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"What you'd expect from Mr. Nomura"

Please bare with me, this is the first review I've submitted to the site so I hope I'll do ok. I'll be vague so this is a non spoiler review.

I've been a fan since the beginning, and in the economic crisis I've been determined out of my mind to get this game. I did not own a DS so not only did I have to buy the game, I had to shell out the $100 for the Nintendo hand held as well.

Was it worth donating plasma, suffering anemia and being in debt to my mother over? ((Lol at the risk of sounding like I live in my mother basement...))

Yes it was!

The game was quite tedious in the beginning, It seemed like the first 100 days were tutorials made to help me get into the game.
The Panel based character building has been praised by others but I was a little annoyed with it at first, but a quick venture into the mission mode changed my mind. I haven't had the chance to play with friends and the lack of Wifi support makes it near impossible for me to do so, but the level of customization for all the members of Organization XIII and the hidden characters is so great that I'm happy with playing alone, arranging and rearranging my panels just so see what they can all do.

There isn't much new music. Most tracks are reused from KH-KHII but the tracks don't get repetitive, and the newer music is breath taking. I am especially fond of the beautiful piano medley that plays during a certain boss battle. The voices sound distorted sometimes during battle and some of the scenes where the voice acting consists of grunts and laughs, but the cut scenes retain all emotion and I sometimes found myself entranced by what seemed to be a surround sound theater in my hands.

I was a bit disappointed with the graphics since I'm use to the PS2, and at times some of the enemies movement seemed jerky, but after playing it all through I can't say I'm willing to hold that against it. After all, for the DS this game is beautiful.

The story keeps you on the edge of your seat as with some other games SE has made... they are good at keeping the suspense and even surprising us even though we ((the fans)) already know whats going to happen ultimately. If you don't find yourself choking on air while the story winds down to the finale... you must be Heartless ((pun intended)). I'm amazed that the simple fight between good and evil has become such a confusing web events. Back in 2002 I would have never imagined the story would become so intense and dark.

I imagine that if you haven't played the games in the order of their release you'll have even more of a head ache than those of us who have. I'm sure either way you'll be confused.

As far as design goes there's not much new, most of the heartless are recolored/redesigned old enemies, and the "final" bosses design is nuts, as I've come to expect from Nomura/FF/KH.

In short, this game is a master piece, it has flaws and isn't my favorite in the series but it is a must play for fans and I think those new to the games will find this a easy to adapt to and fun experience.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 10/05/09

Game Release: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (US, 09/29/09)

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