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    Walkthrough by Mykas0

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    "Inazuma Eleven" for Nintendo DS, "Walkthrough"
    By Mykas0
    version 0.91
    BE SURE TO READ THIS FIRST PART! You can read this faq as long as you
    don't change ANY part of it (including this small introduction). Also,
    you can print it but only for use at your home, you may NEVER sell 
    this stuff or else you will make me really mad and maybe I won't work
    anymore! Finally, if you want to use this faq on your site (or use any
    part of it for other things, like writing your own faq or something) you
    have to mail me and ask me for it, I will almost surely grant it to you!
    Finally, this guide may NEVER be published in CheatCC.
    0~. Version History
    1~. Introduction and important tips
    2~. Walkthrough
       2.1~. Chapter 1
       2.2~. Chapter 2
       2.3~. Chapter 3
       2.4~. Chapter 4
       2.5~. Chapter 5
       2.6~. Chapter 6
       2.7~. Chapter 7
       2.8~. Chapter 8
       2.9~. Chapter 9
       2.10~. Chapter 10
    3~. Controls, Menus, System, etc.
    4~. Recruiting Other Players
    5~. Wireless, Wi-fi, etc.
    FAQ. Frequently Asked Questions
    B_END. Special Thanks
    END. Contacts
    0~. Version History
    -> version 0.91 <-
    - Made some minor corrections.
    -> version 0.9 <-
    - Completed the walkthrough;
    -- Added all the other sections.
    1~. Introduction and important tips
    Although this game is based in soccer (by the way, across the whole guide
    I'll be using this name instead of "football", to avoid cultural conflicts
    with players from all around the world), it is also part RPG. Your
    characters can equip items, they have stats, there's a storyline, and many
    other features are shared between this game and common RPGs. RPG fans
    probably already understand the basics, and all that, but I strongly
    suggest you start by reading the following hints, as they will certainly
    end up being very useful during your adventure. Here we go:
    - Like in most RPGs, your current level is quite important, allowing you
      to easily increase your stats, and even have an easier time with the
      matches that you will face later on. In case you really can't seem to
      defeat a particular match, ALWAYS consider gaining a couple more levels
      before trying again.
    - Apart from levels, your equipment is also important. Every time you
      reach a new area, check it for stores. They aren't that usual, but if
      there's one, always try to get the best equipment it sells. Also, most
      stores sell items that restore your CP and TP, you may also want to get
      some of those, since you can even use them during actual matches, by
      pressing 'R' while in the Menu screen (the red option thatappears during
      matches), but only one each time the game is stopped.
    - While exploring the many areas available in this game, you're bound to
      find several blue treasure chests. Unlike what happens in other RPGs,
      their position is slightly random, changing each time you start a new
      chapter, meaning that you may visit one area 10 times across the game
      and always find unopened chests in there. For that reason, be sure to
      explore every area of the game as often as possible - those items are
      always free, you know?
    - After a certain in-game event, random battles will start occuring. Their
      goals are very simple - either scoring goals, preventing opponents from
      scoring, retaining the ball or taking it away from the opponents - but
      you only have 15 seconds to achieve that specific goal. Be very careful
      with that, since losing random battles takes away some of your money and
      friendship points.
    - Eventually, up to three girls will join the house you started the game
      in. The first one (counting from the left) allows you to have rematches
      against the most important teams you've defeated, which is great for
      gaining some extra experience. The second one allows you to search for
      new players, and unlock new ones, by spending friendship points. As for
      the third one, she allows you to recruit players from the teams you have
      already defeated. Use them as much as you want!
    - There's nothing in the game telling you to grab as many players as
      possible, but you may want to do so. Your initial players are quite
      good, but the other ones also have specific abilities, which you may
      like to have later in the game. Bearing that in mind, I strongly suggest
      you try to recruit as many players as possible - you never know what may
      be hiding behind a smiling face.
    - While walking around the world, you'll find some blue crystals in the
      field. Interact with those and, for a cost, they'll fully heal all your
      characters. Obviously, you should try to do as often as your players
      need to be healed.
    - Apart from crystals, there are also large bolts placed around the world.
      Each of those allows you to train your characters. For a small cost, you
      will be able to slightly increase one of your character's stats - the
      increased stat depends on the location you train them.
    - Across the game, and either by level or after some storyline event, your
      characters will obtain up to four special moves. However, they also have
      some extra slots, where you may equip the techniques that you deem more
      fitting. Don't be scared to use those, since they are very useful.
    - Like in many other games of this genre, this title contains natures,
      which makes it easier (or harder) for a player to defeat another. It
      goes like this: Red -> Green -> Blue -> Brown -> Red -> ... ,
      meaning that a character with a Red nature would have an easier time
      defeating one of a Green nature, but would be easily defeated by one of
      Brown nature. Oh, and yes, natures actually have names, but it is easier
      to explain it like this.
    - Whenever you're playing a match, you'll instantly notice that, more
      often than not, enemies also have to spend TP to use their techniques.
      There are some exceptions to the rule, but you may use the stated fact
      to your advantage, intentionally draining the opponent's TP in order to
      stop them from using special techniques. This is particularly useful
      when it comes to scoring goals to tougher goalkeepers, or stopping more
      strikers from using their special shots.
    - Unlike what happens in the real game, there is no limit of substitutions
      in here. So, apart from the 11 players that play during matches, you may
      also keep five in the bench, and put them on the field whenever you want
      to do so. Obviously, you should use this to your advantage, by
      replacing players who ran out of TP with fresh ones.
    Having all these tips and informations in mind, you can now continue
    reading the rest of the guide.
    2~. Walkthrough
    The next sections contain a step-by-step guide across this game's main
    storyline. Sure, the game isn't that hard to go across, but this makes it
    easier for random players to figure out what they have to do next.
    2.1~. Chapter 1
    After the initial cutscenes, head to the right exit of this main area,
    following the purple arrow. In the next area, head to the middle of the
    soccer field and your first "match" (well, if we may give it such name...)
    will take place.
    Here, your only target is taking the ball away from your opponents. That's
    really easy to do, simply grab your stylus and draw lines from your own
    players in the direction of the opponent who holds the ball. It may take
    you a while to master, if you're not very skilled with your console, but
    keep on trying and, eventually, you'll manage to do it.
    Continue playing, past the cutscene and all that. When you're able to move
    your character once again, head back to the house where you started the
    game and your adventure will continue. Enter the house (you just have to
    face the door, a "!" will appear over your character's head, and then
    press 'A') and talk to the character in the upper part of the room, an
    action which leads you to another cutscene.
    Talk to the guy placed to the left of all the cars. Once you've done that,
    go back to the place with the soccer field. Another cutscene, and exit
    this area by taking the lower exit, as clearly understandable by the
    fortunately-placed purple arrow. You'll first reach a world map, where you
    will be able to pick between two different locations. Since the one in the
    middle of the map is the place where you're currently at, simply click the
    area on the lower right corner, which looks like a garden.
    Yet another cutscene... when it is over, go to the area near the tower,
    which will be signed with a yellow banner. Climb the tower by using the
    brown ladder (once more, you just have to approach it, a "!" will appear
    over your character's head, and then press 'A'). After another scene, go
    back down and head to the exit, which leads to another cutscene, where
    your character is hit and, fortunately, saved. Eventually, you'll get back
    home and a bunch of new scenes will take place.
    When you're finally allowed to move your character, head to the stairs and
    take the route down. Exit the main building, by taking the lower exit, and
    head to the left side, which leads to a short scene. Continue to the left,
    past the area with the first house and to the upper exit. Talk to the
    character in the middle of the track-and-field field (weird sentence,
    hum?). Head back to the previous area, the one with the house, and talk to
    the character on the left - pick the first option, and he will join your
    party. Two characters left, right? Well, next, head back to the school's
    second floor, grab the item placed on the left and talk to the character
    on the upper left, who will join your team if you pick the very first
    option. Finally, head back outside, to the area with the soccer field,
    and talk to the character placed near the yellow flag. Pick the first
    option and he will also join your party.
    Move back to the first house, the one where you started the game in, and
    a short scene will take place. When you're ready to proceed, talk to girl
    and a short match will occur. This one isn't that hard, you just need to
    take the ball from your opponents, as before, have your goalkeeper try to
    catch all the shots (yep, he is that good) and the match will, eventually,
    end. After the scene, talk to the girl yet again, and a bunch of new
    scenes will occur, some of which are pretty weird.
    Once it all ended, talk to the guy in the lower right corner, and you'll
    see a moving closet. Interact with it and you'll have to play yet another
    "match". Here, the goal is simply scoring a goal, I mean... you just have
    to shoot the ball so that it hits the closet placed behind the upper
    character. Doing so will instantly end this match, and you should then go
    back to the area outside school. The girl from before will prompt you for
    a selection, pick the upper option and you'll be able to proceed. Another
    match, hum?
    Unfortunately, I doubt it is possible for you to win this match. The other
    team is just too strong, their characters are filled with special moves,
    while your own team probably has none. Quite a problem, hum? Well, just
    keep on playing, try not to suffer any goals, and the match is bound to
    "end", sooner or later, which will seriously depress some of your players,
    and take you a bunch of scenes, which will seemingly never end. Then, a
    new player joins your team, and although you'll be losing by 20-0, what
    you have to do is very simple - when an enemy shoots the ball in the
    direction of your goals, use the newly-acquired defensive power (press the
    sparkling circle) and you'll see a small movie, where the ball will be
    passed to the new character. Then, using him, simply shoot to the goal
    (tap that area of the field), use that character's special shoot and you
    will easily score. 20-1, great, hum?!
    Now, you get to name your team, and give it a unique symbol. Once you've
    done that, this chapter will end.
    2.2~. Chapter 2
    Grab the item in the upper left corner of the third classroom (counting
    from the left, by the way), head downstairs and you'll see a bunch of
    people on the right, looking at a board. Interact with that board (look
    at it and press 'A') and a scene will take place. You can buy items, or
    new equipment, in the store on the left, if you want. When you are ready
    to proceed, go to the third floor and take the path to the left. Go all
    the way back to the yard (from now on, you may have to fight random
    battles, and I strongly suggest you get those, in order to increase your
    team's strenght), and visit the house where you started the game. Another
    new function is unlocked, as you may have easily understood. When you're
    ready to proceed, go to the school's yard, the place with the soccer
    field, and take the lower exit. On the world map, go to the location on
    the lower left corner.
    In this new area, take the exit on the right and follow until you reach a
    new soccer field. Go to the place with the yellow flag and talk to the
    girl placed there. Finally, you'll play your first REAL match! Sure, your
    current players are not the best ones in the world, but the other team
    isn't that strong, either. Focus on defending with all your players (use
    your goalkeeper's special defense if you have to) and, when it comes to
    striking, there's something you gotta try, and which gives you a really
    easy way of scoring - approach the opponent's goal area from one of the
    sides and either directly shoot to the opposite side, near the posts (you
    can do that by pressing the shoot option on the left), or perform a lob
    shot (shoot option on the right, by the way), which sometimes leads to
    easier goals. In fact, this match is only hard if you have yet to master
    the gameplay system, something which shouldn't be a problem by now if you
    have been fighting a few random battles.
    After the match is over (and, hopefully, you won it), you'll see a lot of
    scenes, after which you should get back to this new soccer field and talk
    to the girl from before. When you're finally at school, step outside and
    go back to the usual house. SAVE YOUR GAME (yep, that's a very good idea,
    right now), talk to the girl on the left and pick the first option, which
    leads to another match.
    Now, unless you follow my lead, this match may appear terribly hard. Back
    in the day I was writing guides for Captain Tsubasa games, I had an
    interesting saying - "You tie, you die" - and that's exactly what happens
    here, with a twist. In this particular match, your opponent receives a
    free goal, as part of the storyline. Well, since you actually need to win
    at the end, you'd better score your first goal as quickly as possible! As
    soon as the match begins, play as you'd normally do, and when it comes to
    striking, pass the ball to your No. 10 and use his special shot, which
    will give you an easy goal. Soon afterwards, your opponents will use a
    special technique (no, it's not avoidable, I tried it), paralyzing your
    players and getting a free goal to their team. Hopefully, you'll be at 1-1
    by then. Next, attack with everything you've got, and pass the ball to
    your No. 11, before striking with his (new) special shot - the opponent
    goalkeeper will now easily defend your shot, but don't worry about it.
    Instead, continue playing and, when possible, pass the ball to your
    current No. 11, yet again, and aim at the opponent's goal area - if you've
    done everything as I told you, your two forwards will now perform a
    special shot together, and they'll score yet another goal, putting you to
    2-1. From there, keep on playing, but don't forget that all the mentioned
    steps should be performed as quickly as possible, or else you'll lose when
    the time reaches around 31:00. Once you (finally) manage to defeat this
    team, this second chapter ends.
    2.3~. Chapter 3
    Start by going back to the same house where you started the game, an
    action which leads to a cutscene. Now, you'll be joining a tournament, and
    that's as fun as you may be thinking. So, head back to the school's main
    building and talk to one of the women in the library, the leftmost room of
    the very first floor, to be given a very simple mission - collect the four
    sparkling items placed in the library's floor (they're all nearby, it's
    not hard at all!), and the mission will end. Talk to the other girl
    nearby, the one with the glasses, and take the upper right exit, now
    marked with an extremely obvious purple arrow.
    On the new area, take the exit on the right and enter the leftmost
    building. Talk to the character on the upper left, who will give you a new
    mission. Go to the upper section of the area with the swimming pool and
    you'll spot a new event, before heading south of the school's yard (the
    place with the soccer field). In the world map, go to the location placed
    in the lower left corner. There, go to the place with the soccer field and
    talk to the girl from before, in order to have another match. This one's
    pretty easy, but your opponents have several good defensive maneuvers, and
    you should be careful with those, since they may stop you from developing
    more advanced attack strategies. Their goalkeeper isn't that good, you can
    score without much effort by using your special shots.
    Go back to school and visit the area where the house, the one where you
    started the game in, is placed. After all the scenes are over, go to the
    lower left corner to see yet another scene, before taking the exit on the
    left. You'll face an easy not-so-random battle, after which you'll be
    taken to another new area. Visit the upper floor and enter the room on the
    right. Back to the school yard, go to the world map and visit, once again,
    the lower left corner.
    In that usual area, and after the cutscene, go to the local soccer field
    and you'll see some of your characters practising a new shot. Ignore it
    for now. Eventually, you'll be taken back to the main area - take the exit
    on the right and go to the world map. A new location will be available,
    north of your current one - go there, and take the train by entering the
    upper door. Grab the two items placed nearby and exit by the upper road,
    which takes you to a new match, BUT not before saving your game, since
    this will be a tough match.
    Although the opponent team also has some players with good defensive
    techniques, their offensive power is much bigger. In fact, their main
    attackers all have the same special shot, which is quite dangerous and
    hard for your goalkeeper to punch away (meh, remembered Wakabayashi for a
    moment, there...). So, each time one of those main strikes shoots at your
    goals, be sure to use some sort of special catch, you have (at least) one
    by now. In terms of striking, your No. 10's new special shot (it costs 45
    TP) works just fine, but your other special shots are also a great help,
    since the opponent's goalkeeper also has a special catch. If you just
    can't win to this team, I suggest you go back to the previous area, more
    specifically the school yard, or even the usual house, and fight some more
    matches in order to increase the levels of your team. Even at level 16, my
    characters had some trouble defeating their opponents, and I strongly
    suggest that you take your characters with even higher levels to this
    particular match. Also, once you've defeated this team, the current
    chapter will end.
    2.4~. Chapter 4
    When you're ready to proceed, visit the house from the before, the very
    same place you've visited a thousand times by now, and then go back to
    school yard, where you have the soccer field. From there, head right, take
    the lower right path to reach a new place and talk to the character marked
    with a yellow flag. You'll have to face an easy battle, score a goal to
    proceed. Go back to the soccer field placed nearby and take the exit on
    the left, to reach a new building. Inside, go to the lower section of the
    room and talk to the person placed near the blackboard, before exiting
    back to the world map.
    This time, head to yet another new location, placed to the right of the
    school. Enter the store marked with a yellow flag and talk to the person
    at the counter. Head back to the school's front yard, and talk to the girl
    on the right, next to the statue. Predictably, the statue hides a secret
    entrance (yep, this was only made in a zillion games by now), which you
    will have to take. Talk to the man at the counter, pick one of the options
    (they merely change the kind of bonus your characters will receive after
    completing the dungeon) and you'll enter the door at the top. Next, there
    is a maze. I would gladly guide you through it, but its layout is randomly
    generated, and so there's not much I can help you with.
    Look at the upper screen and you'll see a room with (up to) four different
    exits. You're required to defeat the man (or grab the chest) in the middle
    of the room to open those doors. However, be aware that a single defeat
    (or running away from a battle) will make you lose, i.e. you'll have to
    start over the entire maze, now with a different layout. Keep on exploring
    every room and, eventually, you will reach an area with a real soccer
    field. When that happens, talk to the man in the middle of the room and
    you'll have to face a real match.
    The team you have to fight here isn't that strong. In fact, it is very
    likely that you recognise it from somewhere else, since this team is just
    too familiar. Ignore that fact, and focus your efforts in defeating their
    players - not that hard, hum?! Once you've done that, your entire team
    will receive a statistical bonus, depending on the choice you made before
    entering the dungeon. Now, you can train as much as you want, and when you
    feel ready to proceed, step outside this cavern, which leads to a longer
    storyline sequence.
    After you see your characters back at the classroom, go back to the usual
    house and talk to everyone. Exit to the world map and visit the area at
    the top, the one where you first got into the train. Once again, SAVE YOUR
    GAME, take the train and you will instantly face a new match.
    Their No.9 seems to have a powerful shot, against which you should
    obviously use your goalkeeper's special catch. However, this team's
    strongest point lies in another factor - unlike your players, the ones of
    the opposite team don't spend any TP when they do special moves. For some
    silly (or perhaps fortunate?) reason, they don't actually use those all
    the time, but such feature makes them really powerful players, and you'd
    better take the ball away from them as quickly as possible, possibly by
    using your own special moves. Reserve both of your strikers (No. 10 and
    No. 11) to all your attack needs, and use their best special shots
    whenever you get the chance to do so, since they may be able to break the
    opponent goalkeeper's powerful special catch. Overall, they aren't that
    strong, but it lies on the fact that you shouldn't let them develop their
    game, or else you may find yourself in trouble.
    Once again, beating this battle takes you back to school, and it also ends
    the current chapter.
    2.5~. Chapter 5
    Go back to the school yard and enter the usual house. After the cutscenes,
    go to the world map and enter the location placed to the right of the
    school. Visit the store from before (it will still be marked with a yellow
    flag), and then head up on the intersection between the two blocks of
    stores, in a small street going up. When it becomes possible, take the
    upper right exit and proceed by that road until you see a new soccer
    field. Talk to the woman in front of it and you'll have to play a match.
    Yet again, this will be an easy match. Despite having a special catch, the
    opponent's goalkeeper isn't that strong, and the same goes for the rest of
    the team. However, be very careful with their captain, since that
    particular character has a very strong shot, which your special catch may
    not even be able to stop. Apart from that woman, the rest of the team
    isn't that good, and I bet you won't have much trouble defeating them.
    Once the match is over, probably with your team winning, go back to this
    area's main street and go to the store you've previously visited. After a
    short scene, you'll be taken back to the... well, even if you're not
    playing this game, and simply reading across these lines, I'm sure you'll
    know where the player is being taken to, right? Well, your characters are
    just taken to the house, the same house you've visited a million times by
    now. I'm almost hoping that it gets demolished, later in the game. After
    such a scene, go outside and enter the building on the right. Another day,
    another scene. Once it's over, go to the world map, enter the area placed
     of school, save your game and... well...
    Unfortunately, most of your main players are currently sick, meaning that
    no matter what you do, none of their stats will rise above 1, no matter
    what level they're at (easter egg: I first thought this was an in-game
    glitch, silly me). Well, you can always take them all to the next match,
    but do you really think that would be a good idea? I mean, they're
    basically dead weight - they can barely intercept balls, dribble, pass or
    even shoot - and, at such condition, they'd better sit on the bench, don't
    you agree? Let's hope so... so, what the solution? Well, unless you're
    paying absolutely no attention to the game, by now you should have noticed
    that you can recruit other characters to your team, most of which are seen
    during your RPG sequences across the map. The actual procedure is detailed
    in another section of this guide, and... well, that's exactly what you
    should do right now, explore the map, trying to find as many characters as
    possible, and all that. Try to get at least two defenders (DF) and one
    middle-fielder (MF), but the more you can get, the better. Also, try to
    have both your goalkeeper and your main striker (No. 10, the blonde guy)
    above level 22, so they can score/defend easily. When you're ready to
    proceed, board the train. As before, you will be instantly taken to a new
    When it comes to the actual match, its difficulty heavily depends on
    whether you decided to follow my suggestions, mentioned in the previous
    paragraph, or not. If you did, your team should now be composed by several
    strong players, allowing you to have an easier time here. Otherwise, the
    other team will probably kick your ass hard, and you'll be defeated in a
    plain and simple way. So, with your recently-acquired characters, defend
    as hard as possible, and try to score your own goals by quickly countering
    the attacks of your opponents - pass the ball to your best striker and
    perform a special shot near the penalty area, for simple goals. Their
    goalkeeper isn't that strong - in fact, when I faced this particular
    match, he didn't even managed to stop ANY of my attacks. Be aware that the
    opponents have strong defensive maneuvers, but if focus your attention in
    defensive actions AND you've followed my former suggestions, I doubt you
    will be put into much trouble.
    When you finally manage to win this match, you will be taken back to the
    house from before. Head to the world map and visit the new area, now
    available west of the school. There, go up and enter the house marked with
    the yellow flag. Once the cutscene is over, get back to the world map and,
    this time, go to the area east of school. Enter the place marked with the
    yellow flag, advance to its inner area (go to the stage, placed inside
    that particular house, and interact with its "wall") and you will have to
    face a small battle, after which you should get back to... the house, yes,
    the same house that is placed near school, and be sure to talk to the girl
    outside, which (unexpectedly
    ) ends this chapter.
    2.6~. Chapter 6
    Go to the area near the "usual" house, but don't enter it (yet). Instead,
    head slightly up of the parking lot, and a cutscene will take place. Now,
    enter the house, and later get back to the same place, near the parking
    lot. Talk to the man and try heading to the world map, which triggers
    another scene. Go back to the house and talk to the girl on the left. Go
    to school's third floor and talk to the main man on the left room. Step
    back outside and make your way back to the world map, to the location east
    of school. There, go all the way right and enter a new area. Enter the
    store marked with a yellow flag, Before proceeding, fully explore this new
    area, since it usually contains plenty of items hidden in blue treasure
    When you're ready to proceed, make your way back to the world map and
    visit the area placed southwest of school. Make your way to the soccer
    field, which triggers a new cutscene. Talk to the man placed in the middle
    of the soccer field, head to the world map and visit the location in the
    southeast of the map, the one with the tower. You'll face an easy battle,
    simply score a goal to proceed. After all the scenes are over, go back to
    school and talk to the character now placed in the middle of the soccer
    field. Pick the first option to continue. Get back to the world map, and
    this time go to the area placed north of school, the one where the train
    is available. Heal on the usual spot (that crystal near the entrance to
    the station) and SAVE YOUR GAME. Next, take the train, and you'll finally
    play the tournament's finals, but not before a short cutscene... you wish,
    didn't you?! On the new area, simply go all the way up, until you see a
    longer cutscene, after which your match (finally) begins.
    This team is really strong, and I strongly advise you against trying to
    take them lightly. Their No. 10, the kid with the goggles, is really good,
    but the solution for this particular match is easier than it sounds.
    Instead of focusing all your efforts in attacking, adopt a 4-4-2 strategy
    and defend with everything you've got. Then, when one of your players has
    the ball, quickly pass it to one of your forwards (obviously, you should
    use the best ones you have - the blonde guy, and the one that can perform
    a combined shot with him) and use their best shot, if possible from inside
    the penalty area. Use those two players only to shoot at the opponent's
    goals, and the rest of the team should focus on trying to take the ball
    away from the opponents as quickly as possible, constantly using defensive
    (special) maneuvers to achieve such goal. Provided you don't let them just
    pass the ball around and do whatever they want, beating them won't be that
    hard. If they ever manage to shoot the ball at your goals, use your
    goalkeeper's special catch (his best one, if you have more than one) and
    hope for the best. Finally, I suggest you only face this team when your
    own players are, at least, at level 26, but the higher their level, the
    Once you've defeated this team, a slightly longer cutscene will take
     but the game won't be over yet. Instead, only this chapter will
    , as it usually happens after such major match.
    2.7~. Chapter 7
    Go to the school yard and visit the usual house, as you've probably done a
    million times by now. Another day, another tournament, hum? Well, go to
    the front of the school yard, talk to the man in the middle of the soccer
    field, before heading to the world map. A new location is available in the
    upper right corner of the map, but ignore it for now; instead, go to the
    one in the lower left, and take the exit to the right. After the scene, go
    back to the world map, and there will be a few things you gotta go:
    - Start by going to the lower right location. Head to the tower, where a
      strange cutscene will take place;
    - Next, visit the upper location, the one with the train. Another scene
      takes place;
    - Head to the location east of school. Go all to the right, until you
      reach the next area, and a scene should take place. Go right, to the
      store the man just entered, and you can finally proceed as you'd
      normally do.
    Go back to the world map and enter the lower left location. Near the
    soccer field, you'll see a man marked with a yellow flag - talk to him, go
    back to the world map and visit the location west (i.e. to the left) of
    your school. Go all the way up, to the house you've visited before (it'll
    be marked with the usual yellow flag), and
     yet another scene will take
    place. Yet again, go back to the world map and visit the location placed
    to the right of school. There, go all to the right and enter the store you
    have visited just a few minutes ago. Talk to the man in the upper side of
    that store, buy some new equipment if you want (this store seems to sell
    quite a few good pieces) and then step outside. Take the lower exit to
    this area and enter the warehouse on the right (it'll be clearly marked
    with a big purple arrow), where you'll find a soccer field. After a short
    scene, your goalkeeper will get a new special catch, and you will have a
    tough battle.
    Sure, you "just"
     have to score a goal in around 15 seconds, but their
    goalkeeper has an amazing special catch, and you may want to use your
    best special shot to overcome it. Just don't take your characters to this
    battle unprepared, or you'll be put into serious trouble. Shortly after,
    you'll see that your school's soccer field has been improved, but
    nevermind about that. Go back to the world map and enter the location
    right of the school, continue all to the right and downwards, to the
    soccer field you've discovered just a few minutes ago. SAVE YOUR GAME
    before entering it, since you will be playing another important match
    Their star player (literally?!) is their goalkeeper, which makes it very
    easy for you to understand that it will be hard for you to score any goals
    at all. Fortunately, his best special catch costs quite a few TP, making
    it impossible for him to use it that often. Strike with as many special
    shots as possible, so that he uses up all his TP, and then you'll have an
    easier time scoring goals. However, be aware that you shouldn't be using
    your best special shots; instead, use ANY special shots, it doesn't need
    to be your best ones, any kind of special shots will work for the task you
    are trying to achieve. Apart from the goalkeeper, the rest of the team
    also has a few interesting defensive specials, and instead of just
    dribbling past the opponents, you'd better pass the ball as often as
    possible, in order to spare TP for your own defensive actions. If you have
    your characters around level 30, your goalkeeper's old special catch may
    be enough for you to handle most of the opponent's shots; reserve the new
    one for the combined shot that you've seen them using just a few minutes
    ago, the last time you were in this area.
    After the match is over, talk to the man nearby and pick the very first
    option. You'll be taken back to the usual house. Now, go to the world map
    and move to the area placed north of the school, then one where you
    usually take the train. SAVE YOUR GAME yet again, heal all your important
    characters and take the train to face another important match.
    In general, I believe this will be your toughest battle so far, mostly
    because your opponents are at a high level and they have plenty of
    defensive maneuvers, making it very hard for your own characters to take
    the ball away from them. Besides, their goalkeeper is as strong as in the
    short battle you had before, making it harder for your characters to score
    any goals. You won't have many chances to shoot, so you'd better keep your
    two forwards fully healed and use them only for shooting at the goals,
    always using their best shots, in hopes that those will pass across the
    enemy's special catch. When it comes to defending, you should constantly
    use your character's special defensive maneuvers, hoping that they are
    enough to take the ball away from your current opponents - be sure to
    notice that when your opponents beat your characters in a duel, your own
    TP aren't spend, and bearing that in mind, there's no reason why you
    shouldn't constantly try to take the ball away from your opponents. Also,
    be specially careful with the shots that come from their No. 11 and No. 9,
    (both their strikers), since they may actually score, and constantly use
    the first special catch (you don't need the 60 TP one right now...) to
    defend the shots from those characters. As for the rest of their team, you
    are free to catch (or just punch away, depending on your current level)
    their shots.
    After the match is over, you'll see a rather predictable storyline
    sequence, one where a previously-very-powerful team is now defeated by a
    10-0 score. Strangely, when you get there that team won't seem that good,
    but we'd better ignore such plot hole. Besides, this is also the sequence
    that ends this chapter - quite a good one, hum?
    2.8~. Chapter 8
    Finally, you get to see the kids in the classroom! I was starting to
    wonder if they just played soccer, all day long. When you finally get to
    control your characters, go to the usual house in the school yard. Proceed
    by going to the front yard, where a new scene will occur, and then to the
    school's third floor. There, visit the room on the right. Once the scene
    is over, go to the world map and select the lower right location, the one
    with the tower. When you get there, move to the bottom of the actual tower
    and a scene will occur, after which you should get back to the actual
    school building, and visit the room from before, in the third floor.
    This time, go all the way outside and follow the man all to the right,
    which is really easy to do. Now, if you're wondering about the kid with
    the goggles, he won't be there by the time the conversation ends; instead
    of wondering about it, simply go back to the usual house and you'll get to
    see a long storyline sequence. Next, head to the world map and visit the
    area placed east of school; there, proceed, all to the right, and enter
    the warehouse, the one which has a soccer field inside. After the scene,
    go to the world map and visit the area left of school, where you should
    enter the house at the top, the one you already visited in the past. After
    the cutscene, go back to the house in the school yard and you'll finally
    open the door on the left, not that it holds anything big. However, a new
    (and awesome) character joins your team.
    When you're ready to proceed, visit the local soccer field. After the
    scene inside the house, step outside and take the lower left exit, the one
    near the parking lot, to reach the hospital. Go up, head to the second
    floor and, soon, you'll see your characters practising a powerful, and
    perhaps extremely costly, move. Talk to the guy on the right, the one
    placed just in front of the goals, and you'll be taken back to the
    infamous house. Head to the world map, advance to the area north of school
    (the one with the train), SAVE YOUR GAME, and you can now take the train
    to face another important match.
    Strangely, this match is extremely easy. Apart from their No. 11, who has
    some strong shots (against which you should, as usual, use your
    goalkeeper's special catch), the rest of the team won't pose you any
    trouble, offensively; instead, they have tons of defensive special moves,
    which makes it harder for you to actually reach their goals. Also, there
    is a "small" problem about this time - no matter how many times you shoot
    at their goals, no matter what special shot you use, the goalkeeper will
    ALWAYS defend it. Thinking about going for a 0-0 and winning in the
    penalty kicks? That won't work, either, since he is also able to defend
    everything you throw at him in there. So, how can you score and, possibly,
    win this match? Keep on reading, and I'll help you with that, too.
    First of all, you should try to have most of your team at level 32, but
    the more levels they have, the better. As soon as the match begins, focus
    all your efforts in getting the ball to your best striker, the blonde kid,
    and use one of his special shots - you will see that the opponent
    goalkeeper will easily defend it. No matter how many times you strike, he
    will always do that same defense. Now, try to pass the ball to the kid who
    is wearing some goggles, and shoot at the opponent's goals with him - a
    new special shot will become available, use it and you'll score a very
    easy goal. From there on, simply defend with everything you've got, and
     will certainly win, unless you're the worst player in the world and
     are losing by 3-0 by the time you score this first goal.
    Anyway, after winning that match, this chapter will also end, after a very
    short scene.
    2.9~. Chapter 9
    After the initial cutscene, go to the front yard. Soon after, your main
    character will be entirely alone, and you won't even face any random
    battles. Go back to school's front yard and enter the area on the lower
    right, the one which was originally covered with a statue. After yet
    another short scene, go to the world map, head to the lower right location
    and climb the tower. Shortly after, go back down, and head all the way
    back to the house, the one placed next to school. After the conversation,
    and still by yourself, go all around the school area, until you reach the
    place with a swimming pool. There, visit the lower left building, go to
    the second floor and talk to the player by the table. When you're able to,
    go back outside, re-enter the school and head to the library, where you
    should talk to yet another familiar character. When the conversation is
    over, go to the world map, enter the lower left area and move in the
    direction of the soccer field. Proceed by returning to the world map and
    going back to school, where your main character will obtain his third (and
    normally, last...) special catch.
    Once such a scene has occured, and when you finally get to move your
    character around, go back to the house nearby, yes, the one you've visited
    countless times by now. Inside, talk to the girl on the left and pick the
    very first option. Now, you can already go to the world map, move to the
    area north of school and take the train to face the next important match,
    but I strongly advise you against it - instead, go get some more levels in
    your characters, grab some new people, anything you want, since those
    things will certainly prove useful in the future. I suggest you have most
    of your team at over level 38, and I can't stress this enough - just like
    in any other RPG, experience (and characters' levels) play
     a major role
    in the battlefield, and 
    you may want to gain as much as possible. When
    you're finally ready to proceed SAVE YOUR GAME, take the train (as always)
    and you'll face another match.
    Remember the three, similar-looking, characters that you've seen several
    times during this same chapter? Well, they're this team's forwards, and
    they're really good at it. Also, this team's goalkeeper has a strong
    special catch, which may cause you some problems, in case you're not
    prepared for it.
    First things first, you should be very careful with their three forwards
    (and more specifically with their No. 9, his combined special shot is
    extremely powerful), since all their shots are very dangerous. You can use
    your goalkeeper's second special catch (the first one is too weak for
    these guys) for the other two players, but always use the third special
    catch against No. 9, since his special shot, the one he performs with his
    two comrades, is almost certain to score you a goal. If your current
    goalkeeper just doesn't have enough TP to properly defend your goals, I
    suggest you go back to school, enter the area that was previously covered
    with a statue and improve that aspect of your characters, i.e. the number
    of TP they have.
    As soon as the match begins, the opponents will use their best special
    shot. This first one is defended for free, but the next ones won't, and
    that's why I recommend that you focus all your attention in an extremely
    offensive strategy. If you have at least two good forwards, try to score
    as many goals as possible, so that you can stay in charge of the game, and
    by doing so you should also try to prevent the opponents from ever getting
    the ball, which will obviously make it harder for them to score. Here, and
    if you have been following my suggestions, all lies on your own skills. If
    you just can't win, go back to the famous house and placed in the school
    yard, talk to the woman on the left and use some of the past teams to
    practice a bit more.
    Eventually, you'll manage to beat this match. A longer cutscene will
    appear, and this chapter will eventually end.
    2.9~. Chapter 10
    Step outside of your beloved house, take the lower left exit to reach the
    hospital and enter it. Go to the room in the second floor, before getting
    all the way back to the world map, but not before seeing quite a few
    cutscenes. Outside, go to the lower right location, climb the tower and
    talk to the man placed nearby.
    Back at school, leave the main building, head to the usual house and talk
    to the girl standing near the door. Pick the first option. When you're
    ready to proceed (and I suggest you have your characters at level 43, or
    higher), go to the world map and head to the area north of school, the
    place with the train. SAVE YOUR GAME (saying so is never too much...),
    heal all your characters and take the train to reach a new area. There,
    start by going all the way up, to reach the actual field, where you'll see
    the classical introduction video, where enemies try to impress your team
    in a fashionable way. After such scene, go all the way up and enter the
    new location by the door.
    Proceed by the path on the left, talk to the man and pick the very first
    option, for a very inspiring sequence. Now playing as the girls, step
    outside, go up the corridor and interact with the other door placed on the
    left side. Next, take the corridor on the right, to trigger another
    cutscene. Head back to the initial part of the corridor and enter the room
    on the right. When you're allowed to move, take the exit on the right and
    proceed by the only available path. Very soon, the actual match begins.
    Back in the day of "Captain Tsubasa" games, which were also soccer RPGs,
    people used to complain that the console always cheated, having infinite
    energy. Well, you'll face that same problem in the first half of this
    match, and there's no way to counter it. So, I suggest you change your
    formation to one that better fits this situation (the usual 4-4-2 surely
    isn't the best one), and focus all your attention in defending, or taking
    the ball away from your opponents. Try to suffer, at most, a single goal,
    or you will be put into serious trouble in the second half. Don't get me
    wrong, it may be possible to develop a serious offensive strategy in this
    first half, but it is also very easy for your opponent to turn the tables
    around, since they have limitless TP. Instead, the best strategy is
    possibly trying to hold your players, and their best techniques, for the
    second half, where you have more chances of winning this match. By the
    way, your goalkeeper should constantly use his second special catch to
    defend your goals from the strong specials that some foes may throw at
    At half time, you'll get to play as the girls again. Go back to the left
    corridor and enter the second room on the left, which will trigger a small
    Now, on the second half, your opponents will finally need TP to perform
    their special techniques, making the game slightly easier for your own
    characters. I suggest you start by putting the kid who is wearing the
    googles as a forward, and always use his best special shot (the one that
    costs 60 TP) to shoot at the goals, since doing so almost always leads to
    a sure goal. The other forward (take whoever you like, but ensure that you
    are using your best one) should serve as backup; his special shots may
    score, but it all depends on whether the other goalkeeper uses his special
    catch or not. The rest of the team should constantly use their best
    special techniques, either to keep the ball or to take it away from your
    opponents. Just don't let them circle the ball around, since they may
    still cause
     you some trouble, even with limited TP. If they are taking
    the ball away from your characters without much effort, that means that
    you should go back to your school and get some more levels in your
    characters - once more, this is an advice that you should consider, if you
    just can't win this match.
    When you finally manage to win this match (and it may take you quite a
    while), you'll get to see a short video sequence, followed by the usual
    credits' sequence. Wait until that sequence is over (no, apparently there
    is no way to skip it) and you'll then be able to save your game, which
    allows you to continue playing, but now with some minor bonus being
    acessible. Congratulations, you just completed "Inazuma Eleven"'s story
    3~. Controls, Menus, System, etc.
    As you pass across new sections of the game, you'll see that new features
    become available, and they're always explained with easy to understand
    text and graphics. If you're having trouble with any of this game's
    features, such as controls, press 'X' (or tap the backpack, usually seen
    in the upper right corner of the lower screen), and choose the fifth
    option. The first two tabs contain several sections, related to all the
    features this game has to offer, all of which are very useful when it
    comes to trying to understand those same features.
    4~. Recruiting Other Players
    In general, there are three different ways to recruit players, who may
    join your team if you want them to.
    The first, and most basic one, relies on simply walking around the map and
    talking to people. Believe it or not, some players may instantly join your
    team if you do that, an action which requires barely any effort.
    The second method takes you to the character's house, the one you visit so
    often during the story mode. Talk to the girl in the middle, the one who
    is wearing glasses in her forehead, and pick either the first option
    (allows you to search for players that meet certain requirements), the
    second one (searches for players by name) or the third one, which takes
    you to a tree. There, you need to pay a certain amount of friendship
    points to unlock each node (the ones with locks open after you've met
    certain conditions, such as reaching a certain experience level, or
    befriending a particular character), and you can then pay some more points
    to reveal the location of that particular character, whom you will have to
    talk to in order to accomplish the actual recruitment. Also, be sure to
    notice that the first two options lead you to a similar procedure, with
    you having to pay some friendship points and looking for the actual
    characters in order to recruit them for use in your team.
    Now, having their location is not particularly useful if you can't read
    the language, but since the world map isn't that big, you can simply go to
    every area of the game (hint: they only appear in the main areas, NEVER
    inside buildings, as far as I've noticed) and look for that particular
    character, it's way easier than it sounds. Also, be aware that characters
    acquired via this method aren't that impressive at first sight, but they
    will improve over time, and after gaining some more experience.
    The third, and final, recruitment method takes you to the character's
    house, the one you visit so often during the story mode. Talk to the girl
    on the right, the one with the pink/purple dress, and you'll be able to
    choose one of the important teams you've already defeated (be aware that
    others will appear there, but only after you've completed the game once),
    from which you'll be able to recruit players. After making your selection,
    a guy will show up at the door and you are then free to continue your
    adventure. Eventually, you'll receive a phone call from this same girl,
    who will tell you to come back to her location. Do it, and you'll be able
    to select one recruitable character, out of five (randomly selected) from
    the team you previously picked, for which you'll have to pay a certain
    number of friendship points. If the player you want to recruit isn't
    there, just pick the second-to-last option, followed by the first one, and
    wait for yet another next phone call - next time, the players you'll get
    may be slightly different, and hopefully the one you want to recruit will
    be there (star players are obviously rarer). Next, that player's location
     be revealed, you just
     need to go there and get him/her. Now, be
    sure to realise these players are certainly stronger than the ones made
    available via the other methods, but they also take slightly longer to
    Now, this is the part of the guide where you were probably hoping to find
    a list of all players, along with information on how to unlock them,
    right? Well, you won't find it here, for a simple reason - this game
    features around 1000 different players, available via the three methods
    stated above, which makes it very hard to gather them all and compile such
    a list. This isn't Pokemon, new players don't have a magical number
    attached to them, making it even harder to track (and list) them all.
    In fact, there's no way to store all those players at the same time,
    unlike what happens in Pokemon (and similar) games. You're very likely to
    gather a particular team and stick to it for the rest of the game, instead
    of going around and track everyone down. There's no real need for such a
    list, and truth be told... I hate writing that sort of thing, boring lists
    with limitless items.
    5~. Wireless, Wi-fi, etc.
    Once you've completed certain storyline-related events, you'll be able to
    pick a third option in the main menu. After selecting your save slot, you
    will be given four different options:
    Wi-Fi Configuration
    Their usage is rather obvious, but what really matters is that you can
    fight (and perform trades with) other people who have this game, but only
    via local wireless, i.e. the other players need to be next to you. As for
    the "Download" option, which isn't exactly obvious, it allows you to
    obtain information for new players, using either a Wi-fi connection (yes,
    this is the only mode that uses Wi-fi, by the way) or a local wireless
    connection. Unfortunately, you're not allowed to play online...
    FAQ. Frequently Asked Questions
    Some of the questions you, readers, may have.
    Q: Why aren't you providing more information on [insert feature here]?
    A: This is only supposed to be a walkthrough, a guide that helps you
       completing the whole adventure, not a full FAQ/Walkthrough. So, not all
       aspects of the game are covered here, only a basic overview is given,
       so that you can understand how the main features work.
    Q: How do I recruit [Insert player here]?
    A: As stated in the proper section of this guide, I haven't got a clue. If
       you realise that this game features around 1000 different players, you
       will certainly understand that it is very hard to compile a list with
       how to unlock all of them. I don't include that in this version of the
       guide, nor will I include it in future versions.
    Q: I wanted to do something in the house, but the girl I was supposed to
       talk to isn't there. What should I do?
    A: Well, those (up to) three girls join your house after specific
       storyline events. If they already joined your characters and they
       aren't there at the time you need them, it's due to some sort of
       storyline event. There's not much you can do about it, simply continue
       your adventure and, soon or later, the girl you seek will be back.
    Q: Why are the stats of some of my characters reduced to 1?
    A: As part of the storyline, some of your characters become sick, and
       they temporarily suffer from that problem. Rest assured that everything
       will be back to normal once you've completed that chapter.
    Q: Does the Japanese version of this game come with an "English" option?
    A: No, it doesn't.
    That's all for now...
    B_END. Special Thanks
    I want to thank the following people:
    - Everyone who made this game;
    - jetspikefever, for some information I had missed;
    - BBBomber126, for information on how treasure chests work;
    - Jhonatan F., for information on how to use items during matches;
    - Everyone who likes my works, it's for those people that I like to work
      in this type of project.
    END. Contacts
    If you want, you may see my web page, just check it at the HTML 
    address www.geocities.com/Mykas0/ .
    My e-mail is Mykas0 [at] gmail.com , you can send me some questions you
    may have or contributions to this guide, but please try not to ask any
    questions that aren't about this guide. Also, use the following subject
    or I may NEVER reply.
    Subject: "IZ11 GUIDE" for posing questions or giving contributions
    Thanks and until the next version!!!!!!

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