as the field boost, it gives 300 ATK points to every monster
    in this deck.  There are a few things that can mess you up here.  There are
    certain cards to avoid.  Simorgh Bird of Divinity is bad because if you get a
    crap draw, your screwed.  And your opponent doesnt exactly have a hard job
    countering it.  Don't summon Harpie Girl, she isn't worth it.  Sonic Shooter
    isn't either.  Never set Slate Warrior - he is strong enough without the boost.
    There is no point in using the Ninja cards either.  Avoid doing these, and
    you've got a good chance at winning.
    Dinosaur's Rage:  Fun to kick the crap out of Paladin with.  If you get out your
    Super Conductor Tyranno, unless there is LLAB on the field, your opponent can
    pretty much say gg. If you play without doing anything stupid, you should do
    Machine's Re-Volt:  Arrrggh, this deck is a bugger to use.  If your new to the
    Yu-Gi-Oh franchise, you'll struggle with this deck.  Your main cards are the
    3 coloured (I'm British, I spell it with a U, get over it) gadgets, Red, Yellow
    and Green, all allowing another to be added to the hand.  Now, it takes 3 turns
    to get them out, and they are very fragile, so you'll have great dificulty
    getting them to stay there.  You want them our becuase they power up most of
    the monsters in this deck, most notably, Ancient Gear Gajiltron Dragon, your
    best card.  If you can get out your 5*+ monsters, you'll win.  Also, NEVER
    summon Ancient Gear Engineer.  He is extremely weak for a 5* monster and is
    simply not worth it.
    Surge of Radiance:  Lets go and kick some butt with a fairy!  Seriosuly, they
    can actually own an opponent if you get the right cards at the right time.  Most
    of the cards in this deck have some association with The Sanctuary in the Sky,
    so if you can get it out and keep it out, your going to do well.  This is one
    of the only times in which you should be summoning weaker monsters.  You don't
    take most forms of damage, and even power up some more!  Summoning Freyr is very
    good when TSITS is out because she wont take damage and will power up other
    monsters.  Just play normally after that.  Oh, and a word of advice:  Bring out
    The Agent of Force - Mars when your comfortably ahead in LP.  There is no point
    in wasting a monster early when it could get up to 4500+ atk!
    Curse of Darkness:  This is probably the third and final deck you'll have
    problems with.  I had problems with it as well.  I would recommend doing what
    suits the moment, and change your strategy each time you use this deck.  I'm
    sorry I can't help you more.
    Rise of the Dragon Lords:  This deck is all about sending powerful monsters
    to the Graveyard to have their abilities activate.  So guess what we're gonna
    do?  We're gonna send them to the graveyard to have their abiliteis activate!
    Use cards like Trade In, Morphing Jar, Herald of Creation, etc. to tamper with
    the GY, and get them back out/have them activate.  One thing though:  Make sure
    they are sent to th GY ferom the right place, if something says send it from the
    hand, you MUST send it from the hand to be able to use it again.
    Well, now you've got her out of the way, you should have amassed some DP by
    now, so go and buy some packs.  Now, we move onto beating the enemies.  Becase
    we are not going to stop to go to WC until we have done most of this (unless you
    want to, it takes a hell of a long time but you can get a killing of the cards
    there, and you get some more packs), you will need to defeat each enemy 5 times
    to get the packs at the end of the level.  Oh, and Put the recently acquired
    Amazoness Paladin in your deck.  An 1700(+100) ATK monster is really powerful at
    this point.  Here are the enemies:
    Skull Servant
    Deck Type:  Weak Zombie ish thing
    Counters:  Anything really
    This guy is as weak as hell.  Even your base starter should have no problems
    taking this guy out.
    Nightmare Penguin
    Deck Type:  Return to hand + Remove from play
    Counters:  Mystical Space Typhoon, anything that can destroy monsters
    This is one of two guys in this level with a little bit of strategy.  He will
    try to bring out Degenerate Circuit, which means monsters that usually go to the
    hand will now go to RFP.  He will use cards like Begone, Knave! (which means if
    one of your monsters inflicts even only 1 damage to your opponent, it'll be RFP)
    Penguin Solider, Nightmare Penguin, etc.  If you can destory his Degenerate
    Circuit, and withstand monsters returning to the hand, you'll be fine.
    Elemental Hero Knopse
    Deck Type:  Stall???
    Counters:  Anything really
    Knopse is really not that hard.  He tries to use a stallish deck, Kuriboh, Sheep
    Token, etc.  Knopse isn't that good a cards either, not without E Hero support.
    Just bash it hard and fast, and you should have this guy beaten in no time.
    Sonic Shooter
    Deck Type:  Wind
    Counters:  Luck, well at this point, its all you really have...
    I said Nightmare Penguine had strategy, and this guy also has strategy.  He uses
    cunning Monster Removal and spell and traps that will annoy the hell out of you.
    Its very difficult to tell you how to beat him.  One tip is to always have a
    card in your spell and trap zone, his Sonic Shooter relies on you not having
    this so it can attack you directly.  If you went and got Dimensional Prism, it
    will help here.  Rock From the Valley of Haze is his strongest, with 2400 attack
    and it will prove to be a pain.  I guess just equip all Axe of Despairs/Lucky
    Iron Axes etc., on it now.  Good luck.
    Only place left now is the lake.  When you go here, either you will throw money
    in (if you dont you'll leave), and then have a 50% chance of getting a card, 50%
    chance of nothing.  But the bit we're really interested in is the Monster,
    Deck Type:  Water
    Counters:  Anything that gets rid of Spells and Traps
    This guy is pretty much a standard water deck, A Legendary Ocean is very common,
    but this guy has a way of protecting his field cards, so you'll need to destroy
    that first, then his ALO.  Tornado wall stops all battle damage, which can get
    very annoying at this earlyt stage in the game.  I reccomend packing in a lot
    of Spell and Trap removal.
    After you've beaten all of these people, there should be this weird guy beating
    up this crocodile like thing permanatly in the middle of the map.  You have to
    go over to him, and talk to Gigobyte and offer to help him.  You have to put
    up and Ante card this fight, which means you risk a rare card, and could get one
    in return.  If you've got Dupes of a card you don't plan to use, use them.  The
    rarer the card you put up, the nicer the reward will be.
    Curse of Vampire:
    Deck Type:  Zombie
    Counters:  Skill, Luck
    Well, at this point, defeating a fully fledged Zombie deck is going to be a very
    difficult feat.  The thing about Zombie decks is the fact they can storm
    powerful monsters very quickly, and are difficult to counter.  If he draws a bad
    hand, he should be no contest.  Pack your deck full of monster removal for this
    fight, it may take you a couple of tries.  I'm sorry I can't help you any more
    than I have.
    After you've beaten this guy, you have 3 choices:
    -If you are working on your Joker deck like I suggested, you might want to go
     back and beat 6 duelists 5 times in WC mode.  You can get a pack which has a
     card called Command Knight, somewhat of a deity in most warroir decks.  But its
     totally optional, I won't provide advice until later.
    -Continue on with the Storyline
    -Take a little detour from the storyline, worthwhile though.
    Either way, your going to be doing options 2+3 before you fully move onto the
    next world.  You may have noticed this weird green gate appear in the top left
    hand corner of the screen, I would recommend going there first.  This is the
    test to go onto the next world, defeating a moose 5 times.  This guy is
    generally not as hard as the Vampire dude you just beat, but has one or two
    good decks.  You only have to beat 3/5 of his decks, but because we want as many
    packs as possible, we're going to beat all 5.
    Here are my strategies for him:
    Green Guardian - Embust ...
    Open and Close (mask cards)
    What a joke!  Spell and trap destruction is your friend here, its good for
    kicking the crap out of him.  His monsters are a joke, so just keep his S/T
    field clean and you can easily beat this guy in 10 turns.
    Wiggling Beings (Insects)
    A little tougher than the previous fight, but still doable.  The same thing as
    before, keep his S/T zone free, because he uses these to make all of your cards
    insects, and block them from attacking, while using Parasite Parasite to ruin
    your deck.  His 4* and below monsters are quite easy to defeat, save for one.
    Chainsaw Insect has 2400 attack, and doesn't require any tributes to bring out,
    being the =1st strongest monset that reuires no sacrifice in the game.  Ouch.
    On the upside, every time you battle it, or it battles you, you draw a card.
    Not what I'd call a fair trade, but still.  If you have Dimensional Prison from
    the first few packs, you are going to reap the rewards here.
    Calm Spirits (Elemental Control)
    As easy as Mask.  He uses Fire, Water, Wind and Earth cards to control your
    Fire, Water, Wind and Earth cards.  The problem with this strategy is that the
    monsters he uses are pathetically weak (except the ones with 1850 attack, but
    their effects are harder to activate), and most are able to be one shotted.
    As he has control as long as his monster was flipped and not destroyed.  Just
    put out something like Amazoness Paladin, and your laughing at houw weak this
    guy was.  Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.  Ha.
    After beating these 3 decks, assuming you beat those 3 (you could have beaten
    the other 2 as well), you will be transported to World 2.  Not much you can do
    here at the moment, so lets go back to world one to complete parts 2&3.  Oh,
    and you might want to look at what is in the packs.  You get some great cards
    for the deck here!
    Silent Memory (piss you off so so much)
    Wow, you will hate this deck so much.  He uses Macro Cosmos, a card that will
    remove your cards from play, which at this point, does not power anything up
    or help.  Now, later on the game, you'll be running a similar deck to him, so
    don't hate RFP decks.  He uses many monsters with Strong attacks AND good
    effects, typically including the word "Monarch" in their name.  These will
    completely destroy your Spell and Trap zone AND your monster Zone, but because
    of this Macro Cosmos, you won't be seeing them until you next duel.  The best
    thing you can do here is get a damn good draw, and storm the field with strong
    monsters, so he can't even summon his Monarchs.  And keep Macro Cosmos away.
    That thing will piss you off if your not careful.
    Silent Victory (Silent Swordsman/LV)
    This is the first time you will see a Level monster in the game.  In this case,
    its Silent Swordsman.  There are 3 phases to this, and each time criteria have
    to be met to advance to the next phase. It goes LV 2 > LV 4 > LV 6 (the LV = x*)
    or, in this case only, LV 4 (alot harder to bring out) > LV 6.  Now, if he
    brings out LV 4 before LV 2, it is always set in DEF position, with 1600 DEF,
    which is petty easy to destroy for a stron 4* monster.  LV 2 is just a joke, so
    just kill it as soon as it comes out so it can't bring out LV 4.  You shouldn't
    let him get LV 6 out.  If you do, your dead.  Otherwise, you should have a good
    time killing this dude.
    Ahh, I bet you think "Alright, sod this world of Grace, I want to go and kick
    some Egyptian butt"!  WRONG!  We still have to do the sidequest.  This wont
    take too long, unless you are unlucky.  Look at the pack, and see if there is
    anything you like.
    You should notice, at some point, a white mage appearing.  This is Princess
    Pikeru.  You won't be dueling her, ever.  All you have to do is give her a cute
    card, and a black magician called Curran shoudl appear eventually.  Now, it can
    be a paint to judge what is cute and what is not, and having to give her 5 cards
    seems a bit of a rip off.  What you can do is to give her ONE card she hates
    (the most famous example is Curran, but you won't have it at this point.  Just
    give her a freaky Dark type card and she might hate it), and Curran will appear
    forever, without having to duel at least 5 times and giving away 5 cards to
    finish this event.
    Anyway, we're here to look at Curran:
    Ebon Magician Curran
    Deck:  Pathetic attempt at Burning
    Counters:  Strong Monsters
    Seriously, this is a joke after the Vampire dude and Silent Memory.  A Burn deck
    is a deck which will chip off your LP by using S/T cards and monster effects.
    Most of these decks have a LLAB, Gravity Bind or Messenger of Peace in them,
    all of which restrict most monsters attacks.  The thing about Curran is that
    she uses no restriction cards, and she has the weakest ways to chip off LP.
    You shouldn't face to many problems.
    Beating her 5 times unlocks the next pack, and yes, we ARE leaving this world!
    As we dig deeper into this world, its going to turn into another ruddy Egyptian
    cliché that Yu-Gi-Oh is based on.  Now you can see 2 Duelists, a Pond and a
    Pyramid.  We can't get into the Pyramid yet, so lets have a look at the other
    The pond is where you can go fishing.  It costs about 200DP to play (I'm writing
    most of this from memory, so it may be more or less), and if you refuse to pay,
    you have to fight The Legendary Fisherman.
    The Legendary Fisherman
    Deck Type:  Water
    Counters:  S/T Removal
    Do you rember the Fury of the Deep (water) Stucture deck?  He uses a similar
    concept.  Just get rid of his ALO, and this guy will be a lot easier.  If you
    have it, Heavy Storm is awesome in this fight.
    When fishing, you'll catch one of two things.  A duelist or a water themed card.
    I've never got nothing, but I think it is possible.
    Mech Bass
    Deck Type:  Water, slightly harder to beat than The Legendary Fisherman
    Counters:  S/T removal
    This guy uses a water deck too, but he is much more brutal and switched on than
    The Legendary Fisherman.  Just use several S/T removal cards, and be focused.
    This guy can turn the tables on you in an instant, so be careful.
    Beating either of these two duelists gets you nothing apart from DP, so I would
    just totally avoid the pond.
    There are two Dueslits around, and these are going to be our target.  Once again
    we are going to beat them 5 times each.
    Warrior Lady of the Wasteland
    Deck Type:  Warrior Protection
    Counters:  Strong Attackers
    Her strategy is to get out Warrior monsters (mostly Earth), and power them up/
    protect them with thigns like Command Knight.  Just hit her hard and fast, and
    take out all of her support cards (mostly monsters).  Be wary about destroying
    Warrior lady of the Wasteland itself, because you never know what she may summon
    with it.  Also, Command Knight cannot be taken out if there is another face-up
    monster on the field or at all if another one is present If she has it, like I
    said I'm writing this mostly from memory).
    Deck Type:  Dino/Bird Flu
    Counters:  Removal by effect/Flu Jab
    ACHOOOOO!!!!!!  Anyway, seriously, this guy can be a pain if he gets his good
    monsters out.  Start off by making sure that you get rid of Jurassic world,
    because at this point in the game, 300 ATK can make all of the difference.  Next
    get rid of cards such as Miracle Jurassic Egg And Hyper Hammerhead, stuff that
    might get in your way.  If he gets his his 8* monsters out, use Dimensional
    Prison.  He has seeral ways of getting these out, some of which involve S/T AND
    monsters, so you have to keep both clear.
    Afterwards, you'll see two thigns happen:  A gold monument will appear in the
    top right corner, this is one of eight that will appear.  Wat you have to do
    with these things is you have to summon a specific monster, but its not just
    any normal monster, it'll be something which requires about 3 complex steps
    to beat it.  Exxod, the one in the dessert part of this world, is probably one
    of the easier ones to summon.  Anyway, you'll also notice that a Sphinx has
    appeared by the Pyramids.  He sets you a series of puzzles, and you must beat
    3 of them.  But, beating all 5 is the best way to obtain DP, so I'm giving you
    the solutions to all of them.  Do them exactly as I tell you, or you will fail
    them.  All of them must be beaten by the End Phase of this turn.
    Puzzle 1:
    1. Use the Alien Infiltrator on your left's effect and move it over one space
       to the left.
    2. Now use the Senet Switch cards on the field to move it all the way
       to the left space.
    3. Activate Blasting Fuse.
    4. Use Mystical Space Typhoon on his last trap (Mirror Force).
    5. Using you remaining Alien Infiltrator, move him to the left using Senet
       Switch and his own ability.
    6. Enter the Battle phase and attack his life points with Alien Infiltrator.
    Puzzle 2:
    1. Summon Crystal Beat - Topaz Tiger.  When you do, use Torrential Tribute.  Use
       its ability to put it in the S/T zone.
    2. Activate Crystal Blessing and use it on both Crystal Beast
       Sapphire Pegasus (Pegasii technically).
    3. Activate Crystal Beacon selecting Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle.
    4. Activate the effect of Carbuncle as it comes into play, selecting all of the
       Crystal Beasts in your S/T Zone.  It is not mandatory to ativate either
       Pegasii's special ability.
    5. Attack with all monsters.
    Puzzle 3:
    1. Summon Blazewing Butterfly.
    2. Use Super Double Summon to Gemini Summon Blazewing Butterfly.
    3. Activate the effect of Blazewing Butterfly to summon Doom Shaman.
    4. Activate the effect of Doom Shaman to summon Archfiend of Gilfer.
    5. Enter the battle phase and have Gilfer attack Megacyber. Activate
       Gilfer's effect upon being sent to the Graveyard and use it on Blowback
    6. Attack Blowback Dragon with Doom Shaman.
    Puzzle 4:
    1. Activate Natural Disaster.
    2. Summon Cloudian - Cirrostratus.
    3. Activate Cirrostratus' effect, destroying a Blue-Eyes White Dragon.
    4. Activate Rain Storm, and destroy one of his S/T cards and a Blue-Eyes.
    5. Activate the final Rain Storm, and destroy the last S/T.
    6. Use Book of Moon on the Eye of the Typhoon, then flip it back up.
    7. Switch to the Battle Phase, attacking with Typhoon and activating his
       effect. Then attack with Cirrostratus.
    8. Activate Fog Control, sacrificing Typhoon and placing the
       counters on Cirrostratus.
    9. Switch to Main Phase 2 and activate his effect, destroying the final monster.
    Puzzle 5:
    1. Summon Alien Skull (do not Special Summon)
    2. Activate "A" Cell Scatter Burst, sacrificing Alien Mother. Put one
       counter on Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, One on Blue-Eyes White Dragon and
       the other 3 on ONLY ONE of the Armored Zombies.
    3. Activate Brainwashing Beam, using it on Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon.
    4. Activate Mist Body. Equip it on the Armored Zombie you put the
       counters on.
    5. Switch to the Battle phase and attack the Armored Zombie you've put all of
       the counters on with all 3 monsters.
    6. STAY IN THE BATTLE PHASE! Activate Interdimensional Warp:  Take Blue Eyes
       White Dragon for any one of your monsters.
    7. Attack the Armored Zombie with the counters on.
    Now, finally, enter the Pyramid.  There will be duelists, and from time to time,
    chests.  These chests will give you free cards most of the time, so its often
    worth having a look inside.  Once in a while, you'll fight one of two monsters:
    Dark Mimic LV 1 OR Dark Mimic LV 3
    Deck Type: Dark Mimic/LV
    Counters:  Practically anything
    You'll see these guys later on in world four again, so its good to get some
    practice in.  Remembr the Silent Swordsman Deck you dueled not so long ago?
    These guys use a similar theroy, but using a different card called "Dark Mimic".
    This is practically a harmless card, all it allows them to do is draw.  Just
    simply destroy it,it has tiny defences, and attack.  Think Elemental Hero Knopse
    Now, you should ALWAYS take the chest, because it is always worth it (You can
    get Gold Sarcophagus REALLY early, which is one of the best cards in the game.
    When the chests do not appear, you'll have nothing better to do than to duel.
    So, lets have a look.  These guys will probably be a lot harder than the people
    you've been facing up to now, and you can expect some pretty long duels anf the
    losses coming in from tiem to time.  Just be persistant, and eventually, you'll
    win.  You have a choice of 3 opponents, and remember, beat them (painfully) 5
    Gravekeeper's Commant
    Deck Type:  Monster's with "Gravekeeper" in their name
    Counters:  Removal by Effect
    This guy can give you some problems, because the Gravekeepers are actually quite
    good cards.  They mostly have high defence, and good effects, such as returning
    monsters to your hand, sotrming more of them out, etc.  But, most of them only
    work if "Necrovalley" is on the field.  Necrovalley is a card that prevents most
    interaction with th Graveyard, and gives each GK 500 more ATK.  So keep this
    card off the field, be ready to counter it with your own field cards and S/T
    removal.  He uses several cards to get at his Necrovalley, from hand and deck,
    so be wary of them.  Now, for the 1900 and 2000 DEF ones.  Your more than likely
    too weak to cut through them if your not using the Alkana Knight Joker or any
    other 6*+ monster.  I suggest just getting rid of them with Monster and Spell
    effects.  When you have a clean field, go absolutely aggro on him, and cut as
    many LP from him as you can.  Be prepared for 5 long battles.
    Don Zaloog
    Deck Type:  Dark Scorpian
    Strategy:  Balance your Defencive Walls and Attacking Monsters
    Well this guy is probably the easiest in the Pyramid.  He uses the Dark Scorpain
    cards, an alternative Warrior deck.  It is very possible to make a good deck
    with this, but he doesn't do it.  None of them have particularly good stats
    (the max. you'll be seeing is 1800 - off his 2 strongest cards!(~'_'~)), so just
    pummel him.  BUT, and there is a BIG but here, his mosnters have broken effects
    when they actually work.  Seriously, if your careless, the worst case scenario
    is that you'll have 8 or so cards removed from your deck every turn, plus
    potentially some M/S/T removed.  Its just reassuring to have the odd 2000 DEF
    monster in your deck, so I'd put them in as your last line of defence.  But do
    remember, this is highly unlikely.
    Dark Dust Spirit
    Deck Type:  Zomibe, Destruction by Effect
    Strategy:  Subdue him
    Yup, subdue him.  If he gets his Dark Dust Spirit out, your likely to be 100%
    screwed.  Make sure you have a fresh supply of 4* monsters ready to take out
    his weaker Zombies.  If your having Problems with Spirit Reaper, you may,
    unfortunately, have to sacrifice your Equip spell cards to get rid of it.
    For Vampire Lord, use something like Rush Recklessly to surprise him, don't get
    rid of him by effect because he will always come back, and if, somehow, he gets
    Vampire Genesis out, use Dimensional Prison.  Just stop him from getting his
    Dark Dust Spirit out, otherwise its a clean 2000 points of damage at you if you
    haven't set any monsters on the field when he has it out.  All I can say is
    bon chancé!
    Beating all 3 of them unlocks a new duelist, the Final one of the Pyramid.
    Spirit of the Pharoah
    Deck Type:  Sarcophagus/Himself
    Counters:  Basically everything
    Hats off to him for TRYING to make an ORIGINAL Zombie deck, unfortunately, its
    weak.  He can only summon himself by making sure the 3 Sarcophaguses are on the
    Field, which takes 3 turns, and destroying 1 destroys all of them.  Just take
    one of them out, and pick off his weaker remaining monsters.  Most of them
    will be 2*, becaue of his effect.  unfortunately, he wont be able to storm them,
    so you'll have lots of practically clean shots at his LP.
    Go outside to see a weird monster like thing.  Go and help, and you'll be put
    into a duel with Sand Moth.
    Sand Moth
    Deck Type:  Rock
    Counters:  Basic Removal cards
    Fairly easy, not many good attacking cards (Except ONE Monarch, and it certainly
    isn't the best one), but a few annoying defencive cards.  Just use some basic
    removal, and put some attackers in.  Shouldn't cause too much trouble.
    You should have unlocked the underwater location by now.  One of the Duelists
    down here is going to REALLY piss you off.  If you want, you can beat him once,
    and beat the others 5 times, and get the next 2 packs, see what you like, come
    back and fight him.
    Now, by now, you'll probably be getting a bit fed up of Alkana Knight Joker.
    Thats fine.  You can carry on with it if you want, but there are at least 3
    other deck alternatives to this, so if you want to scrap it, you can as well.
    I'm not going to specifically reference 'a particular' deck from now on, so you
    might be contructing new ones regularly.
    3 Duelists down here.
    Maiden of the Aqua
    Type:  Weaker Water than your used to
    Counters:  Quite a lot
    This deck is a lot weaker than your used to for the waters, so I'd just put in
    what you feel like.  Make sure you can take out her actual Maiden of the Aqua's,
    because they can have up to 2200 DEF in the best possible situation, which is
    not fun.
    Abyss Solider
    Type:  Broken Water deck
    Counters:  Getting a good draw
    Seriously, I must have a ratio of 1 win for 2 losses to this guy.  He WILL drive
    you insane.  Be very careful when fighting him.  His actual Abyss Soldier card
    has the ability to return ANY of your cards back to your hand, and when this is
    combined with its high attack, your in for lots of pain.  All I can say is go
    first, get a good draw in, and place down LOTS, and I mean LOTS of removal,
    because as chances are, most of its going back to your hand.  A small step you
    can take to beating this guy is to take out his ALO, but, while being worth it,
    it is no way as more significant as the othe rtimes you've taken it out.
    Sea Serpent Warrior of Darkness
    Counters:  S/T removal
    A slightly different approach to a Water deck you probably havent seen yet.
    He will use ALO yet again, but this time, a card called Tornado Wall.  If you've
    played any Yu-Gi-Oh games previously, you'll know its very possible to spam this
    card so much.  It stops you doing any Battle Damage to his LP, but so long as
    ALO is still on the field.  I THINK this guy uses Field Barrier, which means you
    will have to go through one more barrier to destroy it.  But if you can destroy
    either ALO of Tornado Wall itself, you should be fine.  In the mean time, you
    can still destroy his monsters, so just get on with that while you wait.
    If you do beat them all 5 times, you should get a new pack (check for anything
    you like the looks of), and a stone monument.  Ignore the Monument for now,
    we're going to do all of them post game.
    one more duelist should appear...
    Deck Type:  Spirit + Storming
    Countering:  Destroy her Mausoleam of the Emperor and stop her Special Summoning
    Meh, she shouldn't be too much trouble.  Giant Germ and Nimble Momonga are
    nothing more than slighly annoying at this point.  Mausoleum of the Emperor will
    mean she can pay 1000 LP to summon a 5* or 6* monster without a tribute, or
    2000LP to summon a 7*+ monster with no tributes, but not 1000 LPto summon a 7/8*
    monster with 1 tribute, etc.  While this can rack up damage pretty fast on her
    part to her, it means your going to be seeing lots of monsters with high attack
    and really nasty effects.  Only let her do this if your at really high LP (when
    your about 3k+ higher than her), because your going to be saying goodbye to lots
    of your monsters and yoru hand.  Fortunately, these monsters (denoted as
    "Spirits", return to the owners hand on the turn that they are summoned.  So,
    just damage her a bit, let her do most of the rest of it, and then finish her
    off when she is too weak to use her Mausoleum.
    After beating Otohime, you should unlock a similar gate as the one in the last
    world.  As with the last one, 3/5 is all that is required...and this time that
    is what we are going to settle for!  This is the only time where I give you
    permission to come back later and finish it, because 2 of the challenges are
    likely too hard for most decks now.
    There are 5 challenges.  These are:
    No more than 40 cards in a deck,
    Only Monsters,
    Only Spells,
    3 of each card in a deck (meaning minimum of 42) and
    Start with 2000 LP each.
    We aren't going to do the 3 of a kind and either only monsters OR no spells.
    I'm going to give all 5 strategies here anyway, so just refer back to this
    part of the guide when you feel your ready.  I'm not going to explicitly tell
    you come back and defeat this guy, so you may want to write down to defeat him
    Shell Guardian - Savan...
    2000 LP Challenge
    Deck Type:  Burn
    Counters:  Hitting hard and fast
    Pretty easy compared to the fights with the guys in the Pyramid and Abyss
    Soldier.  If you have them, activate 2 Tremenoud fires, and oh, whats this, YOU
    WIN!  Seriously, if you have some burn spell cards (Restructor Revolution,
    Ookazi, Soblin Theif, Final Flame, Chain Destruction (trap), Tremendous Fire,
    Wave Motion Cannon to name but a few), pack them in, and if you can do 2000LP
    on the first turn, you win.  Otherwise, you should try and go second, and from
    there, just proceed to wipe him out.  He will, rather annoyingly, sometimes
    burn you first, causing a loss, OR gain loads of LP in a turn, causing you more
    delays.  Shouldnt be too much of a problem.
    No more than 40 cards in a deck Challenge
    Deck Type:  Thunder
    Counters:  Anything, really.
    This is the first and one of the very few time in which you'll be seeing Thunder
    monsters.  Seeing as how most people use 40 card decks anyway, just use your
    normal strategy.  One monster of note is Zabord, the Thunder MOnarch (2400 ATK),
    which requires 1 sacrifices and when summoned, as a one off, destroy any monster
    on the field.  This guy can be a bit annoying, but you should have Dimensional
    Prison by now, so just use that.
    Only Monsters Challenge
    Deck Type:  Beatdown
    Counters:  Stop him attacking, if you can
    This guy is fairly hard, because even later on in the game, you won't have
    access to some of the cards he has, such as Cyber Dragon, found in one of the
    very last packs.  OK...so, this deck is probably a bit better constructed than
    the previous decks you've face, I suggest, if you can, use monsters such as
    Marshmallon (if you have it) to stop him attacking, or remove them by monster
    effect.  If you have your hands on a Monarch cards, now would be a very good
    time to use it!  Otherwise, all I can say is good luck.  Pack it full of 4* 1900
    ATK monsters, without bad effects, and the 5* or 6* monsters with 2300+ ATK are
    really going to help here.
    No Spells
    Deck Type:  Trap
    Counters:  Monsters
    This guy is probably the easier one of the two, because his deck focuses around
    using Traps, the next best thing to spells.  Now, while he does pack some
    monster removal, he doesn't pack as much as he needs, so instead, he fills it
    with some Trap removal.  My solution?  Use the same deck you used to beat his
    Beatdown deck, and just take out some of the weaker monsters, and put in...maybe
    one or two traps, but not many.  Things like Fairy Box (if you have it), Mirror
    Force, and Dimensional Prison.
    3 of Each Card
    Deck Type:  Beatdown
    Counters:  Mass Removal
    OK, so, I'm assuming you leaving this guy out for now because you don't have
    that many triples of good cards, so I suggest coming back to him.  Well, we
    have yet another ORIGINAL deck here, a Beatdown!  Now you have access to S/T
    cards, use them to your advantage.  Obviously, you can't use anything on the
    Forbidden/Limited/Semi-Limited list, which can be a pain.  I suggest using thins
    like Gene-Warped Warwolf, Dimensional Prison, Frostosaurus, Zaborg and Mobius
    the Thunder and Water Monarch's repectivly, Dimension Wall, etc.  You get the
    OK, so, you can either follow my guide as we're going, or you can go back to
    WC.  I don't recommend it personally, so lets go on to...
    Well, I don't really get the name, this place is full of FIRE!  So, like normal,
    you'll see a load of duelists hanging around, a Volcano and a metal bit.  We
    have the ability to go to anything in the metal bit apart from 2 duelists right
    now, or inside the Volcano, so lets have a look around the landscape.
    On top of the Volcano, occasionally, an Ogre like creature should appear.  He
    has a problem with some sort of fire related card, and needs you to put it out.
    For doing that, you can get some REALLY good cards.  Any card with a Fire type
    Attribute (the little circle in the top right hand corner of a card) can be
    given here.  Testalsos, The Fire Monarch, Blazing Inpachi, Soul of Gaia,
    Infernal Flame Emperor and Solar Flare Dragon are just some of the best cards
    you can get here.  If you like the cards he is offering, duel him.  If not,
    just entering and exit the World selection menu.  He should change his card
    every time you do this (you'll run into a similar thing a bit later on).
    There is also a little girl wandering from time to time.  She will ask you
    to give her some healing cards.  Keep track of how many LP are healed when
    the card is activated, becuse when it hits 4000LP, she'll give you The Unhappy
    Girl (this can be used well if you can negate Battle damage) and the Unhappy
    Maiden (not worth it).  After she leaves, you won't see her again in the Duel
    World, so lets take on some duelists.
    Stronhold, the Moving Fortress
    Deck Type:  Machine, particularly gadgets
    Counters:  Negation
    The deck ethos itself isn't a particularly good one, its using the same theory
    as the Machines Re-Volt structure deck.  However, he has a fair whack of removal
    and likes to remove from play, so just make sure you can negate those cards
    (they are mainly S/T cards, but there are some monsters added into the bargain).
    Great Angus
    Deck Type:  Fiery Burn
    Counters:  Water and ALO
    Its similar to the BFire Structure deck you used on Amazoness Paladin in the
    World of Grace.  If your not that familiar with it, then I suggest going back
    to world one and dueling with it.  Any water deck using ALO should be able to
    counter this very easily.
    Fox Fire
    Deck Type:  Fire
    Counters:  ALO
    Use the same strategy as the one above.  Can be a bit more of a challenge than
    the previous one.
    Luster Dragon
    Deck Type:  Dragon
    Counters:  Anti-Dragon Cards
    There are enough cards out there that do not favour the dragons.  Dragon Capture
    Jar is one of them, and you might have it by now.  Otherwise, he mainly uses
    Wind attribute Dragons, so if you have anything that doesn't particularly favout
    the Wind Attribute, then I would suggest using it now.
    After we have beaten these guys 5 times, we need to go back to the World of
    Grace.  Oh, and when your there, once again, ignore the monument.
    You should see a black fiend thing here.  Approach the creature, and I can't
    remember if you have to duel it or not (I think you do), so I can't offer
    any help there - Sorry!  Anyway, after that, go to world 2, to find its brother
    (?) Ojama Green in the Pyramid.
    Ojama Green
    Deck Type: Stall
    Counters:  Burn
    By now, you should have enough cards to create a moderately powerful burn deck.
    If you use the standard beatdown, you'll often have to rely on decking him
    out before he damages you, because of cards like LLAB, forcing you not to
    attack.  Most burn cards are worth it, but use common sense, don't go in and
    use things like Sparks and Restructor Revolution (if he has very few cards in
    his hand).
    Proceed back to world 3 to find the third brother, Ojama Yellow.  This time, it
    is being beaten up by yet another monster, Barrel Dragon.  You have to approach
    it and offer to help it.
    Barrel Dragon
    Deck Type:  Machines/Luck
    Counters:  Anything with good attack
    This guy relies too heavily on luck.  If he gets even one bad coin flip or one
    bad dice roll, it can spell a free attack for you.  You shouldn't have any
    problems beating this guy if you pack some high ATK low level monsters, unless,
    somehow, he gets "lucky".  Although, be sure to get rid of Dice re-roll and
    second Coin Toss, because these will give him another chance if he misses the
    first time.  Very annoying if he then gets it.
    There is a new building that has appeared on the map!  This gives us access
    to the metal bit of the map.  You find out it is a dueling facility built by
    the mad scientist, Kozaky.  He uses the 3 Inpachi's to try and phaze you.  This
    should not take too long.
    Deck Type:  I honestly don't know
    Counters:  Anything
    This guy summoned ONE monster in my fight with him, and I didn't see anything
    decisive in the way of S/T cards, so honestly, unless he actually DUELS you
    instead of making you wait, just attack him directly, for the win.  Shouldn't
    be too much trouble.
    Blazing Inpachi
    Deck Type:  Storming out any monster
    Counters: S/T removal
    This guy uses what are known as "Trap Monsters".  These are Trap cards that you
    will come across fairly often that, when activated, take up a monster card
    zone.  The 3 main ones you will find are Embodiment of Apophis (sp?), Skull Zoma
    and Metal Reflect Slime, each with a diffeent merit.  He also uses the Mausoleum
    again, so if you let him burn a few thousand LP on monsters from that, you
    should be able to one shot him in the end.
    Woodborg Inpachi
    Deck Type:  Fire
    Counters:  ALO
    Its a fire deck.  You've fought 3 of them in the last 6 duels.  Use your head!
    Now, Kozaky sees you as strong (for defeating an enemy that doesn't move, one
    that is easily beaten by one card and one you've seen 3 times before), so he
    asks you to run an errand.  Say yes.  He wants you to retrieve a rare card from
    inside the cave for him.  This card is Limiter Removal.  You won't get much of
    a chance to use it, even though its rare, so son't worry about putting it in
    your deck when you get it.
    Enter the cave.  We have an event here as well.  There is a guy who will forge
    you a card (forgery?  Hmm...).  You can get some really good cards off this guy
    (United we Stand and Mage Power being just 2), but they are all Equip Spells.
    He will ask you to pay him a very small amount of DP, which you almost always
    should, unless its a crap card.  If you choose not to, you will have to face
    Iron Blacksmith Koitetsu (can't remember his last name)
    Deck Type:  Equip Spells
    Counters:  Spell removal
    Shouldn't be too hard for you to beat, just keep his spells at bay and you
    should be fine.
    Anyway, 3 duelists here, one more is going to appear at Kozaky's place.
    Volcanic Slicer
    Deck Type:  Volcanic
    Counters:  S/T removal
    His guy uses some Volcanic cards, a series of cards which will inflict effect
    damage on you at the cost of not having your BP this turn.  Just take out his
    S/T cards, and from there, pummel his monsters.  Try not to destroy his deck
    or hand if you can avoid it, because he has a few monsters who's effects
    activate from the hand/deck.  His strongest 4* monster has 1800 ATK, so just
    keep that one away and your almost guarenteed the win.
    Blazewing Butterfly
    Deck Type:  Pseudo-Gemini/Beatdown
    Counters:   Strong, low level monsters.
    This is kind of a two for one deal, uses some Gemini cards and some beatdowns.
    Beatdowns you've seen many times before, so you know what to do.  Chances are,
    if you don't play the real life game, you won't have head of the Gemini cards.
    Basically, they are cards that need to be normal summoned twice to get their
    effects to activate.  Blazewing Butterfly itself is a Gemini monster.  Just
    destroy them on the turn they are summoned for the first time on, and you should
    be fine.
    Spirit of the Six Samurai
    Deck Type:  Six samurai
    Counters:  Almost anything
    Six Samurai cards are a series of monsters with very good interlocking effects,
    but they require at least one other of their kind with a different name.  The
    way to make sure you keep this guy under control is to make sure he has no more
    than one monster with a "Six Samurai" in their name on the field at any one time
    which means he cannot acrivate their effects.
    After defeating Spirit, you will get Limiter Removal, the card Kozaky wants.
    Give it to him, and once again, you find he is in trouble.
    Giga Gagagigo
    Deck Type:  Standard Warroir
    Counters:  Anti-Warrior cards
    This guy uses pretty much the same Warrior monsters you've seen all game.  Just
    do to him what you've done to the rest of the Warrior duelists and you should
    be fine.
    Anyway, after this, Kozaky will show you the gate.  Now, this is a slightly
    different challenge than yoru used to.  There are only 3 possible duels this
    time, and you have to beat them all.  However, you start at 10,000 LP, and you
    have to beat them one after the other, without changing the deck.  Also, the
    amount of LP you end up with will be the amount of LP you will start with in
    the next duel.
    He uses a Stall/Return deck,  Destiny Hero deck and a Zombie deck.  You need
    to mix your deck up a bit, but this shouldn't be too hard.  The best thing is
    to just blast through him wth strong offence.
    Speed Guardian - Ferrario
    Deck Type:  Stall/Return
    Counters:  Strong offence
    He tries to stall you out, and return monsters to your hand.  Just blast him as
    hard and as quickly as possible, and you should be fine.  You may want to put
    some S/T removal in, to get rid of his "Begone, Knave!".  This card will cripple
    your attacking forces by sending them back to your hand every time they do some
    damage.  Just be careful.
    Deck Type:  Destiny Hero Diamond Dude/Spell
    Counters:  Strong Offence
    This time, he will use Destiny Hero Diamond Dude to try and use Spell cards
    without the costs, by dumping them in the GY.  However, Diamond Dude is a very
    weak card, and if you can get rid of that, you should have no problems beating
    this guy.
    Deck Type:  Zombie
    Counters:  Strong Offence
    The Zombie deck is pretty much the same thing you've seen before.  As you've
    more than likely been using a strong offence deck up to now and you can't
    change it, you might as well blast through his Zombies.  You may/may not be
    weak on LP by now, and if you are, just be careful not to get careless and lose
    Anyway, seeing as we won't have to come back to this guy, lets go onto world
    This world isquite itneresting.  A new feature to the Yugioh series is Tag
    Duels, where you have a partner and you VS 2 other opponents at a time.
    Anyway, before you even have a chance to explore this world, you are forced into
    a tag duel.
    Player + Neo-Spacian Dark Panther VS Mystical Beast Cerebus + Darkblaze Dragon
    Your deck + Neo Spacian's VS Beatdown + Beatdown
    Counters:  Luck
    Well, your going to find this world difficult.  Your partners are VERY stuipd,
    and can make some of the worst decisions ever.  I don't know how I won this
    first duel, but I just did.  Good luck to you.  Change your partner IMMEDIATELY
    after this, unless you somehow unlock and build a decent deck of the Neo-Spacian
    Cards.  As we haven't been stopping to beat duelists in WC, you won't have it
    unless you decided thats what you want to do.
    Anyway, it doesnt matter weather you win or lose, thats just how your more than
    likely going to fare in this world.  You can unlock more Tag Partners.  Simply
    beat any duelist 10 times to unlock them as a partner, both in Duel World and
    WC mode.  If you can, you may want ot beat someone good like Abyss Soldier,
    construct a deck very similar to theirs, and use them.  That will make it a bit
    Anyway, you have the chest thing again that you had in World 2.  Just do the
    same thing again.  Also, occasionally, a weird looking creature will appear
    in the bottom right hand corner.  This is Nurse Reficule, the Fallen one.  She
    will, for a small fee, give you some plastic surgery, and chnge your face.
    Save before you use her sertivces, as it will more often than not go wrong, and
    not be changeable until she comes back.  She comes once in a blue moon, so be
    prepared for a long wait to see her.  You may never even see her, if your
    Anyway, lets go and pick on some duelists.  After you have beaten these ones,
    an event will happen with a castle.
    You have two choices:  You can go and talk to the fat guy who is all on his own,
    or you can beat the others first.  We will go and talk to the fat guy who is
    all on his own first.
    At this point, you will have to Ante another card, but this time, it must have
    the name "Dark World" in it.  Unfortunately, you only have access to "Dark World
    Lightning" at this point, so your hands are pretty much tied as to what you have
    to wager.  You may have other Dark World cards, but the requirements to get them
    are very steep at this point as you more than likely won;t have unlocked
    tournament LV 2 or hae a decent deck to beat it with.  Anyway...
    You will fight 3 times.  These are:
    1) Zure, Knight of Dark World + Kahkii, Guerilla of Dark World
    -Pretty Standard, not much to it.
    2) Sillva, Warlord of Dark World + Goldd, Wu-Lord of Dark World
    -Slightly Improved with other cards.
    3) Reign-Beaux, Overlord of Dark World + Brron, Mad King of Dark World
    -Very much so improved with cards that will seriously hurt you.
    Each deck is a dark world deck, but each time, the difficulty increases.  They
    rely on discarding themselves to the GY to either speical summon themselves or
    draw (a) card(s), and if YOU discard them, their effects get even nastier, with
    your hand going, your monsters and S/T zone being emptied, and other effects.
    Just don't destroy their hand, and, Necrovalley works wonders here.  I mention
    that in a few duels time, so skip forward if you want to know about that.  After
    the third time, go and beat all of the duelists for this casttle to appear on
    the map.
    Goe Goe the Gallant Ninja + Ninja Lady Yae
    Deck Type:  Ninjas, emphasis on Wind cards as well
    Counters:  ALO
    Fairly easy, but as you wont be used to this yet, you may loose the first
    attempt.  Both duelists use the Ninja deck, so they work in tandem.  Most of the
    Ninjas are Wind monsters, so their decks also use other Wind cards.  The way to
    beat them is to keep a good supply of Field Spells on your side of the field
    that will help you.  I recommend ALO, simply because you can create some good
    strategies with it.  Field Barrier is a good back up for this fight.  Also, if
    you don't have access to anything that will help you in the long run, use
    something that can hinder them, such as the "A" cards (unlocked in this world)
    an example, there are much better cards than  "A").  Its fairly easy, but just
    remember, you go once every FOUR turns now instead of two, so give your ally
    something they can use.
    Mythical Beast Cerberus + Darkblaze Dragon
    Deck Type:  Dumping in the GY and Reviving
    Counters:  Kycoo, the Ghost Destroyer
    By now, you should have 100 duels easily under your belt, unlocking the Extreme
    Wisdom Pack.  Using Kycoo, they will be able to dump their cards in the
    GY, but not special summon them, giving you pretty much a clear field.  One
    card to watch out for is Decoy Dragon.  If you cannot stop them special
    summoning to the field, Decoy Dragon is a very good way for you to be seeing LV
    8 monsters, so just watch out.  Use removal by effect for this guy.  If you
    want some back up, I suggest using cards like Jowgen, the Spiritualist (negates
    all special summoned monsters and has the ability to destroy all of the current
    ones on the field) and Necrovalley (your opponent cannot summon OUTSIDE of the
    GY, any effects activated by a card in the GY are still activated).
    Vanity's Ruler + Vanitiy's Fiend
    Deck Type:  Storm
    Counters:  Stall or Monsters that cannot be destroyed by battle
    Rather annoyingly, the only monster you can use that cannot be destroyed by
    battle at this point is Marshmallon, and that requires you to use Free Duel.
    If you have it, great, if not, use stalling cards.  They use stuff like
    Gellenduo to have monsters that stay out, and Ultimate Offering to summon lots
    of monsters at the same time, notably the cards with their names in.  They don't
    have any drastic effects, so you probably should just stall them/try to
    overpower them.  Gellenduo can be destroyed early when any damage is inflicted
    on their LP, so use something like Ookazi or Bowgainian (sp?) for this.
    By now, a castle should have popped up.  If not, I suggest dueling everyone else
    at least once more. Take a look, to find 2 fairly easy duels:
    Gogiga Gagagigo + Mobius the Frost Monarch
    Deck Types:  ALO
    Counters:  S/T removal
    You've seen ALO decks throughout the game, you should be fairly confident about
    beating the now.  If you don't have an effective Water deck counter yet, ask
    on the boards OR make one yourself and test it on slightly weaker aquatic
    duelists, eg. Maiden of the Aqua.  The best thing to do is to stop them using
    ALO, because it will power their monsters up and allow some to summon without
    tribute.  Other than that, this battl shouldn't be anything out of the ordinary.
    This should be the last ALO duel in Duel World, ou'll be pleased to know, FYI.
    And another...
    Vampire Lady + Vampire Lord
    Deck Type:  Zombie
    Counters:  Anything...really
    Pretty simple Zombie deck.  This isn't too dissimilar to the deck that you faced
    with Curse of Vampire back all that time ago in the World of Grace.  But you
    have many more cards now, so this shouldn't be a tought fight.  Use what you
    want to.  Just don't use something awful!
    And now...we can fly into SPACE!  Yippee for all readers ages 11 and under.
    We have one more non duelist here, who looks like a UFO.  He will give you
    a guessing game.  You have to guess correctly which one of his 4 symbols that
    he is thinking of.  As far as I am aware, you can either make  him very happy
    for understanding him, and get a rare card, happy to get a commoner card, or
    angry and get no card.  The kind of cards you get will all be associated with
    UFOs, machines, etc., so if your looking to put together a Chimera Overtech
    Dragon (COUGHCHEAPCHEAPCHEAPCOUGH), then you will get a fairly good start here.
    Anyway, we have 3 more pairs to face and then the Door will open.  This is a
    fairly short world, arguably the shortest if you play your cards right (bad
    joke, I know).
    Alien Hypno + Lich Lord, King of the Underworld
    Deck Types:  Aliens + Dark types/Zombies/bit of burn
    Counters:  Anything
    Probably the easiest duelists in this world, they do NOT in any way use a deck
    that helps one another (except Lich Lord himself, but thats one card in two
    decks).  There are 4 themes running around here, 3 of them being in Lich's deck,
    so they often won't draw the card that they need.  Anything is a good counter,
    Beatdown, Removal, Stall or Burn, whatever floats your boat.
    Satellite Cannon + Metal Shooter
    Deck Type:  Machine
    Counters@  Beatdown
    I've tried to avoid Beatdown as much as possible up until now, but it is the
    best counter for this lot.  These guys are a big step up from the last two,
    having decks that actually can work, but by no means are they good.  Beatdown
    is just the quickest way, but feel free to use some burn cards.
    Harpie Queen + Harpie Girl (lol)
    Deck Type:  Piss the crap out of you/Wind
    Counters:  Luck?
    Wow, I lost to these guys about 6 times before I beat them 5 times.  Easily
    the best duelists here, they rely on Wind cards, and use them to their strongest
    potential.  Just think like dueling someone 7x better than Sonic Shooter.  S/T
    removal is the biggest thing you can do here, followed by Removal by efect and
    then to take advantage of the attribute.  Try playing Slate Warrior, it works
    wonders even without its Flip boost (which, btw, you should never try outside
    of a stall deck).  Other cards include:  The Harpies 1, 2 and 3, but be careful
    with HL #1, as her effects also help the opponent, Raiza the Storm Moncarch and
    Rising Air Current (if you have it, it requires going to WC mode).
    And, at short last, the door does not finally appear.  Instead, two "A" monsters
    appear, and you must fight them for the door to appear.  Make sure your deck is
    damn good and can support/match your opponents every move, because in this
    duel, the computer fights using your deck as well as theirs, and you get no
    choice in making the moves.  A message to Konami:  MAKE THE DAMN AI BETTER PLZ!
    If your opponent loses for you, just keep trying to win, and the door will
    appear.  Not much else I can say here.
    Oh yes, about the guardians.  Its as simple as it can get, you must beat them
    3/5 times, not catches (excpet the Tag Duel part), just like it was in The
    World of Grace.  Beat all 5 of them, just for the hell of it really.
    Underworld Guardian - Moley + Dark World Guardian - Gigori
    Deck Type: Spell/Trap Deck
    Counters:  Jinzo + Spell Negation
    They try to destroy your monstrs before you can summon them, but if you do
    summon them, they then try and take control of them.  My best advice here is
    to use Jinzo, who will negate all Trap cards (both yours and your opponents btw)
    and something like Curse of Darkness, which inflicts 1000 points of damage to
    you or your opponent whenever you or your opponent uses a spell card, but it
    doesn't negate them.  I don't think you have many reliable spell counters at
    this point, so I suggest just using the basics like Magic Jammer.  Many people
    may think that Goblin out of the Frying Pan is a useless cards, but it does
    have its uses.  For example, if your opponent must pay something to activate
    the cards, such as LP of sacrificing monsters, then with Goblin, you can make
    them pay the cost, BUT, they don't get the effect.  Next turn, they pay the cost
    AGAIN, but still get the effect, OR you can activate Goblin.  If you manage to
    use Goblin 3 consecutive times, then your opponent may end up paying quadruple
    what they intended...handy indeed.  Especially good at countering Final
    Countdown, if your having problems with that card.
    Deck Type:  Dark World
    Counters:  The deck you used for the other DW duelists
    You've faced about 3 or so DW decks before this, so by then, you should have
    figured out a reliable strategy.  Shouldn't be too hard.
    Deck Type: Controlling and Stalling
    Counters:  M/S/T removal
    A much harder version of the previous S/T deck you faced.  Jinzo isn't as likely
    to work here, as they don't use as many Trap cards.  They try to force you
    to draw your deck, and when you reach 0 cards, you lose the duel.  Other than
    that, they try to Stall the duel with high DEF monsters, and other spell cards.
    If you can remove by effect, they don't have any real strategy after that, so
    you can get a clean shot.
    The next two decks are practically the same:
    Deck Type:  Fiend Beatdown
    Counters:  Stalling/Spell Removal
    Deck Type:  Beatdown
    Counters:  Stalling
    There are 2 beatdowns used by these guys, one of them relies on Fiends, the
    other on higher ATK monsters, fiend or not.  Strong favourites are things like
    Goblin Attack force and Chainsaw Insect.  Stalling for this is a good idea,
    burning away slowly at his LP.
    For the fiend deck, its just weaker monsters but better equip cards, so just
    remove them, stall and burn.
    Onto the next world, the last World of the main storyline!
    Lots and lots and LOTS of Light-type duelists here.  Faries are also quite
    prominent, so I suggest builing something that can take advantage of TSITS (if
    you cannot remember what that is, scroll to the front of the guide to my list
    of abbreviations that I use).  Good packs to star buying for this are:  Never
    Setting Sun, Bloodline Destiny and Inherited Magic (recommended for Spell
    Absorption, and it won't take too long to unlock in WC mode).  Some events
    to deal with first.
    If you have a Blue Eyes White Dragon card in your deck, Kaibaman will show up.
    Basically, he tries to prove he is the superior BEWD user, and challenges you
    to a duel.  As far as I am aware, he doesn't give you anything for beating him
    (but then again, I cannot be bothered to use BEWD because its not that great a
    card).  I would just skip him.
    The other thing you will notice is a glowing person in the bottom right hand
    corner of the touch screen.  This is the Soul of Purity and Light.  If you
    remember back in the World of Civilisation, where you got to duel Moleten
    Behemoth for Fire Type cards?  Well, this guy is the same priciple but this time
    it is for Light cards.  There are many more Light type cards than Fire type,
    so don't be surprised if your often going in and out of the menu to try and
    get the card you like.
    Sould of Purity and Light
    Deck Type:  Beatdown and Monarchs
    Counters:  Skill Drain
    In the recent pack of Darkness Removed, there is a card called Skill Drain,
    which will negate ALL monsters effects.  Anyway, this guy uses the annoying
    Monarch's (with a particular focus on Zaborg because it is a Light type),
    but Skill Drain will negate the effects.  After that, its a simple matter of
    destroying them with your monsters.  Chainsaw Insect has just been unlocked in
    Bloodline Destiny, a 2400 ATK **** monster, which has its negative effect
    overriden.  Goblin Attack Force, Elite Goblin Attack Force and Toon GAF also
    have their effects overriden.  Just power them up with some equip spells and
    your almost guarenteed the victory.
    After thar, its just a simple thing of defeating duelists 5 times each and
    progressing in waves.
    Thunder Nyan Nyan
    Deck Type:  Gurly Gerl
    Counters:  Not getting horny (not too difficult if your playing the censored
    For some reason, they decided to include a character who uses pretty much an all
    female deck.  If you can control your hormones, you shouldn't have much trouble
    taking on the pseudo-beatdown.  Watch out for Inection Fairy Lily because it can
    increase its attack by 3000 if she has at least 2000 LP.  You have been warned.
    Absorbing Kid from the Sky
    Deck Type:  Fairy
    Counters:  Bad Reaction to Simochi
    If anyone ever wondered what would happen if Pit ate some pies, here is the
    result.  He may be hungry, but he definately gets more than his Fair Share of
    LP in battle.  Bad reaction to Simochi is a card you'll see early on and it
    stops the opponent gaining LP - rather reducing them by the same amount.  Use
    that and keep his Sanctuaries away and you should have no problem defeating him.
    After that, another duelist will appear, blocking your way.  You need to make a
    fairy type deck to beat him, with no other monsters but as many S/T cards as you
    like.  As you probably have many options open to you about your deck situation,
    I'll leave you to decide if you want to go the all Spell/Trap route (Chain Burn
    is quite good but you won't have 100% of the cards for it at this point), or
    the Fairy Route.
    Layard the Liberator
    Deck Type:  Fairy
    Counters:  Bad Reaction to Simochi
    Almost the same duel as the previous guy, just that you have to duel with the
    monsters you don't probably like. Just use the same strategy, and you should
    have no problem beating him.
    Afterwards, the gates will open (dun-dun-dun-DUUHHHNNNNNN) and you'll get to
    fight some more fairies.
    Freya, Spirit of Victory
    Deck Type: Aggressive Fairy
    Counters:  Stall/Monster Removal
    Probably one of the harder decks you'll face up here in the clouds, she uses the
    faires with much more offence here.  Shinato, King of a Higher Plain is a really
    annoying card with 3300 ATK that will inflict damage if your in attack or in
    defence.  I suggest monster removal to get rid of him, and stalling against the
    rest (and burning, as well).
    Royal Knight
    Deck Type:  Warrior
    Counters:  Anti warrior cards?
    The only duelist on the cloud who uses a sole Warrior type deck.  He isn't too
    hard.  If you used the Alkana Knight Joker deck, you should know the ins and the
    outs of using Warriors poignantly, so you surely can counter this guy.
    After beating these people, go back and talk (not duel) Thunder Nyan Nyan and
    The Diabetic...I mean Absorbing Kid from the Sky.  They will both mention a
    weird cloud.  Inside this weird cloud (you cannot miss the entrance), you will
    most likely be set a couple of challenges.  If you lose/win/re-enter or whatever
    enough times, you should just be able to duel them normally.  Anyway, you
    have to beat all of the regs first to then be set one of the more annoying
    challenges of the game.
    Dancing Fairy (start with 1000 LP each)
    Deck Type:  LP Gain
    Counters:  Not laughing so hard that your DS runs out of battery/Burn
    I pissed myself when I saw what the challenge was...HA.  Anyway, if you go
    first, your pretty much guarenteed to win if you pack your deck with Ookazis,
    Final Flames, Restructor Revolutions, Tremendous Fires, etc., otherwise, she
    can either kil herself on turn 1 or she can increase her LP to like 4000.  Once
    again, she is NOT difficult.  If you don't have to face her starting at 1000 LP
    for some reason, just use Bad Reaction.  That card is really going to help you
    in this world if you didn't know already.  Shame that Nurse Reficule isn't
    an in game card...
    Mokey Mokey (must use an 80 card deck)
    Deck Type:  Very very Questionable...mainly Thinning
    Counters: Beatdowns/Whatever you think you can put in an 80 card deck
    80 card decks are not recommended outside of this duel...because you will never
    draw the damn cards.  But, he just destroys his deck, so it shouldn't be too
    hard to destroy him, 80 cards or not.
    Senju of the Thousand Hands (No challenge)
    Deck Type:  Ritual
    Counters:  Anti - Spell Device and other cards that block his rituals
    We all know that Ritual card need  spell to be summoned.  No Spell, no monster.
    If you block that, the biggest threat is Sonic Bird with a huge 1400 attack.
    Not difficult.
    After beating these guys, go back and talk to Senju.  He's managed to find
    something useful for you in the last 5 seconds inside a poison cloud, but he
    wants to be a jerk and make sure your damn good at dueling.
    Senju of the Thousand Hands (Win in 5 turns)
    Deck Type:  No change as before
    Counters:  Get VERY lucky
    Normally when you win in 5 turns, it just comes from you getting a good draw
    and your opponent getting a poor.  Because you onyl have around 65% of the packs
    unlocked by now, you don't have too many options available to you with Exodia.
    Just draw a damn good hand nd use it how you see fit.
    Editors note:  If you play a Cannon Soldier and attach United We Stand to it,
    and use a Scapegoat the next turn (this is turn 3), your attack on CE will be
    5400.  If you can get a direct attack, and then sacrifice the rest of your
    monsters for a further 2500 points of damage, you will have dealt 7900 points
    of damage, and the slightest thing will kill him off.  Anymore tips, send 'em
    my way.
    After this, you will recieve a Nova Summoner card.  You won't be using it, but
    don't worry, you'll either have some or you'll be getting them soon...
    GO back up to the surface.  Here, you will see a building and two duelists.
    The weird Marshmallow like thing ironically called Marshmallon will present you
    with a few challenged, but still beat it anyway.
    Guardian Angel Joan
    Deck Type:  Fairy
    Counters:  Just do what you've been doing
    She's not too hard, albeit she is a lot more strategical than the last couple of
    duelists.  JUst keep going the way you have been and you will be OK.
    Deck Type:  Beatdown with Light Types
    Counters:  Stall
    This is the first time you've seen a non fairy/LP gain deck in this world.  He
    uses high attack monsters and two cards that will annoy you.  The first one is
    himself who cannot be destroyed by battle and can deal 1000 LP damage if
    attacked face down.  The second one is Shinato, a ritual monster with 3300
    attack that deals damage even if your in defence.  If you've played any previous
    games and/or watch the anime, you will be familiar with this guy.  I would
    seriously recommend putting in a hell of a lot of monster removal for this guy,
    otherwise you may find him defeating you again and again.  Gravity Bind, I might
    add, works well here.
    We can now enter the building, which is a law court.  Apparently, you stole this
    card, and apparently, law sucks in th duel world because the innocent are good
    Voltanis the Adjucator
    Deck Type:  Fairy/Light Beatdowns
    Counters:  What you used for all of the fairy decks...
    Umm...there isn't too much to say about this guy.  Win or lose, it won't affect
    the duel world, however, if you lose, you will not unlock two different duelists
    in duel world (I don't think it matters hugely if you don't unlock them).  All
    I can say is just do your best...it doesn't matter if you lose, unless your a
    Anyway, you get judged innocent either way.  Go outside, and there will be a new
    duelist for you to take on.  His challenge is that you have to deal 8000 LP
    damage in a single turn.  This may sound daunting, but remember, there are other
    ways to deal damage than just having your supply of monsters thrash out.
    Harvest Angel of Wisdom
    Deck Type:  Fairy/LP Gain
    Counters:  See below
    I can think of at least 5 or so ways of dealing 8000 LP damage to this guy.  Try
    these strategies if your having a lot of trouble:
    1.  Use Wave Motion Cannon.  You can sit it out for 8 turns if you have one on
    the field, 4 turns if you have 2 and 3 turns if you place 3 on the field
    2.  Use Equip spell cards.  United we stand + Scapegoat = +4000 ATK.  If you
    use Mage Power, you can also use a helpful field spell, because even though the
    field card zone is to the side a bit, it still counts as a spell card.
    3.  Use special effect monsters.  By this, I mean a monster that can attack
    twice per Battle Phase or one that has the ability to attack directly, eg Mataza
    the Zapper for the former and Servent of Catablosim for the latter.  These are
    best combined with the strategy #2.
    4.  Use luck based cards.  Luck based cards are probably the most risky and
    least worth it strategy, but it you can pull it off you can easily win within
    < 1 min of the duel starting.  Your options are limited with this however, due
    the fact I havent picked up this game in ages and can only remember one or two
    cards that damage by luck *misses Dice Jar*.
    5.  Use a chain based deck.  If you press and hold the A button when you
    activate/summon a card, change phases or just about any other time, you will
    either be told that you can check the field or chain, depending on your
    situation.  Most of the time, you can chain regardless if the CPU thinks its the
    right timing.  Anyway, some cards increase in Potency the more you chain.  An
    example of a 5 card chain dealing damage would be :
    Tremendous Fire > Poison of the Old Man > Secret Barrel > Accumulated Fortune >
    Chain strike.  Total = 3800 + however many cards you opponent has on their side
    of the field/hand + 2 cards drawn for yourself.
    There are hundreds of cards that can be put in slot one, and there are a few
    other chain cards, so use whatever helps you.
    Anyway, back to the duelist.  Once you have dealt your damage, I would expect
    him to have anywhere between 0 and 4000 LP.  At this point, its nothing new to
    see an LP gain deck, so just use the simple rule of finish him quickly.
    The final part of the map will open up, which reveals itself to be a massive
    crystal tower.  This is the final bit of this world, and here, you will be set
    5 challenges.  Go over to our little Ace of Spades the Alkana Knight Joker
    who guards the foot of the tower and accept his challenge.
    Alkana Knight Joker
    Challenge:  Activate 10 spells
    Deck Type:  Playing card Warrior
    Counters:  Stop him fusing
    You will be very familiar with the type of decks if you've been using the Alkana
    Knight Joker deck, even if it was only for a little while at the beginning.  If
    you havent, you still won't find this difficult anyway.  Basically, he has to
    fuse Jacks, Kings and Queens Knight together, who, for their respective *'s,
    have poor attack and defence to bring out himself, and he is an absolute beast.
    Essentially, just pack some good spell cards in your deck, its not too hard.
    Swords of Revealing Light, Sealed Gold Coffer, Heavy Storm, that sort of stuff.
    Then focus on killing his pathetic monsters at this point.  Et voila, c'est
    assez facile, non?
    Ascend the tower up a bit more to find the End of Anubis.  This tine, it will
    be a little bit harder.
    The End of Anubis
    Challenge:  Activate 10 traps.
    Deck type:  Necrovalley + Himself
    Counters:  Do not rely on the Graveyard
    The aforementioned cards basically mean you cannot touch any Graveyards, so
    Magician of Faith and Mask of Darkness will be useless here.  On top of that,
    you will have to activate 10 traps.  Earlier on, I mentioned a Chain strategy.
    If your clever, you can easily string a few traps together in 3 or 4 chains to
    win.  If you even ask nicely on the boards, you may get a deck made for you.
    When and if I get a deck section up, I'll put up my Chain deck.
    Next, we have a challenge that means you will have to win with 5 or less cards
    remaining in your deck.
    Arcana Force Extra - The Light Ruler
    Challenge:  Win with 5 or less cards in your deck
    Deck Type:  Deck Destruction (also called Milling)
    Counters:  Beatdown
    Don't try to negate his effects.  They will actually help you, as they get rid
    of your deck fast.  Just make sure you don't reach 0 cards and cannot finish
    him off in that turn, otherwise you will have done that challenge for nothing.
    Next, we have to make the opponent discard 10 cards.
    White Night Dragon
    Challenge:  Discard 10 cards from his hand.
    Deck Type:  Beatdown
    Counters:  Stall
    Meh, there is a degree of confusion over what counts for this challenge.
    Basically, if he discards due to his hand limit exceeding 6 cards, that will not
    count, if he discards indirectly to an effect, for example if he activates a
    card that means he will have do discard AFTER he does anything else, if he
    discards anything due to a cost OR if he discards due to his own card effect,
    it will not count.  So basically, your left with only a few cards.  Card
    Destruction will be your main source of destruction here, especially if used on
    turn 1.  Robbin Goblin will also work if you think you can trump the beatdowns
    and damage him.  If your feeling a little bit more intrepid, however, you can
    use monster cards, like Don Zaloog, with a Rush Recklessly for a surprise
    The final challenge sans the gate is to Chain.  By now you should have compiled
    a good chain deck, so use that.
    Beast King Barbaros
    Chalenge:  Make a chain of at least 5 cards
    Deck Type:  Burn/Removal
    Counters:  Counter Summon cards
    For him to use his deck well, he will need lots of monsters on the field.  To
    negate this, I would just use cards like Ground Collapse and some of the many
    counter traps that you have available to you where appropriate.  Otherwise,
    the chain part of it should be second nature to you by now.
    Finally, hallelujia, the gate will open up.  But you won't be rejoicing when
    you hear what you have to do to pass it.  You have 5 decks, as usual, but you
    duel them in a row without your LP being healed.  This is really frustrating
    and it will take you a long time to complete.  Use whatever deck you feel most
    competant with, because you seriously are in for a rough ride.
    Sky Guardian - Sefolile
    The 5 duels you will face are, from first to last, a Destiny Board deck, 2
    Beatdowns, a Warrior/Gamble deck and a "Wicked" card deck.
    Her Destiny board deck is fairly easy.  Just remove the stall cards first.
    A good idea here would be to pack plenty of Spell removal.  Also, note that if
    one destiny board card is destroyed, they all go.  So wait until she cloggs her
    field up with DB cards, so she cannot play any stall, destroy them and then
    storm out loads of monsters.
    Her beatdowns consit of the high attack low level monsters and some type
    themed ones.  As you cannot change your deck here, I would just stall it to the
    best of your ability, using cards like Wave-Motion Cannon, etc., to put big
    dents in his LP every so often.  When the types start coming out, you can start
    to mess them up with field spells, etc.  Be careful with the second deck though
    - there are many nasty effect monsters/negation traps/control cards so make
    sure you can counter/avoid those.
    Her gamble deck is just plain annoying, because if anyone has played any game
    of any sort before with a CPU, you will know they always get the HAX00RS!  You
    might have seen the Sasuke Samurai cards, which rely on coin toss mostly for
    interesting effects.  Anyone who uses fairy box knows how satisfying it is to
    destroy a high attack monster with a low atkone, but remember the CPU bounces
    this back in your face.  Do not attack anything in attack posision if it has
    any attack points - you have a 50/50 chance of losing your monster (+ a bit more
    from te computers haxx0rs) and taking damage.  Spell/Trap removal from the first
    duel will be your friend here.  Otherwise, nothing too steep.  Second Coin Toss,
    Dice Re-Roll, etc. may help you a bit here, but don't put too many in, because
    this is he only duel where they will help you.
    Finally, we move onto the wicked deck.  Its a strong concept but unfortunately
    suffers from a terrible cost of sacrificing 3 monsters each time.  There are
    3 cards to this set, The Wicked Avatar, Eraser and Dreadroot.  The only one
    IMHO that will pose a serious threat is the Avatar.  Simply put, it will always
    have higher attack than any other monster in the field as long as it keeps its
    effect + it stop you using Spell cards for a few turns.  Monster removal,
    counter summon, effect negation, high attack monsters...all features of the
    previous duels since you have no other choice.  You may be running low on LP
    here, but if you don't have any healing cards, play conserviatavly.  Only put
    monsters in Attack if your confident they will not be destroyed, and don't
    attack face down cards if you think they have high defence.
    Anyway, if and when you finally get the satsifaction of beating her, you get
    a heck of a lot of new stuff.  You get the final, optional world, which I will
    take you through, you unlock structure decks at the store (at this point in the
    game, they are next to useless, their only merit is an easy way to get some
    forbidden cards which can't be used until you have at least 90% of all cards)
    and you unlock a new pack.  Anyway, head back into duel world and jump through
    the portal.  You had better be prepared, the next world is no laughing matter.
    There is nothing really to be found here.  All you do is duel, and you can
    unlock the final couple of stone monuments and oppoenents here.
    Destiny Hero - Plasma
    Deck Type:  DHero
    Counters:  Effect negation
    A DHero deck is a new concept for most at this point.  He basically uses effect
    after effect which supports his own monsters. Its kind of hard to explain how
    DHero's work, I think you'd get a much better flavour if you dueled him.  When
    you do that, you really will understand what I mean by effect negation.  Skill
    Drain is quite probably your best friend here.  Other than that, strong monsters
    and power up spells are your best bets.
    Evil Hero Malicious Edge
    Deck Type:  Evil Hero
    Counters:  Pretty damn good luck.
    This guy uses the evil heroes.  Some of you may have seen Evil Hero Dark Gaia,
    just about this games cheapest card, so you really, really need to keep your
    wits about you.  If you can, try and bounce his srong card back in his face,
    use cards like Dimension Wall + Magic Cylinder, Brain Control and maybe the odd
    Evil hero yourself.  He gets frighteningly good draws, too, so you will need to
    plan carefully about the best course of action.
    EHero Neo Alius
    Deck Type:  Contact Fusion
    Counters:  Not letting him get to the stage where he fuses
    If you remember Neo Spacian - Dark Panther, the nice panther who helped you in
    world 4, you will remember he uses a contact fusion deck.  Now just multiply
    the strategy by about 100 x and throw in some more useful cards and you have
    this duelist.  Simply put, you need to stop him getting to the point where he
    has 2 monsters on the field he can use for fusion, which wold normally take a
    minimum of three turns.  Just blast his cards into the graveyard and you'll do
    The stone for the north half will appear.  Go into the cave, which, by contrast,
    is much harder.  On par with Sefolile's decks here, but at least you're allowed
    to swap them here.
    Cyber End Dragon
    Deck Type:  Cyber Dragon
    Counters:  Think anti Cyber, stop him using his Cyber cards.
    Cheap cheap cheap cheap CHEAP if the response you get if you ask many seasoned
    veterans what they think of Cyber Dragon.  Its a good card and it would have
    been great, but the amount of use it sees just isn't funny.  The main strategy
    is not to let him summon his Cyber Dragon by summoning your monsters on the
    first go, and then you should stop him fusing at all costs.  This guy really
    is the Yugioh equivelant of a Cyber Bully (HAR DEE HAR HAR).
    Green Gadget
    Deck Type:  Gadget
    Counters:  Beatdown
    Your all incredibly familiar with the gadget strategy.  Just kill them off
    before they have a chance to do any damage, and you'll be fine.  If you get to
    the stage where you let him sacrifice the monsters he has to bring out
    ridiculoously overpowered ones, you're pretty much gg.
    Horus, LV 8
    Deck Type:  Total Lockdown
    Counters:  Get the first strike
    Hmm...in all of my 7 odd years of plying Yugioh I have never met any person,
    computer duelist or thing that will try for a total lockdown.  Its nigh on
    impossible, but if it is done correctly, you have 0% chance of recovering.
    Horus LV 8 will negate Spells, Jinzo will negate traps and there are many cards
    that will stop your monsters dead in their tracks.  However, it is good to know
    the in depth rules here.  If you have a trap card out, lets say Skill Drain,
    and your opponent summons Jinzo AFTER you have activated the card, your effect
    will gain priority.  So get the first strike in with Skill Drain, removal etc.,
    and you'll be OK.
    Congrats!  You've beaten everyone 5 times in duel world, which is no easy feat.
    Next, we'll tackle the 8 stone monuments throughout duel world.
        ___________           ___________
       ////////////           \\\\\\\\\\\\
      ////////////             \\\\\\\\\\\\
     ////////////               \\\\\\\\\\\\
    ////////////8 STONE MONUMENTS\\\\\\\\\\\\
    \\\\\\\\\\\\                 ////////////
     \\\\\\\\\\\\               ////////////
      \\\\\\\\\\\\             ////////////
       -----------             -----------
    I purposley avoided these in the main guide because you will often need cards
    from later levels to even be allowed to challenge the stones.  So, without
    further aideu, let us begin.
    WORLD ONE - Grace
    1) Fuse out Master of Oz - Located in the only bit of land
    Lol, this is an absolute joke.  Fusing isnt the hardest challenge you'll face
    in challenges.  There are enough substitute fusion monsters out there, and
    Polymerization/Fusion Gate will be of use here.  Once the big Koala is out,
    your opponent might as well say Flaming dingos on the Barbie as virtually
    nothing in e opponents deck can counter it, barring itself.
    WORLD TWO - Sunlight
    1) Summon Exxod, Master of the Guard - Located in the main patch of land
    If you look at the rock structure deck you cna buy from the store, you'll have
    a fairly decent deck.  If you tinke around a bit, ie adding a few more Canyons,
    taking out some weak cards, you'll ace this one pretty easily.  Guardian Sphinx
    is an excellend stall card and will probably save your life a couple of times if
    you do decide to use it in normal play.
    2) Summon Ocean Dragon Lord-Neo Daedelus - Located in the water
    This is probably one of the easier challenges.  If, like me, you spend most of
    the game using a water deck, you will have seen/used this card once or twice.
    Its not too difficult to get out, especially if you use ALO.  The opponent is a
    water type duelist obviousy, so its nothing new.  All in all, this won't take
    too long
    WORLD THREE - Civilisation
    1) Summon VWXYZ-Dragon Catapult cannon - Located outside the Volcano
    This one will officially drive you nuts.  Using VWXYZ cards in general is a bad
    idea as they take ages to get out and fuse probperly.  Make sure you read the
    card properly, and use the right fusion monsters.  I have done stupid things
    before, like using the wrong monsters.  You could try taking his monsters from
    him if your desparated to fuse and missing one or two monsers.  There are much
    worse *COUGHVENNOMINGA*, but I think othe than driving you to insanity, this
    will be OK.
    WORLD FOUR - Darkness
    1)  Summon Vennominaga the Deity of Poisonous Snakes + Win by effect - Located
    								       on the
    Arrgh.  Good bloody luck to you - your seriously going to need it.  It is
    nigh on impossible to get this damn thing out, let alone win by its effect.
    There are lots of conditions to this duel as well as to activation timings,
    etc.  I'll post a full strategy when I get round to it, but that mat take
    some time, if at all.  In the mean time, I suggest putting just enough in to
    make sure you survive.  Put in a couple of cards that increase your longevity
    I think I inally understand the mechanic of Rise of the Snake Deity.  Basically,
    you cannot activate it in the damage step, which is not explained on the card.
    So, you have to destroy your monster by effect.  The easiest way to do this
    would be to use Hammer Shot, Rise, then summon.  Proceed to win from there.
    WORLD FIVE - Order
    1)  Summon Exodius the Ultimate forbidden one - Located on the underside of the
    While Exodius is not a card I would recommend using normally, this will not
    honestly be difficut at all.  To start off with, make sure you pack your deck
    with the following cards:
    Each Exodia part
    3x Exodius + 3x his summoning card
    Graceful CHarity
    Foolish Burial
    Card Destruction
    Simultaneous Loss
    Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer
    Simple strategy - Kill off your deck then anihalate your opponent with the uber
    Exodius.  You may want to throw in a few strong monsters.  With Regads to Kycoo,
    you can then remove your opponents cards from play and they can't touch you or
    them, so your in a pretty cushty position from there.
    2)  Summon Rainbow Dragon - Located near the crystal tower
    Ha ha ha...crap.  This is going to be hard and painful.  You mjust include one
    of every crystal monster in your deck for this to actually work - as there
    are 7 crystals and 7 required different crystals.  I won this by daaging him
    down to low LP then when my deck was at 0, summoning Rainbow Dragon.  This is a
    lot harder than it looks.  All I can say is it requires a good first hand and
    draw from then on.  Try not to clog up your S/T zone too much with their effects
    because you will need to use the odd one.  Use Foolish Burial to search your
    deck and get rid of unecessary baggage or cards you need in the GY.
    WORLD SIX - Chaos
    1)  Armylite, the Chaos Phantom - Located in the Cave
    ...Wow.  First of all, you have to summon the three Sacred Beasts, and keep them
    out so they are on the field simultaneously.  That is seriously difficult as it
    will completely **** up your spell/trap zone.  Good luck to you.  Once you've
    fused them by not using Poly, you'll be doing fine.  Armylite only gets 10000
    ATK once a turn though, so in your opponents turn, it will possibly leave you
    open for attack.  Pack a magic Cylinder/Dimension wall and then you'll have
    And thats it. Yipee.  You can basically leave DW untouched now unless you want
    some Tag Partners (defeat an enemy 10 times), or want some free cards/duels,
    or th occasional face lift from Nurse Reficule.
    WC Mode and Tournaments.
    In WC Mode, you can duel to your hearts content.  The following duelists are
    available (massive credit here to Tenken of GF boards).
    From the Start:
    Stray Lamb
    Jerry Beans Mans
    Winged Kuriboh
    When Tage duel becomes available:
    Amazoness tag team
    Marshmallon tag team
    Benkai Mataza tag team
    World of Grace:
    (listed as opponent Recieved - Opponent to defeat)
    Reaper on the Nightmare - Nightmare Penguin
    King of Skull Servants - Skull Servants
    Curse of Vampire - Curse of Vampire
    Dark Magician Girl - Curran
    E Hero Lady Heat - E Hero Knopse
    Silpheed - Sonic Shooter
    Pikeru - Keep giving her Baby Dragon/Herself (their the cheapest 2 cards she
    Water Dragon - Kairyu Shin
    World of Sunlight:
    On Terra Firma:
    DD Warrior Lady - Warrior Lady of the Wasteland
    Sabersaurus - Kabazalus
    Sand Moth - Sand Moth
    In the Pyramid:
    Hino Kagu Tsuchi - Dusk Spirit
    Dark Scorpion Menae - Don Zaloog
    GK's Chief - GK Commandant
    Spirit of the Pharaoh - Spirit of the Pharaoh
    Unde the Sea:
    Otohime - Otohime
    Crysalis Dolphin - Abyss Soldier
    Kaiser Seahorse - Sea Serpent Warrior
    Aquarian Alessa - Maiden of the aqua
    World of Civilisation:
    Gear Golem the Moving Fortress - Stronghold
    Luster Dragon2 - Luster Dragon
    Vortex Kong - Great Angus
    Molten Zombie - Fox Fire
    The Unhappy Maiden - The Unhappy Maiden Healed
    Inside Volcano:
    Il Blud - Flame Butterfly
    Volcanic Doomfire - Volcanic Slicer
    Great Shogun Shien - Spirit of 6 Samurai
    Inside the hut:
    Ojama Yellow - Blowback Dragon
    Woodborg Inpachi - Woodborg Inpachi
    Blowback Dragon - Blowback Dragon
    Kozaky - Giga Gagagigo
    World of Darkness:
    On the ground:
    Perfect Machine King/Machine King - Vanity's Fiend
    Decoy Dragon/DD Dragon - Cerberus/Dragon
    Sasuke Samurai Team - Ninja Yae/Goe
    Brron/ReignBeaux - DarkWorld team
    In space:
    Blast Sphere/Adhesive Explosive - Satellite Cannon/Metal Shooter
    Harpy Lady1/2 - Harpy Queen/Harpy Girl
    Alien Mars/Psychic - Alien Hypno/Lich
    In the castle:
    Mobius/Gogigagagagigo - Mobius/Gogigagagagigo
    Vampire Lady/Lord - Vampire Lady/Lord
    Alien Infiltrator/Shocktrooper - Alien Infiltrator/Shocktrooper
    World of Order:
    On the outer cloud:
    Elemental Mistress Doriado - Freya
    St Joan - Guardian Angel Joan
    Watapon - Marshmallon
    Marie, the Fallen One - Absorbing Kid
    Airknight Parshath - Voltanis
    Voltanis - Voltanis
    Cloudian Poison Cloud - Poison Cloud
    Light Effigy - Royal Knight
    Injection Fairy Lily - Thunder Nyan Nyan
    In the poison cloud:
    Manju - Senju
    Gemini Elf - Dancing Fairy
    Petit Dragon - Mokey Mokey
    World of Chaos:
    D Hero Disc Commander  - D Hero Plasma
    Evil Hero Hell gainer - Evil Hero Malicious Edge
    Neo Space Pathfinder? - Another Neos/Alius?
    Cyber Dark Dragon - Cyber End Dragon
    Sacred Phoenix of Nepthys - Horus
    Ancient Gear Gatiljon (SP?) Dragon - Green Gadget
    Demise - 5 wins against 55 single duel opponents
    Heraklinos - 5 wins against 75 single duel opponents
    Submarineroid/Fenrir - 5 wins against 10 tag duel opponents
    Gorz/Lava Golem - 5 wins against 20 tag duel opponents
    Anyway, I'll list some strategies here:
    Stray Lamb - Pathetic, you should be able to beat this guy with no problem.
    Jerry Beans Mans - Likes to use remove from play and high atk low level monsters
    so he might cause you one or two problems.  Spell+Trap removal and a few equip
    cards will see you through this guy.
    Winged Kuriboh - Kinda comparble to Knopse, this guy uses a stallingish deck.
    Apart from being rather time consuming, this guy wont cause you too much bother.
    Amazoness tag team - Cancel her effects with Skill Drain, and stop her storming
    out cards, because if they power up Paladin/Tiger, your in serious trouble.
    Keep a steady barrage of strong attacks up, and you should have no problem.
    Marshmallon tag team - Meh, Skill Drain again, no problem.  Similar strategy on
    your part to the one above.
    Benkai Mataza tag team - Lol.  Haven't actually duelled them, but by the looks
    of things, they use lots of equip spell cards.  Keep them off the field, once
    again, a Skill Drain deck will help you enourmously here.
    Reaper on the Nightmare - ...what a joke.  Keep his Spirit Reaper/Marshmallon
    off the field - if he somehow manages the fuse, target it with a spell card - it
    has the same problems as Spirit Reaper.  Use Mother Grizzly's effects to your
    advantage - it always means monsters will be placed in ATK mode, you cando some
    serious damage to his LP if he has a Marshmallon/Reaper on the field you can't
    get rid of.
    King of Skull Servants - Hmm...this one takes a bit of thinking.  For the love
    of God, keep his (King of) Skull Servants OUT OF THE GRAVEYARD!  Fighting 2
    3000 ATK monsters with 1* is not fun.  You could use a RFP deck here if your
    struggling - otherwise, you may want ot use Magic Cylinder/Dimension Wall to
    reflect the damage right back at him.
    Curse of Vampire - For some reason, he's weaker than he is in the storyline...
    anyway, this if a Zombie deck you'll have no problem with.  Just keep himself
    off the field, and remember, destroy Vampire Lord by Battle and Curse of Vampire
    by effect - otherwise they will come back, and in the case of Curse, stronger.
    Perhaps pack in a few anti-Zombie cards?  Also - if possible, destroy Pyramid
    Turtle by effect, ie Shield Crush, Nobleman of Crossout, Fisure, etc, otherwise,
    its essentially a free summoning of the two Vampires without tribute.
    Dark Magician Girl - Spellcasters here.  She may give you one or two
    troubles if your at the beginning of the game, but really, you've used
    Spellcasters and fought against them in the Colosseum - she is no way near as
    tough as that.
    E Hero Lady Heat - Its time for E-Heroes!  OH NOES!  Anyway, as we all know,
    E-Heroes suck, but when they fuse, the become uber mega broken.  So just simply
    stop her fusing - use De-Fusion, Anti-Fusion zone, etc.  Keep the monsters in
    the graveyard if need be - but remember - Skyscraper 2 - Hero City is VERY VERY
    annoying - because it revives any of he EHero monsters destroyed by battle -
    howevermany turns back.  Keep that off the field at all costs, otherwise you
    will face some serious problems with Wildhearts/Bladedge coming back.
    Silpheed - Its a wind deck, not too dissimilar to Lord of the Storm theme deck
    which you have used and probably fought against.  Keep your S/T zone full so you
    don't have problems with Sonic Shooter/Simorgh, and you'll do fine.
    Pikeru - I haven't actually got Pikeru yet, because she is being a real bugger
    and not coming to duel me.  It can take up to 40 cards to get her to come to you
    so yeah.  Any contributions gladly contributed.
    Water Dragon - Tries to get himself out while using a pretty standard water deck
    so just keep ALO off the field, make sure he doesn't abuse Hydrogeddon and if
    he somehow manages to get out Water Dragon, you could try something off the wall
    and change all of the monster types/attributes to Fire/Pyro etc., so all
    monsters end up with 0 attack (do this with DNA Transplant/Surgery).  Not very
    helpful unless your using a stall/burn deck, but quite interesting.
    DD Warrior Lady - As expected, she runs a warrior deck.  Be careful of herself -
    her effect can get annoying.  Make sure she doesn't get out the following cards:
    Command Knight, Gilford the Legend, Gilford the Lightning and Gearfried the
    Sword Master, as they will screw you over.  Once again, I'm stressing that you
    opt for a Skill Drain deck here - this card will prove the be invaluable to you
    so I suggest you get used to it.
    Sabersaurus - Dinosaurs.  You don't say.  I though it might have been a SEA
    SERPENT/PLANT deck.  Anyway, there really is only one way to run dino's in this
    game, so like his bird flu infected counterpart, he tries to get out Super
    Conductor Tyranno/Ultimate Tyranno.  Keep them off the field - make sure he
    doesn't keep Jurassic World on the field - 300 ATK/DEF is enough for Hydrogeddon
    to get up to no good and watch out for Black Stego.  Pack some surprise up ATK
    cards - particular ones of note include Rush Recklessly, Reinforcements and
    United we Stand.
    Sand Moth - A huge step up from his in game deck - he uses Earth cards mainly
    with LOTS of M/S/T removal by effect.  I seriously recommend packing something
    that will counter spell cars as they will be the primary concern with this
    deck.  Otherwise, keep Gaia Power from the field unless you plan to abuse it
    yourself - and keeep your attack above 2000 if possible - Beserk Gorilla will
    give you problems.  Otherwise, cards of note include Nimble Momonga and Mystic
    Tomato - they will storm out lots of things very often so even if your expecting
    a good shot at his LP, you migt want to think again.
    Hino Kagu Tsuchi - He will do his utmost to get himself out, otherwise, he
    is fairly weak.  If he inflicts damage to your LP, your hand will be sent to the
    GY which is pretty destructive.  Pack a Mirror Force, Magic Cylinder and
    Dimension Wall to stop him doing damage to you, otherwise, just obliterate
    him with high attack.  Not too hard, almost a breath of fresh air to most people
    after some of the duels you have and the likely cards you have available at that
    Dark Scorpion Menae - She uses a pseudo Dark Scorpian/Stall deck.  Keep her S/T
    field clean - she WILL be annoying.  Her monsters are nothing to write home
    about - except herself - with 1800 DEF.  Anyway, keep your attacks up and
    keep the S/T off the field and you'll do fine.
    GK's Chief - Well, Commandant was annoying.  Similar thing here.  Necrovalley is
    just plain old meh, keep playing your own field cards and negate his effects.
    You should have intimate knowledge of GK cards by now, so yeah, use your noggin
    and play it by ear, adapt to the situation.
    Spirit of the Pharaoh - He tries so hard to make an original zombie deck, and
    phails miserably yet again.  Basically, destroy a sarcophagus when you can and
    try to remove Pyramid Turtle and the like by effect, eg Fissure, Smashing Ground
    and shield Crush.
    Otohime - If you let your guard down, you can be taken by surprise.  Keep and
    MST set - Mausoleum of the Emperor WILL piss you off majorly, and same rules
    apply with Hino Kagu Tsuchi - don't let her activate her Spirit effects because
    the aftermath will be hell.  Skill Drain, once again, will be invaluable here.
    Other cards of note include Creature Swap, Dark DUst Spirit and Giant Germ to
    storm out as sacrificial material.
    Crysalis Dolphin - She(?) uses a Water deck with A LO.  So nothing new.  Abyss
    Solider and Giga Gogagigo (SP?) crop up a lot here - so if your using Gravity
    Binds and LLABs you should also consider Messenge of Peace here.  My top tip is
    to keep he field spell zone open (you may want to pack a few youself -
    particularly if your running a specific element deck ex Earth) and her monsters
    clean off the field.
    Kaiser Seahorse - A sort of light deck with high level monsters.  I've seen him
    make many stupid mistakes and I found him very easy so I wouldn't fret too much
    about him.  However, when he gets his high level monsters out, they become
    rather annoying, so I suggest packing some Hammer Shots/Fissures just in case.
    Aquarian Alessa - I find her rather annoying.  A mixture of themes here, some
    more prominent than others.  Gemini monsters, water and stall are what I can
    see coming out of her deck.  So keep he spell and trap card zone free, destroy
    the Gemini monsters before they have a chance to be Gemini summoned and keep
    ALO off the field.  Her monsters aren't fantastic, Aquarian Alessa herself only
    has 1500 atk, but their effects can be rather annoying.  Just play it sensibly.
    Gear Golem the Moving Fortress (Submitted by Nate Milbank) -"He stalls you with
    himself, and then  tries to bring all his cyber dragons. but wait, there's
    more! He also has Cyber end dragon, and Chimeratech overdragon, and other cheap
    ones, so basically, keep his field clear, summon your best monsters, and try
    your best to take him down. Skill Drain might work, but it may not be as
    effective here"
    Luster Dragon 2 - Well, take a guess at what kind of deck he uses.  If you
    said Dragon, have a pop tart (if you eat those things in America, in the UK,
    we have Jame Scones with Afternoon tea if your posh, or Burger King if your not
    :P).  Anyway, you should realise that Dragon decks are really just too much
    effort to make effective - as this guy proves.  Just make sure the regular
    Dragon cards don't screw you over, particularly stuff like Stamping Destruction
    and even himself can be a problem if you've decided to go for a Beatdown.  But
    yeah, apart from trying to rip you to pieces, this guy doesn't have a strategy.
    Go down the elimination by effect route and you'll do well.
    Vortex Kong
    Molten Zombie - Fire?  Possibility?  Lol, anyway, you know what to do, you spent
    most of world 3 dealing with fire decks.  KEEP MOLTEN DESTRUCTION OFF THE FIELD!
    It wil wreck you.  A fun thing to do is to let him attack with it on the field,
    so he has <500 ATK more than you, then using Mystical Space Typhoon/Dust Tornado
    destroy it, resulting in his loss of a monster.  Its probably more effective to
    do it like this than to destroy it in the Main Phase because a) they lose a
    monster instead of you having to destroy it yourself and b) they have a higher
    chance of negating it then.  Anyway, yeah.  Other than that, you know what to
    watch out for.
    The Unhappy Maiden - She will do anything in her power to stop your attacks.
    Literally anything - she has 37 cards that do just that.  The other 3 are
    Wave Motion Cannons, which are her main source of damage.  So my recommendation
    is:  Destroy them.  As she has so many anti attack cards - I wouldn't bother
    with an attacking deck.  I beat her fairly swiftly with and Exodia deck, but you
    can also try Final Countdown and Destiny Board if you so desire.
    Il Blud (Submitted by Nate Milbank) -  "His deck is similar to Curse of Vampire
    but he's far more compitent in keeping his monsters on the field. DON'T LET HIM
    GEMINI SUMMON HIMSELF!!!! He'll cause you major Problems with His combo of him,
    Vampire lord, and the like. He also uses/abuses Mausoleum, so he drains his LP
    Rapidly, but be warned, he can keep his field full ffor a while, and also
    beware of the card Banner of courage, it may be only 200 ATK point boost for
    his monsters, but it's enough for him to get up to no good."
    Volcanic Doomfire - Ugh, I hated Volcanic Slicer in Duel World (I lost to him
    10 times before I beat him 5 times on my second playthrough :(  ) and this guy
    just improves majorly on that.  Volcanic Burn decks are obviously not something
    to be taken lightly.  I suggest you use the same strategy as you do for the
    Unhappy maiden - Exodia.  Make sure you keep a few Dust Tornado's/MST's at the
    ready, if you can stop effect damage then great, and if he brings out Tri-Blaze
    Accelorator, make it a priority to destroy it.  It will ruin you.
    Great Shogun Shien - Anyone who has used a Six Samurai deck will know how plan
    annoying it is - the COM always topdecks too so don't be surprised if you end
    up facing 3 or 4 monsters on your first turn.  Pack your decks with Dimensional
    Prison, Mirror Force, Magic Cylinder and Dimension Wall - your going to need
    them.  As a recommendation, Skill Drain workds well here because they all have
    such ANNOYING effects and if you cancel them it will seriously help you.
    Ojama Yellow (Submitted by Nate Milbank) - "AHAHAHAHA, what a Joke! He plans on
    stalling, trying to deck you out and phails miserably. Strike Quickly, keep his
    field clear, easy victory! But just watch out for his Ojama Support cards, and
    Wave-motion Cannon"
    Woodborg Inpachi (Submitted by Jamie Sergison) "hi
    ive noted something concerning one of the duel world duelists: inpachi
    you dont have a deck type for said duelist, but i have found that it uses lots
    of normal EARTH monsters, and that it lovesto abuse heart of the underdog and
    skill drain, so the best way to beat him is to get his monster and spell zones
    full, and then get a high DEF monster to take all the blows."
    Blowback Dragon - Basically a luck based deck that is very situational.  If you
    get unlucky, and he somehow manages to get all head on every go, he can pretty
    much say good game, but i am de ultimate in cheepz so i is de winnar.  Other
    than tossing a coin, he uses High attack monsters.  Sometimes, he will play a
    card which will allow him to re roll a dice or toss a coin - is possible,
    negate these (unless the effect on him is negative), and try to destroy his
    monsters with cards like Fissure, rather than relying on having cards out on
    the field for a couple of turns while you wait for that Axe of Despair to come
    to your hand.  Beware of himself - he is the strongest card in his deck (both
    effect wise, IMHO, and offensivley).
    Perfect Machine King/Machine King - Well its a machine deck.  Stain sotrm says
    Hi, but other than that, its the standard negate the effect, remove by effect
    and cut them to pieces strategy.
    Decoy Dragon/DD Dragon
    Sasuke Samurai Team
    Blast Sphere/Adhesive Explosive
    Harpy Lady1/2
    Alien Mars/Psychic
    Vampire Lady/Lord
    Alien Infiltrator/Shocktrooper
    Elemental Mistress Doriado - She tries to get herself out, which means she can
    use Fuh-Rin-Ka-Zin or hwever you spell it, which can be destruction on a
    monumental scale (two of them can easily wipe your field clean).  For this one,
    I suggest having something that is adept at countering Trap cards in particular
    and Royal Decree and Jinzo spring to mind.  Her monsters, especially herself,
    are fairly weak however, and shouldn't cause you any trouble.  Just stop her
    spells and traps and you should be fine.
    St Joan
    Marie, the Fallen One
    Airknight Parshath - Its a fairy deck, as you might have guessed (if I had a £
    for every time I made a stoopad reference to the deck type, I would be very
    rich by now).  However, this guy is NOT stupid like most of the other guys
    you've faced in the World of Order, and he can be a terror.  If TSITS get put
    out on the field, your going to have to get rid of it straight away, because
    it allows instant access to himself through Nova summoner, and then to Neo-
    Parshath, which isn't too funny.  Essentially, Spell and trap removal is the
    Key.  You may also want to pack in a few Bas Reaction to Simochi cards, as
    he regains LP quite a lot.
    Cloudian Poison Cloud (Submitted by Nate Milbank) - "The Bad News: Cloudians
    can't be destroyed by Battle, The good news, they HAVE to remain in attack
    Postition. So if you have some High-Attack Monsters, get them out and start
    unloading. Be careful, dont get Cocky with the Cloudians, if you let the Fog
    counters build up, you're monsters will be gone, leaving him plenty of room to
    attack. Skill Drain works well here, another good tactic is to have some cards
    that change the postions of his cloudians to defense mode, ie: Zero Gravity,
    Block acttack."
    Eidotrs note:  Spirit Barrier will stop you doing any Battle damae to his
    LP if there is one monster on the field, putting you in a very difficult
    position.  This guy is REALLY tough, and I would recommend using the Chain
    Burn deck to defeat him, it is listed in the deck section.
    Light Effigy
    Injection Fairy Lily
    Gemini Elf
    Petit Dragon - He focuses on using low level, normal type monsters, with high
    attack, such as Jerry Beans Man, Mad Lobster, etc.  After he gets those on the
    field, he will then stop you using any Spell cards to hinder them (ie Swords of
    Revealing light) and stop your 4* monsters attacking.  To counter, I suggest
    either making a stall deck that requires Trap cards to work at its best (such
    as Wall of Revealing Light, Mirror Force, Magic Cylinder, etc.) and high DEF
    monsters (Giant Soldier of Stone is also a 3* monster and can surprise him if
    for some reason he puts Jerry and Lobster into DEF).  A difficult little dragon
    but for those with a similar deck or trap based stall deck, it is really not
    that hard.
    D Hero Disc Commander - In the right hands, Destiny Hero decks are a pain to
    counter indeed, and Disc Commander is no exception.  With some basic D Hero
    strategy laid down, he has little problem using the deck to its full effect.
    Unfortunately for him, he didn't count on the fact that DH Plasma and the like
    are actually extremely hard to get on the field.  So basicaly, its a simple
    taks of keeping the field clean, not letting him abuse Dark City etc. and
    possibly negating his effects if your REALLY struggling with him.
    Evil Hero Hell gainer
    Neo Space Pathfinder?
    Cyber Dark Dragon
    Sacred Phoenix of Nepthys
    Ancient Gear Gajiltron (SP?) Dragon - If anyone can use the Gadgets well, its
    this guy.  You'll have LOTS of problems if he gets himself or Ancient Gear
    Golem out on the field - as you won't be able to do anything with your traps.
    Effect negation is the key here, although his Spell and traps can also pose a
    challenge if your unprepared for them.  Arguably the toughest duelist unlocked
    from duel world.
    Tournaments:  Come in 4 ways:  Easy, Medium, Hard or Tag.
    Tag is available once you unlock 15 Tag opponents in WC.  For each tournament,
    there is a pool of duelists whom you could face in that tournament.  You must
    unlock at least 15 of them to do so (see next section for help on this) plus
    unlocked the previous tourney.  In level 3, you must unlock 20 of the duelists.
    The tourney pools are as follows:
    (Thanks to the Unlocking Topic on GF message board for this info)
    LV 1:
    Stray Lamb, Jerry Beans Man, Winged Kuriboh, Reaper on the Nightmare
    The Unhappy Maiden, Elemental Mistress Doriado, St. Joan, Hino Kagu Tsuchi
    Spirit of the Pharaoh, Otohime, D Hero Disc Commander, Dark Scorpion Menae,
    King of the Skull Servants, Watapon, Petit Dragon, Gravekeeper Chief
    Kaiser Seahorse, Curse of the Vampire, Aquarian Alessa, Marie the Fallen One
    Dark Magician Girl, E Hero Lady Heat, Il Blud, Chrysalis Dolphin
    Lv 2:
    Manju of the 10,000 Hands, Airknight Parshath, Gear Golem the Moving Fortress
    Ojama Yellow, Woodborg Inpachi, Silpheed, SandMoth, Water Dragon, Gemini Elf
    Luster Dragon 2, Molten Zombie, Neo Space Pathfinder, Volcanic Doomfire
    Light Effigy, Poison Cloud, Voltanis, Blowback Dragon, Kozaky, Shogun Shien
    Sabersaurus, D.D. Warrior Lady, Sacred Phoenix Nephytis, Injection Fairy Lily
    Lv 3:
    All Anime characters, Demise King of Armageddon, Cyberdark Dragon, GB Heraklinos
    Vortex Kong, Evil Hero Hell Gainer, Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Dragon.
    Once again, thanks to the topic on the boards, this helped me majorly.  I'll
    order it by category, then tell you how to unlock it.  Duelist strategies will
    come next update.
    Original Anime Characters<><><><>
    Method: Clear all stone seal challenges
    Method: Defeat Kaibaman once
    Joey Wheeler
    Method: Clear 6 stone seal challenges
    Method: Clear all Sphinx's challenges
    Method: Use traps 500 times
    Mai Valentine
    Method: Use spells 750 times
    Bandit Keith
    Method: Summon 1000 monsters
    Ishizu Ishtar
    Method: 100 hours of total gameplay
    Marik Ishtar
    Method: 200 hours of total gameplay
    <><><><>GX Characters<><><><>
    Jaden Yuki
    Method: Clear the Chaos Neos stone challenge
    Chazz Princeton
    Method: Clear the VWXYZ stone challenge
    Atticus Rhodes
    Method: Clear the Neo Daedalus stone challenge
    Tyranno Hassleberry
    Method: Clear the Master of OZ stone challenge
    Method: Clear the Phantom of Chaos Armytile stone challenge
    Thelonius Viper
    Method: Clear the Venominaga stone challenge
    Jesse Andersen
    Method: Clear the Rainbow Dragon stone challenge
    Adrian Gecko
    Method: Clear the Exodius stone challenge
    Marcel Bonaparte
    Method: Clear the Master Exxodd stone challenge
    Axel Brodie
    Method: Defeat the Dragon/Cerberus team in World of Darkness
    Dark Zane
    Method: Defeat the Guardian at the World of Order
    Syrus Truesdale
    Method: Defeat all 5 decks of the World of Grace guardian
    Alexis Rhodes
    Method: Clear all 5 challenges in the underwater map
    Bastion Misawa
    Method: Win all the structure duels in the Colloseum
    Aster Phoenix
    Method: Clear all 5 guardian challenges in World of Darkness
    <><><><>Tag Partner duelists<><><><>
    Jasmine + Mindy
    Method: Compete in tag duels 50 times
    Chazz + Alexis
    Method: Compete in tag duels 100 times
    Jesse + Jaden
    Method: Compete in tag duels 150 times
    Kaiba + Yugi
    Method: Compete in tag duels 200 times
    Joey + Yugi
    Method: Use YuJo successfully in a duel
    Tanya + Bastian
    Method: Summon Water Dragon in a duel successfully
    Bakura + Marik
    Method: Win using Destiny Board
    Zane + Sheppard
    Method: Have a monster with an ATK of 20000 at any one point in a duel
    Yubel + Marcel
    Method: Have 10000DP at any one time
    <><><><>Duel Disks<><><><>
    Academy Disk
    Method: From Start
    Academy Disk Red
    Method: Win Tag Tournament once
    Academy Disk Yellow
    Method: Win 10 Single Duels
    Alchemy Disk
    Method: Defeat Jaden 10 times
    Gorgeous Disk
    Method: Defeat Jesse 10 times
    Kaibaman Disk
    Method: Defeat Kaiba 10 times
    Amazoness Disk
    Method: Win all the structure duels in the Colloseum
    Standard Disk
    Method: Defeat Yugi 10 times
    Black Disk
    Method: Defeat Joey 10 times
    Girl's Disk
    Method: Defeat Alexis 10 times
    Pharaoh's Disk
    Method: Defeat Marik 10 times
    Axel's Disk
    Method: Clear the World of Civilization
    Adrian's Disk
    Method: Clear the Exodios Seal Challenge
    Yubel Disk
    Method: Clear the Venominaga Seal Challenge
    Alien Disk
    Method: Unlock all opponents in tag duel
    Vampire Disk
    Method: Unlock all opponents in single duel
    #12 - Clear all stone challenges
    #13 - Card Collection rate is at 95%
    NB:  These differ from Male to Female.  I list the Male clothes on the left,
    Female on the Right.
    Red Uniform
    Method: From Start
    Brown Jumper
    Method: From Start
    Yellow Uniform
    Method: Participate in 400 total duels
    Blue Uniform
    Method: Unlock all GX anime characters in Single Duel
    Method: Unlock all original anime characters in Single Duel
    T Shirt
    Method: Participate in 200 total duels
    Method: Clear all the Seal Stone Challenges
    King/Queen Coat
    Method: 85% of all cards collected
    Academy Jersey
    Method: Unlock all the GX anime character in Tag Duel
    White Jacket/Gothic
    Method: Clear the world of Civilization
    Moonlight/Clerk Uniform
    Method: Win Easy, Medium, Hard, Tag Tournament
    Elf Swordsman/Dark Magician Girl
    Method: Clear the world of Order
    E Hero Neos/Cyber Tutu
    Method: All cards collected
    Kaibaman Coat/Harpy Lady Costume
    Method: 5Defeat 70 Single Duel Opponents 5 times each
    Recipe Mode
    Method: 90% of all cards collected
    1 Forbidden card in deck (switch your banlist to activate)
    Method: 90% of all cards collected
    View Mode
    Method: 90% of all cards collected
    I am sure I have missed one or two things, so please, do let me know about them.
    Deck Section
    Here it is!  The long awated Deck section is finally up!  Here, readers can
    contribute their own decks, and if I deem them good enough, I will post them
    here, with full credit.
    As for the decks I posted, some of them I didn't make, and so, I will just put
    anonymous as the contributor thanks if I don't know who made them.
    2x Lava Golem
    1X Marshmallon
    1x Morphing Jar
    1x Spirit Reaper
    1x Chain Strike
    3x Poison of the Old Man
    1x Scapegoat
    3x Tremendous Fire
    3x Accumulated Fortune
    1x Ceasefire
    1x Chain Detonation
    3x Jar of Greed
    3x Just Desserts
    3x Legacy of Yata-Garasu
    3x Ojama Trio
    2x Reckless Greed
    3x Secret Barrel
    3x Threatening Roar
    3x Waboku
    Contrubuted by:  Anonymous, with minor revisions by myself.
    This deck involves doing damage to your opponent through effect damage, notably
    by using chaining cards.  Some people may argue that this deck doesn't contain
    enough monsters, however, this isn't the point of the deck.  Here are a couple
    of rules to think about when using this deck:
    1-Lava Golem stops YOU from playing a monster this turn, so if your unprotected
      completely, you may want to wait a bit.
    2-Ojama Trio should be activated as soon as you get it and there is enough room
      and, as an additional think, do NOT use Just desserts/Secret Barrel/whatever
      on JUST Ojama Trio, wait for the opponent to get a few more cards out and hit
      them even harder.  Remember, a 3 monster field with 3 Just Desserts will do
      4500 damage, but a 4 monster will do 6000 and a full field will do 7500!!
    3-Use Chain strike LAST in the chain, so use Accumulated Fortune, Chain
      Detonation etc. FIRST.
    Other than that, its common sense - don't throw away a good hand unless it
    would save your life by putting down Morphing Jar, don't water Threatening Roar
    or Waboku, as you only get 6 blocks, and use your Quick play spells in chains,
    rather than straight away.
    ===As this section is merely a trial, more will be added by users and myself
    over the coming months.  This was simply a test.  Feedback on any decks is
    kindly appreciated, as well as possible improvements.===
    I have used some material, and where it is due, I give the credit (mainly the
    I'd like to thank Nate Milbank and Jamie Sergison for contributing to the
    WC duelists section, they really did help me out!
    As ever FAQ writer does, I'd like to thank myself for making it...at the time
    of publishing, this is my largest FAQ, and even though I kept putting it off,
    I eventually got round to doing it.
    Other than that, thank YOU, the readers, for reading it...and especially
    well done if you put up with my terrible spelling, Puncuation and Grammar!
    And also, thanks to GameFAQs, who have a wonderful, wecloming community and
    a very useful site for all of the latest stuff.
    A couple of useful links/sources for you if you need help on this game/any
    previous ones:
    www.gamefaqs.com - From there, you can find out about almost every game, as
    well as get guides, tips and advice on the messagr board and it is the primary
    host of my guide.
    http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Main_Page - Probably the best resource for YGO
    on the net, this site provides details on every single card/game/episode in
    existance + offers some useful tips.
    If you have any others, do send them to me.  Et voila, we are finished!
    (C) Chaet_legend, 2008-2009.

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