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"Unfortunate design choices keep this from being as good as its predecessors."

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days(pronounced "three-five-eight-over-two), which I while refer to as "days" is summed up as an unfortunate experiment. Although it tries to live up to previous titles in the series, and tries to push some boundaries, it doesn't succeed at all of them.

The hack n slash button mash combat translates remarkably well to the DS. More options when it comes to weapon combos and magic really expand the scope of the combat. The kicker is how you are applying these combat systems. Days is one repetitive mission after another. The missions come in two basic varieties defeat a specific heartless(sometimes multiple heartless) and investigation(which consists of walking around the work at hitting the A button when examine comes up in the menu). This can quickly become a drag(but if you are going to play this in quick bursts such as on a commute, then maybe you will enjoy days' mission paced story mode). A redeeming factor would be mission mode, where you can play as any organization 13 member(plus a few secret characters). But be warned, the HP of the enemies does not scale(another silly choice).

The story plays out as you go through each day of Roxas(Soras Nobody from previous games). Although, it is an interesting choice for an rpg, where instead of going on a big adventure, your seeing the story through the day by day life of a character. The story itself is decent, fleshing out some of the characters and worlds, alluding to previous(and future...timeline wise) games here and there. But sometimes poor pacing rears it ugly head and brings the story down.

Days is a full 3D game, its its pretty successful. The worlds look like there console counterparts(albeit a little more block like). Animations sometimes look silly(but its a DS, so that doesnt really matter). The music is decent aswell. Many tunes from the previous games are scaled down to the DS cartridge.

If you, like me, enjoy the KH series because of the interaction with the Disney worlds and characters, then you will be sorely, disappointed. Days takes a more observational standpoint, you arent really going through the worlds and much as you are watching them(which doesn't work that well...strange considering the movie origins of the games settings). True, there are some interactions with the characters, but these are few and fare between. And the world are not unique at all.

Even if your a big fan, I would recommend you try before you buy.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 10/12/09

Game Release: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (US, 09/29/09)

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