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"Kingdom hearts 358/2 is finally out"

When I first saw kingdom hearts 358/2 days on the ds I really wanted to get the game and so I did, but is this game really worth it or is it just a square enix making a game to make money let's find out.

Gameplay 9/10
The gameplay of this game was great it was just perfect it was similar to the ps2 version of the game.The game also features a new panel system which is when you can put different abilities,magic and weapons to improve your character which is really cool.Kingdom hearts also features a limit break system which I think is the best bit when your low on hp you can use your limit to end them.However even though I have been commenting on the good point there is one bad and that is the fact there is no mp it just how many magic you equip but still it doesn't really effect the game

Story 8/10
The story in kingdom heart is basically when Roxas comes in to the organization XIII but unlike all the other organization members Roxas doesn't remember anything about Sora past.Later on a new member comes in the organization called Xion who is connected to Sora and also does no remember anything about Sora past.

Graphics 9/10
The game graphics is amazing it is all 3D the keyblades, the characters and the background.What really impressed me was the cut scenes sometimes it gets the ps2 cinematic scenes which is really impressive. The only problem is that sometime the game looks a bit pixel which could be a bit bad.

Multiplayer 10/10
The multiplayer is the best bit the fact that you get to play as other organization XIII members but you get to play it with a friend or you could do a by yourself (but really you would play it with a friend) you can do other missions and loads of more things, not only that but you can unlock even more characters to play for multiplayer mode which is great.

Music 8/10
the music is truly spectacular the music sounds exactly like the ps2 version it is truly great.The only problem with the music is that sometimes it could sound a littile bit blocky but other than that it's great there is no difference to the original one on the ps2

So Overall I think this game is worth it if your are a kingdom hearts fan get it if your not then I recommend it,great graphics, great gameplay and even more. Square enix you did a great job and I think this could be another number 1.So overall 9.7/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/06/09

Game Release: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (JP, 05/30/09)

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